" The Lion King Rpg " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 17 years of age.
This is an rpg based on one of the greatest movies of all time, The Lion King. It has a lot to do with what happened afterwards, though, and contains a lot of information from the spin off series, Six New Adventures. The Pride is being led by Simba's son, Kopa, and you can play as either a member of the banished lions who seek revenge on Pride Rock, one of the lions of Pride Rock, a hyena who always seek revenge upon Kopa, or a loner, or other savannah animal of your choosing if it is verified by me.

1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.16 13:49 Hello Everyone! Thanks for joining in advance! I'm going to tell you guys the rules now.
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.16 13:49 Ok, so first of all, no badminded messages, as stated above.
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.16 13:50 Your character has to be one of the above listed, or else it has to be verified by me. Any objections, and the character will be promptly deleted.
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.16 13:51 You must come on once a week after joining. Again, any objections to the rule, and your character will be gone!
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.16 13:52 You can't have any canon characters unless it is verified by me, either
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.16 13:52 Other than that, the only rule is have fun playing! Enjoy!
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.17 00:35 (hello! I'm going to join as Mosi, and I'm going to be Kopa's firstborn son)
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.17 00:41 (hey, I'm going to be Kondo, Mosi's slightly more mischevious and treacherous younger brother)
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.17 00:44 (i'm joining as Kapuki, the first and only daughter of Kopa, and also last of the Pride Rock Heirs. She's kind of the mature one of the three)
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.17 00:47 (I'll be Kaluwa, a young lion who was born to a loner; now she doesn't really know her place in the world, and her only guidance, is her blind sister)
8>Kameke (Kaluwa's Sister), ...yo.2014,Dec.17 00:49 (i'm going to be Kameke, Kaluwa's blind younger sister)
12>Khohoa (anoying bird), ...yo.2014,Dec.17 01:24 (is an anoying bird who is a stickler about rules was apointed by Kopa to be Kameke's eyes and to protect her)
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.17 02:11 (hey, thanks for joining everyone! We can begin roleplaying, if you'd like now)
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 10:57 Hi! I am Kopa's wife and the mum of Mosi, Kondo and Kapuki!
11>Sukra (adopted heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 11:02 HI!!! I am Sukra, I am the littler sister of Kaluwa and Kameke who was taken in by Kopa and Noyana when I was a cub
11>Sukra (adopted heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 11:02 I am the same age as Kondo and me and him often argue
11>Sukra (adopted heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 11:03 I want to find my real sisters and help them join our pride
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:45 (let's begin the roleplay!)
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:46 OK
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:46 What should we start with
1>Kopa (Pride Rock Leader), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:46 (by the way, it would be helpful if someone would also play as either the heyenas, or evil lions)
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:47 I could make a profile for an evil lion and you could make one for a heyena, or the other way around
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:47 *stares out at all of the Pridelands*
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:48 (I'll be the heyena then)
11>Sukra (adopted heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:48 OK
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:49 *walks up behind Mosi*
7>Tai (evil lion), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:50 Hi, I am Tai the evil ion
7>Tai (evil lion), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:50 i mean lion
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:51 "Have you seen Kopa, Mosi"
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:53 "Mosi"
14>Ngoa/Suki (heyena leaders), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:55 (we are the two lead heyenas)
14>Ngoa/Suki (heyena leaders), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:56 (we seek revenge upon Pride Rock, and therefore are considered evil. They sort of work with Tai)
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:57 OK, thats fine :)
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:57 *looks at Noyana, startled* Oh! Well, I think that I saw him going on a hunting patrol...
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:58 *sighs*
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:58 *sighs in relief* Thank goodness for that, I thought the he
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.24 13:58 Dad always wants me to go on the hunting patrols. But I don't want to.
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 13:58 OOPS, I didn't meen to post that
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 14:00 *sighs in relief* Thank goodness for that, I thought Tai and the heyenas had got him
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 14:01 Oh Mosi, If you want to become leader you have to learn how to hunt better
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.24 14:01 Kondo and Kapuki both hunt, why shouldn't you?
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:52 (Merry Christmas all!)
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:53 Well, I just don't want to.
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:53 Dad always expects so much out of me because I'm the heir to the pride...but I just...oh nevermind, just go find Dad.
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:54 *pads off to where Kondo is pacing restlessly*
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:54 Hey Kondo.
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:55 Hey, well look who finally decided to join me...it's my older kitty brother.
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:55 Thought that maybe you weren't coming to the Elephant Graveyard with me...thought you were too scared.
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:56 *watches him* I'm not scared...it's just that...bad things happen there you know? That's where Dad keeps the Banished...
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:57 *rolls his eyes* You're scared! It's ok, I understand. I'll just go with Kapuki then.
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:57 *starts to walk away*
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:58 Aw! Come on Kondo, no way! *runs after him* I'm not staying behind!
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:58 And
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:59 Where do you think you're going huh?
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:59 *slinks up behind them*
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 01:59 I don't remember you guys having plans to go anywhere...especially not the Elephant Graveyard...
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:00 *smiles at Kondo* At least...not without me!
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:00 *pounces on Kondo playfully* I thought you guys were leaving without me!
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:01 *pushes Kapuki off*
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:01 No way were we leaving without you! Now, are you pussies ready?
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:02 *bares her fangs, and arches her claws* Oh yeah!
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:02 *shifts his feet* Oh no...
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:03 Then look out Elephant Graveyard! Here we come! *bounds with great strength off the rocks, landing with a huge boom, then rushing off to the graveyard*
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:04 *glides effortlessly through the grass and rocks alongside Kondo. She might not be very strong, but she was agile and quick*
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:05 *follows the other two at a distance, struggling to keep up*
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:05 *finally reaches the graveyard*
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:05 Woah...this is...
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:05 Amazing...
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:06 *steps forward hesitantly*
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:06 *pushes ahead*
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:06 I think I hear something!
4>Kapuki (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:06 What is it? *cocks her ears to the faint noise*
2>Mosi (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:07 Well...only one way to find out right?
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:07 *grins at Mosi* That's the spirit!
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:08 *runs in the direction of the noise, it's coming from behind an elephant's skull*
3>Kondo (Pride Rock Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:08 Wow...guys, you've got to see this...
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:09 (time change! We're going back to Kaluwa's and Kameke's story now!)
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:09 *wanders around the Banished Lands, a realm of blackened bare trees, and no scrap of food for miles around*
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:10 *hears the calling of Khohoa, the annoying bird who continues to "help" her sister*
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:11 All we've got to do is follow the Banished Star King, and then we'll find paradise...just like mom said...
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:12 (I just figured out a good plotline actually. The lion's entire world, from the Banished Lands to the Pride Lands, is becoming endangered, as more and more illegal hunters begin to hunt lions)
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:13 (an ancient lion prophecy begins to come true, when this happens)
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:14 (then it's going to take Mosi, Kondo, Kapuki, Kaluwa, Kameke, Sukra, and yes Khohoa too to find a place known as Paradise)
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:15 (the way to get there is to follow a brightly shining star which the Banished Lions named The Banished Star King)
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.26 02:15 (so far, only Kaluwa and Kameke know about it, but soon the others will join as well)
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.27 20:06 I think the plotline is really good!
6>Kaluwa (Banished Heir), ...yo.2014,Dec.28 17:36 (Thank you!)
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.29 11:48 *watches the 3 heirs walk of in the distance*
5>Noyana (lioness), ....yo.2014,Dec.29 11:48 *turns around and try's to find Kopa*
12>Khohoa (anoying bird), ...yo.2015,Jan.10 19:03 *flys next to Kameke guiding her around*
11>Sukra (adopted heir), ...yo.2015,Jan.17 18:26 Come on guys! Lets go hunting
12>Khohoa (anoying bird), ...yo.2015,Feb.2 21:09 i dont think hunting is a good idea for young cubs
11>Sukra (adopted heir), ...yo.2015,Feb.8 20:21 well i think it is!
12>Khohoa (anoying bird), ...yo.2015,Feb.14 17:29 I think you are wrong
12>Khohoa (anoying bird), ...yo.2015,Feb.14 17:30 young Kameke cant participate in those activitys and neither should you!