" World Battles RP (Hunger Games spinoff) " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 13 to 18 years of age.
This game is closed.

13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:35 Anyone have a spare piece of cloth?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 04:36 In short, if we're not careful, bad things WILL happen.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:36 Specifically anything twice as long as the perimeter of his abdomen?
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:36 *pulls a cloth out of his first aid kit* I'm gonna need some water. *Amanda hands him some water* *dumps some on the cloth and spreads the damp cloth over Pinak's wound* Sorry man, I just have to clean this up.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:37 *looks over at the others* If we're not careful, he could get an infection.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:37 That's sadly likely. *pulls out some other materials*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 04:38 *hands a piece of fabric over to Chyou from her backpack* I hope this works.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:38 *goes on to explain how Travis, a former ally, had gotten a pretty awful infection after being shot in the leg*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:38 Yeah...I know... *screams with pain several times as Gonzalo cleans his wounds*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:39 Yeah. The dude was on crutches in the Battles.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:39 *nods* Yeah, it will. It's long enough.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 04:39 *winces* Hang in there.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:40 Anyone got iodine or alcohol on them? Pinak: Derek probably has alcohol... *chuckles awkwardly* Chyou: *can't help but smirk*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:40 *tosses the bloodied cloth aside and takes the cleaner one from Chyou* Almost done with step one...
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 04:40 Who knew crutches could serve as an excellent weapon? *fishes through her backpack, searching for disinfectant medicine*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:40 *snickers* You can bet on it...
Player 22015,Oct.20 04:40 *just shakes her head in disgust and disappointment, though she admits that what Pinak said was a bit humorous* [Which is my real life reaction to what Derek has done... XP]
Player 22015,Oct.20 04:41 *gives Chyou a bottle of alcohol that is from her first aid kit* How about this? Chyou: That's good. *turns to Pinak* Brace yourself. This'll sting.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 04:42 *is a bit neutral about the entire affair, although he doesn't approve of Derek's choices*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:42 Ha! *swirls his fist through Amanda's pack* What sort of goodies did you pack from home? *takes out a pair of keys* Keys?....
Player 22015,Oct.20 04:42 *quickly gives Pinak a small piece of cloth* Bite on this. *Pinak nods and does so* Chyou: *applies the alcohol to the wounds to help sanitize them**Pinak screams, biting down hard on the cloth*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:43 *pulls out a large gauze bandage*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:43 *smirks* Got any booze in here?...Amanda: No! Of course not! *embarrassed* Derek: Hahahaha...
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:43 OK, done. *takes the long cloth back from Gonzalo and wraps it around Pinak with Gonzalo's help**secures it; Pinak is now wearing a bandage* All done.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:44 Anyone got healing medication. Madison: Uh, yeah. *hands Gonzalo the container* Gonzalo: Thanks. *seizes it*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:45 Oh...all done? Well, in that case...*gives the healing medication back to Madison*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:45 Wait-we already wrapped him in the bandage...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 04:45   + 5 Experience points to  
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:45 [Scratch that.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 04:45   + 5 Experience points to Chyou  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 04:46   + 5 Experience points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 04:46   + 5 Experience points to Gonzalo  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 04:47 Derek: Well, you've got a lot of weird crap in here. Amanda: Yeah. Derek: You into medicine or something? Amanda: Yeah...I did a surgery tutorial in one of my classes if that says anything. Derek: Gross. Gross, but cool.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:47 Well...*rises* Maybe we should get out and get some fresh air. Let Pinak get some sleep, air this tent out, get something to eat at the concession stands...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:48 *stands up* Yeah, I've been craving nachos for awhile.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:48 ...You could say writing is more up my alley than slicing people open and viewing their guts. Amanda: Well, to each his own. Writing is certainly fun.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:49 Okay...now my appetite has been lost.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:50 *saunters out of the tent with the others*
Player 22015,Oct.20 04:50 Yeah...Derek...Amanda...just...please... :{
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:50 *leaves one of the windows slightly open for Pinak* *wraps his coat around him tighter* Brr...it's cold out.
Player 22015,Oct.20 04:50 *follows with Chyou* Pinak: *says as they leave* Yeah...I'll just be...here...sleeping...yeah...
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 04:51 *looks at Nicole* What?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 04:51 *stands beside Gonzalo, somewhat towering over him* Yeah. Felt like only yesterday when I was sweating under the summer sun.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:52 At least you're a native. I'm used to tropical weather all year long, unlike a lot of you.
Player 22015,Oct.20 04:53 I was referring to you and Derek talking about surgery. Like Sonny, I was losing my appetite. No offense...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 04:53 Must be nice. Actually, 30 degree winters are nice. Gonzalo: You're kidding. Connor: Did I mention below zero?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:53 Well, someone's awful sensitive for being in like, ten World Battles.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:54 Eh, all is forgiven. Nothing will come between me and nachos.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:54 Looks like Mister Spaniard's in trouble. Look. *points**at a distance, the are seen Hunters chasing a small, slim figure*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:55 [XD Well said Sonny. Well said.]
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:55 Wow, okay. *doesn't really care*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:55 [Nachos: *freaking out* We're...DOOMED...!!!!!! D:]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:55 (Haha, yep. Truth of the day!)
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:56 Well, (BLEEP). This could probably throw a wrench in us getting inside safely.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:57 Well, glad we can come to terms on that. It's not that gross- at least, not any more than my fanfics...Amanda: *sort of grimaces*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 04:57 If he can throw a knife at a grown man, I trust that he can fend for himself.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:57 They're pretty far away...I doubt it. Let's keep going.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 04:58 *gives Derek a kind of annoyed glance* Many a revelation you have bestowed upon us tonight...you like to speak before you think, yeah?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 04:58 *nods* Taking down Buddy shouldn't be much of a problem.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 04:58 *runs as fast as he possibly can* [You can have some of the Hunters Use Blows against him.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 04:59 *leads the way with Amanda*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.20 04:59  Using Blow  *"running" too**throws her axe at Javier* YAAAAAAH!!!!!!!
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.20 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 04:59 I'm going to hit the restrooms. If anyone needs to use it you have two options: speak up now and I'll take you, or forever hold your pee.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:59  Using Blow  *shoots her gun at Javier*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.20 04:59 [Go Rosy!! XD]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=98  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:00 *ducks*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:00  Using Blow  *@ Rosy*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 05:00 I think we're good. Just watch yourself.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:00  Using Blow  *@ Mick*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:00 Just let me consume a Twix bar and then I'll join you to take a leisurely (BLEEP).
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=92  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:01   + 10 Strength points to Javier  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:01   + 10 Weakness points to Rosy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:01   + 10 Strength points to Mick  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:01 *Rosy trips over her own feet and faceplants; her axe lands somewhere nearby**Mick's bullet just barely skidded against him; grits his teeth and clutches his arm, but keeps running*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:01   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.20 05:02  Using Blow  *runs after Javier, catching up to him* *tries to pull him down*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.20 05:02  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=8  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:02 I should probably release some toxic waste before bad things happen.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.20 05:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  *
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:03 *@ Amanda* I think I'll head to the...*thinks for a moment; since English is her second language, she struggles with slang*...loo myself.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:03 Okay, well, uh...we'll meet you guys at the concessions.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:04  Using Blow  *tries to twist his way out of Buddy's clutches*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:04 Alright. Anyone else?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:04   + 10 Strength points to Buddy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:05   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:05  Using Blow  *Buddy got him**however, he wrenches one of his arms free and tries to punch Buddy in the face and knee him in the abdomen*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:05   + 5 Experience points to Connor  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:05   + 5 Experience points to Amanda  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:05 Before the train takes off? Derek: What's it fueled by, fart?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:05 [Javier got a score of 56 earlier. Re-rolling; that's a bit close to repitition.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.20 05:06  Using Blow  *tries throwing Javier down* SMACKDOWWWNNN!!!
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:06 [What the freak...?]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.20 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:06 *lets out a loud, juicy fart* That's the train horn, Derek.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:07 [Well, Javier won nonetheless.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:07   + 10 Strength points to Javier  
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:07 *cracking up*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:07   + 10 Weakness points to Buddy  
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:07 Just...wow. *laughs*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:08 Not even close. You should hear my middle school's band. Derek: You should hear my HIGH SCHOOL'S band. Not impressive.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:08 *smiles wryly* *goes inside to the concessions area*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:08 And, no, I'm good.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:08 *follows Connor*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:09 *follows Connor*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:09 [Jinx...sort of.]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 05:09 *can hear Sonny asking questions really loudly, while Connor sort of mumbles in reply* Man, someone better calm Sonny down. He's too excited for nachos or something.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:10 Okay. See you all soon! *leads the small pack to the bathrooms*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 05:10 (Yeah.)
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:11 *tries to function the popcorn machine* *meanwhile, Connor prepares some hot chocolate*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:11 *breaks free and continues running*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:11 *at Connor's side, eagerly awaiting the hot chocolate*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:12 *is talking to Matt about bands* ...Yeah, it's known for being a real bad band. There's only a few kids who actually hold an interest in playing musical instruments, which is sad.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:12 *throws a knife right at Javier's head*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:13 *makes her way through the dark hallways* *stops for a moment, hearing some gory retching sounds coming from the bathroom*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:13  Taking Knife (x 1)  *is quick to block with his backpack, in a way "catching" the knife*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:14 Where's the nacho cheese? Connor: *points it out* Over there. Sonny: Great. *makes nachos while the popcorn pops*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:14 What the (BLEEP)?...
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:14 *grabs a nearby trash can and hurls it at the Hunters**the trash can hits one Hunter, who stumbles back and hits another Hunter, who stumbles back and hits another Hunter, who...**basically they topple over like dominos*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:15 *sees a big box of something hidden in a corner* What's this? *picks it up*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:15 *takes out a knife* It's probably that psycho old woman.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:15 *mutters:* I think Nana ate too many of her secret recipie cookies.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 05:15  Giving Food (x 1) to Connor  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.20 05:15 *squeals* Get offa me, Dewey!! Ooo, that rhymes... *does the Rose laugh*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:16 *discovered a huge box of fruit snacks* Holy cow! Gonzalo: We're stocked for life. Connor: Haha, yeah. The good Lord has provided.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:16 I wonder....
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:16 I was wondering why that recipe seemed suspicious... *smirks a little*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:17 And these are my favorite...*tries opening the box* Nicole: Uh, Connor? The water...Connor: Oh, sorry. *goes to get some cups for the hot chocolate*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:17 Nice... *takes out a random bag of fruit-flavored candy**opens it and pops a candy in her mouth* Mmm. Sour apple.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:17 Ugh...*flattens her hair down irritably*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:18 Ha, that's probably why. Matt must be pretty smart to avoid those toxic desserts. Jackie: That just makes me want to go to the bathroom even more...*jumps around a little* Amanda: We have weapons, we'll attack if needed.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:18 *stirs it up and hands some to Nicole* Here ya go. Drink with caution - it's extremely hot and may burn your tongue, like it has to me and Amanda on several occassions.
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:19 [Darn, now I'm in the mood for fruity candy. >.< XD]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:19 *the popcorn machine starts to overflow* Whoa, Nelly! *powers it off* Popcorn's ready...*takes out a paper bag and fills it to the rim*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:20 *sneaks towards the bathroom entrance* *retching noises worse than the first few rounds are heard*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:20 (Same!)
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:20 *nods* Thanks. *takes the cup* I think I'll wait... *sets the cup down on a counter* Even the cup is super hot.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 05:20 Maybe there's a bucket somewhere so everyone can share. *starts looking around*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:21 Are you sure this is the only bathroom...? :/
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:21 Yeah. Unfortunately, it'll take a super long time to cool off. At least it's sort of cold outside, that way we can just use it as handwarmers.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:21 *all is silent for a moment* *then, Mabel begins to groan in extreme pain, voice slightly hoarse*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:21 *escapes**runs to the concessions by mere chance*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:22 *sees the rebels and ducks behind a counter just before any of them can see him*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:23 *carefully crafts his nachos at one of the counters*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:23 *remembers glancing at the scores* I saw her and the Hunters' scores changing at one point...she must have gotten into a scuffle with them.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:24 Yeah. *hears the creak of a stall door opening, then the sink runs for a moment* *seconds later, Mabel runs past them, mouth covered in blood*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:24 *Sonny gradually begins to notice that, whenever he looks away, a chip or two disappears from the counter*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:25 *jumps back just before Mabel is able to mow her over*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:26 Hm...not really sure if I want to "go" in THAT bathroom.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:26 What the...? *watches Mabel race by* Well, that was really strange. But I really need to go, or else I'm gonna crap myself. *enters the bathroom* Ew. Smells like crap in here.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:26 *catches a chip being swiftly dipped in cheese* Okay, who's the ghost eating my nachos?
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:26 *sighs* But...whatever. *steps inside*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:26 *looks in Sonny's direction* Ghost?
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:27 Someone's stealing my chips!!!
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:27 *goes to the very last stall*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 05:27 *laughs a little distantly* Stop pulling our legs, Sonny...
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:27 *shoves the chips he hasn't eaten yet into his backpack and crawls behind a different counter**is now near Connor and the box of fruit treats*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:28 [XD Sonny's actually UPSET that his chips are being stolen...]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:28 *looks over at Gonzalo, who is staring ahead at the opposite wall* *then walks over to Sonny* I don't see anything. Hm. *shrugs*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:28 *goes in a stall*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:28 (Yep, haha!)
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:29 I'm not even kidding, I swear on it!! *looks really surprised and confused*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:29 *says mostly to herself: Lots of cookie crumbs in here...*then sees the toilet* *promptly gags*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:29 *is the first to finish**casually exits her stall and goes to the sinks*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 05:29 Sonny...I don't believe you. Sonny: What!! You should!
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:30 *luckily, her toilet didn't fall victim to Mabel's presence*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 05:30 *appears to be laughing, though*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:30 *sees the sinks and cringes for a moment; they have Mabel's blood-and even some vomit-on them* Geez...the janitors will have one heck of a job once they get back here...
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:30 *is heard farting* Heheh, the mystery is solved. Hey Chyou, are the sinks covered in blood?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:30 Simple solution. *picks up the plastic bag of chips and dumps them on Sonny's nacho tray* There. Problem solved.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:31 *attempts-ATTEMPTS-to wash her hands without getting anything...erm...disgusting on her hands*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:31 "Covered" is an understatement.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:32 *gives Connor an annoyed look* Hey, I didn't ask for a freakin' tortilla chip castle!! Connor: *looks frank* Beggars can't be choosy.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:32 *exits the stall, looking green* *goes to the sinks* What a nice....masterpiece we have here....*looks green*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:32 *hears Amanda gagging**says to her without looking in her direction* Let me guess. You're the unlucky bloke who's stuck with Mabel's toilet.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:32 *shrugs* Yeah, well. *takes a chip, dunks it in cheese, and hunches over the counter to take a big bite*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:33 Feel free to go into my stall. I'm done.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:33 *manages to wash her hands*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:33 *Connor turns around just in time to see a hand swiftly snatching a bag of candy out of the box*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:34 Hey guys, wait for me! Amanda: Of course.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:34 *sees cheese dripping all over the counter, and hears a loud crunch* Careful...Sonny: *through a mouthful of nacho* I only ate half a blueberry muffin today.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:34 *hears Connor's footsteps getting louder and knows he's approaching**crawls, still unseen, behind the counter where Nicole set down her cup of hot chocolate*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:35 *turns around* *swear he saw something taking some food* Gonzalo: *sees Connor* What? Connor: I'm thinking maybe Sonny was right about that ghost.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:35 *headed behind the counter to check things out* *moves some stuff aside*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:36 [Well...looks like our contestants have been all getting good helpings of the five food groups (which include: blueberry muffins, nachos, fruity candy, hot chocolate, and Doritos).]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.20 05:37 You'd think she would flush the dang toilet. Jackie: Maybe Max should send her a porta potty. Amanda: *has a good laugh over that*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:37 (Yeah. Real nutritious!)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 05:39 *says quietly:* I think someone's back here. Or something. Not sure who or what - *moves a box aside* but...
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:39 *is done in the bathroom* No wonder it smells like butt in here. Maybe she has tuberculosis. Amanda: Nah, it was definitely her secret recipie cookies. Jackie: Who does that? What a sicko, pun intended.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:39 *watches Connor, holding up a chip and looking as oblivious as ever*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:39 [Yes, it has all the vitamins and minerals that our contestants need!]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:39 *they have
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:40 *proceeds out of the bathroom with Amanda* So, how does a heaping plate of nachos sound NOW?
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:40 (Well, it's getting pretty late here, so we should probably go. Bye!)
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 05:40 (Yeah! They'll surely survive on all of that junk food! Anyways, see you!)
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:41 I didn't see anyone... *reaches for her cup of hot chocolate without looking behind her**doesn't feel it so she looks over her shoulder, hears the clunk of the cup hitting the counter, and sees that the cup has been moved about six inches*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:41 [Yeah! Also, bye!]
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 05:42 *exits the bathroom with Jackie and Amanda* Not as "attractive" as before, unfortunately.
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:42 What the...?? Someone moved my cup...
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:44 *crawls around some more**Gonzalo is pretending to eat and chat with the others while looking around**reaches for another chip when Gonzalo dives at him*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:46 *tries pulling back, but it is too late**Gonzalo grabs him by the arm and literally lifts him over the counter* (Sorry Joan) Gonzalo: Looks like I've caught our ghost. Sonny: Does that mean you qualify to join the Ghostbusters? Nicole: *laughs a little*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:47 *pulls out his new knife**Gonzalo is quick to take the knife, throw it aside, and shove him back* Gonzalo: Get outta here. And don't try that again on me.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:48 *looks at Gonzalo sort of emotionlessly, then picks up the knife and starts jogging away* Nicole: Wait! Javier! Javier: *stops and looks back at Nicole*
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:50 *grabs a plastic baggy**pours some hot chocolate in it, seals it tight shut, and tosses it to Javier* Here.
Player 22015,Oct.20 05:51 Enjoy.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 05:51 *nods a little as if to say "Thanks"**then turns and jogs away*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 18:15 *senses everyone looking at him* Hey, if he wants to sneak around like that, he can't expect to remain hidden much longer. We're not stupid. *huffs a little*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 18:16 I mean, he was just looking for food...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 18:17 Yeah - specifically your food. You guys kept whinin' about it, so I thought, "why not throw him out now?" Case closed.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 18:18 I think the little rascal will be fine with some hot chocolate until we clear out, dontcha think?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.20 18:19 *shrugs a little* Sure, I guess. *personally thought that Gonzalo was being a little too rough* *not-so-good memories of Austin start to come back*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 18:21 *eats popcorn after eating a cheese dipped chip* Oh my gosh. Gonzalo: What now. Sonny: I just discovered a perfect mashup. Gonzalo: *sounds slightly annoyed* What. Sonny: Popcorn and nacho cheese. I gotta try this.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 18:21 *douses his popcorn in nacho cheese* Mmmmm...*eats a few kernals* Perfectly portioned...*already has ridiculously cheesy fingers - and cheesy reactions, no pun intended*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.20 18:22 *laughs a little* If it's so good, I may have to try it. *has a few pieces* Well...not bad, but definitely your type of thing.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.20 19:28 *enters the concession area* We're back! *finds some hand sanitizer sitting around and uses it* *glances at Sonny's popcorn* Oh my gosh...that looks absolutely delicious. *digs in without Sonny's permission*
Player 22015,Oct.20 22:52 *everyone stares at Jackie and Sonny for a moment, expecting Sonny to explode**luckily-LUCKILY-he doesn't...yet* Hey Sonny, mind if I try some of your nacho cheese popcorn? (Sorry Joan) Sonny: Sure. *hands some to Nicole, his fingers still covered in
Player 22015,Oct.20 22:52 nacho cheese*
Player 22015,Oct.20 22:53 *eats some**attempts not to cringe while swallowing so that Sonny won't feel bad**licks the nacho cheese that spread from Sonny's hand to hers off of her fingers, still trying not to make a face* Sorry...apparently that isn't my kind of thing. But
Player 22015,Oct.20 22:54 nacho cheese popcorn sounds like a good idea. On the other hand, I would have eagerly traded that in for a nice, fresh plate of sauerkraut.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 22:56 *pours herself a cup of hot chocolate and leans back against one of the counters with her usual, casual, calm, and slightly sly air about her* You know, I'm not sure if nacho cheese deserves to be called a cheese.
Player 22015,Oct.20 22:58 *chuckles, but nods in agreement* Yeah. Seems like a big mixture of chemicals, preservatives, food coloring, and artificial flavors to me. But at least it makes Sonny-as well as thousands of other people-happy.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.20 22:59 I'm guessing you didn't like the nacho cheese popcorn because it had nacho cheese. Nicole: *nods* Yes, I admit it...I'm not in the "Nacho Cheese Lovers" group...but at least I'm in the "Sauerkraut Lovers" group. *smiles widely*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:19 Sure, this stuff may be processed crap, but that's what makes it so great.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:20 That is kind of true...haha.
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:22 [I'm on!]
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:23 [Replies will be slow; I'm watching the James Bond movie "Never Say Never Again."]
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:25 Yeah... *chuckles*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:26 *glances at the nacho cheese-smothered popcorn* I think I'm going to make a sub sandwich. Anyone interested?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.21 04:26 *runs out to one of the corners of the field and sits down**leans back against the wall**opens his bag and takes a sip of warm hot chocolate**sighs, more relaxed*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:26 Yeah, sure. *munches on a Twix bar*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.21 04:26 [Whoops...I guess "warm hot chocolate" is a bit redundant...oh well. XP]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:27 (Hi!)
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:28 *finds a fridge hidden in a corner**opens it* Well...look what we have here.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:28 *gets some hot chocolate going in the meantime*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:28 [Heya!]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:28 What?...*smirks*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:29 *she and the Hunters have meanwhile gone back to the Arsenal**is trying to tinker around with some of the computers and perhaps tap into the WB live feed so she can monitor everyone*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:30 We have milk, juice, ice cream, hotdogs, and what appears to be a lifetime supply of Jell-O...
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:31 Not to mention the boxes of Little Debbie products piled on top of the fridge.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:32 *squeals* Little Debbie!!! I haven't had an Oatmeal Creme Pie in awhile..
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:32 *just can't figure it out* Hey guys...are any of you good at electronics? I need to tap into the World Battles live feed so we can see the whereabouts of all the other tributes.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:32 *mutters:* A surplus of crap. *stirs hot chocolate*
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:33 *has to force herself not to snicker when Derek squeals like a little girl*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:33 I may like junk food, but I highly despise those snacks - specifically Hostess stuff.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:33 Yeah, I just so happen to be majoring in computer science. *saunters to the computer*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:33 *says matter-of-factly:* Twinkies su ck.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:35 I hate Hostess- too spongy, too dry. Hey, I wonder if Pinak will be wanting anything for "dinner".
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:36 [Dewey majoring in computer science after saying logic doesn't matter? Er, I don't think so. XD XP I'm not kidding either. Being able to make even the simplest programs requires at least some logic, if not tons of logic.]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:36 *takes a plastic knife and spreads mayo all over the sub* Mmm...mayooooo.....
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:36 Well, uh...his options are fruit snacks, Pepsi, nachos, popcorn, various candies, all the treasure Chyou just uncovered...
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:36 [I've written a few simple but cool programs myself, so I think one should trust my judgements. XD]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:36 (The circumstances are much different when it comes to the World Battles- at least, for Dewey.)
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:37 *raises her eyebrows, surprised**steps away from the computer* Well...okay then. *is skeptical, but to keep away arguments she hides it*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:37 [Yeah. Dewey's circumstances are that he's gonna flunk. XD]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:38 I'm making a sandwich, which should be healthy enough.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:38 (Eh, maybe.)
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:38 Little Debbie isn't all that bad. Not too sure about Hostess. *snatches a package of Little Debbie Halloween Bat Brownies* Mmm...haven't seen these in a long time.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:40 *sits down at the computer and opens a couple of files* *types away at some stuff, opens a couple of scripts, lets some programs run*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 04:40 *asks randomly*Hey Amanda, remember that time when you and CJ were in the concession stand toegther in like, the 6th World Battles? I think that's when concession stands first appeared in the Battles.
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:40 [Trust me-I've recently been doing assignments that require me to write pretty hard programs. Once it took me two days to figure one out, and most of it relied on logic.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:41 *to Connor* Ever tried Donettes?
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:41 [However, I guess I can see Dewey passing if all the scripts and programs are already on the computer-which is now apparent, since he didn't write any programs.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:41 Oh, yeah. *nods*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:42 Yeah. Blech. They make me constipated. Especially the powdered kinds...so dry...so flavorless...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 04:42 CJ...what a great guy. Too bad he...died.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:42 *grabs some turkey out of the fridge and throws it to Amanda* I love Donettes.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:43 Yeah. I mean, who didn't cry when CJ passed on?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:43 Yeah, one of my best fanfics was about that guy. *shoves turkey into his mouth*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 04:44 He deserved so much more than what he got. *looks grim* And you guys made a great pair.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:44 *pulls out a Pepsi**opens it and takes a sip*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:44 *also grabs some Jell-O*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:45 *glances over at Gonzalo, frankly annoyed* *even though CJ died, it's still a bit of a touchy subject, especially since he kind of replaced CJ*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:45 *a really long computer script blinks onto the computer* *sighs* (BLEEP) it....*looks really stressed out, not to mention sort of p'ed* *enters some stuff into the script*
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:45 Speaking of your fanfictions...I never was the fanfiction "type," but perhaps after the Battles-if both of us are still around, of course-you could send me one of them.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:45 *stands around and drinks hot chocolate* *then heads off to the bathrooms*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:46 *says in a slightly annoyed tone:* Sorry about the wait.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:46 Hm...so you support logic in computers but not in the arena? Better than nothing... *turns and walks off*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:46 I guess. But I'm warning you...
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 04:47 *looks up* Wait? What wait?
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:47 *says to Dewey while sitting down and sharpening her knives* It's fine. Just let me know when you get the program going that shows the live feed.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:47 You're lucky I actually know how to do this, Eva.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:48 *snorts at Buddy*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:48 *doesn't actually go to the bathroom, heads up in the stands* *sits down, looking at the field and drinking hot chocolate* *thinks about stuff*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 04:48 *fishing around for anything "interesting"**finds a HUGE radio hidden behind some crates and turns it on**it is at full volume, so music is blasted throughout the Arsenal-and she is blasted out of the Arsenal*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 04:48 *was actually serious about that*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 04:48 *everyone else is rendered nearly deaf*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:49 *looks over at Rosy, unfazed*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:49 *crafts the sandwich, then cuts it into equal portions* Okay, if anyone's looking for a slightly healthy dinner, now is your chance.
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 04:49 AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *falls facefirst on the ground**looks up* Eva: WHAT THE-?!?!?! *clutches her ears* TURN THAT THING OFF!!!!!
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 04:50 WHAT??? Eva: I SAID TURN! THAT! THING! OFF!!!!!!! Rosy: OH, OKAY!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:50 *sees Connor sitting in one of the lower rows* *was actually in the stands* *thinks about it for awhile, then decides to go talk to Connor about stuff* *actually stands behind him for awhile before sitting next to him*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:50 *is still focusing on the computer through all of that*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:50 WHAT?
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 04:50 WHAT??
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:50 WHAT???
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 04:51 WHATEVER... *walks to the radio**tries turning it off, but accidentally changes the station instead**80's music is blasted through the Arsenal* OMG!!!! MY FAV SONG!!!! *dances around pathetically*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.21 04:51 *starts jamming*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:52 *looks over at Madison* Hi. Madison: Hey. Connor: Why weren't you at the concession stands? Madison: *shrugs* Well...it was a nice night, and I guess you could say my social skills aren't quite up to par with everyone else's.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:52 *looks up, frowning slightly* Is that Blondie?! Connor: Haha, yeah, I think so.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:52 I SAID TURN THAT FREAKING THING OFF!!!!!!!!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:52 *stands up from his seat, whooping* Okay, done! Finally! *some blurry cameras of the corridors pop up onto the desktop*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 04:53 *doesn't even notice Eva*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:54 *grabs a piece of the sandwich and chows down* Mmm. Delicious.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:54 *sits in silence with Connor for awhile* *finally speaks up* Why did you leave? Connor: Reasons. I don't know, I just have certain things on my mind. Madison: Like what?
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:54 UGH!!!! *goes to the radio and turns it off **Rosy whines* You should be thanking me. If I didn't do that we'd all be deaf by the next 5 minutes. Random Hunter: WHAT?? Eva: -.-
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:54 I suppose the closet thing to actual food couldn't hurt...thanks. *grabs a piece of the sanwich, a paper plate, and begins to eat*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:55 *shakes her head and goes to the computer**sits down**looks around* Hm...the Spanish shrimp's eating while sitting on the field...
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:55 Um, guys? Program's installed. *points to the camera- and a figure passes through it* Holy...it's the old witch. *kind of laughs*
Player 22015,Oct.21 04:56 Wait, you guys found real food? *quickly grabs a piece of a sandwich and chows down on it* Mmm...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:56 This probably sounds really stupid, but Gonzalo was talking about CJ. It's just kind of a touchy subject for me, because when people talk about CJ...in front of me...they act like I'm invisible. Madison: That's understandable.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 04:56 *sees Javier on one of the opposite screens*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:56 *sees Nana* You're right... *zooms out a little so that she can get a better look at where Mabel's at* [Where is Mabel, anyway?]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:57 (Probably wandering around inside of the stadium.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:57 Kind of like when friends talk about doing something fun in front of you when you're not invited. I'm kind of used to it; I mean, it's happened to me loads of times. Connor: Sorta like that, yeah.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 04:57 Yeah, I found some subs in the cabinet, as well as some mayo, turkey, and lettuce. There may even be cheese in there.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:58 *looks at some more screens* Connor and Madison are in the lower stands...and the rest of the rebels are at the concession stands. I don't see Pinak, so he must be in the tent.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 04:58 This is on par with Subway. *takes a graphic, Jean-approved bite*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:59 [OK.] And the Wicked Witch of the Western World is wandering around in the stands.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 04:59 Well, I thought the best thing to do was to leave. Madison: Kind of why I didn't even go there. I don't really fit in - I'm just not that loud. And Derek's kind of been annoying. Connor: Yeah, honestly, Derek was getting on my nerves.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:00 *looks away from Derek to avoid vomiting*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:01 *grabs a Pepsi to wash down some of his sandwich* *lets out a silent burp*
Player 22015,Oct.21 05:01 *doesn't really mind Derek; in fact, she was amused by him**laughs a little, almost choking on her sandwich*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:02 *asks somewhat randomly* Is Derek a nuisance? Madison: Kind of. *goes on to explain casually* On nights when he drinks - like after gameday, he'll cook and leave a bunch of dishes for me to take care of. Connor: Sickening. And unfair.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:03 *looks over her shoulder at her allies* Who's up for going on another Hunt? I was thinking that we'd pay Pinak a visit and maybe even track down Mabel.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:03 *leans against the counter and takes a bite out of her sandwich* Mmm. Pretty good if I don't say so myself.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:03 *pushes the chair aside* Yeah, Pinak's our best bet- he's weak right now. And we should probably go for the old witch while we're at it.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:03 I don't really understand that guy. Madison: *sort of crazily smiles at Connor* I don't, either. Connor: His sage decisions cease to faze me. Madison: *looks kind of sad* Yeah...
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:04 What does Max want, for us to get fat? I have no problem with eating junk, but there's never anything healthy to eat in the arenas.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:06 He's a nice guy, don't get me wrong, but some of the things he does...*looks distant* Connor: Like what? Madison: Probably stuff I don't want to go too in depth on. Connor: Okay. *nods*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:06 *nods* Let's go. We'll split up; Rosy and Buddy will go after Pinak. He'll be an easy kill. The rest of us will find Old Fart.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:06 I might die tomorrow, so you can bet your (BLEEP) I'll want to be eating nachos all day.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:07 *nods* Yeah. See ya, Buddy, Rosy.
Player 22015,Oct.21 05:07 I don't know, but preparing arenas and showing the Battles on live TV is already pretty expensive. I guess he wants to save money by buying us the cheap foods.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:07 *helps herself to half a sandwich*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:07 Another thing that's been on my mind is Austin. Figured it might be easier to talk with you since you knew him. Madison: Yeah.
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:08 Byyye! *grabs Buddy's arm* Let's go, Buddy-Boy! *struts off, dragging along "Buddy-Boy"*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:08 You're probably right about that. And I'm sure Kraft foods or whatever generously sponsor the World Battles in turn.
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:09 *she and Buddy enter the stadium and start walking towards the tent**meanwhile, the rest of the Hunters take a shortcut by going through an emergency exit and coming out in the stands really near Mabel*
Player 22015,Oct.21 05:10 Yeah, I've seen the World Battles commercials. Kraft is definitely one of their sponsors.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:10 *tells Connor a little bit about knowing Austin* On the day he died, my aunt and uncle - his parents - were at the store. They were at the store when it happened. And when they came back home, well...he was already dead.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:10 *takes out his gun* *sort of laughs, thinking about how easy it would be to just kill Mabel on the spot*
Player 22015,Oct.21 05:10 [Hey, idea!]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:11 (What?)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:11 *combs a hand through his hair, feeling especially stressed and pained after hearing that* *mumbles* I'm sorry, but that's what happens when...*suddenly can't take it anymore and breaks down*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:11  Using Blow  *takes out a throwing star**whispers to the Hunters:* Now! *throws her star at Mabel*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:11  Using Blow  *shoots*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:12  Using Blow  *at Eva*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=2  
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:12 [How about the Hunters capture Madison, Derek, and Chyou and demand that Nicole-being the figurehead-turns herself in, or else every half an hour one of the three rebels is "executed?"]
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:12  Using Blow  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:12 *isn't really sure what to do; has never been in these types of situations* Connor, I'm really sorry. *is, in fact, really sorry* *feels really sad just hearing and seeing Connor like this*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:12 [That would add a dramatic twist.]
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:13   + 10 Strength points to Eva  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:13   + 10 Strength points to Dewey  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:13 (It would. Sounds like a good idea to me.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:13   + 20 Weakness points to Mabel/Nana  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:14 *tries to settle down* No, I'M sorry...that's just what happens when...when I say stuff I don't mean. Bad things can happen.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:15 [OK! I'm going to have some of my characters die-not naming which ones, though (I refuse to spoil anything!! >:D)-so I was thinking that would happen to speed things up.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:15 *takes a shaky breath* That memory has been in the back of my head since it happened. *tells Madison how he almost tried "pulling a Tyler" one night*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:16 [BTW, are any of your characters going to die? I was thinking we'd do a "trade"-if you let one of my characters kill one of yours, I'll let one of yours kill Rosy.]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:16 (Actually only about two, but I have plans for both of them. One is escaping.)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:16 *grabs a couple of hot chocolates* I'm going to bring these out to Madison and Connor, since it's freezing out...I'll be back in a moment.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:17 *wakes up to the sound of Rosy's high-heels clomping against the ground**turns over* Eugh...guys? *no anser*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:17 *answer
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:17 Okay. Be careful!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:17 Connor, that's awful...please, don't try and do that ever again. Austin wouldn't have wanted that...I know Amanda doesn't want you gone, and neither does your family.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:17 [OK. What about you, Paige?]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:18 *pulls out his baseball bat* *approaches the tent quietly*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:18 *laughs evily* We gotcha right where we wantcha, "Nana".
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:18 (One or two of my characters will be dying, but much later in the round.)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:18 *whispers:* Okay...how're we gonna do this.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:19 Nowhere to run now. *strokes one of her knives gently and evilly*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:19 [OK. I can wait if you want; want to make a deal? Which of your characters will die?]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:19 So? What's it gonna be? Kill or be killed.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:20 (Well, I'm not going to spoil it myself....it's all connected as well.)
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:20 *takes out her golf club* Smackdown!! >:) That's how we'll do this!! *talked rather than whispered* Pinak: *recognizes Rosy's voice immediately*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:21 Okay! *busts into the tent* Eyyyyy, Pinak!
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:21 *hyperventilates, looking savage* *slowly walks up to them, growling a little*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:21 How's it shakin', bacon?
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:21 [Okie dokie. I haven't really got a plan for Rosy, so how about one of your characters kills her anyway?]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:21 *makes a pretty nasty remark about Pinak , then guffaws loudly*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:21 *is actually sort of scared, but plays it cool* I have a gun, you know. I could just shoot you.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:22 (Sure.)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:22 (Okay. Any one of our characters are open, so you can choose which one.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:22 Oh, nothing much. I've just been laying around... *managed to reach under a blanket and grab one of his allies' guns*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:23  Using Blow  Cool! 'Cause you're goin' back down in a sec! *whacks Pinak with his bat*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:24  Giving Blow (x 10) to Buddy  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:24 *approaches Connor and Madison* Hey guys...I brought you some hot chocolate, you looked freezing up here.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:24 [OK. I'll role the Dice to determine which one. The "cycle" goes like this: 1=Sonny, 2=Connor, 3=Matt, 4=Jackie, 5=Derek, 6=Madison, 7=Amanda, and 8=Gonzalo.]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:25  Rolling 8 sided dice... Result=7  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:25 *takes the cocoa gratefully* *sniffles a little* Thanks...
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:25 [Amanda will strike down Rosy later this round.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:25 (Ok.)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:26 *takes a seat* My pleasure.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:26  Using Blow  *tries to shoot Buddy*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:26 *takes the hot chocolate from Amanda* *smiles a little weakly* Thanks.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:26  Using Blow  *got hit* Ack!! *cringes in pain**sits up and blindly shoots at Rosy*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:26   + 10 Strength points to Buddy  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:27 *smiles back, nodding*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:27   + 10 Weakness points to Pinak  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:27  Using Blow  Hiii-YAH!!! *swings her golf club at him*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=32  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:27 *shoots at Nana*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:27 *the bullet skimmed her leg* OUCHIE!!! *falls down, wailing*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:28   + 10 Strength points to Pinak  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:28  Using Blow  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:28   + 10 Weakness points to Rosy  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:28 *meanwhile, Amanda, Connor, and Madison hear gunshots coming from the tent*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:28  Using Blow  *throws her knife at Nana*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Using Blow  *is probably screwed, to say the least*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Using Killing blow  *glares at Rosy* If you can't do crap, I'll just have at it. *swings his bat at Pinak a second time*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Using Blow  ***
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  [BTW, Eva and Rosy need more Blows.]
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Using Blow  *stumbles around, weakly butting into Eva*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:30 *looks up* What's going on? Connor: Someone's active.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:30   + 10 Strength points to Dewey  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:30  Giving Blow (x 10) to Rosy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:30   + 10 Weakness points to Mabel/Nana  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:30  Giving Blow (x 10) to Eva  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:30   + 10 Strength points to Mabel/Nana  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:30  Using Blow  *resists**grabs his staff and swings it at Buddy, trying to deflect the bat and whack Buddy*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:31   + 10 Weakness points to Eva  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:31  Giving Blow (x 8) to Dewey  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:31  Using Blow  *falls back**finally gets up, letting out a yelp of pain from his wound, and then swings his staff at Buddy's head as hard as he can*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:31   + 10 Strength points to Buddy  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:32   + 10 Weakness points to Pinak  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:32 [Alright, why am I only getting scores in between 32 and 45? Re-roll.]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=92  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:32  Using Blow  *tries to dodge at the last minute*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:32 *staggers backwards pretty stupidly*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:33   + 10 Strength points to Pinak  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:33 *Buddy collapses, almost unconscious**stumbles out of the tent, clutching his side**waves at Madison, Connor, and Amanda* Hey! HEYYY!!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:33   + 10 Weakness points to Buddy  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:33 HELP!!! HELP!!! *falls down on his knees, getting pretty weak*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:34 *looks around* *sees Dewey's mugshot appear on the screen, as well as an instant replay of his battle with Mabel* The Hunters are active...the rest of them are in the tent, attacking Pinak.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:34 *stands up, sort of spilling hot chocolate* *rushes down to the field to meet Pinak*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:34 *roars:* WE'RE COMING! *runs down the stands, to the tent*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:34  Using Blow  *stumbles back**then kicks Nana in the head*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:34 *follows Connor as quickly as possible*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:35 *rushes down next to Pinak* Pinak!! What's going on?!
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:35 [OK, so Pinak got a score over 90, but otherwise my characters are starting to get pretty low scores. May I re-roll?]
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:35  Using Blow  *chomps down on Eva's hand*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:35 *lies across some rebel sleeping bags, weak as ever* Rosy...finish them...
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:35 Buddy and Rosy attacked me...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:36 Where are they?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:36 In the tent. I was only able to hold them off for so long...
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:37 *heard Buddy mumbling just moments ago* I think they're still over there. *points to the tent*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:37   + 10 Strength points to Mabel/Nana  (I'm gonna hand out the original scores.)
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:37  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=75  [I guess I'll re-roll. You can tell me whether or not it counts.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:37   + 10 Weakness points to Eva  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:38 Crap. And our weapons are in there, too. If we have to, we'll have to fight them off by hand.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:38  Using Blow  [Wait, nvm. OK. I'll actually count my re-roll as a new roll.]
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:38 *tried kicking the living crap out of Mabel this time*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:38 *pauses* *then heads for the tent* *rips the door open*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:39 [You can have Amanda kill Rosy now.] *sees Amanda**looks up at her REALLY creepily*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:39  Using Blow  
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.21 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=2  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:39 *looks up at Amanda, too weak to even process what's going on* What...the h***...
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:39 *charges at Amanda* MUUAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:40 *follows Amanda in there to try to knock Buddy out*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:40 *feels a shiver going down her spine* *feels like laughing at the same time*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:40  Using Blow  *holds up her fists and tries to bodyslam Rosy*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:40  Using Blow  *picks up Buddy's own baseball bat and whacks him really hard in the head with it*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:41  Using Blow  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:41  Using Blow  *tries to resist, but can't really*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:41  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Spear (single)  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:41 [I refuse to have a good score. XD]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42 (I think a number similar to Buddy's would be much more suitable, haha.)
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42 [What the?!]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42 *barely stood a chance*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=20  [XD Yeah.]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42 (I think savage Rosy is getting stronger.)
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42 *finally lost**falls down*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42 (If Rosy doesn't beat the record of most negative score, I'll be darned.)
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42 [Dun...dun...DUNNNN!!!!!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:42   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:43   + 10 Strength points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:43   + 10 Weakness points to Buddy  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:43 [Same here. XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:43   + 10 Weakness points to Rosy  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:43 *drags Buddy out of the tent* No way you're camping out in here overnight. *drags him close to the 20 yd. line*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:44 *sees Jackie's revolver sitting around* *grabs it, aiming at Rosy*
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Oct.21 05:44 [Go ahead and have Amanda kill Rosy.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:44 Oh. I almost forgot this. *skillfully throws Buddy's bat all the way over to him, knocking him right in the head again*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:45 *hears the sound of the revolver going off, followed by a weird screech and cannon* The crap?
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:45 *notices the rebels attacking Rosy and Buddy* We need to help our allies! Come on! *rushes down the stands and onto the field, the other Hunters at her heels*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 05:45 *is out cold* *looks kind of pathetic, lying in the field unconscious, mouth slightly ajar*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:45   + 20 Strength points to Amanda  
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:45 *hears the cannons and resists the urge to scream in rage**sees Madison sort of standing around, waiting for a chance to help**suddenly formulates a plan*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:45   + 5 Experience points to Amanda  
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:45 *was having too much fun at the concession stands to actually notice what was going on* Yeah, what the?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:46 *sees Eva and Dewey walking along the field* *stays locked up in the tent*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 05:46 Hold on. I'll be right back. *goes to one of the entrances to the stands, and tries to get a look at the screen for updates*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:46 *runs up behind Madison and grabs her**slams her down on the ground**turns to Dewey and Mick* Dewey, go help Buddy. Mick, drag Madison to the Arsenal.
Player 22015,Oct.21 05:47 *looks around* Wonder who died... Chyou: I'm wondering that myself... *follows Gonzalo*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 05:47 *goes back to everyone else* Rosy's dead. And I dunno who just got her, but I have a GOOD feeling we're missing some allies here.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:48 *heads out of the concession stands to get a look at the screen* *sees Rosy's mugshot, along with Amanda's* *sees Eva pushing Madison around* *shouts:* HEY! HEY!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:48 *tries resisting by fighting her way out of Eva's clutches*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:48 *turns towards Connor and Amanda, ready to defend Mick*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:48 *is handed over to Mick* Mick: *smirks* Hey, (BLEEP).
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:48 *kicks Madison hard in the head, almost knocking her out cold*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:48 *sees more rebels come out of nowhere* MICK, HURRY THE [BLEEP] UP!!!!!!!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:48 *sees Buddy* Dude! Are you...oh. *sees that Buddy is out cold* *panics*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 05:49 *suddenly goes apecrap* I TOLD everyone to STAY TOGETHER!!!
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:49 *takes out a dozen knives and starts throwing them at the rebels with great skill**throws them in a certain way so that the rebels are forced to either stay back or get sliced*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:49 Well, it's not my freaking fault. *runs forward epicly**Gonzalo calls out to her, but she ignores him*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:50 *speedwalks to the tent* *gets his hands on Eva and tries to throw her to the ground* What the (BLEEP) did you do to Madison.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:50 Let's go for a lil' travel, hon. *roughly pulls Madison along to the parking lot* Madison: *weak, yet ticked* Oops, I forgot to pack my bags.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:50 *epicly slides down on her knees, letting a knife whiz over her**then gets up and throws one of her own knives, deflecting one of Eva's*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:51  Using Blow  Find out for yourself. *punches Derek hard in the jaw*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:51 [Er, may I call crap on that? Sorry if I've been complaining a whole lot about the scores.]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:51  Using Blow  *shoves Eva to the ground*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  (Yeah, but I'm calling crap on this score too.)
Player 22015,Oct.21 05:52 *hears more yelling* Alright, what IS going on? *runs outside and stops at Gonzalo's side to see the chaos going on up ahead* Oh my god...
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:52 Love the sass, sugar. Ya should've packed sooner, cause time is running out.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=82  
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:52 (Lots of numbers including 9 I see.)
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:53 [Yeah...in computers, there is no such thing as true randomness...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:53   + 10 Strength points to Eva  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 05:53   + 10 Weakness points to Derek  
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:53 [I have an idea for a new rule regarding re-rolls. Mind if I share?]
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:54 *she and Chyou then clash**it is martial artist vs. martial artist-and it's pretty epic, too (or as Sonny would say, pretty [BLEEP] epic XD)*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:55 *however, in the end, Chyou makes one wrong move, which Eva easily dodges**karate chops her hard on the back of her neck, instantly knocking her out*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:55 (Yes, haha.)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:55 (Ok, what do you have in mind?)
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:56 *turns to Derek and kicks him hard and then hits him on the head, also knocking him out* HEY! DEWEY! GET OVER HERE!
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:56 *lets out a bit of a scream*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:56 *looks up, nods, and jogs over*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:56 *watches, looking oblivious* Pretty (BLEEP) epic. Gonzalo: NO, this is serious! Sonny: *being a bit sarcastic* Humanity is (BLEEP)d.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:56 [How about this: In normal rounds, if you get a score that if 15 or under, you can re-roll if you want. In Anniversary Rounds, it's 25 or under, and in Quarter Quells it's 35 or under, since the competition will be generally tougher in the special rounds.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:57 *]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:57 *approaches Eva* Buddy's down. Mick took Madison to the Arsenal.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:57 *is in the tent with Amanda* *isn't sure what's going on, but he has an idea*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:57 [Of course, the fact that you can re-roll if any score seems to be repeating would still be in effect.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:57 (Okay, seems fair.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:57 (We'll add that as a rule.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:58 *shakily picks up his sledgehammer*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:58 *nods* Good...mind hoisting Derek and Chyou up onto your shoulders and carrying them to the Arsenal? I'll carry Buddy. Also, trust me, Derek and Chyou are lighter than Buddy.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:58 [OK, thanks!]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 05:58 *looks at Connor, eyes wide*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:59 *sees the other rebels grabbing weapons* Hurry. They're going to catch up to us. We're lucky that we're on the whole other side of the field compared to most of them.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 05:59 Yeah. *flexes, sort of showing off* I can carry BOTH of 'em for sure. *hoists Derek over one shoulder, then Chyou*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 05:59 *reaches the parking lot and promptly shoves Madison to the ground* Go walk over there. I ain't dragging you around anymore.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 05:59 *jogs over to Buddy**grunts as she hoists him onto her shoulders*
Player 22015,Oct.21 06:00 *turns to Gonzalo* We can't just let them be taken away!! Come on!! *starts racing towards Dewey and Eva, but they are already too near the exit*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 06:00 *winces, getting scratched up by the pavement* *walks to the Arsenal, only to be pushed into some boxes* *winces again*
Player 22015,Oct.21 06:00 *would shoot arrows at the nearest Hunter-Dewey-if she wasn't afraid of hitting one of her allies instead*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 06:01 *watches them solemnly* We have to go back to the tent.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 06:01 What!!! That's insane!!
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 06:02 *watches the screen slowly* *Mick's face is shown, close up
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 06:02 No it isn't. Trust me, we have time. Know why they're taking them? To advertise. They're gonna advertise until we get our butts over there and rescue them. By then, they'll threaten to shoot.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 06:02 For now, we need to formulate a plan. Come on. *runs to the tent*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 06:03 Yeah, that's a good point.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 06:03 (We have to go now, bye!)
Player 22015,Oct.21 06:03 [Aw, bye!]
Player 22015,Oct.21 06:04 *finally stops and goes to the tent with the others**since she wasn't there to hear Gonzalo, Jackie explains everything to her real quick*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:05 *she and Dewey reach the Arsenal**quickly shuts the Arsenal doors tight and locks them so that if the rebels attack there'll be no way in**turns on some lights*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:06 *gets Dewey to prepare some live feed of her on the big screen in the stadium**he sets it up so one part of the screen shows the Arsenal so that they can fix the live feed of themselves if they have to, and the other part shows the live feed of the
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:06 stadium so they know whether or not the rebels are watching*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:09 *Madison, Chyou, and Derek's wrists and ankles are tied up and tape is put over their mouths**they are awake by now and are struggling against their bonds**steps in front of the camera hooked up to the computer* We ready? Dewey: Yep. Eva: Okay.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:10 I have a message for the rebels. *the rebels hear her and stop talking about their plans* We can see you. Come out of the tent. *the rebels come out to see her big face on the screen*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:12 As I was saying...
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:12 I have a message for the rebels.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:14 Unless you bring us your figurehead, starting five minutes from now we will proceed to kill off one of your..."precious" allies every half hour. *Dewey turns the camera so it shows Madison, Derek, and Chyou*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:15 *Dewey turns the camera back towards her* Bring us Nicole and you'll get your friends back...unless they're all dead by the time you decide to give her up. Also, when you arrive, please be unarmed and restrain yourselves from attempting to kill us.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:15 When-or if-you arrive, we'll look over you. Whoever has a weapon on him or her will be immediately...eliminated.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:16 Anyone who tries to physically damage one of us will also be immediately eliminated.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:18 It's your choice. Your five minutes to think about this before the first thirty minute "session" start now. *the screen goes black and is replaced by a white timer that is counting down from the 35 minute mark**her evil laugh echoes throughout the stadium
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:18 **
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:19 *starts now.
Player 22015,Oct.21 06:21 *the rebels solemnly return to the tent and sit down, thinking**suddenly gets up* I have to go. *tries walking away, but Gonzalo grabs her arm firmly and pulls her back down into a sitting position*
Player 22015,Oct.21 06:22 (Sorry Joan) Gonzalo: You're not going anywhere until we figure this out. Nicole: Aren't the lives of three worth more than the life of one? Gonzalo: Yes, but you're the rebel figurehead. Your cause may end up being severely damaged if you died.
Player 22015,Oct.21 06:23 *sighs, frustrated*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 06:23 *sits down, letting out a long sigh* Dewey: Uhh...now what? Eva: Now we wait.
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 06:24 *sits back against the cold, hard Arsenal wall**tries to huff but the tape prevents that, so she lets out a loud, quick breath via her nose instead**has a feeling that she'll be the first one to go*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.21 06:25 *was watching the video from the stands**some of the rebels notice him slinking off towards the nearest exit*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.21 06:26 *had an odd, intense dark look in his eyes while watching the video, and he still has it when he goes through the exit and enters the parking lot*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.21 06:26 *sees a tree near the Arsenal and hides behind it**sits back against it, shivering a little**appears to be waiting-like the Hunters are*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 17:17 *paces in the tent* We have to make a decision- quickly.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 17:17 *crosses his arms, looking worried*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 17:18 *speaks up* Personally, I think this is all up to Nicole to decide. They asked for her, not us.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 17:19 *considers* That does make a statement*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 17:20 *watches the clock intently* *then glances over at the prisoners and smirks* *says tauntingly:* Fifteen minutes...
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 17:38 *puts a hand to his face, smirking* Well, looks like y'all are doomed. At least, one of you guys.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 17:52 *kicks around, suddenly angry* *is swiftly punched by Dewey* Dewey: Shut up and stay put. You better hope Nicole saves your scrawny little butt, and it's not lookin' likely. Derek: *feels like crying, and does*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 19:08 *finally sits up, looking irritable, hair askew* Shut uuuppp...
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 19:10 *suddenly, a song randomly comes on, turned on by Max* *keep in mind that it's some really annoying techno song* *sings along to some sort of weird part* Ey-o, ey ey-o, ey-o *etc.*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 19:10 *hops around idiotically*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 19:12 *bobs head stupidly* Whoa-oh-oh-whoa...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 19:12 *watches them for awhile, then laughs* *does some stupid dance moves*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 19:13 *starts dancing around* *is a lot better at it than Buddy is*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 19:14 *runs really quickly in place* Mick: *swings her head (and hair) around* Buddy: O hey hey oh oh oh, hey hey oh oh oh!!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 19:15 *watches them with a poker face, unimpressed*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 19:15 *screeches a repetitive lyric*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 19:16 *lets his gun go off while dancing around, in an attempt to freak out Madison, Derek, and Chyou*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 19:16 *sees Buddy, Dewey, and Mick bringing it down in the Arsenal, as displayed on the screen* *sighs, annoyed*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 19:16 *doesn't believe what he's seeing*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 19:16 Oh my god. *facepalms*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.21 19:17 What is this fresh h***?!
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 19:17 *has a "what the heck" smile on his face* This is...absolutely ridiculous.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.21 19:18 *Nana soon appears on a seperate part of the screen- dancing somewhere in the stands* *laughs in disbelief*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.21 19:18 *laughs a little in disbelief* This is utter (BLEEP). *looks up, potentially at a camera* Hey, Max! Real savvy of you to poke fun at this! *smiles, then makes an obscene gesture*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 19:19 Wow, I didn't know this was some sort of danceoff. *does some mock dance moves*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 19:19 Well...that just happened.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 19:19 *is shown on the screen for a brief moment*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.21 19:19 And it's gone viral! *indeed, everyone on the Internet has something to say about Gonzalo or the Hunters*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.21 19:23 *acts as if he's being electrocuted in the final segment* Mick: *screams again before the song ends*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.21 19:23 *smirks* Well...THAT was fun.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.21 20:14 *glances at the timer* Time is ticking...seven minutes left.
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:28 [I'm on!]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:29 (Hey!)
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:29 [Sorry I'm late. I was watching the 1986 sci-fi movie "Highlander." It was actually pretty interesting, but eventually the bad guy in it became utterly repulsive. XP XD]
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:30 [Heya!]
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:30 [Note that I'm talking about the ORIGINAL "Highlander" movie. There's been sequels, spin-offs, spin-offs of spin-offs (not kidding either), and spin-offs of spin-offs of spin-offs (not kidding about that either XD).]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:31 (Haha. Speaking of 80s movies...today is the day that Marty, Doc, and Jennifer came to 2015 in the Delorean in Back to the Future 2!)
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:32 *suddenly jumps from her seat* Whoa, wait...who turned the camera back on?! *rushes over* -_- Great. The rebels saw you guys dancing. Buddy: What's wrong with that? Eva: *mutters* Don't ask... *quickly turns off the camera*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:33 It was Max's fault for prompting that. *looks especially bratty*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:33 [I know! :D But wait, why aren't there flying cars yet?!]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:33 (Or several Jaws sequels?)
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:34 *in the stadium, the screen goes back to showing the timer*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:34 *sounds elated* Don't worry, if they come here, we can hold 'em off.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:35 [And why aren't people calling arcade games "baby's toys" yet? XP Not that I don't like classic arcade games-I actually like a whole lot of them.[
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:35 *]
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:35 [Anyway...according to BTTF 2, the Cubs will win the World Series. Since they beat the Cardinals, I'm stuck rooting for the only team in the remaining teams left that I sort of like-KC.]
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:36 [So...I'm hoping that the Royals win this thing.]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:36 (I haven't been really watching baseball lately or keeping up with it, but if the Cubs did win, that would be pretty ironic.)
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:37 *looks at the clock* Five minutes. Let's get things ready. Put up some of those giant machine guns around the entrance; we need to make sure that if the rebels try attacking, they'll be dead in a matter of seconds.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:37 [It would be weird... O.o]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:38 (It would be one of the few things the movie got right, too.)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:38 *sets up the guns*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:39 *eagerly follows orders*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:40 [Yeah...but I don't see that happening. Mets are currently winning the Mets vs. Cubs series 3 to nothing.]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:40 *steps in front of the camera and sets it up so he is streaming live* Five more minutes left, guys...do you really want your allies to die?
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:41 *looks at the others, intense worry on his face* We have to do something!!
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:41 *looks at the clock* Two minutes... *opens the Arsenal's garage-like door*
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:42 *gets up and starts running* Gonzalo: Nicole!! *tries to grab her, but gets punched in the face in response*
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:43 *races to the nearest exit and kicks the door open**runs through some hallways*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:43 *gets down next to one of the guns, ready to shoot*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:43 *turns the guns so they face the entrance*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:43 *is on guard with Mick*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:44 *walks forward and looks at the three* Hm...it appears that your wonderful, "selfless" figurehead hasn't arrived yet. *the other Hunters snicker* Unfortunately one of you will have to be eliminated.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:44 *goes back to the computer* Well....looks like time is up- and it also looks like you don't give one single (BLEEP) about your dear friends...
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:44 *is terrified, to say the least*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:45 *points her finger at the three, one at a time*So...eenie, meenie, miny, moe. *grabs Chyou* Let's go.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:45 Sowwy guys....heh heh heh...
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:45 *watches Dewey on the screen; also hears what Eva has to say in the backround*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:46 *goes up to Madison and Derek and pushes them against the wall so they can't fight back*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:46 *gets up* I'm gonna live stream this so they can see what we're gonna do. *reverses the camera so it faces Eva and the rest
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:46 *is still running**the rest of the rebels-including Pinak, though he is still in great pain-are chasing her**Gonzalo and Sonny grab her and insist that what she's doing is insane*
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:46 In a matter of seconds one of our best friends will be dead!! Do you really think what I'm doing is insane?! *breaks free and bursts out into the parking lot*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:46 *glances over at Eva and Chyou* *then turns back to the gun*
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:47 *freezes at the sight of Chyou being dragged out of the Arsenal and forced onto her knees by Eva, who aims a gun at her head*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:47 Wait...someone's coming. *opens fire*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:47 *rips the tape off of Chyou's mouth* Any last words?
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:48 *is pulled down by several rebels, who spotted Mick aiming the machine gun at them*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:48 Don-Chyou have anything else to say? *laughs at his terrible pun*
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:48 *spits in Eva's face in response*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:48 *yells* They're armed! It's no use, they'll just shoot us all!
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:49 [Aw man...Dewey...as Lauren (the girl we used to RP with) would say, "That hurt my soul." X'D]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 04:49 *doesn't say anything* *is much too focused on what's going down*
Player 22015,Oct.22 04:49 NO!! *lunges forward but is dragged back by several of the others*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:50 (Hahaha!)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:50 Turn away if you have to, guys.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:51 *kneels down with the other rebels, craning his head to see what's going on*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:51 Oh, that won't be necessary. I'm live streaming this.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:52 *wipes the spit off her face, rage flaring up in her eyes* Okay then. Go ahead and look at your friends. Look at your figurehead, who chose not to save you. They will be the last things you ever see.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:52 A reminder- the awful truth...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:53 *sighs* We don't have all night.
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:53 *is about to squeeze the trigger, but there is a "thunk" sound and her mouth drops open**stumbles forward, almost tripping over Chyou, and turns around to see Javier*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:54 *almost turned away until that happened* *looks up*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:54 *jumps, then stumbles back into the computer, screwing up the reception*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:54 *has the gun ready to go again*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 04:54 *stares at Eva, emptiness, darkness, and coldness in his eyes*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:55 *reaches behind her back and pulls out Javier's knife**looks at it in shock*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:55 What the (BLEEP)?! *is in a state of confusion*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 04:55 *proceeds to calmly pick up Eva's gun-which she obviously dropped-and shoot Chyou in the head**a cannon booms*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:55 Is...Eva?...*trails off*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 04:56 *looks at Mick and raises his hand at her defensively* Don't shoot. I'm on your side.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:56 *almost everything is silent*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:56 *suddenly starts backing away, fear flooding her eyes as she realizes something*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:56 *replies to Sonny* No. But Chyou is. *has a shaking voice*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:56 Uh- ah- *gets back up* Okay. *arranges the computer back to its normal state*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:57 *turns and tries stumbling away, but is getting weaker by the second*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:57 *looks up from her gun, having turned away* *just looks at Javier*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:57 *has a shaking voice* Can someone please tell me what's going on?!...
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:58 *roars- literally roars:* WHAT THE H***!!!!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.22 04:58   + 20 Strength points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 04:58 *turns to Eva**shakes his head, looking disappointed* Hm...never thought you'd react to this like that. What a shame. Oh well...Max warned you. You can run, but you can hide. *raises the gun and shoots*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.22 04:58   + 5 Experience points to Javier  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 04:58 *screams and ducks*
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 04:59 *falls forward onto a crate, barely alive**looks over at Javier in shock and terror**then slides off the crate and onto the ground**seconds later, her cannon sounds*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 04:59 HOLY (BLEEP)!!!
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 04:59 *can't hide.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.22 04:59 *stands up from his chair* WHAT?!?!
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 04:59 *barely manages to say, "the crap?"*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.22 04:59 *the world is in an uproar within minutes*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:00 So guys, answer me this. Am I wrong?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.22 05:00 *even Donald Trump tweets out about it*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.22 05:00   + 20 Strength points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:00 [BTW, Max actually wanted Eva dead. Javier'll explain in a minute.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.22 05:00 *crouches over, trembling* *can't even register what happened*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.22 05:00   + 5 Experience points to Javier  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 05:01 No, Gonzalo. You aren't.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:02 *mumbles:* I feel sick...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:02 I believed him this entire time. And yet - all of you thought the kid needed friends, of all things. Wasn't it in any way obvious?
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:02 *looks at Mick and Buddy, eyes wide*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:02 *turns to Dewey* Aim the camera at me and everything will be explained.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:02 *swears*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.22 05:03 OH...MY...GOD!!!! THE QUEEN!!!!! *freaks out**obviously Max hasn't told her about his plans*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:03 Dewey?...*isn't so sure of anything anymore*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:03 A-Alright. *is clearly shaking hard as he faces the computer camera towards Javier*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:03 *looks at Buddy darkly*
Player 22015,Oct.22 05:04 *is completely silent**like Sonny, she believed Javier the entire time*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:04 (Sonny meant Gonzalo, sorry if that wasn't clear.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:04 Hello people of the world-as well as tributes of the World Battles. I can see and understand how you're shaken. But do not worry-this is nothing to worry about.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:05 *sort of gags as Chyou's blood flows over the Arsenal floors*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:05 This is the mere...replacement of the Hunter figurehead.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:05 N - nothing to worry about?! WHAT BULL(BLEEP)!!!
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:06 Wait. What? *frowns*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:06 *frowns a little himself, but keeps taping everything*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:07 You see, Eva had exceeded the age of 18, meaning she could not be in as many Battles as she used to be. Sure, outside the Battles she could make speeches, but the Hunters support the WB, so the best way to support this is to be in this.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:07 *ignores the rebels screaming at him from a distance*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:09 So...Max needed a new Hunter figurehead. Among hundreds of eight year-olds who were from Hunter-supporting families, I was chosen. I trained for three years to fight and was given my plan to take Eva's place.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:09 Or...should I say...Max Davis' plan.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:09 *wonders if Eva was even told about this plan*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:10 *crosses his arms, looking skeptical*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:10 Eva was informed that she was getting too old for this, but she continued being the figurehead. Her persistance was a valiant act for the Hunter cause, but unfortunately it lead to her destruction.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:11 She knew someone was going to kill her, but I doubt she knew it would be me until it was too late. And she is now one of my greatest inspirations.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:12 I apologize to all the Hunters for everything. I was merely hired to do this job, but trust me-I support the Hunter cause with all my heart and I will do my very best to be your new leader.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 05:12 *mutters:* That's so twisted.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:12 If you don't believe any of this, ask Mr. Davis about it.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:12 *looks scared and confused* *turns the camera off, muttering stuff to himself*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:13 I will say, though, that for an 11 year-old, he's wise beyond his years...I'm not suggesting anything, just stating a fact. Sonny: More like stating the obvious.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:13 Dewey, Buddy, and Mick-I especially apologize to all of you. I can easily tell that you were affected the worst. But please...forgive me and accept me as your new leader.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:14 That is all I have to say.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:14 *is too stunned to do anything*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:14 *offers shakily:* Well, uh, the rebels are here.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.22 05:15   + 4 Allies points to Javier  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:15 *glances at the dead bodies* Uh...I think we have some tidying up to do.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:15 *turns to the rebels and yells:* Chyou's death was merely a warning for those who try to mess with the World Battles' buildings and the Hunters! I will give Derek and Madison mercy now, but after this I will not show clemency to anyone who isn't a Hunter!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:15 *leaves Madison and Derek to go huddle at the computer*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:16 *steps out of the shadows and faces the rebels* Y'all can have her. *points to Chyou's dead body* Like, if you were intendin' to throw some sort of ceremony.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:16 *turns to Buddy* Release Derek and Madison. *turns to Mick and Dewey* Man the machine guns. Don't shoot Madison and Derek, but do shoot whoever comes within 50 feet of the Arsenal.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:16 *rips the tape off of Derek and Madison and unwinds the ropes that were binding them down* Now get out. Before - before I shoot. *gives them both a nasty glare*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:17 *stands there, unsure of what to do*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:17 *calmly gets up, grabs Madison, and proceeds out of the Arsenal without a word* *is thankful enough to have survived that*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:17 *walks over and opens a big crate with wheels on it**shoves Eva into it, grunting at the effort**rolls the crate to the Arsenal entrance and gives it an extra hard shove, making it roll out into the parking lot*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:18 *is still pretty terrified, considering what just happened*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:18 *bows his head as if to mourn for Eva's death**a hovercraft comes and lifts Eva and Chyou away*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:18 *watches the crate momentarily, then turns away* *looks up at Javier* So, what are your objectives?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:19 *approaches Gonzalo*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:19 The rebels highly outnumber us, so our main objective is to simply stay alive. There's no other way to win this.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:19 *stands in the corner, arms crossed, looking stern*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:19 *looks at the rebels* We're going to go back to the tent and discuss everything. This new figurehead could throw a wrench in my system here.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:20 *nods a little, his attitude much more modest than it was around Eva's* Okay.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:20 We will monitor every tribute and set out to take out one or two if they are isolated. Mabel will be an easy kill. If the rebels get separated, we'll strike.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:20 We're still entitled to fight though, right?
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:21 *leads everyone all the way back to the tent, the silence lingering the entire way*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:21 At night, a few of us will sneak into the stadium and bury bombs. We'll continue monitoring everyone. Whenever an enemy contestant gets near a bomb, we'll activate it.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:22 *finally enters the tent and sits down* So, what are your thoughts?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:22 *nods at Mick* Yes. As I said, whenever someone is isolated, we'll track him or her down and kill him "slash" her.
Player 22015,Oct.22 05:22 *is completely silent*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:22 *nods*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:23 *everyone is silent, in fact**finally breaks the silence* We're all shocked, I guess...?
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:23 I think we could take him down. It's just that his new title as figurehead makes it seem more daunting. Some of us - like Derek and Gonzalo - are probably a lot more skilled than he is.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:23 To speed up the process, we may activate some bombs as decoys to lure some of the rebels away from the others.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:24 *blurts out:* That made NO sense.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 05:24 *adds:* Plus, he's only eleven.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:24 *arches an eyebrow* And what point are you trying to make by doing that?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.22 05:24 *says gravely:* How the tables can drastically turn.
Player 22015,Oct.22 05:25 *breaks her own silence* Nothing makes sense anymore, does it, Jackie?
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:25 One thing's for sure: looks can be deceiving.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:25 Yeah, that was weird. I don't intend on messing with him though. He's got a trick up his sleeve.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:26 By separating the rebels, we can go in there and bring then down. Gradually all except two will be dead, and we'll be winners. This system may be slow, but it's safe. *shakes his head* Too much Hunter blood has been spilled due to recklessness...
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.22 05:26 *looks up* The mere fact that he killed Eva- the Queen, the figurehead...tells you something, doesn't it.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:26 From now on, when you're in this arena - or any World Battles arena, for that matter - don't trust anyone you don't know. Example given: Javier.
Player 22015,Oct.22 05:27 He's probably got several tricks up his sleeve. He may be small, but he's fast and clever. Somehow...I could see great intelligence in his eyes.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:27 It's not bad, but it kinda does sound reckless to me.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:27 *nods a little, but keeps silent* *is still trying to get the image of Eva stumbling to her death out of his head*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 05:28 I can
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:28 *remains calm* In what way is it reckless?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 05:28 *I can't really trust anyone. Sorry, but I don't.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:28 *speaks up after awhile* Nice plan and all, but it ain't perfect.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:29 Well, for one thing, you're blowing up this entire stadium just to get one or two people. You know you'll have to pay for the damage, right?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:29 [One sec]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:29 It could be handled in a much more simpler way, trust me.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:30 (Ok.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:30 For now I'm not concerned about the arena. I'm mainly concerned about getting us all out alive.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 05:31 *glances at Connor* To each his own, I guess.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:31 But, just to be proactive, what is your simpler way?
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:31 *holds up her gun*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:31 Yeah. I don't intend on paying ten grand to fix this stadium. Not cheap. While several plans are effective, I believe we need one solid plan, then choose a couple of backups. Personally, I think I'd rather confront the contestant.
Player 22015,Oct.22 05:32 *suddenly gets up* Pinak: Nicole? Nicole: I just need to get some fresh air. *exits the tent*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:32 Plus, that field isn't real turf. You'd have one h*** of a time burying those explosives, don't ya think?
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:32 Listen- before you killed Eva, we managed to set up this system. *pulls the screens back up* Shows where each and every contestant happens to roam.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:33 Well, that is easier said than done. As I have been pointing out, confrontation has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of many Hunters. By avoiding confrontation, we're increasing our ability to survive.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:33 So, Derek, Madison- are you okay?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:34 *nods* I know. I've been watching you.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:34 I think Dewey's right. For now, the only thing we can do is physically fight off the contestant. No one's comin' outta here unscathed, and that's a known fact.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:34 Well, we can use the good ol' technique called guerrila warfare. Since we have these cameras installed, we can sneak up on them and boom- dead. I assume you specialize in sneaking around, anyways.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:35 With the help of weapons like a gun or bow and arrow, we can take contestants down without having to fight. And of course, technology benefits.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:35 Let me restate my plan: We would use your system to monitor everyone. We would confront and kill whoever becomes isolated. At night, we'd also bury some bombs-specifically nearby the rebels' tent-and set them off whenever a rebel gets too near them.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:35 I told you - that ain't real turf. So your plan ain't valid.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:35 However, Mick, I'll take your idea and implement it, too. While one of us monitors everyone, the rest of us will use guns, snipers, etc. to take down rebels from a distance.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:36 Besides, Buddy has a point here- this field is made of fake turf, and even if it was real, it wouldn't be possible to bury bombs anyways. Unless they were, like, mini bombs or something.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:36 *nods a little at Jackie* We're okay.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:36 *looks at Buddy, confused* What do you mean, it isn't real turf? I apologize for my misunderstanding-English is my second language.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:36 The grass - it's fake.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:36 *he said that before Dewey explained that*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:37 And so is the di rt.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:37 I
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:37 *nods at Dewey and Buddy* Okay, thank you.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:37 *I'm okay. Shaken, a bit traumatized...yeah, I'm not that okay, actually.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:37 Give me a moment. *turns around**inspects the computer and the weapons, thinking hard**then turns back to everyone*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:38 Alright. Here is my new plan. One of us will monitor everyone on the computer-we'll pick who later-while the rest of us take guns, snipers, etc. and go into the stands during the day. We'll gun down all the other tributes over time; shooting one after the
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:39 Yeah. Everything happened so quickly. There wasn't much time to react.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:39 other really quickly would give away our positions and be too risky.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:40 *nods* Effective weapons to get the job done instantly. I like it.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:40 If we're good hiders, we can probably manage to pull it off.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:40 Yeah. You can't count on them to fight back, either.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:40 If the rebels choose to go into the stands, we'll have to move higher up to make sure they can't reach us. If they go to the very top, we'll go under them and shoot them from there. If they exit the stadium, we'll have to hide in the Arsenal and come up
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:40 with a plan later.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:41 I'm sure if we had some handheld device, the computer monitor could send instant messages in case there was a warning or something...
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:41 So...we agree? *the other three nod* Alright. Now...let's vote on who'll monitor the computer.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:41 *looks over at Dewey* Go figure it out!
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:42 Oh, wait, nevermind. Dewey, that would be brilliant. We could all go out and shoot them while the computer shows us their positions through the handheld device.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:42 *suddenly four parachutes land outside*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:42 *says sort of lazily* I vote Dewey, because he's handled the computer the entire time we were here. Plus he knows what he's doing with them.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:42 *the fact that they are pink and white instead of the normal white show that Rose sent them**collects them and passes one to each of the Hunters*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 05:43 Thanks. *throws it to the ground*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:43 Okay. If any trouble comes our way, I'm gonna hack into the sound devices and blast music through the stadium so you guys know you're in danger.
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.22 05:43  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to Dewey  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:43 Really, Buddy? Buddy: What did you expect me to do with it>
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.22 05:43  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to Javier  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:43 *?
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 05:44 *grabs his* Thanks. *sets it aside, next to the computer*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.22 05:44  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to Buddy  
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.22 05:44  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to Mick  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 05:44 (We have to go now, bye!)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:45 *picks it up and gives it back to Buddy* Don't just do that. Open it and see what's inside; it could be very useful.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:46 [Aw, bye!] *opens his; the others do the same**they find handheld devices that automatically connect to the computer and show the live camera feed of the arena*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 05:47 We have our handheld devices. *looks at a camera and nods as if to say "Thanks" to Max and Rose*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 16:57 Aw, sweet! *starts messing around with it* *some footage of the tent comes up* *says excitedly:* Hey (BLEEP)s!!!!!!!!!
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 16:58 *smacks Buddy's hand away from his own device* *sort of whines* Stop! That ISN'T relevant!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 16:59 *is fairly annoyed with Mick's attitude* Well SORRY for trying to have fun with this. Dewey: *says calmly* Buddy's his own man. He can make his own decisions without you acting like his mom, Mick.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 16:59 *huffs a little* Whatever.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 17:00 -THE NEXT DAY-
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 17:00 *like a lot of the others, he is still asleep - at 11:30 am, going on noon*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 17:01 *has been up since around 10 or so* *crinkles around a fruit snack packet, talking to himself*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 17:02 *is getting REALLY annoyed by the wrapper crinkling* *tries to turn away*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 17:02 *sees Sonny stirring* Oh, good morning, Sonny! Sonny: *grunts in reply* Derek: *mimics Sonny* Can you actually, like, talk?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.22 17:03 *begins to sing really loudly and out of key:* Good morning, good MORNING!! It's great to stay up late, good morning, good morning, to YOUUUU...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 17:04 Everyone: *annoyed*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 17:05 *sighs* Derek?...Derek: Yes? Gonzalo: Please. Just shut up. Derek: But it's almost noon, you guys should be up! Gonzalo: We're all tired. Just...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.22 17:05 *gets up and actually gets out of the tent, sporting the infamous bedhead*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.22 17:06 *lays around for five more* *finally announces:* Okay guys, time to get up. We're off to a late start. *gets up and gets out of the tent, the others reluctantly following*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.22 17:07 *he and the others stare at their devices* FINALLY, they're up! What a waste of time.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 17:27 *says with a fake British accent:* Good afternoon, ladies and gents....hehehe.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.22 18:57 Well, a new day is dawning...that means we have to set up the messaging system. *sets up an instant message group chat on the computer, as well as on the devices* That way, if we need to reach each other, we'll have this.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 04:12 Cool. *starts texting Dewey*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.23 04:12 *watches Buddy critically* This isn't really the time.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 04:13 *looks at Mick irritably* I was just TESTING, okay?! Lay off.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.23 04:14 *doesn't have a good enough comeback, so she shuts up*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.23 04:19 *is seen smirking- just a little* *texts Buddy back*
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:02 [Hey guys, sorry I wasn't on yesterday. I got carried away while doing something last night. However, I'll probably be on tonight!]
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:04 [Also, I love the way Derek woke up everyone. XD And I like Gonzalo's reaction too ("Please. Just shut up.").]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 17:27 *looks at his device and sees what Buddy and Dewey are "saying" to each other in the chat**momentarily puts on a -__________- face*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 17:29 Anyway, let's go. Everyone grab a weapon with a wide range-a gun, a sniper, a bow, a crossbow, a spear, a slingshot, and even some kind of blade-as long as you can throw it REALLY far-are all fine.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 17:30  Taking Sledgehammer (x 1)  Also, if you really want to, you can pick up a weapon with "closer range" in case something bad happens and we end up in close contact with the rebels. For example... *picks up a sledgehammer and slips it in his backpack*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 17:32  Buying Sniper (x 1)  *looks at the area of the Arsenal that contains most of the ranged weapons**chooses the most stealthy and deadly of them all-a sniper*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 17:32 *walks outside and waits for the others to come out*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.23 17:34 *comes out with the rest of the rebels**tries to hide his pain* Nicole: *manages to catch Pinak cringing anyway* Er, Pinak? Don't you need more rest? Pinak: Probably, but after what happened yesterday I don't think I'm going to get separated from you guys
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.23 17:34 again.
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:35 *is still concerned about Pinak, but nods* Okay.
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:35 *like Pinak, she followed the others outside*
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:36 [Hey guys, I remember a while ago I suggested that during the 20th Battles' tributes' reunion (AKA this WB) holograms of some of the dead tributes from the 20th Battles-if not all-would come and torment the rebels at some point.]
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:38 [I sort of completely forgot about that until now (o.o' *hides behind the ghost of Tyler* (XD)), so...are we have that happen?]
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:38 [Also, I'm just curious, but what/who are you going to dress up as for Halloween? I'm going to be Tris from Divergent.]
Player 22015,Oct.23 17:39 [Tris'll actually be easy to dress up as...all I really need is a fake/washable (AKA I can use water to get rid of it) raven tattoo, black military style boots, black leggings, and a shiny-ish black long-sleeved shirt.]
Player 22015,Oct.23 18:09 [Oh, and a correction: I may or may not be on tonight due to chess club. However, I usually come back from it early, so the chances I'll be on are higher than the chances I won't be on. I may be late, though.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:42 (It's okay! We're still planning on doing the holographs, but I'm not really sure at what point...probably on this certain "day" in the RP, if you understand that.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:44 (Cool costume! Should be fairly easy to put together. We actually have the bird tattoos because they came with the DVD movie. Depending on where you look, they may still be avalible in the DVD.)
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.23 18:44 *calls out* Okay guys! See you soon. Message me if you need anything. *turns back to the computer*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:44 (Since we don't have much of a use for them...here. *virtually hands you the bird tattoos*)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:45 (Anyways, I'm going as Black Widow. I have the costume, but I may just have to get a wig since my hair is neither short nor red.)
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.23 18:47 Okay guys, we're gonna run laps again. But this time, I'll run them with you. Sonny: *huffs tiredly* About (BLEEP) time. Gonzalo: *gives Sonny a wary look* What are you implying?
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.23 18:47 I'm implying that we should stay together as a group! Remember what happened last time. Gonzalo: Makes a point. Okay, let's go. *starts running*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.23 18:48 *she and Javier and Buddy walk into the stadium and into the stands* *gets down low behind a bench*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:50 *watches* They're runnin' again. *snorts in laughter* *is getting a bit restless* Well, seems like a great day to go attack some contestants. Byyyee!! *attempts to go down to the field, 2 bleachers at a time*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.23 18:50 Buddy!!! What the h*** are you doing?!?!?!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:51 *turns around and looks at Mick* I swear, I'll be right back! *keeps going*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.23 18:51 *is beyond annoyed* *mutters a few swears to herself and continues to stay hidden*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.23 18:52 *notices Buddy hopping down onto the field casually* Guys...50 yard line! Let's go, let's go! *he and everyone else gather around the 50 yd. line*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:53 *approaches the group in a casual, almost friendly manner* Hey guys! *grins*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.23 18:53 *ceases to be fooled by Buddy* What are you doing here?!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:54 I don't know, what are YOU doing here?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:54 *glares* Get outta here.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:54 *laughs* You REALLY think I'm gonna take orders from a big ol' baby like you? No...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:55  Using Blow  *gets mildly offended* *comes forward and gives Buddy a hard shove* I TOLD YOU to get out!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=97  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:56  Using Blow  *tries to resist*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.23 18:57 *it was actually pretty close, but Connor knocked him down* Whoooaa big guy!! I didn't mean that...we're cool...*has blood dripping down his chin* *laughs a little*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.23 18:57 I don't really think so. *is pulled back by Amanda*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.23 18:57   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.23 18:58   + 10 Weakness points to Buddy  
Player 22015,Oct.23 21:42 [Thanks! *virtually takes the bird tattoos* Note that in real life, handmade washable bird tattoos are coming to my mailbox. They haven't arrived yet, but they're coming.]
Player 22015,Oct.23 21:43 [I actually won't need a wig or anything for the Tris costume, which is convenient. I already look kind of like her.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:44 *shakes his head and says quietly through gritted teeth:* Idiot!! *would call out to Buddy if that didn't reveal his own position**takes out his device*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:46 *texts to Buddy: "Get back up here. We agreed on avoiding direct confrontation with the rebels unless we were absolutely forced to do so. They highly outnumber you; one could pull out a gun and shoot you dead any second."*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:46 *adds very quickly: "And don't look in my direction after reading this. That'll give me-and possibly the other Hunters-away."*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:46 *finishes and slips the device in his jacket pocket*
Player 22015,Oct.23 21:48 Er...there's ten of us and one of you.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.23 21:49 Yeah...in other words, don't you think confronting us alone is a little...erm...illogical?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:50 *suddenly realizes that what Buddy could be doing is distracting the rebels while the others might be able to shoot them**quickly texts to Buddy: "Actually, stay down there, but not for long."**texts to Dewey and Mick: "Start shooting, but only one bullet
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:51 every minute or two so your positions won't just be given away."*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:51 *carefully props up his sniper and aims it at Gonzalo's head*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.23 21:52 [Also, OK. Hopefully the holographs appear soon; it'll be epic!]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 01:54 Who really gives a crap? All that matters is if I bring one of you down.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 01:56  Using Blow  You know what, (BLEEP) it. *comes forward and tries to attack Buddy*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 01:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 01:56  Using Blow  *fights back*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 01:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 01:57 *looks really annoyed* I don't see you in first place, Buddy. I don't even see you in tenth place. In fact, you might even be behind Rosy...
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 01:57 *again, a close call, but he got pushed down anyways* *looks up at Sonny from the ground with a strained look* Ew...get away from me, Sonny! You're gross...you've been in contact with Jackie!
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 01:58  Using Blow  *grabs her newest weapon of choice- a gulf club* *swings it gulf-style at Buddy*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 01:58 *golf...haha
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 01:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 01:58 *turns to Matt* Ew...you're so dumb, I don't think you're making the correct calculations. Maybe try to stay away from Nicole? I think she's making you stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D. STUPID.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 01:59  Using Blow  *gives Jackie a punch*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 01:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:00 *meanwhile, laughing hard behind the computer* So true, Buddy...
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:00 *actually won that* *has Jackie's blood on his fist* Gross...*wipes it away aggressively* I can't afford to contract whatever harmful disease you carry, Jackie.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:01 *turns back to Matt* Oh, and Matt? Meerkat Matt? You're lookin' kinda skinny. Maybe try eating more?
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:01   + 10 Strength points to Sonny  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:01   + 10 Weakness points to Buddy  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:02  Using Blow  You know what...I may be stupid, but at least I'm not a (BLEEP) pain in the (BLEEP). *smashes his fist against Buddy's mouth*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:02   + 10 Strength points to Buddy  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:02   + 10 Weakness points to Jackie  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:02  Using Blow  *tries to hit Matt in the gut*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:03 *barely stood a chance*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:03 *smiles slyly* Enjoy that canker sore...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 02:04  Using Blow  You know what? Buddy...that's it. You need to leave. *picks Buddy up and heaves him over his shoulder*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 02:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 02:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  (Re-rolling.)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:04  Using Blow  *tries to attack Gonzalo*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=22  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:05 *again, barely stood a chance* *lies on the ground, looking a bit dead*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 02:05 *looks down at Buddy from up in the stands* Come on, Buddy, COME ON...
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:07 *stands back up* Derek: Really. I think it's time for you to get out of here. Buddy: Why should I trust your judgement? You're drunk most of the time, anyways.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:07 *keeps going* GLUG GLUG GLUG!! DEREK HAS A DRINKING PROBLEM!! GLUG. GLUG. GLUG!!! *literally roared that*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 02:08  Using Blow  *gets ticked* *tries throwing Buddy to the ground yet again*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 02:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:08  Using Blow  *tries resisting*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:09 *hahaha, he barely stood a chance* *is down once more*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:10   + 10 Strength points to Matt  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:11   + 10 Strength points to Gonzalo  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:11   + 10 Strength points to Derek  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:12   + 30 Weakness points to Buddy  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:14 *turns to Amanda* It's a wonder your life has been so stable since Connor's in it. Oh, wait. I forgot. It isn't. Why, you ask?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 02:14 *glares at Buddy, not even wanting him to say a word*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:15 Here's why. Because you have a drinking problem just like Derek. Twinzies!!! GLUG GLUG!!! AMANDA HAS A DRINKING PROBLEM!!! AMANDA AND DEREK BOTH DO!!!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:16 *suddenly charges at Amanda, bringing her down* *that's when the chaos begins: screaming, fighting, everyone trying to get ahold of Buddy or Amanda* *grips Amanda's neck with both of his hands*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 02:17  Using Blow  *witnesses the downfall of Amanda first-hand* *is terrified* NO!!! NO!!! GET OFF OF HER!!! *tries pushing Buddy away*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 02:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:18  Using Blow  *grits teeth* NO!! *tries pushing Connor away*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:18 *was knocked down*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:18   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:19   + 10 Weakness points to Buddy  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:19 *laughing extremely hard now*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 02:19  Giving Blow (x 10) to Buddy  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:19 *frowns a little, not sure if he should believe what Buddy had to say*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:20 *Sonny tries to rescue Amanda, but he interferes* *growls:* Let me finish this, Sonny!! *sends Sonny toppling into several others* *proceeds to choke Amanda*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.24 02:21 *tries gasping for air, but it isn't any use* *is struggling under Buddy's grip, a fight for survival*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.24 02:22 *Buddy screams, "GLUG! GLUG! GLUG!" directly in her face, spraying spit and, well, snot everywhere* *lets out a hoarse scream, then sort of goes limp*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:22  Using Blow  *kicks Buddy right in the butt*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 02:22 *looks down at Amanda, loosening his grip* *then makes a quick getaway, going to the concessions first, then going back into the stands*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:24 *smirks widely as the cannon booms* One 20th round drunk gone...another 31st round drunk to go.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 02:24 *a cannon sounds* *looks blank* *finally falls to his knees next to Amanda, sobbing - sobbing harder than ever before* *crouches down over her, barely able to contain himself* *screams/cries:* AMANDA...NO!!! *on repeat*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 02:25 *isn't really sure what to do* Connor..we're so sorry.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 02:25 *is pretty affected by this* *looks up at the stands to see Buddy watching, stuffing his face with popcorn* *is pretty freaked out*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:26 *looks down, his expression emotional*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 02:26 (Hey, I don't think we'll be online tonight since we have to get up really early for something tomorrow. Anyways, we'll see you soon! Sorry if this was a lot to read.)
Player 22015,Oct.24 04:08 [I'm on! OK.]
Player 22015,Oct.24 04:13 *because all of the 20th Battles allies of hers were her closest friends out of most of her allies, she is badly affected**gets down on her knees, tears forming in her eyes*
Player 22015,Oct.24 04:14 *reaches over with her hand and gently pulls Amanda's eyelids over her expressionless, glass-like eyes*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 04:15 *turns away, sobbing*
Player 22015,Oct.24 04:17 *sniffles as tears begin to stream down her face**says quietly* Amanda's in a better place now. She...she's safe from all of this.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 11:53 *sits there wailing, wondering what he did to deserve such agony*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 11:55 *stands off to the side, watching Connor and others* *finally speaks up* We have to do something. I'm not taking no for an answer. I've accepted no as an answer for way too long in these things, and I'm done.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 11:56 We have to try and get Amanda back- somehow, someway.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 11:56 *looks grim* There may be something I can do.
Player 22015,Oct.24 18:50 [BTW, I think you forgot to give Buddy 20 Strength points and 5 Experience points. Oh, and I'll probably be on tonight.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 18:52 *messages Mick: "Shoot! Now!"*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 18:52 *gets his sniper ready and aims it at Gonzalo's head**squeezes the trigger, but it makes a clicking sound**impatiently huffs and puts ammunition in it*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 18:53 *then aims again at Gonzalo's head*
Player 22015,Oct.24 18:55 *looks up at Sonny**a breeze blows throughout the stadium, and, unfortunately for the Hunters, it whips up Mick's artifially blonde-ish hair, which kind of stands out*
Player 22015,Oct.24 18:57 *suddenly notices Mick in between Sonny and Matt (thanks to her hair), and her eyes widen as she also spots Mick holding a black thing-her gun**springs up onto her feet and grabs Sonny and Matt*
Player 22015,Oct.24 18:58 GET DOWN!!! *pulls Sonny and Matt down, and a bullet whizzes past them, whipping up some of Matt's hair and then landing in the ground, making some d*rt spray every which way*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 19:00 *like Mick, he shoots, but because of what Nicole did Gonzalo moved and to see what was going on**the bullet nicks the part of Gonzalo's jacket where his shoulder is and also lands in the ground and sends a little bit of earth flying*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 23:23 *backs up, scared* *is not having a very good day*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:26 *tries to ignore everything going on and more on possibly saving Amanda* *yells:* I'm gonna do CPR! I'm gonna do CPR!!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:26 *starts blowing air into Amanda's mouth*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 23:27 *witnesses Gonzalo beginning the procedure from nearby* *had started crying a little again* Please...
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:28 [Hi!]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:28 Okay! Okay! *grabs his gun and begins shooting in Mick's general direction*
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:29  Using Blow  *knocks an arrow and locates Mick's artificially colored hair again**aims carefully and then shoots, trying to buy Gonzalo some time*
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=2  
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:29 [Totally calling crap on that.]
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:30 (Hi!)
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:30 [BTW, it's raining HARD outside, so I might disappear.]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:31 *bolts upright, popcorn flying* COME ON, MICK!! COME ON!!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:31 (Oh yeah, I'll bet it's related to that hurricane. I heard there would be flooding where you live, so we're really hoping that you're safe.)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:32  Using Blow  *grunts* I'm TRYING!! *shoots at Nicole*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=61  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:33 *knows that he might be failing* Come on Amanda!
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:33 [Yeah, it is. I was going to go to a chess tournament today, but it would have been a two hour drive and with all the flooding I may not have made it there. So I've been staying home all day.]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:33  Using Blow  *looks back at Gonzalo, using the same strategy as Nicole* *sends a bullet Mick's way*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=78  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:34 *watches Gonzalo and prays for Amanda, that somehow she'll be saved*
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:34 [I'm safe-most of the flooding isn't where I live-but I'm still being rained on a LOT.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:34   + 10 Strength points to Mick  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:34   + 10 Weakness points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:35 (Well that's a good thing.)
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:35  Using Blow  *cringes as the bullet nicks her shoulder**grabs a gun and shoots again, knowing she'll have better luck with that*
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:35  Using Blow  *dodges Derek's bullet*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=34  
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:36 [I'm taking advantage of the new rule and re-rolling. It appears the Dice doesn't like Nicole again.]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:36 *got shot* *stumbles backwards* I need...I NEED BACKUP!! *winces in pain*
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:37 [The heck?!]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:37 *can't actually go and help, since he's monitoring the computer* *texts the others:* U need to go help out Mick!!!!!!!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:37 *gives it another go* *finally...Amanda breathes back to life* *is stunned* *grabs his head* Holy crap....HOLY .....
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:37  Using Blow  *sends several bullets flying at Connor*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:37  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:37 BACKUP, (BLEEP) IT!!!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:37 *tries to reach Mick* *messages:* Either stay and fight, or get back here.
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:38  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:38   + 10 Strength points to Derek  
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:38  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=37  [Darn it!! Just give me something over 50, Dice!!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:38   + 10 Weakness points to Mick  
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:38 *steps back* Wait, what's going on?
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:38 [*kicks Dice* XP]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:38 (Wow...the Dice is being pretty terrible!)
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:39 *tries lunging for Connor, but Connor gets to Amanda first*
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:39 [Well that's a bit better... :P]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:39 *blasts loud music through the stadium, just for the fun of it*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:40 *looks back at his screens to see everyone gathering 'round Connor* What the (BLEEP)...
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:40 *texts Buddy: "Get up there and help Mick. Now. She needs you."*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:40  Using Blow  *weakly tries shooting* *a cry-face emerges*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:41 [Wait, what happened to Connor? I thought Javier was shooting at him, and then he went to Amanda... *brain fart**PFFFFFT*]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:41 *texts Buddy:* Yeah...come on man
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 23:41 *grabs Amanda into a big old bear hug* Amanda!! Oh my god, you're alive!! *cries tears of happiness* *showers Amanda's face with kisses*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:41 [Also, if Mick is so weak, why is she invincible?!]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:42 *texts everyone:* Somethins goin on & I dont know wat..........
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:42 *eats popcorn* Wooooww...
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:42 (Well, she did shoot a gun.)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.24 23:42 *is too weak to do anything, but manages to smile at Connor, sort of lazily*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:43 *texts Buddy: "I have a sniper. Help Mick or I'll start blowing off your fingers!!"**texts Dewey: "Yeah..."*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:43 Hang tight guys, I gotta get something. Matt, you're coming with me. *drags Matt along across the field*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:43 *is now on a texting spree:* Wait. She's alive. WT_? WT_? I thought u killed her, Buddy.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:44 *texts Dewey:* Ikr?!?!?!?! So unfair....
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:44 *sprints along the field with Gonzalo*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:44 [Yeah...anyway, mind having Connor (or someone else who wants to defend him) "respond" to Javier?]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:44  Using Blow  *unleashes his anger by shooting at Matt*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=76  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:44 *to Buddy:* Why don't you target the Meerkat? And Gonzalo.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:44 *huffs, getting impatient**as a warning, he shoots the popcorn bucket right out of Buddy's hands*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:45  Using Blow  *defends Connor by whacking Javier with a mace*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:45 *gives Javier an intense look* WHAT THE (BLEEP), MAN?!?! *the bucket goes tumbling*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:45  Using Blow  *tries dodging*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:45 [Javier's in the stands, like Mick. Derek can't whack him with a mace. Sorry if I'm being the ultra annoying correction "fairy."]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:46 *yells:* HELP MICK NOW YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:46 *texts Dewey back:* thats wat i just did hope ur happy with da result ;)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:46 I TOLD YOU TO DO THAT THREE TIMES!!!! NOW DO IT BEFORE SHE DIES!!!!!!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:46 *to Buddy:* Fair game
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:47   + 10 Strength points to Javier  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:47 *to Buddy:* GET YOUR BUTT MOVING, NOW.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:47   + 10 Weakness points to Derek  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:47   + 10 Strength points to Buddy  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:47 [Wow...Buddy and Dewey's texts are so typical (lack of capitalization, spelling mistakes, lack of punctuation, etc.) it's funny.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:47   + 10 Weakness points to Matt  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48   + 10 Experience points to Gonzalo  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48  Using Blow  *tries shooting Javier long distance*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=60  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48 *disappears into the tunnel with Matt*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48 *looks at his device and sees Dewey and Buddy's "chat box" thing**realizes that Buddy doesn't usually take orders unless Dewey gives them to him*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48  Using Blow  *ducks down and shoots back at Jackie*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48 (Hahaha, yeah. )
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:48 WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOOOO????
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=32  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:49 *to Buddy:* defend your allies.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:49 *winces as Jackie's bullet nicks his shoulder**cringes and then yells:* GO OVER TO HER AND GIVE HER MEDICAL HELP OF SOME SORT!!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:49   + 10 Strength points to Jackie  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:50   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:50 But HOW?!?! I NEED INSTRUCTION!!! DON'T YOU GET IT!!
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:50  Using Blow  *mutters* For Amanda. *launches an arrow at Buddy*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:50  Using Blow  *takes out his gun, runs down a few rows, and aims it at Sonny* *yells:* KISS MY (BLEEP)!!! *shoots*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:51 [Here we go again...]
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=1  
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:51  Using Blow  *takes Jackie's revolver* I don't kiss (BLEEP)...I KICK (BLEEP). *shoots*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=16  
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:51 [WHAT?!]
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=76  
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:52 (Wow, the hate is real.)
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:52 [Finally. The Merciless Dice have given in. XP]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:52  Using Blow  *falls back* *tries to get Nicole*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 23:53 *is down - for good*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:53   + 10 Strength points to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:53   + 10 Strength points to Sonny  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:53 *quotes Sonny himself:* Pretty (BLEEP) epic.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:53   + 20 Weakness points to Buddy  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:54 *notices that Buddy just got battered**gets up but stays low**starts running towards Mick*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.24 23:54 *comes back out with a tractor, Matt in tow* *is gunning it across the field*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:55 *watches Gonzalo driving the tractor* Wait...how is this even fair?!
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:55 *sees Gonzalo coming towards them with the tractor* *smiles a little* Our new mode of transportation.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:55 *texts to everyone:* Ok, Buddy's down and Gonzalo has a freakin' tractor. It's a lose-lose.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:55  Using Blow  *aims her gun at Mick and shoots*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:56 *texts everyone: "Half of us are badly hurt. Time to retreat. Blast some music as loud as you can to distract the rebels."*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  (Calling crap, re-rolling.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=70  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:56 *rushes to Mick's aid*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:56  Using Blow  *attempts to dodge*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:57 *dodged pretty well*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:57 *turns up a tune- probably one of Buddy's favorites*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:57 [The Dice love Mick and hate Nicole...weird.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:57   + 10 Strength points to Mick  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.24 23:57   + 10 Weakness points to Madison  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:58 *the music is so loud is momentarily makes his-and the others'-ears ring**clutches his head* Augh!! What the-?!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 23:58 *hoists Amanda onto the tractor with some others-
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.24 23:58 *
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 23:58 *helps Mick get up* Stay low. We need to get to Buddy and then get out of here. *still ducking down, he goes towards Buddy*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.24 23:59 *winces* This is just a bunch of noise!
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:59 *tries to get up* *stumbles down each row*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.24 23:59 *climbs into the back of the tractor*
Player 22015,Oct.24 23:59 *sees the tractor coming and almost smiles**runs over**Connor helps her get onto the tractor*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 00:00 You can say that again... *sees the tractor* Whoa...Jackie, come on! *runs towards the tractor, clutching the side where he got shot*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 00:00 *gives Jackie a lift onto the back*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 00:00 (We have to go now since we're watching football - ironically, it's actually at the current arena, Spartan Stadium! Anyways, we will see you later!)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:01 *makes it to Buddy**takes out some water and splashes a little on Buddy's face* Hey...hey Buddy, wake up. It's time to go.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:01 [Ha! OK, bye!]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:02 *Buddy partially wakes up**he and Mick half drag, half escort him towards the nearest exit**then barely make it to the Arsenal before all three of them collapse; Mick is wounded, Buddy is unconscious, and Javier is simply exhausted*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:03 *pants and says:* Dewey, get the first aid kits... *Dewey does so**gets up and helps Mick sit up**cleans Mick's wound with some alcohol and then wraps it up in a bandage* This should do for now. When we get out of the Battles, a surgeon can take care of
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:04 the rest.\
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:05 *no \
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:11 [BTW, I posted a Halloween RP idea on The Roleplay Alliance. Both of you should check it out!]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 00:27 *everyone gets on the tractor* *drives it off to the tent*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 00:27 *reaches the tent* Is everyone okay?
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 00:28 (Okay!)
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 00:28 I'm okay, but I don't know about anyone else.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 00:30 Yeah. I think we're all okay, but Amanda may need some extra help.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 00:31 [Also note that the Halloween RP will be fast-paced, so I "invited" all people who come on here frequently (including you two) to join. That's why I want both of you to read it (even though Paige isn't a member of The RA).]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 00:31 May want to take it easy, Amanda. For now, I recommend that you only consume liquids and maybe some fruit snacks. I can already see the bruises forming.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 00:32 (Ok.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 00:33 *hands Amanda some water* Amanda: Thanks. *takes a long swig*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 00:35 *drinks up carefully*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 00:36 *sits down, grabbing a package of fruit snacks* Well, looks like the Hunters have surrendered yet again...prospects are looking good.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 03:05 (Hi! Just a reminder that we may be on late tonight, or we won't be on tonight at all.)
Player 22015,Oct.25 03:24 [OK. Also, oops...looks like I went offline when you were on. Sorry!]
Player 22015,Oct.25 03:29 [Anyway, I'm still on.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 03:37 [Still here.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 03:43 [Still on.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 03:47 [Still waiting.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 03:57 [*almost falls asleep but then the SNL Superfans come on* DAAA BEARS!!!!]
Player 22015,Oct.25 03:59 [brb]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:11 (Hi! Sorry, we're a bit late.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:12 -LATER-
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:13 *it is another fairly nice night in Spartan Stadium* *lounges around in the back of the tractor until Max comes onto the screen* A special message to Mick...from Ron Barker.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:13 *looks up* Sonny: What could this mean?
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:14 *raises eyebrows, then reclines back and watches, hoping to get the latest scoop on their relationship*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:15 *is sitting around in the Arsenal until Max's message is broadcasted on the screens* *looks up, an intense expression on her face* What?! Ron?!?! *rushes to the computer where Dewey is, eyes fixated on the screen*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:16 *Ron comes on the screen, looking a bit pouty - but that's his natural look* Ron: Hey Mick...long time no see. I've been watching the Battles, and I've been thinking about you, but..we need to set things straight.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:16 *watches intensely*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:16 Set things straight...WHAT?!
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:17 [Back!]
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:17 [Hey!]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:17 (Hi!)
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:18 Ron: *continues* Mick, what we had was amazing. But after the 39th Round, I ... I've been rethinking everything.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 04:18 *watches intently*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:18 *laughs a little* Wow, this is great.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:19 Ron's so deep! I don't know why he can't just keep it short and simple.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:19 *isn't really laughing, but finds it to be interesting*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:19 Rethink everything?! So you're just gonna judge me because I killed a few people?!?! Because of THIS?!?!
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:20 Ron: *sighs* Please don't get mad at me, Mick, but I don't think it was meant to be. Something about you...just...*sighs* You were never nice to me. You abused me emotionally with your words.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 04:21 [I just took a music survey, and most people didn't like Justin Bieber. In fact, when the survey asked "What would you do if Justin Bieber died?", a majority of people answered "Run victory laps around the city of Hollywood." XD]
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:21 *has to feel bad for Ron* Wow, how sad.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:21 Ron: You don't even live close to me - I just knew it from the start. Plus, I can't come to terms with the Hunter cause. I'm sorry. Really, I am. *silence ensues* It's over, Mick. Sorry.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 04:22 *remains calm and watches carefully in the background*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:22 (Hahaha! That's really funny, but what I would expect from anti-Belibers.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:22 *waits for the screaming to begin after Ron disappears from the screen*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:23 *starts screaming her head off for the entire world to hear*
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:23 *watches, having a poker face**a flash of fear goes through her as she imagines this happening between herself and Matt*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 04:23 Mick, we're sorry!!! He was kind of a (BLEEP) anyways! At least it looked like it!
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:23 You know what, Ron Barker's pretty great if he's going to take a stand against that witch.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:24 *cries* I know, just... (BLEEEEEEEEEP)!!!!!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:24 *looks devastated* Mick...I'm so sorry.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:24 [Yeah. XD I laughed myself when I saw that.] *shakes his head, hearing Mick screaming from a distance* You know, I'm not the type to take sides, but...I think I'm on Ron's side here.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:25 *winces* Must've been a hard blow.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 04:25 *just turns away and covers his ears*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:25 I KNEW Ron, and he seemed like the calm and quiet type - not really fit for her. And THAT'S why I don't believe in this kind of crap.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:25 Yeah. Ron's right, not Mick.
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:26 Let's just hope some sponsor sends us all earmuffs or something...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:26 *turns to Gonzalo* Really? I thought maybe you'd have, like, a girlfriend or something.
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:26 *winces as Mick screeches loudly from the Arsenal*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:27 *takes cover once Mick starts throwing stuff*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:27 *gives his head a slight shake, smiling a bit* Nope. Got other things to worry about. And besides, there's no one left for me. So yeah, I have better things to do. *looks away, appearing distant*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:27 *hears Mick swearing over and over again, the same word* Ever heard of a soapbar, Mick?
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:28 [Two questions: First of all, Paige, have you listened to Wagner's prelude to Act 3 of Tristan und Isolde? And, secondly, Paige and Joan, have you read my Halloween RP idea on The RA?]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 04:28 MIIIIIICCCKKKK!! *tries pulling her away from a crossbow she tried to demolish*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:28 More like, does she even know how to use one? I guess not...
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:28 *snickers**Nicole smiles* Good one, Matt.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:28 (1. No, and 2. Yes.)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 04:29 (Yeah, I did read it - I apologize for not posting a reply on the RA, but it seems pretty cool, so I would say go ahead and open it.)
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:29 Hm...wonder if you could FLUSH a mouth like that. *smiles mischievously*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:29 Geez....think I need a hearing aid.
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:29 [OK! I'll open it soon.]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 04:30 *grabs Mick by the shoulders and shakes her silly* STOP WRECKING HAVOC AND GET YOUR (BLEEP) TOGETHER!!
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:30 I'M SORRY!! Buddy: Even DEWEY'S scared of you!!
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.25 04:30 [I'm still keeping my promise, Paige... >:)] *sneaks away to the Battlemakers' control room**presses a big pink button**says quietly:* Mwah ha ha ha haaaa...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:31 *feels kind of bad for Gonzalo, but doesn't say anything more on the matter*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:31 (Heheheheh...)
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Oct.25 04:31 *a cupcake falls from the sky and hits Derek right in the head*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:32 *nods* Just...just chill out. Chill.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:32 *grabs her head* Okay. Okay. I'll try and be chill.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:33 *is affected by the blow, but picks it up* Hmm...wonder if this thing is still edible...*remembers what Jean did, so he decides to follow suit and eat it- less graphically, though*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:33 *managed to get some frosting before Derek devoured the cupcake*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.25 04:34 *gets up and sets up an airbed**adds some pillows and a plush blanket* Here. Get some sleep, Mick. You need it.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:35 *sees some bluish glowing coming from the middle of the field* Hey...*stands up* What's that? *starts making his way over*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:35 Yeah. It'll take your mind off of things. Mick: Ya think? *gives Dewey a shove*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:35 *looks at a camera* Er-Max, you're going to have get better locks...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:35 *stomps away to a far corner of the Arsenal to get some shuteye*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:35 *stumbles back, but goes back to sitting around on the computer* *blasts a tune throughout the stadium, because he feels like it*
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:36 *looks at the camera too* Yeah. And a nice picture of Rose's face with a red cross through it to paste on the door to the Battlemakers' control room. *Pinak laughs and gives her a shove*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:36 *sees the figures begin to take the shape of humans* This is extra weird, but I think we should check it out. It can't hurt.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:37 *gets up* Well, I'm game.
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:37 Yeah, and a-*sees the glow**for a moment she thinks she sees a familiar face in the glow* -Tris?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:37 I must admit, those cupcakes were pretty darn good. *turns to the figures*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:38 *walks closer* *starts to recognize a bunch of deceased contestants that were once allies of the contestants present* *sees Tyler* Tyler?..
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:38 *the figures are so vivid, they look like the actual people* Wait, what are they doing here? I thought they were dead?...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:38 *sees Mike and feels an ache in his chest*
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:38 *gets up and starts walking towards the glow, as if in a trance* Pinak: Wait-you saw...?! *gets up and stumbles after Nicole*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:39 *turns to the screen, where some "special edition" 20th Round flashbacks are playing* *watches some of the best and worst moments, looking pretty sad*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:40 Edvard...?! Edvard!!
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:41 *looks really confused, noticing CJ* What the...*his mouth drops open* What the!....
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:41 *watches alongside Matt* *the moment where all of the rebels tried to fight off Sally is shown*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:42 *hears Derek and sees CJ* *feels a little odd, but more at peace for some reason*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:42 *sees the moment when Edvard died, and is nearly reduced to tears*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:43 Edvard! It's me, Pinak! I-*Sally comes out from behind Edvard, looking as crazy as ever*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:43 *sees Mike, who appears to be smiling peacefully* *feels sad, the moment where Mike fell off the Top Thrill Dragster playing vividly in his mind*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:44 *gets off of the tractor, following Nicole, Pinak, and Connor* What is this?...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:44 Tyler!! Can you hear us? Can you see us?
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:44 *sees Fred**for a moment her blood turns to ice**George and other Hunters (I don't really remember them, though I think some Italian was among them) emerge out of nowhere too*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:44 Max: a little "treat" for you all....Tyler: *says quietly and darkly:* Hello.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:45 Bromeo: *joins Fred's side, looking dark*
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:45 *looks at Matt for a moment, then turns back to the holograms**approaches Tyler**stops about a foot in front of him*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:45 Tyler!...*is lost for words* *finally speaks* Tyler, I need some advice.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:46 Carlos: *standing beside the Hunters, smiling*
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:46 [Ahh...Bromeo. Thanks for reminding me.]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.25 04:46 (Yeah. Kind of funny, because I just remembered him earlier today.)
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:46 *says quietly while looking Tyler in the eye:* Tyler?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:47 Tyler: *stares down Nicole quite intensely*
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:47 [Yeah. And I had Carlos' "Mi mirakas" stuck in my head yesterday... >.< ]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:47 *stares at the Hunters - more specifically, Sally* *is pretty intrigued by the holographs in and of themselves* *sees Tyler and Tris, and remembers Derek telling her a lot about both of them*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:47 (Hahaha!)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:47 Fred: *has his casual smirk as he eyes the rebels sort of creepily**mainly stares down Matt*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 04:48 *screams:* Please, can someone explain this?!
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:48 Edvard! Edvard...talk to me! Or talk to the person whose life you saved-Amanda! [Note that I remember some 20th Battles moments better than others, so correct me if I'm wrong with some of the things that happened.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:49 *stares at Edvard* *doesn't know what to say* *is reminded of the moment in the boat when he and the others tried to escape the piranhas*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:49 Tyler: *continues to stare down Nicole* Hello, Nicole.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:49 If they're not going to say anything...then why are they even here?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:49 [BTW, it actually would be nice if we "went back in time" and did the 20th Battles all over again. We wouldn't change the parts we remember, but still...those were some of the best Battles ever.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:50 (Yeah. I was thinking about doing that, because it was actually pretty freakin' epic.)
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:50 (That actually sounds like a really good idea...)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:50 *Sally steps forward and does a crazy laugh**takes a step back, intimidated*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:51 (I remember most of what happened, but not the small details like the interviews and parades and stuff.)
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:51 *suddenly a wave of depression washes over him* *isn't too aware of the whole Nicole-Tyler thing*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:52 Sally: Hey Pinak...remember that lil' haircut I gave you? *turns to Connor* Hello...you killed me. Connor: *almost wants to laugh at what Sally said* I - yeah, I did.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:52 [Yeah. I remember the major parts (e.g. Edvard's death and Amanda's rescue, Fred's "death," the pirahna attack, Sally's attack, the fire, Tyler's death, etc.), and I kind of miss those Battles. In my opinion, other than the Nairne-Elsa-Jake-Gabe alliance,
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:52 that was our best alliance.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:52 Tris and CJ: *they continue to stand there, with these vague, bittersweet smiles*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.25 04:53 (Yeah, I agree.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:53 (I remember most of that as well.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:53 Yeah...and I was relieved that you were gone so you couldn't ruin it again, but... *trails off*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:54 *can only sit back in the tractor, unsure of what to do*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.25 04:54 (I think the 50th Round will be a classic as well. Paige and I had some ideas for the 50th Round, but maybe we can share them at a later point in time.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:54 Fred: Hello, Matt...I remember how your girlfriend killed me twice very well. And I remember how you helped her during the second time...
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:54 [OK. Are we still doing the World Tours Battles in the 50th round, though?]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:55 Yeah. I did. *sounds pretty normal, concealing everything*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:55 (Yeah.)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 04:55 *viewing it all on a computer* Ha, what the h*** is this? Some sort of funhouse?
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:55 *looks at Tyler for a moment, then breaks down a little**gets a bit misty* Tyler...Tyler, I'm sorry. I could have saved you...if only I had...I had admitted my feelings...I... *trails off*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 04:56 (We have to go now, bye! We'll be on tomorrow, and maybe we can share our ideas then. Anyways, see you!)
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:56 *quickly wipes the tears from her eyes before they can drip down her face, feeling embarrassed about showing such weakness right in front of "Tyler"*
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:56 [OK, bye! I'll probably be on tomorrow too.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 04:57 George: *says out of nowhere* I still vow to start a war with a country that never really did anything to my country! I don't care that I'm dead-I'm running for office!
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:58 *hears George and has to force himself not to facepalm and/or laugh*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 04:59 [By the way, other than Fred and George (NOT the Harry Potter Fred & George, heh heh...), I swear I had another Hunter. Can you remind me about who he/she is?]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 15:18 (Heidi, I think?)
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 15:19 (Hahaha, George...) Hm. That'll be the first dead president if you even win the election. Sounds like a challenge.
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:20 [Yep...Heidi. Thanks for reminding me.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:22 Heidi: *suddenly the (living) rebels notice a flash of short brown hair, and she emerges from the back of the crowd*
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:23 Heidi: *looks bravely at her own killer-Fred-and then turns to the rebels* Hello again.
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:24 *sees Heidi and lets out a little gasp* Heidi...
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:25 *looks back at Tyler and notices how odd and intense his gaze is**takes a few steps back, suddenly getting a bit suspicious*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 17:26 *sees Mike hanging around the back of the crowd* Mike! Hey!
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:28 *scans the crowd, starting from the right-where Sally and Edvard are-and then stopping at the far left-where Tyler and Tris are*
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:28 Why are you here? What do you want with us?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.25 17:29 Nicole-wha...why are you being...??
Player 22015,Oct.25 17:31 *shakes her head a little in a skeptical way, a distant and thoughtful look in her eyes* I...I just don't have a very good feeling about this.
Player 22015,Oct.25 18:03 [Hey guys, I may be on later at either 4:00 PM ET or 5:00 PM ET; not sure which, and I may even come on sometime in between those times.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 18:04 [So, see you then!]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 18:19 (Hey, I don't think we'll be able to make it on then, unfortunately, but we'll see you later!)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.25 18:20 *looks at Tris, who appears to look pretty serene*
Player 22015,Oct.25 21:21 [I'm on! OK.]
Player 22015,Oct.25 21:31 *none of the holographs answer her questions**looks directly at Tyler, who is one of the few dead tributes who spoke and the only one who even acknowledged her**repeats her first question:* Why are you here?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:25 [I'm on!]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 03:26 (Hi!)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:31 [Hey! Sorry about my brief disappearance.]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 03:31 (It's okay.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:33 [BTW, you told me you had an idea last night. What is it?]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:36 [Also, Caprial is on The Roleplay Alliance chatting with me, so my replies will be slow.]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 03:37 (We had some ideas for the 50th Round, but it's all in a jumble, so when that round draws nearer, we'll share...still trying to figure it all out.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:39 [OK.]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:43 [Hello?]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:50 [Still on?]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 03:55 (Sorry we kind of disappeared.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:56 [Anyone?]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 03:57 *stares at the holographs for a bit longer* What is the point of this? Seriously - if I'm just gonna look at people who are dead, it's not worth my time. *turns away and walks back towards camp*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.26 03:58 *watches Sonny go* *is starting to understand his point*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 03:58 Tyler, please say something!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.26 03:59 *stares at Mike* Mikey, I'd like to believe you're real. But you're not. You're Max's creation.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 04:01 Even if they do say something...it's not really them, and Max is probably laughing behind the controls.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.26 04:03 *looks at Jackie* You're right. *turns around and leaves, just like Sonny* *has no point in hanging around, anyways*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 04:04 *follows them as well*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 04:05 *watches on Dewey's computer* Haha! As if that wasn't obvious already.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.26 04:05 *follows Jackie and Madison*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 04:07 *decides to follow them, not wanting to watch the whole Nicole-Tyler exchange*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 04:07 *is still kind of hoping that it's the real Tyler that's there in front of him*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.26 04:08 *is one of the last to follow*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 04:09 *once Derek leaves, he follows the pack*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 04:10 *blasts "Bittersweet Symphony" over the speakers, only because it fits the mood*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.26 04:11 *left standing there with Nicole and Pinak, feeling sad and confused*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 04:13 [Oops, sorry. I thought you had gone offline and went to mainly chatting with Caprial. Whoops... *facepalm*]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 04:15 I'm sorry, but...they're right. I'm going. *turns and walks away, sadly looking at his deceased friends one last time*
Player 22015,Oct.26 04:19 *stands there sadly and even a bit awkwardly with Amanda*
Player 22015,Oct.26 04:19 [Hopefully you're still online.]
Player 22015,Oct.26 04:29 [Still here.]
Player 22015,Oct.26 04:39 [I guess you're gone...]
Player 22015,Oct.26 06:00  Secret message to Max Davis  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.26 16:04  Secret message to  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.26 16:05 *looks at Amanda and Nicole (and the holographs) while sitting on the back of the tractor*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 16:06 *is up in the front* What point is Max trying to make?
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.26 16:07 *sits in the back of the tractor somewhere* Whatever it is, it's kind of pointless, really. They're not real. I don't see what kind of harm they could possibly do.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.26 16:08 They could probably trigger someone's emotional spot, but I just had to tell myself that it wasn't the real Tyler. The real Tyler is dead.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.26 16:09 *nods in agreement, watching the holographs*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 16:09 *slowly drives the tractor around*
Player 22015,Oct.26 20:54  Secret message to Max Davis  
Player 22015,Oct.26 20:55  Secret message to Max Davis  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.26 21:02 *sits in the tractor, looking sort of longingly at his old friends*
Player 22015,Oct.26 21:03 *repeats herself AGAIN* Why are you here?
Player 22015,Oct.26 21:03 Do you have a message for us?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.26 21:40 Tyler: *continues to stand there in silence* Amanda: Please...say something. Anything. Tris: *smiles sadly* It's been so long...
Player 22015,Oct.27 00:18 [Hey Paige and Joan, please check out my announcement on The RA. It's about my Halloween RP.]
Player 22015,Oct.27 00:19  Secret message to Sonny  
Player 22015,Oct.27 00:20 I know.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 00:30  Secret message to  
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:11  Secret message to  
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:18  Secret message to Derek  
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:18  Secret message to Sonny  
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:20 (Hi!)
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:21 [Hey! I'll be on here and The Spirit of the Full Moon!]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:21 (Okay!)
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:26 [Note that my plan for the holographs was that they'd say things-mainly truthful things, actually-that would pinpoint the rebels' psychological weaknesses (e.g. Tyler would assert that Nicole should be guilty about his death).]
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:27 [And, yes, that's Slade-inspired. XD XP Anyway, the rebels would be tormented to the point of attempting to flee, but then the holographs would attack them, continue talking, and keep them from leaving the stadium.]
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:28 [And the only way to escape would be to either simply manage to escape (which is VERYYY hard but not impossible) or get over whatever the holographs are telling them about (which is actually much harder than the other option).]
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:28 [The holographs are limited to the stadium, so if some rebels got out of the stadium they'd be safe from the holographs (but not the Hunters, obviously).]
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:29 [I recommend that most rebels simply manage to escape while a few others manage to get over whatever they're being chastised about.]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:29 (Okay. I don't really think this will have much to do with my characters though, because they didn't have an incredibly tight relationship with the holographs.)
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:30 (Connor killed Sally, and Gonzalo knew Tyler and Tris, but that's about it.)
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:34 [Sonny was the ally of Edvard, Tyler, Tris, and whoever else died who was on the rebel side. He's related since many of his good friends are in holograph form.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:34 Tris: *says a bit creepily:* We wish we could be with you guys, alive and well....
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:35 [However, the holographs can simply attack those (e.g. Jackie and Madison) who didn't really know them rather than torment them mentally too.]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:35 (Sonny was in the 30th Round, not the 20th Round.)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:37 Mike: *stands there, smiling* CJ: Yeah...if we weren't killed, we would be here....Mike: Yeah, more like, 'left behind'...
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:38 [What? I swear he was in the 20th round too...]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:39 (No, he was in the Round before that, but he wasn't in the 20th Round.)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:39 (No, Sonny was in the 25th Round, 30th Round, and maybe the 18th one.)
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:40 [Hm...I thought there was Tyler, Nicole, Connor, Mike, Amanda, CJ, Tris, Pinak, Edvard, and Sonny...]
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:40 [I guess not, though.]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:41 (You're probably getting him mixed up with Dakota or something. But no, Sonny didn't participate until after the 20th Round, in the 25th Round.)
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:41 [I'm still a bit confused...can you help me list the Hunters? Back then I don
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:41 Tyler: You left us to die. To DIE and SUFFER, and at the end of the day, it didn't matter one bit to you two, did it?
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:41 [Typo. Anyway, oh, yeah, Dakota!]
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:42 What-?! Of course it did! I secretly had...well...I know that maybe admitting my...feelings for you may have saved you, but...
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:42 (Damian, Fred, George, Bromeo, and Carlos were all Hunters. And Heidi, before she changed her mind.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 03:42 *sees holographic Rob* *clearly remembers encounters with Rob - specifically, when Rob started screaming in everyone's face, saying "For the love of Pinak, shut up!!", and more*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:44 CJ: *looks down at Amanda solemnly:* You could have helped me. There was time to spare. Or maybe...maybe you were too busy worrying about Connor. Tyler: Then if you LOVED me, why didn't you help me, Nicole?
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:44 [OK, let me list and count everyone...Tyler, Nicole, Connor, Mike, Amanda, CJ, Tris, Pinak, Edvard, Dakota, Damian, Fred, George, Bromeo, Carlos, Rob, and Sally. That's odd...there's only 17.]
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:45 [Oops, and Heidi. That makes 18. But I swear Carlos was in slot 20, so there had to be 19 tributes.]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:45 (Sanjay was one of the other ones.)
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:46 *is shocked at this revelation, even though he knew it was coming*
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:47 I-I didn't know what to do!! I wasn't experienced with-with relationships, and...and I was afraid to...intervene!!
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:47 *stops driving around* I have a feeling that important (BLEEP) is about to go down.
Player 22015,Oct.27 03:47 [OK, thanks. I'll have to temporarily give you Rose's slot when we do the 20th Battles re-enactment, then.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 03:47 *is pretty close to falling asleep* *glances at Sonny tiredly* Oh yeah?...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:48 *looks pretty serious* Yeah.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:48 *Rob starts marching towards the tractor, singing his prewrite song over and over AND OVER AND OVER... >______< (*clutches head*)*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.27 03:48 (Haha, I nearly forgot about that song!)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:49 *all the holographs except Tyler and CJ follow Rob*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.27 03:49 Well, I'm going to do my best to stay out of it, and I recommend you guys do the same. Can't risk the consequences...
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:49 [See, I DO remember these things!! XD BTW, who was Sanjay...?? (Just kidding about the question BTW.)]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 03:49 I think it
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 03:49 *it's too late. They're coming.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 03:50 (And Sanjay sang an hour - long song while looking like he was being electrocuted during his parades! There were a lot of memorable moments.)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:50 CJ: I know how you saw Rob approaching, and how you're good with a gun....*is almost pleading now* You could have saved me!...
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 03:52 Sanjay: *looks at Jackie and Madison creepily* Hey, ladies...*winks at Jackie*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:52 *is getting freaked out by the two, especially Tyler, who's starting to get a little loud* Tyler: Intervene?! INTERVENE?! You could have spared me, but no. Because of you, thousands were left devastated, my facility was left in ruins...all your fault.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:53 Tyler: You're the figurehead...you're supposed to save lives, not end them. CJ: *nods a bit robotically*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 03:54 [I know!! XD How could I not remember that?!]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:55 (Hahaha, and George's "speech".)
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.27 03:56 (It got a perfect 10!!)
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.27 03:57 *Tris approaches him, looking somewhat blank - but there's a slight smirk on her face* Tris: Gonzalo...you did a good job working at Team Tyler, but...all the work you've done will never pay off.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 03:57 *knows that Tyler was always hot-headed, but this is a bit too much* It was all your doing, Tyler. Nicole wasn't- and isn't- responsible for what YOU decided to do!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.27 03:58 Tris: *continues* Tyler never approved of your work. You were lazy, and you didn't even live close enough to fulfill his expectations. So, you're fired.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.27 03:59 *looks a bit terrified* *actually kind of believes Tris, because it's Tris, who knew Tyler on a more personal level* Tris: That's right. You're fired.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.27 03:59 No. *turns away* This has to be some sort of nightmare. Tris: No, Gonzalo. It isn't.
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:00 [Yeah!! And all he did was go "Uh-uh-uh-uh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh..." X'D]
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:00 *shakes her head and starts to back away* No, Amanda...it's all true...
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:01 I wanted to save the children of the World Battles, but countless lives have been ended...and I could have-should have-saved Tyler.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:01 *is staring into space* *turns to face the tent, but holograph Mike is RIGHT in his face* *jumps a little* Um...hey. Mike: Hi Sonny! It's been long...almost TOO long. *chuckles*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:01 Tyler: It's entirely your fault...you could have stopped me.... you stopped Connor when he tried to kill himself. Why not me?
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:02 I'm sorry. *her eyes begin to fill with tears; she's genuinely hurt* Tyler: *approaches Nicole* "Sorry" doesn't help. "Sorry" won't fix this. It won't fix anything, really.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:02 Mike: Remember Cedar Point? Wow, what a great place. Sonny: Almost too well. Mike: Remember the Dragster? Sonny: *knows what's coming*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:03 I-ah...*is shaking hard* CJ: Looks like they have OTHER priorities...Tyler: Yeah. Which makes me wonder why they aren't fighting alongside the Hunters.
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:03 Heidi: *pops out of nowhere-right in front of Madison* Hey. *smiles**says matter-of-factly:* Did you know that if I didn't become a rebel, I probably wouldn't have died?
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:04 *gulps a little* Yeah, I remember that time. Mike: You were sitting right behind me, Sonny. Why? Why did you just let me fall like that?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:04 CJ: *says simply:* It's too late to say sorry. Why, you ask? Well...look in the mirror. Tyler: Yes, all because of YOU.
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:04 *has had enough**turns to Amanda, grabs her arm, and starts running*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 04:04 *stares at Heidi, speechless* I, uh....I guess so.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:05 Mike: You could have saved me by doing CPR. Why didn't you? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ANYONE ELSE? Sonny: *is shocked to the bone, Mike would have never screamed in his face like that*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:06 Mike: You were sitting on those bleachers...away from my dying self. Ha, you probably didn't even care.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:06 *gets moving , instinctively* *hears Tyler scream something* *lets out a strangled scream/sob noise*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:07 Heidi: Yeah. Which is why I am going to destroy YOU. *continues smiling as she grabs Madison's arm with amazing speed and gives it a vicious twist*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:07 *is nearly reduced to tears, considering it was a really emotional moment* Mikey...listen. You were dying. You had no teeth. Blood...it was everywhere. *his voice is shaking the entire time*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:07 *doesn't-or rather, refuses to-falter or stop**Tyler and CJ chase her and Amanda*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 04:08 *screams, nearly tumbling forward from the effect*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:08 *probably like in real life, Tyler is faster than CJ and even a bit faster than Nicole and Amanda**he manages to grab the two girls*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:08 *struggles against Tyler's grip while pushing Amanda away from her and Tyler**says through gritted teeth:* Amanda, GO!!
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:09 You have to understand that nobody could save you. And you did it for Gracie and her kid. There's no one you can blame but yourself.
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:09 Heidi: *grins even more widely* That's NOTHING compared to the pain I felt before I died. *thrusts her leg upward, slamming her knee into Madison's chin**then shoves her hard, making her tumble backward*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:10 Edvard: *approaches Amanda**as if on cue, CJ turns and walks to Connor*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:11 Nicole!- I can't leave you here with these- these- Tyler: Too (BLEEP) late. *is pushed to the ground with force*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:12 CJ: *approaches Connor* Hello, Connor.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.27 04:12 *tumbles backwards, yelping in pain* *some dark blood is visible*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 04:13 *stares at CJ blankly* *croaks:* Hello.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:13 *is suddenly confronted by Edvard*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:13 *knows that Tyler-whether he's real or not-is MUCH better than her when it comes to hand-to-hand combat**manages to shove him down and kick him hard*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 04:13 Rob: *comes up to Pinak* So, Pinak - have you been prewriting lately?...*smirks and cackles evilly*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:14 *turns and makes a run for safety towards the nearest exit-which is all the way across the field**is fully aware that Tyler is running after her and getting closer and closer*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:14 CJ: Remember the good times? When you were, well- how can I put it- happier than you are now? Everything has changed.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:14 Uhhhh... *honestly has no idea what to say* Since I'm in college, I guess...???!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 04:16 Rob: Good. But did you prewrite TODAY? You have to prewrite everyday, you know. It's mandatory.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 04:17 *nods slightly at CJ* I understand that. But people change...over time.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 04:17 You can't expect me to walk out of here every single time unscathed.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:17 No...I'm in the World Battles!! How could I prewrite every day?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:18 Edvard: Hello, Amanda. Remember how I died saving your life?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:18 Tyler: *says firmly:* Surrender, Nicole! You can't hide from this.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:19 *nods slowly, knowing what is yet to come*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:19 *suddenly stops* Yes...*slowly turns around*...but that doesn't mean I can't FIGHT BACK!! *Tyler slams into her*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.27 04:20 Rob: Trust me...*says crazily:* IT'S POSSIBLE. *gives Pinak an unusually strong punch in the gut/*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:20 *stumbles back, but manages to keep her footing as well as even hit Tyler a bit*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:21 *that punch also hit him where his bullet wound is**screams in agony and falls to his knees*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 04:21 Edvard: You know, if you weren't DUMB enough to go into the Arsenal alone, this wouldn't have happened to me. Didn't you even CONSIDER bringing someone with you?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 04:22 (We have to go, we'll see you tomorrow!)
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:22 *Tyler throws a punch at her, but she manages to duck and kick him in the leg*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:22 [Aw, bye!]
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:24 *he stumbles, and she tries to punch him but he easily blocks and punches her**yells in pain and stumbles back**Tyler then throws her down*
Player 22015,Oct.27 04:24 *stumbles back to her feet and starts running*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 13:43 *hears Tyler's raging roar from across the entire stadium* *sees Nicole, running for her life* *turns back to Edvard* Edvard: Admit it: You didn't even care, all you wanted to do was survive and live happily ever after.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 13:44 *says firmly:* It's not like that. Edvard: Oh yes, it is. And I had a career in front of me- only for this to happen. *extends an arm, ready to punch* Amanda: *throws her own punch, and the battle begins*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 13:46 Tyler: *chases after Nicole, who makes a sharp detour inside of the stadium* *gets lost for a moment- until he hears some whimpering coming from behind the concessions* *says darkly:* Are you going to face the harsh truth, or hide like a baby?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.27 13:47 Tyler: It's too late anyways; I know where you are. *a grand crash is heard, then Nicole sees Tyler standing right above her* Tyler: Get up, you little coward.
Player 22015,Oct.27 19:56 *remembers what Piotr did**gets up slowly**reaches for a large spoon that is in a vat of hot nacho cheese and grabs it**quickly flicks the nacho cheese in Tyler's face*
Player 22015,Oct.27 19:59 *Tyler screams and stumbles back, wiping the nacho cheese away, as she turns and runs through a hallway*
Player 22015,Oct.27 19:59 *gets to the exit and finds it locked**swears through gritted teeth under her breath**turns around to see Tyler; she is cornered*
Player 22015,Oct.27 20:00 Edvard: *his punch misses**falls back and then manages to regain balance, moving in a somewhat robotic way**grabs Amanda and tries throwing her down*
Player 22015,Oct.27 20:00 Fred: *sneaks up behind Matt and puts his hand on his shoulder* Hey, Matt. *Matt looks over his shoulder at him* Remember me? *smirks*
Player 22015,Oct.27 20:02 Heidi: *is beating up Madison when Jackie comes to her rescue**falls back, grunting, as Jackie rams into her**gets up as if nothing happened* Hey sicko. *throws a powerful punch at Jackie*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.27 20:13 *resists the wrath of Rob**recovers from his pain and puts his hands on the ground**whips his legs around, sweeping Rob's legs out from under him**leans back to avoid Rob as he tumbles down to the ground*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.28 01:06 Sanjay: *comes up to Jackie* Heyyyy...*smirks and touches her arm creepily* *the catch is, his hand is specifically programmed to sting anyone or anything it comes into contact with*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 01:07 *starts feeling really uneasy* *looks that way, too*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 01:09 Sanjay: You know what, Jackie? You're a good for nothing piece of...*trails off* Sonny doesn't deserve you, and you don't deserve him. Wait. I take that back- you're both sick. At least you look halfway decent, unlike Sonny...Sonny: *rolls eyes* No crap.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 01:11 Sanjay: Oooo...feisty. *cackles quietly* Sonny: Please just leave. Sanjay: Why should I? *smiles annoyingly* Sonny: Listen. If you don't want to abide by my policies, feel free to kiss my big ol' butt.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 01:12 Pucker up, Buttercup. *slams Sanjay back with his baseball bat* *picks up a sniper and blasts his holographic self into oblivion- literally, Sanjay disappears*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.28 01:14 *saw what Sonny did* *is now desperate for a gun* *sneaks around the tractor as Heidi and Jackie fight* *barely makes it to the tent* *retrieves her gun*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.28 01:17 *exits the tent* *makes it back to the tractor, but she has to stop due to being weak* *leans back against the front of the tractor, trying to resist the dull aches and pains*
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:05 [I'm on!]
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:09 [Hello?]
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:15 [Still on.]
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:19 [Still here. Replies will be slow; I'm watching the World Series, and Caprial and Jack are on The RA.]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.28 03:28 (Hey, sorry we're late, we were writing.)
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:29 [It's OK! Were you working on Fifty Shades of Brown? XD]
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:29 [Also, I'll be on here, The Spirit of the Full Moon (from now on I'll call it TSFM since the name is a bit long), and The RA.]
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:30 [Are both of you on?]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.28 03:32 (Haha, nope! Although I wrote the sequel recently...we're actually working on World Battles -related stories.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.28 03:32 (Yeah, we're both here.)
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:36 [OK, awesome! Send me some links to Wattpad for your Fifty Shades of Brown stories, OK? :D]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.28 03:37 (Okay! Will do.)
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:40 [OK! Anyway, RPing!]
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:41 *Tyler reaches her**resists, but he's too strong* Tyler: There's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide...*adds mockingly*...my figurehead. *gives Nicole powerful electric shocks*
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:42 *winces in pain and screams*
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:47 *finally Tyler releases her**collapses, almost unconscious*
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:48 Heidi: *grabs Jackie in a stranglehold**to make things worse, her fingertips drive electricity into Jackie, giving her electric shocks*
Player 22015,Oct.28 03:53 Edvard: *tries kicking Amanda hard*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 03:54 *is being cornered by CJ*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.28 04:07 *grabs hold of Edvard and tries sending him to the ground*
Player 22015,Oct.28 04:08 Edvard: *falls down, but crawls over and grabs Amanda by her ankle, sending electric shocks into her*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:11 CJ: *basically blabbering about how Connor "stole" Amanda and whatnot* Connor: You're dead. You can't be with her anymore. CJ: *makes even more false accusations*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:12 [Hey, do you mind if Pinak, Jackie, and Madison are forced to flee from the stadium to escape a rampaging Rob?]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.28 04:12 *screams, in too much shock to get up and fight* *tries to, but it does no good*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:13 (Like the arena? Or just the stadium?)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:13 CJ: Everyone dies, in a way...and HE killed your personality* *reveals......holographic Austin*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:14 *gasps a little, lower lip trembling and mouth slightly ajar*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:15 Austin: *has a pout face* *sounds sad and disapproving* Connor...
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.28 04:15 Edvard: *prepares to inflict the final blow* Amanda: *gets up, forcing herself to flee* *runs towards the tractor*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:16 *is punched by holographic Austin* *stumbles backwards, in pure shock* *looks at Austin, saddened* *knows that it isn't the real Austin, so he just whacks him back*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:19 *picks up his sledgehammer, and without furthur ado, reduces holographic Austin to smithereens*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:19 CJ: *looks up at Connor blankly* How merciful of you. Connor: *doesn't reply for a moment*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:20 *glares at CJ* I know better than that. *walks off, trying to shake it off*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.28 04:20 *sees a suffering Connor being tortured by Austin and CJ* *shakily grabs the sniper, knowing it's the only solution* *screams hoarsely:* I'll shoot! I'll SHOOT! CJ: Oh, really?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.28 04:21 CJ: Go ahead. Betray me. Amanda: You're not real. CJ: Wanna bet? Amanda: Yeah. *lets the gun go off, reducing CJ to nothing*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:24 *sees Sonny looking freaked out* You okay? You look a bit strange...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:24 I don't feel strange, it's more like haunted.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 04:24 *nods slightly*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:25 *grabs Heidi, throwing her off of Jackie and stomping on her over and over* *is letting out a lot of steam from what he just witnessed*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:26 *stumbles back, then runs to Sonny, hugging him tightly* Sonny!...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:26 *hugs Jackie back* Hey...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:28 Rob: *goes to pick on Matt* Looks like you got DUMPED!!! *laughs hard*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:31 *keeps his composure*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:33 [Just the stadium.]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 04:34 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.28 17:59 (Okay, yeah. That'll be fine.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 20:41 *suddenly Rob goes nuts**he pulls out holographic weapon after holographic weapon while creepily bellowing the prewrite song*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 20:41 *scooches back and falls right off the tractor* Oof! *rubs his head, but luckily his fall allowed him to escape fifteen holographic knives that had been sent flying in his direction*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 20:42 **
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.28 20:43 [Oops]
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:02 [I'm on!]
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:07 [Anyone?]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:12 (Hi!)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:14 [Heya! I read tons of The Maze Runner today! :D It was awesome!]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:14 (Cool! That has to be one of my favorite books in the series.)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:15 [I'll be on here and STFM. Once STFM has been completed, I'll start going on The MR more often. I sort of had run out of ideas on what to do on there, but now I have plenty of ideas and I'm ready to get things rolling again.]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:15 (I finally finished The Death Cure. It wasn't that bad. In fact, it was actually one of the best, in my opinion.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:15 (Ok.)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:16 [Really? Awesome! I find that the last two books in a trilogy are usually good but obviously worse than the first book. The Scorch Trials movie was pretty good for a sequel, so I'm guessing that the book is good too.]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:17 (The Scorch Trials book was okay...I didn't like it as much, probably since it was a drastic change from TMR.)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:17 [In my opinion, The Hunger Games trilogy is a bit better than The MR trilogy, but so far The MR trilogy has proved to be "consistently" good (the last two books in The HG were not as good as the first one), so that'll help keep The MR in my list of
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:17 favorite book series.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:18 (The Scorch Trials was a pretty good movie. I haven't read the book yet either, but I will soon.)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:18 [Yeah. As Frypan said, "I miss the Glade." The Scorch Trials was a huge leap, but still, it "held up" pretty well compared to a lot of other sequels.]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:19 (It's been awhile since I've read THG trilogy. I think I liked Catching Fire okay, and the first book was pretty good.)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:19 [I'm pretty far through The MR; I'll probably finish it soon. Then I'll have to get The Scorch Trials and read it. Anyway, let's RP!]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:19 (Yeah, I agree.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:19 (Ok!)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:20 [In THG, the first one was absolutely brilliant. The second one was fine, but-as everyone else says-it was too dramatic at the beginning.]
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:21 [Even though a lot of people liked Mockingjay Part 1, it was the weakest of the three movies (and books), in my opinion. Tons of drama, a little plotless here and there, not enough action. I'm really looking forward to Mockingjay Part 2, though-I remember
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:22 (Oh yeah, now I'm starting to remember. I didn't really like the beginning, but the part when they went back into the Games, that was pretty interesting.)
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:22 that the last 1/3 of Mockingjay had TONS of awesome action, so it's bound to be better than Part 1.]
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:22 [Anyway, as I said-RPing! :D]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:23 (Yeah, the trailer looks promising. When I saw Mockingjay part 1, I thought it was better than any of the other movies, but then I rewatched it and changed my opinion. )
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.29 03:24 *isn't really sure what to do - just watches everyone fight*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:25 *stumbles to the tractor wheel and sits down* *guns it*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:26 *sits in the tractor, staring into space*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:26 *jerks forward when the tractor starts moving*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:26 *stands up in the back, shooting at various holograms*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:27 *is on the ground* *hears some loud talking - Rob, of course* *leans on one elbow and sees Rob approaching the general area, where she, Pinak, and Jackie are*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:28 Rob: *singing "Prewrite" so loud that it's actually pretty creepy* *begins the attack*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:30 Rob: IT'S GOING DOWN!!! I'M YELLIN' PREWRIIIIITE!!! *takes out some knives* YOU BETTER MOVE!!! *crash* YOU BETTER WRITE!! *clang*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:31 *quickly dives out of the way as holographic knives are being thrown every which way*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:31 *looks around* Where's Nicole? Matt: *lies swiftly:* No idea.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 03:32 *looks at Matt for a kind of long time*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:32 *gets up quickly* Uh... *looks at Rob, thoroughly creeped*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 03:33 Rob: *smiles crazily:* Hey hey HEY, PINAK!!!
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:33 *Rob screeches "PREWRITE!!!!" and throws a holographic scythe at him**hops aside quickly, highly reminded of the beginning of the Sally attack in the 20th Battles*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:34 Rob: *at the threesome* Hey guys! How about we play a NICE GAME of hide 'n seek. It'll be fu-un!
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:34 Er-guys-I mean girls-RUN!! *turns and rushes over to Madison**helps her get up and starts running with her and Jackie*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:34 *nods obliviously* Matt: Try looking for Tyler. Amanda: *nods again, then does a 360 and drives alongside the sidelines*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:34 Rob: So, whadya say? Was that a yes? Okay. I'll start counting. *starts counting obnoxiously* ONE, TWO, THREE....
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:34 Tyler: You can't run away from who you are. Nicole: *is barely conscious**moans, turning over on the ground, helpless*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:35 *has a hallucination where she sees Elsa for a moment* Elsa?! Elsa!! *looks around desperately* Elsa...?
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:35 *starts running for her life* *can still hear Rob counting* ROB: TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE - AH, TO H*** WITH IT!!! READY OR NOT, HEAR I COME!!....HEHEHE...
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:35 *lets out a weird , long scream* *runs with the other two*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:36 *here
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:36 *bumps into Madison* *shrieks:* Sorry! Sorry!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:37 *nods quickly* It's fine, it's fine! *looks around, then sprints towards the inside of the stadium* *fast-walks to the concession stands*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:37 *Elsa suddenly appears to her-is a little delirious and having another hallucination* "Elsa": Nicole...you can get nowhere in life without making sacrifices. Cherish yesterday. Look towards tomorrow. Live today.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:38 *clutches his side, wincing, as he jogs along*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:38 As Sonny would say-where is the [BLEEP] exit?!?!
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:38 *Madison and Jackie look at him, surprised that he cussed*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:39 *leans against a counter, trying to catch her breath*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:39 What? I was going to do it eventually.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:39 *glances at Pinak, and couldn't agree more*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:40 *the Elsa hallucination disappears, and then she remembers that that is what Elsa told her a few days before the Quarter Quell reaping*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:41 *snaps back into reality after having a few philosophical moments**is strangely calm**looks up at Tyler warily*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:41 Matt: *says dryly:* Tyler. Over there. Amanda: *drives towards Tyler, hitting on the brakes as he shows no signs of moving out of the way*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:41 Fred: *manages to weave his way around the place**creeps up behind Matt and wraps his arms tightly around his neck in a stranglehold*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:41 *gets easily annoyed* Why don't you just run him over? For god's sake,man...
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:42 [Tyler and Nicole are in a hallway by an emergency exit. No one can see them.]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:42 *reaches forward, grabbing an available sniper* Amanda: Matt. What are you- Matt: Hush. *stands up, raising the sniper*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:43 *looks around, hoping that Rob is out of sight* *is however very much wrong - Rob's familiar semi-afro is seen, signaling that Rob is entering*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:44 It's true. Many people have died for my cause. But I didn't kill them. Tyler: Yes you did. If you just kept your big mouth shut in the 1st Battles, they wouldn't be dead. Nicole: Maybe. But someone would have resisted the Battles anyway. Eventually.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:44 Hate to rain on your parade, Ty-Guy, but...Tyler: Get out of here. I have no time to waste around some stupid kid.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:44 *quickly ducks behind a stand, heart pounding* Rob: Come out, come out, where ever you are...*sounds just like that guy from The Shining*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:44 Fred: *sees what Matt is doing**quickly pushes him down to the ground*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:44 [Rob = Jack from The Shining?! O.O]
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:44 *snickers:* Ty-Guy...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:45 (Maybe...)
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:45 Tyler: Anyways...as I was saying....Matt: Why even tune in? It's a load of horse(BLEEP), and I'm not here to dilly-dally.
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:45 [Matt and Amanda can't see Tyler and Nicole BTW.]
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:45 [They're in a hallway that leads to an emergency exit, separated from the others.]
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:47 But again-I didn't kill him. The enemy did. I have been making myself my enemy ever since you died-and I didn't even realize it until now-but I think it's time we remember who the enemy is. [Catching Fire Katniss: Ahem... Me: What...? XD]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:48 Rob: *saunters towards the counter, very slowly* *states loud and clear:* All work and no play makes Rob a dull boy. Except when he's prewriting.
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:48 *gets up, staring Tyler right in the eye* The enemy is Max Davis. The inventor of the World Battles. Or, should I say, World Murders. It's not my fault that a countless number of rebels died, because it was HIS followers that killed them.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:49 *hiding right behind the counter, his heart pounding**wishes he brought a weapon*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:49 *tries to remain as quiet and still as possible as Rob continues to rant* Rob: Which reminds me...have you prewritten today?
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:49 (Ok. But once this scenario's over, I'm going along with the original plan.) Matt: *whips around to face Fred, very annoyed* Mind...(BLEEPING) off? I'll ask nicely. *shoots*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:50 And it was THESE Battles that killed them too. And there is only one way to end all this death-and it is to follow in my footsteps.
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:50 [OK.]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:51 *smiles crazily*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:51 [BTW, Nicole is going to "kill" holographic Tyler, so if you want Matt and Amanda to battle it out with him you can have the Battlemakers "restore" Tyler once Matt and Amanda arrive.]
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:52 Fred: *gets shot in the face; his nose is reduced to a weird holographic blob**yelps and stumbles back**produces a holographic knife and throws it at Matt(
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:52 **
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:52 Rob: *looks absolutely insane* HEEEERRE'S ROBBEH!! *suddenly brings an axe down on the counter, smashing it*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 03:53 *screams and falls forward as Rob axes the counter*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:53 (Ok.) Sonny: *grabs the reverse key and backs up the tractor*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:54 *screams, in true Wendy fashion*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 03:55 Rob: *goes for Jackie* There's no escaping now!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 03:56 *the tractor is reversed super quickly, then goes forward quickly, making everyone's stomach lurch* Whoa, Sonny! Slim it!
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:56 *looks considerably frank* Haste makes waste. *pauses, reversing the tractor again* Strike while the iron is hot.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:57 Matt: *probably got hit somewhere* *stumbles into a few backpacks and weapons lined up in the back* Amanda: *grabs the sniper and shoots at Fred*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:58 Fred: *holes are made in his holographic body, but he's still alive**looks around creepily and walks towards Matt and Amanda in a zombie-like fashion*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 03:59 *half -sings an 80s song* As he came into the window, it was the sound of a crescendo...*guns the tractor*
Player 22015,Oct.29 03:59 Fred: *makes a holographic bow and arrow and prepares to shoot**however, Matt and Amanda shoot at him crazily**is blasted to bits**vanishes*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 03:59 *says darkly but firmly* Get out of this tractor. Fred: *smirks* Try me.
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:00 Tyler: Believe in whatever you want to believe in, but all you're doing is blinding yourself. Putting a veil between you and the truth. Nicole: No, Tyler. You're putting a veil in between..."yourself" and the truth.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:00 ...Then you ran into the bedroom, you were struck down, it was your doom. *jerks the tractor back again*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 04:00 Amanda: Okay, I'll try you. *then, she and Matt blast him to bits*
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:01 And that's because you aren't real. No matter how much I want you to be real, and no matter how much I act like you're real, in the end...you aren't. And you don't know how much-even after what you have said and done-I want you back.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 04:01 *slams down on the gas* *the tractor moves forward*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 04:01 *mutters unenthusiastically as Sonny brings the tractor to a halt* You've been hit by a smooth criminal. Sonny: Yeah.
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:02 *puts her hand on Tyler's cheek gently* I'm sorry, but I have to do this. *pulls out a gun she secretly snatched from the ground near the tent during the chase and presses it to Tyler's forehead*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:02 Rob: If you don't come out, I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow this counter down! Jackie: *lets out a whimper, grabbing Madison*
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:03 *takes her hand away from Tyler's cheek and clutches the gun tightly with both of her hands**a thought stirs in her mind that urges her to stop and keep "Tyler" with her one moment longer, but she pushes it away quickly* Thinks: It's now or never.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:03 *is meanwhile fighting for her life in the concessions area, alongside Pinak and Jackie* *viciously throws a box of something at Rob*
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:04 *shoots**Tyler stumbles back, still "alive"**shoots over and over until the gun runs out of bullets and makes a clicking sound whenever she pulls the trigger**Tyler collapses, his image cracked and pixelized*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:04 Rob: *roars, falling back* GOOD FOR NOTHING PIECES OF (BLEEP)!!! *chucks the box at all three of them, contents flying*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:04 *grabs the nacho cheese machine, whimpering* *squirts cheese Rob's way*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:05 *dives behind some crates in an effort to avoid yet another wave of flying knives*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:05 *ducks, nevertheless being showered by bags of chips*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:06 *picks up one of the knives (the box turned out to be full of knives for cooking) and throws it at Rob**Rob suddenly makes two giant guns appear and deflects the knife with one of the guns*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:06 *well, make that knives AND chips*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:07 *his eyes widen* Oh- (Sorry Paige) Jackie: *finishes Pinak's sentence for him* [BLEEP]!!!!!
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 04:07 *the new, reprogrammed Tyler appears right in front of the tractor* *steps on the brake* Tyler: Going somewhere?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:07 *Rob laughs evilly, brandishing the guns**he and the other two get up and start running down a random hallway that leads to the bathrooms-and luckily one of the exits*
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:08 *walks out of the hallway and back into the field just as the old Tyler vanishes behind her**is calm and confident-until she sees the new Tyler*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:08 Rob: *kind of lost track of them* *wanders around the stadium aimlessly*
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:08 *gasps**then sees the tent**darts to it and grabs her bow and arrows**drops the gun; it is useless now*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:09 *gets up and grabs the sniper* Amanda: Matt. What are you- Matt: Hush. *stands up, looking at Tyler* Hate to rain on your personal parade, but your nine lives are over. Starting now. *loads the thing*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:09 *walks outside towards a tree, shaking* *looks up* I think we lost him.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:10 *gives "Ty-Guy" a slight wave* Au revior.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:10 Tyler: I'm not DONE yet, boy. Matt: Well- looks like you are. Because we're SICK and TIRED of listening to you spew horse(BLEEP) our way.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 04:11 *nods* That;
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 04:11 *That's right.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:12 Tyler: I have no time to waste with some stupid kid. Matt: I don't have time to dilly-dally with you either, Ty-Guy.
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:13 *walks calmly over, joining in**knocks an arrow and aims it right at Tyler's head*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:13 Remember - haste makes waste!
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:13 *gives Matt a tiny nod, letting him know that she's okay now*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:14 *pants and clutches the place where he was shot* Yeah...whew...
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 04:14 You can say your prayers, you can say 'sayonara'....but if your intention is to mess around, you're out of luck.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 04:15 *goes over to Dewey, who is still busy monitoring anyone* Anything new? *Dewey points out that Pinak, Madison, and Jackie are separated from everyone else* Hm...perfect.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:15 *notices Pinak in pain* Hey, are you okay?
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:15 *mopes around in the back, having nothing better to do*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:16 *chooses to ignore Nicole and shoot what is left of Tyler* *Tyler is gone- for good, this time*
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:16 It's over, Tyler. You've been dead for two years. No matter how much anyone wants it, you're not coming back.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 04:16 At long last...
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:16 We're not stupid. We know what you are and who sent you here. [Note that Nicole said all of this before Matt "killed" Tyler.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 04:17 *sits in silence for a brief moment before gearing up and driving towards the tent*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 04:18 *turns to everyone* Ready to set out and eliminate Jackie, Pinak, and Madison?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:19 *sees the tractor approaching and waves* Okay, so who's okay and who's not?
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:19 *hops up onto the tractor Dauntless style*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 04:19 I think we're all fine. We just had a scare.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:20 It was a bit haunting. Seeing all the people who died in front of your own eyes.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:21 Well...come on in. *beckons everyone to the tent* I have a healthy dinner awaiting.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 04:21 Yeah, it was. And I'm truly sorry that I couldn't somehow turn back time and save them, or somehow stop it all from happening. It'll be the biggest mistake I've ever made.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 04:22 You can't make amends with the people who have passed on before you. But you can make amends with yourself.
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:22 We all feel that way, Connor. I mean, all the 20th Battles veterans. Trust me.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:22 *nods slowly* Yeah...*heads inside of the tent*
Player 22015,Oct.29 04:22 By the way...where's Jackie, Madison, and Pinak?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 04:23 *all three of the others nod* Let's go. *they grab their weapons and set out, using their devices to track their targets*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:24 Well...yes, you are correct.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 04:24 *they soon approach the three* Hello...hm, you're lost, scared, and unarmed. How convenient. *takes out his knife*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 04:25 *takes out her knife* BINgo.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 04:26 *parks the tractor behind the tent* *enters the tent after doing so and sits around the buffet line of junk food*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.29 04:26 (We have to go, we'll be back tomorrow!)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:27 *nodded to Madison in response**is now looking warily at the Hunters*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:27 [OK, bye!]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 04:30 [gtg myself. I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. *offline*]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 17:23 *smirks* Well well well. Look what we have here.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 17:24 We don't have all day, Buddy.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 17:24  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to Gonzalo  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.29 17:26 *picks up the sponsor item, which is a copy of the book Frankenstein* Hmm. Wonder who sent me this. *sits down in the tractor and flips through a few pages, skimming through* *is eventually hooked and begins reading*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 17:31 *looks down at the dinner choices* Popcorn?...*eats a few kernels*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.29 17:32 What else did you expect? Steak? Sonny: I don't know. When I hear the word "dinner"...Connor: In a World Battles arena, don't expect to eat a proper meal. *rips open a fruit snacks package*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 17:33  Using Blow  *begins fighting* *punches Pinak*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 17:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=92  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 19:38  Using Blow  *tries to resist*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 19:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 19:39 *falls down**sees stars for a moment*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 19:55   + 10 Strength points to Buddy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 19:55   + 10 Weakness points to Pinak  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 19:55 [Hi!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 19:56  Giving Blow (x 10) to Mick  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 19:56 (Hey!)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 19:56  Giving Blow (x 10) to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 19:56  Giving Blow (x 10) to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:56  Using Blow  *throws his knife at Madison*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 19:57  Giving Blow (x 10) to Pinak  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:57 [I have to go in 15 minutes. Let's get some good ol' roleplaying in while we can! :D]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 19:57 (Okay!)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:57 [Calling crap on that.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:58 [Calling crap on that... -___-]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 19:58  Using Blow  Hey, sick girl. *attacks Jackie*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 19:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=75  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=76  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59  Using Blow  *tries dodging*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59 [That's much better. XP I was beginning to think that Nicole = Javier to the Dice or something...]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  (Um, calling crap on that.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59 [Wow...]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59 *didn't dodge very well...*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59  Using Blow  *slams her axe handle into Buddy's Rob cage*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 19:59 [The Merciless Dice are back. XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:00   + 10 Strength points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:00 [Buddy's Rob cage? XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:00   + 10 Weakness points to Madison  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:00 *crap, rib, not Rob...stupid auto correct...
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:00 (Hahaha!! Stupid autocorrect.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:00 [Rob: *in Buddy's cage**rattles bars* LET ME OUT!! HE HASN'T BEEN PREWRITING!!]
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:01  Using Blow  (BLEEP), please. *walks up to Madison and gives her a hearty shove*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=21  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:01 (Hahaha! )
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:02  Using Blow  *tries grasping Mick's knife*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:02   + 10 Strength points to Buddy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:02   + 10 Weakness points to Jackie  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:03   + 10 Strength points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:03   + 10 Weakness points to Mick  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:03  Using Blow  *tries kicking Buddy right in his bumhole*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=1  [Mind "refilling" Pinak's Blows?]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:03 [WHAT THE-?!?!?!]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:04  Using Blow  *sees Pinak laying around* Well don't YOU look sick...I'mma ruin your day and kick you. *does just that*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:04 (I think I did.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=31  [Go away, Merciless Dice!!]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:04  Using Blow  *attacks Javier head-on*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:04 [Or don't. ~.~]
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:05 *looks at Madison with intense worry* DUDE!! Give me my knife back!
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  (Got that stinkin' score last time.)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:05 *teeters around, trying to recover from the literal butthurt*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:06 [Wait, nvm, you did refill his blows. Thanks!]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:06  Using Blow  *slashes Mick with her own knife, and mercilessly*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:06  Using Blow  *tries dodging and hitting Jackie in a painful pressure point*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:06 (No problem!)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:07 *it was painful alright*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:07  Using Blow  *tries dodging*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:07 *just barely dodged*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:08 [Feeeeeel the burr-er-butthurt, Buddy!! >:) XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:08   + 10 Strength points to Pinak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:08   + 10 Weakness points to Buddy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:08 (Yeah! He deserves it!)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:08 [Totally. XD]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:08   + 10 Strength points to Mick  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:09   + 10 Weakness points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:09   + 10 Strength points to Javier  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:09 *sees a trash can nearby, as well as something shiny near the top of it**goes over and pulls out the shiny thing-an empty glass bottle* Bingo.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:09   + 10 Weakness points to Jackie  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:10  Using Blow  *goes back over to Buddy and tries breaking the bottle on the back of Buddy's head in order to knock him out*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:10 *grits teeth* Now give me my knife.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:10 [Here we go AGAIN...]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=70  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:11 [That's a bit better, don't you think, Merciless Dice? XP]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:11  Using Blow  Or..do I have to do it for ya? *attempts to kick Madison, all done in a drunken manner*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:11  Using Blow  *pushes Buddy away towards Pinak - a bit of a trap there*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:11  Using Blow  *shoots his sniper at Jackie*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=84  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  (What? No. I don't accept that. Buddy needs to get over to Pinak...haha.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 20:12 [Mwah ha ha haaa. >:)]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:13  Using Blow  *is shoved towards Pinak* *doesn't see the glass bottle coming*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 20:13 *staggers backwards* Ooof!! *collapses, blood visible*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:13 *Buddy slumps to the ground, knocked out cold*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:14  Using Blow  *aims at Javier, and shoots*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:14 *nods to Madison thankfully*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:14   + 10 Strength points to Pinak  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:14   + 10 Strength points to Madison  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:14   + 20 Weakness points to Buddy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:15   + 10 Strength points to Jackie  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.29 20:15   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:15 [Well, I have to go. I'll probably be back in around three hours. Not quite sure though; I may be late, I may be early. I'll probably be on @ the fixed times too. See you! *offline*]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:16 *chucks Mick's knife far into the parking lot* There's your knife.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:16 (Okay, see you!)
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 20:16 (Ok, bye!)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 20:17 *is obviously pretty ticked* *mutters:* (BLEEP). *stalks off to go retrieve it*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.29 23:20 [I'm back!]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.29 23:21 *yelps and falls back, the bullet skimming his leg and making a shallow but painful gash*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:18 *watches from afar*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.30 03:33 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.30 03:36 [Anyone?]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:39 (Hi!)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:39 *knows that since most of the Hunters are down/not in the general area, they should get away - quickly*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.30 03:43 [Heya! I'll be on here and STFM-mainly STFM.]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:44 (Ok.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:44 Guys, we need to get out of here while we have the chance.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:53 *looks at the others, glaring* Well?
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:53 *takes that as her cue to leave* *goes back into the stadium and to the tent*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 03:54 *looks up at Madison* Oh, hey. Where were you? Where are the others.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:55 *sighs, pushing some hair away from her face* Holographic Rob was chasing Jackie, Pinak, and I. We were chased out of the stadium, which is when the Hunters saw us. So there was a bit of a falling out.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:55 We're okay, though. And they'll be coming along shortly.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:56 Okay, great. *pats the space next to him* Have a seat, and some food.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 03:56 *smiles mischievously* I gave Buddy a taste of his own medicine by...er...shoving some of his "chocolatey" stuff farther up his body with my foot.
Player 22015,Oct.30 03:56 *smirks*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 03:57 Help yourself. Candy and popcorn are on the menu tonight.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 03:57 *an entire mountain of empty fruit snack wrappers are sitting by him*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:58 *sits down next to Derek* *takes a pack of Sour Patch Kids*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 04:00 So, where's Gonzalo? I haven't seen him lately.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 04:00 I think I saw him in the tractor, reading a book*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 04:01 *raises eyebrows* That's a first.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 04:01 *plops down by Connor and helps himself to some popcorn**tries out Sonny's nacho cheese and popcorn* Mmm...this is actually really good!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.30 04:02 *is actually with Matt, discussing books* ...y'know, I didn't think this would be a good book, but it turned out to be A-okay. Well, technically I haven't finished, but...
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 04:03 Well, glad ya like it. I didn't think it would be that big of a hit.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 04:04 The popcorn here is kind of burnt and tasteless, so the nacho cheese really does give it a kick.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 04:05 *nods* Yeah. I have read it before, and I must admit, better than expected.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.30 04:06 So, what are you reading, Matt?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 04:10 Agreed. *pops another piece of "nachocorn" in his mouth*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 04:10 This should be called nachocorn...or maybe even cheesecorn.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 14:31 Nachocorn. Definitely. Max: According to our statistics...nachocorn is now going viral.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 14:32 I'm reading The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. One of my all-time favorite series.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.30 14:33 Oh. I tried reading The Hobbit, but never finished it. The movies were great, though. I guess I'm not that big of a reader, so this is kind of a "rebirth" for me.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 14:35 Only problem is, the cheese gets kinda cold after awhile...still great, though!
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 14:36 You should try it sometime soon. And the movies are like, my favorites.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.30 14:38 *nods* *looks at the screen* Whadya know- it's getting late. *slams his book shut* *goes to the tent and joins everyone else*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:41 -LATER, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT-
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:42 *is currently active, acting up* *in in the concession area, throwing the popcorn machine against the wall to no avail* *crashing and shattering is heard from afar*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 14:43 *flips over for about the 50th time that night* *has been having difficulties going to sleep due to some extreme pain* *hears the crashing, but doesn't think twice about it*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:44 *after throwing the popcorn machine against the wall for a good five minutes, she heads out onto the open field, right towards the tent*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:44 *approaches the tent, walking in casually* *gets down on the floor and crawls around* *crawls over to Madison*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 14:45 *coughs a little, then rolls over, taking Madison with him*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:46 *crawls over to Pinak* *leans over him*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 14:47 *is fully aware of Nana's presence, but frozen in place out of fear* *sees Nana leaning over Pinak* *can't really see what she's doing, but doesn't really want to know*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:49 *crawls to the far corner, close to Gonzalo and Matt* *grabs the bag of nachocorn and starts shoving it into her face* *munches loudly and obnoxiously, getting crumbs all over the place* *finishes up the bag, then tosses it onto Gonzalo*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:50 *goes over to Matt* *just sits there, watching him* *then whispers, "my little boy" or something along those lines* *starts going crazy, hyperventilating and growling*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:51 *leans forward and grabs Sonny's foot, agitated*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.30 14:51 *turns over, the popcorn bag falling off of him* *clears his throat a little*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 14:52 *watches Nana from under the blanket* *clearly sees Nana nibbling on Sonny's toes*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:53 *begins to go crazy after that, and crawls around the tent super fast* *bends over Connor and hisses in his face*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 14:54 *reisists from screaming
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 14:54 *kind of wakes up, looking around frantically*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 14:54 *crawls right over Amanda's legs and out of the tent*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 14:55 *sits up, shaken silly*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 14:56 *looks over at Amanda tiredly* *sounds a bit congested* Are you okay?..What happened?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 14:56 *sits up too, but is barely awake* *goes back to bed after that*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 14:57 *says shakily:* She was in here...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 14:57 Who. Who was in here.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 14:58 *coughs a little* Matt's grandma.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.30 14:59 *looks freaked out* *goes back to bed after that, without asking any questions*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.30 15:00 *looks out the tent door and sees Nana galloping in the direction of the Arsenal, probably to wreak havoc over there* *tries to go to bed after that*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.30 15:02 -THE NEXT MORNING-
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.30 15:03 *wakes up, acting like nothing happened* *after all, he didn't see any of it happen* *sees the popcorn bag* Was this some kind of sick joke?...*shrugs it off and goes outside*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.30 15:03 *passed out somewhere inside of the stadium, content*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 15:04 *wakes up due to being so cold* *joins Gonzalo outside*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 16:22 *wakes up, yawns, and stretches**looks at Derek (who is awake, but barely), a bit grouchy* Okay, Derek, admit it. Your breath stinks. Don't breathe on me again.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 16:23 *Derek replies groggily "I didn't breathe on you."* Well, someone did... -.- o.O
Player 22015,Oct.30 16:25 *has been awake for a while, just thinking and sitting inside the tent while waiting for the others to wake up**looks at Pinak* I think it was Mabel. Last night I woke up just in time to see her crawl out of the tent.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.30 16:26 *internally freaks out for a moment**creeped* Aw man...eugh... *shudders* O.O >.< I am totally going to start washing my face every day if I get out of these Battles.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 01:02 *wakes up and joins everyone else outside* *eats an energy bar that came in the back pack*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 01:03 *eats fruit snacks, staring into space while doing so*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:04 *saunters out of the tent, looking really solemn*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:04 *pulls Jackie aside, and they discuss things quietly with each other*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 01:05 *exits the tent with Matt, talking quietly* *seems very annoyed*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 01:05 *glances Jackie and Sonny's way* Um...everything okay? Is there something we're missing out on? *laughs with uncertainty*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:06 Listen, ah...*looks around* We have to leave.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:06 *nods slowly* Yeah...we're taking a risk.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 01:07 Leave? So soon? *is not really kidding* Sonny: Yeah...haha. *pauses* We can't stick around. I mean...people might die, and...we can't risk losing one another. *looks sheepish* Gonzalo: Okay. Your choice, not mine.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 01:08 *is a bit surprised* Hey, you guys can stay at me and Amanda's apartment! *starts giving out directions immedietly*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 01:08 Wait. What kind of bull(BLEEP) is this? You guys can't just leave.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:08 Whoa, whoa. *smiles* Not so fast, Con-Con. We're not going this instant.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:09 Yes, we can. We have to.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:09 *looks at Derek* And it's not your decision, dude. Gonzalo: If anyone, it's their's.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:09 Uh...*looks around at nothing in particular* We gotta cut these trackers out.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:10 *says quietly* I can cut yours, Jackie.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:11 *is up and at 'em, blasting music for everyone's "enjoyment"*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 01:11 *is not in the Arsenal* *in fact, she and most of the others are wandering around the stadium, looking for stuff*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 01:12 *grabs her first-aid kit and a pair of keys, prepared to help Sonny and Jackie with their exodus*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 01:13 I can help you guys carry out the procedure. Sonny: Sure. Madison: *cracks open a first aid kit* *is handed a knife by Derek* *passes it on to Sonny*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:13 *nods, looking at Sonny* *quickly extends her arm* *says shakily:* I'm ready.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:14 *nods* This might hurt a little...try and relax. *takes Jackie's arm, and finds the area where the needle was injected* *winces, then makes a small slice* *finds the tracker and pops it out*
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:16 *promptly begins screaming and crying*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 01:16 *takes Jackie's arm* *she and Amanda help clean up the cut and bandage it up*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 01:17 *grabs a needle and medical thread* We've gotta close the wound before it gets infected. Derek: Heh. Good thing we have a seamstress on out hands. Amanda: *nods obliviously, not really paying attention*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:18 *stands around, knowing he's next* Madison: *turns to Amanda* Keep fixing up Jackie. I've got Sonny.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:19 Amanda: *nods* Jackie: *screams:* NO!!! Please, please....it hurts so bad. Amanda: *says calmly:* I'm almost done.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 01:20 *takes the knife from Sonny, then cleans it off* *takes his arm and makes an incision*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:21 *winces, then kind of screams* GOD!! This hurts like H***!!! Agh...Madison: I'm really sorry...*flicks the tracker away* Sonny: Do the honors, Connor...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 01:22 *disappears inside of the tent* *returns with his sledgehammer* *raises it, then smashes the tracker*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:22 *is kind of scared by this, so he goes off to sit in the tractor and skim throug Gonzalo's copy of Frankenstein*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:22 *goes in "line" to get some help from Amanda*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 01:24 *bandages up Jackie, and serves Sonny afterwards*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:25 *is finally finished being treated* *looks at the ground* Well, guys...this is the end of the line. Thanks for everything, and stay alive.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 01:26 *nods a little* Good luck. We'll miss havin' you two around here. Travel safely.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:27 *waves carefully, in a great amount of pain* Thank you for helping out...we'll see you all soon. *tries to smile, but ends up grimacing*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 01:27 *gives Jackie and Sonny directions to the apartment again* I don't have pen and paper, but I hope you remember. We told our friend Drew to expect us or any other fellow contestants, so he should answer...I hope.
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:27 *nods a little* Okay.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 01:28 *hands them the set of keys* In case nobody's home.
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:29 *takes the keys gratefully, then exchanges a one-armed hug with Amanda before heading out*
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 01:29 Thanks. *takes them* Well...*looks at Jackie* We'd better be hitting the dusty trail. See you guys soon, okay? *turns around and starts heading towards the exit, his good arm around Jackie*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 01:30 *says a little sadly:* Bye....*Sonny turns around and waves* *watches them until they disappear from view*
Player 22015,Oct.31 02:58 [I'm on! One sec, got to read everything.]
Player 22015,Oct.31 03:04 [Done!]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:05 Er-guys...? Random Rebel: Yeah? Pinak: I...need to leave too.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:07 I need to get back to Alisha. I won't tell you who, but...another friend of ours and I made an agreement shortly before I came to Hawaii for the interviews.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:09 However, I actually won't be leaving until around the finale. You know, when Max and Co. are busy watching some sort of battle or whatever will come and probably won't notice me or...the friend.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:10 I know it may be a bit dumb telling you this when Max is obviously watching, but I thought I should let you know since Sonny and Jackie left.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:14 *shrugs* Obviously Max won't really care - I mean, he's never really interfered with this kind of thing.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:15 [Hey! I'll be on here and STFM.]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:15 *TSFM
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:15 (Hi! Okay.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:15 Whatever the plan, we'll make it work.
Player 22015,Oct.31 03:16 Yeah. During the Flamethrowers reunion-which I watched-they got him to sign a treaty preventing him from capturing escaping tributes and treating them like prisoners.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:17 Besides, it doesn't make a lick of sense - why make someone a prisoner on a (BLEEP) TV show? *laughs heartily*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:18 *wanders around in the stadium interior* *sees a door, and opens it to reveal a room with a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:18 *enters-
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:19 s*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:19 *follows Mick* Where are YOU going?
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:19 I know, but the treaty said nothing about him attacking the rescuers. And there have been many times when he attacked the rebel helicopters that came to the rescue-think of those Battles where Noelle died.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:19 *is looking around the corridors for a tractor* *finds one in a giant space close to the entrance* Great. *hops in and revs it up*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:20 Maybe they were asking for it.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:20 Depends on who you're talking about.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:20 *after the battle against Madison, Pinak, and Jackie, he returned to the Arsenal and fixed himself up**then he fell asleep**is unaware that Mick and Buddy are gone*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:20 *begins driving slowly towards Buddy* All aboard, dude! *laughs heartily*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:21 *glares at Buddy* *is standing in the middle of the room* Where do you think, jerk?
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:21 *ignores Mick and goes over to Dewey* Wow, smooth...
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:21 Well, there's nothing that prevents Max from sending his own helicopters after the rescuers' ones-the treaty doesn't prevent that. So, to be safe, I'll wait until the finale. Plus, I want to help you guys survive before I leave.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:21 Now we have TRANSPORTATIOOOONNN!!! EYYYYYY!!!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:22 *smiles widely* Yeah. Pretty sleek, ain't it?
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:22 *crosses her arms* Guys. *is drowned out by screaming* GUYS. *they ignore her* IF YOU DON'T LISTEN TO ME, I'LL SHOOT YOU.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:23 Yeah! What? *looks at Mick*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:24 Check out this room. Buddy: It's nothing special. Mick: Yeah, but we can stay in here if we need quick access to the stadium.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:24 Mick, chill. *focuses his attention on Mick*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:24 *slowly drives over to the room* It's....a room. Mindblown....
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:24 Good idea. *could really care less since he's having a great time*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:25 I know, right?! *is not being sarcastic*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:25 *mutters:* Um...it's just a ROOM.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:26 *wakes up to see that the others are gone*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:27 Shoot... *rushes over to the computer and manages to find them**pulls up the map of the arena that was made via some overhead live feed on his device and uses the map to find the others**runs super fast until he finally finds them*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:27 [XD I cracked up when Buddy was like "Now we have TRANSPORTATIOOOONNN!!! EYYYYYY!!!"]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:28 (Haha!)
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:29 Yeah. What a find, Mick. What a find.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:29 *sits around* SO - we'll attack at night. For now, we just stay in here.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:29 *leans against a wall* Since when were YOU made boss?
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:30 It's not like Javier trusts you idiots. Duh. So listen to my orders.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:30 -LATER-
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:31 *walks in* What are you doing? *sees the tractor* Hm...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:31 *is in the tent* Hey guys, I really have to use it...I'll be back in a minute.
Player 22015,Oct.31 03:31 *sitting in the tent**nods quietly*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:32 *looks up at Connor from the copy of his book* Okay. Stay safe. *goes back to reading*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:32 Okay. See ya, Connor.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:32 *walks off to the interior of the stadium, towards the bathrooms*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:33 *happens to be cruising around with the tractor*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:33 *took his sledgehammer with him*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:34 *hears the motor of the tractor* *looks up warily, holding up his sledgehammer* *can't really run or hide anywhere*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:34 *keeps walking*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:34 Gotcha right where I wantcha, punk. Get in. *gets up and tackles Connor into the back*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:36 *happens to be in the rear* *says in a Southern way:* Come AWNNNNN in!! *shoves Connor into the back*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:36 *tumbles into the back with Buddy, grunting a little*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:38 Heheheh....*steps on the gas, speeding around the entire stadium* *finally reaches Mick and Javier* Hey guys. Fresh meat. *smirks*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:38 *is just relaxing and having a chat with Madison**looks around a little* Wait...do I hear a motor? Like a tractor or something?
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:38 Nice work, Dewey.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:39 *suddenly, an announcement comes on* Max: Attention, contestants! From now until 6 am, there will be a blackout! That's right - starting now, there will be no lights on in the stadium.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:39 Wow...for a dumb(BLEEP) like you, that's pretty exceptional.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:40 *very bossily shoves Connor across the room, kicking the door shut behind him*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:40 Well, we're screwed, aren't we.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:40 *watches as the stadium lights blink off, and following the lights, the screen* Yeah, we are.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:41 *mutters a swear* I should have sent someone in the bathroom with Connor! *slams his book down angrily*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:41 Thanks, dude. It was my pleasure. *walks into the small room* Good thing we have power. No one else does. *laughs*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:43 *stumbles around the tractor, nearly colliding head-on with it* *roars* (BLEEP)!!!!
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:43 *munches on a satisfying snack, looking around curiously*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:43 *is kind of freaked out with Gonzalo because of his behavior*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:44 How about we just kill him now? I brought my knife.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:44 *walks into the tent, tripping over someone or something* *huffs angrily* Everyone stay in the tent. No one leaves unless it
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:44 *it's absolutely crucial*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:44 [You know what I find annoying about so many movies?]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:44 *sighs, sounding more annoyed than scared* What do you want now?
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:44 *nods* Okay.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:45 (What?)
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:46 Um...I don't know. *glances at Dewey*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:47 [It's how the bad guys are about to kill the main good guy and then they start monologuing. And it happens EVERYWHERE in movies. Meanwhile, you're like "OH, COME ON. THE GOOD GUY IS AT YOUR MERCY. IF YOU WANNA KILL HIM, SHUDDAP AND JUST DO IT!!!! >.< "]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:47 Here. *drags a chair over* *takes Javier's rope* *motions for Connor to come over* Sit down. *points* In the chair. Connor: *has no choice but to sit in the chair and be tied up by Mick*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:47 *huffs* Guys. We just captured a rebel. We are supposed to kill rebels. Are we gonna do it or not?
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:48 (Yeah.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:48 *takes out his knife impatiently*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:48 First, we need some answers.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:49 I'll take this. *throws Connor's sledgehammer against a wall*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:49 [I love it how in various comedic spin-offs of movies they directly make fun of it. Like, in one James Bond comedic spin-off movie, one bad guy told off another bad guy for having the idea that they should just shoot the good guys (which was one of the
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:49 *leans against the wall, giving absolutely no craps* I dunno.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:50 *says darkly:* Listen. *gets pretty vulger* I don't know what you (BLEEP) want, but you better get to the (BLEEP) point. Or else I'll wreck (BLEEP) havoc.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:50 best ideas that the bad guys had in the movie). It was like: Bad Guy's Son: Dad, we can just shoot them- Bad Guy: Shush! BDS: Bu- BD: SHH. BDS: We- BD: W. W. W. Dot SH!!! Dot com. Dot org...!!]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:51 *backs away mockingly* Oooo!!! Watch your language!...
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:51 *looks around cautiously* Uh, I gotta use the bathroom. Gonzalo: Oh for God's sake. *rolls eyes*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:51 *gives Mick a deadly glare* I'm not (BLEEP) PG anymore.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:51 Well...first of all, you can't wreck havoc, you can wreak it. *some of the others smirk as if he said the smartest thing in history* Secondly, I came here to eliminate you. Not sure about the others, but...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:52 Can't ya hold it?...
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 03:52 *is appointed as Matt's chaperone* Gonzalo: And, please- please bring the darn flashlight. Amanda: Okay. *pockets it*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:52 *laughs his head off at Connor's comment* Then what are you, exactly? Rated R? Connor: Maybe.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 03:53 *watches them leave* *adds:* Maybe find Connor while you're at it!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:54 Honestly, just kill the pip-squeak. He's annoying, he's rude, and he's not (BLEEP) PG no more. *throws his hands up in the air* I dunno.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:54 *turns to Javier* Eliminate me? Define. From what I remember, "eliminate" doesn't just mean "kill".
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 03:55 *crosses her arms and laughs* Yeah. (BLEEP)'s killin' me.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 03:55 Will do! Matt: I promise Nicole, I'll be back soon! I'm only taking a-*nothing more is heard as Derek loudly roars, "BYEEE!"*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:56 *says factually:* Yeah. He's fair game.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:56 In the Battles, "eliminate" and "kill" are equivalents.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 03:57 *takes out the flashlight and shines it towards the bathroom* *enters, standing by the wall* I'll be waiting here while you 're occupied. Matt: Alright. *runs into a stall, staying there for a good five minutes*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 03:57 [Should Javier kill Connor? (Hopefully not...)]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:58 Don't get me wrong, it would be pretty easy to take down a college football quarterback, a frankly crazy girl, a wunderkind, and a small-town criminal. With a SLEDGEHAMMER.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:58 Javier's right. Honestly, Connor? I don't get into the logistics if it ISN'T. WORTH. MY. TIME.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Oct.31 03:58 (No.)
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 03:59 And right now, listening to your annoying loudmouth isn't a priority. *whips Connor across the face*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 03:59 Then we better get crackin'!
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:00 *is done in the bathroom* Okay. Let's go! *they set out, the flashlight guiding them*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:03 *a beam of the flashlight hits a figure- who looks directly back at them* *drags Matt into the nearest utility closet without further ado* Matt: What? WHAT? Amanda: It's- *the door handle clicks, which is followed by the intense pounding of the door*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:03 *a beam of the flashlight hits a figure- who looks directly back at them* *drags Matt into the nearest utility closet without further ado* Matt: What? WHAT? Amanda: It's- *the door handle clicks, which is followed by the intense pounding of the door**
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:03 (Double post)
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:04 Holy (BLEEP)! Holy (BLEEP)! *gets into the corner* Just- just stay quiet. Amanda: *grips a mop*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:05 *remains extremely quiet* *tries to stop her own shaky breathing, but can't*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 04:06 *walks over to Connor**raises the knife**stabs him* [Note: It isn't fatal, but it's serious. It'll probably render him unconscious or something.]
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.31 04:06 Come out, come out, come out, little kiddies....come into the light....*can hear the other two behind the door* *grabs her really creepy yet powerful axe and axes the door down*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 04:06 *backs away, a bit surprised that Connor is still alive* Eh...he'll be dead in less than an hour. Let's go. The rebels'll never find him down.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:07 *starts screaming* *is huddled into Matt*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 04:07 I'll stay in here to guard.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:07 Uh, we can't just leave. There's a stadium blackout.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:08 *looks up at the light* Obviously! Are you really that stupid? This is the only source of light currently. We won't be able to see a thing if we go out there.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:08 I'm stayin' here.'don't want to drive out there in the darkness. Plus, Connor could escape. Not that it's likely, but still.
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.31 04:09  Using Blow  *grabs Matt forcefully and tries to axe him*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 04:09 *never find him here.
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.31 04:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=84  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:10  Using Blow  *tries to block the blow with a bucket*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:10 *didn't make it* *screams out*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Oct.31 04:10 Well...I'll stay here. I honestly have always felt safer in the Arsenal, but I'll stay.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  (actually, I'm gonna re-roll. Matt should win this.)
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:11 I AM game to fight some more rebels, though.
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:11 *hears Matt-barely, but she hears him**instantly recognizes that scream*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:11 [Mind if Nicole joins the fight?]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=78  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:12 [Also, how about you re-roll as Mabel until she gets something under 74?]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:12 *blocked with the bucket*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.31 04:13   + 10 Strength points to Matt  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:13 (They're out of zone, and this is about to end soon, anyways.) *is thrown to the ground, then hit in the head hard with the door*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.31 04:13   + 10 Weakness points to Mabel/Nana  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.31 04:13  Giving Blow (x 10) to Gonzalo  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 04:14  Giving Blow (x 10) to Mabel/Nana  
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.31 04:14  Using Blow  *runs at Amanda*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.31 04:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:14 [OK.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:14  Using Blow  *viciously smacks Nana with the mop, screaming in the process*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=38  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.31 04:16   + 10 Strength points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Oct.31 04:16   + 10 Weakness points to Mabel/Nana  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:17 *is dragged by Amanda towards the stands* *tries to say something, but is too weak* *Amanda stumbles through the stands, and he collapses many times* *sees Nana coming* *lets out a weird cry*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:18 *tries to carry Matt, but she trips several times since it's so dark* *stumbles around in the stands*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:19 *can't move on much longer, but tries to nonetheless* *groans:* Amanda...*she is suddenly pushed a few levels down by Nana*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:19 *finally collapses, letting out a yelp* *tears up out of fear* Matt...I'm sorry....
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:20 *screams after being pushed down by Nana* *winces, in great pain*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.31 04:20 *cue Mozart's Requiem music here* *attacks Amanda first, cutting a long slice on the surface of her arm* *then goes over to Matt*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 04:21 *hears some banging and crashing coming from afar* *cocks his head to the side, trying to make it out*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:21 *looks frozen*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Oct.31 04:21 *hunches over him* My dear boy....Matt: Nana! NANA, NO!!! Nana: You're aching to see Polly...I'll take you out of your misery....
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:23 *is able to grab some fireworks hanging out of Nana's bags, as well as a lighter* *sends off a signal* *screams:* HELP!!!! HELP!!! NICOLE, ANYONE! PLEASE!!!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 04:24 *hears the firework and screams for help* What the?! *stumbles to the exit*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:24 *sees the fireworks, looking amazed* Whoa...
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:24 Nana: Consider this a favor. Matt: NANA, NO! PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME....*cries hard*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:24 *mutters:* Holy crap. *follows Gonzalo/everyone else*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:25 *can hear some of the commotion, but not all of it* Looks like everything's covered. Connor, you're screwed.
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:26 *is already racing towards the battle*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:26 *smirks slyly*
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:26 MATT!!! AMANDA!!!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 04:26 *roars:* MATT!!!! *leads the pack*
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:26 *unfortunately, she is still pretty far away, since the stadium is big**keeps running, though*
Player 22015,Oct.31 04:27 *is pretty far ahead of Gonzalo and Co.**leaps over the wall into the stands in a single bound and starts running up the stairs*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 04:27 *accidently slams into the stand wall* *quickly recovers and attempts to climb up*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:27 Matt: *stabbed hard by his own grandma* *she runs off, unable to be caught* *sits there, suffering slowly*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Oct.31 04:29 *screams in pure terror* MATT! MATT! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:29 *struggles to climb up the wall, but makes it - just in time to see Matt dying* *stops abruptly*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:30 *scared silly, his legs nearly falling from under him* *roars:* WE'RE COMING!!!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 04:31 What....*looks absolutely shocked*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:31 *sees Matt, a truly horrific sight* Oh my GOD!!!! Matt, Matt dude! No....NO!!!!!!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Oct.31 04:32 *watching Matt suffer is becoming too much* *can even see the blood in the darkness* *starts crying a little quietly*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:33 *the noises are beginning to be too loud* Okay, what's goin' on...*opens the door, leaning out of it for quite some time* *comes back in* Remember Meerkat Matt?...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Oct.31 04:33 *watches blankly* *removes his baseball cap and bows his head down sadly*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 04:34 Yeah? What about him?
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Oct.31 04:35 *sounds neither sad nor glad* He's in trouble. Probably dead soon.
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 04:35 Hmm. *doesn't really care*
Player 22015,Oct.31 23:56 *kneeling by Matt, holding onto him**is almost panicking*
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:04 [I'm on!]
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:10 [Anyone?]
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:17 [Still here.]
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:24 [Still on.]
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:32 [Still waiting.]
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:39 [Anyone on yet?]
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:46 [Hello?]
Player 22015,Nov.1 03:56 [I'm assuming no one's on. So, I'm going offline now. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 20:39 (Sorry we couldn't come on due to Halloween.)
Player 22015,Nov.1 23:07 [It's fine! :D Also, daylight savings time has come. But, I'll still be coming on @ what is now 9:00 PM CT/10:00 PM ET. Just wanted to let you know to avoid confusion.]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.1 23:23 (Ok.) *slumps against the bench thing, in terrible shape*
Player 22015,Nov.1 23:59  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 00:00  Secret message to Matt  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 00:01 (Hi!)
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 00:09  Secret message to  
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:14  Secret message to  
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:14 *that wasn't a secret message*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:15 *freaking out* *sort of hyperventilates*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.2 00:15 *watches Matt suffer, knowing it's inevitable*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:15 Gonzalo, please! We need to do something?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:15 *!
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.2 00:16 *turns to Derek, shaking his head slightly* *doesn't say anything*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:19 *leans back in his chair and watches on Dewey's computer, not affected*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:23 *leans back in his chair and watches on Dewey's computer, not affected*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:24 (Double post.)
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:06  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:06 [I'm on!]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.2 04:11 (Hi!)
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:14  Secret message to  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:14 [Hey! I'll be on here and STFM.]
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:14 *TSFM
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:14  Secret message to Matt  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:17 *takes out his first aid kit* I-I can help!! *with trembling fingers, he starts trying to sanitize Matt's wounds*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:17  Secret message to  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:18  Secret message to  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:19 *groans loudly* *is zoning in and out of consciousness, very near death* *is holding on for life* *whispers:* I don't wanna die...
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:20  Secret message to Matt  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 04:20 *watches, blinking back tears*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 04:20 You're not gonna die, Matt! *randomly screams:* NO! PLEASE!
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:21  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:21  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:21  Secret message to Matt  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 04:24 *puts an arm around Derek, hoping he'll calm down*
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:24  Secret message to Matt  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:25  Secret message to  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.2 04:25 *senses a feeling unbeknownst to him - an ache in his chest*
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:25  Secret message to Matt  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:25  Secret message to  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:28  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:30  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:33 *starts crying quietly* It's okay, Matt...you're not going to die...don't worry... *holds onto him tightly*
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:34  Secret message to  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.2 04:36 (We have to go, we'll be back tomorrow! Bye!)
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:40  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 04:40 [Aw, bye!]
Player 22015,Nov.2 21:08  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 21:09  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 21:10  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 21:11  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 21:11  Secret message to Matt  
Player 22015,Nov.2 21:13 [By the way, what is the next round? Are we going to do the 41st Battles or the 50th World Tours Battles? If we're doing the 41st Battles, what will the arena be? Will it be the Blues Brothers Battles, or something else?]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:03 [I'm online!]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:10 [Anyone?]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:15 [I'm still on.]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:20 [Hello?]
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:24 [Still here.]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:25 (Hi, sorry we're kinda late!)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:26 [Hey!]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:26 (To answer your question - yes. The next round is the 41st Round/"Blues Brothers". Once this round has ended, I will post a full list of the upcoming rounds to avoid confusion. Plus, we're gonna need some more time to figure out the 50th Round.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:26 [It's fine. I'll be on here and TSFM!]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:26 (Ok.)
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:26 [OK, thanks!]
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:28 *nearly dead by now* *a cannon goes off anyways, and the chopper arrives to pick him up, dead or alive* *he isn't in shape to continue* *has dropped into a coma by now*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:29 *emotionlessly tries to carry Matt to the tractor* *kind of trips*
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:29 NO!!! *crying hard now* NOOO!!!! *tries to pull Matt with her, but the others pull her back*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 04:29   + 20 Strength points to Mabel/Nana  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 04:30   + 5 Experience points to Mabel/Nana  
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:30 DON'T TAKE HIM AWAY!!!! HE'S NOT DEAD!!!! HE CAN'T BE DEAD!!!!! *falls down; the others have to catch her**lands on her knees, crying and holding onto some of her friends* HE CAN'T...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:30 *mutters:* I'm gonna need some help.
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:30 *breaks down*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:30 *volunteers and helps Gonzalo*
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:31 [Are both of you on?]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:31 *stands up, wiping the tears from his eyes*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:31 (Yeah.)
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:32 *gets in the tractor*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:32 *walks back inside the stadium to access the field* *sees some light coming from under a nearby door, but doesn't actually consider it* *walks onto the field, carrying Matt with his helpers*
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:33 [OK.]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:33 *hoists Matt onto the back of the tractor* *gets in the front and drives to the middle of the field*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:34 *wordlessly leaves Matt (and the tractor) in the middle of the field*
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:34 *is in the field by the wall**Pinak and Connor stay behind with her to comfort her, but it's in vain*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:35 *gets in the tractor*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:35 *looks back at Matt* *can't see much, but there is definitely dark red blood streaming from Matt's ears, nose, and mouth* *turns around and follows Gonzalo back to the tent*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:36 (Sorry, double post.)
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:36 *goes back to the tent*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:37 Come on, Nicole. We need to head back to the tent. *Nicole refuses to move, so he and Connor just follow the others to the tent, leaving Nicole out in the field*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:37 *gets back in the tent* *sees Gonzalo sitting in the far left corner, looking blank and staring ahead* *doesn't say anything about it, is feeling depressed as it is*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:37 *stumbles around in the stadium, crying a little* *needs to at least find Connor* *shines the flashlight*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:39 *sits inside the tent, squeezing an empty fruit snacks wrapper in between his palm* *stares into space*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:40 *sits down, also looking blank**sniffles a little*
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:40 *her sobs echo throughout the stadium*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:40 *sees a large quantity of fruit snack wrappers sitting on top of Matt's sleeping bag* *feels really sad*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:42 *says randomly:* Explosions...on the day you wake up, needing somebody...and you've learned....it's okay to be afraid, but it'll never be the same.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:42 I...I didn't know him for that long, but...he was nice. Really, really nice.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 04:43 *doesn't even acknowledge Derek*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:43 *looks at Derek and looks away, thinking about those words*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:44 *nods* Yeah. He didn't deserve to die. To be killed by his own grandma.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:44 *stands in silence for awhile* *hears some raspy breathing coming from somewhere in the darkness* *slowly turns the flashlight around, preparing to meet her doom* *Nana stands there, looking stoic and holding a knife* *she slowly raises it* *screams*
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Nov.3 04:45 *pins Amanda to the ground with no time to waste, hissing and growling* *raises the knife above her, merciless*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:46 AMANDA!! NO!!!!
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:46 [Nvm that. Forgot that she's in the stadium, away from most of the others.]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:48 *cries, knowing this could very well could be the end* *the knife is brought down* *lets out a battle cry and reverses it, shoving it up Nana's throat* *a gurgle and hack are heard, followed by the cannon*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 04:48   + 20 Strength points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 04:49   + 5 Experience points to Amanda  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:50 *is underneath a dead Nana for quite some time, crying* *finally gets up, grabs Nana's sinister axe* *is soaked in her blood from the stomach up*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:50 *walks through the stadium corridors* *says randomly:* Connor....
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:52 *meanwhile inside the small cubicle* Javier: Let's kill him. Buddy: *smirks* Yeah. Dewey: Okayyy....*suddenly, the door is brought down with three hard blows*
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:52 *hears the cannon and jumps**looks around weirdly*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:52 *flips around to see Amanda* *frowns in disbelief* Yo - girl? You're not supposed to be in here.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:53 *sees Amanda standing there* *yelps* It's Carrie! Buddy: *screams like a girl*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 04:53 Amanda?! *tries to see behind Buddy and Dewey* *struggles under the ropes* Amanda, I need you to get me outta here.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:54 *goes up to Connor and axes the ropes right off*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 04:54 *rolls eyes* REALLY?...
Player 22015,Nov.3 04:54 [More Stephen King references?! XD O.O]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 04:54 *goes right for his sledgehammer*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.3 04:55  Using Blow  *aims his sniper at Amanda and shoots*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:55 Dude! You're supposed to axe PERMISSION!!! *laughs at his stupid pun*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.3 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=75  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:55 *is suddenly very annoyed* *glares at Connor* Well, if it hadn't been for your knightess in shining armor, you would've been dead. *laughs a little* Personally,we shoulda just took you down right then.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:56  Using Blow  *swings her axe at Javier*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:56 But no. That's not how it works, does it. Huh?
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 04:56 *just stands there*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:57 *roars:* HUH?!?!?!!? *no answer* It's time to die, (BLEEP). You're done for.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 04:57 Okay, little lady. Cart yo (BLEEP) out of here. *is nearly beheaded after saying that*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:58 I'm not sure why everyone likes you, anyways. Just sayin', but Sonny's better than you. You're just all depressed because of that little boy who you saw die or whatever.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.3 04:59 *@ Buddy* Enough monologuing. FINISH HIM. *gives Connor the death stare*
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 05:01 And personally, you're depressing (BLEEP) needs to be carted out of here. Stop being a man-baby and grow up for once. Because guess what? Austin ain't comin' back. Kudos to you.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:01 Um, I don't know about all of y'all, but I'm leavin'. Clearly Connor's about to go apecrap, so...*leaps out of the broken door and into the tractor* *revs it up* BUS IS LEAVING!!!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:01 *suddenly looks very dark and dangerous* *says quietly:* Don't...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:02 *follows Dewey* Have fun dying, guys!!
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 05:03 *thinks this is a pretty grand joke* *laughs, arms outstretched* Ooo, Connor's getting mad!! *gallops around* Come at me! Let's see what you can do! Come on, bro!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:04 If ya can't afford it, ya can't (BLEEP) around no more. Besides, there's food in the Arsenal. And a bathroom.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:04 *charges at Buddy, smashing him with his sledgehammer* *Buddy's horrified screams echo throughout* *smashes Buddy even after the cannon goes off, in true Thomas killing Gally fashion - but maybe worse*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 05:05 *smashed into the corner, simply horrified* *screams*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:05 *is sort of brought to his senses when Amanda calls out his name in fear* *looks down at Buddy's mangled body, unfazed*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 05:05   + 20 Strength points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 05:06   + 5 Experience points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 05:06   + 10 Strength points to Javier  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.3 05:06   + 10 Weakness points to Amanda  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:07 *makes his way back to the tent*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:07 *regrets leaving once he hears the cannon* *drives past Nicole, who is crouched down on the field* *says quietly:* Hey. *slowly drives past* Mick: What was that?! Dewey: Oh, quit whinin'. *saved Nicole's life there*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:08 *springs forward when Connor arrives* Connor! Dude, are you okay?
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:08 *is a bit scared when Connor enters and goes right to his sleeping bag to go to sleep* *gets even more freaked out when she sees Connor's sledgehammer, which has some blood on it*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:09 *tries to go to sleep* *waits a few minutes before replying* I'm fine.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 05:09 *glances Connor's way*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:10 Okay. Just making sure. What happened?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:10 We heard a couple of cannons.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.3 05:10 *is with Dewey and Mick on the tractor*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:11 I killed Buddy...but I don't know who else died.
Player 22015,Nov.3 05:11 *sort of obliviously watches as the tractor goes by*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.3 05:11 *spends a few extra minutes in the small room, chilled to the bone for one night* *slowly gets up, steps out of the room, and stumbles to the bathroom for the night*
Player 22015,Nov.3 05:12 *turns and starts walking up the stairs**keeps going higher and higher and higher up in the stands*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:14 *says timidly, even though he knows the answer all too well:* Is Buddy dead? Mick: Um, that should be obvious, dummy. Dewey: *is feeling depressed and regretful* *pulls up to the Arsenal and goes up to the controls* *types in a password and opens the door
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:14 **
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:16 *goes on to explain* I only killed Buddy because he was egging me on. Just...*doesn't continue* It's hard. I want to forget about Austin, but it's hard to forget the past when it's made you who you are.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:17 *nods* It's the World Battles. There isn't much else you can do to those types of people when they target you like that.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:18 *nods slowly* I have no idea what you've gone through, but I get what you're saying. *adds:* There's a difference.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:19 *sighs, running a hand through his hair* I just don't want to be seen as a murderer. That's not who I am.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:19 I saw Austin's death on television, and it was just... *trails off*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:20 *finishes off for Pinak:* Upsetting.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:20 None of us are murderers. I mean...Buddy WAS a criminal, you have to consider that.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:21 Most of the Hunters, they're not murderers. Not even, say, Dewey.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 05:21 *is frankly tired of hearing everything* *gets up and leaves the tent*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:22 I don't know if we told you, but...Matt died.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:23 *looks down, not even knowing what to say* *clears his throat a little* Matt? *a few people nod or respond* *looks pretty sad* Why him? He didn't mean to hurt anyone.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:24 Nana got him.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.3 05:24 A lot of people don't mean to hurt anyone and they die anyway.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:25 *says quietly:* Absolutely.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:26 *sighs shakily* *lays down and tries to get some sleep, but can't, obviously upset* *doesn't even know where Amanda is*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:27 -THE NEXT DAY-
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:28 *wakes up pretty late, probably near noon* *there is no sign of Amanda or anyone else* *gets up and goes outside* *looks at the field goal, in thought*
Player 22015,Nov.3 05:30 *stayed up all night, sitting at the very top of the stands*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:30 *recalls childhood memories about waking up really early on a weekend morning to play games on the computer to avoid feeling sad*
Player 22015,Nov.3 05:30 *is now standing at the edge, contemplating whether or not to jump*
Player 22015,Nov.3 05:31 [I may disappear.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:31 (Okay.)
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:32 *tunes in and out of the conversation* *really starts to get curious about Amanda's whereabouts*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 05:33 *comes back out of one of the stadium tunnels, approaching the group* *mumbles:* Hey guys.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:33 *looks at Gonzalo* Hey. Where were you?
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:33 *climbs out of the tent, eating Scooby Doo fruit snacks* Good morning, guys...*shivers a little*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:34 *turns around* Oh, morning, Derek*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:34 *mumbles* I feel like just going back to bed, y'know? What's the point of getting up if everyone's gonna be depressed?
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 05:36 *remains blunt* I wasn't gonna stick around considering I wasn't in the greatest mood, but...here I am! *sounds pretty humorless*
Player 22015,Nov.3 05:37 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:37 Haha...*looks at the grass*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 05:37 (Bye!)
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:37 (Bye!)
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 05:39 Nevertheless, we have to get back to work. I have a feeling this is going to end soon, but we need to be prepared in case of a surprise attack. Today we're going to walk laps, not run laps - to get your muscles in shape.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 05:39 *nods and follows orders*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 05:41 *walks with the group this time, only because he feels the need to be around people in order to snap out of his current state* Hey, and maybe if you're lucky, we'll stop at the concession stand. Have some nachocorn or somethin'.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 05:41 *has a bit of a chat with Connor*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 18:21 -A FEW HOURS LATER-
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 18:22 Okay guys, we're gonna take a bit of a break! *goes to one of the concession stands*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 18:23 *sees the nacho cheese machine and popcorn machine and starts feeling considerably sad since Sonny, Jackie, Chyou, Matt, and others are gone* *isn't as hungry anymore, so he just makes himself some hot chocolate*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.3 18:24 *meakly sings the hot chocolate song from The Polar Express to lighten the mood while stirring his drink*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.3 18:25 Hey, has anyone seen Amanda or Nicole? I haven't seen any of them since last night.....hope they're okay...*makes some nachos*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.3 18:26 I don't know where Amanda went, but I saw Nicole way up in the stands. It's probably best to leave her alone though. I think Matt's death really hit home.
Player 22015,Nov.3 21:40 [Hey guys, read what happened on TSFM! It was actually pretty inspiring and action-packed. Please have your characters show their reactions to being rescued (which is what is currently happening). Sorry I sort of wrapped a lot of things up without you.]
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:15 [I'm here!]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.4 04:19 (Hi!)
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:21 [Heya! I'll be on here and TSFM.]
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.4 04:21 (Ok.)
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:23 *still contemplating whether or not to jump8
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:23 **
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:27 *watches from Dewey's computer* *wants to get revenge alone, but mainly since Dewey isn't doing anything and it's annoying her* *grabs her gun* Hey, I'm going to get something. See you guys later. *leaves the Arsenal*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:27 *enters the stadium, scowling*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 04:28 Okay. See you.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 04:28 *notices Nicole as she gets up and lifts up one of her legs over the edge**realizes what's going on**races out into the field* NICOLE!!!! NO!!!!!
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:28 *sees the group before they see her* *aims at no one in particular, then fires*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:28 *can't really hear Pinak from there**suddenly has a flashback of one of her conversations with Elsa*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:35 *in the flashback:* Nicole: *is depressed from the deaths of several of her friends* Elsa: Nicole-no matter what happens, always remember that life and time go on. Nicole: And what if I don't want MY life to go on?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 04:35 *hears something crash while simultaneously seeing Mick* *trips, trying to get out of the way* RUN!! RUN!!
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:35 Elsa: Then remember the lives of people who will have to go on without you. Remember the countless people who love you and who you love. Lose yourself and think of them.
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.4 04:36 *pushes everyone else before him before making a run for it himself*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:37 *the flashback ends and she finds herself again on the brink of death**jumps back, gasping*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:37 *begins running for his life* *races around the field and tries climbing into the stands*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:38 *hears the gunshots below**starts to scramble down the stands, trying to get to her friends as quickly as possible*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 04:38 *runs after Connor*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:38 *is dropping behind quickly* *Mick keeps shooting, and without mercy* *ducks down, avoiding a bullet, but tripping in the process*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:39 *holds Madison at gunpoint* Time to die, (BLEEP).
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:39 I've gotcha right where I want ya.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 04:39 *ducks down and tries climbing over the wall into the stands**does so, but faceplants at the bottom of the stands in the process*
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.4 04:40 *sees Madison in peril* *runs back towards her, attempting to save her from Mick* *sweeps her off the field and runs, but Mick is too quick* *collapses on the field after being shot in the back*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:40 *makes it to a lower part of the stands**luckily has her bow-she obliviously brought it along to the top of the stands last night*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:41 *has made her kill, so she escapes*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:41  Using Blow  NO!!! *launches an arrow at Mick's chest*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:42 [Nevermind.]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:42 *sees Gonzalo* *screams, no more, no less*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:42 [Mind replying on TSFM?]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:42 *gets scared once Gonzalo starts panting* *gets out from under his clutches and notices the blood on the field* Gonzalo! Gonzalo: You're okay now. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. *genuinely sounds okay, but he isn't*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:44 *screams fearfully:* Gonzalo! Gonzalo, don't! We- we can help...
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.4 04:45 *coughs* Don't worry about me. Worry about yourselves. Win this thing. Win it for me and everyone else. That's my last request....
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:46 *managed to rush over to Gonzalo*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 04:46 *comes over to Gonzalo and witnesses the final moments of pain and suffering before he passes on, signaled by the cannon*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.4 04:46   + 20 Strength points to Mick  
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:46 I'm sorry...I should've been here. I could've saved you...instead I was up there. Selfishly contemplating things. But I'll make up for it. I'll get all the rebels out of here. I promise.
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:47 *she said that before the cannon went off*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:47 *starts crying hard* *makes some really weird bawling noises*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.4 04:47   + 5 Experience points to Mick  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:48 *looks down at Gonzalo, understanding the price he was willing to pay for everyone*
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:48 *watches everything solemnly**was hit so hard by Matt's death that she feels empty rather than sad**just kneels there, looking blank*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 04:49 *goes over to Derek and gives him a tight hug* I know. We've lost too many people. Some of them we considered friends. I know this is probably pretty hard for you, since you knew him.
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:49 *make that, "death"
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 04:50 *turns away, breaking down a bit*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:51 *hugs Connor hard* It's like, everyone from Team Tyler dies....no matter what....and it isn't fair.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 04:51 But....that was his purpose. He was h*** bent on keeping all of us alive, and he finally put that to the test. He saved Madison...you love her.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 04:52 Nothing in these Battles is fair, and we all have to s u c k it up like it's a piece of cake. The rules don't fit.
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:53 *nods* Yeah, I do, but...no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what facts there are to back something up....no matter what, it's never easy to take these things in, and it's harder to let them out.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 04:55 *nods* We'll get through it, though. Just give it some time. Take it a day at a time, and things will get better.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 04:55 *looks Derek in the eye* Think you'll be okay now?
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:56 *watching everything**suddenly she notices a flash of pink and white appear in the sky*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:58 *the small craft/drone comes down to take Gonzalo away* *makes way*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 04:58 *shrugs* Who knows, who cares.
Player 22015,Nov.4 04:59 *sort of says out of nowhere:* Parachute! *pounces on it*
20>Rose Fielders (Assistant), 40yo.2015,Nov.4 04:59  Giving Sponsor item (x 1) to  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 05:00 *sniffles**wipes his nose* What is it? Kleenex? Hopefully it is, because I think all of us need that right now. *smiles a little*
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:00 *would laugh or smile if she wasn't feeling so empty**rips the thing open*
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:01 *finds nothing but a tiny slip of paper in it* It's a message.
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:01 *walks back over to the others so everyone can see it**the message looks blank-that is, until she turns it over*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 05:01 *turns away from Derek, still feeling concerned about him* *looks at the others*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 05:02 *directs her attention towards Nicole*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 05:02 *leans against the wall, looking blank*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 05:04 So, uh...what does it say?
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:06 "He is still alive."
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 05:06 Who? Gonzalo?
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:07 I'm not sure... *turns it over, looking for any clue to who "he" is**accidentally aims the paper at a specific angle in the sunlight and sees something**gasps*
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:07 Wait a minute... *aims the paper carefully in the sunlight again**at first the image on the back of it is a blur, but then she aims it just right**the image is a pair of eyes*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 05:09 I wonder who it is.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 05:09 *shrugs* There are many "he"s out there, so it's hard for me to say who.
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:11 I know those eyes.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 05:11 *says humorlessly* Maybe it's Buddy, alive, well, and ready to get back at all of us.
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:11 Those are...those are Matt's.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 05:12 But-but he died...
Player 22015,Nov.4 05:12 Apparently he didn't... *at first isn't quite sure how to react*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.4 05:15 Wherever he is, he'll probably be put back in here sooner or later.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 05:15 *arrives at the Arsenal* I just killed Gonzalo. Isn't that great? THANK GOD he's dead.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 05:16 So, what do you guys think?
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 17:19 Helllooo!! Guys? I asked you a question!
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.4 22:10 *doesn't answer Mick's question, since she's being much too egotistical*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.4 22:16 *wakes up at about three PM in the bathroom to the sound of Bittersweet Symphony blasting over the speakers once again* *hears a cannon shortly after that*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.4 22:18 *gets up off the grimy floors and uses the bathroom, talking to herself for a good twenty minutes* *then goes to the sink and scrubs her face clean of day-old makeup, dirt, and Nana's blood*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.4 22:22 *props the knife and axe up against the wall and leaves the stall, walking out onto the field*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.4 23:56 Though going out by yourself like that was extremely reckless and dangerous...that's very good. The more rebels are taken down, the better.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.4 23:57 But, with three of us left, we'll have to be more careful than ever. *looks over Dewey's shoulder at the computer* Dewey, pull up the stats.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.4 23:59 *Dewey does so* Let's see...the only people left in the arena are ourselves, Nicole, Connor, Amanda, Derek, Pinak, and Madison. That means that if all of us stay alive and three more rebels are taken down, we'll win.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 00:03 [Hey guys, I recently finished reading The Maze Runner!]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 00:03 [It was good. A lot of differences between the book and the movie, though. Oh, and I loved Minho's "pep talk" (if it even counts as one XD) near the end.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 00:04 [It was like: Minho: Wait! Shouldn't someone give a pep talk? Newt: Yeah, go ahead. Minho: *steps forward* Be careful. Don't die. *steps back* Newt: Great, we're all bloody inspired. ~.~]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 00:04 [Ever time I think of that I start cracking up. XD]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 00:15 *Every
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 01:54 [Oh, and idea: How about I play as an Elwood characters during the next Battles and you guys can be a Jake character?]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 01:54 [BTW, dibs on slots 11 (for the Elwood character) and 5 (for a surprise ultra annoying character).]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 01:57 [Also, you can have slot 13 if you want to play as Jake's ex-fiancee (the mystery woman played by Carrie Fisher).]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 01:57 [Otherwise I'll claim that slot and play as her.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 01:58 [I also won't "touch" slot 8 if you decide to be Jake Blues.]
Player 22015,Nov.5 03:57 [I'm on!]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:08 [Hello?]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:14 (Hi!)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:14 (Elwood? Can't say I've ever heard of it. Kinda funny, though - I was going to put a character named Jakob in the next round.)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:15 (Oh, and sorry we're late, we were watching a movie.)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:17 [Hi!]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:18 [You can't remember Jake and Elwood?! The Blues Brothers?! :O *passes out*]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:18 (Hold on, I just realized that it was about The Blues Brothers!! *bangs head against wall*)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:18 (I'll play as the ex-fiancee!)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:18 [*facepalm* Muuuaaahhh!! *runs straight through a brick wall*]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:19 [OK! :D To make things fair, can Paige be Jake since you'll be the fiancee?]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:19 [Also, it's fine. XD XP]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:21 (Actually, I have a LOT of additional characters joining in the next round, so I don't think I'm available to take any more.)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:21 [Oh, and I got my braces out today!]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:21 *faces Dewey* Hey Dewey. You didn't answer my question. *pause* *screams:* ANSWER MY (BLEEP) QUESTION!! *smacks him upside the head*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:21 [@ Paige: OK. @ Joan: Go ahead and claim Jake! :D]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:22 [One sec, I actually have to brush my teeth and put my retainers back in (I was eating)...]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:23 (Okay. But I may have to have Jake escape or something because like Paige, I planned out some additional characters.)
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:25 (Wow, lucky you! Freedom, I'm sure. I got mine put on in April and sort of hate wearing them.)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:25 (I don't wear braces yet, but I'm up next...*hides in a far corner*)
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 04:26 *jolts* *winces, blinking back the tears* Just...get off my case. I don't need your crap.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:27 Well what's your (BLEEP) problem, then?!?!
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:28 [Done!]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 04:28 *actually breaks down* *sobs:* Buddy...it REALLY affected me, and it's my fault....my fault for leaving him with Connor....my fault for not saving him...
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:29 [XD Poor you!! It's OK...have a cookie... *virtually gives Joan a cookie*]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:29 *rolls eyes* It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live or whatever that stupid Harry Potter quote is. Now get up and forget about it. He's gone. DEAL. WITH. IT.
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:30 [@ Paige: I got mine put in two years ago. I actually didn't really mind having braces-so far the retainers have been more of a pain in the butt (mainly because taking them out is a nearly impossible job >.< ).]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:30 (Thanks! *eats it*)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:31 [However, I'm gradually getting better at taking them out, and my orthodonist told me over time they would be less tight and it would be easier to remove them. I'm sure hoping that time comes soon...]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:32 (Yeah, retainers su ck. I never wore mine, mostly because it sounded like I had a load of crap in my mouth and because I wasn't willing to put it in and out for each eating break.)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:32 [Also, the retainers are clear plastic, so they're virtually invisible. One of my friends actually didn't think I was wearing them.]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:32 [Well...it's up to you whether or not you'll wear them, but it turns out that if you don't wear them your teeth will go back to being crooked.]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:33 [I'm not risking having two years wearing braces wasted, so I'm going to try my best to cope with them. Hopefully I'll survive wearing them for the rest of my life. XD XP]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:33 [*puts on epic brave face*]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:34 (Yeah, and you can tell, because after a 4 day break it was super painful.)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:34 [Oh, and BTW, what slots are you taking during the next round, Paige and Joan? I already know Joan has slots 8 and 13 for Jake and the mystery ex-fiancee, and I have slots 11 and 5 for Elwood and a surprise ultra annoying character.]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:35 (Planning on taking 6 and 12 mainly. Other than that, I don't know.)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:35 [@ Paige: Aw, really? I've only been a little bit sore today from the retainers...maybe I got better ones than you. O.o]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:35 *walks over to the other rebels quietly* *stands behind Madison*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:35 [@ Joan: Okie dokie.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:36 *has been sitting up in the stands the entire time, slowly falling asleep* *has had a long day*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:37 (I only had the one from pre-braces, but yeah, it hurt. I'm sure the "styles" of retainersare a lot different. As for slots....I know 6 is for sure. Other than that, I'm not too picky.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:37 *was talking about things with Derek*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:38 [Uh oh...a rivalry. Joan just said she's taking 6. *suspense*]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:38 (Looks like I'm outta luck for slot 6. I'll figure out slots when the time comes, I suppose.)
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:39 [Anyway, now that I know that 6, 12, 8, and 13 are off-limits, I'll pick four more slots for next round...hm...let's see...]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 04:39 You know what? (BLEEP) you, Mick. I'm leaving. *sniffs and climbs into the tractor* *speeds onto the field*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:40 *is more than a bit shocked* What did I do?!?! *you know darn well, Mick*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:41 *climbs into the stands and sits by Connor in complete silence*
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:42 *hugs Madison* *is seen sort of kissing her* Don't know what I'd do without you in these hard times, Mads....love you.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:43 *nods* *mutters:* I'm here for you.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 04:44 *stops the tractor, thinking about his choices* *is too upset and angry to even care, and let's out a yowl* *before he knows it, he's taking out his gun and shooting at Derek*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:45 [My slots will include: 3, 5, 10, 11, 16, and 17.]
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:45 *turns around, noticing Dewey in the tractor* *smiles slightly, but is then hit squarely in the chest*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:46 *shakes his head at Mick* You know quite well what you did. I think I'll leave too.
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:46 *Derek kind of falls back* *tries to catch him, sounding strained* Derek. *doesn't want to believe what's coming*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:46 The alliance is falling apart. I'm going solo for now. Enjoy having the Arsenal all for yourself. *grabs his stuff and leaves the Arsenal*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:47 *looks down at Derek on the ground, the blood seeping through the field and the sound of the cannon making it all too obvious* *covers her mouth with her hand, making a bit of a strangled scream noise*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 04:47 *hears the gunshots and comes racing out of the tent* What the-?! *Dewey, upon seeing him, launches bullets in his direction**dives down onto the ground, bullets whizzing above him*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:47 *witnesses Derek staggering like a puppet into the wall, gagging a little* *is too horrified to get up*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:48 *stares at Javier, dumbfounded* WHAT?...*hears the cannon*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:48 *comes out of the tent and drops down to a crouch to avoid the bullets**knocks an arrow*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:48 *enters the stands to see a dead Derek and Dewey riding on the tractor**smiles a little and nods* Good...
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 04:49 *is too terrified of what he did* *turns the tractor around and just drives, crying*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:49 *subconsciously heads for one of the tunnels, picking up the pace* *runs towards the bathrooms, knocking a random concession item over* *doesn't care, by now the tears are flowing*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:49  Using Blow  *shoots the arrow at Dewey* [Can you refill Nicole's Blows please?]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=16  
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:49 [Annnd the Merciless Dice are back... -.- Reroll.]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=2  
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:50 [Oh yay. -____-]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:50 *enters the bathroom and enters a stall, slamming the door shut, topping it off with an angry scream* *slides down the stall wall, breaking down violently*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=2  
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:50 [WT*?!!]
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:50 *stands up, alert* *the cannon booms, and Derek's mugshot is shown, as well as some of his best Battles moments* *watches Madison and Dewey take off*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:50 [Let's try this again... :P]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 04:50 *has probably never cried harder before* *surpassing Jessie on TSFM*
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
Player 22015,Nov.5 04:51 [Finally...]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:51  Using Blow  *takes out his sniper and attempts to shoot Amanda*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:52 *stares at the screen* *remembers how sad Derek was, heck, just moments earlier* Oh my god...oh my god...*bends over, not ceasing to tear up*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 04:52 AMANDA, LOOK OUT!! *points up at Javier's small figure in the stands*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:52 *looks up and screams* JUST LEAVE US THE (BLEEP) ALONE!!!!
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:52  Using Killing blow  *mercilessly chucks a metal pole at Javier*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:53 *can't process what happened- it was all so fast* Derek's....dead.....?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:53  Using Blow  *
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  (Re-rolling)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:53  Using Blow  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:53 *defended Amanda there*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=98  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:54 [Was Connor defending Amanda or should I use a separate Blow against him?]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:54 [Nvm.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:54  Using Blow  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:54   + 10 Strength points to Amanda  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:54   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55 [Oh, and mind having Dewey Use a Blow against Nicole?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55 *falls back, getting hurt twice in a row**gets frustrated**ruthlessly launches bullets at Amanda AND Connor*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55  Using Blow  *@ Amanda*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55   + 20 Strength points to Dewey  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=83  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:55 (Dewey isn't even there.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:56  Using Blow  *@ Connor*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:56   + 5 Experience points to Dewey  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:56 [She shot an arrow at him before he left.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:56 [Why hello again Merciless Dice...]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57  Using Blow  *is tired of this crap* *throws his SLEDGEHAMMER at Javier with all his strength*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57  Using Blow  *uses Nana's axe and hurls it at Javier*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57 [Why do I keep getting stuff that ends with 3?? Re-rolling because of a weird pattern going on there...]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57 [Not sure if the 43 or the 50 counts...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:57  Giving Blow (x 10) to Amanda  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:58 [Can you refill Nicole's and Javier's Blows?]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:58 (43 counts. Technically re-rolling anything over a 25, which is the limit in this round, is against the rules. Sorry about that.)
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:58  Giving Blow (x 5) to  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:59  Giving Blow (x 5) to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:59 [Eh, it's fine. I just thought the thing with everything ending with a 3 was weird.]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:59   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:59 [Thanks!]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 04:59   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 04:59 *falls back, getting hit by the sledgehammer**sees stars for a moment*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:00  Using Blow  *getting more and more frustrated**keeps shooting at Connor, gritting his teeth*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:00 *puts his head in his hands* Why...why do we always have to keep fighting back and forth like this? Because of the blame. It all matters about who killed who, and how to get revenge.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:00 [This is a bit close to my previous score. Am I allowed to re-roll?]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:01 Would Gonzalo want this? Would DEREK want this? Probably not. Max would, though.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:02 (Anything under 25 can only be eligible for a re-roll.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:02 [Sorry if I've been a re-rolling maniac BTW. XD XP It's just that Nicole and Javier are both my "ultimate" contestants (they're supposed to be the very best of my characters when it comes to fighting), so I often want them to get good scores.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:02 [OK. But we're allowed to re-roll if we see repitition, right? Or if someone is invincible?]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:02  Using Blow  *has lost most of his weapons to Javier, so he just chucks a water bottle at him* Stay thirsty for revenge, kid.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  (Re-rolling.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:04 [Wow...how was Javier hurt by a water bottle?!]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:04 (Repitition in my eyes is basically the same number over and over again. Being invincible, in some cases, yes. )
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 05:04   + 10 Strength points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 05:05   + 10 Weakness points to Javier  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:05 [Also, (not that this is necessarily a bad thing, considering that he's an awesome contestant) Connor seems a bit invincible... *imagines him wearing a superhero outfit or something*]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:05 [OK.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:05 [Super Connor to the rescue!! *Connor flies by*]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:05 *calmly picks up the knife and walks into the tunnel, to the concessions area*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:06 [Wow...I didn't notice until now that he has no Weakness points at all...]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:06 (I have noticed that, but throughout the World Battles as a whole, he's had his ups and downs.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:06  Using Blow  *gets hit in the head by the water bottle**is more annoyed than hurt**shoots at Connor one last time*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:07 *calmly proceeds to a higher level of the stands* *starts crying, mainly out of shock and overall sadness* *has had a rough day for sure*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:07 [Yep.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:07 [Apparently Javier is now king of the average scores... XP *kicks Dice*]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:07 *for everyone's sake, he doesn't fight back*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:08  Dropping Sniper (x 1)  *finds that he's out of bullets and lets his sniper go*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:08 *kicks stuff in the Arsenal*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:08 *sneaks stealthily to the concessions area*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:09 [Wow Mick. XD]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:09 *takes out her anger on a few plastic crates* *curses Ron a few times, as well as Dewey - for satisfaction*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:09 [How I pity you, Mick. XD]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:09 [You have always been so sad yet inspiring, Mick. XD]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:10 (Yes, Mick is an annoying character. She's actually based on one character in a book Paige is reading online. The character is awful, and even I'm having a hard time amounting to that character.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:10 [...SIKE!!! >:D]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:10 (I think I'm doing pretty good so far, haha.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:11 [@ Joan: Who's the character? Alaska from Looking for Alaska or something? I haven't read that book, but what I've heard about it makes me never want to read it.]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:11 *has really not had that bad a time in the Battles, to be honest* *other people had it go far worse - heck, even Dewey, who lost a friend* *has lost nothing but Ron, who wasn't that close with her anyways*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:11 (What's more irritating is that the author- a mirror image of this character- says stuff like: "Don't you guys LOVE how __stood up for___?" and I'm sitting here like:....)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:12 (It's a book on Wattpad, so it's not actually published. "Shoot Me Straight" is the title. I think when compared to Mick, Alaska is a much better character.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:12 [X'D Oh my gosh.]
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:13 [@ Paige: GREAT reaction!! @ Joan: Oh no... O.O]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:13 *drove far away from the Arsenal, just because he was too scared to face Mick's fury*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:14 *looks at his device and tracks Dewey down**grabs a few snacks and then heads out the nearest exit*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:14 *walks through the parking lot and quickly spots Dewey's tractor**jogs over*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:14 (All in all, Mick is a horrible, egotistical brat who abuses everyone around her with her words.)
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:15 *sees the two* *clears throat loudly, trying to make a point* YOU KNOW WHY I GOT MAD AT YOU FOR NOT GETTING OVER BUDDY, DEWEY?
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:16 *continues without hesitation* YEAH, WELL, I NEVER HAD ANYONE LIKE THAT, OKAY? SO JUST GIVE ME SOME MERCY OR SOMETHING!!
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:16 [Why, how lovely...]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:16 *paces the halls of Spartan Stadium* *there are crying noises in every direction* *eventually staggers back down into the stands*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:17 *stands up and goes back towards the concession stand, having picked up his sledgehammer on the way* *tries to find Amanda*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:17 (Precisely.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:17 *replies:* JUST LEAVE US ALONE AND GIVE DEWEY SOME TIME, OKAY? WE MIGHT REUNITE WITH YOU SOME OTHER TIME!
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 05:18 *is boiling with rage* *screams randomly* (BLEEP) ALL OF YOU IDIOTS!!
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:18 [BTW, when is the finale coming?]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:19 *starts hiccuping because he's cried too hard*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:19 *hears the screaming from all the way in the stands* *is really starting to miss the old days, e.g.: the 20th Round, when everyone was just a tad happier*
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:19 *sputters:* I'm sorry. I'm really sorry I caused this mess.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:20 (I'm not sure if there will be a finale - the end is coming quickly, though.)
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:20 *kind of loses his temper for a moment* JUST BE QUIET! YOU CAN'T BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION ALL THE TIME!
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:20 OH, AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION: THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THE SUN!
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:20 *watches everything unfold with a distant, blank stare*
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:21 *turns to Dewey* It's not your fault. It's Connor's. He did this to you. *shows Dewey some bruises* He did this to me. The faster we get rid of him, the better.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:21 *recalls old times, such as the instance where he climbed the top of the Navy Pier Ferris wheel* *really wants to return to that self again, but understands that the Battles have changed him, and not really for the better*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:21 *sits back, thinking hard*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:21 I'm tired of sitting back and doing nothing while the Hunters pick us off one by one.
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:22 *walks over and sits by Pinak**gazes up at the stars for a moment* I am too. I only fight when I have to, though.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:22 *feels pretty inhumane remembering the times he killed Nori and Buddy* *doesn't have the same feelings towards Sally, though, considering she was pretty messed up from the get-go*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:22 *gives Nicole a look* Don't you think we have to now?
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:23 I'm not sure. *sighs, shakes her head, and stares at the ground*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:23 *discusses this with Amanda* I don't want to be the person the World Battles has shaped me into, I just want to be me for once.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:23 Look...Gonzalo and Derek are gone. We need a leader. You need to be our leader. We're falling apart.
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:24 Connor's a butthead, but....I'm done fighting. I actually...didn't mean to kill Derek, but I guess I did. *shrugs* One step closer to a Hunter victory, right? *said that weakly*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:24 Unless we get our act together again, most of us are going to die.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:24 The only time I can be me is back at the apartment.
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 05:24 Yes. One step closer to a Hunter victory. *leans against Dewey**it kind of looks like Dewey's his big brother or something for a moment*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:25 *wonders aloud:* I wonder how Sonny and Jackie are doing.
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:25 *thinks for a moment**then nods* Alright. *gets up* Let's get the others. It's time that we fight back.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:26 *gets up, looking surprisingly enthusiastic* I think I saw them head to the concessions.
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:26 Let's go, then. *she and Pinak jog to the concessions and see Connor and Amanda talking*
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:27 *suddenly becomes focused-she's kind of going into "leadership mode" again* Connor. Amanda. We need to talk.
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:27 It's time to end this thing. I heard the argument between Mick and the others earlier, so we know the Hunters are falling apart.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:27 *keeps babbling* I feel kind of stupid for considering all of this. What really matters is surviving - not how many points you get, not if you win, stuff like that.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:28 *speaks quietly:* I get that. People change in different ways. Sometimes in the worst ways. Nobody said you couldn't correct that. The real question is, how?
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:28 I have a plan in which we attack the Hunters while they're weak and separated. Pinak: *raises his eyebrows a little* Nicole: *sighs* I know-those are Hunter tactics. But to defeat our enemy, sometimes we have to think like our enemy.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:28 I think I can work on answering that.
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:29 *looks back at Connor and Amanda* Er...guys?
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:29 *faces Nicole* We'll have to jump into action soon. I think we all want to get home.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:29 I think I'll try finding Madison... *jogs down a hallway**hears sobbing in the bathroom**gets one peek at her and knows that getting her to fight will be pretty hard*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:30 You know what? I'm worried about Madison. Not Mick, not Javier, not Dewey. She's not okay, and could use a helping hand. *takes off for the bathroom*
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:30 Well, that was my plan. We'd all get together, discuss things a little, and then launch the attack.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:30 *nods for a long time* The entire Avengers have to be assembled to fight together.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:31 *sees Amanda coming* Thank goodness you're here...er...I'm not good with crying people...
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:31 Correction: To fight for justice.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 05:31 We need her to come and help us with Nicole's plan, but she may be too hurt to do anything...
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:32 *smiles a little, nodding* Precisely.
Player 22015,Nov.5 05:32 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. You can go ahead and have everyone "unite" again without me if you want.]
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:32 *follows the others while continuing to babble about the Avengers* We're going to have to fight like Captain America, come up with tactics like Iron Man, be as mighty as the Hulk, and be as worthy as Thor.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:33 (Okay, see you!)
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:33 *smiles just a tad* It's no walk in the park, but I've seen you deal with this before, and you're brilliant at it.
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:34 *that was to Pinak*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 05:35 *nods* Yeah. *smiles some at Pinak*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 05:36 *she and Pinak walk into the bathroom calmly* *is a bit unsure when she hears Madison sobbing, but they continue on*
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:07 (I'm going to have everyone roll the dice for overall performance real quick.)
3>Sonny (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 18:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=12  
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 18:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 18:08  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
14>Buddy (Contestant: USA), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 18:08  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=12  
17>Gonzalo (Puerto Rico ), 25yo.2015,Nov.5 18:08  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 18:09  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
6>Matt (Contestant: USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 18:09  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:09   + 12 Overall performance points to Sonny  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:09   + 9 Overall performance points to Connor  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:09   + 3 Overall performance points to Madison  
8>Jackie (Canada), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 18:10  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=5  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:10   + 12 Overall performance points to Buddy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:10   + 3 Overall performance points to Gonzalo  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:10   + 2 Overall performance points to Mick  
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 18:10  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=8  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:11   + 4 Overall performance points to Matt  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:11   + 5 Overall performance points to Jackie  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:11   + 8 Overall performance points to Dewey  
10>Derek (USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 18:11  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.5 18:12  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  
18>Mabel/Nana (USA), 75yo.2015,Nov.5 18:13  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:13   + 1 Overall performance points to Derek  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:13   + 4 Overall performance points to Amanda  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 18:14   + 2 Overall performance points to Mabel/Nana  
5>Rosy (Contestant: USA), 45yo.2015,Nov.5 21:57  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  
7>Eva (Contestant: Sweden), 20yo.2015,Nov.5 21:57  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=10  
11>Javier (Contestant: Spain), 11yo.2015,Nov.5 21:58  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=6  
13>Chyou (Contestant: China), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 21:58  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=12  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 21:58  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=11  
Player 22015,Nov.5 21:58  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=3  
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 22:00 *@ Amanda* Okay, if you say so... *keeps walking until he sees Madison*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.5 22:01 *walks over to her* Er-hey, Madison...we need to go. We're going to fight the Hunters. We're going to get out of here.
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 23:00   + 4 Overall performance points to Rosy  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 23:00   + 10 Overall performance points to Eva  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 23:00   + 6 Overall performance points to Javier  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 23:01   + 11 Overall performance points to Pinak  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 23:01   + 12 Overall performance points to Chyou  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.5 23:01   + 3 Overall performance points to  
Player 22015,Nov.6 03:54 [I'm on!]
Player 22015,Nov.6 03:59 [Anyone?]
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:05 [Helloooo? Amigo?]
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:13 [Still here.]
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:19 [Hello?]
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:27 [I'm still waiting.]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:31 (Hi! Sorry we're late.)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:32 *glances at Pinak and the others, looking a fright*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.6 04:33 *stands around in the background, looking ultimately concerned* *says quietly:* Everything okay back there?...
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:36 [It's fine!]
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.6 04:36 *looks pretty concerned for Madison's well-being* *glances around* You know, I'm going to stay here with Madison...she isn't stable enough to fight right now.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.6 04:36 Hey. *puts an arm around Madison* It's OK. Derek may be gone, but you have us, right? Be grateful for what you have.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.6 04:37 *nods* OK. It's probably a good thing that you do this. So...see you. *comes back out*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.6 04:37 *nods* Yeah. *pauses* Yeah, that'd be the best thing to do.
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.6 04:38 *gets a last glance at Amanda* Stay safe, okay?
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:39 *leans against the stall wall, in distress* *tears up all over again*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.6 04:39 You too. Stay safe guys, whatever it takes to stay alive. If you need any help, send out a signal and I'll try my best.
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.6 04:40 We will!
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:40 Alright guys, let's go! *starts jogging towards the exit*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.6 04:43 *turns around to face Madison, who breaks down* *gives her a big bear hug*
4>Connor (USA), 20yo.2015,Nov.6 04:43 *follows the pack, singing a marching song* March, march, march, march!
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:45 *hugs Amanda back tightly and starts crying again, really thankful that Amanda is concerned*
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:46 *she and her companions exit the stadium**shushes Connor**whispers:* OK guys, this is it. We'll head for the Arsenal and take down Mick first. Then we'll go for Javier and Dewey.
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:47 *they nod**everyone creeps over to the Arsenal**by now, Mick has fallen asleep**she is heard talking-or, rather, swearing-in her sleep*
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.6 04:48 *mutters:* I'm really sorry about Derek. He loved you a lot, even if he made all those mistakes. You deserved more time than you got...
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:49 *mutters quietly:* (BLEEP) you...and you...and YOU...*mutters something about Ron as well*
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:49 [Hey guys, I have a new RP idea. Want me to share it via sending secret messages to the Max Davis slot so both of you can see it?]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:49 *nods* Not only that...but he was easily my best friend. One of my only friends. I don't have many friends at all.
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:49 [XD Wow, Mick. How lovely, Mick.]
9>Dewey (USA), 19yo.2015,Nov.6 04:50 *is driving through the stadium corridors with the tractor, upset like never before*
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:50 *looks down* I didn't even get to say goodbye to him. He just went.....out of thin air.
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:50 [Actually, this reminds me of the comedy and action movie I saw recently called "48 Hrs." (which has Eddie Murphy in it).]
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:50 (Sure!)
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:50 (Haha!)
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:51 [There are two main characters: One's a cop named Jack and the other's a convict named Reggie (the convict is played by Eddie Murphy). At one point, Reggie was going to sleep.]
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:51 [It was like: Reggie: Jack...tell me a story. Jack: [BLEEP] you!! Reggie: Ohhh, that's one of my favorites...]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:52 (Hahaha! Pretty classic comeback. )
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.6 04:52 Exactly...and it doesn't make sense, because you're one of the nicest people I've met in awhile.
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:52 [For the last few days I keep suddenly thinking about that and laughing out of nowhere. XD]
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:52 *talks in her sleep to Ron* *"tells" him something about Dewey*
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:53 [Ohhh yeah! :D]
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:54 *the three start sneaking in**loads her bow, ready to shoot Mick**unfortunately, Pinak trips over something Mick kicked into the middle of the Arsenal earlier, causing Mick to instantly wake up*
15>Pinak (Contestant: India), 19yo.2015,Nov.6 04:55 *says through gritted teeth* Aww, poop...
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:55 *sniffs and wipes some tears away* I just want to know .... why me? I don't know...*trails off*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:56 *squints* Ron?....No, that can't be you.
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:56  Secret message to Max Davis  
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 04:56 *picks up her gun in a no-nonsense type of way* *aims it at Pinak* I'm really not in the mood, so you might as well leave before I shoot you dead.
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:57  Secret message to Max Davis  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.6 04:57 *nods, understanding fully* The question that can't ever be answered...at least, not immediately.
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:57  Secret message to Max Davis  
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:58  Secret message to Max Davis  
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:59  Using Blow  *still has her arrow aimed at Mick**lets it fly*
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.6 04:59  Secret message to  
Player 22015,Nov.6 04:59 [Well, the Merciless Dice are back AGAIN...]
1>Max Davis (CEO), 42yo.2015,Nov.6 04:59  Secret message to  
16>Amanda (USA), 21yo.2015,Nov.6 05:00  Secret message to  
12>Madison (Contestant: USA), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 05:01 I really wish Derek were here. I knew he was struggling, but he was so nice and cared about everyone. *is reduced to tears again* *croaks:* I'm really sorry you have to put up with this, Amanda.
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 05:02  Using Blow  *shoots at Nicole, but a bit weakly - she's still kind of tired*
19>Mick (Contestant: Canada), 18yo.2015,Nov.6 05:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14