" Victorian Life " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 0 to 999 years of age.
Welcome to the city of Chorley, a town located in the southern part of England.
This town is very flourishing and many noble people live here.
This however, often leads to arranged marriages with little to no space for true love for both genders.
Will everyone reach their happy ending?

1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.3 17:07 *looking out of the window*"Will anyone come around, I wonder.....?"
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.3 19:42 * Enters her moms room* '' Mom, I am hungry.''
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.3 20:53 *smiles sweetly and rings a tiny bell*"HANNAH!"
7>Hannah (Head Maid), 23yo.2015,Sep.3 21:00 *enters the room*
7>Hannah (Head Maid), 23yo.2015,Sep.3 21:01 "You rang, mistress?"
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.3 21:02 "Would you please bring us something to eat?"
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.3 21:04 "What would you like, sweetie?"
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 10:35 "I would like a sandwich mom,''
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 10:36 " And some apple juice",
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 10:37  Buying Bouquet of roses (x 1)  
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 10:37  Giving Bouquet of roses (x 1) to Chiara  It's for my lovely mother
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.4 11:14 *smiles widely* Thank you, my dear! *to Hannah* You heard her."
7>Hannah (Head Maid), 23yo.2015,Sep.4 11:15 As you wish, my lady. *leaves*
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 12:22 '' Mom , why were you staring at the window?''
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.4 21:09 *toddles in*
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.4 21:09 Mama, Oldie, I love you!
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 22:49 '' Mum , who is Oldie?''
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.5 01:18 *points to Euodia* You Oldie, she Mama. *points to Chiara*
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.5 12:41 '' Come here Imily.'' '' You are chubby little girl, so cute''
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.5 21:00 *laughs*"Oh, my you are both so adorable!"*moves the weelchair so she is closer to both*
7>Hannah (Head Maid), 23yo.2015,Sep.5 21:02 *enters*"i brought you the snacks you requested."*sets the plate on the coffee table*
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.5 21:04 *smiles to Hannah*"Thank you."
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.6 00:25 " Thank you most gracious auntie Hannah"
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.6 00:26  Secret message to Chiara  
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.6 16:41  Secret message to Euodia  
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.6 16:42 "Thank you, Hannah. You may leave, now."
7>Hannah (Head Maid), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 16:44 *bows* "Milady. *leaves*
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.6 20:21  Secret message to Chiara  
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.7 09:53  Secret message to Euodia  
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.8 01:16 I will not be able to come on frequently because of school.
1>Chiara (Countess), 18yo.2015,Sep.8 12:51  Secret message to Imily  
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.8 19:58 Me too
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.8 22:24 *rips her dress*
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.8 22:25 "Mama! Call mr. Willand to help me fix my broken dress"
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.9 21:23 ''Really Imily?''
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.9 21:23 ''Broken dress?''
3>William (Servant), 11yo.2015,Sep.11 01:15 *comes in*
3>William (Servant), 11yo.2015,Sep.11 01:15 *bows*
3>William (Servant), 11yo.2015,Sep.11 01:15 "Here is my sewing kit to fix your broken dress Miss. Imily"
3>William (Servant), 11yo.2015,Sep.11 01:15 *starts fixing the dress*
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.11 01:16  Buying Butler Suit (x 1)  
11>Imily (Countess' daughter), 3yo.2015,Sep.11 01:16  Giving Butler Suit (x 1) to William  
12>Drake Harting the II (Rich Boy), 10yo.2015,Sep.14 01:16 "Father, why are we here?"
13>Drake Harting the I (Rich guy), 35yo.2015,Sep.14 01:17 "Be quiet boy. I want to see if Euodia is a sutable match for you"
12>Drake Harting the II (Rich Boy), 10yo.2015,Sep.14 01:17 ''Seiriously? Euodia's weird"
12>Drake Harting the II (Rich Boy), 10yo.2015,Sep.14 01:17  Secret message to Euodia  
13>Drake Harting the I (Rich guy), 35yo.2015,Sep.14 01:18 "Maybe, but she's rich"
13>Drake Harting the I (Rich guy), 35yo.2015,Sep.14 01:18 *knocks on the countesses' door*
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.14 20:08 * opens door * Welcome King Drake and prince Drake.
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2015,Sep.14 20:14 Mum is in the courtyard. It's the left stairs.
12>Drake Harting the II (Rich Boy), 10yo.2015,Sep.23 01:26 *nods curtly*
13>Drake Harting the I (Rich guy), 35yo.2015,Sep.23 01:27 "Thank you maam. You are such a polite and kind girl!"
2>Euodia (countesses daughter), 10yo.2016,Feb.5 18:46 [Eiii Audrey so weren't lying]