" The World Battles (a 'Hunger Games' knockoff)- THE CHAT CLUB " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
2500 years into the future, the world and its countries are still around, but have been struggling with the government (located in Hawaii) and have been facing famine, only one out of many struggles. In return, the government has organized the first World Battles to keep the population down, as well as to stop the world itself from rebelling. Children 12-18 years of age are forced to compete in these deadly battles in arenas around the world. Join today- and see if you can survive.

1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:24 Hi, and welcome to The World battles!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:25 Since this RP just opened, I'll give everyone 4 days to join instead of the standard 2 days.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:25 Anyways, I'll explain a little about how it's going to work.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:26 Basically, your contestant can be between the ages of 12-18 years old. You can make them tough, strong, whatever you want.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:27 Your character must be from a country. Eg. USA, Brazil, France.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:28 Each arena will be in a different world destination, like the Grand Canyon, and maybe even the Great Barrier Reef.
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:28 (Hey! I'd love to join as a contestant! Thanks for making this game by the way)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:29 When you join, please give a character description and roll the 1-20 dice. Scores of 10 or higher will be the best.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:29 (No problem! Go ahead and join.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:30 After your character is made, I'll give you 10 Blows and 5 Killing blows. These allow you to battle another contestant. Don't use a killing blow unless your other opponent wants you to.
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:30 (Awesome)
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:31 (Here's the description)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:32 There are usually 3+ winners, depending on how many people play the round. The grand winner is determined by how many points total she or he has.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:32 And that's all for now! Feel free to ask any other questions.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:35 Oh yes, and one more thing: each player gets $10, and you can use them at the bloodbath/beginning of the Battles.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.13 23:41 (Matilda: is a contestant from Chile, South America. Has black hair tied back and brown eyes. Wears a brown/orange contestant coat.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.13 23:43 (Also wears olive green pants and brown boots. Weapon of choice is a spear. Not a threat to most tributes.)
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:43 (Ally Sterling: A contestant from France, Europe. Has long wavy amber hair, and deep forest green eyes. Wears the contestant coat)
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:44 (by the way, what sort of weapons are there?)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:45  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:46 (Pretty much anything you want. You can refer to the Items For Sale list if you want.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:46  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:46  Giving Blow (x 10) to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:47  Giving Blow (x 5) to Isak  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.13 23:47 (I'll determine my score...)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.13 23:48  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=14  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:48   + 14 Score points to Isak  
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:49 (if it's anything I want, then I'm going to say her weapons of choice are gauntlets)
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:50 (and, her score is...)
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:50  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=19  
Player 22015,Jan.13 23:50 (geez, she got a pretty good score)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:53 (Yeah, that's for sure! It's definitely Ally's lucky day.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.13 23:54   + 19 Score points to  
Player 82015,Jan.14 00:13 (Evgeni is the contestant from Russia. Has buzz cut black/brown hair, green eyes, and wears the contestant outfit.)
Player 82015,Jan.14 00:14 (His weapon of choice is a sword, and he's fairly good at fencing and jousting. Not really a threat, but sort of is, just like any old contestant would be.)
Player 82015,Jan.14 00:15  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=7  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 00:16  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 00:16  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 00:17   + 7 Score points to  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:51 [YES!!! THIS RP IS BACK!!! :D]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:51 [I was actually going to ask if you could create it again!! :'D]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:51 [Thank you, thank you, thank you!!]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:51 [BTW, Matilda has 15 Blows, not 10 Blows and 5 Killing Blows. Just wanted to let you know in case you messed up or something.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:52 [Nicole:A contestant from Germany. Has long, jet-black hair often worn up in a ponytail and beautiful dark blue eyes. Looks/acts like Katniss from the HG. Is a master archer, too.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:53 [Wears the typical World Battles uniform (or at least what I imagine the uniform to be like)-a black jacket, black pants, black running boots, and a T-shirt with the color of the contestant's choice.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 03:54 (Hi!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:54 [Oh, and the jacket has borders of a certain color depending on where the contestant is from, like the HG uniform. Anyway, the T-shirt and borders of Nicole's outfit are dark blue.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:54 [Hi!]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:54  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=12  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 03:54 [Hm...not too bad in terms of a score...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 03:56   + 12 Score points to Spoon  
Player 52015,Jan.14 03:57 (Tina is a contestant from the UK. She has long dark hair and side bangs. Wears the traditional WB uniform.)
Player 52015,Jan.14 03:57  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=3  
Player 52015,Jan.14 03:57 (Is very weak and has no experience with any weapon.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.14 03:57  Giving Blow (x 5) to Max Davis  
Player 132015,Jan.14 03:59 [Zhu:Sort of like a Career in the World Battles. Black hair, hazel eyes, typical uniform with a crimson shirt and borders. Was the typical bully in school. Is determined to win and will do anything for victory. Is great with the machete as well as
Player 132015,Jan.14 03:59 hand-to-hand combat.]
Player 92015,Jan.14 03:59 (Dylan is a contestant from the USA. He has black hair in a buzzcut and pale skin. Looks sort of creepy. Is a bully, so he has some experience in fighting.)
Player 132015,Jan.14 03:59 [He's sort of like Cato.]
Player 92015,Jan.14 03:59  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=12  
Player 202015,Jan.14 03:59 (Gabby: Has jet black hair with a purple streak and brown eyes. Wears the WB uniforms with a purple tee. )
Player 132015,Jan.14 04:00 [I guess Zhu will become Dylan's ally.]
Player 132015,Jan.14 04:00  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=15  
Player 92015,Jan.14 04:00 (Dylan is smart when it comes to weapons, and especially when it comes to fists.)
Player 202015,Jan.14 04:00 (Her weapon of choice is a gun/rifle, or anything she can get her hands on. Is like a Career, and she is a threat.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:01   + 3 Score points to  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:01 [brb]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:01  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:02  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:02 (Ok.)
Player 202015,Jan.14 04:02  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=7  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:04   + 12 Score points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:04  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:04  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.14 04:05 (Amos is a contestant from Mexico. He has tan skin and black hair, and wears a black WB uniform (jacket and t shirt). Has some experience with guns.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.14 04:05  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=3  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:05   + 15 Score points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:05  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:06  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:06   + 7 Score points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:06  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:07  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:08  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:08 (Oops. I'll remove those in a minute.)
Player 202015,Jan.14 04:09  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to Max Davis  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10   + 3 Score points to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Blow (x 10) to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:10  Giving Killing blow (x 5) to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:11 (*sigh* What did I just do?...)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:11 (Okay, so everyone gets extra points unless you want to return them.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.14 04:14  Using Blow  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.14 04:14 (Just a test!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:17 [Back! Erm...psssst...I need some Blows...]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:18 [Zhu got 5 extra Killing Blows...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:21  Giving Blow (x 10) to Spoon  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.14 04:22 [Aneni:12 years old. From Zimbabwe. Has dark brown skin, brown eyes, black hair in a braid, and the WB uniform with brown borders/T-shirt.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.14 04:23 [Will eventually die Rue style.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.14 04:23 [BTW, I'll be on here and TT. I have something important to tell you on TT.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.14 04:25 [Aneni is good at climbing trees and using a slingshot.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:25 (Ok. I'm not sure if I should have the WB start yet, but if I do, everyone can jump in at any time for round 1.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:26 [Let's start! :D]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:28 (ok.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:28 -A MESSAGE TO FUTURE JOINERS-
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:29 (If you guys want, you can be one extra character. And could I have Aneni's score, please?)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.14 04:32  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:33 [I just realized almost all the contestants have black hair...weird...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:36   + 6 Score points to Dakota  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:36  Giving Blow (x 10) to Dakota  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:37  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 5) to Dakota  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.14 04:37 [Do I get no Killing Blows because my character's score is low and my character in general is weak?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:38 (I renamed them because they didn't seem to work. But the Blows- extra strong are basically the same.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:39 (Alright! Time to begin!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:41 *he is at the World Capital of Hawaii, as well as the other contestants* *the contestants are in a back room, preparing for the Welcoming Parade*
Player 202015,Jan.14 04:42 *picks at her nails- which have been painted with tiny Candian flags* *looks super bored*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.14 04:42 *leans back against the wall, heart pounding*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:43 *bites her nails without really knowing it*
Player 132015,Jan.14 04:43 *looks around at everyone confidently**is rather calm and deadly-looking*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.14 04:43 *looks around at everyone innocently, hiding her emotions*
Player 82015,Jan.14 04:44 *looks around at everyone mysteriously* *tries to act casual*
Player 92015,Jan.14 04:45 *laughs out loud for no reason* So, is anyone going to talk, or what? *grins, already targeting the weaker contestants like Tina, Amos, Evgeni, and Aneni*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.14 04:46 *glares* Why are we going to talk to each other if we are going to kill each other in the end?
Player 92015,Jan.14 04:46 I KNOW!!!! *laughs heartily* SOOO awkward...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:48 *looks at Dylan darkly* Then why don't you just shut up?
Player 92015,Jan.14 04:49 Oh. Okay then. *stays quiet for awhile, but is heard snickering later*
Player 202015,Jan.14 04:49 *is seen smirking at Dylan*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 04:51 Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome...our CONTESTANTS!!! *the crowd roars* First up- Nicole, from GERMANY!!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:53 *is surprised that she's first*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 04:53 [What's Nicole supposed to do? I haven't been on this RP in a looong time...]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 05:01 [Hello?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 05:01 (You walk out onto the "carpet" and either show your skills, wave to the crowd, wave your flag, or do anything really.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.14 05:01 (Sadly, we gotta go. Bye! See you!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 05:03 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 23:17 *walks down the carpet, wearing the typical Katniss Mockingjay costume**looks stunning but fierce*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 23:17 *takes out an arrow, lights it on fire, and shoots**it hits an apple a guy in the audience is about to bite**while the guy freaks, the rest of the audience goes wild and cheers*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 23:18 *two assistants run over and put a cape with the colors of the German flag on it**walks down the carpet, arms open, German flag cape blowing in the wind*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 23:19 *reaches the end of the carpet and gets in the limo**although she looked confident while going along the carpet, she was actually woozy**tries hard not to vomit*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 23:19 *sits back in the limo, breathing heavily, calming down8
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.14 23:19 **
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 03:56 Ally, from France! *Ally comes out, waving the French flag with a skip in her step* *she charms the crowd pretty easily*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 03:58 Evgeni, from Russia!
Player 82015,Jan.15 03:59 *comes out onto the carpet, not looking very enthusiastic* *waves the Russian flag back and forth, managing a smile* *walks out to the limo, getting the flag stuck in the doorway in the process*
Player 82015,Jan.15 04:00 *some guards have to help him before he can exit to the limo*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:01 (Since Nicole showed a skill during the parade, she gets 10 Experience points.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:01   + 10 Experience points to Spoon  
Player 132015,Jan.15 04:12 *calmly waits for his turn*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:12 (Also, new rule: If you're tired of waiting, feel free to have Max call out your contestant.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 04:13 Max: Matilda, from Chile! *comes out smiling, waving the Chilean flag* *waves to the crowd, becoming a hit* *walks out to the limo*
Player 202015,Jan.15 04:16 Max: She's sweet! She's spunky! Gabby, from Canada! Gabby: *comes out, grinning from ear to ear- literally* *is getting a lot of support from the crowd*
Player 202015,Jan.15 04:17 *stops in the middle of the carpet and takes out a glittering pink rifle* *aims it above the doorway, and shoots at a pink target* *gets a bullseye* *the crowd roars*
Player 202015,Jan.15 04:18 *takes the Canadian flag and waves it all the way out the door to the limo*
Player 132015,Jan.15 04:23 [OK.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:24   + 10 Experience points to  
Player 132015,Jan.15 04:24 Max:Zhu, from China! Zhu:*comes out and does some awesome ninja moves**handsprings his way to the limo, bows, and then gets in the limo*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.15 04:30 Max:Aneni, from Zimbabwe! Aneni:*comes out**some "awws" are heard from the audience**she waves a tiny Zimbabwean flag*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.15 04:31 *suddenly she stops, pulls out a slingshot, and a target is set up**shoots thrice, each rock she launches hitting the target's bullseye**the crowd cheers and she runs, smiling sweetly, to the limo*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:33   + 10 Experience points to Dakota  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:33   + 10 Experience points to  
Player 92015,Jan.15 04:34 Max: Dylan, from the USA!! Dylan: WHOOOO!!! *raises his hands in the air, and instead of doing any skills, he does some break dancing moves* *after that, he proceeds to the limo*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:35   + 5 Strength points to  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.15 04:42 [Can you give Aneni some Agility points? She's just as fast as Rue from the HG.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:44   + 10 Agility points to Dakota  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.15 04:45 [Thanks!]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.15 04:46 Max: Amos, from Mexico! Amos: *comes out, looking pretty happy* *waves the Mexican flag proudly* *seems to be getting a lot of attention from the crowd* *goes to the limo*
Player 52015,Jan.15 04:47 Max: Tina, from the United Kingdom! Tina: *comes out, smiling slightly* *looks a little bored* *waves the British flag* *suddenly trips over the carpet* Max: Oh...are you alright, Tina?
Player 52015,Jan.15 04:47 *nods quickly, getting out of the auditorium as fast as possible*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:48 *once everyone gets in the limo, they are driven off to the Teleportation Center*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:51 -THE NEXT DAY-
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 04:52 *all of the contestants, clad in their World Battles uniforms, enter the teleportation ship*
Player 82015,Jan.15 04:52 *taps his foot nervously*
Player 202015,Jan.15 04:54 *smirks as the ship lifts off the ground*
Player 52015,Jan.15 04:56 *shivers in fear*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.15 04:57 *looks around, not able to hide her fear this time*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.15 04:57 *tries to pay attention to how fast the ship is going rather than his death*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.15 04:59 *just barely manages to stay calm**is begging that the "Cornucopia" has a bow*
Player 92015,Jan.15 04:59 *is pretty calm about everything* *leans his head back against the headrest, eyes closed*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 05:00 *looks around at everyone* *her hands are in cold sweat* *shakes a little* *can feel the teleportation ship slowing down* *Max's voice comes over the monitors*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 05:01 Max: Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to your arena- Yellowstone National Park, USA.
Player 132015,Jan.15 05:01 *looks around calmly, knowing who some of his targets are already and who some of his allies are, too*
Player 132015,Jan.15 05:02 Nicole:*is relieved that she's going to a forest-her survival skills are good in forests*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 05:03 *Max directs everyone to take a parachute*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 05:04 Max: Good luck! *at that moment, everyone dives for the parachutes* *struggles to get one, and ends up tripping Tina*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.15 05:05 *notices that Ally got pushed down by Zhu* *grabs 2 parachutes- one for himself, and one for Ally*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.15 05:05 *all of my characters reach the Warehouse and go to their ped estals (it won't let me type the full word.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.15 05:06 (Gtg, bye!)
Player 132015,Jan.15 05:07 [Bye!]
Player 132015,Jan.15 05:08 *easily shoves his way forcefully through the crowd, gets a parachute, and jumps out**runs to his ped estal*
Player 132015,Jan.15 05:19 Aneni:*does the same as Zhu, being able to weave her way under those who are taller than her, get a parachute, and make it to her pad**Nicole does the same, although she gets knocked down several times while trying to get a parachute*
Player 22015,Jan.15 13:29 *after being shoved to the ground by Zhu, she accepts Amos's parachute* Thanks...*makes it to her pad*
Player 52015,Jan.15 16:46 *pretty soon, everyone is gathered around the Warehouse* *looks around at a few certain tributes angrily, having been trampled on frequently back in the ship*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.15 16:48 *the clock runs down the last few seconds*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.15 16:49 Max: Let the first World Battles begin!
Player 202015,Jan.15 16:50 *jumps forward to the Warehouse, as well as almost everyone else*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 17:55 (OK, I am new to this roleplay, is it to late for mw to join?)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 18:00 (if not, here is my desciption) Long, fine blonde hair, high cheek bones and dark blue eyes. Is quite tall
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 18:00  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=12  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 18:01 Not a bad score
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 19:20 (Welcome to the game!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 19:21   + 12 Score points to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 19:21  Giving Blow (x 10) to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 19:21  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 5) to Elsa  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 20:26 (thanks, so what exactly is happening right now?)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 20:45 (Basically the Battles have begun. The goal is to get as many weapons from the Warehouse as you can.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 20:47 *runs to the Warehouse*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 20:47  Buying Spear (10) (x 1)  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 20:51  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 20:57 (You can also have your character battle others.)
Player 202015,Jan.15 20:58 *finds her custom pink rifle* *runs for it*
Player 202015,Jan.15 20:58  Buying Gun (any type) (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.15 20:59 *sees Matilda coming into view* *aims the rifle at her and shoots, but Matilda misses* *charges at her*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 21:01 *picks up a nearby metal pole*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 21:01  Using Blow  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.15 21:02 *Gabby trips over her own feet and falls to the ground* *drops the metal pole and runs for the forest* *notices that the Warehouse is located near a rushing waterfall*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 21:04   + 5 Strength points to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 21:04   + 2 Agility points to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.15 21:05   + 4 Weakness points to  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:27 (OK)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:28 *runs to the warehouse*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:28  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:28  Buying Spear (single) (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:29  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:30 *grabs the 3 things nearest her, they happen to be a bow with 10 arrows, a pretty basic first aid kit and a sharp spear*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:31 *looks around to see if anyone else is coming*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:31 *realises that no one is posing a threat to her yet she grabs a couple more things*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:32  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.15 21:32  Buying Gun (any type) (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.15 23:20 *runs towards the Warehouse* *grabs what he can*
Player 82015,Jan.16 01:27  Buying Sword (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.16 01:27  Buying Spear (10) (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.16 01:28  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.16 01:29  Buying Food (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.16 01:30 *sees Ada grabbing items nearby* *throws a spear at her, but it misses*
Player 82015,Jan.16 01:31 *Ada quickly grabs her gun and shoots* *ends up getting shot in the arm* *lets out a strangled scream and falls to the ground, but isn't dead*
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:36 *rushes forward with the others into the warehouse, struggling to get valuable items*
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:39  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:39 *grabs the nearest item, being a small backpack* *it's heavier than she thought it would be*
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:40  Buying Rope (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:40 *grabs a coil of rope*
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:41  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:41  Buying Matches (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:42 *lightly dodges some of the others, and grabs a water bottle and matches, then races to get out*
Player 22015,Jan.16 01:43 *is a bit disappointed that she couldn't find any gauntlets, but she can easily make some of her own later*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:17   + 20 Weakness points to  
Player 82015,Jan.16 04:18 *slides through the grass as quickly as possible, not wanting to get caught or killed by anyone*
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:19 *comes running towards the Warehouse- and Evgeni*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:19 *runs as fast as she can, hoping not to be confronted by anyone*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:20 *watches some of the others*
Player 82015,Jan.16 04:20 *reaches out an arm and grabs Dylan's leg, using it as support to get up* *it is painful, but worth it* *pushes Dylan to the ground and runs to the forest*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:21   + 5 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:21   + 5 Agility points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:21   + 3 Weakness points to  
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:22 *stares at them, going into the forest*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:22 *uneasily heads into the forest as well*
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:22 *notices Ally standing nearby* *grabs a bow and arrow set nearby and uses it, having no experience whatsoever* *aims an arrow at Ally*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:24 *runs into the Warehouse*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:24 *a wave of uneasiness passes over her*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:24  Buying Gun (any type) (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:24  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:25  Buying Fire making kit (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:25 *takes the rope, and ties it into a lasso, which she can use as a temporary weapon*
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:25 *releases the arrow, and it flies in Ally's direction*
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:25  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:26  Buying Arrow (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:26 *an arrow suddenly hits her in the shoulder*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:26 *screams out in pain, and starts running into the woods*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:28 *sees what Tina did, and gets mad* *runs towards her, gun in hand*
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:29 *is about to go back to the Warehouse until she is faced by Amos* *lets out a pathetic grunt*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:30 *stops running, still in pain*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:30 *opens up the backpack, to see what's inside*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:30 *uses the butt of the gun to give Tina a hard whack in the face*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:31  Using Blow  
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:31 *nothing is there that will help her medically*
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:31 *staggers back, clutching her bow* *manages to stand up and hit Amos with it*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:31 *instead rips off a piece of cloth from her uniform, and uses some of the rope to bandage up her wound*
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:31  Using Blow  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:32 [Hey!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:33 (Hi!)
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:33 (hello!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:33 *she has been running towards the Warehouse as soon as the Battles even started**manages to get to the Warehouse while most of the other tributes are distracted by each other*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:33  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  *starts grabbing everything she is familiar with and finds useful*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:34  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:34  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:34 -ANYTHING UNDER 50= A LOSING SCORE, ANYTHING OVER 100= A WINNING SCORE-
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:34  Buying Rope (x 1)  
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=97  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:35 [Er...if you roll a 100 sided dice, you can't get anything over 100, although you can get at 100.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:35 (I meant over 50, sorry.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:35  Buying Lighter (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=31  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:35 [Oh OK. But what if both people roll the dice and are over/under 50? And what if you're at 50?]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:36 [Then what?]
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:36 *manages to give Amos one of her rare powerful whacks, leaving him dazed on the ground* *runs off*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:36  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:36  Buying Food (x 1)  
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:36 (You keep going until there's a tiebreaker, of course.)
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:36
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:36  Buying Arrows (15) (x 1)  
Player 52015,Jan.16 04:37 (And 50 still equals a losing score.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:37  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *finds a spile among the stuff*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:37  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:37 *has gotten everything she can**stuffs most of the items in her backpack*
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:37 *runs around at the Warehouse, killing other random contestants*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:38 *puts her backpack on and, clutching her bow, starts making a run for safety*
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:38  Buying Throwing knives (10) (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:38 *one problem:she finds herself face-to-face with Dylan*
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:38  Buying Spear (single) (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:38  Buying Machete (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:38 *quickly draws an arrow and shoots as he runs towards her**it hits him in the arm since he tries ducking*
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:38  Buying Scythe (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:39 *falls to the ground, pulling the arrow out*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:39 *runs to the Warehouse after hiding in some tall grass and waiting for some of the tributes to clear out**grabs a few items*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:39   + 10 Experience points to Spoon  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:39  Buying Slingshot (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:39   + 8 Weakness points to Astrid  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:39 *watches Nicole turn and run to the forest after shooting Dylan**is pretty impressed*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:40   + 9 Weakness points to  
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:40 *is heard swearing loudly*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:40  Buying Survival kit (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:40  Buying Matches (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:40 *shudders after hearing a lot of commotion*
Player 202015,Jan.16 04:40  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.16 04:41  Buying Cord (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.16 04:41  Buying Rope (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:41  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *finds a little blow/dart gun*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:41  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *also grabs a bunch of darts for her gun and balls for her slingshot*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:41  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.16 04:42 *runs over to Dylan* Dude, are you alright? *pulls Dylan to his feet* I saw what that contestant did to you, and...yeah...wanna be allies?
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:42 *looks around on the forest floor intently*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:42 *sees Zhu running towards her and runs the heck away into the forest*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:42 *spots exactly what she's looking for...some sharp looking rocks*
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:42 *walks over to Dylan and Gabby* Hello. *the two look at him, a bit fearful* It's alright, I won't hurt you-YET, at least...
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:43 *attatches the rocks to the rope, and makes one really painful looking whip*
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:43 I watched you train before the Battles. Want to be allies?
Player 92015,Jan.16 04:43 Yeah...*looks into the forest, panting* I need allies anyways...so we can kill those contestants.
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:43 *has already collected some stuff from the Warehouse BTW*
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:44  Buying Throwing knives (10) (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.16 04:44 I'm in. *flips her gun around*
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:44  Buying Staff (x 1)  
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:44  Buying Sword (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:44   + 2 Allies points to  
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:44  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:45  Buying Rope (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:45   + 2 Allies points to  
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:45  Buying Machete (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:45   + 2 Allies points to  
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:45 [BTW, what's a scythe exactly?]
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:45  Buying Food (x 1)  
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:46  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *has a ninja kit thing too*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:46 (a scythe is a weapon which looks like the tool used to harvest wheat)
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:46 (or the thing the Grim Reaper carries)
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:46 [Oh, you mean like a big, curved sword thing?]
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.16 04:47 (If you've seen pictures of the Grim Reaper, a scythe is basically that long, curved blade he has. I think it's used to harvest grain.)
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:47 [Or a staff with a curved blade on the end of it?]
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:47 [OK.]
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:47  Buying Scythe (x 1)  [Me wants it. Me needs it. MAH PRECIIIOOOUUUSSS... *Golum Mode XD*]
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.16 04:48 *walks along a path in the other side of the forest* *over the edge of the path/forest is a deadly looking waterfall* *can even feel some of the mist* *knows that the waterfall will most likely be a contestant's fate*
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:48  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:48 [Zhu's good at martial arts and can handle/use anything with a blade BTW.]
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:49 (ok)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:49 *walks through the forest, looking for a source of water**is unaware that she's being watched by Aneni**hears some rustling and turns, but sees nothing, for Aneni has run away*
Player 202015,Jan.16 04:49 Let's take over this warehouse. That way, all of the contestants will be afraid of us. *snickers*
Player 132015,Jan.16 04:50 Yeah! *also laughs as he and the other two walk to the Warehouse*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:50 *has finally gotten up* *limps into the forest, looking for an ally since he really isn't that good at fighting*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:50 *walks through the forest, holding her wound* *hates having to constantly look over her shoulder*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:51 *weakly carries her whip closely*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:51 *goes along a path, but suddenly realizes that she can easily be spotted there**hears some rustling and quickly dives into some bushes**looks out from in between the branches to see Amos limping around*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:52 *closes her eyes, breathes deeply, opens her eyes, turns, and runs away through the forest*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:52 *eventually slows down to a trot and continues going along, carving her own path through thick woods and brush*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:53 *looking at her supplies, realizes she has no food*
Player 82015,Jan.16 04:53 *walks along in the forest, slightly hunched over* *clutches his arm* *gets light headed and eventually passes out in some bushes, having lost more than enough blood*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:53 *sighs, knowing this means she'll have to look for it in plain sight*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:53 *meanwhile, she walks along a little path deep into the woods**stops and sits at a big oak tree*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:53   + 20 Weakness points to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:54 *enters the other part of the forest where Matilda is* *eventually runs into her*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:54 *walks deeper into the woods, and sees someone* *it's Evgeni*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:54 *likes Ally, she finds that she has no food**however, since she got farming skills when she was back home in Zimbabwe, she begins peering around various berry bushes, identifying the good berries from poisonous ones*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:54 *holds out her whip defensively*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.16 04:55 *lets out a yell* Amos: It's okay! I'm not here to kill you. Matilda: *calms down* Okay...
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 04:55 *picks lots of berries and sits down, snacking on them eagerly*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:55 *looks closer at Evgeni, and sees that he's badly injured*
Player 82015,Jan.16 04:55 *hears the lash of a whip* *opens his eyes to see Ally* *his eyes widen* Please...don't...
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:56 Are you...ok?
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:56 *puts down her whip*
Player 82015,Jan.16 04:56 *tries sitting up, gasps in pain* I don't know...the girl from Norway... she has a good shot. *reveals his wound in the arm*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:57 *cringes at the sight of the wound*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:57 *is walking through the forest when she hears Evgeni and Ally talking**gets down quickly, watching them from the bushes*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:57 Uh...here, let me help...
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:57 *rips some more cloth, tying it around the injury*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 04:58 *sits down on a rotting log* I was wondering if you wanted to be allies with me. I don't have any allies, and I'm not good at fighting. I could tell by your score that you're a good fighter, though.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:58 *feels sorry for Evgeni**fishes through her first aid kit and finds a few bandages**rustles the bushes she is in, showing that she's there without revealing her identity, then rolls out a few bandages from the bushes*
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:58 Oh...sure.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.16 04:58 Well, okay. We can work together, I guess. *sits down against a tree*
Player 82015,Jan.16 04:59 Thank you. *smiles a little*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:59   + 1 Allies points to Astrid  
Player 22015,Jan.16 04:59 Your very welcome. What's your name?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 04:59   + 1 Allies points to Isak  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 04:59 *Ally turns and, clutching her whip, comes forward to see who's in the bushes**quickly turns and runs away, although her identity is revealed as she does so*
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:00 My name is Evgeni...I came from Russia.
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:00 My name's Ally...I'm the contestant from France.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 05:00   + 1 Allies points to  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:00 *keeps running and then eventually stops**sits on a log and starts assessing what items she has*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:01 *is relieved she has food, since she's hungry already*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.16 05:01   + 1 Allies points to  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:01 *decides to save the food for later, though**counts her arrows, looks around through her first aid kit and backpack, and looks at more of her stuff*
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:01 It's great to meet you. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what was France like? Was it nice?
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:02 *nods sadly* It was a wonderful country...
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:02 The architecture...the history...the landscape...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:02 *picks up the spile and remembers how she and her relatives would sometimes go into the forest nearby and get syrup out of trees**suddenly gets a very large craving for the sweet treat*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:02 (France is my favourite country in real life, by the way)
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:03 (It does look like an interesting country. There's a lot of neat stuff there.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:03 *finds the right kind of tree and shoves the spile in as hard as she can**holds her empty water bottle under it**after a few minutes, syrup comes dripping out into her bottle*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:04 [I'm not sure what my favorite country is, but I know what several of my favorite countries are. They include the USA, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, maybe Russia, and probably several others.]
Player 202015,Jan.16 05:04 *the sun slowly starts setting* I don't know about you all, but...I'm ready for a killin'.
Player 202015,Jan.16 05:05 (I think the United Kingdom and Ireland have to be my favorites. And the Scandanavian countries.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:05 *takes out the spile and licks up the syrup from her bottle**walks away and soon finds the the bottom of the waterfall Matilda saw*
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:05 *smirks* I agree. Know who we should look for?
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:05 (Ireland is really neat, I must agree)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:05 *washes out her water bottle and spile**then fills her bottle with water, puts some iodine in the water, and sits by the waterfall, waiting**30 minutes later, she eagerly drinks up the water&
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:05 **
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:06 *refills her water bottle, puts in more iodine, and then leaves*
Player 202015,Jan.16 05:06 That Brit...Tina. She's been walking around here like she owns the place...well, it's time to show her who's REALLY boss. *a Grinch-like smirk crosses her face*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:06 We should find that girl from the UK-or perhaps the girls from Chile or Germany. Or even the one from Zimbabwe.
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:07 Oh! And that Mexican guy is so weak you can taste it!
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:07 We should go for Tina. She's an easy kill. Did you see her score? *laughs*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:07 Well, so far we've had two votes to go after Tina, so let's find her!
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:08 Hm...make that three votes. *laughs* Let's go! *they set out*
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:08 I'm putting the others on my list, though. I personally think that little 12 year old is next.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:08 *meanwhile, she climbs up a big willow tree and tucks herself in her sleeping bag, tying a rope around her in case she turns and falls off the tree*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:09 *watches the sky going dark*
Player 202015,Jan.16 05:09 Does anyone know where Tina is? Dylan: Probably in the forest, looking for food.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:09 *she is almost asleep when she hears footsteps**sees Tina come and settle down under her tree*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:09 *sees Tina rub some rocks and sticks together, trying to make a fire* Thinks:NO!! You idiot, if you make a fire you'll be tracked down through the smoke!
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:09 *is telling stories about his life and times in Russia* Russia was a nice place, but I lived in the area once known as Siberia. It was dark and lonely.
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:10 *suddenly points up* Hey...see that? Gabby:Smoke. Zhu:And where there's smoke, there's fire!
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:10 *listens*
Player 52015,Jan.16 05:10 *blows some warm air onto her hands, rubbing them together* *begins to drift off against the tree*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:10 Let's go! *gets some of his weapons out as he runs through the woods*
Player 52015,Jan.16 05:11 *hears some voices* *wakes up and gasps*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:11 *they soon arrive at the clearing* Hey hey heyyy! *takess his scythe out*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:11 *takes
Player 202015,Jan.16 05:11 *can see Tina's face against the glow of the fire* *squeals* We got her! *grabs her gun*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:11 *some of the others mock Tina's fearful look by saying "Ooo watch out, it's the Grim Reeeaaaperrr!!"*
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:12 *takes out his spear, smirking* Time's up, girl.
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:12 *runs over and grabs Tina before she can run away*
Player 52015,Jan.16 05:12 PLEASE!! NO!!
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:12 *shoves the blade of his scythe into her stomach*
Player 52015,Jan.16 05:12 *has grabbed her almost useless bow* *tries hitting Zhu in the face*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:13 *overhears everything and can't even help watching a little**closes her eyes when she hears Tina's final bloodcurdling scream*
Player 52015,Jan.16 05:13 *her eyes roll back* *dies in mid-hit*
Player 52015,Jan.16 05:13 *falls back limply against the tree*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:13 Zhu:*winces, shoving his scythe harder into Tina* Guys, NOW!! *the other two also hurt her*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:13 *then Tina dies, of course*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:14 *is holding her breath, afraid that if the three contestants hear her breathing she'll be deadmeat*
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:14 *while he is telling stories, a cannon goes off* *pauses* A contestant just died...*pulls out his weapon*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:14 *he and the other two laugh and talk about what they just did victoriously as they walk away**Dylan stomps out the fire before leaving*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:14 *picks up her whip, uncertain*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:15 *she breathes again as soon as they leave**gasps hard, close to panic*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.16 05:15 *jumps, being awoken from her sleep* *some light is projected into the sky, and Tina's face appears* *stands up and walks close to the edge so she can see*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:15 *is beginning to realize how real the situation is*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 05:15 *looks up at the sound of the cannon**has been sleeping in a little burrow/hole under some huge, ancient roots of a giant tree*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 05:16 *sees Tina's face and gulps**burrows deeper in the hole, afraid*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:16 *sees Tina's face appear*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 05:16 Nicole:*doesn't dare peer towards the sky from under the willow tree's leaves, afraid of being caught*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.16 05:16 *a heroic song plays*Max: Tina, aged 15 from the United Kingdom, sacrificed herself courageously this evening. With a score of 3, she kept fighting till the very end.
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:16 Wow...I know that she tried to kill me...but I never wanted her to die...
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 05:16 Nicole:*is barely able to sleep for the rest of the night-she is in a state of paranoia*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 05:17 Aneni:*covers her ears, for once hating Max for sending her and the other teens/kids into the Battles*
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:17 *the projection dies out* I'm not sure that courageous was the right usage of words...*is a bit haunted*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 05:17 Nicole:*feels really sick**at one point she has to sit up and puke over the edge of the tree branch she is on*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 05:18 *whimpers a little*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:18 *they get back to the Warehouse* So, who's-*yawns loudly*-next?
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:18 Or should we wait until tomorrow?
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:19 Ummm...*pauses* Whoever- Gabby: I'M TIRED....
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:19 *sighs* Fine. We'll camp out at the Warehouse tonight, and wait until tomorrow.
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:20 *doesn't feel much like sleeping*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:20 *clutches her whip tighter*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:21 [gtg soon]
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:21 *stays up awake the entire night, feeling sick*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:21 (hello?)
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:21 (Ok.)
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:21 (nvm)
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:21 *he and the other two go to sleep*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:23 *eventually drifts off*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 05:23 -THE NEXT MORNING-
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:23 *dreams of Tina* *struggles in sleep*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 05:23 *wakes up to see the sun shining* *sits up, and realizes he was holding onto his gun for the entire night* *hears his stomach growl loudly*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:24 *wakes up in a cold sweat, exhausted and still in pain*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.16 05:25 *looks through his survival backpack and finds a few small packets of trail mix and a few packets of beef jerky* *opens some trail mix and eats it, making sure to leave the M&M-like candies for last*
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:25 *is still awake, having not gotten any sleep* *looks at Ally* Are you alright?
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:25 *feels famished* *looks through her supplies, but she has no food*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:26 *puts on a brave face* I'm fine.
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:26 Never...better.
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:26 How about you?
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:26 *has gotten up bright and early, of course* *sits on a crate, eating some beef jerky* *looks at Gabby, who is sleeping in late*
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:27 I feel as awake as ever. I hardly got any sleep last night. Tina in the sky...it was...haunting, I guess.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:27 *wakes up and stumbles out of her tree, still a little hysterical from watching Tina die**sits down and eats some of her food*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:28 It was really haunting...
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:29 *looks down to see a small pool of blood from where his arm was* My wound...it hasn't healed. We should go to the Warehouse and see if we can find anything.
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:29 *nods in agreement*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:29 Aneni:*wakes up and sets out, searching for food**easily finds fruits, nuts, and more to munch on*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:29 We have to be cautious though.
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:30 *wakes up, stretches, and yawns loudly**Dylan and, yes, Gabby are snoring (literally) away*
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:30 Hey...HEY!! *shakes them* Rise and shine, sleeping beauties!
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:30 *looks through his stash of supplies and reveals a bag of different food* You look pretty hungry.
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:30 Yeah...so do you.
Player 132015,Jan.16 05:30 Time to get to work! *gets up nimbly and goes over to his large collection of weapons**begins sharpening them in a rather creepy, grim fashion, one at a time*
Player 92015,Jan.16 05:31 *shakes himself awake* Brr!!! *sits up* *gets out of his 2 sleeping bags*
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:31 (this maybe isn't the best roleplay for me to be on right before I go to sleep...)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:31 [Hey, can we reinact the famous scene where Katniss drops the tracker jackers on the Careers with Rue's help, but in this case it'll be Nicole, Zhu, Gabby, Dylan, and Aneni?]
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:32 *takes out some trail mix* We'll have this for breakfast. *rips open the bag*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:32 [XD Yeah, I know what you mean.]
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:32 (Yeah, I have to agree, depending on how each contestant dies and such.)
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:32 Looks delicious!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:32 [You go to sleep, and next thing you know Gabby's shooting pink unicorn fluff n' stuff at you out of her glittery pink gun. Soooo terrifying... O.O' *hides at the thought of that*]
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:33 (Awhile ago when we had this club, I did a pretty creepy death scene with a contestant, so that's why we decided to close it down for awhile. )
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:33 *eats some beef jerky, not really liking it and deeply prefering saurkraut and sausages*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.16 05:33 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:33 (oh)
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:33 (bye!)
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:34 (I'm hoping not to go past certain limits this time, like not so many intense death scenes.)
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:34 (yeah, that sounds good)
Player 82015,Jan.16 05:34 (Bye! I have to go myself, so I'll see you!)
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:35 (I'll probably be on here infrequently throughout the day tomorrow. 'Till then, see you!
Player 22015,Jan.16 05:35 *)
Player 82015,Jan.17 00:08 *pulls a few leaves from surrounding trees and dumps the trail mix on the "napkin"* *he and Ally share*
Player 202015,Jan.17 00:10 *back at the Warehouse, she and the fellow baddies are preparing their weapons* *sits down on a crate, hunched over her gun* *tries to put some ammunition in it, but just can't figure it out*
Player 202015,Jan.17 00:11 UGH!!! *throws down her gun, yelling a swear that can be heard throughout the entire arena* I can't freakin' figure this OUT!!!
Player 92015,Jan.17 00:12 *looks up from his knife, which he has been sharpened* Seriously, you can't figure that out? Zhu: Yeah, really? Dylan: I mean, if you've been using a gun the entire time, I think you'd be able to figure it out.
Player 202015,Jan.17 00:13 I don't know, this gun is just too - UGH!!! Complex! *shoves the gun into Dylan's hands* Fix it.
Player 92015,Jan.17 00:14 Okay, okay, fine...*sighs* *assembles the gun* THERE you go. Gabby: *mutters a babyish "thank you"*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 00:14   - 5 Experience points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 00:15   + 5 Experience points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 00:15   + 10 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 00:16   + 10 Experience points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 00:16 (I'm giving those points to Zhu since he killed Tina.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.17 00:17 *has heard Gabby swear* *chuckles a little* Well, someone's mad...I wonder why.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.17 00:18 Yeah. *laughs himself* Either they couldn't manage to kill a contestant, couldn't figure their weapon out, or...anything, really. I guess we'll never know, but we should keep our eyes out. It sounded like that contestant from Canada to me.
Player 22015,Jan.17 01:32 *hears Gabby* *shivers a little, wondering why she's so mad*
Player 22015,Jan.17 01:33 *tries to think of a way to get to the warehouse to get more supplies*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 02:52 *walks through the forest**drinks all her water, refills her bottle at a stream, and puts iodine in the water to cleanse it*
Player 132015,Jan.17 02:55 *sharpens all his weapons* Let's head out and try to find more tributes.
Player 132015,Jan.17 02:56 *the other two agree to do so and they set out*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 02:58 *soon she hears the obnoxious laughs of the three "Careers"*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 02:58 *tries running away but is quickly spotted**runs and climbs up a big tree**the three try to climb up after her but can't reach her*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 02:59 *Gabby shoots at her, but she ducks behind a branch**the bullet hits the branch and sticks in it*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 03:04 *Zhu throws a knife at her, but it sticks in a branch just above her head*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 03:05 Dylan:*tries climbing the tree again but fails* Ugh...what do we do?! Zhu:Wait it out. She can't stay up there forever.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 03:06 Zhu:Let's camp out here. *they set up lots of their stuff-sleeping bags, a fire, even a tent, and more*
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:12 (yeah! This gives Ally and Evgeni time to raid the warehouse!)
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:20 (I have a question: In this rp, are there "sponsers"?)
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:22 *decides that the best way to get into the warehouse would be to sneak in at night*
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:25 *finishes eating the trail mix, a lot less hungry now*
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:27 *explains her plan to Evgeni*
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:29 *hopes the "Careers" won't be there*
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:30 *gets her whip ready* *watches the sun travel through the day*
Player 22015,Jan.17 03:32 (and if there are sponsers, are we allowed to roleplay as them?)
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:06 (hello? Anyone else on yet?)
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:20 (hello?)
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:35 (still here, just in case)
Player 82015,Jan.17 04:44 (Hi! Sorry I'm so late.)
Player 82015,Jan.17 04:45 (Yeah, sponsors sound like a good idea. Feel free to play as sponsors, and I'll add a sponsor item on the list of items.)
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:45 (awesome!)
Player 82015,Jan.17 04:46 (I'll also add a sponsor section to the list of points, so whenever a contestant gets a sponsor they get one sponsor point.)
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:47 (ok)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 04:48 [IZZY!!! :D I was waiting for you for HOURS (literally, I did) on Despicable!!]
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:49 (oh, sorry. My internet connection pretty much died for a while, and I couldn't go one)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 04:50 [Oh, OK.]
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:51 (sadly that happens a lot...my laptop that I use is a dinosaur...I don't know how much longer it;s going to last)
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:51 (anyways, back to roleplaying!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 04:52 [Yeah!]
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:52 *gets ready to leave for the warehouse*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:53 *hopes that Evgeni will make it that far*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 04:54 *ends up sitting in the tree for what seems like hours**just as she begins to drift off, she hears a faint "Pssst!"**turns and sees Aneni perched in another tree, hiding among the thick leaves*
Player 82015,Jan.17 04:54 *grabs his sword and hobbles after Ally*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:55 *wanders through the woods for a while, not daring to light a match*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 04:55 *points at the knife that Zhu threw and almost hit Nicole with, then up at a nest of poisonous wasps**next she makes sawing motions with her hand and points down at the three, who have gone to sleep*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:55 *finally reaches the warehouse*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 04:55 *understands what Aneni means**gives her a little nod and gets up on her branch**manages to pull the knife out of the tree*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:56 *is surprised to find the warehouse empty* *is still very cautious in case of traps*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:57 (by empty, I mean empty of people)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 04:57 *climbs up nearer to the wasp nest and begins sawing**the wasps soon realize what's happening and a few come out to attack her*
Player 82015,Jan.17 04:58 *looks around the Warehouse, mouth wide open* *he and Ally have reached the jackpot*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 04:58 [I know.] *keeps sawing relentlessly, trying to ignore the searing pain on her neck and hands as she is stung*
Player 82015,Jan.17 04:58 *holds up a better quality sword, but puts it down*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:58 *eagerly begins stuffing items into her backpack*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:59 *grabs medical supplies, plenty of food/clean water, and warm clothes and sleeping bags*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:59 *packs in some weapons for good measure*
Player 22015,Jan.17 04:59 *then, sees something in the center of the pile*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:00  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:00 *sees the gauntlets, practically begging for her to pick them up*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:00 *puts them on*
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:00  Buying Healing medication (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:01 *has snatched the medication, clutching it tightly*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:01 (by the way, in case you didn't know, gauntlets are like giant metal gloves, that often have concealed weaponry in them*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:01 *glances at Evgeni sadly* Ok, I know this sounds terrible, but we have to leave now...
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:01 Never know when the Careers might show up again...
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:02 *nods quickly* You're right. We better be going,
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:02 *exits the building, items in tow*
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:02 *.
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:03 *they run back to their hideout in the woods*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:03 *can barely believe their luck*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:03 *hears rustling and sees Aneni leaping away through the trees**keeps sawing**in the end, the nest drops on the Careers*
Player 92015,Jan.17 05:03 *stirs in his sleep as Nicole keeps sawing*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:04 *the Careers wake up to buzzing and searing pain**they run around, screaming*
Player 92015,Jan.17 05:04 *is immedietly woken once the nest is dropped* *screams, batting his arms around widly*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:04 [Mind if Gabby dies?]
Player 92015,Jan.17 05:04 RUN!!! RUNNNNN!!! **grabs his weapons, stumbling along*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:04 Zhu:*lets out a yell and runs the heck away8
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:04 **
Player 92015,Jan.17 05:04 (That was actually the plan!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:05 Zhu:*dives in the nearest river he can find**the wasps cling onto him underwater anyway*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:05 [Oh, OK!]
Player 202015,Jan.17 05:05 *is almost paralyzed in place, batting the wasps away* *screams at top lung* *tries to run, but stumbles over a root*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:07 *jumps out of the tree and stumbles away, getting nauscious and dizzy from the wasp stinger venom*
Player 202015,Jan.17 05:07 *falls down, being stung to death* *twitches on the ground, then goes still* *is in a coma*
Player 202015,Jan.17 05:07 *is very bloated from being stung too much*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:08 *keeps going as quickly as she can, but eventually her legs feel like jelly and she collapses over and over*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:08 *can hear commotion and screams from far away*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.17 05:08 *finally falls down and blacks out*
Player 202015,Jan.17 05:08 *after around 5 minutes, her cannon finally goes off*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:08 *hears a sudden cannon, making her jump out of her skin*
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:09 *looks around, twisting open the medicine lid* I wonder who died?...
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:09 Guess we'll find out soon...
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:10 *looks up in the dark sky night, waiting for a projection*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 05:11 *soon finds Nicole**hears Dylan running around and crashing through the forest**quickly grabs Nicole and drags her with great effort into a giant hollow log*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:11 *hears Max's voice ring out*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 05:11 *gets her dart gun ready and sits inside the log, waiting in case Dylan finds them**he never does*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 05:11 *hears Max's voice**Nicole doesn't, since she's unconscious*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 05:12 Zhu:*still in the river*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:12 *eventually sees Gabby appear*
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:13 Wait...the "Career" girl?
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:13 *a projection appears as O Canada plays in the background* Max: Gabby, from Canada sacrificed herself well this evening. She was a noble warrior, and was very spirited. With a score of 7, she brought pride to her country.
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:14 How....?
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:15 Sacrificed herself well?...*shakes his head* I don't understand. *watches Gabby's smug face disappear.
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:15 *sighs* At least it's one less problem for us to worry about now.
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 05:16 *sighs**after a while of silence, she heads out and finds various leaves and herbs with healing qualities**goes back to Nicole and starts treating her wasp stings*
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:18 *applies the medication to his wound* *is in pain, but manages to relax a little* *lays back for a long night ahead*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 05:19 (Unice: A sponsor. Will probably end up sponsoring a lot of the people. Isn't a main character at all)
Player 22015,Jan.17 05:20 *finally feels peaceful for once* *murmers to herself* We deserve it...
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:25 -THE NEXT MORNING-
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 05:26 [I just opened a new RP called "Arena!"]
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:27 *wakes up* *has surprisingly been able to sleep* *looks at his wound, and sees that it is nearly gone* *gasps*
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:27 It- it's worked!
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 05:31 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:32 (Bye!0
Player 82015,Jan.17 05:32 *)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 15:31 *hears some rustling in the trees around her and follows the sound*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 15:32 *hoists herself into a nearby tree and then spots Aneni running towards Nicole*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 15:33 *seeing as she has no allies yet, wonders if she should go and try to make allies with Nicole and Aneni*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 15:33 *in the end she decides she will, so she gets her first aid kit out her rucksack and jumps down the tree*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 15:34 *jogs towards Aneni and Nicole* *whispers loudly* "Aneni, do you want some of my medicine, Nicole looks pretty ill"
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 15:35 *offers Aneni the kit* "how did that happen to her?*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 17:19 *turns to Ada and takes out her slingshot, shaking a little out of fear* Who are you? *Ada explains that she is Ada, the tribute from Norway, and that she won't hurt Aneni**slowly puts her slingshot down*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 17:21 *glances at the unconscious Nicole and answers Ada's question about what happened to her* The three Careers-Zhu, Dylan, and Gabby-chased Nicole up a tree. I went up a nearby tree before they could find out I was there.
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 17:22 Suddenly, I spotted a nest of poisonous wasps near Nicole. I managed to point that out to Nicole, and Nicole followed my plan-she used a knife to saw the branch the nest was attached to and make it drop on the Careers.
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 17:22 Zhu, Dylan, Nicole, and I managed to escape, but just barely. Gabby didn't make it. I found Nicole unconscious-she got stung badly-and so far I've been healing her with herbs and leaves I've been finding.
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 17:23 *takes the kit Ada offered* Oh, and thanks. *uses some of the medicine on Nicole's stings*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.17 17:39 *Ada helps her apply the medicine to Nicole's stings**soon Nicole stirs and wakes up* Nicole:What...what happened? *sees Ada and jolts a little* Who's she?! Aneni:It's okay. She's a friend. *explains what happened while Nicole was unconscious*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 17:53 *waves* Hi Nicole
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 17:54 so,what is your survival plan?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:06   + 2 Sponsors points to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:06 (Oops, wrong field.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:06   - 2 Sponsors points to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:06   + 2 Allies points to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:07   + 2 Allies points to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:07   + 2 Allies points to Dakota  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:08   + 15 Agility points to  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:08 (hello!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:08   + 15 Agility points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:08 (Hi!)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:08 *has been watching the World Battles, searching for contestants to sponser*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:09 (Since Ally and Evgeni managed to get to the Warehouse while the Career contestants were gone, they get 15 agility points each.)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:09 *watched Nicole and Aneni attack the "Careers" and thinks about them*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:10 (ok)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:10 Maybe those two can make it...
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:11 *eagerly decides that she will sponsor Nicole and Aneni, hoping that she'll get a bit of the glory if they win*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:12  Buying Sponsor item (x 10)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.17 19:14 (so now, whenever those two are in need, Unice will be able to give them an item to help them, but only if they really need it)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.17 19:17 (Ok! Sounds good.)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 19:59 *turns to Aneni and Nicole* "so, Tina and Gabby have both been killed, that meens that Ally, Zhu, Katarina, Amos, Matilda, Evgeni, Dylan and of course us 3, are still alive
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 20:02 Ally and Evgeni are in an alliance, so are Dulan and Zhu, Matilda and Amos are also together, but Katarina is by herself. That means that at the moment we are the largest alliance, which is good!
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.17 20:03 Lets just hope we get a sponsor!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:02 *has by now agreed to be allies with Ada and Aneni* Yeah! Thanks for the information. However, we're going to need supplies... Aneni:I know some things about the Careers that you guys don't.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:02 And what are those things? Aneni:The Careers have taken over the Warehouse and are using it as a campground and a place to get supplies. Apparently they aren't used to surviving without many supplies.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:03 Aneni:If we destroy the supplies, we destroy their chances of winning. Nicole:A great idea! But how are we going to destroy the supplies? And we need more supplies ourselves... Aneni:I guess we can see if sponsors will help us.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:07 Aneni:Plus, if we destroy the supplies, the Careers will be in worse shape than ourselves. Nicole:Alright...so let's forumlate a plan...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:07 *formulate
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:08 *they soon plan to have Nicole go to the Warehouse and find a way to destroy the supplies while Ada and Aneni make fires in different parts of the forest, luring away the Careers*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:09 *they figure out that they can whistle to each other loudly, and it'll echo throughout the forest and they'll probably be able to hear each other-they can contact each other through the whistle*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:09 *they split up-Ada going on way, Aneni going in the opposite direction, and Nicole walking straight towards the Warehouse's location*
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:16 *sits down on a big crate, moping* Why did Gabby have to die? I mean....
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:17 *after moping around, his more sinister side comes out* D'you know who killed Gabby? Zhu: The girl from Germany, I believe.
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:18 Well, Im gonna kill that contestant. *sharpens his knife at an agitated speed* No matter what.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:20 *arrives at the bushes surrounding the huge clearing the Warehouse is in**faintly overhears Dylan and Zhu**shudders a little*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:20 *suddenly she-and the Careers-spot two areas from which smoke is rising* Zhu:Where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there's fire- Dylan:There's tributes!! Maybe we can find that German girl! Let's split up and go!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:21 *Zhu and Dylan split up and run away through the forest*
Player 82015,Jan.18 04:25 *can hear someone running through the forest close by* *pulls Ally and himself down in a bush to conceal themselves*
Player 82015,Jan.18 04:25 *can see Zhu and Dylan running past their hideout, too focused on where they're going to care about Ally and Evgeni's hideout*
Player 82015,Jan.18 04:26 *at one point, Dylan trips, but follows after Zhu* *cant help but smirk*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:29 *runs to the Warehouse and grabs whatever she can*
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:29 I smell smoke. It can't be too far away.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:30 [Nvm, scratch that.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:30 *starts running towards the Warehouse when she sees freshly dug up/turned earth**realizes something is buried up ahead and stops**takes out an arrow and shoots**there is a little explosion where it hit the ground*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:31 *knows that Dylan and Zhu must have buried bombs and know the only safe path that goes in and out from the Warehouse*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:36 *suddenly realizes something-if she can blow up all the bombs, she can blow up the Warehouse**sees a bag of apples not too far from the opening of the Warehouse**aims carefully, then fires*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:36 *the bag opens and the apples roll and bounce out**then...KABOOM!!!!!*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:36 *is sent flying back**her ears ring*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:36 *then she blacks out*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:37 *only moments pass before she wakes up to see Zhu screaming in rage as he looks at the Warehouse debris**Dylan is nowhere to be seen**quickly crawls out of the clearing and under some bushes, not wanting to be seen by Zhu*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:37 *can't hear a thing*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:41 *not long later, her hearing has come back a little**Zhu is still devastated and is kneeling by the debris**gets up and walks away, beginning to search for Ada or Aneni*
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:43 *is still in the forest, looking for the source of fire*
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:43 *has actually managed to find Aneni*
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:44 *says gruffly* Have you seen a fire 'round here?
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:45 Aneni:*is standing right by the fire**Nicole has whistled, and she is whistling back when she turns to see Dylan*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:45 [Listening to the Requiem right now. Kind of makes sense a bit, since I'm planning to have Dylan kill Aneni... XP]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:46 *hears Aneni's whistle, as well as Ada's**sighs with relief and keeps walking...until she hears Aneni's bloodcurdling scream*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:46 Aneni:NICOLE!!!! NICOLE!!!!!! Nicole:*her heart does a flip* ANENI!!!!!!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:46 *runs as quickly as she can, following the sound of Aneni's screams*
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:49 (It definitely makes it more dramatic and intense!)
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:49 *pulls out his spear*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:50   + 20 Experience points to Spoon  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:50 [Yep!]*arrives at the clearing just in time to see Aneni trapped helplessly in a net**is too late to stop Dylan's spear from entering her stomach*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:50   + 20 Experience points to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:51   + 20 Experience points to Dakota  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:51 [Mind if Nicole kills Dylan?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:51 (I'm giving these points since all of these contestants came up with the idea of blowing up the supplies.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:53 (How about she does it in the final battle to avenge Aneni's death? Otherwise Zhu would be fighting all of the contestants.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:53 (She can injure him, though.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:54   + 10 Experience points to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:54   + 10 Experience points to Dakota  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:55 [OK.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:55 (Those points are for the wasp nest.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:55   + 1 Sponsors points to Spoon  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:55 *takes out an arrow and shoots**Dylan quickly ducks but gets hit in the arm*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:55   + 1 Sponsors points to Dakota  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:56 *Dylan cusses and runs the heck away*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:56 *rushes to Aneni* Aneni!! ANENI!!
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:56 *yells, stumbling out of sight back to the Warehouse*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 04:57   + 9 Weakness points to  
Player 92015,Jan.18 04:58 *Ada runs into view when she hears Nicole yelling Aneni's name*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:59 Aneni:Ni...cole...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 04:59 Aneni...no...it...it's okay...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:00 You're going to be alright- Aneni:Don't try lying to me, Nicole. I know what's about to happen. You can't...stop...it... Nicole:No!! Aneni, please, stay with me!!
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.18 05:00 *starts trying to say something, but it is inaudible until Nicole leans over and lets Aneni whisper it to her* S...s...sing.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:01 Sing? *Aneni makes a tiny nod*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:07 *clears her throat and sings a traditional German lullaby*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:12 *the lullaby ends just as Aneni's eyes flutter shut, never to open again*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:13 *leaves in order to let the hovercraft retrieve Aneni's body**meanwhile, heroic music plays and Aneni's face appears in the sky*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 05:17 *the Zimbabwe anthem strikes up* Aneni from Zimbabwe died heroically today, for her friends and country. With a score of 6, she was a great ally and I think she stole all of our hearts.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 05:17 *the projection ends*
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:18 *is happy that Max mentions Aneni's alliance and how she affected her audience*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:18 *for once agrees with Max*
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:19 -LATER-
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:19 *he and Ally are eating dinner until the sun suddenly goes down* Ally: Why has the sun gone down so early?...
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:20 *shrugs* It's the finale.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:21 *is also eating a frugal dinner with Amos* That was probably the shortest day of my life. Amos: Something tells me it's not good.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:21 *hears a dog howl* *jumps* You're right.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:23 *after sitting around for a few more minutes, a bull dog jumps out at them* *screams, falling off the log she was sitting on* *Amos manages to shoot the dog, allowing the two to grab their weapons and run* *clutches onto her spears*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:24 *pretty soon, dogs start running out from all sides of the forest, chasing any contestant out to the warehouse*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:24 *has been eating dinner with Ada*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:25 *hears barking and howling and looks around, clutching her bow*
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:25 *grabs his spear and pulls Ally after him as dogs start jumping out from all sides* *tries to run as fast as possible*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:25 What's that? Ada:*whimpers**is looking at something behind Nicole**points at the something* Nicole:*turns and sees a pack of vicious mutant dogs*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:26 RUN!!!! *she and Ada run for dear life while the dogs chase them*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:26 *more dogs come out of nowhere*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:26 *launches an arrow at a dog, but when the dog falls it is immediately replaced by two more**knows that she's just going to waste arrows by shooting the dogs, so she keeps running*
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:27 *finally runs into the open field by the Warehouse* *trips and falls* Ally: EVGENI!! Evgeni: No...go without me, I promise I'll catch up! Ally: No!
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:28 Please, go! *Ally starts jogging to the Warehouse* *sees two figure emerge from the other side: Amos and Matilda* *gets back up and runs after Ally*
Player 82015,Jan.18 05:30 *the dogs start cornering the contestants* *helps hoist Ally onto the roof*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.18 05:30 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:30 (Ok! Bye!)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:32 *shoots down a lot of the emerging dogs* *Matilda slices one dead with a spear*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:33 *Ada and Nicole suddenly run into view, and they climb the Warehouse roof, facing Ally and Evgeni awkwardly*
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:35 *comes out of the Warehouse, looking really sinister* *blood is seen soaking through a rip in his coat from the arrow in which pierced him* *has obviously not cleaned it*
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:35 *heads for Amos, then throws him down*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:36  Using Blow  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:37 *has managed to grab his gun and hit Dylan in the face with it*
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:38  Using Blow  
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:38 *gives Amos a hard punch in the face*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 05:42 -AMOS AND DYLAN REMATCH-
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  
Player 92015,Jan.18 05:44 *has managed to knock Amos out cold for a few seconds*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 05:45   + 17 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 05:46   + 12 Weakness points to Astrid  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:47 *runs out, jabbing Dylan in the side with the end of her spear* Stop!! Leave him alone!! Dylan: *snarls:* In the World Battles, that doesn't happen. *punches Matilda hard*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:48 *lets out a scream, then stumbles back really close to the edge* *can hear the waterfall rushing* *is suddenly grabbed in a chokehold* *struggles to breathe*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:49 *comes back to his senses and realizes Dylan has Matilda down* *stumbles towards them* MATILDA!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 05:50   + 3 Weakness points to Isak  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:51 *manages to kick Dylan in the leg* *Amos pulls him off and tosses him to the side, helping Matilda up* *can hardly breathe after being choked*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 05:51   + 14 Strength points to Astrid  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:52 You're okay...you're okay...*tries calming Matilda down, who is shaking*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:54 *is suddenly grabbed by someone: Dylan* *is dragged towards the edge, and held in a chokehold* Dylan: That was MY kill...*looks monstrous* Amos: *can hardly breathe*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.18 05:56 NO!!! DON'T HURT HIM!!! *runs towards Amos and Dylan* Dylan: *grabs Matilda* DON'T INTERFERE!!! Amos: Matilda! Matilda: No...please! *is thrown over the edge* *screams, falling to her death*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:57 MATILDA!! *grabs his forehead in agony* *listens to the rushing waters which swallowed Matilda* *a cannon goes off shortly after* *then, a projection is brought up*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 05:58 Max: *the Chilean anthem plays* Matilda from Chile died with honor and valor this evening. With a score of 14, she was a courageous ally, friend, and contestant. *the projection dies out*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 06:00 *suddenly feels enraged* *grabs Dylan, shoving him hard against the Warehouse walls* *Dylan groans* *smacks him hard with his rifle, then gives him a hard blow in the face, knocking him out*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 06:00 *using Dylan as a stool, he leaps onto the Warehouse roof* *that's when Zhu reveals himself*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 06:01   + 30 Strength points to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.18 06:01   + 11 Agility points to Astrid  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.18 12:44 *runs towards the warehouse with Nicole, shooting at the dogs behind her, she brings some down but knows that there are to many of them to face*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.18 12:45 *hears Matilda and Amos screaming and knows they are close to the warehouse*
Player 22015,Jan.18 14:43 (if this is the finale, do any of you want to kill off Ally soon? Since she's really my only character, I can't do it myself)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 18:05 (Actually, each player gets a winner so there are usually 3-4 winners including the Grand Trophy winner. The Grand Trophy winner is usually determined by how many points in total each remaining contestant has.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.18 18:05 (So, if you want, you can keep Ally. But if you don't want to keep her, that's fine too.)
Player 22015,Jan.18 19:03 (oh, that's neat! Thanks for informing me of that, I didn't know before!)
Player 22015,Jan.18 19:05 *stands on the rooftop, bashing down the dogs trying to leap at her, and lashing them with her whip*
Player 22015,Jan.18 19:05 *tries to keep an eye on the other contestants around her, while also battling the dogs*
Player 22015,Jan.18 19:06 *barely even pays attention when the canon goes off in the distance*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.18 19:09 *watches the finale in progress interested in her contestants*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.18 19:10 *is a little unhappy that one of her sponsored contestants died, but is glad at least the useful one is alive*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.18 19:10 *decides that now may be a good time to give them some help*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.18 19:11  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to Spoon  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.18 19:11 *waits to see what she will do with the item she sent her*
Player 22015,Jan.18 19:13 *after keeping another wave of dogs at bay, she turns to see who else is there*
Player 22015,Jan.18 19:16 *sees Nicole and Ada, as well as Amos, the one who helped her get a parachute at the very beginning* *looks around, but doesn't see Matilda, and realizes she must have been the other canon she heard* *also sees the unconscious Dylan, but doesn't see Zhu*
Player 22015,Jan.18 19:16 *grips her whip, on edge*
Player 22015,Jan.18 22:13 (so, what's going to happen when we reach a Grand Trophy Winner?)
Player 22015,Jan.18 22:13 (will we delete these characters, and make new ones for the next games?)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.18 22:49 *watches the games, entertained by how afraid and mad all of them look*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.18 22:50 *waits for her sponsored alliance to do something*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:05 (hello? Anyone else here yet?)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 04:08 (Yes, that is what we will do.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 04:08 (Also, hi! I'm here.)
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:09 (oh, hi!)
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:09 *comes back to his senses* *stumbles to his feet, and looks at all of the contestants* *blood drips down his face, making him look extra creepy*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:10 *holds her whip shakily*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:11 *is still trying to keep the dogs from getting to the roof*
Player 82015,Jan.19 04:13 *
Player 82015,Jan.19 04:13 *backs up*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:14 *watches the others, uneasy*
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:15 *climbs onto the roof, holding his machete and spear* *goes for Ally, and takes a swing*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:18 *holds up her gauntlets, using them as sheilds*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:20 (hello? You guys still there?)
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:21 *glares at Dylan* You're crazy!
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:23 *is getting pushed closer and closer to the edge of the roof, the dogs snapping at her feet*
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:27 (Yep, sorry!)
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:27 *pins Ally down to the Warehouse roof, positioning the machete by her neck*
Player 82015,Jan.19 04:28 *is on the other side of the Warehouse* *takes out his spear and throws it at Dylan*
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:35 *the spear lands in his leg* *is still alive, but injured*
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:36 *Ally finds it to be the right moment to slap Dylan in the face with her gauntlets* *falls back in pain*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 04:36   + 10 Weakness points to  
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:37 *glares at Dylan*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:38 Don't you dare do that to me again!
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:38 *lashes him with her whip*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:38 *runs to the other side towards Evgeni*
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:40 *falls down*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 04:40   + 5 Weakness points to  
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:40 *watches Dylan*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:41 *is still shaking hard*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 04:42 *Dylan starts crawling towards everyone* *Zhu climbs the roof*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:42 *backs away*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:44 *suddenly finds there is no more back to back into, she's reached the edge*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:46 *decides somewhere in her mind, that if this is the time for her to die, she's going to die well and proudly, not snivelling in fear because of some weakling who wanted to kill her*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:47 [Hi! What happened?]
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:47 (not much, Dylan attacked Ally, but Evgeni and she retaliated)
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:48 (now, Zhu and Dylan have them cornered)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 04:48 (Matilda died, Dylan got knocked out but came back, attacked Ally, and got knocked down again. Everyone's on the Warehouse roof, and Zhu just climbed it.)
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:49 *smirks, then grabs Evgeni by the neck* *holds him over the side of the Warehouse, ready to throw him over at any side*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:49 No! NO!
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:49 (By the way, feel free to have Nicole kill Dylan at any time since she was going to avenge Aneni's death and all.)
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:49 *runs over to Dylan in a mad rage*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:51 [OK.] *manages to climb up onto the warehouse with Ada*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:51 *sees Dylan brutally attacking Evgeni**takes out an arrow, looking a bit savage*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:51 *loads and aims* HEY!! DYLAN!!! *Dylan turns his head and sees her*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:51 FOR ANENI!!! *shoots Dylan right in the neck*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:51 *realizes that if she attacks Dylan, both Dylan and Evgeni might fall off*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:52 Wait!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:52 *Zhu is heard screaming "NOOO!!!!" as Dylan falls down off the roof into the hoard of mutant dogs below*
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:52 *falls down, Evgeni in hand* *Evgeni manages to grab the edge of the Warehouse, but can't hold on much longer*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:52 Evgeni!
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:53 *runs to the edge of the warehouse*
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:53 *sloppy dog noises are heard below* *screams* PLEASE!!!
Player 92015,Jan.19 04:53 *a cannon goes off*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:53 *cringes at the noise*
Player 82015,Jan.19 04:54 *is pulled up by Ally* Thank you. *catches his breath, not daring to look down at Dylan- or what was once Dylan, that is*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:54 No...no problem...
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:54 *closes eyes*
Player 82015,Jan.19 04:55 *as usual, a projection is show, the US anthem playing* Max: Dylan fought courageously until the very end tonight. With a score of 12, he stayed faithful to his alliance- and country.
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:55 *feels like throwing up at the speech*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:57 *can barely keep standing up*
Player 82015,Jan.19 04:57 *the projection disappears* *is still trying to catch his breath*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:57 *can't help snapping out of her furious daze and look down at Dylan**he's a hunk of meat by now**looks away, feeling absolutely sick*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:58 *thinks to herself* Wasn't there one more Career?
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:58 *Zhu attacks her viciously, taking out the only weapon he has left-his scythe**backs away as he tries to stab her**Ada intervenes but is pushed back hard*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:58 *looks around*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 04:59 *Ada collapses while Nicole holds out her bow, using it to deflect the scythe whenever Zhu tries whacking and stabbing her with it*
Player 22015,Jan.19 04:59 *watches Nicole and Zhu, a little frightened*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:00 *keeps backing away until she reaches the edge of the Warehouse**her bow and Zhu's scythe collide**using their weapons, they try pushing each other back*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:00 [Do you want any of your characters to die? I can have Zhu kill them for you or something.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 05:00 *stands back, gun loaded and ready* *is willing to shoot either one of them at this rate*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:00 (I think I'd rather keep Ally alive...)
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:01 (she's my only character at the moment, so)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 05:02 (Yeah, we have our winners as of now.)
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:02 (so what happens then?)
Player 82015,Jan.19 05:02 *stands in front of some of the other contestants in a protective way*
Player 82015,Jan.19 05:03 (After one more person dies, we'll have the victor(s). I'll just have to calculate everyone's scores, and then we can do another round.)
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:03 (Awesome!)
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:06 *stands with her whip at the ready*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:07 *is pushed down by Zhu* Zhu:Ever since I first laid my eyes on you you were my main target...and my hate has been even more escalated since you killed my friends, Dylan and Gabby!!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:08 Zhu:It's time to say goodbye to life, German! Nicole:*grits her teeth, deciding to say nothing but stare Zhu down to the end**Ada, however, recovers and kicks Zhu just before Zhu can kill Nicole*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:09 Zhu:German...help me...NOW!!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:09 Why should I?
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:09 Zhu:*growls angrily*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:09   + 18 Experience points to Elsa  
Player 82015,Jan.19 05:10 *it is a nail biting experience*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:11 I never wanted to kill you. I had a reason to kill Dylan, but not you...except that these are the World Battles. And in the World Battles, we must kill each other for no reason other than the entertainment of our audience.
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:11 *watches intensely*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:12 *looks straight at nearby camera* And because I HATE the World Battles, and I hate YOU, Max Davis, I'm not going to kill Zhu.
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:12 *gasps, shocked*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:12 I'm going to let the dogs kill him. And of course, us competitors are worth just as much as the dogs are, aren't they, Max? So it doesn't make any difference, does it, Max?
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:13 *lets go of Zhu**he falls down into the crowd of dogs**closes her eyes, not able to watch as he is torn apart*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:13 *back in Hawaii, protests break out* *people even storm the Battles headquarters* Person: Kill them ALL!! Person: The Battles must continue!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:13 *he lets out bloodcurdling screams**then silence, and a cannon goes off*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:14 *iss too dumbfounded to do the projection*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:14 *is
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:14 *closes her eyes in horror, stomach churning*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:14 *she then opens her eyes and turns back to the cameras* And Max...I hope you remember this for the rest of your life. *puts her hand on her heart and makes Aneni's whistle*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:15 *feels tears coming to her eyes, watching this*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 05:15 *back in the arena, everyone sits on the Warehouse roof, not sure what to say or do* *several minutes go by, and nothing happens*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:16 *waits expectantly*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 05:16 *finally, Max's voice comes over* Max: Ladies and gentlemen...may I present the winners...of the 1st World Battles.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 05:17 *in no time, a helicopter flies over Yellowstone, then lands by the Warehouse* *jumps off the roof, in a daze*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:17 *exhales in relief*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:18 *gets to one of the copters*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:19 *snaps out of her rebellious daze and stumbles into the helicopter*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:20 *briefly wonders if she'll ever see Evgeni again after this*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:21 *goes over to Nicole, holding a gold trophy* I present you...the Grand Trophy.
Player 82015,Jan.19 05:21 *starts breaking down into tears after realizing he gets to return home*
Player 82015,Jan.19 05:22 *goes over to Ally* Thank you so much for being my ally and friend. If you hadn't come, I would probably be dead.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:22 *looks up at Max, a bit in a daze**isn't sure what to think anymore**Ada comes over and gets Nicole to take the trophy*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:22 *nods* And the same to you...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:22 *the only thing she can think about is Aneni*
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:24 *starts thinking about France...and how different her life will be*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:25 *reads the final rankings aloud*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:26 The Winner's Rankings:
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:26 1. NICOLE (GERMANY)- 67 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:27 2. ADA (NORWAY)- 52 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:27 3. ALLY (FRANCE)- 40 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:27 4. AMOS (MEXICO) 39 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:27 5. EVGENI (RUSSIA) NEGATIVE 26 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:28 The Regular Rankings (everyone combined):
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:28 NICOLE (GERMANY) 67 POINTS
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:29 (heh, poor Evgeni)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:29 2. ANENI (ZIMBABWE) - 59 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:29 (Yeah..he got a lot of Weakness points)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:29 [Yeah...ouch...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:29 3. ADA (NORWAY)- 52 POINTS
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:30 [Nicole and Aneni are looking good though. But I'm guessing Dylan's getting negative trillion points because he got hurt like fifty times throughout the Battles.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:30 4. ZHU (CHINA)- 47 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:30 5. ALLY (FRANCE)- 40 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:31 6. AMOS (MEXICO)- 39 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:31 MATILDA (CHILE) - 19 POINTS
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:31 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:31 8. GABBY (CANADA)- 10 POINTS
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:31 (aw, ok, bye!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:32 (Bye!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:32 9. DYLAN (USA)- 5 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:32 10. TINA (UK)- 3 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:32 And there you have it! The 1st World Battles have been completed.
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:33 (yeah!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:35 (I will delete all of the characters and afterwards you can start making new ones.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:37 (Also, I recommend everyone takes around 4 or 5 characters at the max since we didn't have many characters previously.)
Player 112015,Jan.19 05:43 (Olga: contestant from Russia. Is 14 years old. Has big, hazel colored eyes, and blond hair slicked back in a bun. Wears an olive-colored WB uniform with ivory-colored borders.)
Player 112015,Jan.19 05:44 (Before the Battles, she was a skilled hunter. Therefore, she has a lot of skills with a rifle or any gun.)
Player 112015,Jan.19 05:44  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=16  
Player 112015,Jan.19 05:45 (Olga has quite a good score. She is a Career, and one of the youngest.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.19 05:47 (Jonas is the contestant from Austria. He has very bright blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Wears the WB uniform, as well a light yellow tee shirt.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.19 05:48 (Since he took fencing lessons before the Battles, he is good at using a sword.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.19 05:48  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=11  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:49   + 16 Score points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:49   + 11 Score points to Malo  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:50 (Mark: contestant from the USA. He is 18 years old. Has blue eyes and light red hair. Wears a blue WB uniform with black borders.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:51   + 11 Score points to Malo  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:52 (Oops! Repost.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:52   - 11 Score points to Malo  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:52 (Doesn't really have any experience with a weapon, but has plenty of speed and stealth.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.19 05:53  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=5  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:53   + 5 Score points to Spoon  
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:55 (Fleur: contestant from the Netherlands. Has curly blond hair and brown eyes with pink glasses. Wears a purple WB uniform with pink borders.)
Player 32015,Jan.19 05:55 (Savannah: has long light red hair and blue eyes. Wears the WB uniform with a red shirt. Has had quite a bit of experience with a bow and arrows.)
Player 32015,Jan.19 05:55  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=1  
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:56 (Not really interested in fighting, but took plenty of archery lessons.)
Player 32015,Jan.19 05:56 (Wow...that was a terrible score.)
Player 22015,Jan.19 05:56  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=11  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:56   + 1 Score points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 05:57   + 11 Score points to  
Player 132015,Jan.19 05:58 (Otabek: contestant from Uzbekistan. Has tan skin with a round face. Has innocent brown eyes and a thick head of black hair.)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.19 05:58 (Hananoko, the contestant from Japan. Is one of the heirs to the current emporer. Has long black hair, and dark brown eyes. Wears classic Geisha face paint. Has been trained with custom bladed fans, and samarai swords)
Player 132015,Jan.19 05:58 (Has some experience with a knife, and can easily make a fire.)
Player 132015,Jan.19 05:59  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=15  
Player 132015,Jan.19 05:59 (Otabek is quite skilled and smart, so he doesn't want to be counted out or shunned.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 06:02   + 15 Score points to  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.19 06:03 (Lee is the contestant from China. Has black, spiky hair and brown beady eyes. Wears the WB uniform with a neon yellow shirt. Is a Career. He is good at using a bow and arrow, due to ancient customs and such.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.19 06:04  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=12  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 06:04   + 12 Score points to Jake  
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.19 06:08  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=17  
Player 52015,Jan.19 06:10 (Enhle, the Contestant from Zulu. She is very beautiful, hence her name which means beautiful in Zulu. She will end up being a Career, only because she can charm people to do almost anything for her)
Player 52015,Jan.19 06:10 (has long wavy dark brown hair, and chocolate skin, with deep brown soulful eyes)
Player 52015,Jan.19 06:10  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=14  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 06:12   + 17 Score points to Trina  
Player 82015,Jan.19 06:12 (Muerte, a Contestant from Spain. He's only twelve, but that won't stop him from getting what he wants. He's a Career at heart, willing to do anything to please the audience. He has light brown hair, and tan skin, with hazel eyes)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 06:12   + 14 Score points to  
Player 82015,Jan.19 06:12 (has a lot of experience with fighting, mostly fist fighting)
Player 82015,Jan.19 06:13  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=13  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 06:13   + 13 Score points to  
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.19 06:14 (my last character for now, James, the Contestant from Antarctica. Has lots of experience growing up in the harsh icy cold climates of West Antarctica, making him a good survivalist)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.19 06:15 (has frigid white hair, and gray eyes. Is very tall for his age. Tends to act sort of cold around most people)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.19 06:15  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=15  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 06:15   + 15 Score points to James  
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.19 06:16 (well, I have to go for tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow! Bye!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 06:17 (Bye! See you!)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.19 17:24 (This is the contestant from scotland, morag. She has bright ginger hair often in a pony tail, green eyes and Is VERY freckled. Has experience with survival skills and using a spear)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.19 17:25 (She wears sky blue WB uniform with white borders)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.19 17:25  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=2  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.19 17:25  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=14  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.19 17:26 (Oops, i accidently rolled it twice, just ignore second score)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.19 17:34 ( this is cori from finland, she has blonde hair in a pixie cut and blue eyes, she is one of the youngest competetors but is very brave)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.19 17:34 (She wears black wb uniform with white borders)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.19 17:34  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.19 17:40 (This is my last character for now, he has black hair in dreadlocks which he wears in a ponytail, he has 1 brown eye and 1 hazel eye)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.19 17:40  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=10  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.19 17:41 (He is very good at both hand to hand combat and using a bow amd arrow, but his favourite weapon is a gun. He is not a career since he is compassionate and doesn't think you should gang up on weaker tributes)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 18:28   + 2 Score points to Unice  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 18:28   + 6 Score points to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 18:29   + 10 Score points to Isak  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.19 18:38 (thanks!)
Player 172015,Jan.19 18:43  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=16  
Player 172015,Jan.19 18:43 (Ok, I decided to make one more character, this is Jackson from Ireland)
Player 172015,Jan.19 18:44 (He is tall, with dark brown hair and blue eyes, he is great with spears, guns, scythes and bows)
Player 172015,Jan.19 18:44 (he is a career)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:42   + 16 Score points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:47  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:47  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:48 (I'm reducing the extra strong blows to 2 now.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:48  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:48  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:49  Giving Blow (x 10) to Trina  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:49  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Trina  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:50  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:50  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:50  Giving Blow (x 10) to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:50  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:51  Giving Blow (x 10) to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:52  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:53  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:53  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:53  Giving Blow (x 10) to Malo  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:53  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Malo  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:54  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.19 23:54  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:04 [Here is my first contestant!]
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:05 [Name:Zoey, Age:15, Country:USA, Appearance:Long blonde hair, icy blue eyes, traditional black WB uniform with pink borders and a pink T-shirt, wears shiny pink lip gloss, Weapon(s):Charm/her looks and is skilled with a staff,
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:05 Personality:HECKA ANNOYING!!!!! XD]
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:06 [She's all annoying and into glitz and glam. Definitely a Career. Sort of portrays the typical American girl teen who's obsessed with being
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:06 *being "cool," except on a more dangerous note.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:14  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=12  
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:14 [Not too bad of a score...a common one though.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:14 [One sec, I'm going to make more contestants...]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:19 [Name:Osiris (this is also the name of the Egyptian god of the dead), Age:17, Country:Egypt, Appearance:Black WB uniform with orange borders and T-shirt, dark skin, dark brown (almost black) eyes, fine, silky, short, neat black hair, Weapon(s):Martial
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:20 arts skills and is very good at using a scythe, Personality:Quiet, determined on being a winner, a survivor, isn't afraid of killing many fellow contestants in order to make it back to Egypt.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:20 [A Career.
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:20 *]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:21 [Unlike a lot of my contestants, Osiris has a backstory. He lived very happily with his family in Alexandria for a long time, but when he was taken away to compete he was forced to go-he tried fighting, but after one family member was killed and it was
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:22 threatened that the rest of his family would also be killed, Osiris gave in. Now he's intent on surviving, getting back to his family, and avenging his relative's death somehow.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:22 [This will turn him a bit Career-like, vicious, and reckless though. However, at the same time, it makes him (a "bad guy") more of a sympathetic character.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:22  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=10  
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:23 [Not too bad. I wish I got a better score though.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:23 [Oh, and Osiris absolutely hates Max Davis and somewhat admires Nicole from the last Battles and how rebellious she was.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:23 [A summary:Osiris is a bad guy with a sympathetic twist!]
Player 92015,Jan.20 00:29 [OK, I'll make my two non-Career characters...one sec, gotta come up with some ideas (and get a Poptart-I'm hungry)...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:34 (Hi!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:34 (One of those rare times where we bump into each other!)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:36 [Name:Astrid (which I believe means "beautiful," although I'm not sure), Age:18, Country:Norway, Appearance:WB uniform with icy blue borders and a matching icy blue T-shirt, bleach blonde hair in a Frozen Elsa braid, icy blue eyes, Weapon(s):Is skilled
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:36 with a whip, mountain climbing, and can handle the cold well. Also, hi!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:36 (So Osiris is like that guy in The Hunger Games (the book) from District 6 who was turned into someone he really isn't? That's an interesting twist!)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:37 [Personality:A bit timid and fearful, but in the end is very confident. Loves the mountains, especially snowy ones-every time she climbs on one she feels extremely happy and free.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:37   + 12 Score points to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:37 [I guess. I can't really remember the guy from District 6 very well though.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:37   + 10 Score points to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:38 [Note that Astrid's appearance and personality is a bit like Elsa from Frozen's. Also note that I'm still not a big fan of Frozen, but Elsa is still my favorite character from it.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:38  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=8  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:38 (His name was Titus. I believe Katniss mentioned him one time in the book. Maybe it was someone else, but it's been awhile since I've picked that book up.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:38 [I am hating the dice right now. -.- Every time I roll I get a 2 point deduction.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:38 (Yeah, Elsa is awesome.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:38 [Ohhhh...you mean the guy who *gulp* became a cannibal in the Games?]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:38 [O.O' Sorta creepy...]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:39 [OK, so I'm going to make one more character...one sec...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:39 (Haha. Something weird happened with the dice last night. I was making one of my characters, and I thought, 'what if my score is a 1?' well, sure enough...it was a one.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:39   + 8 Score points to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:39  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:40  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:40  Giving Blow (x 10) to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:40  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:41  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:41  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:41 [XD Yeah, I saw it was one...ouch...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:41  Giving Blow (x 10) to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:41  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:42  Giving Blow (x 10) to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:42  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:42  Giving Blow (x 10) to James  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:42 [Name:Stefan, Age:17, Country:The Czech Republic, Appearance:WB uniform with brown borders + T-shirt, bright blue eyes, rosy Czech cheeks, dark brown, wavy hair, Weapon(s):None, except his great intelligence. Is sort of like Beetee, too-is good with
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:43  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to James  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:43 technology.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:43 [Personality:VERY smart, kind, compassionate, and brave. Despises the Battles but keeps quiet about them.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:43  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:44 [IT WENT DOWN 2 POINTS AGAIN!!!! >____< ]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:44 [I'm going to make a few more rolls to see if it'll keep going down. Just ignore my next few rolls.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:45  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=13  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:45 [Well that's different...]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:45  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=20  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:45 [Wow. Good score there.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:45 (Well that was weird. I think the dice can read minds, haha.)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:45 [Wait...now it's going up 7 points at a time.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:46  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:46 [XD Yeah.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:46  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:46  Giving Blow (x 10) to Unice  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:46
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:46 [Whoops]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:46  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Unice  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:47   + 6 Score points to Dakota  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:47 (Once I'm done, we can begin- like the part before the parade where everyone gets to meet each other.)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:48 [Man, I feel like that guy from "The Princess Bride" who competed in the Battle of Wits (or whatever it was called) with Westley. *yells just like the guy whose name I can't remember* I AM WAITINGGG!!!!!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:48  Giving Blow (x 10) to Dakota  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:48 [OK.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:48  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Dakota  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:48  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:49  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:49 Ok, I'm going to give a bonus item to a random contestant before the Battles! Here's what it will be...
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:49 [I'm ready! :D]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:49  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Machete  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:50 And the item goes to...JAMES!!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:50  Giving Machete (x 1) to James  
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:50 *on her iPhone* Psh. Whatevs. *is elbowed hard by Lee* -.-
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 00:50 (Ok, lets begin!)
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:50 [Whoo!! :D]
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:50 *leans against the wall, playing a game on his phone before the parades*
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:51 *stil on her phone**Astrid peeks over her shoulder to see her posting "check out mr. macho man yo guys" and putting up a pic of Stefan*
Player 32015,Jan.20 00:51 *watches Lee- and Zoey's- thumbs moving rapidly* *is in an irritated daze*
Player 22015,Jan.20 00:52 *sits on a leather couch, also texting on her phone*
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:52 *is on Facebook, Instragram, Google +, and Twitter all at once XD*
Player 202015,Jan.20 00:52 *THE HORROR!!!!!*
Player 22015,Jan.20 00:52 *some soft pop music is heard coming out of her phone
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:53 *takes a really stupid selfie, then posts it on Instagram* *posts:* Me at the World Battles...........wish me luck!!!! :) ;)
Player 132015,Jan.20 00:53 *stands fearfully on a corner, and appears to be holding back tears*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:53 *sits back in a chair, looking around**is secretly pleading that the arena will be icy mountains or cold, hilly terrain*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 00:53 [gtg soon]
Player 112015,Jan.20 00:54 *has photobombed Lee's selfie*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 00:54 *looks over and sees Lee's post* *Lee already has a lot of replies coming in- from friends and weirdos alike* *feels like yelling at him*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:54 *takes out a laptop and starts studying technology, languages, and even how to survive*
Player 112015,Jan.20 00:54 *looks at Otabek* Wimp. *snickers*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:54 [XD Olga's a photobomber. Boooo!!]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 00:55 *sees a reply that reads 'It's u and olga!!!'* *is disgusted* *wonders aloud:* Why are you posting pictures of yourselves at the World Battles? It's just a death game.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 00:55 (Yeah, I myself find that annoying, haha!)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:55 [Speaking of photobombers, I was browsing around on another website. Some guy kept posting a pic of a bunch of Asian guys. The pic had the big words "WHEN YOU SEE IT..." on it.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:55 [And then I saw it. XD]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:56 [It was a creepy red-eyed dude in the backround. >XD]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:57 *adds to Jonas' comment* Yeah. According to Max Davis, this is nothing but a game. Osiris:*looks at everyone creepily, making an enraged look at the mention of Max*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 00:57 (Ok, that's sorta funny.)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:57 Astrid:But little does Max know that this is not a game. This is the slaughter of innocent children and teenagers.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 00:57 *is standing around* Fleur: *wanting to fit in, she turns over to Mark* Hey...can you take a selfie with me? Mark: Uh...sure...
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:58 [Yep. XD]
Player 32015,Jan.20 00:58 Right. So turn off your phones.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 00:58 *leans in for the selfie, feeling stupid about it*
Player 32015,Jan.20 00:59 *hears the click of an iPhone being turned off*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 00:59 Zoey:*takes a selfie**is unaware that Astrid is sitting right behind her as she does so**posts it on FB, G+, Instagram, Twitter, etc.*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 00:59 Fleur: Thanks. Mark: No problem...*thinks:* Future enemy.
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:00 Someone:*replies on Facebook* whos da hot blonde chick in da backround???
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:00 *looks at the selfie and turns to Astrid, fuming* YOU TOTALLY LIKE PHOTOBOMBED MY SELFIE!!!!!
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:01 YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!!!!
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:01 *posts a picture of herself making a duck face with Otabek cowering in the backround* *it reads:* vote 4 meee 2 win da battlessss>:)*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:01 *is quite winded* Er...uh...sorry... Zoey:UGH!!!!! *angrily turns off her iPhone*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:01 *looks at Zoey, laughing* Er- Chill! Heheheheheehe.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:02 *looks at Zoey, eyebrows raised*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:02 *Zoey is heard angrily muttering about selfies and FB and iPhones and other worthless stupid crap*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:02 Zoey:*suddenly realizes it was Lee who replied to her on Facebook about the photobomber**walks up and slaps Lee*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:03 *sees Olga's post and senses something creepy about her*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:03 *Stefan is seen beginning to crack up*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:04 Zoey:*gets back on FB and sees Olga's post**replies:"weirdo alert!!!!!"*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:04 *takes a selfie, cheek still red after being smacked* *makes a duck face* *posts: Do u not like my sparkly suit?? ;)* *is in fact wearing a Chinese dragon-like outfit*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:04 *Olga is seen giving Zoey a deadly look* [XD Uh oh. Now Zoey's annoying the Careers too.]
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:05 *once again, several fan and friend replies start coming on* *laughs* OMG! I have like 200 likes already! And 10,000 followers!
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:05 *looks at Zoey super darkly, creeping many of the weaker contestants out*
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:05 *replies to Lee's post**"yeah, but your face looks terrible. especially after I SMACKED IT SUCKAHHH!!!!!"*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:06 *takes a selfie, sporting a pout lip* *posts: I might die tho... ;(* *gets like 5 likes*
Player 22015,Jan.20 01:06 *says with a thick accent:* And how old are you Olga? 14? You're awfully young to be so bloodthirsty like that. *Olga doesn't have a good response to that*
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:06 Ugh...WHEN IS THE CRAPPIN' PARADE GONNA START?!?!?! My hair's gettin' frizzyyy... *whines*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:07 *types on his computer rapidly* The parades will start in exactly 1.56 minutes.
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:07 Zoey:Yeah, thanks Machine Man. Stefan:*sighs*
Player 22015,Jan.20 01:08 I think they're starting soon. *adjusts her Dutch hat thing that is part of the costume*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:09 *fidgets**is wearing the typical Elsa dress and a badge with the Norwegian flag pattern and colors on it*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:09 *her snowy cape glitters*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:09 *feels and looks ridiculous in a glittery Uncle Sam outfit*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:10 Osiris:*is wearing some typical-ish pharoah type outfit* Stefan:*is wearing a traditional Czech outfit*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:10 Zoey:*is in a cheerleader Uncle Sam-like outfit**feels awesome*
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:10 *is wearing a Russian soldier outfit, at her own request of course* *looks pretty authentic in it*
Player 22015,Jan.20 01:11 *sighs loudly when Olga passes* *is already starting to hate her*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:11 *marches around like a king* *gets in line for the parade*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:11 *they hear Max Davis announcing that the parade is about to officially begin*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:12 *Osiris, like Olga, cuts through the line a bit**when people complain, he gives them an ultra creepy "death stare"*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:12 *everybody is handed huge flags of their country to wave around*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:12 *finds herself around the front of the line**Stefan is crammed in the back, and Zoey is near Astrid in the front**Osiris ends up standing around the middle*
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:12 *cockily marches in place, trying her best to act like a soldier*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:12 *holds her flag, trying not to drop it clumsily*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:13 *closes her eyes and breathes deeply, trying to stay calm*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:13 Zoey:*sees Astrid and laughs* Who do you think you are? The Frozen Snow Queen freak girl?
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:13 Zoey:Who sings "Let the Crap Go" or something? *laughs obnoxiously*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:13 *everyone is brought out of the suite and near the carpet* *Muerte shoves him* *trips and nearly falls, his Uncle Sam hat falling out of place*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:14 *sighs*
Player 132015,Jan.20 01:14 *mutters:* Don't fight. You'll get your chance soon enough.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:15 *looks around at everyone timidly*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:15 Don't be so wise like that. You're only 12!
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:15 *his rosy cheeks stand out compared to Astrid's pale skin and icy blue outfit*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:16 *cheers are erupting from the stadium* *Max is heard screaming "ARE YOU READY?!!?!?" *more cheers*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:16 Zoey:*yells:* COME ON!!!!! GET THIS THING STARTED!!!!!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:16 *an usher shoves Astrid out towards the carpet*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:16 *a random contestant can't help elbowing Zoey**smirks*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:17 *stumbles a little on her cape, but once she gets going she manages to look and even feel confident**waves her flag, the Norwegian anthem playing*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:17 *notices the usher was incrediby rude about shoving Astrid* *adjusts his patriotic top hat, in a bad mood already*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 01:17 *smiles widely as she runs across the carpet, feeling great and free all of a sudden**does a split at the end and then gets in the limo* [Can Astrid have earned a sponser or two?]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:18 (Yeah, sure.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:18 *is next**practically squeals with excitement*
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:18 [OK, thanks!]
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:19 *the usher shoves her roughly onto the carpet**faceplants* >_<
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:19 *gets up, kicks the usher in the leg, and walks along the carpet**gives her flag to a nearby usher and does some cartwheels and amazing backflips*
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:19 *is obviously a cheerleader type person*
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:20 *then a target is set up**takes out some knives and throws them all right in the bullseye**bows and then skips to the limo*
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:20 *is super impressed, and not to mention jealous*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:20 *sighs, being stuck waiting around the back of the line*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:20 *watches Olga then march military style onto the carpet*
Player 22015,Jan.20 01:21 *is up next* *marches out proudly onto the stage* *waves and smiles, attracting sponsor attention* *waves her flag around, doing some neat tricks* *struts to the limo, happy about her performance*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:22 *OK, nvm, NOW Olga marches onto the carpet*
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:22 Wow...how lame was that. *rolls eyes and marches military style onto the stage, holding a gun* *does some military stuff, completely neglecting her flag and doing military stuff instead*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:22 *I guess*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:22 *still waiting* -.-
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:23 *isn't impressed with Olga's performance-while showing off her military skills she neglects showing pride for her country*
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:23 *even shoots the far wall* *the crowd roars* *smirks and grabs a mic* *says proudly:* My dream is to be in the military...when I WIN these Battles. *the crowd roars even more* *screams some military orders and goes to the limo*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:24 *staring creepily at the back of Jonas, who is in front of him in the line*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:24 *rolls eyes, finding it much too prideful, but at the same time worrying about Olga in the arena*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:24 *Jonas notices this and is thoroughly creeped out8
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:24 **
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 01:25 *slowly turns away from Osiris*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:25 *make that ssssllllloooowwwwwllllyyyyy XD*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 01:25 *very slowly, almost like being frozen in place*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:26 *vvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyy ssssssslllllloooooowwwwwwlllllyyyyyy*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:26 *Mark is shoved forward*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 01:26 *Osiris notices him shaking a little*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:27 *smirks quietly*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:27 *stumbles, trips, and falls to the stage floor as the anthem plays* *instead of cheers, there is laughter* *is so embarrased, he runs right to the limos*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:27 [XD For some reason I can't stop laughing at the Jonas-Osiris situation, even though it's all so creepy.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:28 *thinks:* Stupid, stupid, stupid. I'll never get sponsors.
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:28 *Mark is greeted by Zoey yelling "WHAT THE [BLEEEEEEP] WAS THAT?!?!?!?!"*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:28 (Yeah. I'm imagining a bug-eyed Jonas here, and a dark Osiris.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 01:28 *there is more laughing when everyone hears Zoey's reaction*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:29 [BTW, don't forget to give Astrid a Sponsor point and Zoey some Experience from their performance.]
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:29 This is gonna be easy. *smirks*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:29 [X'D You just made me laugh harder!! I imagined the bug-eyed Jonas (and I definitely exhaggerated the size of the bug-eyes) and laughed sooo hard!!]
Player 112015,Jan.20 01:29 (I'll do it once the parade is over, is that ok? Just so I can keep track of the contestants and such.)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:30 [OK.]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 01:30 *stares into space with that same expression*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:31 Jonas:*is just like O.O*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:31 *Jonas has to be almost dragged onto the carpet to make him snap out of it*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 01:31 *is finally pushed onstage, with an extra shove from Osiris* *just stares at the audience like *0.0* in total silence, the only noise being the anthem*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:32 ["Like 0.0" XD!!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:32 Jonas?....Jonas?....*silence* Well, here we have Jonas...from Austria...
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:32 [Yep. Osiris got Jonas in some deep doodoo. X'D]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 01:33 *turns around like a robot and walks robotically to the limo, arms at his sides*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:33 Jonas:*can't say anything except make little peeps and squeaks* Peeep...squeak...peeeeeep...peep...
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 01:33 (I guess we'll see what happens in the arena. Now that will be interesting!)
Player 32015,Jan.20 01:34 *mutters:* Now that was weird...
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:34 *Jonas is greeted by Zoey yelling "WHAT THE [BLEEEEEEP] WAS THAT?!?!?!?!"*
Player 32015,Jan.20 01:35 *yet more laughs from the audience, but on the awkward side* *Zoey is sure to become a fan-favorite*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:36 [brb]
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:37 [Back]
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:37 *is next*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:38 *walks out, the Egyptian anthem playing**waves his flag in a rhythmic, robotic fashion and then gives it to the usher**takes out a scythe**a dummy is presented*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:38 *the dummy has been (Gru voice) maliciously destroyed (my voice) once he is done with it*
Player 32015,Jan.20 01:39 (Haha, that's a nice way to put it.)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:40 *yells:"EGYYYYYYPT!!!!!"**the audience roars*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:41 [XD Yep. *flashback* Agnes:READ SLEEPY KITTENS!!!! :D Gru:Er-sorry, that book was maliciously destroyed in some hideous way... Gru's Dog:Pfff. -.-]
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:41 [I'm listening to the Requiem. It's making the Osiris story much more dramatic...]
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:42 *then turns and gives Max Davis himself the death stare**Max can almost feel Osiris' hatred like a hot wave*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:42 *Max finds himself in the Jonas state XD*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:42 *then turns and goes to the limo*
Player 32015,Jan.20 01:43 (The Requiem is definitely sort of creepy.)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:43 [Oh oh oh! A new weapon for Osiris:His stare. XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:44 (Yeah, that's perfect!! Hahaha!!!)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:44 [Yeah, but it's good.] Max:*buggy-eyed* O.O
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:44 [This is so creepy yet HILARIOUS!!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:44 *is talking to an official, but is accidentally still hooked up to the speakers* This kid is scaring me...
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:44 *when he arrives at the limo, he is greeted by Zoey yelling "WHAT THE [BLEEEEEP] WAS THAT?!?!?!?!"*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:45 [brb]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:46 *whispers are heard among the crowd, but they begin laughing once Zoey screams*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:47 [Back]
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:47 *Muerte is next I guess*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:47 [Should we skip Izzy's and Julia's characters? I want to start these Battles ASAP! :D I'm in an HG mood.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:48 *a HG
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:48 [I might have to go soon.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:49 (Hmmm...I'm not sure. What do you think?)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:49 (I have to say, this might be the best parade we've done on WB yet.)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:51 [XD Yeah. This parade is sooo hilarious.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:52 (Mostly because Osiris is using his "weapon" on everyone.)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:52 [Well, I have an idea:Maybe we can just say that Osiris was giving Julia and Izzy's characters the death stare from the limo, which freaked them all out and they basically would do when Jonas did?]
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:52 [I'm gonna change Osiris' mood to "Creepy." One sec... XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:52 (I'm thinking we should probably do Julia's characters, since it's too late in Scotland for her to come on.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:53 (In the meantime, I'll do our remaining two characters.)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:53 [OK.] *giving Julia's characters the death stare*
Player 32015,Jan.20 01:54 *is next* *walks onto the carpet, anthem blaring* *flips her flag around, but it falls to the ground* *instead, the crowd cheers because she tried her best to impress* *waves, smiles, and heads to the limos*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:54 *Julia's characters all end up being like 0.0**when their turns come, they march across the carpet like robots, similar to what Jonas did*
Player 132015,Jan.20 01:55 *walks onto the carpet, waving his flag* *sings his anthem, and the crowd roars* *smiles and goes to the limos*
Player 132015,Jan.20 01:55 *has probably won some sponsor's hearts*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:55 *is next*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:55 (brb)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:55 *goes out, flipping his flag**one of Dvorak's Slavonic Dances comes on**does a Czech jig all the way to the limo*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:56 *the audience cheers, but laughter breaks out once Stefan is greeted by...*
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:56 WHAT THE [BLEEEEEP] WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:57 [OK @ your "brb" post. Once you come back, what should we do about Izzy's characters? Wait for her to come on and switch to something else or have Osiris use his "weapon" on them?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:57 (Back.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:58 (Why don't we use the Osiris effect?)
Player 202015,Jan.20 01:58 [OK. XD It'll add to the hilariousness.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 01:58 (with the exception of Muerte, since he's deadly.)
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:59 *gives Izzy's characters the death stare because...well...he's (sort of) the god of death XD*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 01:59 *marches onto the stage next, with dramatic cymbals crashing in the backround to the Chinese anthem* *does some tricks with fire, impressing the crowd* *faces them with a savage grin* DON'T underestimate me. *goes to the limos*
Player 92015,Jan.20 01:59 *all of Izzy's characters except Muerte go across the carpet robot style-make that bug-eyed robot style*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:00 Muerte:*is just like -.- @ Osiris' stare*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:00 *Muerte goes across the carpet, doing some neat tricks**however, he is especially annoyed when...*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:01 WHAT THE [BLEEEEEP] WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:01 *everyone gets in the limos and are off to the suite*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:01 *everyone is in the limo by now (I think)*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:01 *they head to the suite, as stated*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:02 [Are the Battles going to begin?! :D]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:02 [Darn...I just realized I'm in a X-Men mood more than a HG mood. Oh well.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:03 [And it's probably because I was watching the movie "X-Men" and was enjoying watching Magneto kick some major butt, sooo...]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:03 [Anyway, back to the subject of WB.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:03 [Still there?]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:04 (Speaking of X-Men, we're probably going to start Pt.2 on Movie RP, so we can do some X-Men like stuff on there later on tonight.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:05 (Joan is at a violin class currently, so I'm not so sure on what to do since she coordinates all of this stuff.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:05 (I guess I'll just wing it.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:05 -NEXT DAY-
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:06 [OK.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:06 [Since we've both seen the HG we can help each other.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:07 (Sounds like a plan.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:08 *everyone is getting ready*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:08 [I'm thinking of adding Magneto as a "stand-alone" villain on Movie RP, since in the X-Men movies he's been both a supervillain, superhero, and anti-hero. Basically he'll start out working for Andy, then turn against Andy and kind of be like a "third
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:08 party."]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:08 Ladies and gentlemen...the time has come...
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:08 *they are in the hovercraft*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:08 (Ok, great!)
Player 112015,Jan.20 02:09 *eyes some possible victims*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:09 [We can also add some plot twists where Mystique turns evil, because originally she worked for Magneto and was a major villain.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:09 [I might also play as one of the X-Men in the RP-Storm, Rogue, and even Professor Xavier are possible candidates.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:10 (Yeah. Also, in the RP, it was revealed she did some work in the Warehouse and helped overthrow BW's army at points in time.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:10 (Those are some good character choices. Personally I like Storm and Professor Xavier.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:11 *is shaking uncontrollably*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:12 *refuses to make eye-contact with Osiris* *keeps staring into space at the floor*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:13 [Yeah. I like Storm, Rogue, Xavier, and of course Magneto.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:14 [Kitty Pryde is also cool. So is Jean Grey.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:14 [I also like Iceman, and Cyclops is just...meh. You know what I mean?]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:14 Osiris:*giving all the "weaklings"-specifically Jonas-the stare*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:15 Astrid:*dares to make eye-contact with Osiris**shudders, but otherwise finds she is immune to his stare*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:15 Stefan:*does the same as Astrid and has similar results*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:16 (Yeah, he's ok, but I have some other faves.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:18 [Same here.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:18 [I'm also not that big of a fan in terms of Wolverine. But after seeing the first X-Men movie I kind of like Rogue more.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:19 [Note that Rogue, Wolverine, Xavier, and Magneto were the four main characters of the first X-Men movie.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:19 *Max announces that they have arrived at the arena and everyone must grab their parachutes**there is a mad scramble*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:19 (Wolverine is ok, but again, there's some better X-Men out there.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:19 [What is the arena this time? I'm hoping it's somewhere snowy and full of mountains, for Astrid's sake.]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:19 *gets shoved hard by Osiris*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:19 [Yep.]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:20 (Grand Canyon I think.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:20 [And better Brotherhood of Mutants members, including Magneto, Raven/Mystique, and several others.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:20 [OK...has the Grand Canyon ever been snowy? Maybe we can say it's winter and snowy.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:21 *is knocked down by Lee**whines loudly*
Player 132015,Jan.20 02:21 *grabs a parachute and gets the heck out of there*
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:22 *grabs a parachute, until a fist comes down hard on her head* *falls over, and realizes it is Olga* *sees Olga fleeing with her parachute*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:22 [I guess this is a list of my favorite X-Men characters:X-Men:Rogue, Storm, Iceman, and Xavier. Brotherhood of Mutants:Magneto and Raven/Mystique. "Candidates":Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, and I guess Wolverine.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:23 *runs over to the parachutes, but hits the ground hard* *wipes out for a split second, then opens his eyes to see Osiris looking in his face creepily*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:23 *quickly grabs a parachute and puts it on**makes a daring, fast jump**activates her parachute and floats down safely to the ground**runs to her ped estal*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:24 *giving Mark the death stare*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:26 [I'm editing my Mission Ideas file and adding (SPOILER ALERT) X-Men mission ideas, so stay tuned for an updated Mission Idea PDF to be sent to you!]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:26 *holds back a scream* *gets up and dashes weakly for a paraachute* *can feel Osiris on his tail*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:26 (Ok, great! Thanks!)
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:26 *grabs a parachute, puts it on, and jumps**opens up the parachute, floats safely to the ground, and runs to his ped estal*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:26 *hears Osiris hitting the ground, then Muerte dashing past him*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:26 *I guess Julia and Izzy's characters do the same*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 02:27 *quickly gets to his ped estal, feeling incredibly sick* *holds back some puke*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:27 *is relieved to have escaped the crowd, for she is the first one to get to a ped estal*
Player 112015,Jan.20 02:27 *stares at the warehouse, looking almost impatient*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:28 *weaves his way through the crowd smartly, grabs a parachute, and jumps**floats down to the ground but lands rather awkwardly*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:28 *stumbles to his ped estal*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:28 *is cussing so loudly from the hovercraft that even the people on the ground can hear her**keeps getting pushed around*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:30 *FINALLY gets a parachute, jumps, and lands**faceplants*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:30 *stumbles to his ped estal after a brief fight with Stefan* *screams:* YOU'RE THE FIRST ON MY LIST, ROSY-CHEEKS!!
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:31 *is trying to figure out an escape plan* *thinks about being killed, and is truly scared*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:32 [I was thinking just now about how Magneto and Co. will be a "third party" in Movie RP, and I realized how interesting things will get once both Andy and BW's Army have an enemy.]
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:32 (Yeah, that's actually a fantastic twist to the RP.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:33 [It'll be like having a second Andy, except X-Men style. :D Yayyy! I
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:33 *I'm gonna have my own Andy! :D]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:33 [It'll be cool having more than one arch enemy.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:34 [Plus I've been wanting to have a really significant baddie on Movie RP, so I guess now I have a chance.]
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:35 (Yeah, again, great idea!)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:37 [OK! RPing! :D]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:37 Stefan:*doesn't reply to Lee*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:38 *gets up, cussing, and runs to her ped estal*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:38 *realizes she was the last to get on a ped estal* [BLEEEEEEEEEEP]!!!!!!
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:38 Stefan:*winces* How deafening... *several laughs are heard*
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:38 *Cori is the last to arrive, and the countdown begins* *sees most people looking scared, and sees Mark take a puke*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:39 *Max's voice booms, counting down the one minute the contestants have before the Battles begin**the contestants use that minute to locate what they want and where they want to go*
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:39 *Jonas has the usual bug-eyed look* *thinks:* Better get used to that face...
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:39 *the Warehouse is located right by a cliff, for everyone's killing convience*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:39 [Have you ever gotten queasy while being super duper scared?]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:40 [I did once during a chess game. I blundered and saw a killer variation for my opponent. XP]
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:40 (Yeah. Once I had to do this public speaking thing, and I nearly threw up then and there. I was glad it was over.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:40 [Luckily I didn't throw up, and was relieved when my opponent made a blunder of his own, allowing me to save myself and win the game.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:40 [Yeah.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:41 Jonas:O.O (Me:XD!!!!!)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:41 Astrid:*sees the perfect whip sitting right in the Warehouse as if it was put there just for her*
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:41 (This is about to get funny.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:41 *sees some knives and knows she's gonna go for them*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:42 *is screaming like a girl*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:42 *Stefan sees some electronics and other gadgets and knows he has to get them*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:42 *all eyes are on Jonas, who basically distracted everyone from their gameplan*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:42 OH SHUT UP!!!! YOU'RE BEGINNING TO SOUND LIKE ME!!!! *awkward silence* Er...wait...did I just say that...?!
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:43 *the clock gets to zero* *everyone got distracted by Jonas, so they are a little late reaching the Warehouse*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:44 Max: Uh, contestants...you may grab your items of choice now...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:44 Oh, right. *runs towards the Warehouse really weirdly, like some sort of wild animal*
Player 112015,Jan.20 02:45 How stupid are these contestants?... Lee: DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!!
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:45 Astrid:*darts for the Warehouse and is the first to reach it**grabs her whip*
Player 112015,Jan.20 02:46 *at first, everyone is a little slow reaching their items of choice*
Player 202015,Jan.20 02:46 [I love Lee's "Don't-Underestimate-Me" mood. XD]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:46 *is the only one still standing on his ped estal*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:46  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:47 Umm...Jonas...just a friendly reminder that you may grab your items of choice...before your ped estal expires.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:47  Buying MountainClimbingGear (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:47  Buying Healing medication (x 1)  
Player 32015,Jan.20 02:47 *realizes that Max is essentially saying Jonas is about to be blown sky high*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:47  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:47  Buying Food (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:48  Buying Rope (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:48  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:48  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:49  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 02:49 *is the first to get to the Warehouse and the first to leave**runs away along the edge of the Canyon*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:49  Buying Scythe (x 1)  *gets to the Warehouse just as Astrid runs away*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:50  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:50  Buying Matches (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:50  Buying Canoe (x 1)  *is daring enough to grab a big canoe*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:50 *finally gets off his ped estal* *it luckily doesn't blow up*
Player 92015,Jan.20 02:51  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 02:51 (Joan's back, and she wants to pause because we RPed A LOT...haha.)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:51 [One sec]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:52 [OK. Anyway, brb.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:54 (Apparently Joan saw this kid who had shoes on that said "Osiris". Laughing my head off.)
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:55 [Back. XD Oh nooo. Anyway, brb AGAIN...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:55   + 10 Sponsors points to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:55   + 10 Sponsors points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:56   + 8 Sponsors points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:57   + 9 Sponsors points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:58   + 5 Sponsors points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:59   + 2 Sponsors points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 02:59   + 10 Sponsors points to Dakota  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 02:59 [Back.]
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:00 [+ 0 Sponsors points to Jonas. XD]
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:00 *looks at the Warehouse, then runs for it* *goes for a sleek black bow with some arrows*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:00   + 9 Sponsors points to Jake  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:00 [Might have to brb a lot.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:00   + 1 Sponsors points to Trina  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:00   + 1 Sponsors points to  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:00  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *grabs the electronic stuff and a few other things he wanted*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:01   + 1 Sponsors points to Elsa  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:01 *at that moment, Fleur comes running for the bow* *theyplay tug of war for awhile* *finalky punches Fleur hard in the face*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:01  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:01   + 5 Sponsors points to  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:01  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:01  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:01  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:01   + 1 Sponsors points to Isak  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02  Buying Cord (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02   + 1 Sponsors points to James  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02   + 1 Sponsors points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02   + 10 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02   + 1 Sponsors points to Unice  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02   + 10 Sponsors points to  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02  Buying Food (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:02  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:02  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:03  Buying Fire making kit (x 1)  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:03  Buying Food (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:03 *sees Lee coming towards him**runs the heck out of there*
Player 22015,Jan.20 03:03 *has to settle on a sleek, wooden bow* *grabs a set of arrows*
Player 22015,Jan.20 03:03  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:03  Buying Cord (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.20 03:04  Buying Canoe (x 1)  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:04  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:04  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.20 03:04  Buying Rope (x 1)  
Player 22015,Jan.20 03:05 *grabs her weapon, secures herself in her canoe, and goes over the cliff* *rows away*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:05 [*suddenly has a Patrick Star from Spongebob moment* Leedle Leedle Leedle LEEEEEE... (Get it? XD)]
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:05 *sees a few canoes, but decides not to grab one just yet*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:05 [Lee:DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!!!!!!]
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:06  Buying MountainClimbingGear (x 1)  
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:06 [Man, we should have our "good" tributes make fun of Lee that way.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:06 (Hahaha!!!!!!)
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:06 *runs up a few minor cliffs and runs off pretty far*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:06 (Yeah. Lee would get really annoyed by that. I think he'd get tired of screaming "don't underestimate me".)
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:06  Buying Staff (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:06 *settles for a gun*
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:07 [X'D Yeah.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:07  Buying Gun (any type) (x 1)  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:07  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:07  Buying Survival kit (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:07 [I've actually sung that at Sascha while taunting her with a stick, ball, etc. It annoys the crap out of her. XD]
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:07 *has managed to get only the best bow and arrows*
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:07 [So if it works on a dog, it'll work on a human. XD]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:07  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:07  Buying Food (x 1)  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:07 *looks around in the Warehouse* There a selfie stick anywhere?...
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:08  Buying Food (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:08  Buying Lighter (x 1)  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:08  Buying Arrows (15) (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:08 Yeah...where the crap are the selfie sticks?!
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:08  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:08  Buying Metal pole (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:08 (Haha!! Selfie sticks!!)
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:08  Buying Gun (any type) (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:08 (I'm laughing hard right now.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:08 [XD I know. So stupid yet hilarious.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:09 [ALERT!!! ALERT!!! ALERT!!!]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:09 (If it works on a dog, it'll work probably better on a human.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:09  Buying Food (x 2)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:09  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:09 Mmm...food. *takes the lot*
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:09 [WARNING:DO NOT DRINK WATER WHILE ROLEPLAYING ON WORLD BATTLES. YOU ARE AT RISK OF LOSING ANOTHER LAPTOP. (No offense in case you don't find that funny...]
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:09 *)]
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:09  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:09  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:10  Buying Throwing knives (10) (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:10 *sees Muerte making his way towards the Warehouse, looking rabid* *makes a run for it, but trips over some crates and boxes* *they fall over him* *waits, and Muerte doesn't come*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:10 (Haha! That's pretty funny.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:10 [Yet again, no offense. I don't mean to make fun of you for losing a laptop. I've actually lost a laptop before and it was horrible. Until I got my netbook, of course. But still.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:10 [OK, nvm then! ^.^]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:11 (Actually, you make a good point there! Even though this is a pretty dark game, it can be hilarious at times.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:11 *sits around the Warehouse, eating*
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:11 Mark:*keeps waiting**Muerte doesn't come...but OSIRIS does*
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:11 [Yep!]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:11 *the coast is clear* *slings his backpack over his shoulder and runs across the cliff*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:11 *darts towards the Warehouse, careful not to makes my contact with Osiris*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:11 *actually, the coast is NOT clear...*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:11 *death stare**DUN DUN DUNNNN*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:12 [XD Yeah. The coast is WAYYYY not clear.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:12 [It's so not clear it has been BLACKENED.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:12 *deeeaaaatttthhh ssssttttaaaarrreeee*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:12 *looks at Osiris in pure terror* *it is almost painful looking straight at Osiris* *blocks his face with the backpack*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:12 (Actually, someone at my violin class was wearing shoes that said "OSIRIS!" On them. No joke! I tried not to laugh.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:13 *buys some random stuff quickly*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:13 [XD Oh my gosh!!]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Club  
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:13 *raises his scythe creepily*
Player 132015,Jan.20 03:13 *watches Osiris just standing there, all stiff and deadly* *is creeped out A LOT*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Arrow  
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=First aid kit  
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:13  Buying Club (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:13 Please, don't kill me! I'm begging you!
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:14  Buying Arrow (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:14 *is about to strike with his scythe* [Do you want Mark to die? Get hurt? Escape?]
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:14 [Or should we do this "Blow-wise?"]
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:14  Buying Backpack(survival) (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:15 (I'm going to keep Mark alive for now.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:15  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:15 *trips over some rocks, and goes right over the cliff* *splash*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:15 [OK. Want to Use some Blows real quick and have Mark try to fight back?]
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:15 *runs after Mark, still looking creepy*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:15 *gets the heck outta there, but trips and falls on his face* *gets to his feet, almost falls over the edge of the cliff, and turns around*
Player 132015,Jan.20 03:15 *quickly grabs some nessecary items
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:16 Zoey:*is pushed over by Osiris as he runs* Ow!! Creepy dude alert!!
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:16 *runs for his life, backpack flapping against his back*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:16 *sees Osiris watching him* *grabs his gun, about to shoot*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:16 *as Jonas runs Osiris gives him the stare*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:16 *turns back to Mark*
Player 132015,Jan.20 03:17  Buying Survival kit (x 1)  
Player 132015,Jan.20 03:17  Buying Throwing knives (10) (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:17 [Replies might become slower. Multitasking.]
Player 132015,Jan.20 03:17  Buying Lighter (x 1)  
Player 132015,Jan.20 03:17  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
Player 132015,Jan.20 03:17 *runs across the cliff and looks for a good place to hide*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:18 *gets on shore and starts running* *Osiris runs after him*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:18 *watches in amusement* WHOA- HO HO!!! *leans back against crates and stuff, munching on trail mix*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:20 *easily keeps up and ends up being face-to-face with Mark*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:21 Stefan:*is nearby the Warehouse**is rather annoyed with Lee**sings loudly:* HEY!!!! LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:21  Using Blow  
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=88  
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:23 *waiting for Mark to make his move*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:23 [brb]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:23  Using Blow  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 03:24 *has been pushed down hard by Osiris*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:24   + 10 Weakness points to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:24   + 20 Strength points to  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:26 *gets up, throwing his trail mix to the ground* *scowls* Hey! Don't tease me.
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:26 *takes out his metal pole*
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:33 [Back.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:34 [Sorry if I took too long. I had to do a little Tactics Trainer on Chess.com real quick and I cranked my tactics rating up a few points. It felt good. ^.^]
Player 92015,Jan.20 03:34 Stefan:LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEEE-*gets Trail Mix thrown in his face* >.<
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:35 Er...why's the Czech guy quoting Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants?
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:36 Lee:JUST SHUDDAP!!!!! BOTH OF YOU!!!! DON'T...UNDERESTIMATE...MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Stefan:...LEEEEEE-*gets more Trail Mix in his face**sees how mad Lee is and makes a run for safety*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:36 *grunts babyishly while throwing trail mix at Stefan*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:37 *grumbles:* Next time...you get the pole. *goes back inside of the Warehouse*
Player 112015,Jan.20 03:37  Buying Cord (x 1)  
Player 112015,Jan.20 03:37  Buying Gun (any type) (x 1)  
Player 112015,Jan.20 03:38 Hmm...*eyes a scythe* This looks cool...
Player 112015,Jan.20 03:38  Buying Scythe (x 1)  
Player 112015,Jan.20 03:40 *hangs around by the Warehouse, waiting for everyone to clear out so she can claim it with the other Careers*
Player 22015,Jan.20 03:41 *sees some gruesome action going on as she tries to control the canoe* *unties herself in case it flips over on her*
Player 22015,Jan.20 03:41 *sees Mamello making a run for it, and Jackson is seen chasing him away*
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:43 *starts to get pretty tired after awhile* *stops and looks at a panoramic view, remembering it from a childhood visit to the Grand Canyon, before there was even a World Battles*
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:43 *feels sort of sad* *sits down by a cave-like rock structure*
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:44 *meanwhile, Mark just barely manages to escape Osiris, who has been distracted by his main target, Jonas, running by*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:44 (agh! No one told me we were starting this early! What's going on!)
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:45 Osiris:*tries chasing Jonas, but gives up and heads back to the Warehouse*
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:45 [Sorry! Basically we made our characters, we did the parade, and the bloodbath just ended.]
Player 202015,Jan.20 03:45 [You should read it though. Some of things that happened are absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!]
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:46 (ok, I'll roleplay,while I'll catch up)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:46 *falls down, and starts crying*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:46 *walks along the edge of the Canyon* [BTW, does it ever snow at the Grand Canyon?]
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:46 (oh, should I have my characters get items?)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:46 (Also, James won a machete from Max Davis.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:47 (I don't think so since it's out west.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:47 Stefan:*walks around**spots Astrid nearby, but sees her whip and walks away*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:47 (Yes.)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:47 (Ok)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:47  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:48 (get's her custom bladed fans)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:48  Buying Survival kit (x 1)  
Player 52015,Jan.20 03:48  Buying Staff (x 1)  
Player 52015,Jan.20 03:49  Buying Fire making kit (x 1)  
Player 52015,Jan.20 03:49  Buying Healing medication (x 1)  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 03:49 *sits around at the Warehouse, the other Careers hanging around* Soooo....Max: *is being aired on TVs worldwide* I think I see an alliance being formed.
Player 82015,Jan.20 03:49  Buying Throwing knives (10) (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:49 *arrives at a huge rock and climbs up it, feeling daring**once she gets to the top, she spreads her arms out, her braid blowing in the wind**feels free*
Player 82015,Jan.20 03:50  Buying Rope (x 1)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:50   + 6 Allies points to  
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.20 03:50  Buying MountainClimbingGear (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:50 Osiris:*looks at everyone with his usual ultra creepy death stare**the only Career immune to it is Muerte, who just finds it annoying*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:50   + 6 Allies points to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:51   + 6 Allies points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:51   + 6 Allies points to  
Player 82015,Jan.20 03:51 (ok, so has anyone decided on alliances, besides the careers)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:51 *Lee can't get Stefan singing "Leedle Leedle Leedle Leeeeee" out of his head XD*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:51   + 6 Allies points to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:51 [Nope.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:51 (I've gathered some of my ideas.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:52 [I'm planning on Stefan eventually becoming allies with Astrid, and I want Astrid to fall in love with one of the tributes. Any of you have boy tributes you want to become allies with Astrid?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:52   + 6 Allies points to  
Player 82015,Jan.20 03:52 (mine are too young)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 03:53   + 6 Allies points to  
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:54 -LATER THAT DAY-
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:54 *wakes up in the evening, having passed out earlier* *sits up, and eats some of her food*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:55 [It doesn't matter as long as they're ages 16 and up.]
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:55 *stalks around the canyons*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:55 (yeah, they're too young)
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:55 (I was thinking that the following people could become allies with Savannah: Mark, Fleur, Mamello, James, Stefan or Astrid, or even both.)
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:56 (Jonas, maybe? But he's probably gonna die.)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:56 (I wouldn't mind having James ally with her)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:56 [How about Mark falls in love with Astrid?]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:57 [The only other "candidates" are Jonas and Stefan, but both of them are probably going to die.]
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:57 (Probably not Mark, if that's okay.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:57 *has been sitting on the rock, watching the sky*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:57 (I could make James older, if need be)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:58 [Well, Jonas is sort of awkward in terms of his problems with Osiris, and it would be boring if one of my own characters would have to fall in love with Stefan.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:58 *with Astrid
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:58 [Hmm...well, that would work if Paige and Joan allow you to make James older.]
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:58 (That's fine with me!)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 03:59 (ok, then I'll just be modifying the profile for a second)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:59 [@ P+J:I got my Movie RP mission ideas PDF ready. I'm going to send it to you via email real quick...]
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:59 *gets up and walks towards the ledge to see where the Careers are* *peers over a rock, and looks at the Warehouse* *sure enough, the Careers are gathered round*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 03:59 [Yeah. Plus Astrid is sort of into winter and ice and mountains and such, so James would be a "match" in terms of that kind of stuff.]
Player 32015,Jan.20 03:59 (Ok. )
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:00 [Anyway, one sec...]
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.20 04:00 (sure)
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:01 *sits there, rather bored*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:01 *picks away some rough edges of his knife*
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:02 *is marching around like she's a patrol person in the army or something* *has a beret on, and her gun over her soldier, looking very military*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:02 [Message sent.]
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:02 (Ok, we'll look at it shortly.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:03 Osiris:*gives Olga the death stare*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:04 *James starts walking by when he spots Astrid sitting on a really tall, steep rock*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:04 *death stare*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:04 *dddeeeaaattthhh ssstttaaarrreee*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:05 *rolls his eyes at Osiris*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:05 *continues to perfect his knife*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:05 Meh. *takes out her iPhone* Wait...what?
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:05 NO SIGNAL?!
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:05 *screams*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:06 MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!!!!! *throws her iPhone down on the ground, having a tantrum*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:06 *covers his ears, glaring at her*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:06 You won't have a life soon if you keep that up!
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:06 [XD Sorry if I'm munging up the seriousness of this RP. Whenever I get online I turn into a comedian, I guess.]
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:06 Lee: Ugh...great. Well, all you need in life is sleep, your phone, Instagram, and food, so at least I have like, 2 of those.
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:06 *still wailing*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:06 (eh, this could use a little comedy)
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:07 *is pretty freaked out by Osiris' death glare, even from a mile away*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:07 NOO!!!!!! MUST. HAVE. INSTRAGRAM!!!!!
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:07 *hears someone creeping up behind her* *turns around slowly to see a contestant*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:07 Osiris:*stares in the direction of Savannah (creepy voice) like he knows she's there*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:08 *it is Otabek* *grabs her arrows, but puts them away, realizing Otabek isn't a threat*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:08 *looks in the direction Osiris is looking*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:08 *James sees her, takes out his machete, and decides it wouldn't hurt to kill a contestant-it would mean he would be one step away from being a winner**he climbs up the big rock with much effort*
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:09 (This RP always has some funny aspects to it, even though it's primarily dark.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.20 04:09 *his machete glints in the sunlight*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:09 *is watching the moon and the stars peacefully**however, as James climbs up onto the top of the rock, she hears him dislodge a little rock**gets up and spins around, whip out*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:09 [It's night Izzy...]
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.20 04:09 (oh, well, moonlight works too)
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:09 *backs away from Savannah, but it isn't because of her- it's because of Osiris*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:11 [*suddenly starts quoting the Walrus and the Carpenter poem by Lewis Caroll* The sun was shining on the sea, shining with all his might:he did his very best to make the billows smooth and bright-and this was odd, because it was the middle of the night.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:11 [Sorry, couldn't help quoting the first stanza.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:12 Osiris:*sees Otabek and Savannah from far away**giving them the stare (DUN DUN DUNNNN)*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:12 Its fine...I'm not gonna hurt you. Otabek: *looks at Osiris, who stares at them creepily without blinking*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:13 *James raises his machete, but stops, suddenly realizing how beautiful Astrid is* [And here comes romance...*a puking sound is heard (XD)*]
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:13 *grips his knife, mouth curving into a small smile*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:13 *feels really sick* Let's get outta here. *takes Otabek's hand and runs back to her hiding place*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:13 Osiris:*suddenly gets to his feet**says to the Careers:*I see some tributes. I'm going for them. *walks away right in Savannah and Otabek's direction*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:14 *follows him silently*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:14 Er- you're not going without me! *runs after Osiris, holding his metal pole and some food*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:14 *gets his scythe out and arrives at the place Savannah and Otabek were a few minutes ago* [Note:Osiris has some tracking skills too.]
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:15 *picks up the sand and stares at it creepily**says almost instantly:* They went this way. *walks along a rugged path*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:15 *glances at Savannah* Are we safe now? Savannah: Yeah. Think so.
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:15 Zoey:*decided to come along, hoping that she might get a signal on her iPhone while walking*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:15 *shrugs, and continues walking*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:16 *suddenly hears someone saying "this would make a great place for a selfie!"* *gulps* We're not alone.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:16 *James puts his machete down and says "I'm sorry" quietly**is confused* What? But I thought you were going to...
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:16 *runs behind some rocks, Otabek following*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:16 *a chorus of "SSSSSHHHHs" is heard* Zoey:*mutters* Sorryyyy...
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:17 *glares at her*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:17 *picks up some sand and looks at it* They were here only a minute ago. Come on! *runs right at where Savannah and Otabek are*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:17 *practically flies across the sand with Osiris*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:17 *grins creepily at Savannah and Otabek* Heyyyy...
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:17 Zoey:*squeals with excitement only to be shushed again*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:18 *reveals his scythe*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:18 *starts approaching Savannah and Otabek-specifically Otabek*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:18 *flicks some dust off his knife*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:18 [Want Otabek to be killed?]
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:18 *pulls out an arrow, hands shaking* *tries not to look into Osiris' deadly eyes*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:18 *pulls out a throwing knife* I'm not afraid.
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:18 *his reflection in the knife makes him look even creepier*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:18 Zoey:You ought to be suckahs.
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:19 (No, he'll die later on.)
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:19 *feels agitated around Muerte, who looks pretty savage*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:19  Using Blow  
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:20 *stares into Otabek's eyes*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:20  Using Blow  
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:20 *threw the knife at Zoey*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:20 *wait nevermind*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:20 *is aimed at Savannah since Otabek is occupied*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:21 *nvm*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:21 *aimed at Otabek*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:21 (Wow, Osiris is getting all sorts of good fortune on the "first day".)
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:21 *cuts Otabek with his scythe**it isn't fatal, but it's bad*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:21 Hey! You were the one who got the score of 1! *laughs in Savannah's face*
Player 92015,Jan.20 04:21 [Yep.]
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:22 *rolls over in pain* *groans loudly in pain*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:22 *paces around Savannah*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:22 *gets angry* *goes up to Lee and smacks him hard with her bow*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:22  Using Blow  
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=97  
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:22 Hey!! *takes out a knife and throws it at Savannah*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:22  Using Blow  
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=31  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:23 *falls backwards* I-I think my nose is bleeding! *gets up eventually, and swings his pole at Savannah*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:23 [Not sure if your previous Blow was aimed at Lee or Zoey...]
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:23 *smiles, slipping the knife into his sleeve, getting closer behind her*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:23  Using Blow  
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:23 [Nvm, it was definitely at Lee.]
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=72  
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:24 *managed to avoid Lee's blow*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:24 *waiting to see if her Blow worked*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:24   + 17 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:24   + 15 Weakness points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:25   + 16 Strength points to  
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:25 *slinks behind Savannah, ready to strike*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:25   + 10 Weakness points to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:25   + 15 Agility points to  
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:25  Using Blow  
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:26 *still waiting* UGGHH...
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:26 *leaps forward and smacks Zoey with her bow*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:26 *jumps Savannah while she's distracted*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:26 *gets pushed down by Zoey* *looks up to see Muerte looming over her creepily*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:26 *the smack does nothing and she managed to hit Savannah in the arm with her throwing knife*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:27  Using Blow  
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:27 HA!!! SUCKAH!!!!
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:27 *feels a painful blow, and wipes out*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:27 (nevermind that)
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:28 SAVANNAH!!
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:28 *turns to Otabek*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:28 *faces Muerte* *aims his knife at Muerte*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:28 *gives Otabek a warning glare* You're next...*Osiris is barely heard muttering "let's leave"*
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:28  Using Blow  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:28 *a few of the Careers head off, but wait for Muerte*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:29 *starts to run off, watching Otabek*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:29 -THE NEXT MORNING-
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:30 *has woken up bright and early* *is of course, doing what he loves most- eating*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:30 *thinks about the other tribute Otabek*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:30   + 15 Strength points to  
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:30 *has been canoeing all night long* *is tired, but keeps canoeing* *is reaching the boundary line*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:31   + 10 Weakness points to  
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:31 *feels awesome*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:31 *mutters* No one messes with me... *sharpens knife*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:31 *has been talking with James**has become allies with him I guess*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:31 Mmm...*sees Fleur* We'd better turn her around.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:31   + 5 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:32   + 5 Strength points to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:32 Zoey:*still trying to get a signal on her iPhone* Ugh...
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:32 Here Zoey, give me the phone. *says in a cheerful voice*
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:33 *notices that the sky is strangely darker than usual* *it is actually a giant wave, ready to drown her*
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:33 *notices it is a wave* *panicks, but acts quickly* *ties the rope to an outlet on the canoe* *makes a loop so he canoe doesn't get lost*
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:34 *flips it over and climbs on top of it, using it as a surfboard* *had plenty of lessons during vacations to Spain*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:34 Zoey:Uh, no.
Player 52015,Jan.20 04:34 *has been watching the others, silent*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:35 Zoey...
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:35 *the wave crashes* *is surfing on it, going at an incredibly fast pace* *balances herself, holding onto the rope for life*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:35 Give me the phone...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:35   + 1 Allies points to Astrid  
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:35 *almost bangs into a rock, but manages to steer the boat out of the way*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:35   + 1 Allies points to James  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:36 Zoey:Hecka no.
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:36 *what was once an hour canoeing is now seconds *
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:36   + 1 Allies points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:36   + 1 Allies points to  
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:36 Don't you dare make me take it from you!
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:36 I can fix it!
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:36 *the wave dies down, and she ironically ends up near the Warehouse, which is high atop the cliff*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:37 Come on...just give it to him already! *crunches loudly*
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:37 *is soaking wet* *trudges to the shore with her canoe*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:38 *wakes up, looking right into the sun* *guesses it's late morning to early afternoon* *wakes up in a pool of her own blood- and a blasting headache*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:38   + 5 Strength points to  
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:38 *lost her glasses in the wave, so it will be much harder for her to survive*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:38   + 20 Experience points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:38   + 5 Agility points to  
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:39 UGH! *takes Zoey's phone, and unscrews it with his knife*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:39 *rewires the circuiting so the signal matches the ones emitting from the arena*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:39 *gets up, looking for her first aid kit* *opens it up, and doesn't find much to heal the gash on her forehead*
Player 22015,Jan.20 04:39 *tries to get as far away as possible from the Warehouse* *blacks out*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:40 Happy, Princess?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:40   + 10 Experience points to  
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 04:40 *walks through the canyons, until she sees someone*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:41 Zoey:Er-yeah...thanks... *gets on FB, Google +, Twitter, and Instagram all at once again*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:41 *tries bringing a hand to her forehead, but it is too painful* *whimpers a bit* *leans against a rock wall, in total pain*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:41 Want to go find some food? We're running low.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.20 04:42 *nods in agreement* Yeah.
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:42 *is practicing with her gun* Jackson: You're wasting perfectly good bullets, mate! Olga: No I'm not... We're stocked. *grins wickedly*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:42 *makes a beeline for Zoey* How many likes did I get?!? Can we take a selfie?!?!
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:42 Seriously...oh what have I done?
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:43 Sponser: *watches a TV, comparing Savannah to the Careers* *feels pretty bad, and orders some healing medication*
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:43 *laughs* We have plenty of selfie sticks from sponsors. While you were gone, we received some. They love us.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:44 *they climb down the rock and start going around, searching for an animal to hunt or a source of food*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:44 Why wouldn't they love us?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:44  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:44 Zoey:AWESOMESAUCE!!!
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:45 Zoey:And Lee...you got 80 Likes!! *she and Lee scream excitedly**you can't tell their screams apart XD*
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:45 *laughs at Muerte's comment* Exactly.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:45 Zoey:And Lee...you got 80 Likes!! *she and Lee scream excitedly**you can't tell their screams apart XD*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:45 *recieves the sponsor item* *opens it up to find the healing medication* *stares ahead, hoping there's a camera* Thank you so much.
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.20 04:45 [Double-post]
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:46 Hey Lee, someone posted a thread about you! Lee:Really?! :D Zoey:Yeah! Check this out-there are tons of moving GIFs and other pics and crap!
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:47 *applies the healing medication to her forehead, and sits against the rock wall, dozing off a little*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:47 *sighs*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:47 *can tell a lot of it was video taped from someone's TV* *is still pleased* Cool!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:48 *sees a GIF where he got knocked down by Savannah, posted by someone who wanted Savannah to win* Ok...that's not nice.
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:48 (ok, someone has to go! Anyone want to kill of my character Enhle?)
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:48 Someone even made a ring tone in honor of you!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:48 Hey Muerte! You're actually in this one!
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:48 Lee:Really?! Zoey:Yeah! Let me download it...
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:48 *groans*
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:48 Personally, I've never been a selfie person....*rolls eyes, but laughs*
Player 112015,Jan.20 04:49 (Sure, Mark will.)
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:49 *downloads it and plays the ring tone**♪ LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! ♪*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:49 *covers his ears*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:49 [Enhle's a Career, right?]
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:49 Why? Why me..?
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 04:49 *sighs* Ughhhhh...*falls backwards*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:50 (yeah)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 04:50 *is wandering around, in search of water*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:50   + 1 Sponsors points to  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 04:51 *sees the Warehouse looming in the distance* *fear arises* *thinks about turning around, but needs supplies*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:51 Lee:*finally has had enough**screams at the top of his lungs* DON'T UNDERESTIMAAATE MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:51 *everyone throughout the arena can hear that X'D!!!!*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:51 Finally...
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:51 *has woken up from a pretty long nap* *goes through his survival pack and takes out some dried beef* *eats it* *says randomly:* I hate the World Battles.
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:51 [Meanwhile I'm falling backwards in my chair... >X'D]
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:52 Ugh!! Fine, I'll turn the stupid thing off!! *turns off her phone*
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:52 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:52 Thank you Princess.
Player 202015,Jan.20 04:52 [@ P+J:Don't forget to check out my Mission Ideas! Anyway, bye! *offline*]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 04:52 *sees Enhle marching around, acting as a patrol guard*
Player 82015,Jan.20 04:52 (alright, I have to leave now to. Bye everyone!)
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:53 *nods* We actually got days off of school because we had to watch it on TV. We had to- there was no getting out of it, no matter what your lifestyle.
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:53 (Bye!)
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:54 I actually thought I would be lucky- that I would never have to compete. But here I am.
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:54 *nods* All I want to do is get home alive. It's my wish.
Player 132015,Jan.20 04:55 *doesn't have much more to say in the matter*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:56 *a few minutes go by* *is inspecting the healing medicine jar* It says to remove the adhesive bandage after 10 minutes...do you think 10 minutes have gone by? Otabek: *nods* Savannah: *peels off the bandage, and feels virtually no pain*
Player 32015,Jan.20 04:57 Otabek: *his eyes widen* It's gone! Savannah: *smiles* *feels more strength*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 04:57   + 5 Strength points to  
Player 132015,Jan.20 05:14 (By the way Julia, the Battles have started. Have your characters buy their items and then you're good to go!)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.20 19:12  Buying Sleeping bag (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.20 19:12  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.20 19:12  Buying Gun (any type) (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.20 19:12  Buying Canoe (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.20 19:12 *grabs a canoe and starts rowing away, her main aim is to avoid the bloodbath*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 19:13  Buying Canoe (x 1)  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 19:13  Buying Survival kit (x 1)  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 19:13  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 19:13  Buying Throwing knives (10) (x 1)  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 19:14 *grabs his stuff, throws it into the canoe and sails off after Cori, because he feels sorry for her cause she is so young and wants to be her allie*
Player 172015,Jan.20 19:14  Buying Spear (10) (x 1)  
Player 172015,Jan.20 19:15 *grabs spears and throws one at Otabek but he dodges*
Player 172015,Jan.20 19:15 *scowls, but then goes off to find the other careers*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:16  Buying Water bottle (x 1)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:16  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:16  Buying Spear (10) (x 1)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:17  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:17  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:17 *yells and throws a spear at the nearest person, who just so happens to be Jackson, she misses though*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:18 *grabs a canoe*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:18  Buying Canoe (x 1)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 19:18 *rows to where she can see Savannah and Otabek, hoping to join there alliance*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 19:33 (whew, so after about 1,000 days, I finally finished reading!)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 19:36 (I must admit, when I first made my characters, I hadn't had enough time on them, so I'm going to add some things about some of them really quick, starting with Hananoko)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 19:38 (Hananoko is the Japanese heir to the throne, after her father was murdered. However, it turned out that the drawing was rigged, so that Hananoko would be chosen...by her sister.)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 19:39 (her sister is actually "gifted", and supposedly recieves messages through dreams from the water spirits of japanese lore)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 19:40 (her sister was told through a dream, that she had to ascend to the throne, in order to lead her country to war against the World Battles. So she killed her father, and entered her sister as a contestant)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 19:41 (Hananoko is desperate to win the Battles, so she can go home and stop her sister. [however, I'm planning on having Hananoko killed in the end, and then having her sister, Mizu, get entered in the next game, and start a Resistance])
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.20 19:42 (so that's it for Hananoko, now on to Muerte!)
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:01 (Muerte grew up in Spain with twelve older brothers. He was neglected and shunned by his own family, who hated him.)
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:02 (at a mere age of seven, he ran away from home, seeking a better life somewhere else in the world)
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:02 (he met a small band of Spanish thieves, who accepted him for who he was. They became like his new family, and thus his life as a thief began)
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:03 (he also met a young girl named Malo, who he pretty much would do anything for. Back then, he had a softer sweeter side to him)
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:04 (then, on a fateful day, his new family was captured, and they were to be executed. Muerte instead screamed out that he would volunteer to be in the World Battles, if they would just let them live)
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:06 (they agreed to a deal, that they would let them all live if Muerte went into the Battles, but they would still rot in prison if Muerte died. If Muerte lived, he would return a hero, and all charges would be dropped)
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:07 (so, Muerte is determined to win the Battles, so he can save his family. This is also why he acts so tough, because he wants people to think he's strong, not weak. He does have a softer side though, and he sort of had it around Otabek, because Otabek
Player 82015,Jan.20 21:07 reminds him of Malo a lot)
Player 32015,Jan.20 21:46 (Thanks for summarizing some of your characters! I like the backstories a lot.)
Player 32015,Jan.20 21:47 *glances over and sees Morag rowing down the river* *grabs her bow and an arrow, since it has become sort of a habit*
Player 132015,Jan.20 21:48 Savannah, don't shoot! She's safe. She won't hurt us I don't think.
Player 32015,Jan.20 21:49 *throws down her bow, hoping that maybe she and Otabek will get another ally*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 21:50   + 5 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 21:50   + 3 Strength points to Unice  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 21:52 Dont worry, i am not here tae hurt you
Player 132015,Jan.20 21:58 Wait- *grabs Savannah's arm* I don't think she's a threat. *remembers Morag didn't fight in the bloodbath, she just got out for survival*
Player 32015,Jan.20 22:00 *looks at Morag, and suddenly feels pretty bad for attempting to shoot her* Would you like to join, er, our alliance? We could probably use another friend.
Player 132015,Jan.20 22:00 *approaches Morag* You're welcome to become our friend.
Player 32015,Jan.20 22:01 Max: *gets mad while back at the Battles HQ* Friends?! Friends?!?! They're supposed to be enemies, not friends!!
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 22:01 Sure, i was hoping you would ask me that!
Player 32015,Jan.20 22:02 BattleMaker: Well, aren't allies friends? Remember Nicole and Aneni, from the last Battles? Max: Well...you do prove a point.
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 22:03 So, who are you too
Player 32015,Jan.20 22:03 *Morag comes over to them after parking the canoe close by* *offers Morag some food*
Player 132015,Jan.20 22:04 Well...I'm Otabek. From Uzbekistan.
Player 32015,Jan.20 22:04 My name's Savannah. I'm the contestant from the USA. And if I'm not mistaken, you are the contestant from Scotland?
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.20 22:05 Yes, im morag from scotland. Thanks for the food
Player 32015,Jan.20 22:06 You're welcome. *has some trail mix herself*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:07 *is hanging out at the Warehouse, and eating food of course* I feel like killing contestants. Who wants to come?
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:08 (By the way Julia, do you have any characters you would like to have killed now?)
Player 172015,Jan.20 22:09 (Not really, but if you have to kill some, you can kill cori)
Player 172015,Jan.20 22:09 I'll come
Player 112015,Jan.20 22:17 *grabs her gun* I'm getting bored. Everybody's gone into hiding. Zoey: JUST SHUT UP!!! Olga: *grunts creepily*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:18 I never thought this canyon would be a good place for hiding. *grabs his bow and arrows*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:18 Let's go. *Zoey and Muerte tag along, but Osiris stays at the Warehouse*
Player 172015,Jan.20 22:20 Starts walking away with lee
Player 112015,Jan.20 22:21 *meets up with Enhle* Remember, if anyone comes this way, knock 'em dead. Enhle: *smirks, then nods*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 22:22 *sees Olga marching closer* *sneaks over to a cave and hides there*
Player 112015,Jan.20 22:23 *sees Mark in the corner of her eye* *growls:* Was that a contestant?
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:23 *goes over to the river* Maybe we'll find some people on the canoes...*sees Cori rowing at a moderate pace*
Player 172015,Jan.20 22:24 Spins around* where?
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:25 *smirks, drawing up his bow and arrow* *shoots the edge of the boat, making it fill up with water*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:25 *smiles wickedly* Direct hit.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:26   + 1 Allies points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:26   + 1 Allies points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:26   + 25 Experience points to Jake  
Player 172015,Jan.20 22:26 Smirks
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:26 (If you want, you can have Jackson kill Cori.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 22:28 *dives out his canoe and picks up cori, dragging her into hos own boat*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:28 *Cori starts running out of the water towards the Warehouse* This is my kill. *Jackson doesn't agree, and a fight breaks out until it is decided that Jackson will kill Cori*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:28 (here!)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 22:28 (. :). )
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:28 (Hi!)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 22:28 (What! Didn't meen to post that message
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:29 Come on!!! *runs towards the Warehouse, grabbing a canoe*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 22:29 Throws a spear but misses badly
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:29 *follows*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:30 *Jackson, Muerte, and Zoe follow, getting in the canoe* *rows as quickly as possible*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:32 Come on, Jackson!
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:32 Hurry up already!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:32 *shoots several arrows at Mamello's canoe*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:32   + 2 Experience points to Isak  
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:33 Do I really have to do this myself?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:33   + 7 Experience points to Jake  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 22:33 Dodges the arrows
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:33 *throws a knife at Mamello*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:33 *has a fit of rage* UGH!!! SOMEONE- JUST SHOOT!
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:34 *uses expert aim, and throws two more knives*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 22:34 Jumps out his canoe and swims with cori towards the opposite shore
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:35 Lets see you dodge those...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:36   + 15 Agility points to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:36   + 5 Agility points to Elsa  
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:37 *growls*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:37 *hijacks the other canoe, and starts gaining on them*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:37 *is really angry* *runs as fast as he can towards Mamello and Cori*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:38 *having jumped off the canoe, of course*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.20 22:38 * she and maello start running away*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:38 *makes it to the shore, and goes a different route, planning to cut them off*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:40 *climbs up high to get a good angle*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:40 alright, alright. Enough playing around. *sets a control, sending a huge tidal wave towards Cori and Mamello*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:40 That's it...just keep running this way...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 22:40 *as well as Lee, who is chasing after the two*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:40 *sees the tidal wave* No...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:42 Ugh, SERIOUSLY!!! *tries to row as fast as he can towards Mamello and Cori* Zoey: What the fudge are you doing!??! Lee: Just follow my scheme!!
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:42 *throws a last knife at Mamello*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:42 Muerte, I could use a helping hand! Help me secure this boat to ours! *motions towards Mamello and Cori's boat*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:43 *nods*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:43 *jumps their canoe* Hello!
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.20 22:43 Holds her breath as she is submerged
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:43 Nice to meet you! My name's Muerte, and you're about to die!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:44 *he and Muerte close in on Mamello and Cori before they can escape* *reels their boat in* *laughs wickedly*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:44 *secures the boat with some rope*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:44 Ahh....the bait has been caught!!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:45 So, you wanna know where you're going next? The Warehouse! We just have to figure out how to kill you guys...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:45 *the tidal wave is closer than ever* *starts rowing speedily towards the shore*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:45 It shouldn't be all that hard...
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:46 *helps Lee row*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.20 22:47 Hands cori a suicide pill
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:47 *keeps an eye on Cori and Mamello*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:47 I can see the Warehouse! Let's stop for now. *he, Muerte, and Jackson abandon the boat on the shore* *says lazily:* We'll get it later.
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:47 Hey!
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:48 No way are you taking that pill!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:48 *turns around and catches Mamello red-handed* *squints*
Player 82015,Jan.20 22:48 *slaps the pill from Cori's hands*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:48 Hey...if you can die now, why don't WE just kill you?
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:49 *takes out his bow and arrows*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:50 *Osiris comes around the bend, hoping to see every bit of their death*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 22:54 *shoots an arrow at Cori*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:00 *unfortuantely, the arrow hits Cori in the stomach, and she falls over* *Mamello screams her name*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:01 Wait!
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:02 Hold up, Lee...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:02 I have an idea...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:03 *runs over to Cori, and takes out the arrow*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:03 *treats the wound*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:03 Why don't we use them as ransom?
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:04 We can hold them hostage, and then make other tributes pay us with good supplies to let them go...and then kill them anyway.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:04 Trust me, I'm a thief...I know what I'm talking about.
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:05 *laughs- not in a hearty way, but in a creepy way* I like it...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:05 *nods, glad Lee agrees with him*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:06 *smiles Grinch-like about it*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:06 *appears to be plotting*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:07 *meanwhile shoves Mamello away towards the other Careers*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:07 *stands around, figuring it out* We're going to need some speakers, or any type of speaking software. The other contestants are going to want to see this.
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:07 Zoey: Hey fella!!! Jackson: We're welcoming you with open arms.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:08 We can figure it out tomorrow...it's not like they're going anywhere.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.20 23:08 *is at a far distance, but can see Mamello being pushed to the ground, a cloud of dust forming around him*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:08 We should rest for a while, it's been a long day.
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:09 *argues* But we need supplies! One day, we're going to run out-Zoey: Can you SHUT IT?!?! Lee: Fine...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:09 We won't run out of all our supplies by tomorrow Lee.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:10 Let's just call it a day.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:11 *carries Cori into the Warehouse*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:11 Ok, ok. *mutters under his breath*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:12 *sets Cori down gently*
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:12 *is still looking for the lost tribute* *the sun is setting* Hey Enhle, do you need me to take over for night shift?
Player 52015,Jan.20 23:13 *sighs, and nods*
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:13 *is feasting with Savannah and Morag and watching the setting sun* This is amazing.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 23:13   + 20 Experience points to  
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:13 *sniffs the air* Hey, smells like dinner's cooking. *takes her place at some bushes not too far from the Warehouse*
Player 52015,Jan.20 23:14 Whatever it is, it smells great.
Player 32015,Jan.20 23:14 *nods* The landscape here is great. Well, was- until they made it a Battles arena.
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:14 Well, I'm starving. *goes to the Warehouse to get a bite to eat*
Player 52015,Jan.20 23:15 *sighs, staying to keep patrol*
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:15 I lived near some mountains, so this wasn't an uncommon sight- still, it's great.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:16 *glances at Cori*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:17 You know...maybe we should get one more...after all, I don't think anyone will be missing these two...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:17 *gets up abruptly* I'm going hunting for one last tribute...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:17 And, I'd rather go alone this time.
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:18 *laughs a little* Okay...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:18 *comtinues eating as Muerte heads out*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:19 *jogs out of the Warehouse, to where he knows they will be*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:19 *is going after Otabek*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:20 *follows a trail they left behind, and slowly reaches them*
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:20 *is eating a drumstick, and appears to be having a great time*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:21 *feels a little upset, but knows this is the right thing to do*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:22 (so, I'm going to have Muerte take Otabek as well, and then, when all the Careers think they have the upper hand and are announcing to everyone, Muerte will strike)
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:22 (Muerte is going to betray the Careers, and blows up the Warehouse)
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:23 (he helps the others escape, telling them to run, while he faces the survivors alone)
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:24 (Enhle is going to die in the explosion)
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:25 (Alright, sounds like a plan!)
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:25 (yeah!)
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:25 *watches the alliance sadly*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:26 *slips a concealed knife out of his sleeve*
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:26 *since Muerte is hidden, he can't see him approaching*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:27 *suddenly jumps out, grabbing Otabek from behind, and holding the knife to his throat*
Player 32015,Jan.20 23:27 *laughs at one of Morag's jokes*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:27 Nobody move!
Player 32015,Jan.20 23:27 *spins around, guarding Morag* OTABEK!!
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:28 *squeals* H-HELP!!!
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:28 *holds out another knife threatingly with his other hand*
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:28 *struggles against Muerte, but Muerte is much too strong*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:28 Don't move, or he gets it!
Player 32015,Jan.20 23:28 *looks at her weapons, then at Muerte* *has the urge to pick them up*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:29 *holds back tears as he's doing this*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:29 Don't you move!
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:29 Please- just- just let me go! I'm begging you!
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:30 Shut up!
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:30 *starts walking back with Otabek*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:30 Any of you make a move towards me, and I won't hesitate to take him with me!
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:31 *is in tears by now* I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:31 *takes the chance, and runs back to the Warehouse with Otabek*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 23:32 -Meanwhile on TVs across the globe- *the footage is live* Well, this is sure a nailbiter...will Otabek survive? I think we're all bent towards a yes, and filled with his spirit.
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:32 *eats a hunk of meat, juices dribbling down her face* *looks up* Hey, Muerte's back...with a victim!
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:32 *gets out her gun almost instantly*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:33 *glares at Olga* Don't touch him...this one is special.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:33 We're holding him until we get the speakers.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:33 Then, we can broadcast his death.
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:33 *glares at Muerte* I've been waiting for a kill since yesterday.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:34 *is lying, already planning out his scheme to save them*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:34 You want a kill, go get one yourself!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:34 *smiles idiotically* Don't worry about it, Olga! We have these two. *points to Mamello and Cori*
Player 32015,Jan.20 23:34 OTABEK!! *starts running after him, but Muerte is off in a flash*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:34 And besides, we need those supplies. And quick.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:35 *nods* I can get the speakers wired up and running by tomorrow...
Player 32015,Jan.20 23:35 *is left hoplesss* *walks back to her hideout with Morag*
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:35 *picks up her food, sits down, and eats like nothing happened*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:36 *watches Otabek, reminded sadly of Malo* *holds back tears, trying to stay strong, thinking of what he's going to do*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:36 Zoey: Wait. What about that technical guy from the Czech Republic...Stefan? We could make him do it for us, and hold him ransom too! Or just kill him...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:37 Or, I could just do it too, Princess.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:37 It means less work for us.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:37 *doesn't want another death on his hands*
Player 112015,Jan.20 23:38 Yes. Who knows where that boy is anyway.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:39 I'll just get a start on the speakers. Leave me alone.
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:39 *goes to wire up the speakers, using a phone to get a proper signal too*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:41 *watches Muerte for awhile, but gets bored and falls asleep sitting up*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:41 *stays up all night working on it, all the while thinking about Otabek, and how much he reminds him of Malo*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.20 23:42 *Mamello and Cori camp out on the other side of the Warehouse* *Cori thankfully has a sleeping bag*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:42 *is setting up the signalling, so that all of the cameras will be shooting Muerte and the explosion*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:44 *all of the WB HQ's tech suddenly get's overridden*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:44 There, it'll last long enough for it to shoot what's going to happen...
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:45 *satisfied, goes over to his space, and goes to sleep, dreaming of him winning the Battles, and returning to Malo. Cries in his sleep* I'm sorry, Malo...
Player 132015,Jan.20 23:46 *is still awake* *listens to Muerte* *isnt quite sure who he's talking about, but feels sort of bad anyways*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 23:48 *at the World Battles HQ, he is desperately trying to figure out how to fix the system*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:48 *wakes up the next day*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.20 23:48 (We have to go now! We'll probably be back at scattered times throughout the evening, and of course around 10 tonight/the fixed times. See you then!)
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:49 *checks the signalling, pleased that it's still in his favour*
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:49 (ok!)
Player 82015,Jan.20 23:49 (bye!)
Player 82015,Jan.21 00:54 *tries to calm down, as he sets up a microphone system*
Player 82015,Jan.21 00:55 *after he's finished, he gives the microphone off to Lee, thinking of his plan sadly*
Player 52015,Jan.21 00:55 *quietly looks around at all of the tributes*
Player 52015,Jan.21 00:56 *hates that it had to be this way*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 00:57 *has come across the other tribute, Fleur* *watches her every move, carefully*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 00:58 *looks upward to the heavens, thinking to the spirits*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 00:58 Is this tribute worthy?
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 00:58  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 00:59 *looks at Fleur sadly*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 00:59 *doesn't want to kill her, so instead she just leaves her there*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 01:00 *has been talking and laughing with Astrid while they gather supplies and hunt*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 01:01 (btw, after the Careers kill off Muerte for betraying them and killing Enhle, I'll be switching to roleplaying as James a lot more)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 01:01 (it won't be much longer now...)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:04 *waits for Lee to make the speech about the hostages, while he sets up the overridden system to show everything to all of the contestants*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:06 [Hi!]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:06 *a small picture of the Warehouse, and the captives appears in front of all the contestants*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:06 (hey!)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:07 [Summary?]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:07 (a lot has happened...here goes!)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:08 (I made some backstories for Hananoko and Muerte)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:08 [OK!]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:08 (I won't repeat them right now, if you really want to read them, you can go back)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:09 (Lee, Jackson, Zoey, and Muerte went after Cori and Mamello, and captured them)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:09 [OK.]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:10 (Lee wanted to kill them, but Muerte, who pretty much turned good, told him that they should instead keep them for ransom)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:10 (Muerte also went and captured Otabek to keep him safe if that makes any sense)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:11 (Now, Muerte set up a system so everyone has to watch the captured contestants either get killed, or trade supplies for their lives)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:11 (at least, that's what the careers think is going on)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:12 (Muerte has "turned good" and he set up the whole system so that the Warehouse area will explode)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:12 [OK.]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:12 [How's Osiris been doing? Creepy, as usual?]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:13 (in the future, Muerte will make a tearful speech as he blows it up, and helps the captives escape, and Enhle dies)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:13 [Oh, and did you read everything that happened before you came on last night? If you did, did you enjoy the hilariousness?]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:13 (yeah, very creepy)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:13 (I did read it all...very funny as usual!)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:13 [Okie dokie. Is it night or day in the RP?]
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:13 (Hey!!!)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:13 (finally, the Careers will kill Muerte, and I'll start playing more as James)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:14 (It's just turned morning)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:14 (Hi!!)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:15 *goes up to the camera after a good night's sleep* *prepare s to make his speech*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:16 [Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking a LOT.]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:16 *feels like throwing up, preparing to do what has to be done*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:16 (that's fine!)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:16 *clears his throat* Okay, so...I just want to say that we're holding these contestants hostage. *motions a hand towards Cori, Mamello, and Otabek* And you can't have them unless you pay us. You can pay through weapons, sponsor items, or even money.
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 01:17 *watches shocked, as a picture appears in front of her*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 01:17 *listens, unhappily*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:17 Or else, we're going to kill them. So, make some bets. Send in your payments. Or else, prepare to see some of your favorite contestants die right in front of this camera.
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:17 *coughs at Lee*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:18 Er...may I have the mic for a second?
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:18 Watch your back- you could be next. Don't underestimate me or my actions.
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:18 *steps in front of Lee* May I just add that if your dues aren't payed, well...we kill you. It's the only consequence.
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:19 Oh yeah- here. *passes the mic to Muerte*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:19 *sighs, knowing the whole world is watching* *looks around at everyone*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:19 So, I have something to say.
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:19 *pops up in the screen* By the way, I need a new pair of headphones and an iPod! Make sure they're pink-*is pushed over by Muerte*-HEY!!
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:19 I hate the World Battles.
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:20 (oh Zoey...)
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:20 They're cruel, and cause nothing but pain...
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:20 *glares darkly at Zoey*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:21 And...*lets the tears fall for the first time*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:21 I'm sorry Malo...
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:21 *pushes a concealed button on the mic, and the whole place explodes*
Player 52015,Jan.21 01:22 *screams out in pain*
Player 52015,Jan.21 01:22 HELP!!! HELP!!!! *gets crushed, and burned*
Player 52015,Jan.21 01:22 *screams*
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:22 Osiris:*looks so enraged it's creepy*
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:23 OUR SUPPLIES!!!!!
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:23 *his arm gets blown off, but it doesn't matter*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:23 *rushes to Otabek and the others*
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:23 *in a flash, the Warehouse goes boom* *is blasted farther away, supplies coming with her and cutting her*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:23 You have to go! Now!
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:24 *screams back at Muerte:* TRAITOR! WE'LL GET REVENGE!
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:24 *fires burn all around*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:24 *looks fearfully at Muerte, but heeds his advice and runs*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:24 I HOPE YOU ALL BURN!!!!
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:24 *glares at the Careers*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:25 *runs across the cliff, stumbling and falling along the way* *escaped with no supplies*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:25 Go on...show the world what the battles are really like...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:25 *is in shock* *starts hacking uncontrolably from the fumes*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:25 Go ahead and kill me while the world watches....
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:26 *looks at a camera*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:26 These are the battles...
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:26 *falls over, too weak to continue* *thinks:* Let me die now...it doesn't really matter...*blacks out*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:27 *runs off, after Otabek, and sees him fall*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:27 No...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:27 *tries to run* *stumbles off* *sees Cori, who got blasted pretty hard- her arm is pretty close to falling off*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:27 I've already lost Malo to these Battles...I'm not losing you Otabek!
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:28 *sees Mamello dive over a cliff into the river* *doesn't know what happened to him, and doesn't care, either*
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:28 *can see Enhle burning to death* *isn't too freaked out about it, and continues on her merry way*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:28  Giving Blow (x 9) to  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:28 *throws up behind a rock*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:28  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:29  Giving Throwing knives (10) (x 1) to  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:29  Giving Rope (x 1) to  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:29 *hears a cannon go off* *assumes it is either Cori or Muerte* *it is Cori's cannon*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:29 *helps Otabek, then starts crying as the fires burn around him*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:30   + 10 Experience points to  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:30 *another canon goes off-it's Enhle's*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:30 *sees Olga approaching and knows he's in deep stuff* *turns around in a feeble attempt at escaping* *Olga's gun goes off*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:30   + 10 Weakness points to  
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:30 *runs, cussing at the top of her lungs**Osiris starts running straight at Muerte*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:30   + 10 Weakness points to  
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:30 [Replies will be even slower. I might have to go soon.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:31   + 10 Weakness points to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:31   + 10 Weakness points to  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:31 *hugs Otabek, then says* Win these for me...win...and tell Malo I'm sorry...
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:31 *leaps at Mark and clings onto him like a wild animal* *both fall to the ground and fight* *punches Mark hard* So you think I'm not strong? *punches Mark hard in the face, causing blood* Think again!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:31   + 10 Weakness points to  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:31 *gets up, ready to defend Otabek with his life*
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:32 You know, I'm enlisting in the army when I get home!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:32   + 5 Weakness points to Spoon  
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:32 [One sec]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:32   + 10 Weakness points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:32   + 10 Weakness points to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:33   + 10 Weakness points to Elsa  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:33 Listen- I don't care if you get in the army. I do care though, when people break my nose! *punches Olga extra hard in the ribs*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:33   + 5 Strength points to  
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:33 *rolls over in pain* *grabs her gun and shoots at random*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:33   + 10 Strength points to Spoon  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:33 *watches as a bunch of the Careers surround him*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:33   + 10 Weakness points to  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:34 *holds up his fists*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:34 *takes out his gun and shoots a hole right through Olga's backpack* *Olga screams*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:34 *kicks Olga hard, aiming for the cliff*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:34 *marches over to Muerte* *faces him* You betrayed us...you lied...and I actually thought I could trust you!
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:34 You thought wrong...
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:34 *rolls to her feet and gives Mark some hard slaps with her gun* *it is a brutal, bloody battle*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:35 *cocks his gun* *Olga does the same*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:35   + 6 Strength points to Spoon  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:35  Using Blow  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:35 All I wanted was to return home for my family...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:35   + 2 Weakness points to  
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:35  Using Blow  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:35 So I killed for no reason...I conformed to the battles...
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:36 But now...I wont let the Battles change me.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:36 *shoots Olga in the arm, then headlocks her, throwing her into the river*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:36 I'll die a hero...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:36 Everyone wants to go home...and you ruined MY chance!!
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:36 [Back. I'm watching Seinfeld so my replies will be slow.]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:36 I'll do it for Otabek, and Malo, and everyone watching!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:37   + 25 Strength points to Spoon  
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:37 *falls into the river, but isn't dead yet* *swims over to the abandoned canoe*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:37   + 20 Weakness points to  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:37 You can kill me...but you'd better not lay a finger on him!
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:38 *finally collapses, unconscious*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:38 *points to Otabek*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:38 I can't keep my promises...*takes out his bow and an arrow*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:38 *stands over the cliff, watching Olga angrily* *Olga looks back at him with just as much hate*
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:38 *confronts Muerte, scythe ready*
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:38  Using Blow  
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:38  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:39 *the blow hits him right in the chest*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:39 *just stares at Osiris, not blinking*
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:39 *gets in the canoe and rows away*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 01:39 *has been heading back towards the Warehouse to get more supplies* *smells smoke, and suddenly sees Otabek, holding up a scythe*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:40 I hope I haunt you for the rest of your life...
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:40 *stares him back**it's practically a creepy eye staring contest*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 01:40 *Osiris
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:40 *stares at him
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:40 *is on TV live* *the current battles going on in the WBs are on replay* Well, things have surely gotten interesting, now haven't they?
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:41 You touch Otabek, and I'll kill you...
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 01:41 *stumbles backwards, ready to run* *falls over his own feet* *is under Osiris' wrath*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:41 *eyes begin to close*
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:41 *turns and gives Jonas the stare**DUN DUN DUNNNN*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 01:42 *watches the Muerte/Osiris battle front and center*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:42 (I'm going to drop a bunch of stuff since the Warehouse blew up.)
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:42 Jonas:O.O *buggy-eyed*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 01:42 *his mouth literally drops open* *reaches for a weapon, but can't get one*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:42  Dropping Backpack (no items) (x 3)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:42  Dropping Club (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:42 [OK!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:42  Dropping Metal pole (x 2)  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:43  Dropping Gun (any type) (x 2)  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:43 *starts laughing suddenly*
Player 92015,Jan.21 01:43 [Other than Zoey and Osiris, which of my characters are there?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:43  Dropping PlayersChoiceItem (x 4)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:43 *she and James are walking along when they make a wrong turn and find themselves face-to-face with the mayhem*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:43 (I think that's it in terms of Careers.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:44  Dropping Matches (x 10)  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:44 *laughs really hard, blood dripping from his mouth*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:44  Dropping Spear (10) (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:44 You guys...I forgot to tell you! I have one last surprise...almost forgot since I'm dying*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 01:44 *0.0*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:45 Osiris:*starts backing away slowly, for once being creeped out* [Note:Osiris is going to change now. He'll stay creepy now, but run away from the Careers and be more of a loner, all tributes being his enemies.]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:45 One last surprise...
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:45 *holds up the mic, opening another button*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:45 Sweet dreams careers...
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:46 Osiris:*trips and falls**looks around, somewhat regaining his "sanity" and realizing the havoc that he and the others have caused**is suddenly terribly afraid*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:46 *walks towards the Warehouse holding his gun* *sees all sorts of excitement unfolding*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:46 *presses the button*
Player 112015,Jan.21 01:46 *is rowing away as fast as possible down the river* *won't be seen until the grand finale*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:47 *the speakers suddenly start ringing with sirens*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:47 *looks at James* Should we go run for some of the items lying around?
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:47 *sees Jackson trying to tackle Muerte*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:48 *the intercom starts speaking with Muerte's voice, a recording of him*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 01:48 *loads his bow, aiming for Muerte* Never underestimate me...
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:48 *grins his last grin, holding Otabeks hand*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:48 *dies*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:49 *is really scared**hugs James tightly, afraid*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:49 *no canon goes off though*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:49 *is caught in the thick of things* *screams, terrified for eternity*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:50 *instead, a wierd holographic image of Muerte appears, the voice recording spewing out random numbers and letters in a sequence*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:50 Osiris:*realizing he has killed Muerte, he flees as quickly as possible, tormented by Muerte's voice coming from the intercom*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:51 Osiris:*keeps seeing the holographic image**screams at one point*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:51 *even he is creeped out by the Warehouse action going on*
Player 32015,Jan.21 01:51 *hears a bunch of weird numbers, letters, and more* *is terrified* *has been haunted*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:51 (k, so the holographic image is pretty much like one of the mutts from the hunger games...you can't kill it, but it can kill you. It's programmed to target the careers, and to help Otabek. It's weakness is that it can only appear within certain
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:52 *just hears a bunch of contestants screaming at once* *says aloud:* This is a nightmare!
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:52 boundaries, and can only appear for short amounts of time)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 01:52   + 10 Weakness points to  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:52 *starts crying uncontrollably*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:52 *gets up, eyes a little red and creepy* *starts running right towards his enemies- Lee and Zoey*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 01:53 *holds Astrid, trying to comfort her*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:53 Zoey:*wakes up, sees everything, and screams*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:53 Zoey:*pulls out a knife at the sight of Otabek*
Player 32015,Jan.21 01:53 *grabs her bow and arrows* *is out to find Otabek* *instructs Morag to stay back and guard the stuff- she'll be back shortly*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:54 *glitches a little bit, then picks up one of his bloody knives from the ground*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:54 *unseeing eyes locate Lee and Zoey*
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:54  Using Blow  *faces Otabek**whacks him with her staff*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:54 *glitches again, turning the face into a smile*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:55 *throws a knife at Zoey*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:55  Using Blow  
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:55 *transports directly behind Zoey*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:55 *spews out more random numbers*
Player 32015,Jan.21 01:55 *sees some people screaming* *is really confused, but then she sees holographic Muerte* *stifles a scream*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:56 *transports in front of Otabek, sheilding him*
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 01:56 *everyone is acting crazy about holographic Muerte* *is trying to block Muerte from view*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:57 (Wow, a tie.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:57 [Oh my GOSH!!]
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:57 (how about that?)
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:57 (I think we should do a tie-breaker with the dice.)
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:57 [OK, re-roll.]
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  
Player 202015,Jan.21 01:58 *has whacked Otabek pretty hard, and she deflected his knife with her staff* SUCKAH!!!!
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:58 *whirs and growls*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:58 *James pulls her forward**she and he run around, trying to pick up as much as they can*
Player 82015,Jan.21 01:58 *throws the bloody knife at Zoey*
Player 132015,Jan.21 01:59 *has lost the battle, and this time, it's fatal* *Zoey whacks him in the head hard, and a loud crack is heard* *walks forward, looking dead, and falls right over the cliff* *a cannon booms later, and Otabek is seen floating backside-up in the river*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:59  Taking Spear (10) (x 1)  
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 01:59  Taking Gun (any type) (x 2)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 01:59  Giving Spear (10) (x 1) to James  
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 01:59  Taking PlayersChoiceItem (x 4)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:00  Taking Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:00  Taking Matches (x 10)  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:00 *runs to the Warehouse and grabs something, anything*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:00  Taking Metal pole (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:00 *a horrible metallic screech comes from him, as Otabek dies*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:00 *looks up and sees James and Astrid* *quickly runs behind the Warehouse*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:00  Taking Metal pole (x 1)  
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:01 *the screech continues, unnerving*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:01  Taking Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:01  Giving Backpack (no items) (x 1) to James  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:01 *can't help screaming and covering her ears, not being able to take the screeching**James grabs her and they run away*
Player 32015,Jan.21 02:02 *runs over to the cliff* OTABEK!!! *screams as she watches him float down the river*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:02 *the holograph hacks it's own programming, and suddenly speaks*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:02 Otabek...
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:02 *stops when Muerte starts speaking*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:02 *covers it's "heart" sadly*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:03 *turns and looks at the hologram*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:03 *can hear a slightly robotic voice coming from the other side of the Warehouse, near the edge of the cliff* *bumps into holographic Muerte, Zoey, and Lee*
Player 32015,Jan.21 02:03 *stumbles off, crying* *goes to the Warehouse* *seeing Otabek floating down the river dead was probably the worst sight yet*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:04 *locates Mark, and scans him*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:04 [Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but do you like X-Men, Izzy? I recently became an X-Men fan.]
Player 32015,Jan.21 02:04 *ends up right beside Mark*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:04 *is neither friend nor foe, so it doesn't care*
Player 32015,Jan.21 02:04 *picks up the nearest weapon*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:04 *looks around, and sees Otabek floating down the river* *stumbles away and pukes*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:04 (X-Men is cool yeah)
Player 32015,Jan.21 02:04  Taking Club (x 1)  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:05 [Who are some of your favorite heroes? Your favorite villains?]
Player 32015,Jan.21 02:05 *takes off before Lee, Zoey, or even holographic Muerte can attack*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:05 *locates Zoey, and scans her*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:05 (I, of course, like Wolverine. My favorite villain is Magneto)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:05 *she and James try running through the havoc to safety but she trips and falls down**looks up to see the hologram scan her**her eyes widen*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:06 *after getting sick, he runs in the direction of Savannah, since she isn't a threat*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:06 *scans Astrid, unsure*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:06 [I'm not much of a Wolverine fan, but my favorite villain is Magneto too! :D]
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:06 Astrid...?
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 02:06 *has managed to run down by the river* *looks and sees Mamello rowing off in a canoe, in pretty weak shape* *at one point, the boat even stops*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:07 [I like Xavier, Rogue, Iceman, and Storm in terms of heroes, and Magneto and Mystique in terms of villains. "Candidate" favorites include Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, and I guess Wolverine.]
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:07 *glithes, and appears to help Astrid up*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:07 Y-y-yes...?
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 02:07 *sees Otabek* *murmers:* Oh, man...
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:07 *gets up with the help of the hologram*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:07 Osiris:*rides his canoe down the river*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:08 I-I-I will h-h-elp y-y-you...
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:08 *finds a cave and hides out* *starts crying*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:08 Hey! Get away from her!
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:09 *runs at Muerte, thinking he's an enemy*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 02:09 Well, today has been an odd one so far...and emotional as well. *Otabek's death is replayed about 5 times*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:09 *isn't sure whether to run away with James or find out what's really going on with Muerte*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:09 James!! STOP!!
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:09 He just wants to help!!
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:09 *James sails right through the hologram*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:10 *decides to take a nap* *gets in his sleeping bag and rests*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:10 *hacks the programming again, so that he can laugh*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 02:10 (We have to go, but we'll be back in an hour or two. Bye!)
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:10 *snickers at James, who glares at him*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:10 [OK, bye!]
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:10 (bye!)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:12 Muerte...why...what's happening?
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:13 I...was programmed...Muerte...to save...contestants...
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:13 [Izzy?]
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:13 [Nvm]
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:13 *his voice is very staticy*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:14 Why...? *suddenly Zoey comes out of nowhere, knives out*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:14 *gasps* Zoey:Heya suckah!!
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:14 *screeches again, like nails on a chalkboard*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:14 *quickly pulls out her whip*
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:14  Using Blow  
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:15  Using Blow  
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:15 *recognizes Zoey as a Career*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=37  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:16 *when Zoey threw her knives, they completely missed Astrid**Astrid lashed Zoey with her whip right in her face* Zoey:*screams and clutches her face, falling down*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:16 *is horrified at what she has done**quickly runs away to James**she and James take one last look at the havoc before running away*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:16 *does some weird apparation thing, where he sails through Zoey, electrocuting her*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:17 *watches Astrid go sadly*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:17 A-a-astrid...win the Battles...please...
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:18 *the holograph has to recharge, and it goes back to the warehouse*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:19 *runs with Astrid, terrified of everything that happened*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:19 *hears Muerte's last words to her and feels a little haunted*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:19 Zoey:*has spasms and collapses, unconscious*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:20 *holds his head, frusterated*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:22 *thinks of all the death, and holds back tears, feeling lucky he and Astrid are alive*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:22 *sits down and cuddles with James, trying hard not to cry*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:22 *needs a distraction* Hey James, want to assess our things?
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:23 *nods* Sure..sure...
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:23 *lays out his supplies*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:24 *sees that James has two guns* Hey James, mind if I have one of those guns? I'll let you have to my metal pole.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:24 Keep it...you can have the gun.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:25  Giving Gun (any type) (x 1) to Astrid  
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:26  Giving Metal pole (x 1) to James  Thanks...but you'll need the pole. Really, you probably will.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:26 *laughs* If you say so...
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:26 *nods, laughing a little too**they quickly become silent, remembering Muerte*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 02:26 [Mind if the Muerte hologram kills Zoey?]
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:26 *in a more serious tone* We should come up with a good plan...think of somewhere to go...
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:27 *slowly gets up**rubs her head and looks around*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 02:27 (not at all...he's programmed to kill all of them, so by all means)
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:27 *the Muerte hologram sees her and starts screeching his head off again*
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:27 [OK.]
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:28 *the hologram starts coming for her**runs as quickly as she can, wanting deeply to stay alive*
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:28 *he teleports in front of her**accidentally runs through him, getting the worst electric shock of her life*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:28 You...Otabek...dead! Prepare...die!
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:29 *collapses, spasming uncontrollably**Lee sees her and starts running towards her, calling out her name*
Player 202015,Jan.21 02:29 L...L....L....Lee... *spasms one more time and dies**a cannon goes off*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:30 *puts a hand over his heart* Otabek...
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:30 *sees Lee*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 02:30 *is up on the edge of a cliff*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:30 I-I-I told you I-I-I would haunt you!
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 02:30 *watches the havoc, shuddering at the sound of the cannon*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 02:32 *decides to go to the Warehouse since he sees junk lying around**sneaks to what was once the Warehouse*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:32 You wouldn't listen, would you?
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:32 You never did...
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 02:32  Taking Backpack (no items) (x 1)  *this is the only thing he can find in the debris*
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:33 Let the real games begin...
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:33 *watches Lee run away* *laughs, and goes back to the Warehouse*
19>Dakota (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 02:33 *sees the Muerte hologram and is thoroughly creeped out**runs the heck away from there*
Player 92015,Jan.21 02:34 *is getting near the edge of the arena**paddles over to shore, docks his canoe there, and rests, very weak and scared*
Player 92015,Jan.21 02:34 [Want to chat on You Decide?]
Player 92015,Jan.21 02:35 [I've sort of run out of ideas in terms of what happens next to our characters.]
Player 92015,Jan.21 02:38 [Hello?]
Player 82015,Jan.21 02:41 (sorry, I can't be on anymore tonight...when the others get back, feel free to roleplay as my characters)
Player 92015,Jan.21 02:42 [OK, bye!]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:22 [Still here. Replies will be slow, though.
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:22 *]
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:24 (uh, hi again. I actually can be on here infrequently!)
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:24 (I may have to leave randomly for long periods of time though)
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:26 (you're right about not having more ideas about what happens next)
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:27 (maybe we should just get to the finale?)
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:28 (gtg, but I'll be back at nine o' clock)
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:28 (Hey guys!)
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:28 (Okay, see you later Isabella!)
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:30 (Yeah, we can probably start the finale tonight. I'm not sure about Julia's characters though...I'm not sure if I should just kill 2 of them off or not. What are your thoughts?)
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:31 (Jackson (her Career tribute) will probably end up being killed in the finale, but near the end. We'll have to stretch it out so Julia can partcipate in the final bit.)
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:32 [Hi!]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:33 [I don't think we should kill Julia's characters. Also, perhaps we should postpone the finale for tomorrow so that Julia can participate.]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:33 [I just added two new opera reviews on the Review Blog BTW.]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:36 [Hello?]
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:37 (Ok. I think we can start some of the finale, but just keep Julia's characters around. Besides, I think there's a few more things to be done.)
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:37 [We should postpone the finale, in my opinion.]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:38 [I've been thinking of adding a "X-Men" review...]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:39 [I'll be on Movie RP and TT. I'm sort of World-Battled-out, you know what I mean?]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:39 [I might go to a different third RP though.]
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:40 (Well, I think I might start it. But I'm not just gonna dive right into it. It'll be like, a few people get to the Warehouse, or what was left of it, at least, and then prepare for battle. )
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:40 (I'll probably be here for Isabella's sake.)
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:40 [OK.]
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:41 [Alright. I'll be on Movie RP and TT. When Izzy's on, I'll go on one of her RPs as a third club.]
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:41 (But I'll definitely be on Movie RP. I haven't been on there for a few days, and we need to get things rolling.)
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:43 [Yeah. We haven't been on TT for several days, too.]
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 03:45 *wakes up and realizes that it is evening* *everything is silent* *thinks:* After that explosion, there hasn't been much arena activity.
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 03:46 *grabs his stuff and heads out* *comes across Savannah and Morag* *stops* Hi- um- I'm not a threat, so....um, yeah.
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:47 *is pretty somber* We could use some help. I'm guessing the finale will be coming up soon, and we need some help planning. *pauses* Happen to have a canoe?
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 03:48 No, but there's a few left around here. We could just grab one or steal one from the Careers. Whatever you wanna do.
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:49 (hey, I'm here...)
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:49 (If you'd like, I can try to jump in to Movie Rp now)
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:49 *suddenly, a projection appears, with Cori's face* *the Finnish anthem booms out* Max: Cori, from Finland, died proudly tonight. With a score of 6, she served her country until the end.
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:50 (Ok! That would be great.)
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:50 (alright)
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:50 *rolls eyes* Proudly?...Mark: I don't think so.
Player 92015,Jan.21 03:51 [Hey! This is my last post on WB for tonight. I'll be on here, TT, and Fartlandia RP!]
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:51 *another projection appears, with Muerte* *the Spanish anthem blares out for all to hear* Max: Muerte from Spain died courageously today. With a score of 13, he kept true to his allies...
Player 82015,Jan.21 03:51 (ok, guess I'll be on Fartlandia too then)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 03:52 Kept true to his allies?
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 03:52 He died betraying them!
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:53 *yet another projection comes up, Uzbekistan national anthem playing* Max: Otabek, from Uzbekistan was sacrficed with great honor today. With a score of 15, he, too, was a wonderful ally and friend.
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:54 *Enhle's projection comes up* Max: Enhle, from Zulu, died with honor today. With a score of 14, she kept fighting until the very end, like a proud warrior.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 03:55 *sighs* Too much fluff...that's not what happened...
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 03:56 I don't think even Max can cover up what Muerte did...
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:57 *the final projection- Zoey- comes up* *the American anthem plays loudly* Max: Zoey, from the USA died with great valor. With a score of 12, she was very entertaining and kept us all in great spirits.
Player 32015,Jan.21 03:57 *the projections close out* Well...one American contestant down...two more to go.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 03:58 (btw, do you think Julia knows when we're all on at the same time?)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 03:58 *laughs uncertainly* Yep...*the sky starts darkening*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 03:58 (or does someone have to tell her)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 03:59 (I don't think so, since she lives in Scotland. I think I'm going to start the finale, and then I'll leave this game for the night.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 03:59 (Just so she can participate in the finale.)
Player 82015,Jan.21 04:00 *listens to the projection speeches, including his own, and let's out an anguished screech*
Player 82015,Jan.21 04:00 (ok)
Player 82015,Jan.21 04:01 (if Julia doesn't know, I can tell her tomorrow)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 04:02 (Ok.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 04:03 *hears some crumbling-like noises* *turns around to see the Grand Canyon "crumbling"- otherwise known as just a special but realistic Battles effect*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 04:03 *grabs his stuff* LET'S MOVE!! *runs forward*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 04:04 *hears the crumbling* *grabs Astrid* RUN!!!
Player 32015,Jan.21 04:07 *pushes Morag ahead, wanting her to get a head start*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:07   + 2 Allies points to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:08   + 1 Allies points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:08   + 1 Allies points to Unice  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:08 (Ok, I think we'll pause the game here for the night! I'll leave a message behind for Julia to catch her up.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:14 (Note to Julia: Since you had last been on, the Careers managed to capture Mamello and Cori and held them ransom. The next day, Muerte blew up the Warehouse- having originally been a Career- and betrayed them.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:16 (Once the Warehouse exploded, several people were injured. Cori died, and Mamello jumped into the river, but wasn't badly injured. A few contestants died, and now it's time for the finale- the Grand Canyon has started crumbling, and...)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:17 (...It's up to your contestants to get to the Warehouse to battle. Also, I apologize for killing Cori if you didn't want her to be killed. Just a quick reminder that each player gets 1 victor, so if you have an idea of who your victor will be, that'd be..
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 04:17 ...great. Hope this isnt too confusing!)
Player 172015,Jan.21 17:37 (thanks, I would like Jackson to be killed soon, I think I want Morag or Mamello to survive!)
Player 172015,Jan.21 17:37 (I can't decide which, i will decide soon though)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 17:53 (I do know that you all come on at the same time, but cause I live in the UK when your playing Its around 4 in the morning here so i'm asleep. thats why i dont come on then)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 18:19 (That's fine! Usually the only times I can be on when you're on is around maybe 9 or 10 PM your time, which is around 4 or 5 PM my time.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 18:20 *is seen running at top speed towards the Warehouse ruins* *notices some of his ex-allies too, as well as holographic Muerte*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 18:21 *shoots too arrows at him/it, enraged*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 18:22 *while he, Savannah, and Morag are running, Fleur manages to merge towards them* *Fleur almost falls off the cliff, but he pulls he up in time*
Player 22015,Jan.21 18:23 *thanks Mark and continues running*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 18:24   + 10 Experience points to Spoon  
Player 82015,Jan.21 18:39 *laughs, glitching, as the arrow sails through him*
Player 82015,Jan.21 18:39 You...weak...Lee!
Player 82015,Jan.21 18:40 *does the hand over heart thing* Otabek...
Player 82015,Jan.21 18:40 *then zaps forward at Lee*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:03 *falls to the ground but comes back up, scared* *makes a run for some of the other contestants, ready to kill* *throws a knife at Mark, but it misses by quite a lot* *goes for Savannah*
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:04 *having had enough of Lee from the very beginning, she takes out her club and smacks him with it*
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:04  Using Blow  
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:07 Die...Lee...
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:08 *falls down hard, getting the wind knocked out of him* *grabs his bow and whacks Savannah with it*
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:08 *picks up one of the arrows* *watches Lee closely*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:09 *his blow misses, and he gets knocked back again* *is not done fighting just yet*
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:09 *comes a little closer, arrow in hand*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 20:09   + 20 Weakness points to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 20:10   + 20 Strength points to  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:10 *turns around and sees holographic Muerte coming for him* *swings his bow at him aimlessly*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:11 *takes out his metal pole this time* *smacks Savannah with it*
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:11 *it goes through him, and then Muerte stops*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:11  Using Blow  
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:11 Stop, Lee...don't become what the battles want you to!
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:12 *his voice is urgent, if not a little sad*
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:12 I don't want to hurt you!
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:12 *looks up and sees Muerte* *gets back up, bow and arrow in hand* *aims the arrow at Lee* I'm sorry...
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:12  Using Blow (extra strong)  
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=38  
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:13 *stares at Savannah, sadly*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:13 *is not dead yet, but could be dead with another blow* *looks up at Muerte, glaring* Don't. Say. ANYTHING TO ME!! You betrayed me...*coughs a little*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 20:14   + 20 Weakness points to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 20:14   + 10 Experience points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 20:14   + 10 Strength points to  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 20:16 *stands back a little, wondering if Lee will die soon or not* *feels like this is something that only occurs in movies, and gets sort of scared*
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:16 *watches him* I saved innocent lives, Lee.
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:17 I can help you...you could do the same...
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:17 Lee: *roars:* LEAVE ME ALONE!!! *grabs his bow, arrows, and staff weakly* Savannah: *backs up a little* *can see Jackson running into view*
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:18 *stands there*
Player 82015,Jan.21 20:18 *wants to help Lee, very much, but fears it's too late*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 20:19 NO!! No one will ever be able to help me. *looks up at Muerte* Don't underestimate me...I'll get my revenge...
Player 32015,Jan.21 20:21 *looks at Mark and Morag* Should we leave?...Mark: No. It's not worth it anymore. These Battles aren't even worth it anymore. Nothing is.
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 21:02 No, Dont leave
Player 172015,Jan.21 21:03 No, Lee!
Player 82015,Jan.21 21:22 How will you get revenge Lee...? I have nothing left! I'm not even alive! *laughs a little sadly*
Player 82015,Jan.21 21:23 *holds out his hand* I can help you, Lee... Just take my hand, before it's too late...I don't want to have to watch you die.
Player 82015,Jan.21 21:25 *small glitchy tears form on his face* I've already lost enough to these stupid Battles. Why should I have to lose you as well? I have a way to save you...to save everyone here. *looks somewhere in the distance* You could come with, and go back home.
Player 82015,Jan.21 21:27 *Lee doesn't budge at first* Or you could sit there being an idiot too. I'm going to save them all Lee. I can save you too. Maybe you should think on it, while I try to rescue the others.
Player 82015,Jan.21 21:28 *zaps away in a flash near Savannah and her company*
Player 82015,Jan.21 21:29 *smiles at her* You...were the one...helped Otabek...yes?
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 21:59 thats her!
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:18 *nods* Yes, I was. *feels a little sad just thinking about it* Morag and I both...we knew him.
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:19 *nods* I thought as much...
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:19 You...were..good friend.
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:20 *covers his "heart", and bows slightly*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 22:20 Max: *is really concerned about what Muerte said* *mutters:* He's ruining the purpose! BattleMaker: What can we do? Max: Anything- anything at all!
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:20 I...have...way out of...Battles...
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:21 Very...risky...
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:22 Come...with..?
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 22:22 *is really starting to consider Muerte's invitation, but rejects it* *grumbles:* After you betrayed us...I don't think I could trust you to save me, or anyone else here!
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:23 *turns back to Lee, sad* Very well...with heavy heart...I leave you here...
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:23 *covers his "heart"* Die well...friend...
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:25 *turns back to Savannah and Morag*
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:25 C-c-c-come with?
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:26 Please...?
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:28 F-f-f-follow, if you wish....
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:28 Of course, Muerte
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:28 *follows Muerte*
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:28 *starts zapping away, farther down the riverside, is reaching the boarder*
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:28 *looks at Mark and Morag* Okay. We'll come.
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:29 Must...find...others...
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:29 *jogs to keep up with Muerte*
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:29 *gathers up Astrid and James as well*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:29 "others?"
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:29 "who else"?
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:29 The..other...tributes!
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 22:30 *has finally reached the Warehouse* *sees Lee suffering, and knows it's his chance* *throws one of his arrows at Lee*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.21 22:30 *lets out one more anguished scream, then dies* *a cannon booms*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:30 *hears a cannon fire, probably for Lee*
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:31 No...more...time! Must...go...now! *static is taking over* Must hurry!
Player 172015,Jan.21 22:31 "I can't die nNNNNNNooOOOO!"
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 22:31 *walks past the Warehouse, then comes face to face with Jackson*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:31 I'm hurrying, don't worry Muerte
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:32 They...are trying to...override my...system...We must leave the Battles now!
Player 22015,Jan.21 22:32 *points* I see someone! *is pointing to Hananoko*
Player 172015,Jan.21 22:32 *shoots himself, the last thing he hears is a cannon*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:33 Tell us how to
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 22:33 I will come with you Muerte.
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 22:33 *bows*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:33 Me too
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:34 All i want is to get out of this living hell
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:34 *nods at everyone* Very well...
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:34 *thinks of Cori, then shouts* I am doing this for Cori
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:34 I..can..hack into their system...for five minutes...
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 22:34 *watches Jackson's death, horrified* *runs back the other way, but ends up facing Osiris* *after a deadly duel , Osiris stabs him with his scythe*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:35 She was too young to die, but the battles killed her at her premature age
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 22:35 *falls over, dead* *a cannon goes off*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:35 Come on Muerte, how do we get out
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:36 *thinks* cannons are going off every 10 seconds, we need to hurry
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:36 I..will...bring down...their surveillance...and border..
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:36 *looks at Muerte* *thinks about what Max Davis might be thinking*
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:37 You will have five minutes to leave...I will...be gone...I am sorry...
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:37 This...will kill me...
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:37 *almost manages a smile as she thinks about Max and the battlemakers*
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:37 Good...luck... *smiles*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:37 No Muerte, don't go....
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:37 This...is...only way!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 22:37 Max: There's been enough playing around already. *is really angry* *viewers across the nation are pretty surprised about Muerte's plan*
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:38 *disappears into the system as a virus*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:38 right, everyone, lets get out. Muerte sacraficed himself for us, we need to make sure we make his death worthwhile
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:38 No! Muerte, please!... What are we going to do now?
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:38 *the virus starts spreading* *the five minutes begin*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:39 Come on! We need to move!
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:39 We need to carry this out. You're right, Morag.
Player 22015,Jan.21 22:39 *is slowly rowing towards the Warehouse area, unaware of what really happened*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:39 So, everyone out
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 22:40 *starts leaving with the others*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 22:40 *whips up a huge tidal wave for the arena*
Player 112015,Jan.21 22:40 *is also in a canoe* *can see Fleur slowly making her way towards the Warehouse ruins* *starts rowing after her at top speed*
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:40 *leaves the arena, Mark following*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 22:40 *screams, falling behind the others* *the tidal wave is catching her*
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 22:41 No! No, no, no! I need to make it back! *gets caught under the wave* * a canon goes off*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:42 *leaves the arena with Astrid in tow* *hurries*
Player 22015,Jan.21 22:42 *is now at the Warehouse* *lets out a scream as she sees Warehouse rubble...and Olga putting a gun to her head*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:42 *Fleur, Hananoko, Olga, come here!
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:42 Leaves arena pulling Morag with him
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 22:42 *sees that some of the contestants have already disappeared off the board* *yells in rage, bringing a fist down on the control board*
Player 112015,Jan.21 22:43 *grins wickedly at Fleur* Finally, I've reached you. My enemy from the start.
Player 82015,Jan.21 22:43 *the virus starts to go dead* *the five minutes are ending*
Player 22015,Jan.21 22:44 go ahead. shoot me. *is breathing hard* *reveals her arrows*
Player 22015,Jan.21 22:44  Using Blow  
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:44 *wonders if the others will make it out alive or not*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:44 Hurry! everyone not already out, get out
Player 22015,Jan.21 22:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
Player 112015,Jan.21 22:45  Using Blow (extra strong)  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:45 Olga, Fleur, No
Player 112015,Jan.21 22:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:45 Watches from outside as the virus starts to die
Player 112015,Jan.21 22:46 *shoots Fleur right in the head* *Fleur falls over, dead, and a cannon goes off* *soon, Stefan and Osiris' cannons go off too*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:46 Olga, come on!
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:46 You have to make it out alive
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:46 Please!
Player 112015,Jan.21 22:46 *sees everyone and walks towards them, looking savage*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:46 Uh...she's sort of a psycho...maybe we should just leave her...
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:47 *the virus dies, and the border is restored*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:47 No, I am going to make sure she gets out
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 22:47 *raises his gun, ready to shoot Olga*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:47 NO! We should have got her out! this is my fault
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:47 Mark!
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:48 Mamello, leave them, it was their choice to stay
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 22:48 *is shaking* If anyone should win, it's the people who were normal, like us. The people who didn't know anything about fighting, but fought right through it.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:48 Mark is right...we should go.
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:48 See, Mark is right Mamello, leave it
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:48 Lets go guys
Player 112015,Jan.21 22:49 I won from the start. What can you guys expect? *walks right into the border, but gets electrified to a crisp* *a cannon goes off*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:49 No! Please
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:49 (oh...that's kind of sad...)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:49 That is what Max wanted! As many people as possible to die, we can't afford to lose anyone else
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:50 (I know, i am about to start crying)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 22:50 *looks down at what is left of Olga- a pile of ashes* It's going to take a few years to recover from this.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:50 *looks away, feeling sick*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:51 Looks like he is about to faint
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:51 (BTW, I still have 2 charectors alive, is that OK, or should I kill one of them?)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:51 *sinks to her knees and starts crying*
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:52 *manages to speak* Olga may have been a fierce warrior, but this isn't entertaining. It's pure terror.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:52 *goes to comfort Morag*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:52 *nods in agreement*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:52 *no body deserves a death like that*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:53 So...where do we go now?
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:53 Thats awful
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:53 They won't accept us...
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:53 I dont know, is everyone OK though, maybe we should let them recover
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:54 I'm never going to recover...
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:54 (You can keep them for a more rebellious twist on this round.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:54 never...
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:54 (thanks!)
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:54 *sees Astrid crying hard* It's gonna be hard to forget.
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:54 these few days have ruined our lives for ever
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:55 I will never forget this
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:55 *manages to stand up, and goes over to Astrid*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:55 *nods in agreement*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 22:55 *it takes twice as long for a helicopter to come since he had to decide everything with the Battlemakers*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:56 (what actually happens now?)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:56 (oh right, I see)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 22:56 *hears a motor whirring in the distance* *looks up* *gasps a little* Oh my gosh...it's a helicopter! *feels slightly hysteric*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:56 Spots the helicopter first
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:56 *gasps*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:57 *is a tad shocked*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:57 *but doesn't celebrate, everything is too awful*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 22:57 *the helicopter lands beside them* *waits for Max to get out*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:57 Are they...helping us?
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:57 (how many of us are actually alive?)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:57 I think they are here to help
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:57 (6 people.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:57 Why?
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:58 Why would they help us...
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:58 I don't know
Player 32015,Jan.21 22:58 *stumbles towards the helicopter, dizzy* *sees Max getting out*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 22:58 (thanks)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 22:59 *stumbles back a little*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 22:59 Ladies and gentlemen...let me present the winners of the 2nd World Battles...*seems pretty winded*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:59 *starts yelling at Max*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 22:59 *stares into space, shocked* *tears run down his face*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 22:59 13 innocent kids died you know! just for your entertainment
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:00 *glares at Mamello* Just leave it!
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:00 Our lives have been destroyed, we might as well have died out there
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 23:00 *is probably scarred for life*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:00 No, I won't leave it, its not right
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 23:00 (I'm going to calculate everyone's scores, this might take awhile.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:00 We don't care about winning, we just want the battles to stop
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:01 (alright)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:01 *sighs, then nods* That's right...
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:01 Stop the Battles!
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:01 *yells out loudly* Stop the Battles!!!!
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:02 "STOP THE BATTLES"
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:02 "STOP THE BATTLES"
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:02 *everyone joins in the chant*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:02 "STOP THE BATTLES"
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:03 "STOP THE BATTLES"
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:04 *watches the 5 other survivors join in the chant*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:04 *glares at Max*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:04 *smiles through her tears , this is the best thing that has happened since the start of the battles*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:05 *Watches Max with interest, his reaction is hilarious*
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:06 So, who won Max, go on tell us who won
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:06 *wonders what Max will do* *has actually decided he's not going back in the copter*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:07 *Max stands there looking utterly confused*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:07 *whispers* I won't go back...
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:08 (I wonder who actually won)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:08 (it definitely wasn't me)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:09 (maybe Savannah)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:10 (yes, definitely Savannah, then Mark)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:11 (then Mamello)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:11 (yeah)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:11 (ah well, Me, James and Astrid definitely didnt do too well)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:11 *brings out the gold trophy* I present you our Grand Trophy Winner...Savannah from the USA.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:11 (haha, yeah)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:12 (I think I came last out of the survivors)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:12 (Yeah)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:12 Well done Savannah!
Player 32015,Jan.21 23:12 *grasps the trophy, feeling dazed* *looks up at Max* Thank you...
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:12 *smiles at her* You won...
Player 32015,Jan.21 23:12 *smiles at Morag* Thank you.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:13 well done, its what you deserved
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.21 23:13 Who came next?
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:13 (not me!)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:14 (or me!)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.21 23:14 (WOW! just realised that Muerte was 12, he was one brave 12yo
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:14 *steps away from Max*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:15 (aw yeah!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 23:15 (Yeah, Muerte was definitely a fighter.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:15 The...the scores don't matter...what matters is that we're all alive!
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:16 (I'm going to add the girl he kept talking about in the next Battles: Malo)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.21 23:16 *smiles at Savannah* You really showed them what you coukd do with a score of one. Nice job.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:16 (oh yeah! SHe was the one who got the score of one!)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:17 (i forgot for a second there)
Player 32015,Jan.21 23:17 *smiles* Thanks. I'm gonna miss you guys...even though this wasn't the best experience.
Player 32015,Jan.21 23:17 *gets inside the helicopter with everyone else*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:18 Ah, about that, I'm not going back...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:18 *reads the scores aloud*
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:18 Sorry, Max...not today.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:18 -WINNERS SCORES-
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:19 *looks at James* What?.. *is confused*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:19 1. SAVANNAH (USA) 65 POINTS
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:19 No thanks pal...I'm going elsewhere, other than my frozen continent.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:20 2. MARK (USA) 43 POINTS
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:20 I'm going to bring down these Battles...just have to figure out how...
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:20 Oh yeah, and this means I can't get drawn on Anniversaries! That's a good perk.
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:20 So...bye!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:21 3. ASTRID(NORWAY) 19 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:21 *Astrid screams for James to return, but it is no use* Alright then...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:22 4. MAMELLO (SOUTH AFRICA) 18 POINTS
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:22 *looks at Astrid* I'll come back soon...just not as a World Battle Winner...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:22 5. JAMES (ANTARCTICA) 17 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:23 6. MORAG (SCOTLAND) 7 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:23 *everyone watches James walk off as the copter flies away*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:24 -NON WINNERS RANKINGS-
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:24 *sticks his tongue out at Max*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:24 1. MUERTE (SPAIN) 79 POINTS
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:24 (R.I.P Muerte...)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:24 2. SAVANNAH (USA) 65 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:25 (Yeah. He actually got a great score! I was pretty surprised by that.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:25 (yeah...)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:25 3. FLEUR (NETHERLANDS) 49 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:26 4. MARK (USA) 43 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:26 5. OSIRIS (EGYPT) 38 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:27 6. ZOEY (USA) 33 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:28 7. ENHLE (ZULU) 31 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:28 8. CORI (FINLAND) 22 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:29 9. ASTRID (NORWAY) 19 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:30 10. JACKSON (IRELAND), HANANOKO (JAPAN), and MAMELLO (SOUTH AFRICA) 18 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:30 11. JAMES (ANTARCTICA) 17 POINTS
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:31 (heh, I can just see Zoey going, "WHAT THE (BLEEP) IS THIS?!!!?!?!" at her score)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:31 12. STEFAN (CZECH REPUBLIC) 16 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:31 (Yeah! Hahaha.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:32 13. JONAS (AUSTRIA) 11 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:32 14. MORAG (SCOTLAND) 7 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:32 15. LEE (CHINA) -1 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:33 16. OLGA (RUSSIA) -10 POINTS
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.21 23:34 Well, that wraps up another World Battles! That one was definitely interesting! Once I delete everyone, feel free to add a maximum of 4 contestants!
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:34 (ok!)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:50 (Charlie- the contestant from the UK. Wears the WB uniform with a light blue shirt and borders. Is mostly always happy, despite being in the Battles. Weapon of choice is a cord/rope.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.21 23:51  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=2  
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.21 23:55 (Netta: contestant from Finland. At birth, her teen mom dropped her off on the doorstep of the mansion that nobody dared enter. The parents ended up being real creeps, and they divorced when Netta was 10, leaving her in a messed up state.)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.21 23:56 (Her foster dad would train her with weapons in the mansion basement, so she has experience with guns and kitchen knives.)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 23:57 (Mizu, one of the contestants from Japan. Wears the WB uniform with an ocean blue border. Is Hananoko's treacherous sister, who was mentioned previously. She leads my character's main alliance, called The Resistance, which most of my characters are in.
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.21 23:57 (Has greasy, white-blond hair that hangs in her face, with menacing dark brown eyes. Wears the uniform with a turquoise shirt and borders.)
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.21 23:57  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 23:57 Is very unpopular in Japan, despite being it's Empress, she was overthrown because of her defiance against the Battles)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 23:59 (has long strait black hair, and dark brown eyes that look black. Wears Geisha makeup, and uses samarai swords)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 23:59  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=19  
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.21 23:59 (yes! The perfect score for my character's leader!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:01   + 2 Score points to James  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:01   + 6 Score points to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:01   + 19 Score points to Trina  
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:02 (Hotaru-the other contestant from Japan. Is Mizu's brother, who wants to avenge Hananoko. Is the more popular sibling of the two, and will end up being a Career)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 00:03 (Ruth: The contestant from Ghana. Has chocolate colored skin and sort of fuzzy black hair. Wears the WB uniform with a faded yellow shirt. Weapon of choice is a club, not much of the fighter type though.)
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:03 (has fiery red hair, and dark black eyes. Uses ninja like weapons, and dresses in all black)
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:03  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=4  
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 00:03 (Will probably end up being part of the Resistance, since she disagrees with Max.)
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 00:04  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=1  
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:04 (he's not very good at fighting, but he's still more of a fighter than his sister)
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:04 (hey, Ruth's character thing isn't showing up on my computer...is it just me?)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:06 (That's weird. It's showing up fine here.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:06 (Malo-the contestant from Spain. Is part of the Resistance. Her name in Spanish means bad, and boy is it right. Malo is bad to the bone, and a great theif. She is desperate to avenge Muerte, and still hasn't gotten over him. After he died, the
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:06 government let her go to fight as a replacement)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:07 (Aaron: contestant from the USA. Has pale skin and red hair in a buzzcut. Wears the WB uniform with gold shirt.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:07 (uh...player fifteen isn't showing up either...)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:07 (I think something's up with my computer...)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:07  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=18  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:08 (Played basketball at his high school, and is almost 7 ft tall, so he's athletic enough. Doesn't have much experience with weapons though.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:08  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=6  
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:08 (my last character for now, Westie, a contestant from the USA. has light brown hair, and golden eyes. Has a cowboy hat, and a cowboy personality and language, earning him the nickname Cowboy in the Battles)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:09 (is good with double pistols)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:09  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=15  
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:09 (will also end up eventually joining the Resistance)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:10 (I would try reloading the tab, or reopening the game maybe. Hopefully it'll show up.)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:10 (woo, ok I fixed it somehow)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:10 (or, it fixed itself)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:10   + 1 Score points to Malo  
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:11 (my laptap's just weird)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:11   + 18 Score points to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:11 (It happens to me sometimes to when I'm using my computer, but I usually just reopen the game.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:12   + 4 Score points to  
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:12 (nah, it's my laptop...it's really weird...)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:13   + 6 Score points to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:13   + 15 Score points to  
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:14 (ok, so I'm determined NOT to miss the parade this time!)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:14 (I will make it today!)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:17 (uh, did you guys leave?)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.22 00:18 (No, we're still here!)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:18 (ok. It's still doing the character thing...I'm going to reload it...)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.22 00:19 (Alina: contestant from Israel. Has tan skin, brown eyes, and light brown hair. Wears a purple tee shirt and the WB uniform. Will be a part of the Resistance, and can figure out weapons easily.)
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.22 00:19  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=16  
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:20 (not bad at all)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:24 (oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that Malo's main weapon is a fencing spanish sword)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:24 (Yeah, I'm sort of impressed, since my other characters haven't had such luck.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:25 (she doesn't go anywhere without it, and is very skilled at fencing)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:25 (Jean Baptiste: contestant from France. Has olive skin and a dusty blond-brown hair in a flip. Wearing all black.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:26 (yeah, the others weren't doing so great were they)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:27 (Back before the Battles, Jean-Baptiste was a star and was admired by a lot of girls. He was even a model. He's VERY proud of his appearance, but don't be fooled by his looks- he also took jousting, and is great at it. Not to mention he's agile.)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:27  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=16  
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:28 (Wow, JB has a good score as well.)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:28 (woohoo!)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:29 (hm...maybe even Ally admired him)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:30 (can't wait to see where you pick for the Battles to be this time!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:32 (I think I already have it in mind. It's gonna be pretty exciting.)
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:32 (awesome!)
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:33 (hm...is Hotaru the only Career so far?)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:35 (Oh yeah, Jean is also a Career.)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:35 (oh, ok!)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:36 (so maybe Ally wouldn't admire him so much...)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:38 (Yeah, maybe not.)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:42 (should we maybe do something else until the others join?)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:44 (We may have to go, but we'll be on soon!)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:44 (Wait maybe not.)'
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 00:45 (We can stay on longer.)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:45 (ok)
Player 112015,Jan.22 00:45 (what should we do?)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 00:47 (should we, like, have them talking to each other before the parade?)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 00:49 (or should we just wait?)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.22 00:50 (After I finish making my last characters, I'm thinking we're good to go!)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.22 00:51 (Jenna: The contestant from Finland. Has blonde hair and blue eyes, looks sorta like Raven in X-Men but with shorter hair. Weapon of choice is throwing knives, will definitely be joining the Resistance.)
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.22 00:51  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=19  
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:53 (I'll have Aaron join The Resistance sometime after the Bloodbath.)
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:53 (ok)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:53 (I'll have Aaron join The Resistance sometime after the Bloodbath.)
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 00:53 (Double post)
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:54 (its fine)
Player 172015,Jan.22 00:55 (My last character- Meghan, from Ireland. Has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and looks pretty mature for her age. Although young, she is a Career. Was inspired by Olga in the last battles. Weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.)
Player 172015,Jan.22 00:55  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=7  
Player 92015,Jan.22 00:55 (yes...another career...>:))
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:56   + 16 Score points to Unice  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:56   + 16 Score points to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:56   + 19 Score points to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:57   + 7 Score points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:57  Giving Blow (x 10) to Trina  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:57  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Trina  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:58  Giving Blow (x 10) to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:58  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Jake  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:58  Giving Blow (x 10) to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:59  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Elsa  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:59  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 00:59  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:00  Giving Blow (x 10) to Malo  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:00  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Malo  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:00  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:00  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:01 (Once I'm done handing these out, I think we can begin! Or if you want to now, we can also do that.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:01  Giving Blow (x 10) to Spoon  
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 01:01 (that's fine, I can wait)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:01  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Spoon  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:01  Giving Blow (x 10) to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:01  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Astrid  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:02  Giving Blow (x 10) to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:02  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Isak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:02  Giving Blow (x 10) to James  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:02  Giving Blow (x 2) to James  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:02  Giving Blow (x 10) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:03  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:03  Giving Blow (x 10) to Unice  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:03  Giving Blow (extra strong) (x 2) to Unice  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:03 -BACK IN HAWAII-
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:04 *is sitting on a stage, being interviewed by a host about the most recent Battles* Interviewer: What do you have to say about Muerte- who came "back to life" and saved some of the contestants?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:06 Well, I have to say I was dumfounded. He cut off the signals for awhile, and it was pretty hard for me to fix it. Near the finale of his own, I was left to use some special effects- until they disappeared off the map.
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:06 (are the contestants there too?)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:06 But yet...I was impressed. Because we haven't had any contestant that brilliant. Interviewer: Which brings me to the topic of rebellions...all over the globe.
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:08 (hello?)
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:10 (you still there?)
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:12 (well...I'll just wait here for a while in case you come back! Maybe some of the others will come and make their characters)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 01:18 (Oh! I forgot to put what Malo looks like!)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 01:19 (she has super fluffy looking red hair, which hardly ever gets to clean. She keeps it cropped super short, with two scruffy little tufts coming off either side of her head in ties. She has deep soulful brown eyes, and is super short for her age)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 01:20 (she's also really skinny from her mistreatment of being in prison and stuff)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 01:24 (I have to go, and in case any of you come back, I'll probably come to check again at around 6:40 my time)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:25 (Ok, see you then! We had to go eat dinner.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Jan.22 01:33 *begins discussing recent rebellions going on across the globe*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 01:33 (I'm back! Got to come back on a little early!)
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:40 (oh, I'm planning on having something happen to Westie so that he sort of goes crazy)
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:40 (he then starts to imagine some random person name Jack, who he talks to a lot, even though he isn't real)
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:41 (it's going to turn out that the reason Westie is crazy is that he has some weird condition where if he doesn't take medicine his brain starts to shut down)
Player 112015,Jan.22 01:42 (that's going to be how Westie dies: talking a to his imaginary friend, Jack, about what he's going to do when he get's back from the Battles)
Player 92015,Jan.22 01:43 (I'm going to have Hotaru die in a big epic battle between he and Mizu at the finale, where he'll do some cool spiel, and then die)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 01:44 (Malo's going to die in the finale by some other character, and then she's going to have some really touching last words)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 01:45 (Mizu is going to be my winner.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.22 01:55 (Hey! Sorry for coming on sorta late.)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 01:55 (that's fine!)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 01:56 (so, what exactly are the contestants doing right about now?)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 01:58 (while I wait, I'm going to start rereading the whole roleplay!)
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:00 (It aught to take me a while)
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 02:01 (I might do the same! It's been really action-packed so far.)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.22 02:02 (Hey! Sorry for coming on sorta late.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:03 (yeah, very intense)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.22 02:03 (Double post.)
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:03 (that's fine!)
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.22 02:04 (The contestants are in a back room, watching Max on a TV and getting ready for the parade. They also get to interact*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:04 (oh! Great!)
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 02:05 *watches the T.V., grinning when they talk about the rebellions* You got that right buddy...
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:05 *glares at his sister*
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:06 Those aren't a good thing, Mizu...
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 02:06 A lot of those are mine! Of course I'm going to cheer when they talk about them!
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:07 *sits there, talking to a bunch of the other contestants*
Player 172015,Jan.22 02:07 *rolls eyes* It's not like we should care...*adjusts a red-haired wig*
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 02:09 *glances at Meghan, annoyed* *thinks: She knows nothing about what's truly behind these Battles...*
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:10 So...my names Westie!
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:10 *grins at everyone*
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:10 *tips his hat to a few people*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:11 *sits in the back, watching the T.V.*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:11 *glares at Meghan, and if looks could kill, she would be dead*
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:12 *shifts in his seat, looking around at the others*
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:12 *spots Westie*
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:12 Are you one of those cowboys or something?
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:13 No...
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:13 I'm not!
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:13 You look like a cowboy. And you talk like one too.
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:13 I'm not a cowboy!
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:14 You even act like a cowboy! Mizu, isn't he like one of those cowboys!
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 02:14 *rolls her eyes* If he says he isn't a cowboy, then he isn't!
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 02:15 *starts giggling uncontrollably in the background*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 02:15 *walks around with this toy soldier -like costume on, trying to show off*
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:15 Here, let's see if the great Dragon Spirits say he's a cowboy!
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:15  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
10>Malo (GrandTrophyWinner), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 02:15 *wrong person- it was supposed to be Meghan giggling*
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:15 See! He's a cowboy!
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:16 *face turns red* I'M NOT A COWBOY!
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:16 Whatever you say, Cowboy.
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:17 Ergh!!!!!
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 02:17 *stands around in the back, feeling bad for Westie*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:17 Oh shut up!
16>James (Previous Winner), 20yo.2015,Jan.22 02:17 *laughs* *is wearing a royal guard outfit* Cowboys are awesome! I wish I had your costume...
4>Trina (Sponsor-Finland), 19yo.2015,Jan.22 02:18 *sighs* *goes back to the T.V.*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.22 02:19 *is marching around the room in continuous circles, looking crazy*
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:19 *smiles at Charlie* Thank you.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 02:19 *Netta glares at him* *slowly walks to a chair and sits, feeling really out of place*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:19 *continually fidgets, watching the others*
7>Elsa (Winner:Germany), 14yo.2015,Jan.22 02:20 *glares darkly at Aaron*
14>Astrid (Winner:Norway), 21yo.2015,Jan.22 02:20 *is pretty annoyed with Netta, even if she's from her home country* *gives her a glare*
6>Jake (Winner- USA), 18yo.2015,Jan.22 02:21 Would you people stop glaring!!!!
Player 112015,Jan.22 02:21 I'm smiling...
Player 92015,Jan.22 02:22 No one asked you cowboy!
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 02:22 *agreeing with Malo* Might as well smile while you can.
15>Isak (Sponsor:Sweden), 43yo.2015,Jan.22 02:23 *sees Charlie standing in the other corner, smiling widely*
12>Spoon (Previous Victor), 73yo.2015,Jan.22 02:24 *flips his baton in the air, and it hits Mizu in the head*
18>Unice (Sponsor), 56yo.2015,Jan.22 02:26 *winces, knowing the outcome will not be good*