" The Downfall of Man- an Apocalypse RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 18 years of age.
With the Apocalypse at hand, certain fictional characters must join forces- whether they want to or not- to survive. However, with the constant threat of bad guys, will they be able to survive this Apocalypse- if there even IS one? Please join this epic RP to find out!

1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:50 Hey guys! Welcome to my newest RP, The Downfall of Man!
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:51 First of all, some rules. 1. The Basics: No fighting, arguing, anything innapropriate, or extreme swearing. However, if you have the urge to swear, just use (BLEEP) or something
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:51 *.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:52 This RP is mainly about fictional characters in an Apocalypse, but I don't really care who you choose! It can be someone real, fake...I don't mind. Anything that makes this place random.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:53 Also, please have bad guys! Weather they be huge super villains or not so huge.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:56 Captain America is the leader, so don't try and butt in! In other words...NO power playing!! That's a huge no-no on here, as well as all of my games.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:56 Once your are done, you will roll the dice for the following....
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:56 EXPERIENCE- USE 1-16 DICE
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:57 SURVIVAL INSTINCT- USE 1-20 DICE
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:57 STRENGTH- USE 1-100 DICE
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 20:57 I will give you points for all of these!
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:06 (Katniss Everdeen: she's the Girl on Fire from The Hunger Games film/book series. She has dark brown hair in a braid, and this time she wears her hunting jacket, black pants, and boots.)
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:06 (She can be sort of cold towards others, but she proves to be a good friend as well as a great leader.)
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:07 (Weapon of choice: bow and arrows.)
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:07  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=12  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:08 (Survival instinct= 12. She's pretty good at hunting and surviving in the wilderness due to being in two back-to-back Hunger Games. )
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:08 *Experience
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 21:09   + 12 Experience points to Katniss  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:09  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=14  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:10 (Survival instinct=14. As stated above, she's been in two Hunger Games, forcing her to make do in the wilderness.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 21:10   + 14 Survival instinct points to Katniss  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:11 (Strength=55. She's survived the Hunger Games, killed a few people in the arena, and isn't afraid to stand up to government officials and stuff. E.g. President Snow.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 21:11   + 55 Strength points to Katniss  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 21:12 (Oh, and I'll have everyone roll the 1-10 dice for weakness.)
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:12  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=5  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jun.29 21:14 (Weakness=5. Although strong, she has her weaknesses- suffering from the trauma after the Battles, being torn between Gale and Peeta, trying to help her mom and Prim survive, and even being a leader towards Panem can wear her down a bit.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 21:14   + 5 Weakness points to Katniss  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:43 (Next up is Margo, from the book Paper Towns. It's going to be a movie in around a month or so. Margo wears a black hoodie, jeans, and regular sneakers. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes.)
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:44 (Margo is basically a huge question mark that nobody knows the answer to. She loved mysteries, but one day - after fulfilling a revenge plot - she wiped off the face of the Earth for awhile.)
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:45 (Margo is known to enjoy a good adventure, is obviously pretty stealthy, and is also smart.)
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:46  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=8  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:46 (Experience= 8. She's ran away from home twice - one time she drove to Alabama and the other time to New York - so she's had her share of experience, at least on the road.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 22:47   + 8 Experience points to Margo  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:47  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:48 (Survival instinct= 6. Even though Margo escaped twice, road trips are generally safe and you can survive them easily.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 22:48   + 6 Survival instinct points to Margo  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=40  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:49 (Strength= 40. Margo has more agility than strength, but don't underestimate her...)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 22:49   + 40 Strength points to Margo  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:50  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=8  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:51 (Weakness=8. Margo tends to lie a lot which can get her in trouble, she hasn't really been in an apocalyptic situation, and she
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.29 22:51 *she doesn't use her fists a lot.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jun.29 22:51   + 8 Weakness points to Margo  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:04 [Hi! I decided to join!]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:05 [Beatrice "Tris" Prior, from the Divergent books/movie series. She wears the black Dauntless faction clothes and has long blonde hair that is often up in a ponytail.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:06 [She was born and raised in dystopian Chicago, where there are four factions based on the citizens' aptitudes (Erudite=smart, Candor=honest, Dauntless=brave, Amity=loving, and Abnegation=selfless). When she took a test to see what faction she would be in,
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:07 her results were inconclusive-she was brave, smart, AND selfless, and was thus Divergent (her personality was more complex and she can be from more than one faction) and a threat to the system.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:07 [Tris is very brave and sometimes selfless to the point of practically committing suicide to save her friends. She is also very smart; she notices specific things that other less smart people don't.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:08  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=1  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:08 [Experience=1. I actually have NO explanation at all on why her experience is this low...]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:08  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=11  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:10 [Survival instinct=11. She has survived a lot; she managed to survive when the Dauntless, being controlled by the Erudite, tried to destroy the Abnegation, she survived when the Erudite did tests on her like she was a lab rat, and she also has been on the
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:10 run.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:10 [She has had plenty of training in hand-to-hand combat, knife-throwing, and using guns. Though very agile, she is pretty strong.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:11 *[Strength=56. She has had plenty of training... (etc.)
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:11  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=7  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:12 [Weakness=7. Though she's strong, she has been through several traumatic experiences (the death of her parents, Erudite experimenting on her, the Dauntless destroying the Abnegation, etc.) and her selflessness can be a bit of weakness; she once considered
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:13 killing herself to save her friends. In fact, she's probably considered this MANY times, so she's pretty much a bit of a bleeding heart.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:16 [Teleka, my own made-up mutant who lives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: She has long dark blonde hair, strange violet eyes, and wears a black bodysuit that has a purple hue to it.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:17 [She grew up as a normal (sort of) little girl with extraordinarily powerful telekinetic abilities. Thanos, an evil alien, wanted to use her power for his own gain, so he sent his robot minions after her. His minions succeeded in killing her family, but
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:18 upon seeing the downfall of her family Teleka lost control of her powers and destroyed the robots by accident. She then ended up in several foster homes, but her powerful abilities kept causing mayhem.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:19 [Finally, at the age of 13, she ran away and formed a group of young, homeless, fun-loving "rogue" type mutants known as The Bandits. Only a couple months later, after she turned 14 years old, she and The Bandits joined the X-Men and began to live a much
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:20 better life. Teleka went on many life-changing adventures, and among them she was separated from the X-Men and became affiliated with The Avengers; thus Captain America already knows her.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:20 [Now she's with the team of fictional/made-up survivors.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:21 [She is pretty complex in personality for such a young person, but overall she's brave, fun-loving, and EXTREMELY compassionate; she would do anything to save one of her friends in a heartbeat.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:21  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=13  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:22 [Experience=13. She's trained with the X-Men and The Avengers to control her powers and fight crime. She's also surprisingly smart for her age and has been through a LOT.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:22  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=11  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:22 [Survival instinct=11. Again, she's been through a lot and is already accustomed to danger.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:24 [Strength=93. Because she was born with the power of telekinesis (she can control/move ANYTHING she wants) and one of her ancestors was an ancient being that obtained and guarded the purple Power Infinity Stone (and that means Teleka inherited some of her
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:25 ancestor's power that came from the Stone and thus Teleka's powers have been "put on steroids"/they are WAYYY more powerful than most other supernatural forces) her powers are EXTREMELY strong.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:25  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=7  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:27 [Weakness=7. Despite Teleka's great power, knowledge, and experience, she has her flaws. Some of them come from an inner anger and grudge she holds from her family's and her foster families' destruction. She mainly blames it on herself, but after finding
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 03:28 out that Thanos was mainly responsible for her tragic past she has lost control and tried to unleash her inner anger on him. Another weakness is that, like Tris, she loves all her friends deeply and is a bleeding heart.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:30 [Magneto, from the X-Men film series. He has gray hair and wears his usual cool outfit w/ the helmet, cape, etc.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:31 [Magneto was a survivor of the Holocaust and ever since he has been known as a somewhat murderous mutant who is determined to survive and make the mutant race superior to the humans.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:32 [Though he was once friend of Charles Xavier, founder of "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters" (a mutant school and safe haven) and the X-Men (a group of mutants/superheroes who try to guard the world, survive, etc.), their differing opinions on what to
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:33 do about how humans descriminate mutants separated them, for Xavier wanted to peacefully coexist with the humans while Magneto wanted to dominate and/or destroy them.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:34 [Though Magneto has been an antihero and a superhero in a few movies, he'll be strictly a villain in this RP. He has powerful magnetic abilities that allow him to control metal. Other than having strong powers, he also has the mind of a genius.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:34  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=3  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:34 [Experience=3. Though he is very smart and has been through a lot, he has his flaws.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:35  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:35 [Survival instinct=6. I don't actually know why his score is so low since he is a big survivor.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:35 [Strength=14. Okay, let's just say that the Dice are lying.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:35  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=6  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:36 [Okay, I'm re-rolling. First I get two 7's and now I get a 6...sheesh.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:36  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=4  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 03:36 [Weakness=4. Again, he has his flaws (e.g. he's old, he sometimes pushes things too far, etc.), but he's supposed to be more strong than weak.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:41 [My last good guy:The 16 year-old version of Pi, from the movie Life of Pi. He is lean, has dark skin, black hair, and dark eyes.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:42 [Pi and his family originally owned a zoo in India, but when they moved to Canada with their animals by boat there was a storm and the ship sunk. Pi and a Bengal Tiger were the only survivors. After months of surviving, making amazing discoveries, and
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:44 more, Pi and the tiger made it to the shores of Mexico. The tiger ran off into the jungle and Pi never saw him again. Meanwhile, Pi carried on with his life by moving to Canada and soon having a family. He lived on in peace.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:44 [Of course, in this RP, we're going to say that he did not live on in peace and the apocalypse came only a little bit after he made it to Mexico. Anyway, Pi is hopeful, curious, and thoughtful. He often contemplates about life and religion.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:45  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=7  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:46 [Experience=7. He's still young (and hence his Experience is a little lower than average) but he knows how to take care of animals, has some knowledge about life and its big questions, and survived for months and months out in the ocean with a tiger.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:46  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=1  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:46 [Survival instrict=1. I have NO idea why it has that score; he survived really well for months and should have plenty of survival instincts.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:47 [Strength=52. He made it through a lot during his time with the tiger on the lifeboat and has plenty of endurance and thus some strength.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:47  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=6  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:48 [Weakness=6. He has some flaws-he misses his family and India a lot, and he has had a few breakdowns while in the lifeboat where he has lost all hope. But luckily, he can recover from these things quickly.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:49 [Actually, I changed my mind about Tris. I don't want to be her in this RP; however, I might bring her back later. However, you can feel free to take her as if she was your character.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 03:51 [Wait, nvm AGAIN. I'm keeping Tris.]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:56 ["Smiley" Miley Cyrus, a popstar and bad guy from real life. You can look up a pic of her if you want to know what she looks like if you don't know what she looks like yet; just beware because there are pretty bad pics of her out there. O_O]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:57 [Miley originally was the actress who played as Hannah Montana (ugh), but after she quit playing as that role she completely changed. Now she's wild, independent, and is a very well-known popstar.]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:57 [She'll be a bad guy in this RP. She's annoying, wild, sings at random, and swears (A LOT).]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:57  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=3  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:58 [Experience=3. She has done nothing athletic and can sing (badly) and act and do WEIRD stuff, but that's it.]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:58  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=18  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:59 [Survival instinct=18. Not sure where that score came from, but I guess she has a strong will to live, is a bit selfish, and more.]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:59 [Strength=87. I guess she's a good fighter or something...I don't know... o_o]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 03:59  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=4  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 04:00  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=7  [Wrong dice]
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 04:00 [Weakness=7. She has no real fighting or surviving experience, and she relies on others a lot in terms of that sort of stuff.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:23   + 1 Experience points to Tris  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:24 (Hey! I decided to join!)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:24   + 11 Survival instinct points to Tris  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:24 (Awesome! Thanks for joining!)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:24   + 56 Strength points to Tris  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:25   + 7 Weakness points to Tris  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:25 (Hawkeye aka Clint Barton. He is in both avengers movie and always tries to bring the team together even though they spend most their time arguijng)
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:25 (Arguing)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:25   + 13 Experience points to Teleka  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:26   + 11 Survival instinct points to Teleka  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:26 (Same as Katniss: Bow and Arrow)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:26   + 93 Strength points to Teleka  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:26  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=7  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:27   + 7 Weakness points to Teleka  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:27 (Experience=7. He's pretty strong and smart.)
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:28  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=9  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:28   + 3 Experience points to Magneto  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:28 (Survival Instinct=9. He's fought some strong people in his times and honestly that score doesn't seem correct. XD)
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=40  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:29   + 6 Survival instinct points to Magneto  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:29   + 14 Strength points to Magneto  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:29 (Strength= 40. He may at times seem weak, but he's really good with his bow and arrows.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:29   + 4 Weakness points to Magneto  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:30 [Here is my last character:Liberty Valance, from the VERY famous Wild West movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (which, by the way, stars John Wayne and James Stewart). Wears a cowboy/bandit type outfit and has guns.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:30   + 7 Experience points to Pi  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:31 (Giving Pi 20 Survival points because I read the book and he's definitely a survivor.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:31 [Liberty Valance is the head of an outlaw gang. He is very independent, dangerous, and mean. He thinks the law is a joke and beats up/kills anyone who annoys him or gets in his way.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:31   + 20 Survival instinct points to Pi  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:31 [@ P+J:OK, thanks for the free points! I've seen the movie but haven't read the book, BTW.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:31   + 52 Strength points to Pi  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:32   + 6 Weakness points to Pi  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:33 [Anyway, Liberty Valance constantly terrorizes and victimizes the little town of Shinbone. He is only stopped when Ranse Stoddard (played by James Stewart) seemingly kills him in a duel; however, it later turns out that Tom Doniphon (John Wayne) actually
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:33   + 3 Experience points to Miley Cyrus  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:33 shot him and Ranse's shot missed.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:33   + 18 Survival instinct points to Miley Cyrus  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:33  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=15  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:33   + 87 Strength points to Miley Cyrus  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:34   + 7 Weakness points to Miley Cyrus  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:34 [Experience=15. He's been an outlaw for a while and is pretty skilled at being a bandit. He's great at fighting.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:34   + 7 Experience points to Hawkeye  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:34  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=10  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:34   + 9 Survival instinct points to Hawkeye  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:34   + 40 Strength points to Hawkeye  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:35 [Survival instinct=10. He and his outlaws aren't civilized and are probably used to survival. His survival instincts are only average, however, because he often thinks he is unstoppable.]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:35  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=11  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  [Wrong dice]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:35 [Strength=63. He's stronger than usual because of his experience in being an outlaw and fighting and such.]
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36 (Wolverine: He is pretty funny, smart, athletic, strong and just one fun guy to be around. He has claws that extended from his hands that are full on metal. Also has a deep hatred for Magneto)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36   + 15 Experience points to Liberty Valance  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36 [MESSAGE TO JACK: You forgot to roll the 10-sided Dice to get your Weakness points.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36   + 10 Survival instinct points to Liberty Valance  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=10  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36   + 63 Strength points to Liberty Valance  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:36 (Oh yeah thanks!)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:37   + 10 Weakness points to Liberty Valance  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:37   + 10 Experience points to Wolverine  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:37 (Experience: 10. He's had a lot of fighting experiences with bad guys.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:37 [Weakness=10. Though Valance is very strong, he is very arrogant, controlling, and prideful, which was his downfall in the end. He can push things too far and get in trouble with a lot of people (not that he cares).]
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:38  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:38 (Weakness: 10. Like every character, he has weaknesses too.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:38 [OK, I'm done. Sorry if I hogged most of the slots, there are just so many characters I like. XP]
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:38  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=10  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:39 [No Jack, I meant you forgot to roll HAWKEYE'S Weakness dice.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:39   + 10 Weakness points to Wolverine  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:39 (Ignore that rolling 16 dice.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:39 [Also, you already rolled the 16-sided Dice.]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:39 [Nvm that.]
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:39 (I am doing it soon! XP)
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:39  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=14  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:40 (Survival: 14. He has some pretty smarts survival instincts and knows good guys from bad guys.)
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:41   + 14 Survival instinct points to Wolverine  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:41 (Strength: 4. WOW! XD.. Well that dice is absolutely wrong.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:41   + 99 Strength points to Wolverine  (I'm giving Wolverine 99 strength points, 4 does NOT fit.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:41 [Yeah, I got similar results with Magneto. XP]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:42 [I don't mean to be greedy or jealous, but can you give Magneto a few bonus strength points? Magneto's DEFINITELY stronger than 14...]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:42 [Something like 10 extra points is fine.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=89  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:43   + 89 Strength points to Magneto  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:43  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=3  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 04:43 (Weakness: 3. Sounds accurate. I mean he's not that weak.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:43   + 3 Weakness points to Hawkeye  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:44 [WHOA!!! Wow...thanks for that many extra points! :)]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:44 [BTW, have you guys seen "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?"]
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:44 (Ok, gotta introduce my characters real quick! Grandma- she's from a weird Twilight Zone episode I saw once. Okay, so Grandma had a dear grandchild, Billy. Well she gave Billy a toy phone for his birthday.)
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:45 (No.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:45 [It's a REALLY good old Western movie-you should see it!]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:45 [You can look it up if you need more info about Liberty Valance himself since I'll be playing as him.]
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:45 (Colonel Sandurz: From the movie Spaceballs. He's pretty dumb actually, but still is considered a bad guy. In the movie, he and Dark Helmet team with a group of followers and steal air from a planet)
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46 (Grandma died, Billy was sad, but he called Grandma on his telephone- we're talking late night 3 am conversations here. Then, Grandma persuaded Billy to kill himself so he could join her.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46 [YES!!!! COLONEL SANDURZ!!!! :D]
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=1  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46 [YES!!!! COLONEL SANDURZ!!!! :D]
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46 (Grandma has no experience with survival. Reasonable.)
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46 (Otherwise, he's pretty mean and even considered really evil at times, but also dumb too. XD)
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=16  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:46 [Oops.]
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:47 (Grandma can survive well I guess.)
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=22  
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:47 (Grandma's not too strong. Haha, she's a grandma so that's understandable.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:47 [Grandma can't survive well if she's dead. XD]
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:47  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:47  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=3  
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48 (Weakness: 10. XD Wow!)
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48 (Weakness= one word: Billy.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48 [Perfect, Jack. Perfect. XD]
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=14  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48   + 1 Experience points to Grandma  
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48 (Experience: 14. Guess not.)
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=5  
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48 (Survival: 5. Guess he can.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:48   + 16 Survival instinct points to Grandma  
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:49   + 22 Strength points to Grandma  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:49 [BTW, I saw Inside Out today!]
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:49 (Strength: 41. Wow. Guess he's pretty strong.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:49   + 3 Weakness points to Grandma  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:50   + 10 Weakness points to Colonel Sandurz  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:50 [It wasn't that bad of a movie. While it had bad/stupid moments and a lot of weird stuff, a lot of it actually portrayed real life pretty well.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:51   + 14 Experience points to Colonel Sandurz  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:51 [It also was pretty funny here and there.]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:51 [Have you guys seen Inside Out?]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:51   + 5 Survival instinct points to Colonel Sandurz  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:51   + 41 Strength points to Colonel Sandurz  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:51 (No)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:52 [You should see it, then. Though my opinions about it haven't fully "formed" yet, I definitely know it's better than average.]
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:52 (I'm seeing it Friday! Bill Marks: He was from the movie Non Stop, which basically was a movie where he played an agent and had to stop two guys from blowing up a plane and killing everyone on if.)
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 04:53 (Eric: he's the bad leader of Dauntless in Divergent; super annoying and stuff. Is actually very mean and rude, also sarcastic.)
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 04:53 (Ok, saving the last 3 slots for Paige please!)
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:53 (*It. He's pretty funny, talkative, outgoing, sometimes has good ideas, but not when he's drinking. XD)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:53 [Also note that some of the moments that were stupid to me were because they had to do with "dumb"/super immature things from when the main character (a girl named Riley) was really little and did toddler stuff.]
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 04:53 (Probably won't see it.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:53 [So those "stupid" parts where understandably immature.]
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:53 (Ok! Bill is my last character anyways.)
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=6  
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=4  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54 (His weapon of choice: A gun)
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54 [@ P+J:You're sort of missing out, but OK.]
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=13  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=3  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=37  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:55 (It looked cool, but it really isn't my type of movie. I will probably end up seeing it in the future anyways.)
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:55 (I guess Bill has sown experience, no survival instinct, and hardly any strength)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:55 [Yeah...I just realized that other than Joan I have the most slots...sorry... XP]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:55   + 6 Experience points to Eric  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:55 (I was gonna see Spy.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:55   + 4 Survival instinct points to Eric  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:56 [Same here. I'm not sure if it's my type of movie either, but it was good anyways.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:56   + 45 Strength points to Eric  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:56   + 10 Weakness points to Eric  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:57 [Cool! I want to see Spy, but I saw it was rated R for inappropriate romance crap...ugh, BLEAH...]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 04:57 [However, I also want to see Pixels, which looks pretty funny!]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:57   + 10 Weakness points to Bill Marks  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:58   + 13 Experience points to Bill Marks  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:58   + 37 Strength points to Bill Marks  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 04:59   + 13 Survival instinct points to Bill Marks  (+10 extra points to Bill. He survived a plane crash!)
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:59 (It stinks not being 17 yet.)
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 04:59 (Hahaha thanks Joan)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:00 [BTW, I remember that last year you told us you would turn 16 in early 2015. Have you turned 16 yet? I noticed all your slots say you're still 15.]
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 05:00 (Thomas from the Maze Runner series! He's survived the Maze, the Scorch...several survival obstacles. Has dark brown hair, a white long sleeved shirt, pants, and boots.)
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 05:00 (You're welcome.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:00 [Hey Joan, mind lowering Miley's Strength points? XD I'm serious. She's unrealistically strong.]
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 05:00  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=2  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 05:01  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=2  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 05:01 (Ok, what the heck? Plus 10 points to Thomas. And yes, I can do that.)
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 05:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=33  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 05:01  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=6  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:02 [In fact, feel free to "donate" her points to any character with unrealistically low points.]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:02 [Miley:[BLEEP]!!!! Me/Brunny:Too bad Miley. XD]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:02   - 75 Strength points to Miley Cyrus  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:02   + 12 Experience points to Thomas  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:03   + 12 Survival instinct points to Thomas  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:03 [Thank you. XD]]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:03   + 33 Strength points to Thomas  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:03 *]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:03   + 6 Weakness points to Thomas  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 05:04 (Colonel Sandurz needs them)
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 05:04 (Ok, my last character- Alaska, from the book Looking For Alaska. She has long mahogany hair, green eyes, and wears an iconic peach colored tank and shorts. Is tall, slim, and pretty.)
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 05:05 (Since I hated the book- and Alaska- I decided to show my hate here. In the book, Alaska's supposed to be an awesome girl, but really she was a attention-seeking, woe-is-me teenage mess.)
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 05:06 (Smokes cigarettes, expects people to feel bad for her (she had an ugly past), etc. oh, and in the book, she died! But she's back, unfortunately.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:06 [Oh no. XD]
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 05:06  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=12  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 05:07  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 05:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 05:07  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=2  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:07   + 12 Experience points to Alaska  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:08   + 6 Survival instinct points to Alaska  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:08   + 6 Strength points to Alaska  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:08   + 2 Weakness points to Alaska  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:08 [Paige and Joan made Taylor Swift a bad guy! OH NO!!! XD Classic!! Note that I dislike the following popstars: JB, Miley, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. I also dislike Lady Gaga a little for doing weird and scandalous clothes stuff... o_O]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:08 *Paige made
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:09 (Ok, let's begin! Everyone lives in the same town/city - which is kind of unrealistic, but who cares?)
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 05:09 (Sweet!)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:10 [Wait, Paige has to introduce and roll the Dice for her characters.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:11 (Paige is currently offline, so I'll have her introduce her characters probably tomorrow or something.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:11 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. Feel free to start this RP without me-just don't leave my characters out of too much of the action!]
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 05:11 (:D)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:11 (I'm just going to start because I feel bad for making you all wait.)
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 05:11 [Oh, okay. Anyway, bye! *offline*]
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.1 05:11 (:o)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:11 (Ok, bye!)
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.1 05:12 (Okay. Let's start things off with Scarlet Witch. She's an Avenger, and I'm sure you're all familiar with her, so I'll just roll the dice.)
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.1 05:12  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=14  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.1 05:12  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=19  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.1 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=40  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.1 05:12  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=9  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:14   + 14 Experience points to Scarlet Witch  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:14   + 19 Survival instinct points to Scarlet Witch  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:15   + 40 Strength points to Scarlet Witch  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:15   + 9 Weakness points to Scarlet Witch  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:15 (Fred and George, the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. They're into jokes and stuff, and somehow managed to get to where they are now.)
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:16  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=12  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:16 (Although more of the joking type, they know more than you'd think.)
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:16  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=9  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:17 (Not a lot of survival instinct, but they've got some.)
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:18 (Not very strong, but that's okay.)
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:18  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=8  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.1 05:18 (Unfortunately, they're pretty weak, but they do the best they can.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:19   + 12 Experience points to Augustus Waters  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:19 (Taylor Swift- a famous popstar, of course. She was spared, but many others weren't. Not even Justin Bieber made it out alive. Taylor Swift is neither bad nor good; she's just looking for survival.)
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:19  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=14  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:19   + 9 Survival instinct points to Augustus Waters  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:19 (Taylor is more intelligent than others, surprisingly.)
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=18  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20   + 8 Strength points to Augustus Waters  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20   + 4 Strength points to Augustus Waters  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20 (And after tough breakups, she's got a lot of survival instinct.)
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=83  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20   + 8 Weakness points to Augustus Waters  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20 (She's pretty strong, actually, and her Bad Blood video proves that.)
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:20  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=6  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:21   + 14 Experience points to Taylor Swift  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 05:21 (She's got some weakness, but nobody is perfect.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:21   + 18 Survival instinct points to Taylor Swift  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:21   + 83 Strength points to Taylor Swift  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 05:21   + 6 Weakness points to Taylor Swift  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.1 05:31 (Yay! Taylor Swift!)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 06:38 *is hanging out at local grill/bar with Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch* *admires the sunset* It's an awfully nice evening. Best sunset I've ever seen, I think.
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.1 06:39 *nods*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 06:39 *puffs on a cigarette at the same grill where CA, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch are*
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.1 06:41 *decided to camp out at the woods nearby* *has her tent pitched as well as a fire going* *cooks a frank over the fire*
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.1 06:41  Buying Bow (x 1)  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.1 06:41  Buying Arrows (15) (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.1 06:42 *is at home alone, watching TV*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 06:42 *is driving his awesome new truck around* *passes by the forest and sees some smoke drifting in the air* What the (BLEEP)? *laughs to himself*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 06:43 *walks around the city alone* *sees Eric's truck speed by*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 19:48  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  [I'm going to get some of the stuff my characters need.]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.1 19:49  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 19:49  Buying Gun (any) (x 2)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:50  Buying Throwing knives (15) (x 2)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:50  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:50  Buying Ammo (x 1)  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 19:50  Buying Ammo (x 5)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 19:51  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 3)  *gets a bunch of really bad outfits (bad in the Miley Cyrus inappropriate style, of course)*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 19:52 *she and Taylor Swift came to town to see if they could get everyone to come to a concert they're planning to hold there**unfortunately, they end up booking a crappy hotel*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 19:52 *arrives at her room* Uh, what da [BLEEP]?
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.1 19:53 Dis room has no swaaaag! *sits on the bed, huffing**sees a cockroach and screams* ROOOAAACH!!!!!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 19:54 *is spending time with CA and the other Avengers**hears a loud "ROOOAAACH!!!!" coming from the hotel, which is actually half a mile away XD*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 19:54 Uh...what the...??
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.1 19:55 *he and his outlaw gang have left Shinbone for now and are looking for other towns to terrorize**he and the outlaws camp out just outside the town everyone is at; they aren't too far away from Katniss, actually*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:57 *after stopping the Erudite from destroying the Abnegation via the Dauntless, she and her friends are on the run and trying to get to Amity...but there's a problem*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:58 *after a fight with some Dauntless traitors, things didn't start out as they did in Insurgent**instead, she got separated and ended up in the town everyone else is in rather than in Amity*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:58  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:59  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 19:59 *walks through the forest, carrying a backpack full of supplies (her knives, extra ammo, and first aid kit)**is clutching a gun in her hands**hears some laughter and sees the outlaws through the trees*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 20:00 *quickly takes a detour and enters the town**sees CA and Co. hanging out at a grill nearby**looks around, not used to the non-futuristic setting* Huh???
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 20:00 *sees Eric's truck zooming by and quickly dives behind some bushes**Eric goes by and doesn't notice Tris; she is safe*
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.1 21:26 *hears a low murmur coming from somewhere in the woods* *figures it's just another camper so she ignores it*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 21:27 *is hungry for a snack, so he just heads to the grill where everyone else is* *gets seated outside, fairly close to CA and crew*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 21:28 *admires Eric's truck* Sure is a nice truck you've got. My boyfriend's got almost the same model.
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 21:29 Oh really? *could honestly care less*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 21:30 *finds herself sitting down at Eric's table, and soon, a full-fledged conversation begins* Eric: Alaska, eh? Nice name. Alaska: Yeah. I chose it myself.
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.1 21:32 *pulls out a cigarette and lights it* Eric: Sooo...you smoke? Alaska: No. *takes a puff* I don't smoke for fun, I smoke to die. *smiles seductively*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 21:33 *laughs quietly* Well then. That's a different theory. Alaska: Yeah. It is. You see, my life is screwed up, but...
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 21:34 *Alaska continues to babble on- about how she went to the zoo when she was six, saw the monkeys, and saw her mom die on the kitchen floor just hours later*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 21:35 *feels really bad* I'm sorry. Alaska: No. You don't have to be sorry.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.1 21:36 *overhears the Alaska-Eric conversation* *knows the tale is tragic, but doesn't really feel sorry, only because he's smart enough to know Alaska truly wants everyone to feel the exact opposite*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 22:13 *is sort of hiding awkwardly in the bushes since CA, Eric, Alaska, Teleka, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch are nearby*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 22:13 *knows that if Eric sees her, she's dead*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 22:14 *suddenly realizes something:WHY THE HECK IS ERIC OUTSIDE DYSTOPIAN CHICAGO?!?!?!**decides that since he has no authority here, it's safe to come out*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 22:15 *walks over and sits at the table with the others**Eric sees her and has the urge to kill her since she stopped the sim at the end of "Divergent" and is now one of his arch enemies*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.1 22:15 *knows that none of the other people sitting at the table are Dauntless traitors, so she knows she's perfectly safe**waves at Eric, taunting him by making a sly smile*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.1 22:55 *is in a run-down mansion, not really sure of what is going on* *says aloud:* What is this?
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:33 *is with Mystique, Toad, Sabretooth, Callisto, and Pyro**walks into the town; Callisto had used her mutant-sensing abilities to track down a powerful mutant, and Magneto wants to recruit this mutant into the Brotherhood*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.2 18:34 *is wearing some sunglasses, going incognito* *sips on a drink*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 18:38 *walks around downtown* *is sort of hungry- considered eating at McDonald's, but he chooses to eat at the grill instead*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 18:38 *sits at a lone table outside*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 18:42 *is wandering around near the grill* *figures it's the best chance he has to find some girls, so he heads inside*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 18:46 *getting bored**finally says:* Hey Captain, I challenge you to a game of thumb war!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 18:46 [NOOOO NOT AUGUSTUS!!!!!]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:50 Callisto:*lets herself sense the power of the mutant, then points at the bar* I think the mutant's in there. *they walk over*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 18:51 (Yes, Augustus is back!)
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:51 *Mystique takes the form of an ordinary man and walks in with Callisto**Callisto tells Mystique that the mutant is Teleka, but the two huff and leave*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:51 [*DUN DUN DUNNNN*]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:52 *turns to Mystique* Well? Mystique:Teleka's in there with her Avenger buddies. Magneto:So the mutant is Teleka? *Mystique nods**turns to Callisto, giving her a look that sends a shiver up her spine*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:53 You just wasted our time, Callisto. We all know that Teleka is a X-Man and an Avenger. She will never be one of us. Callisto:I'm sorry, I just didn't know it was her- Magneto:Sorry doesn't help. *sighs in exasperation*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:54 Well, we might as well stay here for a day. Night is falling. Come. *leads his mutants to the nearest hotel*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 18:54 *his fellow
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 18:54 *sits down by the Avengers* Hey, you guys looked nice, so I decided to sit here.
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 18:54 *sees Thomas looking at him* What're you looking at? Thomas: *looks away*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 18:55 well, that burger was delicious! Thanks, Eric. Eric👍🏻
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 18:55 *Eric: No problem
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 18:56 Eric: Hey...drop me a line? Alaska: *smirks and scribbles her # on the receipt*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 18:57 *sees Augustus and blurts out:* Caleb?!
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 18:57 I thought you were at Amity!
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 18:57 *Eric turns and gives her and Augustus the evil eye*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 18:58 *tries to ignore Eric, who is now her enemy*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 18:58 I'm boreeeed... *decides to go out somewhere and possibly get a few more boyfriends**dresses up in a little-LITTLE-outfit and leaves her room*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 18:59 *gets in her car and looks up where the nearest bar is on her phone* Ugh...it's half a mile awayyyy...?! [BLEEP]... *drives to the bar anyway*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 18:59 *then she gets out of her car and sits down by Eric* Heyyyy...
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 18:59 Nice piercinggggs! *sticks out her tongue in an "attractive" way*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 19:00 Who's Caleb? I'm Augustus. You're Hazel, right? *puts a cigarette in his mouth*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:02 Uh...no...? I'm Beatrice, your sister...remember?
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:02 Also, what the-you don't smoke!!
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:02 Unless...???
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:03 So, what do you say, Cap? Thumb war or no thumb war? *reaches out with her hand, prepared to start the game*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 19:04 How'd you get all that hair? This is quite ludicrous, is it not? Also- this cigarette- it's a metaphor.
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.2 19:05 *pipes up* Metaphor?
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:05 *because his airplane from Mexico to Canada had to make an emergency stop, he's stuck in the little town everyone else is in**hangs around the hotel and finally decides to go to the bar*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 19:05 Okay, so what you do- *is sitting on the table by now* -is you put the killing thing in your mouth, but you don't actually give it the power to kill you.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:06 Uh...I grew it...??
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:06 *about the hair*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:06 Heh heh, hi...who might you be?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:06 *looks up at Augustus* Uhhh... Someone:Get off the [BLEEP] table!!
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 19:06 *angrily glances at Miley* *clears her throat* So, anyways...
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:07 Miley Cyrus, famous popstar! You?
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:07 *reaches around Eric's chair and shoves Alaska, pretty much signaling "Get outta here, he's mine"*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:07 *saying
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:07 *smirks* Eric. *his name is pretty lame compared to Miley*
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.2 19:08 *looks up from chili fries* Please get off the table. Thank you.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:08 *enters the bar and sees everyone except Thomas practically sitting at the same table**decides to try to be more social; he's used to being alone, and maybe socializing will help him*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.2 19:08 *laughs* That metaphor? It's pretty stupid. *takes a drink*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:09 *walks over to Cap* Er...sir? May I join you?
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 19:09 *moves her chair in, unwilling to leave*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 19:09 *stares at Scarlet Witch* You know, you're really beautiful.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.2 19:09 Yeah, sure. *drags a chair from another table over*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:10 Thanks. *sits down*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:11 *gets a bit impatient**pokes a somewhat oblivious Captain America* Hey Cap, want to play some thumb war?
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:11 So...liiike...where do ya come from? *says just as Eric opens his mouth:* OMG, that's so interesting! I come from...*blah blah blah*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:12 *blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.2 19:14 Umm...*laughs* Can you stop looking at me?
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:14 *after 10 minutes of non-stop talking...* Anyway, sooo...like, where do you come from?
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:14 *by now she knows that that is NOT Caleb XD*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:17 *is still poking CA when she glances out the window and sees Magneto and Co. walking past the bar**jumps in her chair, causing her to fall backwards onto the floor*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:17 OW!
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 19:19 I can't help but look at beautiful people!
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.2 19:19 Well you're going to have to help it, because you're making me uncomfortable.
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:19 *looks up at Augustus suddenly as if he's talking to her* Aww, thank you!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:20 *gets up, wincing and rubbing her back**puts her chair up and sits back next to CA again**whispers to him urgently* Uh, Captain...
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:20 Magneto's in town.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:20 *watches everyone quietly while eating bar food*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:22 *he and his gang decide to go to a bar and terrorize everyone*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 19:22 Oh, hey Miley. *is careless*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:22 *as they walk through the forest and towards the town, however, they stumble upon Katniss' camp*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:23 Heyyy...who's this nice-lookin' girl camping out all alone in the forest? *his fellow outlaws smirk*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:23 Ahhh...young love...anyway, sooo, Eric, tell me allllll about you!
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:23 *Alaska tries interrupting but Miley shoves her so hard that she falls out of her chair*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:23 *laughs* Well, I actually don't know where I live, but...I think it's called Chicago.
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:24 *everyone thinks he's drunk*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:24 Ooo! I luuurrrrv Chicago! Err...what's it like?
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:24 *also thinks he's drunk**decides to make him happier and buys him some more drinks*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 19:25 HEY!!! *gets up and attacks Miley from behind* *a literal cat fight ensues*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:25 *shrieks and wrestles Alaska**ends up being pinned down*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:26 *bites Alaska's hand hard*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:26 *laughs at the fight, more content to tipping the glass of winter lager up than solving it*
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.2 19:27 *turns around to see Liberty Valance and his gang* *pulls out her bow and arrows* Who are you and what are you doing here?
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 19:27 *growls and slaps Miley*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:28 Random Outlaw:Oooo somebody's being threatening! The Outlaws:Hee hee hee hee!!
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:28 *pretends to be afraid* Oh my god...well, I'm Liberty Valance...and I had better go before you shove your quiver up my [BLEEP]!
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:29 *turns, pretending to leave, and then comes back and throws Katniss away while the outlaws steal some of her supplies and stamp out her fire*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:29 [Note:This is probably only a light example of some of the nasty stuff Liberty Valance does.]
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:32 *Katniss tries getting up but he punches her and knocks her down again* I could've done something worse to ya, but I have other things to do.
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:32 Come on, boys. *leads his outlaws away towards the town*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:33  Buying Food (x 1)  *his outlaws give him some of the things that they stole from Katniss*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:33  Buying Water (x 1)  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:33  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 19:33  Buying Hat (x 1)  Nice loot... *adjusts his cowboy hat*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:34 *won't stop biting Alaska's hand, forcing Alaska to let Miley break free**gets back up and tackles Alaska viciously*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:37 *decides to get a snack at the bar with a group of friends* *walks into the bar, looking as if she stepped out of a 50's fashion magazine* *purses her lips and smiles*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:38  Secret message to Taylor Swift  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.2 19:39 *is lying unconscious on the forest floor*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 19:40 *she and Miley go sailing into an entire table*
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.2 19:40 *stands up* We better leave before things get serious.
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:41 DIIIEEE MOTHAH [BLEEEEEEEEEP]!!!!!!!!!!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 19:41 Yeah...but we'll have to be careful. Magneto's hanging around here.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:41 Uh-there's a hotel not too far away.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:41 I can take you there if you want.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:42  Secret message to Miley Cyrus  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:45  Secret message to Taylor Swift  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:45 *Alaska scratches her face with her fingernails**gets MAD and literally throws Alaska clear over the bar**the bartender has to duck*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:46 *finally notices Taylor* Ugh...it's Miss Outdated.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:47 *stops in place, mouth open in a giant smile* Oh my gosh! Hey guys!
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.2 19:47 It's our best option. Especially if Magneto is here.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:47 *despite what Miley just did, she's pretty chill*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:48 Alright...but who's Magneto? Teleka:We'll explain when we get to the hotel-or if you find out for yourself if we bump into him.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:50 Let's go.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.2 19:51 *leads everyone out of the bar*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:52 *is unfortunately still at the bar* *is only trying to eat in peace*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:54 This way. *leads them through the town*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:54 *follows everyone out of the bar*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:54 *they are very lucky, because as soon as they left, Liberty Valance and his fellow outlaws entered the bar*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 19:54 *turns to see Taylor* What are YOU doing here?
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 19:55 *still fighting Alaska*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 19:55 I'm here to hang out with you guys!
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:55 *is among the group that is following Pi*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:56 *looks at Augustus* Well, the question that should be asked is...what are YOU doing here?
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 19:56 Teleka:And what are YOU doing here? Tris:Uh, well...I sat at the bar with you, and I wanted to go to the hotel because I have nowhere to stay, sooo... Teleka:Okay, nevermind, those are decent reasons.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:01 Why are you following us, Ca-ahem-Augustus?
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 20:01 *he and the mutants are actually watching nearby**he and Mystique oprenly smirk at the good guys' awkward situation*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.2 20:01 *punches Miley out of her chair* *lights a cigarette in the meantime*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.2 20:02 *openly
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.2 20:02 *gets up and punches Alaska in the face, scrunching up her cigarette*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 20:03 Hey hey hey, break it up! Fighting is for men! *punches Miley, knocking her out* See? She won't fight back!
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 20:03 *the outlaws smirk and then hold the bartender at gunpoint, taking all the drinks they want*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 20:06 *Thomas is left in a pretty awkward-and bad-situation*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 20:06 *goes to Thomas* Hey, I like your spot. I want it.
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 20:07 *is basically saying that Thomas should either go somewhere else or get beat up*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:09 *looks up at Liberty almost obliviously* *gets out of his chair as soon as possible*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.2 20:11 Same reason as you. Need a place to crash.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:11 Well...okay.
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.2 20:13 *Thomas starts walking out of the bar**kicks him as he goes, sending him tumbling out the door and onto the ground*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:13 *leads everyone to the hotel**the mutants watch them go but don't bother them; they have no real reason to*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.2 20:16 *takes out a fancy wallet* Hey, if you want me to pay, I will.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:19 I already have a room, so I don't need you to pay for me. Tris:*fishes around in her backpack* Uhh...I don't have any money, so...go ahead.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.2 20:26 I'm fine with sleeping on the floor.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:28 Oh, so you want to come into my room? *they nod* Okay. Come on, then. *everyone goes into his room*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:31 It's not much, but...well, it's not much.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:32 You can take my bed if you want-as long as I get a blanket. I'm more accustomed to sleeping on harder surfaces, actually, so I prefer the floor.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:35 *while a couple of the others claim the bed, he grabs a blanket and curls up on the floor* Night night, everyone.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:44 *the others go to sleep**meanwhile, Liberty Valance has taken over the bar*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 20:45 *the mutants are meanwhile just hanging around and laughing at some of the humans' stupid actions*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:31 [Summary for Jack:Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Teleka, Pi, Augustus, and Taylor were at the bar, but they got annoyed by Eric, Miley, and Alaska so they left.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:31 [Now they're staying in Pi's hotel room and are asleep.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:31 [Meanwhile, Liberty Valance and his gang stole Katniss' stuff and have taken over the bar (and kicked out Thomas in the process).]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:32 [I'm not sure where Eric is; I think he's with Miley and Alaska in the bar.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:33 [Oh, and Magneto is hanging around town with some of his mutants from the Brotherhood, but they aren't really doing anything. They went there on a mission but they found out that they had just wasted their time coming there so now they're staying there
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:33 for the day.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:33 [I have no idea what Grandma, Bill Marks, Colonel Sandurz, and Margo are up to though. They haven't really appeared yet.]
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 04:33 Is there a couch I can sleep on?
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 04:34 (I'm bring Wolverine, Colonel Sandurz and Wolverine in later.)
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 04:34 (I meant Bill Marks XD)
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:34 *is sleeping on the floor**mutters and points:* Yeah, go ahead. But I think Augustus is on it, so you're gonna have to share it with him.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:35 [There are two Wolverines?! :O]
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 04:35 Oh no I'm good. *Sleeps on the rug*
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 04:35 (No! :D)
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:35 [*screams at Marvel Cinematic Studios:* COME ON!!!! ONE WOLVERINE IS ENOUGH!!!! HE ALREADY TAKES UP 99% OF THE PLOTS OF THE MOVIES!!!!! >____< ]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:35 [Oh. Nevermind then. >XD]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:36 [I was just kidding anyway.]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:36 [Also, I love Hawkeye's reaction to what Pi said. X'D It would be JUST like mine.]
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 04:36 (Ok! Wolverine: I am just one XD)
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 04:37 *sleeps on the floor*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:38 [*says to Wolverine* Good. Your sideburns remind me too much of the ones I saw on an old lady once (I'M SERIOUS NOW) so two of you would freak me out too much.]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:38 *sleeps on the bed*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:39 *also sleeps on the bed*
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 04:40 *Wakes up slowly*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:41 *sleeps on the floor, curled up in a blanket*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 04:42 [Since Paige and Joan are also on WB, I guess I'll be on here, Movie RP, and WB.]
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:43 -NEXT MORNING-
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:43 (Ok.)
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:45 *wakes up to hear things crashing to the ground as well as shaking* *jumps out of bed and pulls on some jeans, a hoodie, and some shoes* *runs around the house frantically, looking for her family*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:45 *finds no one* *grabs the minivan keys and takes off in the minivan*
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 04:46 *is still on the forest floor* *wakes up to hear a tree falling over...right on top of her tent* *jumps out of the way just in time, but she's still in grave danger*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 04:47 *is trapped in a traffic jam* *Alaska and Miley are in his truck* Alaska: Just pull on the interstate! Eric: I CAN'T!!!
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 04:47 *is behind a battered up minivan* *roars* GOOO!!!!!
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:48 *was in front of Eric* *curses him before making a speedy detour*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 04:49 UUUGGGHHH...
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 04:49 *makes a nasty gesture in Margo's general direction*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 04:50 *Is in a plane that crashes right onto the road*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 04:51 [Well, looks like Bill Marks just got the crap end of the stick when it came to this apocalypse. X'D]
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 04:51 FINALLY...*steps on the gas, only to be right in front of the plane* *almost crashes* HOLY (BLEEP)!!!!!! *tire squeal*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 04:52 *Kicks the door down and jumps out of the plane*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 04:52 *Kicks the door down and jumps out of the plane**
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:52 *wakes up to practically the same situation as Margo-the ground is shaking a LOT*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 04:52 (My bad!$
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 04:52 *screams a curse word so loudly it hurts Alaska and Eric's ears*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:53 *turns the bend that leads to the forest* *suddenly, someone runs right in front of the van* *steps on the brakes* *tire squeeeeal*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 04:53 Guys...?! GUYS, WAKE UP!!
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 04:53 *wakes up in the bar with the worst headache EVERRRR*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 04:53 Argh...*gets up, clutching his head and looking around**falls right back down**his outlaws are in the same situation*
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 04:54 *is one mm away from being hit by the van* Hey, can I hitch a ride? Margo: Yeah, hop in.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 04:54 *the ground vibrates* Is there an earthquake or something?...
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 04:55 Am I...drunk or somethin'...?? Outlaw:No...it's an earthquake! Liberty:*leaps to his feet* Then we had better go, then!
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 04:55 *smirks at the sight of the plane crashing* When, oh WHEN will humans learn to fly? Mystique:*laughs*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 04:55 Callisto:We had better get out of here! *the mutants begin to flee from the town*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 04:56 *is trapped in front of the plane* *slams a fist on the steering wheel* Son of a...
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 04:56 *he and the outlaws try running outside to their horses, but they keep falling down*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 04:56 *promptly finishes Eric's sentence*...[BLEEP].
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:58 *speeds through town* Katniss: Where are you going? Margo: Going to pick up some recruits. Katniss: *laughs, mainly out of disbelief* That's a dangerous idea. What if they're axe murderers?
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 04:58 There's always that possibility, huh? Well, I could really care less. Especially when humanity is at stake.
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 04:59 *gets up* Something's going on...not just an earthquake.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:00 *looks at Scarlet Witch* You have mind powers, Wanda. Tell us what's happening.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:01 *the whole building shakes**cracks form on the walls* Uh...guys, we had better get out on the parking lot... Tris:Why? Pi:This place is gonna collapse!!
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:01 *has a dingbat smile plastered on his face* I know what's going on! An EARTHQUAKE!!
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 05:01 *Sees Eric looking mad* *Laughs* Not my problem.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:02 *is having a hard time running in heels*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:04 *looks at Augustus* Uhh...we know that. Our IQs aren't 20, unlike you.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:04 *smirks*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:05 *turns to Katniss* How 'bout we save some people, eh? Katniss: *is unsure of it, but hanging on for the ride* Alright.
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:06 I'm starting to wonder if it's the other way around. Understand sarcasm?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:07 Of course I do.
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:07 *swears at Bill*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:07 *the ceiling starts crumbling* Guys, WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS HOTEL!!!!
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:08 *runs towards the window, holding his shield in front of him* *breaks through the window, epicly falling down several stories*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 05:09 *Walks away from the plane*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:09 *is stuck amidst the chaos - and worst of all, stuck by Grandma* Grandma: My dear boy, please help me! Thomas: *is too confused to say anything*
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:10 *He jumps out of the plane and follows after Bill*
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:10 *walks slowly in the middle of the street* *someone with roadrage tries to run over her*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:10 *runs and uses her telekinetic powers to let herself float down safely to the ground*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:11 GET IN THE ELEVATOR!!! Wanda: *gets in the elevator with Taylor at the last minute* Taylor: *punches the lobby button, and Wanda makes the elevator go down at top speed*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:11 COME ON!
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:11 *Is driving towards the crashed plane*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:11 *Pi tries getting in the elevator but he is abandoned**Tris and Pi both jump clear out the window**Teleka uses her powers to make them float down safely*
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:12 *Jumps out carefully*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:12 *sees that person trying to run over Grandma* HEY!!!! *swears at him, then recruits Grandma* Get in!
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:13 thank you, thank you. *climbs in the tailgate*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 05:13 *runs out of the building, Taylor following* Taylor: Where do we go now? Wanda: Wherever Steve is. *Augustus is seen limping into view* *is sort of dissapointed to see him*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:13 *is pretty close to Captain America* Didn't I see you yesterday? CA: I don't know... but you better come with me.
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:14 *sees Eric driving around and decides to try to use him to save Liberty's own selfish butt* HEY! HEYYY!! *stumbles, barely able to walk from the ground shaking*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:15 *stumbles next to Eric's truck and bangs on the door* LET ME IN!!
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:15 Miley:THERE'S NO ROOM! GO IN THE [BLEEP] TAILGATE IDIOT!!
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:15 ALASKA, OPEN THE DOOR!!
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:15 *makes a nasty gesture at Miley and then gets in the tailgate*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 05:16 *runs out of the building, Taylor following* Taylor: Where do we go now? Wanda: Wherever Steve is. *Augustus is seen limping into view* *is sort of dissapointed to see him*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:16 *unlocks the car* Eric: Alaska, CLOSE THE DOOR!! Alaska: UGH, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 05:16 (Double post)
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:16 *sees Liberty in the back of Eric's truck* *turns and sees Captain America, surrounded by his group* Hey, what about those people?
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:17 Yeah,sure. *opens the window* HEY, YOU GUYS NEED A RIDE?!
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 05:17 *the ground starts shaking violently* *falls over, as does Taylor*
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:17 [Wanda was disappointed to see Augustus. X'D I get that.]
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 05:18 *Shoots the plane which explodes*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:18 *sees Margo and Katniss**looks at the others, yelling:* WE HAVE TO MAKE IT TO THAT TRUCK!
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:18 *walks towards the van* Yeah, YEAH!! WE DO!!
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 05:18 *sees Margo's van* HEY!!! OVER HERE!!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:18 *falls over from the rumbling**Pi and Tris also collapse*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:18 *manually opens both backseat doors*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:19 HEYYY!!! Tris:COME HERE!!!
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:19 *stumbles over to the van* Hopefully I can find a new outfit somewhere! *laughs*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:20 *climbs into the backseat and ends up sitting by Augustus* *doesn't really care, since Augustus hasn't really bothered her much*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:20 *clumsily falls to the ground* *is pulled up by Cap* CA: Come on, you can make it.
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:21 *gets into the van*
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:21 *Jumps into the back*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:21 *he and Tris barely make it to the van*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:22 Sorry there's not much room, but we'll make it work. Some of you can climb in the trunk or sit on the floor. I'm Margo, by the way. Nice to meet you all.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:22 *some buildings fall down all of a sudden**uses his metal powers to avoid getting hit, but he is separated from his fellow mutants*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:22 And that's Katniss. *points to Katniss, who looks at everyone with a small smile*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:22 *Eric ends up taking a detour and driving to where Magneto is standing**Eric cusses loudly because it is another dead end; a building is in the way*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:23 *can't stand up, so Captain has to lug her into the van*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 05:23 *He and Wolverine steal Colonel Sandurzs car and drives off*
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:23 Hi Margo, hi Katniss. I'm Steve, that's Thomas, this is Pi...*continues introducing everyone*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:23 *with CA's help, he and she get in the van* Whew...thanks Cap!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:23 *my characters take turn waving at the mention of their names*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:23 UGH!!!! (BLEEP)!!!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:24 [XD Poor Colonel Sandurz. I can see it now... Colonel Sandurz:*waves a fist at Wolverine and Bill as they drive away* "A"-HOLES!!!!!]
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:24 Don't worry Eric, it'll be fine - Eric: NO, it won't.
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:24 I'm Hawkeye or Clint.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:24 *turns and looks at Eric and Co., his stare sending a shiver up all of their spines*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:24 *smirks creepily at Margo* Call me Gus if ya want.
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 05:24 Uh...what's with the dude with the bucket on his head who's REALLY creeping us all out...?!
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:25 *Falls onto the ground and throws a ring at them* A-HOLES!!
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 05:25 [Ugh, you copied me Jack! XD]
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:26 *looks away from Magneto* *O.O*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:27 *drives through the crowded street, just barely missing a few cars* *passes by Col. Sandurz* Hey, that looks like the guy from KFC...like he just came out of Star Wars or something.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:27 Uh, Colonel Sandurz? Yeah, that's him.
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:28 *Falls onto the ground and throws a ring at them* A-HOLES!!
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:29 (NO!!!)
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:29 *approaches the car**Eric has a REALLY bad feeling about this, so he tries driving away...only to realize that the car won't work because Magneto is controlling it*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:29 *smirks creepily at Margo* Call me Gus if ya want.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:29 [XD]
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:29 (Again, double post.)
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:29 [THE DOUBLE POST SICKNESS!!!! IT'S EVERWHERE!!!!]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:29 *EVERYWHERE
15>Colonel Sandurz (Bad Guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:30 *Walks on the side of the street looking really mad*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:30 [*puts on spacesuit like thing* Whew...now I'm safe...]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:30 (There should be a vaccination for it!)
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:30 He looks kind of ticked. Maybe we should help. CA: I'm not sure that would be the greatest plan...
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 05:31 *Turns the car around and throws water balloons at Col. Sandurz*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:31 [*puts on spacesuit like thing* Whew...now I'm safe...]
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:31 [AUGH!!! NO I'M NOT SAFE!!!! (And that was another intentional double-post.)]
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:31 (Haha, maybe not.)
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:31 [X'D Nice vaccination joke BTW!]
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:32 *sees "the guy with the bucket on his head* up ahead*
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:32 (haha, thanks!)
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:33 *walks over and gets in the truck**everyone in it whimpers, clinging to the walls and trying to get as far away from him as possible*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:34 I think I'll drive now. *is in the passenger seat**however, he uses his metal powers to control the steering wheel and the pedals*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:35 *starts driving the truck without touching the pedals and the steering wheel**the others are left sitting there, speechless (except for Miley, who couldn't help but whisper "HOLY [BLEEP]!!!"*
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:35 *Looks at Bill* Come in man! We gotta stop Magneto!
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:35 Hey man, what are you doing? *is getting easily ticked - whenever he steps on the pedal, Magneto controls it* HEY, I'M DRIVING!
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:35 *sees Miley in the window* *squints, pursing lips*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:36 *gives Eric a look that immediately shuts him up* This is my truck now, and I'm driving. If you want to live, I recommend keeping your mouth shut.
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.3 05:37 *agrees with Magneto because he's the more powerful guy here* He's right, man! *both Eric and Magneto give her a look* Well...yeah...shutting...up...now...
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:38 *sees Magneto inside the truck**Tris sees Eric**both she and Tris sort of jump a little at the sight of their enemies*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:38 Hey, I didn't sign a contract to ride in this prison bus! Eric: *says warningly* Follow. Orders.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 05:38 *starts driving the truck out of town; he is using it to save himself*
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:39 *They start to follow Tris and Others*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:40 *looks in the rear view mirror* Guys, we're being tailed.
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:40 *can see Wolverine and Bill following the van* *opens the trunk door* HEY GUYS, GET IN!!!
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:40 *looks out the back window* Hey, Wolverine is in there! He's a fellow X-Man! *a bunch of the others stare at her like plants just started growing out of her ears**sighs* He's one of my friends.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:41 *yells with Margo:* WOLVERINE!! IT'S ME, TELEKA!! COME ON IN!!
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:41 *Jumps in and grabs Bill with him*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:41 *mutters:* Wish I had a blaster...
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 05:42 *looks at Taylor from the car floor* You? With a blaster?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:42 *Wolverine and Bill get in**by now things are getting REALLY crowded*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:43 *is on the car floor next to Scarlet Witch since, being the youngest one there, she's close to being the smallest (though she is a bit tall for her age)*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:43 *rolls her eyes a little* I'm not an idiot, you know. But I think it would be HELPFUL if we had one in here.
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:43 *Jumps in and grabs Bill with him*
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:44 (Ugh!)
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:44 *keeps stepping on Taylor's foot and Scarlet Witch's finger*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:45 [I might disappear.]
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:45 *Scrunches up with Bill basically on his lap* You even think about hurting me..
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:45 *pulls up onto the interstate* CA: I know where we can go to get weapons and supplies. Just follow my directions. Margo: Okay.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:46 *looks up at Wolverine* Hey Logan, don't feel bad. Gus here keeps stepping on my finger even though we all know he's trying to step on Scarlet Witch's.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:47 *looks up at Gus* Oh, and by the way...stop that. *the pupils of her eyes faintly glow violet for a moment, intimidating him with her powers*
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:47 Oh hey Teleka. How are you doing?
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 05:48 Stop that, Augusto.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:48 Other than the fact that there's an earthquake and I just saw Magneto...I'm doing fine. You?
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:48 I wasn't stepping on your finger, Teleka. No reason to. *grins*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:48 Stop thinking you've got gusto Augusto.
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:48 Yeah I heard Magneto was back.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:49 *sighs**mutters* Well, you seem to do a lot of things for no apparent reason. Pi:Amen.
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 05:49 That old guy back there has more game than you kid.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:50 *turns to Augustus* So if you do that, it's okay, but if I do this- *sends her heel into Augustus's foot* It's NOT okay?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:50 *continues her conversation with Wolverine* Yeah. I wonder why he came to this town. All I know really is that he was around last night and that he probably just hijacked someone's truck.
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:50 *arrives at a warehouse that's essentially in the middle of nowhere* Land ho, guys.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:50 Well, whahoo.
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:50 Ow! That hurt. Taylor: See?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:50 *everyone piles out of the truck*
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:51 Grab whatever you need. We'll have too hijack places along the road.
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:51 Yea. He crashed our plane too. We had no control over it.
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:51 Oh, and by the way, I'm driving after this. Margo: Captain's orders. But I'm riding shotgun.
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:52 *Jumps out and looks around*
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:52 *opens the door* *everyone grabs stuff/
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:52 *.
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:52  Buying Backpack (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:53  Buying Coat (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:53  Buying Knife (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:53  Buying Water (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:53  Buying Food (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:53  Buying Camo gear (x 1)  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:53  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54 *items fall to the ground as the ground tremors from time to time* *has to grab onto a shelf to stay balanced*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54 Ow! That hurt. Taylor: See?
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54  Buying Bow (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54 (Double post, again.)
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54  Buying Arrows (15) (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:54  Buying Food (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Water (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Ammo (x 1)  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Food (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Sledgehammer (x 1)  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Water (x 1)  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55 Hey, can I drive a Jeep? There's too many people in that car.
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Food (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *buys a blanket for the van*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Hat (x 1)  
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:55  Buying Water (x 1)  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56 Yeah, as long as it's got a full tank of gas.
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56 Pi+Tris:*@ Gus:* NO.
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56  Buying Coat (x 1)  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56  Buying Jeep (x 1)  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56 *buys a few bungee cords and a tent* *straps the tent to the top*
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56  Buying Food (x 1)  
10>Augustus Waters (Survivor), 18yo.2015,Jul.3 05:56  Buying Water (x 1)  
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57 Besides, we can't fit all of this in a full van.
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57 Could I drive instead of the kid?
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57 *gets extra ammo and throwing knives*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57  Buying Ammo (x 4)  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57  Buying Food (x 1)  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57  Buying Water (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57  Buying Throwing knives (15) (x 2)  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:57  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Coat (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Food (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Water (x 1)  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Food (x 1)  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Camo gear (x 1)  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Food (x 1)  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Water (x 1)  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying Water (x 1)  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.3 05:58  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *grabs a red blaster* Oh my gosh! Perfect!
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59 *nods* I trust you more than gus. *throws extra stuff in Gus's Jeep*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Food (x 9)  *decides to get extra food in case this will be a long journey*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Water (x 9)  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Arrows (15) (x 1)  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Knife (x 1)  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Water (x 10)  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Ninja weapons (any) (x 1)  *finds a bo staff* This should do.
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Food (x 1)  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 05:59  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
16>Wolverine (Mutant/Survivor), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 06:00 Ok sweet. Bill has shotgun.
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:00 H
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 06:00  Buying Camo gear (x 1)  
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 06:00  Buying Coat (x 1)  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:00  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 06:01  Buying Rope (x 3)  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 06:01 *exits the store and looks around outside* *since the store is located on a tall hill, it overlooks the town*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:01  Buying First aid kit (x 2)  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 06:01  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:01  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 06:01 [gtg! *offline* I may or may not be on due to chess club. Sometimes I come early, sometimes I come late. Anyway, see you soon!]
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:01  Buying Ammo (x 1)  
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02 *stands besides Katniss* Well, there goes the senior center. *the senior center does indeed come crashing down in the distance* *a tremor is felt*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02  Buying Food (x 1)  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02  Buying Camo gear (x 1)  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02 (Ok, bye!)
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02  Buying Water (x 1)  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02 *looks at Margo* It's pretty bad, isn't it? Margo: Yeah.
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02  Buying Food (x 1)  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02  Buying Camo gear (x 1)  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02  Buying Water (x 1)  
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 06:02 *helps pack Gus's Jeep*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 06:03  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.3 06:03  Buying Knife (x 1)  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 06:03  Buying Ammo (x 1)  
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.3 06:03  Buying Sledgehammer (x 1)  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 17:35 *keeps driving the truck towards where the "good guys" are; he too knows about the warehouse full of supplies*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 17:35 *Liberty and Grandma, who are in the back, don't know what's going on and think that Eric is still driving; they are unaware of Magneto's presence*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 17:37 *Liberty and Grandma see Colonel Sandurz nearby* Grandma:We should rescue him! Liberty:Uh, rescuing is not my thing. Grandma:But we should! Liberty:*sighs* Fine...
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.3 17:38 HEY IDIOT! YES, YOU IDIOT! OVER HERE! *CS sees them and runs after the truck**he makes it to the tailgate and is hoisted aboard by Grandma and Liberty Valance*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 17:40 *everyone except him scream as the senior center-which they are passing-crumbles**sighs and shakes his head, muttering:* Humans...
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.3 17:40 *drives out of town and onto the interstate-right towards the hill the others are on*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 17:41 (Sorry P+J) Margo:There's another truck coming this way! It's pretty far away, but it should arrive here in about ten minutes or so.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 17:41 Do you think we should wait for it?
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.3 18:43 I don't know. You never know who could be in there.
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.3 18:44 I swear I saw that truck driving by earlier yesterday.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 05:49 I think that's Eric's truck... Pi:Who's Eric? Tris:An enemy of mine. He's pretty ruthless and nasty.
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.4 05:51 I think he was the one driving behind me earlier today.
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.4 05:52 *looks behind her* The van's packed and ready to go, everyone.
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.4 05:53 Okay. *hops in shotgun in the van* *CA takes the wheel*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 05:53 *goes in Augustus's Jeep, which Wolverine is told to drive*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 05:54 *Wolverine drives the Jeep away*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 05:54 *he and the bad guys arrive only a few minutes after the good guys leave*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 05:55 *gets out of the truck, using his powers to literally eject the others out of it*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 05:55 Liberty:Who are you? Magneto:Let's just say I'm not a person to mess with. Liberty:*draws his gun* I'm not a person to mess with either! *shoots**Magneto stops the bullet in mid-air*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 05:56 *smiles a little as Liberty's face turns into a look of pure horror and terror when Magneto uses his powers to press the bullet against Liberty's forehead*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 05:56 *says to everyone in general:* Being a superior species, I'm in charge now, whether you like it or not. Miley:Uhh, what dah [BLEEP] is going on? Magneto:There is an apocalypse...the downfall of man has come.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 05:57 I have already been separated from my comrades who are of the same species as I am, so I decided to get some humans-you-on my side. We must make it through this together and build a new world in which the mutants rule.
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 05:57 *whines* I don't wanna live in a world where guys with buckets on their heads are in charge!!
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 05:58 (Sorry Joan) Eric:Deal with it, Miley. If we want to survive, we'll have to stick with him.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 05:58 I recommend you start getting supplies. We have a long journey ahead.
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.4 06:00 *is in the trunk of Wolverine's car* *can see the other truck pulling up* Hey, someone else found out about that warehouse too.
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:01 *looks around at everyone* This is INSANE...
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:01 *some weird clanking, crashing, and booming sounds behind him are heard**turns to Eric* Oh, and by the way, your truck just broke down. Eric:...MUUUAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:01 *is lounging around in the trunk with Scarlet Witch as well* Huh?...*looks out the window* Ohhh...wonder who it is?!
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:01 [XD Sorry, I just find that whenever someone yells "MUUAAHH!!!!" I tend to laugh my head off.]
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:01 *is already hobbling into the supplies store*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:02  Buying Jeep (x 1)  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:02 *luckily he finds a jeep that they can use*
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:02  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *buys a blanket*
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:02  Buying Food (x 1)  
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:02  Buying Water (x 1)  
20>Grandma (Bad guy), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:03  Buying Coat (x 1)  
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:03  Buying Tent (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:03 *is assigned by Magneto to be the one who gets the extra food and water**moans as she lugs whole barrels and jugs of food and water into the jeep* UUUGGGHHH...
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:03  Buying Gun (any) (x 2)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:03  Buying Food (x 10)  
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:03  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:04  Buying Water (x 10)  
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:04  Buying Water (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:04  Buying Sledgehammer (x 1)  *grabs a couple random items along the way*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:04  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:04  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:04  Buying Ammo (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:04  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05  Buying Throwing knives (15) (x 1)  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *grabs a pack of cigarettes*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *buys a lighter*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05  Buying Throwing knives (15) (x 1)  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05 *is assigned to get extra ammo*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05  Buying Food (x 1)  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:05  Buying Water (x 1)  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.4 06:06  Buying Ammo (x 20)  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:06  Buying Coat (x 5)  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:06  Buying Hat (x 5)  
8>Liberty Valance (Outlaw/Bad guy), 40yo.2015,Jul.4 06:06  Buying Camo gear (x 7)  *also gets some camo gear for everyone*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:07  Buying Tent (x 1)  *gets a tent and puts it in the Jeep*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:07  Buying Food (x 1)  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:07  Buying Water (x 1)  
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:08 Miley, we need more medical supplies. Miley:Ugh, fiiiine...
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:08 *trudges over, grabs more first aid kits, and loads them in the van*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:08  Buying First aid kit (x 15)  
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.4 06:09  Buying Gun (any) (x 5)  *buys a few more guns*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:10 *mutters with a high-pitched tone:* Miley get dis, Miley get dat, nah nah nah nah naaaahhhh...
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:11 *sees that Colonel Sandurz has fallen asleep in the Jeep and sighs, shaking his head*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:11 Miley, get him some supplies. Miley:UUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:11  Buying Food (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:11  Giving Food (x 1) to Colonel Sandurz  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:12  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:12  Giving Gun (any) (x 1) to Colonel Sandurz  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:12  Buying Water (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:12  Giving Water (x 1) to Colonel Sandurz  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:12  Buying Survival backpack (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:12  Giving Survival backpack (x 1) to Colonel Sandurz  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:12  Buying Ammo (x 1)  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:13  Giving Ammo (x 1) to Colonel Sandurz  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:13  Giving First aid kit (x 1) to Colonel Sandurz  
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:13 Done. *slumps down in the Jeep* Soooo tirrrrred...
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:14  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *grabs a plush blanket*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:14 *lays in the Jeep with the blanket*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:16 *turns to Alaska* You should get some weapons.
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:17 Ummm, like what? Also, Eric has provided us with plenty of guns.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:19 Miley:HURRY UP AND JUST DO WHATEVER THE [BLEEP] HE SAYS!!!!! *moans and huffs*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:19 The more weapons we have, the better off we will be.
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:20 UGH, FINE!! *throws her hands up in the air* *goes back into the store*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:21  Buying Saw (x 1)  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:21  Buying Ninja weapons (any) (x 10)  
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:21 *bought a ton of ninja weapons* *dumps them all in the backseat* There's your freakin' weapons.
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Jul.4 06:24 *looks at Alaska for a moment, and then gets in the driver seat of the van**the other bad guys join him, Eric being in the passenger seat*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:25 *is sitting next to Alaska**pokes her* Er, dude? Alaska:I'm a girl. Miley:Right, uh...dudet?
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:26 *whispers:* You better watch yo mouth, you hear? I heard this guy's the criminal mutant who has killed many people!
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:27 Though he has planned to help mutant and mankind survive this thing- Liberty:*butts in, saying from the seat behind Miley:*-He may decide he doesn't need some of us. Yada yada yada. I think by now all of us understand that, so keep quiet.
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:27 Psh. Whateves.
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:27 *sighs, rolling eyes*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:30 *Magneto starts driving away*
6>Miley Cyrus (Bad guy), 22yo.2015,Jul.4 06:30 [BTW, sorry if I'm powerplaying a bit by having Magneto take charge of the bad guys. Warn me if I "control" things a bit too much, OK?]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.4 06:31 *has meanwhile almost fallen asleep in the Jeep, if it was not for Augustus having "inspirational" conversations with the others*
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.4 06:32 (Ok.)
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:33 *he and Captain America are discussing each other's pasts*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:33 ...Wow! Your past is almost just as unbelievable as mine!
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:33 *looks out the window* Are we still following the others? Wolverine: *sounds bored* Yeah.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:34 [BTW, how exactly will the two "parties" become good guy vs. bad guy type enemies?]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:34 *laughs quietly* You could say I'm lucky to be alive...Margo: You're like, frozen in time. CA: Not exactly, but yeah.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:34 *looks out the back window* More like the others are following us.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.4 06:34 What do you mean?
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:35 (Well, a lot of them are already enemies, which will get them competing for survival a lot. And maybe since Magneto is determined to take the world into his own hands.)
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:35 Someone's got the same kind of Jeep as this one. *points**sure enough-Magneto's Jeep is going along behind them**it is REALLY far away, but still visible*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:36 [Yep. I can guess what's gonna happen: Magneto wants to use the apocalypse for his own benefit to allow the mutants to take over, but the "goody-goody" heroes will object to this. This will end up in them "competing" with one another.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:36 [Is my guess correct?]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:37 [BTW, Taylor Swift and Augustus seem a bit too annoying to be good guys. Will they switch sides eventually or something? If that's a surprise, feel free to tell me that it is a secret or just send me the answer via a secret message.]
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.4 06:38 (Augustus might, but Taylor isn't. Either way, Augustus won't be lasting long.)
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.4 06:39 *glances out the trunk window to see Eric smirking and Miley smoking a cigarette in the back*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:39 [Good. I don't know much about Augustus or Taylor, but so far Augustus has been proving to be the worse "of two poisions."]
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.4 06:40 *can make out Magneto in the driver's seat easily by recognizing "the bucket" on his head*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.4 06:40 Crap...!!
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:40 What is it?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.4 06:40 Magneto's driving that thing!!
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:40 Who...?? *is given a brief explanation about Magneto* Oh.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:40 That isn't good!
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:43 Eric's in there too.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:44 Wolverine, I think I'd put the pedal to the metal if I were you.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:44 That might waste gas!
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:44 That's why we got buttloads of gas stored in the back, DUH! Pi:Oh...right.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:45 Step on it! *Wolverine nods and drives faster*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.4 06:46 (Yeah, Taylor's not all that bad, but still has her annoying moments.)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:48 *is unaware of everything since he's driving the minivan*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:54 [Wait, I thought everyone was in the Jeep...now I'm confused.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:54 [Do they basically have both a Jeep and a minivan?]
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.4 06:54 (Yeah.)
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:55 [And if they do, who's in what? I know that Pi and CA are in the minivan while Tris, Pi, Katniss, Wolverine, Augustus, and Teleka are in the Jeep.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:55 *scratch the "And if they do"
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:56 (Actually Thomas is in the Jeep, not Katniss. The rest is right, though. Otherwise everyone else is in the van.)
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:56 [OK.]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.4 06:56 (We have to go now. Have a nice holiday, see you!)
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:57 [I'll sort it out for myself to remember:Tris, Thomas, Teleka, Wolverine, and Augustus are in the Jeep. Captain America, Bill Marks, Pi, Scarlet Witch, Katniss, Taylor Swift, Hawkeye, and Margo are in the minivan.]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:58 [OK, bye! Happy Fourth of July to you too!]
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.4 06:58 [gtg myself! *offline*]
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 04:32 [Here!]
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.7 04:36 (Here as well!)
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 04:37 [Let's RP! What should happen next exactly?]
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.7 04:39 (Hey!)
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.7 04:43 We're going to need to find shelter. Not exactly sure where we'll find that, but if we can't find anything, we'll have to camp outside.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 04:49 *nods* Okay.
14>Hawkeye (Avenger/Survivor), 30yo.2015,Jul.7 04:52 Alright.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 04:56 *talks with Wolverine about random X-Men-related stuff that a lot of the others cannot understand*
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.7 04:58 *drives around looking for a place* *eventually finds a park*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.7 04:59 *Looks out the window* Hope we don't go far.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.7 05:00 There better not be any mosquitos out here! *laughs nervously*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:02 *all my characters get out of the minivan and the Jeep*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:02 *CA brings out the tent**uses her telekinetic powers to help set it up*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.7 05:04 *All my characters get out*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.7 05:06 That's the one thing we forgot- bug spray. *lays out a few sleeping bags*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:11 *a few mosquitos buzz around her, but she uses her powers to squash them in telekinetic energy* Well, I don't really need any...
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:11 *slaps himself several times* I do.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:12 *helps Margo lay out the sleeping bags* Yeah. I wish I got some bug spray.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:13 Or Dauntless cake...mmm... Teleka:Dauntless cake? Tris:*tells a few nice stories and explanations and stuff about Dauntless cake, helping take everyone's worries and such off their minds*
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.7 05:15 *starts a fire to keep the insects at bay*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:17 *sits at the fire with Taylor and a few of the others, boredly using her powers to toy with it**bends it, twists it, raises it, and lowers it**even makes distinct shapes out of it*
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:18 *lights a stick on fire out of pure boredom* Do you think there are any wild animals out here?
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.7 05:19 I don't know. Maybe a few gators or something...*puts the sleeping bags in the tent with Tris*
1>Captain America (Avenger/Survivor), 90yo.2015,Jul.7 05:19 Nevertheless, we'll be okay, I think.
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.7 05:20 I'd think there's a few coons or skunks out here, but that's it.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:24 *suddenly laughs*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:24 What's so funny?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:24 I just thought about what would happen if one of us woke up with a coon on his or her face. *laughing*
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.7 05:25 Any bears?
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:25 Hey...that is kinda funny! *laughs too*
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.7 05:26 I don't think the forest is that dense, but anything can happen.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.7 05:26 *pokes the fire with a stick* Wow, how do you know all of this?
12>Scarlet Witch (Survivor), 26yo.2015,Jul.7 05:27 Well...I just kind of do.
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:28 *blurts out* A lot of you are weird. *is stared at**feels really awkward* Well...yeah. All of us are weird... Teleka:So what? Tris:I dunno.
17>Taylor Swift (Survivor), 25yo.2015,Jul.7 05:29 We're all different- and that's why we're all so cool!
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.7 05:30 *stands around by the tent* Embrace your weirdness.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:31 Amen.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:31 *uses her powers to make a bag of food float over* Okay...who wants marshmallows?
11>Bill Marks (Survivor), 45yo.2015,Jul.7 05:34 Please!
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.7 05:37 *raises a stick she found laying around* I will.
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.7 05:37 Yeah, count me in.
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:38 *uses her powers to open the bag and make marshmallows float onto everyone's sticks*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:39 *doesn't even need a stick**just makes a couple marshmallows she kept for herself float over the fire**the very center of her pupils glow violet faintly while she uses her powers*
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Jul.7 05:45 *once her marshmallows are toasted, she makes them float right into her mouth* Mmm...they're good!
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:45 *burns a marshmallow all the way, then eats it*
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.7 05:46 *burns her marshmallow to a crisp*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:48 *also lets her marshmallow burn to a crisp before devouring it*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 05:49 *doesn't have a marshmallow; he's a vegetarian (or at least he's been trying to get back to a vegetarian diet after eating fish on the lifeboat) and marshmallows have gelatin in them, which is (I think) made out of horse stuff*
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Jul.7 06:01 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
7>Margo (Survivor), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.7 06:09 (Bye!)
13>Katniss (Tribute/Survivor), 16-17yo.2015,Jul.27 18:34 *gazes into the fire while burning her marshmallow*
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Jul.27 18:35 *is driving down the interstate* *can see the park from afar, the fire glowing* Who do you think that is?
5>Alaska (Bad guy), 17yo.2015,Jul.27 18:36 I don't know...but it's someone!
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Aug.6 00:06 I have a feeling who it is...let's go over there.
19>Eric (Dauntless/bad guy), 25yo.2015,Aug.9 00:49 *the car is navigated towards the camp*
18>Tris (Divergent/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 19:53 *sees the headlights of Magneto and Co.'s Jeep as it comes nearer and nearer* Hey, what's that?
2>Teleka (Mutant/Survivor), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 19:53 *squints while looking at the headlights* I don't know...a truck or car of some sort.
9>Pi (Survivor), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 19:54 Maybe they are other survivors who need our help.
4>Thomas (Glader/Survivor), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 01:58 It doesn't look like a good sign. *is getting nervous*
3>Magneto (Mutant/Bad guy), 60+yo.2015,Sep.9 17:24 *his Jeep eventually comes up and stops by the good guys' Jeep*