" World Battles RP - Neo Edition " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 13 to 18 years of age.
This game is no longer in operation.

11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.23 05:11 *turns, sighing and shaking his head a little**continues to sit by Madison on the edge of the plateau and look out at the view*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:14 Well, I feel bad for you. And I know the rumors aren't true.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.23 05:14 *is quiet* Yeah. *waits a few beats* Don't take it to heart, man. He's just... angry at everything, for some reason.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:14 Right. He's dealing with his issues by blaming you guys for it.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:15 Yeah. The only thing he's been doing is isolating himself. Just like he is right now...
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.23 05:15 Things change: sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. Matt ended up with the latter.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.23 05:16 I don't think he's had it easy, necessarily. But that's no excuse.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:16 I'm getting sick and tired of all this [BLEEP].
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:16 Simply put, Nairne.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:17 I thought our enemies were those hooligans. *motions towards the Hunters*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:17 He's a problem, so I've come up with a solution: we get rid of him.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:17 And I don't just mean Lumpy Space Meerkat's drama bombs, I mean EVERYTHING - the World Battles, the jets, Max's Crappy Mix, this freakin' rock that's been up my [BLEEP] ever since I first sat down...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:17 Someone please just take me back to the Hebrides!!
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:18 Speaking of the Hunters, THOSE guys...especially Mick.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:18 Evidently, it's Matt too.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:18 Should've just "accidentally" left you there.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:19 By this rate I don't think dumping Matt will make any difference...he's practically already dumped us.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:19 Yeah, but he follows us around.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:19 *sighs* Nairne... I wholeheartedly agree. Why did I agree to this mess? Don't know. But I don't like a mess.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:20 He only bothers us when provoked, anyways. Maybe we should just ignore him from now on. Immature, but it could be our only solution.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:20 This World Tours was anything but a glamorous idea. Plus, it's a big waste of a budget.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:20 *turns to Marshall* None of us agreed. Cowboy Max caught us with his ropes and dragged us into this h**lhole.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.23 05:21 We'll see what happens. I think his chances have run out. Unfortunately.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:21 And if anyone wants out, go right ahead. Leave through the back door...right where a firing squad is waiting for us.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:21 *sounds dull* Yee-haw. Ride 'em cowboy.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:22 I agree with Riley's plan. Treat him like the whiny toddler he is and ignore his temper tantrums.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:22 It'll be mighty quick, though. The squad doesn't have a bad aim, I hear. Practically painless.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:23 Tch, yeah.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:23 The most logical idea would be to ignore him completely, I think. Harmless, yet effective.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:24 *frowns slightly* But maybe there's something other than a back door...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:24 Depending on what happens, one of the "walls" may become "loose."
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:24 I wonder what went wrong. According to Nicole, he used to be a great guy, and I believe it.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:24 Agreed.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:24 Let's see how he likes it, being out there, practically alone.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:25 *turns to Nate* I heard that Matt got seriously hurt in one of the rounds he was in with her...people thought he was dead...turned out that he just went "beddy-bye" for a bunch of months.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:26 Then a transformation stranger than fiction took place...there was a full moon shining down on him through the window...a UFO passed by...and he awoke as Lumpy Space Meerkat.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:26 And,as hibernation goes, he came out a new man.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:26 Oh. Okay. Looks like he woke up a new man. *laughs dryly* Sucks.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:26 *snorts*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:27 Actually, it's pretty sad.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:27 But are we SURE he's actually a man? A human?
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:27 Sure it is. For his loved ones.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:27 He seems to resemble the hole out of which crap comes more than a man...
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:28 Forget anything you ever knew about him - he doesn't remember anyways. Species is optional.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:28 It is sad...but not really for me and Nairne. And that's why we like joking about it, eh, Nairne?
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:28 More like, forget you even cared about him, because the feeling isn't mutual at all.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:29 Yeah. In a way we too have partially experienced the Lumpy Space transformation into [BLEEP] holes.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:29 *said that to Rodney*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:29 *sings in a deep, theatrical voice - a pretty good one, at that:* You're a mean one, Mr. Matt, you reaaaally aaaaaree a heeeellll...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:29 But I doubt our transformation is as nearly advanced as the Meerkat's...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:30 *laughs*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:30 You don't have to feel bad for me...this isn't your problem...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:31 *overhears Marshall and some of the others mocking Matt**this only makes things worse* OH, LAY OFF HIM, WILL YOU?!!?
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.23 05:31 *stares at the tent, trying to figure out when it went wrong*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:31 *she and Rodney turn grim again*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:31 Geez...she really still cares about Matt...
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:32 *shuts up*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:32 But WHY? He doesn't give a crap about her. In a way, I understand where he's coming from...
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:33 Some things aren't made to last, yeah?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:34 Well, when you constantly have to fight for your life for no particular reason, strange things happen with your relationships.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:35 Right. Which is worrisome. Because if either one of them makes any further advances, things could get bad.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:35 On one hand, you want to avoid becoming too attached to someone because the pain of his or her death would really hurt...on the other hand, you want to get in as much time as you can with that someone and become as attached to him or her as possible, and
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:35 His situation...it's terrible. Hopefully it wasn't intentional. He sounded like he was off his rocker, but still- you didn't deserve to get humiliated like that.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:35 then it becomes nearly impossible to let go.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:35 Looks like Nicole still isn't letting go...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:36 Maybe I did. *stares ahead at the river*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:36 Maybe he's right about some of those things...
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:37 Well, the time is now. He's had a (BLEEP) up life beyond even this, and if you can't see that already, you'll be in for a rude awakening later.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:37 I should've protected him. I shouldn't have let him nearly die like that...maybe this is all my fault.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:38 I can still see where it'd be hard. When you go through something - together- there's a certain bond.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:38 Better be careful...Nicole's pretty stubborn.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:38 When people mess with her, arrows and words fly everywhere...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:39 Maybe we can help separate them...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:40 If Angus didn't die, but instead he went into a coma and came back out of it like Matt did, would you really let go?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:40 *is silent*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:40 *shakes head* No, that's not true. Nobody deserves to be yelled at like that, especially not if you're his girlfriend.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:41 *finally speaks* Probably not...but that's because he was always a grouchy b****rd to begin with. It wouldn't have really made that big of a difference. *smirks for a moment, but then glances up and quickly ducks*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:41 Darn it, he's probably sending some heavenily doves down to [BLEEP] all over me now!!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:41 But I'm not his girlfriend.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:42 It's like a friendship. Over the years, I lost a lot of my friends. It wasn't in my control. At first, it was hard to deal with, but eventually I learned to accept it.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:42 That's over...no matter how much I want it back, that's over...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:43 *heavenly
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:43 At least it won't be a flock of pigeons or something.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:43 To quote Antoine de Saint-Exupery, time soothes all sorrows.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:43 Marshall, how could you?!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:43 Now he's going to send pigeons instead!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:44 I'm [BLEEP]!!
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:45 Okay, that's enough Crazy Scot. Let's all just go to bed, shall we?
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:46 That's up for you to decide. His boundaries and grudges are impenetrable, it seems. If he's going to treat you this way...it just doesn't seem ideal.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:46 More like "let's all just go to that big pile of rocks that we call a bed but obviously it isn't a freaking bed, it's just a big pile of rocks."
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:46 Sorry, it's just that I can control the time-space continuum.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:46 But I'm not letting go of hime.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:46 Not a bad idea. After all that yelling, I'm whipped.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:46 *him
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.23 05:47 *sees that things are finally settling down**yawns* I'm tired...ready to go to sleep, Madison?
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:47 I hope you have your sleeping bags. It's gonna be a rocky night.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:48 Not now...not yet. I sense his old self in there somehow...I'm not giving up.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:48 *begins to croon "Rocky Mountain High"*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:48 I wonder if we'll meet the Flintstones...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:48 Why is that?
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:49 *nods, standing up* It's getting late. *pauses to admire a shooting star, then heads back with Jaromir*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:49 Well, we are going to Bedrocks, aren't we?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:49 *ba dum tssss*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:49 *winces* Aw, Nairne, that's BRUTAL.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:50 Hahaha, I saw that one coming.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:51 It's still there...I've seen it in recent days. It's not entirely impossible, but it'll be hard at first. I know that you'll be able to crack open his cold exterior, though. Once you have your mind set on something...you pursue it, and accomplish goals.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:52 *nods*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:52 *sits there for a moment**then hugs Amanda* Thank you.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:53 -THE NEXT DAY-
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:53 Sometimes I just can't resist... *smirks*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.23 05:53 *that was before the "the next day" thing*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:54 *the contestants have been transported to Lava Falls* *pairs up with Jaromir once they arrive*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.23 05:54 *very reluctantly meets up with Riko*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.23 05:55 *is feeling competitive* Let's do this, shall we?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.23 05:55 *holds out his hand for a slap or a fist bump*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:55 *is with Madison* *doesn't say much due to last night, but he's not being intentionally mean*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:56 Let's bring it! *gives Jaromir a fist bump*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:56 *not very enthusiatic to be with Mick* *gives her an encouraging pep talk regardless of his feelings towards her attitude*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:56 *doesn't do anything to provoke Matt* *mainly just stays away from him, cautious of his next random outburst*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:56 *meets up with Nicole* Hi. You got roasted last night.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:57 *snickers at Jean's greeting*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:57 (So, I was thinking that due to time, we can each pick one of our groups to face the rapids instead of all.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.23 05:58 [Sure.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:58 Yeah, and I saw that you got roasted too. Literally. Some of your hair got caught in the campfire.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:59 Now let's move, shall we?
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 05:59 (Okay. My choice group will be Marshall and Jaromir.)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.23 05:59 *laughs* Sure, sure. Let's go.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 05:59 [I actually have to go now, so time will probably not be an issue...however, you can still reduce it down to only one of our groups each competing if you want. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 06:01 (Okay, see you!)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.23 06:02 (I'll probably still limit it, just so we can breeze through the rest of this.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 18:36 [OK. BTW, I have an idea: How about the Battlemakers estimate which three teams did the best in the training yesterday (these three teams will be the ones we choose - including Jaromir+Marshall, of course) and then Max announces that they alone will
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 18:36 compete this round? This'll help make the limit on teams make sense.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 18:37 [In the RP, I mean. In real life it makes sense since we want to get through this round quickly, but in the RP it would seem like the limit on teams came out of nowhere.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 18:39 [I'm still choosing which team I'll throw in...currently I'm leaning towards Javier+Sango (Javier usually does well in all rounds, so it would make sense that he is one of the top three teams) or the rather infamous duo Rodney+Riko.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 18:40 [Javier+Sango would make more sense since Rodney had to do almost all the work during the training (and thus he is less likely to be in one of the chosen teams), but Rodney+Riko would make things more interesting and funny. Do you have any inputs/opinions
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 18:40 regarding my choice?]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.23 18:40 [Oh, and Nicole+Jean is also a candidate.]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:22 [Replies will be a bit slow. I'm on four RPs at once.]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:22 [Anyway, I'm on!]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:35 (Hi! Sorry we're a bit late. It's actually our birthday today!)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:37 [Hey! AWESOMENESS!!! :D]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:38 [Happy birthday Jaige! Or Poan...or...]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:39 (Hahahaha! Thank you!)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:39 (Thank you!)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:40 (Anyways, maybe if you're struggling to choose a group, you can roll any dice and see which group gets the highest number.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:41 [OK...I'll sort the groups in my head and roll the Dice a few times...]\
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:41 (We'll also roll the 1-12-sided dice for overall performance.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:41 *]
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:42  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:42 [Oh, and by the way...a day or so ago I made brownies with my mom. There's still some left, so... *hands virtual brownies over to you* ...here! Have them! :)]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:42  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:42  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:42  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:43 [OK...Rodney was the first roll, Nicole was the second, and Javier was the third...Rodney and Javier are still "in."]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:43  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=10  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:43 (Thank you! *virtually eats brownie* Mmm, delicious...)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:43  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  [Should I choose Rodney+Riko?]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:43  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  [Should I choose Javier+Sango?]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:44 [Well, Rodney+Riko it is.]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:44 (Oh, thank you once again! They look delicious! *eats it up*)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:44 [No problem! BTW, they have whole chocolate chips inside them. ^.^]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 04:45  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=11  (Oh, really? Awesome!!)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:46 (That sounds even better!)
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:46  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=12  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 04:46  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=12  
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:47  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:47  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:47  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=83  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.24 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 04:50  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:50 (Looks like Nate and Nairne are my "candidates"!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:50  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=10  
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:50  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=11  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 04:51  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  [Wahoo!]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:51  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.24 04:51  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.24 04:51  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.24 04:51  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=7  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:51  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=10  
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 04:52  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=6  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 04:52 (Getting a ten when all she did was complain? Wow.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:52   + 1 Overall performance points to Matt  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:52 (By the way, we're skipping a bunch of rounds so we can get closer to the end.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:53   + 10 Overall performance points to Dewey  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:53   + 11 Overall performance points to Riley  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:53   + 12 Overall performance points to Nate  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:54   + 12 Overall performance points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:55   + 10 Overall performance points to Nairne  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:55   + 2 Overall performance points to Jean  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:55   + 4 Overall performance points to Rodney  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:55   + 1 Overall performance points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:56   + 2 Overall performance points to Javier  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:56   + 3 Overall performance points to Camilla  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:56   + 4 Overall performance points to R+R+S+SH  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:56   + 11 Overall performance points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:56   + 7 Overall performance points to Nicole  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:56   + 2 Overall performance points to Marshall  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:56   + 6 Overall performance points to Jaromir  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:57   + 3 Overall performance points to Travis  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:57   + 10 Overall performance points to Mick  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:57 [Alright...hopefully they don't include Praha, Tabernas, and Moscow...right?\]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:57 *]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 04:58 (Yeah, those will all be included.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:58 (We didn't cut those ones, thankfully.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:59   + 10 Experience points to Nate  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 04:59   + 10 Experience points to Amanda  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:00 *stands among the finalists, holding the raft he and Jaromir will be using*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:00 [Great!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:01 (I'll roll the dice to determine which group will go first.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:01  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=3  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:01 (Groups, by the way: 1: Marshall and Jaromir; 2. Rodney and Riko; 3. Nairne and Nate.)
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:03 *steps forward* Here we go...here goes nothing.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:05 Good luck, guys. *gives them both a pat on the back*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:06 [BTW, I found a funny link you guys will probably like...please take a moment to watch this: https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=WbC-r5eciwU
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:06 *]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:07 We will DESTROY you!! *Rodney narrows his eyes at her**she narrows his eyes at him*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:07 Oh, we'll see about that.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:07 Yeah, yeah. *shakes violently; is so nervous* *carefully lowers himself into the raft*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:09 (For some reason, my computer is taking me to the video.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:09 *gets in the canoe* Let's do this!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:09 [Wha?? Weird...I even put a space in there...]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:11 (I can try it again.)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:11 (Ok, working!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:14 [I hope you enjoy it!]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:14 (Thanks for sending that video! It was pretty interesting and fun to watch, and the ending was hilarious! The Little Rascals are always entertaining.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:14 [Both of you, I mean. :)]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:14 [No problem! I haven't seen them in years until now, but yeah, they're great!!]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:15 *he and Nairne row to the very edge...and then, the rapids take over* *roars as the boat nearly goes midair*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:15 (Same. It was a little nostalgic!)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:16 (Hahaha! That was funny. Thrifty gifts, but...)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:19 [XD I especially like the argument at the end where they're yelling at each other really fast nonstop...]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:19 [BLEEEEEEEEEEEP]...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:20 *starts rowing like h**l*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:21 *all of a sudden, a huge turn shows up* *the two are nearly thrown off-course* *lets out a scream, working his butt off to quickly manuever the thing*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:22 *the boat barely cooperates, landing them near the shore* *eventually they get back on course, though, and go down another steep hill*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:23 *a part of her oar hits a rock and breaks*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:23 (Hahaha, yeah.)
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:24 *swears as Nairne's oar floats down the rapids* *nearly goes in midair again, then it all calms down, signaling they survived the rapids* *lets out a long breath, shaking from the cold water and anxiety*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:25 O.O
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:26  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:27  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=1  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:27 *pants* Well, we made it. *raises a fist*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:28 *looks back at Jaromir* Ready to roll, Jaromir?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:31 Woot woot! *facecanoe*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:31 Yep. Let's go!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:32 *bumbles along the road to the rapids* *sets the raft in the water, then gets in* *prepares the oars*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:33 *rows forward once Jaromir is secure*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:35 *the raft is jostled along by the rapids: slowly, then faster* *grips onto the raft, roaring with all his might* *that only causes him to gurgle up river water*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:36 *keeps his mout closed tight and tries to regain control of the canoe*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:36 *they plunge down a hill**is drenched from head to foot**blinks away some of the water and continues trying to use his oars to steady the boat a bit; he succeeds*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:38 *coughs a little* *the raft is rocked from one side to the other, ultimately spinning out of control* *like Jaromir, he's drenched*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:39 *can't gain control due to all the G-forces* *at some points, he doesn't even know what's happening*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:39 *can't gain control either**just braces himself and closes his eyes*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:40 *can make out the end of the rapids - and Nairne, Nate, and other crew members standing by* *blubbers:* WE'RE COMING IN HOT!!
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:41 *they hit a rock**screams and opens his eyes**tries wildly to gain control*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:41 *they are washed to shore*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:42 MARSHALL, HELP ME OUT HERE!!! *is paddling hard*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:42 *that was before they got to the shore*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:42 *wipes his eyes and face free of water* *stands up, sort of dizzy*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:43 *to Jaromir* You good?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:45 *nods* I think so...
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 05:45 *gets up, stumbling a little*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.24 05:46 *pats Riko on the back - she is the only Hunter who is going to be out there, after all* Do well for us, okay?
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.24 05:47 Riko: *nods and walks over to Rodney, who has gotten the canoe ready*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:47 You might as well bring along your phone and text your buddies during the trip...you probably won't be more productive than that, anyway...
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.24 05:48 Riko: *glares at Rodney and mutters something - probably a nasty insult - in Japanese before getting in*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:49 *hops in and hands Riko her oars* You see these? These are called "oars." They're very useful, especially when you want to prevent yourself from slamming your skull into a giant freaking rock.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.24 05:49 Riko: Shut up.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:50 Yes your Highness.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:51 *they get going**at first things are fine - and to Rodney's surprise Riko is actually rowing - but then things get pretty turbulent*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:52 *they barrel towards a giant rock* RIGHT!! RIGHT!!!! *they steer right and get past it*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:53 *they go shooting and swerving down a slope**once it evens out a big wave hits them, drenching them* MY GAWD, THIS IS HORRIBLE!!! I FEEL SO LIMACIOUS!!!!!
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:53 *they are instantly splashed again, to his dismay*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:53 *is blinded by the water**he and Riko work together to try to regain control, but they hit a rock* BLOODY H**L!!! *they spin a little and go down another slope backwards*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:54 *they are almost at the end of it, but a particularly strong current picks them up and sweeps them against some rocks**their canoe is broken and flipped over**they are both left clinging to some rocks*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.24 05:55 Riko: *winces, slipping down the rock and sinking below the surface*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:55 Riko?! *looks around wildly* Riko!! You can't abandon me now, you little weasel!!
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:55 *looks downriver to see her head pop up**she gasps and swims hard to keep afloat as she is swept down towards the finish/the shore*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:56 (Hahaha. Riko's life is on the line!)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 05:56 (Well, not anymore.)
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:56 *imitates her**lets go and braces himself, making sure not to let his head or neck get hurt as he is carried downriver and to the others*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.24 05:57 Riko: *is hoisted onto the land by her sisters, Javier, and Camilla*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.24 05:57 [Still kind of funny, though. XD]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:57 *whines* PRETZEL ROD!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:58 (I'll roll the dice for each group and see which one emerges the ultimate champion.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 05:58 *yells at him as he is pulled onto the shore by some of the other rebels:* I TOLD YOU that catching fish with your teeth was bad for your health!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  1:
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  2:
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  3:
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:59 *bends over, coughing and sputtering**stands up straight again and reaches into his shirt* Here... *yanks out a live fish* For you. *slaps Nairne with it*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 05:59 *hands each group their own sets of medals: gold for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third place*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 05:59 [Rodney and Riko?!?!]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 06:00 Is this real silver? No, it's real plastic. *poses with his silver medal*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 06:00 (Yeah, turns out they won!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:00 (Points all around!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.24 06:01 *falls back onto her butt* [BLEEP]!!!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:01   + 15 Experience points to Rodney  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:01   + 15 Experience points to R+R+S+SH  
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 06:01 Quite genuine plastic, too. *smiles*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:01   + 10 Experience points to Jaromir  
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.24 06:01 It's the rare "plastic that looks like silver but isn't silver anyway" plastic.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:01   + 10 Experience points to Marshall  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:02   + 5 Overall performance points to Marshall  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:02   - 5 Overall performance points to Marshall  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 06:02 *tosses the fish back into the river and poses for pictures with his "gold" medal**is looking dull and deadpan, as usual*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:02   + 5 Experience points to Nairne  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.24 06:02   + 5 Experience points to Nate  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 06:03 *turns to everyone, holding his medal up* You see guys, this is what Max Davis and the Battlemakers call..."gold." *air quotes*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 06:03 The rest of the world knows it as "cheap gold painted crap made for 2 cents by some 12 year-olds."
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 06:04 Eh, make that "10 year-olds."
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 06:04 They're so rare, the only place you can find them is at your closest Oriental Trading warehouse.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 06:04 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. Feel free to start the next round!]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.24 06:04 [XD I LOVE Marshall's last statement!! Anyway, see you!]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 06:05 Which probably isn't that close, actually. But online shopping exists for a reason!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 06:05 (Okay, see you tomorrow! Hahaha, thanks!)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.24 06:06 Don't forget to make your bulk orders now! I see Max hasn't wasted ANY time in doing so.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 00:02 *smiles and poses with his cheapo medal* *once the camera is out of view, he starts talking* This is a pretty great surprise for nearly killing myself on those rapids- a Dollar Tree delicacy. I'll cherish this until the day I die...or until it breaks.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 01:34 *walks around* *accidentally collides with a cameraman* *his medal- and the guy's camera- crash down onto the ground* *sort of laughs* That didn't last long. A prophecy ? A metaphor? Both? Who knows. Cameraman: *utters* (BLEEP), hope my camera
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 01:35 *hope my camera isn't broken...here's your medal back. Nate: Oh, no thanks. You keep it- for the sake of being a WB employee.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 01:36 Hopefully it pays off for your broken camera.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:07 [I'm on! I watched Suicide Squad today.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:08 [Overall it was okay, but it had too many characters with way too many sub-plots, and most of the characters were "weak"...to me, the three strongest characters were probably Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Diablo.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:08 [Note that by weak and strong I don't mean literally weak and strong, I mean their quality as characters/people.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:09 [And there were too many plot holes and things left explained (for instance, where the heck did Diablo's demonic fire creature transformation thing come from? After fighting the Suicide Squad for five minutes, the Enchantress used her powers to take their
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:10 weapons out of their hands...why didn't she just do that in the first place? How did the Joker survive? etc. etc.).]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:11 [Just my complaints and opinions...overall it was tolerable, but I can see a sequel is coming up and I'm probably not going to watch it.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:14 (Hi!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:17 (It's been a few weeks since I've seen the movie, but yeah. Those are all good points. Maybe they didn't include Diablo's origins because of runtime, but that's no excuse.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:18 [Oh, and Deadshot REALLY reminds me of Leon the Professional (if you haven't seen that character/movie, please look it up; it is a very good movie)...DC might have even plagiarized that movie/character...that's probably why Deadshot is among my favorite
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:18 (The Joker thing was just really confusing to me. And the fight with Enchantress was poorly planned (not by the Squad, but by the screenwriters).)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:18 characters.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:19 [Replies will be slow...my Internet is being flaky.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:20 (Anyways, the next round is Prague. I'll let you take the reigns, since you've been there and probably have an idea of what's going to happen.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:20 (That's okay! Hopefully it will speed up.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:21 [Anyway, hi! Yeah, the Enchantress fight did seem weak. It reminded me of the final battle between Kylo Ren and Ray+Finn...while that was planned better, Kylo Ren knocked out Ray in 2 seconds and then fought Finn for 5 minutes. Why didn't he knock out
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:21 (Concerning the capture the flag groups, I don't think we'll split them by Hunters and rebels. The rebels easily outnumber the Hunters, so I'll create some quick groups.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:23 Finn too?!? Also, Diablo's backstory was shown, but where his powers came from was never revealed (however, I think it was hinted that they came from Satan or some other unholy thing). Let's RP!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:24 [Yeah.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:25 [There's 21 characters, meaning there can be 3 groups of 7.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:26 [There's 9 Hunters, meaning we could split the rebels into two groups and then put an extra Hunter in each group.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:26 [Or we could put the two Hunters together in the extra rebel group.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:27 [Yeah...that seems tidy. How about this: We have the Rebel Group, the Hunter Group, and the Mixed Group (for the extra five rebels and two Hunters).]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:31 (Usually capture the flag involves two groups. I've got two groups ready:)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:35 [Oh, okay...I thought the three-group thing would be an interesting twist, but two groups is neater. Let's do this! :D]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:36 *just like Chicago, the contestants fly into Prague's international airport and are shuttled out to the city*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:37 *the contestants discover what they'll be doing in Prague, and the groups are revealed*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:39 [I think I have a free map that looks like this one from this link: ht tp://cdn.prague-guide.co.uk/free-map.pdf I recommend that you get it so you can become familiar with Prague, though I'm not sure if that's the correct link.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:40 (I think the city was sectioned off into two parts for each group. Since we haven't been there, would you mind assisting in the geographical portion of the round?)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:40 [I tried downloading that map again but it opens and says it has no pages...my Internet is being stupid, though, so it may just be a problem on my end...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:41 (Thanks for the map! It's already pretty helpful.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:42 (So, there's Old Town and Jewish Town (east side of the Vltava River) and Lesser Town (west side). We could split it like that.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:45 [Yeah...I'm still deciding on a border, but the Vltava is a very logical choice...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:48 (It might be easier, since the Charles Bridge (a famous landmark there) could take them to one side or the other.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:49 [I was thinking that Jarom
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:49 *Jaromir could show everyone around in the Jewish Town and Old Town and all...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:50 [The other team would meanwhile be in Lesser Town.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:50 [While they wouldn't have as much space as Jaromir and Co., they would have Prague Castle as their base/fortification as compensation.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:50 (Ok! That works.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:51 [Oh, idea!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:52 (Yeah/)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:52 *?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:52 [We could split it up like this: Jaromir's team gets Old Town and Jewish Town while Amanda's team gets Lesser Town and at least some of New Town.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:52 [The border would be the Vltava all the way down to Zitna street; Zitna would then be the new border cutting Jaromir and Co. off from the Southernmost parts of Prague.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:53 [That would make things fairer space-wise, since a lot of Lesser Town is surrounded by hilly, forested areas that probably won't be used much.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:53 (Ok!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:53 [BTW, Zitna is the street in yellow just above the words "NEW TOWN." It is connected to another "border street," Anglicka.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:54 [So, are we all set?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:54 (Yep, saw it.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.25 04:54 (Yep!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:56 [Let's do this! How about the contestants are shuttled to the Charles Bridge and then Nicole and Co. have to cross?]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:56 [Then the epicness will begin... :D]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 04:56 (Ok!)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 04:57 *the shuttle stops by the Charles Bridge* *climbs out*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 04:57 *she and Rodney have been wrestling with each other in the shuttle*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 04:58 *they basically have been already trying to capture each other in a semi-joking manner*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 04:58 *she and the Rodz get out of the shuttle**turns to him, eyes narrowed* I'll get you!
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 04:58 *grumbles* Perfect. It's raining. *jumps down a few of the shuttle stairs, pausing to look around irritably* And the (BLEEP) humidity isn't helping.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 04:58 *gets out* *adjusts his baseball cap while carefully unfolding a map*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 04:58 *eyes narrowed* No, I'll get YOU!
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 04:59 Well, get used to it. We're only spending a day here.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 04:59 Nooo, I'll get yooouuu!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 04:59 Alright guys, settle down...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:00 *tries in vain to flatten her frizzy hair down* Which peeps are in my group again?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:01 I'm in your group, Mick. And so are Dewey and Jean.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:01 *takes charge* GROUP ONE, GATHER OVER HERE.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:01 Um, these guys...*lazily points to a few choice rebels*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:02 *slowly saunters over to Camilla, admittedly unenthusiastic*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:02 *walks over with Rodney*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:03 *tries to be friendly* Hey Dewey, think I could see the map?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:03 What is it, your Highness?
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:03 *is having an easier time with group 2, considering Javier is in it* *stands close - but not too close - to the kid*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:03 *converses with Mick, trying to ignore Riley the "nice" way*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:05 *sticks close to Amanda*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:06 ....excuse me? Dewey?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:07 *like Dewey, she is trying to ignore Rodney the "nice way" by looking out for other group members*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:07 *looks forward, folds the map, and pockets it*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:07 Alright...GROUP ONE! ATTENTION, PLEASE!
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:08 (BLEEP)hole. (BLEEP) this (BLEEP), I'm done being the nice guy.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:08 *heard some of that, but luckily Riley kept his voice low*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:08 *stares at Nicole* *doesn't appreciate her authority being taken away from her*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:08 *noticed what happened with Riley and Dewey* First of all...none of us on this team are from Prague. We will share the map with one another; if someone wants to see it, the person currently carrying it WILL give it to him or her. I may not be official
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:09 *folds arms, bringing her attention to Camilla- or at least trying to*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.25 05:09 *strikes up a conversation with Nairne* I have no idea where we're going, which makes me wonder if "capture the contestant" will result in failure.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:09 "leader" here, but I think all of us can tell that anyone with an ego big enough to keep one lousy piece of paper to himself is just an [BLEEP]hole. *looks straight at Dewey for a moment*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:10 *says quietly and precisely* There were maps in the shuttle. If you want a map, go back to the bus and get one*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 05:10 Me neither...I guess we'll just have to follow around Mr. Fruit Dumpling. *gestures towards Jaromir*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:11 *adds* And by the way, the bus is leaving right now.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:11 Whatever. I said (BLEEP) this (BLEEP).
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:11 And it's not in our territory...I got a glance of a map while on the bus and we are supposed to stay in the areas known as Lesser Town and New Town. Lesser Town is just across the river, so let's cross this bridge, shall we?
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:11 If I could force a bar of soap down your throat, I would. *to Riley*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:12 *said that to everyone in general*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:13 Lets get going, then. *proceeds forward*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.25 05:16 He is a pretty great advantage. Hey Dumpling, why don't you lead the way?
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:16 *laughs a little* Dumpling. *glances at Jaromir* I like that.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:17 *@ Nairne:* I heard that. :/
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.25 05:17 *Jaromir said that* But of course I'll lead the way.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 05:17 So where will you be taking us, Mr. Tourguide?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.25 05:17 Just don't call me Dumpling... Nairne: Okay, Fr- Jaromir: Or Fruit Dumpling. Nairne: OK, Mr.- Jaromir: Or Mr. Fruit Dumpling.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:18 *tries to regain authority by leading the way* *has probably been to Prague a million times, but she's not saying anything*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 05:18 Okay...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 05:18 ...Mr. Fantastic Fruit Dumpling. >:D
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.25 05:19 What about jus' Dumplin'?
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.25 05:19 Like, shortened?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.25 05:19 *moans and facepalms Picard style*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:20 *stops to admire a few of the saint statues on the bridge* *is taking advantage of a semi-free trip all around the world*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 05:21 You know, Dumpling sounds like a small, cute version of what one makes in the toitie after having a particularly heavy Czech dinner- Jaromir: Okay, enough. *is suppressing laughs, and his rosy Czech cheeks are visibly blushing with embarrassment*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.25 05:21 *he and the quadruplets are getting bored and impatient*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.25 05:21 Anyway, why don't I just take you to Old Town Square? It's not too far from here...it's a start.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.25 05:22 I haven't been here for a while...I thought we might just walk around for a bit...let you guys get familiar with the territory, and let me clear my mind...
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:22 *is of course in the same boat as Javier and the quadruplets*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:22 Nairne, are you implying something? *is getting a huge kick of the joking*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:22 *out of
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:23 *doesn't mind not being in the lead**she gets to pause and look at the statues here and there, anyway*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.25 05:23 An unorganized tour, but that doesn't mean it won't be cool.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.25 05:27 Of course...a very sticky, stinky something...
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:28 *stops once she crosses the bridge* *has been ahead of everyone else for most of the time*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.25 05:28 I agree. Let's get going.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.25 05:28 *they sigh with relief as they finally head away from the bridge*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.25 05:29 *they pass by some people offering to take them on boat tours*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:29 *she and Rodney make it across*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:29 Wow...this place is pretty extraordinary...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:30 [Here's an actual thing that happened in Prague: I was walking along with my family and there was a Czech guy giving free flyers out to tourists with ads and Czech recipes on them. The flyers came in three languages: Czech, English, and German.]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:31 We need to decide who will do what. Not only that, but we need to locate a base, hiding place, and contestant "flag".
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.25 05:31 [The guy looked at us for a moment (he was judging our nationality) and then held out a flyer, saying: "German?" We shook our heads and then he gave us the English version.]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:31 Whoa, missy. Slow down and reiterate carefully. C-A-R-E - Camilla: *calmly* I heard you the first time.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:32 Good idea, Camilla. *turns to everyone*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:32 (Ha! That's pretty cool; definitely a story worth telling.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:32 I think the obvious choice for a main base is Prague Castle...can you please take out the map and show it to everyone, Dewey, so we can make plans and judgements?
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.25 05:33 Yeah. *takes out his map and spreads it out so everyone can see*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:33 [I am very German (though some of it is probably Danish; most of my German comes from northern Germany and throughout history the border between Germany and Denmark was a bit blurred), but it was still rather surprising...]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:36 (I think he might have seen a resemblance since most Germans and Scandanavians are fair-haired.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:37 [Yeah.]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:37 Why don't we just use this castle as both a fort and a base?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:37 [I look a little Czech too, though...I'm obviously a "mix," but still, my German probably stands out the most.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:38 Yes, good idea.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:39 Since we "own" New Town, we can use it to sneak around and come up at the other team from the South. We should also establish an extra "base" there.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:39 That wouldn't make sense. With too many reporting to the base, that could draw too much attention to the hideout. However, the hideout could be NEAR the castle, I suppose... *leans in for a closer look at the map*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:39 Like...maybe that famous building at Peace Square would do?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:39 That was basically my idea, Camilla.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:41 Hm...I heard that there are MANY different rooms and areas on the castle grounds...Prague Castle by itself should do, I think.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:42 But you're right - Prague Castle is the obvious choice. We could stay in St. George's Basilica, maybe, and if the other team tries to get at us they'll find that we're not inside the castle and in a different part of the castle grounds.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:43 Yeah, okay. Then whoever is hiding can just hide out in the castle.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.25 05:44 [gtg! *offline* I'm going to have a very busy day tomorrow, so I may not be on. However, if I do come on, I'll probably be 40-70 minutes late. I'll see you around!]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.25 05:44 (Ok, see you!)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.26 00:52 *considers for a moment before speaking up for herself and the majority* Okay then. If you think it would make a substantial base, lead the way.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 00:54 So Jaromir, where do you think we should set up base at?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.26 18:39 I don't know...we probably need to go to some place far from the "borders," but not too far so we can easily access their territory and try to get to them...
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.26 18:40 I might've chosen the Old-New Synagogue, but it's rather small and I'm a little afraid of the Golem... *chuckles nervously*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.26 18:42 Maybe my place in Kobylisy? It's outside the main "territories" and there's a Metro station not too far away from it...plus, no one on the other team would know were it was.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.26 18:43 That's a good idea, but I think Max requires us to pick a place in our "territory" - the Jewish Town and the Old Town.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.26 18:44 *has an epiphany* Oh, I know! Praha hlavní nádraží!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.26 18:44 ...Eh?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.26 18:49 The main train station on Praha - the largest and most important one in the city. It gives us easy access to the Metro and it is very far from the Vltava and fairly far from New Town, allowing us to hide from the other team.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.26 18:50 [Note: Though I have been through the Metro station located right by the train station, I actually haven't been in the train station itself. I primarily traveled through Prague by Metro (or by foot).]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.26 18:51 *picked up a map at the bus**is looking at it* Seems reasonable, especially since the easy access to the Metro will allow us to travel everywhere from there very fast. Unfortunately that gives the other team easy access to us.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.26 18:52 *passes the map to the quadruplets, who pass the map around to one another before passing it on to some of the rebels*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.26 18:53 True. But the train station is pretty big, so we can always hide among the crowds...plus, some of us may embark on a mission to capture some of the other team, meaning that by the time the other team reaches our base we'll be gone.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.26 18:55 Also, them coming to us would be risky...they'd be right in our base and if we capture one of them, it'll immediately be game over.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 23:28 That's a good idea. But if we hide the flag amongst the crowds, wouldn't that be considered cheating? We'd ultimately win.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.26 23:29 Well, technically, we have no idea what their plans are. And I don't think it's cheating.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 23:31 True. I didn't think about our uniforms - they'll put us right out there.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.26 23:32 I need a volunteer. Who is willing to serve as the flag?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.26 23:33 *raises hand slightly* I will.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.26 23:34 Okay. And I will need a couple people each to guard the base and look for the other flag. *waits for the volunteers to start rolling in*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 03:48 I can guard the base.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 03:48 Yeah. I can too. If you need the map, I'll give it to ya.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 03:50 Why don't you search for the flag, Dewey? You're the most athletic.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 03:53 [Hey!]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 03:53 I could...*considering* I'm more skilled in the offensive position, really...
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 03:53 (Hi!)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 03:53 (Hi!)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 03:54 I could always guard the base, Dewey. *flexes an arm*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 03:54 [I'm going to a chess tournament tomorrow; thus I will have to leave @ 11:00 PM ET. brb for about 10 minutes...then we'll RP...]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 03:54 *gives Jean's arm a glance* Um, yeah. You do suit the job.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 03:54 I can stay back and guard.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 03:55 (Ok. See you in ten.)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 03:55 Ugh... do I really have to go out there?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 03:56 Yes.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:00 *they go to Prague Castle and get situated*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:05 [Back!]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:06 Okay, so who's defense and who's offense here?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:11 As far as I'm concerned, the defense includes Marshall, Amanda, Madison, and Jean, and offense includes you and Mick.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:11 If it helps, I can add myself to offense.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:12 *meanwhile, he tries to bring up who will play what role in the game* Who wants to be the flag?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:14 I'll guard the base.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:14 *frowns* Okay. That means everyone else is offense.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:14 No, we'll have too many guards and not enough offense...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:15 Me me me!
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:16 We have approximately 4 defenders, Jean included.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:16 Then you can join offense. Jean, you'll be needed, too.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:17 [Wait...how does each team figure out who's the flag in the other team? Perhaps the person who decides to be the flag puts some badge or crest on their uniform?]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:17 So I'll replace Dewey and Jean?
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:17 We need one more on defense. Who's it gonna be, huh?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:17 In the defense?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:18 I'll lead the offense.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:18 If you want to be on defense, you can, dude. *to Rod*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:19 *edges towards the defense area*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:20 (Yeah, or wears a special jersey-type thing.)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:20 I'll lead the defense.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:21 (Yeah, that will work.)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:21 *Camilla hands Marshall a stingy jersey from a local sports store to wear over his shirt*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:22 *puts it on* This reminds me so much of junior high.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:23 *steps towards the offense crowd*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:23 *laughs* I know, right? That jersey brings back some awful flashbacks of yesteryear.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:23 *following Nicole* Okay, so where are we going from here?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:24 *steps towards the defense* So we have Amanda, Madison, The Thing - oh, sorry, that's you, Jean - and me guarding General?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:24 Yep.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:24 Okie dokie. Good luck with the offense.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:25 *muttering* If I'm a thing, then you're a piece of (BLEEP).
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:25 So, Jean... since you're the leader, figure out where to hide me.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:25 *nods and turns to Dewey, Camilla, Riley, and Mick(
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:25 *one
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:26 *@ Jean* Thank you. You're so wonderful to be around.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:27 *turns to face Marshall* *looks around* Well, you need to stay close to us, so if someone attacks, we can kick (BLEEP) quickly and efficiently.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:28 *to Rodney* Yeah, an extra special treat. Such kind compliments, and he smells great too. Truly irresistable, isn't he?
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.27 04:29 Here you go, then. *hands Nairne a jersey* Nairne: Uh...da [BLEEP] is that? Javier: It's what reveals that you are the flag.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:29 *decides to take offensive for his team* *Travis covers for defense*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.27 04:29 I guess I'll be in offense...I am the guide, anyway, and defense will be staying in one spot while offense will be traveling.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:29 *laughs at Amanda's comment*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:30 I'll play offense.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:30 I'll just stay here and guard, if that's alright with all of you guys.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:30 Yeah... *takes a deep sniff **tries to make a fake smile but loses control of himself **gags and jumps back several feet* Gawd...ever heard of a bathtub?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:31 *puts on the jersey* Ugh, this thing itches!!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:31 Why, he's as irresistable as a Calvin Klein model.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:31 *tries to control her laughter* Maybe a mudbath, but nothing more than that.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:32 *has been going on- until he hears everyone bashing* So you wanna bash me? I'll bash your heads in if you don't stop.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:32 I was thinking that we'd split into two groups. One would travel South and go into New Town; the other would cut across the Charles Bridge. We'd meet up somewhere around the border between Old Town and New Town.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:33 Yes ma'am.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:33 Er, sir.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:33 Anyways, as I was saying...why don't you stand behind us. You'll be egging them on, but I'll knock 'em dead if they advance. It'll be easy.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:34 *nodding* Sounds like a good plan.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:34 *wanders off behind a wall*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:34 *roars* GET BACK HERE!
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 04:35 The only problem is, there's five of us. We'd have to split up unevenly.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:36 That shouldn't be a problem.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:37 I'll volunteer to lead a group of three, since I have the map.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:38 Okay. I'll stay with her. *referencing Nicole*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:38 No. The flag is supposed to hide, doofus.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:38 That would be great, since you guys know this place better.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:39 I told you!- *sighs* Okay, fine...fine.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:40 Alright. Camilla will come with me; from the way she's been walking through Prague without a map, I'm assuming she knows her way around.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:41 If anyone spots some of the other team, then we'll inform each other when we meet up. It'll give us a clue on where they could be hiding their flag.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:41 *nods*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:42 *is heading towards the bridge with Matt and some of the other offensive players*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:45 I'll stay back there. *goes behind the wall with Marshall, but at a safe distance*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:47 Okay, honeybunchkins. Remember: guarding me with your life is the main goal, or else we're all in trouble.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:47 *isn't really paying attention* Right.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:48 Sooo...who else is in the defense? Other than Travis?
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.27 04:48 *all four of them raise their hands*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:48 Okay, let's go. See you soon. *looks back at the trio*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:48 Oh yeah...
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.27 04:48 *has gone with the offense*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.27 04:49 Nairne, you may want to consider hiding behind some sort of alcove in addition to the crowds.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:49 *they go down the stairs and then split up**Camilla leads the way through some roads to the nearest Metro station while Dewey and Co. walk east*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:54 *is just kind of walking around after getting off the bridge* Where do you guys think we should go next? *isn't so sure - has never been to the city, which is sort of overwhelming*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:55 *nods* Okie dokie.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 04:55 *walks across the bridge, taking note of the statues there*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:56 Hm...wait a minute. According to the map the Metro here is on the green line, which heads across the river.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.27 04:56 *paces, putting on his best "tough" face* We can only hope Jean doesn't attack. That would be brutal.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:56 Oh, wait a minute...I get what you're doing. The green line goes all the way down to Peace Square; we're taking a shortcut.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 04:57 Good thinking.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 04:58 The shorter, the better. It's going to take a while to get there.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:00 *shrugs* Don't know.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.27 05:01 *nods* Okay. *they head down into the Metro station**after a couple minutes a train arrives and they get in**the somewhat lengthy ride begins*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.27 05:01 The St. Nicholas Church is ahead...we could check that out. See if that is their base.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:01 Yeah, okay.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:03 Thanks for the suggestion. Let's get moving.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:05 *eventually, they reach the church* *circles the premesis, while some of the others look inside*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:05 *premises
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:05 *walks forward* *it takes a bit to get there, but at least it's pretty much a straight shot down the road*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:06 *circles around the church* This is phenomenal.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:07 It's huge. *walking around one side is like walking down a block*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.27 05:08 [gtg! *offline* I may not be on tomorrow because of the chess tournament. If I do come on, I'll be late. See you around!]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:08 (Ok, bye!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:09 (Ok, see you!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:09 *walks around a total of two times, but comes to nothing* *meets up with everyone else and gives them a simple shake of his head*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:10 We're gonna have to keep looking. This has been more tedious than I had thought.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 05:10 *they visit some other churches, and even the Petrin Gardens* *still, nothing*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 05:13 *she and Nicole have since gotten off at their stop* *hasn't seen anyone from the other team yet*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:00 Listen, why don't we go back to that church? St. Nicholas? We'll make some plans there.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:04 *goes back to the church, standing outside a door* Okay...the flag has got to be around here somewhere, right?
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:05 *nods* Yeah.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.27 21:05 (I'm just going to roll the dice and see which team will win. This is so we can hurry things up.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.27 21:06  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  Will group one win?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.27 21:06 (Okay, group one will be winning.)
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:06 Javier: *looking around town* Hmmm...we haven't looked at the Prague Castle yet...they could be there, don't you think? Matt: Yeah, maybe you're right.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:07 Good idea, kid. *Jaromir adds that it is a major tourist attraction, so it would make sense to stop over there*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:08 Ha. They made it easy on us.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:09 We can't be so sure yet, Matt. This city is huge. They could be anywhere.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:09 I mean, if it's the case. *gives Connor a look*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:10 *paces around, fists clenched* What's taking so long? Are they stupid?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:11 *calls* Are you stupid? Because this city is (BLEEP) HUGE. And we're only in a small part of it.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:12 *gives Marshall a long, hard, and creepy stare* Shut up...and go back into hiding.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 21:13 Boy...you don't ever like to be wrong, do you?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:13 Noted. *disappears*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:15 *faces Amanda* I'm the leader here, (BLEEP). Okay? And if you don't follow my rules, I'll personally rip your insides out when time allows me to.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 21:16 *the threat was enough to scare her* *croaks* Fair enough, Jean.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:17 *laughs in reply, then goes back to his pacing*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:17 *muttering* Someone has issues.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:18 ...What did you say?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:19 I said you have issues. Teammates don't rip each other's insides out, for chrissakes. *doesn't bother to show himself*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:19 *is a little scared of what Jean's next move will be*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:20 *pauses before speaking* Get it into your thick skull, please: we're not teammates. Temporarily, maybe. But not permanently.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.27 21:21 *half expected Jean to gallop gorilla-style towards Marshall's hiding place*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:21 It doesn't matter. You're still (BLEEP) up.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:22 And you're not?
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:22 Please... *expects exactly what Amanda had expected, which is anxiety provoking* ...don't push it.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:23 Listen to her, American idiot.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:26 Hey, I didn't throw a rock at my sibling's head and kill him, did I?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:26 *turns to Madison* Want your insides ripped out by Jean, sweetie pie?
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:27 Not really.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:27 Then, let me handle this.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:31 *would lunge at Marshall, but the other team slowly appears into view*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.27 21:34 *slides into an alcove*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:34 *takes off towards one side of the castle* *plans on investigating the castle grounds*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.27 21:36 *is already running alongside Connor, ready to plow right into him*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 04:21 *runs forward and tags Connor, sparing him from Jean's attack*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:22 *whips around* *sees Matt, jumping back and forth-- looking as if he is jumping on hot coals*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:22 *takes off running* *is much faster than Jean is*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:23 *chases Matt, who is advancing towards Marshall*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 04:26 *she and Rodney run after Jean, in an attempt to help him out*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:27 *all of a sudden, he just throws himself midair towards Matt* *attempts to bodyslam him*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:27  Using Blow  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:27  Using Blow  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:28 *got bodyslammed, alright* *is out of it*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:29 *turns around, savage mode activated* *inhales deeply before charging off towards Jaromir, with the intent on bodyslamming him as well*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 04:30   + 10 Strength points to Jean  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 04:30   + 10 Weakness points to Matt  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 04:37 *she and Nicole stop at Peace Gardens* *they end up waiting for awhile, but eventually meet up with the other three* *approaches them briskly* Have you seen anyone?
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:38 *shakes head* No. And we've been looking for awhile.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 04:39 *stands in the backdrop, looking surly* *is about to add that Mick and Dewey have spent a good portion of their time picking on him, but doesn't* *is glad to see Nicole, a familiar face
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 04:39 **
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 04:39 *her lips tighten into a thin line* *stares off into the crowds of tourists, thinking* *eventually comes down to an open-ended conclusion:* We'll keep looking.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:40 *nods vigorously, as if Camilla has just revealed a groundbreaking new plan* Yeah. *echoes her words* We'll keep looking.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 04:41 *they board the Metro again* *keeps an eye out at every stop, but sees no sign of a contestant*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 04:44 *debates matters with an unattentive Camilla, trying to behave and act like a first class teammate*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:03 [I'm finally on!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:07 Hm...since we haven't seen anyone underground, why don't we go aboveground and look at some of the major attractions? Like the Old-New Synagogue?
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:08 (Hi!)
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:08 Yeah...we could do that.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:10 *sees Jean and his eyes grow wide**ducks forward a little while sprinting to the side in an effort to dodge Jean*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:10 [Didn't do very well in the tournament... :P But everyone has their good days and bad days. And at least I tried.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:11 [I still feel somewhat stupid, though.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:12 [In round 1 I lost...but there was no great shame in it. Even though my opponent was rated a bit lower than me, he played VERY well. In round 2 I won with ease (my opponent arrived 45 minutes late and proceeded to blunder repeatedly when he tried to play
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:13 fast), which helped me feel better after the round 1 loss. In round 3 I drew my opponent, who was rated a bit lower than me...turned out he had a forced checkmate that neither of us saw, though (he thought was going for a draw by perpetual check but there
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:13 was much more than that).] *he thought he
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:14 [So, to summarize: Round 1 was depressing, round 2 was fine, and round 3 was...WT*?!!]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:15 (Aw, sounds like a total disappointment! I'm sorry about that. Hopefully, things will be a little easier in the next tournament.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:15 (What a mix of round "types", though.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:15 *darts forward**while Jaromir tries to get past Jean's right side, Javier tries to get past Jean's left side*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:16 *nods, looking weary* As long as we don't have to travel by foot. That might continue to be time consuming.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:16 (Well, I'm sorry to hear that. But with victory comes the occassional loss, and those losses will help you become a better chess player. So don't feel bad! See it as an opportunity to improve.)
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 05:16 *runs at Javier, trying to tag him out*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:16 [It's never easy; chess is MUCH harder than one would first think. So much energy, concentration, and willpower is needed...plus, though it seems weird, the harder the tournament, the better. The more you beat your brains out the more you improve.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:17 (Yeah!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:17 *hangs around in jail, guarded by some other group one defenders*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:17 [@ Paige: Exactly! I discovered what some of my weaknesses are; without these losses I would've been in the dark about them for a while longer. And luckily I don't think my rating will drop too far...it still hurts, but that's serious chess for you.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:18 I don't think we have a choice...we've been going back and forth in the Metro for a while now. We'll have to cover some more ground by foot since we've covered so much of the underground.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 05:19 (By the way, think you'll be free to RP sometime during the day tomorrow? We're trying to finish the tours up since we don't have a lot of time left until school starts.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:19 *is probably the shortest contestant - and one of the fastest**swerves and swivels around like a basketball player, dodging Amanda*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:20 [I think I might be on in the morning tomorrow.]
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 05:20 (Yeah, hopefully not. That would be too bad. It seems like you've done pretty well in previous matches though, so that's always a plus. )
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:20 *sounds blunt* If it's going to be a twenty-mile walk, we may want to consider a closer attraction.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:21 [My wake-up call (I'm in a hotel) will come @ 9:30 AM CT (10:30 AM your time). After taking a minute or two to return from the dead, I'll probably be able to get online and RP with you. XD]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:21 [Will you be able to make it online then?]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:21 *is there to greet Javier when he spins to the other side* *extends a hand, ready to tag him out*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 05:22 (Haha, ok! We'll see if we can make it then.)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:23 (I can try, but I don't normally get up until 11... usually much later, admittedly so. I'd be willing, though. It'd probably be good for me, anyways.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:23 [I've actually been warned that the transition from upper class B to class A will be one of the hardest things I will have to go through...thus a lot of "mental pain" and effort will be involved.]
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:23 *reaches out to grab Jaromir- not just to tag him, but to swing him around like a lasso*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:23 [But if that pain leads to class A (and lots of satisfying wins in tournaments)...*Kuzco Mode!*...bring it on.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:23 *slides into a faceplant to avoid Jean's hairy fist*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:24 (When do you think you'll have to undergo that transition?)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:25 (Yeah, I can imagine that is exactly the case. I would say mainly focus on what you're doing, but also be aware of what's in store(as well as some of the other players and their strategies, if at all possible).)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:25 [I'm undergoing that transition right now. I'm still stuck in class B but I've been trying hard to get to class A. It'll probably take me at least a few months to make the jump.]
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:25 *takes this as a chance to tag- more like punch- Jaromir out*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:26 [Though you never know; the legendary player Bobby Fischer got SUPER good at my age out of nowhere. And he started playing serious chess around the same age I did, I think.]
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:26 *recovering from the bodyslam at Connor's side*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:26 (Exactly, anything can happen!)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:26 (Well, good luck! It's going to take a lot of concentration and mental strain, it seems.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:27 [If you haven't heard of him, you should definitely look him up...he was considered an American hero at one point. He was the most well-known people in the world in the 1970s, I think.]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 05:27 But what if they are twenty miles away, Camilla? It may be our only option.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:27 (The name almost rings a bell.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:27 [Oh, and you should also look up his interview with Bob Hope on Youtube...it's hilarious!! They played a game where Bob Hope used checkers rules at one point instead of chess rules. XD]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:28 Seriously, Riley? Between the time it took for us to set up base etcetera....*shakes head* They're not twenty miles away.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:29 [Unfortunately he had mental problems and at one point went outright cuckoo (though one can consider the fact that he had an IQ higher than Einstein)...but before that he seemed pretty normal.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:29 [Unfortunately he had mental problems and at one point went outright cuckoo (though one can consider the fact that he had an IQ higher than Einstein)...but before that he seemed pretty normal.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:29 [Double-post. XP Ugh, my Internet decided to have a major brain fart...]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:29 *nods rapidly, as if that will make up for her unclear laziness* You're right, I'm sorry.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:30 (Hahaha, okay!)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:30 *gets past Amanda and literally leaps/dives at Marshall*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:30 (I think a lot of the greats could be nuts.)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:31 *slides out of the way, which causes Javier to tumble into the alcove*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:32 [Bobby Fischer's story is actually one of the reasons I can't stand the George "Bushes"...both of them persecuted Bobby Fischer in some ways, I think. George W. Bush did the major damage, but I think he did follow in his father's footsteps in that
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:32 respect.]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:32 *races towards the alcove, Jean in tow* *grabs at Javier, grabbing at his jacket*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:33 [Yeah, it's strange...a small percentage (but it's still notable/always there) of the greats of the world seem to go cuckoo.]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:33 (Used "grabbed" twice there. Oops.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:33 [How do they get out of "jail?"]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:33 (I wonder what he had to do with any of their political affairs?)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:34 (Someone from their side has to free them from jail. Of course, they're still at risk of being tagged again.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:34 [Let me think...I know what happened, but for some reason my brain isn't cooperating... XD XP]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:35 [OK. Is there anyone on Jaromir's offense team who's still free?]
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:36 *supervises Madison* *he'd never hurt Javier, and therefore doesn't want to be responsible for a bit of "horseplay"*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:36 (I have a feeling they were all tagged out.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:37 [OK, so in 1992, Fischer returned after not playing for 20 years to compete in the "Revenge Match of the 20th century" against former World Champion Boris Spassky (whom he has beaten in a WC match 20 years prior to this).]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:37 *had
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 05:37 *goes over to the jail without fighting; he knows he's out*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 05:37 (Unless there was Nate... I think Nate stayed back, though.)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:38 (No, Nate was on defense.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:39 [The match took place in Yugoslavia despite certain sanctions prohibiting people from competing in commercial activities. Fischer beat Spassky very convincingly and even played PERFECT chess!!]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:39 *notices Javier adding on to the growing group of prisoners* *isn't feeling certain about getting rescued*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:40 (Wow!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:40 [Unfortunately, by competing in Yugoslavia, he violated George H. W. Bush's so-and-so order that doing that sort of thing in Yugoslavia was illegal. Fischer replied to the U.S. afterwards by spitting on the U.S.'s order.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:41 [This led to his arrest...and my argument is this: "What the 'bleep' is the US doing prohibiting crap in OTHER countries?!"]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:41 [Someone needed to remind George H. W. Bush that Yugoslavia isn't the USA. XD XP]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:42 *that made doing
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:43 [Note that I "slimmed" down the story somewhat...there was a big argument about who was World Champion (Fischer said he was rightfully the WC, Garry Kasparov said the same thing, etc.) and I didn't want to confuse you with all that since you don't know
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:43 (Yeah. I think I remember reading about George H.W. getting involved with a lot of third-world (if not that, recently liberated) countries when he was president.)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:43 (I think there was some issue going on with Yugoslavia at the time, but still...that's completely stupid. He wasn't doing anything bad.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:43 much about organizations such as FIDE, how the World Championship matches exactly work, etc.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:44 (Also, it's the USA - getting involved in other countries and their politics.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:44 [Yeah. Fischer went to play chess and he was arrested afterwards for it?!]
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:45 (For crying out loud, it's chess!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:45 [I understand that the USA gets involved in international stuff a lot, but in this case it was absurd.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:46 [Fischer did get a lot of prize money for it, but still...what the heck?!]
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:46 Well, looks like everyone's been tagged out. The job has been completed.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:46 (That's just messed up. Really, it is.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:47 Our bail forecast is looking a little cloudy. Might as well sit tight.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:47 *swivels around to face Connor* By the way, I have the right to punch you in the face if you don't shut up.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:48 [I think what happened afterwards was this: Fischer went to live in Japan, and sometime in the early 2000s another warrant for his arrest was sent out by US officials (George W. Bush was probably involved). He was put in a jail which I heard was near a
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:48 (It is pretty unfair. What I don't understand is that it blew out of proportion after the match. If they didn't want him going there in the first place, they could have stopped him instead of making him look like the criminal.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:49 power plant...perhaps a nuclear one...his health declined rapidly.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:49 I didn't think I had diarrhea mouth - until now, apparently. Sorry.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:49 [They did warn him, but he went anyway.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:50 (Wow.)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:50 (Wow. Seems like both Bush administrations had it out for him. It's almost comical, but throwing him in jail...that's just brutal.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:51 [I read somewhere that Boris Spassky himself wrote George H. W. Bush a letter asking for mercy, or at the very least to be put in the same cell with him and to be given a chess set for them to use...it was ignored.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:51 [Sad.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:53 [On the brighter side of things, Fischer finally got asylum and became a citizen of Iceland in 2005.]
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:53 *murmuring, putting his hands up defensively* It's fine, it's fine. Just...don't instigate anything. Okay?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:54 [However, one can add that during some of these years Fischer said very nasty things about the US and more...though one can argue that by then his mental health had deteriorated at least somewhat.]
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:54 (Yeah. I saw that he passed away in the capital, so that explains why. )
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 05:54 [Anyway, let's get back to RPing...I got carried away with my love of chess and dislike for the Bush family. XD XP]
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:54 *speaks for Connor* We won't instigate a thing....rest assured, Jean.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:55 *is really confused - he didn't instigate anything - but he gives himself and Jean a rest by staying silent*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:55 (I can almost see why he'd complain, seeing as the country treated him like dirt.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:55 *is looking around at the area around him* It's good to be back here...
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 05:56 *is relieved that Jean didn't bash someone's skull in, but also pondering his state of mental health*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:56 (Yeah, what I was going to say. )
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:56 Oh, really? You know this place well?
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 05:57 *sits down on their makeshift borderline back at the other team's HQ* Wonder what's taking so long.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 05:57 [Yeah, but be careful...his statements about the US and other things were VERY extreme...however, like you I can see why he would rant and rave like that. He was treated like dirt.]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 05:58 Maybe they were all tagged.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 05:58 (And after some jail time, his negative mindset went through the roof, probably.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 05:58 [Yeah, that probably contributed to that.]
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 05:58 It's possible.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 05:59 Right in the butt...like THIS! >:D *kicks Nate in the tailbone - not enough to do any damage, but enough to annoy someone*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:00 *slowly topples over* Hey, what the h***? *mildly annoyed*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:01 *recovers quickly* Nobody's come looking for our "flag" here.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:01 With your big butt right there, it was just too irresistable... >:D
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:01 *looks around* I'm keeping watch. Nothing.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:02 *she and the offensive team have been walking around Jewish Town for a while*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:02 *kind of smirks about the last comment there*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:02 *complaining about what hurts her most: walking*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:02 *was indeed a bit creeped when they checked out the Old-New Synagogue**was a little afraid the Golem would come leaping out of the attic or something XD XP*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:03 Mick, if you were really in so much pain, you could have arranged to stay back and defend. Or, volunteered to be the flag.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:03 *finally gets too annoyed with Mick**snaps at her a little:* Sorry princess, but no one here has a sedan chair for you.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:04 *letting out a hard laugh* She should've been...lazy (BLEEP).
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:04 *clenches teeth* I'm starting to think over my life decisions, one by one.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:04 *glares at Nicole, totally shut down*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:04 Anyway, they're not in Jewish Town, and Dewey's group has already checked out a lot of the parts of Old Town near the Charles Bridge...what are the more well-known parts of Eastern Prague that we haven't checked out yet, Camilla?
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:05 *although he does think Mick could do with more exercise and less couchsurfing/consumption of junk food, he does like her* Hey Riley. Watch your mouth.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:05 I heard there's some sort of train station.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:07 Rin: Maybe we should send someone out to look for the rest of the team?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:07 *looks upward, listing off the different attractions* There are plenty of museums... but I don't know why they'd be hiding in a museum. Then there's the opera house and theater.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:07 Riko: Yes, but how would we find them? They could be anywhere on the other side of the river or in New Town.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:07 Oh yes, the train station.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:07 The National Theater is close to our border, I think...I don't see why they would hide so close to us.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:08 You never know. We could make a quick check.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:09 Shinju: *has smuggled in her phone**is tapping away on it*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:09 If they're not going to hide in a museum, they won't be in any freakin' theater, either.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:10 Hm...let's split up, then.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:11 They may hide in a museum or a theater to throw us off, though, Mick.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:11 *snatches the map from one of them* *stares at it, looking at all of the different attractions* Why don't we go to the train station first - it's the farthest. Then, we'll gradually work our way up.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:11 *nodding* Okay. Sounds like a great plan.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:11 Here's my idea: A few of us - including myself - will head East and check out the museums and the train station. If we find anything we'll send one of us towards the National Theatre to inform you.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:12 Or, we could do Camilla's plan...alright. Since I myself want to head to the train station first, we'll do that.'
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:12 *.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:12 *catches a glimpse of Shinju's phone screen* *watches as she scrolls through social media*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:12 Let's go.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:12 Sango: *was boredly watching Shinju**suddenly squeaks* Guys, look at this!!
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:13 Shinju: *someone on social media has posted a link to a live stream of the WB's TV channel*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:13 It'll be far more efficient. Trust me. *starts walking*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:14 *sounds annoyed* What?
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:14 What? *since he's interested, he gets a little closer to Sango and Shinju*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:15 Shinju: *proudly holds up her phone**it shows Jaromir and Co. boredly shifting around in "jail"*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:16 Riko: Where is that?
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:17 Shinju: *opens new tabs on her browser and Googles various places in Prague, comparing them**finally finds the place that matches what was shown on the live stream - the interior of Prague Castle*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:18 Rin: So they're all stuck in Prague Castle. *snorts* Figures.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:19 *they get nearer and nearer to the train station*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:19 Sango: Should we send out a rescue team?
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:19 Hey, that was pretty favorable. I guess we'll be able to get ahold of them.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:19 Hey! You're forgetting about a certain very itchy flag here!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:19 *the jersey is indeed very itchy*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:20 And the other team is bound to find us sooner or later.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:21 Maybe a few of us could go. I mean, it couldn't hurt. The game's not over yet.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:21 [I may disappear...my Internet connection is being very glitchy.]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:21 Rin: Yeah. Plus, we're the bigger team. We can afford to let an extra person or two go out.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:21 (Ok.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:22 *looks at the train station as they approach it**is somewhat amazed, really*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:23 Rin: I don't know about you, but I'm heading out. Bye peeps. *heads towards the big doors at the front of Hlavni nadrazi*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:23 *pushes her way through the crowd, like she's more important than everyone else*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:24 *looks at the glass doors in front* Wow...this is big.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:24 Okay. Bye!
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:24 O...kay. That was quick.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:24 Rin: *casually steps through the front doors to see...Camilla and Co. approaching**freezes, her calm and prideful exterior vanishing*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:24 We don't have time to marvel over a train station, Nicole. Hurry up.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:25 Rin: *turns and runs back inside*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:25 Um...haven't you been...watching me? *is fast-walking but is weaving around people rather than barging past them*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:25 *was amazed himself, having never been to such a city, but is brought back to attention by Camilla's barking*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:25 *sees Rin* *tries to mix in with the crowd, having a plan in mind*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:26 Oh, hey Rin. How were your travels?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:26 *sees Rin coming back and snickers* And that was even quicker.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:27 You were implying it.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:27 Rin: *pants* The redcoats are coming!! Nairne: You mean Pretzel Rod?!! Rin: *shakes her head* No, not him...but Camilla and the German girl and...Dewey. I think I saw a few others but the crowd was thick out there.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:28 Oh, okay. See ya! *quickly jogs over and hides among the various columns and stuff*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:28 *sees Travis up ahead and slows down a notch* *her eyes dart to the wall beside him* *notices a sliver of Nairne's jersey*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:29 Rin: *looks at her sisters* You know what to do. Shinju: *still on her phone**looks up, confused and oblivious to what's going on* Huh?? Sango+Riko: *Sango slaps Shinju's hand/phone while Riko slaps Shinju's head*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:30 *powers towards the base*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:30 Shinju: Ow!! Rin: Move! *all four sisters run around the columns so that they form a square around Nairne**the columns help hide them depending on what angle the other team is coming from, which will confuse the other team a bit*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:30 Thanks for the red alert, Paula Revere. *gets off his butt and prepares himself for a fight*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:31 *they look around for any of the other team coming towards them**however, the columns and crowds confuse them almost just as much as they confuse their opponents*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:31 *once he realizes who they are, he points at them, mouth open in surprise*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:31 *raises eyebrows at a seemingly frantic Dewey, arms crossed*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:31 *quickly debates with himself - to tag, or not to tag?* *Camilla is jetting right past him*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:32 *sees some of the people on the opposing team milling around**runs off to the other side of the giant room so she can come at them sideways instead of coming directly from the entrance of the train station*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:32 *decides to run directly at them*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:32 Shinju: *sees Camilla racing in her general direction**jumps right in Camilla's path kind of stupidly; if Camilla doesn't stop Shinju is going to be steamrolled (but Camilla will be tagged - by Shinju's face XD XP)*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:33 *makes a detour around Dewey, en route for one of the Handas*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:33 *throws herself right in Nairne's direction, which results in consequence* *one of the quadruplets tags her* *plays fair, but sulks against the wall*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:33 Riko: *sees Dewey coming at her**hesitates since it's hard to make him out through the normal citizens walking around until he gets pretty near her**then springs into action*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:33 Shinju: *indeed tagged Camilla with her face XD*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:34 Shinju: *is sitting back and clutching her nose*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:34 *isn't sure what to do* *everyone is running at group two's defenders except Nicole* *can't even track Nicole down*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:35 *sees Dewey trying to get past* *slowly runs for him, extending a hand childishly*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:35 *is maneuvering her way around and trying to wait for the moment when there's a big "gap" in the defense's formation*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:35 *around the place
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:36 Riko: *comes at Dewey much more quickly and violently than Nate**lunges forward, trying to wrap her arms around his waist and perhaps tackle him*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:36 *merely laughs at Nate's gesture in the heat of the moment* *passes him with ease*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:36 *tries to manuever his way around Riko* *it's like football all over again*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:36 Rin: *is currently blocking Nicole's path to Nairne**walks around absent-mindedly and turns her head to watch things from afar, not noticing Nicole prowling around in the crowds in front of her*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:37 Riko: *being a martial artist, she is more precise in her movements (though not as big and strong) than Dewey**continues to block his path to his annoyance*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:37 *when Riko goes for Dewey, he takes this as his chance* *runs forward*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:38 Sango: *joins the fray**comes at Dewey from the side, screeching partially in ferocity and partially in playfulness/competitiveness*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:38 *lunges at Riley, extending both hands* *looks like Frankenstein, but more human and more lively*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:38 Sango: *has to dodge Riley and ends up falling to the side**never even got close to tagging Dewey**whines*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:38 *attempts a hurdle, but alas- he ends up falling right over one of them*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:39 Sango: *spots Mick hanging around nearby**gets up and runs towards her*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:39 *sees Dewey's fail and guffaws*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:39 Sango: *completely forgot that Riley is on the other team XD*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:40 *has winded up in the center of a crowd* *pushes his way back to his team*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:40 *shuffles over and tags Riley*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:40 *sees Riley making it through the defense**swears and quickly swerves around the other side of the column in an effort to hide from him*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:40 *that was before Nate tagged him*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:40 *doesn't realize this until Nate tells him* *trudges over to the prison*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:41 *doesn't see Sango coming*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:41 *seeing that Rin is distracted and has absent-mindedly wandered too far off from the rest of the defense, Nicole sprints forward*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:41 *watches Dewey recover* Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:41 Rin: *sees Nicole coming only when it is almost too late**leaps at her*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:42 *recovers from his fall* *runs/limps as far from Riko as possible*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:42 *hops to the right while running, easily dodging Rin**darts right towards Nairne*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:42 Riko: *looks at Dewey, cringing a little* Sorry...
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:43 Sango: *screeches again and throws herself at Mick*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:43 *breathless* Nah, it's cool! It's cool.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:43 *turns and sees Nicole* Oh [BLEEP]!! *turns and starts running around the column**Nicole runs after her**they basically run in circles around the column XD*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:44 *has completely forgotten to apologize to Riko for trampling her with his stupid hurdle, but it's nothing new for him*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:44 YOU CAN'T GET MEEE!!! *tauntingly lets out a fart sound*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:44 (Hahaha, Tom and Jerry much?)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:45 *they continue running in circles* I'MMM INVINCIBLLLLE!!!! MWAH HA HA HA- *Nicole has turned around and is coming at her from the other direction**skids to a halt when Nicole appears around the column right in front of her* -[BLEEP]!!!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:45 [Yep!! XD]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:45 *screams* *topples over into a tourist, inspiring a domino-like chain of events*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:45 *ducks and rushes backwards to avoid Nicole's attempts at grabbing her**finally slips and falls back on her butt, but luckily by now some of the defense has swooped in to tag Nicole and save the day*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:46 *while Travis tags her gently, she is literally tackled by Rin*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:46 *lays back, laughing hard*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:46 I was almost s***wed...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:47 *pushes at Rin* Okay, okay, you got me...
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:47 Sango: *stands there, watching as the people/dominos try to recover* Er... *looks around awkwardly**then backs away**mutters:* Nothing to see here...
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:48 *is internally blaming everyone else for not freeing her from jail*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:48 Sango: *quietly and awkwardly jogs back to the others*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:48 *treks around the area, searching for Nairne*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:48 *sees a variety of the others in jail* *whips by and frees them all*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:49 *looks like a total idiot as she tries to crawl back up*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:49 *the "fearsome foursome" start high-fiving one another**Shinju is still clutching her bleeding nose with one hand while she high-fives her sisters with the other*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:49 *runs free....right into Nate* *pushes a bewildered Nate to the ground*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:49 [Wait, wasn't Dewey tagged by Riko?]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:49 [Isn't he supposed to be in jail?]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:50 *is hiding with Travis**pops her head around a corner/column and sees Dewey* Heyyy! Peek-a-boo!
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:50 (Was he? I'm not sure. Either way, the dice determined that team one will be winning this game. I'm not sure who else is left.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:50 *is luring him into a trap; if he comes for her, he'll run right into Travis* Come and get meee! *sticks out her tongue and makes a fart sound with it*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:51 [Oh, they did? OK.]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:51 *is wary* *slowly walks over there*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:51 [Oops, I forgot...yeah, they did... XP]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:52 Oh [BLEEP]!! *whips back around the corner, thus enticing Dewey to race after her*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:52 *hides behind Travis*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:52 *figures out Nairne's plan* *runs to the other side, right behind Dewey*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:52 *they pause upon realizing that most of the other team is free*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:52 *is trying not to smile* I can tag you.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:53 No (BLEEP), Music Man.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:53 *they start running towards Nairne in order to surround her and protect her, but by now most of the other team is closing in*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:53 *slinks behind Nairne* *stares right at Dewey*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 06:53 *tries to ward Rin off* *jumps in front of her kind of foolishly*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:54 *has also figured out what's going on**comes around the other side of the column in order to distract Travis*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:54 *nvm, she comes up beside Dewey* Are you sure you can tag BOTH of us?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:54 *turns to see Camilla* Holy [BLEEP]!!! Travis, quick!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:55 *tries to duck and run past Camilla*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:55 *is hearing an angry tourist out* *winces when they spit several swears her way*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:55 Rin: :/ Really? *just reaches forward and tags him*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:55 Um...maybe?
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:56 Sango: *slaps Mick's arm while running past her, thus tagging her again* Sorry!
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:56 *dives out, clenching some of Nairne's jersey in her fist* *is nearly dragged to the ground*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:56 *she said that to Travis*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:56 [BLEEP]!!
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:56 (Oh, whoops. Scratch that.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:57 I'VE GOT YOU!!! *needed to make that clear by screaming*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:57 *does indeed drags Camilla to the ground, though she makes it look like Camilla fell forward while grabbing her*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:57 *heads are undoubtedly turned*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:57 *drag
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:57 Camilla, do me a favor...shut the [BLEEP] up.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 06:58 Game over.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 06:58 *they see what has happened**after a moment of silence, they all whine and put on pouty faces*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 06:59 *paces around, inhaling and exhaling deeply* *runs a hand through a ridiculous sweat pompadour*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 06:59 O- Okay. *rises, recovering from that rush of adrenaline* *doesn't immedietly realize that her team is victorious*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 06:59 And you can have the jersey. It's perfect for you; smells like Jean's armpits and it itches like h**l.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:59 Whoo!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 06:59 Good job, guys.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 07:00 *turns to Travis and Co.* You too. Your defense was very tough to beat.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:00 *smiling and being nice for once* Thanks! Great teamwork, guys. We did it.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:00 (I laughed too hard at Nairne's statement!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:00 *it smells
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:00 It's JUST like you, in fact!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:01 [Yep, she nailed Camilla with that one. XD]
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 07:01 Thanks. *shakes Nicole's hand*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:02 *returns to her normal mindset* You can keep that. It suits you more than me.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 07:02 So...are Max or Rose going to announce things, or what?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:02 Ohh, thank you!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:03 You're so generous...and...um...you have such long fingernails too. Ming the Merciless would be proud.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:03 *is standing by Camilla* Seriously...you can let go of my jersey now.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 07:03 I don't know. We could head back to Prague Castle and see what everyone else is up to.
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:04 *Max is taking a potty break**meanwhile has slumped forward onto the table, asleep with a wine glass in hand**snores
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:04 **
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:04 *lets go, acting as if she had been disgusted all along*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 07:04 Yeah, that's an idea.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:05 (Let's roll the dice!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:05 *rubs her side, which has been almost pierced by Camilla's fingernails* Ow...
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:05  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:05 [Whoo!]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:05  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=10  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:05  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=11  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=10  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:06  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=6  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=7  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=7  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07   + 4 Overall performance points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07   + 10 Overall performance points to Nairne  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:08   + 11 Overall performance points to Camilla  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:08 [For once most of the scores for me make sense...Javier got tagged so he was a bit below average, Nairne put up a fight as the flag, Jaromir was a decent guide, the quadruplets' mess-ups in the defense proved fatal for their team, and Rodney did OK.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:08   + 2 Overall performance points to R+R+S+SH  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:08 [The only score that doesn't make sense for me is Nicole's. To me she was at least average.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:08   + 3 Overall performance points to Nicole  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:09   + 2 Overall performance points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:09   + 2 Overall performance points to Matt  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:09 (I just laughed when Jean received a one. He kinda deserved it, despite being the defensive leader.)
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:09 [Unfortunately I see that some of your scores are a bit messed up...Jean deserved more for performance (though he was a "butt"hole... :P_.]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:09 *)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:09   + 10 Overall performance points to Jaromir  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:09 *)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:10   + 9 Overall performance points to Marshall  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:10 [Oops. Anyway, on the other hand, you're right, he did deserve it for how he treated others.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:10   + 9 Overall performance points to Dewey  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:10 (Overall, mine were pretty fair. Except for Jean's technically.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:10   + 4 Overall performance points to Javier  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11   + 6 Overall performance points to Rodney  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11 [I guess Camilla deserved to win this round. And Jaromir tying for second place will make the Czech Republic (in this RP) somewhat proud. ^.^]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11   + 1 Overall performance points to Travis  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11 [I guess Camilla deserved to win this round. And Jaromir tying for second place will make the Czech Republic (in this RP) somewhat proud. ^.^]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11 [In the meantime... *kicks my Internet connection*]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11 (Yeah. All-in-all, the scores were pretty well-rounded.)
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11 (Yeah, I noticed Jaromir got a good score. Fair enough!!)
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:11 [WAKE UP!!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:12   + 7 Overall performance points to Riley  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:12   + 1 Overall performance points to Mick  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:12 [Oh crud...it's past midnight here and past 1 your time... O.O]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:12 [I can't believe I haven't died yet. XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:13   + 7 Overall performance points to Nate  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:13 (Yeah...haha.)
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:13 [XD Mick got 1...no wonder...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:13 (Hahaha, after this, I'll probably have to get going.)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:13 *Max comes back in to see...this... XD*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:14 [Me too. I have to get some sleep if I'm going to wake up and RP with you some more.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:14   + 3 Overall performance points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:14   + 1 Overall performance points to Mick  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:14 (Same here. We'll probably have to go!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:14 (Yep.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:15 Rose?! W-what is this?
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:15 [Hopefully I don't faceplant and fall back asleep again tomorrow morning...if you come on late yourselves (e.g. @ 11 AM your time), I'll understand...anyway, see you in the morning! *offline*]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:15 [Actually, nvm.]
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:15 (Haha, okay! Bye!)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:15 [I'll stay on for a few more minutes so we can start the thing where the contestants get to hang around in Prague for a day.]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:16 Buh?
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:16 Wha...the game's over...?? Who won???
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:16 (Oh, okay.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:16 You're drunk. GET UP!
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:17 I'm not drunk... *tries to get up but falls back on her butt*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:17 Team one won. Camilla snatched the flag - Nairne. I have to say... I'm quite pleased with how it all went down.
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:17 Getting up and seeing straight is just hard...that's all...
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:17 Oh, yeah. I totally knew that. *hiccups*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:18 Sure you did.
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:18 I'll make the announcements... *grabs the microphone* Ahem...congratulations to team one on winning! I especially congratulate Camera- Max: *mutters* Camilla... >_< Rose: - Camilla...what difference does it make?! *hiccups*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:19 -On capturing Nee-air-neh...or whoeever...
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:19 *whoever
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:19 Meet back up at Old Town Square to receive your points and prizes!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 07:19 *corrects her* Nairne.
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:20 *hiccups and slumps forward, unconscious again, as Max takes the microphone from her*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.28 07:20 [I can totally see Max facepalming Picard style right now. XD]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 07:21 Well, I guess now we know where to go.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 07:21 Whoa...the game's over??
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:21 That's a plus.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 07:22 Yep. We lost. *is a bit depressed, but isn't being a sore loser**he is also impressed with Camilla*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:22 *they are notified by some WB assistants* *walks towards the Charles Bridge with everyone else* Hey, look. It's finally starting to clear up.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 07:22 Oh...well, tough luck. *takes the role of the guide again* Anyway, everyone follow me.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:23 Hey, sorry about that, Javier. But at least there will be a next time....*implying something more than just "next time"*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 07:23 *he led everyone there, I guess*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 07:24 *nods, glancing strangely at a few of the rebels**is planning on doing much worse things to them than beating them in some of the WT's games*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:24 *shares the story with some reporters* *is speaking in fluent German, currently*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:24 *is chilled to the bone by Javier's look*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 07:24 *smiles* That's nice...seeing the sun make the Vltava sparkle is always a great sight...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 07:25 *didn't notice that he was under Javier's gaze for a moment**is more intent on getting across the river and meeting up with Nairne*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 07:26 *starts leading everyone back towards Old Town Square*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 07:26 *the reporters follow Camilla along and continue talking with her as they exit the train station*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 07:26 *rushing ahead, as if he has somewhere to be and can't be late*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 07:27 (Alright, we should probably really get going. See you tomorrow morning, hopefully!)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 07:27 *sees that Amanda is openly scared/intimidated**looks at her again, silently smirking/smiling in that same strange way for a moment**then follows the others onto the bridge*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.28 07:28 [Yep, same here; I have to go to sleep. See you in the morning! *offline*]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:34 [I'm up!!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:34 [*faceplants on pillows*]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:34 [*sits up quickly* I smell WAFFLES!! *looks tired and crazy*]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:35 (Good morning!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:35 [Yep...breakfast just arrived...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:35 [Let's just say I'm not a morning person. XD XP]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:35 [Anyway, good morning!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:37 [Ready to RP? Or do you need a few more moments to fully transform from rock to human? XD[
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:37 *]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:38 [The fact that I'm already making typos shows that I haven't fully transformed yet myself...]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:38 (Yeah, I'm ready. Paige is still sleeping, though. I tried waking her up, but she didn't budge.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:38 (Hahaha.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:38 [That's like me. XD]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:39 [Time to get out the ol' megaphone...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:39 [Or a squirt gun...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:39 [Or a tank...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:39 [...Nah, none of those will work.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:40 [On Paige, I mean. XD]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:40 [Anyway, let's do this! Hopefully Paige will be up soon.]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:40 (Hahaha! Never mind the alarm. That doesn't do anything.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:40 (Yeah. If we're lucky, she could be here at around 11/10.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:42 [Yeah...I found that unless the alarm clock is under my pillow (and thus inches from my head), it doesn't wake me up. :P]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:42 *feels really entitled and special with the cameras following her everywhere* *once she gets bored enough, she completely ignores them*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:42 [Anyway, RPing!]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:43 (Yeah.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:43 *they soon get to Old Town Square around the same time the other team gets there*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:44 Hey Pretzel Rod! Long time no see!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:44 Assistant: *greets the contestants* Winners of team one will be awarded five points each.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 16:44 Same for you, Crazy Scot.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:45   + 5 Experience points to Nicole  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:45   + 5 Experience points to Camilla  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:45   + 5 Experience points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:45   + 5 Experience points to Rodney  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:46   + 5 Experience points to Riley  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 16:46 *pumps fists boredly**looks deadpan*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:46   + 5 Experience points to Marshall  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:46   + 5 Experience points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:46   + 5 Experience points to Jean  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:47   + 5 Experience points to Mick  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:48 Assistant: *says that they are free to tour Prague for awhile until the jet arrives, and to meet back up at the Old Town Square the next day*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 16:48 [Mick should get 1 point due to her sheer laziness...just saying. XD]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 16:48 *is obviously delighted*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:49 We're not allowed to attack each other, right?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:49 I don't like the idea of getting into trouble with Hairy Mess over here... *pats Jean's back**removes her hand to find that it has some...BACK HAIR on it (*dun dun dunnnnn*)*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.28 16:49   - 4 Experience points to Mick  (Haha, actually, that's a pretty good point...)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:50 *waves hand frantically* UGH!! EWW!!! GET IT OFFA ME!!!!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:50 Oh my word! *gasps dramatically*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:50 [XD Oh my gosh, you actually did give her only one point?!! Great!!]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:50 *sobs**pretends to have a panic attack*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:51 (Yeah, she deserves it.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 16:51 *is cracking up* Call an ambulence!!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:52 I think one of his parents is a gorilla. Or maybe he's the spawn of Tarzan.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 16:52 I'm a trained physician! *rushes forward and gently holds Nairne's arm, looking at her contaminated hand* Hmm... *Nairne stands there "sobbing"*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 16:52 Yep...it has to go.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 16:52 *is actually pretty disgusted*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 16:53 General, get the hatchet.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:53 *yanks her arm away from Rodney* Whoooaaa, time out!
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 16:54 *had to be held back by Dewey and Javier so he didn't "accidently" kill Nairne, Marshall, and "the Rodz"* *snarls viciously*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:54 *while Rodney remains pretty deadpan, she laughs a little* Okay, okay, I'm good. *wipes away the hair*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 16:55 Jean, calm down. *doesn't want him making a scene in front of the cameras*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 16:55 Gawd, Nairne, you're going to be sued for littering biohazards.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:55 *the hair floats down to the ground* Too late. >:D
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 16:56 *grins* It may not be completely gone... you'll have to wash up in a restroom somewhere. Before I consider operating.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 16:58 *was reaching for her face**gasps**turns to Jaromir* Quick!! Where's the nearest bathroom?! I must. Pick. Nose!! *holding her hand back with her other hand*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 16:58 *laughs and points* It's not too far away...just go over there, and... *gives her directions**she then runs off*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:00 *is trying to console Jean* Don't listen to them - they're the ugly ones, they just don't want to admit it.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:01 [Replies may be slow. My Internet connection is glitching.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:03 So... *turns to the rebels* I'm eager to go to my home...do you guys want to come to Kobylisy with me? There's nice restaurants, a Metro stop is really near my home...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:04 (Okay.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:05 That sounds really nice, Jaromir. Sure.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:05 *Nairne arrives**smiles* Alright. As usual...follow me!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:06 What's happening? *Rodney explains briefly* Awesome!
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:06 *follows Jaromir with everyone else*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:07 *walks along in the direction of Wenceslas square, where a few Metro stops are located* We'll go to my place first...I have some crowns - Czech money - there.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:08 *nods* Sounds like a wonderful plan.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:09 There's a Metro stop called Muzeum around here... *they arrive at Wenceslas Square* Nairne: Holy [BLEEP]...this is HUGE!
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 17:09 *didn't expect the square to be nearly as long as it is too* Whoa...
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:11 *turns and goes down into the Metro station**the others follow*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:11 *pauses to admire Wenceslas Square for a moment longer before heading down after Jaromir*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 17:11 Wow. This is spectacular. *nearly slams into a tourist while gaping*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 17:11 *he and Nicole follow suit*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:12 I am totally going to cry when we leave tomorrow... o_o
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 17:13 You wouldn't dare.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:13 Umm, yes I would.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 17:13 Yeah... *chuckles a little* At least we get to spend some time here. I'll have to come back someday, though.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:14 *the train arrives and they get on*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:14 *adds grimly:* If we make it through the Battles...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:15 *a lot of the Czech people - and tourists - take notice of the group and their WB uniforms**luckily they are mostly left alone*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:16 *whines* No annoying fangirls a-screaming? No irritating selfie-takers a-pouncing?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:16 Yep...I think that's because a lot of the Czechs share my view...they dislike the use of their city in such violent, so-called "games."
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:20 [Oops...forgot to put this in: They had to walk through Wenceslas Square to get to Muzeum.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:20 And I don't get why people would want to take pictures with us, anyways. We're not...like, heroes.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:21 *they are on line C, of course**they continue going and going until they get to Kobylisy*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:21 In some people's eyes, we are...I guess.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:22 So I'm a hero at least to some people?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:22 Whooo! Yeah! *pumps fists**people around them stare*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:22 ...Sorry. o.o
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:23 *they arrive at Kobylisy and get off the Metro**Jaromir walks up some stairs and gets on an escalator*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:24 Crud, that's a long escalator...I'm going! *eagerly gets on the escalator too*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:25 *Nicole and the Rodz follow*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:26 [Is Paige awake yet?]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:27 [Uh oh...or did you fall asleep?]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:27 (I don't think so. I'll try to get her up again.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:29 (Alright, she really isn't budging. Sorry about that...)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:30 [Darn it...maybe you could try wiggling her feet hard? That's one of the few things that works with me... XD XP]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:30 *takes the escalator as well*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:31 *they get to the top**a little shop called "Albert" is seen nearby as they exit the Metro station*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:32 *leads them down the street**a lot of college age Czechs are also wandering around*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:32 (Okay, I'll give it a few. I told her to wake up, and she sort of grumbled a ''no'', so I'm not taking that as a very good sign.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:33 [XD Okay.]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:34 *stumbles upon an attractive Czech girl* Hey... *is getting ignored*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:34 *they pass by a lot of shops and even a little (outdoor) market with lots of fruits, vegetables, meats, and baked goods*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:34 *shrugs* These days, it's not even worth trying.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:35 I think a lot of college age people live in this area...I guess that includes me. *chuckles* There are some exceptions... *they pass by an old woman*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:36 *looks at Marshall, smiling with amusement* Yeah, and your relationship would be short-lived, anyway...we have to leave tomorrow.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:37 *they soon encounter a lot of buildings that are more for living in than selling things in, including some that resemble apartment buildings - and good-looking apartment buildings, too*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:38 *goes into a somewhat small house at the side of the street* Being a good hockey player, I got a house of my own...it's not much, but I like it.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:38 (Finally alive...)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:38 *holds the door open for the others*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:39 [This is Earth. Welcome!]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:41 Wow, this is a nice place... *steps inside*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:41 (About time...)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:41 *comes in and looks around* Reminds me a little of my small house in the Black Forest...mine is more rustic, though...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:43 I like it. Nicer than my place...the area's more populated, too. Being from the Hebrides, it would take me a few hours to find any sign of life other than my grouchy grandpa.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:43 Meanwhile all you have to do is step out the door.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 17:44 *also enters**wrinkles nose* Smells like pork.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 17:44 This is a very nice place to live, Jaromir. Maybe I should consider one day.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:44 *laughs* Yes, that's a cliche that's rather true...pork is the last thing I ate before heading to Hawaii with you all.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:45 *looks around* This place is a lot smaller than the houses around me. I like it, though.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:45 *nods at Riley* I met a certain chess-playing girl from the USA once...she's only a few years younger than me, but she's definitely considering making the move here later in life.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:47 Make yourselves comfortable even though we'll only be here for a few minutes... *goes over and starts leafing through stuff **finally finds his crowns*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:47 *is looking around*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:48 *a lot of the words and labels on stuff are in Czech, so she has a hard time telling what some things are**touches what she thinks is the microwave**it beeps at her**jerks back*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:48 *looks around, touching an antique vase*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:49 *puts her hands behind her back and wanders back to the others, acting as if nothing happened*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:49 (I think I know who that chess player is!)
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 17:49 *sits down at a small kitchen table*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:49 *is counting the money**looks up upon hearing the beep* Hm?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:50 [Mwah ha ha haaa...couldn't help but throw in a little bit of a fourth wall break there... >:D]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:50 Er - someone must have touched something...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 17:50 *gives Nairne a very critical look*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:51 What? *says while smiling a bit:* I didn't do anything...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:51 ...*cough*harmful*cough*...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 17:51 *shakes his head and sits down at the table*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:52 *stands by the door, looking more like a security guard than anything*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:52 *has wandered into Jaromir's bedroom with Madison**a shelf on the wall has many photos on it*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:53 *one photo shows Jaromir as a kid with a toddler - perhaps his little brother**another photo shows Jaromir and his brother, now a bit older, playing hockey together*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:54 *another photo shows Jaromir around the age of 16 with his perhaps 14 year-old brother; they have their arms across each other's shoulders and are standing with the Vltava behind them**however, in the rest of the pictures where Jaromir is a bit older, his
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:54 brother has disappeared*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:54 *looks at the pictures and smiles*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:55 *another photo shows Jaromir as a kid with some friends - and his brother - on a boat going through the Vltava**they are yelling and making funny faces by the window*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:55 *picks up the one with Jaromir and his buddies on the boat and laughs a little*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:56 *is pretty curious about the brother* *sees the more recent pictures and notices that the brother is absent* *can't be certain that he's dead, but it's saddening anyways*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:56 Okay guys, I think I have enough money for us all as long as we don't order too many things...let's go!
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:56 *gets up, excited for what's to come
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:56 *sets the picture down**looks at Madison* Ready/
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:56 **
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:57 *?
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 17:57 *swings open the door for all, since he's right there*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:57 *gingerly picks up a hockey photoshoot picture* It's kind of like a museum in here.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:57 *heads out the door with Nate right behind him*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:57 *nods, putting the picture down*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:58 Yeah...a personal museum. I guess he, his family, his team, and his friends are pretty close.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 17:58 So, what's next, captain?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 17:58 Let's go. *heads out after the others with Madison*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:58 There's a place called Cafe Rico down the street that I think you will all like.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:58 *going on about food* ...I keep thinking we're going to have pizza. I don't know why. Mmm....sounds good right now.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:59 [Note: I've been in Cafe Rico a few times. It's pretty nice!]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:59 [I think I may have told you about it in the past.]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:59 Ah, okay. Cafe Rico. Good name for a cafe.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 17:59 There is a pizza place, and we may save some money if we get some pizza...I have an idea.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 17:59 (I think you have!)
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:00 *is heavily reminded of Chicago deep dish pizza* *laughs to self*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:00 We could get drinks and maybe a few foods - perhaps some Czech dishes - at Cafe Rico. In the meantime I'll go and order a pizza from the pizza place and then come back to Cafe Rico.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:00 Good idea!
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:00 [Yep, I have, now that I think about it!] By the time we're done at Cafe Rico, our pizza should be done.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:02 *they head over to Cafe Rico**since there are so many of them, they have to push a few tables together*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:04 *they all sit down*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:04 *even though it's summer, he orders a hot chocolate*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 18:04 *she and Nairne order some pop**Rodney just has some water*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 18:05 [The only drinks I remember having there were water, pop, and hot chocolate, so... XP]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 18:05 *orders a large cola*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 18:07 *gets some coffee* I think this has been the best coffee I've had in a long time.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 18:07 *note that by now the waitress/bartender has handed out menus in various languages (Czech, English, etc.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 18:07 **
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:08 You haven't had coffee in a long time. None of us have.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:08 Hm...I think I'll have some... *orders some coffee too*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:09 *gets a hot chocolate*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:09 See you guys in a little bit. Er - Madison, do you want to come with me? I have a surprise for you...
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 18:09 Well, I mean the typical Starbucks and stuff. This brew is quality.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:11 Oh- yeah, sure. *gets up from her seat and follows Jaromir*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:11 I think Max's assistants served some coffee on the jet...it sucks, though. As if Max's Crappy Mix wasn't enough...now they have Max's Crappy Coffee.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:11 Ooo, is it a hot date?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:12 *takes a quick sip of hot chocolate before leaving with Madison**walks back to the Metro station and up some stairs (a pizza place is located right above it)*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 18:12 From what I remember, it tasted very bitter. A lot like plain old water, too.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:12 *made sure to say "Shut up" in a partially joking manner to Marshall before leaving*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 18:13 At least they had a soda fountain in the back...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:13 Yeah...I think I had some once. Not long later I produced some good ol' Max's Crappy Diarrhea...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:13 *she meant some coffee*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:13 It's totally a hot date.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:14 So THAT was what woke me up on the plane...gawd, Nairne, it STUNK...
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 18:14 Who knew? He's not doing us much of a favor by messing with our bowels.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 18:14 *playfully and gently slaps Marshall on the back of the head*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:14 *winces* Ooooh...I know what I'm NOT having next time I get in that jet. I'd rather starve for eight hours!
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 18:15 *snickers in response to Marshall's comment* I don't know about that.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:15 Has anyone had their cookies? They're pretty dry, yet manage to hit you hard later in the bathroom.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 18:16 *literally hoots* I don't remember anything.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:16 Oh, not to mention their chicken. Rumor has it that it comes straight from a Sam's Club warehouse.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:16 Oh god...the chicken, the chicken!...
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:17 Do yourselves a favor and don't get their hot wings.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:17 *orders a large margarita pizza before heading back downstairs with Madison**they go to a stand selling baked goods - mostly desserts - located in front of the Metro station*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:18 *reaches into his pocket and pulls out a few more crowns* Which one would you like? *the desserts are being held up on some racks/shelves behind some glass on the stand*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:19 *a lot of them are basically pastry-like breads filled and/or covered with creams and/or chocolate*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:19 Rumor has it that the chicken is still alive and it bites your bowels before making its final exit.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:20 Jake Blues would be so [BLEEP] on Max's jet.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:20 Yep...I can see it now..."Four whole fried chickens and a coke - ACK!!"
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:20 Wow... *laughs in awe* I don't think I could possibly pick just one.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 18:20 *is doubled over in laughter*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 18:21 *bursts out laughing*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:22 "911"?!?!
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:22 I can get you two if you want. *laughs a little*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:23 In that case you'd have to share, though. *tries to make an evil smile, but it doesn't quite "fit" since he's much more good-natured*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 18:23 (May disappear for ten - we're having lunch.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:23 [Okie dokie.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:23 [I'll probably have to leave soon, anyway...we're checking out of the hotel soon.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:24 [Oops. Redundancy. :P]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.28 18:27 He'd be put in a coma for 3 weeks!!
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:28 Would you like me to choose for you?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:32 I'm getting hungry...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.28 18:32 Really? I've been getting less and less hungry listening to you guys. *chuckles*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.28 18:33 (Back!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:33 I'm going to have a Czech sandwich! *orders a sandwich with some veggies, cranberry sauce, and a Czech cheese in it (it is a lot like camembert cheese)*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:34 [Welcome back! You're just in time! :D]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:34 Despite everything, I am starving. This may be our only chance to eat actual food before the end.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:35 *the sandwich is in two halves, and the bread is thick; if one put the loaf of bread back together, it would be shaped like a short, fat baguette*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:35 *takes a big bite* Whoa...rich. I like it, though. Anyone want the other half? I won't be able to finish this thing by myself.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:36 [gtg soon.]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:37 Okay. *selects one with chocolate on the top*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:37 [BTW, what rounds are left after this? Are we just going to go straight to Tabernas and then to Moscow? Or are you keeping some other rounds?]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:37 Nairne, that looks heavenly.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:37 It is!!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:38 (There's the desert island, Minnesota forest, Tabernas, Moscow - not in that order - and then the end.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:38 Unfortunately a drunk demon named Rose will be dragging me back into the Battles tomorrow...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:38 [OK. I'm guessing Tabernas will come in between the Minnesota forest and the desert island since I didn'
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.28 18:39 *didn't want it and Moscow to be right next to each other in the list, right?]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:39 *buys it and hands it to Madison* Here you go.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:40 (Something like that. I'd have to take a look in order to confirm. Hopefully we can get each of them done within a night.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.28 18:40 [Well, I gtg now. See you later tonight! I may be late. *offline*]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:41 Thank you so much. *takes it from Jaromir* It's really nice of you to treat me like this.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.28 18:41 (Ok, see you!)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:12 *nods* No problem.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:12 *shifts around a little awkwardly* I...kind of... *looks at his feet while fidgeting with them* ...like you, so...
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:16 [BTW, I'm on!]
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 04:18 (Hi!)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:18 (Hi!)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:19 *blushes profusely* Oh yeah? *is probably making things worse*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:20 (No rush or anything, but do you think we could finish this by tonight? We're in sort of a crunch.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:24 [Hey! Sorry about the disappearance. Yeah, let's finish things up. I'm on four RPs at once but I'll try to reply fast.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:26 Yeah... *his blush is even redder, with his Czech cheeks and all*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:26 So... *clears his throat* Want to head back to Cafe Rico?
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:29 *nods* Uh...yeah. That would be great. *smiles*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:32 Okay. Let's go, then. *leads her back to Cafe Rico*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:32 *they sit down with the others again*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 04:33 *done eating by this time*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:33 *finishes feasting*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 04:34 *is finishing off her sandwich**Rodney decided to eat the other half, and he is still working on it, but is almost done*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 04:36 How was the date?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:36 *blushes again* There wasn't any date...
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:38 Why lie? We aren't going to care.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 04:38 There wasn't? *lets out a belch* That was fantastic.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 04:39 I agree, Nate.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 04:41 So...what's next?
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 04:41 *shrugs* No idea how much time we have left.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:41 Well, it's almost sunset...
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:42 There's a hotel near my place...maybe they'll give you some rooms for free if you tell them who you are.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 04:42 *looks a little disappointed* Time to go soon, I suppose?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:43 I think we'll be leaving next morning...oh, and the pizza should be done by now! *rushes out and, minutes later, returns with the pizza**sets it on the table*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:43 Here you all go...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 04:43 About time. *digs in*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:44 Thanks! *takes about four pieces*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:45 *takes a piece, glancing at Marshall*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 04:46 *looks at Marshall* Oink oink.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 04:47 *gives Marshall a hard look* Thou hast committed an awful sin!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:48 What? Seriously, though? What's wrong with eating four pieces?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:49 You guys have no soul.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:49 And yet, you complain about the food and stuff they give out.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 04:50 *glances at Marshall* I don't think I can eat another bite. I'm stuffed.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:52 *says something in Czech, and then the waitress gives him the check (DON'T say anything... XD I know it rhymes.)**looks a it**cringes a little, but pays up anyway*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:52 *at
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 04:54 Thanks for such a great meal, Jaromir. Really appreciate it.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:54 *nods* No problem.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.29 04:55 *catches a glimpse of the bill, which is pricey* *is brought back to some bad memories* *would always feel guilty to see an expensive bill after dining out with his family, who, at the time, were poor*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:55 I was thinking of spending the money on myself after the Battles, but I thought giving things to my friends would be nicer...and, anyway, there may be no "after the Battles" for me.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.29 04:55 Yeah. It was wonderful.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.29 04:56 *nods solemnly* Really, that's thoughtful of you.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 04:57 *stands up, since everyone else appears to be ready to leave* *polishes off some pizza while standing*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:59 Thank you. *my characters all finish and get up*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 04:59 Let's head to that hotel I mentioned...the person who works at the front desk is a friend of my parents. She may be able to do you a favor.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 05:00 Great.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:01 *leads everyone to the hotel, where they meet with a woman at the front desk**talks to her in Czech for a few minutes before she finally looks at the rest of the rebels sympathetically and gives them some room keys*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 05:02 *hurries after Jaromir, since he can feel a storm "brewing" in his abdomen*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:02 *turns to everyone else* Well, she only has a few rooms vacant, so you'
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:02 *you'll have to split into several groups and share rooms...if anyone wants to come with me back to my place, just say so. I have room for one more person.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 05:02 *thanks the clerk, as do many of the others*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:03 They'll have to sleep on the couch, though.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:03 *turns to Madison* Oh, and I'd like you to come with me again...this time to...um...Prague Castle.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:04 *nods* *would like to have a few words with Jaromir herself*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:05 Another hot date? Connor: We can't be certain, Marshall.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:05 Thanks for making all of these arrangements, Jar. *follows everyone else inside*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:07 It's a DATE!!
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:07 *adds somewhat fearlessly:* Yes, it is, Nairne.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:08 *adds somewhat fearlessly:* Yes, it is, Nairne.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:08 Ooo... *laughs silently inside*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.29 05:09 *smiles at Jaromir* Have fun.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:12 [Double-post. XP] *didn't see that coming* Whoa...crud... *runs after the others* HE ADMITTED IT!!!!!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:13 *leans against Rodney* Rodz, why don't you ever take me on a date?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 05:13 Because you're a farting lunatic.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:13 *stands up straight again* Oh...well...I...er... o.o
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:14 *nods towards Travis and heads out with Madison**after using the Metro and the trams, they make it up to the castle**they climb up a very big flight of stairs and make it up onto a part of the castle that overlooks the city*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:14 *or ONE of the parts that overlooks the city*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:15 *looks out at the city, which is completely lit up* *is awestruck*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:15 *they go over to the wall on the edge**daringly sits up on the edge* I've always wanted to sit like this...no one really allows it, but life is short, so what the heck?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:15 *the sun is orange; it is sunset*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:15 Wow... the views are breathtaking up here.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:16 *smiles* I guess so.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:17 *waits a few moments* Jaromir, I'd like to thank you for everything you've been doing for us. We appreciate it, really.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:18 *nods* It's no problem - really. Hey, you can sit next to me if you want. Just don't fall or anything.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:18 *is trying so hard not to be awkward*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:18 Alright. I hope not. *lifts herself over the railing and sits beside Jaromir*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:19 *mutters, almost to self:* It's even prettier sitting up here.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:20 [gtg in 10 minutes, so let's try to wrap this up!]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:20 (Ok!)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:21 [Note: There isn't a railing...it's just the stone wall they're sitting on.] *looks out at the view* Yeah...
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:21 *sighs a little* Me and Nicole were looking at some of the pictures in your room. I never knew you had a brother.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:21 (Ok.)
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:22 [Look up "prague castle viewpoint" on Google Images. The fourth photo in the second row kind of shows what sort of wall they're on.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:23 I don't talk about him much...he died about a year ago... *purses lips a little in an effort not to look sad*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:25 Oh. Sorry. *laughs in a self-depricating way* Pushing it, as always. I'm sorry. *looks kind of sad, actually*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:25 It was sort of a freak accident...something all of us should've walked away from...
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:26 No, it's fine...every so often I get a question about my brother.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:26 *they sit there and admire the sunset and the view for a few more minutes**then finally turns to her* Madison?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:26 I love you.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:27 *is so taken aback* Oh- er- um- dah...
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:27 *attempts to clear her throat* Really?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:28 *leans in for a kiss*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:28 *chuckles a little, totally flattered*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:28 Yes, really.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:28 *returns the favor*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:29 *as the sun sinks below the horizon they share their first kiss*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:29 [Actually, I can stay on for another 15 minutes...let's continue to wrap things up!]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:30 *after that, she's pretty starry eyed* *gets the feeling you get right after coming off a rollercoaster*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 05:30 (Do you think you'll be able to get on again tomorrow during the day?)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:30 (Ok!)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:31 The feeling might just be mutual. I'll admit, you're a lot nicer than a lot of the guys back at the hotel.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:32 [I often come online @ 12:30 PM ET for about half an hour. Though I can't guarantee I'll be on then, you can look for me until 1 PM if you want.]
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:33 Thanks...yeah, I think it is mutual. Madison, I would like to ask you something...will you escape with me?
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:34 I have some more money and a plan to get out of here without being caught. But you'll just have to trust me.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:35 *freezes - doesn't want to say no, but she's not sure that escaping is the right thing for her to do* *talks a little quieter* I really don't know about that.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:35 I can't take the Battles any longer...the risk of losing you or causing my family's hearts to break from my own death is getting to be too much.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:36 I need to get out of here...I know I can. But I want you to come with me so we'll both be safe.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:36 *digs her fingernails into her hand* I like you a lot, Jaromir. But... *looks down*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:37 But you have friends here from other rounds whom you want to protect. I understand. *looks down too for a moment*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:37 *looks up at him, finally* I'll be fine. *takes his hand in hers* You just have to trust me with that.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:37 *puts an arm around Madison* I'm very sorry...I'm going to have to leave anyway.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:38 *nods a little*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:38 Don't think I'm a coward...okay, maybe I am. But I don't want to kill anyone, and I'm tired of all of this - except for these last few hours with you in Praha, of course.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:38 It's okay. I understand your motives.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:39 Sometimes, backing down is the only thing you can do.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:39 Promise you'll make it out alive.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:39 *looks into Madison's eyes pleadingly*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:40 *gives him a nod* Don't worry about me. I'll make it.
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:41 Alright. *hugs her* I will see you after the World Tours...also, I hope you liked the dessert I got for you. *has a slight edge on his tone; is hinting that he'll be waiting for her at the Metro stop where they got the pastry*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:42 *this is just in case he still has to be in hiding**lets go of her and quickly hops back onto the stone ground**goes back down the stairs as quickly as he can; WB authorities will definitely be coming after him soon, so he has to escape quickly*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:43 *looks up at Madison lovingly one more time before disappearing behind some buildings*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:43 *walks along through some streets before an arm reaches out and pulls him into some shadows*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:43 *watches him go* *is too sad for words, really*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:44 *whispers:* It's just me - "Houdini." Ready? Are you sure you want to go through with this? *Jaromir hesitates, and then nods* Okay. *obviously Jaromir has discussed escape plans with her in secret*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:44 *leaves the castle, but kind of hangs around in the streets for a bit, thinking*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:45 *takes out a knife* Roll up the sleeve. *Jaromir does so**digs his tracker out of his arm**he manages to remain surprisingly stoic*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:45 *quickly hands him normal clothes**he quickly changes into them since his WB uniform contains trackers*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:47 Nairne: *whispers:* Now go! Jaromir: *puts up the hood on his hoodie* Thank you... Nairne: You have no time! *pushes him* Jaromir: Goodbye... *begins to stumble away* Nairne: Bye, ya Czech kraut-eater. *smiles sort of sadly*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:49 *heads to the nearest Metro stop and eventually gets to the train station**heads inside Hlavni Nadrazi and gets a ticket to Russia (which, of course, has been opposing the WB and will protect him)*
11>Jaromir (Contestant:Czech R.), 17yo.2016,Aug.29 05:49 *the person who gives him the ticket recognizes him despite the change of clothes and the hoodie, but says nothing; she is perhaps hoping he escapes*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:50 *soon Madison sees some WB assistants/officials running through the streets**they reach Nairne, who coincidentally is on the same street Madison is on**is hiding in the same shadows as before*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:50 *holds up Jaromir's tracker, smiling* What? Looking for this? *laughs*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:51 *a frustrated WB official punches her**slumps back against the wall and looks at him, but says nothing**he says something into his earbuds, and soon some WB assistants swarm Hlavni Nadrazi...to find that Jaromir is already gone*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 05:51 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:51 *slows down a little bit* *tries to interpret the scene*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:51 (Bye!)
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:53 *rushes over to Nairne* *makes sure anyone who was initially in sight is out before helping her* *whispers* Nairne. Are you okay? Nairne: *nods, a little dazed* Madison: *helps Nairne up*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 05:54 You helped him escape? *Nairne explains that she was willing to help him get out, and so on and so forth* *they take the Metro and trams back to the hotel*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.29 05:56 *the next morning, the contestants check out of the hotel and return to the Charles Bridge* *they are shuttled to the airport*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.29 05:56 -THE END-
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.29 05:59 (The next arena is the deserted island. Contestants will be transported to a desert island in the Pacific, with minimal supplies. They must survive an evening on the island, all of which goes to crap, for lack of better word... eventually, they must
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.29 06:00 evacuate the island, which will turn into a fight for survival.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.29 06:02 *a day and a half later, the jet dumps the contestants on a random island in the middle of the Pacific, which is probably less than a quarter mile in length*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.29 06:04 *all they are given are two tents and some food*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 18:32 [Hey guys, it's 12:30 PM ET, so I'm online...however, I have to go do something else, and I'm not sure how long I'll be gone. It'll probably take around 30 minutes or so (though I'm not quite sure), so see you soon (if you come on)!]
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:13 (Hi! Don't know if you're still around, but I'm going to continue on with the plot for awhile.)
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:19 *walks around on the beach, carrying a tent* So...where should we set up?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:22 [Back! Sorry I'm so late.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:22 [Whoo! I came on just in time! :D]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:23 [You still around? Note that I can stay on for about 30 minutes.]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:23 *several people debate and argue over where the tent should be set up* Someone: Well, maybe we should set up on the beach. We'd be closer to an escape. Someone: What if we get washed away by the tide? We should hide out in the forest area.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:23 (Still around!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:24 I'm not sure...we should preferably set up somewhere near a source of fresh water.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:24 All we have is a bit of food; no water was provided. We could easily die in this heat, or at least our health will turn to crap.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:25 [Wahoo! Let's RP, then!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:25 [Oh, and sorry to interrupt, but have you seen the Kill Bill movies?]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:25 This water's pretty salty...I can smell it already. So I don't think our location matters much in terms of a water source.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:26 (Have definitely heard of it, but haven't watched them.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:26 We need to be near a source of water we can drink. That's very important. While we could last for a few weeks without food, dehydration is a very fast killer.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:27 There's probably some hazardous insects in that forest, though.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:27 [They're a bit adult...perhaps of the same "genre"/type as Deadpool (but without superheroes and superpowers)...but they're still pretty good, especially Kill Bill Part 2.]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:28 *to Matt* You're right, but I don't see how a tent could stay pitched in sand.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:28 [They're sword-fighting movies. Shinju is actually based on an Asian teenager the main character had to fight in Kill Bill Part 1.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:29 [I was thinking that Nicole would kill Shinju in a similar way to how the main character in Kill Bill fought and killed the Asian girl; is that OK?]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:29 (Yeah, that's fine.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:30 [Note that it'll probably happen inside a building like in the movie, so it wouldn't happen until the Moscow round.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:30 [OK, thanks!]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:30 Yeah, but there's literally no water except salt water.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:30 I have a few warm water bottles in my backpack, but that's it.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:30 Maybe we should pick an area nearest to fresh water that is part beach and part forest - sort of at the "border" between beach and forest?
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:31 Drink sparingly. And be prepared to share them with some of us.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:31 Also, we don't know about that. We haven't been in the forest yet. There could be a spring of some sort.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:31 It's more of a jungle than a forest.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:31 Oi...don't I remember watching some jungle round where the contestants had to tap water out of trees or something...??
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:32 Maybe...I think I remember doing something like that in the 20th round, when my team was on the run in the jungle before Tyler...er..."pulled a Tyler."
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:33 But Nairne has a good point. We could maybe get water out of plants.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.29 19:33 *is walking along with the other Hunters* Alright, how much water and food do we have?
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.29 19:33 *all four of them each pull out one water bottle*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.29 19:35 *looks around* Anything more?
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:35 *reveals two unused water bottles*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:36 *wipes away some sweat on his forehead* Geez, it's so hot out here...
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.29 19:36 [Are you both on?]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:36 *nodding* Yeah, really humid out. We should go swimming when we're done pitching this tent.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:36 (Joan just arrived.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:37 Anyway, I like the look of that spot. *points at an area that is kind of a border between the beach and the jungle, with palm trees and such**the sand resembles soil a bit more there, though it still is sand*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:37 *hovers around Riley, ready to help pitch the tent*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:37 [Okie dokie.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:37 I don't know what all the fuss is about. We'll only be here for like, a day or two, tops.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:38 Ooo, be careful, Riley...that bottom of yours looks delicious. *hums the Jaws theme*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:38 *looks at Nicole's ideal campground* That's exactly what I was thinking. Let's set up over there.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.29 19:38 *nods* Okay. We'll have to drink very sparingly. Only drink when you really need to, and try not to drink very much.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:39 *walks towards the campground* Hm...it's nice and shady.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:39 *empties the contents of the tent sack and gets to work*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 19:41 *pulls out two waters*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:41 *helps Riley*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.29 19:41 Any ideas on where we should camp out? I was thinking that we would camp somewhere near the beach, but it would have to be shady too.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:42 *is done within twenty minutes* Alright guys. Feel free to set up your stuff whenever you like. It's gonna be a tight squeeze, though...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 19:42 *reveals a half empty water bottle* I drank some of this, but...
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:42 By the way, Nate isn't the only one with water. *pulls out five small water bottles* I swiped these off the jet.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:42 Alright, sounds good with me. *throws off his shoes and runs to the beach*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:42 They're small, but hey, water is water.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 19:42 *snatches Mick's water* We'll need anything.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:43 *loudly hums the Jaws theme in an effort to scare and/or annoy Nate*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.29 19:43 *nods* Any water we have is good.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.29 19:43 As long as it isn't salty, of course.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:44 I'll scout around the area...see what the jungle is like. But I won't go too far.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:46 *wipes away more sweat* Gawd, if the high tides don't flood this area first, I will.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:47 *takes off her WB jacket and heads out*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:47 Hahaha, talk about salt water.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 19:47 *rolls up his pant legs* *wades out in the water*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:47 *all of my characters have decided to take off their jackets*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:48 How the bloody h**l do people survive in climates like this?!
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:49 *walks around in the water, having a blast*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:49 It's called not being born in the UK. I know, it's a very strange phenomenon, but it's true.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:50 *calls out to Nicole* Don't go too deep in there.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:50 More like not being born in the UK...or Scandinavia...or Canada...or anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, for that matter...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:50 *looks back and nods**yells:* Okay!
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:50 For starters, you should visit Southern America, especially Florida.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:51 [Can Nicole encounter some animals?] *looks around carefully as she walks**the jungle gets thicker around her*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 19:52 *walks the circumference of the island* *sees some ramshackle boats piled up against some rocks near the jungle*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:52 I would've gone there by now but I'm not in the mood to be greeted by gun toting redneck whackos who are all their own grandpas or grandmas.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 19:52 (Sure.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:52 *cracks up*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:53 *sees a lizard race by**hears some commotion and looks up to see some monkeys in a fruit tree**frowns slightly, wondering how they got on such a remote island*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.29 19:54 *stands in the water, but close to the beach* *looks out at the ocean*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 19:54 *some of the monkeys make odd noises and bare their teeth at her**decides it's time to turn around**quickly but calmly walks away*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:54 *smiles* Eh...you get used to it. Sorta.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:54 [Note: There's actually a funny song I've heard called "I am My Own Grandpa"...it's a little hard to follow, but it's funny. XD]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:55 *makes adjustments to the tent*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:56 (Haha, can't say I've heard of such a unique song(title)!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:56 [Speaking of songs, there are two other songs (but they are by a different guy) I like: "Vegematic" and "Lincoln Park Pirates." They are by Steve Goodman, an American folk singer.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:57 (I just looked up the lyrics. They ARE very confusing, haha.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:57 [He sings on pitch and those two songs are pretty funny. I think you'll especially like Lincoln Park Pirates, which is about the "pirates" who tow your car away if you go 2 seconds over the time limit at Lincoln Park. XD]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:58 [Darn it, now I have the Vegematic song in my head... "I got the Veeeegematic...pocket fisherman too...illustrated autographed history of life, boxcar willy nilly ginsu knife! I got the bamboo steamer...(etc.)"]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:59 [I definitely recommend you listen to all three songs. All of them are pretty unny.]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 19:59 *funny
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:59 (Haha!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 19:59 (Okay.)
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:59 (Hahaha, they sound hilarious. I'll have to check them out later.)
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 19:59 *goes for a walk down the beach*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 20:00 [
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.29 20:00 [Oops.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 20:01 *returns to the campground* I encountered some monkeys...I have no idea how they got on this island, but they didn't seem friendly. We had better be careful.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 20:01 [Now the Lincoln Park Pirates song is in my head!! "To me way, hey, tow them away! The Lincoln Park Pirates are we..."]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.29 20:02 [Anyway, I gtg. See you later tonight! *offline* Tell me what you think of the songs I recommended!]
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.29 20:02 (Okay, will do! Bye!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 20:03 (See you!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.29 20:04 *nods* Yeah. We'll make sure of it. *sighs a little* I just don't know how we'll get food if we're staying here longer than expected, with the inner regions being closed-off and all.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 20:04 -LATER-
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.29 20:05 *it is evening, so it has cooled down a little bit* *is with Amanda, searching for shells* *Riley, Connor, Travis, and Rodney are figuring out a fire so they can cook dinner* *everyone else is walking around the beach, or just enjoying the sunset*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 04:02 *finishes making dinner* *doesn't look too satisfied with the result - it's not enough to tide everyone over - but everyone eats anyways*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:03 *finishes in a snap* *still has an appetite, but doesn't mention it*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:22 *goes back to the beach when he's done*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:25 *hangs around in the water well into the night*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 04:27 [Here! Sorry I'm late...got distracted doing chess stuff.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 04:27 (Hi! It's okay!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 04:27 *walks along the shore, looking out at a glorious sunset* *takes some time to think about stuff*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:29 *she and the Hunters, meanwhile, have a huge bonfire going*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:29 *overhears a few of the others he worked with bragging about how they created the fire*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:29 -.- Honestly guys, you screamed when you accidentally created a spark.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:29 *watches a flock of seabirds burst from the trees and fly across the ocean*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:30 *has been swimming as the sun sets*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:30 And Riley, come on and admit it: You screamed "It's gonna get me!!"
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:31 *makes his way to the shoreline* *nearby, Nate is splashing around * Having fun out there?
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:31 Ohhhhoho....afraid of a little fire, Scarecrow?
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:31 Yeah, the water's fine! Come on out.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:32 Ahahaha, okay. *wades out*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:32 *gives Nate a look*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:33 *sees Travis getting in**makes a buggy-eyed, wide smile - a Mr. Hyde type smile (Uh oh!!)*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:33 *digs up a shell from the sand* *brushes the sand away from the surface* Wow, this one's unique. *studies it closely*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:34 *catches Nairne's creepy smirk* This is the farthest I'm going!
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:35 *leans in to look at it* *examines it closely* Wow...you got yourself a beauty there.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:35 Yeah, wouldn't want to get caught by Jaws. *is nearly knocked over by a wave*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:36 Actually, you do. *smiles, handing it her way* For you.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:37 *slowly sinks below the surface of the water, still smiling*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:38 No way, really? Are you sure you don't want anything special to take home?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:38 My grandma used to say that if you held the shell up to your ear, you could hear the ocean. I wonder if that's true.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 04:38 *unlike the bloodthirsty, cold Hunters of the past, the Hunters are actually having fun and bonding a bit around the bonfire*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:38 *swats the air* No, no. I've got enough junk as it is...
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:39 *nods* I always believed it, and I guess I still do in some ways. Reminds me of home.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 04:40 *Riko dances with Dewey as Sango sings and Shinju and Rin laugh**Javier claps his hands to the beat and entices some of the others to join in*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:41 *swims underwater towards Travis*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:41 *smiles* Well, I appreciate it. *turns it over in her hand* Memories of a good ally and friend.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:41 Well, if that's the case... you can just hold that up to your ear anytime, and here this freakin' ocean.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:41 *holds her breath for a surprisingly long amount of time; she only resurfaces once and does it really quickly so that the other two don't notice*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:41 *runs back to the beach, laughing his head off*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 04:41 *he and Riko bring down the house with their moves*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:42 *resurfaces to see Travis running away**coughs and spits out saltwater* [BLEEP] it!!
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:42 *sends a splash after Travis playfully* *is a kid all over again*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:44 Get back here ya chicken!!
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:45 *is walking around, when suddenly... there is a huge blast* *it shakes the ground* *next thing you know, there's smoke and fire rising into the air*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:46 Bwak bwak bwak BWAAAK!!! *struts around, trying to do the chicken dance in the water, but she gets hit by a big wave and is flipped over in the water**burbles as she goes under*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:46 *nearly falls from that shockwave* *remembers seeing the boats* *starts running that way*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 04:46 *was just sitting and watching the sunset**jumps from the blast*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:47 *didn't even really notice the blast until the shockwave hits*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:47 *braces himself, keeping himself from falling over from the shockwave* Bloody h**l...!! What was THAT?!
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:47 *nearly falls over a wave* *pulls himself through the water and into a boat* Get in! Get in!
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:48 *gets hit with a piece of scorching rubble* *falls back into the water*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 04:49 *sees Nate's boat* *races through the water, taking this as an opportunity to survive*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:49 *screams*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:49 *hurdles into a boat, nearly breaking the bench* *helps someone in*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:50 I SAW SOME BOATS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND! LET'S GO! *charges towards the other side*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 04:50 *scrambles towards the boat**a giant hunk of rubble is flying her way, but she is blinking water out of her eyes and pushing her wet hair out of her face and thus doesn't know it's coming*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 04:50 *nods and races after Camilla**the quadruplets take a moment to scream and panic before following*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:50 *originally didn't know where the boats were, but thanks to Camilla's direction, he's quick on his feet* *gets to the other side*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:51 *remains on the ground for awhile after getting tossed* *scrambles to the nearest boat- Riley's* *gets in*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 04:51 *has rolled/fallen over on her side, too scared/shocked to scream**looks up to see black and orange being spewed into the sky*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:51 *holds out a hand to Amanda* Come on!
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:51 *takes any boat she can* *winds up in Marshall's boat*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:52 *is taking a boat out to sea, until Mick jumps in* *is a little surprised* Mick: I'm desperate! Now get moving!
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 04:52 *gets into a boat with Mick, Javier, Jean, etc*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:53 *stumbles out into the water, boatless* HELP!
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 04:53 *lowers himself next to Dewey* *is nearly crushed by Jean*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:54 *reaches out to help Travis in*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:55 *is almost trampled by Camilla* *crashes into the side of the boat*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:56 *due to the waves moving the boat around, it takes awhile for him to get Travis secured* *nearly pulls his arm off*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:56 *picks up speed, for Mick's sake*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 04:56 *is gasping* Thanks.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:57 *sees a large chunk of molten rock barreling towards Nairne from the sky* NAIRNE!!! *dives forward and grabs her**he and she roll out of the way on the sand and the rock lands only a few feet away from them*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:58 *curses*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 04:59 Yeah, no problem. *gets rowing*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 04:59 *a bomb more powerful than the first goes off* *screams* *almost everyone is showered in debris*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:00 ROW!
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:00 *is covered in ash*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:01 *attempts to row, but his hands are extremely sweaty due to being nervous* I'm TRYING!
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:01 *pushes Marshall away* I'm in charge now. *powers forward*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:02 *is exhausted and a little sore* *tries rowing even faster after Camilla's demand*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:03 *to Camilla* No one's in charge here! This is a matter of life or death!
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:03 *the top of a tree plummets down right next to them*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:04 *isn't too happy that Camilla ended up in his boat* Shut up and row, or I kick you out!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:04 *has gotten in one of the boats, but Nairne and Rodney are still stranded*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:04 *all of my Hunters are in the boats*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:04 If they won't HURRY, I have every right!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:04 [Wait, who's in which boat? And how many boats are there?]
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:04 *yelps and ducks as the tree crashes*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:05 *circles around in his boat* *tries to help Nairne and Rodney get in*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:05 No you don't! Now why won't YOU hurry?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:06 *he and Nairne are laying and recovering* You okay? *Nairne nods, panting* Let's go! *they get up and scramble over to Nate's boat*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:06 (There are about five boats. Four of them are full, or at least half-full.)
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:07 *helps them in with one hand, attempting to row with the other*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:07 *mutters a ''shut up'' before doing the unexpected - slapping Nicole across the face with an oar* I'm through with you!
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:09 *takes control of the oars so Nate can help Nairne and Rodney get in*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:10 *manages to lift them both in, despite some difficulties*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:11 *stares Camilla down, looking a little deranged* What the (BLEEP) was that for?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:12 Be quiet.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:13 No, I'd like to know.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:13 *witnesses the first bomb go off* *screams*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:14 *the boat he's in nearly gets hit* *manuvers out of the way with all his might*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:14 [OK...I'm still not sure who's in which boat, but I'll wing it.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:14 You know, I'm through with you too.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:15 You know perfectly well "WHY" - she's an instigator!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:15 *also does the unexpected**reaches down, getting her hands under Camilla, and gives Camilla a HARD shove in an attempt to flip her out of the boat* OUT!
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:15 *shaking so hard that he can barely row* *is in shock*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:15 *gets his hands between the two* STOP!!
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:18 *rowing forward* There's bombs beneath the surface!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:18 *pries the fight apart* *sounds creepily calm, but his voice is shaking in anger* *stares at both of them* Next time, and I'll throw you off this (BLEEP) boat. Understood?
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:19 I don't need this boat sinking earlier than it should. *snatches both oars*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:20 *another bomb goes off, twice as powerful*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:20 *nods and starts rowing*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 05:20 *the four and Javier are on a boat of their own**the four scream when the bomb goes off and duck down*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:20 *watches the bomb explode into a firework type thing in the air*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:21 *he and Nairne try to help row in Nate's boat*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:21 *entire trees go flying* *turns around, only to see an entire tree sailing right for her and Mick* JUMP! *dives over the edge*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:22 *flaming twigs and pieces of logs pass by* *ducks*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:22 *log
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:22 WHAT?!- *screeches bloody murder*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:23 *sinks underwater* *can hear several plunging noises*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:24 *their boat just nearly misses a whole tree* *is doused in seawater*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:24 *leaped into the water**is underwater with her eyes open**sees orange flecks coming towards the ocean through the surface - more molten debris falling from the sky*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:24 *the entire boat fills with water* (BLEEP)! *can only continue rowing*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:25 *she got hit by the tree a little and has some scratches**luckily her dive saved her*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:25 *resurfaces, gasping for air
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:25 *hovers over the rush of water, shouting a swear* *tries to keep up the pace as she rows*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:25 **
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:26 *watched as Madison and Mick's boat was totally destroyed* *Mick wasn't even spared* *can hardly believe it*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:27 *a tree damages their boat badly, too* *dives into the water*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:27 *looks over the edge of the boat, eyes wide and scared* *is looking for Mick*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 05:27 *clings onto the little amount of boat they have left* *panics*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:27 *the only thing that surfaces is a rusty color, maybe some squishy-looking matter* *screams* MICK!
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:29 *can only hear the sounds of Dewey's literal howls* *feels several emotions all at once* *ditches one of her oars and rows with one hand*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:29 *can't take it - resurfaces* *looks around frantically* *discovers the boat, splintered beyond oblivion, and a smashed Mick*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:30 *is terrified* *red blood mixes with the water*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:31 *it takes him awhile to figure out that a contestant was killed, but when he does, he tries his best to row far out to sea*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:31 *swims towards the boat**is hit by a wave with some reddish matter**gags*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:32 Marshall - *coughs*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:32 *she and Rodney eagerly help Nate**they witnessed what happened and want to get as far away from that as possible*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:32 *takes refuge on the very log that killed Mick - and the boat* *pushes it farther out with all her might*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:32 Man...I thought her cannon was another bomb...
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:33 *holds out the oar for Nicole*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 05:33 *looks somewhat wild/out of control**was shocked and angered by Mick's death*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:33 *grabs it and manages to get back into the boat*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:34 *figured it all out* *has since diminished her control*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:35 -ABOUT TWO HOURS PASS-
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:36 *is holding on by a thread to the log, which has been somewhat saturated* *the island has been reduced to a raging inferno*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:36 *is too tired to say anything* *rests his head against the log, listening to the lapping of water*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:37 *is the first to say something* Help better be on the way.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:38 *is in agreement, for once* *nods, looking weary* *there is still water in their canoe*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:38 (Why don't we roll the dice.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:38  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=8  
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:38 *keeps watch on everyone* *is more tired than he's ever been, but he refuses to rest*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:38  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 05:39 *he and the quadruplets managed to escape*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:39  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=5  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:39  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=6  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:39  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:39  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 05:39 *has been silent and brooding for the past 2 hours**the quadruplets are in fact getting a bit scared of him and look at him every few seconds, but they say nothing*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 05:39  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=8  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 05:40  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=7  
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:40  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:40  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=6  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:40  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:40  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 05:40 [Do dead/absent contestants (such as Jaromir and Mick) Roll the Dice or not?]
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:40  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=5  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:41  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:41 (If they were in said round, yes.)
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:41 *looks pretty dead*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 05:41 *has sort of fallen asleep on the log*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 05:42 *clings on to the little amount of boat he has left*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 05:42  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=5  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:42  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 05:43 *the skull of a wild monkey passes by* *doesn't feel phased, for some reason*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 05:43  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=10  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 05:43 [OK.]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:44 Wow...the contestants have been holding up in each round so well...but now the final rounds have come and they are being picked off one by one.
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:44 What do you think is going on, Max? Do you think they're finally being worn down? Can't keep up with "the pace?"
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:44 *nods* Yes, I see. We're getting down to the final rounds...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:45 You know, Rose, I think that's exactly what's happening. Things are starting to get much tougher.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:46 *a seaplane doesn't rescue them until much later* *staggers inside* *Mick's body is recovered*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:46 True. And things will only get harder from here. I bet by the end of this we'll be down to our final six or five contestants!
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 05:46 *is completely waterlogged* *doesn't have any shoes on*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:47 (And I think this just about ends the round.)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:47 And then we can crown the champion of the World Tours! Makes me wonder what the 100th World Battles will bring...
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 05:47 *murmuring to self:* One step closer to being the King of the World Battles.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:47 (Next up is Tabernas, I think.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:47   + 8 Overall performance points to Connor  
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:47 [Whoa...that was quick but intense.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:48   + 9 Overall performance points to Camilla  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:48 (Yeah. Really packed a punch.)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:48 [Tabernas is going to get even more intense...is it okay if I briefly provide a quick summary of what will happen in Tabernas since you usually provide a quick summary?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:48 (And Mick's dead, which is new.)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:49 [Since I "invented" that round, I would like a shot at doing the epic summary thingy. XD XP]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:49 (Alright, go for it!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:50   + 5 Overall performance points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:50   + 6 Overall performance points to Matt  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:50   + 3 Overall performance points to Marshall  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:51   + 9 Overall performance points to Dewey  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:51   + 8 Overall performance points to Javier  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:52   + 7 Overall performance points to Travis  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:52   + 3 Overall performance points to Riley  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:52   + 6 Overall performance points to Nicole  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:52   + 9 Overall performance points to Mick  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:53   + 1 Overall performance points to Nate  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:53   + 5 Overall performance points to Amanda  
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:53 [Alright, so here's the thing: Tabernas village is a place in Spain that is often used in Wild West movies. Thus this round will be Wild West themed...but it'll be just as dangerous as the real thing.]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:55 [(Note: I can't quite remember the whole thing, so I have probably tweaked a couple things in the plot.) In the afternoon everyone will be dropped off at Tabernas. Actors and assassins will play as typical Wild West townsfolk, bandits, Indians,
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:56 gunslingers, etc. (but mostly it'll be assassins instead of townsfolk). As usual, the contestants will be split into two teams: The rebels and the Hunters. They will be involved in a gunfight against the assassins.]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:57 [Various Wild West themed situations will come up (for instance, in town they may have to battle gunslingers, gangs of bank robbers, etc., while as they try to escape into the Tabernas desert they will encounter some nasty Mexican bandits).]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:57 [However, the Wild West theme will make things more "light-hearted." Once all the assassins are gone (they will have either been killed or some may have fled), the contestants get to hang around Tabernas. The rebels will set up camp.]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:58 [The rest of the afternoon and the evening will be peaceful, but once night falls, Max and the Hunters will set their plan to "exterminate" some of the rebels into action.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:58 (By the way, Thursday will be our last night online for awhile, so hopefully we can finish this one up in a day, tops.)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 05:59 [More assassins will have come and are hiding throughout the town. Traps and bombs have been set up to disrupt the rebels. The assassins and the traps create decoys that cause the rebels to become scattered throughout the town (and some may even end up in
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 05:59 (We'd like to get most of this RP over by Thursday. The last two rounds are quick enough to be finished in a day.)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 06:00 the desert). Two rebels will remain at camp while the others will be lost. The Hunters will then split up and track down the rebels, intending to kill them; it'll be a plan of "divide and conquer."]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:00   + 9 Overall performance points to Jean  
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 06:00 [Also, okay. I may be on @ 11:30 AM CT/12:30 PM ET again tomorrow, then.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:00   + 5 Overall performance points to Rodney  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:00 (Ok.)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 06:01 [Javier will meanwhile close in on the rebel camp...anyway, there's the summary! Let's do this! I'm hoping the "day" part of Tabernas will be quick. It'll mostly be used in an effort to collect points, I guess.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:01   + 1 Overall performance points to Nairne  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:01   + 10 Overall performance points to R+R+S+SH  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:02 *the contestants have been dropped off at Tabernas* *each of them have been given a cowboy hat, and they are actively participating in this "movie"*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:02  Using Blow  *takes down a bandit with his gun*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:03 *is looking both epic and completely stupid in his cowboy hat*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 06:03 [Oh, yes! I almost forgot about the strictly enforced dress code... XD]
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 06:03 [So funny...]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:04 *can't stop messing with his hat and a bandanna around his neck*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Aug.30 06:04 [Note that one of the contestants left at the camp at night will be one of my characters while the other contestant will be either Madison or Amanda. My character will give up his/her life saving Madison/Amanda; who will remain at the camp with him/her?]
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 06:04 *has had enough with the itchy bandanna* *ties it around her hair* *slowly picks up a bulky rifle*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:05  Using Blow  "Bandit": *fires back*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:05 *ducks down behind a brick wall as bullets are sent flying her way from a gunslinger**draws her gun* YEEEEEEE HAW!!!! *shoots back at her enemy*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:05  Using Blow  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:05 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:05 *falls back*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:06 (Bye!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:06  Using Blow  Gunslinger: *uses dual guns to shoot at Nairne*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:07   + 10 Weakness points to Marshall  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:07   + 10 Weakness points to Nairne  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 06:08  Using Blow  *raises the rifle, aims, fires*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 06:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 06:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=38  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:09 *hobbles into a saloon* *crashes into the table for dramatic effect, then falls to the floor* I'VE BEEN SHOT!! *some actors disguised as bartenders rush to his ade*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:09  Using Blow  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:10   + 10 Weakness points to Amanda  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:12 Bartender: Get me the whisky!! *someone pulls it down from the shelf, uncorks it, then dumps it all over the front of his shirt* *screams loudly*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 06:14 *ambles along, observing everything* *some actors dressed as a sheriff and a deputy shoot at some bandits* *pulls out his shotgun, flipping it in midair* *catches it*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:14 *stands at Travis' side*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15 *sees a bandit coming forward, shooting from a horse* *quickly defends himself*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15  Using Blow  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15  Using Blow  *spins around suddenly, shooting at a group of wild Indians, who are approaching via horseback*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.30 06:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  *Dewey*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  *Travis*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:16 *standing around, when suddenly an Indian grabs him, letting out a battle cry* *is nearly hit with a tomahawk* *smacks the Indian with his pistol*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:16  Using Blow  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=1  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 06:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:17   + 10 Weakness points to Dewey  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:17   + 10 Weakness points to Travis  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:18   + 15 Strength points to Nate  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:19  Using Blow  *missed* *tries again, this time with more accuracy*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 06:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:21   + 10 Strength points to Dewey  
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:21  Using Blow  *walks in front of the Indian group that Travis lost against* *shoots three rounds from her revolver*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=86  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:22   + 10 Weakness points to Madison  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:23  Using Blow  *has intentions to take down that Indian group once and for all* *fires*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 06:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 06:23   + 10 Weakness points to Camilla  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 18:48 [Here! Sorry I'm late.]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 18:48 Bartender: *runs out of the saloon* Sheriff! We need you! *the sheriff rushes in*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 18:49 (Oh, hi there!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 18:50 [BLEEP]!!! *gets skimmed by a bullet*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:51  Using Blow  [Replies will be slow...I'm finishing up something.] *fights fire with fire by shooting arrows at the Indians*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=22  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  [What the freak?!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  [-____-]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 18:52 Sheriff: *looks around* What's goin' on in here? Bartender: The kid's been shot. *gestures to Marshall, who is on the floor* Said a robber shot him, then took off for the bank.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:53 [brb]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 18:53 (Ok.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 18:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 18:53   + 10 Strength points to Nicole  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 18:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  Bandit: *sees Connor watching him from afar* *shoots from the bank doorway before sliding inside*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 18:56  Using Blow  *runs, shooting at an angle so that it might hit the bandit*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 18:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 18:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 18:57   + 10 Weakness points to Connor  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 18:58 [I have to go. I may be back in around 30-45 minutes. See you soon!]
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 18:58 *finds a horse grazing somewhere* *climbs on* Giddyap!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 18:58 Sheriff: *approaches Connor, the deputy at his side* Where'd he go? *talking about the bandit* Connor: He just got inside of the bank.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 18:59 (Okay. Bye!)
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 18:59 *sees Dewey taking off on horseback* *runs to the nearest saloon*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 19:01 *wondering where he can get a horse like that*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 19:02 *the sheriff and deputy get to the bank, manage to put up a fight with the bandit, but are relentlessly killed as an end result*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 19:04 *is about to check out the bank for himself, but another band of Indians storm through town, scaring and even killing off innocent townspeople*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 19:44 [I'm back!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 19:44 [Dang it, 1 minute late... XD XP It took me 46 minutes to come back.]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:45 *dashes and dives behind a wagon before the gunslinger can shoot her*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:45  Using Blow  *aims her gun at him and tries again*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  [The Dice totally hate my characters today. >_< ]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=31  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  [Someone needs to remind the Dice that numbers above 35 exist. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:46 [Ah, that's more like it...]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 19:48 *has been hiding in a bale of hay in a cart...until the Indians set it on fire* YEEEK!!!! *jumps out of the cart and dashes for cover*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 19:48 *runs towards Nairne**trips and faceplants*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:49 *looks down to see Rodney on the ground just behind her* Whoa, did you just fall flat on your face?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 19:49 No, I attacked the ground. I'm so awesome like that.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 19:49 Okay then. *turns and continues battling it out*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 19:50  Using Blow  *crawls up by Nairne and shoots at some of the oncoming Indians*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 19:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 19:50 *is hiding with Camilla in an alley between two of the buildings**sees some of the Indians riding by and dashes forward*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 19:51 *despite being short and young, he manages to tear an Indian right off his own horse**punches him, knocking him out, and climbs up on the horse**holds out a hand to Camilla* COME ON!
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 19:52 [Anyway...are you guys online?]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:54 *they are together inside the bank, battling the bank robbers*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:54  Using Blow  Rin: *shoots*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 19:56 (Still online!)
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:56  Using Blow  Riko: *shoots*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  [Wahoo!]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=89  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:57  Using Blow  Sango: *shoots*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:57  Using Blow  Shinju: *shoots*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:58 Rin: *is having to deal with two robbers shooting at her at once; hence her score is less than the others' scores*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 19:58  Using Blow  *is nearly killed by means of tomahawk* *acts quickly* *smacks the Indian with his gun*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 19:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 19:58 (Sango!!)
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 19:59 Sango: *obviously kicked butt* YEEEE HAW!!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 19:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  *Nairne*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:00 [Meanwhile poor Rin is about to get shot... :P]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  *Rodney*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:00 *took out the gunslinger* Wahoo! *high-fives Pretzel Rod*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=83  *Riko*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:01 *just barely took out an Indian**is deadpan as usual* Woot woot...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  *Shinju*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  *Connor*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:01 [Don't forget to do Rin. ^.^]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:02 *rushes up to take the horse of the Indian Rodney just killed as a prize for herself and the Rodz**tries yanking it over to Rodney, but it doesn't budge* Ugh...stubborn...mule...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:02   + 10 Strength points to Nairne  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  (Oh, whoops.) *Rin*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:03   + 10 Strength points to Rodney  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:03 *the horse bites her arm* OW!!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:03 *slaps the horse, causing it to run after the Indian gang* And you can stay with them and ROT for all I care!! *rubs her arm*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:04   + 25 Strength points to R+R+S+SH  (Quadruplets will get 25 points, since Rin lost.)
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:04 *Riko, Shinju, and Sango are all getting very excited, but upon seeing Rin fall down from being skimmed by a bullet they are very p***ed off*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:04   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:05 [Okie dokie.]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 20:06  Using Blow  *the Indian stumbles back, a little out of it* *grabs a nearby barrel* *raises it, letting of a fierce battle cry of effort, then crashes it down on the Indian*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:06 *sees an Indian coming at her on a horse with a tomahawk* Oh crud... *ducks down**the Indian rides by, missing her by inches*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.30 20:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:06  Using Blow  *jumps back to her feet and shoots the Indian in the back*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=86  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:07 *still holding his hand out to Camilla*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:08  Using Blow  Shinju: *lets out a battle cry while coming at the person who hurt Rin with her mace*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=84  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=37  *Connor*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:08  Using Blow  Riko: *covers for Shinju by shooting at the other bank robber who was trying to kill Rin*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:09   + 10 Strength points to Nairne  *Nairne*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  *Shinju*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  *Riko*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:10 [Whoa...the quadruplets are kicking butt!!] Sango: *meanwhile bends down by Rin**rips a piece of her own shirt off and uses it to help stop the bleeding in Rin's waist (the bullet skimmed her there and left a nasty divot)*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:10   + 20 Strength points to R+R+S+SH  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:10   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:10 *two more bank robbers go down**the last few living bank robbers turn and flee*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:11  Using Blow  Rin: *is POed**gets up with the help of Sango and throws her axe at one of the robbers as he runs*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=34  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:11 *sees a horse galloping his way* *runs across the terrain, near the mountains*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:11 [Can you please have Camilla respond to Javier?]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:12  Using Blow  *has gone into a building and come out on the second floor**stands out on a balcony, launching arrows from there**shoots at an Indian that is sneaking up on Matt*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:13 (Yeah, sorry. Forgot about that!) *hops, then climbs onto the horse*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  *Nicole*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:14   + 10 Weakness points to Nicole  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:14 *the Indian launches an arrow back at her**it is on fire**ducks; it misses her, but sets the building she is on on fire*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:15 *coughs**some of her clothes get a little singed**looks down to see a cart full of cabbages and such and jumps down into it*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:15 *rides away "romantically" with Camilla towards the desert*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:15 *they approach a big divot in between two giant mountains*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:16 *it is truly a montage moment* *sees Dewey in the distance, also on horseback*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:16 [It's okay!] *while the other robbers escape, the one Rin threw her axe at has to pause and try to save himself*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:17 *he and Camilla get tired and the heat bears down on them**they stop at the entrance to the canyon/divot and rest on the rocks**hands her the water pouch that the Indian owned*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:17 Here. Have some of this.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:18  Using Blow  *climbs out of the cabbage, a bit disoriented**sees more Indians nearby and realizes that she lost her bow in the cabbage**quickly draws her gun and shoots at the Indians*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:19 *is meanwhile "hiding out" in a saloon* *sits back in her chair, bringing a glass of whiskey to her lips*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:19 Thanks. *takes a gulp*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=84  *Nicole*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:20   + 10 Weakness points to Nicole  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:21 *is skimmed by a tomahawk**clutches her arm and runs*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:21  Using Blow  *witnesses an Indian scalping a citizen* *pulls out her revolver and shoots twice*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.30 20:21 *manages to mount a horse and ride off on it*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  *Madison*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:22 *she and Rodney have been kicking butt and cracking jokes, as usual**they get too tired and finally come stumbling into the saloon*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:22 [Pssst...Rin again...]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:22 [Pssssst... XD]
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:22 *the Indian collapses* *takes advantage of being on camera* *blows smoke from the tip of the revolver*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  *Rin*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.30 20:23 [Whoa, it's a tie!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:23   + 10 Strength points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:23 (Yeah. We'll re-roll!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=72  [Guess I'll re-roll for Rin...]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.30 20:24 Rin: *got some revenge**the last remaining bank robbers make it outside, mount their horses, and ride away*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:25 *they hear a harsh voice with an accent say "Well, look at what we've got here." and laugh**looks over his shoulder to see some banditos*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:25 *then, there's a bang and the sound of cowboy boots hitting the floor* *sees a man slowly walking in, tipping a black cowboy-style hat* *catches him say, "Still got the elixir on hand?"*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:26 *gets up slowly* Bandito: *aiming his gun at Javier* Ooo...that's a nice gun belt you have there. Can I have it? Javier: *hesitates and then takes it off carefully*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:27 *throws it**it lands in front of the bandito's feet* Bandito: Why, thank you. You're so generous... *he and his buddies laugh*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:27 Bartender: Saved it just for you. Amanda: *watches the guy get increasingly drunk before he stumbles over to her table*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:27 [BTW, I think black hats are usually worn by bandits.]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.30 20:28 [Well, I gtg. See you later tonight! *offline*]
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:30 Guy: Say...*really long pause* What's a youngun like you doin' alone in the saloon? Amanda: *gulps, then speaks in her best Southern accent* Uh, my paw's gettin' the cattle n' the horses ready for our travels. We're heeeaded to town later tonight.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:30 (Ok, bye!)
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:31 *adds in quickly* We're goin' to see my auntie. Had to pick up the keg before we went. Only the finest, y'know? Them folks up there love this whiskey. Couldn' help but indulge meself.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:33 Guy: *grinning* *looks around before looking back at her* Say, you uh....you uh....think you could spare me a dime or two? See, my wagon- it broke down, and me horses were killed by them savages.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:34 Amanda: *looks out window to see no such wagon* *is then grabbed by the guy* Guy: *whispering sinisterly* Give me all you've got. Hand it over. *the click of a gun is heard*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:36 *screams* Guy: Can't say I've ever heard no boy scream like that....*then, he realizes the truth* You're no boy....Amanda: *fights for the gun* *he aims at her, but shoots a window*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:37  Using Blow  *grabs a bottle sitting on the windowledge and raises it above his shoulder* *brings it down hard*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:37  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=40  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:39 Bartender: 'Ey! 'EY! Whas goin' on over 'ere? *walking over*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 20:42   + 10 Strength points to Amanda  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:43 *grabs control of the gun and shoots him in the head* *he slumps over, then falls to the floor with a thud* Bartender: *is frozen in fear* Criminal...CRIMINAL!
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:44 *gets up and gets out, stumbling and tripping over tables and chairs* *runs out and back into the fray* *sees a family wagon speeding across the terrain* Hey! Hey! *runs to the wagon and hops into the back*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:45 *two girls in the wagon- about eight and ten- scream frantically and grab their mom* *raises hands* I'm innocent, I'm innocent! I need a ride out of town!
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:47 *the dad whips around from his station in the front and lashes her a few times across the face* *turns away and gets hit in the back* *screams* I'm innocent! Please!....please....
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:48 Bartender: Call the sheriff, call the sheriff!! *runs to the doorway, looking out for signs of either the sherrif or Amanda*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:48 *leans up on his shoulders* Hey! HEY!! She ain't a criminal!
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.30 20:50 *stares at the bandits warily* Is there anything else that you want? You can take it. *is offering anything out of fear*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:50 *takes off her hat to reveal her true self* *the girls look at her, crying* *the dad, who looks much like the guy in the Little House on the Prairie TV show, looks at her, realizing the truth* Alrigh'. We'll help you.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:51 Dad: But if you lay a finger on my wife or daughters...*raises a gun* I'll kill you! Amanda: *nodding, near tears* I won't hurt any of you, I promise.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.30 20:56 *the wagon takes off for the hills* *stays seated in the back* *the kids and mom look at her fearfully on occassion*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 23:55 (Okay, I discovered that Wednesday night might actually be our last night online. So, we're gonna have to power through this round and finish it by tonight.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 23:57 (We've decided to cut the Minnesota forest, and will only do the latter half of Moscow. Besides, I decided the legal entry into Moscow would be totally unrealistic, so I changed the plot a little.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.30 23:57 (Instead, the contestants will have to find hidden matryoshka dolls in the Red Square. I'll probably skip most of that, though.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 02:56 (Anyways, let's try and finish this one tonight and get to some of Moscow if we can.)
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 02:58 *is telling a story to the bartender to pass time* An' when he fell in the lake, everyone was screaming, "Wally's in the water, Wally's in the water!" Nearly thought he would get carried away by the current, but then-
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 02:59 *the door bangs open, and a gunslinger is revealed* Bartender: *holds up a revolver* *BANG BANG BANG* *the gunslinger doesn't even have a chance*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 03:00 Bartender: *lowers his gun slowly* My saloon ain't open to no ruffians.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 03:01 *is sitting in a wagon with Travis, Nairne, and Rodney when a bank robber escapes the bank with a bag of cash* *sees it all go down* Robber!
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 03:02 *Rodney is a little deadpan about it all, Travis gasps, and Nairne screams "GO GET 'EM!"*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 03:07 *gets the wagon going, with the help of the horse leading it* *Rodney, Nairne, and Travis shoot from the back*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 03:11 Robber: *shoots, then makes a run for it* Travis: He's getting away! Rodney: No need to state the obvious, mate. I've got this.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 03:12 *in the end, Rodney blasts the robber down* *some WB employees/"directors" run forward and scream "CUT!!" *faces Rodney in the meantime* Nice, Rodney.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 03:13 -LATER-
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 03:16 *everyone returns back to the general hub of Tabernas* *each alliance has set up a tent and are basically relaxing* *laughs as Marshall shares his experiences from earlier in the day*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 03:52 *she and Javier are the only ones who aren't in the tent with everyone else* *they are being given careful instruction on what to do next*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 03:53 *nods, then heads back to the tent* *she and Javier basically tell their allies that they are to get rid of the rebels, and will be helped out by assassins and other traps*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 03:56 [Hola!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 03:58 [One sec...gotta read everything...also, by last night online, do you mean you'll just be gone for a while or for good?! O.O]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:01 [Done reading.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:02 [I definitely hope you won't be gone for good...it's been awesome being with you guys throughout these years... :(]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:03 (Hi!)
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:03 (Hi!)
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:03 *he and Nairne are sitting in front of the campfire with some of the others and are basically cuddling**they taunt each other, but it's more affectionate than most of their previous taunts**it's obvious to everyone that over the years they have become
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:03 very, very close*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:03 (No, not for good! We're just going somewhere for Labor Day, and right after that, school is starting. )
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:05 [Ahh...okay. The way you phrased things had me panicking for a moment. XD XP Whew. That's a relief.]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:05 *whispers to the Hunters, telling them that a smoke bomb is bound to go off by the rebel tent at any second*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:05 Once it begins I will give you more instructions. For now stay alert; you'll be able to tell when the attack starts.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:05 *sitting back, looking uneasy* *Jean smirks*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:06 ...Aw, shuddap, you moron.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:06 Hey, at least morons are organized. I'm part of the Amalgamated Association of Morons, Local 6 and 7/8s! *Nairne laughs*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:07 You're a Stooge...we're both modern day Stooges, really.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:07 Be careful what you say. I might give you head a nice pat with a hammer.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:07 *sort of watches Nairne and Rod from across the fire, feeling...inspired? who knows...*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:07 (Yeah. We don't have plans to leave anytime soon.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:07 Eh, you'll only wreck the hammer.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:08 (Oh, I was just watching that!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:08 It'll be like: Owowowowow...oh, look! *points*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:08 [The Three Stooges? XD]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:09 [There's actually a great scene Nairne referenced where Moe hit Curly on the head with a hammer and all it did was damage the hammer. XD]
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:09 (Speaking of The Three Stooges, I believe it is streaming in our house right now. We're just not out there watching it.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:09 *has a few sparklers, just so she can fool the rebels that a real bomb might go off*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:10 (Yeah! I think a sledgehammer fell on Moe in the scene I saw. It was sort of a vampire-themed episode.)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:10 [Awesomeness!!!]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:11 [For some reason I think I like Shemp a bit more than Curly...what about you?]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:11 *she and Rodney laugh and squeeze a bit closer together (even though they're already touching)*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:11 (Not sure. I haven't seen enough episodes to form an opinion yet.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:12 *wants to strike up a conversation with some of the others* So...what are you guys intending to do after the Battles?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:13 [Okie dokie. Curly's the more popular one, but Shemp is kind of a joker - he says funny things.]
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:13 *shoves a burnt marshmallow into his mouth* *describes his travels to some people*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:13 Oh, I was thinking that I'd spend a little time back in Scotland before heading to London and moving in with Pretzel Rod...
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:13 I have plans to perform in more shows and stuff. I'd like to try to clinch a Broadway role sometime. Been working really hard lately, so, yeah.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:14 We might cause havoc together, Crazy Scot.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:14 *chuckles* Too bad.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:14 I'm not sure what I'll do...maybe I'll just go back to Germany for a while. Let things sink in.
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:15 *speaks up* I'd like to move out of South Dakota one day. I'd like to live in Florida, I think.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:15 *earlier the "bandito" secretly gave him a special device with an earbud and a small microhpone he can use to contact Max and the Battlemakers**is ready**goes into the tent, puts on the device, and says into it:* Now.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:16 I know for sure Rodney and I are going to get back to our usual stuff as newscasters and comedians, but I think by now we're more than just partners.
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:17 Well, you'd make a great couple. You already do.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:18 Yeah...she's very irritating, but I love her.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:19 And he's annoyingly inscrutable, but I don't mind.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:20 *looks at Rodney**he looks at her* I don't mind at all... *they both start getting a bit dreamy*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:20 *smiles at Nairne a little when havoc strikes*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:21 *just before havoc strikes*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:21 *is ready to emerge from the tent with the sparklers*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:22 *a loud bang shakes the tent* What the h*** was that?!
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:22 *his "now" basically meant "set off the bomb"*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 04:22 I have no idea. You might want to go look...
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:23 *gets out of the tent, only to be greeted by smoke* *coughs up a storm* *more smoke bombs go off, and some sparks go flying (Camilla's sparklers)*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:23 I'll come with you.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:23 (BLEEP)! Guys, we need to get out of here! Gogogogo!! *rushes his allies out of the tent*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:23 *that was before he got out of the tent**she follows him out*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:24 *since he and Nairne were sitting around outside, they both took some damage*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:24 *both of them are laying around and covered in debris, disoriented*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:24 *backs away, allowing a legitimate bomb to go off*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:25 *gets off the floor and rushes out of the area, covering a reasonable amount of land*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:25 [BTW, two questions...one is who will stay behind with my character in the tent: Madison or Amanda?]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:25 *pulls Nairne and Rodney off of the ground* Come on!
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:26 [Also, you never told be what you thought about the Vegematic and Lincoln Park Pirates songs. Well, what did you think? :D]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:26 *gets up, but when the real bomb goes off he, Marshall, and Nairne are flung back/down to the ground*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:27 *vanishes into the smoke and such**is left laying there, almost unconscious*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:27 (I listened to the two songs last night. They were both good and had great tunes, but Lincoln Park Pirates was crappin' hilarious!)
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:29 [Great!!! :D]
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:30 *coughs up smoke, really clueless* *feels sluggish; can't move*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:30 [I sensed you would like the Lincoln Park Pirates one better...it is Chicago humor, after all. :)]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:30 *is ironically a bit less disoriented than Marshall, despite starting out as very disoriented due to Camilla's blasts**coughs and stands up**tries yanking Marshall to his feet* Get up!!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:31 *fell down from the force of the blast**scrambles to her feet**her instincts scream for her to run, but first she looks around to see if her friends are alright*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:31 *Nairne tugs him back to life* *stumbles forward*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:32 (Ironically enough, we'll probably pass through Chicago on Thursday. Hopefully we're not pulled over by them...haha.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:32 *pushes some of the other contestants forward* *watches Nicole from a distance to make sure she's got everything in order*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:33 (Oh yeah, to answer your question, it'll be Amanda.)
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:33 (Amanda will stay back with Rodney, by the way.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:33 [They usually tow away parked cars...even if you're parked legally. I have a friend who went to Chicago once; he explained that the cops sometimes claim that you're parked illegally even though you're not, and in come the Lincoln Park Pirates.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:33 [Dun dun dunnnn!!\
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:33 *is also disoriented from the blast* *hacks from the smoke*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:34 *]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:34 [And then it's "To me way, hey, tow them away!" time.]
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:34 (I can see that, yeah. I suppose that's one of the downsides of Chicago.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:35 COME ON! RUN!!
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:35 *is at a bit of a disadvantage, though* *the smoke is blocking his view*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:35 *runs as fast as he can* *feels bigger than his body due to being disoriented from the smoke* *stumbles at one point, gagging*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:35 *runs up an incline*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:36 *can't help but cough herself*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:36 *running as fast as he can* *would go fast, but the smoke makes it hard on him*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:37 *stands near Connor* *the entire "city" part of Tabernas is smothered in smog* Did everyone get out?
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:37 *looks grim* I have no idea.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:41 *turns and sprints away*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:41 *stays on the ground* *doesn't know where she is, and is too weak to continue*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 04:41 *everyone sort of gets lost in the smoke and such* [I was thinking that the rebels would be stuck in groups of one to three...perhaps we could pause briefly to "sort" these groups and state who's with who?]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:42 *coughs hard and sits up, wincing*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:42 (Okay. Well, Connor and Madison were sort of near Nicole, so there's one.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:42 (Marshall, Nairne, and Matt - another group.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:42 *turns to the rest of the Hunters* Alright. Because of everything, the rebels have been separated into small, vulnerable groups. This is a game of "divide and conquer."
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:43 (I'll put Matt with Nairne and Nate.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:43 (Riley, Travis, and Nate - final group.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:43 [Okie dokie!]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:43 [And let's not forget Rodney+Amanda.]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:43 (No wait, I'll put Riley with Nate and Nairne.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:43 [Whoops...there's a bit of a dispute...]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:43 *nods*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 04:44 (Wait...Joan's got it all figured out. Scratch my posts.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:44 [Nairne can't be with three groups at once, guys. XD]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:44 [Unless she's Billy Numerous.]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:44 So, what do we do? Split up into groups?
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:46 *nods* Yes. We'll split up into groups of one to four and use the smoke to our advantage; we shall track them down and defeat them one by one.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:46 It sounds like a good plan.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 *mutters* So it's the beginning of the end, then.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 Go ahead and begin splitting off into separate groups. I am going to get ready and then head to the rebel tent. I'll find one of your groups soon after that.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 It's a very good plan. The quadruplets can easily be one group.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 Exactly, Dewey. *says this like there couldn't be a better plan*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 *looks at Dewey* Yes, Dewey. It's the beginning of the end...THEIR end.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 *turns and walks back into the tent*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 I'll stay with you, Javier.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:47 I'll go off and track Purple Girl with one of the quadruplets.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 04:48 *they immediately come together to form a group, as one can easily expect*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:48 *would go with Mick, but she's not there anymore* I'll go with one of the quadruplets as well.
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:49 Unless me and you go together. *to Dewey*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:49 *shrugs* Whatever.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 04:51 *they start whining and complaining and getting confused*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 04:51 *finally they split up and go into separate groups*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:52 No, you can go ahead with one of the other groups...I have something I've been planning to do and I'd prefer to do it alone.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:52 You'll find out about it soon.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 04:53 Rin: *looks at Dewey* Okay...how about this: Two of us go by ourselves, two go with Camilla, and you and Jean can go off together?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:54 *stares at Javier for a minute, then finally accepts* Okay.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:54 *is walking along in who-knows-where, Tabernas with the Meerkat and the General*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:54 *nods at Rin* I think that's achieveable.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:54 Yeah, okay.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:54 *is really tired* *just wants to sit down*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:55 *looks around wildly, scared and unsure of his actual whereabouts*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:56 *is getting antsy* Well, we're going. We'll see you soon.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:56 *they are more near the mountains+desert than the town**is still a bit disoriented*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 04:56 *runs off with Jean*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 04:57 Rin: *nods* Okay.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 04:57 *Riko and Shinju go with Camilla while Rin and Sango go off by themselves*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 04:57 We better go, too. Come on. *leads her team*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 04:57 Riko: Let's finish those [BLEEP]. *takes out some knives and starts walking*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 04:58 Shinju: *bounces a little, slings her mace over her shoulder, and follows*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 04:58 Where the h**l are we??!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:00 *walks through the dark, smoky town alone**suddenly hears some talking nearby and freezes*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:00 I don't know. *sounds extremely weary*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:00 *finally recognizes the two shapes approaching her: Connor and Madison**relaxes* Oh, it's just you.
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:00 *surprisingly enough, he's having a hard time catching up with Jean*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:01 Hey, where have you been?
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:01 *even though she doesn't seem like it, she's tired**her legs buckle under her a little and she half falls, half sits down on the ground**pants*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:01 I'm not sure...in fact, I'm not sure where we are right now.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:02 *puts a hand on Nairne's back* You okay?
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:02 We might want to sit around. It's no use walking around if we can't see.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:03 *gets up, stumbling a little**wipes a bit of blood away**Amanda hears a familiar "D*** it"*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:03 Yeah.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:03 I'm not sure...maybe we should keep moving for safety's sake. Anything could be out here...assassins...more bombs...
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:03 *hears some talking* *navigates those voices, eventually coming to Connor's group*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:04 Though, on the other hand, we may end up wandering right into some more of those things.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:04 I think so...
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:05 *doesn't answer, only because Camilla is standing right in front of him*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:06 *Riko and Shinju come out of the shadows*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:06 *sees some figures ahead- Nate, Nairne, and Marshall* *accelerates*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:06 *slams Nicole into the ground* *Shinju and Riko take care of the other two*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:07 *backpedals into a barrel after Shinju kicks him*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08 *grabs Marshall first* *takes him down*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08 *cringes but pushes back against Camilla, resisting*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08 *shouts* *kicks Jean with all his might*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08 *turns just in time to see Jean - and his foot coming at her*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08  Using Blow  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08 *is kicked**falls back*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:09 *lets Jean take him, having no strength to fight* *lies on the ground in a fetal position*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:09 *is knocked to the ground head-first thanks to Nate*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:09   + 15 Strength points to Nate  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:09 *is seeing stars for awhile*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:10  Using Blow  Shinju: YEEEEE!!! *viciously swings her mace at Connor*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:10  Using Blow  *goes for Nate by default*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:10 *is heard walking off* *there are some crashes, and then approaching footsteps* *the next thing Nicole knows, a wooden plank is being smacked over her*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Using Blow  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Using Blow  *smacks Dewey- just smacks him*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Using Blow  Riko: *skillfully kicks Madison back, thus flinging her against a wall**does cool moves with her knives in her hands, trying to slice Madison*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Using Blow  *ducks*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=96  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12  Using Blow  *recovers quickly, yet moves slowly* *crawls like a bear to Nairne and rams into her hard*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=70  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12  Using Blow  *scrambles to her feet* RRRAARR!!! *punches Jean as Jean tries to get up*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12   + 10 Strength points to Nate  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12   + 10 Weakness points to Dewey  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:12   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13   + 10 Weakness points to R+R+S+SH  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13  Using Blow  *falls back down**lashes her legs out at Jean's head*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13  Using Blow  *deflects*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13  Using Blow  *backs up, holding her arms in front of her face*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13  Using Blow  *ducks and lunges forward, ramming into Camilla and slamming her back into a wall with all her might*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:14   + 10 Strength points to Jean  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:14   + 10 Weakness points to Nairne  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:15   + 10 Strength points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:15   + 10 Weakness points to R+R+S+SH  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:15   + 10 Strength points to Nicole  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:15   + 10 Weakness points to Camilla  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:16   + 10 Strength points to Nairne  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:16   + 10 Weakness points to Jean  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:16 *walks towards the tent and finds Amanda lying on the ground**bends over and holds out a hand to her* Hey...you okay?
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:16 *Shinju and Riko switch to confuse the rebels*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:16 *makes a comeback with the plank, but she uses it on Connor this time* *wipes him out with one swing*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:17  Using Blow  Riko: *throws a knife at Connor*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:17 *coughs a little, but her voice is raspy and sounds similar to that of a fifty year-old smoker's:* Yeah, I think I'm okay. You?
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:17  Using Blow  Shinju: *swings her mace at Madison*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:17  Using Blow  *is out cold, so the chances of him missing are 50/50*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=22  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:18 [Wait...why has Nate been attacking Jean even though he's in Riley's group and Matt is in Nairne's group??]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:19 [Eh, guess we'll say their places have been swapped... o_o]
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:19 Well, my back hurts, my butt hurts, my neck hurts, and moving hurts, but otherwise I've never felt better in all my life.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:20  Using Blow  *tries to dodge*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:20 *helps Amanda get up**looks around* No one else to be seen anywhere...guess we have the tent all to ourselves.
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:20   + 10 Strength points to R+R+S+SH  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:20   + 10 Weakness points to Madison  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:21 *Rin and Sango find Riley's group**they stick to the shadows, slowly but surely creeping up on the trio*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:21 *finally they let out battle cries and pounce on Matt, Riley, and Travis from behind*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:21 *winces, taking in the pain* *can't see or think or fight properly, so she surrenders* *falls limp in a desperate attempt to play dead*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:22  Using Blow  Rin: *swings her axe once; if Matt and Riley both don't dodge, they will get struck*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  *@ Matt*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:22  Using Blow  *@ Riley*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:22 *gets the impression that everyone has been weakened* *backs away, then throws a smoke bomb in Nicole's general direction*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=61  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:23  Using Blow  *dodges*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:23  Using Blow  Sango: *swings her sword at Travis*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24  Using Blow  *jumps out of the way*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24 *falls to the ground, a total goner*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24 *sees it coming**tries to leap/dive out of harm's way*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24   + 10 Strength points to R+R+S+SH  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24  Using Blow  Shinju: *swings her mace again at Madison ruthlessly*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:24   + 10 Weakness points to Matt  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:25   + 10 Strength points to Riley  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:25 Shinju: *is getting overly confident, though*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:25   + 10 Weakness points to R+R+S+SH  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:25 Rin: *would have tried to finish off Matt, but Riley flung her back*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:26 *sprints back to the tents to check in on Javier*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:26  Using Blow  *throws a spare knife at Shinju*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=60  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:27 Let's head in there...get things in order...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:27   + 10 Strength points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:27   + 10 Weakness points to R+R+S+SH  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:28 *clears throat* Yeah. Good idea.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:28 *is also making a pit stop to get more explosives*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:30 *sees Javier, but doesn't ask him about his plans* *explains that she's there to gather explosives* *makes her stop quick*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:30 *puts on some special sunglasses so the smoke won't irritate her eyes*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 05:32 *is seen looking at his lighter*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 05:33 *pockets it in a big, dark overcoat he has put on, as well as some rocks**has pocketed many other things by now, too**casually strolls out of the tent and towards the rebel tent*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:33 *they go in the tent and sit, resting a bit, while cleaning up things*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:34 *lying back in the tent after all the work has been done*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:35 *after getting lost a couple of times, she finally returns to Riko and Shinju* *demands for them to stand back* *flicks on a lighter*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:35 *brings the lighter down to the bomb* Caution... EXPLOSIVE. *tosses the bomb at Nicole and Co., then jogs off*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:37 *the bomb detonates, obliterating some barrels and even the side of a wooden structure* *is knocked out by some floorboards*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:37 RUN!!!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:37 *she said that before the bomb exploded*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:37 *is essentially covered in debris when it's all over*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:38 *is wondering where Nairne is and if she's okay as he fixes a part of the tent that sprung apart - which is by now one of the last things in the tent to be fixed*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 05:38 *is also buried in debris*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:39 Riko+Shinju: *they cough and hack*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:39  Using Blow  *throws a rock at Sango, in response to her sword being swung at him*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=96  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:39   + 10 Strength points to Travis  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:40   + 10 Weakness points to R+R+S+SH  
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:40 *even more smoke starts to waft up into the night sky* *runs far away from it so she won't suffocate*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:41 *suddenly they hear the sound of rock colliding with rock**they hear that sound over and over**looks up* What is that?
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:42 *Riko and Shinju scramble after Camilla*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:42 *looks alarmed* I have no idea...
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:42 *inches closer to the tent door* *doesn't leave, just hovers*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:44 Let's go see... *slips his machete into the back of his pants like they're a sheath**crawls forward and opens the tent door*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 05:44 *is standing there in a long overcoat, twirling his lighter in one hand while dropping rocks, one by one, in the other**drops the last rock*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:44 *follows Rodney*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 05:44 *in his
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:46 *looks at Javier, then at Amanda, then at Javier again*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:47 *sort of backs up once she sees the sight before her* *isn't sure who it is because of Javier's trenchcoat*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:47 *is pretty much okay* Maybe we should start looking for the others. *looks panicked* I know I heard some more bombs going off just minutes ago.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 05:47 *activates the lighter and throws it in one swift movement*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:48 *lifts Matt off the ground himself* Yeah, and that's not good. What if?...just what if.
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:48 *ducks**the lighter flies past his head and lands by Amanda, igniting the tent*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:48  Using Blow  Rin: *comes screeching at Travis*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:48 *nods* I don't know. That's very, VERY possible. And that scares me.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:49 *screams* *tries to get out the door*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:49 *is caught off guard* *clutches a rock and a handful of sand* *blood courses through his veins at top speed*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:49 *looks down at Matt* I mean, he's bleeding out. I- I don't know how long he's gonna....
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:50 *looks up to see Rin*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=16  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:51  Using Blow  Sango: *attacks Riley*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=78  
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:53  Using Blow  *mashes it in Rin's face*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:53  Using Blow  *drops Matt before lunging at Sango*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 05:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:54 [BLEEP]!!! Come on!! *grabs Amanda's hand**they get out of the tent, coughing*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 05:54 Sango: *falls back, unconscious*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:54 *can see something lighting up from the corner of his eye*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 05:54 *is watching the two calmly and unblinkingly*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:55   + 10 Strength points to R+R+S+SH  
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:55  Using Blow  *punches Dewey in the jaw* Eat my KNUCKLES, you sleazeball!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 05:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:55   + 10 Weakness points to Mick  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:55   + 10 Weakness points to Travis  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:56   + 15 Strength points to Riley  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:56 *staggers away with Rodney* What happened?! Who...*is confused and terrified*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:56   + 10 Weakness points to R+R+S+SH  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:56 *they face their nemesis...who throws a bomb right in between them*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:56  Using Blow  *whips his head to the side to avoid the blow*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=72  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:56 MOVE!!! *leaps to the right while pushing Amanda to the right*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 05:57 *was close, but not close enough* *Nairne knocks the side of his face* *stumbles back, totally numb* *grunts*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 05:57 *sees everything happen* *is a little confused, but also satisfied*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:57 *makes a leap of effort out of the way*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:57   + 10 Strength points to Nairne  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 05:58   + 10 Weakness points to Dewey  
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:59 *the bomb forces Camilla to flee as the smoke becomes a bit overwhelming*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 05:59 *is seemingly knocked out*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:00 Go crawling back to your hole or man cave or whatever!!
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:00 *tumbles to the ground, scraping her face badly against dirt and rocks* *remains there in a smoky haze*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:01 *heard something else, which definitely wasn't a misconception* *his eyes go wide*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:01 *walks towards Amanda**has a strange air of invincibility about him since the smoke doesn't seem to be affecting him*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:02 *gets up after awhile, walking through the smoke* *coughs* Rodney? Rodney?!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:02 *hasn't really noticed the sounds coming from the rebel camp*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:03 *comes up to Amanda from behind and gives her two swift, skillful blows with his fist and foot, causing her legs to buckle*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:03 *looks down at her and reaches into his coat*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:03 *tries to resist, but can't* *eventually falls to the ground in a slow, surrendering manner*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:03 *was half actually knocked out, half pretending to be knocked out in an effort of protecting himself by playing dead*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:04 *pulls out a knife that gleams in the light of the fire*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:05 *raises it above Amanda, about to give her the final blow*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:06 NO!!! *lunges forward onto his feet while drawing his machete**gets in between Javier and Amanda and swings his machete at Javier*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:06 *ducks, preparing self for death*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:06 *spins while stepping back**the blade misses him by an inch**continues to back away as Rodney keeps coming at him, trying to fight him with his machete*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:07 *skillfully and almost casually dodges each strike or blocks it with his knife*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:08 *is desperate, hurt, and getting tired fast**swings his machete so hard that he falls down on one knee for a moment; of course, it misses**grunts and awkwardly gets back up on his feet, trying again*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:08 *as Rodney's arm and machete go by, he hits Rodney's arm with one hand while taking his machete from him with the other**did this REALLY fast*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:09 *knees still bent from his attempts to lunge forward and stab Javier, he stands there, staring Javier in the eye**is in a bit of a state of shock*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:10 *stares intensely yet calmly back into Rodney's eyes just before and as he drives the machete into Rodney's stomach*
8>Rodney (Contestant:England), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:12 *opens his mouth and lets out a small "ack" sound while falling down onto his knees*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:12 *it isn't until Rodney emits a groan that she realizes what has happened* *gets to her feet and runs forward*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:12  Using Blow  *sees Javier first* *swings a fist with all the strength she has*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:12 *pulls the machete out of him**Rodney collapses, falling over, and a cannon booms throughout Tabernas*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 06:13   + 20 Strength points to Javier  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:13 *looks away from Rodney to see Amanda coming at him
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:13 **
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 06:13   + 5 Experience points to Javier  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:14  Using Blow  *quickly swerves out of the way of her arm, grabs her arm, and throws her aside*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=88  
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:14 I wouldn't recommend you do that.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:15 *turns and puts his knife to use anyway**bends over Rodney and works on him with his knife while monitoring Amanda via the corner of his eye*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:16 *falls like a rag doll to the ground* *recovers in a few minutes and approaches Rodney* *though she didn't know him well, she's still traumatized* *takes him onto her lap*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:17 *I guess by the time Amanda went to Rodney's body, Javier had finished and left*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 06:17   + 10 Strength points to Javier  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 06:17   + 10 Weakness points to Amanda  
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:17 *starts crying, unable to handle the current events that have been taking place*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:18 *to Amanda's horror, something Sally-esque has happened to Rodney...*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:19 *...Javier has carved the words "REBEL SCUM" on Rodney
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:19 *Rodney's chest*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:19 *is more traumatized by Javier's "carvings" than Sally's, that's for sure* *signals the others by hollering- it's half scream, half holler*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:20 *hears the scream, so he's one of the first responders*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:20 *decided to leave Amanda alive just to traumatize the rebels even more*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:20 *by now, his job has been done* *he and Dewey make their way back to base*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:21 *is sitting on a chair by the tent, cleaning his knight*
17>Jean (Rwanda), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:21 *isn't feeling so confident about their fighting style* *takes everything out on Dewey by yelling at and blaming him*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:21 *knife
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:21 *storms into their tent, annoyed with Jean* Well? What happened.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:21 *is too terrified to speak once he sees everything* *covers his mouth with a hand*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:22 *returns to the tent moments later* I saw everything. Well, mostly everything. *sounds oddly merry*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:22 How did you do?
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:23 *sighs* We tried.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 06:24 *the quadruplets arrive**Riko and Shinju are strangely excited*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 06:24 Riko: We saw what you did... Shinju: It was amazing!! The carving and all...
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 06:25 *just nods and smiles a tiny bit while putting his knife back in his coat*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:25 I must admit, it really fit him well. I was glad to see him go.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:25 *squeaks* What happened?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 06:25 *has managed to climb out of the debris*
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:26 *unlike everyone else, he's downright horrified* *turns away, trying to stomach the whole thing- literally* *looks a little green*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:26 *is walking back to the rebel camp with Marshall and Nate*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:26 *tries to say something, but is mostly blubbering and talking very fast and quiet*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:27 *they arrive**doesn't see Rodney since they are still at a bit of a difference*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:27 *looks grim and a little angry*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:27 *gets down next to Amanda, providing as much moral support as he can*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:28 *before he sees Rodney* I'm going to sleep.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:28 *catches sight of Amanda and Travis* What's going on here?
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:28 *says darkly* Me too.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:29 Uh - um... *can't say it right away*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:29 *distance
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:29 [Arrrgh, typos... >_< ]
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:29 So...we're back! *is a bit optimistic*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:30 *his eyes dart over to Rodney* Holy (BLEEP). *says this in a matter-of-fact way, but really, he's stuck for words*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:30 *rolls over on one side, awakening*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:31 Where's Rodney??
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:31 *looks around**finally spots him and is speechless*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:32 *finally croaks out a word:* What...
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:32 *can't take the silence* *blunders away*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:33 No...no...it can't be... *rushes over and kneels by him* He's still alive, isn't- *sees the carving and lets out a pant**covers her mouth with her hands/8
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:33 *is getting all choked up now* I'm sorry.
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:33 Nairne....I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. *begins crying all over again*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:33 **
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:33 It's not happening...it's not happening...
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:34 *her voice is muffled by her hands**bends over until her face and knees are almost touching* My god... *sobs hard*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:34 *is heard shouting out an array of swears out in the distance*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 06:34 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. I also may be able to come on @ 12:30 PM ET again.]
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:35 (Okay, bye!)
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:35 (Ok, see you!)
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:35 *offers solace to Nairne by putting an arm around her*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Aug.31 06:36 *rages* I'll kill that son of a (BLEEP)! I'll kill him with my bare hands! *referring to Javier*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:37 *returns much later with Nicole and Madison* *by then, Nairne is still crying, Marshall is still swearing, and Riley is still raging*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:38 *sits nearby, looking bleak*
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:39 *stares at the carving on Rodney's back* *for a second, she almost wishes she had escaped with Jaromir, but in hindsight, she's glad she didn't*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 06:42 (For the sake of time (we probably won't be on in the afternoon), I'll have to skip on to the next. I don't know when we'll be able to roll the dice, but I won't forget about it.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 06:48   + 20 Strength points to Nicole  (I don't know if you want to do Shinju's death or not, but I'll give Nicole the points, anyways.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Aug.31 06:48   + 5 Experience points to Nicole  
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:49 *they have spent nearly all day in rainy Moscow, looking for the dolls* *the Hunters are winning, having found three of five* *the rebels have only found one in the Moscow Kremlin*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:49 *has been pretty distant all day* *keeps looking at the sky*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 06:50 I don't know where the other one could possibly be.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 06:50 *snaps* I don't know, and I don't care. I'm done looking.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:51 This isn't great searching weather, anyways. *even though his coat is waterproof, it has been soaked through from hours of walking around outside*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 06:52 (This round will be relatively short. Unless you want to do the Nicole-Shinju faceoff, or have someone find the final doll, the round will end just about here.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:32 [I'm on!]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:33 [I'll do the Nicole-Shinju face-off real quick...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:34 [Also, I thought about things and decided that Sango would die shortly after Shinju. I'll act out her death as well.]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:35 *the Hunters have split up and are strategically searching around the city**they have noticed that a lot of the Russians are being rather aggressive or suspicious upon seeing WB contestants (the rebels have probably noticed this as well)*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:36 [Note that since the original plan was that the Russian police would come after them and now it has changed to the whole world starting to despise Max and Co., I thought I might throw in some drama and/or action by changing the Russian police to anti-WB
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:37 protesters...it fits the new plot (which doesn't have them visit Moscow illegally, but there's still the great tension I wanted between Russia and the World Battles). This is a key factor in Sango's death. Sorry if I'm "powerplaying" by throwing in R
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 18:37 (Hi! I was actually able to get on. Paige won't be online, though.)
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:37 *Russian protesters.]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:38 [Hi! Great. Since you're here, can I ask for your permission to have Russian protesters perhaps attack some of the WB contestants out of their hatred for the WB?]
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:38 *some Russians have outright pushed or yelled at them - especially Javier after the brutal Tabernas killing - but he has managed to remain calm*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:39 *is walking along with Sango and Camilla*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 18:39 (Well, I don't really want to drag this out by having a fight between the contestants and the protesters, but I'll allow them to mock/attempt to attack them. And if one of them kills Sango, that's fine.)
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:39 *Riko has gone with Dewey and Rin has gone with Shinju*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:39 [Yeah, that was my plan; include some fights/attacks but keep it quick. Thanks!]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:40 *Rin and Shinju have gone into some big building that resembles Asian buildings a bit more than European ones, perhaps reflecting the culture of the more Eastern parts of Russia (not sure if there's any building like that in Moscow, but for now I'll just
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:41 guess there is :P)*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 18:41 *keeps her head down low* *doesn't want to induce more fighting between the protesters and contestants*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:41 I'm tired of this myself. *halts* How about we split up? There are tons of buildings in this one street, and many of them look famous...
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:42 Sango: *tries to remain peaceful even when a Russian pushes her hard while passing by*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:42 It looks like we could each go off by ourselves and cover this whole street.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 18:43 *looks very grim, and dark circles are under her eyes**though most of it was censored by the Battlemakers, she became 100 times more enraged than Riley and had a huge temper tantrum back in Tabernas**has barely said a thing ever since*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 18:44 *nods* I suppose we could.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 18:44 *just nods a little and mutters "Alright"*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 18:44 Just don't get lost, and be careful. I've noticed that a lot of people don't like us around here.
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Aug.31 18:44 *has basically had to go through what happened with Angus all over again*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 18:44 *scoffs* Can you really blame them, though?
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:44 *nods* True. Don't get into any fights, and be quick to flee if anyone wants to attack you.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:45 And no, I don't blame them for any of this. I blame Max.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:45 We'll meet up back in this street. See you guys soon. *sees the Asian-ish building nearby and walks towards it*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 18:46 *waves, then splits up from everyone else*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:46 Shinju: *is loitering around and keeping watch on a balcony-like floor that overlooks the first floor/lobby**Rin is in another room**some crashes are heard as Rin roughly pushes over things in an effort to find the doll*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:47 *enters, not noticing Shinju - but Shinju notices her**starts to look around**sees a lot of swords/katanas nearby and other Asian things*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:47 Shinju: *casually swings her mace over her shoulder and begins walking to and down the stairs towards Nicole*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:48 *hears Shinju's footsteps and turns to see her eyeing Nicole as she walks down each step**is definitely not in the mood for this* Go back up there, Shinju. I'm not in the mood to fight. *looks at Shinju warily*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:49 Shinju: Why not? You've been in the mood previous rounds...and I thought you might want revenge after "Rebel Scum" died. *Nicole is stung and angered, but tries to hide it*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:50 You're too young. Everyone who has died has died too young. Get out while you can.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:50 I don't want to fight you.
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:50 Shinju: *chuckles* You don't get it, silly...you don't have a choice. *lunges forward and swings her mace at Nicole*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:51 *dives and rolls over**gets back up on one knee and looks up at Shinju**Shinju comes at her again**turns and runs*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:52 *at first she thinks she's going for the door, but she realizes that instead her instincts are driving her towards the swords**grabs the handle of one of them and has a flashback of Elsa drawing her sword and holding it skillfully**imitates her sister*\
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:52 **
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:53 *turns to face Shinju**sees the spiked ball of Shinju's mace flying at her and jumps back, but it is too late; she is hit in the chest (though jumping back made the blow cause less damage)**flies back into a counter, which breaks a little*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:53 *is hurting all over and is dazed, but forces herself to get up**comes at Shinju, swinging her sword and having more flashbacks of Elsa**is trying her best to imitate her sister's precise movements*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:54 Shinju: *backs up, dodging, and even does a backflip in order to avoid getting cut**lands on the other side of a table and swings her mace again**Nicole jumps back and the mace destroys the table instead of her*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:55 Shinju: *lunges forward, swinging her mace and yelling wildly in an effort of delivering a fatally powerful blow to Nicole*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:55 *watches Shinju carefully while backing up**time seems to slow down, and she sees a window of opportunity where Shinju has her arms raised, her mace is above her rather than aimed at Nicole, and thus her body is left unprotected*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:56 *has another flashback of Elsa lunging forward with her sword**again echoes her sister, bending forward and driving the sword into Shinju*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Aug.31 18:57 *lets go, leaving the sword in her opponent**a wide-eyed Shinju falls to her knees and drops her mace**then she falls over and a cannon booms*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:57 Rin: *came out just in time to see the end of the fight* Shinju...?!
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 18:57 Rin: *begins crying* SHINJU!!!! *starts racing down the stairs**Nicole immediately gets the heck out of there before Rin unleashes her wrath on her*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:58 *is meanwhile walking along with Camilla and Sango, and despite the fact that they haven't retaliated, the abuse is only getting worse*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:58 *finally a gang of Russians - rebel extremists, like Asaad - approach**holds out his arm, and he and his two friends halt*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 18:59 *stands around in the middle of the Red Square* Protester: *screams in his face* Get out of this city, before it can be ruined! You don't belong here! Connor: *speaks calmly* Yeah, okay. I'll be leaving shortly.
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 18:59 *they see the Russians pull out rifles and bombs/grenades**innocent Russians around them scream and start running away*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 18:59 *walks away briskly, a little fearful*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 19:00 Sango: *her eyes are wide and tears start to fill them, but she knows what she must do*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:00 *starts screaming at the rebels*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 19:00 Sango: *looks at Javier and Camilla longingly one last time* Javier: *realizes what's about to happen* Sango...Sango, NO!
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 19:01 Sango: *shakes her head* It's too late... *turns and begins running towards the rebels*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:01 SANGO!!!!
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 19:02 *Camilla's screaming only makes things much worse**the rebels get even more angry and release a spray of bullets that hits the ground only a few feet away from them*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 19:02 *grabs Camilla* Run...RUN!!!
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 19:02 *starts running away with Camilla while watching Sango over his shoulder*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Aug.31 19:03 Sango: *pulls out her sword and lets out a screech/battle cry while bravely racing towards her foes*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:03 *runs at Javier's side, gasping in disbelief* *didn't want to leave Sango behind if she could help it*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 19:03 *is hurt, knowing he may never repay Sango for her sacrifice**continues fleeing with Camilla*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 19:04 *they turn and zigzag through various streets until they're sure they're safe*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 19:04 *sits down and pants hard*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Aug.31 19:05 [I gtg now. You can finish up the round if you want; maybe you could have a rebel find the last doll before everyone is whisked away onto a plane? Anyway, see you later tonight! *offline*]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:05 *stands in a corner, crying* *has been pretty scarred by that*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:06 (Okay, see you!)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:07 *that sadness slowly turns to anger* *is bent on getting revenge - especially on Nicole and the rebels, since she associates those violent protesters with Nicole*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:08 *is hanging around in the street with Amanda when some WB workers approach them* Assistant: *explains that there are high levels of dangerous protesters in the city, and that they need to leave immedietly*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:09 *nods, appearing to be calm* *seriously can't wait to get out of there*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:12 *meets up with the other contestants* *they are rushed out of the city, back to the airport, and back to the plane*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:12 *makes sure to give Nicole an extra spiteful glare when she gets on the plane*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:13 *meanwhile, some assistants get in contact with Max and inquire about the parade* *unfortunately for some, it's still on*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:14 *is really irritated by this* After all of this (BLEEP), a parade? A (BLEEP) parade?
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:20 *glowers at Marshall*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:21 -MANY HOURS LATER-
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:22 *the plane stops to refuel at LAX for a few hours* *takes this as an opportunity to read the news on his phone* *comes across many anti-WB articles*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:24 *talks with a few contestants, saying that the parade is a dangerous idea* *protesters have taken to the streets of Honolulu in masses, a lot of them violent* *Max has even been threatned a few times*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Aug.31 19:24 It's inevitable now. Just hope for the best.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:25 *nods*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 19:26 *again, hours pass before they reach Honolulu* *it's probably fairly early in the morning there* *the flight attendent leads the contestants to the arrival gate*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Aug.31 19:28 Attendent: Welcome back to Honolulu. *is all smiles* Marshall: *is being sarcastic* It's good to be back.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 00:29 [I recall that we planned to have the following thing happen in Moscow: Nicole would be attacked and would be ultimately unable to defend herself; Matt would then swoop in and save her life, and they would make up for things and be in love again (or at
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 00:29 least be close friends). Since that didn't happen in Moscow, can it happen in Honolulu?]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 00:31 [Also, I remember that we had initially planned for the plane to be hijacked by rebel extremists and crash-land in Honolulu...are the rebel extremists instead going to attack everyone at the airport or something, which will start the rebels vs. Hunters
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 00:31 chase and Nicole's attempt to reach Max?]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 00:32 [Sorry about bombarding you with questions... :P]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 00:33 *Rin and Riko have been crying and mourning the deaths of their sisters the whole way, and are ESPECIALLY mad at Nicole (by now everyone knows about the Nicole vs. Shinju battle)**they can't stop turning to give Nicole the Osiris death stare*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 00:35 Yayyy...can I now get on a plane back to [BLEEP] Scotland? *glares intensely at the WB assistants*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 00:36 *has still been mostly silent and depressed, and her angry inquiries and insults aren't all that humorous anymore - she really means them*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Sep.1 00:37 *though he did almost lose control of his wrath after Sango's death back in Moscow, he has been calm, as usual**has even been quietly discussing plans to get revenge on some of the rebels with Camilla, despite the fact that the World Tours are almost over
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Sep.1 00:37 **
9>Dewey (USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 03:31 *takes out his phone and calls someone up* *speaks quickly and shakily; nobody can be sure of who he's talking to, all they know is that he'll "be there shortly."*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 03:58 (To answer your questions... I've changed A LOT of what happens in Honolulu entirely, for the sake of being realistic. We've been re-working the plot endlessly, so some things will be different than what I had initially said.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 03:58 (Just a warning: bare with me as we finish this up.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 04:01 (If Nicole wants to attack Max, she's going to have to make an effort to carry out that plan. You'll see why shortly.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 04:02 (Lastly, I think there will be a few instances where the rebels will be attacked, so yeah. Just as long as Paige is okay with that, since Matt is her character.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:05 *they are standing outside waiting when a charter bus of sorts merges over to the curb* *there is a wheeze of exhaust before the door opens* WB employee: *walks out*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:06 Employee: *puts a hand on Connor's shoulder, guiding him in the bus* Connor: *stumbles inside, surprised by the sight of some old friends/contestants, a few family members of the current contestants, and even his own sister, Katie*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:07 What- Katie? What are you doing here? Katie: *hugs her brother* Sonny: *is standing in the back* We organized a surprise arrival - well, he did. *pointing to the employee in the front*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:08 *is quick to reunite with his twin sister, Therese*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:09 Employee: *once everyone boards the bus* We're getting you guys out of here. Marshall: So, no parade? Employee: Not if we can help it. We're boycotting all of the World Battles festivities to take place later. It doesn't make sense to celebrate it.
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:10 *sinks into a chair slowly, realizing the "horrible" truth* *tries to come up with an effective plan to keep things going*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 04:16 So, what next? Driver: *starts up the bus* We're gonna get you back to your families. They've been waiting for you.
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 04:17 *unlike some of the others, he doesn't have family members in the bus, or even in Honolulu, for that matter*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 04:17 *the bus passes through the streets* *a lot of protesting is becoming evident*
12>Nate (USA), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 04:26 *reunites with his mom, who is in the bus* *looks overjoyed as his mom explains that his wife, Audrey, has had their baby*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 04:27 *stands in the back of the bus* *sees Dewey hugging a middle-aged woman tightly* *realizes the truth briefly*
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 04:27 *then, Nicole speaks up* Nicole: I would like to have a word with Max. Employee: Alright. I guess we have time to spare.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:29 *is sitting with his sister* *looks out the window, watching as crowds of protesters grow more numerous* *they are entering the WB district*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:38 *the bus finally arrives at the WB Center* *some guards are trying to quell a protest taking place on the front lawn* Driver: Contestants only! Follow me.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:38 [I'm here I'm here I'm here!!!]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:39 *leaves his sister behind and follows fellow 50th Round contestants to the front door* *the driver inserts a card, unlocking the door*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:39 (Hi!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:39 [Sorry...I was outside with a leaping lunatic (AKA my dog) and I lost track out time... XP]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:41 (Haha, it's okay!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:41 [Just read everything. Will there be a Hunter-rebel battle still? I'm planning for my only surviving Hunter to be Javier.]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:42 *wants to have a word with Max herself, not that she'll have the floor, but she'd like to somehow get it across to him that there is more to just "having a word" with him*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:42 [In fact, can I have a brief outline of what's going to happen? Note that yes, I would like Nicole to carry out her plan of attacking Max...I was thinking that he would be preparing to flee to avoid being arrested, but she and her allies would try to get
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:42 to him in order to kill him (or at least stop him from getting away).]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:42 (There might be, but not in a physical contact sort of way.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:43 [What do you mean? Do you mean they'd argue each other to the death? XD XP]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:43 *argue with
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:44 (Right now, Max hasn't been charged guilty of any crimes. The general public hate him, yes, but he's really not a President Snow: again, this is because we changed a lot of the WB up.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:45 (So, everyone will have a word with Max, but mainly Nicole. That will result in him being killed or seriously injured otherwise. After that happens, the rebels and WB employee escape, but Camilla, Javier, Rin, and Riko stay behind and get ahold of the fed
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:45 *)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:46 [He may not be President Snow, but he's responsible for the deaths of countless people. I'd be very surprised if he wasn't charged guilty.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:46 [What is the fed?]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:47 (The rebels on the bus escape, but not entirely. A raging and drunk Rose bribes the limo driver into giving over the limo so she can achieve personal revenge.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:47 (Another term for the authorities.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:47 [Uh oh...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:47 [Oh, you meant the feds. Must've been a typo,]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:47 *.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:48 [Sorry, my brain is not working very well right now... XD XP]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:48 (Not right now he wouldn't be. Further investigations would have to take place. Like I have mentioned, we altered the WB so much that killing other contestants isn't even part of the equation. I'm just sticking to that so I don't get confused.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:48 [How can Rin and Riko die?]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:49 [Oh, okay.]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:50 (In the bus, Amanda gets control of the wheel. The limo approaches the bus, crashes into it head-on, and kills the limo driver and seriously injures Amanda. But that doesn't stop Rose, who opens fire on the bus, killing people.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:51 (Meanwhile, Camilla, Javier, and the others arrive with a SWAT team. The SWAT team damages the bus further, but nobody is injured. A few of the remaining contestants beg for mercy, and are saved by air medical transportation.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:51 [Hm...idea! How about Rin and Riko want revenge, so they manage to hold onto the back of the bus, but Riko is killed in the crash and Rin is killed by Rose?]
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:52 (It's not the best summary, but this is generally what will go down.)
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:52 (That would work out well!)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:52 [Oh, wait...I'll revise that.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:53 [Riko finally loses it and does as I mentioned above, getting killed in the crash. Rin has gone off after her and managed to steal a motorcycle; she arrives at the scene shortly before the rest of the Hunters and the SWAT team and is killed by Rose.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:53 [Would that also work?]
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:53 *follows the employee down a hall* *it is pretty empty - not another employee is in sight* *the employee that was helping them goes off to see where Max is*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:54 (That would be fine also.)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:54 Employee: He's in his office, preparing for later tonight. Follow me.
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 04:55 *they go down other hallways* Employee: *knocks on the door* Mr. Davis? Max: *barks* What? I've got a lot to do and- Employee: No, you'll want to see this. Max: Okay. Come in, Dan.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 04:55 [OK; let's do this! :D]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 04:56 *the door is opened* *sees all of the contestants and promptly puts his pen down* Oh, hello! *grins* How are you today? It HAS been awhile.
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 04:56 I've had better days. But that isn't really what matters.
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 04:56 *stares grimly at Max*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Sep.1 04:57 I am fine.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 04:57 Oh? Then tell me what does. *chuckles*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 04:57 How are you? HOW ARE YOU?!! Is that all you really have to say after everything you've done?!!
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 04:58 *grits her teeth and pants hard**is like a bull that's about to charge**some of her allies instinctively reach towards her a little, ready to pull her back if she explodes*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 04:58 *though, on the other hand, her allies might like to see her go whacko on Max*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:00 *is all for seeing Nairne plow Max to the ground*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:00 [...I just realized something.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:01 Explain. *sits back* *could be tormenting Nairne by saying this*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:01 (Yeah?)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:01 [At the start of this RP, Nicole was 16 years old and Max was 42. At the end/right now, Nicole is 23 and Max is 42.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:01 [Um...]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:02 [That's perhaps a bit off... XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:02 *keeps on going* If you ask me, some things happen for a reason. And of course, those things are meant to be. *reaches over to grab a mug of coffee*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 05:02 *lets out a yell/roar and jumps forward, but some of the Hunters step in between her and Max**halts, fuming*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:03 (Hahahaha, that's so true. Oops.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:03 Sorry, but I don't believe in destiny. *steps forward*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:03 *looks startled* Why Nairne... I never knew you to be this- this FURIOUS...
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:03 [It's the same with Rose. She's never been 41 yet. XD]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:03 [Oops indeed.]
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:04 Life is like chess. You are responsible for the outcome. Every move you make has a consequence. You make your own choices.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:05 Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And Max... *puts her hand on the table and leans forward* ...by creating the World Battles, you've chosen one of the worst strategies I've ever seen.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:05 And like chess, life is a timed game. And your time is almost up.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:06 *frowns a little* I will not allow myself to be pushed around by someone like you.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:06 You've caused the countless deaths of innocent people - pro-Battles, anti-Battles, and neutrals alike - and all of them should still be alive. But they're not. And now people's eyes are finally being opened and they see you for what you really are.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:06 Maybe that's something we both share. I'm not budging either.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:07 But the people outside aren't going to be pushed around by a corporate serial killer like you anymore, too.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:07 They're starting to realize what I realized at the age of 16: The only things you care about are money, fame, and yourself. The same goes for your friend Rose, but you can throw in "wine" in that list too for her.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:09 *slowly opens a drawer* You might want to stop talking now, Nicole.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:10 *pulls something out of that drawer - a gun*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:10 *glances down and sees what Max is up to* I don't think it's worth killing you, really. They're going to get you, anyway. The protesters...the government...maybe even Nairne.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:11 *that was before he pulled out the gun*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:11 *watches, eyes wide* *is just waiting for the trigger to be pulled*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:11 But at least now you've given me an argument so that I'm not accused of murder. *lunges forward at lightning speed, grabbing the arm he is holding his gun with*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:12 *says through gritted teeth:* And it's called "self-defense!!"
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:13 Maybe you will be. Unless you're going to die a martyr, of course. Would you like that? *keeps an iron grip on the gun*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:16 *keeps a firm grip on his arm**her face is only a foot away from his since she's perching on the table now* Maybe. It depends. But if I am going to die a martyr, you're going to die a villain.
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:17 Don't play with fire. If I burn, you burn with me! *smuggled a knife from Moscow (possibly the Asian place) in her boot**reaches down and pulls it out with her right/free hand*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:17 [Should she kill him?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:19 (Yeah.)
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:21 [OK.] *thrusts the knife into his neck*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:22 *is somewhere in another room with her bottle**an assistant reads her some of the news**laughs hysterically*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2016,Sep.1 05:24 *collapses, dead*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:24 *stifles a scream* *turns towards the other Hunters*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:24 *starts screaming* MURDER, MURDER!!
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:25 *looks at a dead Davis, practically unaffected*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 05:25 *doesn't have any time to react* *Dan, the employee, rushes the rebels out of there as fast as he can*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:26 *follows the rebels, running out the door so she can spread the word* They're going to kill you!
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 05:27 *clambers up the bus stairs* *can hardly grasp the situation* *all he can hear is Camilla screaming, "MURDER, MURDER!!"
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:29 *gets someone to hand over their cell phone* *calls 911, reporting the bus* *makes a false claim that the people in the bus are trying to kill her and anyone else in sight*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 05:30 *made sure to spit on Max's face before leaving**mutters:* Scum...
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:30 *the bus speeds off* *sits down in a seat, shaking* *many of the employees are starting to argue with one another about where to go, and Dan isn't driving fast enough, apparently*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:30 *is strangely calm; in a way she lanced a mental zit and all the bad stuff is coming out*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:31 *word spreads pretty quickly* *an angered Rose threatens the limo driver to hand over the limo so she can get revenge*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:32 *sits by a window**looks out of it, watching everything pass by without really looking at it**is deep in thought*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:32 *is also drunk as heck*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:33 *gets into the driver's seat after a dispute takes place* *grabs a mike* Hold onto your seats, we're getting the h*** outta here. *guns it out of there*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:33 *managed to get her hands on some guns and ammunition - probably extra stuff the Battlemakers stored in case some big anti-WB thing like this happened*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:33 *merges onto the freeway*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:34 *the limo driver quickly surrenders the keys and runs away**gets in the limo**opens the garage door but exits the garage as it opens, skimming and scraping the top of the limo a bit*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:35 *turns, tires screeching, and speeds down the road**lifts up her sparkly pink phone to see on a news site a live feed coming from a drone of Amanda's bus going down the freeway**cackles and rips past a whole lot of people towards the freeway, causing a
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 05:35 *holds on to the top of the seat in front of him, looking intense and a little insane*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:35 crash behind her*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:36 *hears an explosion* *looks out the back window to see smoke drifting to the clouds...and Rose's limo*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:36 *goes right across a boulevard and onto a street that is attached to the freeway (but it is for exiting the freeway)**gets on the freeway going the wrong way**beeps and people swerve out of her way*
5>Camilla (Contestant: Denmark), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:36 *is meanwhile hitching a ride with the SWAT team, along with Javier* *is being a backseat driver of sorts - there are so many buses that look similar to the one everyone else is in, which stirs confusion*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2016,Sep.1 05:37 *spins around, tires screeching some more**puts the pedal to the medal and goes right after the bus*
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Sep.1 05:37 Where's Riko?
13>Javier (Contestant:Spain), 14yo.2016,Sep.1 05:37 And Rin?!
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:37 Riko: *though the Hunters didn't notice it in a mayhem, she went berserk and pursued the rebels**is clinging to the back of their bus*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:38 *sees Rose in the rearview mirror* *tries to get away, but there's a family van blocking her way*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:38 Rin: *was the only one who noticed her sister freaking out**has stolen a motorcycle from an innocent Hawaiian and is speeding down the freeway on it*
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:39 *hears gunfire**looks over her shoulder and past the heads of some rebels to see Rose sticking an assault rifle out of her window*
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:39 *is pretty anxious* *taps his foot like a sewing machine programmed at top speed*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:39 *swears* GET DOWN! SHE HAS A GUN!!! (BLEEP)! (BLEEP)!
15>Marshall (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:39 Someone: *screams* PULL OVER!!!
2>Nicole (Contestant:Germany), 23yo.2016,Sep.1 05:40 *turns back towards the front and is about to say something to Amanda when some a panicking driver crashes into someone in front of them*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:40 Riko: *some bullet holes appear in the window right next to her head**it's a miracle she isn't dead yet*
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:40 *all of a sudden, the back window glass is shattered* *collapses to the ground- is alive, and barely managed to stay that way*
3>Nairne (Contestant:Scotland), 24yo.2016,Sep.1 05:40 HOLY [BLEEEEEP]!!!!!!!!
7>Madison (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2016,Sep.1 05:41 *is nearly thrown out of her seat when Amanda swerves around the accident*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:42 *the family van is seen tumbling down a ditch of sorts* *sees a door slide open *
18>Travis (Contestant: Canada), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 05:42 *gets down and stays down*
16>Amanda (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:43 *is in a state of frenzied panic having seen that, but keeps driving*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:43 Riko: *tries to crawl into the van via the broken window but gets shot in the arm**screams and clutches precariously onto the back of the van with her one good arm*
6>Matt (USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 05:43 *is among the few who are still seated*
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 05:45 *keeps knocking into his sister* *holds onto the seat in front of him*
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:45 [Hey Paige, remember how we planned to have Matt save Nicole's life in Moscow but it never happened?]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:45 [Could he save her life during the final showdown with Rose and after the showdown they could make up for things and fall in love again, as planned?]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:46 [BTW, I can stay on for another 35 minutes! :D]
10>Riley (USA), 22yo.2016,Sep.1 05:46 (Yep!)
4>Connor (Contestant: USA), 21yo.2016,Sep.1 05:47 (Ok, great!)
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:47 [Great!]
14>R+R+S+SH (Contestants:Japan), 16yo.2016,Sep.1 05:47 [@ Joan: Jinx. Sort of.]