" Boarding School " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 4 to 18 years of age.
This will give you the experience of Boarding School. It updates regularly and you will be joined by me (Jaz), Darcie, Nicole, Rachel, Louise, Clarissa, Sam and other friendly girls. We are all aged 10/11 at the moment and when it's our birthday, up go the numbers! Will you please join the happy girls of The Boarding School? We have tons of fun!

So, who are you?

1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Oct.27 14:02  Using Blue Headband  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Oct.27 14:02  Using Bobble/Scrunchie  Hi.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Oct.27 14:03 Welcome to the Boarding School.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Oct.30 15:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Oct.30 15:49  Using Science Book  Grrr. I hate Science!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.1 11:37 Anyone joining this school? It's superb (apart from Science!!).
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.1 11:38  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.1 11:39 Boo hoo {crying on bedsheets}
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2014,Nov.1 17:01  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Nov.8 12:47  Buying Uniform and PE kit (x 3)  Hiya everyone, I have just joined the school. I love sport and am on the girls football team for the school, anyone else do sport here?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Nov.8 12:48  Buying Bed (x 1)  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Nov.8 12:48  Buying Room (x 1)  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Nov.8 13:13  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.21 08:50 Hello. I hope everyone is enjoying it here.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.21 08:53  Secret message to Lula  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 22:56  Giving Room (x 1) to Lula  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 22:57  Giving Bed (x 1) to Lula  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 22:58  Giving Locker (x 1) to Lula  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 22:59  Giving Uniform and PE kit (x 1) to Lula  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 23:01   + 4 Strength points to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 23:04  Dropping Tennis Racket (x 4)  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 23:04  Taking Tennis Racket (x 1)  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.22 23:07  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:16  Dropping Tennis Ball (x 4)  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:16  Taking Tennis Ball (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:23  Buying Room (x 1)  Hi! I love sport and will organize matches! Let's play a game of tennis with what's been dropped!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:23  Taking Tennis Racket (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:23  Taking Tennis Ball (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:24  Using Tennis Ball  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:25  Buying Bed (x 1)  I'll feel at home in no time!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:25  Buying Locker (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Nov.23 16:26 *stuffing tennis ball and racket into locker*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 18:33   + 10 Interaction points to Louise  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 18:34   - 3 Interaction points to Electra  
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:36 Hi guys I've just moved here, I was a top footballer at my old school but it was not a boarding school so I don't know what to expect!!
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:37  Buying Room (x 1)  
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:38  Buying Bed (x 1)  
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:38  Buying Curtains (x 1)  
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:39  Buying Locker (x 1)  
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:39  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:41 Guess I will have to wait untill I can afford a mobile *sigh*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 21:50  Buying Pencil Case (x 1)   Secret message to Maria  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 19:38  Buying Tennis Racket (x 1)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 19:39  Buying Water (x 1)  anyone want to play a match of tennis?
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 19:41  Buying Room (x 1)  I am on the tennis team and i am new here! Good night!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 19:42  Buying Bed (x 1)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 19:42 zzzz!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Nov.27 22:41 Hiya everyone, I was wondering if anyone would like to help me set a up a school footie team
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Nov.27 22:42  Buying Chair (x 1)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 23:29  Secret message to Darcie  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 08:50  Buying Uniform and PE kit (x 1)  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Nov.29 13:07  Secret message to Nicole  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Nov.29 15:29  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 17:44  Secret message to Darcie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 17:47  Secret message to Darcie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 17:49  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 17:52  Secret message to Louise  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.1 17:57  Secret message to Louise  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.1 18:20 I hate Mr Jonson. He is horrible and boring. In wish I had a nicer history teacher
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 02:54 I agree.... I doodle during history:)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.2 21:03 I love music and acting though, do you think we could have a school play
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 23:46 possibly....
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.7 19:58 It would be really cool if we could. We should ask Jaz and the teachers
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.10 18:42 IS THIS RP STILL ACTIVE???????????
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.16 20:08 I am going home during the hols... I am glad because i have 4 siblings and i have not seen them or my parents for ages!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.18 20:41 my siblings are Louis(15), Emma(13), Grace(9) and Matthew(7)!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 18:46  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 18:49  Giving Football (x 5) to Louise   Secret message to Darcie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 18:53  Giving Football (x 1) to Darcie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 18:55  Buying Tennis Ball (x 6)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 18:55  Giving Tennis Ball (x 1) to Nicole  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 18:58  Secret message to Leonie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 19:00  Secret message to Leonie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 19:03   - 1 Interaction points to Leonie   Secret message to Leonie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 19:06 Mr Jonson's leaving. He's been offered a job at another school. We shall have Mrs James instead.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 19:07  Using Timetable  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 19:08 Teatime!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.21 21:32 YAY!!!!! I really hated MR. Jonson. I hope MRS JAmes is nice
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.21 21:36 Mmmmmmmmmm the school dinners are nice!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.22 11:04 Thanks for the football Louise
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.22 17:59 PLEASE CAN PEOPLE COME ON THIS A BIT MORE
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 20:26 Thanks for the tennis ball, Jaz!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 20:26 NO MORE MR JONSON!!YAY
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 20:27 Pizza...... yum!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 20:27 I didn't mean Jaz I meant Louise... sorry.:(
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 20:28  Buying Jigsaw (x 1)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 20:28  Giving Jigsaw (x 1) to Louise  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 20:29 Well, Good night and Merry Christmas!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.28 23:14 Louise, I got ya a christmas present!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.28 23:15  Buying Loom Bands (x 10)  Here are some loom bands
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.28 23:15  Giving Loom Bands (x 10) to Louise  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:04  Secret message to Darcie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:05  Buying Earrings (x 2)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:07  Giving Earrings (x 1) to Darcie   Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:09   + 10 Friendlines points to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:11 I suppose you'll want winter outfits, now...
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:11  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:11 Great...
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:15 Anyone want a hot-water bottle?
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:16  Buying Winter Outfits (x 4)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:17  Buying Hot-Water Bottle (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:17  Buying Laptop (x 2)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.29 17:18  Giving Laptop (x 1) to Nicole  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.29 20:48 Yes, A winter outfit would be nice
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.30 01:59 A laptop would be nice to use! Thanks Jaz! Maybe we could have a gift exchange!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.30 02:01  Buying Mobile Phone (x 1)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2014,Dec.30 02:01  Giving Mobile Phone (x 1) to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.30 17:54   + 3 Interaction points to Nicole  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2014,Dec.30 17:56 *texting Nicole* Thanks, but you'll find Louise gave you that laptop...
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.30 17:58  Giving Winter Outfits (x 1) to Darcie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2014,Dec.30 17:58  Giving Winter Outfits (x 1) to Nicole  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.31 16:31 thanks for the winter outfit!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2014,Dec.31 16:32  Buying Mobile Phone (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 16:11  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 16:14  Giving Mobile Phone (x 1) to Nicole  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 16:17 ★Happy New Year!!★ ☆2015☆
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 16:21 What are your new years' resolutions?? By the way, school starts working again 5th January. We'll have to be up at 6:30. They'll ring the breakfast bell at 7:00 on the date, so be up.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 16:27 When are your birthdays [not in real life]? Mine's 27th January. My real life bday: 28th February
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 16:29   + 8 Money points to Darcie  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 18:32 Sorry! I keep mixing them up. Happy New Year to you! ( did you stay up until midnight? It was epic!)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 18:33 Mine in this is January 8, but real life is January 17.
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 18:34  Buying Milkshake (x 1)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 18:34  Giving Milkshake (x 1) to Louise  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.1 18:35 (for the laptop. It 's great!)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.3 17:56 Hi! HNY! My real life bday is 28th February too!!!!!!!!! Darcies is new years day (1 January)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.3 17:57 "Hi guys, my New years resolution is to give up sweets and crisps so I improve my fitness
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:14  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:16  Giving Hat,Scarf and Gloves (x 1) to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:17   + 100 Money points to Darcie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:19  Buying Mobile Phone (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:20  Buying Diary (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:26  Buying Pet (x 2)   Secret message to Nicole  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:29  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bed  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:38 When I roll an item-sided dice, write a sentence to do with it. Some of us are going high. Let's train.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:38  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Curtains  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:39  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Uniform and PE kit  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:42   + 3 Money points to Lula  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 21:43  Giving Pet (x 1) to Lula  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 15:35 My bed is sso soft and cozy...
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 15:35 * for bed*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.8 18:33 Hi, does someone want to come shopping with me, i need to get some curtains for my room.
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 21:17 Suure, but I HATE sshopping............
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 22:26  Giving Pet (x 1) to Nicole  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 22:27 Happy Birthday, Nicole!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 22:28 Nicole, there's a sweet shop in town.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.8 22:30 Hate shopping too, only do it with a friend or when i really have too
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.8 22:30 Yum, sweets
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 22:35  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.8 22:38  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.8 22:41 Can we put on a form play
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 01:56 Thanks, Louise!!!Yum, sw
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 01:56 etts! chocolate is my fav.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:01 Yeah, sure we can put on a form play! You mean with actors and everything? Great thing to do.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.9 23:04 Thanks :) what play would you like to do
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:11 Let's have a vote. What about a pantomime? Then everyone can be in it! I'll do suggestions for what. Be patient.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:11 Shrek?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:12 Romeo and Juliet?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:13 Despicable Me?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:14 Annie?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:16  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:20 And should I write it up??
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:24 Oh my gosh! This week's prep is awfully hard. Can anyone do it?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:25 Any suggestions for pantomime/ play are welcome!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:25 Goodnight.
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:29  Secret message to Jaz  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:29 Suggestion: Jack and the Beanstalk
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:31  Buying Pet Bed/ Cage (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:32  Buying Pet Bowl (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:32  Buying Pet Food (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:33  Buying Pet Food (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:34  Selling Tennis Ball (x 3)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:36  Buying Mattress (x 1)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:36  Buying Water (x 2)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:37  Buying Duvet (x 2)  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:41  Secret message to Jaz  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:42  Buying Coat (x 2)   Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:44  Giving Pens and Penicls (x 1) to Louise  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:45  Giving Paper (x 100) to Louise  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.9 23:47 A PROPER GOODNIGHT.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 16:53  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 16:54  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 16:54 I think Annie would be a good panto
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 16:55 Yep, I managed to finish prep. It was really difficult though.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 16:55 It took me hours
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 17:14  Secret message to Darcie  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:23 Hi. My name's Jessie. My birthday (not in real life) is 23rd March. I'm in Year 6. I couldn't decide to come until now, so that's why I'm late starting.
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:24 You will already know my bday in real life because this is my 3rd character on here.
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:25  Secret message to Jaz  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:26  Buying Room (x 1)  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:26  Buying Bed (x 1)  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:26  Buying Uniform and PE kit (x 1)  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:26  Buying Mattress (x 1)  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:27  Buying Duvet (x 1)  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 17:28  Secret message to Jessie  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:30  Secret message to Jaz  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:30  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 17:38  Secret message to Jessie  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 17:41 Annie would be a good one. Just one suggestion. Please get someone to coach the singers.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 20:23  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 20:25   - 3 Funniness points to Jessie  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 20:28  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 20:31 No, Louise, Don't ————— (loose pitch) interfere.
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 20:36 Hey, you - Jessie! You've only just joined and we think you're an interfering busy-body already! I mean - You don't even know if we need singing coaching. Now, you just keep your nose out for a day or two, that clear?
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 20:38 *splutters, then runs out of room, scowling*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.11 20:40 You shouldn't have been so hard on her. Now you go apologize before we send you to coventry!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 20:53 No, I agree with Lousie,
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 20:54 If thats how he is on her first day, who knows how horrid she'll be later
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 20:59 (Ok, my identical twin sister is joining as well, her name is Clarissa, she didn't come earlier because she broke her leg and wanted to be completely better before coming here)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 21:01 *walks into the room while they are argueing*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.11 21:03 (She looks just like Darcie - bluey green eyes and brown hair often worn in a bun- but she is a little bit shorter
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.12 03:57 Hi clarissa! Hi Jessie!! I am Nicole, star tennis player of this school. Can I show you arround?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 17:41 Yep, Sure! I used to like swimming and gymnastics and soccer like Darcie! But I am a bit out of practice cos of my leg!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 18:47 Yes, please Nicole, even though Jaz has taken me to the head and matron. They're nice, I say.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.12 18:50  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.12 18:52   - 10 Money points to Jessie  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 18:55 Jaz! Why have you removed my lovely $10 from my piggy bank?!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.12 18:56 Because everyone despises you.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 19:56  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 19:57  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 19:58  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 19:59 oops, ignore that last message Jaz! I meant to post it to everyone
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 20:00 Well Jessie, I think you deserve to have your money taken! ever since you came you have been down right horrid! Oh look, your about to cry, well you know what? we don't care!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 20:00 no doubt she'll go and tell on us now.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.12 20:01 Oh, I hate her so much! I wish she wasn't in our dorm!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 08:35  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 08:36  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 08:43  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 08:47  Giving Rubber (x 5) to Jessie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 16:42  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 18:10 My cousin Rachel will be coming along later. She wanted to hear from me how the school was. She's a bit shy, so make her welcome.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 18:15 She's got blue eyes and light brown hair. I'm afraid she has a bad temper, so watch out for sparks, Jessie!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 18:18 Don't be so mean Jaz, I'm already fuming because you've taken my $10 and replaced it with useless rubbers. I say - Is your cousin here already?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 18:23 (laughing) No! That's the head's car. She's come back from the shopping centre.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 19:20 Rachel sounds nice! Jessie, who cares about 10 pounds, its just money!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:20 Yeah, Jessie. $10. Jaz has given you the worth.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:23 Ooh! She's here! She's here! She's actually here! *runs to greet Rachel*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:25 *practically drags a girl into the room*
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:28 Hi, I'm Rachel. I can see Jaz has told you about me. My birthday's in May, so it's a long time, I'm afraid.
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:30 *gets into bed quickly* Goodnight, everyone!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:33 *starts whispering to Rachel, whose bed is extremely close to hers*
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:38 I say - whatever your name is! Couldn't you leave me alone? I'm trying to sleep here!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:40 *smiles because Rachel doesn't like Jessie*
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:41  Buying Room (x 1)  
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:42  Buying Bed (x 1)  
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:43 Yes Jessie, we all need to sleep!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:43  Buying Mattress (x 1)  
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:44  Secret message to Jaz  
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:44  Buying Duvet (x 2)  
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:45 How many people can fit in one dorm? I think it is usually 10 but i'm not sure. right now we have 7!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:47  Secret message to Clarissa  
14>Kaitlynn (Friends w/ everyone), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:47 Hi, I am from France, I have just moved to this school. I am related to the queen of France!
14>Kaitlynn (Friends w/ everyone), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:48 *smiles shyly at everyone*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 21:48  Secret message to Jaz  
14>Kaitlynn (Friends w/ everyone), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:49 please can someone show me around?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 21:52 We're just setting down to sleep now, but in the morning, sure!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 22:02 10 beds in a dorm. 20 pupils in a class.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 22:02 No talking, now.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 22:24 Oops! I accidentally deleted Player 14! Anyone catch the name?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:29 Yes, shes called leonie
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:29 I'll make her again
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 22:30 (Ok i am leonie)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 22:32 So, in the class there are 2 dormd? Is it an all girl school or is it 1 boy dorm and 1 girl dorm in a class
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:38  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:39 (Ok, i will make another charactor and then we will have a full dorm)
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:42 *sneaks into dorm, trying not to wake anyone*
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:43 * goes to the only unoccupied bed and sits down on it*
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:43 *tears roll down her cheeks as she cries silently, sje starts to sing an old lullaby quietly to comfort herself*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:46 *hears someone singing softly and wonders who it could be*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.13 22:47 *whispers to Jaz* "do you think we should send jessie to coventry?"
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 01:10 Hey! Jessie is nice! * whispers tto jessie* come on let's go*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 08:28  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 08:32  Secret message to Darcie  
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 08:42 *steam practically coming out of her ears as Jessie goes on and on* WILL YOU SHUT UP?! MY EARS ARE STEAMING! NOW JUST LEAVE ME IN PEACE!!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 08:44 *gets ready for school without anymore bother*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 17:32  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:47 So. Are we all agreed on Annie with red hair?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:47 Say "Annie" if you are.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:47 ANNIE
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 17:48 ANNIE
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 17:48 ANNIE
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:50 ANNIE
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:52 IIII
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:52 (4)
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:53 (Igore all that)
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 17:53 apart from ANNIE
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 18:01 ANNIE
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 18:01 ANNIE
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 18:02 ANNIE
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 18:02 ANNIE
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 18:03 Good, we all agree on Annie with red hair apart from You Jaz, and Stella and Nicole
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 21:15 Hang on, Darcie, I did post "ANNIE". Anyway, most of us want ANNIE. So, even if Stella and Nicole opt out, we're still doing it.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 21:16 8 VOTES AND COUNTING
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 21:17 So you did, sorry :)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 21:18 So, Should we start casting soon seeing as we are doing it anyway?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 21:24 We will but we need a committee first. We'll need two producers; people will need extra practices. We'll need a costume maker, a design maker and coaches. I'll write down what parts we need, as I feel I should know the characters well.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 21:50 Sounds cool, will you post a list of everyone we need
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.14 21:50 Do you think we'll have enough people?
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 00:26 Annie works, i just wasn't on in a while. Can I be an evil person?
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 01:03 Never mind that, I want to design the backround and the costumes.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 08:46 We can always ask our online friends to join the RP, Darcie.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 08:50 School starts at 9:00. Chop, Chop!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 16:56 I'm sooooo tierd!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 17:48 I wish I didn't have to get up
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 20:22 Yeah, same *yawns*
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 20:23 *smiles and jumps out of bed* I'm not! I am so excited cause it is my first full day at school!
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 20:24 *sits on her bed quietly, then asks*: Will we be preparing for thee
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 20:24 *sits on her bed quietly, then asks*: Will we be preparing for the play today?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 20:25 (Is the school an all girl school or is it half boy half girl, in which case the other charactors could be boys?)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 20:26 (also, do you think I should create a teacher charactor or would it be a waste of time?)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 20:27 (I think I forgot to describe what Leonie and Electra look like, so I will do that now)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 20:28 And is very small for her age
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.15 20:30 Looks: REALLY curly ginger hair, lots of freckles and large dark brown eyes
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.16 02:04 * yawns* yeah, im tired too after reading too much
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 10:49 Boys could join I suppose. But they wouldn't have much involvement, so there's no point. We'll have boyish girls for the orphan boys.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 10:50 No, we can pretend the teachers are there.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 10:52 We're deciding the committee today. I'll be one of them. Only vote six names. Then we'll decide who'll work on what.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 15:20 OK, so we basically say 6 names we want for the comitee?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 15:20 Or do we just say 1?
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:24 (This is samantha, but she is a total tomboy so she likes to be called sam)
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:24 (Her hair is cut like a boys, it is bark brown. She has brown eyes
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 18:33 Six names. Hi Sam!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 18:35 The people who get the most votes are going to be the chosen ones. Don't vote me (I'm already on)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:39 LEONIE. CLARISSA. JESSIE. LOUISE. NICOLE
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:41 DARCIE. STELLA. SAM. LEONIE. RACHEL
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.17 18:42 JESSIE NICOLE. LOUISE. STELLA. ELECTRA
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:43 JESSIE. STELLA. CLARISSA. NICOLE. LOUISE
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:44 RACHEL. LOUISE. , LEONIE. CLARISSA. JESSIE
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:46 I only did 5 each because i asume jaz is one of the 6
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.17 18:46 And you only need 5 more
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.18 17:23 DARCIE,LEONIE,LOUISE,JESSIE,Rachael
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.18 22:09 *sighs* I'm one of 7. That means you need only vote 6 names.
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.18 22:13 DARCIE, LOUISE, CLARISSA, SAM, JESSIE, NICOLE
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.18 22:15 I thought Jessie was unliked!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.18 22:20 SAM, RACHEL, ELECTRA, LEONIE, NICOLE, DARCIE
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.18 22:22 I'd like to apologize to Jessie for being so hard on her last week.
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.18 22:28 JESSIE, DARCIE, NICOLE, CLARISSA, LEONIE (she can help with any languages - if there are any foreign ones), RACHEL
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 17:00 Ok, sorry. My other vote is rachel
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 17:03 My other one is CLARISSA
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 17:04 I vote CLARISSA
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 17:06 And leonie
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 17:07 Darcie
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 17:08 Sorry about the misunderstanding- yes jessie is unliked but we thought that if we vote her on the comitee she will be grateful and wikl be slightly nicer
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 17:09 So everyone but jaz,who i guess is not voting( sorry if im wrong) and stella has voted
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 17:55 I wasn't going to vote, as I always get my way. But if I have to… LOUISE, RACHEL, DARCIE, CLARISSA, JESSIE, SAM
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 17:58 Cool, so who won the vote?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:02  Secret message to Maria  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:03  Secret message to Maria  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:04  Secret message to Maria  
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:05 Are we going to wait for Stella to vote?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:05 Errm… Wait a bit! I'll have to tally it.
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:06 Sure!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:06 Stella might not vote. I don't think she will, anyway.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:07 Can you stop sending quickfire messages?! You're so fast!
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:12 sorry!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:19 Are we going to do the Panto on here or on the actual Annie roleplay?
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:21 Hi everybody!Who's on the committee?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:21 Not sure yet!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:22 :)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:22 I'm guessing Jessie and you and ummm... some other people!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:22 Ok so we have to wait for Stella(if she joins)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:23 :)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:23 Maybe me or Rachel....Oh Oh! I think Sam will be on it, she got a lot of votes!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:23 Yeas, I don't think we should wait for Stella
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:24 On here.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:24 hi
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:24 Are we going to wait for Stella to vote?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 18:25 QUICKFIRES! SLOW DOWN!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:26 SORRY!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:38 So what are the people not on the comitee going to do?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 18:41 Hi Elizabeth
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 19:11 Jessie, Clarissa, Louise, Leonie, Darcie, Nicole.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 19:11 and me.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 19:12 Congratulations!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 19:14 People not o the commitee will be acting, of course!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.19 19:44 YAY! OK, thats cool, should we start casting now?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.19 22:06 We'll need to decide who's doing what, first. What do you want to help with?
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 01:29 Yes! I am on the committtee! ( also, because Elizabeth just joined, what is she?)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 01:30 Acting?It's not my best thing....
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 03:04 (*says shyly* hi..)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 16:47 Can I make the costumes?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 16:48 I can play the music and stuff
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 16:48 Hmmm...I don't really mind to be honest, i could maybe just supervise the rehearsals or organise the script?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 18:39 I suppose I'd better be the Producer. Darcie, if you feel you should organise the script, wouldn't it be better for you to be co-producer? Can you produce the music and conduct an ochestra, Leonie? You could make the costumes with a little help, Clarissa
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 18:42 Nicole, you could do the background? [Elizabeth, please describe your look.]
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 18:45  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:01  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:02 Leonie: Yes, I could definitely do an orchestra and tell the characters what songs they'll be doing. Maybe the older kids will be in the orchestra?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 19:03  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:03 Clasrissa: Yes, I could definitely do with a little help! Jessie, Louise, Nicole, can any of you help me?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:04  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 19:08 Me, you, Electra, Leonie, Clarissa, Jessie, Nicole, Sam, Elizabeth, Stella, Rachel and Louise.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 19:09 Oops.. That was meant to be for you, Darcie.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 19:09 Everyone else ignore them
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:09 Yeah...but some of them are played by the same people!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:10 (oops)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 19:11 And. Different characters.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:11 what do you mean?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 19:14 The different characters play different roles. Annie, Mollie, Daffy and so on.
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:15 Thank you for voting me on the commitee. I didn't think you would.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:19 Oh, I get it
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:19 Thats OK Jessie, we thought it would make you slighly more bearable*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:20 anyway, Nicole, Louise. Jessie, what do you want to do?
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:22 Don't worry, I'll change. I want to help do any art. I'll be on later. Got to eat my tea (in real life) now.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 19:22 no problem, i have to go too
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 20:14 Please come back on after 8.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 20:45 will try, might be a bit late, more like 8:15 or 8:30
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:09 Im here
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:10 Im here
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:12 Jessie, it's not to do with the play or anything, but could you draw a picture of me? I've noticed you're a brilliant drawer and it's traditional to have a picture of the head girl on the dormy or study wall.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:13 that would be cool
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:14  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:16  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:21  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:23 Yes, you've got Becky too now
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:24 *whispers* Hello? I hear I'm supposed to be in dormy 2. Please could you tell me where that is?
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:27 (brown eyes, red, curly hair, no earrings wears a necklace regularly. no intention to imitate Annie)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:28 *smiles* Hi, you must be Becky? Dorm 2 is my dorm, i'll show you where it is
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:29 *wakes up hearing something* Hello? Who are you?
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:30 Oh — Becky.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:30 *chats to Becky* "we are doing a play of Annie, ya know, the red haired one" and "Jessie, the other new girl is simply awful" and Jaz is the head girl of juniors, she is really nice and "I have an identical twin, Darcie"
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:31 And thats Louise, Head of sports
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:33 Jessie's getting better, though.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:34 well, if you call one nice sentence getting better...I suppose she is
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:35 This school sounds nice.
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:36 You do have to admit, she is still pretty bad
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:36 (oops, overlap)
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:37 Yes, the schools awesome, apart from Mrs. Nickleson, she's awfuly strict and punishes people all the time
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:39 How does she punish them
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:40 Mrs Nickleson? What does she teach?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:40 Ya know...gating, detention, learning lines, extra work, aparently she even slippers them but that may be a rumor
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:40 (overlap again
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:41 Mrs Nickleson teaches maths
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:41 (hi just want to tell Julia that im on writing a book rp if she wants to rp with me please delet this acount thanks)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:43 (OK, cool)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:46 Anyway...its late, lets go to sleep
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:47 I tell you what! I'll let you stay up for a bit longer. The teachers have looked in, don't worry! Clarissa, could you invite dormy 2 in?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 21:48 *hops out of bed* sure *gets dormy 2*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:49 (overlap)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 21:57 Hi guys
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 22:31 Becky's Bday is 22nd January. I hope to get lots of presents!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 22:32  Giving Room (x 1) to Becky  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 22:33  Giving Bed (x 1) to Becky  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 22:34  Giving Mattress (x 1) to Becky  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 22:35  Giving Duvet (x 2) to Becky  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 22:39  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 22:40 Goodnight!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.20 22:41  Secret message to Jaz  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:09 (I'm a foreign exchange student from Britain with short, deep brown hair, bright green eyes, olive skin, and glasses*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:13  Secret message to Darcie  
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 17:29 Hello? Oh, Jaz, Mrs Nickleson says for you to go to her. She is in a tizz!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 17:30 oh dear Jaz
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 17:30 *goes to Mrs Nickleson*
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 17:33 Apparently someone didn't put their name on their book. Jaz will have to examine the writing.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 17:42 *oops, that might have been me, but me and Clarissa have identical writing so maybe i should go and tell her before she gets worked up about which one of us it is
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 17:45 *runs out to find Jaz*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 17:48 *bursts into Mrs Nickleson's office* "its my book, dont worry"
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 17:51 Mrs Nickleson is saying: "Your book? But Jaz says it's Clarissa's!"
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 17:53 *grins* are writing is exactly the same
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 17:55 "You may go then"
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 20:04  Buying Mobile Phone (x 2)  Have a great birthday, Becky!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 20:05  Giving Mobile Phone (x 1) to Becky  
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 20:07  Buying Laptop (x 1)  Happy Birthday, Becky!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 20:07  Giving Laptop (x 1) to Becky  
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 20:09  Buying Diary (x 1)  Happy Birthday Becky!!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 20:10  Giving Diary (x 1) to Becky  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 20:13  Giving Cake (x 1) to Becky  Happy Birthday Becky! It's a big one.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:05  Buying Pack of Cards (x 1)  Happy Birthday!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:05  Giving Pack of Cards (x 1) to Becky  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:06  Buying Pencil Case (x 1)  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:06  Giving Earrings (x 1) to Becky  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:06 Have a great day Becky! Guys, how about we have a midnight feast to celebrate?
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:07  Buying Pet (x 1)  
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:07 Becky! Happy brithday! I didn't really know what to get you, so i decided to get you a pet hamster cause everyone loves animals!
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:08  Giving Pet (x 1) to Becky  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 21:09  Buying Jigsaw (x 3)  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 21:09  Giving Jigsaw (x 2) to Becky  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 21:10 Happy Birthday! I got you two jigsaws of Paris, One of Notre Dame and one of the Eiffel Tower!
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:10  Buying Chocolate (x 10)  
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:10  Giving Chocolate (x 5) to Becky  
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:11 Happy Birthday Becky, I got you 5 bars of chocolate, and another 5 for if we have a midnight feast!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 21:53  Buying Bag of Sweets (x 5)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 21:55  Giving Bag of Sweets (x 5) to Becky  *walks up to Becky and says nervously* Umm-Hi I'm new.... I heard it was your birthday so I got you some sweets..
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 21:56 Have a Happy Birthday... *smiles shyly*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 21:57 (In case you haven't noticed, my character is shy :P total opposite in real life, again :P)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:57 (Yep, I noticed Elizabeth was shy)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 21:58 (also, she is 16, and everyone else is 10 or 11, do you wanna change her age?)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 22:20 (I'll do that now!)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 22:21 (Hope she likes the sweets!)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 22:30 9Becky got awesome pressies)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 00:58 Sorry, I haven't been on in ages. Happy Bday Becky!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 00:58  Buying Knitting Needles (x 1)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 00:58  Giving Knitting Needles (x 1) to Becky  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 00:59 Hope you like the gift!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 04:07 (I love how this rp updates constantly!)
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 17:44 Thanks for the pressies!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 17:47 Sure! We can have a midnight feast. I'll give all the items we need to Louise (she's head of sports).
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 17:58 Or maybe you'll have to ask for them at the feast.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:00 I have a stash of food in my tuck box
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:01 I have chocolate and walnut brownies, BILLIONS of scones, a jar of jam and one of cream, tinned peaches, tinned pinapple and a box of strawberries
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:12 Can we use the food at the feast?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:14 Of course!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:14   + 10 Money points to Becky  
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:15 Great!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:15  Buying Wool (x 1)  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:16 I have fudge, toffe, bubblegum and popcorn in lots of different flavours like toffee, chocolate, mint and lemon
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:16 But I also have lots of fruit to have too!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:20 Mmmm.. Sounds delicious!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:21 I'm 11, now. Sounds big!
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:22 Yeah, I know! I'm being left behind!
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:22 But lets hope Mrs Nickleson doesn't discover us!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:23 And me. I am only head-girl because I am popular. So's Louise and she's 10.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:25 Mrs Nickleson is out tonight. Mrs Startcher is on night duty. Lights out at 8:00. I might fall asleep, but wake me up for the feast.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:27 Not Mrs Startcher! I hate her even more than Mrs Nickleson, but dont worry Jaz, we will wake you!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:27 Jessie's rather quiet.
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:27 so she is
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:27 Something wrong?
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:28 I wonder whats got into her
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:28 (sorry)
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:29 I was worrying about my younger sister she hated it when I came here. She thinks I'm crying.
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:30 But you'll come to the feast, right?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:30 I understand, me and Darcie have 4 other siblings that we left behind
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:30  Buying Pet Bed/ Cage (x 1)  
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:31  Buying Pet Food (x 1)  
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:31  Buying Pet Bowl (x 1)  
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:31 Please come Jessie
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:31 just tell your sister you like it here
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:32 The hamster is called Scratch. Why do you think I named it that?
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:33 (got to go now, sorry)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:34 Cause it SCRATCHES!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:35 Okay (gets out mobile)
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 18:36 Of course I'll come to the feast!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:36 Clarissa> Yep!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:37 \j
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:37 (oops)
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 18:37 Jessie>> Thank you!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 21:05 *Mrs Startcher comes into the dormitory*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 21:06 *Jaz gives a little snore, showing the teacher that the dormy was asleep.* *Mrs Startcher goes into dormy 2*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 21:07 (hi just want to tell Sarah that im on writting a book RP if she wants to go on with me you can delet this profile)
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 21:08 *Becky gives a little snore*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 21:10 Okay, thanks.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 21:43 *is laying in dormy* *-I'm so new! I wonder if I'll make any friends...-*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 21:48 ( just thinking ahead a little, what friendship groups will the girls have?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.22 21:50 ( and is there anyone you really want to be your friend, elizabeth?)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.22 22:14 (I can't stay on, but pretend I'm just munching my food)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 00:30 (I don't know enough about anybody to really want to be my friend. But I'll try to be nice to everyone, I'm the shy girl who's super nice that sits at the back of the class)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 00:30 (in the rp :P)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 00:31 (This is a different time zone!!!! UGH!!!!! So hard to play with everyone when they don't have the same times!!!!)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 02:42 (Same here with Elizabeth)(We both live in EST)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 08:56 I'm a GMT. I suppose you haven't noticed who my other characters are. They're Jaz, Louise, Jessie, Becky and Rachel.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 08:58 Nicole and Elizabeth could have been at the midnight feast! 00:30 and 02:42!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.23 15:26 (I know, its sooooo annoying, i am rarely on at tye same time as anyone else)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 18:28 Apart from when I'm on.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.23 18:47 (Yes)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 21:29 (I'm never on as the same time as ANYONE!!!!!!)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.23 22:29 (really? most RPers are from the U.S)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.23 23:16 Can we please resume RPing on this RP?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 03:56 (Well, I guess I just have bad luck and timing... anywho, Jaz is right, let's continue RPing)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 04:02 (Actually, in all honesty, I'm from Britain, I lied on the profile, so if you see me using British slang, now you know why.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 04:05 *sits up on bed* *-I wish I could go to the midnight feast...-* :/
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 10:52 (If you don't want to rp the feast, it's fine. I'll just add one into the book I'm writing.)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 10:55 While the script is being created, I suppose the committee could choose the perfect girl for Annie.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 10:56  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 12:31  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 12:36 So the actors will be....ELIZABETH ,ELECTRA, BECKY, SAMANTHA, STELLA, RACHEL, and possibly SAM the new player
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 13:17 Should we hold auditions?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 13:17 And possibly me... I feel that if I'm not doing much work on the committee (apart from directing), I might as well act, too.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 13:20  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 13:25 No need to worry, but we have two Sams.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 13:36 Hello?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 13:50  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 13:51 Is one of the Sam's a boy?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 13:52 To avoid confusion just call my Sam Samantha
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 13:55  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 14:00  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 14:03  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 14:24  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 14:49  Secret message to Darcie  
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 15:40 Darcie, mrs starcher wants you. And she isn't in a very good mood
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 15:41 (Darcie is the class clown and is often in trouble)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 15:43 *rolls her eyes* better go and see what her problem is
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 15:43 *returns half and hour later*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 17:34 *gets out of bed, dresses sleepily, and goes to my locker*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 17:35 *sneakily eating a bag of chocolate* (Oh! I forgot to mention my character is a chocoholic and eats it every morning*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 17:35 (Meant to have another one of these))
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 17:48 Come on Darcie, how many order marks did you get us? (order marks count against the whole class. if we get too many we'll get a punishment at the end of the term)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 17:53 *sees Jaz and quickly scarfs down the rest of the chocolate and hides the bag*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 17:53 (Ok! Thanks!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 17:59 (hi Julia and Sarah im on writing a book rp if you want to go on with me im also on magic! again you can delet this acount if you want)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 18:01 (Alo there!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 18:03 (Alo, do you want to join writing a book rp? its fun)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 18:19 (Wait, is there a person named Genevieve on it?)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 19:38 Umm...well....originally i only got 5 and one dentention, however i answered her back and she said i was cheeky so i now have 20 order marks and am detention for a week
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 19:40 I got 3 for dropping a vase and breaking it, sorry guys
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 19:42 SERIOUSLY DARCIE! 20? THAT MUST BE THE MOST RECIEVED IN ONE GO EVER,
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 19:43 WE NOW HAVE TONS OF ORDER MARKS, MORE THAN ANY OTHER CLASS! And sam, another 3 for you being clumsy is the last thing we needed
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 19:44 *glares at them* what do you have to say to them jaz?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 19:45 (Elizabeth: no, its not the one with genevieve on it, its one with scarlett, mia, robby, gillian and amber on it. It is really fun!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 19:48 Whoa...clarissa, guys, its not that bad! Im sorry, but i didnt deserve them and the punishments for least amount of order marks is usually small and stupid! Calm down!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:13 (I might try it Clarissa!) *walks up to Clarissa, Darcie, and Jaz* Did you say somebody got 20 order marks? *raises eyebrows, but still has chocolate around mouth*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:17 (can i join this RP)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:19 (of course!, just describe what you look like, and you might want to make yourself a bit younger as well!)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:19 YES, Darcie and Sam between them have got us 23 order marks
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:19 (ok)
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:21 (cool, I am on writing a book RP as well)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:22 'rissa, I didn';t meen to, its no big deal, is it Jaz
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:22 (stefiny has brown eyes and blond hair is a new kid who just got inrolled in boarding school)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:23 (do the kids were uniforms in this boarding school?)
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:24 (OK, coole. We are in the middle of a scene where Darcie just got 20 order marks, and her twin, Clarissa is really mad with her about it)
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:24 (IDK, ask Sarah when she comes on)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:25 Jaz, it is a big deal, isn't it? I mean, 20 order marks? you usually only get 1,2,3,4 or 5 at a time
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:25 (You can have a part in the play as well, we are doing ANNIE)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 20:26 NO ITS NOT! I dont care about order marks, and neither should you
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:29 (ok thanks ill start Role playing now)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:30 *walks off the city bus pulling her suit case into the boarding school* whoa this place is big....
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 20:37 *sees Darcie Clarissa and Sam walks up to them* hi im new here can any of you tell me were room *looks at her paper* room 23?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:11 23!!!! Wow.... I'm Elizabeth by the way, I'm new here... I think I'm in your class..... (Oh dear, my character loves mischief)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:28 20 order Marks isn't too bad. Usually 40 is the end. The uniforms are in the shopping list. Most girls forget to buy their room. I'm mentioning this to make them check. You can owe until the end of the year, but I wouldn't leave it.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:31 I won't let you make it 30 marks. That means we get the punishment.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:44 (Oh, sorry.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:45  Buying Uniform and PE kit (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:45  Buying Room (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:45  Buying Bed (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:46  Buying Locker (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:46  Buying Pet (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:47  Buying Pet Food (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:47  Buying Pet Bowl (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:47  Buying Pet Bed/ Cage (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:48  Buying Chocolate (x 20)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:48 (I'll be buying chocolate constantly)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 21:59 You also need a mattress and a couple of duvets.
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.24 22:17 Hey! Hey — Isn't that Melody?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:19 (kk)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:20  Buying Mattress (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:21  Buying Duvet (x 2)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:21  Buying Maths Book (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:21  Buying Literature Book (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:22  Buying Science Book (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:22  Buying PSHE/Geography Book (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:22  Buying RE/History Book (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:22 (I'll decorate it up later)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:23 (It's hard trying to clean your room and rp :/)
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:25 *yawns* Can I help with any singing for the pantomime, Jaz? I am on the committee, after all.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:27 Of course, Louise. We're waiting for the script at the moment, though.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:28 I love to sing! Oops.... sorry.. *smiles shyly* (Once you get to know my character, she is the weirdest person you will ever meet... and probably one of the loudest)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:29 Could I possibly help?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:30 *stands around not knowing what to do*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:31 Oh! I haven't introduced myself!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:32 Im stefiny
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:32 My name's Elizabeth, I'm a foreign exchange student from Britain.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:32 Hi Stefiny.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:33 So... I really don't know much about the school...
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:33 cool im from America
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:33 *smiles*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:34 Do you think you could help me out a bit?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:34 Getting to know how the school works I mean.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:34 (She can also be brainy.... sometimes, other times I'm really daft)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:35 i just got here we can help each other out
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:35 (cool)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:35 Cool! Do you like art at all?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:36 dose music count as art?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:36 (I just noticed, I'm finally on at the same time as another person!)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:36 Yep.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:37 (yep)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:37 I love music, and like I said, I love to sing.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:37 cool i make dubstup and electronic music
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:38 Sounds like it could be cool. I'll listen to anything and evrything!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:38 (Stupid words, not being spelled right)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:39 (happens to me all the time)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:39 (I'm daft in real life. So very daft.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:40 (It's amazing how stupid someone can be)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:40 ya my mom send me here to act like a lady but i was able to sneak my electrinics in my carry on
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:40 (stupidity is part of life)
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:40 Are you two going to sleep yet? It's late. You're both in my dormy, too!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:41 I will never be a lady. All that stuff about British people being posh is balderdash, really, look at how I dress!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:41 oh sorry, ill go try to find my room
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:41 (I always wear a tee shirt, jeans, and converse sneakers.)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:42 *high fives Elizabeth* awesome see ya later
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:42 Sorry. I'll go to my room
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:42 *after high five tries to fumble to the door*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:43 *without breaking anything O_o*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:43 *walks into the hall* 23 ... 23...
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:44 (I don't know my room number O_o8
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:44 (maybe its 23...)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:44 (I really can't type)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:44 (Awww yeah)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:44 (23!)
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:44 *murmurs* more like they'll sneak off to find each other in the middle of the night! *goes* to her room and sleeps*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:45 *gets to the door and punches air*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:45 *-MADE IT-*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:45 *gets to room 23 and opens the door*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:46 *tries to get to the other side of the room*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:46 *finds her room opens the door*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:46 *-Don't be a clutz for once in your life!!-*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:47 *sees Elizabeth* hey
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:47 *jumps and breaks something* Aww I was doing well... Stefiny! I didn't know who I was rooming with!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:48 (sorry UGH)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:48 (break everything in real life too..)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:48 Sweet! *sits on one of the beds*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:49 Brilliant! *sits on the other one*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:50 *starts unpacking her bags*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:50 Guess I don't have to sneak all this chocolate to your dorm. *pulls out 20 bars of chocolate* You like chocolate?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:50 *hears crash and laughs* What a pair!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:50 Do you any idea what I broke?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:51 *gets out her bedsheets and starts making her bed*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:51  Giving Chocolate (x 10) to Lula  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:51 There!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:52 who dosent love chocolate! hey you can stash it in the drawer
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:52 thanks!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:52 *gets out bedsheets and starts doing the same* I unpacked earlier.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:53 I always stash chocolate at school! I have a false bottom on my bag!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:53 *sits on her bed* how long have you been here?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:53 *smiles slyly*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:53 a false bottom cool i have one to! hey do you like pranks?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:53 Around two days... not that anyone notices the quiet little artist at the back of the class...
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:54 I was gonna say, I love pulling pranks!!!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:54 what is the best prank you ever pulled?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:55 One of my favorites that I surprisingly didn't get expelled for was putting a snapping turtle in the teachers' restroom!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:56 *starts laughfing* oh my gosh thats histarical!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:56 It was even funnier when the teacher came out of the bathroom with a turtle on her pants!!!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:57 It was brilliant!!!!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:57 *laughs*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:57 oh my gosh that is awesome!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:57 You should've seen the look on her face!!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:58 What's the best prank you've ever pulled?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:58 *laughs* i cant stop laughing!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:58 Or you favorite?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:58 *laughs with her* I... can't.... breathe...
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:59 *laughs harder and then she snorts once and covers her mouth*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 22:59 O-Oh no! *laughs and snorts*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:00 oh i was on top of my school roof with my giant sling shot and i took 57 water balloons filled with grape juice and launched them at my princeapls new white car
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:00 The teachers will hear us!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:00 Oh my gosh!!! *laughs*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:01 Oh dear!!! *laughs harder then starts snorting and covers mouth*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:01 when she found out she was so mad i had my friend video tape it want to see?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:01 Well, you just gave it a paint job! *smiles deviously*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:01 Oh yes!!!!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:01 it was back in Florida were i lived when she came out it was all hot and sticky it stained her car!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:02 *laughs*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:02 *pulls out her phone shoes her the video of her launching it then it timelaps to thrirty minutes later when the priceapal comes out*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:02 I kinda miss Britain, but America is, brilliant!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:03 *shows not shoes*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:03 *laughs even harder*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:03 That's even funnier then I thought it would be!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:04 They will regret putting us together.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:04 ya i know right?! she couldnt find out who did it! during math class she held a school esably about respect for peoples things it lasted allmost the whole day!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:05 Well, it cut off school time and that's good enough for me!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:05 she got so desprate she offered $100 buck for the person to admit they did it so everyone started taking blame for it!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:06 *laughs* I'd say make it 1000000 and I'll clean the car with a toothbrush until it looks like snow!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:07 than my princeapal found out it was actually me so i got $100 buck but i got sent here by my mom
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:07 Did I mention I'm a good writer, and I love to act, I love art, music or otherwise, I do all kinds of sports, and I have a thing for singing.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:08 she said i need to learn to be a lady and stop pulling pranks and making "techno noises" she dosent understand real music
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:08 Well I got expelled because of all the mayhem I caused at this private school in Britain, my mom always did say I was a rebel.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:09 But she wants me to be a lady, that's how I got sent here.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:09 I will never be a lady! *burp* Hehe.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:09 cool i sing a little in my music my mom said i shouldnt wast my talent on stupid comuter noises
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:10 And I'm a bookworm.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:10 *burps even louder*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:10 Well, this is who we are, we aren't ever going to change.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:10 cool
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:10 *burps louder*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:11 We're going to wake up the teachers!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:11 i am not much of i writer but i can plan stratige and i understand how people think it helps for pulling the best pranks
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:12 want to see my prank book?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:12 Aww yeah, they are DEFINATELY going to regret this placement.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:12 Yes I do! *eats a bar of chocolate.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:13 *I meant eats a bar of chocolate*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:13 oh i read online that once you get your roomate you are not aloud to switch no matter the situation
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:14 *smiles and laughs evilly* This is going to be a long year for the teachers.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:14 *shows her her prank book the fist half is pictures of her before and after every prank she did the second part is more awsome prank ideas*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:14 *smiles and laughs evilly* This is going to be a long year for the teachers.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:15 (oops)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:15 We are going to cause mayhem.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:15 and every girl who thinks she is all that
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:15 this is going to be an awesome year!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:15 I hate those girls!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:16 Yes it is! It'll be brilliant for daft and thick girls!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:16 I don't like snooty popular girls.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:16 they are so much fun to mess with
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:16 Like stereotypical British people.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:17 we cant tell anyone about are pranks people who do that get caught
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:17 Let's go to bed and plan a prank tomorrow.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:17 I know that! I've pulled off more than 237 pranks and never gotten caught!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:18 Well, I did once and didn't get expelled so, there's a bright side!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:18 ya lets go to bed
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:19 Night Stefiny.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:19 *gets in bed tomarrow is satuerday in bording school so there are no classes*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:19 night
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:19 *gets in bed and whispers* I'm sleeping late.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:20 *falls asleep*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:20 *wispers back* same here
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:21 *falls asleep allmost instantly*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:21 *smiles vaguely*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:22 (gtg, be on tomorrow, whenever that is for you)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:22 (this is a fun RP!!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:22 (ok)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:31 *whispers to Darcie* I'm sure those two are plotting against us girls. Well. Rachel, you, Louise and I shall show them what's what. I'll organise for them to move rooms, too! They've been up for ages!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.24 23:35 *sleeps peacfully*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 00:20 *has dreams of the mischief to come*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 06:08 *dreams about her home in Florida*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 09:17 Awww it's a Sunday! Church, prayers and making sure our desks are tidy. I hated being kept awake by those two, though. The idiots. What time do they think we get up?!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 10:02 WAKE UP SLEEPYHEADS! IT'S PAST NINE O'CLOCK!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 10:09 WAKE UP!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 10:38 *wakes up*
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 10:41 Get up you lazy bones!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 10:42 COME ON, GET UP!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 10:44 Look at Stefiny and Elizabeth. Their shoes are untied. We'll have some fun with them this year!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 10:46 No wonder their shoes are untied! They stayed up till midnight last night!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 10:48 Did they now? Should I report them, Jaz?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 10:49 If you must, Rachel.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 10:51 Just make sure they don't give us order marks. We've got quite enough already. *glares at Darcie and Sam*
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 10:55 *runs off to the headmistress* Please, Mrs Clarke, two girls in my year — Stefiny and Elizabeth — stayed up until midnight and kept the dormitories awake.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 10:58 Mrs Clarke: Hmmm.. They can move rooms after. They'll be in single rooms too. They can see me later for a punishment.
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 10:59 *walks out of room*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 15:42 *wakes up* Stef, what time is it?
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 16:05 *walks into Elizabeth's room* You missed prayers, idiots! You know it's a Sunday, right? Or don't you? Anyway, it's four minutes past three in the afternoon.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 16:57 *looks at Rachel* I know what time it is and i really dont appreciate they way you are talking to me
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 17:05 and i am very well awear that is is sunday but in my religion i woriship on Saturday and part of my religouse custioms include staying up to watch the day pass
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 17:08 If you were eavesdropping witch most likely you were than you whould have known i stoped everything and went to bed at midnight witch is sunday
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 18:21 *jumps up* I need to go to church! Ugh!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 18:21 Now, get out of our room. Now.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 18:22 Don't be a prat.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 18:23 (Whenever I have one friend I become louder, braver, and more laid back.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 18:37 (I also get a little sassy.)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 19:21 Elizabeth and stefiny are ok separate, but together they are gonna be trouble
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 19:47 *gets dressed hastily*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 19:48 What time is church? I really don't know yet.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 20:12 Ermm, it was at 9 o clock, just after breakfast
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 20:13 But there is a later service at 5 you can go to
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 20:23 I had every right to talk to you like that. I may be younger than you, but I've been here for longer. Anyway, I was here to deliver a message. Mrs Clarke asked me to send for you both.
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 20:26 I am so sorry I wasn't on in ages.....
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 20:26 (Can you delete my character?)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 20:27 (I am done with this RP)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 20:37 No, Katka. You're on the committee!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 20:38 (After the play then.)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 20:38 :)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 22:12 speaking of the play, should we do casting now?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 22:55 OH, and Elizabeth and Stefiny, I hope you didn't break thoses vases, that will get us order marks, we have enough as it is
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 22:56 Mrs Clarke: *stomps into dorm* Girls, whats taking you so long? You have been almost 15 minutes! *glares at them*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 22:57 and Elizabeth, Stefiny, you are expected to be up at 7 on school days, and 8 on weekends, NOT 3 IN THE AGTERNOON
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 22:58 If your not careful, I will be giving a much worse punishment than moving rooms, and it may result in your class getting order marks!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.25 23:00 And, on the topic of order marks, you will be getting 3 for each item of school property you have broken, which is 3 things, 2 vases and my patience
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 23:28 Actually Here i have a signed form that allow me to sleep in on Sunday beacause of my religious practice on Saturdays and I did not break any school property it was broken when i entered my room
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 23:32 and in the rule book i recived on chaper 5 section 3 it state the roommate you recive is your roommate for the full 4-5 years you stay here it also states that under no exeptions will you be able to receive a new roommate or recive your own room
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 23:37 so if you are going to punish me for my religion and its practice or punish me for the schools faulty functions i would have to take it up with the school board wich could this schools teachers and who ever is in charge very serious punishments issued by
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 23:42 this countrys goverment laws so what do you think the punishments for falsely acusing and punishing a child and punishing them for there religous practices witch may i remind you is a form of racesism and when punishing them you violate your own school la
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 23:44 laws that is enough to get this school fined a great deal and many people fired
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 02:24 *-Thanks Clarissa, Stefiny, you saved me!!!-*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 02:51 *smiles*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 02:51 i dont go anywhere before i read the rules
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 02:54 (oh i forgot to mention stefiny remembers everything she sees hears and reads )
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 17:39 Mrs Clarke: And I shall expell you both if you dare to speak back to me again!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:01 Mrs Clarke: And seeing as you know the rules so well Stefiny, You should know that in chapter 8 section 1 it says that If
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:01 *writes down on a pice of paper "expeling students for informing the teacher of the rules hands her the paper curtis and walks to the others*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:03 pupils disturb there fellow students, the rules CAN be changed. The rest of your dormitories were kept awake last night, an you 2 SHALL move rooms! And even if you didnt break the vases, someone in this dorm did, so still 9 order marks!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:06 That is the end of the matter! Come to me at 8 O clock, just before bed so I can give you your new rooms
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:07 yes but this boarding school promised that students get the beast levels of students privecy including sound proof rooms and this proves you are now breaking your own promises in the signed contracts!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:08 i will be making a very firm call to the national school board tonight unless you would care to apologize
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:14 Mrs Clarke: You get sound proof rooms when you reach the age of 14. It states this clearly in the contract, and I believe you are 11, not 14
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:14 *-Well, this is getting complicated... What the heck chapter what in section what? Is what?-* (Did I mention that Elizabeth is very forgetful, in otherwords, I remember nothing...)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:14 you of all people should now respect is something earned and you cant earn it with lies and false accusations
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:14 *-Umm, complicated..-*
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:15 Hi everybody!:)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:15 (Hey!!!)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:15 ( LOL)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:15 s
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:15 (NOO!!!!! WHY NICOLE!!!!!)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:15 (DONT TOUCH MAH KEYBOARD!)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:15 (SORRY!!I LOVE TO PULL PRANKS!)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:16 LOL
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:16 (DONT U DARE!)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:16 (-_-)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:16 (BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:16 (NO!!!)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:16 (WHATEVER.......)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:17 :)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:17 in the contract it states they will get soudproof rooms until they are 14 it is most likely a typo but you signed in none the less
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:17 *-I need to wiggle my way out of trouble!!!-8* (I SAID DONT TOUCH MAH KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:17 We didn't lie, and I have already said, I take back saying you broke the vases, but it was obviously someone in this dormitory
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:17 She has a valid point...
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:18 i have an exact copy of my contract if you would care to see
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:18 It doesn't, see? *pulls the contract out her bag, and there is no typo*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:18 *respect increases for Stefiny*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:19 This is the one I signed, and If it is a typo, I will go and correct it now
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:19 actually the vases are made of rose corts that stone vibrates wich would cause it to fall on its own if someone didnt break it
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:20 proves you were being too noisy!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:20 *-WHAT?!?! I BROKE IT THOUGH!!!-*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:20 Thanks you for confessing, dear
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:20 you all ready singed it it is illeagal to change it now
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:20 (No, I thought that)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:20 I will take away 3 of the order marks because you were honest, now you have only earnt 6
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:21 (I THOUGHT THAT!!!!!!)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:21 I am sure the governers on the school board would like to change it, Stefiny
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:21 (The *- -* make it a thought)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:21 it is also something i can tell the schoolboard if you would like
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:22 (I know, I typed it before I saw the message, ignore those posts)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:22 (gtg)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:22 (Ok, sorry)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:22 Its fine, I will take care of it, Stefiny
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:22 (thats fine)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:22 (be on later)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:22 changing a contract once it has been changed is illegal and can send you to jail
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:23 (ok)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:23 I have already said, if it bothers you that much, the board will re-write it, and also, its not
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:24 And it is only in one copy of the contract it says that, the one on the website, the rest are correct
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:25 (stefiny, are you on?)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:25 yes but these are screen shot copys of the typo witch was origanly signed
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:26 my mother and i singed the contract with the typo if you change it you are asking for a lot of trouble
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:28 Listen young lady, as I said already, all the school board wants is the best for the pupils, if it means changing the contract, we wil do this
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:29 this also works in your favor if you are going to fallow your contract than i will have to switch rooms
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:30 and to leagaly change it you will need my mothers aprovel and mine sence we both singed it as well as you
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:31 Yes, it does
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:31 and
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:32 Well, I will be asking your mother, and actually, since you are under age, I don't need your approval, your parents can give it to me themselves
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:32 so have we come to an agreement?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:34 Yes, we change the contract, you get 9 order marks and I will be phoning the board and your mum in a minute, t o check they agreer
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:34 my mother said that she wanted me to have a soundproff room thats why she picked this school (brb)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:34 If that is the case, We will put you in one of the older kids soundproofed rooms
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:37 Or get someone to soundproof a room for you
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:37 We will see what the governers say
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:38 For the meantime, you will swap rooms with Leonie
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:38 (Hi Melody, welcome to boarding school!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:41 thank you
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:42 Good, we have reached an agreement, please tel Jaz your class now has 32 ordermarks altogether.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:43 and Elizabeth, I hope you are quieter with your new roomate
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:44 ok i will now if you will ascuse me i will be getting my things together
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:45 *gose in her room gets her bedsheets and her chocolate puts it in her bag*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:45 You can go, but tell Leonie you will be swapping before you move rooms
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:47 *gose to her new room sees Leonie* hi Leonie we have been aranged to switch rooms would you like any help packing your things?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:48 Sorry, I don't quite understand (remember she is French, and still has the odd bit of trouble with english. she doesn't understand what aranged and switch mean)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:49 *hears her french acent speaks the same sentace in french*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:50 *says in French* i am sorry i didnt know your nationality
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:50 Ahhh, there is 3 student who speak french here now! You, me and Electra! But, I must speak in english, that is why i am here, anyway, lets "sitch rooms"
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:52 *smiles at Stefiny* You must be Stefiny
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:52 But why are you taking Leonie's bed? I liked being with her
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:53 the headmaster had me switch rooms beacause i liked my roomate it sucks for me to
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:54 and for other veryouse reason i dont want to descus at this time
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:54 Oh well, at leats we are all in the same classroom!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:54 do you know who Jaz is?
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:54 Jaz is lovely, she is head girl of juniors!
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:55 She is really cool, and she doesn't mind a little bit of rule breaking, unless its order points, she is quite touchy about them
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:55 she is going to be mad than...
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:56 Oh, why?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:56 the head master toald me to tell her the class has 32 order marks all together
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:57 clarissa gets angry more often than Jaz, she has a bad temper like her twin Darcie! aparently, in their lat school they walked out of a lessons because they had an argument with the teacher
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:58 thats not good, i looked at the notice board saying how many order Marks each class has, most of them only have about 10
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:58 oh do they now.....
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 18:59 *smirks a little*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 18:59 *walks into room* Yes, but who cares? I mean, Mrs Nicklesons idea of a punishment is like, missing a school assembly, or not getting any REALLY FUN maths homeworkl
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:00 and i like being the trouble making class, its kind of in my personality
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:00 not 'rissa's though....
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:01 i like pranks but i only got gaught once actually i admitted it and scored $100
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:01 Excuse me! did i here my name *grins at them all, having calmed down from her spat with Darcie*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:02 nice :)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:02 ya i know ill tell you guys later
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:02 no, Clarissa, we were'nt talking about you. we were talking about Jaz, order marks and certain people with bad tempers
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:03 OK!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:04 my guess is you two are twins by my look your identical *smiles*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:04 Darcie! I do not have a temper!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:06 Yes, we are twins but we are born in different years. I was born on the 31st December 2003 at 23:52 and Darcie ws born a minute past midnight, on the first of Jan 2004!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:06 And yes, we are identical, teachers still can't tell us apart, but I think Jaz and Louise can just about do it
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:07 cool
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:09 Yes, its better than being born on the same day
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:10 ya but she is older *smiles*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:10 Yes, it is. But I think its awesomer being identical
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:10 Na, I'm younger!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:11 but she is slightly taller, thats how you tell us apart when we are together, when we are not together, your in trouble!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:11 ya if you do something you can blame it on the other or if you both wont tell you cant get caught
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:12 uh hu
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:12 We never tell, though!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:13 its part of our twinly pact
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:14 cool i have my own way of getting out of trouble
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:14 well, our siblingly pact, we have a lot of other siblings
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:14 what is it?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:15 i never tell
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:15 Fair enough
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:16 OK
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:16 thats cool
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:17 maybe i will later
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:17 OK
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:17 but right now, lets find Jaz
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:19 ok ill unpack my things
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:20 Me too *gos next door to dormy 2 and unpacks*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:20 *unpacks her bed sheets*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:22 *says quietly to C* Stefiny sounds like fun
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:23 (C stands for Clarissa, if you were wondering, but i cant be bothered to write there name every time so i just user there first letter)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:24 *unpacks her stuff puts her clother in her dwar and her chocolate
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:24 (i understand)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:25 OH well, better go to detention with Mrs Clarke
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:29 *unpacks her launchpad* (btw a launch pad is a musical instrement to make electronic music it is really dificult to play it squar and flat if you look it up on youtube you can see videos of people playing it)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:31 *starts playing her launch pab*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:31 *pad*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:40 (OK)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:40 Whats that you have there?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 19:46 its my launch pad
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 19:57 Is it an instrument? DO you play any other musical instruments?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:03 ya i can use the turn table and many veritys of soundboards and everyonce in a while i play the keyboard
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:04 i take the sounds and put them on my labtop and turn it into some awseome music if i ecer become famouse i think ill change my name to Vinyl Scratch
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:05 *ever*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:32 :-)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:33 Cool, I play piano, Cello, guitar, and trumpet
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:33 its pretty cool
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:33 Clarissa is the drums, the flute, piano as well, trombone and violin
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:33 and we both sing!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:33 We come from super magical backgrounds
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:33 my mom hates my music just beacause its electronic
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:34 *musical*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:34 Aww,,,shm
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:34 *shame
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:34 (I've forgoten how to typr)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:34 (lol)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:35 *starts playing her sound board*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:36 i sing but i change it to sound electronic in my computer for my musci
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:36 *music
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:36 I see
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:37 my mom says its a wast of talent
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:37 I dont think so, i think its cool!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:38 i know right
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:38 *trows them each a chocolate bar* hear
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:38 Thanks!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:39 Thanks! I have to go now though, detention with Mrs.C
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:39 do you guys like pranking?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:40 ok see you later Darcie
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:41 She does, thats why she is always in detention, I have to say, i am not so keen on it myself
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:41 But I always join in pranks when Darcie does
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:42 i have the best prank ideas i will tell you guys later though in case of people evesdropping
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:42 sure
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:43 *continues playing her soundboard*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:45 there are a few music rooms you could use you know
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:45 (Clarissa was meant to say that)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:45 one of the teachers is mad at me beacause i was right and she couldnt get me in trouble for it
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:45 the soundboard is small i prefer to play it in here were i cant get in trouble
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:48 alright
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:48 I always go in the music rooms because I am really bad at music
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:48 and i hate people listening to me practice
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:49 i dont care if people hear me i like it
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:49 Ummm...OK
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:50 do you have a favorite animal?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:51 penguin
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:51 you?|
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:52 i like ponies...
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:53 nice, do you ride?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:53 I used to
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:53 no, but rainbow dash is my favorite
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:55 *laughs* I like Pinky Pie
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:55 Darc likes rainbow dash too
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:55 *returns from detention*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:56 Hi guys! I love my little pony! it rocks
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:57 awesome!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:58 You guys! Your not 5 anymore, ya know
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 20:59 Says who!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 20:59 they have a pony whoes job is to play dubstep that is cool
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:00 the fanfics are pretty cool i cant stand pinkie pie sence i read cupcakes *shudders*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 21:00 (gotta go, be back soon)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:02 (ok)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:43 (Back)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:47 (ok)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:48 (Hello?)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:48 (hi)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:48 (May I ask Who I will be switching with?)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:49 (I have no clue.)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:49 (idk)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:49 (I hate school, it makes me miss out on many things!!!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:49 (oh Leonie would move tto your room)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:49 (Ok! Cool with me as long as she loves mischief!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:50 (she is french)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:50 (I speak a little.)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:51 (I dont mind getting into trouble!)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:51 (Actually quite a bit of french.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:51 (Brilliant!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:51 (ok back to role playing)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:51 (Elizabeth, you stay in your room, i will move on with you)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:51 *countinues on her launch pad*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:51 (I also speak Latin, German, Spanish, and I'm LEARNING French.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:52 (In real life)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:52 Elizabeth, is this my new room
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:52 *is depressed* I have to switch..
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:52 *looks up* Oh! Yes!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:52 Umm, what's your name?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:53 *walks down to Elizabeths room* hi
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:53 Hey Stef.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:53  Secret message to Lula  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:54 Ahh...stefiny, you are here too, is thos where i sleep now?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:54 (be on in a minute, gotz to get new glasses, you can all call me Liz.)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:54 yes (you may call me stef)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:55 *gives Liz an ear pice* with this we can talk to eachother anywere
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:55 (You may call me leonie :)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:55 Ahh...good good, i will unpack my stuffs
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:56 ill see you later Liz you to Leonie *walks to her room*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 21:57 Hello again, my pony loving friend
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.26 21:58 sup!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.26 21:59 *grins at stef*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 01:28 *grins at the earpiece in my hand* This'll be brilliant... Wonder how she managed to knick this... Anyway, one thing you must know about me Leonie, is that I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 01:29  Giving Chocolate (x 5) to Leonie  Here. *Pulls out some chocolate from the bottom of my bag and gives is to Leonie*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 01:29  Buying Chocolate (x 50)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 01:31 (PLEASE TONE DOWN MY GIRLIENESS!!!!!!!! I HATE BEING GIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 01:52 (In real life, I am a total tomboy as well so can you tone it down some?)(I play in dirt, hate dresses, hate pink..etc)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 02:12 (Awww yeah)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 03:10 *puts earpiece in and looks at it in the mirror* It's practically invisible! Good thing I always wear my hair down.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 16:35 *speaks with the Tiny earpice so Elizabeth can hear her* I used to use theese for making music in the city but i picked up to much background noise
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 16:38 (i wear t shirts and shorts every day and i can burp on command personally i think being a girly girl has no point but on some role plays i play as a girly girl its fun*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 18:43  Secret message to Darcie  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 18:47  Secret message to Jaz  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 18:52 (I wouldn't say i was a tomboy, but i am definitely not a girly girl either)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 19:13 Lets do the casting tomorow, after art class
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 20:27 *speaks to Stefiny* Cool, I'm actually pretty good with machines, maybe I could tweak it so it wouldn't pick up so much backround noise.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:46 Hey, does anyone want to come into town with me?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 21:49 ill come
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 21:49 *turns off the ear pice*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:49 Cool
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:49 Darcie? You coming?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:49 Darcie: sure
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 21:49 i have some things i need to pick up any way
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:50 Yeah? What?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:50 I need to buy some sweets, and a new book of piano music
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:51 Other than that i am just going for fun
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:51 (Do you want to go on magic?)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 21:52 (sure) duct tape mac and cheese and some other things
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:53 Right. Totally not wierd or anything
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:54 (I am on magic as well now)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 21:55 (ok)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 21:55 hey i have my reasons...
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:57 Just saying...
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 21:59 *smiles*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 21:59 *pulls on her boots*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:01 *puts on her shoes and her jacket grabs her money* lets go
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:02 Ok, goes to the door and steps outside,
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:03 *walks with them* so were are we headed?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:04 The sweetie shop, its just a 5 minute walk away
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:16 cool i can get a few thing there....
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:17 *walks into the shop*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:19 I am so getting that bubblegum...
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:20 *walks in buys jolly ranchers koolaid a few air horns some carmal candies a onion popsical sticks balloons ducktape and many other things
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:20 *has about 3or for bags of things*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:22 Whoa...thats a lot of stuff! How much money did it cost( she and C are holding one small paper bag in which they have a few sweets)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:23 about $50 only 1/3 of my allowances
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:24 *makes sure the candy is ontop of the bag*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:26 Wow! Thats a lot of money
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:27 Will you share the sweets with us?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:28 these arnt for eating i have other plans for them
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:31 Uh huh? Tell us more!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:32 *grins* oh you will see...
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:33 *buys a few more bags of sugarless gummy bears*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:33 Your so mean
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:34 you can help me if you want to *starts walking out of the store*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:34 Sure
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:36 cool lets go back to the school we have some work to do tonight
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:36 Grins
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:37 and we get to eat gummy bears
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.27 22:38 Yay!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 22:39 *goes back to the school to her dorm room*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.28 02:39 *turns off earpice and goes and sits on her bed* So, do you like being mischievous?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.28 02:40 *-Leonie is a pretty name.-*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.28 04:42 *on earpice* i have a few things planned i have to get them done before curfew
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.28 18:06 Not too much, my parents had a lot of trouble getting my whole family into britain, i dont want to disapoint them
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.28 19:15 *goes to every dorm room before cerfew and gives them a bag of gummy bears tells them to eat as many as they can tomarrow morning then goes back to her dorm room before cerfew so she isnt breaking any rules*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.28 22:01 *on earpice* Nice one.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.28 22:01 Like music?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 05:12 Im going to bed goodnight * turns off earpice goes to bed an hour early*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.29 19:45 (all my charactors eat some gummy bears)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 20:15 Yes, I like music, but i dont play instruments
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 20:37 *wakes up in the morning eats some gummy bears gets ready for class is smirking and slightly chuckling*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.29 20:38 *gets ready for class*
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.29 20:41 hey, whats so funny stef?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 20:46 you will find out about the time we get to class *holds back laughter *
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 20:56 Pancakes! It was my Birthday on the 27th. Mother must have forgotten! To say I forgot, too!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 20:59 *goes down to breakfast gives everyone more gummy bears *
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 21:03 Stef, could we be friends? I know Liz is your best friend, but I wouldn't mind going along with you when Darcie and the others aren't around. They'll be researching or something.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 21:04 Mmm! I love gummy bears! Did you sneak them in? I don't mind.
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.29 21:52 Do you think Becky will act Annie, Jaz? And who do you want to act? Pepper? Daffy? Mollie? I want to act an orphan. Just thought of something: we can actually make it a bit different. Oliver Warbucks can adopt another orphan. Annie tries to talk to...
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Jan.29 21:53 her/him, but struggles to get through. Just a suggestion, though.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 22:37 i bought them with my own money therr rules say so sugary candy the gummybears are sugar free
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.29 22:38 and of course we can be friends
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 00:55  Secret message to Jaz  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 03:17 *looks akward* I play a lot of instruments...
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 03:19 Well, I better head down to breakfast... *stands up and heads to breakfast*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 09:53  Secret message to Charlotte  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 09:54 Awww Darcie's of to practise for the footie team and Louise is coaching the year 3s. Does anyone want to come shopping with me?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 09:55 (I got the day off school due to snow)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 09:55 (It doesn't stop the boarding school though)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.30 14:09 (lucky! We had to go to school and literally froze to death, all the little kids were crying they were so cold)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Jan.30 14:09 I'll come!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 17:41 (im home schooled)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 17:42 ya sure ill go shopping
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 22:27 (Charlotte has long orange hair, pale skin, freckles, and green eyes. This is my first time RPing, so I might not be very good at this at first...)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 01:00 (I went to school today, it was freezing!)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 01:00 *spots Stefiny and waves*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 01:02 (Oh, Charlotte, you know the basic stuff, right? Like parenthesis means we're talking in real life, the stars, or * *, mean we're doing an action, and these, *- -* mean you're thinking.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 01:02 *- I hope I can plan a prank with Stef sometime..-*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 01:03 *- Sometime soon!-*
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 04:16 (Yes, I knew all that except for the thinking. Thanks for letting me know!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 04:35 *goes to her first class wich is drama checks her watch* *-everyone will be farting about 5 minutes into class it will take them hours to de stench the school!-*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 04:37 *smiles and sits on the stage waiting for class to start*
20>Amber (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 16:30  Buying Uniform and PE kit (x 2)  Hi, I'm new here, can someone help look after me?
20>Amber (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 16:31  Buying Room (x 1)  
20>Amber (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 16:31  Buying Bed (x 1)  
20>Amber (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 16:32  Buying Locker (x 1)  
20>Amber (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 16:34 Hi, is anyone here?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 17:18 *sits on the stage and sees Amber* oh hi want some gummy bears?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.31 18:14 Hi, you must be the new girl.?
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 19:48  Buying Room (x 1)  
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 19:49  Buying Bed (x 1)  
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 19:49  Buying Locker (x 1)  
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 19:50  Buying Literature Book (x 1)  
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 19:50 *sees Charlotte* hi want some gummy bears?
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 22:23 *Smiles nervously* Sure! I'd love some!
15>Charlotte (Shy), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 22:24 *Smiles nervously* Sure! I'd love some!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jan.31 22:25 Hi, you must be the new girl, charlotte?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 22:28 have as many as you want *smirks a little*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 22:30 *says so Stefiny can hear* Clever, I cut some gummy bears open, you're gonna make everyone fart the school into submission! At least... For a while.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 23:07 i didnt do anythings to the gummy bears they are just sugar free sugar free gummy bears make ppl fart
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 02:14 Ah. Good thing I didn't eat any.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 02:25 *bites her lip slightly* bad choice who ever isnt farting will most likely get framed
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 02:26 *eats another gummy bear*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 03:58 Right. *grabs a bag of gummy bears and begins shoving them in her mouth* Fanks...
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 19:01 Have you got the script Darcie?
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 19:03 Haven't you got any left? Dash! I'll have to rush off to the shop. *runs down the street with Jessie*
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 19:04  Buying Gummy Bears (x 10)  
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 19:05 *runs back to school with Jessie* *shares the sweets*
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Feb.1 19:06 Thanks, Becky!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 19:07 Thanks.
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.1 19:08 Thanks, Becky.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 19:10 No, tah. I need to be healthy for a drama lesson. Not full of sugar!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 19:12 Very well, then.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 22:29 *gives Jaz some of her gummy bears* mine are sugar free *looks at her watch the farts should be starting soon*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 22:48 *turns off earpiece and walks over to Stefiny and whispers* I'd get out of the school if I were you.... Want to go on a little walk?
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 00:51 (Cree are on?)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 01:33 *wispers back* if i leave they will know i did it besides i cant smell anything sence one of my pranks back fired
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 02:17 Oh dear... Lucky you.. well then. I will endure suffering from stench.
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 02:26 *Watches Super Bowl* ( for all you in Britain, it's an American thing of football)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 03:24 3 minutes till human fart bomb...
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 08:46 It's still a no. It's drama, and the mistress hates it when we eat sweets just before. We've put stenchbombs in them once or twice and she forbade us.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 14:47 (Nicole, you mean football Americana.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 14:48 I'm holding my nose five seconds to explosion.
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 14:49 9Het Cree! NO SCHOOL!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 16:13 *acts clueless* what do you mean? do sugar free gummy bears make people gassy? i cant smell anything sence... oh never mind *throws away the gummy bears*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 16:15 (btw sugar free gummy bears give ppl major gass i am a prankster myself i give people sugar free gummy bears all the time >:)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:00 (No school Katka!!!!!!!)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:01 Well, let me know when it's about to blow. *goes and gets breakfast*
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:16 (Hi!)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:23 (hi)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:24 (want to go on magic?)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:39 (I'm going on magic) Okay, yeah, I'll have ONE gummy bear!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:42 *trows her a gummy bear*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 17:42 (kk im on magic right now)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 21:11 *sits next to Stef* Dis gon be good.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 21:11 fart bomb in 3...
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 21:12 2...1 *hears allmost all the girls farting at once*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 21:18 *-EWWWW!! AWESOME!!-*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.3 02:45 *acts like the other girls holds her nose * AGH oh man that stinks! *- it will only be a matter of time before we have to evacuate the school-*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.3 18:14 *holds nose*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.4 17:13 *laughs heartily* Miss Garter, can we use the hall to practise? On the stage? It might be fresher!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.4 17:14 *Miss Garter holds nose* Miss Garter: Okay
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.4 17:15 (It's cold on the stage) You two will be sorry!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.4 17:21 its not my fault everyone is gassy! it is probably last nights chilly dinner
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.4 18:13 hay whats up
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.4 18:14 i just put a stink bomb in the teachers loung....boom in....3.....2.....1(in the background)*BOOOOM!!!!!!!!*
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.4 18:15 AWESOME!!!!!!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.4 18:16 Rosse! so your the one stinking up the hole school! Awesome *high fives her*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.4 18:17 *holds her nose* urghh, yuvk!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.4 18:17 *yuck*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.5 18:14 *looks inoocent* Cool Rosse. *-AWWW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT A DORM WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-* *looks shy*
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.5 18:15 who am i bunking with
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.5 18:16 I don't know, I'm with Leonie.
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.5 18:23 well if no ones available then ill just have my own rooooom*thinks in her head-YES*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.5 23:19 *walks up to Rosse* you are Awesome i think we are going to get along great want an oreo? *replaced the cream filling with toothpast*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.6 23:32 *spots the toothpaste and cracks a grin*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.6 23:35 *smiles*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.6 23:37 *gives her the cookie than walks over to Elizabeth* Hey hey hey whats up?!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 02:39 Cute trick Stef.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 02:41 ya its small but its the best whay to cause yourself to puke and there reaction is so funny
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 03:48 True Stef... We might need to show her the ropes a little, I mean we are new ourselves.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 05:31 *smirks* what kinds of ropes?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 18:20 *smirks* The Mischevous ones, and the don't mess with
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 18:21 them ones
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 18:21 ...
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 18:21 (Oops, stupid phone!)
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 15:14 You lot'll be mad when we tell you this...
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 15:15 (Louise turns 11 today) Yey! I'm 11! Where are my presents?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 15:16   + 15 Money points to Louise  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 15:17 Happy Birthday, Louise!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.8 15:18  Buying Knitting Needles (x 1)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.8 15:18  Giving Knitting Needles (x 1) to Louise  
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 15:19  Buying Headband (x 1)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 15:19  Giving Headband (x 1) to Louise  
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Feb.8 15:21  Buying Loom Bands (x 5)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Feb.8 15:21  Giving Loom Bands (x 5) to Louise  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 16:50  Giving Winter Outfits (x 1) to Louise  (Happy b-day!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 19:12  Buying Laptop (x 1)  Happy birthday!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 19:12  Giving Laptop (x 1) to Louise  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.8 19:33  Giving Football (x 1) to Louise  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.8 19:33 Happy birthday
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 21:49 *walks out of school*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 23:11  Buying Cream Spray (x 1)  
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 23:11  Giving Cream Spray (x 1) to Louise  
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 23:12 you it wisely *runs out after Elizabeth* where you going?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.9 00:25 My eyes are watering, it smells awful in there!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.10 03:10 *chuckels* ya auman fart bomb and then the new kid blasts a stink bomb epic cover for me!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.12 18:12 *laughs* Perfect.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.12 22:38 Rosse should be a little more careful with her timing... I mean, come on, a stink bomb? Brilliant! Well, Allons-y. *starts to walk away*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.14 00:46 *fallows after her* this is a good day
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.14 04:18 how did u plant a fart bomb that quickly,teach me your ways oh wise one....*she says very sarcastically*
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.14 04:20 never mind my new top is 2 sec...wait now its 1 sec. woops*BOOM!* *the fart bombs go off with a smell worse than rawcsewage or cooked sewage........*
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.14 04:21 awesome!!!!! but seriously nasty!!!!!
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.14 04:22  Buying Hot-Water Bottle (x 3)  
17>Rosse Taylor (Rebel), 18yo.2015,Feb.14 04:24 switched the cold water bottles with the warm ones and added sleeping pellets. whos ready for a school day full of free time and chaoes!! i hav e very quick hands as u know...i dont mean to brag.......
10>Lyla ((creative)), 11yo.2015,Feb.14 16:07 who would I room with?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:36 At least we got away from the smell Stef.
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:40 *chuckles* hey Rosse you are awesome *gives her a high five*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:40 the 3 muskateers of pranks
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 20:15 High fives both of them*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 20:15 **high fives both of them*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 14:59 (Going to have to pause the game for a minute while I write the WHOLE story)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 13:34  Secret message to Darcie  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 18:54 Okay could someone else write it?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:17 (back to rping?)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:17 (That would be extremely difficult.)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:17 (Yes please.)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:20 Liz! Stef! Rosse! You do realise that we're supposed to be going down to tea right now? But, if you'd rather starve...
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:21 I know which I'm gonna choose!
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:21  Buying Food (x 1)  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:23 (Gtg.)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:25 (bye then)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:28  Buying Food (x 1)  *Laughs* Me too. Pizza!
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:28 And Lemonade? What about you, Darcie?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:28  Buying Lemonade (x 2)  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:29  Buying Food (x 1)  Yeah please!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:30 I'll have a pudding afterwards.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:30  Buying Scone (x 1)  
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:30  Buying Jam (x 1)  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:32 Mmm. You'll make my mouth water!
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:35  Buying Food (x 1)  I think I'll have bangers and mash. Such a favourite!
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:36  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Ear piece  
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:36 Oh, do I have to?
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:36  Buying Ear piece (x 1)  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:37  Buying Food (x 1)  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:39 Ce est fabuleux ! Ce thé est fabuleux !
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:39 Speak in English, Leonie.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:41 She says "It's fabulous! This tea is fabulous!"
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:41   + 20 Interaction points to Darcie  
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:41 (Hi Sarah, I couldnt resist the temptation to play for a few minutes!)
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:41 (its Julia, by the way)
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:42 (kk)
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:42 Where did you learn that, Jaz?
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:43 I'm suprised so many people know french!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:43 Looked it up on google translate.
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:43 Me and Darcie are fluent in German and Swedish, and are learning Indonesian. Its slow going work
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:44 naughty naughty Jaz! No gadgets at the table
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:44 *grins*
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:44 Yeah jaz
8>Becky (Enjoys Acting), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:44 Jaz! PIG!
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:45 hey, whats going on?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:45 Don't bite my head off. I give you money to buy pizzas but I can't buy anything!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:46   + 101 Money points to Samantha (sam)  
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:47 Hi! I better leave now so...
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:47 Bye!
7>Nicole (tennis player), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:47 (Sorry for not being on in forever.)
9>Samantha (sam) (Popular), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:51 I NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:53 OK, Jaz was using her phone at the table, on google translate
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:53 (oh, Hi Katka)
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:54 Tout le monde crie au Jaz pour utiliser Google traduction pour voir ce que je disais. Jaz coquine! ils crient.
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:56 She says: Everyone shouts at Jaz to use google translate to see what I was saying. Jaz naughty ! they cry
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:56 But really, Leo, you should speak in English, thats why you are here
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:56 It means: Everyone is shouting at Jaz for using google translate to look up what I said. Naughty Jaz! they yell.
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 18:57 Thats what i said
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:59 Louise et Electra are droit. Magnifique!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:01  Secret message to Electra  
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:02 Don't speak Frenglish, either.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:03 Franglish?!
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:04 It's a mixture between French and English.
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:04 French, mixed with English
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:04  Secret message to Jaz  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:04 Ah! You, Electra! You confuse me so.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:05 (sighs) Now, will anyone give me some food?
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:06 try the roast lamb! its great
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:06 *finishes her lamb* I agree
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:07 Nah, the chicken is better
5>Clarissa (Darcies twin), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:08  Secret message to Jaz  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:09  Secret message to Clarissa  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:13 Non! Non! You must try le fromage et les tomates à pizza!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:14 The cheese and tomato pizza? Okay. I'll try it.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:14  Dropping Food (x 1)  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:14  Taking Food (x 1)  
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:15 Yum!
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:19 Leonie'll say "Vous l'aimez? Vous aimez le fromage et les tomates pizzas? Magnifique, sont-ils pas?" now!
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:20 I shall do no such thing. Your mind has run away with you, Electra!
3>Electra (Weird), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:22 Maybe not.
6>Jessie (Unlikable), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:26 Do any of you play instruments? I play keyboard and violin.
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:27 Drums.
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:27 Darcie?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:31 I play Piano, Cello, Guitar, and Trumpet.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:32 Clarissa plays the drums, the flute, piano as well, trombone and violin.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:32 And we both sing!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 19:33 (gtg)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:33 (yeah, me too)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 22:14 (You on sarah?)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.19 22:14 I am...
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 15:19 Now, yeah. You?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 15:20 (I'll play your characters now, if you're not)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 15:20 okay...
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 15:22 Hey, I'm Ella! You mind showin' me 'round?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 15:24 Hi Ella. I'm French. Ah, has no one told you about me? I'm Leonie!
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 15:25 Ah, Leonie, we shall get along! I speak French, too.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:39 Excellent!
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:41 Où sont les dortoirs? Je ne ai pas encore trouvé autour de mon chemin.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:42 Juste par ici. Viens, je vais te montrer.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:43 What on earth?! I need to use google translate! PLEEEEASE!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:44 Okay, I think I'll ask Rachel. She amazes me with her French..
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:45 Rachel! What did she say?
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.20 16:46 If you want the full conversation...
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.20 16:48 Excellent!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.20 16:48 Where are the dorms? I have not yet found my way around.
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.20 16:49 Just here. Come, I'll show you.
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.20 16:49 That's it. But beware, my French isn't perfect!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:50 Thanks! You should give me coaching!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Feb.20 16:51 (Laughs histerically) I'll leave that to Leonie!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:51 On second thoughts: No.
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:55 So this is the dorm? It's wonderful! Would you like to help me unpack? I haven't bought a uniform or a room yet. I'll get them from the dormy shop. Just a second!
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:55  Buying Room (x 1)  
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:55  Buying Bed (x 1)  
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:56  Buying Locker (x 1)  
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:56  Buying Uniform and PE kit (x 1)  
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 16:58 *rushes back to her things* Bought them. I'll pick up some more later. My birthday was in October. I got a bike. Haven't learnt to ride it yet, though. My folks are bringing it later.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:00 Extraordinary! I've never had a bike! Can I use yours for a little while?
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:02 Okay. For a day. That's your limit. My folks'd go mad if they knew. Don't mention it.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:04 Non! Non! Your brush does not go there! It goes in the tub. Here - I'll put it in.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:05 So, what are your hobbies?
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:06 Mainly solving problems between friends - or possibly doing unbroken puzzles. You?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:13 Haha! I am on the acting comittee! I help out where I can! But in other times, I sew or knit. I'm not that good at knitting, but am getting better.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:14 Can you help out with a puzzle I can't crack?
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:14 Yes. What is it?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:18 I have a five pound note. I wanted to buy two curtains, a set of blinds and a pet. How much more will I need to take to buy a laptop as well?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:19 I'm not good at maths.
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:23 You'll need to take £20 altogether - £15 more.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:25 Merci! Your things are safely put. I shall take you into town, where I can buy my items!
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:25  Buying Curtains (x 2)  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:26  Buying Blinds (x 1)  
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:26  Buying Pet (x 1)  A bunny (lop)!
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:28 Can you lend me £21 to pay for my room? I'll pay you back.
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:28 Sure.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 17:30  Buying Room (x 1)  Thanks! Come on, let's go back.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:28 *is just sitting with Stef chilling out*
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Feb.24 16:36 I am sorry for the inconveniance but i will no longer be going on this role play site i am deleting all my role play games after i share this message to all the role plays i go on please delet my charectures see "friends forever" for the full explanation
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.24 17:33 *says to Jaz* Its nice we are getting so many new girls, and that they are all settling in
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.24 17:33 We still have 2 spaces left in the dorms, and when Stef goes back to America we may get another exchange student
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.24 17:34 I'll miss Stef though
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.24 17:34 (I can create 2 new charectors if you want)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.24 17:34 (I will do it now, if someone else wants more charectors though, you can delete them)
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2015,Feb.24 17:36 (this is Maria, a goody goody 2 shoes, she always tells on the other girls and gets them into trouble. She is very smart and is the teeachers pet)
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2015,Feb.24 17:37 (Just realised that the light green slot is not letting me create a character so I will stick with just Maria for now)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.24 20:17 (That slot won't let me create, either. I'll try talking to the webmaster)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Feb.24 20:20 Hi Maria! When's your birthday?
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2015,Feb.25 17:40 *smiles sweetly* The 2nd June.
13>Maria (goody goody), 10yo.2015,Feb.25 17:40 (how can you talk to to the webmaster?)
14>Kaitlynn (Friends w/ everyone), 11yo.2015,Feb.27 03:29 Hi everyone
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.27 14:41 (it works now! MAGIC!!!!)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Feb.27 14:41  Secret message to Jaz  
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 14:45 *is is dorm room*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 14:46 I wish stef didn't leave.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 17:30  Secret message to Darcie  
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 20:05 (lula is a trouble maker)
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 20:05 (her bday is 29th October)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 23:12 Leonie, do you think we could plan a little prank? *smirks*
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:34 a what? What is a prank
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 18:36 Please, Rachel. Translate for me please!
16>Rachel (Jazs cousin), 10yo.2015,Mar.6 18:41 Elle a demandé si vous souhaitez planifier une petite blague avec elle.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 18:50 Ah, oui. Maintenant, je comprends. Mais non - je ne prennent pas part dans votre farce. Je ne approuve pas. Vous faites de la maîtresse française et elle est un de mes langue et le pays. Je ne peux pas faire une telle chose à moi!
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 18:51 *looks around, bewildred*
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 19:04 You do not understand, ma chère? Please, you need someone from France to coach you!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 19:08 Non! Non! You say you will not take part in the trick which Liz would gladly plan.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 19:10 Oui. C'est correct!
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.7 16:31 I vill not do any tricks on our loveely teachers or my friends
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.7 16:31 Zat will give us order marks, and at ze moment we already have the most in the school
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Mar.8 18:15 Order Marks?! What are they, Leonie?
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.8 18:17 They are punishments where a child does something very wrong, but the order marks count against the whole class. Several people in our class have brought the bad luck on us.
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Mar.8 18:19 Oh - I'd better stay clear of punishments, then!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Mar.10 17:19 I'll keep in touch... *makes a weird :/ face then walks back down to locker to stuff face with chocolate once more*
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Mar.10 17:20 *walks back in room and says* Oh! And I do speak French. *walks out*
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.12 20:20 Ok, but i must try not to speak french here, i should learn english
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Mar.13 18:16 Should I help. Mam'zelle isn't helping you.
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Mar.13 18:16 *Should I help?
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Mar.15 18:54 *reaches locker and takes out a bar of chocolate*
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 20:11 yes please Jaz
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Mar.21 11:55 Ok. Well, you can start with your "zat" and your "ze". You should say "that" and "the". Practise now.
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Mar.25 17:21 Ahhh. That was good.. I wonder how Leonie is doing on her English...
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.30 18:57 th-that and th-the. that and the.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.30 18:58 Is zat- sorry- that right?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Mar.30 19:00 Yes. That is correct. Now- what about your vill? Try correcting that, please.
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.30 19:02 Vill... Will?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Mar.30 19:03 Correct!
19>Ella (Solves Problems), 11yo.2015,Apr.2 09:50 Hiya Jaz! Want to come horseriding with me?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.2 09:51 Sure! I'll just get my stuff. Seeya Leonie!
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Apr.2 09:51 Okay, seeya!
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Apr.2 09:55 Huh, no pranks to play 'round here are there? Now let's see... What about a trick in the pool?! Yes, yes. That would be fine. Okay, I'd better send for it, then.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Apr.2 09:56 What on earth are you doing, Lula?
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Apr.2 10:00 *shuts book quickly* I- I can't tell you, Darcie. But I can tell you that you're an interfering person who isn't to be liked and------
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Apr.2 10:03 Look, here, Lula, you're new and I've been here for ages. Who's the better? Me. I know best out of us two. I know you're a trickster and that you're planning a trick. That's what I know, so I advise you not.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Apr.2 10:03 *walks off*
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Apr.4 11:12 (hey, I am going to start using this RP again XD )
4>Leonie (French girl), 11yo.2015,Apr.4 11:13 what? Yes, You will get into trouble Lula
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.8 17:44 HELP! HELP! HELP!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.8 17:44 HELP! I'M DROWNING- HELP!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 06:43 *bumps into Lula* *has British accent* Oh, 'ello! *still has a smudge of chocolate on upper lip* Can you tell me where the lavatory is? *looks embarrassed* I'm really new to this school......
11>Lula (crazy girl :)), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 10:56 No, sorry, i am new too!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Apr.11 10:57 Jaz? where are you?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 18:35 In the p-p-pool! Get me out! The l-l-l-life belt qu-qu-qu-quick!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 18:35 I've got CRAMP! Help! Quickly, please Darcie!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 18:38 *sinks a little further under water* (gargles slightly) HELP!
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Apr.21 22:16 OK! I'm coming!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.29 17:57 (gets tired out. lets her arms stop working. sinks under the water)
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Apr.29 17:58 (dives into the water, swims under, then drags Jaz up) Louise!! Get the Nurse!!!
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Apr.29 17:59 Okay! (rushes to the nurse)
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Apr.29 17:59 Nurse: What's happened?
18>Louise (Head-Girl of Sports), 11yo.2015,Apr.29 18:03 She got cramp, yelled for Darcie, then lost power and sank under. Is she going to be alright, Nurse? I mean- what would we do without----------
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Apr.29 18:04 *cringes*
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,May.4 16:00 *Comes round* Darcie? Louise?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,May.4 16:01 Nurse: Thank Goodness you've come round! They were worrying you were dead. You'd better rest though.
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,May.7 10:38 *sighs in releif* We were so worried Jaz!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jun.23 21:04 Nurse: Darcie! Out, immediately! Jaz needs to rest! And until she's well enough, can you be the temperory headgirl?
2>Darcie (very sporty), 10yo.2015,Jun.27 16:49 (speechless for a moment) Sure. Get well, soon, Jaz!
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jun.27 16:51 (patheticly smiles)
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jul.17 01:27 (SO SORRY I HAVEN'Y BEEN ON!!!!) *looks from door to door not knowing where to go* *walks into the nurse's office* Oops... Do you know where the lavatory is?
1>Jaz (Head-Girl of Juniors), 11yo.2015,Jul.21 19:40 Nurse: Turn right at the top of the stairs. Now shoo! I need to make Jasmine well again. Now go!
12>Elizabeth (Curious), 11yo.2015,Jul.21 23:24 Thanks! *- What happened to Jaz?-* *goes up the stairs and uses the lavatory*