" Fairytale Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 16 years of age.
Welcome to Fairytale Roleplay! In the game, people from all fairytales or fantasy-based stories live together in a great community, which is ruled by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It was prosperous until the Evil Queen (from Snow White)entered incognito and was able to get secret information from the citizens. Thus, her heard of bad guys found out and were--or are--thirsty for war and destruction. Meanwhile, some of the citizens wish to rebel. Will Fairyland remain stable? Join today to travel through Fairyland and discover secrets and venture into the worlds of the citizens- while also trying to destroy the bad guys once and for all!

*If you are creating a character, please make sure he/she is from a fairytale story, movie, opera, or ballet. MOVIES ARE ONLY EXCEPTED IF IT IS DISNEY. NO LIVE ACTION FANTASY MOVIES LIKE HARRY POTTER OR PERCY JACKSON WILL BE ACCEPTED. Feel free to alter your character's personality, etc. No animals, please- unless they are humans who can change into animals.

1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:13 Hi, and welcome to Fairytale Roleplay! First things first- the basic rules.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:14 Rule 1: Please, no innapropriate messages etc. allowed. If you decide to make these bad choices, you will be banned from the game.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:15 Rule 2: Do not give out personal information like your phone number or email address. Let's keep the web a safe place.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:16 Rule 3: Don't take over the game. No making invincible characters who will steal the plot from all of the players.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:17 Rule 4: You must come on regularly. If you don't return in a matter of 2- 21/2 weeks, your characters will be deleted. Sorry, but those are the consequences.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:17 Rule 5: Don't fight with other players. If you do, you will be banned from the game.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:18 Now, for the character rules.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:22 Character 1: You can be characters from any fantasy story, musical, opera, etc. NO Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or anything like that.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:23 Character Rule 2: If you want to be a character from lets say Frozen, fine. But you have to make at least one change to your character IF NECCESARY.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:24 Character Rule 3: No animals are allowed- but if you want to be the Big Bad Wolf or something, you can make him be a human but have the ability to turn into a wolf.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:25 Character Rule 4: If your character has a name like Snow White and nothing else, you can make them have an additional name to Snow White. You'll just have to put the name "Snow White" in your character box so everyone knows who it is.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:26 Character Rule 5: Please put the name of the story your character is from in the character role box so everyone knows what story your character is from.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:27 Character Rule 6: Keep a fair amount of characters. It is also recommended that you are at least one bad guy character.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:27 FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS!!!
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:29 Belle: Is the ruler of the small town in Fairyland. Lives in the huge castle. Has wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Wears her gold/yellow dress on special occasions, but is usually seen in a plain blue one.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 04:29 Belle is nice and caring towards all of the citizens and is open to any of their opinions etc.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.3 04:34 (The Evil Queen is the ruler of all of the bad guys. Wears a dark purple dress and cape with a huge white collar. Also has a gold crown. Real name is Tabitha. Lives in a secluded lair far off in Fairyland.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.3 04:37 (Red Riding Hood: blonde-ish gold hair, blue eyes, light blue dress and the iconic red cloak. Real name is Valerie. Lives in a cabin in the forest and works at a bakery in town. Is pretty rebellious at times, yet kind.)
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Oct.3 04:41 (Prince Philip: Brown/blonde hair, blue eyes, and a blue vest, brown pants, white shirt, and 100% leather cape. Lives in the castle. Is pretty rude, mean, and bossy to anyone who gets in his way.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.3 18:08   - 40 Awesomeness points to Evil Queen  
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.3 19:40  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.3 19:40  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.3 19:41  Buying PlayersChoicePotion (x 4)  
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.3 19:41  Buying Basket (x 1)  
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.3 19:41  Buying Food (x 1)  
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Oct.3 19:42  Buying Horse (x 1)  
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Oct.3 19:42  Buying Hat (any style) (x 1)  
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Oct.4 02:23 (Anna is from Frozen. She has red hair with a streak of white in braids. Wears a long sleeved blue shirt with a black vest. Wearing a blue skirt. Wears a pink cape when nessecary. Clumsy, puts her foot in her mouth, funny, but mostly kind to everyone.)
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Oct.4 02:28 (The Witch is from Hansel and Gretel. She is basically a hag: stringy, greasy gray hair, tons of warts, and wears a dress with an apron that has the occassional red stain. Enjoys luring kids into her trap, and is always injured in some way. )
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Oct.4 02:29 (Usually has a cane or crutches, depending on the injury.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 02:36   - 40 Awesomeness points to The Witch  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 23:49 Ok...let the game begin!
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 23:49 *it is a regular old day in the Fairytale Kingdom* *enters a library*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 23:50 Librarian: Hello, Belle! How may I help you today? Belle: I'm looking for a book on creatures fromFairyland. Librarian: Ok...*shows Belle what section it's in*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 23:52 *looks at a few books* *grabs a dusty black one and looks at it* Hey..this book hasn't been checked out for awhile. At least not in the past 20 years. Mind if I check it out? Librarian: Go ahead! It's yours. Belle:Thanks! *leaves the library*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 23:53 *walks out the door, flipping through the pages* *runs into Red Riding Hood*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 23:53 Hi Belle! I have some bread I'd love you to taste. *glances at the book Belle is reading*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 23:54 *slams the book shut quickly* Oh-! Hi! Well actually I've just eaten at a cafe- but I'd be glad to taste it later.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 23:55 Okay. *wraps the bread in cloth* Enjoy!
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 23:55  Giving Food (x 1) to Belle  
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 23:55 Bye! *walks off to the bakery*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.9 23:56 *stuffs the bread in her book bag and runs to her castle* *enters, then goes into her library and opens the book up* *munches on the bread while reading*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Oct.11 03:40 *walks throughout town* *looks up at the big castle* The castle! I wish I could visit it someday...
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Oct.14 03:07 *goes to the market and comes across some stands selling fresh treats* *notices some chocolate* Oooh, chocolate...*dreamy mode*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Oct.14 03:08 *hobbles over to the treat stand* *watches Anna carefully, observing her love for chocolate* Hmmm hmm hmm hmmm....*cackling* *buys as much chocolate as she can afford, and steals the rest*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Oct.14 03:09 *hobbles away, clutching her bag* *suddenly trips over an uneven cobblestone* Oh! *falls over*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Oct.14 03:10 Oh! *gasps and runs to the Witch's aid* Are you alright? Witch: Of course, yes, yes...*is helped up by Anna*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Oct.14 03:11 *turns to Anna* Thank you, dearie...*stumbles out of the town square*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Oct.14 03:12 *watches the Witch going far out of town* *grows suspicious*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Oct.16 02:25 *enters town* *is totally unaware of the Witch's identity* Um, excuse me? You dropped your chocolates...*runs after her, carrying the bag of (stolen) chocolates*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Oct.19 18:30 Oh, yes....*wicked mode* Give those to me! *snatches the bag and limps off into the forest*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Oct.21 22:31 *watches the Witch hobble off into the forest suspiciously* *is eager to find out what's going on, but is forced to come back in the bakery*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.29 21:00 *is in the forest, waiting for the Witch* *sits high atop a tree, waiting for her* *wraps her dark cape around herself*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.29 21:00 *the wind howls*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Oct.30 18:11 [Hi, it's me, Brunny! I'm going to play as the Snow Queen and Gerda, who are from the tale "The Snow Queen."]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Oct.30 18:17 [The Snow Queen:Long white hair that points upward somewhat in the form of ice-like spikes, white skin, icy blue eyes with grayish pupils, wears snow-white robes. A bad guy.]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Oct.30 18:18 [Has the power to make any place winter at any time she feels like it. Has an ice palace hidden far north in another country.]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Oct.30 18:18 [Is wicked and cold-hearted.]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 18:19 [Gerda:Blonde hair in pigtails, blue eyes, is the usual little girl. Wears a blue dress with pretty pink, white, and green markings that are mostly similar to flowers. Kind, innocent, loving, but at the same time brave.]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 18:19 [A good guy.]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 18:22 [I might be Aurora, Maleficent, and/or the Big Bad Wolf sometime.]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 18:24  Buying Dress (any style) (x 1)  
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Oct.30 18:24  Buying Flying potion (x 5)  
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Oct.30 18:25  Buying PlayersChoiceSpell (x 20)  
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Oct.30 18:25  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 18:26  Buying Food (x 1)  
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 18:26  Buying Basket (x 1)  
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.30 18:27  Buying Book (x 1)  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.31 20:31 (Thanks for joining!)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.31 20:32   - 40 Awesomeness points to Elsa  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Oct.31 20:34 (Also, feel free to give characters such as The Snow Queen or any other future characters "real names" if you wish.)
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Oct.31 20:36 *comes hobbling towards the Evil Queen* *smirks* We meet again, your highness...
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.31 20:36 *smiles back* Yes, we do...
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Oct.31 20:37 *is waiting to round up all of the baddies for a meeting*
Player 42014,Oct.31 20:43 * is a wolf who is vary good at planing strategys has soft blue eyes and cream colored fur wears a gray hoodie
Player 42014,Oct.31 20:45 and jeens he thinks alot and is quiet alot of the time he isn't bad his parents are he isnt good eather his parnts make him go to all the meetings is unsure of what he wants to be*
Player 42014,Oct.31 20:46 *goes to the meeting for the first time waits awkwardly by the evil queen*
Player 42014,Oct.31 20:49 *looks at the evil queen* hi
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.1 04:54 [Hi Caprial! It's me, Brunnhilde! Remember me from the Thematic Clubs?]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.1 04:55 [BTW Caprial, I believe you have to be a character from an actual fairytale, not one you just made up. Sorry.]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.1 04:56 [Here are different fairytales you can take a charactert from (just make sure the character you choose isn't already taken):Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, the Snow Queen, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White,
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.1 04:56 Little Red Riding Hood, and many other classic fairytales.]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.1 04:57 [Also, the rules above say you can't be an animal-but if you want to be an animal from a fairytale (example:the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood), you should probably be a man/woman who can turn into an animal or something.]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.1 04:58 [Sorry if I'm being too pushy, but after reading all the rules and such I believe what I say is true. Correct me if I'm wrong, Paige and Joan.]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.1 04:58 *typo;I posted "charactert" in one of my messages, I meant to say character
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.1 23:27 (Actually you can be a character from any fairytale book, movie, ballet, opera, or whatever. And yes, you cannot make up your own characters; they must be from a fairytale. )
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.1 23:29 (Animal characters must be like an Animagus- if you've read or seen Harry Potter, you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, they have to be humans who can turn into animals.)
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.1 23:38 (Odette is from the ballet Swan Lake. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. Lives in the forest in a cabin and works at the local bakery part-time.)
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.1 23:42 (Hansel is from the fairytale Hansel and Gretel. He wears the basic peasant outfit- a somewhat ripped brown tunic and pants with a rope tied around the tunic. Has brown hair. Is really cautious about the bad guys and cares about the town a lot.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.1 23:44 *is meanwhile organizing a grand ball to take place in the kingdom in a few days* The invitations...how will I write them out and send them?...I must hire someone.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.1 23:47 *has turned into a crow and flown to Belle's castle* *perches on the library window and listens to Belle* *Thinks:* A party...Yes...*screeches and flies back into the forest*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 03:57 *begins writing all of the invitations*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 03:59 *turns back into her original state* *sneers* Ol' Belle is having a grand ball in a couple of nights.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.2 04:02 [New character:Leonore Florestan from Beethoven's only opera, "Fidelio!"]
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.2 04:02 [For her appearance, look up Gundula Janowitz as Leonore Florestan on Google Images or something.]
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:02 (Isn't Fidelio regarded as a fictional opera?)
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.2 04:05 [It's based on a true story, actually.]
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:06 (Ok. Sorry for not specifying earlier, but characters must be fantasy based only. Sorry once again for not specifying.)
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.2 04:08 [Oh, okay. Could you delete this character profile then?]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:08 [*switching characters*]
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:08 (Yes.)
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.2 04:10 *her eyes glisten* Ohhhh!!!! We can ruin that ball!! And maybe capture some people...*smiles creepily*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:10 [Thanks.]
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.2 04:10 *folds hands together plottingly*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:12 Now, the catch is HOW...*stares into space*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.2 04:12 It could be any way. As long as we get some of them.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:13 *is coming home from the bakery* *looks towards the dark forest*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2014,Nov.2 04:13 [New character:The Big Bad Wolf. Basically a gray wolf with amber eyes. Is really a man who can turn into a wolf and back. In human form, he has dark brown hair with hints of gray (like the fur from his wolf form), amber eyes, and shabby gray clothes.]
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2014,Nov.2 04:14 [Likes antagonizing the weaker good guys and kids especially. Also creepily threats of eating some of the good guys if/when they ever get captured.]
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2014,Nov.2 04:14 *watches Red Riding Hood from the woods*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:14 (He sounds pretty creepy!!)
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:15 *hears some low murmurs* *sees a lady with a dark cloak in a tree (AKA the Evil Queen)*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:17 *turns and sees a dark, tall figure* *backs up, turns around, and runs back into town*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:17 *is meanwhile in her ice palace countless miles away, thinking of what places she can harm and freeze*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:17 -A DAY OR SO LATER*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:18 [Can the Evil Queen fly to the Snow Queen's palace in crow form and summon her to join in on "the fun?"]
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:19 (Yeah.)
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:20 *flies to the Snow Queen's palace* *turns into her human form at the front door and enters*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:21 *turns and sees the Evil Queen* Hello...
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:22 Hello. I haven't told you, but Belle is planning a ball, which is to be held tomorrow night.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:23 The Witch, the Big Bad Wolf, and myself have been trying to brainstorm ideas to destroy the celebration, but so far haven't come up with any. Have you got any ideas?
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:25 *suddenly smiles evily* Actually, I do. I have been waiting for a chance to freeze that old castle, and I might use that chance on the night of the ball.
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:25 I'm in.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 04:27 *smirks* Great. We'll be seeing you. *leaves*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:27 *she and the Evil Queen head back to the dark forests where the Witch and the Big Bad Wolf are*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:28 *has meanwhile been delivering the invitations*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:28 *or at least she heads away from her palace with the Evil Queen*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:28  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Red Riding Hood  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:28  Giving Invitation (x 1) to  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:28  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Rapunzel  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:28  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Peter Pan  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:29  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Hansel  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:29  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Odette  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:29  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Anna  
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:30 *grabs his invitation* *rips it open and reads*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:33 *is pretty happy to be going* *sighs* I wish I had something decent to wear...*goes back inside*
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:34 *she and Red Riding Hood (who both work at the bakery) receive their invitations*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:35 [Can I create another character real quick?]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:35 [It'll be a good guy.]
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:37 (Sure!)
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:38 [Let me think of a character...any suggestions? I'm currently considering Aurora from Sleeping Beauty...]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.2 04:40 [Oh wait! I know who I'll be!]
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:41 [Kay from the Snow Queen! He is Gerda's best friend. In the tale, he is taken away by the Snow Queen, and Gerda walks many miles to the Snow Queen's palace in order to save him.]
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:42 [Appearance:Short brown hair, green eyes, a red sweater with dark blue patterns and such on it, and navy blue pants. Wears brown leather boots.]
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:42 [Kind, nice, he and Gerda are very protective of each other, sometimes a little bossy.]
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:42  Giving Invitation (x 1) to The Ugly Stepsister  
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:43  Buying Hat (any style) (x 1)  
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:43  Buying Book (x 1)  
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:43  Buying Map (x 1)  
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:43  Buying Food (x 1)  
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:43  Buying Dress (any style) (x 1)  
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:43 *has bought a nice blue dress for the ball*
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:44  Buying Dress (any style) (x 1)  
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:44 *has bought a dazzling swan-like gown for the ball*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:46  Buying Dress (any style) (x 1)  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:46 -THE BALL HAS STARTED-
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:46
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:46 [Oops]
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:47 *goes to the ball with Gerda**he and his best friend are both smiling*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:47 *is greetinng all of the guests at the door* *wears a yellow dress similar to the one from Beauty and the Beast*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:49 *goes to the ball with Odette*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.2 04:49 *is decked out in really grand attire* *shoves Odette and Red Riding Hood, then puts on the "nice act" with Belle*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:50 *enters the castle nervously, wearing the dress similar to the coranation dress, but it is royal purple and black*
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:51 *rubs her arm* Well, that was rude.
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:52 *he and Gerda are wearing their casual but somewhat beautiful European clothes*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:54 *nods* *watches Prince Philip, becoming more annoyed than ever* How can Belle fall for such an act?
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:54 *enters the castle, wearing a decorative black coat to cover up his peasant clothes*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 04:55 Wow...this is amazing!
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:55 Yeah, but I'm more used to the tighter, cozier spaces that we are always in at home.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 04:56 *smiles* I'm so glad you could all come here!
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 04:57 *watches people waltz across the shiny ballroom floor* *turns to Odette* Should we dance?
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.2 04:59 May I have this dance? Gerda:Sure! *she and Kay dance*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 05:01 *starts talking with Anna*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.2 05:01 *pulls up her oversized hood to her dark purple cape* *is standing outside of the castle*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.2 05:02 *joins the Evil Queen, standing by with a newly broken arm*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.2 05:03
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 05:24 *rubs her arm* Well, that was rude.
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.2 05:25 *is being socially awkward around Hansel*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 20:41 *laughs a little, then looks around* Well, I'll see you around...
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 20:42 *goes over to Red Riding Hood* May I have this dance?
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.2 20:43 *looks at Odette* Er, yeah, sure...*takes off her hood* *dances with Hansel*
Player 52014,Nov.2 20:47 (Hi! Is it OK if I join? I'm turning eleven next month.)
Player 52014,Nov.2 20:52 (Hello?)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 22:49 (Yeah! Thank you for joining!)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 22:49  Giving Invitation (x 1) to  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.2 22:50 (Unfortunately, I think I'll have to delete the character "R.J. wolf" since Caprial hasn't come back to change her character into a character from an existing fairytale.)
Player 52014,Nov.3 00:34 (Lussa's from a fantasy book called The Undrowned Child.)
Player 52014,Nov.3 00:34 (Thanks)
Player 52014,Nov.3 00:35 Lussa: has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She is very pretty. She speaks in "sailor" language in the book, and she's sort of like the leader of her group of mermaids.I may add more mermaids to the story.)
Player 52014,Nov.3 00:36 *Her mermaids speak in sailor language. She speaks in capital letters. For example, "I Talk Like This.")
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.3 01:12 (Merlin is the wizard from King Arthur.He wears dark blue robes, a tall blue hat with the same color, and his robes are covered in faded silver stars. Has a long, white beard. Knows a lot of things, very wise.)
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.3 01:12  Buying Hat (any style) (x 1)  
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.3 01:13  Buying Wand (x 1)  
Player 182014,Nov.3 01:21 (Morgan Le Fay is from the Tales of King Arthur as well. She works in the town library and is very smart. She is also close with Merlin and they go on quests together.)
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.3 03:23 (Changing color.)
Player 182014,Nov.3 03:26 (New character: Elsa from Frozen. Wears a turquoise dress with silver glitter and a long transparent cape. Is very protective of Anna, always likes to be on top of things so she can help, and hates the Snow Queen.)
Player 182014,Nov.3 03:28 (Brunnhilde, we were watching a TV show tonight called Once Upon a Time. It had the Snow Queen, Anna, Elsa, Belle, Kristoff, and many others in it. Gerda was mentioned, and we wanted to know if Gerda had any relations to the Snow Queen.)
Player 182014,Nov.3 03:30 (In the show, I think Gerda was Anna and Elsa's mom. If you're interested in watching it, it's on at 7/8 C on ABC.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.3 03:31  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Merlin  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.3 03:31  Giving Invitation (x 1) to Morgan Le Fay  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.3 03:32  Giving Invitation (x 1) to  
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:20 [Really? I don't watch Once Upon a Time though...not really interested.]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:20 [Gerda isn't related to the Snow Queen at all, but she's from the same tale.]
Player 182014,Nov.3 04:22 (Yeah. It was a cool show, and pretty interesting too. )
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:22 [Here's the storyline of "The Snow Queen":Once, there was a very evil goblin who was so evil he was really a demon. The demon had a magic mirror, and anyone who looked into it would turn evil.]
Player 182014,Nov.3 04:22 (Ok. They mustve altered some stuff.)
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:23 [One day, some goblins took away the mirror and started to fly up to the heavens in order to taunt the angels with it, but accidentally dropped it. When it hit the earth it split into millions of tiny pieces, some of the glass being caught in the winds
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:23 and spread throughout the world.]
Player 182014,Nov.3 04:23 (The magic mirror was in the show. It was pretty weird.)
Player 182014,Nov.3 04:24 *arrives at the ball* *sees Anna* Anna! Hi!
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:24 [When the glass hit a person's eye, he/she would see good things as if they were horrible and bad, and evil things as if they were good and pure. And if the glass hit a person's chest, his/her heart would turn to ice.]
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:24 Elsa! *they reunite*
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.3 04:26 *he and Morgan arrive at the ball* *a lot of people stop and look at him since he is a very well known wizard*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:27 [Meanwhile, in a small nearby town, Kay and Gerda, two close friends, were living happily. But one day, Kay got hit in the eye and the chest with some of the glass, and he became really bad.]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:28 [Later, in the winter, Kay went sledding. He tied his sled to the sled of a larger horse-drawn sled, which turned out to be the Snow Queen's sled. The Snow Queen drove her sled out of the town and took Kay away.]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:28 [The rest of the story is about how Gerda went on a long journey north to find Kay, turn him good again, and save him.]
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.3 04:29 *waits outside the castle with The Witch* *is awaiting the other villains' arrival*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.3 04:30 (Sounds like a good story I guess.)
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:30 *the Big Bad Wolf runs epicly through the forest and to the Evil Queen**he turns back into his human form*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.3 04:30 [Yep. Way darker and WAYYY better than Frozen.]
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.3 04:33 *smiles* Are you ready?
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2014,Nov.3 04:35 Yes. But where is-oh, here she comes... *cold air enfolds the baddies as the Snow Queen rides over to them in her pure white sled*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.3 04:37 Oh, I'm so excited!!! *looks really cunning*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.3 04:39 *gets off her sled* Shall we get started?
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.3 04:39   - 40 Awesomeness points to Aurora  
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.3 04:40 Yes. *marches towards the tall castle doors and opens them with her black powers* *gasping is heard from everyone*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.3 04:41 *there is a moment of silence* *looks at the guests angrily* *her minions stand in the background*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.3 04:42 *glares at Belle* How come WE were not invited?!
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.3 04:42 [Can I add Maleficent and Aurora real quick? I decided to RP as them.]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.3 04:43 [Or do I already have too many characters?]
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.3 04:48 (Go ahead and add 'em! Sorry for the slow replies.)
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.3 04:48 [It's okay!]
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.3 04:49 *looks around nervously* *is speechless* Uh- oh, I'm sorry, I guess I didn't know- Evil Queen: Silence. There is no need for an explanation.
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.3 04:50 Was it because we were too ugly?! *cackles her head off*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.3 04:50 *notices Hansel in the crowd* *her eyes grow wide* Hansel...my boy...how much you've grown...
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.3 04:51 *is not only embarrassed, but really scared too* Er, hello.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.3 04:52 *gets pretty mad* Get out of this castle. And leave Hansel alone.
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2014,Nov.3 04:54 *cackles* Oh, how I'd love to burn you in my oven!
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 03:18 Ah, defiance. It never gets old.
Player 92014,Nov.4 03:58 Teodora Gasperin is from The Undrowned Child and its sequel, The Mourning Emporium. She is the main character in both of them. Her both parents died when she was a baby in a storm wreck, and her adopted parents are scientists.
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.4 03:58 *reveals himself from the crowd* Do not harm these people.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.4 03:59  Giving Invitation (x 1) to  
Player 92014,Nov.4 03:59 She also has some special powers: She's a Reader-of-Hearts and she also sees words written over people's heads in their handwriting. She has curly light brown hair and green eyes. She is very kind and loves animals, especially cats.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.4 04:00  Giving Invitation (x 1) to  
Player 52014,Nov.4 04:01 Lussa is also from both books. Sorry about the mess-up.
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:01 She also has a nickname: Teo.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.4 04:04 (Ok, thanks for the information!)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:04 Lorenzo Antonello is from The Undrowned Child and its sequel, also. He is around Teo's age. He is very handsome. He has dark brown hair and light brownish eyes. He is fiercely proud of his city, Venice, and he always uses big words.
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:05 In the books, he helps Teo. He is nicknamed Renzo.
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:05 (I have to go. I may or may not be back.(
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.4 04:07 (Ok, see you soon!)
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:09 *avoids eye contact with Merlin, still glaring* *the Big Bad Wolf eyes Teo and Lorenzo hungrily*
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:17 ('m back!)
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:17 (Could you call Lorenzo Renzo?)
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:23 Miss Canidia Uish is one of the bad guys in the books. In the RP, she's sent to spy on the kids by the "bad guy." She is from London an date people from Venice. SHe also hates sea creatures. Becouse of this, she's especially mean to Teo and Renzo.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:23 She also likes to shoot animals.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:30 (Ok.)
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:36 (Do you mind removing one of your characters though? I think Brunnhilde was going to create a character or two, but I'm not sure.)
Player 42014,Nov.4 04:36 (Sure. Could you remove Flos and Marsil?)
Player 52014,Nov.4 04:37 (What's happening in the game right now?)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:37 *tries to look brave*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:38 (Yep. As of right now, Belle has invited everyone to her castle for a royal ball. All has gone wrong once the Evil Queen and her minions, or the other bad guys, barged in.)
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:38 (The bad guys are currently seeking revenge because they weren't invited to the ball- and they also want to destroy everyone.)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:38 Renzo also thinks that anyone who isn't Venetian isn't good enough for him. He thought that about Teo until he found out that her birth parents were Venetian.
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:39 (OK.)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:39 *walks over to Morgen Le Fay* Would you be so kind as to let us have this dance?
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:40 Renzo, there's danger! *points to the Big Bad Wolf*
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.4 04:40 Yes, you must be careful, Renzo.
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.4 04:40 *eyes the Big Bad Wolf suspiciously*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:40 *comes into the room* Ah, so we meet again, The Studious Son and The Undrowned Child.
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:41 Hello, Miss Uish.
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:43 (In THE UNDROWNED CHILD, Teo and Renzo turn out to be people from an old Venetian prophecy. Of course, their parents aren't ancient, and they weren't born in that era, but the prophecy is sort of coming true in the book.)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:43 (There's also a lot of magic in the book, so it's basically fantasy.)
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.4 04:45 (Ok.)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:45 (In the second book, Renzo looses his mom in a storm, and Teo's parents get kidnapped. Renzo's dad died when he was younger,so now they're both considered orphans. THey get onto a boys' ship, and Teo has to disguise herself.)
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.4 04:45 *tries to guard the kids*
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:46 (Then Miss Uish comes and takes over the boat. She tries to turn the kids into pirates. They set sail for London, where they have to save London from the bad guys with Magic. They saved Venice in the first book.)
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.4 04:46 *the Snow Queen tries to blast Teo with ice magic*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:47 *is pretending to be on the good side* *has just started being a spy*
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.4 04:47 (It sounds like a good book!)
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:47 (It is. Youshould also read the sequel.)
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:47 (sorry_
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:49 *the Big Bad Wolf sniffs Renzo* *says something in Venetian to Renzo* *in Venetian* Renzo! Watch out!
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:49 No vulgar Venetian!
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:50 *Renzo backs away from the wolf*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.4 04:50 Please...just leave my palace...Evil Queen: Not until we get our revenge...The Witch: *cackles* It'll be fair and square!
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:52 *in a supposedly defensive voice* Leave these people alone, would you?
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:52 (You can remove Flos&Marsil if you want)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:53 In Venetian: I wonder where the rest of the SCILLA's crew is.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.4 04:54 (Ok, I did.)
Player 172014,Nov.4 04:54 (The Scilla is the ship that Renzo and Teo were on)
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:54 NO VULGAR VENETIAN!
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:54 Fine. Then I'll set the entire kingdom on a curse. *raises her hands* *screams are heard*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:55 Renzo *in Venetian* No vulgar English!
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:55 MWAH-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA....
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 04:55 *pretends to scream*
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:55 Now let's see…where did I put the Spell Almanac…*serches in her pockets*
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:56 Found it!
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:56 *says a curse*
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:56 Hansel: Teo, can you read the Evil Queen's heart?
Player 92014,Nov.4 04:57 *The Evil Queen dissolves into air*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.4 04:57 *the entire castle goes dark, and a strong wind starts blowing*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:01 What is going ON?...Merlin: To the forests!!
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.4 05:04 *everyone tries to get out of the castle first hand, which causes a traffic jam*
Player 92014,Nov.4 05:09 Excuse me!
Player 92014,Nov.4 05:09 Let me through!
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.4 05:10 *shoves everyone pretty hard* *mounts his horse and the horse gallops into the forest*
Player 92014,Nov.4 05:20 In Venetian: Renzo, what should we do? Renzo: Run! *they run* *as a result they manage to keep up with the older people*
Player 52014,Nov.4 05:35 Children, You Must Be Careful.
Player 92014,Nov.4 05:37 We know, Lussa.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 05:38 *is chatting with Belle in a fake-friendly voice*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 05:39 Simply delightful. And I hate animals, don't you agree? Simply disgraceful creatures, they are. Belle: Er, I don't know.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 05:42 You know I was on a ship called the Scilla once? Perfectly disgusting. The only decent members of the crew were Malfeasence Peaglum and Sibella. The little sailor brats would only speak in Venetian- they're Venetian, you know - and they tried to drown me
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.4 05:43 Some of them are here - Teo and Renzo. And their horrible friend Lussa. Belle: They seem perfectly nice to me. Miss Uish: *is quiet*
Player 92014,Nov.4 05:46 *whispers in Venetian* Listen to them!
Player 172014,Nov.4 05:47 *whispers in Venetian* Her. Yakkity-yak-yak-yak.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:35   + 30 Craziness points to Evil Queen  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:36   + 10 Craziness points to Snow White  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:36   + 10 Craziness points to Aurora  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:36   + 10 Craziness points to The Witch  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:37   + 10 Craziness points to Elsa  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:37   - 40 Awesomeness points to Snow White  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:38 *the castle walls become old and cracked, and vines cross them* *all life has disappeared from the castle* *gasps* My castle!
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:40 *grabs her dark blue cloak and puts it on* *runs out of the castle and mounts her horse* *rides into the forest*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 00:41 *is running through the forest with Odette* *the villains are advancing*
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2014,Nov.5 00:43 *gets tackled by the Big Bad Wolf who is in wolf form* *screams*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 00:45 Odette!! No!! *tries grabbing Odette, but it is too late* *watches in horror as the Big Bad Wolf chomps down on Odette's arm and drags her away* *a scream of agony is heard from Odette*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 00:45 Snow Queen: How about a bit of snow? *the trees become bare, and snow starts falling*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.5 00:46 *has also captured Lorenzo, Kay, and Prince Philip*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 00:47 *runs through the forest for a long time* *trips over her ball gown and wipes out* *pretty much everyone is left to their own devices*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 00:48 *meanwhile, he has gone into town and has grabbed everything everyone might need to survive*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 00:48 -LATER-
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.5 00:49 *everyone who wasn't captured is rounded up around a fire, dressed in clothes more fit for traveling and weapons at hand*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.5 00:49 *warms her hands by the fire* I can't believe that this happened.
Player 172014,Nov.5 04:58 I know!
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.6 22:15 (Lorenzo has been captured by the Evil Queen and taken to her lair.)
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.8 22:22 Does anyone know where they were taken?
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.8 22:23 I saw them being taken in the direction of the East Mountain, where the Evil Queen lives.
Player 182014,Nov.8 22:24 *looks in the direction of the East Mountain* *a dark cliff with a gloomy looking citadel is seen on the top* Let's go find them.
Player 182014,Nov.8 22:24 *everyone who wasn't captured heads towards the East Mountain*
Player 182014,Nov.8 22:27 *the Snow Queen has meanwhile created a very strong blizzard, making it hard for everyone to travel*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.9 17:23 *trudges through the snow* *falls over*
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:42 Lussa: Be Brave, Teodora. This Will Be A Hard Quest.
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:43 Teo: *turns to Miss Uish* I thought you died@
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:43 !
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.10 04:44 Well, you don't have to have been alive to live here, do you?
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:44 0__0 Um...
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:44 You mean you're a g-ghost?
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:46 Miss Uish: No! (No one knows whether she died or not in the book but in the RP Teo had been assuming that she was dead.)
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:46 *whispers under her breath in Venetian*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.10 04:46 NO VULGAR VENETIAN! *glares*
Player 92014,Nov.10 04:47 *is really annoyed with Miss Uish*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.11 03:54 *turns around* Well if you're dead, you may want to stay behind...*gets suspicious*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.11 03:57 *the wind howls and grows stronger* *topples over into the snow*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.11 03:58 Miss Uish: I'm coming along anyways. You can't stop me.
Player 92014,Nov.11 06:00 *gulps*
Player 92014,Nov.11 06:00 *remembers how Miss Uish tried to turn all the kids on the floating orphanage into pirates*
Player 92014,Nov.11 19:47 Lussa! What do I do now?
Player 52014,Nov.11 19:48 You Must Be Careful, Teodora.
Player 52014,Nov.11 19:48 Miss Uish Is Out To Get You.
Player 42014,Nov.12 03:49 [I call Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty! Basically looks and acts like Maleficent from the movie "Maleficent." Might turn good later, but I'm not sure.]
Player 42014,Nov.12 03:49 [May I have a summary? What happened?]
Player 92014,Nov.12 04:03 (Renzo's been captured, and we just found out that Miss Uish is sort of a ghost.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.12 05:04 (Summary for Brunnhilde- basically the Evil Queen set a curse on Belle's kingdom, making it almost lifeless. Everyone fled into the forest.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.12 05:05 (The Evil Queen and the Big Bad Wolf captured Odette, Prince Philip, Lorenzo, and Kay and took them to the Evil Queen's lair on the East Mountain.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.12 05:06 (Meanwhile, the group is trying to reach the East Mountain, but the Snow Queen created a blizzard so the trek would be harder.)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.12 05:07 (You can just say that Maleficent is with the other villains in the lair.)
Player 42014,Nov.13 03:25 [Okie dokie. Thanks!]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 03:26 *pants as she struggles to walk towards the East Mountain with the group* I have to...find...Kay!!
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 03:26 [BTW, is it OK if some of the shards of the evil mirror from the fairytale "The Snow Queen" hit Kay and turn him "cold" and evil?]
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 03:27 [Also, is it OK if the Snow Queen gets to take Kay away far north to her ice palace/lair?]
Player 182014,Nov.13 03:49 (Yeah. Have Prince Philip go with him, because I'm planning on having Philip die and adding Peter Pan in his place.)
Player 182014,Nov.13 03:51 *yells over the raging winds:* This can't be tamed! Belle: We can't surrender.
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.13 03:51 [OK.]
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.13 03:51 [I can just say Philip dies on the way to the ice palace from the cold, but Kay, already having a cold heart, doesn't mind it.]
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.13 03:52 *is in the castle dungeons, peering out of a window that has bars in it blocking his way out**suddenly he feels something tiny and sharp hit in him the eye and the chest**stumbles back* Ow...!
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 03:52 *wraps her dark pink cape around her and puts her hood up* This is too cold for my tastes.
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.13 03:56 *suddenly turns nasty**says rather irritably* Stop complaining!
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.13 03:57 *looks around**the glass in his eye makes good things look horrible, and horrible things looks good* Ugh!! Anna, your cape is covered in maggots!
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.13 03:57 *looks around at the dark, nasty dungeon* But this place looks gorgeous...
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 04:00 What?!? Really?!?! Elsa: There aren't any maggots on your cape, Anna. I don't know what's going on with him.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.13 04:07 Shut up, you fools. Snow Queen, get rid of some of them.
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.13 04:08 *meanwhile, he tames the blizzard and the group is able to see the East Mountain more clearly* *in fact, it is fairly close*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 04:10 *squints, only slightly being able to make out the crooked, leaning East Mountain*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 04:14
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.13 04:16 That's an awfully steep mountain, but I'm going to try to get up there anyways.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.13 04:17 *everyone else decides to take the challenge as well*
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.13 04:17 [BTW, who's Merlin?]
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.13 04:18 *decides to take Prince Philip and Kay away*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 04:18 (Have you ever heard of Merlin the Magician? Tales of King Arthur?)
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 04:18 (In case you don't, Merlin is a popular wizard. I think the tale of Merlin originated in medieval times.)
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.13 04:19 (Yeah, Merlin is a really popular, legendary wizard from Camelot.)
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 04:19 I'm not unfamiliar with these kind of mountains. But it will be difficult. Very difficult.
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.13 04:22 Indeed.
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.13 04:23 [OK.]
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.13 04:24 The air will be quite thin up there, I assume.
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.13 04:24 [And yes, I've heard of the Tales of King Arthur, and the name Merlin sounded a bit familiar.]
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.13 04:25 *the group arrives at the Evil Queen's lair* *waves his wand, and the door is opened*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.13 04:26 *looks around at the dark and dreary interior* Where do you think they are?
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.13 04:26 Perhaps in the dungeons.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.13 04:26 Since this place is so big, I may not be able to answer that.
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.13 04:27 I don't think they would be in the throne room.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.13 04:27 *is at the top of her grand staircase* *hasn't been noticed since her attire pretty much blends in with the surroundings*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.13 04:31 Hello, my friends. I am assuming that you are searching for your friends. Belle: Yes. We are.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.13 04:32 They're in the dungeons. Gerda: May we free them? Please? Evil Queen: *smirks, then laughs a little crazily* No. I am truly sorry.
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.13 04:32 I am afraid it's too late now.
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.13 04:34 *mutters:* Oh, of course.
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.13 04:35 *has taken Kay and Prince Philip away**they are riding on her snow white sled with them*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.13 04:36 *Kay is sitting in her lap**he sees her as perfect and beautiful**meanwhile, Prince Philip is literally freezing to death*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.13 04:38 Please...*coughs, then chatters*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.13 04:39 *after minutes of being ignored, he falls limp and dies*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.13 04:40 *Kay is fine**he doesn't care about the cold at all**they soon arrive at her palace**"disposes" of Prince Philip and takes Kay inside her palace*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 04:41 *meanwhile...* But I want to see Kay again! He's my best friend!
Player 182014,Nov.13 04:43 Evil Queen: I don't care. You can't. Besides, he's with the Snow Queen right now. Elsa: Well, he doesn't belong with the Snow Queen. She's too dangerous.
Player 182014,Nov.13 04:44 *activates her ice powers and runs towards the Evil Queen, who yells every time some magic flies by*
2>Evil Queen (Snow White), 37yo.2014,Nov.13 04:45 *eventually falls down and hits her head against the rail, wiping her out cold*
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.13 04:46 *steps back* It looks like we've got her. Once we figure out where the prisons are, we can save the rest.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.13 04:49 She must have some keys. *runs up the stairs and searches the Evil Queen's robes* *finally comes upon some stone black keys* These have to be them.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.13 04:52 (We have to go, see you tomorrow!)
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 05:06 [Bye!]
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 01:55 Let's find the dungeon. It's gotta be in the basement. *the group runs to a big wooden door that leads into the basement*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.14 01:57 *they get in the basement* Brr...freezing down here.
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.14 01:57 *points down a narrow hallway that everyone seemed to miss* Those have to be them! *goes down the hallway* Hello?...
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 01:59 (New character: Peter Pan. Has wild red hair, a green shirt and pants, a brown belt with a knife, and a pointy hat with a red feather. Is VERY imaginative and never wants to grow up.)
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 02:00 Well it's about time. *crosses arms* Who are you people? Working for the Queen, I presume?
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.14 02:01 No. Actually, we're here to help you because we know some of these people.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.14 02:06 *grabs the keys and unlocks the door* *notices that Lorenzo and Odette look really weak* *helps Odette out* Gerda: Where's Kay?
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 02:07 Kay was taken by the Snow Queen. She took him to her lair.
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Nov.14 02:08 Let's go find him, then. *everyone exits the castle*
Player 182014,Nov.14 02:09 *once they're outside, she makes a sled out of her ice powers* *everyone gets on, except Peter Pan, who rides on the back*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.14 22:56 *the sled starts speeding through the snow* *holds onto the back for dear life*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.16 00:58 Where's Prince Philip? *a random team member who was in the dungeon explains that he was really weak when he left with the Snow Queen, so he may have died*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.17 05:02 Yeah. He was taken by the Snow Queen, but he sort of deserved it, only because he was sort of snobby. *the sled takes a sharp turn, and he almost falls off*
Player 182014,Nov.17 05:03 There it is. *looks up an ice castle that sits upon a snowy mountain with a bit of a blue-ish tint*
Player 182014,Nov.17 05:03 *the sled gets a bit slower*
Player 52014,Nov.20 06:38 (what happened?)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.22 00:57 (Basically the group retrieved the captured people from the Evil Queen's lair. The Snow Queen captured Kay and Prince Philip,but Philip died because of the cold. )
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.22 00:58 (The group is currently riding towards the Snow Queen's castle, and Peter Pan has been added to the group.)
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Nov.26 14:36 *bends over, freezing*
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Nov.26 14:37 *throws an extra cloak over Anna* She's not handling the cold that well.
Player 172014,Nov.27 04:05 Whew. Thank god. It was scary, being captured. *shudders at the memory*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.27 17:21 Yeah, sure was. *the sled rides up to the castle entrance* Well, we're here.
Player 182014,Nov.27 17:21 *looks through the ice window, watching Kay and the Snow Queen play a board game made completely out of ice* I can't believe this.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:06 *puts on her fakest smile* I caaaan't beliiiieve this either. So STRANGE, isn't it?
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2014,Nov.28 04:58 *puts some letters made of ice in front of Kay* I have an assignment for you. If you can spell "eternity" out of those ice letters, I'll give you all of the world and a new pair of skates. (Note that this is from the fairytale "The Snow Queen.")
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.28 04:59 *nods and eagerly begins to try arranging the letters to spell the word "eternity"*
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.28 04:59 *meanwhile, the Snow Queen flies away to freeze the tops of several nearby mountains, as well as harm the crops in the valleys below with her cold powers*
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2014,Nov.28 05:00 *tries and tries and tries and tries and...well, you know what I mean**however, due to the glass in his eye, he can't spell the word eternity with the ice*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 17:54 *looks inside the castle* He's never going to be able to spell the bloody word!
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 17:54 Well, the door of opportunity is open. Let's go inside. *enters the ice castle fearlessly, everyone else following*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 17:58  Buying Hat (any style) (x 1)  
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 17:59  Buying Sword (x 1)  
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 17:59  Buying Map (x 1)  
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 17:59  Buying Club (x 1)  
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 18:00  Buying Winter hat (x 1)  
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 18:00  Buying Food (x 1)  
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 18:00  Buying Winter coat (x 1)  
Player 182014,Nov.28 18:01  Buying Gloves (x 1)  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.28 18:02  Giving Powers (any) (x 50) to Elsa  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.28 18:02  Giving Powers (any) (x 50) to  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.28 18:02  Giving Powers (any) (x 50) to Evil Queen  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.28 18:03  Giving Powers (any) (x 50) to  
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Nov.28 18:04 (Leetka, do you mind being one classic fairytale character (for example, Snow White, Cinderella, etc.)?)
Player 52014,Nov.28 18:28 (OK! I'll swap out Lussa for Snow White.I was thinking about being snow white but I thought someone was already Snow White. Sorry.)
Player 52014,Nov.28 18:29 Oooh, it's cold in here…)
Player 52014,Nov.28 18:30 (sorry about the perenthasies)
Player 52014,Nov.28 18:30 Ooh, it's cold in here...
Player 92014,Nov.28 18:30 Yes, it is.
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 21:08 (It's okay!)
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 21:08 *Gerda cautiously walks up to Kay*
Player 52014,Nov.30 17:23 I miss the dwarves. *sighs*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:23 Dwarves? Stop this nonsense! Oh right, you're SNOW WHITE. Whatever.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Dec.2 03:38 By the way, how are the dwarves doing, Snow White?
Player 52014,Dec.2 03:41 Awesome!
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Dec.3 23:46 *smiles* Well that's good to hear. We should take a visit when we can.
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Dec.3 23:47 *looks grimly at Miss Canida Uish* I don't think that she would agree.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 06:35 Certainly not! *sticks her nose up into the air*
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Dec.4 22:55 We'll figure something out.
Player 92014,Dec.5 16:34 I sure hope so…but I dunno whether it would work. *pauses for a moment* Wait. Were these, uh, dwarves normal-sized once before? (In TUC, Maria gets turned into a dwarf until the end.) *is a bit freaked out by the dwarf thing* *thinks about Maria*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Dec.5 16:34 Ha ha, you won't get away with it.
Player 52014,Dec.5 16:35 *is scared* Not that I know of… *looks at Miss Uish* *gulps*
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Dec.6 20:35 Hey, maybe we should go visit the dwarves. A few people can stay back here, and the rest will go see them. After all, they're probably really confused about what happened.
Player 92014,Dec.7 15:41 Sure…I guess…it's just that I know someone who was turned into a dwarf once.
Player 172014,Dec.7 15:42 Yes, but it would be interesting to visit anyway, wouldn't it? Teo: I guess so.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 15:43 Suit yourselves, TWERPS.
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Dec.9 14:28 (Hi, I'm changing Miss Canidia Uish to Cinderella because when I first added Miss Uish in I hadn't quite finished reading the book so I had no idea what would come at the end.)
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Dec.9 14:31 *walks over to everyone else* Hello, everyone. Do you, um, know where I am? *is dressed in her cleaning clothes*
Player 92014,Dec.9 14:32 Hi! I'm adding a new character: Talina. She is also from the TUC series but she
Player 92014,Dec.9 14:33 (Sorry about that!) But she's from a prequel. She is roughly around Teo's age and has long golden hair. She is very fiery and likes to tease people sometimes.She's still a good guy, though.
Player 92014,Dec.9 14:34 Talina: *walks in also* Where am I? *no one says anything* WELL? WHERE AM I? DON'T JUST SIT THERE!
Player 92014,Dec.9 14:35 Oh, and one more thing: In Venice, she's known as The Terror of the Neighborhood.
Player 182014,Dec.9 22:49 (Ok! Those are some cool new characters!)
Player 182014,Dec.9 22:49 We're at the Snow Queen's castle. The Snow Queen herself isn't here, but Kay is. Kay has been, er, influenced by the Queen.
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2014,Dec.9 22:50 It's going to be a very hard spell to break. You see, the Snow Queen's mirror can make anyone's bad side come out. And that is what happened to Kay.
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2014,Dec.9 22:51 *crosses arms* I still think we should visit the dwarves.
Player 92014,Dec.10 16:13 What dwarves?
Player 92014,Dec.10 16:13 And you didn't tell me WHERE I am. HOW DO I GO TO VENICE FROM THIS FREAKY PLACE?!
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2014,Dec.10 16:13 OK, thanks. What's Venice?
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2014,Dec.18 23:16 I myself don't know where it is.
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2014,Dec.18 23:17 *adds* You're actually in Fairyland right now.
Player 92014,Dec.21 19:32 FAIRYLAND? *starts rattling off a bunch of insults*
Player 92014,Dec.21 19:33 Teo: *widens her eyes at them but savors them at the same time* (Teo loooooooves to read and also loves words.)
Player 52014,Dec.21 19:34 Really, Fairyland's a very nice place.
Player 172014,Dec.21 19:34 *struggles not to cry at this news*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2014,Dec.24 18:33 *says brightly:* It's not THAT bad!
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2014,Dec.24 19:05 Well, it used to be nice...until the Snow Queen messed it up.
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2014,Dec.28 06:02 [Summary?]
Player 92014,Dec.28 17:31 (Basically,I added three new characters and one of them's really confused.)
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Jan.3 02:39 (Gerda went inside the Snow Queen's palace in search of Kay.)
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Jan.3 02:40 (Everyone else is waiting outside the palace.)
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2015,Jan.4 00:53 *yawns*
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2015,Jan.10 00:51 (Brunnhilde, since you haven't returned in a week, I'll have to delete your characters. But, you have a second chance at joining.)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 04:37 (Hi! I'm new!)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 04:39 (I'm not exactly going to be sweet little Aurora... I'm going to be an awesome, kind of tougher Aurora, to give her a sweet appearance with a heart of a warrior!)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 04:40  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 04:40  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
Player 92015,Jan.15 16:06 (Hi, welcome!)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 22:44 (Thank You!)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 22:46 (I'm excited to start this rp, this is my 39th rp, and this one sounds promising. :D)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 23:08 (you could say I'm REALLY into rp)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2015,Jan.15 23:11 (Awesome, thanks for joining!)
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 23:13 I say that we should visit the dwarves.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.16 18:32 (This will be fun :D)
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Jan.16 21:34 Well, off to the dwarves, I suppose. *they leave the Snow Queen's ice mountain via Elsa's ice sled*
Player 182015,Jan.16 21:35 *the sled reaches a huge drop* Here we GOOOOO!!! *the sled speeds down the slope*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2015,Jan.16 21:35 *screams, almost falling off the sled*
Player 182015,Jan.16 21:37 *they reach the end of the slope* **everyone gets off the sled* We'll leave the sled here, since the dwarves are located near the mountains.
Player 182015,Jan.16 21:37 *after trekking around for an entire day, they finally reach the green mountains* *sees someone walking around in the woods* Who is that?...*it is Aurora*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Jan.16 21:38 I don't know, but maybe we should take a look. *walks forward cautiously*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.17 01:16 (Hey!)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.17 01:18 *stumbles out from behind tree* Hello?
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Jan.18 01:12 Hi...who are you?
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 01:13 *looks baffled* It
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2015,Jan.18 01:13 *It's a girl...
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2015,Jan.18 01:13 *sounds annoyed* Well, of course it is.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.19 18:20 Wh-where am I? I-I don't.... I... *faints with dress in tatters*
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2015,Jan.19 21:20 Whoa there! Haha...
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2015,Jan.19 21:20 Are-are you ok?
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Jan.19 21:21 Hmm...it appears she has fainted. Why don't we take her along on our trip? She should be better by then.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.19 21:46 *stirs feebly* Mmm
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 23:23 (Switching charactor slot.)
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 23:23  Buying Powers (any) (x 100)  
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2015,Jan.19 23:24 We should build a cart to put her in. We don't have one.
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2015,Jan.19 23:24 It sounds like a great idea. I'll go chop some wood...*starts off into the woods, before being pulled back by Merlin*
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Jan.19 23:26 I'll make it easier for you, Hansel. *takes out his wand and waves it* *a wooden cart appears*
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2015,Jan.19 23:26 *gasps in awe* Thank you, Merlin! All we need are some horses...
11>Hansel (Hansel and Gretel), 16yo.2015,Jan.19 23:26  Buying Horse (x 2)  
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Jan.19 23:27 *she and Anna help load Aurora into the cart*
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.19 23:28 *sits in the front of the cart with Merlin* *a few people sit in the back, and the cart is off*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 02:14 *starts to wake up, opens eyes slightly, and whispers* I was on my way to vosit the dwarves... How long have I been like this? What happened to my clothes?
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 02:17 *visit
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:23 (How do u add/ subtract strength, health etc. from players if your game master?)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:24 (nvm)
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.20 23:44 Er- I'm not exactly sure.
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:45 *pipes up* We found you in the forest, but you passed out. Also, I'm not exactly sure about your clothes...but we should probably get you some new ones.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:46 *sits up* My memory is kinda.... fuzzy..
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:47 *puts hands in front of face then brings them down*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:49 *looks at Peter* YOU!!!!!!!!! *suddenly seems wide awake, backs away from him, pulls a dagger from her right boot, and point it at him* Keep away from me!!!!! *looks at his face longer and lowers the knife*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:49 I thought... *looks at hands and whispers* no...
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.20 23:50 *points it at him
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.21 19:55 *Merlin stops the cart* *looks at Aurora and Peter* WHAT is going on?!?
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2015,Jan.21 19:56 *looks freaked out* I-I'm sorry?...
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.21 21:46 I-It's not you... H-how long have I had this? *points a trembling finger at a gash on the back of my left hand*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.24 17:40 I w-would really like t-to know..... B-but I-I guess i-if you just f-found me y-you wouldn't k-know......
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.25 04:31 I'm afraid I don't really know how to help you.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.25 15:43 O-Ok.. What's your name?
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.25 19:48 My name is Morgsan Le Fay, and these are my friends.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.26 02:29 Hey Morgan, my name is Aurora...
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Jan.26 03:19 (hi! If you're still accepting new members, here's my character!)
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Jan.26 03:20 (Rapunzel: a young Princess who was kidnapped when she was young, and was forced to never cut her beautiful golden hair)
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Jan.26 03:21 (she longs for freedom, and will eventually escape her tower to join the others)
15>The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella), 19yo.2015,Jan.26 03:26 (and my bad guy-The Ugly Stepsister. She's Cinderella's annoying and evil stepsister. Real name is Helga. Has flat dull brown hair, and mud brown eyes, with a frilly blue green dress)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.26 18:32 (Everyone is welcome!!)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.26 18:32 (I'm new myself.)
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.28 01:30 (Yeah! Welcome!)
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.28 01:31 It's great to meet you, Aurora. We're currently heading towards the woods to find the 7 dwarves...Snow White's friends.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.28 02:41 Oh, I know them! They probably won't recognize me in this state. One sec, can we stop?
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Jan.29 13:31 *sits in her tower in the woods, wishing that she could get out* *sighs*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 01:05 *- I wonder what Rapunzel is doing... probably bored... I haven't visited in a while. Maybe I'll do that later.-*
16>Odette (Swan Lake ), 18yo.2015,Jan.31 21:31 *the cart makes its way though a dark, creepy forest*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:47 Stop the cart.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 02:20 I need to change.
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Feb.1 20:43 *the cart stops*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 22:51 Thanks. *jumps out, pull off dress, underneath which there is leggings, a black shirt and leather boots, which the dagger is stuck down, stuffs the dress away, pulls hair into a pony tail, and hops back onto the cart* Ok, I'm good now.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 22:52  Buying Bow+arrows (x 1)  
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 22:52  Buying Gloves (x 1)  
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 22:53 *pulls on fingerless black gloves*
13>Morgan Le Fay (King Arthur), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.4 04:00 *the cart drives off deeper into the forest*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Feb.4 04:01 *looks around* *sees a bat flying by* Are we going the right way?...
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Feb.4 04:02  Buying Map (x 1)  
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Feb.4 04:03 *examines the map for awhile* We appear to be somewhere in the Enchanted Forest.
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2015,Feb.4 04:03 *notices a clearing* Hey, we're coming to a clearing!
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2015,Feb.4 04:04 And there's a tower...*there is in fact a brick tower in the clearing, with ivy and roses climbing the walls*
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Feb.4 04:05 *drives the cart closer* It's Rapunzel's tower.
Player 42015,Feb.4 04:11 (can i join this RP?)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2015,Feb.5 02:24 (yeah, welcome!)
Player 42015,Feb.5 04:36 (has red black and white fur is very smart and cunning and fluffy eats little bigs and grandma's and terrorizes litte girls wearing red hoods)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 18:16 Hey, I haven't seen her in a while! *hops out of cart and runs ahead*
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 23:23 Wait, so you know her?
8>Peter Pan (Peter Pan), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 23:23 *shrugs* I guess so?...
Player 42015,Feb.5 23:25 *comes out of the woods walks around Red* well well well long time no see Red how long has it been sence we last saw each other?
Player 42015,Feb.5 23:25 it has been about 8 years sence i saw you in the woods *chuckels*
Player 42015,Feb.6 00:35 you have grown up last time i saw you, you were walking to your grandmas house you were so small about 7 or was it 8, so Red what are you doing all they way out here at Rapunzels Tower?
Player 42015,Feb.6 00:36 *keeps cercling around her his voice you smooth but sly*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Feb.6 01:17 *hears a commotion outside the tower* *is worried it might be the evil witch who keeps her in the tower* *runs to the window to see if it's her*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Feb.6 01:18 *instead, sees a group of what appears to be travelers* *get's super excited when she recognizes one of them as one of her old childhood friends, Aurora, who she used to sing to from her tower*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Feb.6 01:18 *is worried that they'll get caught by the witch, though, and calls out to warn them*
Player 42015,Feb.6 03:11 soo red did you bring your basket of goodies today?
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:19 *laughs nervously* I actually don't have anyone to deliver them to, heh heh.
12>Merlin (Wizard), 65+yo.2015,Feb.6 04:19 *looks down at the Big Bad Wolf, his staff raised* I'm warning you...you should leave.
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2015,Feb.6 04:20 *is indeed walking around the woods, looking for who knows what* *cackles gleefully*
Player 42015,Feb.6 17:04 *backs up slightly* hey hey hey! watch that stick buddy! i dont mean any trouble i was just wondering if red had any of those blueberry Muffins
Player 42015,Feb.6 17:05 the good kind made with cake batter insted of muffin batter did you bring any red?
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:40 *shouts up* C'mobn Punze, let down your gold hair!
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:41 (I meant C'mon.)
Player 42015,Feb.7 02:42 *looks at Aurora* letting down her hair isnt the best idea
Player 42015,Feb.7 02:43 the old warty witch is in the woods not to far from here i think i will tell her your here unless you have some food on you
Player 42015,Feb.7 02:44 but no chocolate that makes me sick
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 18:17  Buying Food (x 2)  
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 18:17  Giving Food (x 1) to  
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 18:18 There, but I'm really not a fan of old warty, I'll come back later, when old warty is gone.
Player 42015,Feb.7 21:22 *eats the food* this is good ill distract the old hag for you *runs off into the forest runds up to the witch* Hello Agatha! long time no see how are things?
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 00:11 *-Thanks Wolfie..-* *shout whispers* Punze, let down your hair please! I haven't seen you in a while!
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 00:12 *-Guess I changed my mind about leaving.-*
Player 92015,Feb.8 17:30 (Whoa…I've missed out on a lot. What happened?)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 19:14 (Lots of stuff has happened.)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 19:15 (I'm getting used to this!)
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 19:45 (The group is currently at Rapunzel's tower and they are trying to distract the witch so they can rescue her.)
3>Red Riding Hood (LittleRedRidingHood), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 19:46 Since when did the Big Bad Wolf turn good?
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2015,Feb.8 19:46 *tries to get past the Big Bad Wolf* Hello...*staggers towards the clearing* Things have been alright...
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 21:50 *begins to climb the ivy on the tower* Well, be like that.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 21:52 Like old times, eh Punze? *starts to sing quietly, waiting for Rapunzel to sing with her*
Player 42015,Feb.8 22:43 *pushes the old witch back into the fores* You know what i saw the othe day?
Player 42015,Feb.8 22:44 I saw Rupensel swinging with her hair in the forest with Robin hood they said they were traveling to kingdome so they could set sail and get away from you
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 00:31 *reaches the window ledge and sits on the outside, facing the forest*
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 00:31 *still singing*
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Feb.11 12:59 *creeps over to the window by Aurora* *smiles, and starts to sing with her* It's good to see you Aurora, but you shouldn't be here! The witch is going to come see you for sure!
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 18:14 *turns around on the ledge and jumps in* Well, old Wolfie's repaying that little favor of mine.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:39 Nice to see you too Punze.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:39 *smiles for the first time since she was found in the woods*
Player 42015,Feb.13 22:33 Or I could tell you were she actually but i would need something... something worth my while *walks around the witch*
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2015,Feb.14 19:42 *seems interested* And what would that be?...
Player 42015,Feb.14 23:10 you could give me the ablity to turn invisable when ever i want
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 20:22 (Good luck with that....)
6>Rapunzel (Princess), 18yo.2015,Feb.16 01:26 *gives Aurora a hug* It's been forever, Aurora! Where have you been? How on earth did you end up here of all places?
Player 172015,Feb.16 04:52 (What happened?)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.16 21:51 *hugs her* I kinda got found in the woods unconcious.... I think I was visiting the dwarves.... I don't remember.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 00:20 But, oh well. *lets her go* I suppose we have some catching up to do. *looks around* It's messier then I remember.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 00:21 (Lots of stuff.)
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2015,Feb.19 22:19 Well if you want those powers, I'll need a payment in return.
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2015,Feb.19 22:20 *thinks hard* How about the girl...with the cape as red as blood?
Player 42015,Feb.20 16:02 very well they are all gathared at Rapunzel's tower i belive aroura is up there with her as we speak
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 18:08 *pulls out dagger from boot* Remember old faithful? *holds knife up to the light* This helped me stitch up Wolfie when he was cut up by an axe. One big slice down the middle.
19>The Witch (Hansel and Gretel), 70+yo.2015,Feb.20 21:40 *lets out a series of low laughs* Yes, that would be splendid.
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Feb.28 01:10 I am sooooo sorry Punze. I never got to visit.
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2015,Mar.2 00:25 *looks around* *happens to see the Witch in the forest* *doesn't say anything though*
7>Elsa (Frozen), 21yo.2015,Mar.2 00:25 Well...should we get going?...
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Mar.2 23:26 *looks out and sighs* Should I go then? *pulls out arrow, fits it in the bow, shoots it straight into the air and watches it hit the dead center of the cart* Bulls-eye!
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Mar.15 19:01 (Hello!!!!!!)
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2015,Mar.16 00:47 *jumps a bit* What was that!! Oh... an arrow...
20>Anna (Frozen), 18yo.2015,Mar.16 00:47 *looks up at Aurora*
10>Snow White (Princess), ???yo.2015,Mar.20 04:24 (Hi! It's Leetka again. I've been REALLY busy so I haven't had time to be on the RolePlay games for a while. Is it OK if I'm Snow White?)
1>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 20-25yo.2015,Mar.22 03:26 (Yeah! It's okay!)
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Mar.25 17:15 *laughs at Anna's reaction* Now... *does the same thing with the bow, splitting the arrow in the center of the cart* YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!
14>Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 15yo.2015,Apr.11 06:49 NNNNNNNoOOOOOOOOOOOOO