" World of danger " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
This RP is about saving the world.I know its classical and overused, but this RP IS MUCH MORE THAN THAT. ITS GOT EVERYTHING FROM A SERIOUS RP TO A GOOFY ONE AND FROM A COMEDY RP TO A SAD RP! So please join! you can be anyone from super mario to a guy named Jeff. I dont care! This is a game of imagination...so imagine big. You get a weapon of your choice but it has to relate to the character.

Intro: So this dude named Sonic is try to destroy the universe! we have to defeat him and save the world!(its will sound more serious when you play it).

1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.18 01:38 [ ok so this game soungds very goofy]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.18 01:38 *sounds
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.18 02:29 [but its doesnt have to be]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.24 20:24 [hello]
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.24 22:56 [Hey, it's Corona. Whirl is different than the other characters of mine you've met, Trent, mainly because he's more crazy and stupid than stubborn, although he is a little stubborn sometimes (but not as much as Codex was XD).]
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.24 23:19 [Here's a picture of Whirl, just get rid of the spaces (he's the blue guy):ht tp://ww w.tfw2005.com/boards/attachments/whirl_cyclonus_thedividedself-jpg.27443278/
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.24 23:19 *]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:41 [ok i really dont need to explain my guy XD]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:42 [well he is super fast and likes to brag about it...]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:42 [he has conquered over 20 planets]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:43 [the good guys start off on a peaceful planet called "Kerf"
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:43 *]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:44   + 10 CRAZYNESS points to Whirl  
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:50 [MArio is the mortal enemy of sonic...they used to be really good friends until sonic went crazy and started taking over the world]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:51  Buying Magic Backpack (x 1)  
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 14:51 [btw the magic backpack has anything you can imagine in it]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 15:03 [i taking away the magic backpack
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 15:03 *]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 15:04  Selling Magic Backpack (x 1)  
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 15:05 [everyonegets a weapon of choice but it has to relate to the character
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 15:05 *]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 15:07 [MARIOs weapon is yoshi his pet]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.25 15:08 [yoshi can pick up anything with his mouth and spit it out at someone...(note: he cant pick up large objects}
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 18:37  Secret message to Whirl  
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.25 18:37  Secret message to Whirl  
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:05  Secret message to Whirl  
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.26 19:05  Secret message to Sonic  
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.26 19:08 [Okay, so like I said, Whirl is crazy. He's also really impulsive, and decares wether something is a "goodie" or "baddie" by what sound it makes when he punches it. His weapon would probably be a big laser gun, since that was his fave in the comic.]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:10 [everyone you get a weapon of choice plus a a large power up (rage punch, big mario power up, etc) that requires to be recharge]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:10 [hello]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:12 [SOnic's weapon is fast punch and his power up i dont now yet]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:13 [strong fast punch is his power up]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:13 [mario's power up it that he gets giant...like the giant mushroom in the game]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:14 [you use a power up point everytime you use a power up]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:15 [Question: is WHirl good or bad?
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:15 *]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:18   + 1 Power-up points to  
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:18 \
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 19:19 [are you still here?]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 21:17 [hello]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 21:18 [ill be here]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.26 21:38 [kerf is post-apopalitic planet. Its home animal the ton-ton have became exticnted...this is because there was many meteorites which killed all of them]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.27 03:17 *is on large mothership* officer! when are we get to kerf!
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.27 03:17 officer: in 5 hours sir!
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.28 03:58 [Whirl is an Autobot, so he's good, but he's a jerk to everyone. Not stubborn so much, more ignorant.]
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.28 04:29 [Wait... the Ton-Ton? HA! Was that an intended reference?]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:06 [i was just thinging of star wars at the time XD!
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:10 *]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:11 [there are are eight other planets in this system revolving around a star]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:11 [Sonic intends to tak them all over in 8 months]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:12 *take
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:13 [The most closest planet to kerf is treed]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:13 [Treed is 95% water and has only 45 islands]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:14 [these islands are full of ape like creatures that are about 20 feet tall..followed by many oter animals]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.28 21:14 *other
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Mar.28 23:09 [Can we make one of the 8 planets be a place where Cybertronians go and live often?]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.29 00:01 [idc you can mae whatever you want
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.29 00:01 *make
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.29 00:01 *]
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.29 00:01 \
1>Sonic (Taking over world), /yo.2017,Mar.29 00:03 [btw if you ever get bored just get on a website called: bored panda]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Mar.29 22:29 *rides yoshi through a forest*
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Apr.4 21:16 [How many characters am I allowed to have? Because if it's okay I'd like to make another.]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Apr.6 22:04 [sure]
3>Mario (Good guy), /yo.2017,Apr.6 22:04 [at the most 3 or 4]
7>Whirl (Crazy Autobot), 5 M. yo.2017,Apr.7 06:15 [okie, thanks]