" The Maze Runner " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 14 to 21 years of age.
After the sun has scorched the Earth and a horrible disease that attacks the brain called the Flare caused even more destruction, an organization called WICKED was formed to find a cure to the Flare. They found out that the next generation-AKA the Immunes-were the key to curing the Flare, for, as their title suggests, they were immune to it. In order to test the Immunes, WICKED created a great but treacherous Maze with lush land-called the Glade-in the center of it. They brainwashed many Immunes so that they remembered nothing but their first name and then sent them into the Glade. But that was only the beginning...
Now, it's time for you to create your own Glader, play as many of James Dashner's awesome characters, and see if you can escape the Maze.
Remember. Survive. Run.



1. No cussing. The only exception is if you use Glader slang or blot out the bad words with something like '[BLEEP]'.
2. No trolling, spamming, and making bad-minded messages. This includes making posts that are off-topic (unless the members are having a casual but brief chat), making references to inappropriate stuff, arguing, bullying, posting nonsense/scrambled letters and numbers for no reason, and other things of the sort.
3. IMPORTANT: Do not join if you have not read The Maze Runner books and/or seen The Maze Runner movies.
4. You can play as one Glader of your own creation. All other characters must be from the movies and the books. Also, your Glader must be in the 12-18 age range and must be somewhat based on yourself (but you are allowed to change his/her appearance some, make him/her older/younger than you, and add and remove various personality traits).
5. The password for the Visitor slot is 'password'. DO NOT CHANGE IT. If you need to deliver a message to one of the members while you aren't a member yourself, you can use the Visitor slot. Otherwise, do not use the Visitor slot or abuse it by using it to make inappropriate posts.
6. Most of all...HAVE FUN!!!

1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.2 06:27 Hello and welcome to The Maze Runner-the Roleplay Game!
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.2 06:28 Here we will re-enact what happens in the trilogy. I will change the name of this RP depending on what movie/book we are currently re-enacting (e.g. after we finish re-enacting the first movie/book, I'll change the name to "The Maze Runner: The Scorch
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.2 06:28 Trials").
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.2 06:29 [Unfortunately, all slots except the Visitor slot (which is NOT used for RPing) have been claimed by some other members of RolePlay-City, but they currently aren't online to claim them. Sorry!
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.2 06:29 *sorry, no bracket
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.2 06:30 Anyway, we will begin by doing a brief introduction to each character. Our made-up Gladers will, of course, require longer intros than the others. Now...let the character claiming and introductions...BEGIN!
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:31 [Starting things off with Newt, the second-in-command in the Glade! Newt has blonde hair (in the book it is said it is long, but in the movie it is short, and I prefer it short, so I'll go with short), is thin, tall, but fairly muscular, and has a heavy
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:32 British accent. He says "Bloody h**l" a lot. He is a good friend of Thomas, but he can be annoying and skeptical at times. He is usually the one who helps Greenies climb out of the Box.]
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:32 [Other than occasionally making negative statements about things, he is a good friend and can actually be pretty funny.]
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:33 [Next up is Gally, a Builder. Gally is tall, strong, and (I think) he has d*rty-ish blonde hair. He is an enemy of Thomas and can be arrogant, prideful, and can jump to conclusions too quickly. However, on the bright side, he is very protective of his
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:34 fellow Gladers (but this is also why he hates Thomas, as he sees Thomas' odd behavior as a threat to the Gladers).]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:36 [Emmi is my (Brunny's) made-up Glader. I might change her name sometime (I'm still kind of deciding), but for now I'm naming her after Emmy Noether. She has long, dark blonde hair, strange violet-blue eyes, and is tall but fairly agile.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:37 [She is smart, funny, and shy at first, but once she gets to know the others she'll be open and outgoing. She also is a bit like the "female Thomas"-she is oddly curious compared to the others.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:38 [Is a natural born leader and Runner, but she prefers to let people like Alby and Thomas lead the others. However, she secretly longs to be a Runner. At first, however, she'll be a Track-hoe.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:39 [Gally dislikes her just as much as he dislikes Thomas; however, like Thomas, some of her best friends will include Newt, Minho, Alby, and Teresa. Of course, Thomas will be her friend, too. Minho might be her love interest; not sure yet.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:44 [Emmi is somewhat like me, except she's older, looks a bit different, is probably braver and faster than me (though some of my friends say I'm a pretty brave person and I can run very fast, though I definitely can't go long distances), and might have
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 06:44 love interests (meanwhile I am not interested in getting a boyfriend AT ALL XP).]
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 14:07 (Thomas, the main character of the series. He has brown hair, he's kind of tall, and he wears a light blue shirt and dark pants. Is also the only character that you can trust in the entire series.)
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 14:08 (Since he's new to the entire thing, he's always really confused.)
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 14:08 (Even if he isn't new like he was in the book/movie, he still may be a little confused.)
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:12 (Frypan is the cook of the Glade. He has dark skin and short black hair. His real name is Siggy, but everyone calls him Frypan. He's not in the movie or book much, but when he is, he agrees with Thomas a lot.)
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:13 (Is not really the fighting type, and seems to know what he's doing a lot.)
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:13 (Also, he can be a little rude and mean, possibly because he has to work in the kitchens all day long.)
9>Winston (Keeper of Slicers), 18yo.2015,Oct.2 14:17 (Winston, a Glader and keeper of the Slicers. He has tan skin and dark black hair; he looks somewhat like Pi from Life of Pi but not too similar. )
9>Winston (Keeper of Slicers), 18yo.2015,Oct.2 14:18 (He's not really in the books or movie much at all. He's more of a background character. However, he may have more of a role in the game.)
9>Winston (Keeper of Slicers), 18yo.2015,Oct.2 14:18 (I'm pretty sure that he died in The Scorch Trials because he retracted the Flare.)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:24 (Madison, a Greenie. She is named after James Madison, who wrote the Constitution and was the 4th president of the United States (yeah, I know, James Madison is a guy, but in this case the name Madison is more of a girl's name).)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:26 (Has blonde/brown hair, blue eyes, and personality-wise, she is pretty quiet and shy and doesn't really like arguing and fighting unless it really comes down to it. She'll have a few friends, though.)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:27 (Can also be sarcastic and a little mean around people who grind her gears.)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:27 (Will probably get a job as a Med-jack.)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:28 (Traits that are somewhat like me - I'm shy and quiet myself, at times I can be sarcastic to people, and I don't really like arguing unless there's a reason to.)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 14:28 (So those are all of my characters for now!)
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:36 [OK! BTW, if we can't fill up all the slots, let's just make some characters from the Scorch Trials even though we're currently "working on" the first movie/book. And, yep, Winston got the flare in the Scorch Trials around the beginning.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:39 [Oh, almost forgot to say this: Emmi wears navy blue jeans, black shoes, and a long-sleeved violet shirt-the kind of thing I'd like to try wearing sometime (but I don't have any jeans; I was never really a jeans "person"). BTW, what does Madison wear?]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:41 [Oh, and dibs on Brenda.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:42 [Remaining Maze Runner characters available include: Ben, Chuck, Clint (who I don't know much about; I don't remember seeing him in the movie much, so he's all yours, Paige and Joan), and Zart (like Clint, I don't know much about him, and again like Clint
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:42 he's all yours).]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:43 [Oh, and Alby's available too.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:44 [Wow...I've been saying "Oh" a lot...redundancy... XP]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:45 [Anyway, there are probably tons of other Gladers available that I don't know much about; in fact, I looked at a list of the Gladers and found names like Tim, Hank, Frankie, Jeff, Stephen, Nick, Stan, and more. So feel free to claim any of them if you
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:45 want.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:45 [Almost forgot-Teresa's available too.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:46 [You can all claim more characters. I only have four (Ava, Emmi, Gally, and Newt), so after you're done I'll probably grab a bunch. Therefore, try to save a few of the more well-known Gladers available. But still, you can claim whoever you want.]
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 17:48 [Since there's 19 available slots, two of us will have six and the other will have seven. Anyway, back to character claiming!]
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 19:01 (Ok! I'll probably take more characters, but later.)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Oct.2 19:02 (Madison wears a light blue t-shirt and dark blue pants with boots, basically a typical Glader outfit.)
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.2 22:57 [OK.]
3>Minho (Runner), 17yo.2015,Oct.3 00:21 (Minho, a Glader and Runner. Has tan skin, spiked black hair, brown eyes, and is tall, agile, and lean.)
3>Minho (Runner), 17yo.2015,Oct.3 00:21 (He's one of the main Runners, and he's also the type of person who won't put up with anyone's crap. Many people respect him, even those of higher rank.)
13>Teresa (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.3 02:35 (Ok, I'm going to play as Teresa. She has long dark brown hair and dark eyes, and wears a blue shirt and dark colored pants.)
13>Teresa (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.3 02:35 (She was one of the last people to ever be sent to the Maze, which confused a lot of Gladers. She fell unconscious for awhile, and after that, she had a strange feeling she was connected to Thomas in some way.)
13>Teresa (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.3 02:36 (Is pretty close with Thomas due to that. Can also speak with him telepathically. A lot of the Gladers don't really trust her due to her ties with Thomas.)
20>Visitor (Any Role), Anyyo.2015,Oct.3 12:33 aHello parle tu francais? Je m'apelle Darla. Je viens de Paris en France. I talk english smalle.i read maze runer 4 times. i have books all. i like hanga gaime very well. does you like hanga gaimes?
20>Visitor (Any Role), Anyyo.2015,Oct.3 12:36 i read also BIG NATE, have you read it ? don't mix me up with my penpal call Euodia. She read also BIG NATE. i give it to her. i come to Ghana for me papa's business
20>Visitor (Any Role), Anyyo.2015,Oct.3 12:47 je veux vous enseigner le français? seriez-vous heureux?
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.3 18:06 [Hello Darla! Sorry, I do not speak French. I love The Hunger Games! But, unfortunately, our chat should stop here. This is a roleplay, not a chat, and the Visitor slot is used only when someone else who isn't a member is online wants to contact a member
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.3 18:08 who is also online so they can roleplay together on a different RPG. Simply chatting via the Visitor slot can be distracting to the members.]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.3 18:09 [Sorry, typo. I meant "...when someone else who isn't a member is online and wants to contact a member of this RP who is also online so they can roleplay together on a different RPG (RolePlay Game)."]
20>Visitor (Any Role), Anyyo.2015,Oct.3 19:17 Me wanted to be in this roleplai gaime but the slots all are been taken. Also what is typo? is it a vedeo?
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.4 05:03 [Yeah...sorry about that, Darla. Some of my penpals and I claimed all the slots. Also, a typo is basically a spelling or typing mistake.]
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.6 18:25 [Chuck, a Slopper and friend of Thomas.]
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.6 18:25 [He has curly hair and is a little bit fat.]
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.6 18:26 [Oh, and he wears typical Glader clothes (e.g. a shirt and pants). He is nice, supportive, funny, and innocent.]
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.6 18:26 [Newt is known for calling him a "wee little fat shank."]
11>Brenda (Right Arm Member), 19yo.2015,Oct.6 18:29 [Brenda is a friend of Thomas and a close friend of Jorge, who is like a father to her. She has short, dark hair and wears normal clothes, I guess. She is smart, decent at fighting, and is nice, though she can be witty at times.]
11>Brenda (Right Arm Member), 19yo.2015,Oct.6 18:29 [She appears in The Scorch Trials and thus will be introduced later in the roleplay.]
18>Janson (WICKED), 48yo.2015,Oct.7 04:31 (Janson is a guy who works for WICKED, he's one of the worst villains in the movie, in my opinion. All he wants is Thomas and his friends for research reasons, and he is featured in The Scorch Trials.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:32 [Yeah, Janson is- Dark Helmet: WE ARE SURROUNDED BY "A"-HOLES!!!! Me: Yeah...I think you all get the point...]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:34 (Alby, the leader of the Gladers. He has dark skin and short black hair, wears traditional Glader clothes. He's pretty tough and strong, so give him any bullcrap and you probably won't be on good terms with him.)
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:35 (However, his weaker side came out when he went through the Changing. I'm pretty sure he dies at the end of The Maze Runner.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:37 [I think Alby died when the Grievers attacked the Glade when the Maze doors didn't close at night for the first time.]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:39 (Yeah, something like that.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:47 [OK. Anyway, continue claiming characters. Ben and Aris are "needed," and you need to create your own Glader slightly based on yourself, Paige.]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:50 (Paige isn't online tonight, sorry.)
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:50 (If worst comes to worst, someone can take Aris later. Also, Ben's only important for a little while, so it wouldn't really hurt if he didn't have a profile.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:50 [Oh, OK.]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:51 [OK. I might claim Ben myself, though.]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:53 (Okay.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:55 [I don't mean to be bossy, but can you tell Paige that the next time she comes on she should create her own Glader and claim a few characters?]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:56 (I'll ask her, hopefully I can convince her into taking at least one or two characters, one of them being the character that is slightly based on oneself.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:58 [OK, great.]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:58 [I see you claimed seven characters; thanks!]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 04:59 (No problem!)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 04:59 [I've claimed five (excluding Ava Paige), so I'll claim one more.]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.7 05:00 [Hm...what the heck, I'm taking Ben.]
12>Ben (Runner), 18yo.2015,Oct.7 05:02 [Ben, a Runner (in the book he was a Builder; I'm making him a Runner, though, because I haven't read the book yet). Has blonde hair and wears the usual Glader clothes.]
12>Ben (Runner), 18yo.2015,Oct.7 05:03 [He's a sort of minor character, but I'm claiming him anyway. He will be stung by a Griever and thus go through the Changing early on, and will be banished for attempting to kill Thomas.]
12>Ben (Runner), 18yo.2015,Oct.7 05:03 [I'm switching to Movie RP and WB only for now. Once Paige claims the rest of the slots, we'll be ready to start.]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.7 05:08 (Ok.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:19 [OK Paige, introduce your characters and then we'll start. BTW, what scientist/inventor is Florence named after?]
17>Harriet (Glader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:21 (This is what I know about Harriet based on what I saw in the movie: She's no-nonsense, and is from the all-girls glade.)
5>Aris (Glader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:22 (Aris, also from the all-girls glade, only he's a boy. Based on what I've seen in the movie, he's sort of a weirdo, but also pretty helpful.)
16>Florence (Glader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:24 (Florence is named after a famous nurse back in the 1800s. She has long red hair and bangs, with hazel eyes. She's sort of introverted, but also doesn't put up with anyone's crap. Can be a very good and fun friend who is good at handling situations.)
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:32 (Oh, just wanted to point this out, but I don't think every Glader is named after a scientist or inventor - just someone who made an impact on the world. For example, I think Teresa is/was named after Mother Teresa.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:33 [Oh, OK. Thanks for the info.]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:33 [LET'S FINALLY START THIS THING!!!! :D]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:34 [Here's how we'll begin: We'll start with Thomas' arrival. The next day, Madison will arrive; the day after that, Florence; the day after THAT, Emmi; and finally Teresa will become a Glader.]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:34 [Basically it'll be the same as the book/movie, except we'll have three extra days and three extra arrivals in between Thomas' arrival and Teresa's arrival.]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:35 [Ready guys?]
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:35 (Yeah!!_
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:35 *)
16>Florence (Glader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:37 (Yeah.)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:43 [Sorry about the slow replies. I...er...had to go to the can, man. XD]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:43 [Anyway...let The Maze Runner RPG...BEGIN!!!!!!!!]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:43 *Thomas wakes up in the lift*
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2015,Oct.13 04:44 *obviously the box starts going up*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:46 *the box starts going up, full speed ahead* *is knocked into a bunch of supplies* *looks around, utterly confused*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:46 *starts grabbing at the walls, hoping for a way out*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:47 *the box is going so fast, it causes him to throw up*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:49 *the box jerks to a stop, and the doors slowly open* *winces, getting used to the sunlight* *can see several figures hovering over him* *shields himself from the bright light with a hand*
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:49 *looks down at Thomas* *all around him, people are whispering and muttering stuff to each other*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:54 *a rope is thrown down to Thomas**one of the Gladers yells "Come on up! We can help you!"*
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:57 *helps heave Thomas up* *raises an eyebrow - sort of* Welcome to the Glade.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 04:57 *looks at Alby, so confused* What is this place?...
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:58 *looks at Thomas* If you ain't scared, you ain't human.
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 04:59 *some other people unload the supplies from the box*
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:02 *Thomas looks every which way**smirks and yells:* Look at the Greenbean. Gonna break his neck checkin' out the new digs.
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:03 Random Glader: Shut your hole, Gally. -_-
9>Winston (Keeper of Slicers), 18yo.2015,Oct.13 05:04 *glances over at Gally, annoyed* *says quietly:* Shuck it, Gally.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:05 *looks around at everyone* *mutters, almost to himself* Greenbean?...what?...
3>Minho (Runner), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 05:05 *observes from the back, looking amused* Welcome to the Glade, Greenie.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:06 *is even more confused*
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:08 *continues taunting Thomas**yells from the back of the crowd:* What Keeper's he gonna get?
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 05:08 I told ya-he's a klunk. He'll be a Slopper! *giggles*
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 05:10 We'll see. For now, you shanks better take him on over to the Homestead. *points to some other random Gladers* Keep unloading the supplies.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 05:12 *the boys are about to take Thomas away, but he asks what's going on**Alby explains that since it's late in the day he'll take Thomas on the Tour tomorrow; for now, he needs some rest*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 05:12 *he and Newt thus take Thomas to the Homestead*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:13 This here's the Homestead. Set up your hammock wherever you want. Most people sleep outside, anyway.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:13 Oh, and the name's Newt.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:14 This wee fat little shank here is Chuck.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:15 *looks at Newt quizzically* *wants to ask him what the heck the Glade is, but he isn't sure* *already knows that Chuck seems nice enough*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:19 *finally musters up all his courage; he needs answers, and fast* *looks up at Newt* What is this place?
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:26 It's our home. We've lived here for years. Also, see these walls? *points at the walls around the Glade* They protect us. Never go beyond them, you hear me? Only the Runners go beyond them.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Oct.13 05:27 That's all you need to know. Now get some sleep, shank.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 05:27 *hands Thomas his hammock**then he and Newt walk away*
3>Minho (Runner), 17yo.2015,Oct.13 05:28 (We have to go, bye!)
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 05:29 [See ya!]
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.14 18:48 *thinks:* Runners? *is now even more curious*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.14 18:48 *takes his hammock and tries to fall asleep*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 03:49 *Thomas falls asleep for about half an hour and promptly wakes up after he hears a scream coming from the Homestead**at first he thinks it was just his imagination, but then more screams are heard*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 04:00 *is nearby, just doing stuff*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 04:30 *sits up from his hammock, looking around* *stands up and walks across the room*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 04:33 *approaches Chuck* What's going on?
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 04:43 Oh...nothing. (Sorry Joan) Thomas: You call non-stop screaming nothing? Chuck: *hesitates* It's just another Glader. Ben. He got Stung... *abruptly stops, realizing he said too much* Er-the Med-jacks are taking care of him. Don't worry about it.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 04:46 Stung?! What does that mean?
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 04:49 *quickly changes the subject* You look starved. Why don't we go get something to eat...*cringes a little; he too is getting used to the Glader slang*...shank?
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 04:51 *nods a little* Sure, okay.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 05:10 *he and Thomas head to the kitchen* Let's make this quick. Frypan doesn't like it when we raid his kitchen. *opens the fridge and pulls out two sandwiches*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 05:10 *gives one to Thomas and sits down at a table**munches on his sandwich*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 05:13 *hears Ben scream again and shakes his head* Geez...I wonder what makes the Grievers do such a thing... *Thomas looks at him* Er...did I say "Grievers?"
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 05:18 *nods* Yeah. You did.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 05:19 *examines his sandwich* Thanks for the sandwich, by the way.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 05:33 No problem. *looks over at one of the doors* I hope the Runners get back soon. The Maze doors are going to close soon.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 05:34 Thomas: Maze? Chuck: *sighs, knowing that explaining is inevitable* The Glade is surrounded by an ever-changing Maze. The Runners have the responsibility of solving it and finding a way out.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 05:35 *nods, trying to understand it all*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Oct.18 05:36 So...we're all trapped in here until we can find a way out of the Maze? *thinks the Maze wouldn't be too hard, but he doesn't know much about it, obviously*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 06:43 Yeah, klunkhead.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Oct.18 06:46 We've been here for three years...well, really, that's the amount of time that has passed since the first person came to the Glade. I've only been here a month. I'm a Newbie too.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:26 [I'm here!]
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:27 *nods slowly* At least someone understands around here.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:28 [Hey, shank! XD :D]
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:29 *sees Frypan walking nearby* Uh oh...you better go back to your hammock before he sees us raiding the kitchen.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:31 *hurries back to his hammock*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:31 *is seen running away before Frypan can get to him*
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 00:31 *looks around for something* Okay, who got into the bread and sandwich meat??
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:32 ~LATER, AT NIGHT...~ *is laying in his own bed by Thomas'**Thomas tells him about his strange need to become a Runner; Chuck just shrugs, thinking he's a little crazy*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:32 [Poor Frypan... XD]
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:32 I need to know what's behind those walls.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:33 (Haha, yeah.)
2>Emmi (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:34 [I'm editing Emmi's clothes (if they're not already like this): She wears black military-style boots, a long-sleeved purple shirt about the color of this slot (except a little bit darker), and tight black pants.]
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:35 Tough luck...barely anyone qualifies to be a Runner.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:35 And a Newbie being a Runner? That's unheard of.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:36 Well, maybe - just maybe - I could get in, If nobody qualifies, they must be in need of a few more.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:38 I don't know...but your idea makes you sound like you were in the Box a bit too long...
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:38 *Thomas pauses**he is about to talk again when he realizes that Chuck has fallen asleep*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:39 ~LATER...~ *it is still night**Thomas is aroused by Newt*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:39 Come on, shank. I need to show ya something.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:40 *looks up at Newt, surprised* *doesn't ask any questions, though* *follows Newt*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:43 *they head to one of the Maze Doors*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:43 *shows Thomas a grimy window* Take a peek at the Maze through that.
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:44 *looks through the window, and becomes even more curious* So that's the Maze...
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:44 *Thomas sees a Griever lurking around in the Maze corridor and is quick to find it highly repulsive*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:45 *the Griever spots his face and lunges at the window, hitting it with a startling thump*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:45 *jerks back, facing Newt* What was that thing?!
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:45 *Thomas jumps a little* There's a reason the Runners are only allowed to go into the Maze. There's a reason these Maze doors shut at night.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:46 It was a Griever. These walls are the only thing that protect us from them.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:46 So don't get any ideas. Don't try to be a Runner, Greenie.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:47 *he and Thomas head back to the Homestead*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:47 ~THE NEXT MORNING...~
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:47 Thomas! Wake up-today's the day you take the Tour!
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 00:48 *wakes up pretty easily* *is more eager than ever to get out and see the Glade, especially the Maze*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:52 *leads Thomas to Alby, who begins to show Thomas around*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:52 *when they reach the Deadheads, suddenly an alarm sounds throughout the Glade-the alarm that signals a new person arriving in the Box*
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:01 That was pretty quick. *runs to the Box*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 01:01 *confused, he follows Alby towards the Box*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 01:02 *he and other Gladers rush over* The bloody h**l...?!
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 01:02 New arrivals are supposed to only come once a month!
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 01:03 *says like Newt just said something completely airheaded:* Well, they didn't come once a month THIS time.
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:04 I wonder why so soon. *crosses his arms, waiting*
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 01:05  Secret message to Madison  
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:06  Secret message to Gally  
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:08 *the Box accelerates to the top at a sickening speed* *tries to hold on, supplies rumbling around*
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:08 *is on the verge of throwing up* *gags a little*
10>Gally (Builder), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 01:09 [I have to go. Feel free to have Madison arrive in the Glade and such! *offline*]
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:10 (Ok, bye!)
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:10 *then, the Box jerks to a stop* *hunches forward as the Box lid opens slowly*
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Nov.12 01:11 *is blinded by the light* *looks up to see several silhouettes*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 01:11 *can just barely see Madison down in the box* *feels a rush of deja vu*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 23:12 *hops down to get a better look at her**stands still for a moment, frozen from shock**then turns back to everyone* It's a girl.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 23:13 *everyone else is shocked, too*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 23:13 *turns to Madison again and holds out her hand to her* Hi-I'm Newt. Welcome to the Glade, Greenbean.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2015,Nov.15 20:01 *looks up at Newt, just as confused as Thomas was when he first arrived* *grabs his hand and gets hoisted out of the Box*
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2015,Nov.15 20:02 *looks at Madison, arms crossed* *actually looks a bit frank* Welcome to the Glade.
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2015,Nov.15 20:02 So it's a girl, huh? *kind of snickers with some other Gladers*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2015,Nov.15 20:03 *listens to some of the Gladers' comments, but is more curious as to why a girl is in the Glade, considering the majority are boys*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 04:22 *whoops and whistles come from some of the Gladers*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.11 04:23 Alright, SLIM IT!
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 04:40 *calmly helps Madison get out*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.11 04:44 We need people to get the supplies out of the Box. COME ON! *jumps back in**others come to help him*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 04:46 *follows Alby as he begins explaining things to Madison*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 04:49 [Go ahead and have Alby vaguely explain things to Madison.]
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 04:52 *explains how the Maze works, what each Maze occupation is, etc.* And don't go near the Maze, unless you wanna die. That job's meant for Runners only,
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 04:52 *.
14>Alby (Leader), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 04:52 (Sorry to keep things vague. It's been awhile since I've read the book.)
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 04:52 [It's fine. Same here.]
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 04:54 *nods, in agreement to the rules*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 04:56 *Madison is then ordered to go get some rest*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 04:59 *walks over to her* Hi. I'm Chuck.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:00 *smiles at him* Hi. I'm Madison.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:00 What's your name?
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:00 [Scratch that.]
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:01 It's nice to meet you.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:01 I can take you to the Homestead right away - *points towards it* - but I can also take you to a place where we can get something to eat. That is, if you want.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:09 Yeah, sure. I wouldn't mind something to eat, honestly. I actually can't remember when I last ate.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:14 *laughs a little* No one can remember the last time they ate when they first come here.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:14 *looks around* Okay, we've gotta be quick. Frypan is helping Newt right now, but if he catches us in the kitchen we'll be in trouble.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:15 *sort of forgot about the fact that Madison doesn't know who Frypan and Newt are yet* Come on! *jogs to the kitchen, Madison following*
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:16 *follows Chuck into the kitchens*
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:16 *notices someone - or rather, two people - coming in* *looks up* Oh, hey Chuck. Hey Greenie.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:17 Oops...
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:17 Wait - I thought you were with Newt at the Box...
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:18 Uhh... *quickly switches the plan from "kitchen raiding" to "polite request" XD* ...could you make us two sandwiches?
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:22 Sure. *goes to the back to whip up a couple of sandwiches*
15>Frypan (Glader/Cook), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:22 *comes back moments later* One for you, and one for Greenbean.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:23 Thanks...*hesitantly grabs the sandwich, unsure of the nickname*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:24 *sits down and eats his sandwich* Mm...I'm happy that we didn't raid the kitchen. *glances at Frypan, hoping he didn't hear that* Frypan's sandwiches are the best.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:27 *takes a couple of bites* Yeah, you're right. This isn't bad.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:29 By the way, did you see anything in the Box while you were down there? Other than supplies and the Box's walls, I mean?
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:30 *shakes head* Nope. Just the boxes and stuff.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:30 *glances at him* Why?
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:34 Oh... *is disappointed* Well, the Gladers have tried everything to get out, and everything has failed. Since your arrival was really strange, I thought that maybe you had seen a clue of some sort as to how we can get out of here.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:35 A new Glader is supposed to come once a month. *gestures towards Thomas, who is walking nearby* He was this month's new Glader. He arrived yesterday.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:35 But then you arrived today. It's really weird.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:35 I'm sorry to say that I haven't. *pauses* I know it's forbidden and everything, but what about that Maze out there? Hasn't anyone found a way out from there?
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:35 *he and Madison finish their sandwiches* Let's go to the Homestead.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:36 *looks back at Thomas and watches him briefly*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:36 *shakes his head* Nope.
7>Madison (Greenie), 17yo.2016,Mar.11 05:36 *nods* Okay.
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:36 *gets up and starts walking towards the Homestead*
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2016,Mar.11 05:36 *wanders around, thinking about the Glade*
6>Chuck (Slopper), 13yo.2016,Mar.11 05:36 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2016,Mar.11 05:37 (Bye!)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2016,Mar.15 03:27 [I'm here!]
4>Thomas (Greenie), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:34 (Same!!)
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2016,Mar.15 03:34 *Madison follows Chuck*
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2016,Mar.15 03:34 [Wahoo!]
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2016,Mar.15 03:35 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *Madison is being given the basic tour**she is being shown the Deadheads when the alarm sounds...again*
1>Ava Paige (WICKED Chancellor), 62yo.2016,Mar.15 03:35 (Sorry Joan) Alby: *utterly perplexed* How could this be...???!!!!
9>Winston (Keeper of Slicers), 18yo.2016,Mar.15 03:39 *mutters to one of his friends:* This is getting a little weird.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:39 *everyone races to the Box*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:40 *meanwhile, inside the Box, Florence has awoken and is banging on the sides of the Box as it rises, terrified*
16>Florence (Glader), 17yo.2016,Mar.15 03:43 *clings onto the metal bars, looking around fearfully* *red lights flash from outside of the Box* *feels as if she could hurl*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:47 *the Box makes it to the top and stops*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:47 *after a few seconds of silence, he and Winston open it up and see Florence*
16>Florence (Glader), 17yo.2016,Mar.15 03:47 *winces as the sunlight pours in* *shades her eyes and looks up*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:48 *frowns slightly* It's another girl. *the other Gladers mutter to one another*
16>Florence (Glader), 17yo.2016,Mar.15 03:48 *can hear Winston talking about more supplies, or something along the lines of that*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:48 *jumps down**approaches Florence cautiously*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:48  Secret message to Florence  
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:49 *reaches out towards her*
16>Florence (Glader), 17yo.2016,Mar.15 03:49 *instinctively socks Newt right in the kisser*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:53 *stumbles back, clutching his face**his back hits one of the walls*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:53 *some Gladers wince and moan, others laugh, and others hoot and holler*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:54 *wipes away some blood, taking a few moments to calm down* Slim it, Greenie!! Geez...hopefully "they" didn't send someone jacked or anything.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:56 *approaches Florence**she raises her fist again**holds out his hands defensively* Hey, it's okay.
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 03:57 Just let me help you out of the Box, okay?
16>Florence (Glader), 17yo.2016,Mar.15 04:00 *nods slowly, shaking*
8>Newt (Second-in-command), 16yo.2016,Mar.15 04:09 *he and Winston assist Florence**soon they are out of the Box* Greenie, welcome to the Glade.