" The Fallen " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 17 years of age.
Taking place in the year 3,500, Earth has had quite a few changes. When a Third World War breaks out, it turns into a nuclear war of the nations. Almost no one survives. And those that do survive, are changed forever. They form a single nation from what is left of the world, known as Pangea. For a while, they live in an era of peace...but it is not to last. An underground society of scientists has been taking people from the city, seemingly ordinary people. But they have a deadly secret. The war really did change people. A select few gained powers beyond belief, superhuman abilities. So, what happens now? Will these people rebel against their captors? Or will they die in chains, to be forever silenced? It's up to you to decide their fate! If you choose to join (which I hope you will) then you can be one of the children with these mysterious powers! You can make them anything from flying, to turning invisible! Almost anything, the sky's the limit really! Some of the only rules include: no bad messages, no power playing (that's kind of like cheating, and no one likes a cheater!), your character needs to be between ten and nineteen, no younger and no older! Don't make yourself all powerful! Make your character have some flaws! And now, the game is up for you to enjoy!

1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:01 Ok! Hello, and a warm welcome to my new game The Fallen!)
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:03 I do really hope you choose to join! So here's more of a basic description for you. You get to play as a child who survived the nuclear war, and now has super powers. They get captured by an evil corrupt society, who says that they want to study them,
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:05 But, really they want to use them to overtake the new nation. Your job is to escape, and uncover your own identities, to stop a new war from happening.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:07 I'll also explain the types of items you can buy later. A gun is...well a gun. You can use it to defend yourself obviously. No special thing about a gun really.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:08 A hyper gun uses radioactivity to give it more power. It's kind of like putting a mini bomb into a gunshot.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:09 A bow/arrows is just that, bow and arrows. They can also be combined with other items to make them more powerful!
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:11 A bomb is, well, a bomb. It sets off a big explosion. There are types of special bombs (smoke bombs, laser bombs, etc.) that I can also give you.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:12 An Invisible Shield is a type of force field that makes things invisible for a certain amount of time. It clan only be used once! So use it wisely.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:13 A Scanner Watch is a special type of watch used for scanning different items/people to fully identify them. I think it's a pretty cool item myself.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:15 An Electrical Shield is just like an Invisible Shield, only the force field generates electricity to stun things instead of producing invisibility.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:16 Remember, this is also taking place in more of a near future environment. Besides slightly more advanced technology, not much has changed in terms of how people live and act.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:17 So, I'm pretty sure you're all set for playing! Don't be afraid to ask questions along the way, though. And feel free to join at any given point.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:19 Oh, I forgot to mention! I'm playing as three character slots, the Science Leader, who is one of the main bad guys, Science Team Alpha, who are some of his followers, and Ridel, one of the super children.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:20 You can have a maximum of four characters, just to ensure that multiple people can play.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:22 I would suggest playing as one of the teens with powers, although nothing's stopping you from also playing as a bad guy too!
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:22 So, just, have fun playing.
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2014,Dec.31 17:30 (Yep, here's Science Team Alpha! They're a group of twenty or so elite that willingly follow their leader)
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2014,Dec.31 17:31 (At times I may make them a bit comical just for fun)
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2014,Dec.31 17:35 (And here's my final character, Ridel. He's one of the survivors. He's 16 years old, and has scruffy black hair and light blue eyes. He hasn't been captured yet, and doesn't know his powers. He's laid back, and a little antisocial, but he can be fun)
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:37 (So, we start this in the nation's capital city, Pangea's Republic. Feel free to join at any given point! And....begin!)
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2014,Dec.31 17:38 *walks through the city by himself. Both his parents were killed in the war, so now he doesn't have anyone left*
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:41 *watches multiple big screens of the city looking for any suspicious activity*. Hmmm....we must find them all. Scour the city if you have to! *sends a message to Science Team Alpha*.
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 17:41 There will be no place left to hide.
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2014,Dec.31 18:26 *gets a funny feeling, and turns around...no ones there though.*. I'm losing my mind!
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2014,Dec.31 18:52 *watches Ridel, intrigued*. Get a closer look at that boy.
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 03:56 [I decided to join this RP! :D]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 03:57 [Name:Leonore, Age:13 (but she might turn 14 soon;not sure), Gender:Female, Appearance:Often wears either a dark purple or dark blue hoodie set with black tennis shoes and a black T-shirt under her hoodie jacket, has dark blue eyes, and long
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 03:58 blondish-brownish hair. Personality:Brave, compassionate, sometimes shows that she's selfless, quiet, shy, occasionally also reveals that she's witty and a bit tomboyish.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 03:59 [Her power is telekinesis-due to the war, she was changed and got very high levels of ESP.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:00 [Other than telekinesis, her ESP occasionally allows her to sense if someone is coming just before he/she comes (although she can't identify whoever's coming) and maybe even occasionally see a ghost/phantom/person in the corner of her eyes.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:00 [However, telekinesis is her main power. She doesn't often sense when someone is coming, and she rarely sees a ghost in the corner of her eyes.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:01 [Also, her father taught her archery, and she's pretty good at it.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:01  Buying Bow/arrows (x 1)  
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:21 [All of Leonore's family except her dad were killed in the war.]
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:23 (Great character!)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:29 [Thanks!]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:30 [BTW, what are Ridel's powers?]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:31 [Note that Leonore knows about her powers, but rarely uses them and doesn't think of them much. However, if she panics or her emotions become too powerful in any way, her powers will become extremely strong and uncontrollable.]
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:31 (alright, sounds good. I'm trying to come up with good powers really)
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:32 (I can't think of any good ideas!)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:34 [A few typical ESP powers include:Telekinesis, teleportation, seeing the future of oneself or someone else, telepathy, astral projection/soul-self, energy medicine/healing via a special energy, mind-reading, pyrokinesis, and more.]
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:35 (ah, so those are all of your powers then? Cool!)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:36 [Other powers:Flight, manipulation of a certian element (water, earth, fire/pyrokinesis, air, ice, light, dark, sky, etc.), shapeshifting, super strength, possession of a magical, powerful weapon, and more.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:36 [No, I'm listing a bunch of powers for you.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:36 [I'm helping you by giving you ideas on Ridel's powers.]
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:39 (oh, that makes more sense.)
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:40 (we'll give Ridel the power of flight, and pyrokinesis via his eyes, and sometimes hands.)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:40 [Here are powers based on what Ridel is/could be:Vampire abilities (flight, super speed, transforming into a bat and back again, etc.), werewolf powers (going into wolf form and back again), demon powers (dark energy manipulation, telepathy, soul-self,
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:40 and more).]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:41 [OK, cool powers! So basically he controls fire and can fly?]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:41 [BTW, let's start!]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:42 *is in an old apartment with her father**sits, watching her pet tiger oscar swim around*
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:42 (alright, let's get this show on a roll)
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:43 *can't shake the feeling he's being watched. Shivers quietly, but keeps walking through the back alleys.*
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:43 *begins to walk faster, until he finally reaches the outskirts of the back alleys, and makes it into the shop area of the city*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:44 [Note:You can look up what tiger oscars are. I own two of them. They're really cute fish who like to eat a lot!]
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 04:46 (they sound cute)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:47 *makes a sphere of water with the fish inside it float up and out of the tank with her mind*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:47 *hears her dad coming in and quickly drops the fish back in the fish bowl*
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2015,Jan.1 04:50 *watches Leonore intently on the screen,and sees the fish coming out of the bowl*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:50 Dad:Hi Lea. (That's her nickname.) Leonore:Hi Daddy... Dad:Want to go shopping? I'll get you some new arrows. Leonore:*smiles* Sure.
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:51 *drops some freeze dried krill into the tank* Enjoy. Tiger Oscar:*snatches it and ravenously eats it XD*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:51 *laughs a little and runs out the door with her dad*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:52 *they head to the shop area of the city**sees Ridel walking around*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:53 *while her dad browses around for some arrows, she turns and starts looking around at various tables**wants to test out her telekinetic powers again*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:54 *looks at some glass bowls set on a long table**one she is unblinkingly staring at begins to wobble, first a little, and then a lot*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:54 *it falls off the table and breaks**gasps and runs away, not wanting to get into trouble*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:56 *finds her dad* Dad:*holds up some arrows* How are these? Lea:*smiles* Perfec.
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:56 *Perfect.
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:56 *they go get some cans of food and buy their items*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 04:56 *they then start walking back to the apartment**sees Ridel looking at her weirdly**is sort of creeped out*
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 05:04 *watches Leonore intensely*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:04 *holds on tight to her dad's hand as she and her dad walk back to their apartment*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:05 *looks up at the sky, which is pale gray with clouds&*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:05 **
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 05:06 *follows Leonore. He saw her break the glass, with her mind. Last time he checked...you can't do that!)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:08 *suddenly a robber comes out of nowhere* Robber:*aims a gun at Leonore and her dad* Hey!! Gimme all your money!! NOW!!
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:08 *suppresses a scream**her dad pushes her behind him*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:09 Dad:Alright...just give me a second... *starts reaching in his pockets for his wallet* Robber:NO!! *almost shoots, but instead whacks Lea's dad's hands**starts searching in his pockets himself*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:11 Dad:This isn't necessary... Robber:Hey! *aims the gun at Lea's dad* You be quiet, you hear me? You-*is about to pull the trigger*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:12 *accidentally uses her powers to make the robber float up, fly backwards, and ram himself into a wall* Robber:*screams* HEY!!! WHAT THE [Insert Bad Word Here XP]?!?!?!
3>Ridel (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 05:13 *listens to a lot of crashing inside! after he heard the robber enter*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:13 Dad:*gasps in shock at what just happened**grabs Leonore's hand, knowing that she's one of the special altered children* Come on. We have to go. NOW!!
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:14 *they run away from the street where they bumped into the robber and head back to their apartment*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:14 *they enter the apartment* Dad:*locks the doors and closes all the drapes**starts taking out keys and unlocking various secret cabinets/drawers, taking out valuables and weapons*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:14 Dad, what's going on...?!
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:15 Dad:I'll explain later. We have to get out of here. We have to flee from the city. Leonore:But why?! What about my fish? Dad:Just get your bow and all the food you can find.
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:15 *runs throughout the apartment, putting food in her backpack and grabbing her bow and arrows*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:16 *meanwhile, the Science Leader has seen everything via his cameras*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:16 *says a painful goodbye to her fish**gives him plenty of fish food*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:17 I'll be back-I promise!! Here, just one more brine shrimp cube... Dad:We have to go. I love your fish too, but this is serious.
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:17 Goodbye... *is near tears**she and her dad, equipped with weapons, food, and water, exit the apartment building*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:19 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times (AKA around 9:00 PM)! I might be late.]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:19 [Wait, nvm!]
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.1 05:20 [gtg now! Bye! *offline*]
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:42 (Hi! This game sounded really fun, so I joined. )
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2015,Jan.4 03:43 (thank you for joining)
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:44 (My character is Tara. She is 16, has strawberry blonde hair, and hazel eyes. She wears a navy blue jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes. Her power is shapeshifting - she can turn into anyone she wants.)
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:44 (However, the catch is, if she's super scared or something her superpowers grow weaker.)
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2015,Jan.4 03:46 (alright, sounds good)
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:46 *is in her house, which is farther away from Leonore and Rider's apartment* *flips through the channels and settles on a futuristic quiz show*
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:47 *her parents are cooking in the kitchen* *shouts out the answer to one of the questions* *there is a sudden gunshot from outside* *jumps*
1>Science Leader (Science Leader), 42yo.2015,Jan.4 03:47 *zooms in narrowly on Leonore*
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:49 Mom: Shut off the lights. They're here. *shuts the curtains* Tara: Who?...*slowly rises from the chair* Mom: Get in the closet. *a futuristic stainless steel closet is opened* *Tara gets in*
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:49 *fans out among the streets, interested in one house in particular, Tara's*
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:50 Mom: *shoves a gun into Tara's hands* Take this. And- and stay safe! *the door shuts* Tara: Wait...mom?....
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:50 *rush into the house*
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:50  Buying Gun (x 1)  
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:51 Out of our way! This is official Government Buisiness!
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:51 *speaking to the mom*
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:51 *hears banging around and a scream* *gets really scared* *has no idea what happened to her parents*
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:51 Where is she?
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:52 Mom: *puts her hands up, nodding* Just don't harm my family!
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:54 Men! Search the house!
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:54 *hears some low voices* *braces herself for what's to come*
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:54 *to the mom* No one gets hurt...as long as you give her to us.
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:55 Mom: I- I...*looks around at the Science Team* I'm afraid I can't...
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 03:57 Don't interfere with us...where is she!
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 03:59 Mom: *points to the closet down the hall* *grabs a remote control and opens the door*
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 04:00 *smiles* Thank you for your cooperation.
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 04:06 Mom: *nods nervously* Tara: Mom?...*gets out* I thought you were dead! *hugs her mom* *sees the Science Team*
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 04:07 Who are they?
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 04:07 We are a secret government force team...and we're here to take you away.
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 04:07 That is all you need to know.
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 04:08 *looks at her mom, eyes wide* Mom: It's okay. It won't be for long.
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 04:10 *looks at the Science Team nervously, then steps forward a little*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.4 22:13 *she and her Dad are running through the streets**they are passing Tara's house when Science Team Alpha comes out with Tara* Dad:Get back!! *he and Leonore hide behind a big dumpster*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.4 22:14 *the Science Leader notices Leonore and her Dad hiding nearby and sends a message to Science Team Alpha that tells them where Leonore is and that they should get her too*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.4 22:14 [Note:I don't want Leonore to be captured yet-I want her to be chased around the city for a bit until later, where she does get captured.]
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.4 23:25 (Ok)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.5 02:44 [Here! Let's RP!]
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:45 (ok!)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.5 02:47 *huddles close to her dad*
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:47 *growls at the team* Search the streets for witnesses!
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:47 Don't leave any...
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.5 02:48 *she and her dad overhear the science guy*
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:49 *a sudden movement by Leonores dad catches his attention*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.5 02:49 Dad:*gets his gun ready* Leonore:W-what are you doing...??! Dad:Go. I'll be right behind you. Don't worry.
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:49 *walks quietly over to where they hide, but finds nothing when he gets there*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.5 02:49 *starts running for dear life**her dad, gun ready, runs after her*
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:50 *turns around* Men!
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:50 Follow them! Make sure they don't escape!
2>Science Team Alpha (Science Team Alpha), ....yo.2015,Jan.5 02:51 *looks at the running Leonore more closely* And bring the girl...alive.
6>Tara (Superpower Child), 16yo.2015,Jan.5 22:26 *is sitting in the Science Team's huge truck* *watches some of the team walk around, looking for anyone else to capture*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Jan.9 03:35 *hears various gunshots behind her, and knows that the scientists and her dad are having a gunfight**however, she doesn't dare look back*
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Feb.3 00:35 [I'm changing my character's age to 14.]
8>Jill (Superpower Child), 19yo.2015,May.2 15:54 (Hello. I found this rp really interesting so I wanted to join it, but is this rp over?)
12>Leonore (Superpower Child), 14yo.2015,Aug.12 22:28 [Probably...this has been inactive for months.]