" Summer--The One That Got Away " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 9 to 14 years of age.
For about 4 billion years, the seasons lived in harmony. But one day, a troublemaking tween boy convinced Summer, or Sama, that everyone hated her, so she runs away to live deep in the jungles of Brazil. It's up to Spring, Winter and Autumn, or Haru, Uinta and Aki, her sisters, to find her.

1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 00:46 [Sama: Waist-length straight strawberry blonde hair that's usually in a braid running down her back, light blue eyes and tan skin.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 00:48  Secret message to Aki  
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 00:49  Secret message to Uinta  
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 00:54 [Yellow fitted tee, orange knee-length skirt with yellow leggings that reach just below her knee, pale green sandals and a yellow choker around her neck.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 01:07 [OK.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:10 [Haru: Brown hair in a bobcut with her bangs held back by a pink, flowery clip, pale skin and purplish-hazel eyes. White blouse with a pink sweater, indigo flats, and a magenta choker.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:13 [Can be very fiesty, but is usually very happy. Is an eternal optimist, but when she runs off, she will sink into a deep depression.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 01:22 [Aki: Has light brown hair, green eye's, an orange choker around her neck. She wear's an red dress with flower's on it. Tight's, with mary-jane shoe's.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:23 [Uinta: Long, wavy white hair, ice blue eyes, wears a long dark blue dress with long sleeves, white boots, white gloves, a white cloak with a snowflake-shaped brooch, and some snowflake shaped embroidery on her dress.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:24 [@ Cecilia: Sorry if I'm being the annoying English correction fairy, but you're using too many of these: ']
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:24 [You only need those is something "owns" something else, e.g. "Sally's shoes." "Dave's pants." "Rae's necklace."]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:25 [They aren't needed if something is plural, e.g. "She has blue eyes," not "She has blue eye's."]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:25 [Sorry if I'm being annoying-you've been making that mistake a lot and I thought I could just help out.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 01:26 She is very bright, and clever, but like Sama, she can get a little fiesty. She also is very independent.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 01:28 [Sorry! I will stop making that mistake. Again, I'm sorry.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:28 [It's perfectly fine!]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:29 [Uinta is very quiet and introverted. She prefers reading or simply being alone. She doesn't like it if someone makes dumb decisions and doesn't like it if someone get in her space.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:29 [She acts kind of angelic, but can be frustrated pretty easily. She puts others before herself, especially her sister Sama, she also can't stand violence.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:29 [However, she is surprisingly compassionate and brave. Unfortunately, she is the most misunderstood of the sisters, and her sisters never really seemed to like her all that much.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:31 [Haru often works independently with the important season stuff. She doesn't like to ask for help because, even though she's younger, she can sometimes think and act like she's superior.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:32 [Are we starting?]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:32 [Who's the oldest?
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:32 *]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:33 [Everyone, make four more characters.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:33 [Hm...well, there are things about people born in the warmer months vs. those born in the colder months.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:34 [There's saying about "Old man Winter" and "Youthful springtime." So perhaps Winter is the oldest?]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:34 *sayings
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:35 [I like to think that either spring or summer is the oldest.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:36 [Cuz a lot of people say spring is the first season.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:39 [They popped into existance at the exact same time.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:39 [Yeah, that makes sense.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:40 [So...what kind of characters should the four extra characters we each make be?]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:41 [Normal kids. Two boys and two girls.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:43 [OK.\
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:43 *]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 01:45 Are we supposed to make four characters each?
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 01:46 Yep.
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 01:49 [One season, two normal boys and two normal girls. Feel free to throw in a love story. Just don't make them ga y.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 02:02 [Johannis is a European boy. He has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and rosy cheeks. He currently lives in a snowy, mountainous region. He wears a light brown jacket with dark brown pants and light brown/dark yellow boots made for him by his grandma.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 02:02 [He is curious, understanding, and sweet, but isn't really the smartest of the bunch.]
18>Nora (Girl), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 02:03 [Nora is Johannis' big sister but-other than having pale skin and rosy cheeks too-she doesn't really look like him. She has long, black hair, gray eyes, and wears dark brown and black winter clothes.]
18>Nora (Girl), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 02:04 [She is more quiet and reserved, and is very protective of her little brother. Sometimes she scolds him for getting into trouble or being too adventurous, but in the end she always forgives him. She is very close to him.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 02:06 [I need an name! Any ideas???]
6>Thea (Girl), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 02:07 [Thea lives in England. She has long, straight light blonde hair and large, bright blue eyes. She kind of resembles Terra from Teen Titans in appearance. She wears brown denim shorts, brown gloves, a light blue shirt, and black boots.]
6>Thea (Girl), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 02:07 [Depending on what nationality you want your character to be, you can look up names on Google.]
6>Thea (Girl), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 02:08 [She is enthusiastic, playful, tomboyish, and in some ways tough. She loves to have fun but at times can be naive and a little too adventurous.]
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 02:09 [Pinak is a boy from India who lives with his parents in a zoo-yes, a zoo. He loves to tend to the animals his family owns at the zoo. However, he and his family are planning to move to Canada with the animals soon. Is basically a younger version of Pi
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 02:09 from Life of Pi.]
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 02:09 [He has black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. He is also lean. He is kind, thoughtful, and loving. He likes to ponder about philosophical things.]
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 02:09 [Well, those are my four characters.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 02:24 [Who's on?]
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 02:25 [Me!!]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 02:28 [If only Brunny was here.]
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 02:31 [Atticus, (named after Atticus Finch and my brother) has brown hair and brown eyes. He is clever but can be bossy when he wants things rightly done.
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 02:31 [Digimon today, RPing tomorrow. See ya! 10 am eastern tomorrow morning?]
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 02:31 [*Sighing*]
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 02:32 Yes!!!! I will open my new RP!!
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 02:53 [I will open it tomorrow. :)]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:08 [For the twins I'm just gonna post what the appearance is on the one I like better and just the clothing and the personality on the other twin.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:11 [Abrue And Alue have short, wavy, blonde hair with side bangs. The way you tell them apart is Alue straightens her bangs and Abrue keeps them wavy. They don't use clips they just put their bangs behind their ears.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:12 [No, their hair goes down to their belly buttons.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:13 [Abrue has blue eyes and Alue has green eyes.]
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:17 [Alue wears a magenta blouse, pink skinny jeans, an indigo shawl, and purple flats.]
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:19 [She is younger by 5 minutes and somehow Abrue gets all the cuter boys. Even though they have the same face somehow Abrue is "the cuter one"]
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:23 [She is fashionable but not in a fancy way. She is always polite and formal and she loves the season summer.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 04:23 [Everyone, please provide descriptions for your characters.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:26 [Abrue wears a red sundress that goes down to her knees, orange tights, a black shawl, and yellow sandals.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:29 [The boys say she's as beautiful as the sun itself and Alue is at a very close second, second most beautiful star.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:31 [The boys and cool girls say they can both really put an outfit together.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:35 [She likes to say she's fancy but sometimes her outfits just look good, not fancy. She always stays on top of the class but is never considered nerdy. She is also polite and formal but has a fierce side to her, a VERY fierce side no one messes with her.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:38 [No one recommends messing with her either. Their father is the mayor and because she has a fierce side people like to stay on her good side. Her favorite season and I quote (from her) "My favorite season is spring. It always has been and it always will."
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:38 *]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:39 [Hi!]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:40 [A kid named after Atticus Finch? :D Cool!]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 04:41 [How long are you on for?]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 04:41 [Hi!]
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 04:43 [Rory and Abrue are dating and Cory and Alue are dating.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:44 [Hey!]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:44 [Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking big time.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:45 [It's okay!]
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 04:45 [Got it! As long as you're here I'm happy and so is Felicity.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:46 [So, are we starting?]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:46 [???]
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 04:47 [NOT YET!]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:50 [OK.]
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 04:51 [Cory and Rory have smooth brown hair, short, straight across bangs, and green eyes. The only way to tell them apart is Cory has some very faint freckles and Rory doesn't.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 04:51 [Once Kalista and I finish introducing our characters, we'll start.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:53 [OK. But what about the rest of Cecilia's characters?]
4>Cory (Rory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 04:55 [Cory wears a green T-shirt, blue skinny jeans, and yellow sneakers.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 04:57 [You've seen how easygoing she is. She'll forgive us.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:58 [Jacob is on Rift!]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 04:58 [OK...]
4>Cory (Rory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 05:00 [He is VERY easygoing and calm, and has liked Alue ever since she was in 7th grade.]
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 05:01 [He wears a tux. That's all there is to it!]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 05:02 [I'm finding that being on four RPs at the same time is too hard, so I'm switching to being on Rift and not here. Sorry! *leaves*]
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 05:03 [He's EXACTLY like Abrue, except his father isn't the mayor. HE'S liked ABRUE ever since she was in 5TH GRADE!]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:07 [Ryo: Windswept brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin. A simple gray t-shirt, black pants and black sneakers.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:10 [Is half optimist, half pessimist, he's pretty emotionally stable. He acts mature, but he's pretty insecure due to fame he has from winning this big video game tournament thingy. He has a crush on Rika.]
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 05:13 [BTW Abrue was "playing matchmaker"/being the "Queen of Hearts" for the 7th grade prom.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 05:17 [Rika: Short red hair in a high ponytail, pale skin and lavender eyes. White fitted tee with blue sleeves. Button-fly blue jeans with a brown leather belt. Red sneakers.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 05:20 [Is a tomboy who's under a lot of pressure from her mom to look pretty. A lot of boys think that she does look cute and have crushes on her, but the only one that she seems to return affections to is Ryo, but she massively denies it.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 05:22 [Her soft side comes out once in a while, but most of the time, she has metaphorical ice in her veins. She isn't exactly mean, though. She's more passive-aggressive.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:30 [I'm just gonna start it now.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:32 It's almost time! The kids will get out of school, people will start cracking out the swimsuits, and it'll all happen tomorrow! My magical day, June 21, the Summer Solstice!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:33 WAHOO! MY LAST DAY OF WORK! FINALLY I CAN GET SOME REST!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:34 Well, I like my work. It's all good!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:41 On the last day of my glorious spring I shall make the flowers bloom bigger than they ever bloomed before!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:44 Good luck, then!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:49 Wait, that's what you say every year.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:50 I know, but this time I mean it!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 05:54 Yea, whatever.
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 13:56 [Oliver: Brown hair, pale skin, green eyes. Navy blue shirt with light blue at the bottom. White shorts.]
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 14:03 [Backstory: Oliver is an orfan, he lives with his grandma, now. He gets shy around people a lot. He very studios and likes keeping everything to himself.
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 14:07 (Scrach that.) He is very studios and isn't social in school. But overall, he can be quite smart.]
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 14:09 [Has an slight crush on Piper, though doesn't show it at all.]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:12 [hi, Cecilia!]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:13 [Looks like u left.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:18 [U still on?]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:20 [Me!]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:21 [Then GET ON WITH IT!]
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:22 [Piper: Light brown hair, pale skin, green eyes. Red checkered dress, navy blue tights, indigo shoes. She also usually wears an red coat.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:23 [HI CECILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:24 I am!
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:25 Hey! :)
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:25 [Still here??]
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:26 [NOOOOO!! You left!]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:26 Alright. This is always the hardest part of my job, the last day of work. Unlike YOU Sama, YOUR hardest day of work is the FIRST day: The Summer Solstice. Or as I like to call it: The SAMA Solstice.
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:27 [Takato: Sha ggy brown hair with goggles on his forehead, reddish-hazel eyes and tan skin.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:27 [Im here!}
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:27 [Great!]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:28 Well, to me, the harder it is, the funner it is! Unless it's frustrating hard.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:28 *walks to the edge of the bacony she is on**uses spring magic to open up all the daytime flowers and fruit buds*
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:30 [White tee under a blue jacket. Long beige pants. Green sneakers.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:31 Okay Sun, day is done. Lower the light, make way for the night. Stars are here, light is not. Sun will be, very hard to spot.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:31 *sun lowers under the horizen*
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:32 [She is very clever, and she also is very independent. She is very hyper, too. She has an dark side. But she doesn't usually show it.
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:33 ]
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:33  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:34 [He will be the one who will make Sama run away. He doesn't mean to be a troublemaker, but he doesn't get out much, so he can't help it.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:34  Secret message to Piper  
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:34 [Just wanted to do that.]
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:35  Secret message to Haru  
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:36  Secret message to Haru  
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:37 [
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:38 [Oops]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:39  Secret message to Piper  
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:40 Abigal has brown hair, pale skin and brown eyes. Light blue dress with an white cardigan. White tennis shoes.
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:41 [The rest of his personality is like Takato Matsuki's, from Digimon, whom he is named after. No, I'm not that lazy, it's just that my tablet types slow.]
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 14:42 [:D]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:42 [:D]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:43 [:b :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;d]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:43 [:D]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:47 [Still here??]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:49 [Jerei: Pronounced jeyr-ay. Brown eyes, shoulder-length brown hair and pale skin.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 14:50 [yeah]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:52 [Her personality is like Jeri Katou's, also from Digimon. Once again, the reason that I'm saying that is because my tablet types slowly.]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:54 [She is very kind and sweet and loves writing poetry. But like Oliver she isn't that social. She loves doing things by herself and is usually very quite.]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:54 [There is a mutual crush between Takato and Jerei. XD so technical]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 14:55 [But she will open up, with some time.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 14:57 [Good.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 14:57 [:D]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:01 [STEAK!!!]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 15:01 [????]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:03 [Nothing XD]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:04 [< |:D]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:07 [Not in the mood for RPing because of stupid kindle autocorrect and how the suggestions box takes up most of the screen and the fact that you're kind of slow, no offense. But ill keep rping anyway.]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:07 [I decided to open up my new RP right now! It's called The Manor you can check all of the information at the RP Alliance]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:08 [OK. What I'm using is super slow too.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:08 Sama! Aki Uinta! Especially Sama! You'd all better get some rest, it's a big day tomorrow! Uinta, I know you might not like it so I'll get you a shade fort to keep you from over heating. I know since you're the goddess of Winter you can overheat easily.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:09 I'll take care of all the night-time flowers.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:10 *opens all the night-time flowers*
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:14 Haru, I get up at about 3:30 in the morning, and I don't need much sleep.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:15 Okay, I'm STILL responsible for the morning glories though.
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:17 Okay, cool.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:20 🎵 Moon is up..........Sky is grayyyyyyyyy! Stars are shining all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy! By the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy! I love you, you love me! There is nothing I can't seeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There is nothing. I can't see.🎵
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:22 Never heard that song before.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:24 Okay moon, day is soon. Lower the night, make way for the light. Light is here, stars are not. Moon and stars be, very hard to spot.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:24 I wrote it myself.
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:25 [It's opened! The Manor!]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:30 [Yay!]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 15:31 Eee! *bounces on her bed*
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:32 [Keeps doing silly faces. *:D*]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:34 [Can you create your characters??]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:37 [Forgot to mention what she wears. Pale green knee-length sundress with yellow sleeves, yellow fingerless anime gloves, blue ankle socks and turquoise flats with blue sequins on the toes.]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:45 [Hellp?]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:46 [Oops, I meant hello.]
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:49 *is making funny faces in the mirror* Yeeeeewoooooyeeeeewooooo.
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:51 🎵Mazeimazeimazeimozo, mazeimazeimazeimozo.🎵
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 15:53 Dleedleedleedleedlee!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 17:57 *Going to bed.* I can't wait untill fall!*
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 17:58 *!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:40 *3:30 AM**Sama swoops down to the mainland*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:40 *sees Sama**waves**goes inside*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:41 *makes some breakfast*
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:41 *starts in Takato's yard**notices that he's still awake*
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:42 *thinks* I'm gonna have to work fast.
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:44 *makes the grass greener, the leaves more lush, is even able to make the night air slightly warmer*
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 22:44 *notices Summer outside his window*
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:46 *becomes careless**swoops by Takato's window just for the thrill of it*
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 22:46 Hey! You! Get back here!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:47 *slowly approaches Takato*
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 22:48 You're the Summer Season, aren't you? *kind of loses his mind* I just want to say that nobody likes you!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:48 *flies away*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:53 *sees her flying away* Hey, Sama!
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:53 *is at the equator before you can say 'Hey, Sama, wait up!'*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:55 *Sun rises**runs through the house singing*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 22:57 *is hanging out in various places in Shinjuku*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 22:58 *notices Rika about ten feet away from him, but knows that she won't hear him through her heaphones*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 22:58 🎵 Sun is up, sky is blue! It is so, peaceful to! Ooh, ooh, ooh! I love you, you love me! There is nothing, I can't seeeee! Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooooooh. There is nothing. That I can't, seeeee.🎵
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 22:59 *starts wandering around*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.5 23:00 *blooms The morning glories**wakes everyone up* Okay people! With Sama gone I'm in charge around here! In charge of the seasons and this place.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 23:09 Good morning!! Where's Sama??
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.5 23:35 And how are you in charge??
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 00:38 Because spring is the closest season to summer. I'll just have to push my powers to the max!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 00:43 Well, mine is next!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 00:44 [Could you add your description for your character for The Manor?]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 00:53 But, my season is the second warmest. Yours is the third. And since Uinta is taking care of the part of the world that has winter, technically I'm in charge.
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 00:55 *starts following Rika*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:59 *crashes into Pinak because they both have their eyes closed*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 01:33 [Bye]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 01:34 Fine.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 03:53 [Back!]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:20 [Uh...summary?]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:22 [Spring ended, summer started, Sama ran away. I just want to tell you that Rika crashed into Pinak because they both had their eyes closed.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:24 [OK. But where is everyone?]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:24 [I know that Sama is gone, but where is everyone else?]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:24 [You're on the other side of the world/base to.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:25 [The seasons are in the base. Everyone else is on earth.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:27 [OK.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:27 [BTW, Pinak lives in India...is Rika visiting India?]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:27 *sitting in a corner and reading a book-as usual*
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:28 Oops-sorry!!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:29 [Oops. Nvm it!]
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:29 [OK. Nvm that too. XP]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:31 [The RP takes place in Shinjuku, Japan. Shinjuku is part of Tokyo.]
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:33 [OK.]
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:34 [But to provide more variety and since the world has all sorts of weather, why doesn't the RP show more places?]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:36 [I guess we could spread it out a bit. How about Pinak is a friend of Ryo's over the Internet? You know, through emails and stuff?]
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:38 [Yeah, sure.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:42 *is just wandering around, not noticing Ryo*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:43 Rika?
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:44 *taps Rika on the shoulder*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 05:44 *is exploring the mountains near the cabin with Nora*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 05:44 *it is a beautiful summer...but then a cold wind starts blowing*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 05:44 Hm...it's the middle of July...why would a cold front come in?
18>Nora (Girl), 15yo.2015,Dec.6 05:45 *frowns slightly* I don't know.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:45 *knows immediately who it is* What is it, Ryo?
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:46 *tries to warm things up using her powers as strongly as she can*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:46 Um...uh...do you wanna go somewhere with me sometime and possibly do something?
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:47 *warms up a little bit* I'm pooped.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:47 *sees Haru and shakes her head* It won't work, Haru. Aki always takes over after Sama has finished. You can't change the cycle.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:47 No thanks. Pretty busy this week. Hey, is it kinda cold for summer to you?
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:48 You're right. It is.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:49 We should see if any of our other friends know what's going on. You call Jerei, I call Takato.
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:49 About that...
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:50 Please don't tell me that you don't have a cell phone.
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:50 Bingo.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:51 Fine, I'll call both of them.
6>Thea (Girl), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:51 *running through England with her friends, laughing**suddenly a cold front blows in**shudders* Brrr...it's cold...
6>Thea (Girl), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 05:51 Thea's Friend #1: Yeah...geez...what happened to July??
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:52 Anyway... *goes back to channeling her energy into the Southern Hemisphere* [Note that I think the seasons are reversed in the different hemispheres.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:55 *calls Takato* Hey, Takato. Does it seem kind of cold to you? You did WHAT last night?! Be right there. *puts phone away* We gotta get to Takato's place ASAP and bring Jerei.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:55 [Correct. Australia's spring is our autumn.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:56 [OK, thanks for confirming that!]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 05:57 [Hey Felicity+Kalista, can you go on Rift some more?]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:58 *grabs Ryo's wrist**runs all the way to Jerei's house about half a mile away*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:59 [Maybe. I'm getting bored and confused with that RP.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:00 [OK. But is Kalista still on? She sort of just disappeared.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:00 [No. She's watching Lab Rats on Netflix or something.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:01 [Okay.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:01 Jerei, we have to get to Takato's house.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:02 It's an emergency.
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 06:03 Finally, a little excitement! I've been making weird faces in the mirror all night!
15>Pinak (Boy), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:04 *messages Ryo: "Ryo, what's going on? It's the middle of July and a cold front just blew in. And being near the equator, this is REALLY strange."*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:11 Come on, let's go! *grabs everyone by the wrist and runs all the way to Takato's house, another half mile away*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:13 *panting* Can we stop...with the running?
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 06:14 Look, we're here.
6>Thea (Girl), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:15 *runs around, being able to move faster since it's colder*
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 06:16 Guys, get inside now!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:18 *pulls everyone inside*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:18 I said enough with the pulling and running!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:19 You didn't say anything about the pulling part!
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 06:20 Guys, I think that the word worldwide cold fronts are my fault.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:22 *suddenly feels weird**Aki also feels strange*
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 06:22 There was this thing with a flying girl and magic and me losing my marbles at night...it's complicated.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:22 *gets up and looks at a magic globe that shows which season currently has the most influence on various parts of the world**gasps when she sees that the mass of orange that has surrounded the Northern Hemisphere is beginning to turn a bit blue*
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:22 No...I can't control the whole world...it's too much!
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:23 Aki, concentrate harder...fall is turning to winter on the Northern Hemisphere. *looks fearful*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:23 Lemme guess. You scared the Summer goddess away.
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 06:24 Not really. I don't remember why, but I told her that nobody likes what she does when everyone loves her work. I go nutz at night.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:25 *knows that they need help**closes her eyes, using magic to lure some of the various children of the world towards the realm of the seasons...*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 06:25 *he especially feels the pull of Uinta**starts climbing up the mountain*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:25 Well, that explains why it's cooler around here than usual.
18>Nora (Girl), 15yo.2015,Dec.6 06:26 Johannis! Johannis, what are you doing?
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 06:26 I have to get to the top of the mountain! Nora: Why?! Johannis: I...I don't know!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:26 *feels Uinta's pull* Gotta go. Bye!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:28 *goes up to the top of Tokyo Tower* How on Earth am I going to get up into the sky?
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 06:30 *while Rika goes to the top of Tokyo Tower, he climbs the mountain**reaches its peak at twilight*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:30 Uh, bye. I have to go...do stuff. *goes back to his house and checks his email*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 06:30 *Uinta appears before him* Who...who are you? Uinta: Come and I will reveal my identity to you. Johannis: *approaches Uinta* Nora: Johannis! Johannis, WAIT- Uinta: *wraps Johannis in her cloak**then she and Johannis are gone*
18>Nora (Girl), 15yo.2015,Dec.6 06:30 JOHANNIS!!!...
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:31 How am I supposed to get up there?
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:31 *moments later she appears before Rika* Hello.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:31 I can show you how.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:31 *suddenly gets transported to the realm of the seasons*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:31 [Nvm.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 06:32 Who are you?
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 06:32 [gtg! *offline* See you!]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:33 *responds to Pinak's message: "This whole thing might be my friend's fault. He didn't mean to. I also don't think that he would want me to tell you."*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 06:34 [Bye.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 14:11 *Looks worried.* Please, tell us.
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 14:14 [They aren't together.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 14:20 [Sorry!]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 14:26  Secret message to Haru  
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 14:29  Secret message to Haru  
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.6 14:31 [So, I'm stuck at the house???]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 14:32 Can I just make a humid rain?
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 14:34 [Who else on
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 14:34 *]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 14:35 [Me!]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.6 14:36 [Besides you.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 14:37 [Nobody!]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 15:45 Me!
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 15:45 I missed you guys
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:35 Hey Alue! Herry up and get dressed all ready, I'm tired of waiting for you!
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:36 *Hurry]
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:38 I'll be right there! It's just this blouse and skinny jeans are really hard to get on!
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:39 Well hurry up! We're gonna be late for school on the last day, you don't want that do you?
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:40 Not at all! If we're late Rory and Cory might cancel our dates after school!
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:42 I can't wait to go to the beach!
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:42 Then the pool!
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:43 *together* Then the movies!
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:43 *together again* Jinx!
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:44 Jinx again!
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:44 Ha! I win at that once gain!
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.8 22:44 Let's go! *they go to school*
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.8 22:45 *groans* Cory, what's taking so long?!
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.8 23:58 [Do all the kids go to the same school????]
1>Sama (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.9 16:53 [Not. By. A. Long. Shot.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:20 *starts watching weird videos on YouTube*
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:22 Walks to school.
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:22 Oh! Gotta get ready for school!
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 23:23 *Is at school reading To Kill a Mockingbird.*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:24 *as soon as he's ready, he grabs his backpack and rushes out the door...only to land in a mud puddle XD*
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 23:25 *Starts writing poetry as she is walking to school.*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:26 This is not the best day today.
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 23:27 *Gets to school.*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:27 *runs all the way to school, which is easier now that Rika isn't pulling him*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:29 *he shares a high school homeroom with Abrue and Alue...but not Rika today*
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.9 23:29 Hey ya, Abigal!
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:30 *Says softly* Hi.
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:30 *Keeps walking.*
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.9 23:31 *Blushes.*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:32 *rushes into the classroom**is about three minutes late, but three minutes isn't really a big difference*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:33 Sorry I'm late, Mrs. Tidwell.
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:34 [Brb, possibly gtg for 15 minutes]
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.9 23:35 [😁😁😁]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:37 [Back]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:48 [Hello?]
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 23:53 [Hello!]
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 23:54 [Sorry, went to watch YouTube videos. XD.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:25 [You could have told me!!]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.10 01:38 Super sorry!!
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 14:02 *Looks at Ryo coming in.*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 20:49 [Ryo is in high school! Piper is sixth-grade age!]
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 02:50 [Let's pretend that never happened. XD.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 01:01 *sees Rika staning nearby*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 01:01 Who are you??
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 02:39 [Um, Rika's at the top balcony of the Tokyo Tower. Isn't Johannis in the realm of the seasons?]
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:21 Seriously Cory, hurry up!
4>Cory (Rory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:21 Okay, okay! Sheesh!
4>Cory (Rory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:21 *comes out*
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:22 Let's go! *they walk to school*
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:30 *Atticus standing nearby.*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 18:31 [Brb]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 18:32 [Back!]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 [No, Uinta teleported Rika to the realm of the seasons too.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 [oh. got it.]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 [I think I forgot to put that in... XP]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 *she teleported Rika to the realm anyway XD XP*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 Does it matter, gogglehead boy?
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 [Oh, and I made a new Awesomely Random survey!]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 Gogglehead???
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:49 [I know! I saw it!]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:50 It's kinda hard to put it into words.
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:52 Okay...er...I'm Johannis. *holds out a hand for Rika to shake it*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:53 [Ugh...I just went to my survey and found that someone selected all the answers that say "-__-". How many freaking times do I have to explain that if you don't like my surveys, DON'T take them?!?! >___< ]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 18:54 [Is Aki at home??]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:55 I'm Rika, but why do you care? *folds arms across her chest*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:55 [I think all the seasons except Sama are in the realm.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:56 [Hey, Brunny, wanna go on A Matter Of Magic along with this?]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:58 [I'm already multitasking and I'm going to go in a couple minutes, so no thanks.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:59 [Oh.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:00 [Can you make Uinta talk to Johannis and Rika?]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:01 [Is Aki at home??]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:02 [Yes, I think so.]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:02 *looks a little hurt* I'm just trying to be nice... *pulls hand back*
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:03 *turns to the two* I am Uinta. A boy has gotten Sama-or Summer-to fall in love with him and run away with him.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:03 [I also took the survey. :)]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:03 I think I know who it was.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:03 Aki had to take Sama's place in controlling the Northern Hemisphere. I currently rule the Southern Hemisphere. However, the changing climate is quickly turning control of the Northern Hemisphere from Aki to me.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:04 If I control the whole world, it will be too much for me. The remaining seasons need the help of the children of the world. That is why I brought you here, to the realm of the seasons.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:04 I'm bored. To Unita I go!! *Snap's fingers.*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:04 I said that I know who it was.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:04 I must go and collect more children. You wait here.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:05 I will need plenty of children before I can act, okay?
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:05 *vanishes in a puff of snowflakes*
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:06 *teleports everywhere, grabbing children and teleporting them to the seasons' realm*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:06 Well, that was...interesting.
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:06 [Will Takato be one of the children?]
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:06 *Alue and Abrue are the first to appear**then Piper, Abigal, Atticus, Jerei, and Ryo*
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:06 [All of the children will be taken.]
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:06 Where are you taking me creepy lady !!!!!!!!!!!!
6>Thea (Girl), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:06 *appears**faceplants* Ouch... >.<
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:07 *glares at Atticus for a moment before teleporting him**then teleports to Oliver and transfers him to the realm too*
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:07 [What about Oliver???]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:07 *appears* Oh, hey, Rika.
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:07 [What about Oliver???]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:08 Don't even try, Ryo.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:08 *appears before Nora* Nora: *is crying**looks up at Uinta* What did you do to my brother?! Uinta: *doesn't answer**just lays an icy hand on Nora's shoulder, and she vanishes in a puff of snowflakes*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:08 She turned into snow again.
18>Nora (Girl), 15yo.2015,Dec.12 19:08 *finds herself gasping before the other children**sees Johannis* JOHANNIS!!! *runs over and hugs him*
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:08 *Aki is now with Unita. Wondering why she was left at home.*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:09 Weird.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:09 *collects Cory, Rory, Pinak, and anyone else who's left*
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:09 *appears in the room*
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:09 *quickly explains everything to the new children*
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:09 Huh. Why are so many children here?
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:10 I know who made Sama run off!
12>Jerei (Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:10 *yells that*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:10 *dissolves into a puff of beautiful flowers**dances around Nora*
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:10 *Suddenly apears*
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 19:11 Yeah. Why???
18>Nora (Girl), 15yo.2015,Dec.12 19:11 *sees Haru**her eyes widen*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:11 *the flowers tickle his nose**sneezes loudly*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:11 [gtg! *offline* See you later!]
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:11 [Bye.]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:11 *Says nothing. Doesn't even look up.*
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:12 [Bye!!]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:13 *separates the flurry of flowers and puts a flower in each child's hand**the flowers turn into crystal shards*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:15 *a chip of each shard comes off and molds together creating The Spirit Of Spring/Haru* If you ever need me just wish for a shard to come off and I will appear.
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:15 *Makes leaf's fall out of nowhere.*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:16 Bye the way my name is Haru. I have another name too. The Spirit Of Spring.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:16 *Make's leafs fall out of nowhere.*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:16 Aki! You copycat!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:16 I'm Aki. What are yours?
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:17 Well, just making sure I still have them!
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:17 Alue.
20>Abrue (Alue's twin), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 19:18 Abrue.
8>Atticus (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:18 I'm Atticus.
4>Cory (Rory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:18 Cory.
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 19:18 Piper!
14>Rory (Cory's twin), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:19 *bows* My name is Rory.
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:19 *Says nothing.*
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:20 Oliver. *Says it softly.*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:21 *changes into Abigal's favorite flower**floats into her hands*
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 19:21 *Whispers.* Thank you.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:22 *splits into Oliver's favorite flower to**floats into his hands*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:22 *spirit comes* My way of cheering people up.
19>Oliver (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:23 *Says nothing. Takes it.*
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:23 Good work.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:27 [Still here??]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:29 [Yes.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 19:30 [Can you go on rift?]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.12 19:30 [Good.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.12 21:39 [Testing]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.13 00:56 We
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.13 00:57 ll now Haru and I have your names, we need to start finding Sama.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.13 01:13 So, let's go!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.13 03:57 DID ANYONE HEAR ME SAY THAT I KNOW WHO MADE SAMA RUN OFF?!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.13 04:18 No.
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.13 05:26 [I'm on! What happened?]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.13 05:26 [Just some Kalista-Cecilia junk.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.13 05:27 [Replies will be slow. One, it's cold in my room, two, I'm multitasking.]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.13 05:31 [Hello?]
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2015,Dec.13 05:32 [Sorry, I got distracted...unfortunately I have to go. Saturday Night Live is on! *offline*]
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2015,Dec.13 05:33 [Bye. -_- BTW, what's Saturday Night Live, and what's so important about it?]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.13 14:53 No, who?
11>Takato (Boy), 12yo.2015,Dec.13 16:26 It was me. She's not in love with me, if anything, she ran off crying. I just go crazy at night because I don't get out much.
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.13 19:09 [How did Takato get here?????]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.13 20:39 [everyone except Sama is in the season base.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.13 20:45 [OK then.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.13 21:54 [You here?]
16>Abigal (:D), 12yo.2015,Dec.14 01:14 [Now I am.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.14 01:16 Well then, we need to find her. Come on!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.14 02:33 [Still here?]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.15 13:31 [I more or less just left.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2015,Dec.19 17:44 *Start's walking.*
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.19 18:01 U
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.19 18:02 [Nvm
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2015,Dec.19 18:02 *]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.3 15:32 [YoO-HoOO!]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.3 15:36 *?]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.10 04:29 [Anyone there?]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.12 02:08 Aki, you're about to walk off the side of the cloud base.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.12 02:11 *swirls around lots of flowers that pick the children up in the air**she moves them around and makes them fly in front of Aki* Hey Aki, why don't you use your brightly coloured leaves to fly in the air. FALL'S COMING EARLY! *sneezes* I think I'm allergic.
5>Alue (Abrue's twin), 13yo.2016,Jan.12 02:12 To flowers? But, you're the Spirit of Spring!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.12 02:13 Not to flowers, to cold fronts!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.20 00:47 Really? I'm not allergic to anything! WHAHOO! *Build up a pile of brightly orange leafs, and makes the children fly on to them.* C'mon Haru! Get on!
17>Piper (:D), 11yo.2016,Jan.20 00:47 Wow. This is fun!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.23 16:56 Hey! I thought I was making them fly! It was my idea!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.24 14:08 I did it!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.26 23:56 But I started!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 03:53 Just be quiet!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.30 03:56 Fine. This is fun!
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.30 03:56 NO!
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.30 03:57 *Moves the leaf pile around. It would be flying BTW.*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 03:57 Floating around on leaves is kinda fun.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.30 03:57 *makes the aspiring showers whisk away Aki's leaves*
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.30 03:58 Why not?
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.30 03:58 *giggles* buh-bye Aki.
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:58 *looks at Rika*
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 03:58 *winks at Ryo*
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.30 03:58 Why ya do that?
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 03:59 Is it your business?
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.30 04:00 Yes. Wait. We aren't flying anymore!
3>Rika (Ryo's friend), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 04:01 [We can still be on BoardingSchoolKids.]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.30 04:02 [I know.]
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:05 *blushes after Rika winked at him*
2>Ryo (Teen boy), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:08 [Hello?]
9>Aki (Season Sister), Fallyo.2016,Jan.30 04:11 [Still here.]
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.31 05:44 No, the kids are flying. It's just YOU aren't flying.
10>Haru (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Jan.31 05:46 *walks on air* This is one of the advantages of being a season. You can walk on air.
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Feb.26 06:17 *follows, walking on air too*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2016,Feb.26 06:17 *slips and falls off his flying flowers*
7>Uinta (Season Sister), Imrtlyo.2016,Feb.26 06:18 *quickly catches Johannis, creating a giant snowflake for him to ride on*
13>Johannis (Boy), 10yo.2016,Feb.26 06:18 *lands on the snowflake* Whoa...