" Trapped in a bloody storm " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
On a small island, relatively far from any land, stood a Victorian mansion said to be the propriety of Mr. Summer and his wife, a rich couple. As summer approached, a bunch of people were invited by them to stay during two days, but something seemed strange. First, the guests didn't know anything about each-other and furthermore, no one saw any trace of the hosts on the island since they arrived, not even the servants working there. Some guests took it for a bad taste joke and thought about leaving, however, the weather began to become stormy and it could take days before a boat manages to come to this island. With all this happening, the guests began to feel anxious, but not as much as when they discovered one of them to be dead...

1. Don't be rude and respect other players.
2. No powerplaying! Your character can't be the most important one of the story. A character need to have some flaws to be realistic.
3. Your character must be between 15 and 70 years old for the coherence of this story (but it can be younger if an older member of their family is present as a character).
4. Each player can have 3 different characters at most.
5. If you don't come back in a week without warning beforehand, I'll just assume you are no longer interested and will delete your slot, so be careful!


1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:18 Hello everyone! =) Welcome to this role-play, I hope you'll enjoy it.
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:19 Your character can be either a guest or one of the servants (but keep their number at three maximum please). Don't forget to add a detailed description of each character and to think about what made them decide to come to this island.
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:20 I'll add your counter points as you describe your characters. If you want me to add some items don't hesitate to ask, but they have to be in adequation with the story.
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:21 Let's begin!
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:22 (Name: Alyssa, has long and curly brown hair, brown eyes and nerdy glasses. She works in a famous university as a researcher in social studies.)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:23 (She came to this island after receiving a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Summers which said they were interested in her researches and wanted to contribute to it by becoming her sponsors.)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:24 (Alyssa is an introverted bookworm, but she can be very friendly with people when they are nice to her. She can often be found lost in her thoughts.)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:26 *the body of a middle-aged man was just before her eyes, covered in blood. There was an open wound on his chest, but it was difficult to guess what weapon was used to do such a wound*
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.2 21:29 *Alyssa didn't have the courage to speak and just stared back and forth between the corpse and the other guests. She didn't know a single one of them and was wondering if she could trust anyone here*
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 17:06 [Hi! This sounded like an interesting roleplay, so I decided to join! :D]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 17:08 [Nicole Adler, a Guest who came from Germany in place of one of her relatives (hence why she's probably one of the youngest guests). Has long, wavy, jet-black hair usually kept in a ponytail, strange, dark violet-ish-blue eyes, and usually wears a
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 17:09 black bodysuit with a fancy deep purple cloak (however, that's for special occasions, like this one; she normally likes wearing hoodies).]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 17:10 [Her uncle, a scientist and friend of Mr. and Mrs. Summers, was given a letter to go and share some important research with the Summers family. However, Nicole's uncle became ill, so Nicole volunteered to deliver the files with the research in it to the
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 17:11 Summers family. Nicole's hobbies include:Archery (for recreational purposes), reading, spending time with her family (especially her little sister), and going out for walks in the woods.]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 17:12 [Nicole is rather quiet, sometimes moody and crabby, and a little defensive around people she doesn't know very well. However, she is very nice with people she does know, and at times she can be really brave.]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 17:13 *looks from the body and then at the other guests, completely shocked and full of horror**can barely breathe*
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 18:18 (Hello! ^^ Thanks for joining. I already love your character, she seems so cool. x3 Do you want me to give you some strength or agility points for her archery skills?)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 19:02 (Hello! ^^ Thanks for joining. I already love your character, she seems so cool. x3 Do you want me to give you some strength or agility points for her archery skills?)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 19:03 (Hello! ^^ Thanks for joining. I already love your character, she seems so cool. x3 Do you want me to give you some strength or agility points for her archery skills?)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 19:05 (Sorry about that, I had an issue with my network and it send the same thing three time o_O)
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 20:11 [Sure-I would like some Agility points, since she's naturally pretty fast and agile. As for the Strength points, I'm okay with having 0 of those for now.]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.3 20:11 [BTW, my character is based on Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. ^.^]
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 20:35   + 1 Agility points to Nicole Adler  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 20:35   + 2 Agility points to Nicole Adler  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 20:37 (I didn't recognize her ahah. I'm sure her skills will be useful in this story)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 20:48 *sees that everyone is too shocked to even do or say something and decides to break the icy atmosphere* Hey... Did someones knew this man? Or saw him when... When he was still alive?
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:25 [Hi everyone :) This roleplay seems fun, I'm looking forward to reading more of it!]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:25 [Rainie has long, straight, dark red hair and brown eyes. She likes to wear cute clothes, especially dresses and skirts with lace, ribbons and flower patterns.]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:26 [She doesn’t feel comfortable showing too much of herself so she always wears white tights and a cardigan, and her skirt and dresses are all knee length.]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:26 [She likes wearing pearl jewellery and a light brown purse with some meds inside in case someone feels sick. She works as an architect on its own.]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:26 [She came from Taiwan to this island after receiving a letter from Mr and Mrs Summers which said they would like to renovate their Victorian mansion.]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:27 [She wasn’t expecting to be asked a few days ago, so she didn’t have the time to find someone to look after her bunny and brought it with her.]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:28 [Rainie is a cheerful and friendly girl, even if her shyness doesn’t let her make the first move. She’s kind of naive, so she often gets betrayed, but she never stops believing in other people's good hearts.]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:29 [She’s always ready to help others and do all she can to make them smile and be happy. Her hobbies include: reading, cooking, travelling, being into photography and sewing (not only basic sewing but also embroidery, knitting, crochet).]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:36 Pumpkin, come back here please! *I was following her when she suddenly stopped, I caught up to her and then I realised...a dead body was standing here...*
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.3 23:37 ... *All the guests looked so shocked, I wished that someone would say something, then a girl with long, curly, brown hair spoke* N...no... *my voice was still trembling*
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.3 23:57 (Hi! =) Welcome to this roleplay, I hope you'll have fun with us. Your character and her bunny seems adorable!)
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 00:19 (Hello, this looks like lots of fun ^^ happy to join you all)
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 00:21 (James Fowl, born into the wealthy Fowl family was a tall young man of serious nature, although of average looks, their was a glint in his eye that could only be described as that of someone who knows more than you)
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 00:30 (
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 00:38 (Being from a wealthy family it didn't surprise James at all when his father sent him to Mr.Summers Estate in his stead, although Mr.Fowl had not given anymore information than that regarding the invitation.)
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 00:40 (His blond hair and bright blue eyes and pale skin from the hours spent in the darkness contrasted heavily against the tailor-fitted black suit that he wore)
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 00:44 *walks slowly over to the corpse and inspects it for a moment. "whoever killed him either wasn't expecting us and didn't bother to hide the body or... we interrupted the killer, and they didn't have time to hide."
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 00:45 Whatever it may be... the killer is probably near by, waiting to see what we will do next.
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 01:09 (Welcome too! ^^ You write so well I'm jealous ahah. Your character looks like a troublemaker, but a cool one. xD)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 01:10 (Rainie and James, do you want me to add some counter points to you too?)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 01:13 *seems a little anxious for the girl who arrived with a bunny and thinks she looks like someone who shouldn't be in the same room as a corpse*
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 01:14 *she then sees a strange pale man approaching the dead man without any visible sign of hesitation, which sends her shivers down her spine for an instant*
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 01:16 You seem to forget one possibility. Maybe the killer wanted us to see this... As a warning or a threat, who knows... *looks at him with suspicion waiting to see what kind of reaction he'll have*
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.4 04:24 *sees the strange pale man**Dun dun dunnnn*
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.4 04:24 *stays silent, trusting no one...at least not yet*
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.4 04:27  Secret message to Alyssa Blackburn  
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.4 04:27  Secret message to Alyssa Blackburn  
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.4 11:25 [It will be great, but I have no idea what kind of counter points I need/want, I'm new to this kind of rp D:]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.4 11:27 *This man looks so nice, I'm sure he will help us a lot*
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 11:32 (Thanks, I used to write a lot. That was how I wanted my character to seem ^^)
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 11:34 A warning or a threat?... *strokes his chin in thought* The way this man was killed with such a strange yet, quite intimidating wound, would suggest either a warning or that the killer REALLY didn't like this man.
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 11:36 So we have one body, a mysterious cause of death, which means we have an unknown murder weapon and none of us know each other *his eyes seem to flash for a moment* well, and here I was, afraid that this would be boring
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 13:03  Secret message to Nicole Adler  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 13:06 (Rainie: you can have some points for strange, agilty, charism, crazyness or manipulation depending on what your character's personality is like. If you want more details just ask me in secret messages =))
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 13:10  Secret message to James Fowl  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 20:22   + 3 Charism points to James Fowl  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 21:10 (I added some new items, don't hesitate to ask me if you want to buy something or if you want to add other things. ^^)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 21:31 (I also added some new counter points, so I will explain them quickly. First, I added Luck points. Each time something very good happen to you in the story, I'll give you a Luck point. Once you have a few of them, you'll be able to do a special action.)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 21:32 (You also have 20 points of Health, but as the story goes on, if your character receives some wounds or other damages, they will lose health points and eventually die if it reaches 0. xD)
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.4 21:34 [Can I have some points for crafts, please? :) And please, I don't wanna die :'( ]
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 21:37   + 3 Crafts points to Rainie Wang  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 21:39 (Don't worry, everyone will die in this rp muahahahah. xD)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 21:45 (Don't worry, everyone will die in this rp muahahahah. xD)
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.4 21:55 You are right, we should investigate the case and see if we can find some kind of clues about this murder. But first, shouldn't we introduce ourselves to each other? I mean, we don't even for what reason each of us came here in the first place.
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.5 00:43 Hm, quite right, well my name is James Fowl, heir to the prestigeous Fowl family of northern Ireland *gives a small bow* a pleasure to meet so many refined young ladies
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.5 00:45 and as to why I am here, my father sent me as he is an... acquaintance of sorts with the owner of this establishement
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:08 [Sorry I haven't been on here, I got distracted by the 54534784356473281298 other roleplays I'm a member of... XP]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:09  Secret message to Alyssa Blackburn  
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:12 *once James finishes, everyone looks at one another as if to say "Who's next?"**since she's so young and sort of stands out due to wearing purple and black, she gets looked at the most**sighs and steps forward, muttering "Okay, fine..."*
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:14 My name is Nicole Adler, and I'm a relative of the well-known scientist (Insert Random Male German Name Here (yes, I'm too lazy to come up with names)) Adler.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:15 My uncle-the scientist-had to share some information on something he was researching, but became ill, so I was sent to deliver the research to the Summers family.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:16  Buying Bow (x 1)  [Just buying a few things my character needs real quick...]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:16  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:17 [XD Oh my gosh, you included a frying pan among the weapons? Classic!! I love it!]
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:17  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.8 17:18 [OK, done buying things for now.]
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.9 23:36 *I don't want to talk in front of all of them, If I do, they will stare at me... No ! The delightful Nicole talked so I can do it too ! Give me some courage Pumpkin.* *cuddle her bunny*
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.9 23:37 Pleased to meet you all. My name is Rainie Wang, I have been hired by Mr and Mrs Summer to renovate their house. And this is my bunny Pumpkin, I wasn't expecting their invitation so I had no other choice than to bring her with me.
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,May.9 23:39 I hope we won't cause any inconveniences to any of you. *Does a asian style bow*
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.10 00:08  Secret message to Nicole Adler  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.10 00:19 Well, I suppose it's my turn now. The name is Alyssa Blackburn. Mr and Mrs summer seemed interested in one of my researches in psychology and offered to sponsor it, so they asked me to come over to discuss the details.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.10 02:52  Secret message to Alyssa Blackburn  
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.10 02:53 By the way, speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Summers...have any of you seen them? I haven't seen them at all.
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.11 10:23  Secret message to Nicole Adler  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.11 10:31 Well, since we arrived I don't recall seeing any trace of them nearby. Is it the same for everyone here?
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.11 10:36 A strange murder case, and now our hosts are missing... Could it be related somehow? What in the world is happening here...
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.12 01:02  Secret message to Alyssa Blackburn  
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.12 01:03 Maybe we should get off this island and notify the authorities. They would be able to do more about this than we ever could.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.19 23:43 [Is this roleplay still active?]
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.20 12:14 (Sorry for not posting in a while, I was busy with exams approaching and couldn't find the time to come here. The players for Rainie and Jame told me they were in a similar situation too. We'll be back in a few days at most however, so don't worry. =) )
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.27 13:20  Secret message to Canaris Keln  
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.27 13:21  Secret message to Canaris Keln  
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.27 17:23 [OK, it's fine!]
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.28 12:36 *walks over to a small table by the door and picks up the phone and dials the emergency number. After a few moments he puts the receiver down again* tsk, seems the phoneline has been cut and I forgot my cellphone in my private jet, which has already left.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,May.31 00:45 I came here in my uncle's speedboat. Maybe we can go out and see if it's still there. We may have to ride it to the nearest town and use a phone there.
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.31 22:32 *nods his head in her direction* That would seem like the wisest choice. Unless someone else has a better idea I suggest we make our way to Miss Adler's speedboat.
1>Alyssa Blackburn (Guest), 23yo.2015,May.31 23:40 Hmm. Doesn't seem like there's something else we could do for now. Let's go there then.
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,Jun.1 21:01 *nods* ... *I hope everything will be alright*
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jun.5 19:16 *leads the group out of the mansion and through the storm**they head to the docks**suddenly gasps in shock* No!!
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jun.5 19:16 *the others ask her what happened*
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jun.5 19:17 The boat-it sunk!!
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,Jun.6 00:18 *hahaha* well, this is quite the predicament isn't it. Guess we have no choice, unless someone can magically make another boat appear it seems as if we are stuck here for the time being
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 21:17 *glares at James* What's so funny about it? This was my uncle's favorite speedboat! Plus, what's even weirder is that it couldn't have sunk in the storm...someone would have to hack off the ropes tying it to the docks to make it go down all the way.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 21:17 So someone-not something-caused this boat to sink.
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,Jun.10 12:17 I'm sorry Miss Adler, I admit that was rather rude, but the fact remains is that we must now all work together, I doubt whoever did this is simply going to wait for us to be rescued when someone finally comes to check up on us
12>James Fowl (Guest), 23yo.2015,Jun.10 12:19 *walks over to where the boat had been tied up and inspects the marks on the wood* I would say someone strong, quite strong hacked through the rope, the dents in the wood imply powerful blows, probably a man judging from the angle
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jun.13 22:56 Well...I do agree that we must work together.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jun.13 22:57 *looks at the ropes too* You're right...!! And if there's someone else wandering around here that's strong, you'd think...?! *is of course implying that the same strong man could have easily murdered the other person who they found dead in the mansion*
3>Rainie Wang (guest), 22yo.2015,Jun.18 19:58 We should save this conversation for later, night is gonna fall soon. We should go back to the mansion, we need to fill up our stomachs and get some rest. We will need energy to solve this problem and look for Mr. and Mrs Summer.
2>Nicole Adler (Guest), 16yo.2015,Jul.3 21:33 *nods, agreeing* Yes. I also would like to add that I think we should stay together, so that nothing bad happens to any of us-and if one of us is the murderer, we'll be able to catch him or her. Let's get going. *starts walking back to the mansion*
4>voss (guest), 23yo.2016,Sep.26 01:42  Buying Gun (x 1)  { a black mahawk cacasion/white many tattoos and has crazyness in his eyes but would never hurt a fly} this gun is for my own safty
4>voss (guest), 23yo.2016,Sep.26 01:42 if you play farcry3 you know what he looks like
4>voss (guest), 23yo.2016,Sep.26 01:45 [wheres sleeveless shirts and kakey shorts] i know i spelled kakey wrong bu these shorts have like 6 pockets
4>voss (guest), 23yo.2016,Sep.26 01:46 its hard to explain, there usually tan color