" Magic Boarding School--Mako S. Matsuki Academy " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 19 years of age.
You get shipped off to a world-famous[and GINORMOUS] boarding school in the mountains of Hokkaido. It contains Kindergarten through Grade 12. It's a good school. It's also completely normal, right? Wrong! The school has a magical entity living inside. On blue moons, the second full moon in a month, it takes on a physical form for the next three days. The entity, known as Akane, has an epic battle against an evil queen known as Queen Adriana, and it always ends in a draw, and it has for the past thousand years. Eighteen special students are going to fight alongside Akane, and hopefully they can defeat Queen Adriana.
~No bad-minded messages.
~Relationships can't get gross. A kiss, like, a real kiss is fine, but no s*xual stuff. If my mom is looking at this, please don't sue me for almost putting that word there.
~No taking over/powerplaying.
~You're only allowed to have three slots, and they're all students.
~Come on at least once every three days unless you have a reason not to (work, vacation, Internet problems, so on, so on, blah blah blah blah blah.). Otherwise you will be deleted. If you have a reason not to come on at least once every three days, you should tell everyone that you won't be able to come on for a while and I'll make you temporarily 'immune' to this rule. Also, you can only join if you receive an invite from me.
Really long description, but tell me if I should add buyables, and HAVE FUN!

1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Jan.31 14:49 [Hi, Euodia!]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Jan.31 14:51 [Um, three slots, Euodia.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Jan.31 14:52 [Wait, did you look at the message I sent you on the RPA?]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.31 14:54 [Dani: Shoulder-length straight hair as black as the night with a wide electric blue highlight in her bangs and the back of her hair, extremely pale skin and eyes the same color as the highlight in her hair.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.31 14:55 [Dark blue jacket made from an exercise shirt with thumbholes, black crop top with 3/4 sleeves, denim bootcut jeans, brown leather belt, black sneakers with a 2 1/2 inch wedge.]
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.31 14:57 [Takato: Messy brown hair, yellow goggles with blueish lenses on his forehead, slightly tanned skin and reddish-hazel eyes.]
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.31 14:58 [White T-shirt with the Patriots logo on it, black zippie hoodie, blue jean shorts, red sneakers.]
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Jan.31 20:29 [I have only one slot]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Jan.31 20:49 [You need three slots, Euodia.]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 19:37 [My first character is Flair (her name is a twist on Blair, but I think "Flair" is actually a real name anyway)! She has stunning green eyes, blazing, curly red hair that goes down to around the middle of her back (it starts out straight and crimson
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 19:38 around her scalp, becomes wavy and lightens to a stunning shade of red when it goes from the bottom/back of her head to her shoulders, and gradually lightens to a bright orange and changes from waves to curls as it goes down from her shoulders to the tips
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 19:41 of her hair), and is about at an average height. She is caucasian. She wears a tight black long-sleeved shirt with a single red line going down each of her sides (underneath her arms), and pants that have one red line going down each of her legs at the
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 19:41 side (kind of "continuing" the lines on her shirt). She wears black tactical/military style boots with some red markings on them.]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 19:42 [Though she is decent at all sorts of magic (with the exception of water and ice-related magic), she is especially good at fire-related magic.]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 19:44 [She is kind to her friends, curious, smart, and is also very brave, but she has a bad temper. She has a good knack for knowing when to keep her mouth shut, so she can be both honest and dishonest.]
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:46 [Colby: Has VERY dark brown (almost black) hair, pale skin, and very dark blue (again, almost black) eyes. Is tall, long-limbed, and lean, but he is also fairly strong (he isn't a "stick figure" type of person; he has muscles, but he isn't big and brawny
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:47 or anything). He is quiet almost all the time and is kind of a lone wolf. He can be seen by others as mysterious, powerful, and/or even a bit creepy. However, it'll turn out later (when he gets some friends, of course) that he's generally nice, but he can
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:48 be overly sensitive, especially when he is around particularly nosy people. He needs space and time alone, but he also needs companions; however, he is too shy to get any companions.]
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:49 [Oh, and he can often seem kind of grouchy. The truth about him is this (note that no one except himself - and possibly Akane and Queen Adriana - knows about this, so don't have your students suddenly talk about Colby's backstory): When he was little, he
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:50 showed great power and potential in magic, and he was sent to this boarding school. However, things went terribly wrong; he was passionate and emotional then, but because of his strong feelings he would easily lose control of his magic.]
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:50 [To prevent himself from hurting others, he ended his friendships with a bunch of his fellow students and isolated himself. Over time he developed a way to control his emotions very well, but he is still reluctant to use magic, especially since he is
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:52 gradually becoming more and more advanced in it. He avoids becoming friends with others and acts mean with other people because he is afraid he'll accidentally hurt one of them; however, doing this is very hard, for he hates being mean with others.]
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:53 [He'll open up and learn to control his powers eventually, though. But, unfortunately, he could be a target of Queen Adriana, for she could try to manipulate him into using his magic powers for her purposes.]
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:56 [Oh, and Colby wears a gray-green hoodie set that is about the color of this slot. He often has the hood up, and thus people think his hair is black due to the shadow the hood casts on it rather than dark brown.]
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 19:56 [Also, his hair is sha ggy and wavy.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 19:57 [Last but not least, Archer: Has wavy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, olive skin, and is lean and has big hands and feet. He is a little bit under average height and is thus an inch or two shorter than Flair.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:02 [He wears a red T-shirt, brown jeans, white and red sneakers, and has a dark blue watch he usually wears around his left wrist. He is also sometimes seen wearing a white and red baseball cap.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:04 [He is outgoing, optimistic, playful, and not afraid to speak his mind. He is really fun to be around and makes friends easily, but he's also pretty mischievous and is the worst nightmare of some of the teachers... XD]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:04 [Oh, and he likes to annoy people (especially obnoxious "girly-girls" XP XD), so look out.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:05 [He's also laid back and often is late to classes or turns in his homework a bit late. Despite all this, he's actually pretty good at magic. However, what he really wanted to be when he was little was a baseball player; he loves the game with all his
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:05 heart and brought a radio to school so he could listen to what's going on in various baseball games.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:06 [But, at the same time, he thinks being a wizard is pretty awesome and tries to make the best of it.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:07 [However, what no one else knows (except Colby) is that he is actually Colby's little brother, which is probably where his (Archer's) skill in magic (despite being laid back and all) comes from.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:08 [Archer often tries to befriend his older brother, but Colby, who is especially afraid of hurting Archer, usually stays away from him. Occasionally, though, they will try to chat and/or bond. Most of the other students
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:08 think that Archer is nuts and/or too friendly because of this, though (but they are unaware that Archer and Colby are brothers).]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 20:09 [Whew! That was a lot to put in...]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 20:11 [I'll summarize what types of magic my characters are especially good at real quick...]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 20:11 [Flair: Fire magic.]
14>Colby (Student), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 20:12 [Colby: Dark/black magic.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.2 20:13 [Archer: Animal-related magic (e.g. shapeshifting, transfiguration, and even summoning animals to help him in a battle).]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 22:32 [Your characters didn't require powers, but they're perfectly fine!]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 22:33  Secret message to Flair  
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 22:33  Secret message to Dani  
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 22:35  Secret message to Archer  
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 22:35  Secret message to Loretta  
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 22:38 [Hm, maybe I should give my characters powers.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Feb.2 22:40 [Dani: Ice powers.]
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Feb.2 22:43 [Takato: Telekinesis or however you spell it.]
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 22:44 [Loretta: She can fly so fast it'll blow your mind.]
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 22:49 [Oh, I forgot to do her description!]
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 22:56 [Loretta: Wavy red-blond hair that goes slightly below her shoulders but is usually tied up in a high 'pineapple-head' ponytail with a turquoise hairband, blueish-lavender almond-shaped eyes and pale skin.]
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 22:57 [Brb, whoever is there.]
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 23:00 [Back, whoever's there.]
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.2 23:18 [Ivory white spaghetti-strap tank top with a navy blue heart, periwinkle crop-top style canvasy jacket, jeggings with two leather bands buckled around one leg, a black one of those skirts that you tie up around the hips and red steel-tipped ankle boots.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 01:01 [Oh, I forgot! There's a uniform.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 01:09 [The girl's uniform is a plain white fitted long-sleeved shirt, a navy blue sailor skirt that goes down to the knees and a navy blue neckie. Girls can wear neckties.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 01:10 [The boy's uniform is a plain white long-sleeve dress shirt, navy blue dress pants and a navy blue bow tie.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 01:14 [Dani's crop top is blousey in the torso and fitted in the sleeves, so she wears her crop top and jacket over her uniform. She also got some blue tights to wear with her uniform.]
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Feb.3 01:16 [Takato still wears the goggles, and he just wears his jacket over his uniform.]
18>Loretta (7th grader), 12yo.2016,Feb.3 01:19 [She wears the tank top over the uniform, the same with the jacket, and she wears the jeggings with the leather straps, and she ties the skirt thingy over the regular skirt.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 01:33 [Euodia, you need three slots, otherwise I'll delete your slot. Anna, same for you. You need one more slot otherwise I'll delete the ones that you already have.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 01:56 [Dani and Flair share a dorm.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 01:56 [Loretta and Archer share a dorm.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 01:57 [I have to decide the rest.]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 04:01  Secret message to Dani  
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 04:02 [@ your (Felicity's) comment about the characters not requiring powers: Well, this is a magic boarding school. What's a magic boarding school without students learning magic? XD XP]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 04:03 [My characters will all wear the uniforms, I guess. But when they have the time off they'll switch to their usual outfits, which I described in their profiles above.]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 04:04 [@ your comment about the powers again: Also, they're technically not powers, they're just the ability to use certain types of magic very well. They weren't born with their abilities or anything; they learned the magic in their classes and eventually grew
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 04:04 to specialize in certain types of magic.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 12:38 [It's a normal boarding school with a magic entity living in it.]
Player 32016,Feb.3 14:32 [Hello, I joined! Okay, I will do the rest of my characters tonight because it's almost time for me to go to schogol, and Caliope is based off one of my best friends. :) ( Who's mom is named Colby ) ]
Player 32016,Feb.3 14:38 [Short dark brown hair with a flowery red clip in it. She will wear the uniform, but she prefers to wear her regular clothes. Light colored red dress with a sweater. Long white socks and black shoes.]
Player 32016,Feb.3 14:38 [I have to go to school now, bye!]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.3 17:17 [@ Felicity: Oh, OK. It just seems kind of hard to fight a magical evil queen without any special abilities, so I assumed that everyone was learning magic too...sorry!]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.3 17:19  Secret message to Akane  
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 20:44  Secret message to Archer  
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 20:51 [Thank you for making two more characters, Euodia.]
5>Romero (Jock/Athlete/Swimmer), 12yo.2016,Feb.3 21:29 [Romero is dark haired boy with light skin. He is good at every sport. He has blue eyes and has a huge sense of humor. His power is to run very fast like Flash from Dc Comics.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.3 22:44 [The students are allowed to personalize their uniforms.]
Player 32016,Feb.3 23:24 [Kind, friendly, easygoing, but at the same time she's PERFECT. Well, almost. She can get really shy around SPORT
Player 32016,Feb.3 23:26 *sport teachers because she's not really the best active person. But besides that, she just about perfect.]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,Feb.3 23:37 [Short brown hair, usually tied up into two braids, green eyes. Light blue dress with a doily color and a golden locket that her parents gave before they died. Long white socks, black shoes.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 00:10 [I'm assuming that you're still here because you forgot Atticus.]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,Feb.4 00:18 [Yep!]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 00:39 [Yay?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 00:40 [Do you wanna come on every day at 5:00 PM?]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,Feb.4 00:55 [Yes please!]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,Feb.4 00:58 [Pretty shy when's she's just getting to know people, but opens up easily and is a confident, friendly person. She also strives to be very smart, who she already is.]
Player 62016,Feb.4 01:01 [Wavy light brown hair and brown eyes. A navy blue colored shirt and beige pants. Popular with sudents, and pretty good at athletics, and is a straight A student. Also, he's Caliope's older brother.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 01:05 [Hi!]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 01:05 [Guess I missed you. Staying, though.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 01:07 [Blablabla]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 01:10 [I'll wait for Anna to make her last character and for another person to join before I assign the rest of the dorms.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 01:17 [Where do cat's poops go when they disappear from the litter box?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 01:17 [I'm not that dumb.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 01:28 [Okay, bye.]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,Feb.4 03:49 [Sorry.]
5>Romero (Jock/Athlete/Swimmer), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 19:42 [Romero has designed his uniform with an ''R'' on the left breast pocket and has a watch.]
17>Lucinda (Nerd), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 19:46 [Lucinda is fair in everything and has black eyes. Her power is to tell when someone is lying. She doesn't talk much and uses her powers to make friends by telling wether their honest or not. Her uniform has ''LUCINDA'' written on it in glitter with
17>Lucinda (Nerd), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 19:47 symbols aruond it]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:03 [So Romero sewed it on and Lucinda pasted it on?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:06 [The students can't pre-design their uniforms.]
17>Lucinda (Nerd), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:06 [Romero got a professional to stitch it for him and Lucinda as well.]
17>Lucinda (Nerd), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:06 [RTeally? sorry]
17>Lucinda (Nerd), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:07 *really and if you're still on brb i got to go shower. i'll be back in 5 minutes]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:09 [Hi!]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:09 [Staying!]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:10 [But how can you take a shower in 5 minutes?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:13 [Or so.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:15 [I'm assuming that you'll come here in a few minutes since everyone besides me takes 15-minute showers...]
5>Romero (Jock/Athlete/Swimmer), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:18 [back]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:20 [Hi.]
5>Romero (Jock/Athlete/Swimmer), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:21 [hi]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:23 [Anyway, are you gonna tell us their casual clothes?]
5>Romero (Jock/Athlete/Swimmer), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:24 [okay]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:25 [Don't forget Chikuki's description.]
17>Lucinda (Nerd), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:26 [Lucinda wears a tank top with green jeans and red sneakers.]
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.4 21:31 [Chikuki is a bright bubbly girl and loves to be called Chuki or Chi. She has purple eyes and has a highlight in her hair which is red. Her power is to blend in with her sorroundings or to camouflage. She has a lot of friends and is serious when she wants
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.4 21:31 to. She is good at tennis and running in 100 metere dash.]
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.4 21:31 [gtg]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:32 [So Chikuki can turn herself and other things invisible?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:32 [Bye.]
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.4 21:33 [oh and she wears a stylish flip flops with an orange top and blue knee length pants.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:34 [Hi!]
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.4 21:34 [not really but she can hide so she looks invinsible]
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.4 21:34 [i'll go soon]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:34 [Okay.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:35 [Can she do the effect to other things and people?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:36 [Such as her clothes?]
5>Romero (Jock/Athlete/Swimmer), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:36 [Romero wears a green shirt under a yellow varsity jacket with trainers a jeans or pants.]
5>Romero (Jock/Athlete/Swimmer), 12yo.2016,Feb.4 21:36 [yes]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:39 [okay. Not being able to turn other things different colors and patterns wouldn't be very useful.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:42 [Hello?]
12>Chikuki (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.4 21:43 ( bye gtg)
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.4 21:44 [Bye]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.7 20:45  Secret message to Akane  
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.7 20:45  Secret message to Akane  
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.8 23:05  Secret message to Archer  
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.8 23:09 [Okay, everyone requires powers. Pyrokinesis, cyrokinesis, telekinesis, shapeshifting, control over black magic, flying, camouflage, super-speed and mind reading are all taken.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.9 00:29 [Just something I wanna throw out there, Loretta can fly unbelieveably fast, and Romero can run unbelieveably fast.]
10>Monnoae (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 16:16 [Monnoae: pronounced mon-oa-ae. Red hair in an "over the shoulder" with her bangs held back by a flower clip, pale skin and reddish-hazel eyes. Magenta tank top with a pink hat, a red skirt and violet flats.]
10>Monnoae (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 16:20 [Monnoae is the oldest of the triplets. She is always excited and jumpy and bouncy and happy. But don't make her angry. She's a red belt in karate. She does gymnastics and she's basically a ninja. She's always top of the class, which runs in the family.]
10>Monnoae (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 16:22 [On top of being a ninja, she can turn invisible. And no one can see her. Not even someone else invisible.]
15>Idachina (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 16:26 [Idachina: pronounced ee-du-chee-nu. Red hair in a ballet bun with her bangs held back by a butterfly clip, pale skin and reddish-hazel eyes. Pink tank top with a magenta hat, a violet skirt and red flats.]
15>Idachina (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 17:59 [Idachina is the second of the triplets. She is serious. Seriously happy! But don't make her mad! Idachina's a blue belt in karate. She does ballet and she's basically a gymnast. She's always almost top of the class, which runs in the family.]
15>Idachina (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 18:10 [On top of being a gynast, she has super reflexes. And no one can catch her. Not even the fastest human on Earth.]
19>Kaminoa (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 18:24 [Kaminoa: pronounced ka-mee-noa-o. Red hair in a braid with her bangs held back by a ladybug clip, pale skin and reddish-hazel eyes. Red tank top with a violet hat, a pink skirt and magenta flats.]
19>Kaminoa (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 18:43 [Kaminoa is the youngest of the triplets. She is usually bored. Nope. Always bored. But don't get her mad! Kaminoa's a purple belt in karate. She does a brain enhancing program. She's always better than top of the class.]
19>Kaminoa (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 22:31 [She has super brain power! And no GIRL can outsmart her.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.9 23:06 [DORMS: Archer is wth Loretta, Flair is with Dani, Caliope is with Takato, Ambra is with Chikuki, Kale[srsly?] is with Colby, Romero is with Idachina, Atticus is with Abigail, Lucinda is with Kaminoa and Monnoae is with Georgia.]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,Feb.10 00:39 [She can read people's minds, (Tell what they are thinking, about to say, etc.) she also has Smart Power.]
Player 62016,Feb.10 00:42 [Can fly, and can turn invisible.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.10 00:49 [Hi?]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Feb.10 05:22 [@ Cecilia: Sorry, but isn't flying taken by Loretta?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.10 21:05 [One are two people having identical powers or slightly different shades of the same power is okay, but Brunnhilde would probably mind.]
Player 62016,Feb.11 20:59 [Thanks for letting me know Felicity! It helped!]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Feb.11 22:13 [If your character can control fire or black magic, or can shapeshift, Brunnhilde would probably mind.]
10>Monnoae (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 00:20 [Uh, Monnoae could turn invisible before Atticus could. I mind that you stole Monnoae's power, Cecilia.]
Player 62016,Feb.13 12:48 [After all of your complaints I'll change Atticus's power. Now, he'll only fly. Any other complaints?]
10>Monnoae (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 13:32 [No.]
Player 62016,Feb.14 14:29 [Okay.]
19>Kaminoa (Student/Triplet), 16yo.2016,Mar.9 00:01 [Hey, Kaminoa had "smart power" before Abigail did. Sorry if it sounds like I'm being rude. My kindle and this keaboard don't work too well for me.]
13>Archer (Student), 13yo.2016,Mar.15 22:22 [Can we start?]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Mar.19 20:00 [Anna still hasn't posted the descriptions yet.]
Player 32016,Mar.21 12:34 Kalista, I just asked if you had any more complaints.
Player 32016,Mar.21 12:35 Never mind. Felicity, please delete Abigail, Atticus and Caliope.
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,Mar.29 20:54 [How come???]
9>Flair (Student), 16yo.2016,Apr.8 04:29 [Maybe she just lost interest in this RP or can't come on often anymore.]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,May.7 15:02 [No offence everyone, but I joined too late on this RP. Now all the superpowers are taken and you are driving me up the wall and saying so. But, Felicity, this sounds like an awesome RP!]
16>Abigail (tsrts), eydhgyo.2016,May.7 15:03 [That's all. Now you may delete this character.]
1>Akane (Spirit), -----yo.2016,May.8 14:03 [I really want you here! Secret message me powers you want and we can work something out.]