" Seasonal " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
Once upon a time, the Seasons and the Essences of Nature were able to take human-like form. They were the true rulers of the Earth and kept the world in balance. But one Essence in particular, Famine, was more ambitious than the others. He discovered technology and insisted that the other Essences should try to combine their power with it, making them much stronger than before, but they rejected the idea. In an attempt to show them the power of his idea, Famine tried to use his natural powers and technology together, but he only caused destruction. He was driven away by the Seasons and the Essences, banished forever from the only world he knew, and his heart became bitter and cold; he began to despise nature. Famine found a wife who also liked death and hated nature, and this wife bore him a daughter named Alva. Famine then used his deathly powers to call some nephilim to his aid; two of the nephilim, Sethos and Azazel, joined his side and helped him build an army of robots.
Meanwhile, the Seasons are unaware that Famine is preparing to deal them a blow that could destroy them forever...



1. No bad-minded messages (e.g. 'yucky romance stuff,' trolling, spamming, arguing, bullying, and more).
2. No powerplaying.
3. Come on at least once a week (unless you have to go on vacation, are super busy, etc.).
4. The password for the Visitor slot is 'password'. Do NOT change it. Also, do not use the Visitor slot for abuse (e.g. posting spam). Only use it if someone is on, you are not a member of the RPG, and you want to contact that someone.
5. To fight normally, Use a Blow and Roll the 100-sided Dice. Your opponent will do the same. Whoever has the higher score 'wins' and the loser receives -25 Health points. To try to deliver more damage to your opponent, however, you can Use a Super Blow and Roll the 100-sided Dice. Your opponent will Roll the 100-sided Dice (he/she will NOT use a Super Blow him/herself). About 33 Energy points will be automatically subtracted from your score (note that this means that if you don't have 33 Energy points or more, you cannot use a Super Blow). If your score is under your opponent's score, the Super Blow did not affect him/her. If your score is above your opponent's score, your opponent will receive -40 Health points.
6. Most of all-HAVE FUN!!!

1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:32 Hello and welcome to Seasonal!
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:33 Unlike on most RPGs, I (Brunnhilde) created all the characters myself. However, I will get other people/members to play as most of them.
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:33 Here are descriptions of each character:
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:35 [Famine is a former Essence of Nature-he represented the death of things such as plants and livestock, as well as dark times. Thus he has the poer to make things die/rot and communicate with spiritual and deathly beings (e.g. the nephilim). He can also
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:36 control darkness/dark energy thanks to the nephilim. He has always been fascinated by technology but wants to force others to accept and use it. Though he is normally calm, casual, and intimidating, you do NOT want to anger him (and he does get angry).]
6>Summer (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:37 [Summer is a Season, and her name makes which season she is apparent. She has long, very light blonde hair that is delicate and VERY curly. She often wears it in a ponytail, a braid, or a bun. She has goldenish-reddish-orange eyes that are light the
6>Summer (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:38 color of a sunset, and wears a long, light dress with long sleeves. Her dress is a pale yellow, but darkens and grows into a stunning orange-red at the bottom. As you look from her shoulders to her wrists, the dress color changes from pale yellow to
6>Summer (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:40 bright green. In personality, she is normally kind, polite, and "royal," but she is the more bold, emotional, and sassy of the seasons, and she has a fiery temper. She has the power to create and control heat, allowing her to also control fire and
6>Summer (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:40 light-like energy.]
7>Winter (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:41 [Winter is a Season, and her name makes which one she is also apparent. She has long, wavy white hair, stunning, deep blue eyes, and wears a long white dress with long sleeves.]
7>Winter (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:42 [From her shoulders to her waist, there are blue snowflake-like markings. As you go down from the shoulders to the waist, the snowflake markings change from pale blue to stunning, darker blue. Under her waist and to her feet, the dress is dark-ish blue
7>Winter (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:43 with white snowflake markings. On her sleeves, as you go from her shoulders to her wrists, the sleeves change from white to blue.]
7>Winter (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:44 [She is the most introverted of the Seasons, and sometimes the Seasons wonder why she-the master of bitter cold, ice, and snow-was included as a Season.]
7>Winter (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:44 [She may be reserved, but she is surprisingly brave and compassionate. However, if she loses control of her powers (which include the ability to generate cold, ice, and snow), she could cause major destruction.]
7>Winter (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 05:45 [Well, I have to go. I'll continue the profiles tomorrow! *offline*]
3>Autumn (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 16:56 (Autumn is one of the Seasons. He has dark red hair and red eyes. He wears a brown shirt, pants, and boots, but they have markings on them that look a lot like autumn leaves.)
3>Autumn (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 16:56 (I also imagine him to wear some sort of hat - maybe like a leaf or the top of an acorn.)
3>Autumn (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 16:58 (Is one of the more peaceful Seasons. He tries to keep everyone in step and likes to look at both sides of the story, although sometimes that doesn't work all the time.)
3>Autumn (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 16:58 (Sometimes he can be a little air-headed, admittedly. Appreciates the small wonders of the Earth and is very artistic, poetic, creative, etc.)
3>Autumn (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 17:00 (I'll keep my characters at that, because I'm not sure which characters are which except for the Seasons themselves.)
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:48 [OK. Thanks for doing the profile for me!]
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:51 [Oh, and another fact about Autumn: He has the ability to control and produce wind (now DON'T start making fart jokes about this XD). This allows him to fly. He can also make cool air, but his ability to produce cold is dwarfed by Winter's similar ability
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:51 so the fact that he can do that doesn't matter very much.]
4>Spring (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:52 [Sprint is one of the Seasons. He has sha ggy dark brown hair (but it's definitely not as messy/windswept as Autumn's) and stunning leaf-green eyes. He wears a green long-sleeved shirt, green pants, brown boots, a brown belt, and all over his clothes are
4>Spring (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:54 thin, brown vines that seemingly grow on his clothing naturally. He seemingly carries a brown leather pouch with him all the time; for some reason he likes collecting things.]
4>Spring (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:55 [He is the happiest of the Seasons, and his personality is not unlike Beast Boy's-outgoing, fun-loving, occasionally lazy, but at the same time a very loyal and protective friend. He can become serious at times, too.]
4>Spring (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:57 [Unfortunately, his happiness can be his downfall. He may not take things seriously enough and likes to joke around; his feelings can also be hurt quickly. He may accidentally be a bit stupid now and then, but unlike BB he's surprisingly smart (though
4>Spring (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:58 none of the others-including himself-don't see this wisdom shine very often).]
4>Spring (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:59 [He has the ability to create/grow and control plants. He loves life and likes to live it to the fullest, but this can often be interpreted as recklessness. He can also produce warmth, but, like Autumn is to Winter, Spring is to Summer-in other words,
4>Spring (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 18:59 Summer's heat-producing ability dwarfs Spring's.]
8>Alva (Member of the Shade), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 19:01 [Alva is the daughter of Famine. She resembles Agatha from Movie RP a little bit in appearance and a LOT in personality. She has long black hair usually held in a bun (but on rare occasions she has it down),creepy yellow eyes with dark circles under them,
8>Alva (Member of the Shade), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 19:03 and wears shiny, black leather-like clothes (very tall boots with shiny silver buckles, tight black pants/leggings, a leather jacket with silver buttons that match her boots' buckles, and a shiny silver long-sleeved shirt underneath the jacket).]
8>Alva (Member of the Shade), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 19:06 [Originally the powers she was born with her fairly weak, but, like with Famine, the nephilim increased the strength of her powers. She can create and control telekinetic black energy, like Raven from Teen Titans.]
8>Alva (Member of the Shade), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 19:07 [This energy allows her to move objects, blast her opponents (though her blasts are definitely not as strong as Famine's; her energy is used mainly for telekinesis, unlike his), form forcefields of black energy, and, on occasion, levitate herself.]
8>Alva (Member of the Shade), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 19:07 [While Famine's energy is more flexible (AKA it can be used for all sorts of stuff), Alva's is used mainly for telekinesis.]
8>Alva (Member of the Shade), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 19:09 [In personality, she's sly, likes seeing the pain of others, and is VERY dangerous (and she knows it). She is also sassy and prideful, but this pride may be her weakness. When she is insulted, she laughs it off and then uses her powers to hurt the
8>Alva (Member of the Shade), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 19:09 person who insulted her, but when Famine is insulted she quickly becomes REALLY angry.]
5>Azazel (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:11 [Azazel is one of the two nephilim who aids Famine. He has white (literally) skin, dark lavender eyes, and wings that are a delicate, pale shade of lavender.]
5>Azazel (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:12 [He is normally calm and cunning, but, unlike Sethos, he can be quick to anger if things don't go his way. He likes to manipulate and control people through greed and temptation-and he's good at it, too.]
5>Azazel (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:13 [He usually wears black robes with the hood up, but when engaging in combat he wears a black loincloth.]
5>Azazel (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:14 [His powers include flight (duh), power granting/enhancing, and the ability to control whoever he and other nephilim surround and close in on. He is also a master of manipulation (of people).]
2>Sethos (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:15 [Sethos is the other nephilim. He has white skin, deep indigo eyes, and wings that are a VERY dark shade of purple. He wears the same things as Azazel (black robes on normal occasions, loincloths in battles).]
2>Sethos (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:16 [He is often thoughtful and likes to take his time constructing plans. Like Azazel, he is calm and cunning, but unlike Azazel he is RARELY seen angry. If his plans fail, however, he can sometimes show frustration.]
2>Sethos (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:17 [His powers are the same as Azazel's-flight, power granting/enhancing, controlling someone if he and other nephilim surround that someone, and great knowledge in manipulating people.]
9>Janne (Swiss Boy), 10yo.2015,Nov.12 19:18 [Last but not least, Janne, a kind little boy who lives in Switzerland. Janne has neat brown hair, bright, almost happy-looking blue eyes, and wears various clothes.]
9>Janne (Swiss Boy), 10yo.2015,Nov.12 19:19 [When it's warm, he wears a white shirt with some nice orange embroidery on it and old, brown, somewhat patched-up overalls. When it's cold, he wears blue pants, brown boots, a brown jacket, and a white and orange stri ped scarf.]
9>Janne (Swiss Boy), 10yo.2015,Nov.12 19:20 [He is very kind and curious, and though he hasn't been given a chance to show it yet he is very noble and brave for a 10 year-old boy. He is very innocent, which could either redeem him or be his downfall.]
9>Janne (Swiss Boy), 10yo.2015,Nov.12 19:21 [His favorite season is Winter; he loves sledding and skiing in the Swiss Alps. Being a normal boy, he has no powers-unless you count an infinite supply love, loyalty, and honesty a special ability.]
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:22 [I almost forgot to provide this info: Famine looks a LOT like Pitch Black from ROTG. He has pale skin, smooth black hair, yellow eyes, and wears black robes.]
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:23 [He is the founder of the Shade-the group that wants to destroy nature.]
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 19:31 [NOTE: Once you guys claim your characters, we'll start. I'll check the slots now and then to see if you replaced the name "Member" with your own name.]
10>Visitor (Any Role), Anyyo.2015,Nov.12 21:03  Secret message to Famine  
2>Sethos (Nephilim), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 21:21 (Currently, I am going to be playing as Autumn and Sethos.)
10>Visitor (Any Role), Anyyo.2015,Nov.12 21:42  Secret message to Famine  
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 22:40  Secret message to Visitor  
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.12 22:41 [@ Joan: All of us will have three characters each, so make sure to pick a third character soon. I recommend picking another Season or Alva.]
10>Visitor (Any Role), Anyyo.2015,Nov.12 22:58  Secret message to Famine  
3>Autumn (Season), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.13 04:15 (I'll play as Alva, then.)
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.13 17:01  Secret message to Visitor  
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.13 17:02 [OK.]
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.14 00:15 ~LET SEASONAL...BEGIN!!!~
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.14 00:16 ~PROLOGUE~
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.14 00:16 *Summer creeps out of her bedroom (note that she lives in a mansion/palace located on the highest hill of a meadow/valley) and enters the main hall*
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Nov.14 00:20 *she sneaks into a dark room, closes the door, and locks it**she turns to see a silhouetted figure with glowing yellow eyes sitting on a dusty, old throne-like chair before her**she seems calm; she expected the figure to be there*
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Dec.12 00:59 [Sorry...I kind of lost interest in this RPG already. Therefore, I'm archiving it.]
1>Famine (Leader of the Shade), Imm.yo.2015,Dec.12 00:59 ~GAME OVER~