" Stargate " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 16 years of age.
It is far into our future, and Earth has finally realized, they aren't alone in the galaxy. So, this roleplay is going to be a science fiction roleplay, about a team of people from each of the planets of our solar system, chasing something known as the Stargate, a brilliant star with the power to grant any wish without any consequences or tricks. However, a corrupt alien race is also after the Stargate, with evil intentions. Now, it's a race against time to see who will get their wish first. Will you become the hero, or will you be the traitorous villain?

1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:38 Hello! Welcome to my new and first ever Science Fiction Roleplay Game!
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:39 The description doesn't really give the game justice, since I'm terrible when it comes to plot summaries and such, so I'll do a better job of explaining here!
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:40 The "main plot device" is something called the Stargate, which is actually a large society built around something called The Wishing Star.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:41 It has the ability to grant any wish, no matter what, with zero consequences or tricks.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:42 All of the main "good guys" are people from each of the planets, with a deep secret which will be the reason for their wish. They all want to get to the Wishing Star, so they band together to form a team to find it.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:42 A problem occurs with the "sub plot", and this is where the "bad guys" come in.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:44 The main bad guys, an alien race known as the Tetrus, want to take over the galaxy. They hear about a strange prophecy, which is actually about the unknowing team, and plan to get to the Wishing Star first, and then destroy the team.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:44 They'll go on lot's of really cool classical sci fi adventures, and remember, the main point of this is to enjoy the game!
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:45 Now that the description is over with, I'll go into a little more detail about some things.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:45 First of all being, the good guys.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:45 I mentioned that they all come from different planets, and I meant what I said.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:46 Here's how it goes. In the future, the planets have all either been taken over by Earth, or alien races.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:46 Each of the planets will sport a main good guy.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:47 Here's the description of each of the planets:
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:48 Mercury: the planet closest to the sun. It was the last planet to be taken over by humans. It's currently going through a strange era, which is pretty much what it would have been like if the medieval ages had had modern day tech.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:49 The people there are living in a medieval era, but they're also completely cyborg. They're half human, half robot.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:50 Venus: Earth's twin sister. It was also one of the planets taken over by Earth. It features what it would be if Earth were a utopian society.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:51 The people there have a strange technology called The Hive Mind, which makes it so that everyone after the age of ten shares the same brain. It makes everyone happy and perfect, in exchange for their freedom and will.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:52 Every so often, though there's a person who's mind resists the Hive Mind, and they're either killed, or made outcasts.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:53 It may seem odd, but everyone really wants to be part of the Hive Mind, and it's considered strange if you don't.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:54 Mars: One of the only planets shared by humans and aliens alike. It has many natural resources, making it valuable to the whole solar system.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:55 Because it has so much diversity in culture and ways, there is currently a civil war going on, one side wanting the planet to belong to the humans, one wanting to belong to the aliens, and one wanting it to remain a mixed planet.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:56 It is run by something called The Council, which oversees that everything is peaceful, and has an even mixture of aliens and humans.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:59 Jupiter: nicknamed "The Military Planet", this is one run primarily by aliens. These aliens look like humans, except that their hair is color changing, their ears are pointed, and they have a third eye on their forehead, giving them telekinetic powers...
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:01 ...and other abilities. Jupiter is the enforcer of law throughout the galaxy, and children are typically brought up in military schools, trained to be warriors from the time they're three.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:03 Saturn: the mystic planet. This planet is also run by aliens.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:04 This planet is strongly associated with time, and it's people hold time as a sacred art.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:06 They look humanoid in figure, but are otherwise very different. They have bright indigo eyes, and short indigo hair, with light purple skin. They have two sets of arms, and also have three pairs of Seraphim wings.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:13 Neptune: the ocean planet. Ruled by aliens, this planet is very strange indeed. It's made as if it were almost inside out, with the ocean being it's sky.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:15 The only people that can live here, are the aliens. They have long silky black hair, and look fairly humanoid, but are also very fishlike. They have gray skin, sometimes with scales, and silvery eyes. They also have gills, and webbed hands and feet.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:17 Their planet has two governing bodies, one called the Kingdom of Atlantis, and the other the Kingdom of Poseidon. The Kingdom of Atlantis ended up kidnapping the heir to the throne of Poseidon when she was a baby, brought up as the heir to Atlantis.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:21 Uranus: king star of the heavens. This planet has a deep and rich culture.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:22 It was originally inhabited by Earth, until it was found out there were already natives living there, and they weren't friendly. These aliens look like humans, only they are pure white, with golden tranclusent wings.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:23 They hold their planet sacred, believing it to be the king of the heavens. They pleaded that Earth leave it to rest.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:23 Earth, was at first unmoved, but after strange events started happening, they were swayed. They made a peace treaty with the aliens, and now the two planets are on very friendly terms.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:24 Pluto: The Forgotten Planet. Even now, poor Pluto is considered to be the laughing stalk of the galaxy.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:25 It is ruled by aliens, mostly because Earth doesn't like it. The aliens have an icy sheen to them, and have laughing ice blue eyes.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:26 They have power over blue fire, ice, and have the ability to shape shift, thanks to a special element found in their bones.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:26 They always feel as if they have something to prove, since almost no one even knows Pluto exists.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:27 They're very light hearted though, and joke a lot.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:27 Finally, Earth: The Lost Planet.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:28 In this future, Earth is known as The Lost Planet, because of all the war and death caused in it.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:29 The main good guy from Earth has power over Earth Manipulation, a "lost" power, that may be good...or may cause even more pain and destruction.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:30 And yeah, that's it for the planet descriptions. So, you can make your good guy based on that! (by the way, the good guys will be between 15 and 19, unless your the character from Venus, in which case the character is ten)
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:30 Now, just a little more on the bad guys.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:31 The Tetrus race is a humanoid one, that have midnight black skin, and deep purple hair, and violet eyes. They control Antimatter, a dark energy. It is powered strongly by their fear and hatred.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:32 They are led by their king, named Lord Hades, who is the king of the Underworld.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:32 Feel free to also make a Tetrus character. They can be either good or evil.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:33 And lastly, how to set up the character. I'll make an example of my character, Dusty.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:35 (Name: Dusty (derived from his original name "Stardust") Age: Fifty+, Powers/Skills: Warrior, good with a sword, can grant wishes, Race: Stargate, Alliance: Good, Appearance: Silver hair from age, and baby blue eyes, wears a white uniform, Personality:
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:36 Calm, mature, wise, sad, Quick Background Story: Dusty escaped from Stargate, after finding out the truth about it. After learning about the new prophecy, he becomes the guardian of the team.
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:37 )
1>Dusty (Guardian), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 18:37 So, that's it. Feel free to ask questions along the way. Please, join and have fun!
5>Trinity (Venus), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 18:56 (I'm going to take the character from Venus!)
5>Trinity (Venus), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 18:58 (Name: Trinity, Age: 10, Powers/Skills: can use a gun, fairly skilled in fighting, her mind is resistant to any sort of weird system, Race: Human, Planet: Venus, Alliance: Good, Appearance: Boy short plain brown hair, and brown eyes, wears a small brown
5>Trinity (Venus), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 18:59 shirt and brown pants, with plain brown boots. Personality: Very sassy and defiant, acts like a spoiled princess a lot, is also very sweet though, and can show a nicer kinder side to her friends, Quick Background Story:
5>Trinity (Venus), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 19:00 When she was ten, she was supposed to take the Hive Mind System, which she looked forward to like everyone else. Then, she met a stranger from Earth, who befriended her, and taught her that it's good to be different and unique. She later found out that
5>Trinity (Venus), 10yo.2015,Jan.21 19:02 she was resistant to the Hive Mind, and when they were going to kill her, the stranger sacrficed himself for her, allowing her to flee. Now, she's on the run from her planet, and is the kid from the prophecy from Venus)