" Earthquake " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
This is the sequel to 'Tornado!!' For those of you who played that game, your experience points will transfer, if you didn't that's okay. Now you are in California.

1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.19 19:36 [Hey! I hope you like this game]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 21:22 [Lizzy: Has short black hair in a bobcut, stunning green eyes, and wears a bright green polo shirt with a sea foam green and white checkered skort. She is stubborn, strong-willed, a little narrow-minded, and a little bit of a loner; she doesn't get along
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 21:23 well with everyone else. However, when she isn't misunderstood or judged, she will quickly become your friend and is a fiercely loyal and brave companion.]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 22:25   + 10 Experience points to Lizzy  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 22:25   + 2 Experience points to Dani  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 22:28 [Has long hair up in two ponytails, wears a blue sweatshirt, and a bright orange skirt]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 22:29 [She is gifted, but no one but her friends reconize it. She wants to be a vet]
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.22 23:31 [Dani: Is just Felicia from Tornado, but changed her name when she found out that the boy wandering in the woods was actually just her long lost twin brother, aka Daniel. Her family named them names that were completely different.]
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Jul.22 23:37 [Daniel: Wears the same camo hoodie as Dani, but wears navy blue sweatpants. His face is the same, but he undoubtedly has boy short hair. Personality-wise, pretty much the same as Dani, but he likes zombies. Also, he's a leftie and Dani's a rightie.]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 00:17 *on the street*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 00:18 *bumps into Daniel* Oh, uh, sorry. *thinking* Wow, he's so handsome!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 17:44 *is walking back from school**sees Rosetta and Daniel talking and feels jealous; she wants friends too*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 17:44 *huffs and walks quickly past them*
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 18:44 *blushes at Rosetta* Oh, um, hi.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 18:47 *thinking* She's just so dang cute!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 18:51 *is walking next to Daniel and thinks, "Ooh, they're in love!" when she notices that lizzy is alone**quickly walks over to lizzy* Hi!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:43 *glances at Dani somewhat irritably* Hi.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 18:00 What's your name?
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.28 19:37 *walks up to Daniel8
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.28 19:37 *laughs*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.28 19:38 *punches Daniel lightly*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 19:39 OMG sorry. That's the way he expresses how much he likes you.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 19:39 He's my brother
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.28 19:41 Hoe heet u? Ik ben Martin. Ik ben zeer slim. Hoe slim bent u? Je ziet er slim. Dat is een compliment. Ik vind je leuk. Ik spreek in een andere taal.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 20:09 AND he only speaks in other languages
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.28 20:09 *walks up to Lizzy*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.28 20:09 *hugs her*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.28 20:10 Miło popatrzeć. Będzie moim przyjacielem?
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 13:05 Wow
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 13:06 What's his name?
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 13:06 And what's he saying?
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 13:34 Listen...
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Jul.29 13:35 Jeg sagde det til dig! Mit navn er MARTIN!
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 19:33 Oh, his name is Martin!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 19:35 *notices him* He's so cute! *waves* Hola!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.1 19:21 Hello miss!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 19:21 Wow, he's never done THAT before!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 19:21 He NEVER speaks in English!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 19:24 (added some buyables, tell me if you want more, and make suggestions)
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.3 21:04 *sees the kids talking* *shouts* Oh, hi! Nice to meet you!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:46 Hey!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:47   + 10 Strength points to Daniel  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:47   - 10 Strength points to Martin  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:47   + 10 Wisdom points to Finja  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:48   + 10 Fear points to Dani  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:48   + 10 Fear points to Daniel  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:48   + 5 Strength points to Lizzy  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:49 [These are only based off the "moods" you gave your character(s)]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.4 20:50  Secret message to Lizzy  
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.4 20:51 [This character is made by the Game Master, and will tell you what's happening in terms of weather/the earthquake.]
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.4 20:52 *ground slightly trembles, but it is not felt by anyone*
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.4 22:17 *sees Martin* Oh, who's that?
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.5 19:26 Helo, yr wyf yn Martin.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:28   + 2 Experience points to Martin  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:28   + 1 Experience points to Weather  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:29   + 5 Experience points to Weather  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:30   + 2 Experience points to Daniel  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:30   + 10 Health points to Lizzy  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:31   - 10 Health points to Lizzy  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:31 [sorry]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:31   + 10 Health points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:32   - 10 Health points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:32 [sorry again]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:32   + 10 Experience points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:33   - 20 Health points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:33   - 90 Money points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:33 [okay I think it's good for now]
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.5 19:34 *comes up to the kids* Uh, do any of you have food or money you can give me?
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:34   + 5 Money points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:34 I have five dollars, but you can have them.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:35  Giving Food (x 1) to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:35 And here's some food
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:35  Giving Flashlight (x 1) to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:36 And here's a flashlight
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:37 [Hey, if you want to "give" Elizabeth something, type that you gave it to her, and I will make a buyable/money and give it to her]
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.5 19:37 Here money. *gives Elizabeth a dollar*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:38   + 1 Money points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 19:38 {see, it's easy!]
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.5 19:39 Nice to meet you, Martin. *wants to shake his hand*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.5 20:11 Salutations
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.5 20:11 *ground trembles again, only Martin feels it*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.5 20:13 Entschuldigen Sie mich, was war das
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.5 20:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Flashlight  
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.5 20:14 *shines it in Finja's eyes* Ha, ha
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.5 20:19 [just because we started this doesn't mean the Tornado RP is over]
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 10:44 (Nice.You're speaking German ;)) *smiles*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.6 22:19 [I'm actually giving my character ESP, or extrasensory perception. I'm going to make Dani feel the tiny shaking that supposedly, only Martin felt.]
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.6 22:20 *feels the tiny shaking* Guys, did you feel something?
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.6 22:21 Nah, it's probably just in your head.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.6 22:21 I guess.
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 23:38 No ... But it's euqual, isn't it?
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 23:38 (*equal)
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.7 00:31 You felt it Dani? Me too!
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:29 *comes up* Uh, here you go. *gives Elizabeth a scarf and 10 dollars}
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:30   + 10 Money points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:30  Giving Scarf (x 1) to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:31   + 1 Fear points to Madi  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:31   + 9 Fear points to Madi  
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.7 19:32 *big shake, everyone (who wants to) feels it*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.7 19:32 Uh, did anyone feel THAT?
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:33 *shakes* Uh, hu
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:33 Of course, I'm not stupid.
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.7 19:33 Yeah.
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.7 19:33 *runs off*
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 23:13 [has curly hair and wears Ray Bans, Loves jeans and hoodies. Also loves sneakers is very gifted in singing and sports. She is very friendly and social.]
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 23:15 *runs and meets Elizabeth ** gives Elizabeth 30 dollars and new clothes and shoes *
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 23:16 I felt it too . It sounds like a
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 23:16 I mean it sounds like an earthquake
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.8 19:32   + 30 Money points to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.8 19:33  Giving Clothes (x 1) to Elizabeth  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.8 19:33  Giving Shoes (x 1) to Elizabeth  
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:34 Thanks! (kristy)
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.8 19:47 It's okay(Elizabeth)
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.8 20:02 I know! Maybe we should... *rattles of a humgous list of earthquake safty tips*
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.9 15:45 Hey Martin it's okay or hhfhf gruff hdjjdndh hdh
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.9 15:46 An earthquake? You're joking, aren't you? I didn't feel anything.
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.11 19:50 Wow...
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.11 19:50   + 5 Fear points to  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.11 19:50   - 5 Fear points to Finja  
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.12 01:45 It was definitely an earthquake.
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.12 13:42 *gets into turtle postion*
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.12 13:43 Get into this position before the aftershocks!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.13 02:11 No. I know what an earthquake feels like, and that wasn't one. Earthquakes are destructive, that just almost made me fall.
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.14 10:57 *runs over to the kids*
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.14 10:59 *panic-fueled* Children, this was an earthquake!
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.14 16:18 Yea, we know that an earthquake is going to happen. We're not dumb.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.14 16:19 Exactly, bro.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.14 16:20 *me and dani fist bump**she does pew, I do ba la la la*
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.14 19:52 And you're going to die! It's unbelievable that you're talking when the earth is beginning to sink!
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.14 19:54 *froward* We're not going to die!
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 00:29 Shut up, you.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 00:31  Secret message to James  
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 00:31  Secret message to James  
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 13:35  Secret message to Daniel  
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.15 13:39 *smirks*
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 14:40  Secret message to James  
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 22:35 *folds arms*
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 08:29 *mumbles* Unbelievable ... *loud voice* Guys, follow me. I'll bring you to a safe place.
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.16 19:36 Who cares, who cares? Go eat some bears, go eat some bears!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:52  Secret message to Rosetta  
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:53  Secret message to Rosetta  
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:53 *was sort of just watching everything quietly**decides to follow Phineas*
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 12:42 *smiles arrogant at Lizzy* Um ... yeah.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:50 *looks at Phineas and the arrogant look on his face irritably* What? Got an overinflated ego? Yeah, I already knew that.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:50 Let's get going before we get killed, shall we? *starts walking*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:53 [I'm bringing Nicole from Tornado into the game. Same appearance-black hair, odd violet-blue eyes, and likes wearing hoodies. This time, she's wearing a dark gray hoodie, black tennis shoes, and black-and-white horizontally stri ped T-shirt.]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:53 [Oh, and her hair is long and in a ponytail.]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:54   + 10 Experience points to Nicole  
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:54 [Basically, Nicole was visiting relatives in the town where Rosetta, Lizzy, etc. live. At one point she left her relatives' house to go to a gas station just across the street and get ice cream for her and her little brother when disaster struck.]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:54 [Hi!]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:56 [Note that I'm assuming a year or two has passed since the events of Tornado, so I made Nicole a tad older in this RP.]
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 19:56 *goes with Phineas*
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 19:57 You are super annoying and stuck up, but I agree, we should get out of the way of danger.
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 19:57 [Johann, a new character. Nicole's younger brother. Has messy dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, and wears blue jeans, black and white sneakers, and a T-shirt that is the same color as this slot.]
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:58 *goes with Phineas*
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:58 Yeah, let's get out of the way.
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 19:59 [During the events of Tornado, he was in an elementary school and easily survived the tornado. Now he's visiting relatives with Nicole and following her to the gas station (though he was told to stay home). He's mischievous, a bit arrogant, but overall a
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 19:59 loyal friend.]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:59 Who's this cute guys {talking to Johann}
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:59 *doesn't respond to Madi*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 19:59 {Cool name}
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:59 *she is crossing the street, Johann tailing her*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:00 [Thanks. Nicole and Johann (pronounced Yo-hah-n) are in a German family, hence the German names.]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:00 *suddenly there is a distinct rumble**stumbles, looking around*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:01 *sees that other people nearby are alarmed too**suddenly realizes what's going on**says quietly:* Earthquake...
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:02 [BTW, I'm giving Nicole some ESP. She has the ability to move objects with her mind (telekinesis), but her power is not very strong and she can only use it when concentrating VERY hard.]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:03 [Nicole actually used telekinesis to survive in the tornado, but she doesn't really know that-when she ran across the tiles, jumped onto the mattress, and bounced off the mattress onto the tree, she had been using telekinesis to line up the tiles and
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:03 the mattress so that she could use them to escape the tornado.]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:05 *turns and starts running back the way she came**bumps into Johann* Johann: Hey, what about the ice cream?! Nicole: No time for that. There's an earthquake coming!!
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:05 *continues running back towards the house*
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:05 *follows Nicole* How did you know?
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:06 Didn't you feel that tremor?! Johann: Wait...you felt it too? Nicole: Yes!!
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:06 *she and Johann suddenly bump into Phineas and Co.* What are you guys doing? *recognizes Dani and gasps*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:06 F-Felicia?!
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:07 She's Dani
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:08 Yeah, duh
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:08 {She is very rude}
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:10 {Alert: DO NOT predict or tell the weather!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:10 {leave that to the Weather slot}
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:10  Secret message to Nicole  
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:11 What?? She's my friend from school-her name is Felicia. She ran away from home a year ago.
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:12 [I know, but if there are tremors then obviously there's going to be something like an earthquake. It's pretty easy to tell, I guess.]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:12 [Or a volcano, but I don't think there are any volanoes around the town our characters are in... o.o]
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:15 *mutters* All of your friends are complete weirdos...
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:15 *sighs**shoves Johann a little* Be quiet!
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:16 *turns to the other kids* Sorry about that. He's my little brother-Johann-and he isn't very polite...
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.17 20:22 *Big rumble, bricks start falling*
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:22 I'm outta here! *runs away*
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:23 *puts hands up for protection*
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:23 Do you think that's the end?
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 *hyperventilates* It IS the end!! *freaking out*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 *isn't sure what to do in an earthquake**looks around, helpless*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:26 Guys, we need to find a large building and stand in some doorways-that's one of the safest places and is unlikely to crumble.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:26 {Warning, the big rumble has not happenedyet. It will take place while the characters are sleeping}
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:26 The doorways are part of the "frame" of the building or something and probably won't fall down.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:26 [OK.]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:27 *a particularly large brick falls right towards Elizabeth*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:27 NO!!!! *reaches out with her hands towards Elizabeth, her powers activating*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 *the brick is blasted to the side by an invisible force and lands to Elizabeth's left instead of on Elizabeth*
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:32 Wow! I'm lucky!
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 *stares at her hands in shock* Thinks: Did I just do that...?!?!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.17 20:40 {Can turn invisable when scared}
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.17 20:40 *invisable*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:40 martin!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:40 *fears the worst*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:41 [Invisible babies?! OK, this RP's getting a little weird... o.o]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:44 {I know}
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.17 20:48 *one minute he saw Martin, the next he didn't* ?! o.O
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 00:07 *has just been standing there, staring at Nicole* Oh my gosh, Nicole! *hugs her* Eee!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 00:08 And I didn't run away, I moved. And I also changed my name when I found out that Daniel was my twin.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 00:09 Hi.
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:13 *appears right behind Johann* BOO!!
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:44 *jumps* O.O !!!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:46 Hy guys. Is the Earthquake over?
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:46 Oh...you sort of just disappeared, so my family assumed the worst...anyway, what's your name now? *"Felicia" tells her what her name is now* Okay.
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:46 Uh...how did the two year-old form two complete English sentences?! 0.O
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:47 No idea... o.o
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:47 Do you think I'm stupid?
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 HOW the HECK?!?!
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 o__________-O
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 [Typo] o__________O
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 Is that a yes or a no?
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 Let's JUST FIND A SAFE PLACE!!! UGH!!!!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 Why?
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 Because THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!! >.<
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 Really?
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 *losing her temper because she's panicking herself*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 {He is playing dumb}
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 Can't you feel the tremors?
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 *doesn't fall for Martin's act because Johann has put on that act himself XD*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 What tremors?
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 He's pretending to be dumb...not that he isn't, but... [No offense BTW. Johann is just mischievous and likes to jokingly insult people.]
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 Let's just follow Lizzy.
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:54 *suddenly collapes*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 Of all the times to have a seziure, you pick NOW!!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 UGH...
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:56 He has epilepsy. *turns around to look at something8
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:56 Let me help! *picks up Martin**turns to Lizzy* Where should we go? Lizzy: *thinks quickly**points to a building* There!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 19:56 *dissapers*
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:56 Let's get going, then!
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 Where'd Martin go?! Nicole: I'm holding him...or I think I am...I can feel his weight, but I can't see him!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:58 Come ON!!! *rushes to the building*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:58 *stumbles from the tremors*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:58 It's like he turned invisible!
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 19:58 *building collapes*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:58 Uhh..where should I go?
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 *screams and runs* GO TO THE OTHER BUILDING!!!!
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 *another building collapeses*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 *follows Nicole*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 [Don't you DARE make the other building collapse, Weather. -.- XD]
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 *she and Johann follow Lizzy*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 [Nevermind... XP]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 To the OTHER OTHER BUILDING!!!!!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 Nicole? Where should we go?
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 *they rush to a new building that is more sturdy than most of the others*
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 *other other building colapes*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 Just follow Lizzy!! I don't know what else to do!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 Okay!
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 *all the buildings collape*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 [OH COME ON!!!!!!!]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 [>____________< ]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 Wow.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 [THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!]
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 Oh my gosh.
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 {Sorry}
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 *left standing there, confused and terrified*
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 {But it's fun}
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 Weird.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 [Eh, it's okay. It's sort of funny, anyway. XD]
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 So, where do we go?
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 *points to a road that is a few blocks down* I see more buildings over there. Why don't we go over there?
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 I don't know!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 *pops back* Hello?
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 Maybe! Sure!
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 *those buildings collapse*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 Oh, Martin!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 *becomes more focused* Yeah. Indoor safety is key. Let's go!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 Or not...
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 Oh my gosh!
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 [Hee, hee}
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 *turns* There's another road other there with more buildings- [I'm making her cut off her own sentence because I'm guessing what'll happen to those buildings. XD XP]
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.18 20:04 *they collapse*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:04 Okay, now this is scary.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:04 [Knew it. XD]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:05 We should stay here. I just remembered-if you're in a building, stay inside. If you're outside, stay away from buildings. Johann: *sarcasm* Good job, Lizzy. You've been doing the totally wrong thing.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:05 *faints*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:06 *sighs and puts down Martin* Let's just stay here, then.
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:06 *can't really stand the tremors any longer**falls down**so does Johann and Lizzy*
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:06 Oof!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:06 *picks up my brother* Where do we stay?
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:07 Here. We'll have to wait this out.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:07 Luckily there are no more buildings around us...we're lucky they didn't fall on us.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:07 *comes to* What happened?
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:07 *points at the power lines-a lot of them are still standing, but just barely* What about those...?
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:08 *sees a power line really near her and the others sway dangerously* Uh... O.O
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:08 CRAP...!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:08 You fainted when all the buildings crumbled.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:08 If the power line starts falling, try to roll or run out of the way!!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:09 Stand up, Dan.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:09 *looks at Dani and Daniel* Uh...it's sort of hard to stand up when the ground is rumbling super hard, isn't it?!
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:10 That's Crabby Lizzy Language for...stay the heck down.
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:10 *glares at Johann*
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:10 *stands up shakily**looks into my sister's eyes* Thanks.
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:10 *sighs* Enough fighting! We need to work together!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:10 Exactly!
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:11 It's kind of hard not to argue with someone who's being a pain in th- Nicole: JOHANN, DON'T CUSS AGAIN.
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:12 *sighs irritably*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:12 More like you're being the pain in- Nicole: HEY.
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:12 ENOUGH.
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:12 *Lizzy and Johann finally decide to shut up*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:12 Yea, don't say the A-word.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:13 What?
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:13 *whispers to Dani:* Don't push it. Their tempers are fiery enough right now.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:13 Sorry.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:14 Sorry what?
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:14 It's nothing.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:15 *glances at johann and blushes*
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:15 *her heart is pounding as the tremors keep coming*
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:16 *looks at Dani like "What?"*
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:17 *knows what's going on* It's nothing.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:17 My sister is weird.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:17 Yea, I am weird.
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:18 I don't care. Weirdness if part of what makes you yourself.
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:19 [Hey Bekah, are you still online?]
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:19 Exactly! *nervous laugh* Hahaha!
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:20 *screams as a power line comes down (sorry if I'm stealing the Weather slot's role by having that happen)*
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:21 *just barely rolls out of the way of the power line**however, he wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for Nicole; she used her powers again to make the power line fall to the side a little and not hit Johann*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:21 *snaps out of it* What?! *notices the power line* AAH!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:21 Oh, good.
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:22 *pants, sort of freaked out about how close he came to death*
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:22 [Since Bekah isn't on, I can't really make things happen (e.g. I can't make a lot of things fall down and/or make the tremors stop)...want to switch to another RP, Felicity?]
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 20:24 [Sure. How bout Tornado?]
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:29 [Hm...I can't really make things happen on there either. How about Candyland?]
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 21:36 OMG, we're going to die! *passes out*
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 21:37 Shut up, Phineas.
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 21:38 Whoops, he can't hear us.
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 21:39 What shall we do with him? He can't lie here when another earthquake is coming. But I think, he's to heavy to pick up.
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.19 18:53 *it gets dark*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 18:54 Well, i guess it's bedtime
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 18:55 We should sleep far away from buildings, incause the squish us while we are sleeping.
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.19 18:55 There would be blood and guts everywhere!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.19 18:56 Wow, what a vivid image in my mind.
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.19 18:56 Please shut up
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.19 18:59 Rosetta Mary Desiree Bethlehem Victiora Franklin the fourth, how many times have I told you I will say whatever I want?
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 19:00 Scary!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 19:01 This is scary!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 19:03 [Guess you left.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 19:43 What is scary?
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 19:45 Just sleep.
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.19 19:45 *lays down*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.19 19:45 *falls down*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.19 19:45 *falls asleep*
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.19 19:46 *sits down* I am so tired.
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.19 19:46 *falls asleep*
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.19 20:41 Wow, that's scary.
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.19 20:42 But why don't sleep for a while? *lies down* *falls asleep*
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 16:48 [Saki from Tornado is BACK!]
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.20 21:11 *wakes up* I dreamed that an earthquake is happening. *looks around* But it seems quietly.
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.20 22:40 *giant rumble underground*
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.20 22:41 *crack appears in the ground, moving twards the group*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:41 *wakes up* What's that loud noise?
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:42 And why am I face-down on the ground?
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 22:43 EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:44 Saki!
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 22:45 There's no time for hugs! We have to get out of here, Felicia!
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:45 Who are you?
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:46 Saki's my friend!
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:46 And don't you know that she changed her name to Dani?
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 22:47 Actually, I didn't.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:48 Anyway, like I told Nicole, my name is Dani now. That's Daniel.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:48 Hi.
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 22:49 Oh, Nicole's here too?! Memories!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:49 Yea...
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.20 22:50 But I don't know her.
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 09:02 THAT'S an earthquake!
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.21 15:02 *shakes nicole* Nicole, wake up! THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.21 20:07 *jumps (lightly) on Nicole*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:07 Whoa! *grabs Martin*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:08 You are going over... here! *places him beside her*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:08 {That was actully a giant crack, so wait for it...}
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.21 20:08 *falls in the crack* AAAAAAAAAAAhHHHHHHHhh!!!!
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 20:09 Uh, you just put your brother in a humungous crack.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:09 I put my brother in a humungous crack all the time.
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:10 Wait, what did I just say? HUMUNGOUS CRACK, AND I PUT MARTIN IN IT???
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:10 Oh my.
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 20:16 NOOOO! Wait, Martin! We'll save you!
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 20:16 But ... how?
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:23 *wakes up*
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 20:24 *smiles arrogant* Hi, guys! *sees the humungous crack* WHAT THE HECK IS THAT??
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.21 21:39 Don't worry, I carry rope around!
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.21 21:40 *pulls rope out of bag* Daniel, hold this end of the rope.
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 21:42 *grabs one end of the rope* Okay.
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.21 21:43 *scales down into the crack**grabs martin* Don't worry. I've gotcha.
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.21 21:44 *puts martin on my shoulders with one hand* You'll have to ride on my shoulders, though.
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.21 21:47 *scales back up out of the ditch**emerges* Rosetta, I got Martin. *gets out of the ditch**hands martin to rosetta*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 23:08 *wakes up*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 23:09 *was sleeping right next to the crack**sees that she is sleeping right next to a long, bottomless pit, freaks, slips, and ends up holding onto the edge of the crack for dear life* AUGH!!!!
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 23:10 Nicole!! *he and Lizzy run over and grab Nicole**they hoist her up back onto the ground*
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 23:10 Whew...thanks...
18>Nicole (Victim), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 23:14  Secret message to Weather  
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.22 23:42 Are you okay, Nicole?
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.23 01:24 *grounds crumbles larger around the crack*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.23 01:24 {Alert: Every character can have ONE special power}
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.23 01:25 {So Martin and Nicole are set}
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.23 02:27 [Dani already has ESP.]
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.23 02:29 [Saki has pyrokinesis, or the ability to control fire.]
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.23 02:30 [Daniel has hydrokinesis, or the ability to control the motion and flow of water.]
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.23 09:49 [Finja can command the air (something like winds and clouds, like Jason Grace in The Heroes of Olympus).
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.23 09:52 *takes Nicole's arm and moves her away from the crack* Watch out! The crack's becoming bigger!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.24 01:24 {She can turn invisible like Martin)
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.24 01:24 {She can control people's minds}
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.24 01:25 {She can see the future}
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.24 01:25   + 10 Strength points to  
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:03 [Lizzy can communicate with ghosts and summon them to her aid. She also has a "ghost mode" where she herself goes all creepy and becomes part spirit. She can't really control this and she has no memory of when it happens.]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:05 [A quick note: Only some powers count as ESP (e.g. telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, teleportation, etc.). I don't think some of these powers (e.g. hydrokinesis) are in that list; they are still special powers, but not actually ESP.]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:06 [If you want to figure out which power is an ability found in ESP, look up "List of psychic abilities" on Wikipedia.]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:06 [Note that I think that the only "elemental" ESP power is pyrokinesis (the ability to control fire). Telekinesis doesn't count because you can move anything with your mind, including things that aren't elements of nature.]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:07 [Just wanted to explain ESP in a bit more detail to everyone.]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:07 [But that doesn't mean you have to change your powers.]
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:11 [Anyway, basically Lizzy's power is a more powerful version of mediumship.]
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.25 05:12 [Johann's power is apportation-he can materialize and teleport objects, including himself.]
10>Johann (Victim), 11yo.2015,Aug.25 05:13 [He has done this a few times but doesn't really remember when and how he did this. Also, he can sort of do it by accident.]
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.25 19:19 {She can summon dragons}
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.25 19:20 {She's always loved China, so one day she tried to summon dragons for a prank, and it worked.}
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 16:46 [She can water bend, air bend, fire bend and blood bends dangerous creatures] NOTE [ This is all one power]
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Aug.30 18:41 (Phimeas can make that someone's suddenly falling in love with him.)
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.30 19:11 [What the?!]
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.30 19:35 *falls into the crack* AAH! *grabs the edge of the crack at the last second*
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Aug.30 19:38 [Is Saki's identical twin. Is basically te same in RP terms, but wears her hair in a bobcut. Also has pyrokinesis.]
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Aug.30 19:40 [Also isn't a brat.]
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Aug.30 19:41 *reaches down to her sister two feet down in the ditch* Don't worry, sis! I've got you!
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Aug.30 19:42 *grabs saki's hand**pulls her out of the ditch*
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Aug.30 19:42 *smiles* Thanks, sis.
15>Jacques (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 01:31 {He can fly}
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Aug.31 01:32 *turns invisibl*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 01:32 So now whaa!!! *trips over Martin and falls into the crack*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 01:33 HELP!!!
15>Jacques (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 01:33 *flies over, grabs her, and melts into the group*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 01:34 Thanks Daniel! *kisses him*
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.31 01:34 Hee, hee!
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.31 01:34 {she just used her powers on Rosetta)
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 11:41 ( she blood bends Maai for using her powers for something bad)
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 13:00 Oh my gosh, Daniel, did Rosetta just kiss you?
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 13:01 Yea, but it's no big deal, 'cause I've got a crush on her!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 13:03 And I can tell that it's the same vice-vetsa
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 13:03 [*vice-versa]
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 13:05 Wait, did Jacques just fly?
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 13:06 Is it just me, or did things take a turn towards Weirdsville?
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Aug.31 20:37 Um ... guys? I think, it's not ... *takes a look at the crack* Well, it's not very safe here. Do we go far away - away from this terrible crack?
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Aug.31 21:28  Secret message to Kristy  
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Aug.31 21:29 *ground shakes, crack widens*
15>Jacques (Victim), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 21:29 *jumps into the crack*
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.31 21:29 What? Someone save that boy!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 21:30 Did he just try to commit suicide?
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Aug.31 21:30 *summons a dragon, rides down, and grabs Jacques*
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Aug.31 21:31 This is starting to get weird.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.1 01:16 Lybon and Bonra!
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.1 10:05  Secret message to Maai  
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.1 10:09 Jacques are you nuts???!!!! What were you thinking?
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.1 10:10 Hey Rosetta , Jacques saved you not Daniel!!!!
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Sep.2 19:46 Who is Lybon and Bonra?
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Sep.2 19:46 *ground spits lava out*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.2 19:47 Weird.
15>Jacques (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.2 19:48 What probly happened was the crack went down so far, that it reached the magma. Then, when the earth tried to shake, it spat magma out.
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Sep.2 19:49 That's the most I've heard you say.
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.2 19:49 That's ALL I heard you say!
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Sep.2 20:42 RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 10:54 EVERYONE CALM DOWN* she sees that the lava is coming up * RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 10:57 * collapses* * suddenly wakes up again*
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:01 ( This is Brooke's twin, however her power is to heal people in 3 seconds)
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:01 Brooke, are you okay?
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:02 Yeah I'm fine .
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:05 ( He can travel through time)
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:06 * sees Kristy and is love struck *
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:08 Hey I'm Ja-
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:09 No time for introductions,
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 11:09 Yeah there's an earthquake and our lives are at stake.
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Sep.3 19:00 *nearby trees fall down*
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Sep.3 19:02 This is crazy.
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Sep.3 20:08  Secret message to Rosetta  
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:31 Finja, no time for secret messages , let's go
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:35 *when the tree fell, some of the branches fell on Amber's leg* HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:35 * Kristy did not hear.*
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:36 * But James heard*
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:37 Do you need help Amber?
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:38 OF COURSE I DO !!!!!
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:39 How do I help?
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:40 GET THIS BRANCH OF ME!!!
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:41 ( SORRY, AMBER IS SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT)
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:41 GET THIS BRANCH OF ME!!!!!!
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:42 OH OKAY* REMOVES BRANCH*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:47 *everyone yelling help reminds her of equestria girls**starts humming the cafeteria song*
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Sep.3 20:48 Dani, this is no time for Equestria Girls!
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 20:13 [Who deleted the slot of Phineas?]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:56 {Are you Phineas?}
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:56  Secret message to Finja  
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 20:57 Ooo, I love that song!
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 20:57 *starts singing along with Dani*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:58 Jump up, make a sound! Hey!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:58 Stomp your hooves, turn around!
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:59 Ugh...
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:59 Start now, make a change. Gonna come around!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:59 Jump up, make a sound! Hey!
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:59 *starts singing "Last Friday Night"
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 20:59 Stomp your hooves, turn around!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:00 Wait, WAHT THE HECK ARE YOU SINGING?!
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Sep.4 21:00 *starts singing *twinkle, twinkle little star*
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:00 *WHAT
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Sep.4 21:00 Tinkle, tinkle little star!
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:01 Isn't it obvious?
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:01 So much singing!
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:01 Let hear YOU sing
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:01 No, I haven't ever heard that song.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:02 [Note: I actually LOVE the song Last Friday Night.]
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:02 Oh, you want me to sing?
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:03 My sis can sing like it's nobody's business!
15>Jacques (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:03 She was referring to the young "brat" over there
15>Jacques (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:03 What's her name?
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:04 Her name is Freddy!
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:04 *controls everyone's minds so they believe it*
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:05 MY NAME IS SAKI!
14>Maai (Greek girl), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:05 {I controled your mind as well*
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:06 So Freddy, how well can you sing?
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:08 *sings the Rainbow Rocks opening theme like a BOSS* We used to fight with each other, oh wa oh, wa oh, wa oh, that was before we discovered, oh wa oh, wa oh, wa oh, that when your friendship is real, oh wa oh, wa oh, wa oh...
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:08 *finishes**still knows that my name is saki* And my name IS NOT FREDDY. IT'S SAKI!!!!!!!!!!
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:09 Shut up Freddy
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:10 My sister's name is Saki and you'd better beleive it!
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 21:10 Okay "Saki", can you sing "Firework"
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:12 Baby, you're a firework! Come on, show 'em what you're worth! Make 'em go ah, ah, ah...
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:13 [Can you make lava spill from the crack aand land on Saki and Halia so they can discover their pyrokinesis?]
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 21:13 [*and]
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:14 How was that, Elizabeth?
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:22 [Looks like you left.]
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Sep.4 21:30 *lava jumps out of the crack, splashing Saki and Halia*
7>Elizabeth (Kid/Begger), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 21:30 OMG!!!
16>Saki (Japanese Brat), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 22:24 AAAAAAH!
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 22:25 *she and saki suddenly hold up the lava* Wait, WHAT?!
6>Finja ((child)), 10yo.2015,Sep.5 08:42  Secret message to Rosetta  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.7 01:34  Secret message to Finja  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.7 01:35  Secret message to Finja  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.7 01:36 {ALERT: Lucie is allowed to make a character in the empty slot}
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.8 01:21 I will not be able to come on frequently because of school.
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.10 20:55 me too
8>James (Victim ), 12yo.2015,Sep.10 20:55 me three
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.10 20:55 me four
19>Orlando (strong boy), 15yo.2015,Sep.12 01:51  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
19>Orlando (strong boy), 15yo.2015,Sep.12 01:51  Buying Food (x 1)  
19>Orlando (strong boy), 15yo.2015,Sep.12 01:51  Buying Clothes (x 1)  
19>Orlando (strong boy), 15yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52  Buying Shoes (x 1)  
19>Orlando (strong boy), 15yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52  Buying Lighter (x 1)  
19>Orlando (strong boy), 15yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52 Hello, any one there?
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.12 19:14 Yeah!!
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.16 01:35 Wow. How did that happen?!
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.18 01:11 What?
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.18 01:12 Saki holding up the lava?
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.18 01:12 She does that all the... wait, SHE HELD UP THE LAVA?!?!
9>Halia (Victim), 13yo.2015,Sep.18 02:29 Seriously. You just met us, Madi!
13>Kristy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.19 13:32 Madi, they have a power
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.19 13:34 Is Orlando aware that we are in the middle of an earthquake?
17>Amber (Kristy's Twin), 12yo.2015,Sep.19 13:36  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  Just in case it gets dark.
15>Jacques (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.23 01:28 Probly not, it doesn't look like he is aware of that.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.23 20:53 Um, Amber, are YOU aware that IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?!
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Sep.27 02:40 Who wants a flugel horn?!
3>Daniel (Victim+Dani's twin ), 12yo.2015,Sep.27 02:40 Sorry, brain fart.
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Sep.28 01:23 YEAH!! YOUR BRAIN IS PASSING GAS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.28 01:23 *blushes* Uh, try not to listen to him
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Sep.28 01:23   + 10 Experience points to  
12>Madi (Girl from India), 12yo.2015,Sep.28 01:24 You are supposed to be SMART, Martin!
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Sep.28 01:25 *random hand comes out of the crack and grabs Martin, Dani, and Halia*
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Sep.28 01:26 AAAAAHHHHHH! Does anyone have a power that kills random hands that come out of cracks and grab us?
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.30 18:58 *wakes up**gasps* What a weird dream.
2>Dani (Victim), 12yo.2015,Sep.30 19:00 *it's the middle of the night, and there's an earthquake* >.<
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Oct.4 19:58 HEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP
5>Martin (Smart baby), 2yo.2015,Oct.4 19:58 Dani, are you terrified?
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Oct.4 19:59 *turns invisible* *runs up to hand, grabs Martin away*
11>Weather (Weather), anyyo.2015,Oct.4 19:59 *giant hand drops Halia and Dani*
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Oct.4 20:00 {I made a game called Hurricane}
4>Lizzy (Victim), 12yo.2015,Oct.11 06:34 [Can I have a summary?]
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Oct.21 01:35  Secret message to Lizzy  
1>Rosetta (Kid), 12yo.2015,Oct.21 01:36  Secret message to Lizzy