" IM BORED " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
if you are saying this because no ones on youre role-play come here.we do small roleplays so you don't have to get caught up on whats happing because there will be one everyday.

1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.16 23:16 [hello our first role-play willl be....]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.16 23:16 [a alien apopcalse]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.16 23:17 [i will start tommorow]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.17 23:37 [well hello everyone!]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.17 23:37 [lets start]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.17 23:40 *you wake up with blurry figures in front of you*
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.18 00:11 [Hi Trent]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.18 00:11 [I will come play tomorrow I'm busy today]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.18 00:12 [Bye :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.18 00:52 [ok]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.18 23:41 [hi]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.18 23:50 [looks like I'm by myself I'll be back tomorrow :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.19 21:21 [hello]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 00:26 [hi]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 00:35 [hello]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 00:35 [please be on!]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 00:37 [I am]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 00:43 [I'm by myself again *facepalm*]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 00:46 [good...im at the library]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 00:48 [ are you on?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 00:48 [ 3 mins!]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 00:56 [yeah I'm here now but my mum said I have to go and do school :(]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 00:56 [ugh why does mum have to call me now :(]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 00:57 [ok bye...when will you you be back]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 00:59 [I'll be on earlier tomorrow so we can rp if you are on, Bye]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 01:00 [a tornados coming through so we have to stay at the library and im a little worried]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 01:00 [ok bye!]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 01:00 [I may be able to be back on in 2 hrs but not sure if that is too late for you?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 01:01 \
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 01:01 [maybe not ill be on in two hours hopefully...but i can only play for an hour]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 01:03 [oh my I hope you and your family will be OK I'll try to come back in 1 hour :)]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 01:57 [are you on still????]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 22:17 [hello?]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 22:46 [helo]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 22:46 [oops sorry typo, are you on?]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 22:51 [I can only be on for an hour as we are going swimming]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:06 [im on]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:07 [omg I thought you would nevere come lol]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:08 [lets play if you can:)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:09 [i really want to punch this kid in my school..i hat him!...hes such a brat and one day when it started he just randomly calledme weird and today he called me big lips...but he aint your tough bully hes a little kid and ive stocked up on jokes to make fun
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:09 of him]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:09 *hate
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:11 [sorry to hear this Trent :( He sounds like a horrible boy and yeah just stay strong and try not to let him affect who you are :)]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:11 [I can understand how you would want to punch him though :)]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:12 [is he in your class?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:12 [ive been called everything you can think of like curse words but i really don't care]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:13 [yep]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:13 [i can take care of him ill be fine]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:13 \
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:13 [
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:14 [but im much taller than him so thats good to]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:14 [i freaking hate him]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:15 [that is good, some kids are just nasty and you wonder how they will end up as adults if they are like this now :(]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:15 [I hate him too :( Anybody who upsets my friends I hate]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:16 [is walker and your other friends helping you when he is mean?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:17 [i figured ill take care of it]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:18 [i dont tell th teacher because im not a so called "tattletale"]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:19 [yeah and sometimes telling the teacher makes things worse :(]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:19 [did the tornado go through]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:19 [yep they don't help at
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:19 all]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:20 [yeah i was at the library and my poor gps were outside]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:20 [in the rain]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:21 [it was mostly in one county or two+dime to softball sized hail]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:21 [poor gp's are they OK?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:21 [yes hey were ok]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:22 [omg that is big hail]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:22 *they
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:22 [trees were in the road]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:22 [did your house get any damage to it?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:23 [long time ago on my birthday tere was a tornado close]]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:23 [no not at all]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:23 [sounds like the storn was big, we don't get tornadoes in Australia]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:24 [no it wasnt big ....if you want to see big ,house disappear]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:24 [that is good your house got no damage]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:25 [that wouldn't be good lol]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:25 [tornados can wipeout towns...flip trains]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:26 [ I know I have seen it on the tv :(]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:28 [can we meet about this time tomorrow?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:28
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:29 [yep]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:30 [cool]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:31 ''
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:32 [well lets rp!]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:32 *you wake up with blurry figures in front of you*
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:32 [i only have 30 minutes till I have to go do you want to rp or just chat?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:32 ahhhh![we dont know each other yet]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:33 who......who are you *talking to blurry figure
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:33 *
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:35 [just checking is the blurry figure me?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:37 [no its a alien]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:38 [ok cool]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:39 *trys to get up but is straped in*
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:39 ahhhh!!!!
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:39 *wakes up on the floor the room feels cold and dark*
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:40 *gets injected with a "shot"*
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:40 the pain!!!!
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:41 *hears a noise, sounds like screaming but my body feels to weak to get up*
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:42 *figure walks away*
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:43 *calls out to where she heard the moan and scream* 'Is anybody there''
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:44 *trys to get up but her legs give way and she falls to the ground*
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:44 who...are you whats you're name?
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:45 [btw you dont have to use quotes]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:45 *hears a faint voice* 'I'm Angel who are you?'
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:45 uhhh...Trent!
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:46 [ok]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:46 '
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:47 *lays for two hours*
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:48 how did you get here?
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:48 *feels a sudden pain in head*
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:49 i dont know
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:49 ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:49 *calls out again* Trent can you hear me?
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:50 [ill be here this exacted time]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:51 [ok ]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:52 *trys to get up again and manages to stand, stumbles over to where she thinks Trent is ]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:53 l]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:54 *sees Trent* Are you ook?
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:55 get me out of this before they come back
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:55 *takes the straps off Trent and helps him up*
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:55 8oooooooooo8ooooooo----------------
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:56 [ ]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:56 [a gun]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:56 [pside down]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:56 *upside
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:57 I have no idea what thy are trying to do to us but we need to get out of here
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:57 [im bored kinda]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:58 [oh ok lol]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.20 23:58 [[you wanna chat?]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.20 23:59 [yeah me too I have to go :(]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:01 [yeah I'll chat for a short time]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:03 [brb in coup. mins]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:04 [ok]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:06 [im back]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:07 [do you have typhoons,hurricanes,or cyclones?]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:08 [no]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:10 [Australia does have cyclones up in Queensland. The main weather event that affects Australia is drought and also flooding I know two extremes of each other lol]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:12 [ok]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:12 [are you still on?]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:12 [there is a bad typhoon in japan atm hey]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:13 [really
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:13 ]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:15 [yeah really they are cancelling flights going to japan atm
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:16 [oh my did you see any of the debate?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:17 [no my mom watched it but there BORING!]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:18 [yeah very I couldn't believe that they aired it on all channels over here lol]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:21 '
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.21 00:22 [im sorry gtg watching harry potter bye see you tommorow same time]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 00:25 [bye see you tomorrow]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.21 23:32 [trent are you on?]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 00:38 [i'm here I'll stay for another 30 minutes :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 00:51 [im on I'm on!]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 00:54 [noooooo!!!!]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 00:55 [hello]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 00:55
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 00:55 [im on!!!!!]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 00:57 [hey ]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 00:57 [hello!!!!]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 00:58 [lucky you came on I was about to get off]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 00:58 [yaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:00 [how did you go at school today?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:03 [i didnt have a class with him today we swicth one class]]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:04 [cool I hope he leaves you alone ]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:04 [tommorow i he says something i feel like threating that probaly what im going to do]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:05 [threaten to fight but I'm not fighting him only if he starts fighting me]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:06 [and hes not going to fight me heed be scared]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:06 [and hes not going to fight me heed be scared]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:07 [i wouldnt fight him becausei would get detention but i mean i would do it anyways only in "selfdefense"]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:07 [i wouldnt fight him becausei would get detention but i mean i wouldn't do it anyways only in "selfdefense"]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:07 [wouldnt not would]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:08 [ well I hope he grows up and leaves you alone, he is obviously jealous of you as theat is the main reason people be mean to others]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:09 [ive never really been in a fight but i could take him]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:09 [im not though he will probably learn]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:11 \
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:12 [yeah only fight him in self defense and I bet you would definately beat him :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:14 [i might have to say curse word to make sure he gets scared]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:15 [nah i wont]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:16 [do it but make sure no teachers hear]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:17 [i was think like "if you don't stop calling crap ill have to kick your butt/you know what]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:19 [yeah that is good lol]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:26 [nah i wont]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:27 [oh lol]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:31 [gtg be on 3:00PM ET tomorrow bye see you then]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:31 [sorry]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:31 [nevermind]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:32 [im bored of rping]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:33 [yeah me too chat tomorrow :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:33 [gtg be on 3:00PM ET tomorrow bye see you then]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:33 [ok bye!]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:34 [trent signing off in 3
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:34 2
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:34 1
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.22 01:34 ]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.22 01:36 bye lol
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.27 22:33 [hi]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.27 22:34 [im here]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.27 22:39 [hey how are you?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.27 22:39 [good]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.27 22:40 [is walker coming on?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.27 22:40 [idk]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.27 22:41 [he told me he probaly wont because he has baseball today]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.27 22:42 [oh ok :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Oct.27 22:43 [red moon is fun it just started]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Oct.27 22:44 [i'll check it out]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 04:16 [You say that if no one's on one's roleplay, then they can come here, but what happens if no one's here?]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 04:16 [>XD]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 20:24 [sucks for them
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 20:24 ]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:14 [ill post a pic off mine but please dont do it]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:14 [Yeah. Did you watch 'Smile HD'?]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:14 [Eh.]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:15 [nvm not allowed to]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:15 [yes a part of it]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:15 [Oh, hey, my memes for the meme challenge are up.]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:16 [I forgot to say: Do not watch if you are prone to being scarred for life.]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:19 [They are not the best memes, but they are what I have on my computer.]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:20 [Yo, did ya leave?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:21 [im here]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:22 [k]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:22 [which one do you want me to judge?]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:23 [why not?]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:25 [idc I like the Cereal Killer one but I like the TRANSFORMERS one better (duh) but more people would like the 'Cereal Killer' one that I made.]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:25 [Why not what?
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:26 *]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:26  Secret message to Trent  
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:27 [scarred for life?]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:28 [Cuz I know a 21-year-old who watched it and swore she'd never watch MLP again.]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:29 [i looked it up and it showed scars]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:29 [🎵I play the organ party, I, I, I, I... I play the organ party...🎵]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:29 [No, I was referring to 'Smile HD' on that.]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:32 [🎵I play the organ party, I, I, I, I... I play the organ party...🎵]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:32 [Where are you now?]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:33 [-_-]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:36 [You left again.]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:39 [im here]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:47 [k sorry checking in on other stuff]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:49 [cool
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 22:49 ]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:50 So now what?
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:50 *[]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:55 [🎵I play the organ party, I, I, I, I... I play the organ party...🎵]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 22:58 [🎵I play the organ party, I, I, I, I... I am so fragging bored.]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.3 23:16 [idk]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 23:19 [-_-]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.3 23:57 [bye]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.4 00:41 [im here!]
2>Corona Prime (BEAST HUNTER), 1.2myo.2016,Nov.4 02:46 [I'm back... wazzup...]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.4 22:26 [hello]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Nov.4 22:43 [hey]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Nov.4 22:45 [you here Trent?]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Nov.4 23:26 [I'll be on tomorrow :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.6 20:29 [im here and late!]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.6 20:30
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Nov.6 23:49 [are you on]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Nov.6 23:50 [I won't be on tomorrow :(]
7>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Nov.6 23:51 [bye message me on penpal :)]
1>Trent (any), anyyo.2016,Nov.8 20:55 I'm archiving this game