" Evacuee Story " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 8 to 18 years of age.
I know there is already an evacuee roleplay, but this is a new one.
You are an evacuee child at Freeveiw Village School, which has been specially set up for evacuees.
You get to decide the rest of your story. Nice or Nasty foster parents? Rebel or Goody two shoes? Its up to you :)
But please try to make it vaguely realistic, for example, if your character is a rebel it doesnt mean they ALWAYS talk back and get in trouble :)
You can have up to 3 players, but no more than that :)
Credit Points and Punishment points are given out by Miss Greenback, the extremely strict teacher of Fairveiw.
Credit points result in sweets, presents etc. and punishment points result in getting into trouble (duh)

1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.17 17:22 Hi, welcome to Evacuee Story. We will start when we get more players
2>Bernadette (Bernie) (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.17 22:09 (Bernadette is very confident, funny, noisy and can be a bit of a rebel XD, she has golden blonde wavy hair to about her waist, and hazel eyes. She is sporty, musical, clever etc. and from the outside appears to be 'perfect'. She is actually very insecure
2>Bernadette (Bernie) (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.17 22:10 and gets stressed, sometimes having panic attacks. She is with quite a nasty mum, she has a little brother Jordan who is at home, too young to be evacuated)
2>Bernadette (Bernie) (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.17 22:11 *nasty foster mum. Her real mum is lovely
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.18 19:50 [Kylie is a rebel, she doesn't like to talk about herself. She has EXTREMELY NASTY parents.]
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.18 20:23 (kk, I am guessing that in most cases families were forced to take evacuees, rather than through choice)
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.18 21:46 [Nicole Akiyama: Wild pitch-black hair down to her waist, icy blue eyes and super-pale skin. Black three-fourths-length crop-top-style black pleather jacket, fitted tee that matches her eyes, black jeans that reach her midcalf and dark blue ankle boots.]
3>Lottie (evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.18 21:59 (Lottie was from the same school as Bernie, they are worst enemies. Lottie is shy at first, but feisty, smart and sarcastic within a group of people she knows. She has Dark brown straight hair, often worn in a bun. She has Dark Grey eyes)
3>Lottie (evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.18 22:00 (She has been placed with Miss Greenbacks sister as her foster mum :0)
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.18 22:05 Guys, seeing as we have 5 evacuee's and 1 teacher, I think we should begin RPing and more people can join in throughout.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.18 22:12 [Patricia has very nice foster parents
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.18 22:12 And was raised to be nice.]
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.18 22:14 [She is a goody two shoes and is very sensitive. She has never gotten in trouble ever in her life and is very proud of that fact.]
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.18 22:17 [Her foster parents said her real parents were very mean so she is glad she has foster parents.]
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.18 22:20 (Welcome Euodia, Felicity and Kalista :)
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 00:39 [Is a 'bad girl' or 'tough girl' stereotype on the outside. Is usually mischevious the one in the group who breaks the rules, gets people into trouble and as a result is blamed a lot. She isn't a bad person, she's actually very kind.]
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 00:42 [Has very kind foster parents. She's from Tokyo, but she's half-American, half-Japanese.]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 01:11 [Sakura Akiyama: Slightly messy black hair in a bobcut, blue eyes, sleek pink eyeglasses and pale skin. White tank top, knee-length light pink skirt.]
2>Bernadette (Bernie) (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.19 20:16 (Bernie dresses fairly traditionally, Skirt and shirt for school, and floral dresses or skirts outside. She is known for having a good fashion sense)
3>Lottie (evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.19 20:19 (Seeing as she comes from quite a poor family Lottie has very basic clothes)
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:21 (oh, I forgot to say, the school has a uniform :) Its Ok as far as uniforms go; white blouse/shirt with Dark Blue tie, Blue skirt/trousers and black tights and shoes
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:25  Giving School Uniform (x 1) to Bernadette (Bernie)  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:25  Giving School Uniform (x 1) to Lottie  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:25  Giving School Uniform (x 1) to Kylie  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:25  Giving School Uniform (x 1) to Patricia  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:25  Giving School Uniform (x 1) to Nicki  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:25  Giving School Uniform (x 1) to Sakura  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:25  Giving School Uniform (x 1) to Kari  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:27 (I'm gonna create another player for me, because one of my 3 is Miss Greenback and I doubt she will feature often in the story)
6>Pearl (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.19 20:31 (Pearl is rather a strange character, she has massive mood swings, sometimes bubbly and sweet, other times a rebel, others quiet and shy, not talking to anyone)
6>Pearl (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.19 20:32 (Bernie's cousin, looks very similar to Bernie with Sparkly hazel eyes and long wavy hair, but she is a very strong ginger rather than golden blonde)
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:35 (Just realised that there is a large age gap between characters - 2 13yo, 2 14yo and 2 16yo. I kinda reckon that over time some of them would grow really close and become like family, rather than schoolfriends/enemies
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 20:51 [White sandals and a necklace with a heart charm that matches her eyes.]
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 20:55 [Well, Nicki doesn't wear the uniform.]
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 20:57 I guess I can't force you too Nicki, though I have to say that I object strongly. You are lucky to have escaped all the bombing, the least you could do is follow the school rules *shakes head and sighs before smiling wryly at Nicki*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:00 [Sakura wears the uniform during school hours, but puts her casual clothes on as soon as she gets home. But she never wears the tights, and she wears her sandals instead of the black flats of the uniform.]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:00 [Hi!]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:06 [Is a cheerful and energetic party girl. Is also gentle and kind. She's very particular about her appearance, and lots of guys have crushes on her. Wants to be on the cover of American Girl mag since she's part American, like Nicki.]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:06 [Has the same foster parents as Nicki.]
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:11 [Blond hair in long, low pigtails, brown eyes and tan skin. Wears the school uniform constantly on the days she has school, and on the days she doesn't, she wears a turquoise sundress.]
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:11 [And blue sneakers.]
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:14 [Personality is exactly like Kari Kamiya's from Digimon. Well, Season 2.]
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:25 [Cruel foster parents, but she's surprisingly tough for a Kari.]
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:27 (Ok, do you wanna start RPing now :)
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:28 [Yes! And hi!]
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:29 (Ok then, Its a school assembly, the first the school has ever had, seeing as it was set up for evacuees)
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:30 [Sure!]
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:30 (Ok then, Its a school assembly, the first the school has ever had, seeing as it was set up for evacuees)
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:31 (oops, repost) Goodmorning Children! smiles at the small gathering consisting of 7 girls
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:34 As you may already know, I am going to be your teacher for your time at this school. You are the first of many evacuee children to come to Freeveiw.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:35 *mocks Miss Greenback* As you may already know, bla bla bla, bla bla bla.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:38 Stupid assembly. Our teacher's a gogglehead.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:38 *notices Nicki at the back and loses some enthusiasm* so..right...We have very few rules here at Freeveiw
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:40 Few rules? Yay.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:40 I am sure you can guess what they are; wear uniform, no bullying, always work hard etc.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:40 But
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:41 *is sitting next to Nicki* Shh.
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:41 [Brb.]
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:41 *frowns at Nicki* But I cn
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:42 assure you that if any of these rules are broken there will severe consequences
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:43 (k)
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:43 [Back]
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:45 *is playing with a peice of paper in front of Sakura*
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:47 Ok, well thats it. If you go up the corridor and turn left you will find our classroom.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:49 Yay. Not.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:49 I will join you in a minute with the seating plan
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:50 Okay. Whatev.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:51 Our teacher's still a gogglehead.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:52 gtg, so
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.19 21:52 soz
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.19 21:52 [Okay.]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:49 Why aren't you wearing the uniform, Nicki?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:50 I'm not wearing that stupid peice of classy junk!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:52 *turns around* You really shouldn't say that about the uniform..
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:52 Says the girl who's wearing a sailboat hat.
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:53 I got carried away with a piece of paper!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 01:54 (NIcolai has blond hair and blue eyes is new to the school so dosent know anything is kinda chill with everything but dont get him angrey he is actually very sensitive about certain things his backstory situation will be revealed later)
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 01:55 Do we go now? I'm not sure, I don't want to get in trouble.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 01:55 *walks into the school*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:57 *is sitting next to Patricia**shrugs*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 01:57 * stands kinda akwardly in the hall looking around*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 01:57 *looks at the paper in his hand then back at the hall sighs*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:58 I sense someone.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:58 Not like that kind of sense, I have a weird feeling that a boy is in the hall.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 01:58 *dosent know were to go or what to do or anything*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 01:59 A boy?! I've been waiting forever to fall in love!
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 01:59 Me too. When I feel like a boy is coming a boy is always coming.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:00 All you have to do is look super-pretty, and boys will flock to you!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:00 *wonders were the front office or desk or information center is*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:00 Not falling in love, sensing a boy.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:01 I was talking to Pigtail Girl.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:01 [I forgot to put what I look like. I have cute blond hair and an adorable bow in it.]
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:01 I'm Kari.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:02 I'm Sakura.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:02 *looks at the paper in his hand again*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:02 Umm....Patricia.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:02 *wonders were room 2b is walks down the halls*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:02 *reluctantly* I'm Nicole. But call me Nicki.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:03 *finds room 2b walks in and sits in the back of the classroom*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:03 [They aren't in the classroom right now!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:03 (oh sorry)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:04 *hugs Nicki* We're twins!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:04 *sees the swarm of girls in the halls wonders if he is in the wrong part of the school or something*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:05 *isnt paying attention to anything they are saying has toatally blocked them out hasnt herd them yet*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:05 [they're in the auditorium! at an assembly!]
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:05 And we couldn't be more different.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:05 (oh ok)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:06 She's a lone wolf, I'm a party girl.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:06 *walks in the halls till he finds the Assembly sits down at the edge of the bleachers*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:06 *doesn't pay attention to what anyone else is saying*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:07 *takes out a notebook and a pencile starts writting complecated math problems and figars and things*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:08 *nicolai is sitting right next to her, and she doesn't notice him*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:08 *dosent notice Nicki eaither*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:09 *keeps writting very quickly and is also trying to calculate sums in his head*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:10 Girly goggleheads. Stupid teacher. I wanted to be homeschooled.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:11 C'mon, Nicki, lighten up! *hugs her again*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:11 * keeps writting fills up that page turns to the next and keeps writting*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:11 *pushes Sakura off*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:11 *starts to mumble slightly*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:12 *bumps into Lottie*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:12 [Gtg.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 02:12 (ah ok bye)
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 02:38 *notices Nicolai due to his mumbling, but pays no attention to him*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:23 *moves Her seat next to Nicolai**blushes slightly* Hello, you do math problems in your spare time I can see. Me too.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:25 You're into him, aren't you, Patricia? I mean, what kid in their right mind would do math as a hobby?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:26 For once, I agree with Sakura.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:26 Me, it's true too.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:27 *takes out a notebook and a very FAT binder**flips through the pages* See? It's filled with math, math, and more math!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:28 *thinks* Omigosh, he's so cute! He's obviously the one for me!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:29 *thinks* I can tell what Patricia and Kari are thinking. He is mine!
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:30 *thinks* I think I like him. I hope Kari doesn't. Me and him have so much in common! We're both smart and we're both nice. He's perfect!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:31 *thinks* He's kinda cute, but I don't see why those goggleheads are going nuts over him. You should judge by what's inside, and I can tell that he's a total nerd and a candidate for President Gogglehead on my list of morons.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:32 So Nicolai, what are you doing after school?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:33 *can tell what Nicki is thinking* HE IS NOT A MORON! HE'S SUPER CUTE, AND I'VE HEARD THAT GENIUSES ARE WORTH STRIVING FOR IN A RELATIONSHIP!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:34 How did you know his name, Patricia? He hasn't even said it yet!
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:34 Oh, I don't know?
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:35 I think he mumbled it.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:35 Sakura, how could you tell what I was thinking?!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:35 We're twins. I can tell.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 03:36 *facepalm* I forgot about twin-telepathy!
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 03:59 I don't get it.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 14:44 *comes back into the assembly hall*
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 17:36 *she is holding a piece of paper in her hand* Right then, *waves paper in the air* Here I have a list of your buddies - someone who you are going make great friends with during your time as an evacuee *smiles over enthusiastically*
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 17:36 You and your buddies will sit together, do partner work together, etc. etc.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 17:39 So, the list goes: Kylie and Pearl, Kari and Patricia, , Sakura and Nicolai and then we have a three, Nicki, Lottie and Bernadette. If anyone has a major problem with these pairings please come and see me after assembly
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 17:40 You may now make your way to the classroom, just go out of those doors there *points* go down the corridor and its the second door on your left
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 17:41 *The students start to proeceed out the hall, a few who have complaints about pairings stay behind*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 20:47 *thinks* Ooh, lucky me! Nicolai is my partner!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 20:51 *goes up to Miss Greenback* Excuse me, I would prefer if I'm not part of a group at all. I work better on my own. I hope you understand. *bows like they do in Japan**leaves**doesn't walk with her group*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 21:02 *thinks* Okay, I'm working with Patricia. Not bad.
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 21:41 *frowns slightly* We
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.20 21:42 Will see about that. Come to my office after school today and we can have a little chat about...this
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 21:57 *walks up to Kari* Great! We're partners! I'm pretty smart if I do say so myself, and I think we'll work great together! How bout you?
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 21:59 I don't have the best grades, in fact, I completely failed all of third grade! But for my freshman year before the bombing, BTW, I'm sixteen, I got straight As!
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 22:00 Nice! This'll be perfect!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 22:01 Well, that just came out of my mouth. I meant almost straight As. I got a C in math and a B- in science.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 22:03 Okay, but it doesn't really matter because once I did an entire science project in 2 nights! And I ALWAYS ace math tests.
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 22:03 What was the science project?
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 22:06 I had to write a 15 page report about cells and make a visual model.
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 22:06 Wow. No offense, but you're kind of a dork.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 22:07 None taken! Most people say that.
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 22:07 Really?
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 22:07 Yep!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 22:10 Wow.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 23:21 *completely ignors Sakura knows they are partners but is very busy*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 23:21 *puts his notebook in his bag and walks out goes to his dorm room*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 23:24 *follows Nicolai*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 23:52 *closes the door behind him flops down on the bed and sighs*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.20 23:53 *follows Nicolai*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.20 23:59 *sees Sakura in his room sits up* What are you doing in my room?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:00 No reason. *cheesy smile*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:01 *shakes hair and smiles*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:04 Get out
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:04 i..sorry not trying to be rude just i want... need to be alone... ok?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:06 Okay, whatever you wish. *winks at Nicolai**leaves**closes door*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:08 *flops back on the bed* I have to get out of here...
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:08 *is spying on Nicolai*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:09 *thinks* Why does he have to get out?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:10 *thinks* I hope nobody sees me.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:11 *starts taping the math problems to his wall he has about 5 notebooks full of them its actually all one big problem*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:12 *thinks* Algebra. Calculus. He's smart.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:12 still.. i have all the freakin time in this world ugh what is life but a sequence of disappointments and sarrows.. and im talking to myself again.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:13 *sits down*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:13 *thinks* What's wrong with talking to yourself?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:15 *gets up and goes out the door sees Sakura* Were you spying on me?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:16 *closes the door behind him* Great just great! *storms down the hall mummbling about no respect for privacy*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:17 No, I was tying my shoe and when I stood up, I saw something and decided to look. Sorry if I invaded your privacy. *blushes* I didn't mean to.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:17 *walks outside in the garden*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:19 *approaches Sakura* You so like him, don't you?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:19 *entire face turns bright red**squeezes eyes shut* No, I don't!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:20 Oh my gosh, you so do!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:20 *picks a
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:21 *picks a blue flower and twirls it around as he sits on a bench*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:21 *face goes back to normal**opens eyes* Fine, I do.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:22 I mean, he's so cute!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:23 *picks a bunch of blue flowers and walks back to his room sees them in front of his door* great you multiply.. *goes into his room and closes the door*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:23 He's a little cute, I guess, but he's more like President Gogglehead on my list of morons. Don't worry, you're not on that list.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:24 *puts the flowers in a vase of water and places it on the desk*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:24 Let's go to our dorms and see if we were placed in the same dorm!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:26 *works on more of the math problem*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:26 *remembers that she and Nicolai were put in the same dorm**opens Nicolai's door* I just remembered that we were put in the same dorm room!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:26 Sure, Patricia!
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:27 Let's go! *walks to the dorms*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:28 *walks with her*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:28 Fine just dont touch my stuff
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:29 and ty to be quiet im bust *keeps writting*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:29 Okay, whatever you wish! *winks at Nicolai*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:30 *goes to her bed**does the dramatic bed flop**swoons*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:31 *takes a framed picture of him and a girl sitting in a tree puts it on his desk*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:32 *notices the picture* Huh?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:32 *looks at it**freaks out a little*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:32 *keeps writting the math problems*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:33 *thinks* He likes another girl?! Oh no!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:34 *keeps writting and tapes it on the wall and writes more on another page*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:35 *shyly* Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice your photo. Who are the two people in it?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:35 *sees Sakura is obviosly in distress* whats up with you?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:36 (nvm)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:36 *thinks* Don't let the boy be him, don't let the boy be him, don't let the boy be him!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:36 that is me and the girl who used to be dating me *keeps writting his math problems*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:37 *thinks* Good! Used to be!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:37 Why did you break up with her?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:38 I didnt break up with her *keeps writting and he is starting to sound upset*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:39 Then what happened with you two?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:40 I dont want to talk about it *starts writting more*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:40 She died, didn't she?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:42 *stands up and walks out of the room slamming the door behind him*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:42 She definitely died.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:43 *follows Nicolai from a distance so it doesn't seem suspicious*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:44 *looks behind him* Stop freakin fallowing me ok?! dont you have Anything else you could do?! *is clearly mad*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:44 I'm not following you.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:45 *walks back to the dorm room and locks it so Sakura cant get in*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:46 *pounds on the door* HEY! IT'S MY DORM, TOO!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:47 Do something else im busy!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:48 *writes more of the math problem*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:49 There's something I need in there, and this is the only quiet place in the school that I'm allowed to go! I have to use the thing when it's quiet! I won't disturb you!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:50 To bad!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:50 LET! ME! IN!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:51 *clenches hands into fists**thinks* He's so stubborn! But he's also cute!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:52 *opens the door* and sits back down and continues writting*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:52 *finds My dorm* Hey Kari, we're in the same dorm!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:52 *walks in* Thank you. *closes the door*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:53 Oh, cool!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:53 *keeps writting without saying anything*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:53 *pulls a box out of her suitcase* Aha!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:54 *opens the box and dumps the contents on her bed*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:56 *keeps writting the math problems and puts each one on the wall as he finishes it*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:56 Let's see. This thingy goes into this thingy. And then this lazer thingy goes into this button, and the button goes into the other thingy.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:58 Wait, why exactly does it need to be quiet? *looks on the box* I don't understand any of this. Whatevs. All I know is that it needs to be quiet.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:58 can you shut up?! *keeps writting*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:58 (nvm)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 00:58 *puts on headphones**hums Heart Attack by Demi Lovato*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:59 *looks at her device grabs the parts and puts it together quickly and hands it to her* there
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 00:59 *keeps writting his math problems*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:00 *quietly* Then the gear goes on top of the contraption I just made. Let's see what it does.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:00 And by the way, I'm experimenting. I didn't need your input.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:01 your experimenting sucks
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:01 *is about to take apart what Nicolai made, but pushes a button on it instead*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:01 *keeps working on his math*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:02 Oh, cool! A tractor beam! Now I can float around like a little woodland pixie!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:02 yeah now shut up and go someplace else
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:02 *keeps working*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:03 *flies around* Whee!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:03 Come on, join me! *grabs Nicolai's hand**the tractor beam instantly surrounds him*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:04 HEY!! STOP THAT!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:05 Come on! Isn't this fun? *flips, taking Nicolai with her**Nicolai flies in a circle*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:06 *goes out of the tractor beam and sits back down and continues working on his math*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:06 I am to busy for stupid things like that!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:06 Wasn't it fun, though?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:06 And it isn't stupid! You put this together yourself!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:07 yeah in the hopes you would run off to tell everyone else therefore leaving me alone
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:07 *keeps witting*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:09 *pops head into Sakura and Nicolai's dorm* BTW, when my twin is disappointed or rejected, she seeks revenge. And she lays it down so hard and so good. Learned that the hard way.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:09 *ignors Nicki and keeps writting*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:10 *walks out, then immediately goes back in* Sakura, are you FLOATING?!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:10 Yup. Nicolai built the device for me.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:11 yeah to shut you up but that hasent worked..
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:11 Guess he does ekil uoy kcab.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:11 *keeps writting*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:12 Actually, he doesn't ekil em kcab.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:12 [ekil em kcab=like me back]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:12 speaking backwords is even more annoying can you just shut up?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:13 ( i know)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:13 *whispers the news into Nicki's ear*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:14 What?! He has a daed dneirflrig?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:14 *keeps writting*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:15 [ekil uoy kcab=like you back][daed dneirflirg=dead girlfriend]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:15 Uh-huh. And it sllik em.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:15 [sllik em=kills me]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:16 ( i get it i understand your code)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:16 Good, it should be killing you *keeps writting*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:17 *hears the commotion**walks to the dorm* Whats going on in here?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:18 Wow. I can see why. If I dekil a yug, I'd be ytterp detnoippasid if he didn't ekil em kcab.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:18 You understand our code, Nicolai?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:19 OUT ALL OF YOU JUST GET OUT! IM TRYING TO WORK!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:19 *keeps writting*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:21 *whispers into Patricia's ear* I like Nicolai, but he doesn't like me back. In fact, he has a dead girlfriend.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:22 *yelling at Nicolai* This is my dorm, too, you know!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:22 *keeps writting*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:22 then shut up!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:23 Why does it have to be pitch-quiet for you to work, anyway?!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:24 You are the most un-romantic cute guy that I've ever met! *picks Nicolai up by the head and flies him up, not letting go**Sakura has a pretty stong grip*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:24 beacause this is hard and i need quiet to work on this problem iv been working on this problem for about a month and i need to solve it asap so shut up!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:25 (NVM)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:25 *dangles Nicolai in front of Nicki* Show him.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:25 OW! hey let me go! i have work to do!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:25 Alright. *punches Nicolai in the stomach*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:26 *kicks Nicolai down**steps on him*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:27 *loses his breath start breathing heavy* what the heck!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:28 *steps on him until he passes out**while Nicolai is unconscious, Nicki throws him onto his bed*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:28 You nailed that!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:30 It's the part of me that nobody's ever gonna take away from me. *fist bumps Sakura and gets picked up in the tractor beam*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:30 *wakes up* You guys are insain! *grabs his papers rappidly*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:31 What--
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:31 *grabs his picture and puts in in his bag*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:31 ever!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:31 We do--
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:31 *puts all his things in his bag and walks out of the room*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:31 n't care!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:32 *was there with Patricia* Whoa. You two finish eachother's words?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:32 Uh--
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:32 cha.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:33 *grabs Patricia*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:33 *walks outside* i wonder if there is a shed or something...
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:33 *grabs Kari*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:34 *puts on music* 🎵Take me down like I'm a domino!🎵
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:35 Come on, sing, Nicki!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:35 But I hate singing.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:35 wait.. *goes back to his dorm room*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:35 Party pooper!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:36 Listen this isnt going to work unless we figar something out
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:36 🎵Ooh ooh ooh ooooh!🎵
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:37 *sings* 🎵I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY!🎵 *flies and actually touches the sky*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:37 *grabs Sakura experimenting suplies and creates what looks like a pair of headphones*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:37 That's not the song.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:38 I still hate singing.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:38 I don't care. I touched the sky.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:38 Wait, is Nicolai playing with that kit that I gave you?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:38 What?! *swoops down to Nicolai*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:39 *threateningly* Put. Those. DOWN!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:39 Or else.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:41 i made the solution to are problem
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:41 if someone wears theese it will cancel out all the noise
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:41 I'll give you another beatdown if you don't stop messing with Sakura's stuff.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:42 [Brb.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:44 listen! fist time i didnt fight back beacause i was being nice but next time i will! ok?!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:46 [back.]
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:47 If you want to fight my sister, you'll have to go through me first!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:50 you know how youve been gossiping about my girlfired?! well im the one who killed her alright?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:50 so for your guys sake im not going to fight you
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:52 You monster! Why did you kill her?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:52 like i would tell you!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:53 now do me a favor and shut up *sits down again and continues working*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:54 If you don't tell us, I'll...do something really horrible to you. I'm not sure what yet.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:56 *pushes glasses up nose*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 01:59 ill take the risk sunshine
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 01:59 It'll be really horrible.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 02:00 yeah ok *keeps writting*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 02:01 *comes up with what will happen to Nicolai if he doesn't tell them*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 02:01 Fine. Nicki?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 02:01 I thought you'd never ask.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 02:02 *keeps writting*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 02:02 *punches Nicolai upside the head*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 02:03 *Niclolai is knocked unconscious* Nicki: Too easy.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 02:03 *turns around quickly and pins Nicki to the floor*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 02:03 (nvm)
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 02:04 [Hey, wanna play on your summer camp RP?]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 02:05 (sure) *wakes up and keeps working*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 14:44 *turns off the tractor beam, and everyone returns to the ground*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 14:46 *presses another button**the macine scans her*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 14:48 Cool!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 14:55 Machine: Subject-Sakura Akiyama. Age-16. Living family member-Nicole Akiyama. First lo-- Sakura: *turns machine off* Okay, that's enough!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 16:04 *thinks about how stupid they all are*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 16:45 I can tell you're thinking that we're stupid, Nicolai.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 17:09 *jumps up and down* Scan me! Scan me!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 17:21 You have to push the button yourself.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 17:22 Okay. *presses the button**machine scans her*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 17:52 Machine: Subject-Patricia Abeive. Age-13. Living family member-Daniella Abeive. First love-Nikolus Anderson. Patricia: Not shy about that!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 18:38 yeah do you know why im thinking that?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 18:38 *keeps writting*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:19 Secret.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:20 *pushes scanny button on the machine*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:23 Machine: Subject-Nicole Akiyama. Age-16. Living family member-Sakura Akiyama. First love-none. Strongest trait-lone wolf. Nicki: *turns machine off* Wow. That's high-tech.
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:23 Now me!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:23 *pushes scanny button on the machine*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:27 Machine: Subject-Hikari Izowa. Age-16. Living family members-Hiro Izowa, Chizuru Izowa and Masahiko Izowa. Kari: *turns machine off* Coooool!
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:29 *pushes another button on the machine**gets blasted back by a sudden powerful jet of air* Oomph!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:31 *pushes the same button as Kari**gets blasted back* What is the machine's deal?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:32 *pushes blasty button on the machine*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:32 *nothing happens* Maybe it's broken.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:34 Gotta run. Abdn thing.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:34 *runs out the door*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 19:35 [abdn=band]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 19:48 *keeps writting puts them up on the wall*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 19:49 *slightly wonders why no one has asked about his math but dosent care*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 20:32 *tries to be cool with Nicolai* So, what's with all the math on those papers on your wall?
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 20:56 * Walks into Nicolai's dorm* Presses scan machine.
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 20:59 Machine: Subject-Kyliana Tanner. Age-13. Living family members- Annalisa Tanner,Frank Tanner. First Love-Carl Sanchez.
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 21:01  Secret message to Miss Greenback  
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 21:20 ( Drake: A handsome boy with a cute smile. Has rippling muscels and a dimple. He has sandy blonde hair.)
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 21:21 * Walks inside* Hellooo! A nyone here?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 21:21 that is the most important math problem in the world
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 21:25 so don't touch it
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 21:25 Really? Are you close to figuring it out?
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 21:26 * HELLOO! I NEED HELP PLEASE!
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 21:27 Can I help you?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 21:30 *writes more of the math promblem*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 21:31 (just an comment dosent have to be infliced but normaly in schools like this boys share a dorm and girls usually not mixed bc there is a new guy shouldn't that be the case just saying but it dosent need to happen)
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 21:31 Gotta run! *goes to Drake**blushes slightly*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 21:32 *thinks* Forget Nicolai, I like him too.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 21:33 *walks away and comes across Drake*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.21 21:33 [Gtg.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.21 21:34 thank goodness another guy is here now they will eave me alone
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 09:30 Um..... Who should I go to?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 14:20 Probably Miss Greenback, the head teacher at this school.
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 15:43 I mean all you girls have su rounded me. Who should I go to?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 15:56 *shrugs*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 15:56 And there's only me and Patricia.
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:03 And the other girl
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:04 He means me
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:05 Oh.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:05 [Hi!]
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:06 ( hi)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:10 Anyway, I dunno, bye! *swishes hair beautifully and walks away*
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:11 Wait, Pretty lady!
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:12 *urns around* Talking about me?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:13 [*turns around]
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:14 Yes you.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:15 What?
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:16 Can I tell you a secre?
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:17  Secret message to Sakura  
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:18 You do? No surprise there. What do you need help with?
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:19 Getting around the school
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:20 Well, sure.
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:23 Where first?* as they walk away, Drake holds Sakura's hand.* Your name please
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:23 I'm Sakura. *pulls her hand away*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:24 And we should stop at the principal's office.
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:27 Okay. Sakura nice name.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:27 Uh, thanks.
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:27 * thinks* Darn it ! Her hand is so soft.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:32 *leads him in the opposite direction of the office by accident*
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 16:36 Where are we going?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 16:37 The office...I think.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 16:41 *thinks* Oh well, not worth my time anyway.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 20:43 Um...left, then right, straight ahead...I think.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:14 *sees Drake and Sakura walking by chuckles slightly*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 21:15 I think that my sister gave me the wrong info, Drake.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 21:15 Typical for her.
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:16 Really?
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:17 [gtg bye]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.22 21:17 Yes, typical for Nicki. She's a mischevious prankster. Good thing I'm not on her list of morons.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:17 *finished writting his page puts it on the wall and gets up* ok time for a break..
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:17 (ok bye)
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:17 [back]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:18 *walks up to Sarkura* hey can i talk to you for a minute?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:18 (ok)
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:18 Hi Nic, i need help with this math problem
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:19 *looks at drake then back at Sakura*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:19 *looks at Kimbie* in a minute
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:20 kay
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:20 ugh ill get back to you Sakura *goes with Kylie* ok whats the problem?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.22 21:20  Secret message to Drake  
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:20 *walks in* I can help.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:21 *walks in* I can help.
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:21 [who's player 14]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:22 ok
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:22 What's the L.C.M of 3 and 14?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.22 21:22  Secret message to Drake  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.22 21:23  Secret message to Drake  
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:23 who are you?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.22 21:23 Cecilia is.
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:23 Cecilia switch to the roleplay alliance
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:23 (person cecilla charecture named Kathreen)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:23 42
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.22 21:24 ME!!! Cecilia.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:24 *walks back to Sakura* k im back i need to talk to you alone for a second
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:25 thanks
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:26 well?...
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:26 *kinda looks at Drake*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.22 21:26 [GTG]
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Nov.22 21:27 You can go Sarkie.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.22 21:27 [I will post my backstory later.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:27 it will only be a second
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:27 (k)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:30 *kinda pulls Sakura aside* ok this is imortant you some how know were to get metel or your sister dose but i need 5-6 sheets of 9x13 feet of platinum that has been soaked in lithium and sudium and gased and dried in Carbon dioxied can you aquire that?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.22 21:31 i have alot of money my parents were rich so yeah but could you get that?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.23 00:52 I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. And why would I help you after you were such a jerk to me and my friends? *walks away*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 15:59  Buying school books (x 1)  [My backstory:]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:18 [I'm going to change my name because I think it sound's to much like Kari's.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:44 Bonnie has short blonde hair with bang's and blue eye's. Her foster parent's are SUPER mean. She is a kind, clever, love's reading and funny. She also lo
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:45 ve's drawing. She can also be SUPER shy.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:46  Buying Novel (x 1)  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:46  Buying school bag (x 1)  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:47  Buying lunch bag (x 1)  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:47  Buying notebook (x 1)  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 16:48  Buying Dress (x 1)  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 21:26 *goes back to his room finally finishes his math problem after 25 notebooks worth of paper looks at it* no!...NO NO NO!!! *bangs his head on the table* UGH!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 21:27 *rips all the math papers off the wall onto the floor lays on the bed facedown is sighlently crying but you cant tell by looking at him*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 21:29 (btw he isnt upset about the platinum that was a joke)
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.23 21:49 (Just to say, the boys share a dorm, Bernie, Lottie, Kylie and Lola share a dorm, Pearl, Nicki, Sakura and Princess share a dorm, Bonnie, Maki and Kari share a dorm)
3>Lottie (evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 21:56 *is wondering about kinda randomly with Bernadette and Pearl*
3>Lottie (evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 21:57 I wonder what everyone else is up to
6>Pearl (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.23 21:57 same *smiles nervously* Umm...so tomorow is our first proper day at school
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 22:28 [WHAT ABOUT ME! DO I NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL?]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:01 *sits up and writes in his journal then throws his papers away*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:02 (so nicolai and Drake share a dorm now?)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:04 [Thank you for giving me a dorn so quickly!]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:05 [:D]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:07 *walks in the hall accidently bumps into Bonnie* sorry
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:10 *is obviously in distress keeps walking*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:10 Sorry! *Moving away.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:11 *Keep's walking*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:13 [Still here?]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:14 (yeah)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:15 *turns around* wait your new here arn't you?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:16 Yes! I am.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:16 I'm Bonnie.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:17 im Nicolai
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:18 Cool!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:20 do you by chance know how to get energy equivalent to a star emploading? *is clearly joking around*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:21 No. *Know's that he is jokling around*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:24 so have you seen the dorm rooms yet? they are pretty cool
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:27 No. But I can't wait to see them! I'm sharing mine with some girl's named Kari and Mako. Know them?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:29 um not really i just got here yesterday
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:30 Oh. Then we are both kinda new here.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:31 you look like your carrying alot of things want me to help you take them to your dorrm?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:32 Thanks. But I got them.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:33 ok ill see you around maybe?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:33 Yeah. Bye!!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:35 *goes to the lunch room and eats pizza*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:36 But wait. I forgot to ask, what is in your notebook?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:37 *when he is done goes to his dorm room and takes the picture of him and his old girlfriend off his desk and baries it in his bag gets out his guitar and starts playing and singing it in his dorm room*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:38 *Goes into dormroom and start's unpacking.*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:39 *puts his guitar away*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:39 *wanders down the halls*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:40 *Then start's reading Alice and Wonderland.*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:41 *goes to the garden and takes out his old brothers copy of Waterships down and reads it*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:45 [Hello!? Still here?]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:47 (yep)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:47 (reads for about an hour then heads back twards his dorm room)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:48 [Yay!!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:49 *reads for about an hour then heads twards his drorm room*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:50 *Still reading.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:52  Buying Post card (x 1)  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:53  Buying Pen (x 1)  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.23 23:53  Buying Paper (x 1)  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.23 23:53 *starts wisteing as he walks down the hall is definitly less grumpy and sad then befoe*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:01 [Decide's to go out of her dorm. Since she does not like to be cramped inside.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:02 *sees Bonnie* oh hey? whats up?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:03 Hi again!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:04 what are ya reading?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:05 Alice and Wonderland.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:05 cool i have Watership down
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:06 Cool!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:07 so how do you like it here so far?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:08 It's great! I can't wait until tommarow!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:09 oh yeah school
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:10 i find school to be kinda boring
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:11 [BTW, Bonnie does not like Nicolai.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:11 How come?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:12 ( i know Nicolai dosent like her in that way eaither)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:13 I usually like it, though somtime's it get's boring. Then, I dislike it.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:13 well I allready know most of the things so its kinda like when you see the same commercial over and over again the first time its kinda intresting but the more you see it.. well you get the point
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:14 Yes. That happen's a lot with me.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:14 i was actually working on my forth year of collage before they sent me here
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:15 Really!? That's a high level!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:17 yeah i was about to take my test to skip to my 6th yea of collage beacause fourth yea work was to easy for me
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:17 Then, why did you come here??
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:18 well its not like i had a choice they sorta made me come hee
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:18 *here*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:18 I would love to be in collage right now!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:19 yeah im going to see if i can get acsess to a computor so i can do my level of work
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:19 Oh. But I'm sure you will have a nice time here!
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:21 [Does this place have a library?]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:22 yeah but how much can someone have when they arnt allowed to leave the school grounds?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:22 (i dont know)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:23 [Should we pretend it does?]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:24 (sure why not?)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:24 [OK. Building library... Done!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:25 i was just going to head down to the lybrary to see if they have any compputors wanna come?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:26 Do you know where the library is? I know there is one, but I do not know where.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:26 Sure!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:30 yeah beforre i came here i memorised the building scimaticts *walks to the lybrary*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:30 *sees there are no computors* hmm... no computorss but they do have tons of books
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 00:32 [GTG]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 00:33 (aww ok bye*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 01:49 By the way, Sakura, we were relocated. We share a dorm now. With two people named Pearl and...*reads paper* Princess?!
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 02:24 [Ruki Makino: Short, flame red hair in a high ponytail, lavender eyes, pale skin. White fitted tee with a blue heart. blue jeans and brown belt. Red sneakers and yellow infinity scarf.]
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 02:25 [be back tommorrow}
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Nov.24 09:27 ( Hey just so you all know I will be gone all week so i wont be on the rp's for about a week unless i find a random internet conection so see you next tuesday probably)
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.24 19:59  Secret message to Patricia  
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.24 20:00 Patricia is in a dorm with Maki, Kari and Bonnie
1>Miss Greenback (Main teacher ), 40yo.2015,Nov.24 20:05 *bell rings loudly for dinner/tea*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 20:13 That's the dinner bell. I wonder where the cafeteria is.
2>Bernadette (Bernie) (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 20:19 *smiles at Princess* The cafeterias this way
2>Bernadette (Bernie) (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 20:19 *takes Princesses arm and leads her to the cafeteria*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 20:39 Okay so now what?
6>Pearl (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 20:48 I guess we eat...and then sleep. Tomorows are first proper day at school, and I can't say I'm looking forward to it
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 20:49 Same here.
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 20:49 [brb]
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.24 21:39 [back but i got to go]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 22:57 *Trying to find the lunch room.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.24 23:13 *Still trying to find it.*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.25 18:18 *walks into cafeteria*sits next to nicki and sakura*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.25 18:19 *puts on headphones*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.25 18:26 [Ruki means 'princess' and she's one of the most unprincessy people you'll ever meet. people call her that to tease her. Her personality is like a toned down version of nicki's, except she doesnt get in trouble as much]
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.25 18:27 [she doesn't usually wear the uniform.]
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.25 19:41 * sees Bonnie* Bonnie let me show the cafeteria.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.25 22:04 Thank you very much!
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 01:18 [her foster mom and grandmom are nice, but her foster mom wants her to be a model]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.26 01:19 [Hello!]
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 01:20 [hey]
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 01:20 [What a coincidence! I'm here too!]
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 01:21 *puts head down on table*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 01:23 [hello]
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 01:26 Hello? Grumpy Cat? *pokes at Ruki's/Princess's hair*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 01:27 *swats at sakuras hand without lifting head up*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 01:29 Jeez, Grump Cat.
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 01:29 *gives sakura the doom glare*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 01:31 Nobody messes with my sister!
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 01:33 *sighs* Just shut up.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.26 02:05 [Hello?!?! Still here?!?]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.26 02:06 [Bye. I guess.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.26 02:07 [*Offline.*]
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 22:08 *thinks* Ooh, feisty.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 22:13 *channels thoughts to Nicki**thinks* Nicki, if you can hear me, that means that we can communicate with thoughts, which is cool. Don't you dare beat up that girl.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 22:15 *channels thoughts to Sakura**thinks* No, I'm not gonna beat her up.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Nov.26 22:41 [Hey!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 00:51 *picks up a few books from around the lybrary* what the heck?! theese are all stupid self help books!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 00:52 *walks out of the lybrary goes to his room sees Drake sitting on his bed* What the heck are you doing on my bed?!
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.1 01:15 *goes to the library**finds epic action books AND the computers*
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:18 *goes to the cafeteria*sits next to princess/Ruki*
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:18 Uh, hey, Ruki.
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:20 *picks head up*looks Ryo square in the eye* Can you leave me alone?!
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:22 *puts head back down* At least someone calls me by my real name.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:24 *adjusts the flowers on his desk*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:26 People call you by a nickname that you don't like?
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:27 Yeah, whatever, it doesnt matter.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:28 *puts the pickture of him and steff back on the desk by the flowers*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:29 *goes to the Cafeteria*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:29 [Hey!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:29 (hiya)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:30 *takes his book watership down with him sits at a table and continues reading it*
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:30 Anything interesting going on with you, Ruki?
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:30 Nothing much.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:31 *eats some pizza while he reads*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:31 *looks at the cover of his book it has happy bunnies on it chuckles slighty and continues reading it*
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:32 *noms on a slce of pizza*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:33 *sees Nicki sighs and hides his face with the book*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:33 *hopes Nicki wont bother him again*
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:34 Hello? Ruki?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:34 *Still in the library.*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:34 Wait, is that Nicolai? *points at Nicolai*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:35 *mumbles to himself slightly* crap..
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:35 *clamps hand over Nicki's mouth**wild anime affects just because she can* Don't say that name!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:36 Okay. Got it. Just leave him to his reading.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:37 *keeps reading then remembers that they still think he killed his girlfriend*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:37 *picks head up*sighs**bites a peice of pizza*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:37 *mumbles slightly* at least they wont bother me
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:37 *keeps reading*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:38 Hiiii! *plops down right across from Nicki and Ruki/Princess*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:39 *continues to eat his pizza*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:39 Kari, you're disturbing Grumpy Cat over there. *points to Ruki*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:41 *wild anime scene bcause she can**stands up*exaggerated anime effcts* attacks sakura* DONT CALL ME THAT, YOU GOGGLEHEAD! I HATE IT WEN PEOPLE GET MY NAM WRONG! *sits back down*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:43 *burst out laughing from Princess's outburst*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:43 Sheesh! You don't have to attack me!
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:44 *goes over to nicolai* AND WAT ARE YOU LAGHING AT?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:44 *chuckles as he continues reading his book*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:44 *looks up at Princess* you im laughing at you Princess
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:44 *does a weird shruggy 'ih ih' 'calm down' getsure between ruki andnicolai*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:45 *Continues reading and chuckling*
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:46 *grabs Ruki by the shoulders* Calm down, Ruki! Stop yelling at this guy!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:46 *laughs harder* wow? googlehead? is that really your best insult ha!
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:47 [gotta go]
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:47 [I gtg, too. Be back a little later.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.1 01:48 (ahh ok bye)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.1 01:48 *Goes to cafateria* *Looks around, trying to find out where to sit.*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 01:53 [Back!]
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.1 01:56 *yells at nicolai* GOGGLEHEAD MEANS MORON!
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.1 02:02 *hears Ruki* Wow. Strong insult.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.2 01:22 *starts laughing more* yeah and Ruki means idiot *keeps laughing* oh man your funny
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.2 02:47 Sorry usually my insults are better but I was laughing so hard the my oxygen intake was decreased resulting in lower brain activity but still my point stands *continues reading*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.2 20:02 *holds Ruki's shoulder* Now Ruki, please calm down. Let's go to the fountain.*leads Ruki outside*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.2 23:28 *yells* MY BOOK ISN'T STUPID!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.3 00:17 *continues reading*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.3 13:34 *Is trying super hard to find out where to sit.*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.4 11:02 IT IS! * looks at Bonnie* Come with us.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.4 13:39 *Say's nothing.* *Follow's.*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.4 13:46 What do you want to eat?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.4 21:25 *storms off to his room dosen't noticee Drake is there sits at his desk starts writting rappidly in weird writting talks to himself slightly* oh she is going to worse then day when im done with that brat.... *writes more viggerously*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.4 21:45 *goes back to the lunchroom*
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 16:32 What's up, dude? Why that look?
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 16:33 *waves hand in front of Ruki's face*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 16:35 *swats ryo's hand away*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 16:36  Secret message to Kylie  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 16:36  Secret message to Kylie  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 16:37 *Looks at menu* I don't really know.
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 16:38 *the ground sudenly caves from beneath her*she starts falling*
9>Princess (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 16:38 *screams*
17>Ryo (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 16:39 Rukiii! *jumps into the hole after her*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 16:43 Please choose
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 16:44  Secret message to Bonnie  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 16:48  Secret message to Kylie  
20>Rory (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 17yo.2015,Dec.5 16:55 *walks to wherever Patricia is**blushes A LOT* Hello.
20>Rory (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 17yo.2015,Dec.5 16:55 What's your name?
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 16:56 *blushes A LOT as well* My name's Patricia. What's yours?
20>Rory (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 17yo.2015,Dec.5 16:57 Rory. Nice to meet you.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 17:06 Well, Okay.
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 18:19  Secret message to Bonnie  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 18:58  Secret message to Kylie  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 19:13 oh um.. i have this stupid book report to do on my book watership down.. its a great book i just i dont like book reports, yeah.. *is definitly lying keeps writting on paper in code*
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 20:11 C'mon, you can't fool me. What's the matter?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 23:13  Secret message to Kylie  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 23:14  Secret message to Kylie  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.6 00:42 dude im fine *keeps writting in code*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.6 01:24 \
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 09:19  Secret message to Bonnie  
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 09:23 Hey Nicolai, tell me . If is those girls, don't worry. That girl,Nicki she seems hyper and stupid.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 14:13  Secret message to Kylie  
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.6 14:13 [hi!]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 14:17 Hey
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 14:17 [Do you want to play Summer-the one that got away??]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 17:33  Secret message to Kylie  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.6 23:40 Dude i dont freakin care about girls or girly things like sharing feelings and gossiping so get off my case im fine
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Dec.7 20:23 Whatevs.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:48 If you want to know im planning a kidnapping
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:50 Sakura, where do you think that fighty girl went?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:50 I dunno.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:52 *keeps writting* wanna help?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:53 Im kidding
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:53 *leaves his room with his notebook Wites in more code as he goes down the hall*
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:57 So, Saki, have you seen the movie Home?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:57 *bumps into Sakura accidentally* oh sorry
18>Kari (G2S evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:57 [In real life, I'm watching that movie right now! XD]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:57 *keeps writting in his secret code language and starts walking off*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:57 [Sakura is in the cafeteria.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:58 (cool)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:58 [Sitting down.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:58 (erm Nicolai wandered into the caffitera while writting?)
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:58 [So Nicolai bumping into Sakura is impossible, even on the Internet.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:58 (ok nvm my stuff*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 20:59 *walks into the caffitera sits down in front of Sakura and continues writting in his code*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 20:59 Nicolai?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:00 *looks up* oh yeah hi
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:00 *continues writting*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:01 *ignores Nicolai*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:01 so have you ever read waterships down?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:03 What's it to you?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:03 what me?
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:04 Whatevs.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:04 oh dont get me started i could write a series about whats wrong with me
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:07 Don't care.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:07 Neither do I.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:08 alrighty then never mind you dont have to know why they sent me here if you dont want to *stndss up to leave*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:08 *stands*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:11 Stop. I'm intriuged.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:11 [Or however you spell it.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:12 alrightly then *sits back down*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:13 this started when i was 10 and my mom died, after that my dad and brother stared a new buisness
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:13 Kidnapping, they kept me out of it till i was 12
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:14 i helped them and when i was 13 they had me kidnap a girl Stefiny
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:14 things happened and i didnt like doing this at all so we ran away me and her
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:14 we met friends and surprisingly we got kidnapped alot
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:15 but that didnt matter my dad died and my older brother nick who stopped kidnapping looked after me
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:15 *raises left eyebrow*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:16 he was a sientist me him and Steff would do all kinds of cool experiments there with him
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:16 and then they, they died and im.. im here now
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:16 thats the sort version of it
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:17 I want to hear the long version.
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:19 *grabs her glasses by the frame around the left lens**puts it higher up her nose*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:19 yeah im not going to say the things that happened to us it wasn't good but i did end up killing 3 people, including my brother and girlfriend. I think i should go now goodbye *is kinda shaken up stands up and starts quickly walking away*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:22 *mumbles stupid truth sirum*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:22 *channels thoughts to Nicki**thinks* We can use that info against Nicolai.
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:24 *channels thoughts to Sakura**thinks* You're so right.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:25 *sits in the garden obviously depressed and twirls a blue flower*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.7 21:26 *sighs*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 21:28 [I'm bored. Bye.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.8 13:36 Is watching from where she was eating. Couldn't here much, though.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.8 13:38 *Writing down what she heard.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.8 13:40 *Goes back to her dorm.*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 22:43 * holds the flower in his hand *
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 22:44 *channels thoughts to Sakura**thinks* How should we do it?
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 22:45 *channels thoughts to Nicki**thinks* By we, I meant you.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 22:45 *puts the blue flower in his book to press it so it can be presserved*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 22:48 *sits on a bench in the garden closes his eyes and just listens to the bees and the wind and the fountain all everything*
8>Sakura (G2Sevacuee+Nickitwin), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 22:50 *noms on pizza*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 22:51 *sighs*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 22:52 *picks up another flower and looks at it*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 22:58 the Blue Anchusa, such a nice flower *sighs*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 22:59 *stands up* and goes in the hall while twrilling the flower*
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:01 *bumps into Nicolai*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:01 sorry my bad i wasnt looking
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:04 It's okay, me neither. *was reading a graphic novel while walking*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:06 Blue Anchusa *holds up the flower* of all the flowers in the garden they grow theese
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:08 Oh, cool. *The cover of the graphic novel is clearly in Nicolai's visual range*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:09 they are quite pretty don't you think?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:09 so what are you reading if you dont mind me asking
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:10 'Smile' by Raina Telgemier. I found it in the library.
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:12 [I own that book in real life.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:13 oh cool im reading watership down not as many pictures and not as happy but i like it
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:14 *Walks into library.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:15 [Hey!!]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:15 *Returns Alice in Wonderland.*
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:16 Smile isn't all that happy.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:17 yeah but Watership down is a very depressing book
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:17 *Checks out To kill a mockingbird.*
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:17 [Hey Ceci, wanna go on Summer--The One That Got Away? Cp, you can spectate. And play on this.]
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:18 Why are you reading Watership Down?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:18 *Goes to where ever the garden is.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:19 [Sure! I will keep playing here, though.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:20 [I want to keep playing here.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:21 well if you are sad and you read a sad book they you have an escusse for being sad and dont have to talk about the real reason
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:25 My book is a true story about the author about this thing with her teeth, hence the title.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:26 yeah but still
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:28 *See's them.* Hello!
16>Lola (Evacuee), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 23:28 You don't make sense. *walks right past Nicolai*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:29 *chuckles*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:29 *twirls the flower*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:36 Hello. Again.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:39 hello bonnie
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 23:57 Uh, still reading Watership down???
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.9 23:57 yep
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:00 So, why are you in the garden?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:02 Sorry, if I'm invading your privacy.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 00:04 oh i like being outside and Steff used to love Blue Anchusa
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:05 Me, too.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:05 I love being outside!!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 00:06 good for you
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 00:06 it helps me forget things
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:07 It helps me too.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 00:09 have you ever killed anyone?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:11 No. I was never. My brother has.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:12 He was eventually killed, too
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 00:16 its a good feeling until its someone you love then it just hurts
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 00:16 *Nods.*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 00:19 yep
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.10 12:57 [I'm waiting for Nicolai to confess.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 20:30 well i assume it would be that way, its not like iv acctually done it
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 20:30 (HA Nicolai dosent confess to many thing)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.10 20:31 well i better go see ya *starts walking down the hall towards his dorm room*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.11 00:33 But wait! *Trying to stop Nocolai* What.. Happened?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.11 00:34 [Yeah. Pretty hard.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.11 21:38 *turns around* what do you mean what happened? well today i was writting i skipped breakfast kept writting went to lunch talked read then went to the garden
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.11 23:09 Why did you ask that question?
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 09:52 You know, Nicolai, I know how you feel about Steffiny and her death. My late best friend was a boy and he got abducted then killed.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.12 19:29 *glares at Kylie* You do NOT know how i feel! *storms off to his room and slams the door*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 21:17 *Looks at Kylie.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 21:17 *Runs off.*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.13 02:31 *works on a new complicated math problem for a diffrent thing*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.13 14:55 *Starts reading a random book.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.13 14:57 *Goes out out in the hallway.*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.13 21:48 *looks at his paper* nuro hand pulser.. wont be to hard to make
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.13 21:49 [Hi!]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.16 19:22 (hey! :) can I join? what is happening right now?)
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.16 19:55 (matt have blond hair, blue eyes, he's cool guy, he skateboard, he always wear cap, hee likes to talk with girls, he loves himself, but he's nice to girls)
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.16 19:59 (what should I buy or you will give something to me?)
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.16 20:42 ok *walks into school* (as a new student) um... hm... *thinking where should he go*
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.16 20:44 *siting on chair in corridor and writing mesage to his friend* "hey Jo! where are you? I'm waiting!"
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.16 20:49 "sorry! I'm coming I'm coming!"
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.16 20:55 (Joshua: purple hair, gray eyes, kind and smart, good looking, friendly, Matt best friend)
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.16 20:58 "kay" *puts the phone down**waiting...*
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.17 13:17 *goes into school* hey
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 13:18 hey so where should we go now?
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.17 13:22 um... let's wait here
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:23 [Hello! Does your character have a foster parent, or a backstory?]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 13:23 what! I thought you know what to do
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:23 [And Welcome!]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 13:25 (they have they real parents)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:26 [Miss Greenback (Julia) will give you your uniform. You are supposed to wear it, but it's totally opinal. As for the shop, you do not need to buy anything.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:27 [OK then!]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:28  Secret message to Miss Greenback  
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 13:29 (ok)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:32  Secret message to Miss Greenback  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:32 *Goes back outside her dorm.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:33 *Goes to the library*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:35 *Starts doing math problems.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:36 [FYI, Bonnie is not as smart as Nicolai, but she's pretty smart.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:36 [Still here?]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 13:37 (yep I had to help my grandmother)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 13:38 [Oh. OK.]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 13:40 *still waiting for someone to come...*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.17 20:16 *is walking in the hall sees Matt* Hey
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.17 20:17 your definitly new here yes?
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 23:14 yes and he too *points at Joshua* so do you know where should we go?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 00:42 There is a spare dorm room room 302 mine and Drake's dorm is room 301 if you need help with anything
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 00:44 *checks watch* I have some stuff i need to get back to in my dorm but if you need anything ill be there see ya *walks back to his dorm*
7>Nicki (Rebel Evacuee), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 00:44 [Hi!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 01:25 *writes some more*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.18 02:56 [Hi!]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 12:26 [hi]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 12:40 ok than let's go to room 302 I gues
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 12:40 ok
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 13:14 *we go to our dorm room* well it's not bad, but I better like my room..
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 13:15 do you know what the first leson is?
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 13:16 nno
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 13:19 than let's go to ask that guy *we go to his room* hey do you know what the first leson is and when it starts?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.18 14:10 *Goes back to her dorm and waits for Mako, Kari, Patricia to see their dorm.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.18 14:11 When are they going to come!
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Dec.18 18:42 [Nicolai, we share the same dorm, remember?]
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.18 18:44 *starts crying softly* I guess I should run
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.18 18:45 away because no one likes me here.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 21:17 (i know if you look up noicolai said it was next to his and drakes room implying that they share)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 21:19 oh um i dont really pay attention to when it is i just wait for the sound of like 20 girls giggling in the halls and for what lessons i dont really care beacause i was sapossed to be finishing my fourth year of collage when they bought me to this dump
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 21:20 i mean its a good place just super boring for me because i already know everything they teach here so yeah..
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 21:21 im going to the garden now see ya later guys *walks off hears Kylie crying walks up to her* Hey you ok?
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 22:06 oh... ok *sso where should we go?* ok than.. let's go... somewhere!
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 22:06 where?
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 22:07 I sed Somewhere! I don't know...
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 22:08 we can go for a walk in school
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 22:09 fine let's go *we are going... somewhere haha :D*
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 22:11 *walks in a class* this looks like math class
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 22:13 *walking walking walking...* I'm tired let's go back to our room!
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 22:14 ok you go, I will see the outside
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 22:15 as you want *goes to sleep*
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.18 22:17 *walks around the school* it's so beatiful outside *sits under a tree and reading a book*
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 22:18 (oh sorry it was Joshua text)
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.18 22:19 *walks around the school* it's so beatiful outside *sits under a tree and reading a book*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.19 10:54 Leave me alone!
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 13:55 *Looks around to see if she can meet anyone new.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 13:57 *Finds Kylie and Nicolai.* What's wrong?
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.19 18:16 Nothing!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 19:26 Bonnie, she is Perfectly fine we are just rehearsing a scene from hamlet specifically the one were Ophelia's brother is dead I am playing acting as King Claudius who is also in the room
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 19:29 she obviously is playing as Ophelia witch explains they crying witch i can assure you is very fake but it looks very real now if you don't mind we are very quite busy and require quiet to rehearse although on any other occasion we would love your company
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 19:31 *the
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:52 Could I watch then?? *Grabs random popcorn*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:53 And bravo! I love Hamlet.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:54 But, it's okay if you don't want me here.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 19:55 normally i would let you but I have terrible stage fright i know its hard to believe but I do thats why i asked Kylie to help me but i dont think im quite ready for people staring at me waiting for me to mess up just the tought is terrrifying!
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:57 *Looks understanding* It's okay, I get stage fright too.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 19:58 thanks for understanding
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 20:00 (on cindy is still on the manor)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:03 OK. *Leaves. Eats the popcorn.*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.19 20:20 Leave me alone!
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.19 20:21 (I'm here)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:22 [Yeah!]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:22 [Euodia, want to go on The Manor?]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:24 [I forgot to say what Bonnie looks like:]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:26 [Bonnie has light brown hair usually tied up in two braids. Light blue dress with a white color. White tennis shoes.
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.19 21:13 *searching for Josh* where is he... *goes outside, sees Kylie and Nicolai* hey.. is everything ok?
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.19 21:14 did you see where Josh went?
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:48 *sneaks into Sakura's room**has her machine scan her*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:49 Machine: Subject-Patricia Abeieve
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:50 [Nom]
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:50 [NNvm
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:50 [Nvm all those messages]
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:50 *sneaks into Sakura's room**has her machine scan her*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:53 Machine: Subject-Patricia Abeive. Age-13. Living Family Member-Daniella Abeive. First Love-Nikulos Anderine. Strongest Trait-Wild Cat.
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:53 [I changed up a bit!]
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:54 *sneaks back out*
5>Patricia (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 15yo.2015,Dec.19 23:54 That thing is cool!
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 00:07 *Looks at Matt* He's over there. *Points to where Josh is*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.20 09:49 L
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.20 09:50 Liar,Nicolai,Liar!
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 16:44 ok... I will go now... is everything ok?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 20:21 No. Nothing is wrong. *Looks like she wants to blurt out what happened.*
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:02 I know something is wrong...
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:02 so what?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 21:06 *Whispers so low that only Matt and Bonnie can hear* Well, Kylie is going to run away, and Nicolai says that they are acting a scene from Hamlet but I don't believe him for once and..... Well, I'm worried about Kylie running away, it's scary just think ab
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 21:07 out it, but mainly about Kylie running away!
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:12 why does she wants to run away?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 21:15  Secret message to Matt  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 21:16 She thinks nobody likes her here. But I do! We just haven't had a proper introduction yet.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 21:17  Secret message to Matt  
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:30 oh
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:31  Secret message to Bonnie  
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:54  Secret message to Bonnie  
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:55  Secret message to Bonnie  
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:56 so you have any plans for today?
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 21:56 (that 3 secret mesage wasn't secret)
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 21:58 *walks by* hey
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 22:00 Hey! where was you? I searched everywhere!
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 22:01 realy? everywhere? *haha*
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 22:02 ok not everywhere! what are you reading agen??
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 22:03 a book...
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 22:05 I know it's a book! *takes the book from Josh* pfft a novel sereosly?
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 22:06 yes :( and you should read atleast One book too!
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 22:07 nope it's not going to happen, I hate to read, it's boring..
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 22:09 no it's not! *takes the book back* I will go to eat bye!
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 22:11 oh wait wait wait wait! we can go together! um... what is your name? *asks to bonnie*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 22:13 (hi)
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 22:16 (name:Tolette (tohl-et) age 15, She has white hair and red eyes, as she is an albino. her parents gave her up because she was born while they were in school. she is not a rebel, and tries to be the best at what she does, because her foster parents beat
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.20 22:17 her and her brother, Nikolai, if they dont)
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 22:22 (Nikolai: age-15, Nikolai was born a few minutes after Tolette, having jet black hair and black eyes. he is quiet, and usually angry, as he is abused more than Tolette(but not as badly). he has ADHD, and his foxter parents make fun of him for it.)
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 22:23 (where should we start?)
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 22:25 (wait omg theres another Nicolai oops)
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.20 22:26 (ill change it to Daniel)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 00:20 Yeah Kylie but at least bonnie isnt bothering you sheesh! i helped you big time and you know it *sits by Kylie* so whats really going on?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 00:23 *looks at her* oh.. your planning on running away...Can i come with?
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.21 08:36 Why do you want to come with me?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 14:42 Welcome Kajalaka! You start looking around, the Evacuee school, probably someone will notice you, and they will start talking.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 14:46 Once Julia comes, (Miss Greenback) she will decide your dorm. School, will start tormmorrow.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 14:49 Bonnie.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 14:50 *Looks at Matt* My name is Bonnie.
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 14:52 [hey]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 14:53 [BTW, Bonnie has no crush in this school. She may look like it, but she has no crush in this school. Many boys used to have big crushes on Bonnie, though.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 14:54 [Hello!]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:00 [maybe bonnie likes Matt or Josh? :) Idk if you want..]
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:04 let's go to cafiteria maybe?
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:07 ok! Bonnie will you come with us?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:10 No thank you.
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:12 why..
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:15 Thank you for the offer, but I would prefer to go to the library.
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:16 but there is books...
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:16  Secret message to Matt  
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:17 well atleast she likes books
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:17 right...
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:18 [yep ok]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:19  Secret message to Bonnie  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:19 Yep! I love reading. I need to return War and Peace too.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:21  Secret message to Matt  
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:21 can I go with you? :)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:21 I guess.
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:22  Secret message to Bonnie  
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:22 ok let's go
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:23 but what about meee?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:24 Aren't you supposed to have lunch first?
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:24 I don't know you sed you don't like books than think something else
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:25 oh yeah lunch...
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:28 ok I will go with you and when I'll finish to eat I will go to library
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:29 ok
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:29 Bonnie you realy don't want to eat?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:30 I already ate.
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:31 ok
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:32 *Goes off to the library.*
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:32 ok than see you in the library bye for now..
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:32 *goes to eat with Matt*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:34 *Walks into library.* *Asks the librarian:*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:35 *Returns War and Peace*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:37 *Checks out " In Search of Lost Time"*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:47 [Aren't you going to say some thing at lunch?]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:48 [Note: The book "In Search of Lost Time" is a real book. 7th bigest book in the world!]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:50 [oh right]
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:50 so what will you eat Jo?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:51 [Still here?]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:51 [Yes, you are.]
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:51 I think chicken and french fries
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:52 yea me too
10>Matt (boy), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 15:53 *eating...*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 15:53 *Leaving the library.*
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:55 *finish eating* ok I'll go now
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:55 *going to library*
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 15:56 *sees Bonnie* oh hey you sed you will be at library
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 16:00 I'm just about to leave.
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 16:01 oh.. where are you going?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 16:05 To the garden.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 16:06 [GTG! *Offline*]
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 16:08 ok
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 16:08 [ok ttyl]
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 16:09 (is there lesons at this school?)
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 22:23 [Yes, they start tomorrow.]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 00:26 well i was already planning on running away myself but it would be better for both of us if we stuck together that way if something happeneds we arn't left alone to deal with it
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 00:27 i hate going places alone to many things have happened but thats besides the point can i come?
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 00:38 *walks up to front doors of school**breathes in and out hard*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 00:38 *squeezes Daniels hand hard* Lets go.
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 00:41 *drops suitcase loudly but doesnt try to escape Tolettes hand* Whatever. Im just tired
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 00:44 *the two walk in the school, once inside they wander into rooms together*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:15 *sees Daniel and Tolette wander into the room were he and Kylie are* Oh hi *stands up* you look new ae you new or did i forget you exsisted i dont do that oftain but sometimes it dose happen...
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:20 *Sees Nicolai* I thought you were practicing Hamlet?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:20 *Sees Daniel and Tolette* Hi! I'm Bonnie.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:21 well we were but we are done now
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:24 and Im Nicolai
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:47 *stares, shaking and whispers quieter than usual* H-hi, I'm Tolette. *squeezes Daniels hand harder, turning it white*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:48 *stares hard at the two* Hi. *steps closer to Tolette*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:49 wow that's actual genuine real fear i haven't seen that in a long time,
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:49 His name is Daniel.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:50 you two are either really shy or have trust issues
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:50 but not to worry here no one has killed anyone yet except me but i had good reasons but thats a diffrent story.. im not helping am i?
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:51 *jumps at Nicolais voice* *shakes really hard*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:52 *hugs Tolette and she stops shaking, her white hair flopping over her shoulders*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:54 Um, do you have anywhere we could eat?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:55 oh did i scare you? sorry about that i didnt mean to
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:55 *stomach grumbles* We haven't eaten for four days, and before that four more.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:55 oh the cafeteria has food all the time ill take you there *walks with them to the Cafeteria*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:56 8 days? hmm if you dont mind me asking were you kidnapped?
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:57 *holds onto Daniels arm*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:57 We were not kidnapped, even though it felt like it.
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:58  Buying cake (x 2)  *buys cake*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 01:59 oh bad home or foster home then?
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:59  Giving cake (x 1) to Tolette  
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:59 Not relevant.
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 02:00 *eats cake*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:01 *Nibbles cake, crying since Nicolai brought up their old home*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:02 oh sorry didn't mean to bring up bad memorys.. i grew up in a very awful home has well
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:03  Buying sweet (x 2)  
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:04  Giving sweet (x 1) to Daniel  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:05 so brother and sister then? I use to have a brother
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:05 For later. *wipes tears*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 02:07 We are brother and sister, and shes the only person i care about.
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 02:08 *taps foot, looks around room*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:08 yeah i had someone like that once to
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 02:09 *leg starts shaking table* Sorry.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:09 I read and do work to keep my mind off things
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:09 its fine
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:10 I made this really cool scanner thing but one of the girls took it and ran off with it
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:10 Is there anywhere we can buy school supplies?
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:11 Daniel can help get it back. ill come, but i cant do much.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:12 um... i dont really know i make my own suplies i think they have a little shop but i dont have any money to spend so i dont go there
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:13 *lays head on Daniels shoulder*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=school bag  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:14 I made a converter that takes any non food item and can convert it into school supllies so put in old paper and broken things and trash and get supplies i dont tell people here though beacause i dont want them swarming me for stuff but you guys can use it
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:14 if you want
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:15 I think i have a school bag, somewhere.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:16 i never use bags i mean we have dorm rooms so i just keep my stuff there
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 02:17 i have one as well.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:18 nice
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:18 so were are you guys from?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:23 hmm wait probaby a bad topic
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 02:27 did you have any pets?
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.22 10:08 Fine you can come but no stupid mistakes 🙅.* goes to the dorm and starts packing*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 18:49 I don't know how to make things, so I buy them.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 18:49 *Looks at the floor*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.22 19:54 Well i better be off i have things to do *goes to his dorm and packs his things then goes into Kylie's room* So when are we leaving?
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 02:57 That was such a sudden part.
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 02:57 Let's go. *he and tolette leave*
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2015,Dec.23 10:19 This evening
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 13:53 Ugh.. Bye! *Wishing they wouldn't leave*
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Dec.23 18:19 *looking for his watch* I can't find it! Maybe its mixed up with Nicolai's stuff.*searches through Nicolai's stuff* *finds knife with dried-up blood on it* OH MY GOD! NICOLAIIIIIIIIIII!
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 20:41 [That is so creepy........]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:48 *hears screams from his room* Ok good seams i need to go *runs to his room and covers Drakes mouth* SHH!
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2015,Dec.23 20:52 REMOVE YOUR HANDS!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:52 Don't draw attention here! *un covers his mouth* now tell me calmly without screaming what the matter is
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:55 why were you screaming?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:56 *sees the knife* oh well that knife isnt anything to scream over its just a knife
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:58 ok lets save time yes i have a knife its a reminder i dont use it any more yes that is human blood no im not going to hurt anyone here
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:58 now do you have any questions?
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 23:11 *comes running into dorm after hearing noise and sees knife and Drake and Nicolai*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 23:12 *walks quickly in after Daniel, sees what he sees* We have to go. Now.*pulls Daniel and they leave fast before saying anything*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 23:13 [Hi!]
19>Josh (boy), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 23:14 [hi]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 00:17 *sighs* that is what i was trying to avoid
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 01:21 *while walking down hall*How do we even get out of here?
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 01:23 Just keep walking, T. *holds Tolettes hand as he and she walk down the hall* Ugh!
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 01:25 *walks out of dormitory (after like five failed attempts at finding the exit) and they go back to the lunch area**sit and don't talk to anyone*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:37 Now i have to resolve something thanks to you *walks to the lunch room Sits in front of Daniel and Tolette* I didnt hurt him... he just found my knife and screamed just so you know...
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:37 he is perfectly fine
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:38 i wouldn't hurt anyone purposely now not after things..
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:40 sorry again if that scene scared you i imagine how upsetting it might have been i apologize if i might have caused any distress towards you two
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:40 but you wont have to worry about me i am running away tonight so i wont be around
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:41 *stands up and starts to walk away*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:43 *goes back to his dorm room and sits down sighs* Drake, dont loot through my stuff again it will only cause problems
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 03:45 *a tear slips out and he quickly wipes it away* sorry thinking, i usually try to stay away from it...
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 13:34 *Can imagine what happened. Looks at Daniel and Tolette* Scary.
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 13:36 *Slowly walks back to the library.*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 20:16 *walks into library after Bonnie* *smiles(which is rare)* This library is amazing!
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 20:18 *runs after Nicolai into his dorm* Please don't run away...we were just scared by that knife.*sees knife and grabs it and holds it in her jand*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 20:20 I am sorry for how we reacted.*throws the knife and it sticks into her luggage bag* You see that? Now it is gone in my bag, so I hope your problems with it go away.
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 20:22 *quickly gets up and takes her bags and leaves, taking the knife with her**turns around as she leaves*If you want it back, you can find me at the library with Daniel. I just thought taking it would get rid of your problems.*walks towards library, hiding k
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 20:22 Nife in dress*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 20:23 *walks over towards Bonnie* What kinds of books do you like?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 20:31 [Hi!]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 20:34 Well, I like all books, but I like Mobytf Dickk
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 20:35 [I can't say MobyDick here.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 20:36 the most. How about you?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.24 22:02 *runs after Tolette* HEY! give that back!
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 03:46 *is in library*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 06:38 *runs into the Library* Right! Tolette Give it back NOW!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 10:47 S..sorry for yelling but give it back
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 10:47 Give that back before i get mad wich i can do very easily i try to keep it under control the last time i got proberly mad i killed someone
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 19:14 Sorry not trying to threaten im staying away from threatining, Oh just keep it! *runs off quickly*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 19:18 *sits down in the garden starts tapping his foot and looking around nervously* come on.. come on.. snap out of it.. come on..
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 21:46 *is so scared she runs off and daniel follows her, they aren't seen for the rest of the day**the knife is back on nicolais pillow*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 00:03 *goes to his room and sees the knife puts it away and goes to bed wakes up the next morning*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 01:46 *wakes up early the next morning quietly gathers his things and starts walking down the halls twards the front door is going to try and leave*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:21 *she and daniel are in front of the doors;Daniel is still asleep on the ground since they don't have dorms yet, Tolette is awake sitting on her bags, staring at Nicolai*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:23 Please stay.*walks slowly towards him, she doesn't trust men much*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.26 02:23 *is secretly awake but the two don't know*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:25 *walks closer and grabs Nicolais hand accidentally, moving away fast, but going back and grabbing his things, putting them down* I don't know what happened but you can tell me if you want.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:26 (you still on?)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:27 shh keep your voice down if they catch me i propbably will never get out
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.26 02:34 *is secretly awake but the two don't know*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:42 so please let me pass
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:42 *picks up his bags gently*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:42 your not going to let me pass are you?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 02:50 Tolette let me leave please
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 03:01 Alright i will tell you anything you want if you let me leave ok? dose that sound like a good deal?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 03:07 ask me anything ill answer it just please hurry up with it
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 21:10 Ugh...*pulls bow from her hair, letting it fall down, and ties Nicolai to her by their wrists* I'm sorry. Don't leave because of me
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 21:16 *unties the ribbon* im not leaving baeacause of you and im asking you nicely to let me pass now if you dont i will just go back to my dorm and climb through the window
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 21:18 please stop blocking m path
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.26 21:26 i need to leave please let me
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.27 01:02 What are you possibly gaining by locking me?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.27 01:03 *blockking
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.27 14:03 *Stayed at the library for somehow a long time* Walks past wherever Nicolai, Tolette and Daniel are*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.27 22:22 Right! ok new plan *pushes Tolette out of the way and rushes out the door*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.27 23:59 *sticks out leg so as he runs out the door he falls, then takes the ribbon and ties his hands behind his back*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 00:00 *falls against wall and onto floor**looks at arm, which is bleeding, then looks at Nicolai with tears in her eyes* *gets up and runs down hall, crying*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 00:02 Fudge, look at what you've done! She was just trying to help.*runs inside and turns at door* The least you could do is stay, now since you've made her cry. And if that isn't enough to make you stay, *holds up knife* maybe this is. *gors after Tolette*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 00:41 UGH! *tries to untie himself* Bonnie could you give me some help please?!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 00:44 never mind* slips the ribbion off runs up to Daniel* Give it back!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 02:05 Give me back my knife!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 02:08
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 15:54 I know what I'm going to do. *Runs off.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 19:02 [Nvm that.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 19:03 *Looks at Nicolai* Knew it! Why run away?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 19:11 Help me get my knife back and ill tell you!
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 19:32 Okay. I will. *Goes to Daniel and Tolette.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 19:43  Secret message to Nicolai  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 20:45  Secret message to Nicolai  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 20:45  Secret message to Bonnie  
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2015,Dec.29 01:21  Secret message to Nicolai  
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.29 06:14 *runs after them* Ugh i used to be faster...
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2015,Dec.30 22:39 *hides knife in super secret secret place and continues running*
13>Tolette (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.30 22:41 *is running randomly and runs straight into Nicolai and bonnie**stares at Nicolai with big eyes, her arm still bleeding an abnormal amount of blood for a tiny cut* Ah!*turns and runs, collapses, passed out*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.31 02:06 Oh no... *picks up Tolette* its ok i know how to help her
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.31 02:07 *brings her to the warm green house garden *wraps her arm in bandages from the first aid pack in his pocket*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.31 02:08 *gets out the cold pack reads the directions* crack and shake.. *cracks is and shakes it and it becomes cold puts it on her forhead*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.31 02:08 right you should wake up in a few seconds or minutes at the most..
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2015,Dec.31 02:09 *sits next to her is holding her wrist not to tightly but enough so she cant run off when she wakes up*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.1 16:25 *Watches with amazement*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.1 19:20 *looks at bonnie*what?
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.1 21:31 *Grins* You really shouldn't run away.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.1 22:15 i didn't run away Tolette was hurt so i helped her
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2016,Jan.2 17:47 Nicolai i'm leaving* walks to the gate*
11>Daniel (Evacuee), 14yo.2016,Jan.2 22:39 If you really wanted to help, you shouldn't have tried running away.*he is hiding so his voice is creepy just being there but he's hiding very well*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 00:42 First off, were keeping the knife, I don't want you to hurt anyone. Second off all, why are you running away?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 06:22 i dont need a knife to hurt people *puts tolette in a headlock* right now i could choke her or use a many variety or presser points to kill her either quickly or slowly so, what i think is going to happen is you are going to give me back my knife and
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 06:25 let me leave with no questions now if you do not want her getting hurt put that knife point down into that pot of dirt and both of you walk away or i could kill her now very easily even if she wakes up now i have killed 5 people before
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 06:27 so believe me when i say i wont hesitate to do so if you try anything funny or any cheats or tricks i will notice and i will kill her is that understood? dont say anything just nod if i hear a word from any of you until i safely get my knife i will kill
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 06:27 her nod if you understand everything i just said to you
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 14:41 [He had a headlock with him?]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 14:44 [Or was it with his hands?]
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2016,Jan.3 15:29 [hi]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 15:30 [Hi!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 05:16 (with hands)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 05:17 *lets her go and shakes his head* s..sorry i..i need to go *runs out of the greenhouse and into his dorm room sits down starts breathing heavily* no..this isnt good you promised you would stop this....
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2016,Jan.4 10:40 Nicolai, you need to stop thinking of Stefiny, calm don. Here have this it calms down people's nerves.* gives him headphones with soft music playing *
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 18:22 *puts the headphones on the bed keeps pacing* I am not upset about her ok?! i am upset beacause i nearly killed someone 2 minutes ago!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 18:24 They stole my stuff and wont give it back I got upset and nearly killed on of them ok?! now what they stole is very important to me and if i am near them i probably will kill one of them
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 20:51 *flops down onto the bed*
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 21:00 they are very lucky that i am not how i used to be
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.5 00:52 *Stares as he runs off* *Looks at Kylie who is still there.* Why do you want to run away?!? He almost killed Tolette!!!!! What did she ever do to him!!!! I should have been in a headlock, I at least said something that annoyed him!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.5 18:37 I dont know what to do Drake I dont like being trapped somewere i cant leave
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2016,Jan.5 18:50 Let's go see Miss Greenback then.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.6 02:52 No no no no no bad idea that is a really bad idea for one they stole my knife im not really exactly saposed to have it and i eiather go here on my best behavior or Juvenile detention center but once i get my knife back i am leaving and i wont be found
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.6 02:52 until i want to be found
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2016,Jan.6 09:20 What about Kylie?
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.6 18:00 I was going to go with her but i cant bacause bonnie and Daniel stole my knife
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.6 18:00 if you help me get my knife back you can come with us
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2016,Jan.7 11:09 Dude I
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2016,Jan.7 11:09 [nvm]
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2016,Jan.7 11:10 Dude I don't steal and I like it here so forget it.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.7 21:18 They stole it from me its not stealing its righting a wrong
12>Drake (Rebel/Good Kind), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 13:40 Yo, dude two rights don't make a wrong so unless you apologize they won't give it to you. Tell them you're sorry.
4>Kylie (Evacuee), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 13:42 * rans to Nicolai's dorm* I changed my mind. I'm staying.
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.9 19:13 Good for you Kylie *smiles and walks out of the room his face quickly turns to a frown walks up to Bonnie* Im.. im sorry
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.9 19:49 *looks very uncofertable at the moment*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:01 It's fine. Some times I almost run away like you are about to
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:01 .
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:03 [Still here?]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:05 *Looks at her feet.*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:10 [GTG! No ones here, so I'm leaving.]
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:27 [I am back! You are only on Girls Night Out!]
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.9 21:15 (hi)
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.9 21:15 Yeah that knife is really special its the only thing i have left of my brother... he died a few months ago i would really like it back please
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.9 23:27 *looks very depressed and his eyes are starting to water like he is about to cry*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 13:38 Oh, I didn't mean to make you cry!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.10 16:17 im fine can i have my stuff back please *wipes his eyes with his sleeve*
14>Bonnie (:D), 14yo.2016,Jan.26 18:16 I don't really know.... *Goes to Daniel and Tolette* What should I do!
15>Nicolai (Evacuee), 15yo.2016,Jan.27 10:58 *stands there kinda leaning back and forth and looking at the ground looks very depressed*