" Hunger Games " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 20 years of age.
It's a roleplay as the Hunger Games..
The game starts at the arena.

1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.17 22:29 (Claudius Templesmith is the moderator of teh Hunger Games. I think, I don't have to describe him.)
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:32 [Hi! I'm a big fan of The Hunger Games, so I decided to join.]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:32 [Nicole has long black hair that's often in a ponytail and odd indigo eyes. Her weapon: Archery. She's kind of like my own version of Katniss Everdeen.]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:33 [May I create more characters (specifically ones from different Districts)?]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:33 [Oh, and Nicole is from District 6.]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.18 21:54 (Yes, you can. And can you create the other tribute from District, please?)
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 21:56 (Telja has a dark skin and dark-brown, curly hair. Her eyes are brown as well.)
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 21:56 (She's a bit like Rue.)
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 21:59 (She's not very rude, but good at climbing on trees and botany.)
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Aug.18 22:04 (Percy has lots of sponsors in the arena. He's good at fighting with a sword, but too heavy to climb at trees. He really wants to win the Hunger Games, but he don't want to kill Telja, because he thinks that she's too young to die.)
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Aug.18 22:07  Secret message to Nicole  
4>Caldwell (District 6), 15yo.2015,Aug.23 21:06 (Caldwell is a big fan of the Annual Hunger Games. He is chubby and has messy black hair. He is good at fighting with his fists, but very slow and unsteady. He is cruel and unforgiving.)
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:23  Secret message to Percy  
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:23 [What does Percy look like?]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:24 [@ Shimmer: BTW, like in the Hunger Games, there can only be one girl from each District. So you'll probably have to change one of your characters' genders.]
6>Anthea (District 2), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:45 [Anthea has long, platinum blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is the District 2 female tribute. She can throw spears and use a mace very well. She is a Career and is quite bloodthirsty. Antoine is her twin brother.]
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:47 [Antoine has sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. He is the District 2 male tribute and will be the Career pack leader. He is good at using machetes, swords, etc.-anything with a blade is fine. Like his twin sister Anthea, he is bloodthirsty and ambitious.]
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 06:58 (Like the other tribute vom District 11, Percy has a dark skin and curly, black hair. His eyes are chocolate-brown and he's really, really strong and tall.)
7>Jason (District 4), 18yo.2015,Aug.26 07:13 (Jason has blonde hair and a sunburnt skin. His eyes are blue; like the color of the sea in District 4. He's good at swimming and fishing and he likes archery.)
17>Calvin (District 3), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 18:22 [Calvin is the tribute from District 3. He wears glasses, has green eyes, and has dark brown hair. He is an ordinary person from the Districts who loves technology and is quite nice.]
17>Calvin (District 3), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 18:23 [Anyone can play as the District 3 female; otherwise we'll say she died in the bloodbath, since there are only 19 slots and 5 tributes will automatically die in the beginning.]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.26 21:00 (@Brunnhilde: Well, yes. Five tributes must die in the bloodbath.)
16>Reyna (District 4), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 21:10 (When Reyna turned to the Hunger Games, she left her boyfriend. So, she wants to win and become rich. She's desperate, not really bad and she does everything to win.)
16>Reyna (District 4), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 21:12 (Reyna has long, red hair in a ponytail and black, desperate-looking eyes. She's a Career, and her weapon are spears.)
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.26 21:16  Secret message to Nicole  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.26 21:16  Secret message to Nicole  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.26 21:19   + 10 Murder points to Anthea  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.26 21:20   + 10 Murder points to Antoine  
9>Rainy (District 1), 18yo.2015,Aug.27 07:13 (Rainy is the female from District 1. She has light-blonde hair and blue eyes. She's not very kind, but she isn't a Career.)
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 23:17  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.29 11:55  Secret message to Nicole  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Aug.29 11:58 (Okay, do we make some more characters?)
20>Melody (District 8), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 20:22 (Melody has a pale skin and dark red corkscrews. Her eyes are brown and she's always looking a bit afriad.)
14>Sammy (District 12), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 20:33 (Sammy has long, curly, black hair and nice golden-brown eyes. Before he turnted to the Hunger Games, he was always the cute boy who's loved by everyone. Sammy is small and thin and a brilliant thief. He's also very honest.)
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.1 23:13  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.2 03:53  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.2 14:06 Yes, that's why we need Claudius Templesmith. Could you create the last two tributes?
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.2 14:07 [I did that. Oh, and I thought, I have to keep two slots for Felicity's penpals?)
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.2 14:13  Secret message to Nicole  
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.2 17:53  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.2 17:55  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.2 21:14  Secret message to Nicole  
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.3 20:52  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.4 13:10  Secret message to Nicole  
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.4 18:56  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.4 20:11  Secret message to Nicole  
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.5 20:11  Secret message to Claudius Templesmith  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.6 08:01 [Shimmer, I'll delete you because you never made a post or said anything.]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.6 08:10 [Also, I have to delete Diane Angela (a character of myself xD). I wrote that she's in District 6 we
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.6 08:10 [*where already Nicole is from.]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.9 17:36 [Yeah, I saw you made a District 6 tribute. XD Just another one of those brain farts one occasionally has, huh?]
15>Pinak (District 7), 16yo.2015,Sep.9 17:43 [Pinak has short black hair, tan skin, a lean body, and brown eyes. He is of Indian descent and is based on Pi from the movie/book "Life of Pi." He is loving, philosophical, and great at surviving.]
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Sep.9 17:44 [Sukie is Pinak's female "counterpart" from District 7. She has long, wavy, red hair, hazel eyes, and a very swift, small frame. Despite how small she seems, she is deadly and smart. She's kind of a cross between Foxface and Johanna from The HG trilogy.]
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Sep.9 17:44 [She can use an axe very well. Pinak can meanwhile use a staff.]
11>Peter (District 1), 15yo.2015,Sep.9 17:49 [Peter has pale green eyes, sandy blonde hair, and is very tall for his age. He is a Career through and through and is great with spears and stuff like that, but he has one problem: He's a bit lazy. If he isn't out looking for tributes to kill, he'll
11>Peter (District 1), 15yo.2015,Sep.9 17:49 probably be laying around and doing nothing.]
5>Julia (District 10), 14yo.2015,Sep.9 17:52 [My last character is Julia, from District 10. She has black hair and brown eyes, and a big ego too. She is a big fan of the Hunger Games and is determined to win. So, she's joining the Careers. When it comes to killing, she is vicious, despite her
5>Julia (District 10), 14yo.2015,Sep.9 17:53 freakishly young age.]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.9 17:53 [That's all my characters for now. Feel free to take the last slot if you want, Lucie.]
18>Greggory (District 9), 15yo.2015,Sep.10 19:01 [Greggory turned to the Hunger Games to safe his little cousin. He's very thin and tall and as funny as Peeta. He decides to go to the Careers to set a snare for them. Greggory has brown hair and blue eyes and is completely looking like a really normal
18>Greggory (District 9), 15yo.2015,Sep.10 19:01 boy.]
8>Nathan (District 10), 13yo.2015,Sep.10 19:04 [Nathan is a really serious boy. He has dark-blonde, oily hair and dark-grey, serious-looking eyes. His weapon are brilliant latches.]
19>Henry (District 5), 12yo.2015,Sep.10 19:07 [Now to Henry, the last character. He's from a very poor family but he's really though and clever. He has long, curly, black hair, a weathered skin and dark-green-grey eyes.]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.10 19:08 [Do we start now?]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.10 23:52 [Sure. BTW, how about you add some weapons to the list of items you can buy? (E.g. bows, knives, swords, machetes, spears, staffs, etc.)]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.11 16:03 [Whenever you think that a tribute needs a parachute, tell me and we can give him or her any stuff, okay?]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.12 08:20 [Let's start.]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.12 08:21 Hello and welcome to the 71th Hunger Games!
16>Reyna (District 4), 14yo.2015,Sep.12 20:24 *takes a look at the landscape and the cornucopia*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.13 05:40 [OK!]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.13 05:41 *is on her platform**looks around, squinting in the bright sunlight*
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Sep.13 05:41 *looks around slyly, quickly formulating survival plans*
17>Calvin (District 3), 17yo.2015,Sep.13 05:41 *glances around warily, the sun being reflected off of his glasses and making it a bit hard for him to see*
15>Pinak (District 7), 16yo.2015,Sep.13 05:42 *feels frozen with fear for a moment*
5>Julia (District 10), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 05:42 *looks around "fearfully," but really she's already choosing various tributes as her targets*
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.13 05:43 *he and Anthea are on their platforms and ready for anything; being Careers, they know their chances of survival are much higher*
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.13 05:44 [By the way, when the tributes grab their weapons and stuff from the Cornucopia, do we just pretend that they have those things despite the fact that the supplies aren't in their items list since the items list is reserved for sponsor items?]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.13 10:34 [Oh, good idea. When they have some new stuff, we can add it in the item list and and give it to them. They're sponsor items in the item list, too.]
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Sep.13 10:36 *examines his ambit quickly* *looks at Nicole and nods curtly at her*
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.13 11:43 [*there're]
19>Henry (District 5), 12yo.2015,Sep.13 18:39 *looks around unremarkable*
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.15 04:52 [OK!]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.15 04:53 *looks at Percy, sort of confused**then goes back to looking at her surroundings and making survival plans**sees a backpack nearby and decides to go for it**also sees a sleeping bag and decides to go for that too if she has time*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.15 04:54 *is quick to spot a bow in the Cornucopia**resists the temptation to decide to go all the way to the Cornucopia and go get it; she knows that she's fast enough to reach it, but she won't survive once the other tributes reach the Cornucopia too*
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.15 19:39 *the bells ring*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.18 19:57 *darts forward**grabs the sleeping bag and then goes for the nearest backpack*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.18 19:58 *suddenly the District 3 female tribute comes and tussles with her, trying to get the backpack*
6>Anthea (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.18 19:58 *she and her brother get to the Cornucopia**grabs some spears and a mace*
6>Anthea (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.18 19:59 *runs back out and throws spears at random tributes**hits and kills the District 3 female*
6>Anthea (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.18 19:59 *with a spear, of course*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.18 20:01 *lets out a sickened scream as the District 3 female's body goes limp and falls forward-right on Nicole*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.18 20:01 *throws the District 3 female off as her cannon booms**then turns and runs for her life* [What type of arena are the tributes in?]
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Sep.18 20:03 *rushes forward and snatches the nearest backpack**also grabs a small pack of food nearby**then turns and runs away*
5>Julia (District 10), 14yo.2015,Sep.18 20:05 *runs into the Cornucopia**grabs a bunch of knives, a survival backpack, and other weapons*
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:22 [They're in a giant wood with big trees and some rivers and lakes.]
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:22  Giving food (x 1) to Sukie  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:38  Giving sleeping back (x 1) to Nicole  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:38  Giving backpack (x 1) to Nicole  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:39  Giving spear (x 3) to Anthea  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:39  Giving spear (x 2) to Antoine  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:41  Giving mace (x 1) to Anthea  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:41  Giving backpack (x 1) to Sukie  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:42  Giving knives (x 4) to Julia  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:43  Giving backpack (x 1) to Julia  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:45  Giving mace (x 1) to Julia  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.19 09:45  Giving spear (x 1) to Julia  
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Sep.19 09:53 *grabs a blanket and a little, dark-green backpack*
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Sep.19 10:00 *grabs a sword, a bottle of water and a bow* *wanders the quiver over his shoulder*
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Sep.19 10:01 *screams at telja* LEAVE!
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Sep.19 10:11 *chases Nicole* I've no weapons ...
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.20 00:34 [OK.]
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.20 00:34 *is running so fast that she doesn't notice Telja**trips and falls, tumbling down a hill into a ditch in the forest*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.20 00:35 *sits up, recovering from her stumble*
15>Pinak (District 7), 16yo.2015,Sep.20 00:36 *rushes forward**grabs a backpack**goes even farther and grabs a staff*
15>Pinak (District 7), 16yo.2015,Sep.20 00:36 *is attacked**manages to whack his foes with his staff and escape into the forest*
17>Calvin (District 3), 17yo.2015,Sep.20 00:36 *runs forward**grabs a coil of wire, a sleeping back, and a backpack**then turns and runs away*
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.20 00:37 *grabs a big machete*
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Sep.20 09:59 *helps Nicole up*
7>Jason (District 4), 18yo.2015,Sep.20 10:13 *grabs a bow, some spearheads, a stick and a cord*
7>Jason (District 4), 18yo.2015,Sep.20 10:15 *thinks about where he can go* *looks at the Career twins* *then, looks at Pinak and decides to go with him
16>Reyna (District 4), 14yo.2015,Sep.20 10:19 *runs to the Cornucopia*
7>Jason (District 4), 18yo.2015,Sep.20 10:21 *sneaks behind some big bags*
7>Jason (District 4), 18yo.2015,Sep.20 10:22 [Whoops, wrong character. Reyna sneaks behind some bags.]
16>Reyna (District 4), 14yo.2015,Sep.20 10:22 *grabs two of the bags*
16>Reyna (District 4), 14yo.2015,Sep.20 10:24 *then, she sees a spear laying on the ground and grabs it, too*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.20 19:48 *turns to Telja and jumps, unsure whether to trust another tribute**but recognizes her as the 12 year-old and calms down a little* Thanks. Want to come with me?
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Sep.20 19:49 [Can you reply more often on Epidemic? I apologize if I'm being pushy; it's just that we've continued the storyline and I don't want you to miss out.]
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.20 19:51 *turns to see the District 12 female (or male, if Sammy's a girl) grabbing stuff in the Cornucopia**sneaks up on her and slams her against a wall, stunning her**then kills her with the swipe of his machete*
14>Sammy (District 12), 15yo.2015,Sep.22 15:59 *sees how the guy of District 2 is killing the girl of his District* *crys noiseless and runs to the Cornucopia to grab something and take revenge*
14>Sammy (District 12), 15yo.2015,Sep.22 16:01 [Okay! Oh, and how you see, Sammy's a boy ;).]
14>Sammy (District 12), 15yo.2015,Sep.22 16:29 *looks at some bags* *as he grabs a bag, he sees the girl of District 4 with a really dangerous-looking spear* AAAARHG!
16>Reyna (District 4), 14yo.2015,Sep.22 17:35 *smirks as she sees Sammy* Surprise, surprise.
5>Julia (District 10), 14yo.2015,Sep.24 17:47 [OK, thanks for the info. When I was little I wrote a short story (it wasn't a very good one) about a girl named Sam, so I wasn't sure if Sammy was a boy or a girl until now.]
5>Julia (District 10), 14yo.2015,Sep.24 17:50 *looks around and spots the District 5 female**throws a knife at her, instantly killing her*
6>Anthea (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.24 17:51 *picks up her own spear and joins Reyna in targeting Sammy* Hey little fella... *smiles wickedly*
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.24 17:51 *is chasing Greggory*
19>Henry (District 5), 12yo.2015,Sep.24 19:05 [Henry isn't in any District, I think, I'll put him into District 5.]
18>Greggory (District 9), 15yo.2015,Sep.24 19:07 *looks at Antoine, smirking* Hey, do you really want to fight with me?
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.24 19:08  Giving blanket (x 1) to Telja  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.24 19:10  Giving backpack (x 1) to Telja  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.24 19:11  Giving water (x 1) to Percy  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.24 19:12  Giving sword (x 1) to Percy  
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.24 19:12  Giving bow with 10 arrows (x 1) to Percy  
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Sep.24 19:12 Sure!
1>Claudius Templesmith (moderator), 65yo.2015,Sep.24 20:14  Giving backpack (x 1) to Pinak  
9>Rainy (District 1), 18yo.2015,Sep.25 13:13 *sees how two ruthless Careers are going to kill the thin, small boy from District 12*
9>Rainy (District 1), 18yo.2015,Sep.25 13:13 *grabs a short spear and runs to three tributes*
9>Rainy (District 1), 18yo.2015,Sep.25 13:14 *then attacks Anthea*
6>Anthea (District 2), 17yo.2015,Sep.27 04:31 *fights back, trying to kick Rainy*
19>Henry (District 5), 12yo.2015,Sep.30 13:27 *grabs a knive*
19>Henry (District 5), 12yo.2015,Sep.30 13:27 *doesn't know what to do next*
19>Henry (District 5), 12yo.2015,Sep.30 13:29 *remembers the Hunger Games series he had to watch and decides to leave the Cornucopia place*
8>Nathan (District 10), 13yo.2015,Sep.30 13:34 *grabs a little grey backpack while he's already looking for a place who he could survive*
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Sep.30 13:35 *notices that Telja and Nicole are save for the moment*
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Sep.30 13:37 *pulls out his sword and decides to attack the female twin first*
3>Percy (district 11), 17yo.2015,Sep.30 13:40 *the blade of his sword buzzes trough the air and leaves a gash on Anthea's arm*
2>Telja (district 11), 12yo.2015,Oct.3 17:21 Where should we go? I think we're still in danger. Not in mortal danger, but ... aargh, now we're always in mortal danger. *grins ironically* So, let's go!
6>Anthea (District 2), 17yo.2015,Oct.3 18:11 *shrieks with pain*
10>Antoine (District 2), 17yo.2015,Oct.3 18:12 Anthea!! *turns to Percy and glares* Errrgh...you'll be sorry... *lunges, trying to tackle him*
12>Nicole (District 6), 16yo.2015,Oct.3 18:13 *nods* Come on. We need to distance ourselves from all the other tributes as quickly as possible. *runs away deeper into the forest with Telja*
18>Greggory (District 9), 15yo.2015,Oct.4 08:27 *nods unremarkable at Sammy* *gets a cord and a penknife from the Cornucopia*
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Oct.16 06:04 [I apologize if I'm being pushy, but will you reply on Epidemic? The story has continued a whole lot. Also, did you never receive my SOTW message? I replied a long time ago but never got a response; however, SOTW has had glitches, so it could just be the
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Oct.16 06:04 website.]
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Oct.16 06:05 [One more thing: Can I add a brief description of you on the "My Penpals" page of my blog? All I really do is state your first name, age, country, some of the things you like, and a little bit about your personality.]
13>Sukie (District 7), 17yo.2015,Oct.16 06:05 *still running as fast as she can*