" Opera RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 8 to 18 years of age.
OK. I know this sounds really, really weird, but this is a role-play about opera. Or rather, characters from operas. In the game, you have characters from operas (you should mention why opera your character is from if you'll be joining the game.) You can be as many characters as you like, including bad guys and good guys. The characters from the operas battle a teenager named Johnny and his friends. They hate opera and classical music with a capital H and are obsessed with rock and pop music. Then, there's a girl named Sally who likes all kinds of music who's caught in the middle. (I may be playing her, but if you don't see anyone named Sally, then you can be her instead.) Oh, and also, the characters from the operas have small arguments with each other. So anyway, have fun! P.S. There isn't really an age limit.

P.P.S. Also, this will have missions. In this case, missions are when you fight a battle to defeat the bad guys. In the world of the game, wands exist. It's pretty realistic, but there are some magical things about it too. In this game, the only weapons we will be using are wands, and you have to agree not to use spells to kill anyone. Most of the battles will be about saving Operalandia, because Johnny will do anything to destroy the town. People may get captured. We will try not to have violence.

Of course, we can't forget the dragons that can breathe fire! And the robots.

So anyway, like I said, have fun!

1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:07 Hi! Sorry about the sally thing. If anyone really wants to be Sally just tell me and I'll change my Game Master character.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:08 Anyway, welcome. Sorry I'm not using these ( ), but I just didn't feel like it.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:09 If you don't usually listen to music but still want to play, then just make up a random character and have the character be n whatever side you like.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:09 *on*
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:12 Out of the twenty? Thirty? operas I've seen, only about five haven't been Gilbert and Sullivan operettas (which count as operas in this game.) THis is because my parents have this thing about Gilbert and Sullivan.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:13 Ot
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:13 *typo*
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:14 It's also because until I was eight or nine I wasn't too crazy about opera. (I liked classical music though and I was playing two instruments by the time I got interested in opera.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:16 I actually liked it starting after I saw The Magic Flute when I was six.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:16 But I started to like it more when I was about eight or nine.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:16 Anyway, back to the game...
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:18 Actually, I listened to opera a lot before I stared liking it because my parents had a lot of CDS
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:18 BACK TO THE GAME
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 01:21 (Also, just tell me if you want to be Johnny and I can change that character to someone else)
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 01:23 Johnny is determined to kill all of the opera characters. Yeah, he hates opera that much.
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Aug.29 01:29 (Hi!)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Aug.29 01:29  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=5  
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Aug.29 01:30 (in the game, she's sort of superstitious)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Aug.29 01:31 (She's from the operetta Princess Ida by Gilbert and Sullivan)
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:20 *listens to loud rock music* *knock on door* *he opens the door* Yo, dude! Sup?
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 03:21 Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood. (Johnny just moved in)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 03:21 My name's Sally, and I live down the road. Nothing much.
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:22 So anyways, dude. Ya like rock music?
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:22 How old are ya?
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 03:23 I'm twelve. And yes, I do like rock music. Actually, I like all kinds of music.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Aug.29 03:23 I play the piano. Do you play any instruments?
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:24 Dude. Instruments are for losers.
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:41
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:41 Especially Pianos
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Aug.31 23:57 [Hi! It's me, Brunnhilde! I'll play as my favorite opera character from my favorite opera of all time-Leonore Florestan from Beethoven's "Fidelio!"]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Aug.31 23:58 ["Fidelio" is about a woman named Leonore who disguises herself as a young man named "Fidelio" in order to save her husband from jail. Her husband is named Florestan.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.1 00:00 [Under the name of Fidelio, Leonore gets a job at a jail. She helps Rocco, a guard at the jail, do his work. In the meantime, Rocco's daughter, Marzelline, unaware that Fidelio is really a woman, falls in love with "him."]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.1 00:02 [Marzelline rejects her former boyfriend, Jacquino, and becomes engaged to "Fidelio." Only a day before the marriage, Rocco is ordered by Don Pizarro, governor of the prison, to help him kill an enemy of his named Florestan, who is trapped in the
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.1 00:03 prison for unfair and political reasons, and is also almost dead. Pizarro plans to have Rocco and "Fidelio" dig Florestan's grave and then come down himself, kill Florestan, and bury him before the King's minister, Don Fernando, arrives.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.1 00:03 [Rocco and "Fidelio" later go down into the darkest dungeon and dig the grave. Leonore recognizes Florestan as her husband and becomes agitated. When Pizarro finally comes to kill Florestan, Leonore pulls out a gun, reveals her true identity, and saves
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.1 00:05 Florestan's life. In the end, Don Fernando arrives and frees the prisoners at the jail, who gladly join their families. Leonore, Rocco, and Florestan arrive to the scene and explain everything. Don Pizarro, seen as a tryant, is dragged away to prison.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.1 00:06 [Marzelline is shocked to realize the truth about "Fidelio." Finally, at the very end, the crowd praises Leonore for being such a faithful wife, and everyone celebrates.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.1 00:08 [And that is the story in the opera "Fidelio." :D]
18>Don Pizarro (Governor of a Prison), ???yo.2014,Sep.1 00:11 [I'll be Don Pizarro on here, too. He'll be a bad guy.]
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.1 18:31 (Ok!)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.1 18:34 In the meantime, Princess Ida and the other opera characters are at a town meeting for their town, Operalandia.
12>Judge (Trial by Jury), ?????yo.2014,Sep.1 18:37 I haven't watched Trial by Jury in a while…)
12>Judge (Trial by Jury), ?????yo.2014,Sep.1 18:37 ORDER! ORDER! bangs with his gavel*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.1 18:38 (Susanna is from the opera The Marriage of Figaro. She is one of the good guys)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.1 18:39 (Someone needs to play Figaro)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.1 18:39 Where IS figaro? *looks at watch nervously*
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.2 17:51 *looks around, hearing the gavel* I'm late for the town meeting! (Note that if you want to see what Leonore looks like, look up "fidelio gundula janowitz" on Google Images.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.2 17:54 [BTW Leetka, have you seen "Fidelio?" If you haven't, you should watch it! My favorite version has Gundula Janowitz as Fidelio/Leonore, Hans Sotin as Don Pizarro, and Manfred Jungwirth as Rocco.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.2 17:57 [Note that Beethoven did many revisions on the opera "Fidelio" before it was made into its final version. He tried writing several overtures, including Leonore no. 1 (the opera's main overture, also known as the Fidelio overture), Leonore no. 2 (which
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.2 17:58 is RARELY played anymore, and doesn't come up in the opera), and my very favorite-Leonore no. 3 (which is played in between the scenes of Act 2 in some versions of Fidelio).]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.2 17:59 [Also, if you like Gilbert and Sullivan so much, you should watch Jacques Offenbach's operetta "The Grand Duchess." I have seen it, and I swear Gilbert and Sullivan stole/took the style of music it had in it.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.2 18:00 [Oh, and in terms of my characters, Leonore will be a good guy, and Pizarro will be, of course, a baddie. Also, is it OK if we do a Fidelio mission, where the team of opera characters goes to Pizarro's jail and helps "Fidelio" save Florestan?]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.2 18:00 *rushes to the meeting*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.3 04:29 (I haven't seen either operas!)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.3 04:30 (Also, the bad guys are people who don't like operas and who aren't anti-opera characters. But Don Pizarro can be a bad guy anyway, just not for the main battle, OK? We may do missions; I don't know yet)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.3 04:31 (Also, when we have twenty characters this will get moved to Thematic Clubs.)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:38 [How about this:Opera haters have hired the baddies in operas to work for them and destroy the good guys, and secretly plan later on to destroy the baddies once they're done with defeating the good guys.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:39 [Oh, and is it OK if this stays on here? I like this being on RP-City. But it's your choice.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:39 [What operas have you seen-other than Gilbert and Sullivan?]
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.3 04:41 [New character:Lila, Sally's best friend. She is also somewhat caught in the middle and helps Sally out. She is a huge opera-lover and highly dislikes Johnny.]
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.3 04:42 (We'll probably do both! Ok!)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.3 04:42 (I think I'll add a new character
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.3 04:43 [She has blue eyes, long, jet-black hair in a ponytail, and wears a light blue T-shirt and navy blue jeans. She wears black tennis shoes.]
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.3 04:44 [Name and age change.]
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:44 (I think there should be a few gondoliers in the game. Of course, they're from The Gondoliers by Gilbert and Sullivan.)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 *walks into the room* *sits down*
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 [Hey, since this will be kind of an epic, adventure RP, why don't you add weapons for characters to buy, since there will be battles and stuff?]
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 (the Judge also happens to be the mayor)
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 [As well as supplies (food, water, backpacks, bags, rope, etc.)?]
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 (I probably will soon, but for now, let's just play.)
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 [Sorry if I'm too bossy...]
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 Like I said...
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:45 (It's ok)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46 [OK!]
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46 (We need to h av either gondoliers!)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46 (other)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46 (have)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46 *sits down by Ida* Hi.
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:46
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:47 [I have seen the gondoliers, but not in a long time, so I'm not sure if I should be one...sorry...]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:47 [Don't hit spacebar and enter, like you do on the Thematic Clubs. To refresh the page, just hit enter.]
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:47 (It's OK. It's just that I don't know if anyone else will be joining the game or not and I don't want to play everyone,so I'd sort of like you to be some more characters)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:47 \
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48 (Ok)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48 [Oh, and if you want to know what the definition of "awkward" is, here it is:I forgot what a gondolier even is. XP]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48 [Dun dun dunnnn. XP XD]
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48 (someone who paddles a gondola!!!!!!)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48 (In this case the gondoliers are mostly girls)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48 [BTW, do you mind if I play as Brunnhilde from Wagner's Ring Cycle? BTW, I was named after her. :D]
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:48 (sorry)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:49 (Nope!)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:49
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.3 04:50 *runs in, singing and raising her spear* Hiyatohhhh! Hiyatohhhh! Hey-haaaa! Hey-haaaa!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:51 *walks in*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.3 04:51 *hits some super high notes on the "WA's"* Hiyatohhhhh! Hiyatohhhhh! Hey-haaaa! Hey-haaaa! Hiyatohhhh-WAA!! Hiyatohhhh-WAA!! Hiyatohhh-WAA!! Hiyatohhh-WAA!! Hey-haaaa...HEYYY-HAAAA!!!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:52 Ex-CUSE me, but why are you shouting like a MANIAC?!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:52
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:52 *glares
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:52 *waddles in*
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:53
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:53 (In the game she's really really fat)
5>Zaphira (Opera Hater), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:53 [XD! I love fat jokes and stuff!! I think I'm gonna be obsessed with Marcellina!!]
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:54 (I don't do fat jokes too much, but they are funny even though they're mean…)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:55 *accidentally walks into Brunnhilde*
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:56
5>Zaphira (Opera Hater), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:56 [Oh, and new character:Zaphira, Johnny's girlfriend. Also an Opera Hater. Loves Justin Bieber (who, in my opinion, has a horrible voice). Has long blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a completely pink hoodie set and pink shoes.]
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:56 LET ME THROUGH, MR. CRAZY!!!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:56 (OK!)
5>Zaphira (Opera Hater), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:56 [Dude, painfulness and mean-ness is what makes jokes funny. That's one of the key things in a good sense of humor.]
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:57 *walks in such a way that her huge bottom wiggles a little*
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:57 (Still…)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:57
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.3 04:57 What-?! O.o Erm...you should let me through, because you're so big you're taking up the whole place!! (Note that Brunnhilde has never made a fat joke in her life, so this is a first. X'D)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:58 (Same here.)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:58 *gasps*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.3 04:58 *tries to get through the fat and get to her seat**manages to*
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:58 Why didn't I bring Bartolo with me? He would he protected me...
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:59 *have*
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:59 Oh, you disgusting man!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 04:59 (Would you like to be Figaro?)
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.3 04:59 [No, I meant that Brunnhilde as my character in this RP hasn't made a fat joke. I myself have made plenty, but I've never said any directly to a fat person-just to myself for laughs.]
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.3 05:00 [No, thanks. I like that opera, but I haven't seen it in a very long time.]
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.3 05:00 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 05:00 (Oh, OK. I don't think I've made a single fat joke in my life, but I've laughed at a few!)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 05:00 (OK. Bye!)
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 05:01 I'm here, Mother!
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 05:02 *tries to get to seat*
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 05:02 *sits down next to Susanna* *they kiss*
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 05:02 (I'll try to come tomorrow)
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.3 05:02
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.3 16:19 You're finally here!
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:13 *Brunnhilde sits down by Figaro and Susanna*
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:17 Hi! *he and Brunnhilde shake hands*
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:17
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:18 [Leetka?]
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:18 (Brunny?)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:19 [Nvm] Brunnhilde:Hello! I'm Brunnhilde, a Valkyrie!
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:19 Hey, Susanna, I learned a little song for you: Susanna: What is it?
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:20 OH, SUSANNA, DON'T YOU CRY FOR ME, OH I COME FROM ALABAMA WITH A WASHPAN ON MY KNEE!
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:20 Nice to meet you! That fat lady over there *points to Marcellina* is my mom.
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:21 (Hi?)
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:23
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:23 (hello?)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:25 [Sorry, but I'll be on here and Movie RP.]
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:25 (Same here)
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:26 Marcellina: I AM SO NOT FAT!
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.4 04:26 I have a song-I use it to call my sisters, Grimgerde, Rosswiesse... *names MANY more sisters before finally singing "Hiyato" again*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.4 04:26 [X'D Marcellina is the bomb.]
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:27 (Whaaaat?)
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:28
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.4 04:29 [I mean Marcellina is awesome.]
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:30 (Thanks!)
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:30 You are fat. I could barely walk in this room because of you...
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:31 And what'll happen when you have to GO TO THE BATHROOM?
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:32 *Figaro turns red* *Marcellina tries hard not to laugh*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.4 04:32 What?? I mean...er...what do you mean, Marcie?
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.4 04:34 *looks about her*
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:35 I mean, I'll be standing up for the whole trial because I don't plan to sit down!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:35 So when he has to use the potty, he
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:35 (sorry)
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.4 04:35 Thinks:Wow...she's equivalent to a blue whale...
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:36 So when he has to use the potty, he'll have to get by me. And that won't be so easy, will it, Figaro-Wigaro
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:36 ?
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:36 (Marcellina doesn't know much about being a good mom…)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:36 (She's only just been reunited with her long-lost son!)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:37 (She sort of thinks that this is how to treat your kid)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:37
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:42 (Hello?)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:43 (Hi?)
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.4 04:44 [Sorry...I'm just trying to finish things up on Movie RP.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:44 That isn't really what you should do...you should let him go to the "potty" when he wants to.
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:45 *looks at the Judge* We should start the meeting!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:46 (OK)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:46 Why?
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:46 Hey, Figgy, do you have to go to the potty?
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:47 Oh…uh…no...
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:47 Because it's much more nice and appropriate. Mothers shouldn't completely control their sons, Marcie.
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:48 Judge: Madame, do not treat your son like that. Otherwise you will be put on trial...
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:48 *looks at the Judge* Are we going to start the meeting yet? Brunnhilde:Hiyatohhh-oh, Leonore is right! We must start the meeting!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:49 Well, don't blame me! Our son was kidnapped when he was a baby and we only jus tgot reunited!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:49 My mom didn't treat me this way, though…I just thought it was the latest fashion!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:49 It is, isn't it?
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:54 No, it isn't the latest fashion...
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:55 [Could we please get this RP going-in other words, start the meeting and get the story going?]
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:55 *gets mad* Well, it's my latest fashion!
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 04:55 [Oh, and Marcie is so funny!! X'D]
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:55 (Ok, OK.)
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:55 (Thx!)
12>Judge (Trial by Jury), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:56 LET THE MEETING BEGIN!
12>Judge (Trial by Jury), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 04:57 *five minutes later after a long speech about the town of Operalandia* What does everyone think about this town?
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.4 05:03 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Judge (Trial by Jury), ?????yo.2014,Sep.4 05:04 (Bye!)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.5 04:07 (Hi everyone! I'm here…)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.5 04:31 (Hey!)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.5 04:32
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.5 04:33 (Hi?)
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.5 04:33 (Can't be on for much longer…)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.5 04:35 Hi
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.5 04:35 (g2g now) (Will probably not be on till Monday)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.5 04:36 (Bye!)
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.5 06:44 (Pamina:The Maic Flute.)
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.5 06:44 (*Pamina: The Magic Flute.*)
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.7 22:12 (Papageno: the Magic Flute)
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.7 22:13 (Hi!)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 22:26 WE MAY HAVE FIRE-BREATHING DRAGONS TOO.
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 22:28 AND ROBOTS
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 22:30 MISSION 1: HOW IT ALL STARTED
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 22:30 IS STARTING NOW
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 22:30 (THE MEETING OF OPERALANDIA IS STILL HAPPENING.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 22:30 (THIS MAY BE LONG BECAUSE IT'S THE BEGINNING.)
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 04:52 (Hi!)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.9 04:53 (MISSION NO. 1: HOW IT ALL STARTED)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:53 [I have a complaint. Why can't there be swords and stuff? I mean, tons of operas have different weapons-not just magic. For instance, in "Fidelio," Don Pizarro has a knife. In "Die Wulkure," Brunnhilde-and tons of other characters-have spears and swords.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:54 [And in the Magic Flute, well, there is a Magic Flute.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:54 [Plus, none of the characters really seem suited for using magic, except for the "normal" people-Sally, Nicole, Johnny, Zaphira, etc.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:55 [Also, the mission sounds awesome!]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:55 [Oh, and another thing-the "violence" in RPs is what makes them epic and fun. It's all the battles, action, and adventure that happens, often being associated with cool weapons.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:56 [I don't mean to argue, but I would just like to point this out.]
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.9 04:56 (Those characters can have spears and swords if you want, jut try not to use them often. I will probably add the Magic Flute later, but for now let's just do Mission 1 and then worry about that stuff. This is when the first battle is fought.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.9 04:56 (THE FIRST BATTLE WILL BE THE SIMPLEST AND EASIEST.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.9 04:57 (Okay. What I meant by violence is no blood or anything. We will have battles, just with wands and dragons instead of swords (for the most part) and spears.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.9 04:58 (AND OF COURSE, SALLY AND HER FRINDS ARE CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.9 04:58 LET'S BEGIN!)
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 04:58 Hi everyone! *walks into room* Sorry I'm late! What did I miss?
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:59 [Well, in battles, usually there is blood, but we don't mention it's there...but OK.]
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 04:59 (They do have magic.)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 04:59 The meeting. Although nothing much went on in the meeting.]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.9 05:00 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 05:00
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 05:00 (Bye!)
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 05:01 (Most of the magic is wands and dragons.)
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 05:01 (It
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.9 05:01 (It's late, so I'll have to go to bed soon too.)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:04 Okay! I'm going!
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:04 *walks out*
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:04  Buying Outfit (x 1)  
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:04 *Figaro follows her*
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:04 *walks out with Brunnhilde**Don Pizarro disappears in a dark corner*
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:05 *Brunnhilde sings "Hiyato" a whole lot*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:05  Buying Hat (x 1)  
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:05 Could you teach me that Hyato song, Brunnhilde?
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:05 *Figaro looks at Susanna*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:06 *Hiyato*
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:07 Darn it! I've missed the meeting!
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:07 *glares around her* *walks out of the room* *ignores everyone*
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:08 *tries to smile at Pamina* *Pamina ignores her too*
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:08 Hey,, come back! There's still time for everyone to talk!
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:08 *rolls eyes* Fine.*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:09 (Hello?)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:09 [Sorry. Once again, I'm watching a movie.]
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:10 (It's OK. Just try to answer a little more next time, OK?)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:10 Brunnhilde, could your teach me Hiyato?
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:11 Brunnhilde:Sure, but it's really hard to sing. (Note:Wagner is EXTREMELY hard stuff to sing-every person who plays as Brunnhilde usually has been an opera singer for several decades.)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:11 [I'll try.]
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:11 (Wow. I knew he was supposed to be tough, but I didn't know that Wagner's music was THAT hard!)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:12 I'm ready for anything!
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:12 Brunnhilde:I use it to call my sisters-*names tons of her sisters* Anyway, I'll teach you. *starts teaching Susanna, who finds it really hard-and almost impossible-to sing*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:12 Ugh…SLOWER!
6>Figaro (Opera character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:13 You okay, Susanna?
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:13 [Yeah. That's why there are few "Wagnarians" around. You often see the same people in multiple operas. Wagner makes it so that the singer is the "instrument" and isn't lead by the orchestra-the orchestra is lead by the singer.]
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:13 (Okay!)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2014,Sep.10 05:13 *Brunnhilde tries to do it slower, while hitting the high notes like a pro*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:14 Yeah, fo course I'mm okay. Brunnhilde's just being a little too fast, that's all. SLOWER!
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:14 I still can't keep up! Slower!
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:14 Figaro: I don't think you can do this, Susanna!
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:14 Of douse I can do this! Just watch and listen!
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:14 *course*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:15 I've been singing it at the speed it should be at, but OK... *sings slower, although it doesn't sound as good that way*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:16 uh…Hiyato?
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:16 (Note that I don
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:16 (*I don't know this song, so I might make a few mistakes trying to make Susanna sing it)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:17 HiyAto! Hiyato! *sings completely different notes* Hey, Figaro, I told you I could do this!
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:17 No, no, no! It's all wrong!
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:18 Hiyatohhhh! Hiyatohhhh! Hey-haaaa! Hey-haaaa!
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:19 Hiyatohhhh! Hiyatohhhh! Hey-haaaa! Hey-haaaa! Hiyatohhhh-WA! Hiyatohhhh-WA! Hiyatohhhh-WA! Hiyatohhhh-WA! Hey-haaaa...HA-HA-HAAAA!!!
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:19 Hiyatohhhhhh! Hiyatooooooo! Hiyateeeeeeeee! *sings totally off-key again*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:20 WATCH ME, FIGARO! I CAN SING THIS STUFF! HIYATOOOOOO! HIYATOOOO!
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:20 *everyone turns to look at Susanna*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:21 *sighs* I give up...sorry, but you just can't sing it.
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:21 Marcie: You sound like a baby screaming! Actually, you sound like Figaro when he was a baby, since he's the only baby that I've spent a lot of time with since I was younger!
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:21 You're way off pitch, you're not saying the right things...nevermind... *walks away, a bit embarrassed*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:22 [XD Marcie is so funny!!]
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:22 (Thanks!)
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:22 Figaro:*is just like "Um... 0.0"*
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:23 [Sorry about playing as your character for a moment. Also, Susanna's comment is so funny!! XD]
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:23 Pamina: Honestly.
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:23 *Pamina rolls eyes*
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:24 Pamina: I'm not usually this grumpy, and you don't want to make me even more grumpy!
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:24 ["THESE OPERA SINGERS ALWAYS PRETEND TO BE US! I HATE THAT!" Nice pun! X'D]
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:24 (It's OK! Thanks!)
11>Susanna (Girl), 20?yo.2014,Sep.10 05:25 (Thanks! *laughing*)
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:25 *mutters something about wanting forgiveness for such an embarrassment from her father, god of gods, Wotan*
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:25 Oh ha ha ha, I am the bird-catcher!
15>Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:26 [Can I be Papagena?]
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:26 *jumps up and down into room*
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:26 (Sure!)
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:28 *hops in* Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:29 Papagena! Come on!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:30 Oh we are the merry bird-catchers! We catch lots of cute little birds! Oh we are so cool!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:30 (Cool isn't exactly the right word, if you know what I mean.)
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:30 Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pagena! Papageno:Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pageno!
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:30 [I know what you mean.]
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:31 Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Papageno! That's ME! I'm awsome!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:32 La la la la la...
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:33 What's wrong with Pa-Pa-Pa?
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:34 *looks outraged**skips over, slaps Marcie in the face, and skips back to Papageno* Hmph!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:34 Marcie: EVERYTHING!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:34 *Marcie gasps* *She rubs her face and waddles out of the room*
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:35 *continues* La la la la...
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:35 Do you catch chickens, too? Because I think my gondola business could use some chickens to make the rides even more fun!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:36 *laughs* *he and Pamina start doing the Chicken Dance*
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:36 *looks at Gondolier 1 like O.o ???*
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:36 Gondolier 1: What? Why are you doing the Chicken Dance at me?
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:37 *decides to do the chicken dance too*
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:37 I DON'T WANT TO BE A CHICKEN, I DON'T WANT TO BE A DUCK……….
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:37 *I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck…*)
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:37 *sings along*
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:38 PA-PA-PA-PA-PA! PA-PA-PA-PA
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:38 PA-PA-PA-PA-PA! PA-PA-PA-PA!
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:39 *they continue to do their special version of the Chicken Dance for a few minutes* *Gondolier 1 just laughs and laughs*
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2014,Sep.10 05:39 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.10 05:39 (Bye!)
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.10 05:39 Oh, you sell chickens?
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2014,Sep.10 05:40 Papageno: *continnues to do the chicken dance* *soon everyone joins in* *Marcie comes back* *is outraged but eventually joins in the dance*
8>Queen of the Night (Bad Opera guy), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:49 (Queen of the night: one of the bad guys)
8>Queen of the Night (Bad Opera guy), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:50 *Is off somewhere with Don Pizarro, plotting
8>Queen of the Night (Bad Opera guy), ?????yo.2014,Sep.10 05:50 g2g! Good night! I'll try to be back on tomorrow!
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:53 (Hi everyone! Basically, Johnny and Sally are talking when Lila, Nicole, and Zaphira come in, all screaming "LET'S GO TO THE FAIRGROUNDS!"
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:54
5>Zaphira (Opera Hater), 15yo.2014,Sep.11 04:55 *comes in screaming:* LET'S GO TO THE FAIRGROUNDS! *goes back to texting like crazy on her phone, muttering stuff like "So swaggy" and "He texted WHAAAT" and other stupid stuff*
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:56 Nicole: Anyone know where the fairgrounds are?
5>Zaphira (Opera Hater), 15yo.2014,Sep.11 04:56 What the...Johnny, you posted WHAAAT on Facebook?! (Note that I don't use Facebook, and I also dislike it.)
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:56 Lila: We have to take the train
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:56 (I hate Facebook too! my mom is on all the time
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:56 (She's on it every minute of the day, literally!)
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:57 Dude. Look at what Harry posted about Mr. Lulu.
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:57 Sally: Who's Mr. Lulu? *she and her friends start laughing*
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:57 My science teacher. Dude.
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 04:57 [Yeah. Facebook is covered in stupid posts and crap and has all this hashtag thingies that I just don't understand at all. It also requires you to put in too much personal stuff, which I hate. I especially hate Google +. It's just like Facebook.]
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:57
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:58 (Google + is better then Facebook, but it
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:58 (It's not great either!)
2>Johnny (Opera Hater), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 04:58 (*STUPID COMPUTER!*)
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 04:58 [Google+ has been automatically creating accounts for everyone. And it's hard to remove them, too. A lot of people hate how they're forcing people to join. I, of course, managed to delete my account.]
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 04:59 [I don't like Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. I stick to this and SOTW.]
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 04:59 Yaaaaargh! All of a sudden I'm glad I have to wait till I'm 12 to get my own computer…)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 04:59 (Twitter is so bad.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 05:00
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 05:00 [Sorry, gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 05:01 (OK! Bye!0
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 05:01 *Bye!*
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 02:17 Hi! Sorry I haven't been on for so long.
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:38 [It's fine!]
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:39 *they go to the train station to get on the train to go to the fairgrounds*
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:41 (Hi!)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:41
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:42 *the train comes*
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:42 (In the meantime, the citizens of Operalandia have decided to go to the very same fair and are waiting to board the train at the very same train station.)
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:44
1>Sally (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:44 (Hello)
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:44 [Sorry, but my replies will be slow on here.]
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:45 *Zaphira is jamming to some rock music on her stupid pink iPhone*
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.28 05:46 So, this is the train station.
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.28 05:46 Figaro: Yep, I guess.
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.28 05:47
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.28 05:48 (g2g now. Bye!)
7>Pamina (Opera Character), ?????yo.2014,Sep.28 05:48 (may be on tomorrow)
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:49 [Bye!]
16>Nicole (Caught in the middle), 12yo.2014,Sep.28 05:49 *they all board the train*
13>Maggie (A fighter), 16yo.2014,Oct.7 11:47 Hi,everyone!
13>Maggie (A fighter), 16yo.2014,Oct.7 11:47 Any one here?
3>Princess Ida (Opera character), 21yo.2015,Jan.4 02:32 Blah, blah, blah. I miss England. Brunnhilde: Oh, c'mon! Let's be happy! We're going to the fairgrounds! *sings Hiyato* Princess Ida: *is bored*
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-50yo.2015,Jan.4 22:19 *looks out the window thoughtfully**eventually, time passes, and the train finally arrives at the fairgrounds*
9>Papageno (The Magic Flute), ?????yo.2015,Jan.15 16:18 *starts doing a dance and singing* We're here! We're here! We're really, really here!
4>Gondolier 1 (Gondolier), ?????yo.2015,Jan.15 16:19 *rolls her eyes a little* Knock it off, Papageno!
20>Marcellina (Marcie) (Opera Person), ?????yo.2015,Jan.15 16:20 *waddles out of the train*
8>Queen of the Night (Bad Opera guy), ?????yo.2015,Jan.15 16:21 *is purposely bumping into everyone around her*
19>Don Juan (Clever), -_-yo.2015,Jan.25 00:34 (Hi! I'm from Phantom of the Opera and Don Juan is the quote on quote "Phantom", if you count this as an opera then I'd love to rp! But if not then you can delete me :'()
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2015,Mar.14 03:06 [That's a musical, not an opera...but I heard that Don Giovanni (from Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni") is based on Don Juan.]
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2015,Mar.14 03:06 [However, it's up to the game master (Leetka) I guess.]
14>Papagena (Papagenos Lover), ???yo.2015,Mar.14 03:07 *everyone gets off the train**sings "Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!" with Papageno and dances with him*
19>Don Juan (Clever), -_-yo.2015,Mar.15 19:14 (Thanks.... I just got back from Comicon! :)