" The Second OC Spring Break Ball! (private RP; do not join if uninvited) " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 14 to 100 years of age.
Welcome to the Second OC Spring Break Ball! I am the host of this event, Leonore (AKA Brunnhilde the farting lunatic ^.^). If you've been invited, go ahead and grab some slots!


1. Formal attire is required. In addition, the majority of the characters are expected to dance at one point or another.
2. This RP is admittedly inspired by RaeAnna's annual OC Christmas party RPs. As such, this RP has a similar rule to those: there is a truce. No fighting between OCs is allowed.
3. Like on all my other RPs, the general rules of no bullying, bad-minded messages, powerplaying, inappropriate/adult posts, posting/requesting overly personal information, etc. apply on here.
4. You must play as yourself (or your Fursonia) and bring at least one OC with you. That means you must claim two slots minimum.
5. Please be considerate when claiming slots; do not hog the slots. I do not know the exact number of people who will be participating, but I recommend setting five slots as a maximum number each person may claim. If there's still room once everyone has joined, you can take more than five if you wish.
6. This is the most important rule: have fun! :D
(NEW RULE; QUITE IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ) 7. Since several of us are completely unfamiliar with each other's characters, just before the roleplaying begins, it will be mandatory for each of us to provide a brief intro outlining our characters' appearances, abilities, and personalities. I will announce when this stage begins. Please be quick and concise during this stage; I would like to get to the roleplaying as quickly as possible.

1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 18:45 *is busy creating the spring break ball's world**has decided to go with an outdoors theme, as the place is very open**the dance floor is surrounded by a beautiful field of wildflowers**there are lots of Indian paintbrushes, of course (my favorite flower)*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 18:47 *hears giggling and looks up**sighs, laughing a bit* Kumo...don't stand on the ceiling, the lights up there can get hot. *flies up and pulls him down*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.27 18:48 *says quietly* But I like the ceiling...
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 18:48 Yes you do, but stay off it for the time being.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.27 18:49 *tries to sneak a whole lot of licorice into the punch bowl*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 18:49 ABSOLUTELY NOT! *snaps fingers**Midas' bag of licorice explodes and vanishes*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.27 18:50 *loiters around in the wildflowers*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.27 18:50 *is the only one of Leonore's characters making a legitimate attempt to help out*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 18:50 Why did I bring you guys to help, you guys all su ck! *is smirking, though* Except you, of course. *pats Kumo's head*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.27 18:51 ...I'm helping...
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 22:55 Indeed you are. Also sc**w this form...I can barely dance with two legs, let alone four. *changes from a dragon to my human form**I still have dragon wings, a tail, and horns, though*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 22:56 *walks over to Kumo* Now Kumo, I have an assignment for you. Each Fursonia and character who arrives will have an invitation that serves as their ticket in. I'll need you to collect those invitations, okay?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.27 22:57 *smiles* Okay. *is given a basket to put the invitations in and another pat on the head*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 22:58 *walks over to Katrin* And I have an assignment for you too.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.27 22:58 *doesn't even open her eyes* Mm?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 22:58 *zaps the h**l out of Katrin's bottom*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.27 22:59 *lurches upwards, landing on her feet**rubs her bottom, glaring at Leonore*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 22:59 Get off your [BLEEP]. ^.^ *walks off and finishes up designing the world*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:01 [IMPORTANT: Before we begin we need to do brief intros for each of our characters (please read rule 7 for more details). Fursonias do not require as detailed intros as the others because Fursonias are ourselves, not fictional characters.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:02 [For Fursonias all that's really needed is either a description of her appearance or a link to a picture/drawing. Links to pictures/drawings of your characters or of what they look like in general (or just of what they're wearing) are totally welcome to.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:02 *too.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:04 [I'll kick things off by providing brief intros for myself and my characters. Just follow my example of how to do them and you'll be good to go. ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:05 [Alright, so I'll start things off with myself/Leonore/Brunnhilde. My Fursonia is a dragon, but I prefer to be human or mostly human during these parties and balls. I'm of European descent--especially German--so what I look like should be evident...light
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:06 skin, eyes, hair. I'm also definitely taller than average. I honestly look a bit like my favorite female OC Aedona (she has blonde hair and blue eyes), but my hair is darker than hers.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:08 [As mentioned, I have draconic traits as a nod towards my Fursonia form--I have a purple tail, purple and blue (same shade of blue as my eyes) wings, and blue-gray horns. I'm wearing a black and white horizontally stri ped knee-length dress, black
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.27 23:09 leggings, and black military style boots. Stylish and as formal as I dare to be, don't judge. XD XP I usually despise wearing dresses, but I've always had a liking for the short dress-leggings-military boots combo, sooo...]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.27 23:14 [Next is Kumo. He is an Agravus (plural is Agravi), a humanoid alien species with anti-gravity powers. He has blue skin with darker blue markings (e.g. his nose is darker blue), navy blue hair, orange eyes, and is dressed up for this occasion in a tuxedo
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.27 23:15 with an orange jacket. His abilities as an Agravus allow him to control his own internal gravity, which in turn allows him to walk on walls and ceilings. (I'll correct myself, Agravi have gravity altering abilities, not anti-gravity ones. They can
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.27 23:18 increase levels of gravity as well.) He is a very sweet kid, but very quiet and reserved, not talking much even to those he is close to. He likes superhero movies, but is very afraid of guns, even when just seeing them on the movie screen (he really
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.27 23:18 prefers sequences involving no technological weapons and just powers and magic and whatnot).]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.27 23:21 [He was adopted by the Yinyang Universe's incarnation of Sara (not the Irakurri Universe's one, who I believe is the one who will be attending this party) and lives with her and her friends now. She's like a mom to him; he loves her very much. ^.^]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.27 23:24 [Midas is a normal human from Joan's Finding Samantha Summers series of RPs, which are set in contemporary America. He's from the fictional town of Grass Creek, Ohio. He has brown hair, strange amber eyes, and is Caucasian. He's quite tall (around 6'3")
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.27 23:26 and is fairly athletic too (he practices basketball with his best friend Josh; yes, the same Josh in slot 15). He is dressed for this occasion in a navy blue suit--he's quite rarely seen in formal attire, so this is unusual for him.]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.27 23:27 [He's got a wild and great sense of humor and a tendency to devolve into an iconic alter ego (who won't be named...yet...Joan knows exactly who I'm talking about, though >:D) in order to shock, scare, and amuse people. He can be a bit bad-tempered and
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.27 23:29 blunt, however. He's quite intelligent, specializing in math and philosophy in college. He likes classical music and Elvis. In Joan's RP, he and his friends are on a road trip quest of sorts to find his (possibly ex-)girlfriend Alexa, but he is getting
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.27 23:29 sidetracked by a charismatic Missouri girl named Reagan...]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:26 [Katrin is the result of a forced merger between a powerful, monstrous, and vengeful creator goddess named Olamitera and a good-hearted human named Zelenka (both are from Panthea, a planet teeming with mythical/magical phenomena and pagan deities). She
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:28 has one yellow eye and one silver eye, tan-ish skin, wavy/curly, long dark hair with cosmic/galaxy-like highlights, and while her clothes are usually kinda formal (her normal outfit contains a capey suit jacket with a messily worn business shirt) she is
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:36 not dressed in those this time around. She wears a long, tight dress--something like this, except it's not red: ht tp://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/bl6kh2-l-610x610-dress-long+tight+red+dress.jpg ]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:37 [Her dress is white with gold embroidery, like this: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB14.RpKpXbGXFXXq6xXFh/Fashion-Design-Rami-Kadi-Sweetheart-Ball-Gown-Evening-Dress-Lace-Appliques-Queen-Beautiful-Evening-Gown.jpg ]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:39 [So basically her dress has the style of the dress in the first link and the color pallette of the second. Anywho, being the merger of two morally opposite beings, she is quite gray morally herself and this gives her an unpredictable streak, as Olamitera
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:40 and Zelenka were polar opposites in many ways. She loves music and listens to it all the time; she usually carries a music player and headphones with her. She particularly loves music she can dance to, so this ball will fit her just fine. In addition, she
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:40 loves the ocean and has her own personal..."aquarium." It isn't exactly what you'd normally call an aquarium...I won't spoil the details yet.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:41 [She's got a pretty good sense of humor, though she has a sadistic streak too and, on a darker note, can get great joy out of others' pain as well.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 00:42 [What she's up to depends on what timeline of the AHAW RPs you're looking at...on AHAW 1 she's currently overthrowing the Panthean gods after they caused the death of her beloved younger brother.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:31 [The h**l? The second link stopped working...hm...let me find another...here we go: https://w ww.dress2impress.us/image/cache/data/styles/jovani/58631/58631-600x860.jpg Just remove the space in the w ww and you're good to go. Basically her dress has the
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:32 style/shape of the first link (with the red ones) and the colors and embroidery from this third link (as well as the second link, but that one's not working anymore). Oh, and while I'm at it, she's wearing matching white, tall, high-heeled boots with gold
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:33 markings.]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:40 [Finally I have Kaliste. She also goes by the name of Aedona, as technically she's Aedona reincarnated (Aedona died and was reborn as a normal human; reincarnation for inhabitants of Panthea is normal). She now has shoulder-length, messy black hair, amber
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:41 eyes, and tan skin. She's taller than she was in her original body; as the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aedona she was 5'7". Now she's 5'10". Her looks are honestly quite typical of a Sahlemese person (Sahlem is one of the bigger and more advanced countries
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:51 of Panthea). For this occasion, she wears a light blue dress that looks something like this: https://d111vui60acwyt.cloudfront.net/product_photos/60454773/file_b13e6f0580_original.jpg She also has a matching light blue rose in her hair.]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:52 [Her hair is also (relatively speaking) tamed for this event. Usually it's messy and looks kind of permanently windswept, but as her Fursonia I granted her hair the temporary ability to behave. XD Anyways, as a human she has no special abilities, though
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:53 she's very good at both hand-to-hand combat and combat with a polearm (her choice of weapon is a glaive). She can also tesser (a mathematical form of teleportation; this is an ability she both kind of inherited and learned/mastered as Aedona, and she
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:55 still knows how to do it). She is brave, headstrong, and generally tries her best to be as kind as she can to everyone she encounters, though occasionally her anger can get the better of her, especially if she has a grudge towards someone (and she can
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.28 03:57 hold onto grudges for a surprising amount of time). She currently lives with her husband Saxon and their daughter Eira.]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 04:09 [Ikurian Sara is well Sara she has short brown hair grey hoodie and jeans with tennis shoes if you dont know who she is by now then thats sad bc she is the freakin best]
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:10 [bubbles is a bipedal fun loving soap cat her is blue and white and likes strawberry milkshakes hes one cool cat]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:11 [XD If it helps, pretend you're describing your characters to a new friend (basically a stranger). That's what I did.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:11 ["Sara is Sara is Sara is Sara" is true, but there's more to her than that...e.g. you could've mentioned she's immortal/can't die/pops right back up after dying.]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 04:11 [im place of nimnim is R.C who is much more calm and isnt as talkitive]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 04:12 [Or I could have surprized the strangers by killing her at the party but I cant do That anymore :p]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:13 [I basically just made sure I described each of my characters appearance, abilities, and personality. I generally kept it in that order, but you can mix it up.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:13 [XD Whoops, sorry.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:15 [Anyways, keep going. What does R.C. look like? ^.^]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 04:20 [ ht tps://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/55937495_165740887656839_6826315080599076864_n.png?_nc_cat=100&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=a47acdd7c890bc74d9e597626f1578a3&oe=5D4DAB22 ]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:21 [Very pretty! ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:21 [BTW, what is a soap cat? Is it literally a cat made out of soap? XD]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 04:48 [no its kinda like a soda roo]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 04:49 [Er...what's a soda roo? XD XP]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 04:58 [google it]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 05:00 [Okay, so they're basically kangaroos that are stylized after drink brands. So Bubbles is a cat stylized after products...OK.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 05:00 [Weird, but okay...I've seen weirder stuff. XD]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 05:00 [Sooo...I guess you're done with your intros? They were nice and very concise. ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 05:00 [Though feel free to post more info about your characters if you wish.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.28 05:01 [@ RaeAnna, Joan, and Sheyenne: Go ahead and post your intros! I'll try not to interrupt as much.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.28 06:02 (You should all have met Blitz by now, but definitely not in the form she's coming as this time around. This version is significantly larger than her usual form, yet still smaller than Shyne. She's known for her quirky and outgoing personality)
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.28 06:03 (toyhou.se/3131956.blitz the faded orange version with the pink irids is what she is coming as)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 06:06 (Saxon's the good boi. He's usually fairly calm and quiet. That is, of course, until he's escaped the dark plots. True to his symbol's nature, he's quite the free spirit; upbeat, outgoing, loud, etc)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 06:06 (toyhou.se/3196586.saxon-r-surtil#12490483)
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 06:14 (Almost everyone here has been in an rp with Mayhem. He's Irakurri's notorious demon god. He's typically quite levelheaded, despite his reputation saying otherwise. He almost always wears loose clothing except under very specific circumstances)
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.28 06:14 (toyhou.se/3143081.mayhem#12857715)
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:19 (Malaucayís look is awesome. I like it.)
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:23 (Anyways, here goes. Iím Joan, and Iím completely human. I have long dark brown hair (usually up, like in a bun) and blue eyes. Iím also pretty short - just above five feet.)
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:25 (Personality-wise, Iím pretty reserved. Iím more likely to be thinking and observing than running me out. Social situations tend to wear me out, but I am interested in meeting other people, especially if they have a good sense of humor.)
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:28 (Iím interested in a variety of subjects, especially music. I play a couple of instruments, but Iím honestly not a reliable enough entertainer for the spring ball, haha.)
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:31 (For the ball, Iím wearing a black dress just above the knees with long black lace sleeves.)
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:37 (Eleanor is one of my characters from my RP Finding Samantha Summers. She has black hair worn in a long black ponytail and brown, almond-shaped eyes. Like me, sheís also pretty short.)
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:38 (Eleanor is a bit quirky. She mostly expresses that through her eccentric style. For the ball, sheís wearing a dress like this: ht tps://di2pnv0v5otw.cloudfront.net/posts/2018/09/08/5b942a54951996fed7b629f4/m_5b942b19035cf1d439e1058c.jpg
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:39 (Yeah, I know the links su ck, but I canít do a proper description justice. Anyways, I imagine the dress to be yellow with pink embroidery instead. Sheís also wearing white go-go boots.)
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:40 (Eleanorís a bit of an ambivert, though more on the extroverted side. Sheís used to saying whatís on her mind whenever she feels like it. On the flip side, there are times where she needs to be alone in order to rewind.)
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:42 (A lot of her hobbies are on the solitary side: making her own tea blends, growing indoor plants, and playing her guitar. Sheís creative, but has devoted her college studies to IT and math.)
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:43 [Sorry to interrupt, but I don't know if it's working on your end, but the link for Eleanor's dress isn't working on mine. :P]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:43 [Some links for images seem to do that...they work the first time you use them, then don't the next...that's what happened with the second link for Katrin. XP]
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:47 (Iíve been told the link isnít working, so here it is again: ht tps://images.app.goo.gl/8VMWa9rAtbomMt4aA
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 03:49 [Ah, that works! Thanks!]
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:53 (Josh is also from FSS. He has caramel-colored hair, downturned hazel eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Heís tall, though not as tall as his friend Midas. Josh is an accomplished basketball player, and plays at the college level.)
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:57 (Heís wearing a black sport coat with matching pants. Josh is quite confident, sometimes to the point of it being subtly overbearing. Heís aware of the fact that heís popular; however, Josh would rather spend time with people who know him for who he is
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 03:58 (instead of for what he does. Josh is loyal to the friends he has - he initiated the idea of a road trip to find their friend Alexa in the game.)
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 04:01 (Josh is easily swayed by the media, but knows how to take control of a situation or his own opinion. He tends to avoid conflict if he can, though.)
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.29 04:02 (Despite being prone to losing his temper when things arenít going his way, Josh is friendly, amiable, and interested in other people. He also has a somewhat dry sense of humor.)
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:05 (My final character is Reagan, a southern girl whom Midas, Josh, and Eleanor meet on their way to find Alexa. She has wavy red hair, brilliant blue eyes, and pale skin. Sheís tall and of a stocky stature.)
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:08 (Reagan is going all out for this event. Hereís what her dress looks like: ht tps://images.app.goo.gl/LLzWLy32CdszUrAFA
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:09 (Reagan grew up an only child, and her parents spoiled her exceptionally. Sheís pretty used to getting her way - itís all she knows. Reagan doesnít lose her temper when things donít work in her favor, though. She prefers to manipulate until she can get
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:11 something out of it. Reagan isnít malicious though; sheís actually pretty friendly. She likes to come across as coy and sweet, but is honestly a bit two-faced. Acting docile and cute is her way of getting the attention she practically lives on.)
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:13 (Reagan is on the wild side. As she grew older, she became extremely bored by her small town. She and some friends would typically spend a Friday night wreaking havoc or causing shenanigans. Reagan was able to save their rear ends due to her expert lying
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:14 skills. On a final note, Reagan is quite fl*rtatious. She gets attached to boys easily and tries to pursue anyone sheís interested in.)
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:15 (And thatís about it for my characters!)
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:19 [Yay! ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:19 [OK, all we need is Shyne's info and we can start. ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:22 *intro
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 04:31 [All that's really needed is her appearance or a link to a drawing of her or something since she's a Fursonia, though she can provide more info than that if she wants like Joan did.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 05:01 [BTW, the ball shall begin tomorrow night. Make sure to come on around 8 PM MT/9 PM CT/10 PM ET! :D]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.29 05:37 [Actually, Joan will be busy tomorrow, so I may have to reschedule the beginning of the ball to Saturday night. We'll see.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 01:36 [I'm going to be late, so I'm rescheduling the ball to Saturday.]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 03:54 [Heya, sorry I'm late! I'll add a link to her ref and her personality~Just give me a minute to grab It!]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 03:55 [Okie dokie! That's fine, we're not starting until tomorrow. ^.^]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:15 [toyhou.se/3234764.shyne-main-sona-#11154117 Shyne is socially inept. She has trouble confronting others that she just met and has limited control over her emotions. She is usually easy going, but can get very overwhelmed easily by an emotional situation]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:21 (Shyne stands at 8 feet tall while Blitz in this form is 7 1/2 feet tall. Big floofs)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:21 [She is easily taxed by interactions, and will often not talk to anyone for a while to recharge her social interaction batteries. Although, when she is ready to interact, she can be very loud and embracive.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 04:23 [Holy heck, big floofs indeed. XD You guys are gonna give Mayhem and Saxon a run for their money in the height department.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 04:23 [And I'm just over here like "Herpaderp, Midas is my tall guy at 6'3"." XD]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:25 (MY TALL BOIS!! They make me so happy, my favorite children. *looks at Armis, who still stands at a whopping 5'9")
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:25 **
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:25 [She is easily taxed by interactions, and will often not talk to anyone for a while to recharge her social interaction batteries. Although, when she is ready to interact, she can be very loud and embracive.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:25 (Armis: S**** YOU!)
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 04:26 [X'D]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:28 [However, she can easily be shot straight down from activity with one disappointed or slightly disappointed comment. She is easily intimidated, and will extrapolate a situation, or comment. She is less affectionate to romantic partners than to friends.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 04:28 [@ Sheyenne: Pro tip: don't hit the refresh button, it'll result in duplicate posts. What I do if it's taking forever to load is I hit "back," erase all the text I entered (it'll still be in the posting box thing), and then hit enter again with it blank.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:30 (Way ahead of you, Brunny ^w^)
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:31 (We've been troubleshooting on Hangouts for awhile now X3)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:31 [She is inherently repulsed by romantic relationships. It's something that was ingrained in her from her caretakers, and her own child articulation of the world. She usually tries to think logically, and will argue about a subject she's passionate about--
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:32 (*puts on headphones and listens to TOP because why not*)
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 04:32 [Oh, okay. ^.^]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:35 [---only to friends. She is usually complacent in conversations with new people. She is very smart, and logical, but is held back by her emotions a lot of the time]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:36 [(Okay, that should be it, OH she also LOVES puns. ;])]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 04:37 [(Thanks for advice, Blitz and Brunny! I'm new to this site. :])]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:39 (No problemo)
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 04:40 [No problem! ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 04:40 [@ Blitz:...Jinx.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 04:46 *enters the Rift and sits in wait. She checks herself once more, slightly uncomfortable being in this form again, then distracts herself by opening two windows, one to her home, the other to the location Leonore had sent her*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 05:03 *Pops into the rift in a bout of blue energy. She holds her head for a moment; her powers caused her pain again. She looks around and spots Blitz, narrowing her eyes*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:06 *instantly notices Shyne's appearance and shrieks in surprise, jumping like a cat* What-the-heck-that's-some-devil-magic!? Oh- You're not a doppleganger... *sighs with relief*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 05:10 *Fur fluff out in reaction to the shriek* Erm-- Hey-- W-what? *Her eyes narrow again, recognizing she isn't of her species* What... what are y-you?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:11 *looks at herself again* I really don't know. I don't even know what I was going for when I made this..\
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:11 *-\
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:13 What exactly are YOU, though? I've never seen anything like you before.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 05:13 Made this? You made yourself? *Shyne looks perplexed and shifts her paws around anxiously*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:15 Well I made this form. It's sort of a... A throwback I guess. I used to be so proud of it.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 05:19 *Tilts her head at her, and then shakes her head* Well, I'm afraid I was hatched. I have two parents. Are you some sort of... cosmic entity?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:23 I think so? This was the place I was created. Technically I have parents, but that's a long story.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 05:25 Oh.... Hmm.... *flicks her antennae And looks around* Where am I, by the way??
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:27 Oh, this place is called the Rift. Don't worry, Irakurri is a lot more colorful than this. This place is where the overflow of spacial magic goes and those guys absorb it, *points at a humanoid and a Raven conversing across the void* and
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:28 in turn keep the universe in check.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 05:29 Oh. Okay, say you are some kind of cosmic energy, and you freak out and arrive here. What does that mean? *Lashes her tail*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:31 Hmm... Mostly only powerful mages can make it to this little pocket of existence. Must mean you're a lot more powerful than you might think. Dunno exactly. I really only know what goes on in my own universe.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.30 05:35 Yeah, I'm more keen on my own universe as well. So, why are you here? Do you appear here randomly too?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 05:36 [A quick note: all Fursonias/players and their characters have an invitation from me to my ball. The invitations serve kind of as your tickets in. You can't enter my world without them, anyways.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:37 (Think of the logistics tho)
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:38 (Shyne's been unheard of by any of our characters or Sonas before this time. It'd kind of make more sense if she became a plus one)
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.30 05:39 No, I came here to wait for a multiversal party. Actually this one is less of a party, more of a formal gettogether between three Sonas and their favorite creations.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 05:39 [I gave each Fursonia multiple invitations so they could hand them out to whatever characters they were bringing. I guess you could say you/Blitz gave her a spare.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 05:40 [Eh, I'll use the term "player" instead of "Fursonia" since Joan doesn't have a Fursonia.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 05:50 [Hm...yeah, actually, that'd work out better since technically you're the first one who brought up that Sheyenne would be joining us. It'd make sense if Blitz was the one who gave her an invitation so she could come along.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:12 *has been finishing designing my world**my world now basically looks like this: a checkered, large dance floor is situated underneath a floating glass dome (think of it like someone chopped a circle in half and suspended it 20 feet in the air with no
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:14 supports--other than magic, of course--over the dance floor; also, each glass window that makes up the dome is triangular, like this:
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:14 https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/iB-Zj5aMcLPc_gTp8spTxu4P6p4=/0x0:1580x1022/1200x800/filters:focal%28664x385:916x637%29/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/52586885/glass_geodesic_dome_house_norway_5.0.jpeg *
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:18 *as mentioned, surrounding the dance floor is a field and, in the distance, rolling hills**the field and hills are covered in wildflowers and lush, green grass**the air is balmy and smells of flowers*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:19 *BTW, above I meant "think of it like someone chopped a sphere in half"; not a circle, that doesn't work, that's 2D, not 3D XP*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:22 *around the dance floor but not on it are a whole bunch of smaller tables to sit at and one long table full of food and drinks*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:25 *various lights and spring-themed decorations (e.g. flower garlands) and whatnot are attached on the inside of the dome**the checkered dance floor is round and raised; it basically forms the top of a plateau, in other words**it isn't a high plateau,
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:25 though; it's 5 feet higher than the surrounding fields at the very most*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.30 06:26 *the bottom of the dome's diameter is a bit larger than the diameter of the dance floor so that the dome extends over the surrounding tables, providing light for them*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 01:36 Would you like to come along? I have a spare invitation. *holds out an invitation to Shyne*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:01 *creates a little path through the flowers to the dance area**opens up a portal to let everyone in onto the path*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:02 *shifts the sky so that it's a pleasant late afternoon day*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:03 *guides Kumo onto the path**he's about 10 feet away from the portal* You collect all their invitations in that little basket of yours, okay?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:03 *nods**Leonore adjusts his tie and then goes over to Katrin*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:04 And you...you're going to do something useful for once. Keep watch of Kumo...there may be a truce, but a few guests can be troublemakers.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:04 [The irony is Katrin qualifies as one such guest... XD]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 04:05 Aye aye. *loiters around in the flowers about 30 feet away from Kumo, keeping an eye on him and the portal in general*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:08 [The ball is officially starting! :D Guests may now enter via the portal.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:09 *gets some nice orchestral music going--no big waltzes or anything yet, just something pretty and slow, such as movement 3 of Beethoven's 9th symphony*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:12 [BTW, I'll just admit it...99% of the reason why I've set up the invitations to act as tickets is because I couldn't resist the idea of Kumo being the greeter of sorts...it's too cute. :D]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:22 *stands there with his basket**after a couple minutes and no one has shown up, he loses some confidence in himself and looks back over at the dance area**Leonore gives him a supportive thumbs-up and smile*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:22 *looks back at the portal, fiddling with his bowtie a little*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:22 [I will be on in one sec I gotta do something first]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:24 [Okie dokie.]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:24 {Sorry I'm late} Hmm, sure. Why not. *Takes invitation and inspects it* When does it start?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:25 (Just finishing some things and I gotta drive somewhere so I'll be a few as well. In the meantime I got bored on the phone today. This is nothing at all special. I hate drawing on the phone. And in a moving car >:( )
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:25 (toyhou.se/3367200.dark#13035803)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:25 {Okay! Tell me when we can hop in on Hangouts!}
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:26 I think it is just starting. I'd better call my chosen few over here. *teleports Malaucay and Saxon to her* We ready to go?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:27 Yeah, sure. Got nothing better to do.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:27 Oh. *Thinks about the suddenness of everything*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:27 I'm ready as I'll ever be.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:29 Uh-- *Wonders if she should greet the two newcomers* Hi--
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:29 You can introduce yourselves to the newbie later. *turns to Shyne* By the way, I don't believe I caught your name. I'm Blitz.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:30 M-my name is Shyne. *Reaches out her hand to greet her*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:30 Blitz, don't interrupt people. Hello there. *nods toward Shyne*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:31 *shakes Shyne's hand* pleasure to meet you. Let's get going. *opens one of the windows, letting Malaucay and Saxon through first, then she gestures for Shyne to follow*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:32 *Anxiously nods back, while fearing being caught between the to* What's your name? {She says this to Malaucay}
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:32 [Hey! It's fine, everyone seems to be kinda late tonight.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:32 (Okay now I'll disappear)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:33 {Okay!}
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:33 [ok im here]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:33 [Nice drawing of Dark...also bye. XD]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:33 [Also hi. XD]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:34 [I forgot how hectic things can get when more than three people are on one RP. XD]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:34 *arives with Bubbles Sara fallows close behind*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:34 [Please forgive me if my replies are a bit slow, holy heck you guys are pumping out posts fast...]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:35 {I'll probably reply slow, I type slow}
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:35 Aha! *nods in encouragement to Kumo as the people pour in*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:35 [Okay. I'm a fast typer, but I'm not used to dealing with four other people being on one RP. XD]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:36 *smiles a bit shyly and holds up his basket towards the new arrivals*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:36 *is a little intimidated by how big some of them are compared to him (I have a friend who remembers times when he was 5-7 years old, and he says everything felt huge compared to him, so...)*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:37 oh...thats a very nice blanket Kumo
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 04:37 *sits back in the flowers casually, keeping an eye on everything*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 04:37 [It's not a blanket... XD]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 04:37 [I think I'm in a giggly mood, I'm finding that typo much funnier than it should be... XD]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:37 *turns around* Well everyone calls me Mayhem, but my name is Malaucay.
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:38 [oh basket I thought it said blanket :P]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:39 *is getting himself a drink (since minors are around, there are no, ahem, adult drinks--just stuff like soda and punch**the most sophisticated thing available is probably sparkling water*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:39 *walks in and seems Kumo* Oh kids are at this party
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:39 [Either way I think I'm just in a stupidly giggly mood. XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 04:40 *walks by Midas as she investigates the stuff that has magically appeared on the food and drink table*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:40 *quirks his eyebrows at Kaliste boldly while pouring himself a glass of sparkling water* Shaken, not stirred.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 04:41 *raises one eyebrow at him, but otherwise doesn't respond*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:42 Oh, I'm Shyne. *Smiles nervously*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:42 *his voice is barely audible**he's obviously quite shy* May I collect your tickets?
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:44 of course *She bubbles and Sara hand over their tickets*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:44 *smiles back* Nice to meet you. Come on, we're expected. *continues toward the event*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:45 Alright. *Shyne follows behind him*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:47 *is the last to leave, she closes the portal behind them*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:47 *walks into the party and goes to find blitz*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:48 *walks in* ugh this music sucks *Starts blasting All Star from her phone*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:48 *is the first one to arrive, Malaucay and the others are close behind*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:49 Classical music has been around for centuries...it doesn't su ck and it isn't going anywhere for centuries to come. ^.^
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:49 Hey everyone!
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:50 Hm...there should be one more group...Joan said she'd be late, though...
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:50 *checks messages* Oh wait, she's should be here soon...okay. *closes messages*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:51 *walks over to Shyne* I havent seen you around before, Im Sara
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:51 *holds up the basket to Blitz and Shyne and co., still smiling shyly*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:51 *feels even more intimidated by this group since they're all even taller*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:52 *Jumps back a little in suprise* O-oh, hi! I'm Shyne.
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:52 [R.C is taller then blitz]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:52 *Shyne drops her ticket in the bucket as she speaks*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:52 *finds the music controller mechanism because only me and my characters have this privilege, mwah ha ha ha >:D**turns on some Elvis*
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:53 (Hi everyone!)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:53 {Shyne is 8 feet tall on four legs}
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:53 [Sara and Bubbles are small there. Overall mass in group 2 is significantly larger than group 1. XD]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:53 [@ Joan: Hey! Please read everything and step through the portal with your characters.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:53 *gives Kumo his ticket, as does Malaucay and Blitz*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:54 *smiles in thanks and tries to sneak off, but Leonore shakes her head at him, motioning that one more group is on the way*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:54 ...The h**l is with Devil in Disguise playing...I set it to Beethoven...MIDAS!! *snaps fingers*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:55 *appears suspended upside-down in front of Leonore* Gah!!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:55 Excuse you, that's rude!
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:55 this
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:55 Excuse you, I'm as much of an Elvis fan as you are, but what did I say about tampering with the music?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:55 Im more of a beetles fan...
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:55 *@ Sara* BOOOO!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 THE KING LIVES!
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 *is walking briskly to the portal* *my other characters are not far behind me*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 Don't you two DARE start an American vs. British music war!
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 *turns around and starts walking away* Nope.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 [XD Joan arrives and everything's already gone to heck...]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 *Shyne shifts her wings a bit* I'm more into rock music.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 *snaps her fingers and Midas is flipped back onto his feet*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:56 I have no Problem with American music but Elvis is mediocre at best, still he is better then classical
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:57 Elvis is rock, but okay...
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:57 Rock is good sometimes.
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 04:57 *sees Joan and co. come through the portal**holds out his basket to them, ready to accept their invitations*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:57 Classic rock for the win
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:57 just not Elvis
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:58 *Shyne backs away a bit* Hmm.. *She scuttles over to a corner*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:58 Though I will listen to most anything. Classic rock is feel good music though
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 04:58 *hears Elvis and immediately knows Midas is in there somewhere*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:58 I usually can't stand rock, but some of the much older stuff like Elvis is pretty good, so yeah, I second Blitz's motion.
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 04:58 *walks over to Blitz* Hello
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 04:59 *Shyne looks around again, and begins pacing the borders of the room*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 04:59 [BTW, there are no corners...everything is very round, check the description of the place above. XD]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 04:59 Hey, I've never seen you at any of these places. What's up?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:00 (if you are desperate enough there is always a corner)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:00 {RIP me, I forgot XD Sorry! I will re-read!}
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:00 [There isn't even truly a room. The dome is floating 20 feet in the air, so everything is exposed to the outside air.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:00 [It's fine! ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:01 [@ RaeAnna: If desperation calls, bend the laws of geometry and MAKE that circle have a corner, MWAH HA HA HA--sorry, got a little caught up in the moment...]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:01 I decided come to this one
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:01 *approaches Shyne with a cup of water* Is everything alright?
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:02 *Joan, Josh, etc proceed to drop their tickets in the basket* *fastwalks through excitedly* *listens in on Elvis, kind of jamming* They should play The Beach Boys! *giggles almost to herself*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:02 By the way, I don't mean to upset anyone with my musical opinions, it's just that the only person here with similar tastes is Joan, so...JOAN! *runs over and hugs her* I was worried you wouldn't make it!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:02 *finds Kaliste, though the talk about the music has him feeling a little nostalgic, so he's not quite focused*
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:02 *wonders over to Kumo* Hello! your blue like me!
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:02 Looks at Malaucay* O-oh. Just not used to so many people! I've been living under a rock most of my life.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:03 I see. That sounds... Boring.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:03 *she spotted Mayhem and Saxon long ago, she's just been waiting for Saxon to come to her* Hey.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:03 *walks over to Malaucay* Eyy Mayhem how are you doing? long time no see
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:03 *says quietly to Bubbles* Hi...
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:04 I like your tail I have one to see?
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:04 *gets up out of the flowers and walks over to the tables and dance floor, where everyone else is at*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:04 I had scrolls and stuff, so it wasn't that bad. Took me a while to learn to fly, though. Being in a cave isn't good for flight.
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:04 *nods a little, smiling a bit*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:05 *goes and messes with the music again, switching it to a Rick roll*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:05 NO!!!!!! *runs and switches the music back to classical* I am NOT letting you Rick roll the entire party!!!!!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:06 *is laughing a bit*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:06 Go hang out with Josh, he's the only person who can control you, good god... *pushes Midas across the dance floor and over to Josh and Eleanor and co.*
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:06 Hey! *hugs Leonore back* *smiles* Well, Iím fashionably late.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:06 Id honestly rather be rick rolled!
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:07 A cave?! Just where does your kind live?
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:07 Im bubbles the Chia wolf whats your name?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:07 No. I lived in a cave, Just me. *Her tail scrapes the floor in disgust* Alone.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:08 *sighs and turns on Strauss' Blue Danube waltz (it's super famous, I'm sure all of you have heard it before)*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:08 *@ Joan* Yeah...really, you're not too late. Everyone else had just arrived.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:08 Hey, how was setting up?
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:08 *has limited knowledge on both classical and classic rock* *would honestly prefer different music* *is standing around Joan shyly, which is rare for her* *has never been in such an unusual environment*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:08 *leans Against Malaucay as she drinks water from a water bottle*
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:09 (Haha. I actually saw the Blue Danube waltz in concert last night.)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:09 *Shyne looks at Sara and Malaucay* Err..
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:09 *puts on a snobbish voice* Ah yes, the wonderful melody of Johann Strrrrauss the Second! *yes, he's rolling his r's**takes a sip of sparkling water* Quite exquisite!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:10 [@ Joan: Awesome!]
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:10 *is trying to hold Midas back* Shall we waltz to the punch table? *laughs*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:10 wuddup *puts in one headphone and blasts vastly supirior music into her ears*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:10 Hey. Uhm.. How are you?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:10 Oh, don't mind her. How'd you end up here?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:11 Well...a bit lonely... *chuckles* Only real help I had was from Leonore...he's a kid-- *points to Kumo* --he's a troublemaker-- *points to Midas* --and she's...well...not keen on doing anything. *gestures towards Katrin*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:11 I was invited by Blitz.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:11 I thought she was a Demka at first.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:11 *suddenly appears directly behind Kaliste and Saxon* "Useless" is my middle name. *circles around them, smirking**Kaliste is obviously extremely uncomfortable around Katrin*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:12 Im probably going to stick around you im not one for socializing
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:12 *@ Josh* Indeed we shall!
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:14 *stops in front of Kaliste, looking her up and down* I don't see why you're not happier. It's just like ye olden days...you've got two all-powerful gods at once hanging around and scaring the [BLEEP] outta you. *smiles* Great times.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:14 Demka? I've never seen your species before. It's not from Irakurri for sure.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:14 Blitz is okay. She's the least bit intimidating of the gods.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:14 *just doesn't say anything*
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:14 *is intrigued by all the Fursonias around* *makes her way over to the punch table* *passes Sara* *can hear her music* Ooo, is that Panic at the Disco? *passes Malaucay* WHOA youíre tall! Holy cow. *laughs a little*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:15 *can hear a bit of Sara's music. Just nods* Good choice
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:15 *"waltzes" with Josh over to the punch table*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:15 Do you mind?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:15 I'm assuming Irakurri isn't where I'm from. Never heard of it. I kinda just teleported into the rift. Now I'm here.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:15 Yes it is panic at the disco
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:15 *facepalms and laughs when she sees Midas and Josh* Oh my god...
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:16 *chuckles* Letís do it. *takes Midas by the hand* *they do a really crappy waltz over to the punch table* *is laughing uncontrollably*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:16 *says loudly* By the way guys, yes, you're all expected to dance at some point. Just sayin'.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:16 Interesting. Well, if you're looking to getting back, it may take some time. Blitz sometimes has trouble accessing new universes
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:16 Assuming you want to go back
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:16 What Midas and Josh are doing...I have no idea if that counts as dancing, don't ask me.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:17 Oh...its Saturday night *finger guns Eleanor*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:17 *keeps a remarkably dignified expression on his face the entire time**this probably only makes it harder for Josh to control his laughter*
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:17 *a hyped-up Midas is moving extremely fast* *almost collides into someone* WHOAAAAA!
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:17 It's okay.. I'm hoping my friend won't try to come searching. She's probably more powerful than me. Being born from the universe and all. Although, she's probably busy with something...
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:18 I haven't minded anything in centuries. *strolls away/backs off anyway*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:18 *says quietly to Bubbles* Kumo...
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:18 *walks over to Eleanor* You seem cool Im Sara *holds out a hand*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:19 *@ Joan* Wanna see how the other players/'Sonas are doing?
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:19 thats a cool name sounds like a super hero name! wanna play super heros?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:20 Anyway, I'm going find a nice place to sit down and clear my mind. *finds a soft patch of grass away from the speakers to sit down in. Summons a guitar and taps his food to set up a beat and plays a medley*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:21 I see. Knowing Blitz she will gladly let you stay. She let that other foreigner stay.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:21 Even let him have his own planet.
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:22 *points back at Sara in mutual understanding* I pray for the wicked on the weekend. *pauses* Yeah, you too. Nice to meet you. Iím Eleanor.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:22 *sounds a little disgusted*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:22 "Him"?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:22 so where are you from?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:23 Neither am I. I think I'll just sit around the food table. Usually where I always stay
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:23 *Looks a bit more anxious at the disgusted tone of voice*
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:23 Yeah, sure. *turns back to Reagan, motioning for her to follow*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:23 Yeah, this otter-dragon creature. I wasn't here when she let him stay. Don't even know what he's up to nowadays. I don't exactly live in Irakurri right now.
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:24 yeah thats a good idea
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:24 *goes over and sits by Saxon**doesn't feel like socializing with the others, especially with Mayhem and Katrin around*
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:24 Iím from Ohio. Itís a truly exotic place. Definitely not close to here. *laughs* You?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:24 Oh, okay... I assume you don't want me to stay?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:25 *goes over to Blitz and R.C.* Hey guys! How are you doing?
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:25 oh...um...hey *looks down and steps back a bit*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:25 (Brunny if you wanna know what he's playing, start at 0:40. I think you'll particularly like 1:43. https://youtu.be/UFGZM7k951Y)
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:25 *@ Bubbles* Yeah!
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:25 *watches with a smile as Midas and Josh nearly collide with a table*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:26 I really don't care anymore. What am I supposed to do about her life choices? I tried changing that before and it did not end well.
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:26 *smiles big* alrighty whats the mission?....
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:27 Oh, I see. *Shifts her paws awkwardly* So... Want to see if they have good food here?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:27 I'm still alive, so that's good. I've also got six legs again. I missed them
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:28 Sure, why not? The food tables are this way. *guides Shyne to the food tables*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:28 earth im originally from earth but I travel alot to other planets
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:29 {What foods are there?}
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:29 I think your old form is nice blitz
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:29 [Oh my god, is that the Benny Hill music?]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:30 (Yep.)
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:30 [XD That's almost worse than being Rick rolled...you're just minding your own business, listening to a guitar medley, then *cue Benny Hill theme*]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:30 [XD I literally started laughing when I realized what it was...]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:30 So people say. I prefer a much simpler form though
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:30 (Blitz meant to say that)
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:31 (I love this medley it's one of my favorites)
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:31 thats ok wear what makes you feel like you
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:31 Uhh... *points to Sara* Give the girl a flower and...um...get a bad guy? *he is very soft spoken*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:31 (That is agood question what kind of food is there)
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:32 Oh, so do you just kind of roam around the planet?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:32 {I'm gonna say there is food there that Shyne likes enough to eat} *Shyne grabs a peice of food on the table with her long tongue*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:32 I just like being human or mostly human. I feel a bit like a hypocrite sometimes in my dragon form, honestly. I like to show the characters what they're really up against...
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:32 ok who is the bad guy?...
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:32 [Whoops, sorry, almost missed your question. I'm missing a lot of posts and having to scroll up all the time, sorry.]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:33 *shrugs his shoulders*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:33 I...like staying home...im not a party person...
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:33 [Hm...there are sandwiches, hotdogs, chips...lots of kind of simple/casual food. Stuff you'd have for lunch. There's even a big thing of pasta and a salad bar.]
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:33 we need to find a flower...come on *starts sneaking around*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:33 I'm a party person. Well I like hosting parties, but I don't socialize well.
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:34 [And pizza. Can't have any sort of party without pizza.]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:34 There are lots there... *points out to the flower field surrounding the dance floor*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:34 no...no I try to stay away from earth...bad memories there...
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:34 *just grabs some more water and pours a dark red liquid from a flask into it*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:35 {Okay, Shyne will eat them sandwiches}
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:35 [Oh oh oh! I almost forgot the most important part...there are BROWNIES. :D Lots and lots and lots of brownies.]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:35 I roam other planets tho
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:35 *Shyne eyes the red liquid and swallows her food* Whats that?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:36 Yeah, I'm kinda socially awkward too...I'm decent online, but in real life it can be hard to start a conversation... :P
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:36 I...prefer not talking to anyone really online or not..
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:36 Wow. So whatís the coolest planet youíve been to?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:37 I'm glad Nixon put a spell on this... You wanna play for a bit, Kaliste?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:37  Secret message to Joan  
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:37 except blitz I can handle her...better then most people
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:38  Secret message to Joan  
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:39  Secret message to Joan  
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:39 [Don'
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:39 um...well the Bathizle market is my favorite planet
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:39 *[Don't mind the secret messages, I'm just giving Joan a bit of quick context about the backstories of some of the AHAW characters so she isn't entirely in the dark about things that are going on.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:40 [I am also kinda talking to R.C. as if she's Caprial since she is Caprial's Sona (well, one of them), sooo yeah...]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:41 Cranbury juice from my garden. It's the driest thing I could find that was safe for an event with potential children coming.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:41 Sure.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:41 *gives Kaliste the guitar*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:42 [Nimnim represents my more outgoing party fun side Nimnim represents my more calm anxiety antisocial and sometimes depressive self she is happiest when she is alone in her bed]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:42 *R.C is more Calm antisocial side]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:42 *takes the guitar and plays some Panthean folk tunes on it**the mood and style of each tune makes it clear what section of Panthea it's from--for instance, Sahlemese tunes tend to be much more melancholy and/or serene than tunes from other countries*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:42 *sees Malaucay having a pleasant time and smiles* He's made a friend. Hopefully.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:43 Oh. Also, is there a spare bowl I can carry around? I will need it when.... stuff happens.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:43 *Otemjarian tunes are full of energy, fury, and/or joy--they're generally faster and wilder (and more warlike) all around**Monserratian tunes are a lot like those from Flute Music of the Andes*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:44 [and yeah when Im not outgoing im...not the funnest to be around and im keeping R.C true to how I act durring my not outgoing times in life ]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:44 *makes a bowl po of into existence near Shyne* ^.^
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:44 [Okie dokie.]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:44 [thats why I rarely if ever bring R.C to any rp ]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:45 *Looks at bowl* Oh. Wow.
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:45 yeah he needs more friends...
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:45 [I generally just use my Fursonia as a disguised version of myself. The only way Leonore is sometimes different from Brunnhilde is that I let out my trollish side as Leonore more than I do as my usual self.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:45 *a large pinkish, furry, reptillian creature appears in front of Blitz. She doesn't make any noise at all, but she still rears up, afraid*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:45 *Holds bowl* Sweeeet
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:45 [Right now you could use the names Leonore and Brunnhilde interchangeably--I wouldn't care very much, me is me. But on AHAW I tend to use Leonore to unleash my trollish side on the world... XD]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:45 No problem!
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:46 *sees the creature* The h**l...? Oh yeah, I remember...you were going to bring that thing to hang around...
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:46 Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down, girl! *helps the creature onto all four feet again, then has her lie down. She gently pets the creature's head* You're okay. Terrible timing... This is my fault, sorry.
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:47 *stands closer to Blitz* whoes...the pink thing?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:47 *collects some wildflowers and walks up to Sara**holds them out to her, smiling*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:48 She's not important to any plots. I'm just super attached to her. She hasn't seen daylight in a long time,
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:48 Nah, it's fine... *notices that the Blue Danube ended**snaps fingers and gets a playlist of Brahms Hungarian Dances going*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:49 May I ask what the bowl is for?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:49 This oughtta keep Katrin occupied...or at least placate her...
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:49 *Shyne flaps her wings a bit, and they make a buzzing sound. As if a swarm of bees waltzed in*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:49 is she ok?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:49 It's for Err..
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:49 *looks at the creature from where he sits. He's curious, but doesn't feel like getting up*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:49 Okay, so--
18>Eleanor (-), 19yo.2019,Mar.31 05:50 *is nodding along to Sara when Kumo comes up to her* Aw!! Cute.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:50 its super sketchy but so much fun
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:50 My species produces honey, and we kinda puke it up.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:50 [If you want all of Brahms' Hungarian Dances, here you go: https://youtu.be/tUe-clNbnBE Mostly posting this for Joan since she's a classical music fan like me...I highly recommend them. Despite Brahms being German, they have a big Slavic feel. As someone
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:50 oh.. *looks down and sees Kumo* are these for me?..
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:50 Through our tongues. It's a natural process. It feeds larvae and adults as well.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:50 of German and Czech descent, I quite approve of that. ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:51 [I think Brahms grew up in Hungarian dance halls...not surprised he wrote these...]
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:51  Secret message to Leonore  
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:51 *nods, smiling*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:51 Yeah, she's fine. Just a bit in shock.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:52 *suppresses laughter* Sorry kid, that ain't your mommy.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:52 Huh. That's quite the fascinating trait your species has.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:52 *smiles* Oh thank you! *takes the flowers*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:52 *looks at Katrin, confused and hurt* Katrin: There are two of your mommy. That's the other one. *chuckles and heads to the dance floor**just dances by herself to Brahms since she figures no one would dare approach her*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:52 Haha... yeah. Most people I meet usually get a bit grossed out.
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:53 (I have to go now. See you all around!)
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:53 *doesn't care if the others see her dancing**she's confident in her looks and she's danced tons of times to Brahms' Hungarian Dances*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:53 [Aw, bye!]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:53 {Bye, Joan!}
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:53 (Bye!)
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:53 oh...oh....Your...sara...kid.... *kneels down and pulls out a phone and shows a picture of her and other Sara together*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:54 *he got all awkward when he realized Reagan was there and even smoothed down his hair a whole bunch**was about to offer her to dance when Joan and co. have to leave*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:54 look at this picture...
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:54 It's something that cannot be helped. I am sick and tired of people being judged for things about themselves that they cannot help
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 05:54 *asks Reagan to stay, but of course she can't**says bye to Josh and Reagan and Eleanor and then hangs around near the food table awkwardly**feels kind of lonely, to be honest*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:55 *yells to Shyne* I think that's cool!
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:55 *looks at it**is even more confused now*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:55 *sort of looks at Sara for an explanation*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:55 do you know what a twin is?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:55 *then suddenly thinks of an explanation* Are you...her sister?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:56 *said that before Sara asked that**he nods*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:56 Oh. Yeah... That's why I don't hang around my own species. I'm not free there. Not free with him. *Has a bit of a agitated look by just thinking of someone from her past*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:56 *creates an exit portal**escorts Joan and her characters out, saying goodbye to all of them**then comes back into her world and closes the portal*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:57 *Is startled at the yell* T-thanks! *She yells, not knowing who said that*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:57 Relatable. I left my home universe because I wasn't free over there.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:57 well your mom and I we are not sisters but we are kind of like twins beacause we look the same, we even have the same name but your mom...she has long hair and my hair is short
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 05:57 *watches the creature that appeared before Blitz, curious*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:57 I guess we have something in common!
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:57 Okay. *nods*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 05:58 *Nudges him slightly with her wing in a friendly manner*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:58 so we are not the same person even tho we look the same which is kind of silly but I do know your mom and if you ever get lost and see me I can still help you find her
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 05:58 *the creature just stays by Blitz, quietly watching everyone around her. Now and then she scratches lightly at her muzzle*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 05:59 *nods*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 05:59 thats a cool...dog?...snake?...
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 05:59 *goes over to Midas* Tough luck with the ladies? Midas: Well- Leonore: Yeah yeah, I know, the lady you were interested in had to go.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:00 *chuckles* Yeah.. *takes a drink of his watered down juice*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:00 You know how to dance? Midas: Of course. Leonore: Great, I don't. *goes onto the dance floor with Midas*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:00 I've never seen that creature before... Not even in Blitz's books.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:01 *luckily a slower dance is playing when he's pulled onto the dance floor**this makes helping out Leonore easier*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:01 go...have fun thank you for the flowers tho *smiles and walks over to Midas*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:01 Where do you think it came from?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:01 Yeah I'm not quite sure what she is made of. She looks kind of like some fuzzy horse-dinosaur thing.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:01 *She flutters her wings again and it once again makes that buzzing sound* What happened with you and your 'home'?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:02 *notices Sara looking at Midas**pushes him away from her and towards Sara while spinning away gracefully*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:02 *nearly bumps into Sara* Oh hi...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:02 I'm not sure..
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:03 hi *pulls out a gun and shoots herself in the head*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:03 *goes back to Bubbles* Have you spotted any bad guys?
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:03 Geezus, I knew I was good looking, but I didn't know it'd...um...
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:03 [Sara ment to say that..]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:03 ...Was that real?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:04 Hold on to that thought- *turns around, trying not to laugh* Sara, would you mind not... Dying?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:04 *nods and mouths "YES IT WAS" at Midas*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:04 *sits up* ah Scr*w you Mayhem let me live my life
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:04 *Shyne giggles a bit*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:05 ...That's quite a gift you've got there. *holds out a hand*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:05 *doesn't seem particularly startled*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:05 Your entire existence is an oxymoron! *turns back to Shyne*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:05 [He's also the type who likes to shock strangers with his own little tricks BTW...hence why he wasn't particularly shocked...]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:06 *takes his hand and stands up* So were are you from?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:06 Oof Mayhem, don't get philosophical on us.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:06 Me? Ohio. My alias? EspaŮa!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:07 Which do you prefer?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:07 *pops up behind Sara and whispers in her ear* Choose wisely... >:D
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:07 I left my home because it did nothing but ruin my reputation. Being who I am only caused my brothers to ridicule me and render me "dangerous". Maybe I am dangerous, but so is every other mortal in the godd*** universe.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:08 Isn't everyone's? We live to survive, and then it all ends in death anyway. Any normal person's body starts to basically kill itself.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:08 I left so I could get away from that discrimination.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:08 Ah, I see.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:08 I left so I could live the life I wanted to live.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:08 *overhears Shyne* o.o I'm getting depressed. Katrin: Good! Leonore: Shuddap!
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:09 Prefiero hablar en inglťs pero puedo hablar espaŮol.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:09 They would've forced me to stay in one place forever. Probably in the same building too.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:09 Same here. To an extent. I'm learning..
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:09 To be "queen"
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:09 Ouch, I could never do that. I understand why you left.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:10 Learning?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:10 Learning what?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:11 Learning to be a decent guy. I've been described as cruel, impulsive, obsessive, possessive, and much more. I've been trying to work things out and be a lot calmer. ...doesnt seem to help me much, though..
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:11 No matter what I try, they're all still going to hate me.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:11 Prefiero tambien hablar en inglťs. [*internally screaming because I haven't studied Spanish in months and months and I never learned much of it in the first place*]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:12 Oh.. You seem nice to me!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:12 Do you suppose we should find out who that is?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:13 *shrugs her shoulders* Why not just go up and ask? *gets up, handing Saxon's guitar back to him*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:13 You're the third one to believe that.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:13 alright then we came to an agreement Es sei denn, Sie mŲchten Deutsch sprechen
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:13 [*internal screaming intensifies because I want to learn German*]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:14 Well... I've never been seen as bad, but I've been seen as a disgrace. Lineage stuff.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:14 *sighs and gets up* alright. *goes over to Blitz and R.C* So... Who is that?
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:14 *can understand what she says, but doesn't know enough German to respond in German* Nah, I'm good.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:15 *follows Saxon*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:15 По русски легко говорить I am fluent in many languages
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:15 Indeed you are. Where are you from?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:16 *snorts* Another thing we share in common. We're expected to be a certain way because of our lineage. Who are they to tell us how to live?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:16 *looks at Bubbles, waiting for an answer*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:17 اللغة العربية لغة جميلة but you prefer english so I will stick with that
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:17 Earth
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:17 Oh, this is Valeria. You've never met her before.
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:17 I didnt find any
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:17 [XD Kaliste internally right now: "B**** please, my lineage doomed me to be the cause of the end of my world, don't give me that sappy [BLEEP]."]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:17 oh ok
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:17 Yeah! *Flutters her wings again, kicking up the air around them* Apparently I am needed because of my lineage, but I am also a risk because of my lineage.
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:18 Surely there's somebody...
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:18 *Valeria looks up at Saxon. She looks sad, but she's been looking sad the whole time*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:18 {Owo}
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:18 [Theokofos (which is basically Panthean for end/death/twilight of the gods) was averted, but still... XD]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:18 S**** them.
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:19 [Really though, her father was cursed to have his descendants be the harbinger of great misfortune...yeeaahh...]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:19 [Fun family to be in. XD]
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:19 they all look super nice
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:20 What part of Earth?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:20 Hmm...
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:21 *Doesn't understand as she has different curse words, but she reads between the lines* Yeah, they are maggot-dung.
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:21 one that I can garentee you never herd of before
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:21 I know I've never even read about her. Is she new to the... Universe... *his gaze fixes upon her left shoulder, particularly the symbol branded into it.*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:21 *looks at Valeria and feels sympathy upon seeing the sadness in her expression* Is she okay?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:22 *follows Saxon's gaze to Valeria's shoulder* [Would Kaliste recognize the symbol?]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:23 They sound like it. My brothers and sisters are all pompous, aristocratic dung beetles in their own right.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:23 (Nope)
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:23 [Sara ment to say it...]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:24 Did you rescue her from there?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:24 Yeah, I thought I had no siblings. Then, as I am LEAVING they drop that on me. So, now I'm looking for my twin brother, and my two sisters.
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:24 No, Nixon did. She isn't nearly as chained up as she used to be. He tries to keep her relatively happy.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:25 Rude.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:25 I KNOW.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:26 (The brand hasn't been used in hundreds of years. There's since been a rebranding)
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:26 Alrighty then...I'm from Ohio.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:26 [Ah, okay.]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:26 were is that?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:26 *doesn't recognize the brand, though the mention of Nixon does allow her to put two and two together a bit*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:27 I'm hoping I'll fit in with them.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:27 *frowns slightly, puzzled* Um...United States...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:27 So she technically isn't a rescue, then?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:27 oh...ok
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:28 No. Unfortunately, she cannot live outside the lab for multiple reasons.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:28 Joined the union in 1803...you're not from America, are you?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:28 Don't try to change yourself to fit in. You're not the problem, they are.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:29 no...im from america...I lived in California til I was...7
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:30 *whispers fo R.C* Hey, R.C, what's with Bubbles? He's cute, but he's not a Chia Wolf?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:30 Yeah... Sometimes I think about it, and it's kind of like I rejected my biological purpose. Makes me feel a bit wrong, but I know I can live with it...
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:31 he was raised by chia wolves so he thinks he is one no one has told him otherwise bless his heart...
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:32 Awh.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:32 Oh.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:34 America just like the rest of earth sucks
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:34 *a faster Brahms Hungarian Dance kicks in**taps his foot to the beat, getting into it**bows slightly, holding out a hand* May I have this dance?
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:34 Indeed it does.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:34 In the immortal words of Hogarth Hughes, you are who you choose to be.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:35 no you may not *Turns around and walks back over to Shyne*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:35 Yeah.. Hopefully I didn't ruin all those people their genetic diversity. My job was to mix everyone's genes together, so now they have to do it themselves.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:35 Oh, boo hoo
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:36 Hello
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:36 Hello again, Sara.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 06:37 Guess not everyone appreciates the greatest arts... Leonore: Indeed. *dances with Midas some more*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:37 Heh. I mean, I'm glad I don't have to spread Birch's genes around! He locked me in a cave for my whole life. I'd honestly just go back there so I can take him out of the planet to watch him die in space.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:37 *is still a little unnerved by Valeria so he just walks away, back to his spot in the grass*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:38 so whats goin on here?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:38 *smiles* I'd love to see that!
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:38 *follows Saxon* She's from Vulkanisch, isn't she?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:38 A hate fest, I think.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:38 probably nothing much and im wandering again *walks off and sits by Kaliste* hey
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:39 *appears beside Sara* Indeed...this is supposed to be a ball, and only Leonore and her followers have been dancing...it's hilarious.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:39 Yeah. But that brand wasn't being used last time I visited. How is she still alive? What is she and why haven't I ever seen or read about her?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:39 What have they kept from me?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:39 *@ Sara* Hi.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:40 Not exactly in the mood for going out and asking someone to dance. Not that I don't want to dance, just not feeling up to asking.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:40 Yeah, a hate fest. Jeez, I might go back to do that.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:40 I'm no good at dancing.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:40 buss off whatever you are *waves off Katrin* I need to talk to Kaliste alone
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:41 *@ Saxon* Everyone keeps everything from everyone...I didn't even know Katrin existed and had influenced my life so much until I was practically an adult...I wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot of things you don't know...
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:41 (Heck I thought she was near Mayhem xD)
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:41 [Katrin appeared beside Sara before Sara walked away from Mayhem and co. BTW.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:41 [She is near Mayhem.]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:42 I've had a lot of experience with dancing. You know what'd be funny?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:42 [oh ok nvm then]
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:42 Me neither. By the way, I've been meaning to ask...what made you think following my recommendations and going to those coordinates was going to end well? *is clearly trying not to laugh*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:42 Hm? What?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:42 Whatever you have to say to me you can say in front of Saxon.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:43 Kaliste can I talk to you alone?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:43 Try asking Blitz to dance. She doesn't have the guts to refuse since she's so awkward at dances. It'll be hilarious
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:43 *snickers* I'll think about it. *suspects it's a trap, but she feels like she's got nothing to lose*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:44 Oh.. Ummmm.... But-- *Thinks about Malaucay being disappointed* Okay, I will do that.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:44 Talking to me and Saxon counts as talking to me alone since I'll probably tell him about everything you said afterwards anyway.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:44 As for you, *@Katrin* I never expected anything to end well. That's the risk you take when doing something fun.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:44 Really? You? *tries not to laugh again*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:45 *She turns and looks for Blitz, and pokes her when she finds her*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:45 *that last statement was at Shyne*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:45 I'll take that as a no then *walks off*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:45 Huh? What's up, Shyne?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:46 They both have six limbs. They're clearly the only compatible pair for dancing. Oh, this is gonna be great. *turns to watch Blitz*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:46 Heey, *Glances at Malaucay* Want to.. er.. do that dancing thing..? *Thinks about how stupid that wording was*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:48 .....
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:48 Oh, um... Yeah, sure... *looks at Malaucay, who is smiling wider by the second, then back at Shyne* Hmm.. *isn't sure whether to offer just two arms or her from four*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:49 *Shyne stands there awkwardly* Wait, how does your species dance?
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:49 *finally just starts openly laughing*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:49 ..
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:49 ...
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:50 Um... It depends on the speed of the song.. Even then, they have only four legs..
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 06:50 *is bored and, as we all know, some kids like to imitate**gets up and walks over to Sara**gently tugs on her hoodie*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:50 I like swing dance, but I'm not particularly good at it.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:50 *Shyne flicks her ear at Katrin's laughter, hoping Shyne hadn't just embarrassed herself.*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:51 *mouths "JUST TURN INTO YOUR HUMAN SELVES FOR ONCE" at Blitz and Shyne*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:51 Oh, er.. Dancing is an art form in my culture-- I never tried it though. Being locked away for so long.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:52 {*When you don't have a human form*}
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:52 Well I guess... We'll both be in for the most awkward moments of our lives...
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:53 Yeah... So--- uh--- *reaches out one of her paws.* Don't mind the scars on my paw pads...
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 06:54 [Sona = animal form of player in my book. Meaning just turn into your normal human self.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:54 I won't. *grabs Shyne's paw*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:54 (Never)
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:54 (Not all Sonas have the same logic as ours)
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 06:54 *snaps fingers, changing the track to one of the slowest Hungarian Dances to help Blitz and Shyne coordinate themselves*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:55 {Oh, nah. I don't like my normal self enough to put it anywhere. I'd rather let my sona suffer.}
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:55 Oh gosh... I mean... I can dance to this...
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:56 *looks to R.C, pleading for help*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:56 *silently of course*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:57 *Shyne's antennae start to tremble a bit* Okay, so, do we like sway, or.. something else--
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:57 What is... Oh boy... Blitz what are you doing..
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:57 Something like that...
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:57 *walks over and ducks under Blitz arms and stands inbetween Shyne and Blitz*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 06:58 O.O
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:58 *laughs and plays "stuck in the middle with you" on his guitar*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:59 *Starts trying to move; to get SOMETHING going. However, she finds that she really isn't into it, and flutters her wings anxiously. They generate a buzzing sound* Yeah, this isn't going well...
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 06:59 *slowly prys Blitz hands off of shynes and pushes her to the other side of the room without saying anything*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 06:59 Hm? *Looks at R.C*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:00 Uhhhh
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:00 ..... I wasn't REALLY expecting help from YOU of all people, miss "set me up with someone at a dance"
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:01 it was Callen and it was one time plus your eyes were crying out for help
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:01 Understandable...
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:01 *Shyne stands awkwardly in the center of the room*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:02 *Or dance floor*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:03 *sighs, trying not to laugh. He heads out to the dance floor* I'll at least show you how to dance to this.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:03 *holds out his hand to Shyne*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:03 Um--
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:03 S...sure. *Takes hand*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:04 \
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:04 {Whoops, disregard that /}
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:04 *has put a muzzle on Katrin**otherwise her laughter would've been heard 100% of the time there*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:05 Okay, lend me your other hand. If you need to use all four arms I can make accommodations if you'd like.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:05 {Shyne and Blitz seem to be a comedy act at this point}
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:05 *is sitting at a table, her arms crossed, visibly p***ed at Leonore*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:05 [XD Pretty much.]
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:05 You told Callen I wanted fo dance. You know I hate dances.
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:06 *to
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:06 it was like 2 years ago
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:06 (They all have their moments at some point)
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:07 I would dance if there was actual dance music
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:07 Er.. how about I try to... *Shyne, believing that it was impossible to make her dancing worse, tries to balance on her hooves. {Not sure if this makes her taller than Malaucay}*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:07 Dances are so awkward..
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:08 *She tucks in her secondary fore legs* I can probably manage this... I think...
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:08 [This is one of the very slowest Hungarian Dances BTW: https://youtu.be/0KiLMriij58 Just in case you want to hear what's playing...it's really sweet, actually--you guys might like it, especially since you like those anime soundtracks, RaeAnna.]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:08 Maybe...
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:08 [It's one of my favorites, actually.]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:09 (Oh, substantially taller. He may have to do a lot more than just create two more shadow arms. Sorry, Kaliste, he doesn't care what you think at this point, he's committed)
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:09 yeah..
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:09 *chuckles and shakes her head* Why did they even try...
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:09 {Wow, Shyne is a big girl now}
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:09 [XD Well crap.]
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:10 [Yeah definitly not Saras vibe]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:10 {8 feet on six legs, and now taller. XD}
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:10 Oh boy... Alright... I have to make myself taller. Please don't be alarmed.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:11 [If he turns into THAT during this particular Brahms dance it's gonna be awkward for ME, considering I actually listened to that dance a lot during the sequence on the lost episode RP where Aedona helped Mayhem out after he got his butt handed to him by
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:11 Olamitera...]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:11 I mean, okay.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:11 I don't think I will.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:11 *overhears Mayhem* God dang it, I didn't design the dance floor for beings this big... *shoves Midas off the dance floor*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:12 [ this is what sara thinks of when she says Dancing music https://youtu.be/8pm_KoguqPM?t=48 and yes I set it as a specific part for a reason]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:12 *she muttered that mostly to herself **gets off the dance floor too to make room*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:12 *transforms into his "judgement" form and keeps his shadow arms and wings tucked in* Just follow my lead..
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:12 [And no just reading the lyrics dose not cut it for the song]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:12 (I think I've shown you a screenshot of what that looks like. It just wasn't colored in)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:12 {OwO!!! Do you have a picture of that form, Blitz?}
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:13 {Oh---}
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:13 {I have forgotten what he looked like---}
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:13 [She needs something with a good beat]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:14 (Im sending on hangouts)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:14 {Okay}
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:14 *stares, getting flashbacks*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:14 [BTW, yes, I'm pretty sure Kaliste has had PTSD at at least some points of her lifetime. With everything she's been through that's a foregone conclusion. So yes, bad triggers = flashbacks for her. It's not fun to be her a lot of the time, to be honest...]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:15 (As I said, he's committed. He don't care(
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:15 [ https://youtu.be/0QqOdz8zjuk this song is bassically ikurian Alfies mood in a nutshell ]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:15 *Shyne looks up at him, and does what he says.*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:15 [At the very least she's been prone most of her life to chronic nightmares, which is definitely something that happens in PTSD.]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:16 *snaps out of it for a split second and utilizes that split second to look away**closes her eyes and breathes deeply*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:16 [altho Alfies mood song is not Saras style at all]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:17 *walks back over to Kaliste* hey
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:17 {Shyne will probably slip with those hooves of hers}
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:18 *goes over the steps they should be taking* A lot of this is simply mirroring what I do.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:18 *barely notices Sara*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:18 (They've both got hooves now. With time he could probably teach her to dance quite well on those hooves of hers)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:18 I... I see. I'll try to do well--
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 07:19 *has been trying to get Sara's attention**follows her and yanks on her hoodie gently*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:19 can...can I ask you soemthing?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:19 *nv,*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:19 {Oh boy! SHyne would probably catch herself with her magic}
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:19 *looks down at Kumo and kneels so she is eye level with him* Yes?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:20 *opens her eyes again, a bit jarred out of whatever rabbit hole her mind was going down by Sara's voice* Um...yes?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 07:20 Wanna dance? *smiles at her*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:21 (She can. Mayhem can also catch her. Your choice)
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:21 sure *smiles a bit and holds Kumos hands*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:22 {Either is fine, she wouldn't want to make a mistake.}
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 07:22 *tries to imitate a waltz he saw Midas and Leonore doing*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 07:23 *he feels like he's too short, so he makes himself float up a couple of feet in the air**giggles as he tries to dance in the air, holding her hands*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:23 You'll do fine. Just do what I do for now.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:23 Okay, thanks for this.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:24 *helps himself to a bunch of brownies*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:24 *smiles and chuckles a bit but if your looking you can see a deep sadness behind her smiling eyes*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:25 No problem at all. *goes over the rest of the swing dance steps* You think you're ready to try it for real?
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 07:25 *notices something's off in Sara's look and pauses* Are you okay?
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:25 *sits down* He really does catch a lot more flak than he deserves at times. He's a pretty temperamental guy.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:26 Maybe-- Hoof dancing is difficult---
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:26 *goes over to Katrin**Katrin points at the muzzle**she's borderline furious* Hm...I dunno, it looks good on ya... *a murderous glint enters Katrin's eyes* Okay, okay. *makes the muzzle disappear*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:26 yeah im ok
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:26 Yeah, it is. Practice makes perfect, though. You learn through your mistakes.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:26 *@ Blitz* Yeah.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:27 thank you for this dance *smiles and gently lets go of his hands and walks over to Kaliste*...Kaliste when....when you thought Eira was dead did you ever get over it?
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:27 This is weird...
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:27 *pauses*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:27 You know, flight dancing is way easier. Have you ever tried flightdancing?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:28 It's not so much getting over it as...learning to live with that reality...
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:28 It never goes away it just...it just doesn't hurt as much as decades go by...
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:28 No, I don't think I have. How does it go?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:29 *looks down**suddenly realizes she's close to tears**wonders why she went along and answered Sara's question--discussing Eira's death always leads to some sort of loss of control of her emotions*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:29 *sighs a bit and looks at kumo then back at her feet* I have a hard time being around kids that age
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:29 *is pretty focused on Valerian thoroughly confused about her existence*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:29 *looks at Sara, then at Kumo, tears in her eyes* For me it's four year-olds that get me...
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:30 It's a kind of free style of dance. Usually starting with spin or twirl. *Shyne starts to fly* You don't even have to touch anyone. You have to be good at improvising. It's the one dance I can do.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:30 Would you like to try it? There's plenty of room.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:30 *feels grateful that I made the dome freaking huge*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:31 I...I dont talk about my kids...Aron....didnt even know I had kids...
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:32 I see. Well it does clear the dance floor. I do think I've tormented Kaliste enough for one night. *transforms back into human form and floats up to Shyne's level*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 07:32 *sits down by Bubbles, bored again*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:32 Not that it was intentional...
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:32 *notices Mayhem turned back and is relieved, but she just pretends like nothing happened*
16>Bubbles (Soap Cat), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:32 this party isnt fun
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:33 *suddenly the music turns to Elvis again**is heard cackling*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:33 *screams and turns it back to Brahms*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:33 *turns it back to Elvis*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:34 *turns it to Brahms and teleports Midas to her* I OUGHTTA CHAIN YOU TO THE TOP OF THE DOME!!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:34 You like Elvis too you hypocrite!
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:34 I um...had 2 kids...back when I lived in the lab...
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:34 Haha, okay. SO, usually it starts by the two partners flying around each other. *Starts flying around him* Basically try to stay close to me, but avoid me. Then we can branch out and improvise off each other!
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:34 Changing the music like that throws off the dancing! Midas: That's the point. *smiles widely*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:34 (Brb gotta go home)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:35 {Okay!}
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:35 [OK.]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:35 Were they...yours, or given to you...?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:36 mine...my kids...they were twins a boy and a girl...
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:36 Hm...you wanna make this party fun? You know what to do. And it doesn't involve switching the music. Midas: It might. Leonore: I'm warning you...!! Midas: Or it might not. I'd be unpredictable at that point.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:37 Actually, that wouldn't even be me so you can't hold me responsible for whatever happens...
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:37 How'd you lose them?
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:38 Bullcrap. Now go do what you do best.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:39 Ahem... *goes over to R.C., Blitz, etc.* Don Mr. Dr. Sir Knight von Poopenschmirtz at your service! *bows*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:39 [This is not a gag for the party BTW. He's done this a whole lot on Finding Samantha Summers. >:D]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:39 [In a way he's kind of the comic relief there.]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:40 they...had checkups all the time at the lab sometimes on a daily basis...when they were 7 they went in for another one and they never came back....7 is when I died for the first time and they took me into the lab....they wanted to see...if they would be
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:40 like me
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:40 But you can just call me Poopy-Schmoopy. *winks fl*rtatiously*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:40 Interesting. *mimics Shyne's movement, flying around her*
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:40 *just glares at Midas*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:40 WHEEEE! *does a backflip*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:41 *runs and grabs the giant brownie bowl*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:41 The wink jusf kinda goes right over her head* Um, alright.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:41 *starts running around and throwing brownies at people*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:41 **
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:42 and since they were...trying to limit any variables...it was,,a high impact death. similar to mine.. *tears have been unknowingly slipping down her eyes as she has been speaking*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:42 *hesitates, on the brink of tears**then suddenly grabs Sara's hand and squeezes it supportively*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:42 *finally the tears fall down her face too* No one should ever have to go through what we did.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:43 No one in existence deserves that. Not even the worst of monsters.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:43 it has been over a century...and it still hurts just as much as the first day I lost them
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:43 *Shyne keeps track of him, and tries her best to improvise some flight- moves for them to do.*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:44 *deflects a brownie directed at her so it winds up flying towards Mayhem*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:44 *had started listening awhile back, but he keeps silent. He just looks at the ground with a distant look in his eyes*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:44 *gets struck hard in the heart by a brownie**collapses* Oh god!! My own creation...turned against me... *sticks tongue out, playing dead*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:45 The pain never goes away...it's just more about...reducing it...
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:45 *catches the brownie and drops it* Not a big fan of chocolate, actually. Also, the food fight is supposed to be trademarked.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:46 *said all this without stopping his dance*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:46  Secret message to Malaucay  
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:46  Secret message to Malaucay  
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:46 *Shyne catches the brownie and eats it* Food fight?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:47 im never having kids again
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:47 *Shyne also doesnt stop her dance momentum either*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:47 *sneaks up behind Katrin and dunks the rest of the brownie bowl on her*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:47 How did you-?!
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:47 Yeah, every Christmas there's a massive food fight. It all started with my former subordinate and a crazy monkey
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:48 Having the same 'Sona has its perks... *chuckles*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:48 *cackles and sits up*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:49 ...You see, this is why I used to go on murderous rampages.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:49 You mean you don't anymore?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:49 Whoa. I see. *Shyne spirals upward, her magic reacting to the excitement of the dance.*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:49 *notices the tears and wipes them quickly* Ah any...anyway how is Eira doing?
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:49 I can neither confirm nor deny. That's besides the point.
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:49 *Valeria crawls over to Saxon and lies down again, resting her head near him so he could pet her*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:50 She's much better.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:50 Oh, your magic resonates with emotion?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:50 She likes to travel a lot.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:50 *wipes away tears as well*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:50 Oh-- *Looks up at her now 'sparking' horn* Oh, yeah, I guess.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:51 *lightly pets Valeria's head. She looks at him as if asking him what's wrong, but he just shakes his head and says quietly, "it's nothing"*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:51 *Midas is gone and the music switches back to a Rick roll* YOU'VE DONE THAT JOKE ALREADY YOU SICK BLEEP! *switches it back to Brahms(
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 07:51 **
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:51 Awesome! Not many creatures in Irakurri have that trait anymore.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:52 *notices Saxon and Valeria* She likes you?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:52 thats good glad she is doing better
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:52 I think she recognises we both come from the same place.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:52 Oh, really?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:52 *nods a little to both Saxon and Sara*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:53 *feels a bit impulsive since she also feels depressed**@ Saxon* Why don't we dance while we're here?
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:53 We don't need the dance floor...we can just do it here.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:53 Yeah, it was quite prominent in the creatures of Kvetti, a planet full of crystalline beings who mirrored the gods.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:54 *closes her eyes and breathes deeply for a few moments at the mention of Kvetti*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:54 Haha! My magic is crystalline! Can't say I mirror a god though.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:54 Alright. *stands up. Valeria begins to reach out, but quickly cuts herself off, so her movement looks more like she's just readjusting herself*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 07:55 *@ Bubbles* Want to see a trick?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:55 *smiles* Who's to say you aren't one? You did just somehow break through into a pocket between universes.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 07:56 Don't let the idea inflate your ego, though. You'll end up like my family.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:56 *gets up**once she starts dancing she realizes she has a lot of pent up energy**realizes that she might've even felt like punching somebody with all the negative triggers (Katrin, Mayhem, discussion of Eira etc.) around*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:58 *says casually to various females as he passes by* Any glorious maidens in need of saving? Poopenschmirtz specializes in the rescue of damsels in distress.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:58 *@ Blitz* How about you? ^.^
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:58 Orrrr you? *points to Katrin, who looks at him borderline murderously* Or not you.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 07:58 *Smiles a bit more than she already was. Her magic ripples through her for a moment* Naah, *Waves her paw at him, but is very appreciative of the compliment* I'm just a mortal with powers.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 07:58 Yes, not you is highly preferable.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 07:59 *approaches Midas, her hands and eyes beginning to glow with magic**smirks, growing slightly bigger*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 07:59 How about no?
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:00 we are leaving goodbye *telaports away with Sara and Bubbles*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:00 *starts backing away* I've never appreciated "not you" more in all my life.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:00 Okay Katrin, that's enough now...there's a truce.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:00 *sighs and shrinks back down*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:01 *@ R.C. and co.* Aww, bye
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:01 *!
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 08:01 *looks a bit upset that Bubbles left**he liked Bubbles*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 08:01 *also doesn't like that Sara is gone*
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 08:01 Oh, okay..
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Mar.31 08:01 Bye..
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:02 You never really know.
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 08:02 *gets up and walks around, looking around at everybody, lonely**winds up wandering over to Valeria since she's near where he last saw Sara*
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 08:02 *looks at her curiously*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:03 Perhaaaps, but why should I care? Don't want to end up becoming like any of our families.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:03 *there's clearly a lot on his mind, but he just looks a lot more distant than sad*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:03 *feels better when it switches to a much faster Hungarian Dance**this allows her to get out a lot of her pent up energy*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:03 Exactly.
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:04 *says quietly while they dance* Are you alright? What are you thinking about?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:04 *Shyne continues to pleasantly dance with Malaucay*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:04 Neither of our families deserve the luxury of having us around.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:04 {Hold up, bathroom break, y
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:04 --y'all}
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:04 *his look concerns her*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:04 [Okie dokie.]
7>Kumo (Agravus Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.31 08:05 *squats down in front of Valeria**looks around as if to check if anybody's watching**then slowly reaches out to her*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:06 Aww, now there's less people to torment... Katrin: For once you sound like me. Congratu-[BLEEP]in'-lations.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:06 I'm just thinking about what Sara was talking about, Valeria's existence, Vulkanisch. A lot of things, really.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:06 Not.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:06 {I'm back~}
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:07 (Ayo!)
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:07 Don't pull a "not" joke on Poopenschmirtz. Only Poopenschmirtz pulls "not" jokes-- Katrin: Says who? Midas: Says Poopenschmirtz. Katrin:...You're retarded.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:07 [Welcome back! ^.^ XD]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:08 [Oh my god, I just realized that Midas and Katrin make great foils for each other...oh no...now I'm going to have to always bring them both to any and all parties like this... XD]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:08 Yeah, they don't want to see me. Not when I have the ability to drag them to the star and see how hot it is.
13>R.C (sona), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:08 [R.C cant take Midas "Jokes" anymore]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:10 [Honestly his jokes on Finding Samantha Summers are way better. There are butt-tons of FSS moments that are 10,000 times funnier. It's just hard to create the proper setting for Midas to basically do his magic without his friends around.]
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:10 [Trust me, if Josh and co. were still around things would be much funnier. He has great dynamics with the other FSS characters that allow for hilarious moments galore.]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:10 Or how cold they can be.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:11 Hehehe. Yeah!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:11 *@ Leonore* You know...this just doesn't feel right without Josh and the others around... Leonore: I know. :/
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:11 We don't need or want them.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:12 We have better things to do!
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:12 At least your dynamic with Katrin is decent...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:12 No we don't!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:12 (Malaucay meant to say that lol)
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:12 I wouldn't call that decent. I'd call it something more like in-need-of-restraining-order.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:13 (Nvm)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:13 (XD I missed the last message anyway)
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:13 Restraining orders don't do crap to me, hon... *smirks maliciously*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:13 Lemme make a revision...in-need-of-first-plane-ticket-to-Siberia.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:14 Yeah! Who needs them and their ridiculous rules?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:14 {XD}
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:15 *sighs* Let's try not to think about things like that...at least for one night... *BTW, yes, the afternoon sky has since become sunset, and twilight is just setting in*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:15 Mhm!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:15 I'm mostly wondering what else was kept from my knowledge and why Nixon would rescue another subject. In a way, of course.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:15 *said that before Kaliste responded*
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:16 This is meant to be a party... *holds Saxon close while dancing with him**the music has slowed down, and she is beginning to relax a little*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:16 *nods* alright.
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:16 *Shyne's magic is currently glowing with Shyne's excitement, and specks of crystals are appearing on her8
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:16 Sounds fun. When are you going?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:17 Be right back! *flies down and steals Saxon's guitar while he's dancing then flies back up and plays the instrumental to "East Bound and Down" with two shadow arms while he continues dancing*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:17 It wasn't intended for me, though, um, *Katrin is summoning magic again* I heard Antarctica is a really nice place too.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:18 (East Bound and Down is a fast-paced, fun song by. Jerry Reed)
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:18 *notices what Mayhem did and stares for a moment, sort of having a "Did he just do what I think he did?" moment**doesn't say anything since she's actively trying to relax*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:19 {I'm listening to it right now}
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:19 {:P}
11>Kaliste (Human), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:19 [Ah, okay.]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:19 (As am I. I might watch the movie this was written for tonight. Smokey and the Bandit is a great movie)
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:20 *Shyne begins to do a lot of spirals, and would sometime make it look like she was trotting in midair* This is pretty upbeat!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:20 Look a banana! *Katrin doesn't look, just raises an eyebrow*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:20 {I've never heard of it :0}
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:20 Oh wait, that's your nose, sorry...wait what? Look a...banana...
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:20 Excuse you?
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:21 Right? Long live planet Earth, the one and only party planet!
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:21 *the second banana was most definitely real**balances it on Katrin's head**is behind her*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:21 *she and Midas start laughing stupidly*
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:21 *looks at Leonore* Excuse you too?
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:22 Earth? Never heard of that planet!
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:22 *laughs even harder since Katrin doesn't notice what she did*
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:22 (I've got it on Vudu if you wanna watch it. It depends on what kind of films you like. It's a pretty old movie, but not black and white. Heckin funny)
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:22 We're [BLEEP] morons... *laughs harder*
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:22 {Perhaps, not sure though.}
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:22 Wait wait wait, like Three Stooges caliber morons? Midas: YES!
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:23 Really? You have gotta visit sometime! On second thought... The humans there are primitive and would likely mistake you for a demon. Not a good idea, but fun if you enjoy tormenting them!
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:23 (I'll maybe send you a short clip.)
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:24 *stands beside Leonore**he and Leonore say in unison: "We are morons tried and true, and we'll do our yell for you!" and then proceed to make fiendishly brainless sounds*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:24 [I have a short clip to send you myself...]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Mar.31 08:24 [ https://youtu.be/9LBasxQ9Nyc ]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:24 Oh boy. Maybee~
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:25 {Sure!}
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:26 Dear god...
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:27 If this is really what you--a Fursonia--are like all the time, the multiverse is doomed.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:27 A fun little vacation on Earth. You know, it'd be fun to make some more urban legends for them.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Mar.31 08:27 I'm not sure whether I love it or hate it, so all I have to say is [BLEEP] you.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:28 You're welcome.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:29 [I'm getting to the point where I gtg...it's super late and I'm very tired...I recall last year we decided to do the ball for more than one day. Are you guys up for that, or are you good/through?]
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:30 Ooooo! I'd love to be an urban legend! The Horned Beast!
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:31 {I am fine with doing this again tomorrow}
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:32 (We can continue tomorrow, yes. Ill be on the other one as well, too)
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Mar.31 08:32 [Okie dokie. We'll continue tomorrow, then! See you! *offline*]
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.31 08:32 Yes, I can see you making a great new urban legend on Earth! They'll be talking of your existence for generations!
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:32 {I really like Malaucay's and Shyne's interactions.}
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:33 Hehe, yeah!
6>Shyne (Demka (Sona)), 16yo.2019,Mar.31 08:33 {I better go as well; It's 1:30am here}
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 04:25 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late, I was busy. Replies will be a bit slow; my computer is being slow.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 04:37 You could make a superhero team on Earth...Wendigo Dude and Beast Girl.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 04:37 *whispers to Blitz* More like Half Shadow Beard Wendigo Dude...
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Apr.1 04:39 Oh, I am the cause of more legends than just wendigos.
9>Blitz (Sona), .yo.2019,Apr.1 04:39 I'll say.
2>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Apr.1 04:39 I don't see anyone else trying to pull off facial hair.
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 04:44 *returns through the portal with the rest of my characters*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 04:49 Hey! :D
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 04:50 Good thing you got here, Midas has been lonely.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 04:51 SANCHO PANZA!! *runs and hugs Josh*
4>Joan (Human), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 04:54 Oh. *chuckles a little* Eleanor: *does a playful eye roll* We all know how that goes.
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Apr.1 04:54 Donny Q! *gives Midas a slap on the back*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 04:55 That's Donny P to you! Or Poopy-Schmoopy. ^.^ *slaps Josh on the back too*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 04:56 You must help me, I am surrounded by heathens! No one here appreciates Elvis or poor Don Quixote ripoffs!
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 05:02 *gasps in shock*
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Apr.1 05:05 *smirks a little* Oh no. That sounds awful.
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Apr.1 05:05 How have you been surviving here if thatís the case?
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 05:06 *is trying to follow along with what Midas and Josh are talking about, but sheís failing*
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 05:14 Just barely!
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 05:14 *says quietly* I'm pretty sure she wants to kill me... *gestures towards Katrin*
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Apr.1 05:18 *turns around and looks at Katrin for a few moments* Yeah. She looks like that type.
10>Katrin (Goddess), ...yo.2019,Apr.1 05:22 Don't consider yourself so privileged, there's a lot of people here I wouldn't mind disposing of.
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 05:25 *suddenly turns to Reagan* Would mademoiselle give Don Mr. Dr. Sir Knight von Poopenschmirtz the honorable privilege of having this dance with you? *bows and holds out a hand courteously*
17>Reagan (-), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 05:27 *grins sort of fl*rtatiously* Of course... *takes his hand and sashays over to him*
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Apr.1 05:28 *raises his eyebrows at Katrinís response*
15>Josh (-), 19yo.2019,Apr.1 05:28 (I have to go now, see you! )
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 05:34 [Dang, bye!]
8>Midas (Human), 21yo.2019,Apr.1 05:35 *dances for a little while with Reagan before Leonore again escorts Joan and her characters back through the portal*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 06:56 *the music ends shortly after Midas finished dancing* Well...I exhausted my Brahms Hungarian Dances soundtrack, and it's about time to wrap this event up anyway.
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 06:56 Thank you all for participating! It was wonderful having you here. Hopefully we'll have an even better ball next year! ^.^ *opens an exit portal*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 06:58 *once everyone has left, she sends all her characters back to their respective worlds*
1>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 18yo.2019,Apr.1 06:58 ~THE BALL HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED! THANKS FOR PLAYING! :D~