" Wizards of Galacia Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 18 years of age.
Welcome to the mystical, magical world of Galacia, where wizards, fairies, elves, trolls, unique creatures called Gelflings, and more unite. Galacia is made up of 4 regions: Lignum, forests full of fairies and elves, Ignis, the danger zone where nobody goes, Serano, rolling hills and farmland, and Regnum, the capital where citizens of all the regions came together to celebrate and trade goods.
Long ago, a king and queen ruled in Regnum, but were soon destroyed by an evil sorcerer named Sauron, who took over Regnum. The king and queen each left heirs behind who are secretly wizards and have powers. Where are they, and will they be discovered? Will they ever defeat Sauron, or will he reign supreme?

1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:05 Welcome back, Galacians of all ages!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:06 For those of you who are new to the Wonderful World of Galacia-WELCOME!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:07 For those of you who were previous members on SOTW Thematic Clubs-WELCOME BACK!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:10 Previous members--unfortunately, there's a limit to the amount of characters you can play as. You may have 4 at the most, 2 at the least, but it's recommended that you play as 2 or 3.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:11 If you're going to create your characters, please make sure to add an heir before anything! You can also choose between trolls, elves, wizards, mermaids, fairies, Gelflings, and a lot more.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:13 In the character role box, please put one role, as well as the region your character is from. Eg: Brian, trader-Regnum.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:13  Secret message to Galadriel  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:14 That was just a test!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:14  Rolling 8 sided dice... Result=5  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:15 So, if you're going to join, make sure to create a character and I'll give you more details!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 01:15 *runs across a field*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 02:15 I'll be needing some help along the way, because I'm new to this place.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 02:55 (Sage: long brown hair, brown eyes, dull blue/gray peasant outfit and a navy blue cloak on. Has powerful wizarding powers due to being an heir.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:07 [Raven:Short black hair with one purple strand, violet-blue eyes, very pale-almost grayish-white-skin, black leotard, red-and-gold belt, indigo shoes, indigo cloak.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:08 [An heir. Has strong dark magic powers. Stays emotionless to keep them down.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:11 [History:After the evil wizard Lord Sauron took over, she knew that due to her powers, she was a threat to him-and he was a threat to her. She ran away and hid herself in the volcanoes of Ignis and tried to keep her powers under control.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:11 [Is presently still hiding there, knowing she's in grave danger.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:11 [I'm going to change her hair color to purple-I'll just say her powers did that to her, and her hair was originally black.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:12 *her powers made her hair purple
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 03:14 (Ok. After we make all of our characters, we can start RPing without the items until WM fixes it.)
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.3 03:20 (Orion- sandy hair, blue eyes, olive tunic with a rope tied around it, and brown pants with brown boots. Will help the others travel throughout Galacia.)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 03:22 (Sauron- the evil ruler of Regnum and soon to be Galacia. Wearing black robes/a black outfit, long-ish black hair and beard. Will try to find the heirs and stop them in order to conquer Galacia.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:37 [Can Raven be Sauron's #1 target?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 03:37 [I won't be Gelflings anymore-maybe in the future.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 03:38 (Sauron will be looking for all of the heirs while also trying to conquer Galacia. So, he will be targeting every character in the RP, leaving them all at risk.)
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.3 03:45 (Lorien:Light, sandy brown hair shoulder length. Wearing a red tunic and brown skirt. Occassionally wearing a red cloak. Has bright eyes. Is generally ncie, but cold when nessecary. Is very poor.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:34  Giving Telekinetic powers (x 1) to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:40  Giving Wand (x 1) to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:42  Giving Wand (x 1) to Sage  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:42  Giving Defense spell (x 1) to Sage  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:43  Giving Defense spell (x 1) to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:43  Giving Fruit, Vegetables (x 1) to Orion  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:44  Giving Seeds (per pack) (x 1) to Orion  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:44  Giving Gardening tools (x 1) to Orion  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:44  Giving Rake (x 1) to Orion  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:44  Giving Bread (x 1) to Lorien  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:45  Giving Fruit, Vegetables (x 6) to Lorien  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:45  Giving Water/ drink (x 2) to Lorien  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:45  Giving Cottage (Ignis) (x 1) to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:46  Giving Farm (Serano) (x 1) to Orion  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:47  Giving Wipeout spell (x 1) to Sauron  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:47  Giving Death spell (x 1) to Sauron  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:47  Giving Staff (x 1) to Sauron  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:48 I just gave everyone a bunch of stuff.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 04:55 (Iris: Has long, very bright blond hair with blue eyes. Is mysterious and keeps a low profile, barely coming out of the Lignum forests. Is friendly though, and a good hunter/gatherer.)
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 04:55 (Is wearing a long sleeved yellow shirt with a brown leather vest and brown pants with leather boots.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:56 (By the way, Iris is a Heir.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:56  Giving Wand (x 1) to Iris  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:57  Giving Defense spell (x 1) to Iris  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:57  Giving Crossbow (x 1) to Iris  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:57  Giving Fruit, Vegetables (x 5) to Iris  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:58  Giving Cottage (Lignum) (x 1) to Iris  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 04:58  Giving Castle (x 1) to Sauron  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:25 [Hey, I can't buy anything. I think your thing munged up when you put in $10K as money-you should have just put in 10000, without any extra stuff, because the computer doesn't know what to do with it.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:26 (Yeah, I was going to fix it. I gave you some stuff just for starters.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:28 (Should be fixed.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:33 [OK]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 05:33 (Emil: Wearing a royal outfit: A plum colored center with intricate gold designs, and black sleeves. Is wearing black pants and boots. Lives in a manor, has great manners. An heir.)
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 05:34 (Has blond, spiky hair (like Cato's hair in THG) and blue eyes. )
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:34 [Still doesn't work. It still says I have $10K amount of money. You should change it to 10000.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:35  Giving Cloak (real satin) (x 1) to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:35 (It's been changed. Where are you looking?)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:35  Giving Quill + parchment (x 4) to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:35  Giving Wand (x 1) to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:36  Giving Defense spell (x 1) to Emil  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:37 [At my profile-plus your profiles. I simply click on the buttons where the names of our characters are.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:37  Giving Power-up potion (x 1) to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:37 (Ok....let me look.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:37 [How come it says "Giving Cloak (real satin) (x1) to " and then it has been given to no one??]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:38
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:38 (Oops.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:39 (It looks like it just showed up. I noticed earlier the same thing, but now it says Emil.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:39 (My computer reads: "Giving Cloak (real satin) to Emil".)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:41 [My computer reads "Giving Cloak to ."]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:41 [Oh wait...NOW it says Emil.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:41 (So far, Wizards of Galacia is off to a horrible start.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:41 (I tried to fix the money amount but it's not saving.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:42 [Do you mind giving Raven extra Telekinetic Powers? Basically adjust the quantity to a higher amount when giving me more.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:43 (Maybe if you edit your character the new amount of $ will show up.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:43 [Darn it...that sounds annoying.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:43  Giving Telekinetic powers (x 12) to Raven  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:44 (It says "game saved", but so far I haven't noticed any modifications...unless WM is supposed to do that.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:45 (Yeah.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:47 [No, it's supposed to modify itself. I did it with Magical RP before. The WM doesn't have to update it.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:48 (Something's going on then.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:48  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=3  (I really don't know what's going on. I tried to buy something and nothing happened.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:48 (Let me try again.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:49 (Maybe it will work when I add text/characters... )
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:49 (Nope. I really don't know what's going on- if it's the site itself or us.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:51 [That's what I've been saying the whole time-and I think it's because you put in "$10K." You should have just put in "10000." The fancy characters are munging it up.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:51 (Lllama's back!!! Crap Crap Crap....)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:52 (We've modified it several times. Don't know what we're doing wrong here.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:53 (We'll have to talk to WM about this. In the meantime, don't buy anything.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:54 (If we"re lucky, it could be fixed by tomorrow.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:58 (Yeah. I'll have to send WM another message.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:58 [I'm going to be on here only because an argument started up on Movie RP.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:58
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 05:58 (Me too.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 05:59 [Yeah. We should send messages to the WM about both Llama and this.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 05:59 (Yeah, good idea. All I have to say is that I think we won that one.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:00 (I bid my adieus to Llama and left.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:00 [BTW, you should delete the argument, but don't delete Llama spamming so we have proof of her spamming on our club, OK?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:00 [I added a quick P.S. to Llama.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:01 [Yeah. Sometimes to back down is to win.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 06:01 (Ok. Want me to delete our replies?)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:01 [Let's start!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:01 [Delete the whole argument, up to where we say bye. Then leave the part where Llama is spamming.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:01 (Because to be honest, Llama isn't always the nicest...)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:02 [And by whole argument, I mean Llama's posts, to. I don't want to have any fights obviously being there on the club-I've been in too many arguments with Makana.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 06:02 (I'm sort of monitoring the club, and Llama was like "You have more replies than I do. Does that make you a spammer?")
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:02 [Just leave the "after argument" parts where Llama starts posting a lot again.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 06:03 (Last year I got in a really bad argument with her. It was one on one. I think I won in the end. In a nutshell, Makana's kind of a bully.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:03 [Don't post what she says on this club, OK? Just don't.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:04 [Makana is a spammer and a cyberbully, that's for sure. But sometimes I have been able to get along, as long as I don't start a fight and agree to chat with her.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:04 [I don't really want her to be completely blocked-I just want her off of our RPs.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:04 (Well, we should probably get RPing now.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 06:04 (Too bad I can't just delete them, but they'll dissapear all in good time.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:05 [Let's just RP.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:05 (Agreed.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:05 [Ignore her.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:05 [Who says we have to read her crap?]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:05 (We're gonna start this off when the heirs are children and the attack happens.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 06:05 (Correctomundo.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 06:06 (I'll probably head back to Movie just so Jack/Libby doesn't get left alone.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 06:06 (But I'll be here too.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:07 [I'm staying here.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:07 *is playing in the playroom with all of the other heirs* *plays with a doll dressed like a fairy or sprite*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:07 [Let's begin! This RP sounds pretty fun. :)]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:07 *is sitting alone in a dark corner**is surprisingly in completely white clothes*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:08 *looks up at Raven* Hey. Do you wanna play?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:08 *is wearing a white leotard, cloak, and shoes**has her usual belt on**her hair is in the normal bobcut, but is black*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:08 *doesn't look at the others* No.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:08 *swings a toy sword around*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:09 *even though she is the younger sister, she is the most mature and serious in terms of personality*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:09 [Have we gone 10 years into the past? How old are the characters?]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:09 (Roughly.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:09 *looks sort of hurt* Oh...okay. *goes back to playing with the doll*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:10 [Sage is a girl, and Emil's a boy, right?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:10 [BTW, if this were Frozen, I bet Raven would be Elsa and Sage would be Anna.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:10 (Yeah.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:10 [If Sage is a girl.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:11 *is beginning to realize how unstable and strong her shade magic is*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:11 (Sage: *sings* Do you wanna play some toyssss? Or ride our bikes around the hall?.....)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:11 *with the smallest hand gesture, she makes black energy flash by*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:11 *trips over some wooden Tinker Toys* *falls to the floor* Ow!!!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:11 (Yeah, Sage will end up more like an Elsa after 10 years in terms of being quiet and stuff.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:11 [Raven:*hides in her room*]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:12 [Yeah. Raven will be an Elsa through and through, though, even if she is the younger one.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:12 [Raven is more of a...well, Raven. XD XP]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:12 *builds a castle out of toy logs* *plays a prince saving princess game in the fake castle*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:13 *his pants are ripped* *a nanny comes in* Nanny: Emil my dear? You ripped your pants! Emil: *cautiously bends over* *is spanked*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:13 *turns around**looks at the Tinker Toys**aims her hand at them, wanting to try out her magic powers**some Tinker Toys turn black with her magic and rise up into the air*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:13 *some kids laugh at Emil* *is embarrassed at the end* Nanny: I'll go get you some bandages now. *stomps off*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:14 *Sage sees her using her powers while Emil and the nanny pay no attention*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:14 *watches the Tinker Toys float in the air* Wow...what is that? *isnt aware of Raven's powers*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:14 *uses her powers to make the Tinker Toys form the shape of a horse*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:15 *is quietly playing with Tinker Toys* *looks up to see some of them floating in the air*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:15 Make her fly! *enthusiastically shoves the fairy/sprite doll at Raven*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:15 *smiles a little* It's a horse!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:15 *makes the horse land on the ground and hop over to Sage**uses her powers to make the horse act alive, while really it's her mind moving the horse*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:15 *looks crabby* Okay, okay! *lets the horse drop down and uses her powers to make the doll fly*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:16 *everything she uses her powers on turns black while she uses them on the objects*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:16 [gtg soon! Let's get this show on the road!]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:16 *looks up at the doll in wonder* This is...amazing.....
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:17 Sage:Make her dance! :D Raven:*sighs**isn't into girly stuff such as dolls, of course* Whatever... *uses her powers to make the doll dance in the air*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:17 (Before you go, I'm going to tell you my plan for Llama's spamming proof in my email to WM.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:18 *is watching in wonder until the door flies open* *gets scared at the suddenness of it all* *falls into her castle screaming* Queen: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you! Kids- *looks sad* You need to hide!
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:18 (I'm going to take screenshots of everything via my iPad camera. Then I'll send it to WM.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:18 Sage:Make this doll-*holds up a Ken-like doll*-kiss the other one! Raven:0.o Okayyy...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:18 [Nvm that]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:18 Mama?....
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:18 (Hahaha!!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:19 [OK.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:19 But why? What's happening? King: *smiles weakly* An evil goblin has invaded a castle. Sage: Like the fairy tale kind? King: ...Yes....
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:19 *a spark of blackness comes from her being afraid**the Queen sees her using her powers*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:19 Mommy, what's going on? Queen: You have to hide...*lets out a sob*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:19 Queen: Stay hidden in a corner and stay quiet, or else the goblin won't leave? Ok? Promise?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:20 Queen:Oh, my...Raven, you must keep your powers hidden! If the-er-goblin finds out about them, he will come after you!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:20 *nods* Alright.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:20 Queen: *looks at Raven seriously* *says quietly* Conceal...don't feel...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:20 *nods, eyes wide*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:20 [Dude...why is this suddenly too much like FROZEN?! >XD]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:21 What? Queen: -Nothing! Promise me you'll stay quiet, okay? We both live you very much. Kids: Promise.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:21 (I guess it was destined to.....I don't know!)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:21 (Just had to borrow a quote there!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:21 [BTW, Frozen is still just OK in my opinion. I like Elsa a lot, though.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:22 King: Run and hide under the bed! Kids: *they all run into a huge bedroom and get under the bed*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:22 (Yeah.)
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:22 (Elsa was a good character.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:22 *pulls her cloak tightly around herself as if it would help conceal her powers*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:23 *they stay hidden for awhile* *hears some banging, crashing, and a deep man's voice booming*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:23 *is trying hard to keep her fear down in order to keep her powers under control*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 06:23 *whimpers* I'm scared...Raven: Just be quiet...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:24 *looks around* *isn't too scared* *eventually falls asleep*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 06:24 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. I might not be able to come on at the 6:00-6:30 PM/7-7:30 (your time) times, but if I can, I'll come on!]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 06:24 *comes marching upstairs* *throws the door open* *bangs his staff on the ground*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 06:24 (Ok, we'll look out for you! Bye!)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 06:25 (Okay! We will see you then!)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 06:27 *walks around the room* *hasn't noticed the kids yet* *Raven accidentally releases a bolt of black energy from under the bed, revealing the kids*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 17:54 The money problem has been fixed!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:19 *testing*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 18:21  Buying Quill + parchment (x 1)  *testing*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:22 *gasps*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:22 [Hey!]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:23 Ok, everything works! Everyone starts out with 10,000 dollars.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:23 (Oh, hi!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:23 [Hopefully I wasn't a minute late...]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:23 (Hi!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:24 [BTW, there's something I have to tell you. I thought about this Llama thing overnight, and I changed my mind. I think I should be more kind to her.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:24  Giving Wipeout spell (x 2) to Sauron  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:24 (Llama has been officially blocked from the clubs.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:24 [I think I know why Llama spams and all.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:25 [What-?! I thought she would only be blocked from Movie RP.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:26 (The entire clubs, actually.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:27 [I realized she was spamming because she probably wanted us to be her friends, while she at the same time remained "independent"-she wouldn't join our club and follow our rules.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:27 (But if she does come back, I'm still deleting messages. I hate to say it, but she's kind of rude, and we don't like rude people. We'll continue to be neutral towards her if she comes back.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:28 [I think we should have just let her make spam, and if it annoyed us too much, simply ignore it.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:30 (It all would have been deleted later on. It's a spam free club.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:30 (I could tell she was trying to annoy us and get us angry. She even proved that to me last year.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:30 (Even if she was trying to "converse".)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:32 [Yeah. But maybe it was also because all she wanted was a few friends, and we wouldn't be friends with her or something.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:33 (Oh noooo. A bit far from that. )
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:34 (I really don't think singing a full 5-6 minute song is wanting to be friends with us, but that's just my thinking.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:34 (Maybe she just wanted to chat because she was bored, but last night was a good example of her being mean.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:35 (After I had posted an announcement, she called it sarcastic or something.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:35 [Yeah. She gets defensive when we try to retort at what she does, and she will try to keep the argument up for a long time. I finally lost my temper, which I admit I shouldn't have done.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:36 [I apologized for being harsh on her on the Webmaster's club as a "farewell" to her.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:36 [Anyway, let's roleplay!]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:37 (Either way, she'll probably leave the clubs and go somewhere else once it's said and done.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:37 [Actually, I have to be right back. I'll return in about 20 minutes, though! See you very soon! *leaves for 20 minutes*]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:37 (See you in 20!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:41 [Actually, nvm. I returned early!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:42 [Still around?]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:43 (Here's my final thought on 113- If she really wanted to be our friend, she would have been nicer and more respectful, joined our clubs, engaged in a real convo, etc.)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:44 (But instead, she comes on when she's really annoyed and irritated to use her feelings on us as a weapon, "using" that to the point where we lose it and fight back.)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:45 (I can recall several occasions where she fought with us and hurt our feelings badly, but I can also remember when she was really nice and nicer.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:45 [Hey!]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:46 (It's sad, really how she chose to treat us. I think she really takes advantage of not knowing us face to face and just knowing us through SOTW.)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:46 (And that's I'm gonna say about that.)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:46 (Hi!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:46 [Well, she is Missourian. I believe Missourians are a little bit like that-they're "independent," like to stick to their own opinions and not really join little groups, but at the same time be your friend.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:47 [I think she didn't want to join our sort of "group," but still wanted someone to talk to, but she wouldn't really point it out.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:47 [Anyway, let's roleplay, OK?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:50 [When I volunteered to chat with her on my chat club, she was actually pretty interesting and nice. Maybe if I did that more often, she would lighten up.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:50 [Let's roleplay. I'm tired of this Llama stuff. It's sort of sad, and I want to continue this adventure, so let's just RP.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:50 (Ok. I think I'd rather RP than continue talking this over. It's been said and done anyways.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:52 (Also, out cousins live in MO and they're nicer than her. It's the way you're raised, I think.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:52 [Yep. I apologized, and it's over now. RPing.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:52 [I was raised in Fartlandia. *Farrrrrt* :D XD]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:53 *goes over to the kids* *is about to curse them, but the King and Queen enter*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:53 [Dude, I just remembered the funniest thing Saleena told me. She once went on a road trip with her grandpa driving, and they got lost for hours. XD And if she said something simple, he would reply with a fart.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:53  Giving Death potion (x 2) to Sauron  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:53 [It was like:Saleena:I'm hungry grandpa! Grandpa:*Farrrrrrt*]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:54  Giving Death spell (x 4) to Sauron  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:54 *her dark energy powers start to go a bit whacko**as she gets more and more scared, blackness starts forming under her and spreading out under the bed*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:55 *testing *
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:55 *the dark energy begins to spread out from the bed along the floor*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:56  Giving Death spell (x 10) to Sauron  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:56  Selling Telekinetic powers (x 1)  *testing*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:57  Selling Telekinetic powers (x 11)  [I'm going to just need 1 Telekinetic power thing for Raven.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:57 *uses the death spell* (sorry, had to cheat- death spell not showing up in my box for some reason)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:57 [Hello?]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 18:57  Giving Telekinetic powers (x 1) to Raven  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:57 [Nvm]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 18:58 *the King and Queen fall to the ground, dead* *some of the kids shriek*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 18:58 [You can only "Use" free items. Items that cost money won't show up in the "Use" section.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 18:58 *a mighty crash is heard in the level below them*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.3 19:00 *screams and starts crying* Emil: Iris, no! Stay--here! IRIS! *runs towards the window and climbs out* *falls to the ground and starts running towards Lignum*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:00 *raises his magic staff* *mutters a spell, cursing the kids for 10 years until the curse activates*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 19:00 She's.....*CRASH!*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:00 *bangs the staff down, and the entire castle is filled with red energy*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:01 *his powers are truly activated* *the sky gets red, and the castle is transformed into his lair* *even the nanny becomes an ugly witch*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:02 *she doesn't scream, but her powers go out of control**black energy starts flying about everywhere, and turning objects black with dark magic*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:02 *she isn't affected, having been protected by her powers*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:03 *grabs the kids, dragging them across the floor*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:04 *sees the door that leads out of the room**also notices Sage eying it*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:04 [Nvm that part]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:04 *struggles to break free, but can't*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:05 *drags them down the stairs and to the door* *throws them with force out of the main entrance* NEVER...come back again. Or you will regret it.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:05 *when she lands, black energy spurts up from where she landed**Sauron notices this*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:05 *Emil and Sage start screaming and crying* *slams the door in their face*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:06 *his pet bird pick each heir off and separate them into the town*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:06 *is shaking**her eyes are wide*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.3 19:06 *picks
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:07 *when the bird picks her up and starts flying away with her**she sees Ignis*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:07 *,
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.3 19:07 *has been taken into the Regnum marketplace* *sits down and cries hard, having no place else to go*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:07 *the bird starts to turn and fly away from Ignis**however, she has had enough* Let me go!! *with a burst of black energy, the bird is knocked back and lets her go*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:08 *falls down to the ground, screaming all the way**finds herself, however, landing in a cushion of black energy-she has saved herself*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 19:08 *is taken to Regnum as well*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:08 *finds herself in the forests of Lignum that border Ignis**starts running as fast as she can, some black energy trailing behind her*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:09 *bursts out of the forest and finds herself in Ignis**starts to climb and travel through the rocks and volcanoes*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:10 *makes her way to the highest mountain/volcano and climbs to the very top*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:11 *stands on the peak**sees all of Galacia from it*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:12 *watches as the castle that was once her home turns into a black, horrible, evil place, the beautiful gardens turning to brair patches, the gray stones turning black, the light inside turning red*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:13 *her short hair and her cloak blow in the wind**finally, she can't take it all anymore**feels sudden rage**her eyes glow black*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.3 19:13 (I think we're going to have to go. We'll be on later this afternoon, probably at 7 PM and/or 10 PM! We'll be on at 10 PM for sure. Bye! See ya!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:14 *a ring of fire-like black energy rises up around her, and then blazes upwards towards the sky**you can only see a white outline of her through the black energy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:14 [Bye!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:24 *lets out a scream of anguish**black lightning slashes through the sky, and the black energy blazing up around her goes into the sky and turns into a huge, demonic raven made of black energy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:24 *then the raven falls back down and rains onto the ground in the form of dark magic energy, disintegrating*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:25 *it reveals that she has changed-her leotard is black, her cloak and shoes are blue, her skin is much more pale than usual, and her hair has turned purple*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:25 *collapses, unconscious from using up so much energy via her magic*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.3 19:33 [gtg myself! *offline* I'll later today, around the fixed times! If I return @ 6:00 or 6:30 my time (7/7:30 your time), I might be late, and come on at 7 (8 your time) instead. I'll probably return at 9 my time, though! See ya!]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.3 21:00 -7 YEARS LATER-
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.4 01:05 (Brunnhilde- we may not be on at the early fixed times, but we'll be on at the late fixed times. )
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 01:05 [Here!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 01:05 [HEY!!!! STILL THERE?!?!?!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 01:06 [DON'T TELL ME I WAS 1 MINUTE LATE!!!! T_T]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 01:08 [AW COME ON!!!!! X(]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 01:14
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 01:14 [Darn it...]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 01:26 [Greeaat. -_- 1 minute late.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:32 *around 15 years old now* *is on the streets with a sack of money* *it is pouring rain* Please- I need somewhere to stay! *several people turn her down*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:32 *heads into the nearby tavern, having no where else to stay*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:36 *is, of course, still in Ignis**is around 13 years old now*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:37 *the memory of the horrible day when Sauron came and killed her parents, as well as scattered her and her siblings, as well as her magic powers, have allowed her to deeply sense the curse that Sauron put on her and her siblings*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:38 *has her hood up, and is still on the top of the mountain**is meditating-as well as delving into her mind and learning about the dark magic powers hidden deep inside her*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:39 *sits down on a chair* *drinks some hot cider* *carefully looks at her wand, which had been it her cloak all along, in secret*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.4 04:40 *is 15 or so, living with a really old lady* *is cooking one day* *turns around to see the old lady on the floor, dead as a doornail*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.4 04:40 Nana?....*steps back* NANA!!!!
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.4 04:40 *an hour later* *packs up all her things and leaves the house, homeless*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:41 [Since Emil and Iris are the same age, I bet they're twins. Are they?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:41 *is trying to fend off and break the curse Sauron put on her**mutters:* Defixionem finite...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:42 [Note:That incantation is Latin for "End the curse."]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:42 [I might has mistranslated it, but I don't think I did.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.Aug.4 04:42 [BTW, I have some ideas! :D But first, what does the curse actually do?]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:44 (The curse is sort of like the one in Maleficent, but in this case, death. )
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:45 (The heirs will be able to try and stop Sauron to reverse the curse, and succeed.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:45 [Ohhh...OK.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:46 [New character-Gandalf. Basically like the Gandalf from the Hobbit. Will help the team, etc.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:48 (Ok.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:49 [BTW, I have an idea-how about not long before the 10 years are up, and Raven is 15 but getting close to 16 (and your characters are also slightly younger than their ages say they are, of course), they meet Gandalf and the others, and are reunited, one
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:49 ...by one?]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:50 [Also, this will happen:As I said, one by one, the heirs will join the gang. However, at the same time, let's have Sauron take turns targeting them, also one by one-starting with Emil, then going to Iris, next Sage, and finally Raven.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:51 [Then Sauron will try to get all four at once, there will be a final battle, blah blah blahhh...]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:51 [You know what I mean. XP]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:52 (Ok! Feel free to add more characters to the journey along the way if you wish.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:53 (And after that, Sauron will try to kill them, try and get their powers, nearly conquer Galacia...and more.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:57 [Yep. Basically the final battle comes, the heirs take back Galacia, but then Sauron rises again and blah blah blah... XD]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 04:57 [Blah. XD]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.4 04:57 -3 YEARS LATER................*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 04:58 *it is one of the days where citizens from all over Galacia come to the Regnum marketplace and trade, barter, and sell goods*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 05:00 *decides to go out and see what's availible*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.4 05:00 *is selling home grown goods at his stand*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.4 05:01 FRESH VEGETABLES FOR SALE!! COME AND GET THEM!!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 05:02 *goes over to Orion's stand* Hello.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:02 [Thomas:Like Gandalf, a nomad/wanderer who considers all of Galacia his home. Is Gandalf's apprentice. Nice, brave, smart, will secretely have a crush on Iris.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 05:02  Buying Fruit, Vegetables (x 1)  
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:02 *secretly
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:03 *he and Gandalf drive by in their cart together**they stop at Orion's stand*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:03 Gandalf:*comes forward* We'll take some.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 05:04 Orion: Do you have anything to trade? Sage: *stares at Orion somewhat coldly* No. *turns around, taking her products*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:04  Buying Fruit, Vegetables (x 1)  
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.4 05:05 Thank you for coming!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:05 [Can you give Thomas a Wand and Gandalf a Staff?]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:05 Your welcome! *he and Gandalf get back in their cart and start to go off on their journey again*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.4 05:06 *Thinks: Jeez...she could have been a bit nicer...what's her problem?...* *notices more customers and comes back from his trance*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.4 05:07 (I don't see Thomas or Gandalf on the list. Hold on.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.4 05:09  Giving Wand (x 1) to Thomas  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.4 05:09  Giving Staff (x 1) to Gandalf  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.4 05:10 (There we go.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:10 What shall we do now, sir? Gandalf:We're going on a quest. I met with the other Great Wizards. It turns out that all four of the long lost Heirs are alive-three of them, at least.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 05:10 Really?! :D What will we do?
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.4 05:11 *is in the market* *holds a bunch of purchases*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.4 05:11 (Scratch that.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 05:11 The others from the secret Council of Great Wizards have elected me to find the Heirs and bring them back together-with your help, of course. It is the only way to stop Lord Sauron.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.4 05:12 *walks around town, browsing but not buying* *is barely noticable in royal clothes* *has a few escorts*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 05:12 Thomas:Great! But how will we find them? Gandalf:Legend says that Lord Sauron himself gave each of them a Death Curse that is almost impossible to break. Death Curses have been known to "mark" people in certain ways...
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 05:13 *notices Emil* *doesnt recognize him* *Thinks: Wonder why he doesn't have a lot of stuff yet.*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 05:13 [Is it OK if the Heirs have red symbols on their forearms that glow when they're in danger, and they got those symbols from the Death Curse put on them by Lord Sauron?]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 05:13 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 05:14 (Yeah, that would be fine!)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.4 05:15 (And see you tomorrow!)
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:14 [My last character:Florian, an elf from Lignum. Is basically like Tauriel from the Hobbit. A good friend of Gandalf's.]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:15 *is in the market**spots Gandalf nearby in his cart*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:17 [Note:Florian's family was also a good friend of the King and Queen, so Florian knows what the heirs looked like when they were little.]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:18 *sees Gandalf riding in his cart with Thomas*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:19 *goes up to him**Gandalf immediately stops the horse that is pulling the cart* Gandalf:Florian. Long time, no see.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:20 Same to you, Gandalf. It has been years since we were together, battling Sauron and his followers. Are you seeking yet another adventure? Do you need my help?
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:21  Buying Bow, arrows, &quiver (x 1)  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:21  Buying Bread (x 5)  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:22  Buying Gold Coins (x 2)  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:22  Buying Boots (leather) (x 1)  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.4 18:24  Buying Cottage (Lignum) (x 1)  
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.4 18:24 *says quite loudly:* Yes, we're going on a quest to find the he- *gets nudged warningly by Gandalf*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 18:26 *leans forward and whispers to Florian:* We are going on a quest to find the long lost heirs of the King and Queen in order to bring down Lord Sauron. I know that you have seen the heirs themselves when they were little, and may be able to identify them.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 18:26 Florian:*whispers back:* But they may not be even alive! Gandalf:They are-at least three of them. The youngest, who reportedly had dark magic powers, has seemingly been able to conceal herself so well that we do not know whether or not she is alive.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 18:28 But we must still have hope. Will you join us on our journey to find the heirs? Florian:*looks slightly reluctant**hesitates* Well...I do not wish to get into trouble with Lord Sauron, but...yes. I'll accompany you.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.4 18:28 *smiles* Then come. *Florian gets in the cart**they continue riding along through the marketplace*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.5 00:14 *some villagers notice Gandalf and Florian whispering* *thinks something is fishy herself* *has been able to catch a few of their whispers, including "King", "Queen", and "heirs"*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.5 00:15 *watches the cart ride off into another part of the village*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.5 00:29 *for some reason, she runs after Gandalf's cart*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 03:36 *has witnessed everything- from Florian joining Gandalf's league to Lorien running after the cart*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 03:40 *goes over to Lorien, who is just behind the cart* *Gandalf stops the cart* What is the meaning of this?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:13 That is what I would like to ask. How come you are following me as I continue on my journey?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 04:17 Because I want to know what's going on. *looks at Lorien* Or- we both do.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 04:18 (By the way, we were drawing pictures of some of our characters today and we will send pics to you soon by email.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:23 [Awesomeness! OK!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:25 *suddenly looks serious**leans forwards and whispers:* This is serious business, having to do with the Council of Wizards. You are highly restricted from knowing about this. Please leave us to go on our quest.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:25 *Orion stubbornly refuses*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:25 *sighs* If you insist...but do you promise not to let ANYONE know? Both of you?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 04:29 I promise. In fact, I can help you if you want.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.5 04:34 We can help you.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:35 *nods* Very well. *he, Thomas, and Florian tell the two everything* Thomas:*says after they finish:* It would be nice if you joined us on our quest! Florian:*glances at Thomas warningly*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:36 Actually...Thomas' idea isn't that bad. Would you two like to join us in our adventure?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 04:37 Sure. I would be honored to help.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.5 04:37 -Myself included.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 04:41 Also, I saw a really suspicious looking customer at my stand. I don't know if that would be one the heirs.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:45 Florian:Let's take a look at the customer, then. Come on. *Orion and Lorien pile into the cart**by now, it's getting a little crowded**they turn back around and go back to the marketplace*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.5 04:48 There she is! *points to a blue- cloaked person*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:49 Where is this "suspicious customer?" Orion:Hmm...well...wait, there she is! *points at Sage, who is at another shop* Gandalf:Florian, does she look familiar?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 04:49 [Jinx, almost!]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 04:49 *realizes she is being stalked by the cart* *tries to act casual*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:51 Hm...well, she has the eyes of the oldest heir. And the hair color.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:52 *tries to remember what the heirs looked like* Wait...she could be one of the heirs... Thomas:Then let's talk to her, and find out!
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:55 *the five get out of the cart and start going towards Sage, Gandalf in the lead*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:55 Gandalf:Would you please come with us for a moment?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 04:56 Uh- *gets nervous* Sure.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:57 *they go to an alley, unaware that they are being followed by Sauron's pet crow, who is eavesdropping on them*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:57 Gandalf:What is your name? Sage:Sage.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:58 *Gandalf looks at her**she nods* That is the name of one of them.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:58 Gandalf:How old are you? *Sage says that she just turned 18*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 04:58 *looks around* But I think you have the wrong person. *tries turning around* Gandalf: Please. Don't go. We need to talk.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.Aug.5 04:59 *Gandalf looks at her again**nods yet again* The age matches up with..."what happened."
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:00 *recalls the memories*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 05:01 Give me your right forearm. Sage:What...? Gandalf:Please. *Sage lifts up her arm**gently rolls back her sleeve and touches his staff to her forearm*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 05:02 *Sage feels a harsh burning sensation**a red, curvy, spiky S (for Sauron, of course) symbol glows on her arm*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:02 *winces in pain*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 05:03 *looks up at Sage**gasps are heard from the other four team members* Sage...are you one of the four long lost heirs of the King and Queen?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:03 Do you know where any of my siblings are?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:03 *nods slowly*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.5 05:07 *is shocked to be meeting an heir*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 05:09 I believe two of them are around the marketplace. One, however, has completely vanished, although rumors are that she is in Ignis. *Sage has a feeling that it is Raven*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 05:09 Sage, I am Gandalf, one of the members of the Council of Wizards. And these are... *introduces Sage to the team, and tells her his plans* Would you like to join us in our quest?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:09 Okay. Maybe we should find them. I may be able to recognize them, but it's been so long...
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.5 05:10 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:10 I would be happy to help you.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:10 (Okay, bye!)
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.5 05:10 (Ok, bye!)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.5 05:12 Gandalf: Wonderful. Let us be off. *everyone gets in the cart and rides off into the marketplace*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.5 18:36 *the cart bumps across the cobblestone streets, making it's way into the crowded streets* *bumps up and down, holding onto the edge of her seat*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.6 04:26 *looks around for any of her siblings*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 04:27 What did, er, your siblings look like? *his question is ignored*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 04:29 *clears his throat* I asked you a question.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.6 04:30 *looks at Orion coldly* I don't remember. It's been a long time. *turns away*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:36 [Hi!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:38 [Anyone?]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.6 04:41 (Hello)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:43 [HEY!!!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:44 [Dude, I've been waiting for you on Movie RP for 20 minutes!! :D]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.6 04:44 (I'll be on here for the night.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:45 [2 things:1. I finished my Le Rossignol review just now by adding a third pic to it, and 2.Can we be on PTT only tonight? No one else is on, and you promised one night we would have a PTT only night...]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:45 [Oh...nvm no. 2... :(]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.6 04:45 (I never promised. I said I would think about it.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:46 [Let's RP!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:46 [Well, when you told me that we would do it, I took it as a promise.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:47 [Anyway, RPing! Basically, my plot idea is:The team will find Emil and Iris and start heading for Ignis after the Council of Wizards tells Gandalf that Raven might be there, and on the way Sauron will start targeting the heirs, one at a time.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.6 04:48 (Ok! )
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:48 [He'll target them in Slade-like fashion, kinda haunting them and stuff. XP Horray. I'm still a Slade maniac.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:48 [Wait-correction, SLADE'S A MANIAC. XD Anyway, RPing!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:49 *they ride through the marketplace**points at random people-but not too directly-and asks Florian and Sage if they seem familiar**finally, when they get to Iris, Florian says she has a hunch that she may be one of the heirs*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:50 Let's question her. *they get out of the cart and head towards Iris**whispers:* There were three sisters and one brother, right? Florian:Right.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.6 04:52 Thomas, go and see if you can coax her into talking with us-do it politely, though. Thomas:OK! *heads towards Iris, while the rest of the team stops*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 04:53 *notices that the wagon is trying to stalk her* *hurries into the crowd*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.6 04:54 Hopefully Thomas can catch up to her. She's getting away.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.6 04:55  Secret message to Thomas  
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 04:56 Hey, wait! *pushes his way through the crowd**Iris runs into a shop to try to hide, but he sees her and goes after her*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 04:56  Secret message to Sage  
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 04:56 *runs into a noisy pup*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 04:56 *pub
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 04:57 *people talk loudly and bagpipes play*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 04:57  Secret message to Sage  
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 04:57  Secret message to Thomas  
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 04:58 [Oops]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 04:58 [Redo.]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 04:58 *rushes too quickly into the pub and runs smack into Iris, who is knocked back and falls over a table*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 04:59 Oooh! *spills a few drinks* Thomas: Sorry! Sorry.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 04:59 (Sorry that wasn't supposed to be a secret message.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:00 *drinks are spilled everywhere**sees that by knocking over Iris, he spilled the drinks of some big, tough barbarians*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:00 *turns around* *sees one of the guys getting really angry*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:01 Where did they go? Florian: I think she ran into the nearby pub.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:01 [Same here.] Er...sorry...I can buy you some more- Barbarian:No...you're gonna PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD!!!! *takes out a long, curved sword**tries to cut Thomas, but he jumps back and up onto another table*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:01 Barbarian #2:*grabs Iris* I got the other one!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:02 *takes out his wand* I wouldn't do that if I were you! Barbarian #1:Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do with some little stick like that, huh?
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:02 *tries to resist #2* *accidentally uses some wizarding magic to push him into a table*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:02 *gets a little impatient* What's taking so long? Gandalf: It may not be her.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:03 THIS!! *knocks the Barbarian back with a powerful blasting spell**the Barbarian hits a wall and collapses, unconscious*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:04 Barbarian #2:OW!! WHAT THE-?!?! *gets hit with more wizarding magic and is sent flying back**hits a wall and slides down it next to his friend*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:04 Whoa... *goes up to Iris* Er-I was gonna do that...anyway, I'm Thomas. *shakes hands with her* Sorry if I scared you.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:04 [Hey, idea!]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:05 *dashes out of the pub, only to be caught by Thomas* *spins around* What to you want with me?!
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:05 (Scratch)
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:05 Well.....I'm Iris. It's great to meet you.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:05 [How about each heir is able to access a certain kind of magic that allows them to manipulate a certain kind of energy? For instance, Raven manipulates dark magic energy, and Sauron manipulates red energy.]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:06 (That actually sounds like a good idea!)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:06 [Both dark and light energy are taken due to Raven. Raven already controls black energy, and I'm planning to have her go into a super powerful state where she manipulates white energy.]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:06 (Although I'm not real keen on my energies...)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:07 [Red, black, and white are taken, but colors like pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, blue, gray, etc. aren't!]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:08 (Ok. I'll take blue energy for Sage.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:08 [Also, since it's all magic energy, they aren't just able to manipulate it to use it as shields, they can use it for other magical reasons-like using it on someone to read his/her mind, relating it to other spells, etc.]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:08 (I'll take purple for Iris and would gold be an option for Emil? If not I'll just do yellow.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:09 [AAUUGGHH!!!! SILVERFISH!!!!!]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:09 [Gold's an option. Anyway, *goes whacko*]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:10 [It got in one of my books, so I slammed the book on it over and over until it died... O.O]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:10 (Eugh! Don't they look like centipedes a lot? I've never really seen one, but heard they looked a lot like centipedes.)
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:11 (Are they better or worse than centipedes?)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:11 [It all happened so fast...it was freaky... 0_______0]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:12 [They are let centipedes, except a bit shorter and, of course, are silver. They're quick. I don't think they sting, but when I see one I either stay away from it or kill it.]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:12 (Actually, I looked them up online and some centipede photos came up, so I'm guessing they're similar.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:12 [I heard that having them around is a bad sign-like food or something is rotting and attracting them... 0.0]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:13 (Centipedes are fast too, and I don't have the guts to kill 'em- even if they're 100 feet away from me.)
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:14 (It seems like that silverfish was prowling for a late night snack.)
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:16 *sees Thomas and Iris coming out of the pub* They're talking.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:16 Maybe it IS her...
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:18 I saw what you did. Are you a wizard? I am-or at least I'm training to be one.]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.6 05:19 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:19 *silence* Yes, I am.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.6 05:19 (Ok, bye!)
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.6 05:19 (Bye!)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.7 04:07 [Here!]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.7 04:07 Wait...then... *meanwhile, the rest of the team has spotted them and crept over, listening* ...are you an heir?
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.7 04:15 [Still here.]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.7 04:46 *nods* I've been hiding in Lignum for most of my life.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.7 04:46 *is revealing everyone else by leaning way in and listening*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.7 04:46 *is pulled back by Florian*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.7 04:54 *turns back to the others and nods*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.7 04:57 *runs back in the cart*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.7 04:59 *Thomas then introduces Iris to the team, tells her Gandalf's plans, etc.**Iris agrees to join the team**all of them get in the cart and starts riding through the marketplace*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.7 05:00 *Sage and Iris feel happy but awkward about being reunited**anyway, after a while of searching, they ride out of the marketplace and down a small, rocky road**they see Emil carrying a few things he bought and walking along the road*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.7 05:01 *has been sitting by Iris in silence for awhile* *turns to her and smiles a little* Hi.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.7 05:01 Could he be one? He sure looks a bit royally dressed... Florian:Indeed. He makes me think of the one brother. Let's question him. *Gandalf parks the cart and the team approaches Emil*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.7 05:01 *is fancier than Sage or Iris* *turns around to see them* *continues walking to his manor/mansion*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.7 05:02 *starts rushing, but the cart manages to catch right on up to him*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.Aug.7 05:02 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.7 05:02 (Ok, bye!)
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.7 06:51 *the cart approaches him* *stops in his tracks* *takes out a jewel adorned sword* *turns around, face stone cold *
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.7 06:53 *looks at Emil in shock and sadness* Thomas: *notices this* Are you alright? Iris: We were twins...I mean, we still are...but it's been so long.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.Aug.7 06:54 It feels like we were never connected in any way. Sage: I understand, and I feel it too.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.7 17:37 Well...*asks rudely* Are you Raven or Sage?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.7 17:38 I'm Sage. There have been rumors that Raven is hiding out in Ignis.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.7 17:39 *frowns slightly* *murmurs* Why am I not surprised,
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.Aug.7 17:40 *has grown impatient with Emil* It wasn't her fault! And for your information, it wasn't anyone's fault that we got scattered!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.Aug.7 20:14 (Isla: Is Sauron's apprentice- basically spies on everyone. Although bad, she will turn good and join Gandalf's league once Sauron faces the heirs later. Basically looks like Abnegation Tris + evergreen cloak.)
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.Aug.7 20:15 *is walking around the market* *catches a few words of Sage, Emil, and Iris's small argument* *puts her cloak hood up*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.Aug.7 20:16 *listens to everything* *runs back to the castle* *storms into the castle doors* Lord Sauron!!! Lord Sauronnnnn!!!!!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.7 20:17 *is lazily sitting in his throne* *snaps* SILENCE!!! Now. Stand in front of me, look me in the eye, and tell me what you have heard.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.Aug.7 20:18 *grimaces* *walks over to the throne and stands in front of it* They've been found.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.7 20:20 *frowns for a moment, then smiles really evilly, Grinch style* wonderful! My plan can resume. Now- which ones have you found?
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.Aug.7 20:26 Everyone but the girl who was named after a bird....Crow, maybe? Sauron: *corrects* Raven. I wonder where she could be. Isla: there's only one way we can find out- by following them.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.7 20:28 Brilliant! *rises from his throne* *walks towards the door, and he and Isla leave the castle*
Player 8Aug.8 22:11  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Vest (leather)  Hey guys! Can I join in as a secret fifth heir? I'm Coral, and I have water powers. I have ocean blue eyes and long curly black hair. I am like the ocean, going with the flow and hard to predict. I grew up in Lignun with Marissa, my fairy companion.
Player 8Aug.8 22:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Teleportation spell  Hey guys! Can I join in as a secret fifth heir? I'm Coral, and I have water powers. I have ocean blue eyes and long curly black hair. I am like the ocean, going with the flow and hard to predict. I grew up in Lignun with Marissa, my fairy companion.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.8 23:54 [Hi Ola/Coral! Go ahead! BTW, the heirs are all wizards, and they don't really manipulate elements (water, earth, fire, air, etc.)-they manipulate energies (white energy, black energy, blue energy, pink energy, etc.).]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.8 23:55 [Black, white, blue, purple, and gold energies are taken. You can choose any other color, though! However, I'm not the club manager, so it's up to the game master on whether or not you can be an heir...]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.Aug.8 23:57 *gets up* Stop arguing!! Just...just stop!! Emil:And who are you? Thomas:Thomas, apprentice of Gandalf. Florian:Yes-and by Gandalf, he means Gandalf the Blue, the only one Sauron ever feared.
Player 8Aug.9 00:16 Thanks for the intro Thomas. I guess I'll be Turquosie or green energy. Well Game Master, can I please be a heir? Even thiough I'm a little late joining in? Can someone give me a brief summary of what's going on and what the heirs need to do know? Thanks.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 02:03 (Hi, and welcome to this club! We're glad to have you here. And yes, you can be an heir! The limit is 6 heirs total, and right now we have 5.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 02:04 (Right now, Gandalf the Blue, commonly known as Gandalf, is searching for the heirs in the Regnum marketplace. So far he has found 3-Sage, Emil, and Iris.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 02:06 (The other 2 heirs, Coral and Raven have yet to be found. You can decide where you want Coral to be so Gandalf and everyone else can find her.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 02:09 (Oh, and there are other villagers helping Gandalf. Florian, an elf and master archer, Orion, a Serano farmer, Thomas, Gandalf's apprentice, and Lorien, a poor villager. )
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 02:11 (Coral and the rest of the heirs will be hiding out from Sauron, the evil ruler who plans on destroying them, taking their powers, and conquering Galacia. He also has a spy working for him, Isla. Isla will help the others later, and turn from Sauron.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 02:11 (So, I hope you enjoy this roleplay and if you have any questions, please ask!)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 02:12  Giving Wand (x 1) to  
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.9 02:14 *frowns at Thomas, Iris, and Sage* We can't just stand here all day recalling the past. Gandalf: Correct. We must find the last two.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.9 02:14 *he and his 2 sisters get in the cart and they ride through the marketplace*
Player 8Aug.9 09:56 Coral is hiding out in Lignum with her fairy companion, Marissa. She has discovered she can manipulate turquoise and occasionally green energy and has been secretly training her powers with Marissa's help and guidance
Player 8Aug.9 10:00 *Coral has a flashback to the day when her parents were killed and Sauron took over* She wonders if Sauron will ever come after her? Better to stay hidden in the forests of Lignum with the fairies for now.
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.Aug.9 10:10 Marissa is Coral's best friend and can do green/forest related magic. She is small, with green eyes and light brown hair. She has shimmering green wings. Marissa worries about Coral's safety and decides to see what is happening in Regnum. She flies there.
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.Aug.9 10:14 *flies to the regnum marketplace and sees Gandalf and the others riding through the cart, senses something is different about them and decided to follow them*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.Aug.9 10:41 *listens to them talking about the last two heirs* interesting… returns to Lignum and decides not to tell Coral what she heard in case she goes to Regnum and gets caught by Sauron.
Player 8Aug.9 10:58 "Marissa, were were you?" Marissa lies" I went for a long fly"
Player 8Aug.9 11:41 "Ok. Did you have fun?" Marissa says yes and Coral goes back to practicing her energy.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.9 17:18 *he and Isla are walking around in the market* *has a black cloak on so he isn't recognizable*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.9 17:19 Isla. Have you seen the cart yet?
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.Aug.9 17:20 *sure enough, the cart is visible through the crowds* Yeah. It's over there. *points ahead of them*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.Aug.9 17:20 *happens to be looking towards Isla and Sauron* Er...someone is pointing at the cart...
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.9 17:21 *says rudely* Did you ever think that they were pointing at Gandalf? He's the most popular wizard around!
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.Aug.9 17:23 *notices that the villagers are making way for Isla and Sauron* Maybe it's best if we get out of here-- and fast. Those 2 look...strange.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 17:24  Giving Cottage (Lignum) (x 1) to  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 17:25  Giving Wand (x 1) to Coral  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.Aug.9 17:26  Giving Defense spell (x 2) to  
Player 8Aug.9 20:02 Coral notices Marissa looks thoughtful and serious and is pacing around the cottage waving her wand distractedly."Marissa is something wrong?"
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.Aug.9 20:07 Marissa knows she can't keep anything secret from Coral since they have known each other forever. "I'm just wondering about your siblings. Aren't you a heir of the king and queen? Maybe your siblings are alive."
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.Aug.9 20:10 Coral says she wants to see Regnum since she hasn't seen it since Sauron took over. She secretly hopes she might see her siblings. Marissa protests, but Coral has defensive spells so Marissa gives in reluctantly and they head out.
Player 8Aug.9 20:19 Coral looks in awe at the market place, having been only three when she left Regnum and having spent most of her life in her cottage in Lignum. "Wow! Cool!"
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.Aug.10 01:11 *the cart heads towards the marketplace exit*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.Aug.10 01:12 Hey, they're getting away! We need to come up with a plan-- and quickly!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.10 01:13 *smirks* No need to fret, Isla! I know exactly what we'll do...*heads to a stand selling carts* I have money to spare,
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.10 01:13  Buying Buggy/cart (x 1)  
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.Aug.10 01:15 *puts a spell on the cart to make it fly* *he and Isla get in the cart and drive around the marketplace*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.10 22:53 *notices Coral standing in the middle of the market with Marissa at her side* She looks oddly familiar.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.10 22:54 Yeah. *notices that Coral is getting more and more nervous by the second* *Coral turns around and runs* Sauron: *smiles evilly*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 03:51 *sees Coral nearby* Could she be an heir? Florian:*looks at Coral* Possibly. I did notice those "two" that were following us are now following her.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 03:52 Let's get to her before the "two" do.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 03:52 *notices that Sauron's cart is flying, and knows he has to go fast**drives the cart at full speed through the marketplace towards Coral*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 03:54 *stops next to Coral and Marissa* Hop on! *the two look scared and confused* Florian:Just hurry! Thomas:Yeah! Lord Sauron is- *Florian clamps a hand around his mouth, but it is too late**Sauron and Isla overheard*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 03:55 *Marissa flies onto the cart, and Thomas and Emil pull Coral gently on**Gandalf drives the cart at full speed out of the marketplace, Sauron and Isla following in their cart*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 22:08 *is driving-- or rather flying-- the cart mercilessly* *has knocked people over while trying to raise the cart into the air*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.11 22:10 *looks behind herself* *Sauron's cart is really advancing* He's getting closer! *Sauron tries blasting their cart with magic* *dodges*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.11 22:11 Florian: He won't get away with this...*shoots some arrows from the back of the cart, all of them flying into Sauron's cart*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 22:12  Using Wipeout spell  
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 22:13 *Florian is hit by the Wipeout spell and is knocked back* *Gandalf turns around, ready to wield a Wipeout Spell himself* *pretends to fall back into the cart*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:15 Sauron!!! *turns around* Sauron: You- take over! Isla: Ugh!! Fine...*drives recklessly* Sauron: *is thrown from to side of the cart* Slow down! Isla: No...trying to focus here! I'm getting closer!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:26 *is extremely focused* *Gandalf turns around, aiming his staff at Sauron's cart* Erghhh!!! You won't get away with this...*Gandalf blasts a powerful WipeoutSpell at their cart*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:27 *for a moment, the cart is surrounded by a bluish energy* *then it falls from the sky* *screams* *even Sauron yells* *they tumble from the sky*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.11 22:28 *shrieks and ducks* *the cart rocks violently back and forth*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:28 *whoops* WE GOT 'EM!!! *pumps a fist into the air* *even Sage smiles a little*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:28 Well....that was exhilarating.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:29 Ugh....ENOUGH of this rubbish! We got him, but this-it's just not that necessary, guys.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:29 *screams* *falls down right in the middle of the marketplace* OOF!...Sauron: *falls on top of a stand, goods falling everywhere*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:30 Thomas: *says brightly* Well SOMEONE'S in a bad mood!
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.11 22:30 Well, making Sauron fall from the sky doesn't happen everyday. So give it a rest.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:31 *sighs* *is about to get up* *sees a shadow hovering overhead--the cart itself* *screams and rolls over* *the cart crashes to the ground, completely broken*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:31 *grumbles and rolls eyes* *mutters something like wishing he weren't in the cart*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.11 22:31 *laughs at the sight of the cart almost smashing Isla* *roars in laughter*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.11 22:32 *even Coral and Marissa have a good laugh over it all*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:32 *is still shocked over the cart experience* *a cart wheel rolls out of sight*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:33 *laughs sliently but hard* *has a really red face* *sees Gandalf chuckling a little*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.11 22:34 It isn't funny! She could've died!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 22:35 *gets up, furious* *dusts off his cloak and clothing with a flair of attitude* Humph. *goes over to Isla and picks her up from the ground roughly* *pulls her by the collar so they are face to face*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.11 22:36 *says as quietly as possible* You should be greatly punished for not steering the cart of of the way. But I decided to spare you. *grits teeth* One more time...and you're dead. *shoves Isla away, making her stumble* *pulls up his cloak hood*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:27 *watches Sauron, just a little bit scared*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:28  Buying Flying potion (x 1)  
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:29 (Just gonna substitute potion for a spell since the items won't update*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:29  Dropping Flying potion (x 1)  
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:30  Buying Repair potion (x 1)  
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:30  Dropping Repair potion (x 1)  
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:31 *the cart is magically restored* *it is now a sleek and shiny black sleigh, flying powers included*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:32 *gets into the cart* I'LL steer it this time. *Isla just stands there* Well get in!! *Isla gets into the cart*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:32 *the cart is lifted into the air once again*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:33 *turns around* I don't see the cart...*looks up* Oh no! The cart is coming- AGAIN!!!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:38 Gandalf, MOVE!!!!! *someone in the cart pushes Emil* Florian: *aims her arrow at Emil* Never. Disrespect. Gandalf. Emil: Ok! Sorry!
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:42 *everyone glares at Emil* Besides...I'm pretty sure Gamdalf knows how to control this more than you, Emil.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:47 If Sauron is going to use magic on his cart, I will, too. *uses a magic spell to make the horse pulling the cart turn into a Pegasus**special wings appear on the cart, fit for flying**the pure white Pegasus pulls the cart into the air*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:48 *laughs* Is this a trick?!
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:49 *turns around* We need to get out of Regum, or else he'll follow us!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:49 *the cart starts going REALLY fast**Sauron struggles to keep up*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:49 No problem.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.12 04:50 Whoa!!! *screams*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:50 *meanwhile, Florian questions Coral, finds out that she is an heir, introduces her to the team, blah blah blah*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:53 *the cart soars into the air* Wow....*touches a cloud*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:53 *they soar over the lush forests of Lignum, and then land in Serano**by now it is sunset*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:54 [We'll continue with the plan-one by one, Sauron attacks each of the heirs while they are by themselves and tries to talk them into losing hope and giving up. Sort of a Slade-like thing to do. >:D]
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.12 04:54 *looks over to see Marissa asleep*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.12 04:55 (Ok!)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:56 *they stop at Orion's hut and spend the night there**Emil (the first of the targeted heirs), however, can't sleep*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:57 *he and Isla are cruising through the skies* You know what? Isla: Yeah? Sauron: I have a plan.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:57 *Emil finally sighs, gets up, and starts to take a stroll outside*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:57 I'm gonna target each and every heir. And also get the oldest heir to be my queen!! *cackles* Isla: Hahaha....
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:57 *mutters* I hate this place. I 'd rather be at the manor.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:58 *lands the cart by a tree*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 04:59 I should have never agreed to this plan...*sighs*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 04:59 *pops out of nowhere* Hello, Emil. *smiles*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:00 *Sauron puts the hood on his cloak up and confronts Emil* [Time for the suspenseful, creepy epicness to begin!! :D]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:02 You know, I've been expecting you. For awhile.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:03 *doesn't look up* Leave me alone please.....*Sauron forces Emil's chin up* *looks at Sauron in horror* Oh...uh....what a surprise!! Heheheh...
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:04 You know exactly what I want...
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:04 Er.....no I don't!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:05 [Dun dun dunnnn!! XD]\
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:05 Tell me...what is the secret to your powers, boy?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:06 [-.- Ugh. That typo ruined the suspense.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:07 Powers? *chuckles* Looks like someone's a little messed up in the head. *knows it was a mistake to say that in the first place*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:09 *Emil gets punched in the face by Sauron* TELL ME!!!!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:10 *stumbles down the tree* No!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.12 05:10 *wakes up when he hears the commotion outside**looks out the window and sees the silhouettes of Emil and Sauron* What the...?
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.12 05:10 *instinctively picks up his wand*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.12 05:11 *is about to go outside and see what is going on, but then Florian runs past the window-she had awoken, too**watches*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:11 *puts his wand to Emil's neck* So goodbye...to your memories!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.12 05:11 *Emil is meanwhile battling Sauron desperately**Sauron is trying hard to force Emil to use his powers by hurting him*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:12 *loads her bow and aims it right at Sauron**however, there is a gold energy explosion, and Sauron is sent flying back*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:13 *cringes* I'll never tell you....ever!!!!!!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:13 Erghh!! I can do this! *a random blast of green like energy comes from out of the blue* *is blasted back*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:13 *goes over to the window by Thomas* What's going on!?
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:15 Thomas:I don't know!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:15 *keeps trying to get up, but the greenish energy keeps coming* *finally gets into a very powerful state- a red state*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:16 ENOUGH! *shoots an arrow, knocking Sauron's wand out of his hands*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:16
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:16 [Oops]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:16 *his eyes glow red* *uses powerful red energy* *the energy goes inside Emil's head* *Emil screams*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:17 *falls down the tree, bloody and unconcious*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.12 05:17 *comes to the window* *gasps*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:17 *manages to read Emil's deepest thoughts, secrets, and memories*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:18 Who are you?! Why are you here?! Sauron:You know both things. Florian:*gasps* Sauron...
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:18 Get out of here. Now. *aims an arrow right at Sauron's head*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.12 05:19 Florian, no!
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:20 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:20 HA! An old arrow won't hurt me. But maybe you. *deflects her arrows*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.12 05:20 (Ok! Bye!)
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.12 05:20 DO IT. *Sauron nods, knowing his job is done**he vanishes in the darkness* [Anyway, bye! *offline*]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 00:38 *gets back in the cart*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 00:39 *has been sitting in silence with Sauron for awhile* Sooo...how did things go?
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 00:41 *lets the words flow* I was able to use my powers to hurt him, and I also went deep into his mind using my powers. Unfortunately, that elf kept shooting arrows and there was some green magic.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 00:41 Oh...yeah, maybe next time....
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.13 04:12 *goes over and picks up an unconscious Emil*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.13 04:16 *carries him inside* Gandalf! GANDALF!! *everyone-including Gandalf-races into the entrance hall of the house to see what's going on*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 04:18 Emil! *Emil looks close to dead*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.13 04:18 Gandalf:What happened? Florian:*explains everything* Gandalf:*looks grim**looks down at Emil (Florian set him on the floor) and kneels down by him*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:22 *starts muttering incantations**his staff glows as he waves it in a circular motion over Emil*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:24 *the crystal on the end of his staff glows light blue**is reading Emil's memories to see what happened from his perspective**eventually stops, looking even more grim than before*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:38 *moans and groans on the floor*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:39 Sauron has managed to access into his memories-and has seen every one of them. Emil-and his mind-have been too exposed. He is in great danger.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:39 I shall try my best to shield his mind from Sauron, but Sauron has grown very powerful. My attempts may fail.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:40 This can't be!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 04:42 *looks worried* *feels like giving up*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 04:44 *looks down at Emil blankly*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:45 I mean, he wasn't even that nice anyways, so...
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:45 *everyone seems pretty annoyed with Orion's comment*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:46 *glares at Orion* No matter who he is, this is bad.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:46 Florian+Thomas:*they elbow Orion irritably*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:47 *suddenly looks surprisingly tired* Let's get some sleep. We need it. *they all go to sleep**Emil is carried to a bedroom, of course*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:48 *plops down on the bed like a piece of nothing* *feels really dizzy and brainwashed*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 04:48 *lays awake thinking*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:49 *looks at Emil through a crack in the door, then goes back to her own room, barely able to sleep*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:50 *the next morning, Iris wakes up at early dawn and goes outside to watch the sun rise*[Time for Iris' turn to be confronted by Sauron to come! >:D]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:51 *looks out at the sunrise, Emil on her mind* *walks down the gravel path*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:51 *his cart is hidden behind a bush*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:52 *walks out from nowhere, facing Iris* Hello, dear...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:53 *looks up at Sauron, scared for life* *tries to run away, but Sauron grabs her sleeve, ripping it* *screams, but Sauron clamps a hand over her mouth and takes her to the tree*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:54 You know I have captured your brother. And you know I am eager to learn your powers and secrets.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:55 Moreover, I would like to know who was hiding you in Lignu,
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:55 *Lignum
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:55 No! Never! *tries not to cry*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:56 If you don't tell me, you will die!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 04:56 *he has woke up early too and is watching the sun rise from his window**suddenly hears Iris yelling "No! Never!"*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:56 I'd rather die than tell you my secrets! *regrets saying that* *doesn't really want to die*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 04:57 Iris...? *gets up slowly, pulling out his wand**opens his window and cranes his head out of it**sees Iris and Sauron*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 04:57 IRIS!!!! *races out of the house and starts running towards Iris and Sauron**Sauron starts to forcefully pull Iris away to his cart* Iris:THOMAS!!!!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:58 *grits teeth* Fine, then. *reveals his wand*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 04:58 *goes into the powerful red state*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 04:59 *is trapped in the cart* *screams* THOMAS, HELP!!!!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 04:59 *his wand lights up*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:00
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:00 *his powers fly through Iris's head* *Iris screams and falls out of the cart*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:01 [Can you give Thomas a blasting spell?]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:01 *has been hiding on the cart floor, scared* *peers up and looks at Iris and Sauron*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:02  Giving Players choice spell (x 15) to Thomas  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:02 (Sorry, I couldn't find the blasting spell on there. Players choice should work. They'll last awhile.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:02  Using Players choice spell  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:03 (I'm not too good at searching right now.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:03 *the cart becomes blasted open, freeing Iris**sees how she is unconscious* NO!!
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:03 *the cart is blasted forward and tips over*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:03 *is hit hard with something and is then knocked out*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:04 *uses the same spell again (I'm too lazy to use up another one right now XP) and aims his wand at Sauron, sending a Blasting Spell right at him*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:04 *falls over* *he and his red powers disappear*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:05 *the cart nearly collapses on her* *yells at Thomas* WAIT!
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:05 *some goods fall out of Sauron's cart-goods for Gandalf and travelers*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:06 *looks around, making sure Sauron isn't around* Look. Sauron is trying to target the heirs, and if there are any more, I advise you to go far away. To Ignis, at least.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:08 *gives Thomas some herbal remedies* Take these.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:09  Giving Cloak (real satin) (x 1) to Thomas  *Thomas picks up all the useful goods from Sauron's cart to later share with the rest*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:10  Giving Matches (pack of 20) (x 20) to Thomas  
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:10 Thank you...by the way, who are you?
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:10  Giving Spell book (x 1) to Thomas  Very important, rare spells of Sauron's
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:11  Giving Crossbow (x 1) to Thomas  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:11 *pauses* Good luck. *runs off into the fields*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:11  Giving Flying potion (x 14) to Thomas  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:12 Ok, that should be enough to last.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:12 But who are you...? *no answer**sighs and goes to Iris**picks her up and carries her to the cottage with great effort*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:12 *is unearthed from the bottom of the cart by Thomas*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:13 *by now, the team is eating breakfast**sets Iris down on a chair**the team rushes over* Florian:What happened? Where'd you get all that stuff? *Thomas explains*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:13 That's quite a lot of stuff! *Thomas also shows them Sauron's very secret book of spells*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:14 Does anyone need some matches, a cloak, a crossbow, or some flight potions? *doesn't mention the spellbook-he wands to keep that for himself*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:14 These supplies will serve us well. Perhaps we will be able to save Emil and Iris.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:14 *he shows them the spellbook, but keeps it for himself*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:15 We can just keep the matches for everyone. The flight potions too.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:15 *Emil stumbles into the room, rubbing his head* Emil:What's going on...? Iris...? IRIS?!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:15 *picks up a herbal remedy* I can't read the label. *sets it down*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:15 *Florian tells everything to Emil*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:16 *is too tired to yell* What happened to her?!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:16 Gandalf:*does the same thing he did for Emil to Iris* The same thing happened. Sauron has deeply accessed her mind.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:17 *moans* No!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 05:17 Florian:What shall we do? Gandalf:Keep going. We must hurry to Ignis. Thomas:That's what the girl in the cart told me before running away-we had to go to Ignis.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:17 Why Ignis?! It's dangerous there!
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:18 Gandalf: We are in much more danger here with Sauron than we are there. Ignis will be our refuge.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:18 *sighs* Well that girl must have been pretty crazy.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:19 I guess you're right. Sauron doesn't care about Ignis. *is sad about that*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:19 All those living people...and animals....
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:20 We must go now. I have done everything I can for Iris-the best cure for her while she is in this state is rest. Let's go. *they put their stuff on the cart and get on it**the Pegasus then flies, dragging the cart in the air with them in it*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:20 Besides, we might be able to find the final heir in Ignis.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:20 Well, I don't think they're Sauron's #1 target.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:20 *Thomas lets the unconscious Iris lean against him*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:20 *holds onto the edge of the cart, hair flying*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:21 *starts to feel sick in the flying cart*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:21 *keeps wondering where they are*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:21 [We'll just speed through Coral being affected by Sauron.] *Coral is having a mental battle with Sauron**Sauron goes deeply into her memories**then Coral goes into the same state Iris is in*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:22 Florian:Coral...? Coral?! Gandalf, Sauron has got Coral, too! *Marissa lets out a little shriek*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:22 *looks over to see Coral looking really crazy* *screams*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:22 I sensed Sauron's presence. I shall cast a spell that will at least temporarily shut him out. But it's all I can do. *casts the spell*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:23 *frowns* This is getting way out of hand!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:23 *Coral goes limp, becoming unconscious*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:23 [Reminds me of the hilarious Star Wars quote "This is getting out of hand-now there are TWO OF THEM!!" X'D]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:24 (HA!)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:25 [Ah, I can never get over that quote... XD Plus, it matches up with the situation-now it's Iris AND Coral!]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:26 *everyone is now shoulder to shoulder in the cart to make room for Coral*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:26 [Is it OK if we speed through this and get to Ignis ASAP?]
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:26 (Yeah! Good point!)
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:26 I feel like this cart is going to break. *crosses his arms*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:27 I feel like i'm going to be sick! *pukes over the edge*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:27 *I'm
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:28 Don't worry. It won't. *keeps driving**they keep going for hours, and finally land at the border between Serano and Ignis**it is sunset*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:28 *rests her elbow on the side of the cart* *her elbow falls off the edge* *gets irritated and keeps her elbow off the edge*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:28 Thomas:Shall we stop for now, sir? Gandalf:No. Time is running out. We must find the last heir.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:29 *can already hear a loud crash* *sees lava farther away*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:29 It is too dangerous to go in by cart, so we shall go by foot. *they walk into Ignis*[It's Sage's turn now!]
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Aug.13 05:29 *lightning flashes out of nowhere*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:30 We must stay together. *suddenly, there is a burst of steam nearby**Sage gets lost in it and finds herself stuck somewhere in a cave*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:30 *has a funny feeling about something * *sits by a thorn tree*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:30 *his cart is parked behind a rock, and Isla has been found by him and abandoned in the cart*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:31 *the steam clears, revealing that Sage is gone* Where is Sage? Florian:I do not know. *they suddenly hear Sage crying for help at a distance**Sauron has confronted her*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:31 *looks up to see none other than Sauron* *gets up and tries to run after the others*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:31 *is about to walk past the cave, but stops on purpose, sensing an heir's presence*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:31 [Unlike the other three, can Sage only be knocked out for a few seconds? Oh, and also, by now Iris and Coral have awoken and are walking with the team.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:31 *goes into the red state* *grabs Sage by the cloak hood*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:32 (Yeah. Let's say so.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:32 *shrieks*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:32 *Sauron uses a spell to make an invisible shield appear, keeping Sage from escaping* [Dun dun dunnnn!! XD >:D]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:33 *pushes Sage to the ground* Hmmm...you look a lot like the queen....which reminds me...I shall make you my wife!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:33 You do not have an option- you will be my queen and tell me everyone's secrets!!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:33 *screams in horror* NO!!!!!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:34 *smiles evilly* Yes.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:34 [I have an idea! Since Sage is the oldest sister and Raven is the youngest, how about Sage becomes a queen and Raven becomes a princess?]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:36 (Yeah! Great idea! )
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:36 *starts crying*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:37 *uses his powers and blasts Sage, uncovering the unknown about her*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:37 *Sauron's red state becomes even stronger-almost overwhelming**however, suddenly, there is a huge blast of black energy in between Sauron and Sage**Sauron gets knocked back*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:37 *is knocked out*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:37 *Sage lies unconscious on the ground for a moment**Sauron looks around, confused at where the black energy came from*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:38 *falls onto a sharp rock* *is blacked out* *he and his magic disappear again for a short time*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:38 *suddenly a raven made of Dark Magic energy flies down, glares at Lord Sauron with gleaming red eyes, lifts up Sage, and flies away with her, clutching Sage in its talons*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:39 *the raven carries Sage near the team, sets her down gently, and then flies away**Sage wakes up and looks around just in time to see the raven fly away*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:39 *appears at the cart* *follows the raven, planning to attack everyone later*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:40 *looks at the raven, confused* *remembers that the last heir was named Raven*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:41 *remembers the black magic for a moment, but blacks out again*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:41 *the raven flies to the very highest mountain* [gtg soon!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:42 *the team finds Sage* Thomas:It's Sage! *Gandalf rushes over to her and manages to use a spell to see what happened* Gandalf:Sauron did it to her, too.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:42 *Sage wakes up* Sage...are you okay?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:43 *sits up* *nods* *is a bit dazed, but overall okay*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.13 05:44 Wow...she woke up earlier than any of the others...strange.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:46 *looks at the others* From what I can tell about what happened in her memories, she was somehow-or at least in a way-rescued by the last heir. Raven.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:46 Let us continue. *helps Sage get up**they start walking towards the highest mountain*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:47 *they get to it and start climbing**it is a hard climb*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.13 05:47 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:47 *is anxious to find Raven* *works hard to climb*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.13 05:47 (Ok, bye!)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:01 (I'm here!)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:07 [Here! My replies will be really slow.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:09 *some lava starts coming down towards them**some of the characters let out some screams**however, he raises his staff, making the lava split in two and go around them*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:12 *signals for the others to follow**all of them keep climbing until they reach the very top**he and Sage are in the lead*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:15 *when they get to the top, they see the back of someone wearing an indigo cloak (hood up), sitting with a ring of black energy around her*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:16 [One sec]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:19 *looks up at the figure* *keeps climbing, having hope it could be Raven*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:19 (Sorry for the long waits, I may be gone for 15-20 minutes at a time.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:26 [OK. Same here for a little while-but not long later my replies will speed up.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:28 *they have reached the very top, where the "figure" is sitting**Sage comes forward, walking through the ring of blazing black energy, which feels unnatural and warm*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:29 *the atmosphere around her is humid*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:31 Sage:Raven...? *no answer**pulls the cloak off, revealing...RAVEN! (duh XP XD)*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:40 *totally wowed* *backs away slowly*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:45 [My replies will be much faster now!]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:45 (My responses will be faster now.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:46 (Jinx, sorta!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:46 *looks around at Sage**Sage has a faint memory of what she looked like before-when Raven's skin wasn't so pale, when her hair was black, and when her clothing was white*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:47 Who- what?! *is sort of aware of who it is*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:47 [Yep!] *Sage can't believe that she changed so much-now her clothing is black and blue, and her hair is purple*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:48 *gets up, the ring of black energy disappearing**looks stern**uses her powers to telekinetically take her cloak from Sage and make it fly into her hands*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:48 *has an instant flashback of when they were kids* *realizes how much Raven has changed and even herself a little* *wonders about the dark magic*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:49 Gandalf:*says quietly* Raven...
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 04:50 This can't be real. No. It can't. *shakes his head* Iris: It is! It's Raven!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:50 *puts her cloak back on, but doesn't put her hood up*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:50 *starts to back away from the others*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:51 Thomas:Why is she backing away...?
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 04:52 *frowns* Who is this imposter?! *lunges for Raven, but the others pull him back*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:52 *flips around to face Emil* Don't hurt her!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:52 Sage:Raven... *approaches her*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:53 *holds out her hand towards Sage* No...stay back!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:53 You shouldn't be here. I don't want to hurt you-or my brother and sisters.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:53 [As you may know, brother=Emil, sisters=Iris and Coral.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 04:54 We're just trying to help you! I promise!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:54 *turns away from the others, trying to hide how agitated she is*Sage:But Raven- Raven:I said NO! *spins around, eyes turning completely black**there is a blast of black energy, sending Sage skidding back*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:55 *Emil catches Sage and looks at Raven darkly**her eyes go back to normal**looks somewhat sad and at the same time horrified and afraid at what she just did*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:56 *her eyes glow white**turns herself into a raven made of black energy and flies straight downwards into the mountain like a ghost*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 04:56 Look, if you're going to keep doing this, I don't think I'll be able to call you my sister anymore.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:57 Sage:Raven! *runs down into an opening that leads into some caves in the mountain*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 04:57 COME BACK! *Sage keeps running*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:57 *the team follows, but can't keep up with Sage very well*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 04:57 *sighs* This is the weirdest encounter I've had yet. Is she really your family.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 04:58 *?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:58 [Time for Sauron to go after Raven! >:D] *lands in a large cave with several different pathways and tunnels branching out from it and turns back into her human form*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 04:58 Of course! *nearly trips*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:58 *looks around**sees no one, and sighs with relief*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:59 *suddenly there is a huge crash**spins around and gasps to see Sauron blasting his way through a wall nearby*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:59 *his cart is parked nearby, of course* *is about to attack* *pauses, having heard the team yelling*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 04:59 Sauron:*sees Raven* Hello... *smiles like the Grinch*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 04:59 *he is in his signature red state*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:00 We meet once again- and it was long awaited by me. This meeting.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:00 *backs away, leaving a small trail of black energy with every step from her fear rising*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:00 [There will be an epic chase and battle, BTW! :D]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:00 Well, I'm ready to blast you to bits as well as everyone else. So get ready.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:01 *Sage runs in
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:01 **
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:01 *his staff- long, sleek, and black with a red gem on the top- appears*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:01 No...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:02 *sees Sage* Stay back! I don't want you to get hurt by either of us!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.14 05:02 I'm here to help you! *faces Sauron* Leave her alone!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:02 Sage:No! I have to help you! Raven:Then I'm sorry, but I must do this.*uses her powers to make some boulders surround Sage, keeping her from getting to her and Sauron*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:03 [Jinx, almost!]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:03 *Sage tries to escape the wall, yelling*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:04 *turns back to Sauron* I'm not going to let you hurt me or my siblings. I'll give up my life for them if I must in order to get rid of the Death Curse.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:04 That's better. I'll take care of everyone else later. But for now, my main focus is you.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:04 Actually, I have an occupation for you. Wait- it's really not an option.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:05 I don't want to hear about it. *her eyes glow white**turns back into her raven form and flies away through a wall*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:05 You will become the princess of MY castle whereas your sister Sage will be my queen. You will serve ME, AND DIE IN MY CASTLE!!! *laughs evilly*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:06 *blasts red energy from his staff, knocking Raven down*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:06 *comes through the wall and into a tunnel**starts flying through the tunnel as fast as she can, only to get blasted by red energy*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:06 YOU WILL NEVER SAVE YOUR FAMILY!!!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:06 [Jinx almost again!]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 05:07 (Haha!!!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:07 *is blasted sideways**hits a wall, immediately reverting back to human form**winces, moans, and slides down the wall*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 05:07 *witnesses everything from the cart* *jumps out of it and makes a run for the team, going to warn them about Sauron*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:07 *opens her eyes, revealing that they are glowing white* NO!!!! *flies up and sends a HUGE wave of black energy flying at Sauron, but he easily catches it in his magic staff*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:08 *smirks* My magic is far more powerful than yours, sadly.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:08 *Sauron converts the black energy into red electricity-like energy and blasts it right at her head, ready to read her memories**her eyes grow wide**holds out her hands in front of her, trying hard to use black energy to block it*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:09 *blasts her with some powerful red energy*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:09 (Jinx almost yet again!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:09 No...I...can...still...fight...it...!! *the red energy forces its way through her blackness shield and surges into her head*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:10 [Are we triplets or something?! XD]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:10 *moans and falls over, almost completely unconscious**tries hard to block Sauron out, but he manages to see all her memories anyway*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:10 *is glowing red* *activates Raven's fears, memories, secrets, and more*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:10 *blacks out*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.14 05:11 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:11 (Jinx AGAIN!!! The jinxes are certainly upon us right now!)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:11 (Ok! Bye!)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:12 *laughs evilly* *red sparks fly, and his glowing is getting brighter*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.14 05:13 *bangs his staff against the ground, and a surge of red spreads across the landscape, activating lava and volcanos* *the sky gets red*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 05:15 *notices by the sky and by a distant red glow that Sauron is becoming active* *reaches the team in time*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 05:16 What- WHAT?! What is a poor peasant girl doing right here, right now?! Thomas: I recognize her- she was the girl in Sauron's cart!!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 05:17 Sauron- he's active. He's fighting your sister, Raven! He's going to attack you, too! He wants to destroy you all.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 17:11 *sighs* Figures.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 17:16 Hold on...how do we know you're not some sort of "worker" for Sauron trying to coax us over to him?
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.14 17:17 If I were, then I wouldn't have come and told you.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 00:21  Giving Wand (x 1) to Isla  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 00:21  Giving Blasting spell (x 5) to Isla  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 00:22   + 100 Craziness points to Sauron  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 00:23   + 50 Experience points to Isla  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 00:31   - 100 Awesomeness points to Sauron  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 00:32   + 80 Awesomeness points to Sauron  Whoops, Sauron has -90 Awesomeness points....let me add some more.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 00:33   + 10 Awesomeness points to Sauron  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 03:53 [XD Sauron has no awesomeness at all.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 03:53 [Figures... XD]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 03:55 *wakes up, moaning a little**sits up and sees Sauron at full power*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 03:59 *meanwhile, with the team...* We must find Raven before it is too late. Lord Sauron is using his sorcery to take over-like he did with the castle almost 10 years ago.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 03:59 Thomas:Sir? Gandalf:Yes, Thomas? Thomas:Could Raven be related to how...erm..."stable" Ignis has been these past years? I mean, there haven't been any of the great lava floods and flows into the other regions of Galacia for nearly a decade.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:00 Actually, I believe that is true. Raven must have been the one using her magic to stop the wastelands of Ignis from affecting the other regions during the dark times. But now Sauron is here, and there could be more great lava floods at any time.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:01 Anyway, let's go. *he and the team + 1 (Isla) rush through the caves in the mountain*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:05 *climbs over the rocks, too eager to get to Sauron*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:05 [I'm still watching True Grit, so my replies will be slow.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:05 *the whole mountain rumbles*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:06 *flies back up and faces Sauron, hood still down*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 04:07 *falls down* *is pulled up by Orion just in time-- some rock behind them crumbles into a lava lake*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:08 *lightning hits a nearby tree and it falls down immediately* *a volcano erupts, splashing everything with lava*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:08 *has grown somewhat tall due to the strength received through his powers*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:08 *sees a fire tornado making its way towards the volcano* There's gonna be a masive explosion!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:08 *her eyes turn into four red demon eyes as she feels strange anger*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:10 *her magic accellerates the eruption/explosion*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:10 Get in this cave- NOW!! *everyone gets in the cave just as the volcano explodes*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:10 *the firey tornado crashes into the volcano, destroying it* *lava bursts everywhere, escaping in rivers*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:11 *transforms herself into a HUGE dark energy raven with four demon eyes and wraps herself around Sauron, trying to destroy him*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:12 *Sauron makes a red energy explosion, blasting her back and breaking free*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:12 *bangs his staff on the ground, cracking it a little* *Raven backs off*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:14 *leads everyone out of the cave* *feels a distant vibration*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:15 It's dangerous here. Why did we even come here in the first place? Florian: Stop complaining. I've had enough!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:17 *is sent flying from the red energy, along with boulders and lava**falls down towards the lava-covered ground of Ignis, unconscious*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:17 *lands HARD right next to a lava river**becomes covered in ash, rocks, and other debris*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:18 *strolls towards Raven, thinking about pushing her over the edge into a lake of lava*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:20 *is advancing towards the location of Sauron and Raven* *sees Sauron raising his staff* *screams* STOP!!!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:21 *pauses, staff still in mid-air* *turns around*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:21 *slowly walks towards Isla* You....you betrayed me.....YOU BETRAYED ME!!!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:23 You are worthless. You are NOTHING!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:23 *whacks Isla to the ground with his staff, wiping her out*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:24 *turns to Gandalf's team, an evil smile appearing on his face* Now. It's time for me to face YOU!!!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:25 *gives Sauron a stuck up face* We've had enough of your games, mister.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:26 You REALLY think you can convince me?...Ha.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:28 I'll convince you....*takes out his wand*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:29  Giving TransformationPotion (x 2) to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:29  Giving TransformationPotion (x 2) to  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:30  Giving Players choice spell (x 1) to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:30  Giving TransformationPotion (x 2) to Sage  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:31  Giving TransformationPotion (x 2) to Iris  
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:31  Using Players choice spell  
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:31 *using it on Sauron*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:34 *is blasted back only a little bit, since his powers can resist the spell*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 04:37  Using Defense spell  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:37 *still unconscious*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 04:37 (Oops didn't mean that.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 04:40 *uses transformation potion* *transforms into her wizarding state- basically a dress like Elsa's but darker blue, and long hair*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:40  Using Players choice spell  *aims his wand at Sauron*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Aug.15 04:40 *Sauron is hit hard with a blasting spell*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:42 *launches a ray of blueish-white energy directly at Sauron**his magic affects him the most**Sauron is sent flying back*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:42 *blasts Thomas in return*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:43 *gets up, staff in hand* *coughs* Time to fight.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 04:44 *sends some blue energy Sauron's way*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:45 *he and Sauron face each other, glaring at each other* Are you still afraid of me and only me, Sauron? Am I still The Only One You Ever Feared?
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Aug.15 04:46 *launches an arrow at Sauron, but it is deflected by his magic**is sent flying back from a blast of red energy*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:47 *is not looking Gandalf in the eye* I'm not afraid of anyone or anything! I just want power.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.15 04:48 Yeah, well, don't expect to get power! Ha! *is blasted with red electricity* *bangs into a rock wall, defeated*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:49 Then why not look me right in the eye?
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:51 *creates an excuse* I want to fight the heirs!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:54 You'll have to get through me before you can hurt them.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:54 *turns towards the heirs* Your end....is near. *Raven is there too*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:54 [Idea about what will happen next in the plot! :D]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:54 *Raven has awoken and is with the heirs, of course*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:55 [My ideas:Basically, after the battle is over and the team is fully assembled, basically they will go on adventures throughout the regions of Galacia with Sauron trying to hurt them all the time. You can say where they journey to and such.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:56 (Please tell!)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:56 (Ok!)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:56 [After some journeys and adventures, Sage and Raven will be captured by Sauron and taken to the castle, forced to become his queen and princess.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 04:57 *says bitterly* You will never go through with your plan.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:57 [Gandalf and Co. will come and save the duo. By now, the final hour of the heirs has come-they will die shortly if they do not defeat Sauron and break the curse.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 04:57 (Ok! Sounds great!)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:58 [The five heirs battle and defeat Sauron, breaking the curse. During this, Raven transforms and goes into a White form, where her powers reveal her "light within." Peace will be restored, but only a few weeks later it is shattered-Sauron will rise again.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:58 [So basically, you take over for a while, the team travels about and goes on adventures, Sage and Raven are captured, Gandalf and Co. rescue them, the heirs battle Sauron once and for all, defeat him, the curse is broken, etc.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Aug.15 04:59 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.15 05:00 (Okay, bye! See you then!)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.16 20:42 *holds up her wand*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.16 20:43  Secret message to Iris  
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.16 20:44  Secret message to Sage  
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.18 16:58 *transforms into her wizarding state*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.18 16:59 *also transforms into his wizarding state* *holds up his wand*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.18 17:27 *transforms into her wizarding state*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.18 17:28 (oops.)
Player 82014,Aug.20 20:31 Sorry I was gone so long! There was a problem with my internet but it's getting fixed! :) I missed a lot… :(
Player 82014,Aug.20 20:36 Idea for adventure: they could stop a crime spree in Regnum, or battle a monster in the forests of Lignum…
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.21 03:29 [Welcome back Coral! Here's what has happened:Each of the heirs-including Coral-were attacked by Sauron, one by one. Sauron managed to see all their memories and such. Also, Coral and Marissa are part of Gandalf's team.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.21 03:30 [Gandalf and his team got to Ignis and found the final heir-Raven. Sauron arrived and had a one-on-one battle with Raven, and now he is taking over Ignis. All of the heirs are now battling Lord Sauron himself together, going into their wizarding states.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.21 03:32 *is already in her wizarding state (although not her most powerful one-in the final battle in Regnum against Sauron, Raven will go into her most powerful state)*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.21 03:33 *her eyes glow white**she has her wand in her cloak, and is using it without touching it to boost her powers*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.21 04:01 *holds up her hands, which have black energy on them*
Player 82014,Aug.21 15:15 Goes into her wizard state, her eyes glow green and green energy crackles in her hands. "Let's do this thing! Don't you ever mess with me or my siblings Sauron! You'll never win!" Marissa pulls out her wand and stands in front of Coral, ready to protect
Player 82014,Aug.21 15:25 The whole group begins attacking Sauron and Isla
Player 82014,Aug.21 21:56  Using Defense spell  
Player 82014,Aug.21 21:58 Uses the defense spell to create a shield around all the heirs. Sauron cackles evily. "So the littlest heir thinks she can stop me?" He laughs
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.22 17:03 You think you're powerful than I? Well, let me tell you this: I'm more powerful than all of you- combined!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.22 17:04 *has been lying on the ground unconscious* *has betrayed Sauron while helping the heirs*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Aug.22 21:18 (Hi!)
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Aug.22 21:19 *is fluttering about, feeling bored and watching everyone*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Aug.22 21:19 *rolls eyes*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Aug.22 21:19 HUMANS. *sighs*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Aug.22 21:20  Secret message to Raven  
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Aug.22 21:20  Buying Dessert (x 1)  
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Aug.22 21:22 (Maxey is from Lignum)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.23 05:10 *blasts Sauron with blue energy* *he is knocked to the ground* *glances at the other heirs* Maybe if we combine our magic, we can defeat him temporarily!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.23 05:11 Good idea. *the heirs bring their wands together*
Player 82014,Aug.23 12:17 The entire group(plus the heirs) puts their wands together and combines their energy to create a superpowerful electrical blast of energy
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.23 18:04 *feels really powerful, even more powerful then Sauron* *screams in rage for everything Sauron did*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:05  Giving Wand (x 1) to Eleanor  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:06  Giving Teleport potion (x 5) to Eleanor  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:06  Giving Players choice spell (x 10) to Eleanor  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.23 18:07 *there is a huge blast of different energies- blue, purple, gold, black, and green*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:10 *realizes what the heirs are doing* No....ARGHHHHH!!! *uses his red energy to try and resist the heirs*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:11 *his powers don't stand a chance* *roars in rage, and the heirs' powers overcome his*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:14 *energies of all colors burst into the air* *is heard screaming* *disappears, and everything is dark for a few seconds*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.23 18:15 *stands up* *is in her normal state* *Sauron isn't in sight*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:16  Giving Cottage (Serano) (x 1) to Terra  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:17  Giving Gardening tools (x 1) to Terra  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:17  Giving Wand (x 1) to Terra  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:19   + 50 Strength points to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:19   + 50 Strength points to  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:20   + 50 Strength points to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.23 18:20   + 50 Strength points to Sage  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.23 18:22 *sits up, rubbing her eyes* *sees the heirs in their normal state* Is he gone?
Player 82014,Aug.23 21:19 *Coral nods and cheers* Marissa: Maybe we should tie her up *Isla shakes her head* Isla: I hate Sauron, but I was too afraid of him to leave him.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Aug.25 02:14   + 50 Strength points to Iris  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.25 02:16 He's got plans in mind...to destroy you. *dusts off her dress* I couldn't let you guys die under his powers.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.26 03:46 I felt so powerful. It really didn't seem like he'd have any evil plans brewing.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.26 03:47 Well, it's Sauron. So don't expect him to be Mr.Nice Guy.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.27 03:08 We should get out of here as fast as we can. I can sense that now that Sauron has taken over Ignis, there is going to be a huge volcanic explosion. Gandalf:Yes. We must escape Ignis and travel throughout Galacia, removing Sauron's power from each part of
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Aug.27 03:09 Gandalf:...it.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.27 05:23  Selling Cottage (Serano) (x 1)  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.27 05:23  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=7  
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.28 01:00 Well what have we got to lose?! Let's go! *everyone gets in the cart*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.28 01:01 *the cart has started up* *is left behind* *runs after the cart*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.28 01:02 *the cart is about to lift into the air* *hurls herself forward and grabs onto the back of the cart* *has been left hanging*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.28 02:31 *is in the back* *pulls Isla into the cart* thought you were staying behind with Sauron?
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Aug.28 02:32 Not a chance. *the cart flies into the air*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.29 05:15 So, where to next?? Gandalf: We'll be going to Lignum, which is closer than Serano or Regnum. And it's best to stay away from Regnum at the moment.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.29 05:16 *some of the Lignum natives in the cart perk up at the news*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Aug.29 05:20 I have a house deep in the forest. We could probably stay there if we needed tp.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.29 05:21 Everything sounds good.
Player 82014,Aug.29 23:50 We could stay in mine an Marissas cottage as well. Sauron has done great evil. He has poisoned the mermaids in the pond, and they are dying. We have got to save them. *Marissa nods* "my mermaid friends Pearl and Luna don't have much time left to live
Player 82014,Aug.29 23:52 The whole group agrees: their next stop is to soo the poisonous place Sauron created before it spreads to the fairies
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Aug.30 21:35 Gandalf: Okay. We will help your friends. *the cart arrives in Lignum* *it drives through some dense forest, then they get to Marissa's cottage*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.31 18:08 *gets out of the cart* *looks around* This place is great! *pulls up a plant*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.31 18:08 Hmm...this root might be edible. *chomps down on it*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Aug.31 18:09 *looks disgusted* Uh...how can you just eat that??
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Aug.31 18:09 Because I was a farmer and I know the difference between edible and not edible.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Sep.2 01:14 Can you quit arguing for once?! *silence* Let's get inside. *everyone gets inside the cottage* *feels at home*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.5 21:34 *walks around in the cottage, looking at everything* *discovers an old, dusty bookshelf* *brushes off all the dust with her bare hands and looks at the books, which all look like dark magical books*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.5 21:35 *grabs the thickest and darkest of them all* *sits down in an old chair and starts reading*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Sep.6 23:29 *sits down in a chair* Where are the mermaids? Marissa: a few miles away, in a small, enchanted lake.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Sep.6 23:30 Marissa: In fact, we should probably help them now...before it gets too late. Gandalf: Yes. Let us get into the cart. Marissa and Coral shall lead us.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Sep.6 23:31   + 5 Knowledge points to Lorien  
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.6 23:32 *puts down her book and gets in the cart with everyone else* *it starts off into the woods*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.6 23:34 *at one point, the forest gets really dense* It's getting really hard to see around here! Marissa: Don't worry. I know where we are.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.6 23:34 *finally, the cart arrives at the enchanted lake* *hops out of the cart*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.6 23:36 *peers into the lake* *the water is pretty cloudy* Do you think they're still alive?
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Sep.7 22:47 Oh, they're still alive. The water is just cloudy.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Sep.7 22:49 *looks at the lake, not the least bit interested*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:12 It could be poison or acid or something. Let me check. *dips a leaf into the water*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:12  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:15 It isn't poison. But it's definitely something.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:18 *yawns quite rudely*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:20 *looks at Emil irritably* Bored or something?
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Sep.8 04:21   + 2 Knowledge points to Isla  
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:21 Yes. Now, until we do something worth my time, I'm going back to the cottage. *turns around*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Sep.8 04:22   - 5 Awesomeness points to Emil  
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:22 Emil, you've been awfully crude lately. What happened to the Emil I used to know? The adventurous, smiling Emil?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:23 *says loudly* Someone needs an attitude adjustment!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:23 *looks at Iris coldly* I've done a lot of growing up. *walks towards the cottage*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:25 *seems a bit disgusted*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:25 Well that wasn't very mature. *clicks tongue*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:26 *crosses arms and doesn't say anything* *looks down at the pond, trying to look interested*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:28 We need to get in the water and try to find the mermaids.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.8 04:28 Are you sure it's not dangerous?
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:28  Buying TransformationPotion (x 4)  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:33 It might be. We're going to turn into underwater divers for a bit.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:33  Giving TransformationPotion (x 1) to Iris  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:33  Giving TransformationPotion (x 1) to Gandalf  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:34  Giving TransformationPotion (x 1) to Orion  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:36  Buying TransformationPotion (x 2)  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:36  Giving TransformationPotion (x 1) to  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.8 04:36  Giving TransformationPotion (x 1) to Coral  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Sep.8 22:11 Attention roleplayers! I have an important announcement.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Sep.8 22:12 Just to give everyone a chance at this game, characters will be automatically deleted if you don't come on a 2- 2 1/2 week basis.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Sep.8 22:14 If there is any reason at all as to why you can't make it as often, please let me know and we can work things out.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Sep.8 22:15 Thanks for reading and let the RP continue!
Player 82014,Sep.10 20:34 I might not be on often because school has started. But I can robably manage to show up once or twice a week
Player 82014,Sep.10 20:35 *uses potion and tuns into mermaid* cool!
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:18  Secret message to Galadriel  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:18  Buying Death spell (x 1)   Secret message to Galadriel  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:19  Buying Cloak (real satin) (x 100)   Secret message to Galadriel  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:19  Buying Hippogriff (x 1)   Secret message to Galadriel  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:20  Buying Pegasus (x 1)   Secret message to Galadriel  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:20  Buying Bow, arrows, &quiver (x 1)   Secret message to Galadriel  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:20  Buying Flying Dragon (x 1)   Secret message to Galadriel  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:21  Buying TransformationPotion (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:21  Buying Death potion (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:22  Buying Flying potion (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:22  Buying Horse (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:23  Buying Dress (type, design) (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:23  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:23  Buying Love potion (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:24  Buying TransformationPotion (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:24  Buying Wizarding powers (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:25  Taking Repair potion (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 14:25  Taking Flying potion (x 1)  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.13 00:49 Bottoms up, everyone. *tips the glass of potion in her mouth* *throws the bottle down and jumps into the pond*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Sep.13 06:02 *drinks the potion too-but quite reluctantly**transforms into a mermaid, ending up with a violet-blue fish tail in place of her legs that matches her eyes**shrugs, takes off her cloak and shoes, and jumps into the pond*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Sep.13 06:02 *Thomas, Gandalf, and Florian do the same**Thomas has an orange fish tail, Gandalf a blue one, and Florian a forest green one*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.14 19:40 *uses his transformation potion*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.14 19:41 *dives into the water* *looks around*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.14 19:41 Come on! *follows Coral and Marissa towards the mermaid cove*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Sep.17 04:58 (Sorry Joan) Orion:*swims past the others quickly* See ya! Try not to be jealous about my speed! Raven:*rolls her eyes**sarcasm* He just grew a tail and became scaly. I am soooo jealous.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Sep.17 04:59 Thomas:*swims beside Iris, being protective of her*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:10 *approaches a cave that is surrounded by underwater flowers* We're here. Marissa: Yeah. This is it. Isla: *notices that Orion swam astray from the others* Hey! Get over here!
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:13 *swims back over, grinning a bit stupidly* Sorry!...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:14 Marissa: Let's enter. *they go inside the cave* *a tired looking mermaid slouches against the wall* Mermaid: Hello friends. We are so glad that you have come to the rescue.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:15 Is there anything we can do to help? Mermaid: Yes. But it will be very difficult.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:18 Mermaid: As you know, our lake has been poisoned by Lord Sauron himself. Many of the mermaids and mermen have already died. You may have noticed the cloudy water.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:20 Gandalf: Yes. Will we experience the poison? Mermaid: *pauses* I'm afraid so.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:21 Mermaid: Anyways, the only way you can destroy the poison completely is by looking in Sauron's book of spells. As far as I know, it is still in Sauron's hands. *Thomas looks casual through it all*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:22 *remembers Thomas taking the spell book during Iris's attack*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:23 Mermaid: You must recite the spell at exactly midnight in 2 days, and the poison will be gone.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:24 Thank you for your instructions. We'll do our best. *can feel the transformation potion wearing off* Uh, we should be going now...Bye...*swims to the top*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:24 *the others follow* *is fully clothed* *can feel a burning sensation* *yells:* The poison!!!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:26 *scrambles out of the water* *starts shaking on the ground, as well as the others*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.17 23:27 *is almost near death* *has been badly affected by the poison*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.18 03:37 *comes out of the cottage to see some of the team on the ground struggling from the poison* Someone, help!!!
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.18 03:37  Buying Health potion (x 1)  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Sep.18 03:38 *comes running out of the cottage* *helps Lorien give health potion to everyone*
Player 82014,Sep.18 16:50 *After receiving instructions and taking the health potion, Coral and the gang decide to get to work. Thomas shows them the spellbook.*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.21 04:42 Gandalf: *is in disbelief* Thomas, why didn't you tell us? *is out of words*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.21 04:43 *is pretty dumbfounded too* Thomas: I just wanted to keep it a secret...so I could learn the spells on my own.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Sep.21 04:45 You could have told us and we would have let you practice. Orion: Well, it's here and that's all that matters. *the others agree *
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Sep.21 04:45 Let's see if we can find this spell in this thousand page book.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Sep.28 06:13 It's quite a big book. I wonder if we'll find it.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Sep.30 00:18 *flips through pages* It's so precise...
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Oct.1 17:52  Buying Water/ drink (x 1)  
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Oct.2 03:58 *flips through the dusty pages* They must be in some sort of order. Orion: keep looking.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.2 03:59 *mutters:* One boring thing after another...
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.3 18:04 Please, just be patient.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Oct.3 18:05 Hey, how about we look for the word poison? Surely that will bring some results?
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 05:58 Yeah...good idea! *goes to the index, finds the word "poison," and flips through to find a whole huge section on different poisons and spells that create poison*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 05:59 That's a lot of poisons... Raven:*sarcasm* Wow. I never realized Sauron was evil enough to have a book full of all of this. *a few of the team members look a little annoyed at her comment*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 05:59 *finds the poison used on the pond* Here it is! Man...this stuff is deadly...
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.9 06:00 *points to a section of the page* Look! This shows what pages have antidotes and such for this.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 04:07 *scans the page* It requires a brew. *looks over the brew recipe carefully*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 04:08 It requires grass fresh with morning dew, a juniper berry...
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 04:10 It requires grass fresh with morning dew, a juniper berry...
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 04:10 And finally, a wineberry leaf, dried rosemary, and sea coral.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 04:11 Ugh, this is going to be really hard.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 04:12 Not if you put your mind to it! It actually sounds pretty fun. I've never made brew before, actually.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.10 04:33 [I saw that this is active, so I just came on here to sorta say hi. :P]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.10 04:34 The grass, juniper, and rosemary is very easy to find.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.10 04:35 I know exactly where to look. But wineberry is a little bit more rare, and there aren't any oceans nearby, so we will have trouble finding sea coral.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.10 04:36 Are there any elf villages nearby? Florian:Yes. Gandalf:There might be a trading post in it. We could see if any merchants have sea coral among their goods.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.10 04:38 Let's start! *is more excited than worried, since he's up for more adventures*
Player 82014,Oct.10 12:34 *Coral clears her throat. ''I have some sea coral Marissa gave a large piece to me as a gift, since my name is Coral. I can break off a small chunk for the spell.'' *
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 22:07 Thanks, Coral. That would be great. That way, we don't have to travel across the region to get any ingredients, since we have to brew this tonight and all.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.10 22:08 Where DO we find wineberry, exactly.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 22:09 Since I'm a Lignum native, I might have an idea of where it's at. I'll just need to look through a plant book.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 22:10  Buying Gardening book (x 1)  
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.10 22:11 *flips through the pages* It says we can find it in the deepest part of the Lignum forests--there's even a map. *shows everyone*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Oct.11 14:21 That's great! How long will it take to find these berries? And....are they edible?
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:05 *while Raven facepalms, he nudges Lorien a little*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:06 Florian:Surprisingly, I don't know that much about wineberries since they are somewhat rare, so I don't know if they're edible or not. But when we find them, let's not..."risk it" by tasting them.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:08  Buying Cloak (real satin) (x 1)  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:08 [Just "stocking up."]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:08  Buying Shoes (any type) (x 1)  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:09  Buying Spell book (x 1)  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:10  Buying Bread (x 2)  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.13 01:11  Buying Spell book (x 9)  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.13 01:11  Buying Buggy/cart (x 1)  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.13 01:12  Buying Cloak (real satin) (x 1)  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.13 01:12  Buying Pegasus (x 1)  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.13 01:13  Buying Spell book (x 5)  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.13 23:54 Judging by the name, it could have been both. But just to be cautious, do not eat the ingredients.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.13 23:54 It probably wasn't a very obvious fact, so thanks for asking, Lorien.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.13 23:55 Let's get going now. The deepest part of the forest can't be too far away. *everyone gets in Gandalf's cart*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:56   + 15 Knowledge points to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:56   + 15 Knowledge points to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:57   + 15 Knowledge points to Gandalf  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:57   + 15 Knowledge points to Thomas  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:58   + 15 Knowledge points to Sage  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:58   + 15 Knowledge points to Isla  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:58   + 15 Knowledge points to Orion  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:59   + 15 Knowledge points to Lorien  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.13 23:59   + 30 Knowledge points to Coral  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.14 00:21   + 30 Knowledge points to Coral  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.14 00:38   + 30 Knowledge points to  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.14 00:38   + 30 Knowledge points to Florian  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.14 00:38   + 30 Knowledge points to Iris  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Oct.14 00:43   - 30 Knowledge points to Coral  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.15 19:05 *his Pegasus drags the cart along through the deep forests**Florian and Thomas keep a good lookout for any signs of danger**while he looks jolly and enthusiastic compared to some of the others, Raven looks rather passive and keeps her hood up*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.15 19:59 *is emotionless in order to keep her powers under control, as usual**however, Emil, as usual, hasn't been very nice lately, so he starts to get cranky with her being so distant*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.16 03:16 This is going to be impossible. Where do we find these weird plants??
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.16 03:17 Well, for one thing, it is not going to be impossible, and I have this handy gardening book with me.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.16 03:17 *shuts up for awhile*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.16 03:18 *they unexpectedly come across the wineberry first* *she and Iris go down and look at it*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.16 03:19 Yes, this is definitely wineberry. *slams the gardening book shut and picks the wineberry* *puts it in a basket and they get back in the cart*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:01 *they find some rosemary and juniper next and collect some**Coral then gives them a piece of coral from her necklace, and it is added to their basket of ingredients*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:02 Now we'll have to find grass fresh with dew. *points to a foggy area* Why not look for some over there? Gandalf:I do not know...that fog could be filled with magic-perhaps dangerous magic.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.16 05:03 Us elves often avoid foggy areas like that, or bring a few magical elf trinkets and such that shall drive the dark magic out of the fog.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.16 05:04 This fog is definitely poisoned.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:04 *says darkly* Maybe it was a little present left for us from Sauron.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.16 05:05 I was thinking the same thing.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:05 How are we going to get the grass now?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:05 *stands up* I will.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:06 Some of the Others:What...??! Raven:I already had sensed that that fog had dark magic in it as soon as we got near it.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:06 Dark magic is my magic. And if I'm not immune to the fog, then I'll use my powers to "tame" it so that I am immune.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:06 Orion:Well-good luck. Iris:Be careful, sister...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:07 *looks at Iris with a hint of gratitude, as if thanking her for calling her her sister for once**but the gratitude disappears in a heartbeat, replacing her normal emotionless look*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:07 *replaced by her normal
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.16 05:08 Be careful, Raven. If anything bad happens, I'll cast a spell and rescue you, alright? Raven:*says rather irritably* I won't need to be rescued.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:09 *walks into the fog calmly**as soon as she enters it, she starts gasping for air, as if it's poisoning her lungs**closes her eyes and forces herself to keep calm*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:10 *reopens her eyes, which glow white**the fog immediately turns black with her energy-she has used her black magic soul-self powers to put a piece of her soul into the fog, so she and it in a way become part of each other and don't harm each other*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:10 *walks through the black fog, only her white outline visible from outside the cloud of it*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:11 *uses her telekinetic black magic powers to lift up some dewy grass from the ground and make it float after her as she exits the fog**as soon as she exits, the fog turns into its former silvery-white color, and she puts her hood down*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 05:12 *makes the grass, which is black with her powers, float into the basket**as soon as she sets it down, it turns into its normal green color* There you go. We have all the ingredients now.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 03:01 Great. Now we can make that potion. *the cart heads back to the cottage*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 03:02 *enters the cottage and grabs a dusty cauldron* *blows the dust off of it*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 03:02 *is soon after sneezing dramatically*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Oct.17 03:03 *assists Iris in the potion making* *hands over the basket of ingredients*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 03:05 *brings some water to a boil* *tosses some ingredients in as she mixes the ingredients in* *soon after, all of the ingredients are mixed in* We just have to let this boil for awhile.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 03:06 Yay. I can't wait for this to finally be done so we can leave this place.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 03:07 At least we're helping these mermaids instead of complaining* *glares at Emil*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:04 *looks at Emil* We can't afford to try starting up arguments with each other. We have to control our emotions and do what we must. Emil:Oh, yeah? And does me complaining affect you and your "emotion control"-meditating-thing?!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:04 *she and Emil are starting to get really ticked off with one another*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:05 Did it sound like I mentioned my meditation? *frowns firmly at her brother*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:09 Be quiet! I've had enough of this arguing!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:09 If you can't get along, then you can just walk out the door right now.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:12 I agree. Arguing isn't a potion ingredient.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:13 If this is a happy go lucky group, fine. Just don't expect me to be all nice.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:13 Really? You can't always get your way.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:14 *sniffs arrogantly* *silence*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:17 *is also silent, but obviously ruffled*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:19 I think this potion is ready. *lifts up the lid* *a somewhat putrid smell fills the air*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:20 Thomas:*winces at the smell* Ooo...that's strong...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:25 We should put this into the lake.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:27 Who wants to go down there? *Isla offers too, as well as herself*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:29 *surprisingly, she offers to**Thomas also volunteers*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:29 *and Coral*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:32 Who wants to go down there? *Isla offers too, as well as herself*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:33 (Sorry, double post.)
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:33 *the group goes to the pond, takes some Underwater Breathing Potion, and dives down*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:34 *lets the potion flow throughout the pond*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:36 *even though it looks like her cloak will drag her down, she uses her magical and telekinetic flying powers to make herself "fly" through the water without swimming*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:37 *uses more of her telekinetic powers to help put more of the healing potion throughout the pond**Thomas releases some himself, as well as Coral*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:38 *watches the water clear out* *is amazed by the clarity of the water*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:39 *swims to the mermaid cove* *the head mermaid comes out, smiling*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:39 Thomas:Wow... *is baffled*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:39 *even she raises her eyebrows at the beauty of the water**turns to see the head mermaid*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:39 Mermaid: Thank you dear friends for your help. We give you this gift of a pearl necklace in gratitude. Wear this underwater, and you will be able to breathe.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:40 *is handed the necklace* Thank you...Mermaid: Thank YOU! *smiles* Goodbye, friends.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:41 *starts swimming back towards the top*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:41 Thomas:Goodbye! *Coral waves enthusiastically*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:41 *nods to the mermaids and my characters + Coral swim back to the top*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:43 *the group reaches the top and they enter the cabin* *looks happy* We helped the mermaids. The pond is no longer poisoned!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:43 *examines his nails* Where do we go next.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:43 Gandalf:Wonderful! *beams* Now shall we continue on our journey? We must keep moving in order to avoid Sauron. Thomas:Of course, sir!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.17 04:44 Perhaps we should go to Serano and see if we can be of assistance to the civilians there. Florian:Or we could stay in Lignum. I recently got a letter from my elf village saying they need some help there.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:45 I'm as ready as I'll ever be!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.17 04:45 Yes, we may have to go to the elf village...what do you say? *looks at the others*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:46 *nods* That would be great.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.17 04:47 Let us head there, then!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.17 04:47 *they all get in the cart**the Pegasus pulls the cart through the forest until they reach the elf village*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.17 04:48 *as soon as they arrive, they spot some houses and shelters that are on fire**the elves are trying to put it out*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 04:48 *looks at the elf village in wonder*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:48 Elf:FLORIAN!! *stops throwing buckets of water on the fire and rushes to the cart* Florian:My friend!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 04:48 (I might make an elf character or two.)
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:49 What is going on? Elf:Sauron attacked. He demanded to know where you guys were-but no one knew, so he set some of our village on fire and left.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:49 [OK.]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:50 Gandalf:That fire is magical. Normal water cannot put it out. Let me handle this. *aims his staff on the fire and mutters an incantation**there is a burst of blueish-white light, and the fire goes out*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:50
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:50 Elf:Thank you so much! I'll tell the Head Elf you're here. You can stay for the night if you want. Gandalf:*looks at Florian* Should we stay or not? Sauron could still be lurking nearby. Florian:We should stay. Together, we're safe.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:51 *winces at the blast of light, but is really amazed*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:51 Elf:*runs off and tells the Head Elf what happened**meanwhile, the team drives their cart to the center of the village*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Oct.17 04:52 *looks around in wonder, having never been to the village before*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:52 Head Elf:*comes out of his shelter and comes over to Gandalf* Welcome back, Gandalf the Blue. Gandalf:*shakes hands with the Head Elf* Hello again. There were rumors that there were places we could stay for the night. Head Elf:Why not come to my place?
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 04:52 *pretends to be bored and picks at his fingers*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:52 *raises her eyebrows* Why...that would be wonderful! Head Elf:*smiles* Then come with me. *leads them to a mansion-like castle that is on the edge of a cliff, right next to a beautiful waterfall*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:53
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.17 04:53 [Oops]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:55 Whoa...what is this place? Head Elf:My home. There are many guest rooms you can all stay in. Night has already fallen. Why don't you get some rest?
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:55 *makes a big yawn* Yeah...good point...
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:55 Gandalf:Let us head to our rooms and get a good night's sleep. *all of them start walking towards a hallway that leads to the guest room except Raven and Sage**Sage has noticed that Raven has a strange look on her face*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 04:58 *looks partially puzzled, partially suspicious*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Oct.17 04:58 *is heard distantly through the halls* Some food and sleep should do the trick.
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 05:00 (Eleanor- jet black hair in a long braid, greenish brown elf clothing, and brown boots. Is a good archer. Is ruthless in battle and kind when around other people. )
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 05:01 (Will come a bit later in this section of the RP.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:01 Sage:You okay, Raven? Raven:I just...have a bad feeling about this. I sense something...something wrong.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:01 *no bracket
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:01 *she and Sage head to their rooms*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 05:04 *thinks about what Raven said*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:04 *they all go to sleep**the next morning, they exit the castle and head to the village in order to trade with the elf people-however, Orcs raid the village shortly before they can start trading*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:04 [Want to know what's going to happen in this adventure in Lignum?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:04 [It'll be epic!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:05
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:05 [Oops]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 05:06 (Yeah sure!)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 05:07 (We have to go. Bye!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:07 [Here's basically what happens:There's a battle with the Orcs, they win, Gandalf senses that Sauron sent the Orcs to get them since during the battle the Orcs tried capturing the heirs, later at night the team are in the castle when they start hearing
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:08 strange noises, they find out that Raven's statement about something is wrong is correct because Sauron is at the castle and is controlling the Head Elf and making the Head Elf, who is a wizard too do his bidding, they battle him, blah blah blah, end
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:08 up fleeing to Serano, and that's when you can pick up the storyline and create a new adventure in Serano.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:08 [See ya!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 05:10 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, but I won't be able to get on until around 11:00 PM/a little bit later than that your time.]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 20:12 *watches as Orcs start pouring into the village* What ARE those things??! Florian:*says darkly* Orcs. Thomas:You mean...REAL Orcs? Florian:Yes. Gandalf:We must protect the village!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 20:13 *Florian gets her bow ready, Gandalf raises his staff, he takes out his wand, the heirs activate their wizarding powers, Isla, Lorien, Marissa, Orion, and any others without wizarding powers grab weapons, and the battle begins*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 20:13 *Eleanor is nearby, helping out some of her fellow elves fight along with the team*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 20:15 *she, Gandalf, and a few others begin to notice that the Orcs are targeting the heirs mainly-for Emil is stuck battling a huge Orc, Sage and Iris are fighting seven Orcs together, Coral is battling three Orcs, and Raven has just been confronted by a
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.17 20:15 GIGANTIC Orc**meanwhile, the rest of the team are fighting one or two average-sized ones at a time*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 23:22 *slams an Orc in the side with a staff*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 23:23 *sends an arrow flying right over Lorien* *it lands square in an Orc's heart*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Oct.17 23:24 *watches in amazement, but goes back to battling*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 23:25 *picks up the bow and arrows once belonging to an elf* *uses them* *is already pretty skillful with them*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 23:26 Emil: What- HOW do you know how to use one of those?! Orion: I had some practice when I was younger. Heads up. *an arrow goes whizzing past Emil*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.18 04:22 *has been battling some normal-sized Orcs with ease, using her telekinetic, magical powers to pick them up via her black energy and toss them around**turns to face another Orc-only to find that it is HUGE*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.18 04:22 *note that her hood is up*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.18 04:23 *her eyes grow wide as the Orc roars, towering above her**it holds a giant club and starts swinging it at her**dodges the club with great speed*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.18 04:24 *her eyes glow white* You don't scare me. *knows that that is a partial lie*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.18 04:24 *some crates of food and such from the trading posts turn black with her energy**uses her powers to lift them up and send them flying at the Orc, but the crates hitting the Orc only make him angrier*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.18 04:25 *the giant Orc charges at her**gasps and flies out of the way just in time**turns to face the Orc, flying higher in the air**her eyes glow white**sends a wave of black energy at the Orc*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:12 [Here]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:14 [Hello?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:15 [Paige? Joan?]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 04:15 (Replies will be slow. Internet connection poor.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:16 [OK. Mine is blazing fast, but I'm watching a movie.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:17 *the Orc stumbles back, but then becomes even MORE enraged*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:17 *it holds its club under her and then swings it upward, sending her flying up into the air*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:19 *once she loses momentum, she falls right back down and is caught in the huge Orc's fist**her hood has fallen down, revealing her eyes, which are closed, as well as her purple hair*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:21 *suddenly there is a blast of gold energy**the Orc drops her and is sent flying back**falls down into Emil's arms;he has just saved her*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 04:25 (Sorry for the wait. Our Internet just isn't working at the moment.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:25 [It's OK.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:26 [I edited my SOTW penpal page a bit! You can take a look if you want.]
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.19 04:34 *places her foot on top of an Orc victoriously*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:34 *Thomas blasts an Orc back with a powerful spell Gandalf taught him to use*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 04:34 *backs up*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 04:35 (I think our Internet it speeding up!)
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 04:35 (*is)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:36 [Great!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:36 [Replies will STILL be slow.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:36 *opens her eyes and sees Emil*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 04:37 *looks typically bored and irritated*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:39 Emil:Hi. Raven:Er-hi. *gets up*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:39 Thanks...
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 04:41 *covers up a bleeding nose after being hit hard by an Orc staff*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:45 [Movie ended! It was...well, definitely rated R, but still a really good movie, you know what I mean?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:50 [I just saw the credits. The movie isn't just full of John Williams-a lot of it was mainly classical music and beautiful orchestral pieces.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:55 [Hello??]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:58 [Paige? Joan?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 05:02 [Helloooo? Amigo?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 05:09 [Still there?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 05:18 [I guess you left...]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 05:27 (Sorry we had to leave! Internet just stoped. )
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 05:27 (*stopped)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 05:27 [It's OK!]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 05:28 (Most of the score in Schindler's List is violin/orchestral music written by John Williams. )
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 05:33 (Anyways, we're going to go only because we don't want the Internet crashing on us again. Goodnight and see you tomorrow maybe!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 05:34 [Alright, see you!]
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.27 22:12 *the Orcs are almost pretty much killed off* Come on! *gestures for the rest to follow her* *runs up a hill*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Oct.28 00:55 *the team follows Eleanor* Who are you? Florian:Wait...that's Eleanor, my old friend!
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.28 00:57 Eleanor! How are you?
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.28 00:58 [Is it OK if Eleanor tells Florian a "deep secret" and warns her not to trust the Head Elf, for strange things have been happening.]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Oct.28 00:58 *?]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.28 00:59 *is meanwhile discussing something urgently with the rest of the team*...something's not right. The Orcs were mainly targeting the heirs, rather than all of us at once. Thomas:Could Sauron have been controlling them?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Oct.28 00:59 Perhaps. But who knows? Sauron may actually have an Orc army, rather than waste his energy on controlling hundreds of Orcs with advanced magic.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:17 I believe it was Sauron. It all fits.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:18 The poisoned lake....and this Orc battle...he obviously wants revenge.
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:19 *pulls Florian off to the side* Please, don't tell anyone what I'm about to say.
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:20 I've been overhearing what some of the important Elves are saying, and the Head Elf is not to be trusted.
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:20 *whispers* Strange things have been happening.
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:24 (I think I'm going to add 2 new characters.)
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:25 2 of my friends have been working with me to try and find out who's behind this. *looks towards the village*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:25  Buying Bow, arrows, &quiver (x 1)  
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 00:17  Secret message to Florian  
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Oct.30 00:23 (Gale, 18 years old, looks like Gale in The Hunger Games. Wears an earthly brown tunic, pants, and black boots. Was not born an Elf, but brought up by the Elf community. Is a Sauron hater and therefore rebellious.)
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 00:28 (Nova: Has blonde hair in a long braid, blue eyes. Wears a brown elf tunic, pants, and dark brown boots. Is more serious and focused, good at making plans. Can be dark or mysterious. Is a pretty good archer too.)
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 00:28  Buying Bow, arrows, &quiver (x 1)  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 00:29  Buying Throwing knives (10) (x 1)  
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Oct.30 00:29  Buying Crossbow (x 1)  
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Oct.30 00:29  Buying Bow, arrows, &quiver (x 1)  
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Oct.30 00:30 *comes running up the hill with Nova* Florian! Eleanor! How are you?
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 03:55  Secret message to Eleanor  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 03:59 [Is it OK if I make 2 more characters too?]
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:03 (Yeah, that's fine!)
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:03  Secret message to Florian  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:05 [Alright! Let me think of who I can create real quick...]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:05  Secret message to Eleanor  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:08  Secret message to Eleanor  
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:09 [Oops. That wasn't meant to be a secret message.]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:09 [Anyway, mind if I make another heir?]
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:09 (Sure. The limit is 6, and I think we have 5 as of right now.)
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:12 [OK. And if Ola doesn't come on it may be reduced to 5 after I make the 6th.]
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:13 (Yeah.)
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:15 [Do you mind if my characters are similiar to ones from Teen Titans? I'm planning to create a Terra character and a BB character.]
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:20 (That's not a problem at all!)
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:23 [OK!]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:28 [Terra:Looks pretty much exactly like Terra from Teen Titans. Wears a plain black long-sleeved shirt, brown shorts, average sneakers/tennis shoes, brown gloves, and sometimes also wears goggles.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:29 [Although she is able to manipulate yellow energy with brown borders (kind of like how Raven manipulates black energy with white edges/borders), she can mainly control earth with that energy rather than simply control the energy by itself.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:30 [Since Emil and Iris are the same age as Terra, I guess that makes them triplets.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:31 [Terra has a very hard time controlling her powers, and travels a lot (like the Terra from Teen Titans). While she tries to help the people of Galacia, her lack of control over her powers cause disasters similiar to natural disasters, mainly having to
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:31 do with the earth.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:32 [Is a bit more of a "forgotten" heir. Is currently fleeing from Serano and going into Lignum after accidentally causing yet another disaster there.]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:36 [Joshua:Stunning green eyes, brownish-blondish hair, has the personality of BB although he doesn't look like him.]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:38 [Like Orion, he is a farmer from Serano. Later in the team's travels, when they go to Serano, they will meet Josh. Josh will be in a love triangle with Terra and Raven shortly after that.]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:38 [Also, he wears golden brown Serano/farmer clothes most of the time.]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:40 [Has no powers though, but he's good at using a rake like a weapon (sort of like Mordecai from the Regular Show).]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:41 [Anyway, let's get this show on the road!]
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:41 Gale! Nova! Long time no see...
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.4 04:42 Yes. *looks rushed* The people are rebelling against the Head Elf.
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:43 *nods* They suspect it has something to do with Sauron. I myself agree, and I don't care to stay around much longer to see it.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 04:43 *snorts* We have other stuff to do, so did you really think we would have?
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:44 *glares at Emil*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:45 Don't mind Emil-he hasn't really...well, been himself lately. He's an heir, by the way.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:45 *Gale and Nova look astonished*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:45 (Sorry Joan) Nova:You mean...you and the heirs are really together and rebelling against Sauron? The rumors are true?
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.4 04:46 Yes. By the way, would you two and Eleanor like to join our team?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:46 *comes forward* Yes, it would help if we got more team members. (Sorry Joan) Gale:Gandalf the Blue! *he and Nova kneel*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:47 Do not kneel to me. Even if I am one of the most powerful wizards in all of Galacia, I consider everyone my equal.
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.4 04:48 *stands up* We would be honored.
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.4 04:48 *is pretty much speaking for everyone*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:50 Then welcome to the team.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:51 *tells Gale, Eleanor, and Nova about what's currently going on, and that they should return to the Head Elf's palace, for Gandalf wants to talk with him**oh, and the new three members are given introductions on each of the other team members*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:52 Let's go. *they head back to the Head Elf's palace**while the rest of the team is served a splendid lunch, he privately speaks with the Head Elf in another room*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:52 We'd better be getting to the palace now...*heads back down the hill* *leads everyone through the Elf village, Gale, Florian, and Nova at her side*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:52 There have been rumors that you have acquainted yourself with Lord Sauron. Tell me...are these true? Head Elf:What would lead you to believe that they are?
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:52 (Oops, scratch)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:53 *repeats himself, secretly casting a spell that tells him whether or not the Head Elf is being truthful* Tell me...are these true?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:54 Head Elf:Why would you suspect that they are? *since he didn't answer Gandalf, the truth spell doesn't work*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:54 *sighs**tries interrogating with the Head Elf some more, but gets nowhere**finally decides to give up**joins the others for lunch*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:55 [Can we skip time and continue the story?]
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 04:55 (Yup!)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:56 [OK!] ~LATER, AT NIGHT...~
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 04:56 *there is a thunderstorm outside**lightning flashes past the window of Raven's room, and she wakes up, gasping*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 04:56 *looks at the window**sighs* It's just a storm.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 04:57 *suddenly she hears a bloodcurdling scream-and she recognizes it as Iris'*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 04:57 Iris...! *quickly gets out of bed**she is wearing nothing but her leotard*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 04:57 *puts on her cloak, shoes, and belt in no time and rushes out of her room into the dark hallways*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 04:58 *looks around somewhat frantically, although she's more focused than afraid*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 04:58 *meanwhile, upstairs, Sage has also woke up and left her room*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:00 *fires up a lantern* *her face is illuminated by the light*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:00 *looks around* *walks through the hallways*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:00 *suddenly she hears a familiar and creepy voice whispering "Princess" to her**it echoes throughout the hallways**sees Sauron's shadow coming from around a corner*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:00 *starts backing away, her fear level rising as she remembers how Sauron told her that he would force her to be his princess*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:01 *then she turns around and runs, her cloak streaming behind her*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:02 *starts running up a staircase**as soon as she gets to the top, she runs smack into Sage**both of them fall down onto the floor**the lantern breaks and the light goes out, but when they sit up they are able to recognize each other through the darkness
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:02 anyway*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:03 What- what happened?!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:03 Sage? (Sorry Joan) Sage:Raven? Raven+Sage:*in unision* I heard Iris scream!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:03 Whatever happened isn't good...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:04 *they suddenly see Emil and Coral come over, who say that they heard the scream too**she and Sage get up*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:04 Sauron must be behind this...I saw his shadow coming from around a corner downstairs. And I heard him talking-talking to me.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:05 (Sorry Ola) Coral:What did he say...? Raven:*says quickly* Nothing. Let's go back downstairs and find Iris. I think her scream came from the entrance hall.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:05 *leads her brother and sisters back downstairs**is concealing her own fear, since she doesn't want to run into Sauron again*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:06 *stumbles towards Iris' room, pushing the door open* Emil, find a spare lantern. I can't see a thing.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:07 *does as he is told without complaining* *stumbles off*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:07 *they stop at Iris' room before going to the entrance hall, of course*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:08 *Emil arrives with the lantern* *opens the door* Iris?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:08 *Emil returns with a lantern, which is lit up with his gold magic energy**they enter the room and find various objects and artifacts lying throughout the floor, broken*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:08 [Jinx, almost!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:08 It looks like there was a struggle here. Coral:But Iris is gone...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:10  Secret message to Sage  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:10  Secret message to Sage  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:11  Secret message to Raven  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:11  Secret message to Galadriel  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:12 (Oops, didn't mean to use a secret message.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:12 *they hear another scream**it is definitely Iris', and as Raven said, it's coming from the entrance hall* Come on! *runs out of the room, the others following*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:12 No, not Iris...*is very worried*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:12  Secret message to Sage  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:13 *they arrive at the entrance hall to see the Head Elf standing with a beat-up-looking Iris lying on the floor in front of him*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:13 We must find her! *looks more concerned than usual*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:13 (Emil said that before Iris was found.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:13 *Sage remembers how Raven pointed out that she had a feeling that there was something wrong the day before*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:13 *gasps* No...*almost drops the lantern*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:13 [OK.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:14 *the Head Elf looks at them creepily with glowing red eyes**recognizes the red as the energy that Sauron manipulates* Sauron must be controlling the Head Elf.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:14 *glares at the Head Elf* How could you...
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:15 I think it's time to activate our magic.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:16  Giving Wipeout spell (x 10) to Sage  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:16  Giving Wipeout spell (x 10) to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:16  Giving Wipeout spell (x 10) to Emil  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:16 *all of the heirs get ready to fight*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:16  Giving Wipeout spell (x 10) to  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:16 *just then, Sauron himself enters*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:17 [Can you have Sauron tell the heirs that they cannot win, and he is too powerful and blah blah blah, and then give the Head Elf his sta*f?]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:18 *looks over Iris* What a pity. She was too frail. Too weak.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:18 I think it's time for her to meet her end.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:18 *is enraged* She was not frail or weak. She was strong.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:19 Well I'm sorry. But I'm far more powerful than any of you combined.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:19 You cannot defeat me.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:19 *looks at the head elf sincerely* Here you go.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:20 *the Head Elf is handed the powerful staff*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:20 *glares at Sauron, putting her hood up*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:20 Head Elf:*smiles wickedly, eyes glowing, and aims the staff at the heirs*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:21 *Emil yells "NOW!!!" and the heirs literally leap/fly into action, their various energies being activated*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:22 *a blast of gold, black, blue, and green come together*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:22  Using Wipeout spell  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:23  Using Wipeout spell  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:23 *all four (conscious) heirs are putting their energies together to create one powerful blow*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:23 *Coral Uses a Wipeout Spell*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:24 *the Head Elf trips and falls back*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:25 *all of them have blasted him with their energy at once**however, the Head Elf, after falling back, just gets back up again and blasts them with red energy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:25 *sits up, wincing*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.4 05:25 (We have to go. See you tomorrow!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:26 Coral:*sees the staff and gets an idea* Guys! We have to blast the staff together, not him. Let's combine our energy again and try that!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:26 [Aw, bye! I guess I'll finish this battle real quick.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:26 *all four of them get up and put their hands together**their eyes glow-hers are white, Coral's are green, Sage's are blue, and Emil's are gold*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:27 *they launch the energy together at the staff, which breaks on impact*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:27 *the Head Elf collapses, and Sauron begins to fade away*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:28 (Sorry Paige and Joan) Sauron:NOOO!!!! MY STAFF!!!! MY POWERS!!!! I'LL BE...back... *vanishes**just then, the rest of the team rushes into the room*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:28 *Iris wakes up, and the other four heirs go over to her and help her get up*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:29 What happened? *the heirs explain everything*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.4 05:30 *looks hopeful* Sir...does this mean that Sauron is gone now? Did we win the war?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:30 Actually, no. Sauron only faded away because he stores a lot of his powers in his staff, and once it breaks most of his power disappears, therefore breaking him.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:31 But he wasn't "broken" all the way. He will be back-and he will be stronger. For in order to defeat Sauron, you must not break his staff... Thomas:You must break him. I understand.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:32 However, this proves that Sauron can be defeated. If the heirs stand united, they can destroy him. If they are divided, they are hopeless.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.4 05:32 And also, Thomas, another thing:I have a feeling this war has just begun...
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.5 00:21 *picks up the broken staff* Besides, Sauron will probably be getting a new staff soon. One that's more upgraded.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:21  Dropping Staff (x 1)  
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:23  Buying Staff (Upgraded) (x 1)  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 00:27 I know that for a fact. I've seen his stash of weapons and wands.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 00:29 *sits in a chair, wrapped up in a wool blanket* So where are we going next? Gandalf: We're going to Serano. Maybe there, we'll get a chance to organize our thoughts in peace.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 00:30 -DAYS LATER-
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 00:30 *the group is in the cart, driving over the rolling plains of Serano* *farms and crops dot the hills*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:32   + 5 Skills points to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:32   + 5 Skills points to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:33   + 1 Skills points to  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:33   + 4 Skills points to  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:33   + 5 Skills points to Sage  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:34   + 5 Experience points to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:34   + 5 Experience points to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:34   + 5 Experience points to  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.5 00:35   + 5 Experience points to Sage  
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:16 [Hey Paige and Joan
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:16 [Oops]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:16 [Anyway, hey Paige and Joan, is it OK if Josh's parents are secretly wizards who took up a simple life in order to hide from Sauron, and to protect Josh they made him a shapeshifter/Animagus type of person, who can turn into any animal at will?]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:17 [However, in order to sort of "mark" him, every animal he turns into will be yellow.]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:19 (Sure, that would be okay.)
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:20 [OK!]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:21 [*role box change*]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:22 [Anyway, RPing!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:22 *as they drive the cart along, suddenly a farmer comes up in front of them and holds out his hands for them to stop**makes the Pegasus pulling the cart along halt*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:23 What is it, my comrade? Farmer:Up ahead there is a danger zone. Er-something happened, and road ahead caved in. You'll have to go around-just be careful.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:23 [Note:As you may expect, the giant hole in the ground/road that mysteriously opened up was another one of Terra's recent disasters.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:26 *they drive up and see the chasm* Thomas:Whoa...that is really deep... Florian:Yeah. It seems to go on forever.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:26 *parks next to the hole while driving around it* I want to investigate. *steps off of the cart and goes to the edge of the chasm*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:27 *guffaws* What's so important? You see stuff like that all the time.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:28 You don't see it very often in Serano.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:29 *kneels down, picks up a handful of earth, and stands up again**feels the earth in his hands, closes his eyes, and mutters some really complex incantations*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:29 *runes that symbolize a certain kind of magic take form on the earth in his hand**some of the team members, who are watching from the cart nearby and notice this, gasp*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:30 *opens his eyes, inspects the rune, and lets the earth fall out of his hand and onto the ground**gets back on the cart* Thomas:What did you find, sir?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:31 Whatever caused that was powerful magic.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.5 04:31 Magic? Emil: It can't be. It's just soil.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:32 Thomas:Culd it have been Sauron's? Gandalf:Possibly...but it wasn't the type he usually uses. Sauron uses black and red magic mainly. That magic was more of a yellowish-brown kind... Thomas:You mean the kind that is linked to the element of earth?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:32 Yes.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:32 Someone who manipulates the type of magic connected to the element of earth did this.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:32 *says partially to himself* But who could it have been...?*continues to drive his cart through Serano*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:33 (Sorry Paige) Iris:Wait a minute... Gandalf:Yes? Iris:Now I remember! There was a sixth heir!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:34 Iris:Emil and I aren't twins-we were two of three children, or triplets! I remember I have another sister, but she wasn't in the room on the night Sauron came and... *trails off at that horrible memory*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:34 *struggles to believe anything*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.5 04:36 So the rumors are true? Gandalf: Indeed they are.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:38 There are not five, but six heirs-five sisters, one brother. And this could have been the work of the sixth. Raven:But my question is, why would she want to cause this destruction? Thomas:And why can't you five remember her very well?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:39 Coral:All I remember about her is that our parents kept trying to keep us away from her. She had a separate room, separate toys, separate lunchtimes...separate everything.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.5 04:39 There's just been too much going on, I can't even remember my days in the castle that much.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:39 That perhaps meant she was-or is-dangerous. Florian:Which could be a reason why she created that hole.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:40 *looks at the sun* My...it is already late in the afternoon. Time flies, doesn't it? Shall we stop for today? *the others agree* Alright. *they pull up nearby a hut*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:41 *they are about to make a makeshift tent when Iris screams-for a big, yellow spider has somehow gotten onto her head*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:41 Hopefully this citizen will be friendly enough to give us a free night's stay.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 04:41 I'll help you, Iris! *uses a Blasting Spell, which sends the spider flying off of her head*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:42 *looks freaked out* That spider was huge...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:42 *is a bit paranoid*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 04:44 *the spider hits a tree, slides down it, and transforms into Joshua*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:45 Ow...dude, don't you know what it's like to be hit with a Blasting Spell and at the same time only be the same size of the ball of energy launched at you? It's like your whole body is being whacked by millions of little fists all at the same time...
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:45 *faints* *falls into the arms of Isla and Orion*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:46 *Iris and Thomas look pretty freaked out**the rest of the team also looks shocked*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:46 Well, actually we've battled Sauron a few times, so we get it I suppose...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 04:48 Er...sooo...who are you? Or WHAT are you?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:49 Yeah. We want an explanation.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:49 *gets up**says pridefully* The name's Josh. I'm the awesomest (and only) Animagus in all of Serano.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:50 And you are the hottest goth I've ever seen, gal! *winks**Raven makes a hand of black energy appear and slap him in the face* OW!! *falls over*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:50 O...K then...
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.5 04:52 Mind if we go inside? We're actually quite tired...
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:55 Sure! My mom and dad are in there, 'cause that's my family's house.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 04:56 By the way, you're Gandalf the Green, right? Gandalf:*smiles and patiently corrects Josh* Gandalf the Blue. Josh:Right! I heard you're on this awesome quest with the heirs of the former king and queen of Galacia! Mind if I join you?
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.5 04:56 Okay. *goes inside* *Josh's parents look up* Oh, hello. My name's Gale- I'm an archer from Lignum.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:56 Sure. We could use all the help we need. Josh:Great! Anyway, welcome to my home! *leads the team into his very small house*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:56 *that happened before they entered*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.5 04:57 *sets down her bow and looks around the house, which is way different from the elf huts in Lignum*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:57 *Josh enthusiastically gives his parents and the team intros about each other**the parents tell the team that they're happy that finally some people are standing up against Sauron, and they are proud of the heirs and also happy that Josh has joined the
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 04:57 team*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 05:01 *engages in a conversation with Josh's parents about how he lived in Serano prior to joining the team and yadayadayada*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 05:03 *not long later, the parents serve the team a nice, warm dinner that they eat gratefully**they go to bed (many sleeping on the floor in various rooms due to the hut being so small)*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 05:03 ~THE NEXT MORNING...~
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 05:03 *Josh, Orion, and all the heirs wake up from someone banging on the front door*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 05:05 *stumbles downstairs wearily to see what's going on*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.5 05:05 *they go tiredly to the door**Josh opens it**a panting, earth-covered Terra greets them*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 05:06 Er-heya... *pants hard* Mind if I...come in...?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.5 05:07 *looks at a soiled Terra somewhat disapprovingly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.5 05:07 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.5 05:07 (Bye!)
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:05 Uh-sure... *the others step back, and Terra enters**she quickly closes the door behind her*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:06 Could I rest for a moment? *pants**the others nod**goes over to a couch in a small living room-like area and crashes on it*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:06 Wow...she must've been farming hard.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:09 *nods* She could probably use a bath, too.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.6 04:10 *is looking out the window* I'm not sure she was farming... Random Heir:What do you mean? Raven:Look. *they look out the window to see a mob of people running around, also earth-covered*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.6 04:10 It looks like she was being chased.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:11 Oh, I really hope we didn't pick up a crazy maniac.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.6 04:11 [Note:Terra basically caused another disaster, the citizens of Serano got mad at her for causing tons of destruction, grabbed rakes, pitchforks, and plows, and started chasing her all over the place.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:11 *watches out the window* Just absurd.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 04:14 *hears someone scream "Where is that lil' brat?!"*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:18 *sees the window* Er-could you draw the curtains? Please?! *the heirs do that*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:19 Josh:You could use a bath... Terra:Really? Is there one? Josh:Yeah. It's in the other-*is pointing to the room where a small bathtub is when Terra runs away into it, slamming the door behind her and yelling "Thanks!"*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:19 Ok, what exactly is going on? You just came in here with out telling us.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:19 OK...that was just... (Sorry Paige) Emil:Weird.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:21 I really want to know what's going on. This is all pretty suspicious.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:25
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:25 [Oops]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:25 Raven:Same with me.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:25 [Idea!]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:26 [How about shortly after Terra joins the team (although she keeps the fact that she's an heir and can't control her powers secret to everyone except Josh, who finds out on his own), Sauron sends an Orc army to fight the team?]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:27 [And during the battle, Sauron himself lures Terra away, reveals that he knows everything about how she constantly travels and tries to be good while only causes destruction, and offers to teach her to control her powers only if she becomes his
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:27 apprentice?]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:27 [I know, that's super Teen Titans-like, but it's still awesome, right?]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:30 (Yeah--Still a classic!)
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:32 [Okie dokie! Note that that idea I just came up with is extremely like the Season 2 episode "Terra"-the first episode with Terra in it in the whole Teen Titans series.]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:37 *the rest of the team begins to wake up*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:42 *comes downstairs* Morning everyone.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:44 *by now, everyone has awoken and come downstairs**Josh explains what happened to everyone else*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:44 Well good morning to you. Mind fixing that bedhead?
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:44 *just glares at Orion*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:45 *just as Josh finishes telling the team what happened, she comes out of the b-room**some of the team gets a glimpse of the bath behind her, which is filled with mud*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:46 Heya everyone. *is clean now**stretches, adjusts her brown belt, and walks up to everyone*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:46 And let me guess...you're Gandalf's team of rebels and heirs that are fighting against Sauron!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:47 Ever since I heard the rumors, I have been such big fans of you guys!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:47 By the way, the name's Terra! *enthusiastically shakes hands with a lot of the team*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:52 Mmm. Pleasure to meet you. *crosses arms somewhat disapprovingly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:54 Josh:I'm Josh, a shapeshifter! Terra:Awesome! *shakes hands with Josh*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:54 *she and Josh immediately find that they are very alike in terms of personality and like each other a lot*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:55 *the team bonds with her a bit more before suddenly a low rumble is heard, as well as screams**they look out the window to see lots of Orcs coming through Serano, destroying everything in their path*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:55 Gandalf:Orcs... Thomas:Could they have been sent by Sauron? Gandalf:Probably. Come, we must protect Serano!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:56 *everyone starts exiting the hut**she stands there awkwardly, not sure if she is part of the team or not* Josh:*sees Terra* It's okay. Come on! *Terra smiles and runs out of the hut with him*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:56 *she and Josh are many yards behind the team due to her hesitating*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:57 So Joshua, have you ever been in a battle like this before? Josh:Nope. This is my first one. But we're sure to win! Terra:Yeah! We're sure to win...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 04:57 *suddenly she skids to a halt, her eyes glowing bright yellow**a big rock next to Josh shoots upward, knocking him over*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 04:58 *grabs an arrow out in mid-run and shoots straight at an Orc, who falls over*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 04:58 *does a summersault in mid-air as an Orc launches some rocks at everyone*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.6 04:59 *takes out his crossbow*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:01 *falls down* Ow! Wait...you have earth powers...you must be the sixth heir! Terra:Please, DON'T tell anyone!! Josh:Why? So you can't control your powers, and you're an heir. Big deal. Terra:Yes, it IS a big deal. Please, keep it a secret!
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:01 Okay, okay...
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:01 Anyway, let's go! *turns into a bright yellow cheetah**Terra hops on his back and rides him up to the team*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:02 *puts her goggles on as she enters the battle**whispers to herself:* Okay Terra, you've got this...don't lose control...don't lose control...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:04 *accesses her wizarding powers*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.6 05:05  Giving Wipeout spell (x 20) to Iris  
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:06  Using Wipeout spell  
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 05:07 *shoots several arrows at an Orc at a time*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:08 *is actually pretty impressed*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:09 *all of the heirs access their powers, those who don't have powers use their weapons, and a few other superpowered individuals use their powers like pros*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:09 *turns into various animals, smashing and slashing his way through the crowd of Orcs*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:09 *sorry, Josh turns into various animals, not Terra*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:10
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:10 (Oops)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:10 *she stays near Josh and is punching and kicking Orc after Orc**she even blasts some Orcs back with a rock or two, and even with plain yellow-and-brown energy*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:10  Using Wipeout spell  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.6 05:10 *uses super complex spells with his staff and fights the Orcs well*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.6 05:11  Using Players choice spell  *casts various spells with his wand*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2014,Nov.6 05:11 *shoots many Orcs along with Eleanor, Nova, and Gale*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 05:12 *she and Sage fight together*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.6 05:12  Using Wipeout spell  *activates her dark magic and telekinetic powers and blasts Orcs back with black energy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.6 05:12 *is doing well on her own*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.6 05:12 *shoots several Orcs down with his crossbow*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 21:21  Using Blasting spell  
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 21:22 Hey! I have an idea!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 21:22 *looks back at Orion while also blasting an Orc* What is it?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 21:24 Anyone who has weapons- throw them at the Orcs! Or if you have a bow, use many arrows at a time!
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.6 21:24 If you can use magic- use your most powerful spell!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 21:25 It sounds like a good idea!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 21:26 *everyone comes together* *there is a blast of arrows, rakes, knives, black energy, gold energy, yellow energy, cyan energy, green energy, orange energy, blue energy, gray/green energy, and purple energy*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.6 21:27 *many Orcs fall back, defeated*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.7 06:57 (New name: Galadriel, one of the most powerful girl sorcerers in Galacia. She looks exactly like Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings: Wavy golden hair, a long, white long-sleeved dress, and a golden crown that adjusts at her forehead rather than above-
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.7 06:58 -her head. She also wears a hood, attached to her dress. Has a powerful silver staff. Nobody is sure where she lives, and she doesn't make herself known that much.)
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.7 06:59 I think we defeated them...didn't we?
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.7 06:59 Well, if we did, that was quick.
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 05:35 *takes down one last Orc*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.8 05:37 Josh:Whew! It's over...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.8 05:37 Actually, it's far from over. *points in one certain direction**another huge wave of Orcs is coming their way*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.8 05:38 *takes some makeshift bow and arrows and uses that*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:38 Ugh!! This is UNFAIR!!! Raven:Um...do you think it was supposed to be fair? Josh:OK, then unfair TIMES TWO!!!!
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.8 05:38  Buying Bow, arrows, &quiver (x 1)  
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:38 *the Orcs arrive in no time**there are twice as many as before*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 05:38 These Orc battles are ENDLESS...*holds up a loaded bow for another round*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:39 *several Orcs start to overpower and grab both her and Josh**begins to panic**her eyes glow yellow from beneath her goggles*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:39 *tons of boulders rise up all around her and Josh, and then rain down on them, crushing the Orcs-and Josh*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:40 *is heard screaming this as the boulders rain down on her, Josh, and the Orcs around them:* JOSHUAAAAA!!!!!!!
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:43 *backs up far away*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:43 *starts running* *small rocks are showering down on her*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:45 *as soon as the rocks stop falling and her eyes stop glowing, she runs away and hides in a nearby grove of fruit trees**puts her goggles down and leans back against a tree, panting hard*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:46 *suddenly she sees Sauron nearby**Sauron looks at her back emotionlessly, and then turns and starts running away-he's pretending to be trying to escape from a hero and be afraid of a good guy in order to lure her into a trap*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:46 *smiles and puts her goggles back on**runs after Sauron through the grove of trees*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:51 *follows Sauron into a cave**her eyes glow yellow as they run through one of the tunnels, and she raises her hands**uses her earth magic to make the tunnel ahead of Sauron cave in, therefore cornering him*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:51 *Sauron stops at the newly made wall of boulders and turns to face Terra calmly (and evily)*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:52 I've got you now, Sauron! (Sorry P+J) Sauron:*raises his staff and blasts the ceiling of the tunnel just behind Terra, making it cave in behind her, trapping them both in the tunnel**Slade Quote!* Actually...I've got you.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 05:53 *starts laughing evilly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:58 *looks a bit creeped out, but becomes focused again*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 05:58 *tugs Terra towards his cart* You're coming with me.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:58 *the battle is seen raging on in the backround*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:58 *her eyes glow yellow**launches a big rock at Sauron*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 05:58 *stops the rock in mid-air with his staff* *it crumbles into dust*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:59 [They're trapped in a tunnel, remember? They can't be seen or see anything other than the small tunnel, in which all passageways are blocked by boulders, since a lot of the ceiling just caved in.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 05:59 [And his cart isn't there, but it's nearby outside the tunnel.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:00 *makes tons of smaller rocks rise up and launches them right at Sauron**he dodges them all and even blasts a few*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:00 (Well it's going to be there.)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:00 *gets blasted by some red energy* Oof!! *falls back, hits a wall, and tumbles down onto the floor*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:00 [OK. I guess we can say at the end of the battle or something Sauron will teleport it there via magic.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:00 *is able to stop all of them with his new, upgraded staff* *Terre starts losing her temper*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:03 *sits up and looks over her shoulder to see Sauron come up behind her, raise his staff, and prepare to whack her with it*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:04 *prepares for the blow by protectively putting her hands over her head**unconsciously activates her powers, making some earth behind her rise up in between her and Sauron and act like a shield*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:04 *Sauron's staff hits the earth "wall" and bounces back against it, making Sauron stumble backwards*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:05 *gets back up, feeling more confident, and launches the huge boulder right at Sauron**it just barely misses him, but hits his staff, knocking it out of his hands*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:05 (Sorry P+J) Sauron:*another Slade Quote!* Good...unless you were aiming for me. *uses his magic to make his staff fly right back into his hands*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:05 *gets pretty annoyed*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:06 *picks up his staff, clutching it* *it glows red*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:07 If you choose, you can stop launching those rocks at me. If you don't, then you'll be sorry. *knocks Terra back*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:13 *Terra slides down the rock wall*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:13 OOF!!!! *is sent flying back**hits the wall again and slides down it*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:13 [Jinx, almost!]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:14 (Sorry P+J) Sauron:I have been watching you, Terra...and I know all your little secrets. I know you're an heir, and you travel much because you cannot control your powers.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:14 *her eyes glow yellow* SHUT UP!! *launches another rock at Sauron, but he blasts it, making it crumble*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:15 If you can't control yourself, I'll control you on my own.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:16 And I also warned you about launching those rocks at me. The consequence will be yours. *slams Terra extra hard against the wall with his powers*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:18 *tries to escape, but is pinned against the wall*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:20 Sauron:As I was saying...you try to be good, Terra, but you only end up creating a disaster, thus forcing you to run away to another region. But you can end all that if you join me. I can teach you to control your powers, Terra...and make you shine.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:20 *looks at Sauron innocently, now being somewhat interested*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:23 *nods, looking crazy* Are you agreeing to the plan?
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:23 You could have everything....I'll make sure of it, too.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:23 I'm...I'm not sure... *is released from the magic, now that she's cooperating a bit more*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:24 Wait...NO! I have to stay good-I'd never join you!! *clutches her head and falls down on her knees**is beginning to lose control of her powers again**closes her eyes*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:24 We would never have to battle again...think about it.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:25 No!! Don't lose control don't lose control don't lose control DON'T LOSE CONTROL!! *some dust and yellow-and-brown energy rises up and begins to spin around her*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:25 You can start off fresh. You can forget everything that ever happened to you and start out on a clean slate.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:25 Trust me, you won't regret this...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:25 (Sorry P+J) Sauron:*yet another Slade Quote!*Terra, how can you lose something you've never had?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:26 *opens her eyes, revealing that they are glowing bright yellow**tears stream down her face from her glowing eyes**a tornado of earth and yellow-and-brown energy forms around her**floats up in the middle of the tornado*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:26 Sauron:I'll see you soon, Terra... *disappears behind some boulders, leaving her miserable*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:27 *meanwhile, he has escaped from being under a pile of boulders and is desperately looking for Terra**has turned into a mole**burrows his way into the part of the tunnels Terra is in**sees her*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.8 06:27 *gets in his cart and drives off*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:28 *turns into his normal self and runs up to her* Terra!! It's OK!! I'm here!! *grabs her, pulls her down, and hugs her tightly**Terra closes her eyes and becomes unconscious**the tornado vanishes*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 06:29 *dust sort of settles in the air, and the Orcs have been defeated* *puts her wand away*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:31 *balances herself while walking over the pile of rocks and boulders that were left behind*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:31 *not long later, he and Terra emerge from the tunnels and meet up with the rest of the team*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:32 *is pretty shaken, but at the same time relieved to be with the team*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:33 What happened back there? It seemed like you were gone for awhile.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.8 06:33 *shoots an arrow into the air* I'm starting to get pretty good at this, actually.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:34 *looks shaken up and stands off to the side*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:34 *puts his sword away much too pridefully*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:35 *the group turns towards Terra and Joshua, now interested*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:35 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 06:35 (Bye!)
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 20:07  Secret message to Terra  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 01:58  Secret message to Terra  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 02:03  Secret message to Terra  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 02:03 (Oops that was not supposed to be a secret message.)
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 02:05 *Terra explains what happened* It was Sauron...he just appeared and we battled in a rock cave. I guess you could say I won. *pauses* Sauron also wanted me to be his apprentice...
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 02:07 *looks shocked* Oh...*doesn't say much, since she was once (in a way) Sauron's apprentice/spy* *is terrified for Terra's fate, that there could be a chance she could be a potential apprentice*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.9 02:09 Now we must either hide from Sauron or fight him.
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:09 *nods at Gale in agreement* He obviously wants something.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:10 Oh, um, I just thought I'd let you know, Terra...Coral and Marissa were taken by some of the Orcs who managed to escape the battle.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 02:10 *pipes in* We couldn't save them.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:16 *there is a moment of silence* Gandalf: Let us return to Orion's cabin for the night. He informed me that it was close by. *everyone gets in the cart, and they are off*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:16 -LATER-
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:18 *everyone has arrived at Orion's cabin* *it is sundown* *comes out of the cabin with a bucket to get some water from the stream nearby, which runs through a grotto*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:18 *enters the grotto, being careful not to slip over the edge* *kneels over, about to get some water, until a blast of red energy is seen*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:19 *gasps, nearly falling over* *it is Sauron*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.9 02:19 Hello, Sage. *smiles almost too warmly* I have come to tell you something.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:20 *is about to run, until Sauron raises his staff and surrounds her with red energy*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.9 02:23 *is putting a curse on Sage* You are to come to my fortress in Regnum with your friends in 5 days' time!!! If you don't, you will all die!!! *cackles* *sets the curse, and turns into a fireball of red energy* *bolts out of the grotto*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 02:23 *falls to the ground, unconscious*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.10 03:31 *meanwhile, inside the house, most of the team is eating dinner together**other team members are hanging around inside the house, chatting, reading, or simply sitting around**Sage, of course, is outside, unconscious*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.10 03:32 [Note:I'm going to have Terra die in this RP-in Aftershock style. Basically she'll become somehow upset, quit being a team member, run to Sauron, and take his deal-if he teaches her to control her powers, she'll become his loyal apprentice.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:33  Secret message to Isla  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:34 *is sitting outside by a pond, using her earth powers to lift up stones and hurl them at the pond, making them skip along the water**Josh sees her through a window, comes out, and sits by her*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:34 Josh:Hey. Terra:Hi. *smiles a little and continues to control little pebbles with yellow-and-brown energy, making them skid along the shining waters of the pond*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:35 *Gandalf, who has grown curious about Terra, is looking out a window nearby and watching her manipulate the earth and using his magic to eavesdrop on her and Josh*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:36 Could I try? Terra:Sure. Josh:*picks up a stone and hurls it at the pond, but instead of skipping neatly like Terra's pebbles do, it hits the water hard and sinks* Darn it...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:37 *giggles* Here, let me show you how to do it. *picks up a stone and, without using her powers, throws it at the pond, where it skips neatly across the water**Josh successfully copies her* Good job!
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:37 *laughs a little awkwardly* Yeah...thanks...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:39 *they sit there together for a minute, feeling quite happy and at peace**looks at Josh, smiling, but the smile quickly disappears**her eyes glow yellow*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:39 *a big rock Josh is sitting on flies upwards into the sky**Josh falls backwards off of it* Josh:Ow!!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:39 *her eyes stop glowing**sees what happened* Oh my gosh...I'm so, so sorry!!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:40 *gets up* Ugh!! I'm so stupid!!
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:40 No, it's fine, really. All you had was a little glitch in your ability to control your powers, that's all.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:41 Josh, you saw what happened earlier in the Orc battle when I lost control. I caused a catastrophe and almost killed you!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:42 *is getting really agitated**little rocks and pebbles around her begin to shake and rise up in the air*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:43 *gets up and grabs Terra's shoulders* Dude...FOCUS. Calm down. It's okay. Don't lose control. Take deep breaths. *Terra does what he says**the rocks that have started floating around them fall back down onto the ground*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:43 *goes outside in the backyard* *watches the sun set and the moon rise* *wonders where Sage is*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:43 Anyway, let's head back into the house. *he and Terra go back into the house, unaware that behind them, the place by the pond they were sitting in caved in and became a big hole*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 03:44 *has meanwhile realized the truth about Terra*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:45 *is destined to find Sage* *follows the stream*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:46 *watches Isla* *exits the cabin* *runs after her* Hey! Where are you going?
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:47 I'm finding Sage. It's been a really long time since she's returned.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:47 Then I'm coming with you. *runs over some stones*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 03:48 *Josh and Terra come into the dining room where everyone except Isla, Emil, and Sage are*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 03:48 *decides to confront them and tell them he knows the truth as soon as Isla, Emil, and Sage arrive*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:48 *notices Gandalf looking at her and Josh-but her mainly-and gets a bit nervous*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:53 *reaches the grotto* *looks inside* *it is completely dark*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:53 I wish I had brought a lantern...
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:55 Come on. We have to keep going. Just follow the water.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:55 *walks across the ledge carefully, Emil in the rear*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:56 *takes a slip* *yells* *is grabbed by Emil*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:56 Thanks...*Emil nods, and they keep going*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 03:57 *she and Josh are laughing and talking about immature, tomboyish things*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:05 [Sorry if I'm being pushy, but I'm waiting for Emil, Isla, and Sage to get back to the house...]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:05 *trips over something* *notices that it is a bucket* *just enough light shows to reveal Sage, blood coming down her forehead*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:06 *is too shocked for words*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:07 We have to get her back to the cabin. We'll have to carry her. *after awhile, the two figure it out and carry Sage*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:07 *after one hour, they get out of the grotto* *looks at the horizon, which is completely dark*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.10 04:07 *is meditating in one of the rooms**has a vision of Sage being struck down, unconscious**snaps out of it and rushes into the dining room* Something bad has happened to-*Emil and Isla come in with Sage*-Sage...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.10 04:08 Florian:*moans a little, looking strangely tired* Oh, no...
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:08 Emil: Just a little bit furthur...*they keep going towards the cottage*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:09 *uses the rest of her strength to kick the cottage door open* *Emil drags Sage to a couch*/
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:09 *collapses into a chair, still conscious*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:11 *looks at the others* We found her in the grotto...unconscious.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.10 04:15 I had a vision while meditating...Sage was struck down by some unknown force in the grotto.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:16 Let me see what happened... *picks up one of Sage's arms in order to use some of his magic on her, but quickly drops it**moans and clutches his hand**a sizzling sound has been heard*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.10 04:16 *paces around* Something was going on in that grotto.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:17 Thomas:Sir!! What happened?! Gandalf:The death curse mark on her forearm is burning hotter than fire...meaning only one thing...Sauron has cursed her again.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:18 *gasps are heard* Florian:But what kind of curse is this one? Gandalf:I do not know...and we won't until she wakes up. Anyway, I have to tell you all something else. It has to do with our newest team member, Terra.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:29 *turns to Terra and approaches her* Terra, I know the truth. I know you are the sixth heir, you are the one who caused all those disasters, and you cannot control your powers.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:29 But we can help you, and-
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:29 WHAT?!?! *turns to Josh, looking furious* You TOLD THEM?!
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:31 No-wait-I- Terra:I thought I could trust you! I thought I could trust all of you!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:32 But I was WRONG!
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:32 Terra, NO! Wait!! Ter-*it is too late**Terra has fled from the hut and is racing through Serano**she has already gotten to the grotto in no time*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.10 04:33 *sighs* Never trust anyonee.
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.10 04:33 *anyone
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:33 *turns to Josh sadly* Joshua...I am so sorry. I didn't know that you and her were keeping those facts secret. It's all my fault. Josh:No...it's mine...*suddenly turns furious*...IT'S ALWAYS MY FAULT!!! *storms off to a different room*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:34 *her a temper tantrum**crashes and bangs are heard as he throws and punches stuff all over the place in the other room*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:34 *his parents run in and try to calm him down, but it takes about 15 minutes for them to succeed*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.10 04:35 *nods at Gale* Words of wisdom.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:39 *meanwhile, she races through the grotto**Sauron is hiding behind one of the trees nearby**he has witnessed everything going on with her and feels new hope, excitement, and yes, evil*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:39 (Sorry P+J) Sauron:*watches as Terra runs by at top speed**Slade Quote!* Yes, run, Terra...I'll be waiting for you.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:43 *vanishes behind the rock walls for awhile*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:44 *gets to the other side of the grotto and stops, panting hard**settles down on a pile of leaves for the night, exhausted from a long and stressful day*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.10 04:48 *at the cottage, she finally wakes up*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.10 04:48 *Orion starts badgering her first thing* Please...just let me organize my thoughts for a moment...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:51 *suddenly she hears some rustling
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:51 **
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 04:52 *sits up and looks around* W-who's there...? *more rustling**gets up, puts on her goggles, and raises her hands, ready to fight**Sauron's silhouette emerges from the edge of the grotto*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.10 04:52 *explains to everyone how Sauron put her under a curse that will make her and the others go to Regnum in a few days--or else they will die*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:54 *says grimly* I am sorry, but that is not a curse I can undo.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:55 Nor is the death curse that has been put on all of the heirs.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 04:55 *note that Josh has returned to the dining room by now* But before those five days are up, perhaps we should worry about other things, such as the Orc raids, Sauron himself rising in power, and, of course, Terra.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 05:00 00
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 05:00 (Oops...sorry.)
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 05:01 *comes behind the grotto to face Terra* hello, dear. Are you ready to fight?...Or remain peaceful and join my league?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 05:01 *puts her hands and her goggles down* I'm...I'm not sure.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 05:02 (Sorry P+J) Sauron:You have a great gift, Terra. But it is a curse, too, because you do not know how to use it. Join me, and I shall reveal to you the wonders of having such powers, and make you...shine.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 05:02 *looks skeptical* Choose. Or remain forever uncertain.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 05:03 *Sauron picks up a stone and uses his magic to turn it into a glittering diamond**is becoming very tempted to join his league*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.10 05:03 You will have many advantages if you join me.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 05:04 *has finally been "charmed" enough by him**nods* Yes. I will join you.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.10 05:07 *Sauron smiles evily, says "Good," and then puts his hand on her shoulder**the two vanish;Sauron has teleported her and himself to his cart*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.11 03:28 *drives away to his lair in Regnum*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:07 [Is it OK if Sauron sends Raven a vision/contacts Raven psychically and tells her what happened with Sage and that Raven must especially come to Regnum since he assigned her to be his princess?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:09 Gandalf:I guess some of you can go back to your usual business while I wait for Sage to wake up.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:10 I have to continue meditating. *floats off to another room, which is a rather peaceful one and has a view of the moon and stars out the window*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 04:10 (Sage already woke up and told everyone what happened.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:10 *hovers in the air in a sitting position, her legs crossed and her eyes closed*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:10 [Oh OK.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:11 [Then Gandalf just said that all they can do is get back to their ordinary business until the five days are up, and then head to Regnum later.]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 04:12 (Yeah.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:17
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:17 [Oops]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:18 [So, is it OK if Sauron sends Raven the vision?]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 04:22 (Well the curse was technically set on Sage (since she's like the "queen of the day") sort of forcing everyone to come to Regnum in 5 days. So it's already been covered.)
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 04:29 *eats a big hunk of bread*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:34 *sits at the table with Lorien for awhile before going to bed*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:34 Whoa, Lorien. Slow down. *is seen smiling in the first time since forever*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:34 *rips some bread apart*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 04:35 *returns the smile*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:36 *realizes that things could be normal--just as they are supposed to get hectic again in 5 days' time*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:39 *is more sad than happy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:52 [OK]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:53 *Joshua just pokes at his bread**he's depressed about Terra running away*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:53 (I think I'm going to bend the rules and make another heir. She's long lost, and isn't really remembered by her siblings since she was really young when Sauron attacked.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:53 [Is it OK if the Aftershock-like thing happens tomorrow (in the RP, I mean)?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:54 [OK. Plus, Coral is gone, so she can fill in as a sixth heir.]
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 04:54 *grabs some more bread and puts some toppings on it* Wow, I haven't been this well fed in ages!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 04:54 [Also, Terra was long lost herself-the king and queen kept her away from the others due to her earth powers being so unstable.]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:54 (She will appear in Sauron's castle, and there will be a special flashback scene with all of the heirs in it.)
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:54 (Ok, yeah.)
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:55 Put some blackberry jam on it. It's delicious.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 04:57 *eats another piece of bread and then goes to bed*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 04:59 -4 DAYS ARE UP-
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 05:00 *it is the 4th day until the team has to go to Regnum* *basically nothing has happened, only that they have been traveling across Serano, dealing with Orcs, and more stuff*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 05:07 Since it's sort of our "last day" together, I feel like we should do something fun.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 05:08 I agree. Moping around would be such a waste.
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:09 Does anyone have any ideas?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:10 [Wait...OK, I'm a little confused. Sooo...does Terra arrive now? I would like her to die before they arrive at Regnum.]
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:11 (I'm not really clear on the plan, so please explain it again.)
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:14 (Since you're basing this off of Aftershock, I'm assuming Terra just comes back to battle in Sauron's name or something)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:19 [Yeah. Basically she reappears while the team is having a good time and, one by one, "eliminates" them under Sauron's orders.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:20 [However, later that day, the team, having been presumed dead, returns with a vengeance. Terra is forced to flee to Sauron's castle. Josh follows her in order to try to get her to turn good again.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:20 [Meanwhile, Terra has discovered that Sauron is controlling her via his magic, and when Josh arrives, there is a Josh vs. Terra battle-Terra being, of course, forced to fight him from Sauron controlling her.]
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:21 (Ok! Yeah, Terra can come back then.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:21 [In the end, Terra's willpower alllows her to regain control of herself and defeat Sauron-but only for a little while, of course. But she activates an underground volcano that has the potiental to destroy all of Galacia and stops it with her earth
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:21 magic, at the same time turning herself to stone.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:22 [Alright! Basically it's day 4, the team is having a good time, and then (dun dun dunnnn) here comes evil Terra!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:23 [I would like to get rid of her, but at the same time put her "imprint" in the team's memories forever. I was considering having her around for a while longer but decided to just make her a literal memory or something.]
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:24 (Maybe you should remove her so if you decide to make a new character you can just use that slot.)
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:26 *the cart drives into this natural park/playground of sorts, with activities and stuff like archery targets, a pond for swimming, swinging vines, and more*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:27 Alright! *runs to the targets with Nova, Florian, Eleanor, and Lorien*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 05:28 Hey Lorien, right now you can work on your archery skills!
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 05:29 Oh, that would be a great idea actually! *grabs an authentic Elfish bow and does some archery practice*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:30 *takes a shot at the swinging vines, which are over the pond*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:32 *is doing pretty well until she gets to the 3rd vine* *loses control* Whoa! *ends up falling right in*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:32 [Nah, I want the epic Aftershock death for Terra.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:32 [Then I'll ask for her to be removed.]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:33 *is chatting with Raven* So you're part demon? Raven:*looks rather irritated* For the millionth time, NO. I just have demonic powers.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:34 But only demons have demon powers. Raven:*shrugs*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:34 (Ok, yeah.)
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:36 *is soaked through with somewhat murky pond water* *stumbles out of the pond, feeling slightly stupid*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.14 05:38  Giving Players choice spell (x 10) to Isla  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:38  Using Players choice spell  
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:39 *uses the spell to dry herself up*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:39 *is still bugging Raven*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 05:40 *takes a walk on the small nature trail*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:40 *has finally had it**her eyes turn black* Okay, shut up or I'll send you to another dimension!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:40 Josh:O_O Okayyy...heh heh...right-iooo! *quickly runs away from Raven and starts bugging other random team members*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 05:42 *is working on archery with the other Elves/archers* Josh: *comes over* Hey! Can I try? Nova: *turns around, bow loaded* No.
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 05:43 Josh: Dang it...please?! Gale: *sighs* Scram. Please.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:49 *sighs* You guys are no fun... *wakes away, whining*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:49 [I guess I'll have Terra come now, since everyone's having a nice, somewhat normal day.]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:50 *notices that Raven looks pretty grim* Hey Rae, you alright?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:50 I just have a feeling that this day is perfect...TOO perfect.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 05:51 *just then, rumbling is heard, boulders ignited with yellow-and-brown energy fly by, and Terra emerges from what once was a rock wall but is now a pile of pebbles and debris*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:51 *is pretty much in what is equivalent to the Aftershock suit, hair covering her right eye and all**smiles evilly at the team*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:51 Hey "FRIENDS!" Wanna have some fun?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:52 *the team recognizes the black S logo on a badge on her chest with a backround of red (although in Teen Titans it had a backround of orange) as Sauron's logo*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:53 Oh, and by the way, thanks to my new friend, Lord Sauron-*makes some rocks rise up in the air*-I can control my powers now.
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 05:53 *aims an arrow at Terra* You'll be sorry you ever came!
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:54 *pulls a quiver out of the cart containing poison arrows, long distance arrows, and explosive arrows*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 05:56 *brings out his crossbow*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.14 05:59 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.14 06:00 (Bye!)
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 23:04 *pulls out an explosive arrow* I never trusted you anyways, Terra. *Terra makes a rock platform out of earth and rises up on it* Terra: *guffaws* Whatever. That doesn't scare me.
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 23:05 *aims the explosive arrow at the rock platform and shoots* *it explodes, and Terra falls off* Terra: OOF!!! *is on the ground, but not for long*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 23:07 Terra: *gets up* *raises her hands, and rocks, earth, and yellow energy rise into the air* *launches the whole mess at Nova, who is brought down immedietly and knocked unconscious*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.14 23:08   - 5 Strength points to Nova  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.14 23:09   - 50 Awesomeness points to Terra  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:08 [Ooo, sinister Terra!]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:13  Secret message to Galadriel  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:14  Secret message to Galadriel  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:14  Secret message to Galadriel  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:14  Secret message to Terra  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:14 *Gale, Emil, and Eleanor try to hurt her, but she blasts them back with earth*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:15  Secret message to Terra  
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.15 04:16 *she and Gale both use explosive arrows*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:16  Secret message to Galadriel  
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2014,Nov.15 04:16 *after Terra's blow, they are down*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:17  Secret message to Galadriel  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:17  Secret message to Terra  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:17   - 5 Strength points to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:18   - 5 Strength points to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:18   - 5 Strength points to Eleanor  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:18  Secret message to Galadriel  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:18   - 5 Strength points to Gale  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 04:19 *confronts Terra, hood up, her violet-blue eyes glaring at her sister*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 04:19 I never considered you my sister for one moment, nor trusted you.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 04:20 [Is it OK if Raven uses the Azarath Metrion Zinthos spell to activate her powers?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 04:20 [In this RP, I mean?]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.15 04:21 (I think that would be too close to Teen Titans. Maybe you could change the words up.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 04:23 [Hmm...well, on another RP I use the spell "Dimensia Acerbus Mortix" for a Raven-like character. How about that instead?]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.15 04:26 (I think that would be too close to Teen Titans. Maybe you could change the words up.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.15 04:26 (Sorry, double post.)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.15 04:26 (Sure, I guess that would be okay.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 04:29   + 10 Craziness points to Terra  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 04:45 [OK!]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:49 I never trusted you, either, so that makes the two of us. *smiles wickedly*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:56  Secret message to Terra  
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:57 *Sorry, that wasn't intended to be a private message*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 04:57 I didn't even know you were my sister, so why should I care? Why should I regard you as a sister at this point?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:04 I don't know. How about you tell me? *blasts Iris back with a beam of yellow-and-brown energy, knocking her back* Or don't. Nighty night!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 05:06   - 5 Strength points to Iris  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 05:08 *flies up, eyes glowing white* Dimensia Acerbus MORTIX! *shoots a beam of black energy at Terra, but Terra makes a boulder rise up and block it*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 05:08 *tries to use her telekinetic powers on the boulder, encasing it in black energy, but Terra's yellow-and-brown energy opposes her energy and in the end Terra retakes control of the boulder*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.15 05:09 *loads her Elfish bow and starts shooting at Terra*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 05:11 *Terra launches the boulder up at her* OOF!!! *is sent flying**lands hard on the ground**looks up to see the boulder looming over her, about to crush her*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 05:12 *Terra gets hit and knocked back by an exploding arrow**the boulder above her crumbles-she has been saved by Lorien*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.15 05:12 *Josh runs over and helps her get up**is a bit winded from the blow*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:12 *is unconscious-or at least appears to be so**Lorien runs over to her and asks if she is alright*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:13 *opens her eyes, revealing that they are glowing yellow**smiles evilly* Are you really that stupid? *Lorien is blasted back with some earth**gets up*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 05:14   - 5 Strength points to Lorien  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:14 *finds herself face-to-face with Gandalf the Blue* Hey grandpa. Ready to get CRUSHED? Gandalf:Terra, I understand why you would do this to get control over your powers, but this has to end. You're one of the heirs, and you-
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.15 05:14 *rolls to the ground* *regroups* *slowly takes out an arrow, ready to shoot* I dunno. Maybe you are, Terra. *let's the arrow fly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:14 *blasts Gandalf ruthlessly with earth**he falls back, but is OK*
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.15 05:14 *lets
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:14 *comes out of the clearing, with a few hatchets and one of the Elves' bow and arrows*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 05:15   - 5 Strength points to Gandalf  
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.15 05:15 *gives Terra a little ear wound, but nothing too overpowering*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:15 *makes a rock rise up and block the arrow* Watch what you say, or I'll ROCK your world. *launches the rock at Lorien*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 05:15   - 5 Strength points to Raven  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:16 *or at least she dodged the arrow and got hit on the ear a little, then launched the rock at Lorien*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.15 05:16   + 5 Strength points to Lorien  
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.15 05:16
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.15 05:16 *stumbles out of the way* There's no saying I can't defy you.
20>Lorien (Poor citizen/Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.15 05:17 Or your tricks.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:17 Hey, maybe I can BREAK your world! *throws a hatchet at Terra*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:17 [gtg! *offline* I might come on tomorrow, but I doubt it. Bye!]
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:17 *it makes itself right at home in her suit, although the suit resists it*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.15 05:18 (Bye!)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.16 00:45 *it hits her in one of the armor plates**pulls it out, her eyes glowing yellow, and encases it in yellow-and-brown energy, turning it into stone*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.16 00:46 *eyes still glowing, she throws the stone hatchet at Orion, who just barely avoids it**stomps on the ground, making it open up and form a bottomless pit**her eyes stop glowing and she sees what she has done*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.16 00:46 Whoa...how did I- (Sorry P+J)Sauron:*contacts Terra telepathically* You didn't. I did. I put some of my magic in your suit, and through that magic I can connect to you and use your powers in a new, more powerful style.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.16 00:46 *smiles evilly* Perfect.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.16 00:47 *meanwhile, as the bottomless pit expands, many of the team fall into it**the only people who avoid falling in are Gandalf, the heirs, Thomas, and Josh*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.16 00:48 We have to retreat! *casts a spell that acts like a smoke bomb**Terra, his comrades, and himself are encased in a cloud of smoke*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.16 00:48 *he and everyone except Terra and Josh start running away into the forest*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.16 00:49 *coughs hard* Can't...see... *rises up on an earth pillar out of the smoke cloud and looks down to see Joshua looking up at her sadly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.16 00:49 *looks back at him emotionlessly**then Josh turns and disappears into the smoke, following Gandalf, Thomas, and the rest of the heirs*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.16 22:22 hello everyone! I know Coral was taken, but it never says that she actually dies. Do you think I could take over her character?
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.16 22:25 It's ok if i can't, but I would like to try!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.17 04:19 (If you want, you can! I'll just say there were 7 heirs, then since I was thinking about making another heir.)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 04:20 [Yeah, sure!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 04:23 *they eventually stop and hide in a cave*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.17 04:23 *runs through the forest, smoke wafting through the air* *nearly trips over a root*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 04:24 *wipes some grime off of her face* *looks around* We lose her?...
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 04:27 *nods* Yeah. I'm almost sure of it.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.17 04:27 Looks...like it... *pants*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 04:29 What about the others? What do you think will happen to them?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 04:30 I don't know...they might have landed in an underground tunnel, though. The rest of the powerful wizards of the great Council of Wizards and I sometimes traveled through them in secret.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 04:31 The tunnel Terra got trapped in and fought Lord Sauron himself in was one of them.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 04:35 I just hope we can save them...all because of her wrath...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 04:35 *shakes head, looking angry*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 04:36 Terra just wasn't the ideal sister, I don't think.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.17 04:38 Maybe we can bring her back to her senses. Gandalf: I don't know if it's possible. She and her powers are being controlled be Sauron.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 05:12 Thomas:Wait...SHE'S being controlled by Sauron?! Raven:Actually, Gandalf, for once you're wrong. She has been thinking for herself the whole time-I sensed it through my magic.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.17 05:14 Her mind wasn't being controlled by him-only her powers. He's keeping her powers controlled, strong, and focused for her. Gandalf:Now that I think about it, that is true...thank you for correcting me, Raven.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 05:16 Well, by now it may be too late to help Terra... Thomas:Yeah. But she was a traitor through and through. I knew that she was suspicious from the start.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 05:17 *turns to Thomas and the others, looking furious* NO, she isn't!! She was our teammate and our friend! She's only been lead astray! We can still help her!
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 05:17 We HAVE to give her a second chance! WE HAVE TO!!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.17 05:18 Joshua, she isn't our friend anymore. She's our enemy now. Thomas:Yes. I agree with Raven. Gandalf:That is true, but Joshua has a point...I do not feel as cold towards her as you two do, so I'll give Terra one more chance.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.17 05:18 Gandalf:Correction-WE'LL give Terra one more chance.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 05:20 Let's set out and search for her. Joshua and Emil, you go to the nearby village and ask around to see if she is there. Thomas and I will head out to some nearby cliffs and plateaus.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 05:21 Iris and Sage, you head into the forests and groves and search for her. And Raven, you go look around in some nearby caves for Terra. However, Raven, are you sure you can do this alone? Raven:I'm positive.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 05:21 Then good luck. Let us set out now. *they all leave and separate*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.17 05:21 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 23:51 *he and Joshua walk a few miles to get to the nearest house* *knocks on the wooden door* Farmer: Whadya want?!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 23:52 Joshua: We just wanted to know, um...er...*is stuck on words* Emil: If you've seen a girl. Blonde hair, metal suit, around 17...she looks sort of like me I guess.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 23:54 Farmer: Nope. Haven't seen anyone around here except you two. Josh: Well, thanks I guess...*looks pretty sad* *they leave*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.17 23:58 *she and Iris look around in the forest* *keeps getting tricked into seeing something metallic*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 23:59 *looks through a briar patch* *pricks her finger on a thorn* Ouch! *looks at her bleeding finger*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 00:17 Sage: Are you alright? Iris: Yeah. I don't think Terra is around here. We should meet back up with Gandalf. *they leave*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 00:25 *after hours of walking around Serano, he nearly collapses* Please, Josh...I can't go any further. Josh: One more house—please! Emil: No. I'm going to meet up with Gandalf.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 00:26 *Josh trudges after him, looking sort of disappointed*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.18 01:43 (after finally escaping the orc army, with Marissa dying in the process, Coral wanders around Serano searching for the team)
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:46 *he and Thomas have been climbing up and down huge, steep, beautiful plateaus for hours**they reach the top of yet another one* Thomas:*pants* Sir, please...we should go back! We're approaching the edges of Galacia!
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:46 Terra could be at the edges, Thomas. We must move on. *suddenly they see an exhausted Coral climb up onto the plateau they are on* Coral! *he and Thomas run over to her*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:48 Coral, you're alive? *Coral explains how she escaped the Orcs and started traveling by herself and eventually found him and Thomas by chance* But where's Marissa? *Coral hesitates for a moment, feeling very sad, before admitting that Marissa died*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:48 Oh...I am so sorry. Thomas:*looks really sad*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:49 Anyway, we must get moving. Here is what is going on, Coral:Terra, your sister, has betrayed us and became Lord Sauron's apprentice. She attacked us while you were gone. Only the rest of the heirs, Joshua, Thomas, myself, and now you have survived.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:50 We split up and are searching for her to see if we can talk her into becoming good again. Raven is looking around in some caves, Sage and Iris are in some forests and groves, and Emil and Joshua are in a nearby village.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:50 Of course, Thomas and I are looking for her around these plateaus.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.18 01:51 Would you like to join us in the search?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 01:51 ~MEANWHILE, IN A CAVE...~
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 01:52 *has her hood up**is standing near a pool of water that has been formed by an ancient spring**sighs and mutters to herself:* No sign of Terra. I guess I should head back. *turns towards another corridor in the cave*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 01:53 *just then, the water in the pool behind her fills with earth/mud and is launched towards her**looks over her shoulder and gasps just before getting hit hard with mud*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 01:53 OOF!!!! *is sent flying back**hits the wall again and slides down it**her hood falls down**is covered in mud*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 01:53 *by now the cave has been filled with a pool of mud that is about one foot deep*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 01:54 *looks up to see Terra*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:10 You know, Rae, maybe you should remember to look behind you now and then.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 02:10 *glares at Terra* Terra...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:10 Raven...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 02:10 Traitor!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:11 Witch!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:11 *the two lunge at each other**launches waves of mud at Raven, but she blocks them and sends them back at her with her telekinetic black magic*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:11 *dodges the waves of mud sent back at her and confronts Raven**they go into hand-to-hand combat*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:12 *Raven manages to send a few kicks at her, but she gives Raven some punches, tackles her, and drives her beneath the 1 foot deep pool of mud covering the cave floor*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 02:13 *manages to lift her hand out from under the mud and blast Terra with some black energy, knocking her back into the mud**resurfaces, gasping for air**she and Terra, now both mud-covered, get up*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:14 *Raven's eyes glow white and blackness forms on her hands* I bet you think you can scare me with how gothy you are. Well, you can't, you creep.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 02:15 SHUT UP!! *sends a beam of black energy at Terra, but Terra blocks it with a shield of yellow-and-brown energy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 02:15 *Terra then launches her own energy at Raven**is too angry to think of blocking or dodging it in time**gets hit and falls back* Oof!!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:17 *Sauron contacts her telepathically again* Sauron:You know anger is her weakness. Now exploit it.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:18 *smiles wickedly and approaches Raven, using her powers to make the mud that is all over her body come off*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:19 You know, sis, I never liked you when I was on the team anyway. You were always crabby, creepy, and suspicious, and complaining about everyone and everything, 'cause you're JERK.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:20 Raven:STOP IT... *is trying hard to control herself*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 02:21 And do you know why you're always so gothy and weird? Because you're nothing but a little, ugly, stupid FREAK.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 02:22 That's IT!!!! *grows tall, her eyes turning to four demon eyes*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 04:46 *starts launching black energy at Terra**Terra, being scared, starts backing away, trying hard to block the energy with her own magical energy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 04:46 WE TRUSTED YOU!!! I TRUSTED YOU!!! WE TREATED YOU LIKE A FRIEND BUT YOU TREATED US LIKE DIRT!!!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 04:47 YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER ANYMORE, AND YOU WILL NEVER BE MY SISTER!!!!! *leans forward towards Terra, but Terra makes hands made of mud rise up, grab her, and start pulling her down into the muddy water*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.18 04:48 *struggles against the hands, but Terra's powers are too strong**by now only her head is above the mud**blinks, her four red eyes transforming back into her normal violet-blue ones*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 04:48 *says just before Raven is pulled down under the mud:* Look at who's in control now.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 04:52 *meanwhile, Sage and Iris are walking back the way they came through the forest when the ground rumbles around them*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.18 04:53 *nearly falls over* *has to grab onto Iris*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 04:54 *can't control herself and falls to the ground*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.18 04:55 It's her...*looks around for any sign of Terra*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 04:58 *sure enough, she appears*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 04:58 Hey sisters. Ready to RUMBLE?
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 04:58 *looks up at Terra* *the ground rumbles* Please, stop!!!
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:00 You could change. You could become good again.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:01 Those days are long gone. And I much prefer being with my new master rather than hanging around with you weaklings.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:02 Oh, and by the way:See you next fall. *makes some huge boulders rise up over her sisters and then slams them all down on top of Iris and Sage like an avalanche*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.18 05:03 *tries to stop the avalanche, but it comes down too fast* *sheilds Iris and then everything goes black*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.18 05:03 *shields
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:10 *meanwhile, Josh and Emil walk through some streets**there is an eerie silence*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:11 Dude...I don't like the feeling of this...it's like something's wrong or something-I know, redundancy-but it's just TOO quiet. Emil:Something is wrong. Everything that has been going on is wrong. Deal with it.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:12 *suddenly a rumbling noise is heard* What was that? Emil:I don't know, but if it's my horrible sister, I'm ready for her. *takes out his wand*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:12 *Terra comes riding over in a giant tsunami-like wave of rock and yellow-and-brown energy*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:13 *says calmly* Grand entrance, as usual.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:15 *jumps down onto the ground, making the wave stop, and faces her brother and her former lover* Well, once I'm done with you, you won't be so grand, either.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:16 *Emil launches gold energy at her**Josh reluctantly turns into a gorilla and tries to look intimidating*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:16 *however, she miraculously catches the gold energy, coverts it into yellow-and-brown energy, and launches it right back at Emil, knocking him back* Whoa...
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:16 Well I can say the same to you.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:16  Using Wipeout spell  
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:16 *looks at her hands, amazed at what she just did* Did I...or... Sauron:*contacts Terra via her mind again* That was me again. Now finish them!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:17 *her eyes glow yellow**blocks the Wipeout spell with a big boulder and sends the boulder flying at Emil*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:17 *Josh grabs Emil and the two just barely dodge the boulder**however, she makes another bottomless pit open up**Emil falls into it, but Josh is left hanging on the edge*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:17 *walks up to Joshua*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:18 *he gets wiped out pretty quickly*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:18 Terra, please! You can't!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:18 *smiles evilly* Watch me. *her eyes glow yellow**makes the ground rumble**Josh can't hold on any longer and them falls into the bottomless pit too*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.18 05:18 *then
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.18 10:17 thank you for including me guys, but what exactly are the fixed times that everyone else comes on to roleplay? I can't really do much if I don't know when.
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.18 13:21 "Wow Gandalf, I just can't believe Terra's...evil. She wasn't so bad before."
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.18 13:23  Buying Medicine book (x 1)  
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.18 13:23  Buying Health potion (x 10)  
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.18 13:24  Buying Potion of life (x 10)  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.18 21:48  Giving Wand (x 1) to Coral  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.18 21:48  Giving Players choice spell (x 20) to Raven  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.18 21:49  Giving Players choice spell (x 20) to Emil  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.18 21:49  Giving Players choice spell (x 20) to Coral  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.18 21:50 (Oops--I guess Raven and Emil get bonus Player's Choice spells and I guess Coral gets 20 extra.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.18 21:53  Secret message to Coral  
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.19 00:10  Secret message to Galadriel  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:43 [I'll tell Coral/Isabella what the fixed times are real quick...]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:45  Secret message to Coral  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:45 [Done.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:49 I know...but I think Joshua might have been right about her. *Coral looks confused**explains that Joshua is a new team member whose parents are wizards, and Josh has the ability to turn into any animal he wants to, therefore making him a valuable team
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:49 member*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:50 Joshua and Terra were in love, I believe. They both cared about each other the most ever since they both first joined the team, and Joshua was heartbroken when he found out that Terra had joined forces with Sauron.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:51 Anyway, as I was saying:Joshua was correct about Terra. He believes that she is still good inside, and she only joined forces with Sauron because he could help her control her powers, and because she felt betrayed when I explained I knew she had lack
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:52 of control over her powers. And she felt betrayed because she had made Josh promise not to tell anyone about her inability to control her powers, and thought that he had told me about it-but I had found out about it by myself.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 03:54 *suddenly they see Terra coming down at them from the sky, riding on a boulder with tons of other boulders raining down after her*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:58 *glares up at Terra, taking out his wand* It's her.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 03:59 *boulders start raining down on them**he, Gandalf, and Coral start casting spells to shield themselves, but Thomas' magic is weaker than Terra's (since Sauron is helping her, of course) and he disappears under a growing pile of rock*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.19 04:00 (Still here reading stuff.)
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 04:00 *Terra swoops down on her boulder, grabs Coral, and drops her down into the valley beside the plateau*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.19 04:00 [OK.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:01 CORAL!!!! *runs to the edge of the plateau and watches as she falls thousands of meters down into the valley*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:01 *Coral falls into a lake and vanishes into its depths*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:05 *watches as Terra rides away into the sky on her boulder, laughing evilly*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:06 ~LATER, AT NIGHT...~ *has been searching for any of the other team members, but has failed to find any**walks on a flat rock on some of Serano's more barren land, illuminated by the moonlight*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:06 [Note:This will be an epic Terra vs. Gandalf battle! We'll see if the apprentice of Sauron can beat one of the most powerful wizards in Galacia single-handedly. :D Post comments if you would like to!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:12 *suddenly he hears a familiar voice behind him say "Where's your friends, grandpa?"**turns around to see Terra**faces her calmly but somewhat sadly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:13 By the way, if you're lonely... *the outline of her hands glow yellow* ...I'm still around.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:14 Terra, you are making a mistake. When I told you I knew you had lack of control of your powers, I was doing it in order to offer you my help. You didn't have to go through all this.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:15 I don't need your help! Gandalf:Yes, you do. Now please- Terra:*her eyes glow yellow**raises her hands, making earth rise up* It's too late to do anything, Gandalf the Loser! Now prepare to be CRUSHED!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:17 I'm with Sauron now! *tries hard to obtain control over the rocks that are hanging in mid-air again, but Gandalf's magic is too strong**her eyes stop glowing yellow as Gandalf makes the rocks fly towards her*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:17 *gasps, looking scared**just barely manages to dodge all the rocks*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.19 04:20 (Wow...when you thought Terra was strong!)
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.19 04:20 (We finally get to see Gandalf using his powers.)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:23 [Yep! Gandalf may be kind, but he's strong.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:23 [However, you'll be surprised how this ends...]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:23 *pants*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:24 Terra, I am not enjoying this just as much as you are. Please-I don't want to do this.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:25 *her eyes glow yellow again* If you're going to say all these stupid things, you might as well be talking to a rock! *launches a beam of yellow-and-brown energy directly at Gandalf*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:26 *raises his staff, which glows cyan/light blue**some cyan energy appears and shields him from the yellow-and-brown energy, but he is obviously straining to block it, because the beam is pretty powerful*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:32 *keeps on ruthlessly shooting the energy at Gandalf until finally his energy shield explodes and her beam reaches him, knocking him back pretty far**meanwhile, the explosion of his shield has driven her to the ground*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:33 *gets up to see Gandalf inches away from her**Gandalf grabs her and pins her to a rock pillar with surprising strength for such an old man*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:34 If I have to, I will what I must. But I'll give you one last chance, Terra.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:34 *grabs Gandalf, swings him and herself around, and pins him to the rock pillar* Then you'll just have to face the facts-I'm not going back to join you or your team of weaklings EVER. AGAIN.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:47 *blasts Terra back with some cyan energy, breaking free, and turns towards her only to see her making tons of boulders rise up**she launches them all at him**manages to stop, blow up, or dodge most of them, but he gets hit by some of the rocks anyway*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:47 *stumbles back, being somewhat taken by surprise**Terra is gaining the upper hand of the fight rapidly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:48 *makes Gandalf's feet sink below the earth, leaving him to her mercy*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:48 *his voice is feeble and a little raspy* Terra...please...you don't know what you're doing...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:49 I NEVER want to see your face again. *makes a huge boulder slam down on Gandalf*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:49 *then everything goes black*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:53 *is meanwhile summonning Terra to bring the entire team to his castle* *is planning on throwing them most of them in the dungeons to starve and be tortured by him*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:55 *meanwhile, not long later, he and the team manage to come back together in some tunnels underground**they are all alive-and plotting for revenge*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 04:56 Raven:No more softness. Florian:No more friendship. Gale:No more mercy. Thomas:It's time we finish off Terra... Gandalf:...And we have no other choice.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:58 I really don't mind. I won't have any more mercy for her. She really did screw things up. She can't repair what she just did.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:58 And if she comes back, well...then I'll leave. And try to forget anything that ever happened.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 04:59 Emil, we wouldn't want you to leave...*sort of agrees with him anyways*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.19 05:01 Next time she attacks, I'll be destined to get rid of her.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 05:04 *suddenly a rumble is heard* Thomas:What's that...? *they see a wave of boulders coming towards them (Terra is forcing them to take a route through the tunnels that goes straight to Sauron's castle)*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 05:05 We have to run!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.19 05:07 *starts running away from the boulders, as does everyone else*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.19 05:07  Buying Players choice spell (x 1)  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.19 05:08  Buying Players choice spell (x 10)  
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 05:08  Using Defense spell  
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.19 05:09 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 05:09 *the defense spell is used to defend him and everyone else*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.19 05:09 (Bye!)
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.19 12:26  Secret message to Galadriel  
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.19 23:01  Secret message to Coral  
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 01:53  Secret message to Galadriel  
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 03:50 ok, so I got the alright from the gamemaster, and Coral now rather that having her green energy be offensive, it's actually used for healing. So, she's sort of weak in battle, but she can use her magic to heal almost anything.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:24 [Okie dokie.]
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:27 this was the time when people would be on right? Or am I on at the wrong time?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:28 [You're on at the right time! Normally the time is 9:00 PM CT/10:00 PM ET, but I was a little late.]
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:28 (You're on at the right time!)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:28 [BTW, here's how to roleplay:When you yourself (NOT your character) speaks, put it in between brackets, like I am doing.]
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:28 thank goodness!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:29 [When you want your character to speak, simply type in what your character says. Here's an example...]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:29 We have to keep running!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:29 [Finally, when you want to make your character do something, put it in between two *'s.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:29 [Here's an example...]
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:29 [Ok. Sorry, this is somewhat my first time roleplaying]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:29 *runs as fast as she can from the boulders*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:30 [It's fine!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:30 [BTW, welcome to Roleplay-City, Isabelle! I'm Brunnhilde, the creator of Survival and one of the people who joined your Time Travelers roleplay.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:30 *Isabella
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:31 [Oh, and as I just did, when you make a typo, correct it by putting a * before putting in the word you meant to type in.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:31 [Example:I'm making a tpyo on purpose.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:31 *typo
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:31 [OK, so I guess you're all set to RP! Let's start RPing some more! :D]
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:32 [got it]
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:33 *tries to keep up with everyone else, as the boulders chase them through the tunnels*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:33 *keeps blasting spells at the rocks, but they keep coming at the team*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:34 *the boulders keep relentlessly rolling towards them**they are forced to take certain paths and tunnels, and eventually arrive right in the dungeons of the castle*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:34 *the tunnel caves in behind them so there's no going back*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:35 Guard: *stops everyone* We've been expecting you...
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:35 *she enters the dungeons and faces the team**has been given orders by Sauron to destroy them once and for all* Hey friends. How do you like it n-*the team ruthlessly attacks before she can finish her sentence*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:35 Well, on a positive note, at least the boulder parade stopped, right?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:36 *a few guards that came along with her immediately are defeated by Thomas, who blasts them with powerful spells, and Josh, who slashes them with his claws (for he has taken the form of a tiger)*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:38 *attacks with an onslaught of green magic, which doesn't really do much*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:38 *gets blasted by some of Raven's dark energy and crushed by Emil's gold magic*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:38 *collapses**Coral's magic doesn't affect her much, but still stings her a little*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:38 *fear fills her**her eyes glow yellow**knocks back most of the team with boulders and gets up again, panting*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:39 Guard: There will be no interfereing. Straight to the dungeons. Sauron's orders. Only a select few, though.)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:39 *runs through some hallways in the vast and creepy dungeons**hides behind an old, rotting pillar*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:39 *pants hard*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:40 *people like Gale, Nova, Eleanor, Orion, Joshua, Florian, and Lorien get put in the regular cells down one hall* *he and the heirs are put into cells in another hall*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:40  Using Players choice spell  Er, no interfering? Uh huh. *blasts the guard with his spell*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:40 *Isla, Thomas, and Gandalf are put in another hall of cells* *the only people left standing are Raven and Sage*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:41 *has managed to flee upstairs to Sauron* [Note:This will be Terra's "death day."]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:41 [Sauron will beat up Terra for not managing to destroy most of the team and reveal that he controls her via her suit. Not long later, Josh will escape and get Terra to realize she can control herself because it's her powers and her future involved, not
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:42 Sauron's. Terra will fight off Sauron but accidentally activate an underground volcano. She will stop it with all of her powers but gives up her life in the process.]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:43 *pants hard* I'm back...whew...something weird has happened to the team...they're pretty vic-*gets blasted by one of Sauron's spells* AUGH!! *falls back*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 04:43 [a noble death for a noble character]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:45 *comes marching in* I knew you couldn't continue destroying them.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:46 [Yep.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:46 Friends are more powerful than anything else. OF COURSE. How didn't I know?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:46 What the...? Sauron, what are you-*Sauron ruthlessly beats and blasts her with spells-and occasionally even his own fists*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:46 But I'm with you-really-I mean-I-*gets blasted back*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:47 If you can't follow my rules, then consequences will take place.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:47 Sauron:You're weak, in and out. I told you to destroy them and you failed. When I told you to destroy them again you ran away.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:47 *feels and looks betrayed and confused*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:47 You aren't with me. Y'know why?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:47 *sums up her courage, takes the beatings, and finally gets up*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:47 Because you chose them over me. You can't destroy them.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:48 I don't want to know why. Because I quit.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:48 *mutters:* No one even follows my rules.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:48 [She said that before he explained why.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:48 Fine. Then you'll have debts to pay. MAJOR debts.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:48 *tries prying her suit off* I have to...get this...thing off... Sauron:It's too late now. It's embedded into your skin and become part of you.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:49 Well, nothing keeps me from just walking away. *turns and starts walking away, but suddenly stops**her suit faintly glows red with Sauron's magic* Sauron:Actually, something CAN keep you from walking away.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:49 *the suit forces her to turn around and walk back stiffly to Sauron* What the...?!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:50 [BTW, sorry for playing as Sauron a little and "sub-ing" in as him, Paige and Joan.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:50 Remember when I said consequenses?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:50 Sauron:I can control you through the suit. My magic is embedded in the suit, and you are part of the suit, therefore making you part of me now. There's no way out.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:51 But-no!! Sauron:Yes. You asked for control. You got control.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:51 Well, here they are. Thanks to new technology, I can pretty much keep all of my apprentices.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:51 But that's not what I meant-I didn't mean-I... *Sauron walks out of the room without another word**knows there's no way out**huddles on the ground and cries*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:52 *meanwhile...* Ugh...I HAVE to get OUT of here!!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:52 If you're gonna be a loser baby about this, then fine. But you better shape up real quickly.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:52 Florian:Joshua, there isn't any way out. Josh:Not if I can help it.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:53 I'm worried about Terra! Florian:She's not our friend anymore. You shouldn't worry about her. Deal with it.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:54 *suddenly is filled with new rage* I CAN'T deal with it!! I HAVE TO HAVE TERRA!!!! *turns into a mouse, slips through the bars, turns human again, and runs up the stairs and out of the dungeons*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:55 *watches Josh zip by* Hey! What're you doing?
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:55 *finds Terra crying* Terra...are you alright?
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:56 *by now he has yelled back at Emil "I'm going to save Terra!"*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:57 No...please, just stay away from me!! I don't want to hurt you!! Josh:But Terra, I'm here to help-*Terra, being controlled by Sauron, gets up and blasts Josh back with a rock*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:57 *Sauron himself comes in* Sauron:*says coldly*Sorry, but my apprentice hasn't been in control of herself lately.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:58 *hits a wall and slides down it, but is back on his feet in no time* Terra, what's going on?! *Terra meanwhile rises up on an earth platform and starts launching rocks at him**manages to dodge most of them*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:58 Please, stop!!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.20 04:58 *meanwhile, she and Raven have been taken into Sauron's castle* *looks around* *watches a few maids, and even sees a girl who looks similar to Terra and Iris*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 04:58 I can't! It's this suit-Sauron's controlling me through it! *her eyes suddenly glow yellow and she raises a HUGE boulder and launches it at Josh*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:59 *frowns* I'm not into this.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 04:59 Not working!! *uses his powers to make Terra act more like him*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:59 *a few rumbles are heard from the Terra vs. Josh battle going on in a room nearby*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.20 05:00 This was our house...it's hard to believe that we once lived here. *the girl looks at them quickly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:00 *becomes even more ruthless and powerful, launching more earth at Josh**Josh has just barely avoided the boulder after taking form of a hawk and flying away when more earth slams into him*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 05:01 Yes...this WAS our house. But it's not our house anymore. It never was since Sauron took it over.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:02 *Josh falls onto the ground, turning back into a human**makes his feet sink into the floor, trapping him*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:02 *turns into various animals, but cannot escape*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:03 *jumps off the rock platform onto the floor and walks very stiffly towards Josh**her hands glow yellow, and Sauron forces her to make a huge stalactite rise over Josh's head, ready to kill him*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.20 05:03 (Sorry to butt in, but the final heir is Irene, the youngest heir. She has golden curly hair, wears a blue dress, sort of like Aurora in Maleficent. Really kind and gentle, has been living with Sauron for awhile since the attack. )
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:05 [OK!]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:05 [Wait...Coral's the youngest heir. She's 14 years old.]
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.20 05:06 (After this part in Regnum w/ Sauron, we'll do a flashback of when the heirs were little.)
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.20 05:06 (Oops, yeah. Forgot for a moment.)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:06 [OK. BTW, Isabella, are you still there?]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:06 watches in anticipation*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:07 Terra, please! You have to stop this! Terra:*looks sadly back at Josh*I have no choice.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:07 Yes you DO, Terra! You just have to control yourself! This is YOUR life, YOUR powers, and YOUR destiny! It's not too late to change!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:08 *realizes that Josh is right**closes her eyes and uses all the willpower she can to get complete control of herself*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 05:08 [i'm still here yeah]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:09 *then she opens her eyes, which are now glowing yellow, and launches the stalactite directly at Sauron**Sauron, being surprised, tries to dodge it but gets hit a little bit anyway*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:09 [OK. You can post comments about the awesome battle BTW!]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:09 *falls over, yelling* NOOO!!!
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 05:10 [i have a question about Irene. How is she the youngest, if Coral is 14, and she's fifteen?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:10 *approaches Sauron, enraged and in control*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:11 *Sauron weakly gets back up and tries to fight back, but she bombards him with earth and yellow-and-brown energy**eventually, however, Sauron manages to blast her with red energy*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:11 *falls down, apparently unconscious**Sauron walks over to her and picks her up by her shoulders**her eyes open, glowing bright yellow**her hair floats up in the air*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:12 You cannot control me ANY...MORE.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:12 *Sauron is blasted back with a bolt of yellow-and-brown energy**Josh watches in amazement*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:13 (I made a mistake about that, sorry.)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:13 *causes a big tremor via her powers as Sauron tries getting up, knocking him right back down**when she tries to stop the tremors, however, they only grow worse-the volcano has been activated*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.20 05:13 *slams into a wall, hard*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:13 *her eyes stop glowing**gasps, realizing what she has done**looks really guilty**meanwhile, Josh breaks free from the floor and runs over to her*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:14 *Sauron is unconscious by now*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:14 Oh, no!! Not another one!! Josh:Not another what? Terra:A disaster-caused by ME!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:14 I let my powers get too strong, and now I've activated an underground volcano that has enough force to destroy all of Galacia!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:15 *all of Regnum is feeling the tremors by now*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:16 Terra, we have to get out of here! Terra:No. I caused this. I have to stay here.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:16 But why?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:16 I alone can stop this.
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 05:16 *feels some tremors from in prison* Uh, whats going on?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:16 Now go! Josh:No! I'm staying with you!
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 05:17 *says through his cage to Coral's:* I don't know, but this is NOT good...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:17 It's probably Terra!! *the ground quakes*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:17 Look...this is my choice. My destiny. Like you told me, I'm in control now.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:18 But you'll just have to let me go. *meanwhile, some of the floor cracks open around them and lava rises up*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:18 But Terra-you'll-you'll probably- Terra:I know. *hugs Josh tightly*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:18 *hugs her back*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:18 *tears fill her eyes*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:19 You were the best friend I ever had.
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:19 *they let go of each other**Josh backs away, takes one last look at her, and then runs out of the room*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 05:19 *she and Sage feel the tremors* This is not good...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 05:20 *looks grim, but not afraid*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.20 05:20 *grabs onto a wall for support*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.20 05:21 (Gotta go! See you guys on Friday--won't be on tomorrow, but we'll post messages tomorrow if we can. Bye everyone!)
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:21 [Bye!]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:21 [Still there Isabella?]
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 05:21 [i'm still here]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:22 *closes her eyes**rises up not on a rock platform, but in a sphere of yellow-and-brown energy*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:22 [OK! After I finish up Terra's death, can we switch to Time Traveler RP?]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:22 *opens her eyes, which are glowing at their brightest yellow yet*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:23 *raises her arms, activating her powers at top strength*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 05:23 [yeah!]
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:23 *earth and yellow-and-brown energy float up throughout the room, she and her sphere glow brighter than ever, and...*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:23 *...her piercing scream is heard throughout the castle*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:23 *then the tremors stop and there is dead silence*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 05:24 *looks out of cage in horror*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:24 *waits several moments that seem to be just as long as days, expecting Terra to come out, smiling and unharmed, ready to make a funny, tomboyish comment*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:25 *but she never comes**tries hard not to become hysterical**enters the room again and looks around*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:25 *the lava is gone and all the cracks made in the floor have been filled up with earth*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:26 *gasps* Terra... *is too shocked even to cry or moan*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:27 *he narrates (AKA has a "voice-over") temporarily in the RP**walks out of the castle, defeating the guards, and picks some flowers in the castle gardens*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:28 *narrates*"Her name was Terra. She was one of the seven lost heirs of Galacia. She had a great gift-and a great curse."
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:29 *the rest of the team are shown looking shocked and worried at the scream, the tremors, and the dead silence as he continues narrating* "She was both a friend and an enemy. She was both in control and out of control of herself."
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:30 *he is shown walking back into the room and putting the flowers beside the stone Terra's feet* "But most of all, she was my best friend."
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:30 *looks up at the stone Terra, still narrating as Sauron wakes up and calls some guards**the guards come in and sieze him*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:31 *is taken down into the dungeons and locked up again**some anti-magic handcuffs are put on him that keep him from turning into animals and accessing his powers*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:32 *flashbacks of Terra's life with the team, with Sauron, and her big end are shown**but finally, a final image of the stone Terra is shown as he finishes narrating**repeats his first line* "Her name was Terra."
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:32 ~THUS ENDS TERRA'S LIFE~
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 05:32 [OK, done. Now let's switch to Time Traveler RP!]
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 05:33 [ok]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 22:53 It's time to start the War Series!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 22:54 Basically, this part is where Sage becomes the queen of Sauron's castle, as well as Raven becoming the princess.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 22:56 Meanwhile, in the dungeons, everyone is visited by Sauron. terrorized, and secrets of the most unsuspected characters will be revealed!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 22:58 Meanwhile, Sage and Raven have been staying up late at night and coming up with escape plans. Will they go through? What will happen if they do?
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 22:59 They have also discovered that Irene, one of Sauron's "close companions" is the last heir--Irene. She and Sauron have a friendly relationship, and he doesn't force her to do anything. She is torn between which side she wants to be on--
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 23:02 --the team, with her siblings, or with Sauron, who was technically her dad for the past 11 years. Which side will she choose in the end? And will there truly be debts to pay for what the team has done to Sauron and vice versa?
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 23:02 Stay tuned!
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 23:02 _________
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 23:03 Okay everyone, we're going to RP 11 years into the characters' past so we can get to know what they were like pre attack.
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.20 23:03 Brunnhilde, you can keep Terra for this part.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 03:42 [OK! BTW, what did you think of Terra's death?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 03:42 [Oh, and can Gandalf be a good friend of the King and Queen?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 03:43 [Also, I have an awesome idea! I'm going to share it with you via a secret message. :D]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 03:44  Secret message to Galadriel  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.21 03:44 [Done.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.21 04:00 [I'm here again!]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.21 04:00 [I guess I'll wait for Isabella.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.21 04:08 [I'm still here.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.21 04:18 [Anyone?]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.22 01:19 (Ok, yeah. Gandalf can be a friend of the King and Queen. If you want, you can have different characters be in the flashback; I know I am! And it's gonna be a pretty awesome twist.)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.22 01:43  Secret message to Raven  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 02:59  Secret message to Galadriel  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:00 [OK! I might even have the relatives (a grandpa, mother, father, etc.) of my characters appear-like Florian's mom, Josh's wizard parents, and/or maybe even a relative of Thomas.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:24 [I'm still online.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:25 (Yeah, since Gale is a human and not an Elf he may be sort of in the story.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:25 [Hey!!]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:26 [Still there?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:26 [One sec]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:26 (Yeah! Also, hi!)
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:27 (Anyways, replies might be slow because I'm writing some fanmail/autograph request.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:30 [Back]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:31 [OK! Mine will be slow because I'm eating chocolate cake. :D]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:32 [Correction:I WAS eating chocolate cake. It just disappeared mysteriously from my plate. XD]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:32 [I just realized that I inhaled that cake in 1 minute tops. X'D]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:33 (Dauntless chocolate cake? :) (if you haven't read the book, it's some sort of symbol or something.) )
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:34 [I've only read the first book of the Divergent trilogy, but OK, yeah! Dauntless chocolate cake! :D]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:34 [BTW, I'm going to sort of "bend the rules" a bit in terms of the main 3. I'll be on here, ToyRP, and PTT (ToyRP instead of Movie tonight).]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:36 (I'll be on here, Movie RP, and ToyRp.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:37 [Can we please be on PTT tonight? I'm in a Teen Titans mood.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:38 [If you still don't want to be on PTT, how about this:Later we switch to Movie, PTT, and Wizards.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:39 (How about we just don't go on ToyRP tonight?)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:39 [OK. Here, Movie, and PTT then.]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:40 (Or we could do 4 clubs. But I'm not sure if you wanna do that.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:41 [Nah, I'll just be on here, Movie, and PTT.]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:42 [Let's RP!]
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:43 -FLASHBACK TIME-
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:44 *it is 11 years into the past* *the heirs are playing outside of the castle*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:45 *the queen is sitting outside with them, holding Coral, who is 3*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:45 *Irene is 4, Iris and Emil are 6, and Raven is 5*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 03:46 *runs around crazily, pretending to be a fairy*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:47 *he himself lives in Regnum but is a quite decent person* *owns a shop filled with toys, trinkets, and other miscellaneous stuff* *has his hair tied back and wears villager clothing*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 03:47 *is wearing the same outfit, except it's all pure white (except for her belt and gemstones)**her hair is black*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 03:48 *his daughter is in the back of the shop, coloring* *she is around 6 years old and wears gray clothing* *it is Isla*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:48 *she is 6 years old**is watching the others outside from her room's window*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:48 *sighs, feeling lonely*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:48 *says miserably*I wish I could play with my brother and sisters...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:49 *wanders away and picks flowers alone*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:51 *is wearing a pink princess dress and her hair is in a braid* Ugh...I hate this hairdo!! *undoes the braid in a rather messy fashion*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:51 And I hate this dress!! *puts on (in a clumsy fashion) a yellow T-shirt and black shorts instead*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:52 That's better! *decides to try to go and play with the others**goes to her door to find it locked* Ugh!!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:52 *sits on her bed sadly*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:56 *sighs* I wish I could be with my siblings... *suddenly her eyes glow yellow**a big rock Emil is sitting on outside is sent flying up into the air**Emil falls off of the stone just as it vanishes up into the sky*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 03:56 *correction:Emil falls off the stone just as it starts going up and sees it vanish into the clouds*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:01 (Back.)
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:02 Wow...gazes at the sky in wonder*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:02 Queen: *sees Emil* Er, Emil darling, that was just a mirage...Emil: Aww...*looks disappointed*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:04 *gets up from the small wooden table she was coloring at* Daddy, may I go out and play?
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 04:05 *looks up from weaving a basket* *smiles* Not until you finish coloring. I want to display your picture in the window!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:06 But I am! *holds up a somewhat scribbled picture of some sort of fairy kingdom*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 04:06 *smiles* Very well, darling. Isla: YES!!! *runs outside, the shop door jingling*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:10 *runs through the streets, grinning* *nearly runs into people* *sees a cart speeding through the streets and jumps on the back, holding on for life*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.23 04:11 *Isla has jumped onto his family's cart* (by the way, Gale is about 8 years old) Hey, what are you doing on our cart? Isla: I'm looking for an adventure! Gale: Get off. Gale's mom: *smiles* Let her come if she wants.
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.23 04:12 *sighs* We're going to Serano to have a picnic. You can come I guess.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:12 *walks away from the others outside**spots Terra's silhouette peering out of the castle window**feels like asking about who she is, but decides to keep on walking*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:14 *stands by some trees and decides to practice using her magical, telekinetic powers**makes a stone rise up in the air**it has turned black from her magic*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:14 *makes a doll out of grass and different plants* Queen: *stands up* How about we go on a picnic to Serano? Emil: Oh boy! I'll get the cart!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:15 *the
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:16 *the Queen grabs a picnic basket and gives it to Sage as she is holding Coral*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:16 Queen: Would someone mind getting Terra?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:18 [Can I "sub" in as the King?]
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:18 (Sure.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:19 *has been controlling her emotions-and even her own soul-and using her powers to lift up many other things around her**has her eyes closed**grass, flowers, leaves, and stones are floating around her, black with her magic energy*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:20 King:I shall get Terra. You should also call Raven-I saw her wander towards that grove of trees nearby. *points to the grove before heading inside*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:20 King:*goes to Terra's room, unlocks it, and enters* Terra? Terra:*hugs the King* Hi Daddy!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:21 Queen: *goes to the grove of trees* Raven? *Raven turns around* Raven: Yes, mother?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:21 King:Hello, Terra! *smiles* Want to go on a picnic? Terra:Sure! Will I be with my siblings? King:Yes, but remember:Be VERY careful not to use your powers, okay? Terra:Yes Daddy!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:22 *as soon as the Queen talks to her and she responds, all of the things around her drop, since she has lost her focus and control over her powers*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:22 *looks at Raven seriously* *lowers her voice* We're going on a picnic in Serano...if you could try, please don't display your powers. Your brother and sisters don't quite understand them.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:22 Do you promise?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:22 Queen said that*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:29 *nods*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:30 Queen: Okay, *smiles* *grabs Raven's hand and they go to the cart*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:33 *the King brings Terra to the cart**Emil fusses over why Terra isn't wearing a princess dress and instead wearing "lousy peasant clothes"*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:33 *is irritated* I'm wearing the clothes I LIKE and you can't stop me!!
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:39 Oh just be quiet! *gets in the cart, as well as everyone else*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 04:39 *the cart drives off to Serano*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:39 *is sitting on her mother's lap, being silent, as usual*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:40 *looks around, being amazed and enthusiastic* Wow! This place is beautiful!
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:41 I can just imagine myself running across these fields freely... *is unaware that 11 years later she did in fact run across these fields-but she was being chased by angry farmers because she caused disasters and such with her uncontrollable powers*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:41 *is sitting in the back of the cart with the King**the Queen and Raven are in the front, and the rest of the heirs in the middle*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 04:41 *looks out at a cliff and some canyons that cross over into Lignum*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 04:42 Mommy....where would I go if I jumped off that cliff? *the Queen laughs a little, looking happy*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:42 *as she looks around, her eyes suddenly glow yellow**a big boulder tumbles right in front of the cart**the horses pulling the cart rear up on their hind legs and neigh in alarm, just barely avoiding the boulder*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:43 *her eyes stop glowing and she realizes what she just did by accident**is really guilty**whispers to the King* Oh Daddy, I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to-I just- King:Shhh, it's okay. Just try not to do that again, okay?
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:43 *nods**the horses pull the cart around the boulder and the cart starts going again as if nothing happened*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 04:44 *she herself is still a bit alarmed by what just happened*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:46 Hey...there's already people around here. *sees Gale's family's cart parked in the distance*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:50 *watches a boy farming at a faraway house*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:51 *the cart is parked and they set up the picnic* *the kids are allowed to play for awhile*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:54 *being the nosy person he is, he goes over to the cart* Who are you people?
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 04:54 *is riding a cart with his past apprentice, Harold*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.23 04:55 *squints up at Emil* My name is Gale, and I live in Regnum. You look like you're a prince. Emil: *smirks* Because I am.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 04:56 [Note:Harold looks similarly to Eddie from Leave it to Beaver, except in color. He has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and is tall and lean. He wears brown and orange wizarding robes. He's annoying but smart and a good fighter.]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:56 Emil: And who are you? Isla: I'm Isla, and my father works in a shop.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 04:57 [Harold, unfortunately, was killed soon after Sauron rose in power. Gandalf replaced him with Thomas, but has still felt great sorrow for Harold's death.]
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 04:58 *he and Harold spot the heirs, King, and Queen* Harold:Are those the royals? Gandalf:Yes. Harold:Hmph...they don't look that royal to me. Especially the little blond girl who isn't wearing proper princess garments at all.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:58 *walks around near the house, looking for wildflowers*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 04:58 *smiles a little* They can wear what they want to wear. Let us join them in the picnic. *pulls up the cart and stops**a Pegasus isn't pulling the cart this time, but it is a pure white horse that looks like his Pegasus except without wings*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 04:59 *notices Iris while working* Hello! Who are you? Iris: My name's Iris. Orion: Iris...*smiles dreamily* You have pretty hair. Iris: *blushes*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:00 It looks like you could use some help. *enters the wooden gate to Orion's garden*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:01 *hands Iris some tools and a some fertilizer*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:02 *looks at Iris* Where do you live?
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:02 *says shyly* Regnum.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:04 *Thomas and his wizard parents soon arrive**Thomas spots Iris and feels dreamy*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:04 *smiles* That's nice. I've only been to Regnum a few times.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:05 It's nice. *smiles* You should go there when you can.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:06 Maybe I can come over to your house someday. I can ask my parents right now.
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 05:07 *runs towards the edge of the cliff, looking for flowers* *gets too close to the edge
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 05:07 *
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:07 [Will it be revealed why and when Sauron turned evil in this flashback?]
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 05:08 (Yes, eventually. But this flashback'll be sorta long.)
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 05:10 *falls over* *shrieks*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 05:10 *Raven, alarmed, notices Irene is holding onto the edge* *she activates her powers swiftly*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:11 *she and Gale watch Raven in amazement*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.23 05:12 [hi! sorry I'm late guys]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:13 (It's okay!)
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.23 05:14 [thanks]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:14 (Basically we're doing a flashback 11 years into the past, which reveals why Sauron became evil and also how everyone came about to meeting each other.)
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.23 05:15 [sounds good]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:16 (Currently the family is having a picnic in Serano.)
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.23 05:16 [thanks for catching me up]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:18 (Yup!)
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.23 05:19 *is carried up from the cliff via Raven's black energy* Raven: It's okay now. *helps Irene walk*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:19 [Hi!]
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:19 *walks over to Raven* *smiles* That was really neat. How do you do it?
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:20 *as stated before, she used her powers to save Irene**her eyes had been glowing white and she had been holding out her hand towards Irene, which was glowing black with her magic*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:20 *Irene had turned black with her energy and floated over to her**then the blackness had disappeared and her eyes stopped glowing**anyway, back in the present...**turns to Isla*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:20 Er-I-I'm not quite-er-sure...
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:20 *backs away from Isla, not sure if she should be revealing too much about her powers*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:22 You must know. *follows Raven around, Raven getting sort of annoyed*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:23 *sees the family* Oh, er, hello...you must be the King and Queen...*they nod*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2014,Nov.23 05:24 *looks speechless*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:25 -LATER-
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:25 *it is evening, and the sun is about to set* *he and Iris have been playing for nearly the entire day* *his mom calls him inside*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:25 [gtg soon]
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:26 *he and his parents have been having a picnic with him**has been watching Iris and Orion, feeling rather lonely*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:26 I hope to see you soon! *smiles* Iris: *smiles back* Me too.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:26 *hugs Iris*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:27 *she and the King have been eating separately from the rest of the family**occasionally her powers have a "glitch" and now and then she accidentally moves some earth or sends a rock flying*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:27 *he and Harold have been talking with the King and Queen*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:27 *it takes them about 5 minutes to part ways* *finally gets in his house*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:28 *she has been hanging out alone most of the time-although occasionally she keeps catching Isla spying on her-and also practicing using her powers secretly*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:28 *runs back over to the King and Queen* I met a new friend! His name is Orion, and he lives over there! *points to the house in the distance* *the King and Queen smile*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:29 *goes over and plays with Coral*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:30 Queen: I suppose we should be going home now. *bids farewell to Gandalf, Harold, and Gale's family*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:31 *they leave*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:31 -LATER-
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:32 *she returns home* Hi Daddy!! Sauron: Hello. How was your day? Isla: It was good. I went with Gale's family to Serano, and I met the King and Queen and their children!
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:33 Mmm. *tries to smile* *Isla goes into her room for the night* *he meanwhile paces*
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:33 -1 YEAR LATER-
1>Galadriel (Galacia), 20+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:34 *the heirs have been going about their daily business, seeing Isla, Gale, Orion, and maybe Thomas on the occassion, and have by now learned to use their wizarding powers*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:35 *comes back to her house after a long day of play at the castle*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:36 Isla, I don't want you seeing them anymore. Isla: But why. Sauron: Because...their family has their own ways that I don't approve of. I don't want them influencing you.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:37 But why?!?! Sauron: JUST LISTEN TO ME!!! Isla: *runs into the other room, crying her head off*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:38 *Terra, whose powers are more unstable than ever, has been spending almost all of her time in her room**meanwhile, she (Raven) has been learning to meditate*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:38 We're going into town. Now come on. *they leave*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 05:38 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:38 *while at a shop, Isla manages to escape to the castle*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:38 (Bye!)
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:41 *finds the heirs playing outside* *says with a quavering voice* I can't play with you anymore.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 05:41 But why?...
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:42 *looks at Isla grimly*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:42 My father won't let me... *starts crying* *yells out of anger:* I never liked you anyways!!!
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:43 *Sauron is meanwhile looking around town for her, screaming her name*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:43 *says auietly* Leave.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.23 05:44 We never needed you to play with us anyways! You weren't ever that fun.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:45 Yeah. We hate you!! *Isla is crying pretty hard by now* Raven: We don't need you watching us and spying on us like you always do, you creep.
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:46 *by now, he has tracked Isla down to the castle* *has heard the last few remarks* Don't ever say that to my daughter. *points a threatening finger at the heirs* You hear me?
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Nov.23 05:47 *they nod, scared* Get over here. *pulls a crying Isla roughly and they walk out of sight* *Isla is heard wailing from really far away
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:47 *says auietly* Leave.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 05:47 (Double post)
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.26 14:26 *looks at the direction of the wailing* *frowns* Let's go inside. *marches towards the castle*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.28 00:04 -DAYS LATER-
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.28 00:04 *it is the day of the attack* *all of the heirs are playing together in the playroom*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 05:11 *like before, she is experimenting with her telekinetic powers**makes some blocks/Tinkertoys float up and take the form of a horse**Sage looks up at the horse in amazement*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 05:11 Sage:*shoves a doll in Raven's face* Make her fly!! :D Raven:Alright, alright! *is a bit annoyed, but does it anyway*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Nov.28 05:12 *peers in the playroom shyly**has left her room without permission**wants to play with her siblings really badly*
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2014,Nov.28 15:55 *trips over toys and rips his pants* *gets scolded for that*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 16:10 *looks at Emil while building a Tinker Toy tower*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 18:11 *wanders off into another room*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.28 18:11 *finishes Irene's tower and turns it into a castle*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Nov.28 18:12 *brings a princess doll and a prince doll together* *pretends to make them kiss* *Raven makes a face*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Nov.28 23:31 *giggles at the other heirs; uses her small green magic to fix her broken wooden horse toy before her mother the queen carries her off to her room to sleep*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Dec.9 05:20 *spots Sauron approaching the castle via a window**feels like warning the others, but isn't sure what to do because she isn't allowed to be with her siblings due to having such unstable powers*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Dec.9 05:21 *still isn't into Sage making the princess and prince dolls kiss* :/
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Dec.14 21:28 *goes to the huge front doors* *knocks* *a servant opens them* Servant: Yes? Sauron: I would like to see the king and queen. Servant: *looks shaken* *goes to find them*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2014,Dec.14 21:30 *the king and queen come to the door* This is my castle now. King: No- you- Queen: *looks sad* There's nothing we can do. *she and the King proceed upstairs*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Dec.14 21:31 Queen: Children...*looks like she is about to cry* Sage: *looks up at them nervously* What's wrong?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Dec.14 21:32 Queen: You must hide...now...*goes over to Raven* Conceal...don't feel...*faces the kids again* We love you very much. Sage: But what's happening?
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2014,Dec.14 21:33 King: There's just a goblin in the castle, and we must take care of the matter. *smiles sadly* Sage: Will it hurt us? King: *shakes his head* No.
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2014,Dec.14 21:33 *whimpers a little and hides under the bed*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2014,Dec.14 21:34 *is in another room* *hides in a closet* *hears a yell, a blast of magic, and then a horrifying scream* *gets scared*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 22:44 *struggles to keep control of her powers**closes her eyes and mutters a little spell that always has helped her control her powers**little does she know that it will help her activate her magic in the future* Dimensia Acerbus Mortix....
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Dec.20 22:47 *hears the scream**is so scared that her powers cause the whole castle to tremble for a moment from the rumbling earth beneath it**hears footsteps and sees Sauron's shadow as he proceeds up a staircase and gasps*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Dec.20 22:48 *is still, of course, just outside the room where most of the kids were playing**hides under a small table, trying hard not to cry as Sauron approaches*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Dec.20 22:49 *there is a jar full of magic sand/earth on the table she is hiding under**her powers go out of control and cause the jar to shatter from her yellow-and-brown energy**sand is sent flying*
6>Terra (Heir/Witch-Galacia), 17yo.2014,Dec.20 22:50 *Sauron spots her from under the table and angrily pulls her out, gripping her arm tightly**screams* LET ME GO!! *her eyes suddenly glow bright yellow and the sand that was spilled everywhere forms a little tornado around them*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Dec.31 16:32 *hears lots of yelling and screaming, and crashing. Whimpers in her room*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2014,Dec.31 16:34 (I hope that some of you will still choose to go on this role play. It's really such a great one after all.)
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Jan.1 01:46 [Yeah. I'm still checking on here for more messages. Paige and Joan just don't come on here as much.]
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Jan.3 02:48 *by now, all of the heirs have been thrown out of the castle except Irene, who is still hiding in the closet*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Jan.3 02:49 *transforms the entire castle into his - a dark and dreary place with thorns climbing the castle walls*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Jan.3 02:50 -MANY DAYS LATER-
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2015,Jan.3 02:51 *comes out of the closet, feeling weak and tired* *wanders into the throne room, coming face to face with Sauron* Sauron: What is that? Guard: I believe it is a child. Sauron: Get it out of here.
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2015,Jan.3 02:52 *comes forward and hugs Sauron, thinking it is her father and of course, not knowing better anyways*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Jan.3 02:54 *seems a bit distraught* I don't like you...get off of me. *Irene just keeps hugging him* *is seen smiling just a little bit* Okay...time to get off.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Jan.3 02:56 *everyone has witnessed the flashback* *feels sadder that normal*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2015,Jan.3 03:58 *the memory makes her feel very nostalgiac, especially now*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Jan.9 21:14 *misses Terra more than ever now that he has seen the flashback with her in it**remembers how sad she always looked*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Jan.9 21:15 *suddenly, he also remembers what Terra once said after her betrayal to them while trying to destroy them**she once said (and this is a Teen Titans quote too BTW) "I'm not just some sad little girl waiting to be rescued!"*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Jan.9 21:16 *understands what she meant by that now, and how that quote came from some deep rooted anger that was first buried within her during her childhood*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:20 [Note:I'm planning that later, after the final heirs vs. Sauron battle (which I mentioned would come after Sage and Raven escape being the queen and princess of the castle) Josh will meet a girl who looks and acts just like Terra-it'll be like the episode
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:21 "Things Change" from Teen Titans. So don't delete the Terra slot until later on, when Josh eventually lets go of Terra after bumping into the girl who looks/acts just like her, OK?]
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:22 *she herself looks sad**feels her emotions-and powers-rising**turns away from Sage* I have to meditate. *walks away to a little chamber in the castle and meditates, trying to let go of her emotions and the memory of the flashback*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Jan.10 01:03 *waits in her room for the night, thinking about the "coronation" the next day*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2015,Jan.10 01:04 *feels really bad for what she did in the past over such a petty issue* *gets sort of emotional*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2015,Jan.10 01:06 I'm sorry, everyone. I didn't mean for this to happen...
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Jan.10 01:09 *comes up behind Isla* No you aren't.
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2015,Jan.10 01:10 *turns around,
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2015,Jan.10 01:11 *turns around, scared* Please, don't! Sauron: It's too late. *raises his arms, and Isla screams in pain*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2015,Jan.10 01:12 *Sauron's symbol appears to be glowing on her forearm- a sign that she was supposed to be loyal to him forever*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Jan.13 03:14 *yells at Sauron from his cell* HEY!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2015,Jan.19 22:23 *cowers in the corner of his cell, waiting for it to be over*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2015,Jan.26 23:44 What is it you want now, Sauron?
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2015,Jan.26 23:44 *glares darkly at Sauron*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Feb.3 18:24 You want me to stop?.. *seems amused, and repeats himself* You want ME...to STOP? *laughs*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Feb.3 18:25 Well, I think you have a death wish. *blasts Josh with some powerful red energy*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Feb.3 18:26 *leaves everyone*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Feb.3 18:26 -THE DAY OF THE CORONATION-
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Feb.3 18:27 *there is a semi-large ceremony* *the prisoners are forced to come and watch*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Feb.3 18:28 *is wearing robes of black and deep red* *waits to be crowned, and is actually quite scared*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Feb.3 18:28 *is eventually crowned queen with a black crown made out of obsidian*
3>Sauron (Evil Ruler- Regnum), 50+yo.2015,Feb.3 18:28 *is seen smirking in approval*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2015,Feb.4 01:51 *is forced to watch* *feels like covering her eyes*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 22:42 *is also wearing black and crimson robes, but they aren't as fancy as Sage's**soon a princess crown is placed on her short purple hair*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.9 22:43 *ever since he was blasted by Sauron's spell he has been speaking in a language known as gobbledeegook XD*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.9 22:43 Tuhrittehsfjebnfds...
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 22:44 *is enraged**deeply wants to jinx Sauron, but he doesn't have his wand*
11>Irene (Heir-Regnum), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 02:31 *stands nearby, head bowed down*
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2015,Feb.10 02:32 *glances at Josh* *whispers:* You okay? Josh: *whispers:* hgyatukakw....klqidhiya...
13>Gale (Archer/Lignum), 19yo.2015,Feb.10 02:32 *turns away, deciding not to talk to Josh for the meantime*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2015,Feb.10 02:33 *feels really sad, only because she has the impression that she might not be able to be with her sisters ever again*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.12 22:18 *drools and falls flat on his face repeatedly**people have to grab him and put him back up on his feet over and over*
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2015,Feb.12 22:19 *looks at everything grimly* Thomas:*whispers to Gandalf* Why aren't you doing anything? I can barely stand this... Gandalf:Sauron put a spell on me that held back my wizarding powers. He also took away my staff.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2015,Feb.12 22:19 Until I get my staff back and undo the spell, I am powerless. I'm sorry. *looks guilty, for he is-he deeply wishes he could stop all this but can't*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2015,Feb.12 22:20 *watches everything grimly and angrily*
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:20 *notices how sad Iris is**goes over to her and holds her hand tightly**whispers:* Don't worry. We'll get through this. It'll all be okay in the end. I know it will.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:21 *is partially lying*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2015,Feb.14 03:25 *nods, not very convinced*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2015,Feb.14 03:26 *once the coronation is over, Sauron and his royal subjects go to feast* *the prisoners are thrown in the dungeons again*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.14 03:27 *grips the iron bars, glaring at a guard* So what do we get to eat, huh?!?! A stale piece of bread? Unclean water?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.14 03:28 Guard: If you don't stop complaining, you'll get nothing at all. Now SHUT YOUR TRAP!!!
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.14 03:28 *jumps back, slightly scared*
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2015,Feb.14 03:29 *they are eventually given less than a pauper's dinner* *chokes on the well water*
4>Coral (heir), 14yo.2015,Feb.14 15:02 *doesn't bother eating, or drinking* *wonders suddenly if it might even be poisoned*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.19 19:29 EUGH!! Was that SEWER WATER?! Someone:*mutters* Probably...
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.19 19:30 [Whoops...for some reason it didn't post what happened to Josh before he screamed "EUGH!!" Redo.]
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.19 19:31 *still drooling and falling on his face*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.19 19:31 *won't snap out of it until someone forces some of the yucky water down his throat*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.19 19:32 *gag**choke*
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.19 19:32 EUGH!! Was that SEWER WATER?! Someone:*mutters* Probably...
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Feb.19 19:34 *wipes his tongue desperately with his hands, trying to get rid of the taste*
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2015,Feb.26 01:10 *sighs and eats her bread**doesn't bother to drink much of her water*
16>Eleanor (Elf/Archer- Lignum), 18yo.2015,Mar.2 00:23 *shoves a tin cup away* I'm not even going to bother...
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Mar.2 00:23 *paces around in her room, trying desperately to come up with an escape plan*
18>Iris (Heir/Lignum), 17yo.2015,Mar.5 23:00 *crunches down on a stale piece of bread*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.7 03:28 *is meditating in her room, trying to calm herself down and balance her emotions and powers*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.7 03:30  Secret message to Sage  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.7 03:31  Secret message to Sage  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Mar.10 02:02  Secret message to Raven  
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Mar.10 02:03 Sauron: *talking through the crown* You AREN'T leaving. Sage: *shocked as heck* *looks around, but sees no one*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 22:55  Secret message to Sage  
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:01 *continues meditating, her mind clear, her emotions balanced, and her powers completely under control**then she gets an unpleasant surprise* Sauron:*talks via the crown* Sorry to interrupt, my dear, but...I can sense you want to leave.You are not leaving.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:01 DAAHH!!!! *opens her eyes and falls onto the floor* Oof!!
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:01 *is especially shocked because she had buried her plan to escape deep within her mind*
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:02 How...?! I keep my mind closed from any magic or telepathic attacks 24/7!! Sauron:*via the crown* What a pretty princess crown you have, dearie.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:03 *realizes the truth**gets up and pulls on the crown* I have...to get...this off!! Sauron:*laughs* Sorry, but that's impossible.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:03 *pulls so hard that she ends up pulling herself backwards**falls over*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Mar.16 00:59 *tries getting the crown off, but can't* Sauron: I'm sorry, it's hopeless now. That crown is here to stay.
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Mar.16 00:59 Ugh, NO!! Sauron: Yes.
2>Raven (Heir/Sorceress-Ignis), 16yo.2015,Mar.16 18:25 *sighs, getting up**knows that Sauron's right-it's useless**but she still has a tiny star of hope in her heart and believes there must be some way to get out of this*
12>Sage (Heir - Regnum), 18yo.2015,Apr.4 23:05 *sits on the floor and tries to ignore Sauron* Sauron: There is no way out of this...Sage: *has had enough* Just LEAVE ME ALONE!!! *silence*
14>Isla (Former Spy-Galacia), 17yo.2015,Apr.4 23:06 *sits in the jail cell in pure misery* We need to save them. We need to break out of here and save them.
5>Emil (Heir/Royal-Regnum), 17yo.2015,Apr.4 23:06 *nods, agreeing* No matter what the cost. They are our siblings and friends. We can't abandon them to Sauron like this.
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Apr.4 23:07 If everyone can gather round, please do. We need to form a plan here.
7>Gandalf (Wizard-Galacia), 50+yo.2015,Apr.9 18:49 *he, Thomas, Florian, and Josh come over to Orion*
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Jun.4 19:25 So we obviously need to get out of here. The question is, how?
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2015,Jun.4 19:26 It should be fairly easy. The guards are always falling asleep, and if they're not- well, we can count on the heirs to use their special powers on them to put them to sleep.
19>Nova (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 18yo.2015,Jun.4 19:30 And even worse...Gale: *says warningly:* Novaaa...Nova: Okay, alright. What do you all think?
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Jun.4 19:31 *nods* It could work. Since some of us use magic, it gives us more of an advantage.
10>Florian (Elf/Archer-Lignum), 27yo.2015,Jun.10 02:16 I agree with Nova's plan.
9>Thomas (Apprentice), 16yo.2015,Jun.10 02:17 Ugh...if only I had my wand!!
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Jun.10 02:18 *sees some keys* Hey, mind if I get those? It'll be easier since I'm a shapeshifter.
15>Joshua (Shapeshifter-Serano), 17yo.2015,Jun.10 02:18 *easy
17>Orion (Farmer- Serano), 17yo.2015,Jun.10 21:06 Yeah. We're going to need all the help we can get, especially since some of you may be missing your wands.