" A Time Traveler's Tale " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 16 years of age.
In a distant realm of magic and lore, there were born six children of great power. They were known as Travelers, people who can Travel through time, space, and much more. However, with that great power, came a great evil. One of the children became overtaken by an ancient and evil spirit, a nameless threat to the realm. The children were hidden for their own good. But they can't hide forever, and as they too develop their powers, will they use it for good, or be taken by the darkness?

1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.16 15:00 Alright. Let me just explain the game a bit further. There are these Travelers that can travel through things with the use of magic. There can only be six, ok.The main character is a Time Traveler. The main "bad guy" has all of the powers.
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.16 15:03 In this realm, there are two countries fighting against each other, Ouranos and Gaea. Ouranos is a country of high mountains and cliffs, while Gaea is rolling hills and farms.
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.16 15:07 So, the roles to pick from (first come first serve deal) are Traveler-the main heroes, Dark Ones-the main villains, Royalty-King, Queen, Prince etc. of the two countries, knight-they fight for the countries, and rogue-rogues of the countries, or theives
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.16 15:11 Now, onto rules and such. Rule Number One-Obviously no bad minded messages! They will be deleted.Rule Number Two- No power playing!You can't just pop up and kill all the bad guys in one go!Rule Number Three-Enjoy the game!
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:17 [Hi! I thought this RP was interesting, so I decided to join!]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:18 [Raven:A Time Traveler. Has violet-blue eyes, wears an indigo/blue cloak, a black leotard, indigo/blue shoes, and a gold belt with red gemstones on it.]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:19 [She has short black hair (note that I might change it to purple, unless you want the appearances of the characters to be more realistic). Do you mind if I make Raven's hair color purple instead though?]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:20 [Also, I have some more questions. For instance, is there an age limit for the characters?]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:21 [Is it OK if Raven had been mentally attacked by the nameless, ancient evil spirit when she was younger, had survived the attack and avoided turning evil, and inherited some of the dark magic that the evil spirit manipulated? (AKA, is it OK if Raven has
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:21 some dark magic powers?)]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:21 [Sorry if I bombarded you with questions!]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:26 [Oh, and by the way, I'm Brunnhilde, the creator of an RP I saw you joined called "Survival."]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 09:41 Thank you for joining! It's perfectly fine if she has purple hair. There is not an age limit as it so happens, although I might advise not going too young. And I don't mind you having some dark powers. As the Time Traveler, you're going to kind of be
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 09:41 ...the center of attention for quite some time!
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 09:41 Again, thanks for joining!
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 12:41  Giving Sword (x 1) to Raven  
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 12:41  Giving Sheild (x 1) to Raven  
12>Selene (Time Traveller), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 23:10 (Hi! I'll join this. My first character is Selene. She is a Time Traveler. Has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a peasant-like blue dress.)
12>Selene (Time Traveller), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 23:11 (She is very smart and intelligent and likes to read. Is also really interested in space--hence being named after the Greek goddess of the moon.)
10>Terese (Time Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 23:19 (Terese is my final Time Traveler. She is 16, has light auburn or strawberry blonde hair, and wears a sort of raggedy gray dress. Is sort of a "forgotten" Time Traveler- has hidden farther away in the realm.)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 01:46  Giving Sword (x 1) to Terese  
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 01:46  Giving Sheild (x 1) to Terese  
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 01:46  Giving Sword (x 1) to Selene  
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 01:47  Giving Sheild (x 1) to Selene  
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 01:48 Thanks so much for joining everyone!
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:51 [Thanks for allowing Raven to have purple hair and dark powers! :D]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:52 [Is it OK if I play as some kind of head Dark One (or leader of the Dark Ones)?]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:52 [I'm going to play as a knight. I'll make another character real quick...]
16>Nicole (Knight/Archer), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:54 [Nicole:A knight. Prefers wearing black and navy blue hoodie sets and things like that to heavy armor, though. Does some fencing, but prefers archery. Owns a bow, quiver, and plenty of arrows. Is an archery master.]
16>Nicole (Knight/Archer), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:55 [She has black hair in a ponytail and dark blue eyes. She is witty, brave, and often quiet-similar to the personality of Katniss from the Hunger Games.]
16>Nicole (Knight/Archer), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:55 [She also likes horseriding.]
16>Nicole (Knight/Archer), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:55  Buying Horse (x 1)  
16>Nicole (Knight/Archer), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:56  Buying Leather Boots (x 1)  
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:57 [Note:Like Terese, Raven is in a more darker and hidden realm. She spends most of her time meditating and reading books-emotionlessness usually keeps her powers under control.]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:58  Buying Healing Potion (x 1)  
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:58  Buying Silken Robes (x 1)  
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 03:02 [Another character:Joshua:Has short blonde hair, stunning green eyes, and wears mainly green peasant clothes. Is a member of a group of rogues, but he isn't a bad one.]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 03:02 [He's a bit stupid, very immature, and tries impressing people with really dumb and corny jokes-basically like Beast Boy from the show Teen Titans. He will have a love/hate relationship with Raven.]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 03:02 [He also has a fondness for animals.]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 03:03  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 03:05 [Unless I can't be the head Dark One or whoever, Josh will be my last character for now.]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 03:06 [Oh, and can Josh have some powers too? I would like him to be a shapeshifter and able to turn into any animal he wants-but that animal has to be green, his trademark color.]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 03:07 [We can say he got his powers after some of his fellow thieves stole some precious potions, Josh had been snooping and messing around with them, had an accident, and got powers from the potions.]
17>Orion (Peasant), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:36 (Another character- Orion. He has brown hair and wears peasant clothing.)
17>Orion (Peasant), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:37 (Lives on a farm and basically farms all the time. Will come upon the Time Travelers and befriend them.)
17>Orion (Peasant), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:37 (In terms of personality, he can be happy, sort of annoying, creative, and friendly.)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:27 We do need villains, a lot, so you can definitely be the head Dark One!
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:34 [OK, thanks!]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:35 [My last character for now:Xalvador. Has long jet-black hair and a jet-black beard just as long. His eyes are red and his skin is pale. He has flowing black robes with red borders, and he owns a magic staff that helps him manipulate dark magic.]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:35 [nice name; and I loved that ending for Terra. Just as touching as it was in Teen Titans]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:35 [He has black magic powers similar to Raven's (except Raven's are more telekinetic) and he can transform into a cloud of blackness and fly around in that form.]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:36 [You've seen Teen Titans too?!?! :D :D :D]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:36 [AWESOOOOOOME!!!!!!]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:36 [*super hyper mode* (Note that I'm a Teen Titans maniac. ^.^)]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:36 [Who's your favorite character?! :D Mine is Raven, and my second favorite is Robin.]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:36 [teen Titans is amazing!]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:37 [I personally love Jinx]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:37 [teen Titans is amazing!]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:37 ugh...my laptop was bugging out on me
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:38 [I'm surprised you haven't done a Teen Titans rpg yet really]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:39 [Yep!! Also, it's OK. Sometimes my computer is annoying too. >.< ]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:39 [yeah]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:39 [I have, actually. It's on the Thematic Clubs on Students of the World. It's private, though, and all the characters have been taken-only Paige, Joan, and I RP on there.]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:40 [Jinx is pretty good, but personally my favorite villain is Slade. He's awesomely creepy. >:D]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:40 [I've seen almost all of the episodes about Slade and pretty much all of the episodes about Raven.]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:40 [I must agree with you]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:41 [I must agree with you]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:41 [I also have a DVD set with every single episode of Teen Titans-plus special features-on them. I'm right now watching Season 2.]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:41 [Who's your favorite Titan?]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:42 [Raven, obviously!]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:43 [WHOO!! :D]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:43 [i don't have them on dvd, so I was really mad when they took it off t.v.
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:43 [Great!! :D]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:44 [I may have to get off soon and sleep]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:44 [Yeah. I even read on Wikipedia that there was a channel showing re-runs of it, but it mysteriously stopped showing up on there in the summer in 2014.]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:44 [sorry]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:44 [OK. Let's RP!]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:44 [Before you have to get off, I mean! :D]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:45 [must go now, bye!]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:46 [Bye! See you tomorrow!]
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:52  Buying Silken Robes (x 1)  
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:01 [I'm online! I guess I'll wait for you to come on, Isabella.]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:01  Secret message to Lady Tatianna  
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:08 [Hello?]
20>Hettie (Time-traveler), 12yo.2014,Nov.21 04:11 (Hi! I just joined the game)
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:16 [Hi!]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:16 [Welcome to the RP, Leetka! It's me, Brunnhilde-your penpal! :D]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:17 [Want to go on Composer RP?]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:18 [Replies will be slow.]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:22 [Leetka? Still there?]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:29 [I'm still online.]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 04:34 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Nov.21 11:25  Secret message to Raven  
17>Orion (Peasant), 16yo.2014,Nov.22 20:17  Buying Leather Boots (x 1)  
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 01:57  Secret message to Lady Tatianna  
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 01:58 [Since the Game Master granted me permission, Josh is now not just a Rogue, but a Shapeshifter. Basically some of his pals stole some magic potions, and right after being warned not to touch them, Josh started messing with them. (XD)]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 01:59 [Next thing you know, Josh made a munge-up, potions spilled all over him, and the magic in the potions made him a shapeshifter. He can turn into any animal he wants, but that animal will be green-his trademark color.]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 01:59 [So unless he turns into an animal that's naturally green, he can't blend in with other animals.]
4>Joshua (Rogue/Shapeshifter), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 02:00  Buying Leather Boots (x 1)  
10>Terese (Time Traveler), 16yo.2014,Nov.26 16:28 (Ok. Sort of a funny background story!)
20>Hettie (Time-traveler), 12yo.2014,Dec.10 16:29 (Hi! Sorry, I sort of forgot about this RP for a while. What happened in the meantime?)
20>Hettie (Time-traveler), 12yo.2014,Dec.10 16:30 Hettie is twelve years old. She came to join the others because her uncle kicked her out of her home.
3>Xalvador (Head Dark One), 50+yo.2014,Dec.13 03:46 [Nothing. We've just been making characters.]
12>Selene (Time Traveller), 17yo.2014,Dec.24 18:52 (It would be really awesome if we could start...)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:20 (Man, I haven't been on here in forever! You guys are free to begin)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:24 (Ok, so we begin in the time when the main antagonist attacks and turns one of the Time Travelers evil and stuff)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:25 (Lady Tatianna is a Guardian, she protects the Travelers from harm)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:26 (This is taking place ten years earlier when the Travelers are younger)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:27 *walks around a now six year old Raven, concentrating on using her telekinetic powers*
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:28 You must focus Raven. Unlocking the secrets of the mind and soul through meditation will help you find your full potential, and finally Travel!
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:30 *leaves Raven, to go find Selene, the eldest Traveler, and farthest advanced by far*
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:31 Selene, dear, have you seen your brother, Kane? I believe he has been ignoring his practicing!
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:33 (Ah, yes, another thing to add, the Travelers don't really have parents, or family, they only have each other)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:36 (Time Travel is the easiest type of Traveling to master, then Space Travel, then Light Travel, then Shadow Travel, then Sound Travel, and finally the ability to travel through the minds and souls)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:40 (Because of this, I would say that Hettie is a beginner Time Traveler, Raven is the least advanced of the Time Travelers, because she draws her power on Darkness and can't control it well, Terese is the more advanced Time Traveler, and Selene has already
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:40 Begun Space Travel)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2014,Dec.26 16:43 (Later, each of the Travelers gets one specific type of Travel alone, none of the others)
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.26 16:46 (Kane: the corrupted Traveler, who has the ability of Mind/Soul Travel. Has black raggedy hair, and brown eyes. He misses the others a lot, and is really forced against his own will to be evil.)
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.26 17:00 *walks up behind Raven*. Hello Raven! Look what I made for you! *holds up a badly drawn picture of Raven Time Traveling*
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.26 17:01 You're so cool with all your magic! I'll just never learn my abilities...
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.26 17:02 *sits down quietly to watch Raven meditate*
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.26 17:03 Do you think it's true what the guardian says? That a spirit has come to use Traveling for evil?
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 03:25 [OK. I'm hoping Raven will be a Shadow Traveler!]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 03:26 *is quite irritated* Yes. And be quiet, I'm trying to meditate.
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 03:26 [I guess for now I'll put Shadow Traveler in Rae's role box.]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 03:27 [Note that presently Raven doesn't have dark magic powers yet-her powers are only telekinetic, so all she can do is move things with her mind. However, when the main antagonist attacks, Raven will survive while accidentally taking some of his powers
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 03:28 and putting them into herself.]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 03:29 [I'm guessing Xalvador is the main antagonist. Is that true? Or is he simply working for the main antagonist?]
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 03:29 (Sorry Isabella) Kane:Why do you meditate? Raven:To focus and control my powers. Now be quiet.
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.29 15:42 *sits quietly for a moment*
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.29 15:43 But...
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2014,Dec.29 15:44 Meditating is soooo boring!
10>Terese (Time Traveler), 16yo.2015,Jan.3 04:10 *stands beside Kane, head cocked to one side* What IS meditating?
12>Selene (Time Traveller), 17yo.2015,Jan.3 04:11 Well, it's when you focus on your mind...or something.
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 22:09 It's where you clear your mind, balance your emotions, and just be. Speaking of "being"...be QUIET!!
10>Terese (Time Traveler), 16yo.2015,Jan.6 00:11 *backs away* Okay...we're sorry...
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 20:29 *sighs exceptionally* You're no fun, Raven!
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 20:30 *smiles* *uses his powers to get inside Raven's head and annoy her*
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:32 *spots Kane annoying Raven* THERE YOU ARE!
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:33 I've been worried sick, Kane...actually no, I haven't been...Right now, I'm just mad that you've been neglecting your lessons!
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 20:33 *rolls his eyes*
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 20:34 I don't NEED practice. I'm already really good at Mind Travel!
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:35 Well, you need to get better, Kane!
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:35 There have been...rumors spreading...
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:35 War has begun outside our peaceful temple walls.
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:36 And...the spirits have risen...at least so I have heard.
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:36 You must understand...I only want you to be safe!
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 20:37 *sticks out his tongue at her, then runs off*
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 20:37 *is a little frightened of the Spirits, knowing that some of them are known to be evil*
5>Kane (Mind/Soul Traveler), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 20:38 *although he doesn't want to admit it, he's also a little afraid of his own abilities...especially Soul Travel*
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:39 *turns to Selene* As the eldest...I'd like you to be ready...you must be prepared to protect and guard your siblings, no matter what.
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.18 20:40 *puts her hand on Selene's shoulder* Can you do that for me?
12>Selene (Time Traveller), 17yo.2015,Jan.19 23:17 *nods, looking at Lady Tatianna seriously* Yes, I can.
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2015,Jan.21 03:35 *finishes meditating and listens in on Lady Tatianna's words to Kane and Selene*
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2015,Jan.21 03:36 [What can Shadow Travelers do? Other than turn into a shadow and travel through other shadows or something?]
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 16:55 (yes, they can turn into shadows, and they can travel through shadows. They also after mastering Shadow Travel, will possess the ability to have a complete control over darkness itself, and will even get to go to something known as the shadow realm,which
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 16:56 will appear later.)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 16:58 (I guess I'll explain all of the specific types of travel for you guys. Time Travel: The ability to travel through time, and when you have mastered it, you have complete control of time, and can travel to a place called the Time Realm, appearing later)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:00 (Space Travel, is the ability to Travel anywhere at any given point in time. You draw your power from the celestial bodies in the heavens, and you will eventually get to travel to a place known as the Heaven Realm)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:02 (Light Travel is pretty much just Shadow Travel, only they travel through light rather than shadows, and are also known to travel at the speed of light. They have the ability to eventually travel to a place called the Luminous Realm)
1>Lady Tatianna (Guardian ), 50+yo.2015,Jan.21 17:04 (Sound Travel is the ability to travel through Sound waves. They also have the ability to manipulate sound at their will, and have exceptional hearing. They can travel at the speed of sound. They will eventually get to travel to a place called the Echo
7>opal (wizard), 15yo.2015,Jan.29 01:58  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Fine Boots  
2>Raven (Shadow Traveler), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 04:33 [Thanks!]