" kidnapped the snatched sequel " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 17 years of age.
Last time on Snatched are charecturs returned home after many months/ years of teams now we are back in the town safely for now rules:you can only have up to 3 charecturs no bad maessages and no inappropriate stuff if you do not come back and rp with your charecture with in a month it will be deleted unless you tell me that your grounded on a family trip etc. There is an INFO charecture the password for it is password DONT CHANG IT it is for people who don't go on snatched to alert there friends on the rp that they are on other rps and any other important info have fun

20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Jan.31 18:00 ( the password for the info slot is password do not change it the info slot is for giving info to players on this rp if you are not role playing on it and if you have no intrest in joining)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:05 (the rp will starts imedetly make sure you read the rules you can join any time you can only have 3 charecture slots per person have fun)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:07 (Ok)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:11 (Nicolai has longish blond hair and blue eyes stefiny has long brown hair and green eyes they can be found allmost allways holding hands in the tree in the park)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:12 *sits in the tree holding Nicolais hand has her head on his shoulder is watching the sun rise*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:13 (Michael, Blond hair, blue eyes, likes to watch a lot of movies.)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:13 *Sitting in his house watching the sunset*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:14 the sunrise is pretty but its beauty dosent compare to yours
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:15 *smiles* I cant believe it has been a year sence we got home
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:18 and every day of it was perfect beacause i was spending it with you
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:19 *Falls asleep watching tv*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:19 *gives Nicolai a small kiss on the cheak and rest her head back on his shoulder*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:20 i love starting every morning like this with you
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:27 *Wakes up and does he usual morning jog*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:32 *sits there smileling with Steffiny*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:33 (I wasnt in the snatched rp and i am not really sure what to do....can anyone give me a summary of snatched?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:35 *Sees Stefiny and Nicolai having there moment, smiles*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:35 (Melanie is irish. She has long strawberry blonde hair, blueish grey eyes and freckles. She is very outgoing and confident)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:37 (snatched is simple there were lots of kids and kidnappers kids get kidnappers kidnappers kidnapp some kidnappers were abusive some were not)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:39 (steffiny was basically a human lab rat but that wasnt played in the rp but it was part of the background story)
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:39 (This is my second charctor, he is melanies triplet, he has bright ginger hair, grey eyes and freckles)
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:40 (Ok, thanks for the explanation)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:40 (in this rp we incorage you to have a kid and a kidnapper carecture you can even have a scientist carecture but they are optinal)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:40 (ok have fun role playing)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:42 do you know why i like this tree so much?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:42 (It's a lot of fun)00
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:42 I know why its my favorite
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:43 *stefiny and Nicolai say it at the exact same time* ts where i first met you
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:44 *smiles*
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Jan.31 18:44 (My last character, a kidnapper called natasha, she is tall, wears a lot of makeup, paricuarly red lipstick snd fake tan, she has dyed pink hair and has blue eyes, however, she is always changing her appearance, she probably wont look like that for much l
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Jan.31 18:45 Longer
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:45 *Stops running for a minute*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:46 (Max is also a kidnapper, brown hair brown eyes, was a scientist a while back.)
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:48 (Is walking in the park and sees micheal, stefiny and nicolai. She has just moved here and wants to make friends, so she decides to go and talk to micheal
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:50 Umm....hi
12>Tina (Teen), 14yo.2015,Jan.31 18:50 (well, I haven't been on Snatched for a long time...what happened to my characters, Tina and Danny?)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:50 *hears footsteps behind her she is afraid of being kidnapped again looks behind her quickly and falls out off the tree*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:51 *Sees Melanie* Hello... *Out of breath*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:51 *joins melanie and micheal*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:51 (everyone went home but Tinas parents died they now live with destiny nicolai and Stefiny are dating)
12>Tina (Teen), 14yo.2015,Jan.31 18:51 (ok, cool)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:52 *jumps out of the tree and helps stefiny up* are you ok?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:52 Hi, i am melanie, this is. My twin derrick, we have just moved here
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Jan.31 18:53 (Dakota: Was in Snatched, got kidnapped by Todd. Is now trying to overcome the horrors of being kidnapped and is now preparing for college.)
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:53 *waves at micheal and grins*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:53 So...whats your name?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:53 hi Melanie im Steffiny and this is Nicolai
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:54 Hi steffiny, nicolai
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Jan.31 18:54 (Todd: A kidnapper, also Nicolai's brother. Always tries to get revenge since Nicolai sort of betrayed him in Snatched.)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:54 (Destiny is back brown hair brown eyes and she hangs out with Dakota alot)
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:55 And *looks at micheal* sorry, i dont know your name
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:55 that Micheal
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:55 Hi!
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Jan.31 18:56 *is at Destiny's house*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:56 Melanie: hello michael!
12>Tina (Teen), 14yo.2015,Jan.31 18:56 *she and Danny are also hanging out with Destiny*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:56 So, ummm, how are you guys?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:57 *looks at her watch* Nicolai we have to go *is going to group therapy the kids who got kidnapped are saposed to meet in the park every other day at 10 am to talk about the experience *
16>Danny (Teen), 14yo.2015,Jan.31 18:58 *looks at the clock* Tina! We were supposed to leave ten minutes ago!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:58 *checks her watch* we should be getting to the park its better than having to go to rehab
16>Danny (Teen), 14yo.2015,Jan.31 18:58 *grabs Tina's hand, and runs to the park*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:58 Me and mel should probably get going to, bye!
16>Danny (Teen), 14yo.2015,Jan.31 18:59 (i've got to go, but I'll be on later. Bye!)
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 18:59 *starts to walk away with derrick* see ya!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:59 *they go to there meeting place in the park its near a pine tree sits on the grass next to Stefiny*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 18:59 (ok)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:00 wers is everyone?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:00 probaby late again
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:00 They sound nice
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:01 *runs up to stefiny and nicolai sits by them with Danny Tina and Dakota* im here
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:01 Yeah, i wonder if they go to the same school as us
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:02 we just have to wait on Michael
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:02 Well, theres not exactly a lot of schools in this place
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:02 Melanie: well, they could be homeschooled
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:03 Derrick: * roles his eyes* i suppose so
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:03 *Runs up there too with Zack*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:03 (Gtg, will try and be on later)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:03 (Forget the Zack part)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:03 we could invite those new kids to sit with us there is no rule agenst it
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:04 (ok)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:04 Hey... Sorry I'm late.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:04 well talk to them later
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:05 its fine
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:06 im glad they are letting us do this isted of rehab
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:06 (I can stay on for 5 mins)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:07 Totally.
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:07 I wonder what steffiny and nicolai had to go to
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:07 (cool they can come see them in the parkmand sit down to if you want)
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:08 Lets go and see! I am sure they wont mind us sitting with them
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:08 Derrick: ok then
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:08 do you guys want to listen to some music or something i mean we have to stay here for an hour any whay
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:09 *Sighs*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:09 *walks towards them*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:10 we could watch the clouds we can make up shapes and stories about them
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:10 (Ok, i really have to go now, just pretend that derrick and mel chat with the other kids about there past lives, so finding out about the kidNappings)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:10 thats always fun *lays down and looks at the clouds*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Jan.31 19:11 *is driving around town with a new, upgraded heist van*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:11 (the kids wouldnt normally tell people about the kidnappings its kind of life and emotionaly scaring)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:12 (Lays down)
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Jan.31 19:12 *hears a car motor and jerks her head towards the window* *it has sort of become a habit since being kidnapped* *sees that it is just a red Toyota*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:12 *lays down and looks at the clouds with stefiny* that one looks like an elefant holding a bunny
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Jan.31 19:12 *goes outside to where the others are*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:13 no its defenatly a duck throwing water ballons
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:14 anyone can see its a pands in a hammock
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:15 *looks back sees Dakota* hi we are watching clouds
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:16 once apon a time there was a elefent playling with his pet bunny...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:17 suddenly a duck came out of no wear and started pelting them with water ballons
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:18 when the water ballon hit the sleeping panda it fell out of its hammock causing the ground to shake
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:18 *waits for someone to finish the cloud story*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:21 this is fun its a nice day and we can relax on the grass and watch the clouds roll by
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:22 It's so nice.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:27 we never talk about what we are sapose to any way
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:27 *Sees some clouds coming in*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:29 its a dragon chassing the fat panda...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:29 through the woods...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:30 into a lake it can swim but it cang get out beacause its so fat
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:31 *chuckles*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 19:32 (i gtg)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:32 How much longer?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 19:32 (Ok)
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:15 Them a giant swordfish comes and trys to eat the panda
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:16 *looks at Derrick* oh when did you come?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:17 But a octopus with only 7 legs starts tickling the swordfish until it lets go of the panda
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:17 im Destiny
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:17 We have been here the whole time, thank you very much!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 21:18 and the panda flew out of the water and met up with the duck
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:18 Hi destiny Mel: hi
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:18 well i wouldnt blame you this is much better than rehab
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:20 *raises an eyebrow* rehab?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 21:23 ya rehab they wanted to send us there after the kiddnapping insedent but we chose meeting in the park every other day for an hour
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:25 Wait, kidnapping? *looks at mel in suprise*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:26 We were kidnapped.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:26 i dont want to talk about it
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:26 We are still not sure who did it. We were very young when it happened.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 21:26 ya its in the past
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:27 Thats why we moved here, mum wanted us safe,
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:27 we dont like talking about the experience it was just last year we are still getting over it
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:27 *looks REALLY, REALLY, REALLY panicked
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 21:28 *looks at Melanie* whats wrong?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:29 *starts crying quietly, because there dad was imprisoned because the police thought he isisted the kidnapper*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:30 *hugs mel* are dad is in prison because of us.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:31 *sighs*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:31 *is shaking all over*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 21:31 ya i know how that feels
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:33 *starts to stop crying, nods her head* i
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:34 *is remebering about when she was kidnapped*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:35 Anyway, lets talk about something else
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 21:35 are you ok Steff?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:36 *smiles* ya *snugels up next to Nicolai*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 21:37 *puts his arm around Steffiny*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:38 so were are you guys from?
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:38 Republic of ireland
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:39 A town called kilmallock
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:40 cool we are all from here
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:40 Thats cool
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:41 ya we didnt end up talking to each other until last year
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:43 ya
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:44 *smiles*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:44 *slightly glances at Destiny*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:49 *glances at Stefiny then back at Melanie* Ya we ment when... *sees the looks on stefinys face than look down at the ground* never minds
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:52 Ya, its fine if you dont want to talk about it
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:52 *nods in agreement*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:53 *relaxes a little* so what do you guys do for fun
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:58 Oh,depends how we feel. In ireland, i was
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 21:58 We were into sport, we played doubles tennis and did gymnastics together. Not sure whAt well do here
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:00 i like to go bowling with Stefiny Tina and her friends
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:01 you guys should come with us some time
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:03 Sure!
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:03 Derrick: yep, that we would be awesome
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:04 cool we are actually going bowling in *checks her watch* 30 minutes
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:06 Cool! Can we come
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:07 sure
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:11 ya the more people the better
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:16 Thanks.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:21 Am I going?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:25 *Looks at Melanie and Derrick worries* *His dad is a police officer and was the one who arrested their father*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:28 Michael you come every week of course your comming
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:29 *stares at michael and realises she has seen him somewhere before, but cant remember when, so she lets it pas*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:29 *Looks down* Ok...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:30 *looks at her watch* lets go
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:31 *also recognises michael*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:31 Ok, how far away is the bowling alley?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:31 just across from the park
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:32 Ok..
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:32 Good, i dont feel up to a long walk
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:33 *Stays quiet*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:33 *stares at michael again*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:33 everything is close this town is pretty small
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:33 *hesistates* do, do, i know you?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:34 (She said that to michael)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:35 Michael has one of those faces everyone asked him that
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:35 Yeah, i thought i recognised you
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:35 Yeah...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:36 *His heart is racing*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:37 Are you sure? I remember you from when i was younger...yes, i am sure i have met you before? Did you used to live in ireland
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:38 I grew up there.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:38 hey lets go bowling
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:38 Yeah, me to. Are you sure we havent met you
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:39 You grew up in Ireland? Were about?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:39 By Scotland.
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:40 Scotlands not in ireland, do you mean the part of scotland near northern ireland?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:41 *gets up* lets go
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:41 Yeah
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:41 Where would we have seen you if you had lived in scotland
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:42 Maybe the same school.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:42 *walks twards the bowling ally with steff*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:43 *realises who he is*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:44 *says quietly but angrily* no, i know where i saw you, your dad arrested my dad. You came round to the house to arrest him with your dad. You thought it was a game
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:44 *Follows after Ste and Nicolai*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:45 *My dad told me it was game.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:45 whoa calm down it proabaly was someone else
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:46 How could he? How could you? That ruined our childhood
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:46 or not...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:47 Calm down he was like 5 years old! *was with them with his dad it was bring your child to work day*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:47 I was only 5!
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:47 WE DONT CARE, YOU GUYS, OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD UNDERSTAND?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:47 There was nothing I could do!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:48 UNDERSTAND! I LOST MY BEST FRIEND LAST YEAR!
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:48 *whispers* you dont understand what it did to us, seeing you laugh with your dad, while ours was taken away. We havent seen him since
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:48 It was 9 years ago!!!
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:49 Family is different from friends.
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:50 It doesnt make a difference, the wound of losing someone you love is never healed
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:50 You want to see your dad?,
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:50 And i know you guys faced a hard time last year, but it doesnt mean that things that happened before that didnt hurt
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:50 I know that ok?!!
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:51 Then act like you do
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 22:52 why would i want to?!
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:53 To show you understand ?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:54 And, our triplet sister was killed by the kidnapper, so dad is charged for murder. Lifetime in jail. For us, we went from a family of five to one of three
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:55 stop fighting ok guys Nicolai knows what its like ok we dont want to talk about it
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:55 Mel, please dont talk about that...please
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Jan.31 22:57 (Hey, can I join?)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Jan.31 22:57  Secret message to Stefiny  
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:58 (yes)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 22:59 hey maybe we should all just go home
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 23:00 Sure..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 23:00 i think thats a good idea lets go Stefiny
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 23:01 *walks with Nicolai to there tree*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Jan.31 23:02 *sits in the tree with Nicolai starts crying*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 23:02 *hugs stefiny* its ok Steff
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 01:39 (Starts to walk home)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 04:19 (Starts to walk home)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 05:47 i just miss her so much...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.1 05:48 i know steff
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:30 *starts walking home with derrick*#
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:31 Are you OK Mel?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:33 no. I feel really bad about getting so angry, i guess i know its not Michaels fault, he didnt know any better, its just, well, you know, i cant forget what happened in ireland
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:35 Its not your fault mel, but you didn't really explain what happened to you properly to them, you cant expect them to understand. apologise to them tomorow and hopefully we can forget about today
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:36 i guess i should
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:36 but i'm not gonna tell them what happened to us, i dont want anyone other than us and mum knowing. please dont tell, derrick
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:38 of course i won't, not if you dont want me to. its probably best not to talk about kidnapping with them either, they wont want to remember what happened
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:38 Yeah, your right, -*as always*-
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:40 *gets back home and goes to her room. she looks through photo albums of her family before her triplet, Jasmine, was killed and before her dad was arrested*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:41 *goes to his room and sits on his bed with his head in his hands*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 14:42 *starts crying quietly and lies down on her sofa*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 17:45 *He goes home and his dad is there*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 17:58 *hears mel crying*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 17:59 *wonders what it would be like to see his dad after so long*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.1 18:31 hey Steff do you want to go bowling just the two of us?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:32 *smiles and wipes away the tears* ya that will be nice
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:33 *goes into derricks room and starts flicking through the photo album with him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.1 18:33 *hops out of the tree holds Steffinys hand as she jumps out*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:34 *starts walking twards the bowling ally with Nicolai*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:35 *smiles at mel* "they are nice pictures arent they?"
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:36 But you need to try and forget about what happened mel. You have a fresh start here, dont let what happened weigh you down
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.1 18:36 *walks into the bowling ally they but on there bowling shoes and start bowling*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:36 Yeah, i know,
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:37 *grins* hey, how about we go bowling?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:37 *hits a strike* Bowling is always fun *is smiling and having fun with Nicolai*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:38 *stands up and yawns* sure
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:38 Ok, lets go
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.1 18:39 *is having fun with Steff* (i gtg offline ill be back in about 2-3 hours)
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:39 *starts walking towards the bowling alley with derrick*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:40 (Ok,sure, i might not be on, i will try to be though)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:44 Dad: Michael...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:46 *He and his dad go down to the police station*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 18:50 *Sits down at the interrogation room with Melanie's and Derricks dad*
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:30 (this is just a temporary charector for the interrogation)
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:31 (Lewis is mel and derricks dad)
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:50 *sits down opposite Michael and his dad* what do you want with me?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 20:51 Dad: Michael has become friends with your son and daughter.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 20:52 My dad....is going to let you go free, but in exchange you would have to wear a tracking device.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 20:53 Dad: There is no catch. I promise.
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:55 a tracking device? why? you scared im going to 'kidnap' my own kids again?
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:56 and what are melanie and derrick doing over here? they should have stayed in irelnad
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:56 *ireland*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 20:58 I met the, yesterday.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 20:58 *Them*
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:58 *almost smiles* i shoulda known they woudlnt do as i said
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 20:59 Dad: the tracking device was ordered by the judge... And we caught the guy.
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:59 but anyway, a tracking device? are you serious?
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:59 right! great! you caught the guy! SO WHY DO I NEED TO WEAR A TRACKING DEVICE?!!!!
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 20:59 especially now you have caught the people guilty
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 21:02 Dad: *Quietly* It won't be tracking you though...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 21:02 *Adds in* If you don't, you'll have to do hours of community service..
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:03 what did you say officer?
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:04 stay out of it michael, this is between me and your dad
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 21:05 *Shuts up*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.1 21:07 *Whispers into his ear* It won't be tracking you.
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:07 who will it be tracking
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.1 21:08 Nobody.
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:08 ya sure about that?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.1 21:09 You have a sheriffs promise.
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:09 OK, well of course i'll go then
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.1 21:10 *Puts the tracking device on*
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:11 so, when can i go?
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:13 now? next week? next month?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.1 21:13 You can leave in 2 days.
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:14 well thank you officer, i better go and get some rest
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:14 *stands up and yawns*
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:15 tell the kids i'm being released
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.1 21:16 Michael: They will know.
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:16 (gtg, be back tomorow)
3>Lewis (twins dad), 40yo.2015,Feb.1 21:16 thanks michael,
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.1 21:18 Michael: No prob.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 22:22 *dosent see Melanie and Derrick at the bowling ally* I feel kind of bad for those 2 kids *rolls another gutter ball*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.1 22:23 so do I am going to apologize to them tomorrow
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 22:24 i think thats a good idea
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.1 23:20 (Sorry! Hard to keep track of RPG!)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.1 23:22 *walks up to Stefiny* Hey, wanna play a new game in a minute? I'll pay for it.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 01:26 oh i havent seen you very much around town are you new here?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 01:27 im stefiny and this is Nicolai
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 01:28 hi, you can bowl with us if you want its free on Saturdays and were are playing agenst each other we can add another player
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 17:18 *hits a strike*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 17:18 *scowls, he hates being beaten by Mel*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 17:21 (hi im on magic as well if your still on)
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 20:12 (you on?)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.2 20:16 (Hey)
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 20:17 (hi!)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 20:36 here ill add you to the score board *adds another player*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.2 20:59 Hi, thanks, my name's Gemma, and yeah, I'm new in town.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 21:00 were did you move from? *rolls a strike*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 21:19 Look, theres stefiny and nicolai and ...someone
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.2 22:13 Michael: *Goes to the bowling alley*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.2 23:50 Umm, I moved from Britain.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:15 cool *rolls another gutter ball on perpouse for steff is actually an exelent bowler*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.3 01:50 Michael: *Goes to the bowling alley*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 15:14 *Walks inside the bowling alley*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:18 *Walks inside the bowling alley*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 18:18 *enters the bowling alley without anything better to do*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 18:19 *goes up to Nicolai* Hey, mind adding a new player?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:21 Everyone seems to be coming bowling anyway, should we go and talk to them or just go?
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:24 Depends on whether your ready to apologise or not
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:26 *shrugs and hits another strike* dunno, depends if they are ready to apologise as well
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 18:39 ya sure *adds Dakota to the score bord*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 18:40 *sees Michael* Hey Michael want to bowl with us?
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:42 I'll take that as a yes, mel. Come on, lets go and talk to them
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:44 *approaches them, wonders if they will notice her and derrick approaching*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:48 *sees them* oh... hey
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:49 Hey
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 18:50 hi guys.... sorry i was yelling at you back there i know how hard it is to talk about loosing people you love it was insensitive of me
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:50 *there is an akward silence* ummm....i am really sorry about earlier, i got really worked up and i know its not michaels fault....
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:51 Thats alright, nicolai, i'm sorry too
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 18:54 want to bowl with us we can do guys agenst girls
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:55 Sure!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:57 cool *rolls a strike*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 18:58 *rolls another gutter ball on perpouse*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 18:59 Im going to buy some pizza wich toppings should we get?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 19:01 *hands steff some money* olives use that to help pay for the pizza steff
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:01 what kind of toppings do you guys want?
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:05 Ham and pineapple for both of us, *hands steff some money*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:06 cool, any other toppings?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:07 *waits for a few minutes* ok ham pinapple olive mushroom pizza it is
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:07 *walks to the snack bar in the bowling ally buys a large pizza brings it over to the table* Pizza
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:07 And chicken!
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:08 (She said that to steff before she went to the snack bar)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:08 *the pizza has chicken on it*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:09 olive ham pinapple chicken mushroom pizza is here!
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:09 Thanks!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:09 (btw sam got a phone call on magic)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 19:11 *eats a pice of Pizza* this is a serprizingly good topping combonation
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:39 *Gives Melanie a note saying that her dad is being released*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:39 *Takes a slice* It's really good.
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:49 *chokes on her pizza when she sees the note*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:50 *passes the not to derrick*
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:50 *looks up at michael* Can we talk to you alone for a minute Michael?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:54 *eats some pizza*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 19:54 are ok melanie?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 20:01 Yeah sure.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 20:03 *Goes over to a private area*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 20:04 *eats some more pizza*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.4 21:43 *waves the note in the air* explain this in more detail
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.5 02:28 *eats some pizza, looking up at Mel, Michael, and Derrick* *is sort of confused*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.5 02:29 *drives around the bowling alley for awhile, bored* *feels like playing a match with one of his friends*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 04:56 My dad found your actual killer.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 04:56 Well the suspect and they arrested him. Your dad is free to go.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 04:58 *eats more Pizza*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 04:59 That's all I know.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:00 this is fun we should do this every saterday
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:01 ya im in how about you guys want to make saterday are bowling day?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:04 Sure.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:04 Come over to my houses after and my dad will explain more.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:05 *sits down at the table takes a slice of pizza* im in
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:06 *smiles* hey destiny!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:07 this is good Pizza
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:09 ya i know
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:11 but i know something better *looks at Stefiny*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:11 *smiles* Oh nicolai your so sweet *hugs him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:12 *gives her a small kiss on the cheak*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:13 Gross you guys said you wouldnt go so lovey dovey on me!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:15 you just wish you had a boyfiriend
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:16 *scoffs gets red in the cheeks* not true!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:16 *Looks at Destiny and smirks a little*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:18 *looks down at the table*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:19 *The smile goes away*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:19 *sees the looks on Destinys face* you like Michael dont you?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:21 *blushes alot actually dose have a crush on him* No! I mean i like him as a friend but i dont like like him!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:21 *Goes and orders a drink*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:21 you are blushing you do like him!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:22 *is blushing and smiling* I do not! i mean he isnt that cute!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:22 OMG you do you toatally do!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:23 just dont tell him ok?!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:23 *chuckles* Haha you idmit it!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:23 *Looks over at Destiny and feels his heart pounding*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:25 *blushes and looks down at the table when he looks at her*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:25 destiny you have to tell him
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:26 *blushes alot* no, im not going to do that!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:27 if you dont i will when he comes back to the table
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:28 no dont *shoves her a little*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:28 *Walks over to the table* Destiny.... I have something to say.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:29 ya?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:30 I....really like you a lot... Every time I see you my heart pounds and I always have this smile on my face.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:30 You're one of the prettiest girls I have ever met.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:30 *starts blushing alot*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:31 *sits there holding back laughfter*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:31 *smiles alot* Ya?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:32 Yes. It's the truth.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:32 Aww! thats so sweet!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:34 *Smiles widea*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:34 *blushes alot* i like you to!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:35 Really?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:37 Dude she just spent the past 3 minutes blushing and talking about how much she digs you!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:38 Destiny, will you go out with me?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:38 *blushes alot and nodds*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:39 *Smiles and grabs her hand*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:39 *smiles alot*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:41 *Smiles at her*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 05:43 *snuggles up next to Nicolai*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.5 05:45 Michael, toatal Score but steff is still the best girl around
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 14:18 Destiny is the best girl in my eyes.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.5 18:17 (OOPS!!!!!!!!!!0
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.5 18:17 *)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.5 18:17 Anyway... *rolls strike*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.5 23:26 *smiles at Destiny* Well, congrats I guess!
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.5 23:27 *is 100% single, but feels happier that way*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 23:28 Ya,
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.5 23:29 Destiny congrats
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 02:40 *Kisses her cheek*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 02:42 *blushes alot more*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:45 Well we will leave you to alone come on guys
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 02:45 *walks with Nicolai* Bye Destiny
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:46 *walks outside and sees Todd falls over onto the bilding wall*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 02:47 Nicolai whats wrong *helps him up*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:48 *practically pushes Stefiny back inside* i dont think he saw me
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 02:48 who? whats wrong? *is slightly worried*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:50 My brother Todd he Kidnapps i am pretty sure he is mad at me for ditching him after we got back he asked me to help him i told him no
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 02:51 well maybe he isnt, and if he is he wouldnt hurt you your his family
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:54 oh.. no you dont know my brother he is meaner than my uncles both of them, last time he got mad at me he locked me in his closet for 3 1/2 days with no food or water and that was for eating his candy bar
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:57 I cant let him see me or you especillay me with you he could hurt you
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:59 If he saw me with you he would hurt you to get back at me
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:00 that makes no sence
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 03:02 oh yes it dose phisical pain goes away emotional pain stays forever
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 03:05 Just go with are friends i will deal with my brother dont look at me or say my name
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:05 But what about you?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 03:06 i will be fine just go i think he is coming in!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:06 *goes over to the others*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 03:07 *puts on his hoodie keeps his head down goes out the door as soon as he dose Todd stops him* Excuse me...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:09 *Sees his dad walk*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:09 *In with Donny*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:11 (Don, Age: 14, Blonde hair, Green eyes, does mean things to Michael)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:11 Don: *Punches Michael straight across the face*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:12 *punches Don hard in the Eye*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:13 Don: GO AWAY!!! *Screams at Destiny*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:14 *grabs Michaels arm and starts walking quickly away*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:15 Slow down Destiny...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:15 *gets an icepack at the snack shack gives it to Michael* are you ok?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:19 *gets another ice pack* Catch! *throws the ice pack at Donny it hits him in the exact same eye that she punched*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:19 I don't know..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:21 who is that stupid kid
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:21 My older brother....
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:21 We hate each other...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:22 (you put Michaels age as 15 and Dons as 14)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:23 (Meant to be 21)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:23 he is pretty weak if he was stronger he wouldnt have jumped back so much when i punched him
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:24 (kk)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:25 i used to beat up my older brothers all the time they were alot stronger than him and they werent afraid to attack me right back
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:27 Sorry i dint mean to punch your brother that hard... he is defenitly going to have a black eye
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:28 He deserves anything like that.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:29 *chuckles* ya.. older brothers allways do
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:34 *smirks* do you think he will come over here?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 03:42 *looks up says slightly nervously* he... hey Todd whats up?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 03:56 I don't know..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:02 *smiles*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:03 *smirks* Hey little bro...wazzup?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:03 oh nothing much
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:04 Do you want him to?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:05 *is hoping he forgot about him turning him down on helping him with his kidnapping buisness beacause Nicolia could have dubbled his profits*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:05 only if you want him to
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:05 So...how's life? I haven't seen you in, like, forever bro.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:07 life is good i have a girlfriend now *shuts his mouth imediatly he didnt want Todd to know about Steffiny*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:07 *laughs out loud for a minute* HA!!!...That's funny. What's her name?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:09 *hesitates* that.. that dosent matter I... i made it up i couldnt get a girlfriend if i tried *chuckles nervously*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:09 *tries to look out the bowling alley door to see if Nicolai's okay*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:10 *Don walks over*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:10 *smiles* You're such a good liar...you're good at a lot of things, and you don't even realize it.
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:10 You could help me out with my kidnapping, bring me a few of your, quote on quote, friends. I'd get a higher pay.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:10 *scratches the back of his head and looks down nervously* ya i toatally made that up
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:11 *is starteled a bit* No! i all ready told you no and they are not "so called friends" they are my friends!
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:12 *lingers around, watching the argument heat up*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:13 *pulls out his billfold and takes out two one hundred dollar bills* You get all this for the smallest one.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:14 i told you no! i dont want your money i dont want to help you
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:15 and if you lay one hand on Stefiny!! *is heating up with anger*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:15 You'll regret it...*rolls eyes and gets back inside of his van*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:15 leave my friends and Steffiny alone
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:15 *mutters:* This can't be happening again...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:16 *walks up to the Van* take me! and leave my friends alone do we have a deal?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:16 Don: *Looks at Destiny* Hey there..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:16 If you promise to leave my friends out of this i will help you
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:17 *smirks* The deal is sealed. *opens up his door and pushes Nicolai roughly into the van*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:17 *is agitated by now* *paces inside of the bowling alley lobby, then wanders outside again*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:17 Hey embaressed? what are you going to tell your friends when they ask about that eye?
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:17 *sees Nicolai* *gulps* Nicolai. NICOLAI!!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:18 *sits in the Van*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:18 wait let me tell Dakota its ok first or she will call the police
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:19 *starts running towards the van*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:20 *opens the Van door* Dakota calm down its ok its just my brother he is taking me home
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:20 go tell Steffiny that my brother took me home ok?
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:20 *glares at Dakota* Stay out of this...or I'll grab you too.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:21 Todd! we made a deal
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:23 I promise you everything is fine ok?
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:25 Fine, okay. *backs out of the parking lot, the van door still open*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:26 *runs back into the bowling alley, in distress*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:27 *runs over to Stefiny* Stefiny!!
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:27 *sits down, trying to catch her breath*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:27 *starts running towards the van*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:27 (is Todds partner and best friend used to torment Nicolai with him is in the frount seat of the van)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:28 Dakota what is it?!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:28 Don: *Kisses Stefiny on the lips*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:29 (has brown hair is skinny but buff)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:29 *Destiny not stefiny*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:30 *punches him in the face than stomps on his foot and pushes him away* WHY THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT?!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:30 *ok nvm that post)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:30 (Destiny did that)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:31 *punches him in the face than stomps on his foot and pushes him away* WHY THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT?!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:32 *closes the door* Todd lets just get out of here ok?
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:34 It's Nicolai...Todd took him!
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:34 He told me to tell you that his brother took him home, but I know Todd...I know he's doing more than that.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:35 *Storms off really mad* Don: *To piss him off*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:35 *is very worried but talks calmly to calm Dakota* Its ok Todd is Nicolais brother he drives him places all the time
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:35 *drives out of the bowling alley and back to his house, which is very run down*
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:36 Are you sure about that? Todd was the one who kidnapped me. I was held hostage in his house for more than a year.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:36 oh ya? *grabs his arm and breaks it* I hope it hurts! *stroms off to Michael*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:37 all of Nicolais family was kidnappers but they all loved him and wont hurt him he is perfectly fine
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:38 *Looks at Destiny*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:39 *texts Todd a message so Nicoali wont here *- i never promised the brat that i wouldnt get involved with his friends-*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:39 I broke his arm
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:40 *texts back:* I know. I'm planning on getting his friends soon.
19>Dakota (_), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 04:41 *seems pretty convinced*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:41 you live here?! *chuckles a little*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:42 Come back home with me.
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:42 Yeah, only because I couldn't pay off rent on my old house. So I got this one.
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:43 *kicks the door to his house open* *pizza boxes and other trash lies all over the floor*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:43 what for?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:44 I inhereted dads old house but i cant live in it until im 18
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:45 *laughs a little* Make sure to keep it in good shape.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:46 i will
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:46 (Michael please dont put anything inapropriate)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:47 To introduce you to my family.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:47 (I'm not like that)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:47 * gets out of the car and ruffles Nicolais hair*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:48 (thank goodness i was worried for a second)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:48 ok
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:48 *looks at Mathew than at Todd* what is he doing here?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:49 ahh you remember me
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:50 *Takes her to his house and his dad answer* Dad: Hin
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:50 you tied me to the pole in frount of the school without my pants or shirt and than hung them up the flag pole
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:50 *smiles* Hi
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 04:51 That was just a distant memory, dude! The past is in the past.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:51 at least i let you keep your undewear on
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:51 besides im nothing like that anymore
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:52 *sighs* ok, fine wait dose he live with you?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 04:53 ya we share the rent its cool
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:54 *sarcastically* Ya...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:54 Dad: Hi.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 04:58 *shakes his hand* Im Destiny
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 04:59 but Remeber you Cant bother or kidnapp my friends
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 05:00 *quickly handcuffs Nicolai* I never promised that
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:01 wait what? No you cant do anything to them! *is freaking out and struggling*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 05:02 *puts him in a headlock* hey Todd whoes room should we keep in in yours or ours?
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 05:03 Um, ours I guess. I need my sleep- without him in my room.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 05:05 (ment to say mine as in yours or mine)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:05 Dad: Nice to meet you
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:06 I have to take full blame for giving you older son a black eye and a broken arm
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 05:08 so my room? do you care what happens to him in there?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:09 Dad: Oh which one?
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 05:09 Nah, it's your room, so you can do whatever you want.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:09 the right arm and the lft eye
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:10 Todd please keep your phycottic friend away from my friends
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:10 Dad: Oh ok.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:11 *looks at him* Todd please promise me you will keep him awa from my friends!!!
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 05:11 I didn't say I was making any promises, Nic.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:12 I promise it was for a good reason i dont just go around beating people up
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:12 *stomps on Mathew foot and trys to get out of the headlock but he cant* Todd! we made a deal Todd!!!
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 05:13 You should know me well enough to know I don't make deals with people, especially YOU.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:14 It's ok.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:15 *is mad and scared for his friends starts yelling* Todd! i dont care what happends to me stay away from them!!! they are closer than family to me!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:15 he needs to man up anyway *smiles*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 05:16 You already have family: ME.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:16 Dad: Smiles* I hope you stay a while.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:17 thats why i said they were closer than family to me!
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 05:18 You don't need them. You've survived without them.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:19 well i dont have to be anywhere for another hour
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 05:19 (Gotta go, bye!)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:20 that was before i had friends now they are all i care about! I came here with you knowing i would get hurt so they wouldnt have to!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 05:21 (aww ok dang it this was fun what time will you be on tomarrow)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:21 Ok.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:22 *smiles*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:23 *dosent really know what to do*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:24 *Smiles back* *His sister comes downstairs* Hi. I'm Michaela.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:26 *smiles* hi im Destiny
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:30 Michaela: Are you dating my brother?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:31 yes and i beat up your other brother
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:32 Michaela: michaels a Whimp. Don is better.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:32 Be quiet..., Michaela...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:33 Be quiet..., Michaela...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:33 well i beat don up and i think Michael is sweet
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:35 Michael took 2 stabbs to the knees and didnt cry or complain about them once i dont know about you but i think Michael is pretty brave
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:35 Michaela: Do you honestly like him?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:36 i was one of the kids kidnapped with him I can personally tell you that he is one of the bravest people i knoe
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:38 he walked about 5 miles to save his 2 friends when he knew he was most likely going to die he never gave up hope or said anything negitive or acted scared
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:39 *Smiles widely*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:41 if he wasnt so brave me and him and most of my friends would be dead
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:42 so you may think your brother is a wimp but he is the bravest person i know But Don on the other hand he is a wimp
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 05:45 but maybe his isnt i dont know your brother is a preatty awseome person though
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 13:41 Awwwww thank
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 14:06 *is walking home with Melanie, they are having a massive argument about the note*
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 14:07 Derrick, why would Michael want to trick us into thinking are dad is being released?
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 14:08 *scowls* I don't know, but they i doubt they would release him without a trial...i just don't think its actually happening Mel
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 14:10 *spins around to face Derrick* Listen Derrick, you might not care about dad, but i do. i have waited 10 years for him to be proven not guilty, it is finally happened and you are saying we shouldn't even try and get more information about it off michaels d
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 14:10 dad
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 14:12 thats not what i said, Mel! Actually listen to what i have to say before you go around accusing me of not caring about dad, of course i do
4>Derrick (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 14:13 If you really want to, we can go round to Michaels sometime soon
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 16:53 *takes him out of the head lock grabs him by his hands walks over to his bedroom and shoves him in*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 16:55 *falls down onto his side struggles to get up but eventually he dose* Listen Mat! i dont care what you do to me just stay away from my friends!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 16:58 *un cuffs one of his hands then re cuffs his hands to the cold pipe from the water heater so he wont get burnt*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 17:00 Please Mat! dont hurt my friends *his eyes are watery but he isnt crying*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 17:25 face it Nicolai that isnt happening you could of gotton some major cash but now we are just going tto do the same thing without you getting paid you are one stupid kid
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 17:26 So im stupid beacause i value my friends more than money is that it?!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 17:27 Dude just shut up all ready you are super anoying
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 17:28 No i am not going to shut up i am going to keep talkign and probably start yelling if you dont promise not to go nar my friends!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 17:29 *ties a knot in one of his socks and shoves it in his mouth like a gag turns on his game consule and starts playing a video game*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 17:30 *is worried sick about nicolai but isnt going to show it for Dakotas sake* hey lets finish are bowling game even though its just me Gemma and Dakota
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 17:31 *rolls a strike*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 21:59 *checks her watch after a while* oh i need to go! i am going to be late for cerfew ill catch you guys later ok bye! *walks out of the bowling ally*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 22:02 *has an idea is nervouse and scared about it but she is going for it anyway goes to todds house knocks on the dor hard*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 22:03 *opens the frount door sees Stefiny* Listen we dont buy cookies....
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 22:03 I want to talk to Todd.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 22:04 oh... well than come inside
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 22:05 no he has to come outside nothing personal but i dont trust you or Todd but i need to talk with him
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 22:05 *yells inside the house* Todd! there is a girl who wants to talk to you outside!
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 23:36 *is gaming on an X-Box* *smirks* Is it anyone hot?
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 23:36 *comes out to the door and sees Stefiny* *scowls a little* What do you want?
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.6 23:36 *glances at Mathew*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 23:38 i have an offer for you if you want it
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 23:40 *heres Stefinys voice starts freaking out cant say anything beacause of the gag* MMFH MMFH!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 23:46 *walks into the house and into his bedroom sees Nicolai freaking out*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 23:48 you know her dont you?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 23:49 nods his head quickly is freaking out wants to warn Steffiny
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 23:49 she is your girlfriend isnt she?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 23:49 *nodds* MMFH MMHHHFF
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 23:50 it would be a shame if something happened to her....
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 23:53 *starts freaking out more*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.6 23:55 **chuckles a little*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 00:00 are you intrested in what i have to offer?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 00:08 I know you do a kidnapping busness i am offered to help i know 3 people.... *is regreting every word she is saying* what do you say?
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 01:05 Fine...if you know what you're doing.
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 01:06 But if I catch you doing something wrong or helping someone, then you're dead.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:24 Destiny..
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:24 *Goes to Melanie's and Derricks home with Destiny*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:38 wait i will bring you the cirst to then i will trade the last one for Nicolai
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:41 *frist 2*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:42 ya Michael?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:42 Thank you for everything you said back then..
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:46 so we have a deal? i get you the first to then we meet up later you bring nicolai and i bring the other and we trade
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:46 *smiles* everything i said was true
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:47 *Hugs Destiny and gives her a little kiss on the cheek*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:48 *checks her watch*oh i need to get home
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:50 Ill see you later *starts walking home*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:55 *sees Steffiny talking to Todd hides behind his trash can as soon as she starts talking about the deal leaves to find Michael before she can here that Todd has Nicolai*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:57 *Sees Destiny* Hey!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 01:57 Something wrong?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:01 *runs over to Michael as he is walking some were stops him looks slightly scared and nervouse* Michael! *is panting sence she ran back here* we have to... some is! help!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:02 \
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:06 What?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:07 *is freaking out and slightly out of breath* Stefiny is.... trouble ..... what do i... help!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:09 What happened??
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:10 It depends on the trouble.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:10 *catches he breath* its about Stefiny
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:13 before i met you guys i was kidnapped by a guy named Todd he is crule and evil... he is worse then nicolais uncle the one with no name
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:14 well when i was walking home i saw and hear stefiny talking to him and telling him that she was going to help him kidnapp 3 kids
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:16 what should we do?!!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:24 I will only do this if i can get Nicolai back
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.7 02:45 *at home* Well, that was fun.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:48 *gives him a pice of paper* give me a call if you are intrested *starrts walking back home*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 03:09 Where are they?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:14 I dont know but we have to tell the others
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:17 *sees Destiny and michael heres destiny say "we have to tell the others" comes up behind her puts her arm on her shoulder* Tell the others what?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:20 We have to tell the others about the serprize birthday party we are planning for Tina....
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:26 Yeah!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 05:29 *heard stefiny leave calms down a little*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:30 Its getting late and Michael was just walking me home so we will see you later
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:31 *starts walking away quickly with her arm linked in michaels arm*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.7 05:39 *yawns*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:40 Where are we going?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:41 away from here so we can talk
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:43 *Sees Michael and Destiny running by* *Sticks his foot out*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:44 *falls down* OW!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:45 *stands up brushes herself off* Do you mind? we are walking here
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:46 *helps Michael up* you ok?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:47 Yeah and in my path.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:47 *Texts Todd* Does Nicolai friends with a couple?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:48 *scoffs* ya whatever come on Michael lets go
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:49 You look like you two are running from kidnappers.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.7 05:49 *has Todds phone for some reason texts back this is mat but ill ask him*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:50 Thanks.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:50 no we are just running away beacause are parents hate each other so good night *starts walking off*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.7 05:51 hey Nick you friends with a copple?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:51 *Recognizes Michael* Hey you're Max's kid, Michael.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:51 Michael: Yeah.. That's my dad. Nick: I work with him.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 05:51 *nerrows his eyes but nodds*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:52 *grabs Michaels hand* come on Michael lets go...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:52 Go run off with your lady friend.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.7 05:52 *texts Nick back "he said yes he dose"*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:55 Michael we need to go
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:55 *Texts back* I found them.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:55 Michael: Don't even hurt my dad... Nick: No promises.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.7 05:56 *texts back "well snatch them it shouldnt be to hard they are just kids"*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:58 *knows something is off about this guy*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 05:59 *Knocks Michael out*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 05:59 Mitchael we need to go before something happens!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:00 (nvm that post*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:00 *screams*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:01 *dosent know wether to run or help him or stay or fight*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:02 *Does the same with Destiny*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:02 *puts Mitchaels arm over her trys to run off be he is heavey so she is slow*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:03 *falls onto the ground*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:04 *Picks them both up and puts them into the car*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:04 *is sitting in her favorite thinking tree sees Nick knocking out her friends gets so startled she falls out of the tree* OOF!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:05 *lands in frount of Nick stands up quickly and walks backwards until she hits a tree*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:08 *is really hoping he didnt see her but she knows he did*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:08 *Grabs Stefiny too*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:09 *struggles* Stop it listen I know Todd we have a deal going you cant do this to me!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:10 *Lets her go* What is the deal?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:10 *Pulls out a knife and holds it to Michaels mouth*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:10 that is none of your buisness and im not quiet sure i am going to fallow through any more
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:11 oh! ok ill tell you just dont hurt him
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:12 *Laughs* You remember Zack?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:12 its was a stupid little deal and i was nervouse and tired i only did it to see if my boyfriend was there
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:13 *looks at him* how do you know i know him?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:13 Because I'm his hrother
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:14 Zack only has one brother and that is Logan who are you and what do you want?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:14 *Brother* He told me all about you and the rest. He passed this year because...*looks at Michael* He didn't protect him.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:15 *Smirks* Logan doesn't exist.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:16 *looks slightly scared* Listen i dont know who you are or what you are trying to get at but you need to let my friends go
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:16 You can have the girl, but Michael stays with ,e.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:16 *Me*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:17 no they are both my friends they both come with me!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:17 Michael: *Wakes up suddenly and out of reaction Nick stabs him in his chest*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:18 *Feels blood come out of the knife*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:18 *is freaked out* Why did you do that?!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:18 By reactions,
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:18 Ok who are you and what do you want?!!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:19 Michael: *Blood comes out of his mouth slowly*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:19 My name is Nick and that's what I wanted.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:20 *is freaking out* ok new deal I come with you but he goes to the hosbital now
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 06:20 Fine. *Takes Michael to the hopsital*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:20 ok
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:21 *sits in the back of Nicks car*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:24 *is freaking out*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:26 *is slightly talking to herself* ok calm down its gooing to be ok... its all going to be ok
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 06:27 (i gtg offline)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.7 18:25 Well, might as well make a cuppa... *starts making a cuppa*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 21:20 *gets an idea while nick is in the hosbital with michael she takes destiny and runs knocks on the nearest door near bye witch is Gemmas door knocks rapiddly*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 21:52 Michael: *Comes back out*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 22:35 *knocks quick and fast mummbling to self* come on open...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.7 23:50 Michael: Help...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.8 00:14 *opens door and is shocked to see Nick, who, surprisingly, she already knows* Oh! Hey.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.8 00:14 (I meant Stefiny...)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.8 00:27 Stefiny.. Help me..
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 03:10 hi *walks in with Destiny who is still knocked out* close the door hurry!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 03:10 *lays Destiny on the couch then runs over to the door closes it and locks it*no matter what happends dont open that door
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.8 03:20 Ok! *looks serious and runs into the kitchen and comes back with a cold towel and ice* What's happened?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 03:53 its a long story
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 04:22 *Falls down*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:21 *feels really bad for ditching Michael but stays with Gemma hopes Nick wont take his anger out on him*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.8 05:38 looks like some of your friends are comeing over Nicolai
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:41 *looks at the floor isnt going to look at mathew or answer anymore of his questions*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.8 05:45 *takes the gag out of Nicolais mouth* what are you giving me the silence treatment now?/
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:45 *keeps loking at the ground*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.8 05:46 *yells from his room* Todd I think your brother is broken!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.8 05:47 *smirks*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.8 05:49 *sighs* i wonder when Nick will get here
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:51 *the guilt is swelling up on her now* um Gemma take care of Destiny i need to go remember dont open the door unless its me if destiny wakes up she will explain
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:53 *Runs outside helps Michael up is about to run off when she feels a hand on her shoulder looks back to see Nick*hi.... would you mind letting me go i need to go meet a person at a place with him *smiles nervously*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 06:02 Nick: He's going to die.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 06:02 Nick: *Texts Todd* Gonna be a while.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 06:04 *Looks up at Stefiby*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 06:04 *Stefiny*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 06:05 You...should go..
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.8 19:18 Destiny wake up! *puts cold towel on her forehead then puts the ice on top of the towel*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 21:57 So now what?
9>Melanie (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 23:03 (sorry, i havent been on in a while, what has happened since last time i was on?)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 23:06 Listen Sir you said my friend Destiny could go but you have to keep him I need to go with you You cant hurt him please ill do anything!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 23:08 (alot Nicolai was kidnapped by his brother Destiny and Michael are dating me and mechael are about to be kidnapped Stefiny escaped droped Destiny off at Gemmas hous bc destiny is knocked out destiny thinks stefiny is working with kidnappers and Stefiny
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 23:08 was caught by the kidnapper again the 3 kidnappers are Mathew Todd (nicolais brother) and Nick)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.8 23:09 *texts back whats the hold up?*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 23:14 *wakes up* what happened were am i? were is Michael?!!!!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.9 00:28 I know you don't know me but I want to know what happened, you're at my house, and I haven't seen Michael.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 00:42 what do you want to know?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 00:45 Nick: *Texts back* Kids are taking forever
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 00:51 I'm....not ok...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 00:56 * texts back just knock them out and put them in your car how hard is that?*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 00:59 Listen Sir you can take me with or let Michael go if you refuse both of my offers than im calling the police
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:02 I'll take both of you.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:03 *just reliesed how stupid that was of her to say that*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:03 oh um ok than
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:04 are you sure you dont just want to let him go it would be easyer...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:05 Nick: No... He needs to come..
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:05 why him whats so important about him
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:07 Nick: *Pulls off his shirt to show tattoos and scars*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:08 that is just gross!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:09 put your shirt back on please that is just..ew!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:10 *He puts his shirt back on and pulls up Michaels shirt to reveal a tattoo*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:10 ok he has a tattoo so what?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:11 Nick: Its a symbol that each kidnapper has
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:11 *looks at Michael* you are a kidnapper?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:12 No..... *Coughs more* They forced me to get it...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:13 *looks at Nick* you want to force him to be a kidnapper?!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:15 Nick: Hell be the best.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:16 and you think he will do it? how do you know he wont refuse to?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:16 I won't ever be like you!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:17 Nick: SHUT IT!! *Smacks Michael hard*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:18 Stop it dont hurt him!!!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:20 Listen I know my friends and they will never agree to be a kidnapper beacause they have been kidnapped and they know how awful and wrong it is! just leave him alone!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:20 Nick: Don't tell me what to do!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:21 I am not telling you what to do i am telling you what my friends wont do!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:24 Leave her alone Nick...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:25 listen just let Michael go and we wont have a problem ok?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:27 *isnt thinking about what she is saying or what could happen or how mad Nick is proubably going to get*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:29 Nick: Be quier
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:29 Nick: Where's your girlfriend Michael?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:30 He wouldnt know
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:30 I made sure she is some were you wouldnt find her so you couldnt hurt her
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:31 Now let Michael go! i have been kidnapped many times and they all ended up in jail
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:34 Nick: *Picks up Michael*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:35 Set him down! *is getting mad*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:36 *kicks Nick in the leg but it dosent do much beacause she is quiet weak*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:39 Help me...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:40 *keeps kicking Nick but it wouldnt do much she isnt strong*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:40 Let him go!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:41 Max: Nick! Let my son go!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:43 *looks back and Sees Max is glad there is someone who can actually do something to help*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:45 *stands back so Max can get Michael back*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:45 Max: You have no right to do this to him.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:46 Just let him go!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:47 Nick: *Takes a gun out*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 01:47 *texts Nick "what is taking you so long?!"*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:48 *puts her hands up and stands back*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:48 Nick: One of them has to die...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:50 *looks back at the tree then back at nick*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:52 *quickly climbs up the tree and disapears into the leaves it is extreamly hard to see her now*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:53 *stays compleatly quiet*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:57 *falls out of the tree again* please dont shoot me!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:57 So now what?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 01:57 Some friend you are Stefiny...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:02 I am sorry i dont like being shot! how about you just shoot no body *is on the ground to scared to move*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:03 EVERYONE JUST STOP TALKING to,
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:04 *stops talking imedetly*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:05 Nick: *Leaves*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:05 *texts Max "do you need me to come down there? you should have been her an hour ago"*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:06 *stands up after Nick leaves*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:08 I got to go now.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:08 Michael: Dad... No...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:08 (you mean you gtg offline?)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:09 (No)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:12 (ok)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:13 ok *brushes herself up* i am about to go do someting stupid that i will probably regret
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:15 so i will see you later sir and im sorry aboout your son
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:15 Michael: Which is?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:15 *runs off*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:16 *hears Maxes car pull up* hey Nicolai looks like your friends here..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:17 *puts down his video game goes to the door opens it*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:22 *starts running twards Todds house stops when she sees Maxes car in frount of it runs up to it*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:22 What the?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:23 *starts trying to open the back door were Michael is but its locked*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:23 *sees Stefiny pulls out his gun shoot her with a tranqualizing dart*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:24 *collapses onto the ground*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:25 He's In the back here
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:25 (sorry i ment to type Nicks car)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:26 Hey Nick is she the reason you were so late?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:26 (i also ment to type Nicks car sry)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:27 Nick: Yeah. She held up me and Max.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:29 ok, ill get her inside we are holding the kids in my room
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:31 *picks up Stefiny brings her inside handcuffs her around a pole in his room and takes the dart out of her side*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:32 *walks
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:32 *walks back outside to Nick* are the kids consince? do you need help bringing them inside?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:33 I think she's dating Nicolai
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:33 Nick: Michael is...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:34 wait did you get both kids or only him?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:36 Him
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 02:37 *keeps looking at the ground*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:38 do you need help bringing him in or is he pretty weak?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.9 02:50 I want to know how you got this way.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:51 you mean how i got knocked out?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 02:54 well someone pressed a presser point on my shoulder
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 02:58 Yeah help me
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:58 ok
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 02:59 *opens the back of the car were Michael is* ok kid we can eather do this the easy way are the hard way
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:02 now get in the house if you try to run off i will shoot you with my traquilizing gun like i did to your friend
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 03:04 Michael: Ok.. *He limps inside*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:04 *walks with Michael into his bedroom handcuffs him to another poll aperently he has alot of pipes in his bedroom*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:05 *bellyflops onto his bed and continues playing his video game*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:06 hhey Nicolai you still giving me the sighlent tretment?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 03:06 *dosent say anything just keeps looking at the ground*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:08 *smirks* so i noticed you were limping kid why is that?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.9 03:16 Michael: Nick....shot me..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 03:18 *hears Michael looks up sees him and Stefiny*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 03:18 *looks at Mathew* what are you doing with them?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:19 oh so you can talk now
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 03:19 Michael what are you doing here?!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 03:22 Nick.... Got me..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 03:22 who is Nick?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:25 my brother the one who didnt want to terorise you beacause it was mean and childish
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 03:26 Wait what?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:28 *walks out of the bedroom and closes the door goes into the living room with Nick Max and Todd* so whats the plan? we have 3 kids locked in my bedroom what are we doing with them?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:28 *was lying about Nick being his brother*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:28 *chuckles* hey nick i just told the kids that you were my brother
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 03:32 Nick: *Laughs* I'm Destinys brother actually... She never knew about it.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:32 cool i dont know who that is but ok
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 03:33 Max: Do you have any siblings Matt?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:34 nah i was an only child i hung out with Todd alot when we were kids we allways terorised Nicolai
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:35 one time i tied him to a flag pull with only his underwear on and hung his cloths on the flag pole right before school let out
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 03:48 Nick: Why
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:55 beacause i was young and imatuer and he crashed into me with his bike
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 03:56 Nick: Ph
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 03:56 Max: Oh..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 03:57 ya, but thats not as bad as what todd did when Nicolai stole his chocolate bar
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 04:01 when nicolai was 5 he ate todds chocolate bar so Todd locked him in his closet for 3 days with no food or water
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:02 Nick: *Turns on video camera to Destiny* Hi Destiny.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:04 *hears her phone ringing opens her video camra* who are you and how do you know my name?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:05 Nick: My name is Nick... I'm your brother.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:08 I fall for alot of things but im not falling for that *turns off her phone*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:09 Nick: *Sends a picture of Destinys father to her*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:10 *looks at the picture texts him* were did you get that picture?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:11 Nick: Like I said, I'm your brother and I know where father is.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:14 *texts him back* my father is dead he has been for 5 years
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:14 Nick: But do you know where his grave is?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:16 *texts him back* he died at sea
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:16 Nick: Well I have your boyfriend..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:18 *texts back* prove it
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:19 Nick: *Sends a picture of Michael*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:22 *texts back* WHO THE HEY ARE YOU AND WHY DID YOU KIDNAPP MY BOYFRIEND?!!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:27 Nick: Come find me.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:27 *texts him back* I am calling the police
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:28 Nick: They can't do anything
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:29 *texts back* what do you want?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:30 Nick: I want to prove to you that I'm your brother
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:33 *texts back* If i say you are my brother will you let my boyfriend go?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:35 Nick: No
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:39 i want my boyfriend back
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:40 Nick: And I want you to stop complaining.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:42 what will it take for you to give me back my boyfriend?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:43 Nick: Nothing.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:44 so you are just going to let him go?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:49 Nick: Nope.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 04:49 *sits there not knowing what to say to Michael*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:50 are you trying to get on my nerves? stop bugging me you creep!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:55 Michael: I'm in so much pain
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:56 let me talk to my boyfriend
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 04:56 my brother is probably doing this to get back at me
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:57 I would rather die..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 04:58 why are we allways getting kidnapped?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:59 I don't know..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 04:59 *texts Nick* listen let me talk to my boyfriend i need to talk to him!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:02 Nick: *Gives the phone to Michael* Michael: Hey...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:03 Michael are you ok?!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:04 Not really... My heart rate is dropping..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:05 were are you at?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:08 Todd's house
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:09 i am going to get the police
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:12 should i get the police?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:13 how many people are there?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:13 No! It's ok!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:18 are you sure?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 05:19 should i come over or something?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 14:46 I don't want you to get hurt.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 17:10 what do you want me to do I cant just leave you there!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 17:10 I don't want you to get hurt.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 17:10 I'll be fine..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 17:18 Michael I beat up your brother i dont think this will be much different!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 18:33 ugh! *hangs up the phone lays down on Gemmas couch* Ugh its like 2 years ago all over again!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 19:41 *Sighs*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 19:44 Michael, $5.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 19:45 I bet you $5 that she is going to come over here
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 19:46 *walks into his bedroom and closes the door*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 19:48 *turns off his light and goes to bed*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 20:25 *sits up and looks at Gemma* I just realized I've been here for you even know your name
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 20:30 *Sighs*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.9 20:31 I hope not..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.9 20:44 could you keep it down im trying to sleep
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:26 *falls aslep*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:28 *wakes up a few hours later in the dark screams* what happened were am I why am i tied up?!!! *is freaking out* no... no no no! this cant be happening not again!! HELP SOMEBODY HELP!!!
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.10 03:29 *is gaming and eating chips* *has headphones on so he can't hear anyone or anything*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:30 *wakes up gets an idea quickly gags Ncolaiand Mihaelso they cant say anything and blindfolds Stefiny so when she actually can see she wont be able to*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.10 03:31 *swears loudly after messing up in the game*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:31 Whoes there?! why did you lindfold m somebody help!!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:32 *walks out of his room and into Todds tapps him on the shoulder* hey Todd
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.10 03:33 *doesnt even turn around* What do you want?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:34 dude the kid is screaming and beacausits dark she cant see a thing its hilarious and it is anoying beacause i want to sleep
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:35 I also lid folded her but i cant gag her beacause i used all my gags for the other 2 so they wont talk to her
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.10 03:35 *puts down the game console* Ugh...just tape her mouth shut, or I will. *takes off his headphones and pauses the game real quick*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:35 I hope not..
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.10 03:36 *goes over to the room where Stefiny is*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:37 Nick: BE QUIET!
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.10 03:37 [Hi J., I'm on Movie RP.]
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.10 03:37 [@ Jack:I'm on Movie RP.]
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.10 03:37 (Ok.)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:38 *stands in his room chuckles as stefiny screams*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:39 (Ok)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:43 (kk)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:44 Max: *Smacks Michael hard across the face*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:46 (so Nicolai and michael are in one room and stefiny is in Mathews room beacause there was no more space in the other room)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:47 *walks into the room were Michael and Nicolai are leaves Stefiny screaming* could you gag them? I dont want them talking to the girl i want to see how much she freaks out
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:49 Just kill me..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:52 if your dead we cant use you as Ransome if ransome fails we know some people who will buy you
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:54 hey max Nick what are the plans for theese 2?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:55 hey
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:55 Nick: I need Michael.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:56 so whats your plan for him?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 03:57 Somebaody anyone Help!! *starts crying* Please help! i cant go through this again!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 03:59 *shoves a Gag in michaels and Nicolais mouths*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.10 04:03 *hears Stefiny screaming wants to tell her he is there but he cant*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:04 *is crying and scared more beacause of the fact that she is alone than the fact she is kidnapped is having extream flash backs is crying and screaming*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 04:07 you trying to form Michael into a kidnapper?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:11 Nick: Yes I am.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:23 Max: I don't think it'll work
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 04:25 Dude nab his girlfriend if he dosent do what you want hurt his girl in front of him then he will definitely do anything to get you to stop
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:26 Nick: Who is his girlfriend?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 04:34 are you serious?! dude you just called her on the phone she called you a creep beacause you said you were her brother
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 04:35 whats her name Dana... Daisy...Destiny! yes thats her name Destiny
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:37 Nick: Ok. I'll get her.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 04:39 ok, see ya later then
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:39 Nick: *Goes to Destinys house*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:45 *is at Gemmas house*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:46 Nick: *Goes to Gemmas house*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:47 *sits on her couch* so i just found out my boyfriend was kidnapped
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.10 04:47 [@ J.:I'm still on Movie RP. Sorry about disappearing!]
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:47 *hears a knock on the door* Dont Answer it its probably that creep looking for me he says he is my brother
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:48 Nick: *Sneaks behind the house*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:49 So how exactly did i end up here?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:50 *sees Nick in the house* oh crumb! *hides behind Gemma*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:51 Nick: *Throws in sleep gas*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:52 *covers her mouth with her shirt runs out the frount door with Gemma*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:52 *coughs violently pulling Gemma and running*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:53 come on we cant let that Creep catch us!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:56 Nick: *Grabs Destiny as she goes past his car and Max grabs Gemma*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:57 *screams starts punching Nicks arm* LET ME GO YOU CREEP!!!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:58 I ALREADY TOLD YOU YOUR NOT MY BROTHER!!!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:58 Nick: Want to see your dumb boyfriend? Stop struggling.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 04:59 I have been kidnapped for 3 years! i just barely escaped last year i cant do this again!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:01 *bites Nicks arm hard and wont let go but keeps trying to yell* ET E UT
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:02 One text and I WILL HAVE HIM DEAD!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:03 One text and I WILL HAVE HIM DEAD!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:04 *stops biting him imedietly*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:04 Nick: Good.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:04 what do you want with me?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:06 what
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:08 Nick: Im going to take you to your boyfriend.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:11 why cant you just let him go! i dont like being kidnapped!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 05:16 Please just let me go I cant do this again we cant do this again just let him and me go
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 05:20 *stands outside of the house sees Nick pull up*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 13:18 Nick: *Gets Destiny put*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 13:18 *Out*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 17:19 need help with her?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 22:15 *walks over to Destiny hand cuffs her pushes her in the room with Nicolai and Mecheal*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 22:19 *falls down*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 22:22 *cuffs Destiny to a pole and shoves a gag in her mouth than leaves the room*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 22:27 *hears max pull up goes outside sees Gemma in the back of his car* Hey Max whoes that?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 23:04 *Out*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.10 23:05 Max: I don't know her name.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.10 23:37 oh, she looks pretty scared lets put her in my room with the girl who screams alot
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 00:51 *Sees Destiny* Destiny...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 00:51 *sits there crying blindfolded and tied up*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 00:52 *spits out the gag* Michael
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 00:53 *here eyes are water she looks like she is about to cry*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 00:54 Don't cry.... Please..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 00:56 I just cant believe this is happening again *tears start to roll down her face*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 01:00 *quickly wipes her tears away* no I..I don't cry
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 01:11 I'm with you and ill protect you.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 01:22 Michael Im scared what if someone gets hurt more or someone dies this time what if we cant escape this time *is scared and her eyes are watery she is trying her hardest not to cry*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 01:26 We'll be fine. I promise.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 01:47 you said that last time then got stabbed twice
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 01:55 *grabs Gemmas arm brings her inside to his room were Stefiny is* Hey Kid Stop crying i got you a friend *chuckles slightly*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 01:55 *handcuffs Gemma to the pole so she is sitting right next To Stefiny*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 01:57 who.. whos there?! *looks around frantically but cant see anything beacause of the blindfold*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 01:59 *is still crying* please let me go i promise i wont make any more trouble! I cant go through this again please!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 02:00 *chuckles* ya no thats not happening
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 02:02 can you at least take the blindfold off me?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 02:02 *lays on his bed and starts playing his video game* Its not happening kid
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:04 *Looks at Destiny*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:07 *trys her hardest not to cry*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:10 *Tries to move his hand*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:10 Everyone has a perpouse in life why is ours to be tormented and tied up and misrable all the time?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:11 I just dont understand how someone could do this
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:13 why would someone do this *a few tears run down her face*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:18 *quickly wipes them away*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:19 Nick: *Walks in looking mad*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:23 *looks down at the ground so nick wont see that she was crying*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:23 Nick: *Smacks and kicks Michael until he's on the floor*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:24 Stop It stop hurting him!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:25 Nick: Be quiet.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:26 *stops talking imedietly but is breathing fast beacause she is scared*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:26 Nick: I'll kill him
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:27 no please no! *is extremaily scared* ill do anything
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:32 Nick: Ok.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:33 *sighs in slight relife*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:34 *calms down a little*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:34 *Looks at Destiny nervously*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:35 *is glad Michael is safe but is Worried about what Nick will do*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:36 Nick: *Grabs Michaels neck*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:37 No Stop please!! *is crying* dont hurt him... if your going to hurt some one hurt me!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:38 Nick: I don't hurt girls.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:40 Please I will do anything you want just stop hurting him *tears are running down her face* please im begging you!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:43 Nick: *Stops* Become a kidnapper and he will be fine.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:47 Fine ill do it just dont hurt him
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:49 Nick: Ok
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:50 *hugs Michael and starts crying*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:51 It will be ok... I promise...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:52 *just sits there hugging him and crying into his shoulder*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:52 Nick: Let go of him.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:54 *dosent stop hugging him just keeps crying*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:56 Nick: Come on let go.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:56 *stands up*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:57 Nick: Ok.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 03:58 *wipes away her tears*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 04:01 *walks with away with Nick*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 04:02 *dosent talk to him*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 13:17 Nick: *Takes her to a dark room*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 15:59 Nick: *Takes her to a dark room*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 15:59 Nick: All I need is your arm.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 17:05 what....what are you...you doing with...with it *is so scared she is stuttering *
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:12 Just give me your arm.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 17:14 *hold out her arm*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:16 *Starts to draw on her arm with permanent marker a tattoo*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:17 Michael: Nick!! Stop!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 17:17 *Wonders what he is doing but is still scared*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:20 *Finishes and the tattoo looks like a symobo*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 17:21 *looks at her arm* what is it?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:21 *Symobol*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:22 It's the symbol all kidnappers have on them.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:23 *Shows her his and Max comes in*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 17:25 *sighs thinks to self* *- if this is whwt it takes to keep Michael safe so be it-*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:26 It's the symbol all kidnappers have on them.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 17:26 *Whispers something to Max so destiny can't hear*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 17:27 *kicks a small pebble on the ground*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 17:30 *wonders what they are wispering about but dosent want to ask*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 17:33 *walks out of his room to were Nick and max and destiny are* whats up?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 17:35 *sees Destiny* what are you doing whith the kid?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 19:16 We gave her the tattoo.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 20:38 i thought you were trying to make Michael the kidnapper
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 20:39 If i didnt know any better i would say you were afraid to hurt a girl!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:02 We gave her the tattoo.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:02 No... I just don't do it.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:06 No... I just don't do it.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 21:13 Your afraid to hurt a girl you aren't going soft are you?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:41 No. I'm not.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 21:46 then why did you convince the girl to be a kidnapper instead of Michael?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:50 Because Michael won't let me harm her
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 21:51 thats the point
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:52 And he keeps stopping
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 21:52 he will do anything for you not to hurt her
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:53 Both of them will become kidnappers
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 21:54 here is what we do we handcuff Michael to a stable serface stand just out of his reach and beat her until he dose anything you want
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 21:55 if they are both kidnappers they will most likely run off
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:56 *Grabs the handcuffs*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 21:57 I knew you wouldn't go soft on us
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 21:59 *heard them talking backs up until she hits the wall*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 21:59 *Grabs Michael and handcuffs him to the
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 22:00 *grabs Destinys Shoulder * you going somewhere?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 22:00 *Handcuffs him to the garage*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 22:01 *is to terrified to speak*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 22:02 *pushes Destiny over to Nick* here this is your deal
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 22:03 *is shoved into Nick quickly takes a step back*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 22:07 go on Nick do it
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 22:14 *Slaps her across the face*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 22:14 Michael: YOU FOOL!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.11 22:22 I'll do more.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 22:59 *trys to run out the door but Mathew is blocking it*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.11 22:59 your not goiing anywhere princess *pushes her down onto the floor*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 23:00 *lands on the ground with a hard thump*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.11 23:00 *holds back her tears*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 00:24 *Slaps her again*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 00:26 Michael: STOP!!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 00:27 ow!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 00:33 *sounds depressed* Just stop hurting her ok?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 00:38 *keeps looking at the ground*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 03:12 Michael: STOP!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 03:12 Be quiet!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 03:18 Michael: I'll do it..
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 04:42 *comes in, done with video games for awhile*
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 04:43 You're not doing anything, and I'll make sure of it.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 04:54 Michael: Why not? You're not the boss of me.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 05:00 Max: *Walks in and starts hitting Michael with a baseball bat like he's a pinata*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 05:08 No stop it stop hurting him! *grabs Nicks arm to stop him from hitting Michael* you said you wouldnt hurt him!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.12 05:18 *pushes Destiny out of the way and onto the floor turns Nick around* hey stop hitting him if you want to hurt him hurt his girl emotion pain stings more and lasts longer and the girls right you said you wouldnt hurt him so hurt her insted
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.12 05:19 If Michael dose something wrong hurt destiny If he dosent do what you want hurt destiny in front of him of course
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 05:21 *Slaps Destiny again*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 05:22 Michael: *Is in so much pain*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 05:22 *Slaps her another time*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 05:29 Ow! *slaps him on the face out of reflex*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 05:29 Michael: Just leave her alone... She's done nothing, but be amazing..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 05:30 *Slaps her even harder on the face*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 05:44 *her face starts to bleed a little* Please stop!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 13:59 STOP HURTING HER!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 17:20 *just sits there looking down at the ground not saying anything*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 18:09 (please delete me because I just can't keep up with this.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:27 (ok)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 22:52 Michael: *Trying to break free*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:55 (I want to come back actually, I read back.. Sorry about before.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:56 *wakes up gagged*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:56 *-What? What the heck?-*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:57 *keeps looking at the ground sounds quiet calm* this situation is probably freaking you out isnt it?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:57 (ok)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:58 *pulls* Well, Britain's a little different.... *realizes I'm handcuffed*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:58 *is blindfoled and scared is crying*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:58 *my words come out muffled*
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.12 22:58 [Hi Cree and Caprial! I'm on Friends Forever!]
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:58 *-Wow... Again?-*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:58 (Cool.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:59 (btw Stefiny and Gemma are in one room and Mechael Destiny and Nicolai are in another room*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:59 (ok)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:59 *sees Destiny* What the heck did she do? *words come out weird again*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 22:59 (Oops)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 22:59 *hears Gemma muffled speach sounds terified* hello is anyone there?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:00 (Nevermind that.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:00 (kk)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:00 *recognizes voice* Stefiny!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:01 *uses tongue and manages to get the gag out of her mouth*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:02 anyone?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:02 Stef!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:02 who is there
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:02 Hi!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:02 It
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:03 is Gemma.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:03 Gemma?! how did you get here?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:04 Kidnapped, how do you think? *groans* This happens way too often.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:04 Well, at least they haven't tried to give me the tattoo.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:04 wait you have been kidnapped before as well?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:05 I cause them trouble all the time, they've had a really hard time tracking me down... I suppose they finally found me. *sigh*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 23:05 *Shouts at Stefiny and Gemma* Be quiet!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:05 Yes, I've been kidnapped before.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:05 *shuts up imedietly*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:06 *falls silent and smirks* *-Nicky boy.. Well, well, well.-*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:06 *talks quietly* for how many years?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:06 *-Long time no see?-*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 23:06 Michael: *Breaks the handcuffs*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:07 *talks quietly* Nearly all my life.... I was basically raised for being kidnapped, kinda ironic, eh?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 23:07 *Remembers Gemma*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:07 *lays on the floor beaten is in to much pain to move*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:07 *whispers* So, Nicky boy is here now?
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.12 23:08 [@ Jack:Hi! I'll be on Friends Forever and Brunny's Awesome World of Randomness if you want to chat with me!]
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 23:08 *Max walks in*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 23:08 *talks calmly like nothing is wrong* if you try to leave they will beat up Destiny again
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:08 I guess, time flies when you're constantly trying to mess up kidnappers..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 23:08 (Ok! I'll go on Brunnys!)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:09 who is Nick?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:09 *strains against the handcuffs*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 23:09 Michael: *Falls down and blood comes out of his mouth*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:10 do you have a bobby pin?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:10 Long... story.... kidnapper... *gets a dazed look on face, deep in thought*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:10 Oh yeah. *pulls out bobby pin with great difficulty from pocket and picks the lock*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:11 *cuffs fall off and there are marks from when it cut into my skin*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:11 good i can pick a lock with it
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:12 *is still blindfolded*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:12 Well, I just showed I could too.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:13 Well, I just showed I could too.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:13 *picks Stefiny's lock*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:14 *picks Stefiny's lock*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:14 *takes off herblindfold*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:14 *picks Stefiny's lock* (gtg)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:14 (ok)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:14 *takes off her blindfold*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.12 23:14 *takes off her blindfold* (really)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:14 (ok)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.12 23:15 *Kicks Michael*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 23:15 *groans on the floor*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 04:13 *stands in front of the doorway as he sees Stefiny and Gemma taking off there blindfolds* well well well look who can pick a simple lock
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 04:16 *yells through the doorway* Hey Nick I think you should come in here for a sec!!!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.13 04:19 *starts freaking out* please dont hurt me!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 04:21 `Oh I am not going to hurt you but I cant say the same thing about Nick he gets a really bad temper *smirks
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.13 04:31 *looks really worried*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 04:32 but hey maybe you will get lucky
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 04:33 NICK!! STOP BEATING UP THE KD AND COME IN HERE FOR A SEC!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 04:34 *kid*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.13 05:04 *Walks in* Yeah Matt?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.13 05:05 What can I do for you?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 05:13 It looks like we have a cupple of lock smiths here they picked the locks It looks like they were trying to bail on us
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.13 13:36 Oh. Really now?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 16:56 yes what do you think we should do?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.13 22:44 Oh. Really now?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.13 22:45 I think we should teach them both a lesson.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 22:46 I think that is a great idea
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.13 22:49 *starts freaking out* Gemma what....what do we do!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 22:57 no whats the best way to teach them a lesson....
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 22:58 *now*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.13 23:10 *Smirks* *Picks up a baseball bar*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 23:26 Whoa Nick lets not go there I think I have a better Idea...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.13 23:49 I happen to have something that tells people greatest fears unless you have a better idea
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 00:20 What is it?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 00:21 my device?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 00:23 What does it do?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 00:23 it tells you people greatests fears
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 00:25 Let's see what there's is
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 00:25 kk be right back
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 00:25 *runs off comes back will a small device*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 00:26 Let's try it.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 00:28 *points it at Stefiny it makes a beeping sound then some words apear on its small screen*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 00:31 well look at this its very interesting...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 00:32 looks like she bigest fear is being trapped in small dark places...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.14 00:50 *looks calm* Hey Nicky boy, long time no see? *smirks because I literally have no fear*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 00:51 Hey Gemma.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 00:53 *Sighs*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:27 *points his device at Gemma* no fear huh? well I can fix that...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:27 *smirks*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:44 To what?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:45 I have my ways...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:46 but i want to see your idea
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:47 I don't have any at the moment...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:47 What do you sapose we do with her I wont doubt any of your choices Nick
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:47 Michael: *Limps into the room* Just...leave them alone.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:48 I will take care of this thing! *pushes Michael to another room*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:48 Michael: Just stop...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:48 He's at his breaking point...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:49 ok Listen kid I can make your life horrible and missrable I can make you wish you were never born!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:50 Michael: I already wish that everyday....
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:51 Max: Leave him be,
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:52 Michael: You can hurt or even kill me. I don't care.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:52 I can also do the same to everyone of your friends they have allready been through so much pain do you really want them to go through it again?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:53 Calm down Max im not going to hurt him
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:54 Michael: I JUST DONT CARE ANYMORE!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:55 so Kid you have a choice you can leave right now go on with your pathetic life whith all your friends here going through pain and torment everyday or you can stay here and listen to us and we wont harm your friends at all
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 01:58 You may not care about yourself but do you care about your firends?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 01:59 Michael: I do...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:01 so what is your choice?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:01 *Throws a knife by accident and it hits Michael in the chest*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:02 *pulls it out and grabs his first aid kit keeps a bandage to his chest*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:03 Nick why the Hey were you throwing knifes Nick!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:04 no I need to take this kid to the hosbital!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:06 *brings him to the hosbital waits in the waiting room for the doctor to tell him if he is alive or dead*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:09 Frank: *Is the doctor and Michaels Uncle* *Comes out to the waiting room8
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:09 (im going to let you choose if Michael is dead or alive beacause he is your charecture)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:09 *
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:10 *Sees Nick* You brought him in?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:10 *Matt*
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:11 I can't exactly tell you what's going to happen. You'll have to come by tomorrow.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:11 yes Sir is he going to be ok?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:12 He looks fine, but I can't be certain.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:12 I dont know who his family is I just found him lying like this in the park do you want me to try to find his family?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:13 His dad is named Rick.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:13 I knew his family from a whikeck.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:13 *While back*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:14 ok would you like me to come back tomarrow?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:15 or are you going to contact his family?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:18 *While back*
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:18 You come back tomorrow.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:18 And if you would like to find his family go ahead.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 02:18 *sits there scared to death dosent know what Nick will do*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:19 thank you sir i am going to head home now
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:19 Ok.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 02:20 Nick: *Locks her in a room that is very small*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:20 *goes home smakes Nick on the back of the head* what were you thinking?! oh wait you wernt! the doctor freakin Knew who hi was!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 02:21 *sits alone locked in a small dark room starts freaking out*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 02:21 *he*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:24 Nick do you know how much trouble we could be in?!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:44 Hey!! What?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:46 you heard me!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 02:46 why were you throwing knives in the first place huh?!!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:50 I was throwing it at the dart board!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:50 Was the doctor old?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:57 Cause I know a doctor there who knows no one.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 02:57 And I'll go back and get him.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 04:29 *The next day*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 04:36 *wakes up the next morning*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.14 04:38 *has been thinking of many things hasnt slet sence he got there*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 04:39 *is tied up next to Nicolai*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 04:40 *is trapped in a small dark room next to another small dark room were Gemma is*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 04:44 *talks to Gemma through the walls* would you like to know about when i was first kidnapped?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:02 Nick: You should go to the hopsital.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:05 *yawns* so you want me to go now sheese dude make up your mind
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:07 *gets out of bed changes his clothes and brushes his hair*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:07 *eats some breakfast* oh i allmost forgot feed the kids while im gone ok Nick?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 05:09 you know Gemma that fear detector was a little off
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:10 Nick: Will do.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 05:10 It only scares me when im trapped in small dark places alone as long as i can hear someone than im ok
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:11 thanks * grabs his Jacket and drives to the hosbital*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:12 *sits in the waiting room*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.14 05:15 *is in alot of pain but sees Nicolai just sitting there* hey Nicolai are you ok?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.14 05:16 *dosnt answer Destiny just sighs and looks at the ground*
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:18 *Coms out* Oh you're back.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:19 Well you requested that I come here so here I am is that Boy all right?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:20 Do you know him?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:21 Im not sure i might it was quiet dark last night
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:22 and everyhting was being rushed
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:24 Well unless you know him, I can't give you to him.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:25 I understand if I can take a look at him I might know who he is
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:27 *Shows you through the door*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:30 *sees Michael* Michael!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:31 oh my goodness me and your friends were so worried about you
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:32 Michael: *He looks at Frank nervously*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:35 your friends are so worried about you they are all hurting inside *says friends and hurt in a way To tell michael that his friends will probably get hurt if he dosent come*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 05:35 they really care about you
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:37 Michael: I can't go home yet.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 05:38 We have 2 more tests scheduled today.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 06:08 Michael: Please..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 06:26 do you know when he will be better by?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 15:23 Later tonight.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 17:24 ok thant you *goes home* hey Nick did the kids get breakfast?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:31 Nick: Yeah. How is amichael?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:31 *Michael*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:42 he cant come back until later tonight
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:43 Why not?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:45 they have to do tests and things i dont know
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:47 Why not?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:47 (My bad) Nick: Want me to get him again?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:48 I dont care
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:49 I
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:49 Nick: Well if you don't care, then he might as well be dead.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:50 I have other things to worry about right now
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:51 listen even if we dont need him we can sell him to the scientist and mack a coupple thousand dollars
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:52 Nick: I'm already thinking of selling *Points to Stefiny*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:53 its a possiblity but she might be the key to getting information out of Nicolai
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:53 Or Michaels Girlfriend.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:54 Destiny.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:55 only if michael ends up dead in the hosbital tonight
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 18:55 (i gtg offline ttyl)
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:55 Nick: I can go over and make it that way.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.14 18:55 (Ok)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 19:01 no if he isnt dead we can still make money off of him
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 19:51 Why don't we just take them all? It
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 19:51 *It'd be more worthwhle.
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.14 19:51 *worthwhile
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 23:00 you want to sell them all? ok but Nicolai is our key to making money he knows about all kinds of technoligy he could bild a computer if he had time to
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.14 23:01 we just have to get him parts and he can bild devices that will make us rich the other kids we can easily sell
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 02:21 Good for you I'm here Stefiny, otherwise it'd be bad.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 02:22 *sits in the room not remotely scared because Nick resisted hurting me every time for a little nasty, dangerous secret..*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 02:42 ya i would be freaking out
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 02:49 Well, I'm here for ya.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 02:50 This is just like last time. *groans*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 really? what happened last time?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 Lot's of stuf.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 *stuff.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:00 I got this scar on my back and the one across my cheek. (I have one on my cheek BTW, Lol.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:00 I first got kidnapped 4 years ago i just got free 2 months ago now i am here again
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:01 all my scars are mental you cant see them but i can never get rid of them
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:05 I have more than that. *mumbles* Trust me...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:07 But it is also were i met my best friends
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:07 I don't really have friends... I;m not good at that.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:08 well im to emotionally scared to make any other friends
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 If Nicolai wasnt with me i would be a nervouse depressed messed up freak
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:14 I would be.. Like I am now, alone.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:18 hey we are both alone right now but we are alone together
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:19 Ok.. *giggles*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:25 i have been alot worse than i am right now
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:26 Me too..
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:33 *sighs* i wish they would just give kidnapping a rest
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:34 Well, it's my life.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:42 same here
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:43 I suppose I'll wait till Nicky Boy comes back.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:50 ya,
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:51 *breathes deeply*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:52 life is wired
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 03:53 (i gtg bye)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 03:56 (Bai.)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 05:08 *Goes to pick up Michael*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 05:11 Frank: *Comes out exactly looking like Michael*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.15 05:51 *hears Nick come in the house dosent even look back is eatting dinner* you got the kid?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 06:50 *Pushes "Michael" inside*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 06:54 Here he is.. He didn't say a word the ride back.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 06:55 Michael: *Nick pushes him in*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.15 17:06 just tie him up with Nicolai and Destiny we will deal with him later *continues eating*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 17:32 *Puts him in the basement instead*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 17:33 Michael/Frank: You have to let me go!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.15 17:37 Nick!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.15 17:37 I thought I said to put him with Nicolai and Destiny!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.15 17:38 *mutters to self* I swear he dosent listen to a word i say...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 18:01 He didn't want to go in with them.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 18:02 Max: Nick... Start using your head..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.15 18:04 Be quiet Max... *Pushes him*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 20:10 I suppose Stef.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.15 20:10 *paces the room*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.15 22:29 I dont care if he dosent want to be with them i dont care what he wants put him with Nicolai and Destiny *is getting frusterated*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.15 22:30 If Nicolai was here he could find an easy way out without getting caught
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 03:40 (Ok)
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 03:40 Nick:*Puts him in there*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.16 04:34 *keeps looking at the floor waits for Nick to leave* Who are you?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 04:41 My names Frank... I'm Michaels Uncle.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 05:12 Why do you ask?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.16 07:19 beacause your not Michael i dont even need to look at you to tell Iwanted to see if you would attemet to tell me that you were Michael
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 16:00 Well Michael still is in surgery and this was the only way to save his friends..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.16 16:05 That is not true there were many ways to save his friends and this one is least likely to help
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.16 16:06 allthough I can tell why you wouldn't have the intellect to seek out those other options
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 16:06 *Looks at Destiny*
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 16:11 But I don't need to know..
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 16:38 Nick: *Playing video games*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.16 17:12 Actually by being here you put Destiny in more danger than when he was gone sence she is Michaels girlfriend they use her agenst him
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.16 17:13 and beacause you most likely dont care about her they will most likey kill her or sell her beacause she is of no use any more
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 17:26 I might not know her, I do care about her.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.16 17:27 Michael: *Knocks on Todds door* *Is undercover*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.16 21:59 *says hurt* I'm sorry I can't be someone else..
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 01:38 No dont blame yourself its fine I know were Nicolai is i just have to find a way to get to him
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 01:40 *opens the front door goes outside and closes the door behind him* yes? what do you want?
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 05:22 Michael: I wanted to see if I could come.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 05:22 *In*
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 05:39 Michael: I heard that Nick was here.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 05:52 Michael: I heard that Nick was here.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 05:57 he might be he might not it depends on who you are and what is going on anything that goes to him runs by me first
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 06:05 Michael: i am an old friend of his in the past.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 06:11 Michael: Is that a problem?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 17:21 It might be it might not depending on what you need to talk to him about
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 17:38 Michael: It's about kidnapping.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 18:05 go on....
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 18:35 Michael: And I'm here to take some kids to sell them.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 18:35 Nick: *Comes to the door* Matt.. It's fine.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 18:38 Michael: And I'll bring the money back here that you all can use.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 18:50 I am sorry but we arnt interested goodbye *shoves Nick into the house and closes the door*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 18:51 Nick before you say anything No! we aren't selling any of the kids yet and if we were we wouldn't do it through him
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 18:52 i dont trust him he would most likely sell them than run off with all the money
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.17 19:11 Nick: But he is a good friend of mine though.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 19:15 I dont care if he was your brother we are not trusting him
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 19:18 understand?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:19 *Grunts* I guess...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 19:20 thank you
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:20 No problem
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:21 you do know that if i tell them your not Michael it would prevent Destiny from being hurt but you would practically be dead?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:24 or If i dont tell it could risk harm to all of us when they find out themselves...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:24 Frank: I don't want to be dead... I'm the only family Michael has left.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:25 that is also something to consider...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:25 There was something strange with Michael...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:25 but why exactilly did you dress up as Michael insted of calling the police?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:28 Michael was most likely in servivle mode your body goes into servivle mode in a dangorouse situation and the only thing you think about is staying alive
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:28 Frank: Because of Destiny and his friends... Michael couldn't lose them.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:29 Frank: Michael was not in survival mode.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:29 I have learned to abandoned those thoughts beacause they can drive you mad I am better off finding ways out of situation when i do not feel like i am in danger
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:29 at the moment i am perfectally calm
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:30 if you called the police you could have told them who brought michael in and they could have easilly of tracked him down to this location
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:32 Frank: He didnt
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:32 Frank: He didn't give a name or anything.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:32 Also i have observed that Michael most likely cares more about friends than family
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 19:33 you should have discribebed his face to the police they have artists who draw up picture and you can tell them witch one looks the most like him
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 19:36 but Nick he did sound and look quiet formillare
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:36 You think so Matt?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 19:38 yes but it dosent matter
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:42 I think it should
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 19:47 *says sarcastically* what should we kidnapp him to?!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 19:51 I don't know... That's the thing
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 19:55 i wasnt being seriuos nick!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 20:00 Max: Matt. From now on let me speak for Nick.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:02 ya ok what ever *opens the fridge looking for food*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 20:15 There is nothing left.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:18 ya I can see that....
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:18 *closes the door* fine sell Nicolais Girlfriend and the other one that came with Destiny
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:25 sounds good?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 20:40 Gemma?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:44 ya that one
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 20:45 Not Destiny?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:49 why do you want to get rid of Destiny so badly?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 20:51 well I think i have made up my mind...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 20:51 HELLO? MAT COME IN HERE FOR A SEC!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:52 *walks into the room* what do you want? *sounds annoyed*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 20:53 that isnt Michael
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:53 what do you mean thats not Michael of course its Michael!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 20:55 no Michael has carmal hair his hair is coffe witch is a slightly darker shade and Michael beathes twice every two seconds he breaths twice every 2 1/2 seconds
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 20:56 Frank: *Is very nervous*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 20:57 and he is wearing brown contacts on top of his blue eyes witch makes the brown color darker than it should be and michael has 3 freckels on his left wrist this man dosent have any
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 20:58 and if he says anything his voice is ruff and course insted of smooth and fast *said all this without looking at him once and is correct any way*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 20:59 Nick Max! come in here!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:00 *He and Max run in the room*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 21:00 *notices everything Nicolai said was true*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 21:00 that isnt Michael!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:01 Max: I had no involvement with this.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 21:02 If that kid is still out there he could turn us all in!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 21:03 you two take care of him i need to find that little brat *grabs his coat and runs out the door into his car*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:04 *sits there looking at the ground calmly like nothing is wrong*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 21:04 Nicolai! why did you tell them!! Michael was safe!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:06 Destiny everything i do is for specific reasons and no Michael was not safe even though they are looking for him it will all work out in the end
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 21:07 Nicolai now Michael will get caught and they will proabably end up doing something horible to him or me or all of us!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:08 no not all of us all of you, although I may seam like a caring person I have planned this all out for my benefit
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 21:09 Nicolai! what about your friends and Stefiny what about her!!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:12 you really thought i cared about you guys didnt you? well you are the only one who knows i dont but if you attempt to tell the others i can convince them all that you are working with the kidnappers or that you are mentally impaired
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 21:13 *feels like she is about to cry so she dosent say anything*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:14 Nicolai.. You'll never be like us. I don't care if your father or uncle made you do things.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:15 Max: He's just a stupid kid. He doesn't care about people who care about him.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:15 *looks at Max and Nick* you may think im just a kid tied up use less maybe but unlike you know I run this show *picks his lock and stands up* And i control what happens from now on understand?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:16 Uh...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:16 what you have a problem with how i work? i could tripple your salaries over night
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:17 or I could destroy everything you have gained and worked for right now
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:17 No.. You're fine. Max: Yeah perfect.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:17 thats what I thought
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:19 now we are going to go into the other room and discuss what is going to happen next
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:20 Ok.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:25 *walks into the other room closes the door while leaving Frank and Destiny alone*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:26 right now we are going to descuss how we can fix your plans I understand Mathew belives he is in charge yes?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:29 I want your honest opinions when I ask If you like the way Mat runs things or Mat himself
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:39 Matt is very rude towards me and I do not like the ways he runs things.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:39 Matt: I never liked him from the start.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:44 I do not like the way he runs things either but he dose have useful skills that we need
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 21:46 ok now tell me what do you hate about how things are done and what do you like
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:48 There's really nothing that I hate. I just think we need to be more discreet about the kidnapping. Max: I agree with Nick and have a good person to run things.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 21:52 And what about Todd?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 22:12 Todd provides the housing and things
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:14 So are you in charge now?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 22:15 you said it not me so i guess i am
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 22:17 *walks tinto the house holding Michaels are
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 22:17 *arm sees Nicolai max and Nick sitting at a table together* what is going on here?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 22:18 go put Michael with Destiny and Frank I will tell you later
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 22:18 who put you in change?!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 22:19 I did now go!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.17 22:19 *handcuffes Michael in the room with Destiny then closes the door sits down at the table* so whats going on?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 22:20 Michael! Nicolai he is on the kidnappers side!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:24 Michael: Shhh Destiny... Im getting us out of here..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 22:25 how?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:25 Oh we are just talking here.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:26 Micheal: uncle Frank you remember Dave? The officer? Frank: Yes. He can help is out.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:29 Michael: I called him before Matt got me.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 22:32 dose he know were we are?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:34 Michael: He knows who Matt is..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.17 22:38 ok
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:38 So..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 22:39 Michael is smart he probably called for help so lets move all the kids to the basement and cover the basement door with the refigarator
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 22:41 Nick you get Steffiny and Gemma me Matt and max will get Destiny michael and frank
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.17 22:41 Nick
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 22:48 *Grabs Stefiny and Gemma*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 23:08 Max: I'll get Frank.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.17 23:12 Frank: *Feels Max grabbing him* No!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.18 00:05 *looks mockingly outraged* How dare you?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.18 00:07 *walks obediently along, perfectly calm* Well, I suppose Nicky Boy has told you about me? Or has it.... Slipped his mind? *sounds playful and it's kinda, no, really weird*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.18 00:09  Secret message to Stefiny  
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 00:15 Uh what is it?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 00:17 I don't even know you...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 00:33 (sure that actually happens to me in real life its a weird medical condition but that is the only effect of it)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 00:33 *walks by Gemma* Were is Nicolai?! i need to see him!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 00:34 *gets Michael and Destiny*brings them down to the basement*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 01:46 Nicolai is with us now.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 01:46 He's the one in charge
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 01:47 No thats not true! were is he what did you do to him?!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:19 Hey Nicoli... Your girlfriend wants you.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:19 She won't come unless you see her.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:20 *walks downstairs* yes Stefiny?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:21 Nicolai your ok! *hugs him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:21 ya im fine... *dosent hug her back* listen Stefiny you need to go with them
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:22 ok Nicolai i trust you
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:22 i know you do i will see you later ok?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:23 ok Nicolai
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:23 *walks upstairs*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:23 *goes with Nick* Dont worry Gemma Nicolai will get us out of here
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:30 *Laughs in the inside*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 02:31 *shoves Michael and destiny into the basement*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:31 Max: Nicolai... What if Michael didn't call anyone? Even if they do get a chance to leave, that one girl won't leave.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:32 *falls onto the ground cant feel her leg has possibaly broken it* Michael! help i cant feel my leg!! *is starting to freak out*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:32 Michael: *Laughs at Matt* You're so weak.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:32 Michael: *Picks Destiny up*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:33 the thing is i know Michael h is the person who whould call for help for anything and Stefiny she will trust me no matter what i do she is stupid and in denile
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:34 *leans on Michael she cant move her left leg*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:35 Michael: Just hold onto my ok?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:35 *Me*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:35 if she saw me kidnapping she would still belive that i wasnt a kidnapper but its not her fault that lab insadent messed her up pretty badly
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:35 But you're supposedly dating her?'
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:35 *nods* ok
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:37 i let her think what she wants to think the closer to her i am the more she trusts me the more she trusts me the more usefull she is to me she is like a puppy she will love me no matter what i do forgive me instantly and do what ever i want
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:37 Michael: Matt was telling me about how stupid we are.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:37 *enters the basement were she sees Destiny and Michael* oh Destiny are you ok!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:38 I will deal with him later he is proabably secretly plotting to get rid of me as we speak
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:39 i think so but i cant move my leg...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:39 Wait who?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 02:39 come on Nick lets head upstairs we dont have to bother ting them up they wont be able to get out anyway
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:40 Matt
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:40 I was talking to myself
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 02:41 *waits for nick to get up then closes and locks the basement door*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:42 lets move the fridge ontop of the door *starts pushing the fridge*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 02:42 *helps him push it*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:43 *plugs it into the wall and positions it so it is hiding the door perfectly* perfect
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 02:43 now they cant get out and if anyone comes looking for them well... they never look under the fridge
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:44 dont worry guys Nicolai will find a way to get us out of this mess
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:44 Oh ok
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:45 Michael: Haha. Yea right. That's what he wants you to think.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:49 what do you mean by that? *gets slightly defensive *
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:50 Michael: If he was going to help us and be on our side, he would be down here too.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:50 Steff he is working with the kidnappers
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:51 Just beacause nicolai used to be a kidnapper dosent mean he is now! this is just probably part of his plan
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:52 I know Nicolia he would never do anything like that!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:53 denile isnt just a river in Egypt
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:53 Im not in dinile!!! *is getting really upset over this*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:56 Michael: He didn't even hug you back Stefiny..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 02:57 Frank: Nicolai... That's the kid....that....ruined my brothers life...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:58 he isnt a kidnapper and he would never be one!!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:58 and he would never ruin anyones life!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:59 and
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 02:59 he is the sweetest person i know!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 03:02 Frank: *Starts to cry* Michael: Uncle Frank...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 03:11 *Makes his famous pasta dish*
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.18 04:04 Max: No... Not pasta..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 04:26 I hope that tastes as good as it smells
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.18 04:28 It does.
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.18 04:29 Nick: Yes it does.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:39 you guys should know Nicolai would never do something like that why wont you guys believe me
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 04:45 Michael: We do.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 04:46 *Serves it to the others*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:50 then why don you trust Nicolai?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 04:50 *eats some* mm this is so good!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:54 beacause he said "although I may seam like a caring person I have planned this all out for my benefit" then i asked if he cared for his friends and you stefiny
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:54 and than he said "you really thought i cared about you guys didnt you? well you are the only one who knows i dont but if you attempt to tell the others i can convince them all that you are working with the kidnappers or that you are mentally impaired"
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 04:54 Thanks! Michael: Nothing... Forget it.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:55 than Nicolai picked his lock and went with the kidnappers to disscuse plans he did this after he sold Frank out so they would get Michael
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:56 *looks really hurt* Is.. Is this true?...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 04:56 Michael: *Places his head on Destinys shoulser*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 04:57 Frank: Yes... It is..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 04:57 *eats all the food on his plate* ill do dishes tonight
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:58 *sits on the ground dosnt cry just sits there looking at the wall*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:58 I just dont understand how or why he could do somthing like that...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 04:59 *curls up and starts to cry*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:00 *goes to the sink and starts washing the dishes* you guys get some sleep we have a long day tomarrow
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:00 Ok.. *Brings his plate up*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:03 *He and Max fall asleep on the couches*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 05:04 *goes to his bedroom to fall asleep*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:07 *waits for two hours after they all fall asleep then moves the refridgarator and creeps downstairs*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:08 *shakes Steffiny awake*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:08 Nicolai!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:08 sshh!! *wispers* get the others up hurry
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:09 *shakes Michael awake wispers* Michael! wake up
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:11 Michael: What's going on?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:12 *wispers* its Nicolai he came back to get us out of here
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:13 Michael: *Grunts awake*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:13 *goes over to him wispers* you dont think id leave you here did you?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:15 *wakes op Destiny Wispers* Destiny wake up!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:15 Michael: I didn't know what believe.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:15 *gets up wispers* What do you want Nicolai? *glares at him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:16 *wispers* come on I am getting you guys out of here
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:16 Michael: And what about you?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:16 *wispers* i cant move my leg though
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:17 *wispers* dont worry Michael iv got it covered
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:17 *wakes up Gemma and Frank*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:19 Michael: I'll pick you up... *Picks up Destiny*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:19 Frank: We leaving?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:20 *picks the lock on the small basement window* you guys go out the window dont worry about me no matter what do not come back or try to save me I will be fine
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:20 but Nickolai!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:21 no buts just leave now before they wake up run as far as you can tward the west
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:22 and dont go to the hosbital they will look for you guys there first
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 05:22 ok *crawls out the window*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:23 *leans in the window gives Stefiny a small kiss*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:23 Frank: My house is in the west.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:23 Michael: *Helps Destiny out and then Frank and Gemma and then himself8
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:25 I will see you guys later now leave
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:27 *goes upstairs closes the door puts the fridge on it and goes to one of the couches and goes to slepp*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 05:28 *sleep*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:33 *Wakes up early*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:36 Max: *Whispers to Nick* I heard Nicolai go downstairs and I think he let the kids escape.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:40 You think so?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 05:43 Max: I know so.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 15:56 *turns over in his sleep*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 16:14 *was listing to there conversation wispers* well if he let them go he would have told them were to go so we tie up the brat and try to get information out of him Max you should check the hospital destiny was hurt so they probably went there first
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 16:15 Nick you help me with the kid
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:26 *On their way west from escaping, two people grab him from behind*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:26 Nick: *Grabs some rope*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:32 Tom: *Grabs Michaels mouth and watches the others run off* Let them go...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:39 is with Michael beacause he was helping her walk with her broken leg he mouth is covered as well*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 17:40 *ties up Nicolai*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 17:42 *wakes up trys to strech out but his arms and legs are tied he cant pick the lock beacause its ropè and has no lock* Why did you tie me up?!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:50 Nick: You let the kids escape last night. Max heard you.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:52 Tom: *Holds a gun against Michaels back* Let's go.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:54 *holds onto Michael for saport is scared* were...were are you taking us?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 17:55 Escape why wouldi let them escape?! i was just checking up on them did they escape?!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:56 Tom: Be quiet!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 17:56 save the act Nicolai! we know you helped them now were are they?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:56 Nick: You're lying.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:56 *stops talking is shivering from fright*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 17:57 so your not as idiotic as i thought you were
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 17:57 Nick: *Checks his phone* Tom got two.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 17:57 I may be an idiot but im not stupid
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 17:58 Tom? who is Tom?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 18:00 i am slightly impressed on how you tricked us though...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:00 Nick: Tom is a good friend of mine and one of the worst kidnappers around.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:01 It honestly wasnt that hard you are very unintelagent!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 18:02 Stop avoiding the question were are they headed!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:03 and why would i tell you that?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:05 beacause if i dont you would threaten to use my fears agenst me with your machine? the same machine i invented? dont you think i would be smart enough to program it to not read my fears?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:06 Max: *Comes back" Tom is the worst one to have.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 18:06 *is steaming up with anger* Listen Nicolai! you are getting on my nerves and you dont want to make me angry tell me were they are headed!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:07 no matter how much you threaten or yell or hit or attack me i am not going to tell it is simple as that nothing will make me tell
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 18:08 I done with this you guys take care of him im taking a nap *storms out of the room*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:10 *smirks*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:11 so what are you to going to do use your petty threats on me as well?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:14 Nick: no.. The last kids Tom kidnapped he killed.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:17 If they are dead you cant use them against people or use them for anything also deathmight help them in some cases
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:19 death isnt the worst thing for them they have been so torchared and tormented most of them wish they were dead so killing them would actually relive them of there pain phisical and mental and emotional
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 18:21 death is only sad for the people who arnt dead themselves so if you think threatening me by saying that will get me to tell you are sadly mistaken
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 18:23 Tom: *Pushes Michael and Destiny away*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:24 *is clinging to Michael tightly and shaking wonders were Tom is taking them*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:26 *keeps walking along dosent notice that Michael and destiny are gone*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 18:26 Will: (16 year olds, Brown Hair, Brown eyes, very caring, sweet, and is a kidnapper but no one knows)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 18:27 Will: *Runs up to where Stefiny is* Hey... My name is Will. I was wondering where you guys are going. There nothing around here.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:27 hey Destiny are you holding up back there?*waits for an answer* Destiny? *looks back sees that Destiny and Michael are gone* there gone!!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 18:27 Michael: *Kisses Destinys forehead*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:28 oh hello sir we are just taking a walk and some of my friends are missing...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:28 *smiles slightly is calmed down slightly has stopped shaking*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 18:29 Will: I'm Will... There's a barn up ahead that I know of.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:30 I am stefiny this is Gemma and Frank my friends Michael and Destiny are gone have you seen them? *sounds worried*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 18:30 Michael: *Holds onto her broken leg carefully*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:31 we are fine we are just goin to Franks house we are meeting up to watcch the season fanalie of are favorite tv show tonight...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.18 18:31 Will: I heard some shouting but that's it.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:32 *hugs michael is worried but not as worried as she would be if she was alone*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:32 oh no... not again *starts pacing* oh what would Nicolai do....
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:34 Frank you go try to find them me and Gemma will head back to your house... um if you arnt back in 2 hours we will know somethings wrong ok?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:35 Frank: Sure.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:35 *Hears Tom put his finger on the trigger*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:35 ok we will see you in a few.. *starts walking twards franks house again*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:36 *is staring to freak out* wait no dont kill us! we...we could be useful in some way...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:36 Frank: *Runs off away and sees Michael and Destiny in a distance*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:37 there are some other kidnappers....Nick and Matt they would pay.. pay lots of money to get us back!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:37 Tom: The only one that I want to kill is the boy...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:37 wait no! dont kill him! please no!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:38 Nick: *Knocks on Matts door* I know where 2 are going.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:38 they would pay alot of money for Michael and me back!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 18:39 *opens his door* he told you?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:40 Nick: Nope. But the brat didn't need to. Tom has them.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 18:40 so you are going to call him up and have him ask them?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:42 Nick: Let's just give Tom some money and get them back
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 18:42 that works to...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:43 *is freaking out*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:44 Tom: Put the girl down and put your hands above your head.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:46 wait no please no!!! *tears start rolling down her face*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:47 *hugs Michael tightly*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:47 *Does as he is told*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:47 *is crying* please dont!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:49 my parents a rich i can get yo all the money you want just dont kill him! please!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:54 Tom: I don't need money. I don't want lovers.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:55 anything i could get you allmost anything say it and..and its yours just dont kill him!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:56 Tom: Fine... *Shoots Michael in the shoulder*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:57 *Falls backwards, but isn't dead*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:57 Michael!! *is in tears* dont hurt him!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 18:58 why did you shoot him!! he could have died...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:00 *hears the gunshot from far off* oh... i hope they are ok Gemma... do you think we should go after them?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:01 Tom: I didn't kill me. I injured him.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:01 *Him*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:02 he could die if he bleeds to much! *rips off a bottom part of her shirt wraps it around his shoulder the best she can*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:05 Tom: You wouldn't even care.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:06 what do you mean i wouldnt care?! i care about him very much!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:09 Nick: We should go pick them up. I know where they are.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:09 Tom: Haha. You're hilarious.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:10 *hugs Michael*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:12 *Hugs her back*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:12 what? you think its funny that i care about someone?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:13 I have gone through more with him then you proabably went through with anyone in your entire life!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:16 Tom: Actually I have... You know Matt?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:17 ya what about him?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:20 Tom: He's my adoptive brother and I never knew him until last year..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:20 ya so what?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:21 Tom: At one point we got into a terrible argument and he yelled at me saying he wished I was never born
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:22 my older sister said that to me once to every sibling fights and said that at least once
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:23 Tom: And then he shot me twice in the chest and leg...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:24 that is nothing comapaired to what has happened to me and michael
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:25 Destiny... You don't have to tell him...
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:25 We have been shot, beaten, stabbed, starved, seen are family die, tested on with dangourse medication and much much more
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:26 Nick: You want to come Matt?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:27 and every time we try to run away to get a small amout of peace or to calm down someone like you comes up to us again and puts as through the exact same thing!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:27 *Groans in pain*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 19:27 nah.. me and Tom dont get along very well.....
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:28 Nick: How do you know him?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:28 and you stand there and laughf beacause i care about him!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 19:29 thats not important just go and bring back the kids
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:31 Tom: *Brings the two to his car*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:31 *is more mad then scared now*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:32 why would you want to bother with us anyway?!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:33 Tom: I don't care. I'm bringing you back to Nick.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:35 so your just going to let us be beaten and harassed again?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:36 hey heres an idea if you want to get matt back let us go and dont tell him were we are that will mostlikely mess up his caree and life
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:36 Tom: I have no need for you.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:36 but you proabably dont care if Matt sucseeds or fails any way do you?!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:37 Tom: He never cared about me! Why should I!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:38 exactly he works with Nick if you let us go you ruin his plan his career and his life but you wouldnt want to ruin someones life why would you want to do that?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:40 Let me off at the house.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:41 All that they want is me to work with them and... I have no choice now.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:41 if you let us go we both can get what you want you can get back at Matt and we get to finally go free
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:42 Michael.. you most certaily do have a choice
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:44 you cant work with them michael! you know its wrong and you know how it feels you dont want to put others through the same thing!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:44 Tom: I'll let the girl go, but Michael..
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:45 no wait! keep me let michael go
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:47 please i insist take me insted
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:52 No. They want Michael.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 19:54 *pulls out a wad of cash from her pocket* this is $20,000,000 in cash i will give it to you if you let Michael go
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:00 Tom: *Stops the car and kicks Michael out*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:01 *hands him the cash*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:02 Michael dont come back for me ill be fine
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:13 *Looks at Destiny* Ok... *Goes up to the door and knocks* Matt? Nick?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:20 Anyone going to answer? *Watches Tom drive away with Destiny*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 20:22 *hears Michael at the door* Michael! run get out of here why did you come back here i told you not to!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 20:23 Michael! Leave now while you still can! stay with the others you are basically the strongest one there!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:34 There's a reason why I came back!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:40 Nick: *Opens the door* You're back
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 20:44 *sighs* why did you come back Michael?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 20:45 Michael no matter what dont tell them were the others are headed!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 20:45 *smirks* well well well Nicolai looks like your little plan back fired
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 20:54 so now your ust going to mock me? how mature *rolls eyes*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:55 I came back because I'm here to work for them...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 20:56 *looks at Michael* why exactly did you come back...*sees his shoulder* if you want us to drive you to the hosbital than your on your own
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 20:56 (nvm my post)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 20:56 *is slightly shocked* you what?!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 20:57 ya he is very good at what he dose
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 20:57 That's right... I came back here to help them out.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 20:58 but Michael... why? i dont understand why would you help them?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 20:59 so were are they headed Michael?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 21:01 Michael dont tell him please!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 21:01 To a house...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 21:01 If I don't this, Tom will kill Destiny!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:02 whoes house? do you know the adress?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 21:03 if you do this they will kill steffiny Gemma and Frank!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:04 oh no i wouldnt kill them... i have some new medicine some scientists are paying me to use on them
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:05 ill tell yiu what Michael you tell me were the others are and i will make sure you and Destiny go free and never get bothered by kidnappers or scientists again sound like a deal?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:06 *you*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 21:06 Michael...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:07 *shoves a gag in Nicolais mouth before he can continue to speak*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:10 so do we have a deal? think of destiny.. we dont have to kill her... toucher is much more fun and lasts so much much longer or she could go free with you
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 21:34 What is it again?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:37 ok here are your choices
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:39 you can tell me were they are going then you and destiny can go free and we will make sure no kidnappers bother you ever again or you stay sighlent and Destiny will be tourchered until the day she dies
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.18 21:40 and tourcher is not fun it is painful and every day you wish you were dead and its long and painful and horrible it is 10x worse than death by far
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.18 21:41 *tries to spit the gag out but it is slightly bigger than his mouth and its wedged in there so he cant*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 22:56 *Smirks* Oh you have no idea what the others are going through?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 22:58 Tom already has the others and is doing something worst than any of you can imagine.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.18 23:08 Nick: Matt.. Let him work with us.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 00:35 Fine but i wont trust him Nick you take michael to go see Tom and i will go with max twards Franks house in case the kids are hiding there
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 00:36 *keeps walking twards Franks house turns around to see Will fallowing them* why are you fallowing us?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 00:40 Will: My house is this way.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 00:42 Frank: *Catches up to Stefiny* We need to go to Wills place, they are going to my place.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 00:44 ok fine *fallows Will*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 00:45 Will: Ok..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 00:46 Shouldn't you go see Tom?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 00:49 I am not going to see Tom that in final!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 00:52 Max: Scared of someone that you care about?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 00:54 im not scared and I definitely dont care about the likes of him
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 00:56 *picks up Nicolai* we are bringing him with just in case
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 00:57 *kicks him hard his kick is stronger beacause his feet are tied together*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 00:58 Michael: *Smirks*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 00:58 *groans* oh you have a strong kick but not strong enough
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 00:59 so, Will what is your reason for walking in the woods today?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:02 Tom: *With Destiny* You want to know Matts weakness?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:03 *shoves Nicolai in the back of his car and gets in the front waits for Max to get in the car*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:04 im sure rather i say yes or no that you will tell me anyway
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:04 Max: *Gets in the passengers seat*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:04 *starts driving west*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:05 Tom: There's this girl that lives by here her name is Jessica. Matt doesn't have the guts to tell her how he feels.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:06 ok whatever
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:06 (is it ok if i make the Jessica charecture it might be fun)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:07 (Yeah sure)
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:13 (Jessica age 26 has long wavy blond hair excersises alot eats only perfectly balanced meals as a strong opinion of right and wrong dosent know that matt or tom are kidnappers)
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:13 *is taking a run in the forest were Matt is driving*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:14 *is driving sees Jessica steps on the gas and drives quickly past her*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:14 Max: Hey! Don't hit that girl!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:15 I wasnt going to hit her i was passing her
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:16 Max: Darn... She's really cute..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:17 ya i know...Jessica is very amazing...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:19 Max: She you're girlfriend?
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:19 *runs on the trail around the forest sees Stefiny Gemma Will and Frank* hi kids... shouldnt you be at school?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:19 oh how i wish she was
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:20 Frank: No... We are going to my house.
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:21 *recognizes Steffiny and Gemma from the missing posters* oh you are the kids who were kidnapped you poor things lets get you over to my house were we can call the police
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:21 *is still watching calmly and looks at Nick annoyed* C'mon Nicky, let me go. *rolls eyes*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:22 *looks at Jessica* Well someone is aweful calm.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:22 Jessica?! oh my gosh you used to be my baby sitter!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:22 Max: I would ask her out in a heartbeat.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:22 (I've been silent like, the whole time..)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:23 (btw Gemma we arnt with Nick we esacped)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:23 (Oh, sorry.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:23 (Nevermind that first one then.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:23 (And thanks for the permission for the eye thing.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:24 *eyes are a light green* (calm)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:24 (we are now in the forest with Frank and will Frank is michaels uncle will is a kid who is a kidnapper but we dont know that yet)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:24 (Ok.)
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:25 *starts walking twards her house with the kids*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:25 (Wait, light green is calm and pretty happy.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:26 come on guys Jessica used to be my babysitter id trust her with my life
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:26 *follows a little dumbstruck* *-WAIT A SECOND!!!!!!!!! SHE CAN'T CALL THE POLICE!!!!! I'M TOO WELL KNOWN FOR SLIGHTLY CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!!!!!!!! WELL, NOT SLIGHTLY!!!!!!!!-* *eyes turn orange* (panicked)
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:27 Oh Steff are you ok i havent seen you in years sence you first went missing
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:27 *wants to run and tries to sound calm but failed* I-I trust you S-Stef.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:27 Frank: Do you know a guy name Tom?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:28 im fine lets just get to your house
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:28 (The thing that sucks is my eyes always give me away. Lol.)
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:28 I might... i dont know im not so good with names
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:28 *starts to fall behind on purpose*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:29 are you ok Gemma your eyes... they just changed colors are they saposed to do that?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:29 Frank: Oh ok..
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:30 Oh... Ummm... *hasn't told anyone about it before*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:30 *stops sees Gemma falling behind* wait for a sec i think something is wrong with gemma
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:30 Well.. Maybe... I guess not....
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:30 *looks nervously over shoulder*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:31 *walks over to Gemma* are you ok you look pale are you sick?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:31 Will: *Texts Matt* a Where are you?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:31 N-No.. I just.. need to.. *looks behind shoulder and starts to run but feels pain in side and falls to knees* Ow!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:31 *puts hand on it*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:32 *texts him back* driving to Franks house
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:33 *runs over helps her up puts her arm around her and helps her walk* come on lets go we can call a hosbital her house isnt to far
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:34 *helps Gemma from the other side* ya lets get you over there quickly
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:34 Will: Well I just saw Jessica.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:34 *pulls hand away and sees there's blood on it and says sarcastically* Well I'm in really good condi- Ow! *starts breathing a little heavier and eyes turn a light red* (Pain.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:35 *pulls away* I-I can't....
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:35 *texts him back* ya so what? the kids are at Franks so we are going there
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:36 *holds Gemmas hands* whats wrong?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:36 your bleeding what happened?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:36 Will: *Texts back* No they aren't.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:36 W-Well.. *smiles weakly* That's quite the sto- *takes a sharp breath*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:38 *pulls away and starts running blindly* *-No police, no hospital, no people... Too much of a reputation... Especially among kidnappers.-*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:38 oh your in bad shape... we have to get you help
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:38 *eyes turn light red (Pain.) and yellow (Fear.)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:39 *runs after her and basically tackles her to the ground* I am getting you help wether you want it or not!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:39 *climbs a tree out of reach, spreading blood on the branches*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 01:39 *texts* were r they?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:39 *after I pulled out of your grip I climbed*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:40 I-I can't get help! *still breathing heavily*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:40 *climbs the tree after her has been climbing trees her whole life* You need help!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:40 Will: they haven't said.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:40 (I have too LOL..)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:41 *rests against tree branch and eyes turn mostly yellow (Like I said, fear.)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:41 (I brb)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:43 (k)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:45 (im back)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:46 *climbs up right Next to Gemma* you need help Gemma you are bleeding and your eyes keep changing colors now they are yellow!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:46 (Cool.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:46 N-No...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:47 They haven't.... *looks away*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:47 get down from there you will hurt your selves!!!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:47 And I don't need help! *looks back and eyes are bright red (Angry.)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:47 Gemma what is wrong?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:48 *looks away again*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:48 your eyes changed colors again
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:48 Where is Nick?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:48 *looks back and sighs and eyes are green (Happy and kinda questioning)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:49 (Nick as the kidnapper or Nick as a nick name for Nicolai?)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:49 (The Kidnapper.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:49 your eyes are green now Gemma im really worried
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:49 (I'd say Nicci for Nicolai.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:50 and last time we saw nick he was shoving us in a basment he is probably at the house
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:50 Don't be. *looks serious and eyes are purple (Serious.) then they fade back to green*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:51 I need to see him. *looks away and eyes are purple again*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:51 the keep changing colors and not even normal eye colors sometimes!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:52 *sighs* fine we will go with Jessica than call Nick ok?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:52 Well. *eyes turn brown (Casual.)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:52 Ok. *eyes are green again*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:52 again
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:52 (Happy.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:52 atleast there a normal color now...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:53 *sighs and climbs down*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:53 Frank: Why do you need Nick?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:53 (oh its fine that there purple and stuff i think its cool)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:53 Nevermind. *eyes turn purple for a brief moment then turn green*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:54 *climbs down and walks behind Gemma so she cant run off again*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:54 (Ok. ^_^)
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:55 *finally gets to her house unlocks the door and steps inside* this is my home sorry if its a little messy
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:55 *sighs and sees that she is behind her*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:55 *walks inside after Gemma*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:56 *looks around* Perfect. *eyes turn pink (Kind.) then back to green (Happy.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:56 *
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:56 ill call an ambulance.. than the cops
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:57 N-No! *eyes turn yellow (fear)* Please, don't!
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:57 *gets her phone and goes into the other room*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:57 *looks frantically around*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:57 why dont you want any help?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:57 *backs slowly toward the door*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:58 *-Many records.... People everywhere look for me.-*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 01:58 *walks back into the room* my phones dead we will have to wait for it to charge
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:59  Secret message to Stefiny  
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 01:59 *grabs Gemmas hand* hey you will be fine ok?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 01:59 *sighs and eyes turn green (happy)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:00 Not really.. *eyes are still green*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:00  Secret message to Gemma  
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:01  Secret message to Stefiny  
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 02:01 *plugs her phone in her charger* why dont i make you guys some snacks? * goes into the kitchen*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:01 Sure..
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:02  Secret message to Gemma  
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:03 are you sure your ok Gemma?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:03  Secret message to Stefiny  
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:03 N-No... *eyes turn yellow again (Fear.)* I-I can't go b-back!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:04 cant go back were?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:04 I-It's not import-tant.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:06 i can tell your afraid your stuttering just tell me
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:06 Frank: Uh now what?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:06 Nothing.. Just...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:07 Nothing.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:07 Gemma you can tell me
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:08 I actually can't.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:09 how about this i tell you something and you tell me whats bugging you so if you are afraid i will tell, you have blackmail on me ok?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:11 Nick: *Knocks on Jessica's door*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:11 Ok..
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:11 Frank: *Sees it Frank through the door*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 02:12 *opens the door slightly then slips out and closes it behind her* yes?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:12 *eyes turn light blue (Nervous)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:13 my parents died on a cruse ship and i am afraid of orphanages so i am basically homeless
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:14 i didnt tell anyone before beacause i know i would be taken away
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:15 *takes a deep breath* I'm tge princess of Scotland. *eyes turn green* That felt good.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:16 ok your turn
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:16 (I meant the princess.)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:16 (nvm my post)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:16 so why are you in America?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:17 And my eyes do this. *points to eyes and they go rainbow then back to green*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:17 i kind of figuard out that they change colors...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:18 I got kidnapped and now I'm a runaway. To be honest this life is better.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:18 Kinda hard to miss.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:18 so you dont want to move back to Scotland?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:19 And I'm notorious among kidnappers for being a troublemaker.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:19 Not really.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:19 *eyes turn brown (casual)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:20 what did you get tired of eating potatoes? *chuckles a little* sorry that was insensitive....
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:20 *chuckles* It's okay.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:21 I appreciate the humor of Scotland. *laughs and accent is heard clearly* That's a right laugh aye.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:21 Oh Nicolai he told me about you! he said you caused so much trouble his dad just let you go...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:21 I'm through with hiding the accent!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:22 Not exactly. I never even knew her, bur fame spreads.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:23 Nicolai used to be a kidnapper... he just kept kids there before they sent them to the scientists *starts to remember the past again her eyes get sad looking*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:24 Nicolai is a guy.....
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:25 allmost every kid who was kidnapped a year ago has been with Nicolai at leat once
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:25 I don't doubt.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:25 a year ago or past is what i mean
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 02:25 (gtg, bai!!!)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:26 (bye!)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:55 Nick: I need to talk to you.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 02:59 Will: Nicks out there..
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 03:07 Frank: So now what?
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 04:28 what do you need to talk about?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 04:29 *texts* wait... please tell me your not at Jessicas house!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 04:30 well we wait for jessicas phone to charge then afterwards she calls the police they arest the bad guys and hopefully everything goes back to normal
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 04:58 Will: We are..
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 05:05 Nick: I forgot.
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 05:09 well ok than,
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 05:10 *stops the car and gets out* Max you drive over there im walking home *starts to walk home
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.19 05:14 Nicks there now. I'm going to my house.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.19 05:15 Tom: *Looks at Destiny* Where do you want to go?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.19 05:21 ok take care of Nicoai and dont crash my car or i will kill you *starts walkong home*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.19 15:47 *Takes the car and Nicolai home* Tom: *Grabs him and knocks him out*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.19 15:51 Michael: *Helps free Nicolai*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 16:56 (I thought Michael was with Nick)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 16:59 (No. Michael stayed behind)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:03 (than how did he get to Maxes house? and did Tom knock out Max or Nicolai?)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:05 (Max went back to Matts house. Tom knocked out Max and Michael was at Matts house already$
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:06 (ok so is Destiny still in Toms car?)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:08 (Yeah)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:13 (ok)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:14 *pulls the gag out of his mouth and unties his feet* thanks Michael
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:15 *sees Destiny in Toms car* hey Its Destiny
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:16 michael you get in the back i can hotwire a car in 30 seconds we can drive out of here
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:18 *hops in the front seat of the car hotwires it and drives off after Michael gets in the back with Destiny*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 17:19 Nicolai Michael how did you get here?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:24 Michael: I freed Nicolai
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:25 Michael: Are you hurt anywhere?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 17:27 no, just my leg but that was broken before so,
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:28 Michael: Ok good.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 17:28 Tom is probably going to be steaming mad the money i gave him was fake
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:29 *mumbles to self* were to go were to go....
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:30 Michael: Well you did a good job anyways.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 17:32 hey Nicolai head to the police station maybe we could be rid of this mess...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:33 *the car slowly rolls to a stop* Dang it! out of gas!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:34 we better run unless we want to deal with a very angry man
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:34 Micheal: Tom usually keeps extra gas in the trunk.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:36 oh ok than *gets the gas from the trunk fills up the gas tank*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:36 Michael: But we can run too.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:36 (Nvm that)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:37 *starts the car and keeps driving* so were to?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:39 Michael: There's a inn about 2 miles from here.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:43 we dont have money for an inn
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:48 Michael: I took $400,000 from the house.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:49 ok never mind,
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:52 Michael: Turn here.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:55 *pulls up to the inn and stops the car switches some wires so only he can start the car* ok lets go
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 17:56 Inn Keeper: *Sees the 3 walk in* How many rooms and how long are you staying?
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.19 17:57 (Rose has long black hair usually wears sunglasses is an undercover cop working as the inn owner)
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.19 17:57 (nvm my post)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:58 2 rooms right next to each other, and we dont know how long we will be staying
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 17:59 or if you have a room with two or three beds we will take that insted
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 18:00 Inn Keeper: Ok. We have a room with 2 beds. Is that fine?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:01 ya that will be perfect
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 18:01 Inn Keeper: We also advise that you keep the noise down after 6.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:02 thats fine we arnt very loud any ways
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 18:04 Inn Keeper: Whose the oldest here?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:04 thank you sir how much do we owe you for the first night?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:05 that would be me
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:05 im 16 michaels 15 and destiny is 14
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 18:06 Inn Keeper: We have a special going on where the first 2 nights are free and I just need you to sign here. *Pulls out a piece of paper*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:06 ok *reads over the paper first*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:08 *signs the paper* thanks
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 18:11 (i gtg offline)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 18:13 Inn Keeper: Ok thank you. (Ok bye)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 18:26 No police. *eyes turn yellow again (fear)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 19:35 dont worry Gemma you will be fine
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 19:41 No I wont!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 19:42 I need to talk to Nick. Please. *eyes turn yellow (fear) and purple (serious)*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 19:50 Frank: Nicks outside.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 19:50 Inn Keeper: Dinner is at 5:30 tonight
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 19:53 Thanks Frank. *makes way over to the door and pauses*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 19:58 Gemma wait *grabs her arm* Nick is not s good person to trust anything with
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 19:59 Gemma Ill make sure Jessica dosent call the police ok?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 20:09 Nick: *Sees Gemma through the door*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 20:12 *is still standing there outside* so why exactly are you here?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:29 It's not that Stef... It's history. *eyes turn fully purple (serious) then purple and blue (sad)*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 20:35 Nick: I was wondering if you were busy.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:36 *-I have no clue Nicky..-*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:36 *smiles sadly and with a little pity*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 20:37 Will: Where are your other friends?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:37 *-Nick, I haven't seen you in a while! *a little laughter in my head starts* *it's little kids' laughter, two kids*-*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.19 20:38 Nick: Uh what?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:39 *stifles a giggle at his dumbstruck voice*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:39  Secret message to Michael  
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 20:41 (He's 26)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:41 (Ok! One sec..)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:42 (There!)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:42 *listens to Nick and Jessica's conversation*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 20:43 (What is going on between Nick and Gemma?)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:44 (We were friends and I always made fun of you when we were little, but I'm a Scottish princess so I had to move away, I'm kinda letting it do what it wants and not pre-planning it. *shrugs*)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:45 (Even though I'm younger, I was just a little girl.. *giggles* I don't know.)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 20:46 (So Gemma likes Nick?)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:46 (Sure. Whatever you want, like I said, no pre-planing.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:47 (The kid and the kidnapper.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:48 *- *the laughter dies away* -*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 20:48 (Oh ok)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:49 (He doesn't have to like her back, but it'd be kinda cute if he did, even though I'm not into sappy love stories. *smiles*)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:50 (I may make an exception this time.)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:50 *opens the door slightly an peers out*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:51 (I meant and peers out.)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 20:53 *Is there talking to Jessica*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:54 *sighs quietly*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 20:56 *Sees Gemma*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:57 *sees Nick looking at her and eyes turn purple and orange (panic)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 20:58 (They kinda glow too....)
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.19 21:00 [Hi! It's me, Brunnhilde! @ Cree:Want to chat on Friends Forever? @ Jack:I'll be on Brunny's Awesome World of Randomness!]
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:01 (Ok Brunny)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 21:04 (@INFO: Sure!!)
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.19 21:05 [OK, thank you!]
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:06 (I'm on BrunnysAwesomeWorldOfRandomness)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 21:07 (RP!!!)
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:12 so what do you do for a job,
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:20 I'm a lawyer.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 21:30 *-Sure Nick.-*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:38 What?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 21:39 (That was thought)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:40 (ok)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 21:47 (lol)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:48 (Lol)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 21:52 (Continue)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:55 And that happened..
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 21:57 *opens door a little wider*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 21:58 So yeah..
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:00 *starts to inch out of the crack*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:00 *very slowly*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 22:02 Well I should be going now
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:03 *gets out completely and runs around the back of the house*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 22:10 *Starts to walk away*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:11 *walks up behind him and sighs*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 22:12 Uh what?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:13 Nothing, it's me Nicky Boy.. *eyes turn blue (sad)*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 22:19 Hey Gemma...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:19 Hey.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:20 *walks next to him*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 22:25 How is it going?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:26 Good... *eyes turn deeper blue (sadder)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.19 22:36 (Gtg!)\
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 22:36 What's wrong?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.19 22:37 (Ok)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 01:15 *A sudden pain hits him and he falls down*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 02:00 *helps him up* are you ok?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 02:45 No... It hurts so badly.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 02:58 Something's wrong with my side..
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:06 *Feels something beeping inside of him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 03:24 what is that beeping sound?!! its eaither a tracker or a bomb....
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:29 *Pulls his shirt up to see a bomb* No!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:32 I don't want to die!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 03:35 sorry dude! i cant do anything about that... so im just going to.. *picks up Destiny and runs*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:36 *hits Nicolai* Put me down!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:38 Inn Keeper: I can disarm it
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 03:39 *yells from a far* yes! you should definitly do that!!!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:41 Nicolai set me down!! *keeps hitting him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 03:42 ow! stop.. stop it!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:42 Inn Keeper: *He disarms it and throws it in the air away from the inn*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:48 *He falls down and sees Nicolai and Destiny looking at him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 03:50 are you ok man?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:51 Yea....
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 03:52 *put Destiny down and help Michael up* sorry i ran its just i was trained to do that in this kind of situation sarry destiny
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:53 ya what ever nicolai
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:53 Inn Keeper: I know who makes those kind of bombs..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 03:54 ya who?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 03:56 Inn Keeper: His name was like Matt.. Or something like that
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:00 um i... i got to go ill catch up with you guys later... um bye *runs out the door and down the street*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:01 Inn Keeper: He came by last week looking for kids
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:02 *Watches Nicolai leave*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:02 do you work with him?....
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:04 *runs to Matts house dosent even knock just comes in and slams the door* WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:05 *wakes up was on the couch sits up and rubs his eyes* whoa ehoa what are you talking about?...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:05 Inn Keeper: No way.. Guy is insane
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:06 THE BOMB YOU FREAKAN STRAPPED A BOMB TO MICHEALS CHEST!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:07 hey Max come here a sec Nicolai is back and he has gone hay wire!!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:08 *grabs Mathew by the front of his shirt pushes him against the wall* I want answers and i want them now!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:09 *has never notices that nicoali was stronger than him before says nervously* hey hey hey sence when did you get violent lets talk about this man
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:10 You could have killed him Matt!! DEATH IS NOT FUNNY! WHY DID YOU DO IT?!!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:10 MAX A LITTLE HELP HERE PLEASE!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:11 Tom: *Walks in* Max isn't here right now.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:11 Max isnt here neaither is Nick or Todd now answer my question!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:11 Max: *Screaming* HELP!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:12 oh tom please get..get this kid off me please!!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:12 Matt answer me or so help me ill..!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:12 Tom: *Laughs* How does it feel brother.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:13 *heres Max yelling* Tom please!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:14 Listen here i am going to tell you once *tightens his grip* and once only! dont mess with my friends got it?!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:14 Ya! ya i got i wont bother them again i promise!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:14 Tom: What? Now you want to Be nice to me?!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:15 *bashes Matts head against the wall lets him go so he falls then walks out the door slaming it behind him*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:16 *is sitting on the ground feels the back of his head looks at his hand to see blood dosent even bother getting up he is hurting all over so he just sits there* what.. what are you doing here Tom?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:18 Tom: I came back to get even with you.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:18 *walks back to the Inn enters like nothing happened*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:19 *sighs* if you want to kill me just get it over with it and make..make it quick i dont care anymore
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:22 so were did you go Nicolai?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 04:23 i just.. went for a walk to cool of for a minute.. im fine
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 04:27 Tom: *Shoots Matt twice once in the shoulder and leg*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:28 *dosent make a sound dosent let the pain bother him* you done?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:32 Tom: Jessica loves me instead of you...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:33 Listen if you want revenge just kill me allready ok?! you dont have to bring Jessica into this
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:34 Tom: Ehu
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:35 Tom: No.. Maybe if I killed her..
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:36 Let me go!!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:37 *attempts to get up but falls down beacause he is to weak right now* No if you want revenge on me just kill me allready! isnt that what you want? me out of your life!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:39 Tom: *Sighs* No... I care about you even though you've always hated me.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:41 if you dont want anything else than why dont you just leave?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:45 Tom: Fine. I'll leave. *He runs out*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:46 Hey Max! were.. were are you ?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:47 Downstairs...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:49 *gets up limps downstairs sees Max* what... what happened?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:50 He knocked me out and tied me to this shock machine.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:52 *unties him and help him up leans on the wall for saport is in really bad shape*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:54 Let me take you to the hospital..
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:54 I know a buddy that can fix you up.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:54 no im.. im fine.. im fine... *dosent like getting help from anyone even when he needs it*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:55 I h
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:56 No... You're not...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 04:56 im perfect... perfectly f..fine M.. Max.. *colapses onto the ground*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 04:58 Matt!! *Picks him up and puts him in his car*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:00 No stop it im fine really!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:00 You're going to die! I'm not taking you
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:01 To a hospital.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:01 i.. im.. oh.. ok really ... i... im fine honestly
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:03 *just relised what Max said* wait then were..were are....you...you take...taking me?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:03 Somewhere good. I promise. *Locks the doors*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:04 Michael: *Can feel the same pain that Matts feeling and he falls down*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:04 Max! what what are you doing?! dude this..this isnt funny where are.. are we going?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:05 *helps Mechael up* are you ok? you keep falling over
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:05 *Turns down onto a street with a huge mansion*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:06 Michael: It's like someone shot me...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:07 were..were are you.. you taking.. taking me
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:07 were..were are you.. you taking.. taking me?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:07 (sorry repeat)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:08 Michael that is wired whats going on?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:10 Michael: I don't know...
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:11 *Parks at the mansion and takes out Matt*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:11 *helps destiny who has a broken leg and Michael who is in pain alot to there room in the Inn*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:11 Set me down i can walk!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:12 ok you keep falling down all the time and you have a broken leg so i guess we will be staying here a while
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:12 *Sets him down*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:13 Michael: *Is voice is changing* What is going on with me?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:15 *feels very wird but healthy* hey Nicol.. *relises he isnt with Nicolai or destiny any more
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:15 oh my gosh you sound like Matt! that.. that is wired!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:16 (did they switch bodys because thats basically what im getting from all this wird mess)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:23
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:24 (Yeah they did)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:24 Michael: What is going on?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:28 seriously Michael you are acting really wired today are you sure you have no idea why you keep falling down in pain for no reason?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:30 whoa what is going? ...ow oh my i am in so much pain what is happening!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:31 Matt... What's going on..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:31 *sees Max* oh why are you here why am i here * trys to get up but falls down from the pain*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:32 Matt no im not... im Michael not Matt
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:32 Wait what???
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:33 were is.. weres destiny and Nicolai?! did did you knock me out?!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:34 No. I didn't...
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:35 Michael: This is weird...
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:39 We have to fix this..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:42 *groans* oh why am i in so much pain i feel like ive been shot!.. and i have this.. strang fear of Nicolai why.. whats happening?!!!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 05:42 hey Michael are you all right?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:43 You two must have changed bodies!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:43 Michael: I'm not Michael.. I'm Matt.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:44 wait what thats absured! and inpossible on so many levels! *gets a flash back off all Matts memorys* oh crap maybe it is...
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:44 dude stop messing with us drop the act sheesh... *turns on the tv*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:45 That's it!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:45 Michael: *His voice completely changes to Matts*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:46 i never new you were so good at voice impersinations that is so cool you sound just like Matt
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:47 Michael: Its because I am you brat!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:47 It can happen to any of us... Oh no..
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:48 *looks at him* Excuse me?! Michael what is going on stop it you.. your not like this!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:48 Michael: It's because I'm not him!!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:49 (dude if everyone switches bodys than this rp is going to get super confusing)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 05:49 Michael stop it its not funny anymore!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:50 (yeah I know. Only those two are doing it)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:51 Where are the others?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 05:51 (good, that isnt to confusing than just a little confusing)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:51 why would i tell you that?! im not stupid!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:52 Because then we can get you and Matt to switch back.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:53 fine im i mean Matt i mean ugh! they are at the Inn *groans in pain again* i need a hosbital badly...
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:54 *Helps Matt into the car and takes him to the hospital*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:56 *groans* what did Matt do to his body!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:56 He got shot twice.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:57 Nick: *Calls up Max* Hey Max, listen up... We got a problem.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 05:58 *groans* why do people hate him so much!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 05:59 I thought you hated him?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:00 Nick: Matts place was trashed last night... They didn't find anything.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:00 ugh! I do i hate you as well thats not the point!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:01 Good. I'm glad. I don't care.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:02 just get me to a hosbital!!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:02 Mutters to self* But I bet you care about your brother..
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:03 *Gets him to the hospital*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:05 your normally not like this whats going on?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:05 Michael: I'm Matt!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:07 *Waits until Matts down and he comes out fresh as new*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:08 *comes down from the hosbital* im good now..
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:08 Ok. Let's go.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:08 so im just going to.. *runs out the door and down the street*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:09 *runs into the inn and to the room he was in knocks on the door rappidly*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 06:09 *opens the door* Matt. i just told you!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:10 HEY! Come back here!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:11 Its me Michael im him and he is me and its crazy i know!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:11 *shoves himself in the door and closes it and locks it
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.20 06:11 *Starts to jog after him*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:12 Give my body back you brat!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:13 Max is after me and he is mad as heck!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:14 That's because you ticked him off!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:15 its not my fault you stole my body!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:15 Now give me my body back or else...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:15 you give me mine first!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:16 *Jumps for him*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:16 *jumps* hey what the?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:17 i want to hit you but i dont want to hit me!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:17 *Stops jumping*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:17 What do we do?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 06:17 this is not scientifically possible!!! gwa!!!! *curls up covers his ears rocks back and forth* this isnt real this isnt real!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:18 Max: *Bangs on the door* LET ME IN!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:19 *smirks* oh i saw your memorys i am going to find that Jessica chick you like later! *runs out the door*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:19 *runs past Max and down the street to Jessicas house*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:19 NO!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:20 *Runs after Matt*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:20 *puts his finger on the doorbell* im going to pressit!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:21 *
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:21 *presses the doorbell and stands there*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.20 06:21 *opens the door* hello?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:22 Hi im Matt
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:22 God... No please... *Is running towards the house*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.20 06:23 oh um Hi Matt...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:24 I think your amazing Jessica i have loved you sence i saw you *glances at Michael/Matt*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:24 so will you go out with me friday night for pizza?
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.20 06:25 *bites her lip slightly* pick me up at 7.. *smiles*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.20 06:25 *closes the door*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:26 *runs up to michael* friday night 7 o clock dont be late *starts laughing*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.20 06:27 (i gtg offline)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:27 Oh I won't be... *Starts to run off to the inn*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 06:29 (Bye)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 15:07 (I'm going on a plane today. Can we wait it oxntinue until I'm back on?)
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 15:38 (ill try my best)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 16:11 (Ok)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 16:16 (Just give me a heads on what I missed)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.20 18:04 Just... I don't know...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 19:01 *runs out from the back door to Gemma and Nick* Gemma! what did i tell you this guy is bad news *grabs Gemmas arm to attempt to pull her away but she wont budge* Come on Gemma we need to go!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 21:22 *Reaches the inn and picks Destiny up*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.20 22:41 *Runs a hand through her hair and then kisses her on the lips*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 02:10 *pushes him away and slaps him* GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP! I KNOW YOUR NOT MICHAEL SO WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING KISSING ME?!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 02:13 *walks in to see Matt kissing his girlfriend* Get off my girlfriend!!! when i get my body back you are so dead!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 02:20 You're never getting it back kid.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 02:21 *Laughs Evily*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 02:22 Now we are even kid.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 02:44 *Leaves the Inn+
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 02:59 *runs after him comes up behind him uses a pressure point to knock him out*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:01 *Falls down*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:04 Max: *Watches everything* What are you doing kid?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:06 dude he kissed my girlfriend!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:07 Max: Well did he mess with his girl?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:07 Max: *You*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:08 *scofffs* no! pluse who would want to date him any way?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:10 how do we switch are bodys back?!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:14 Max: How did it happen in the first place?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:21 How should I know!!! just change us back!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:22 *Slowly starts to wake up*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:22 Max: I don't know how it happened!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:23 *sees "max waking up grabs his arm* dont even think about leaving
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:24 *matt*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:25 Why....not?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:26 You have my freakin body thats why!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:26 Not a big deal!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:27 It is a stinkin big deal!!!!!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:31 you kissed my girlfriend i i want to be able to beat the snot out of you once i have my body back!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:34 Punch me now!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:35 Dude no i dont want to hurt my face wich you stole!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:35 And you probably won't get it back
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:36 You better hope so beacasue once you do your dead
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:36 \
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:39 How you gonna hurt me?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:39 You dont want to know!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:43 But you are going to find out!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 03:50 *runs out of the inn room and shoots Matt and Michael with a device so they switch bodys* i calculated it and your welcome!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:50 *is in his own body now holds michaels hands behind him* what are you goinng to do now Squirt?!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 03:54 Matt!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 03:54 ya ya i know *shoves Michael onto the grond and walks out of the inn*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 03:56 I'm back in my body again!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 03:57 your welcome!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 04:11 Thanks!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:15 Yep i just did that
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 04:38 We got to get out of here
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 04:46 Frank is going to hurt Nick... I got to warn him.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:01 *is eating a berito back at his hoouse* ya you do that Max ill just stay here
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:07 I missed it when Michael was you.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:08 oh shut up he is a little brat in my body
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:11 pluse he is a wimp he'd probly be dead if it wasnt for Nicolai...
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:12 Maybe it'll happen again..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:14 I dont even know why i do this any more man i hate.. HATE kids they are so anoying and they think they know every stupid little thing!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:14 *Smiles because he has a device that can do it, but no one can see it*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:16 Well you hate those kids.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:17 dont tell me you actually like those kids?!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:18 Well you hate those kids.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:18 Hahaha. No.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:19 They're annoying brats.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:20 thank you! but seriously the only one we need is Nicolai he is basically that little groups leader
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:21 And I know how to get him..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:22 pluse he is wiked crazy with making stuff he made a laser gun thing that switched me and that brats bodys back with stuff in a hotel room! think of everything else we can get him to make
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:23 we clould be rich off of his devices
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:23 Thinks: What if I switch Nicolai and Matt..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:23 Max seryously we need that kid just that kid
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:24 If we kidnap hai girlfriend, we could get him.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:24 *sees the look on Maxes face* what are you thinking of?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:24 (nvm my post)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:24 that could work... *groans* but she is with Jessica
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:25 (No the post Is fine) It's nothing Matt.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:25 You have a date with her tomorrow at 7.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:26 ya i know that i hate michael for that and i dont at the same time
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:27 I freak out around her like i cant speak you know?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:27 It's cause you love her. *Says in a funny voice*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:28 dude she is hot! i mean how couldnt you love someone like that?!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:29 She is hot... Just not my type.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:29 what ever
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:30 so how do we get his girlfriend?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:32 *Laughs* Easy.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:33 what? *takes a bite of his food than gets and idea* MMMM!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:33 *swallows* I got it! i have an awesome idea
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:35 We just have William take her for a walk in the forest we get the girl than after we get Nicolai William can keep the chick
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:35 just as there walking we drive by and kidnap her its awesome!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:36 that is good lets text him now im going to text him right now
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:36 Sure. But we need to have disguises.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 05:37 I did create this new machine that creates adults into teens.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:37 *texts William convince Steffiny to take a walk in the park alone with you A.S.A.P*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:37 dude we dont need disquises!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:38 she will be alone in the forest with William we just need to pull up and nab her!
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:39 Texts back: Problem..Nick is here ruining everything.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:40 Adds in: And so is Tom.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:40 *texts back* just take Stefiny for a walk in the forest it has nothing to do with nick just Stefiny and you in the forest go now
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:41 (i thought William was 16 like in his discription..*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:41 Hey Stefiny... Want to walk with me in the forest. There's supposed to be a beautiful sunset tonight.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:42 (He is, but that's his actual age, he's really 27, but he used Max's machine)
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:42 ya that would actually be nice to get away from all of this stress
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:42 (oh ok)
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:43 (Yeah) *Opens the door for her*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:44 thanks *walks out and starts to head down the forest path*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:44 *Follows after her*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:45 this is nice.. im not really used to trusting anyone but Nicolai
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:46 Not even Michael, or Destiny?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:48 usually im to scared to trust anyone else beacause I have been kidnapped so many times by so many different people so its nice to get out like this
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:49 I mean Michael and Destiny are good friends but i wouldnt do anything with them without Nicolai
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:51 me and him have been through allmost everything together
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:51 Oh ok.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:52 Sounds a lot like me and another firmed...
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:52 Friend...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:53 *smiles* the forest is ver pretty this time of year
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:53 *very*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:55 *drives right up to Steffiny and William*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:55 *gets out of the car*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:56 *scrams and climbs up the nearest tree*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:57 *is really high up in the tree* WILLIAM RUN!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 05:58 *climbs up higher is clinging onto the tree*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:58 *Doesnt know what to do*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:58 Max: She's up in the tree.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:59 Hey kid! get down from there will you?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 05:59 Hey max help me out here please!
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:04 Max: Please get down from there! We have Nicolai.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:06 *starts climbing down quickly* were is Nicolai!
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:07 Max: At our house.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:08 he isnt with us he is as free as a bird but not for long *grabs Stefinys arm*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:09 *picks her up has her over his shoulder*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:09 *screams* Willam! help.. help me!!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:11 *hits and kicks Matt desperately * dont just stand there help me please!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:12 *chuckles* man you are a weak little girl arnt you?
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:12 Max: He can't do anything.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:12 *Tries to move, but Max has frozen him*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:13 *shoves her in the car and locks it then gets in the car*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:14 *bangs on the car window* Will help! please help me!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:15 *drives off with Max and Stefiny*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:15 Max: He can't help you.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:15 Frank: *Is running after the car*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:16 *is freaking out* please let me go! this.. this is illegal *is hyperventilating *
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:16 *Sees frank running*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:17 *drives to his house gets Stefiny out of the car and locks her in a small dark room*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:18 Max lock the front door ill get the back *runs and locks the back door*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:18 *goes around quickly and locks all the windows*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:20 *starts freaking out even more its her worst fear*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:21 *calls Nicolai* hey come over ive got your girl friend *holds the phone up to the door of the small room*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:22 Help please just get... get me out of this room please! Guys tie me up what ever just please get me out of this room *is freaking out starts crying*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:23 *Locks the front door*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 06:23 Matt have you honestly forgotton about 3 hours ago when i could have killed you?! let her go!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:23 *Starts to feel bad for Stefiny for some reason*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:24 if you want her come and get her or she could just sit there freaking out beacause she is in the mits of her bigest fear
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:25 *hangs up*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:25 *Sits down on one of the chairs*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:25 *opens the door to let her out* come on out im not going to let you suffer
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:26 *Feels like the room is spinning for some reason*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:27 *bolts out of the room is so relieved to be out of there* thank... thank you
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:27 ya if you act up or try to run off we will stick you in there again
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:28 *Srumbles into the kitchen*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:29 yes.. yes sir *sits down on one of the chairs*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:29 do you have any..any water?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:29 Nick: *Comes downstairs yawning*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:30 *throws her an unopened water bottle* here
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 06:30 *catches it drinks some of the water* thanks
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:33 oh hey Nick what up?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 06:34 (i gtg offline)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 06:35 Nick: Just woke up. What did I miss?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 16:59 we are using Nicolais girlfriend as bait so Nicolai will come here
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 17:03 *looks pretty mad* Im.. Im going to take a walk outside guys ill probably be back in a few *grabs his coat and heads out of the hotel room*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 17:04 *runs over to Matts house bangs on the front door*Matt! you have gone to far this time!!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 17:47 *Opens the door* Hey kid.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 17:53 Nick: Oh great... More kids.
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 17:57 *bardges in* Were is Matt!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 17:58 Im right here and so is your girlfriend *has just finished tieing steff to the chair*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 17:59 *runs over to Steffiny* Stef are you ok?!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 18:00 ya im.. im fine Nicolai
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:01 *grabs Nicolais hands from behind* Quick Max grab his feet Nick get the rope!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:02 *is standing on Nicolais feet and holding his hands so he cant hurt him*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 18:03 *is Struggling * Let me go!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 18:04 you remember what happened last time you messed with my friends!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:05 ya I do! but that dosent mean im going to listen to a snot nose brat like you!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:13 max find the pressure point on his shoulder it will knock him out!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 18:35 *Finds the pressure point*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 18:36 Nick: *Grabs his taser gun and aims it at Nicolai*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 18:40 Don't shoot it Nick!! You could hit me or Matt
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 18:48 *goes unconcise from the presser point is knocked out*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:50 *ties up Nicolai to a chair* you guys watch him for a while i need to drop the girl off with Willam *texts will* i a bringing the girl over to you like i promised
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 18:52 *enters* Hey, what's going on here?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 18:52 *is slightly worried but dosent say anything*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:53 oh hey Todd
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:54 Your little brother Nicolai was causing trouble for everyone so we tied him up i am bringing his Girlfriend to Will she was just bait to get him here
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:55 when he wakes up we are going to try to get him to make his devices we could earn so much cash that way
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 18:56 unless you have another plan
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 19:03 That's an excellent plan. *smirks*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:06 ok i was going to give the girl to will but we could keep her here if you prefer that,
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:10 *sits there nervously*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:13 *Nick knocks him down*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:13 NICK!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:14 *Pushes Nick of Max* dude why did you do that?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:15 Nick why dont you take the girl to Williams Barn ok?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:15 I allready texted him he will proabably meet you there
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:17 Nick: Come on Stefiny, I'm taking you to Williams.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:17 Will: *Texts back* Its not safe at the moment... Jessica is missing and so is Frank.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:19 Wait! will texted me its not safe now
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:20 *texts back can we take her to your barn? were no one else should be?*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:20 Someone else is messing with everything,..
11>Todd (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 19:20 We'll just keep her here until then, right?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:21 Will: Yes.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:21 ya lets just keep her here for a while she is a pretty good kid she isn much trouble
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:22 wait i got a text *reads it* he said we could take her to his barn *texts him back Meet us there*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:23 Sheesh Will can never mae up his mind!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:23 *mae*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:23 *make* (my auto correct hats me(
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:23 (nvm)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:27 It's because he's busy a lot.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 19:27 ya ok just take the kid over
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:28 *stands slightly behind Max*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:29 Nick: *Gets Stefiny in his car and takes her over*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 19:30 Michael: *Sees Stefiny get into Nicks car, whistles to her*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:30 *looks over and sees Michael lips the words help me*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:36 were... were are we going?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:37 *Sneaks into the trunk of Nicks car*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:37 Nick: Wills barn.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:39 is he a kidnapper to?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:40 Nick: We don't know what he is.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:41 oh... ok
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 19:44 cant.. i just stay with Nicolai?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 20:12 No.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 20:18 *Kicks Stefinys seat a little*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 20:25 *Waits for Nick to come, doesn't see Tom appear behind him and knocks him out* *Takes Wills phone* Texts Matt: Nick isn't here yet with the girl and Jessica is...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 20:26 *texts Nick quickly: bring the kid bac quickly beacause jessica is at the barn!*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 20:27 *looks back sees Michael*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 20:29 *looks forward at nick* why not?
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 20:29 Tom: texts back: Jessica's not here. I was goin to say that she's missing.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 20:30 Michael: *Tells Stefiny to be quiet*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 20:30 Nick: Because I can't.
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 20:32 um ok..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 20:33 *grabs his coat quickly* Max you stay here and watch the kid i need to go!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 20:33 *texts back Tom do you know were she is?*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 20:34 Tom: Texts back: No... All I know is some other guy has her..
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 20:34 Max: Ok.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 20:36 *texts back: Who?!!!
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.21 20:38 Tom: texts: I think it starts with an F
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.21 20:38 *Is out at an Italian restaurant with Jessica*'
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 20:40 *runs out the door*
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 20:40 this was nice Frank but i really should be going *grabs her purse*
13>Frank (Doctor), 39yo.2015,Feb.21 20:42 But the meal hasn't come yet though..
18>Jessica (Matts crush), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 20:44 ya but i have a doctors apointment nice meeting you *heads out the door*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 20:44 *Hears Michael* Who is there!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 20:45 Frank: ok bue
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.21 20:46 that was me
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 20:47 *goes to the italian restrant right after Jessica gets to the doctors office finds Frank* Were is Jessica?!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 20:54 Frank: I don't know. Why?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 20:59 *gets mad* Tom!!! *storms out of the restruant*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 21:00 *texts williams phone back: Tom!! why do you have Wills phone i know its you?!!!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 21:01 Tom: Will is having some trouble now. He can't use his phone.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 21:02 *texts him back* What did you do to him Tom?!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 21:03 (gtg bye)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 21:04 (Ok bye)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.21 21:07 Tom: Texts back: All I did was knock him out and take his phone.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 21:30 *texts back* Stop knocking people out dude its not cool! *walks home Sits down* ugh! Tom is so anoying
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 21:34 *is up in a tree thinking*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 21:35 *is thinking about he and Nick as kids and smiles say to self and eyes are blue (sad)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 21:37 *climbs down and starts walking through the woods* I am so lost sometimes...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 21:38 I'm never going back to Scotland. *has stopped hiding accent*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 21:41 (hi)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 21:45 (Hey.)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 21:48 (Hey)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 21:49 *Walks in**Turns on one of the tvs*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 21:51 Tom: *Texts back* And stop kidnapping poor kids.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 22:12 *thinks about Nick and eyes turn pink ("in love")*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 22:15 Nick: *Keeps driving*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 22:33 Nick: *Keeps driving*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 22:51 *texts back* Im done with that ok?!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 23:26 *He texts back: Yea right... Like when you said we could....save dad...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 23:31 *texts him back* You know what happened to Dad wasn't my fault and you know i couldn't do anything to save him!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 23:33 *texts* Well i could have saved him if you didnt mess everything up!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.21 23:35 beacause if you havent of screamed when you saw that spider they would have gotton us and he wouldnt of died!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 23:40 He texts back: Is that why you hate me so much?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 23:40 He texts back: Mom.. She's still out there somewhere...
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.21 23:56 He adds in: If I didn't have arachnophobia...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:01 Texts back: no mom is also gone i thought you knew that and yes thats your fault to!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:08 Texts back: Do we have any family left?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:09 Texts back: No thanks to you!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:11 Texts back: I didn't kill everyone!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:12 *texts him: the only family members we had were mom and dad we have no other relatives!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:13 He texts back: Don't you remember cousin Susan? I remember dad telling me about her.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:14 *texts back*: we have no aunt's of uncles cousine Susan was just an old family friend but she isnt alive eaither
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:16 Texts back: This isnt good...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:17 *replies* ya i have stuff to do some im turning off my phone
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:19 *turns off his phone sounds upset* Hey Max im....im heading out see you later
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:20 Ok. See you later.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:21 Tom: *Goes to his parents graves and leaves flowers*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:22 *puts on his jacket and walks out the door walks to the semetary stands in front of two graves stone with his hands in his pockets*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:23 *sees Tom but ignors him*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:24 Tom: You can hate me all you want, but we are all that's left.
20>INFO (INFO), .yo.2015,Feb.22 00:24 [Hi Jack! It's me, Brunnhilde! I'll be on On the Run!]
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:25 *sighs*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:25 *Locks the whole house and then gets in his car, drives past the cemetary*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:25 (Ok Im on too!)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:26 *While driving, he sees Nicks car on the side of the road* *Sees Michael bleeding for his neck and Stefiny gone*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:27 (Meant to say Nick, not Michael and he's bleeding from his head)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:28 I know it wasnt your fault but its easier to blame someone else
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:29 Tom: Because you don't care about me and would rather see me dead. *Starts to walk away*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:29 *Screams* SOMEONE HELP!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:30 thats not True Tom...
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:31 Tom: *Sighs, tears are rolling down his face*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:32 the truth is I don't like Jessica i just used that as an excuse not to see you beacause i actually do like you
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:34 Tom: Why... Wouldn't you want to see your own brother...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:36 beacause for some reason i didn't want to be happy
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:38 Tom: You've always liked Jessica s
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.22 00:39 *is running through the forest with Michael* I cant believe you stabbed him! you just jump from the seat and Stabbed him!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:40 Michael: He was going to kill you!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:40 actually i think she is a total basket case i think she is anoying and i mean seriously would i want to date a chick who hates bacon?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.22 00:41 that dosent mean you should have stabbed him!!!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:43 Michael: It was the only thing I could've done. He's by dead. Tom: Oh. Yeah. *Laughs*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:45 *not dead*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:46 exactly
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 00:47 Tom: Did you hear screaming?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:54 I think i did...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 00:58 i know that yell.. its max! *starts running*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 01:09 Tom: Yeah.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 01:09 Tom: *Runs after Matt*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 01:14 NICK!!! NO!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 01:24 *runs up to max* Max whats wrong?!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 01:39 Nick....was stabbed...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 01:40 *grabs the first aid kit holds gauze to Nicks Neck* we need to drive him to a hosbital now!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 01:40 i can feel his pulse he is still alive but we dont have much time
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 01:49 Get in my car now!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 01:51 *He and Tom carry him into his car*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 01:56 Who would do this to him?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 01:56 *keeps the gaze on nicks neck*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 01:57 When he is consince again he can tell us
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 02:00 *Coughs up blood*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 02:00 its ok man we are bringing you to a hospital
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 02:07 Mic.... Did.... This..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 02:22 Max: Who?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 02:33 Michael? he did this he is so dead after this
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 02:37 No. We can't kill him..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 02:37 Tom: No killing him yet..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 02:39 He....grabbed.....my knife......and stabbed my throat...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 02:48 well if you dont want me to murder that scum bag what do you want us to do to him?!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 03:05 Teach him a lesson. *Smirks*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:16 oh i am going to do way more than that!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 03:18 Max: Like what ?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 03:22 Don't....
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:35 I dont know i already hated that kid before and than he did that.... unless... ya i know exactly what im doing to that squirt!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 Michael: *Texts Max* Hope you enjoyed what I did to Nick.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 03:38 He just texted me.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:39 give me your phone i can track his location
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:43 *heard someone screaming help and runs and eyes turn orange (fear/panic)* *comes across the car and sees Nick*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:44 Nick!!!!! *runs to the car and wrenches open the door and gets next to Nick and eyes turn orange and blue (sadness)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:44 *applies pressure to the bleeding* T-This will make i-it stop....
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:45 *sees Gemma* hey kid
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:46 thanks for telling me *aplies more pressure with gemma to the gauze he put on his neck*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:47 (btw we are allready driving to the hosbital with Tom and Max and of course Nick)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:47 T-Thanks..
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:48 (Ok)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:50 Hey anyway. Eyes are totally blue now (sad)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 03:50 *The blood stops*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:50 *eyes are totally blue now (sad)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:51 (Nobody but Stef knows about my eyes)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:52 *sighs in relief and slumps against the seat* *-What is wrong with me?! Why do I only do certain things for Nick?!-*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:55 you are most likely the only kid i dont hate Gemma? right did i get your name right?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:56 Yes. *smiles slightly* Mat, right?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:57 I don't hate kidnappers, or love them..*-Except one.-*...... I guess I'm nutral.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:57 you got it, and your definitely not getting kidnapped by me you have a solid reputation....
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:58 *-SHUT UP HEAD!!-*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:58 Well, more or less. *shrugs and looks at Nick sideways then back to Mat*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:59 Never thought I'd willingly get into a kidnapper's car... I get dumber every day.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 03:59 *Smiles at Gemma*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 03:59 i have heard of the famous hot sauce incednt of 2009
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:00 *smiles at them all and eyes turn green (happy)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:00 Oh.. *blushes from embearassment* Hehe...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:01 i definitely dont want to end up like nick tied up with not sauce in well every where
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:02 you are quite famous in the kidnappers relm no one wants to mess with you
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:02 Well, would you believe me if I told you- No, I did it on purpode... But it was a tease. *eyes turn pink (mischievous)*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:02 (I meant purpose)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:02 Well, I do hold up my reputation.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:03 well your definitely famous for alot of things...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:04 *blushes harder* A lot.... Lot...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:07 *thinks about Nick and eyes turn dark pink ("in love")*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:08 yep oh smerf we forgot of nicolai he should be waking up soon
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:09 *wonders if they used a tranquilizer dart*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:09 Michael: *Texts Max again* He's going to die soon...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:11 *looks at Nick and eyes are still pink and she ruffles his hair and whispers* Hang in there Nicky Boy... *some orange (fear/panic) creeps into her eyes*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:11 we need to get Nick to the hospital first though
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:12 Tom: What if I'm next...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:13 *breathing goes faster as adrenaline gets into my body* We need to get there fast too.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:14 *pulls up to the hospital gets Nick out and brings him inside*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:15 *goes with them and helps carry Nick*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:15 Frank: *Sees the kidnappers come in carrying Nick*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:15 *waits in the waiting room*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:15 (And kid!)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:16 *eyes are all orange (fear and panic)*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:18 Frank: *Comes out, hiding Michael in a vacant room*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:18 *dosent notice
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:19 German eyes because he is color blind*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:19 *is scared and whispers under breath* He never knew I loved him....
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:19 (Ahhhh....)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:19 (lol)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:21 Frank: He....should be fine.... *Is hiding something*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:21 (Nick does love Gemma, but he has a hard way of showing it)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:21 wait what did you say gamma?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:22 (I love him and I try not to show it and I get really shy around him and it drives me NUTS!!!)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:22 Nothing. nothing...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:22 (It's fun to watch her go though.)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:22 (i get offline*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:23 (Aww, ok......)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:24 (Zombies)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:24 (My bad)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:25 (Ok....)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:26 *starts to pace*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:30 (Anyone?!)
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 04:31 *A few hours later, Nick comes out*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:32 *jumps up and hugs Nick gently, crying silently* Hey Nicky Boy...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:33 *eyes are green (happy) and indigo (relieved)*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 04:34 *Hugs her back* I'm fine..
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:35 *smiles waterily* Coolio Nick.... (he notices I don't hide my accent anymore) *lets go and pulls back still smiling*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 04:39 Your beauty is amazing...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:41 *blushes and looks at him and whispers* Thanks Nicky Boy....
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 You're welcome.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:45 *sits down eyes pink ("in love")* (Oh! And Nick has learned to decipher the colors and their meanings..)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 04:48 *Smiles and looks into her eyes*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:49 *smiles shyly*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:53 *whispers so only Nick can hear* Now you know....
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 04:53 *Is about to kiss her, but stops*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:54 *eyes turn deeper pink (more "in love" you could say)*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 04:55 *Smiling more+
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:56 hey Nick you good now?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:56 *kisses him the rest of the way as she smiles more*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:56 (LOL)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:57 (Feel free, butt in. LOL again.)
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 04:58 oh my gosh nick you are making out with T.J? sheese what medication did they put you on...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:59 \(^_^)/
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:59 *ignores him and rolls eyes*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 05:01 ok seriously stop chewing on T.J's lip and lets get out of here If nicolai finds a way to untie himself I am dead
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 05:02 *pulls away giggling* Would you believe me if I said that was my first kiss?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 05:02 (T.J.?)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 05:03 *rolls eyes at Mat and says sarcastically and is just being stupid* No please, go ahead, butt in.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 05:03 (a nickname kidnappers call Gemma ask Matt what it means)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 05:03 Oh, and T.J.? What's that about?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 05:05 it means Total Jinx its the nick name kidnappers call you
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 05:05 (gtg)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 05:06 Michael: *Jumps into the trunk of their car*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 05:07 (ok bye)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 05:07 (Bye)
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 05:10 Michael: *Stabs one of the tires and jumps out*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 05:12 Max.. You better stop.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 05:20 (Hello?)
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 17:28 Cool. *crosses right leg over left* So, why are we still at the hospital? I mean, Nick's fine. Let's go! Although *says sarcastically* He shouldn't hit his head anytime soon. *eyes turn green (happy)*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.22 17:45 You're just waiting for me to hit my head.
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.22 18:05 *Stops the car* One tire is out of air.
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.22 18:20 *Goes the house and dress Nicolai*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.22 18:20 *Frees*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 22:43 thank you Michael... were is Stefiny?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.22 22:44 im right here * hugs Nicolai*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 22:45 *hugs her back* i have missed you so much!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 22:46 *was walking home enters his house pulls Stefiny away when he sees them there* Well well well what do we have here?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 22:46 Matt! let her go!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 22:48 *shoves Stefiny in the small dark room and locks it puts the key in his mouth* If you try to attack me i will swallow it!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.22 22:51 so we are going to wait here until Nick,Max,Tom and T.J get here understand?
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 22:52 *sits down in the chair and glares at Mat*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 00:00 *decides to sit next to the door insted sits next to the door wich Stefiny is behind* hey Steff are you ok?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 00:01 *is crying a little* ya Nicolai im.. im fine
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 00:01 hey its going to be ok just listen to my voice ok?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 00:01 oh.. ok Nicolai
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 00:06 *Hiding*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 00:10 Nick: *He and Max walk in*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 00:12 *Grabs Michael by his throat*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 00:23 *Tries to grab Michael off, but Michael stabs him in the shoulder*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 00:54 OW!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:38 *takes a base ball bat and knocks michael out*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 01:39 *hears the noise going on* Nicolai whats happining im scared!
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 01:39 *Puts a towl on his shoulder*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:40 shhh calm down its ok... they just turned on the tv for a little bit its fine stef everything is fine *sees michael laying on the floor*
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 01:42 Nick: I'm going to kill that kid...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:42 *handcuffs michael then ties him after that then handcuffs him again than bolds the chair he is tied to the wall*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:43 Nick i have a better idea it last longer and its much more fun for us
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 01:43 No..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:44 whats wrong max you didnt even here my idea yet
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:45 you like the kid don't you? its ok if you do
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 01:48 No... I had a better idea..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:50 tell me whats your idea?
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 01:56 We get his girlfriend and do terrible things to her.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:57 or we could you and old form or water tourcher
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 01:58 you have a container that drops water into a bin one drop at a time it will cause them to become over emotional and they wont be able to handle it
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:01 and we give a red blindfold so what ever he sees is red and the human body will cause him to go crazy beacause he will think he is allwqys in danger beacause red is a danger color and the body knows that
8>Max (), 34yo.2015,Feb.23 02:04 Michael: *Wakes up* What...happened?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:04 or we use another form or water tourcher were he is tied down one drop of water lands on his forhead at a time over a few weeks or months it slowly erodes one spot on his forehead until it slowly and painfully kills him
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:05 oh michael you have messed with the wrong people
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:07 you harmed us so we are disscusing wether we should harm or or your girlfriend
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:08 what do you think Michael?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:15 Hurt me... Please don't hurt her..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:17 we will see...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:22 Please....I beg you.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:27 did you know emotional pain last 10xs longer then phisical pain and from what i have herd girls are very emotional
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:35  Secret message to Derrick  
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:36  Secret message to Derrick  
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:37 Please.... Just let her go...
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:37 Please.... Just let her go...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:38 we dont have her yet but getting her will be easy sence she has a broken leg
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:41 (so i read up on water tourcher large drops of water fall on the same spot on your forhead and it causes you to become over emotioal to panice ect. it was used to get informatioñ from spies)
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:44 Just let me go!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:52 Nick: I'm not letting you go anywhere kid.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:53 we might have if you didnt stab nick then get in are way by relesing nicolai then stabbing max
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:53 so you get to stay right there kid
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 02:55 I am going to get Michaels girlfriend I have just the thing for her... *heads out the door*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:56 *Starts freaking out* NO!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:57 STOP!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 02:57 Nicolai i here screaming whats going on?!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 02:59 Stef.. its just the tv you dont need to worry i promise its fine *is lying to her so she wont be freaked out*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 03:02 *comes back a few minutes later with Destiny over his shoulder* Look what i found
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 03:03 *keeps hitting Matt* Set me down!!!
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 03:05 Destiny... *Tries to break the handcuffs*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 03:06 sorry michael i made sure you arnt braking out this time you are handccuffed tied handcuffed again and the same with your feet
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 03:08 Put me down!!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 03:10 You want down fine! *ties her down to another chair* you guys watch them im going to reconstruct my old physiology project from collage....
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 03:10 *goes into the garage for a few hours*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 03:17 *would help set Destiny and michael free but Max Nick and Tom are right there*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 03:21 *Walks into the house* Hey guys. I need your help fixing my car.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 03:23 *Nick, Max, and Tom walk out after him* *He turns around and mouths: Free them now*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 03:30 *unties Destiny and Michael trys to free Stefiny but he cant pick the lock*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 03:42 *Destiny and Michael slip out the back*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 03:44 *comes back in to see Nicolai trying to pick the lock to stefinys door grabs nicolai from behind* MAX NICK TOM COME IN HERE NOW!!!!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 03:46 *dosnt struggle beacause he knows Matt could knock him out any second*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 03:50 *They run in*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 03:53 Max: What?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 03:56 what were you thinking?!!!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:00 you knew Nicolai was untied and you know he can pick handcuff locks and you guys left him alone now Michael and Destiny are gone why didnt one of you stay inside?!
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:01 he is dangerous he stabs people now that isnt safe for us!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 04:03 *is with Michael but is using crutches instead of letting him carry her*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 04:06 *chuckles* you guys are so stupid
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:07 *Walks in* It was my fault
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:07 Michael: *They run for Franks house*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:08 Tom: But...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:09 explain
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:10 how is it. your fault?
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:12 My car broke down and they decided to help me.
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:13 I told them to come with me to help...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:14 I understand that you all wanted to help but one of you should have stayed behind I'm very disappointed in all of you, you should have known better
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:17 All three: We are sorry...
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:17 Tom: Did you swallow the key?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:18 *locks Nicolai in the small room with Stefiny* I'm going to go make dinner
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:19 no I didn't even put it in my mouth that was a fake chocolate key
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:20 *starts chopping some carrots*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:22 starts to boil a pot of water buts in some chicken bolion and sheds up some left over precooked chicken puts it in the pot adds some carrots and chopped celery*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:24 *Grabs some drinks*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:24 *makes a dough and rolls it out and cuts it into noodles puts it into the broth*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:24 Nick: *Makes some pasta*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:25 Tom:
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:25 *makes another dough makes rolls puts a dish towel over them to rise*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:26 Nick the kitchen is mine tonight
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:27 go set the table Nick
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:28 Nick: Ok. *Goes to the table and sets it*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:29 *puts the rolls in the oven taste the soup puts some salt in it and stirs it*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:32 *takes the rolls out and puts butter on them puts the rolls and soup on the table*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:33 Max: *Turns on the tv and sees Michael on the tv*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:34 Tom: Omg... That kid Michael is on tv...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:34 *takes two bowls of home made chicken noodle soup and two rolls unlocks the door gives it to Stefiny and Nicolai* careful its hot *locks the door again*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:36 turn off the TV guys its time eat
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:37 this soup taste horrible when its cold! *puts some soup in his bowl sits down gets a roll starts eating his soup*
10>William (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 04:37 *Max turns the tv off and He, Nick and Tom go to the table*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:38 *Grabs a can of soda and drinks it*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:40 *eats some of his roll* it isn't as fluflly as it should be...
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 04:42 *eats the food* oh my goodness this is the best food if ever aten!
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 04:43 *eats some of it* your right... Nick sure didn't cook this
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:45 *continues to eat the soup*hmm.. flavors is slightly to strong..
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:48 *Is really down and not eating or talking*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:49 hey Nick what's wrong you haven't touched your food
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:50 Tom: *Eats his food slowly, kind of down*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:50 It's nothing... Just a lot...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:50 you to Tom both of you what's wrong?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:51 come on you can tell me
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:52 *Looks at Tom and back down* There's just a lot... Going on right now...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:53 like what?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:53 Tom: *Grabs a soda from the kitchen and drinks the whole thing*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:56 what's going on? is something wrong?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:56 It's just....tonight....my sister was murdered....and Michael came on....
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 04:59 so your saying Michael did that to her?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 04:59 Max: I'm not sticking up for the kid, but why would he kill her? He doesn't even know her!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:00 Shut up Max! *Is getting angry*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 05:00 I set the TV to record the news we could watch it if you want
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:01 Sure.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 05:02 *turns on the TV goes to the being of the news when Michael just barely comes on* let's see what happened
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 05:02 *watches the TV*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:04 Michael: *Comes on convered in blood* I didn't kill her!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:05 Michael: *Is seen running away to another house*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:07 News Reporter: Michael has disappeared after being caught 2 hours ago. If you find him, there is a reward for: $2 million and a trip to Florida.
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:08 *is limping with her crutchers towards Michael but the news reporter stops her* reporter: did you see what happened?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:09 yes but I need to go *keeps trying to go but the reporter blocks her*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:09 Frank: *Kicks the news reporter away and helps Destiny into his house*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:11 *the police take her into custody to question her because she probably knows were he is going* Michael don't leave me here please!
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:12 *Stops frank handcuffs him and takes him to jail for assaulting a lady*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:13 Frank: I didn't hit you!!
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:14 reporter: well you herd it live back to the weather
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 05:14 Omg... He's still out there..
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:14 *puts him in the cop car with Destiny*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 05:15 *turns off the TV* I'll go with you Nick max you and tom and will stay here do not leave we will be back soon
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:17 *at the police station has Frank and destiny handcuffed in the interagation room* now young lady tell us why were you trying to run away?
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:18 and you why were you trying to help her?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:19 *doesn't say anything just sits there*
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:20 listen if you don't say someth I have the right to accuse you guilty
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:22 Izyskannyye ya budu govorit', no ya ne budu govorit' na angliyskom yazyke, i ya ne skazhu vam nichego
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:23 *spoke Russian she learned it from when Nicolai's dad and uncle and Nicolai who used to always speak in Russian*
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:24 In English please I don't speak Swedish
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:24 Russian.
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:25 sorry I don't speak Russian so speak in English please
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:26 net
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:27 fine I'll deal with you later Sir why were you trying to help her escape? the sooner you say something the sooner you can go
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:31 *talks into her walkie talkie* hey cheif we have the two witnesses one won't speak the other keeps speaking in Russian although I know she speaks English can I get some help please?
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:32 what do you mean there all looking for him?! fine I'll use the translated on my phone *stops the walkie talkie* OK kid spill it
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:34 vy glupy, yesli vy dumayete, chto ya sobirayus' rasskazat' vam chto-nibud' na lyubom yazyke
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:35 *reads it out loud* you are stupid if you think I am going to tell you anything in any language.... great! just great!
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:36 i really hate you kid...
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:37 listen kid I am here to help you but I can't do that if you won't tell me anything
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:39 police have never helped me when I did ask for help they just asked me a bunch of stupid question then put crimals who by the way can pick lock in jail and barely look for them when they get loose
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:40 and I have been kidnapped for 4 years and now I'm being kidnapped by the police and then you cause my boyfriend of murder which he couldn't have committed because we were running in the forest away from kidnappers again when the murder happend!
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:41 *acuse*
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:41 then how was he covered in blood?
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:44 because he stabbed 2 kidnappers who lived.. to help me who by the way slows him down because I have a broken leg he did it to help me escape!!!
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:44 i don't quite belive you
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:47 this is why I hate police you tell them the honest truth and they just look at you and tell you that there wrong! tell me do you know because YOU WERE NOT EVEN THERE!!! YOU WEREN'T THERE WHEN WE NEEDED HELP OR WHEN WE WERE RUNNING! IF YOU PUT YOURSELF IN
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:49 *would not wouldn't*
5>Destiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 05:52 *is in tears* I have been tied up handcuffed starved beaten lied to locked up tourchered and had horrid memory's burnt into my mind and you say you don't believe me because I am his girlfriend
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 05:53 *doesn't know what to say*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 07:41 *Gets in his car*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 07:42 *Waits until Matt gets in the car*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 10:10 Frank: I have nothing to say to the police. All it is that your facts are wrong.
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 11:26 Frank: *Mutters under his breath*: I know who did kill that girl...
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 15:43 well sir would you care to tell me who killed her?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 15:45 Frank: It was....a guy named Will..
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 15:45 *is sitting in the car with Nick* Im sorry about your sister....
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 15:46 last name?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 16:35 Frank: I don't know it..
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 16:39 well there are alot of Wills in this town
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 16:39 She was only 16..... *Sighs, looks down-8
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 16:40 Frank: *Thinks* I think it was Will... Mercury...
6>Rose (Cop), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 16:49 you mean Will mancey?
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 16:50 hey dont worry we are going to find who ever did this
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 17:03 Frank: How old is he?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 17:04 What if it was Michael?
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 17:25 *Pulls out his gun slowly from his glove department, hands it to Matt* It's a tazer gun.
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:28 ok
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:30 but if it is michael I have the perfect way to deal with it...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 17:30 Yeah...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 17:31 Which is? If we get him, we can turn him in and get 2 million and a trip
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:35 true and we can also terorise his girlfriend
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:36 *sees Michael* there he is! *shoots him with the taser gun*
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 17:49 *Feels the taser and falls down* What the?
7>Michael (Kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 17:49 *Looks around*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:53 *runs out of the car and knocks michael out*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:54 *puts Michael in the car ties his hands and feet so he cant hurt nick or him*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:58 i didnt knock him out to hard... he should wake up sson
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 17:58 *Pulls out before the cops show up*
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 17:58 *soon*
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 17:59 Ok good...
15>Mathew (Todds friend), 28yo.2015,Feb.23 18:00 lets bring him to the police station, and get that 2million
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 18:04 *Drives to the police station.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:06 *is at house making a cuppa*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:06 Today has been crazy. *eyes are green (happy)*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:07 *sits in the closet with nicolai being bored*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:07 *is grabbing some sugar*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:07 *thinks she hears gemma* Gemma is that you?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:07 *pours it in and looks out the window* Hmm..
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:08 *hears Stef* What?!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:08 *is hoping its Gemma*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:08 *puts down cup and stands up* Stef!!!!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:08 Gemma!!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:09 Where are you?! *is walking around listening for her voice*
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:09 me and Nicolai we are locked in the small closet room thingy!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:09 *hears them in her cupoard* *opens it and sees them* What the-?!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 18:10 *Gets to the police station* *Sees Destiny and Frank in a room when he walks in*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:10 How did you get here?!?!?!
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:10 *gets out hugs Gemma* oh thank you!
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:10 *hugs her surprised*
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 18:11 *gets out* Matt, he wants me but he is busy with nick so he left tom and Max here...
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:11 *sees Nicolai*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:11 Ok.....
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:11 (Oops)
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 18:11 He shoved us in there, did you know Matt makes amazing homemaid soup?!!
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 18:12 William: *Knocks out Max and grabs Tom*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:12 Soup? Really?
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:13 yes home maid chicken noodle soup the nodles were also homeaide
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:14 but thats besides the point
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:14 That's.... That's what you're thinking aBOUT RIGHT NOW?
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:14 Sorry.... Nevermind...
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 18:14 William: *Stabs Tom 2-3 times in the back and ties him up in a chair in a living room* *Looks at Nicolai and Stefiny* Get out of here. Never come back.
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:14 I guess I'm not used to people popping out of my cupboard*
2>Gemma (Kid), 25yo.2015,Feb.23 18:14 ..
1>Stefiny (kid), 15yo.2015,Feb.23 18:15 *sees William and what he did to Tom* runs out of the house with Nicolai
14>Nicolia (Kid), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 18:16 *goes with her* hey we can go to my house we will be safe there
17>Nick (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Feb.23 18:17 Tom: *Is breathing very lightly* *Blood appears on his shirt*