" The Strange Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
This roleplay is a shapeshifting one that may seem different, but more fun if you like it! So join if you like it! The concept is The typical shapeshifter is a human who turns into an animal but what if a sorcerer cursed some animals that broke into his lair once and messed with his stuff, making them turn into humans at one time of the day and turnback into animals at another time. The times of day that the humans change into animals is at 10PM and turn back at 7AM.
The rules are though:
1). No bad words.
2). Only up to 3 characters at most!
3). Please use actually animals that exist.
4). Characters can be any age from 18-40. Please at least make one boy and one girl.
5). Have fun!
6). Your characters as humans must have a job also!

1>Merasmus (Sorcerer ), 100+yo.2015,Oct.29 16:51 He is an evil sorcerer that has the power to turn the humans that can shapeshift during different times. They turn into animals at 10 at night and 7 in the morning.
1>Merasmus (Sorcerer ), 100+yo.2015,Oct.29 16:51 He has dark brown hair, red eyes, always wear a cape and is very intimidating and mean, so don't mess with him. XD
11>Ryan (Cop/Wolf), 40yo.2015,Oct.29 16:53 Ryan: He is 40, brownish hair, blue eyes, always in cop uniform except when not on duty, he is 5"11, tanish skin, broad shoulders, extremely fit. He is very friendly, relaxing and sometimes saracastic depening on the person.
11>Ryan (Cop/Wolf), 40yo.2015,Oct.29 16:56 As a fox, he is very strong fighter, knows his surroundings and is not very strong around other animals, but once he knows their scent he will open up to thrm.
11>Ryan (Cop/Wolf), 40yo.2015,Oct.29 16:56 *Them*
12>David (Professor/Dog), 22yo.2015,Oct.29 17:00 David: He's 22, has blondish hair, brown eyes, 5"8, has been a professor at the University for 4 years. Always is wearing nice khaki pants, button down shirts with a nice tie. He has the same personality as Ryan, but doesn't like to be open to people he.
12>David (Professor/Dog), 22yo.2015,Oct.29 17:01 Doesn't know. He can turn into a dog, usually a German Shephard because they have great senses and are great hunters. He has dark skin with brown spots and white paws. He will fight if threatened, but otherwise is a very loving dog.
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 19:34 Lilith: She's 16, has fiery red/orange hair that becomes oddly white at the tips, stunning golden/hazel eyes, and is average height. Usually wears colors such as red, brown, and orange, and always wears things that are easy to move in-a T-shirt, shorts,
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 19:35 and sneakers. Mostly she wears a red shirt, brown denim shorts, and classic white and red sneakers. Was one of the many animals who broke into the sorcerer's place and messed with his stuff; in fact, she was the one who coaxed a lot of the other animals
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 19:37 into doing this for fun-as well as to show those "pesky" humans who's "boss." Is cunning, sly, and very stubborn and independent. She can have a fiery temper and doesn't like being forced to transform into a human every morning; she never liked humans and
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 19:38 how they like to hunt animals for sport. She is a vixen/a female fox. She is a college student, but doesn't like having to mingle with humans so none of them know what she really is.
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 19:40 Though it seems like she trusts no one, the only people she opens up a bit with are the other shapeshifters. She knows David-he was a dog who once had a chat with her when she hung around some houses months ago-and is pretty good friends with him.
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 19:41 She also knows Ryan-she bumped into him in the woods once-and, after the incident with the sorcerer, she was arrested for rioting at one point by Ryan himself, and they eventually recognized each other and Ryan helped her get out of it.
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 19:42 She loathes Merasmus and can't wait to find him and get her claws on him.
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 03:58 [BTW, question: Why are there three foxes (Ryan, TK, and Tai)? XD XP OK, so Lilith is a fox, but I'm calling her a Vixen (female fox) because that's what she is.]
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 03:58 [Actually, make that four foxes and one vixen.]
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 03:58 [Or three foxes and two vixens, even though Kari is being called a fox.]
7>Kari (Teen Girl/Fox), 18yo.2015,Nov.7 16:30 [Because I like foxes!]
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.9 19:29 [I don't know if there's a rule like this or not, but on most shapeshifter roleplays you can't be able to shapeshift into an animal that is already "taken." So in case Jack comes on and says that that rule applies on here, I would recommend having
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.9 19:30 "backup" animal ideas (in other words, animals other than foxes that your characters can turn into).]
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.9 19:31 [Note that I'm not saying that that rule is part of this RPG-I'm just warning you in case it is part of this RP and we don't know it yet.]
7>Kari (Teen Girl/Fox), 18yo.2015,Nov.10 17:04 [I understand. Where has Jack been, anyway?]
16>Amelia (Student/cat), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 04:39 Amelia: 15 years old, black hair that falls to her mid back, slightly taller than average height (5'9") usual style is a band/funny shirt, jeans, converse, one of the ones who broke in (didn't take much convincing on Lilith's part to convince her) v
16>Amelia (Student/cat), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 04:42 Very devious, likes pulling pranks, sly, outgoing, tricky, lazy, loves to sleep, yet somehow loves to run, unintentionally snobby to those she doesn't know, but sheds actually really kind, and she's also a cat
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.23 12:55 (At Felicity: No idea...)
1>Merasmus (Sorcerer ), 100+yo.2015,Nov.23 18:31 (Yes, I'm sorry, but please do not take another animal that has already been taken. Thank you)
11>Ryan (Cop/Wolf), 40yo.2015,Nov.23 18:32 (Ryan's animal is a wolf instead. I'll be nice and let Kari be the fox)
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2015,Nov.26 17:36 (Hm...a vixen is a female fox,a fox is, well, a male fox. Does this mean Kari needs to be male so that Felicity doesn't "take" the vixen (which is already taken)?)
7>Kari (Teen Girl/Fox), 18yo.2015,Nov.26 21:19 [this is complicated. Delete my slots!]
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:24 (Huh? I joined "The Unusual Roleplay" it's exacly the same... should I join here or stay there?)
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:33 ok I will join here too........
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:48 (Hunter can shift like any animal but the real one is snow husky, he wears gray scarf, white shirt, gray jeans and white shoes, he don't like peoples, in human form he have gray hair and gray eyes, he likes animal form better, he don't like to go to job,
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:49 he should work as teacher, but he don't come often)
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:50 (Melany have creamy blonde hair and 10 slot green eyes, she wears yelow hoody, black jeans and black shoes, her animal form is a cat in her hair color, she works as teacher when Hunter don't come)
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:51 (oh sorry I wanned to post her info here)
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:54 (oh... but wait.. Amelia is cat too hm... than Melany will be... a little leopard, brown with black)
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:58 (nope, snow leopard! :))
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 16:59 (in leopard form she have blue eyes)
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 17:13 (ok I'm redy! when will we start?)
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 17:14 (can I start the same was as I did it on the other rp?)
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 17:15 *same way as
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 17:15 (I will)
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 18:46 *comes to class* heey... Melany
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 18:48 oh you finaly came! I thought you won't come agen! ok! now work! and don't try to left! I will come soon to check if you're still here... *hugs him a little* I'm glad you came... *goes away*
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 18:49 okay...
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 18:50 right so... uh hello class... today we will learn about... hm... *finds a note on his table Melany left* about animals habitats and other plants! open your books at page.. 26
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 18:51 read the text and do what the book say *lies down in his chair and opens a magazine about science*
6>Melany (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Jan.11 18:53 (ok that's all what I did..) (Amelia? you have 15? than maybe you want to be in my class? or not..)
1>Merasmus (Sorcerer ), 100+yo.2016,Feb.18 23:15 (Okay! So I heard things were getting confusing on here! What is going on?)
1>Merasmus (Sorcerer ), 100+yo.2016,Feb.18 23:16 (What is so confusing?)
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Feb.19 15:17 (Idk.. everything is okay I think)
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2016,Feb.22 21:54 [Well, if you scroll up and read my and Felicity's comments, at one point she says "This is complicated. Delete my slots!"]
9>Lilith (Teen/Vixen), 18yo.2016,Feb.22 21:54 [Also, are we starting? @ Cindy: I'm not sure we can start until Jack gives his permission.]
10>Hunter (shifting human), 18yo.2016,Feb.23 23:11 (well I just wanned to post that... and anyway noone else is there)