" Camp Gonnaketchanitcheerash " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
You will be at sleepaway camp for two months, and you will be isolated from friends and family for that entire time. Camp Gonnaketchanitcheerash is filled with pranks played on you by fellow campers while you are sleeping, poison-ivy-infested closets, waterfall dangers while kayaking, and--oh my gosh, is that a UFO?! D:

12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 03:11 [Hello! May I join?]
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 12:16 [Yes, you can join, Brunny!]
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.18 13:45 (Can I join?)
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.18 13:45 (If so, well here is my characters description.)
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.18 13:47 (Camper who loves to pull pranks on anyone, especially girlie girls. Loves swimming,smores,PRANKS, and random UFOS)
11>Jack (Camper), 15yo.2015,Jun.18 16:00 (Hey! May I jpin!)
11>Jack (Camper), 15yo.2015,Jun.18 16:00 (Join!)
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:15 [My description:Basically I'll be playing as myself-I am a camper who has a good sense of humor, likes sitcoms such as Married with Children, the Red Green Show, and Seinfeld, likes playing pretend, watching movies, reading books, swimming,
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:16 taking care of animals, epic randomness, and more.]
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:19 [Oh, and I like and can do archery too.]
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 20:48 [Everyone is welcome to join, as long as you don't cuss!]
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 22:27 Hello and welcome to Camp Gonnaketchanitcheerash! You can call it Camp Gonnash for short. All of you head to Cabin Beech and go unpack.
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.18 22:41 Hey it's me, by the way why is there not a buy-able item
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:55 [I'll add that in later, Euodia.]
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.19 08:53 *Heads to Cbin Beech quickly, in order to set up pranks*
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.19 08:54 *Toliet paper, homemade fake barf, and my favorite, a fake turd*
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.19 08:55 *Gets out her regular things*
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.19 08:55 *Short sheets Brunnhildes bed*
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 18:02 *comes into the cabin that she and Katka will be staying in*
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 18:03 Ooo! A fake turd! I love those! :D
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 18:03 I'm Brunnhilde, by the way. *shakes hands with Katka* What's your name?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.19 19:12 Hi guys!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.19 22:46 *plops my suitcase on the bed next to brunnys* Are you cool with this being my bed?
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.20 09:35 Hi I'm Euodia*sits on a bed close to Katka, Brunny and Felicity *
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.20 21:46 *pops into the cabin where everyone ia
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.20 21:49 is* Hey, guys, I forgot to mention that there's actually a girl and boy version of all of the cabins. This is the girl Cabin Beech. Jack, Aoyama-kun, nice name, by the way, the boy Cabin Beech is next door.
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.20 22:43 *Shakes hand with Brunnhilde, with the fake turd on her hand*
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.20 22:47  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.21 17:26 *waves my hand in front of brunnys face* Hellooooo! Earth to Brunnhilde! Are you cool with me sleeping here?
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.22 21:16 Can I sleep here Katka
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.23 10:18 Sure, but you might get pranked!!!!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.23 12:41 *slaps brunny in the face* Brunny. Come on. Is it cool with you if I sleep here?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.24 11:53 Oh, whatever. I'm gonna sleep here. and I'm sorry that i slapped you, brunny.
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 22:00  Secret message to Katka  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 22:00 *not affected at all by the fake turd or the slap*
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 22:01 You can sleep anywhere, as long as I get the bed away from the window. *goes to the bed in the darkest part of the room (I don't like sleeping in the light)*
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 22:03  Secret message to Inachi Matsuki  
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.24 23:34  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.25 10:16  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.25 21:24 Night, guys
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.25 21:24 *falls asleep and dreams of Tokyo Mew Mew*
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.25 21:38 *whispers in Brunnhildes ear* Ready to prank?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.25 21:54 *in my Tokyo Mew Mew dream, things get bloody fast, and when Ichigo dies, I wake of in fear**I notice Katka and Brunny* Are you guys pranking people?
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.27 16:51 *wakes up as well* hey if you're going to prank people then I'm going to be in the plan
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.27 16:59 Me too!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.27 17:04 I made myself puke in a plastic bag before I came here so I could prank people!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.27 17:12 Kidding, its fake.
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 13:08 Nice! I brought some too, with some fake turds.
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 13:09 Fine you can be in pranks.
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 13:10 (Do you mind if I create some more characters for people to get pranked on? It will make life more funny...)
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 13:56 How bout we prank the boys? Oh dang, the counselor locks the door of the cabins at night. *thinks for a bit* Oh! I got it! We could climb through the window!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 13:57  Secret message to Katka  
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 14:38 Yeah I brought some crazy glu , some spray paint
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 14:44 Also some fake poop and a can of worms
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 14:45 And a fake dummy and fake makeup kit
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 14:59 Okay, who has what? I have fake vomit, a few small plastic skeletons left over from last Halloween, and some fake blood inside a small squirt gun.
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 14:59 Oh, and some fake blood with a paintbrush.
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 16:53 Oh, i forgot that I had a box of plastic knives--you know, the kind you eat with?
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 17:05  Buying Jellybeans (x 1)  I also got a spy kit , some fake dust and burp powder and fake body parts
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 17:07 I also have rubber cookies and a stink bomb
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 18:26  Buying Pencil (x 3)  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 18:28 we could use toilet paper and throw it on there cabin with creepy messages
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 18:28 Oh, to creep them out?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 18:28 yeah!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 18:29  Buying Postcards(5-pack) (x 2)  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 18:29 we could also send creepy post cards with red ink to act as blood!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 18:30 Or we could use the fake blood that i brought!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 18:30 yeah that would be creepy
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 18:45 What about applying some makeup on jack we could also put a dummy by him with one of Felicity's plastic knives in it's chest
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 19:23 Lets get things settled. I have a couple of ideas, and you guys can vote on the one that sounds the best. e will prank the boysI am creating a
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 19:35 What are your ideas?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 19:36 Yeah the one with jack the plastic knives and the dummy sounds goo
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 19:36 Good i meant
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 19:37  Buying Raincoat w/hood (x 1)  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 19:37 Are we gonna wake them up or make them think that they barfed in the night or what?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 19:44  Buying Baseball (x 1)  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:31 I dont know
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 20:32 You dont know what?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:33 We could throw some fake blood in with the barf?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 20:33 Hm
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:33 That would freak them out!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:34 That would be totally cool!
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.28 20:34 What is all this ruckus? *opens the door to the girl cabin beech* Girls, why are you still up? It's 11 at night!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:35 Ummm just chatting *says nevously*
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:36 Ummm just chatting *says nevously*
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.28 20:36 *smiles* Okay. As long as you're in bed by 1:30AM.
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:36 1:30 are you crazy! That's way to late! Hehe
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:37 😊
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.28 20:37 Well, then, 1:00 Am.
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:38 🇺🇸
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.28 20:38 Night.
1>Inachi Matsuki (Camp Counselor), 18yo.2015,Jun.28 20:39 *walks out, but forgets to re-lock the door*
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:39 She forgot to lock the door!!!!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:41 But how are we gonna get into the boys' cabin?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:41 We cant open windows from outside!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 20:41 Their window?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:41 So how are we gonna get in?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:42 We cant smash the window that would cause noise...
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 20:43 Anyway..........well, the cabins have dirt floors! Maybe we could dig under it!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:44 And i just said 1:30 is too late to make it seem like we're in bed
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:46 We cant dig! With our hands at least
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 20:48 Thats why Im always prepared! *pulls a shovel out of my bag*
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:48 It would ve a dead give away if we used hands!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:48 Wow your prepared!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 20:49 Making sure that nothing gets in the way of pranking.
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 20:51 Yeah so let's go *
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 20:53 Wow your prepared!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 21:53 yeah lets go
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 21:54  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 22:21 *they all creep out of the dorm silently * OW!!!!! Stop pushing and shoving my
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:07 Stop pushing and shoving my what?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:11 I think she just made a mistake. She mispronounced it, thats all.
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:11 She probably meant "me."
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:12 Did you get everything?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:13 *i hear snoring* Either thats the boys or.......thats the counselor!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:13 And yes.
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:14 Like all the prank stuff? *whisper shouts*
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:15 Oh no! I think its the counselor! What if she wakes up! What will happen?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:16 But it might just be the boys!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:17 I sure hope so! We gotta be real quiet!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:17 Yea!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:18 *Sneezes*
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:19 *covers sachiko's face* Shhhhh!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:19 *whispers sorry*
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:22 *pinches nose trying not to sneeze*
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:22 Please try to be quiet!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:22 I look like a idiot pinching my nose and sound like one too!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.28 23:23 No you don't.
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:23 *stops pinching nose*
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:24  Buying Raincoat w/hood (x 1)  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:25  Selling Raincoat w/hood (x 1)  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 23:25  Giving Postcards(5-pack) (x 1) to Felicity  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 00:01  Giving Postcards(5-pack) (x 1) to Felicity  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 00:03 What time is it anyway?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 00:05 12:30.
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 00:06 Anyone got a watch or iPhone?
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 00:06 Ok thanks we dont have to be in bed till 1:00
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 00:08 Ok thanks we dont have to be in bed till 1:00
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 00:09 Yea, but we have 30 MINUTES
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 00:09 Yea tru doe
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 00:10 TRUE?! Thats all you have to say about that?!
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 01:15 Yea tru doe
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 01:35 Yea tru doe
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 01:58 Yea tru doe
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 01:59 Felicity where is the shovel?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 02:02 *pulls out the shovel* Right here.
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 02:03  Secret message to Sachiko  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 02:08  Secret message to Euodia  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 02:30 Ok thanks we dont have to be in bed till 1:00
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 09:31 Tell me your ideas and we will vote!
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 09:31 I think we should be pranking Jack.
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 12:17  Secret message to Katka  
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 14:26  Secret message to Felicity  
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 20:58 But imagine that they are with us
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 21:18 But imagine that they are with us
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 22:11  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.29 22:34  Secret message to Euodia  
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.30 20:08  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jun.30 20:33  Secret message to Euodia  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.1 02:55  Secret message to Euodia  
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.1 12:58  Secret message to Felicity  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 18:38  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.7 20:53  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 23:47  Secret message to Felicity  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 23:47  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.8 13:03  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jul.11 01:00  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.11 03:50  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jul.11 17:19  Secret message to Felicity  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jul.11 17:20 *hanging out in the cabins* Hmm...to prank the boys or not to prank the boys...oh what the heck! I'll prank them! *runs outside and meets with Felicity and Co.*
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.21 15:25 Oh, Brunny, you made it!
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Jul.21 22:21 Yep, I did! So what can I do to help you?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.22 15:37 Get Katka. She's probably thinking about stuff.
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Jul.22 15:38  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Aug.2 21:53  Secret message to Felicity  
4>Katka (Camper), 12yo.2015,Sep.17 11:03 *Glances at watch* 12:00 midnight. I have some water balloons ready to attack.*Highfives the rest of the pranking crew*
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.17 20:54 Perfect, Kat! Wait, is it even okay to call you Kat?
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.19 09:26 Hey let's go prank Jack and the other boys
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.19 14:58 I think that there's only one other boy. I think his name is something like Aoyama.
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.20 11:44 Then make some.
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.20 18:11 Make what?
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.20 22:06 Create some boys characters
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.20 22:09 What the heck are you talking about? You can't make boys!
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.20 22:09 [If you want to chat, put it in brackets!]
3>Euodia (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.20 22:53 [ i meant create a character]
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Sep.28 21:00 so what are we gonna do first?
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.28 21:02 [Hi!]
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Sep.28 21:02 [Oh, you might not be here anymore.]
14>Sachiko (camper), 12yo.2015,Oct.6 13:39  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Camper), 11yo.2015,Oct.6 16:47  Secret message to Sachiko  
12>Brunnhilde (Camper), 14yo.2015,Oct.7 05:54 Water balloons! :D >:D