" Kidnapped Rp (by Caprial) " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 16 years of age.
Kidnapped rp is back! but new there are 3 kinds of people police kidnappers and kids if you are police try to catch the guilty kidnappers you will need proof to catch them kidnappers try to kidnapp kids and kids try not to get kidnapped if you do try to escape

5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 20:27 *continues fighting the pain then gives in* i didnt fail safe with you *breaths heavly* you.. scare me *is in tears from the pain*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 20:29 *isnt in pain any more curls up in a ball and crys*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:29 Then why did you save me Todd? Huh?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:31 Don't answer that question. It doesn't matter anymore to me. Once I'm done with you, go back with your friends.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 20:31 beacause i knew if you found out i had amnisa you would get the cure
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 20:32 *is in tears* please dont ask me anything else please! it hurts to much it hurts *crys*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:34 Hey Micheal come up here for a sec!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:34 Fine. I'm done. Have fun. *Goes upstairs*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:36 hey micheal i knew you were in trouble down there
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:37 she can do a number on people thats why you cant stay in with her for to long she can get to people
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:38 I'm so thankful that I'm done being a kid. It's aweome being a kidnapper.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:38 i let her go 3 times before i figuared it out
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:39 i herd her cying she only crys if she is extreamly scrared or in extream pain sometimes not even in extream pain you most have scarred her good
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:40 *Nods*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:41 I did. She's scared of me.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:41 you ok? some people like seeing others in pain other people cant stand it
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:42 you can control alot of things if they are afraid of you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:43 Yeah I'm fine. *Smiles*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.14 20:43 *Is on the couch watching tv*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:44 good dont go back in there until you know you can handle it *sits on the couch*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:44 what you watchin?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 20:46 *sits there crying*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.14 20:47 Haven't really decided yet. You wanna pick? *Smiles*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:48 so Micheal do you enjoy seeing people in pain or not?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:48 i dont really care ill watch just about anything
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.14 20:50 *Turns on Law and Order and lays back on the couch*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:50 *stands up walks to the kitchen table grabs a book is reading it*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:50 It feels....good to me..
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:52 all right there is no wrong answer most kidnappers dont so what ever you have in mind shes your victim you can do what ever
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:53 Okay, but I'm going to take a break for now.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:53 if your scared that ill get mad if you let her go or if you think youll do something wrong your wrrong i dont care what you do with her i dont care if you dont like it and want to give up or if you enjoy it and want to stay
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:54 i dont get mad easily
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:56 there is only one way ill get mad at you is if you perpusly hurt nicolai severely or kidnap him
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:57 so have fun doing what ever *continues reading watersip down*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:57 I would never hurt Nicolai, just promise not to hurt me, my brother and especially my sister.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 20:58 And my other brother.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:59 i wont hurt you family or you dont worry
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 20:59 the only reason i hurt you that one time was so Dan wouldnt kill you with a bat
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:02 I understand.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:02 the truth syrum has about a 1/2 hour left if you still want to ask her anything else
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:02 but your choice not mine *turns the page in his book*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:03 *Goes downstairs and closes the door*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:05 *looks up moves back until she is agenst the wall in fear*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:05 what.. what do you want *is in tears is looking down*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:05 I'm not going to hurt you anymore. I just wanted to give you something.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:06 dont.. dont come near me!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:06 not.. not anymore just.. stay stay away
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:07 *Geos over and puts a ring into your pants* It's worth a lot of money. You can use it how ever you want.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:08 *Pant pocket*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:09 *kicks him so he falls over* i dont want the ring you stole!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:10 let me go or kill me but dont keep trying to mess with my feelings! one minute your torching the nexts your giving me a ring and being nice stop it!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:11 *is in tears* did you ask you self why i would be scared of you?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:12 Why are you scared of me then huh?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:15 *is in pain from the serum* no i am going to let you think and wonder about that for a very long time never knowing just wondering forever
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:16 Is it hecssue I kidnapped you?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:16 and when ever you see me youll know i am terified of you scared to death of you but i promise you you'll never know why
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:16 no i was scared of you way before that
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:16 Well it doesn't matter, it seems like it was better when you were getting amnesia.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:17 I don't need to know why you were scared of me. It doesn't bother me.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:18 You'll find someone else anyways and he'll be way scarier than me. I promise that.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:19 yeah but even then i will still be afraid the serum alows you to remember only one thing with the amnesia last time it was run if i get amnesia again ill remember why im afraid of you and not to tell
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:20 and i know you dont care about the reason of things just the outcome maybe you can live with knowing im terified but
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:20 I don't really care why you are scared of me. I don't even need to know why. It doesn't matter.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:20 *winces in pain* you will never know and one day it will bother you maybe ot for years but one day it will
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:23 *is stuttering from pain* you.. you m.. might.. want..want to..to leave ... wall...they .there sound ...sound proff ...ill...ill start...start scream..screaming in..in a sec....
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:25 *Leaves and goes upstairs and closes the door*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:26 you re.. no! no not giving in no!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:26 *wispers it very quietly so the pain stops breaths heavily*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:27 if you up the dosage it hurts more.. *turns the page is wearing reading glasses*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:29 just some helpful information
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:30 She was going to scream. I'm not giving into her.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:32 pluse you remind her of her brother she had a brother she loved him as a sister and took care of him always then he died she is scared of you beacaces she is scared for you beacause she still loves you
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:32 i used the truth syrum on his in the lab i know allmost evrything
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:34 she is scared of you beacause she knows she loves you and if you get hurt she will be emotionally hurt
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:35 just so you know you left the door open so i herd the conversation
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:40 by the way that was a clever lie she told you she was about to break if you left then should could say the secret and the pain would stop she isnt a screamer but she was at breaking point
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:40 Oh. That explains it.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:42 hmm hmm you can still get her to tell you herself though up the dosage and it will take hmm about 2-3 minutes top for her to spill
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:43 Okay. *Goes to the cabinet and ups the dosage*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 21:44 when you inject her youll have to ask again though
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:48 *Nods* Okay.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:50 *Goes downstairs to her and injects it into her arm* Now tell me again why you are scared of me?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:51 no *is in pain tears streaming down her face*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:53 i.. i still.. still.. no! not going to tell you *in in alot of pain*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:54 *is trying to ignor the pain* re.. rember when you .. you used to do any.. anything to.. to keep me from.. from being hurt?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 21:57 Yes.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:57 hmm well do.. do you? *is in extream pain*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 21:57 when.. when did that.. that stop?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:00 I'll still protect you no matter what from anything. I can't stand seeing you hurt.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:01 yeah.. if you.. you cant.. cant stand.. stand it so much... why.. why ae.. are you causing.. it?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:04 *gives in* i.. i cant.love you but i do thats why im scared of you beacause i love you and thats why im scared of you and scared of me and why i tried to forget everything *starts breathing heavily and is in tears*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:06 *is in tears* you.. you win
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:06 *Looks down* I'm so.....sorry.... Seeng you like this......crushes my heart....
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:07 please.. please just..no more.. no more questions please..
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:08 Okay.. I won't.... I promise.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:09 are you going to let me go or just leave again?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:10 I'm just going to leave for a little okay..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:11 thought so
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:13 *Goes upstairs looking depressed*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:13 go on if you going to leave then leave dont just stand there
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:14 *waits till he leaves then curls up and crys*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:14 *sees Micheal depressed* allright what happened?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:18 you look depressed if you still have feelings for her and want her to forget all of the=is bottom left hand cornor of the medicine cabnite is the amnisa serum but its your choice not mine you can also let her go
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:19 or keep doing whatever your doing
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:21 What do I do?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:22 well it depends on what you want
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:23 do you want her to forget do you want to keep her safe bad sad or do you want her to run far away so she never will see you again
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:23 (but not bad)
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:24 I want her to be safe. What happens to me though?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:25 well you can give her the amnisa and lie to her and keep her safe or you could keep her tied up in the basement she might hate you she might forgive you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:25 Do I get to be a kidnapper?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:26 with the amnisa youd have to tell her about you with her tied up she will still remember all those memorys that had her fall in love with you
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:27 thats up to you with both you can still be a kidnaper with all the choices you can still be a kidnaper i dont kidnap the people i love but i know other kidnapers who do it all depends on you
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:30 so what do you want to do
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:30 I want to still be a kidnapper, but I don't want to have her be kidnapped anymore.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:30 I'm your partner Nick.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:35 if you let he go it is impossible to keep her safe from other kidnapers but i wont kidnap her again that i can promise
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:36 Then we should keep her where it is safe.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:43 so do you want to keep her tied or we could lock he in a room for slightly more freedome or we could give her amnisea make up some crazy story on why she cant go outside and keep her safe that way
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:43 wich one?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:45 Let's bring her to a room and give her maybe some more freedom.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:47 ok i have with no windows to escape from and it has a small personal bathroom as well
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:48 *gives micheal the key* first door on the left locks from the outside
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:50 Okay, *Goes upstairs and unlocks it*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:52 you can knock her out fist or walk with he there yourself
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:53 *Goes downstairs and unties the fission cord* Im going to move you.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:53 yeah what ever
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:54 *waits till his back is turned pushes him down and runs up the stairs*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:54 *Brings her upstairs to the room and unties her ropes*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:55 *Gets up quickly and runs after her*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:55 *grabs her wrist when she gets up* whoa whoa whoa were you headed princess?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:55 *strugles*let me go!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 22:56 sure *pushes her into micheal so he has hold of her*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:57 *strugles but micheals grip is to tight*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:57 *Holds onto her tightly, but not to injure her*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:57 let me go!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 22:59 *is kicking and punching but it dose no good* Let me go!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 22:59 I'm sorry. *Brings her upstairs to the room and locks her in*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:01 *bangs on the door* No! let me go! please! you cant just keep me locked up please!!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:01 *starts crying* please i cant go through this again please!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:01 I'm sorry... I'll bring you dinner soon.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:04 *sits down with her back to the door is curled up and crying softly* please.. why cant you just let me go
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:05 *orders pizza*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:06 *Sits on the couch with his head in his hands*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:07 you ok?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:08 *stands up as soon as he is gone and wipes away her tears* ok clearly that didnt work
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:09 Yeah...I'll be fine
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:10 *goes to the bed starts unscrewing the bednob*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:12 *sighs8
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:12 *opens his computer pulls up a screen* man she is good she is playing you look there are hiden camreas in there she is unscrewing the bednob as a wepon she isnt crying at all it was fake tears
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:13 she knows that crying makes you feel sorry for her and bad about yourself so that you might cave in and let her go
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:14 Why is she doing this?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:14 look she is standing by the door with the bednob
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:15 she is tying to escape by knocking one of us out by the looks of it
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:16 you can go in and ask her push the door open she will swing then take the bednob when her back it to you
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:17 she is smart very very smart
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:17 *Smiles* I won't let her knock me out.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:18 allright
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:19 dose it make you feel better that she actually wasnt crying for real?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:19 I won't fall for any of her fake crying.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:20 ok
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:21 go on do what you wanna do ill call when Pizza is ready
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:21 I'm not going upstairs to her. I don't want to get knocked out.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:23 if you open the door she will swing and fall down if you dont go in trust me this isnt the first time she has done this pluse the bednob its a soft wood and she cant hit that hard the most youll get is a bruise she cant knock people out with that
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:25 ill go with you come on *goes upstairs*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:25 *Goes upstairs to her room and opens the door slightly*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:27 *launches forwarrd to hit something but there is nothing to hit so falls forward groans*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:28 your sapossed to come through the door you know
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:28 *starts to get up*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:28 *takes the bednob from her and leaves*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:31 *stands up crosses her arms* what do you want now?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:33 *Pulls out a bottle of water* Just brought one...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:33 well you going to tell me or just stand there like an idiot
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:34 im not thirsty *sits down on the bed*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:35 *Sighs*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:35 pluse you probly druged it anyway see that thats your new hobbie
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:37 No I didnt.. It's real water.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:37 so you leaving again or letting me go?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:39 I don't know..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:39 beacause im not taking that water or anyhting from you *takes the ring from her pocket and throws it back to him*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:40 *Picks it up* Your lost. I'm threw coming in then. *Closes the door and locks it*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.14 23:42 *mumbles to herself* stupid.. destiny your being stupid.. *puts he head on her knees and sits there*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:43 *Goes down into the basement and starts working on something*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:43 *goes to the bassement* what you working on kid?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:45 *Sighs* I have no clue.... I need my brothers here...
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.14 23:46 *Goes to the basement and gives Michael a big hug* Bud... What is it...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:47 wich ones? ill call them over for pizza tonight
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:49 ill um go upstairs i need to um finish my book *goes up stairs*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 23:50 *Sticks a needle into her neck*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.14 23:51 *Goes over to where Michael is at Nicks house* *Knocks on the door*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:53 *opens the door* hey will
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:55 what can i do you for?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.14 23:56 Is Michael ok?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:56 yeah from what i can tell yeah he is holding up really well considering
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.14 23:58 Is he going to be a permanent kidnapper?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.14 23:59 i dont know yet but he looks promising he kidnapped his girlfriend and used truth serum on her
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.15 00:00 Can we trust him?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:03 for now i think
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.15 00:04 Why for now?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:07 iv only been with him for a few hours i dont know im letting him do his on thing forr a while and it looks good but he might cave in i caved in with destiny before she is the most dificult kid there is
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:13 if he can pull this off he wont only be able to be trusted but he will be one of the best newer kidnappers we have had in a long time
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.15 00:15 What does he need to do exactly?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:18 keep her kidnapped for a while without giving into her she is the trickyest she makes you feel guilty by watching you and figuaing out your weak spot then usus it agenst you so you feel quilty and let her go
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:19 she is pulling on Micheal bad she knows his weak spots allready so considering there past and how she works he is doing extreamly well if he lets her go he lets her go if he dosent he dosent but it dose look promising
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:20 very promising
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:20 im going to tell him your here
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.15 00:21 Knowing Michael. I think he can do it.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:21 *goes to the basement sees micheal sticking a needle in Bridgets neck* hey Will is here what serum did you give your sister?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 00:23 It's a medicine that she needs to get every so often.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:24 ok just wondering so um Will is here just thought you might want to know
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:25 *goes back upstairs* um why dont you come in will? pizza will be here soon
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.15 00:25 Yeah sure. *Goes into the house*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:27 cool *calls Matt* hey Matt want to come over for pizza?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:32 *someone knocks on the door opens it and pays gor the pizza puts them on the table*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:32 *for*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:33 *hangs up goes to the basement* Pizzas here
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.15 00:34 Awesome. What kind is it?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:34 we have sausace and one canadian bacon with pinapple
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:35 and one cheese pizza
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:36 micheal do you want to give Destiny the pizza or do you want me to?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 00:40 *drinks some of the water bottle Micheal left*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 00:41 What one do I give her?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:43 give her a slice of whatever kind of pizza you want to give her
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 00:45 *Takes a slice of cheese to her* *Unlocks the door*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 00:47 im not hungry *her stomach growls*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 00:49 *sighs* thanks for the pizza
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 00:49 *Hands it to her* No problem. *Leaves the room and locks it*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 00:49 unless you here to eat it in front of me the back off
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 00:50 *eats the pizza*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 00:52 *turns off the light in the bedoom and takes the sucurity camera down and turns it off*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 00:53 *Goes downstairs*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:54 she turned off the sucurity camera
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 00:56 watch you head when you open the door again *eats some pizza*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:01 *runs through the door into Nicks house is all scratched up and bleeding in places* Steff is hurt bad i need help!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:03 get the medicale suplies and clea off the table!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:04 Micheal the first aid kit is in the basement get all the viles with a cross on them
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:04 *runs outside*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:04 *clears off the table puts clean towls down on it*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:05 *runs in carrying Steff puts her on the table gently*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:06 *groans in pain is bleeding all over has alot moe cuts and bruises then nicolai
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:06 what happened?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:07 *Goes and grabs th first aid kit*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:08 well i got knocked out for a few seconds when i woke up tyler the new kidnapper was draging her to a cliff he threw her off exept it had a lege under it she landed there she was jabbed with sharp ice but it melted and he shot her 4 times in her leg
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:09 *gets the rubbing achahole rubs it on her wounds puts bandages on them looks at her leg* micheal get me the vile with the z's on it i need 12 ml in a needle now
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:10 *Goes and grabs them fast*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:13 *grabs it from micheal injects it into Steffiny gabs his tweezers and more rubbing achol pulls the bulets out of her leg pours rubbing achahole in in grabs a special needdle and thread in the first aid kit sews up the gash in her leg
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:13 then puts a clear sticky bandage on it* there you go shell be fine
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:14 *injects her with pain killer*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:15 Micheal move he to the room with Destiny in it put her on the bed she needs to rest stay with her make sure she dosent move ok?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:15 i need to fix up nicolai as well
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:16 *sits on the table* he shot my arm but other then that i just have a few scrapes
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:17 *puts rubbbing achahole on it and takes the bullet out puts a bandage on him* you need rest to you can you my room go on
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:17 *walks to nicks room and lays down*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:18 *Keeps eating some pizza*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:18 I need you to take steff up there michel in destinys room allright?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:19 and i need you to stay in there until a few minutes after she wakes up so you can tell her not to get out of bed ill clean up
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:19 *starts cleaning up*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:23 or Bridget you could stay in there instead if you want
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:27 *Brings Stefiny to Destinys room*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:28 *looks shocked when he brings her in* what the heck did you do?! kidnap her from a hosbitle!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:31 you did didnt you?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:31 why in the world would you do that to Steff?!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:32 *calls the police*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:32 My friend is missing
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:32 Probly kiddnapped
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:33 *runs out the open door runs to Wills house bangs on the door* let me in!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:33 Madison hurry open the door!!!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:34 please!!! hurry up!!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:34 *runs out the door after her*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:35 *opens the door*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:35 Destiny, get in!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:35 *runs in closes and locks it*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:36 *hugs Madison*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:36 Uh, thanks.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:37 *runs into the kitchen grabs some butter knifes jams them into the locks of the doors* there now not even the key will open them
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:37 come on we have to use the tunnles before the others do
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:38 *Puts Stefiny gently on the bed*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:38 *opens a hatch under the rug goes into the tunnels and starts running* Come on hurry up were not safe here
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:39 *walks home into the room were Micheal is* Destiny is at wills take the tunnles if you want he back
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:39 *Quickly opens the hatch and runs into the tunnel8
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:40 *Keeps running* *Will runs after him*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:40 *runs through the tunnles with Madison gets to the highway climbs out pulls Madison up and starts running with her*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:41 do not look back dont stop running we are faster then all of the kidnapper well i am and we have a head start
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:41 what's going on?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:41 *pants*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:41 we are running from kidnappers
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:42 and we cant stop so come on the next town is only 5 miles pluse they would think i went to the police not the highway
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:42 Wow.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:42 5 miles!!!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:43 That's farther than I've ever run!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:43 Who's chasing us?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:43 well today yoll break that record
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:44 um my ex boyfriend and probably mat todd nick and will maybe even Max and Dan
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:44 7 kiddnappers?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:45 yeah
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:45 *freed from juvie*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:45 if you scare yourself bad enough you can un faster and longer
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:45 *catches up to Destiny and Madison*
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:45 What's going on
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:46 who are you?! *keeps running*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:46 We are running for our lives
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:46 amie
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:46 *Jamie*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:46 he is a hint kid go back were you came from and pray you wont get hurt cuz we can run alot faster and longer than you
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:47 We are kinda busy right now
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:47 yeah so can you beat it?
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:47 Who said I was running?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.15 01:47 *flys with emily in the plane* so kid were you from?
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.15 01:48 *ignores him*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:48 well you are or you wouldnt be running with us
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.15 01:48 who cares
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:48 Goodpoint
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.15 01:48 *slows down* Bye!!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.15 01:49 oh sighlent treatment i see *makes the plane dive down a few feel to feel like its falling then jerks up*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:49 *Calls Nick* They are gone...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:49 *runs into the town goes into the police station is panting sees officer Henderson* we.. we need.. help please!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:50 all right its fine she will come back around she allways comes shell be back forr Steff
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.15 01:51 ooh that must have hurt you you dont have a seat belt on you slammed into the roof then the floor to bad for you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:51 *He and Will go back to the house*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 01:53 its fine oh get Steff to call destiny for help she will come back
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:55 please officer we need help!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 01:56 Okay, *Goes upstairs to Stefinys room*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:57 *wakes up moaning* micheal how.. how did i get here i was.. i fell off a cliff in ant..antartica
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 01:58 now im i dont know but it huts all over
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:01 Nicolai saved you. Can you do me a favor?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:01 wear.. wears nicolai! *starts freaking out* he was knocked out and i got pulled away and pushed and black were ere is nicoail?! *breaths fast*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:02 weres nicolai is is he safe? is he hurt?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:03 He's in Nicks room where you are.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:03 *calms down a little* ok ok hes fine then ok
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:04 were is Destiny?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:09 She wants you to call her.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:10 *nods calls Destiny* hello destiny
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:11 *picks up the phone* Steff are you ok?! Micheal he is a kidnapper!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:12 yeah ok yeah im fine i need you to come over to Nicks and.. um get me i cant walk can you do that?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:12 yeah yes i can i will be over soon stay safe
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:13 *hangs up a few tears drop down* my gosh she's gone insine Micheal Destiny she has gone insaine shes crazy!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:14 as soon as she gets back we have to get her to the childrens meltel hosbitle *is in tears*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:15 she thinks your a kidnapper and you want to hurt me
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:16 she has gone completely mentel
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:23 *Sig
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:23 micheal did you know?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:25 did you know shes gone mentel?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:25 I wouldn't hurt you ever Stef.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:26 i know you wouldnt but did you know she talking crazy
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:26 when did this start?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:27 She's been going insane for a while.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:27 Since yesterday.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:28 my sister did to she started talking crazy the acting it and shes in the hosbitle i visit here evey once in a while but still
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:28 she started when she was12
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:30 (Sarah Steffs Identical twin sister is in the mentel hosbitle but isnt mentel at all but she sounds crazy)
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:31 I'm worried about her. But hold on. *Goes downstairs* She's coming to see Stef, but she told her that I was a kidnapper, but she didn't believe it
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:33 *calls the mentel hosbitle* hello im calling about my friend she thinks her boyfriend is an evil kidnapper and has been saying alot of other crazy things she will come to 2348 baker street in a few minutes she thinks in in danger can you please
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:33 *Tells Nick*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:34 pick her up thank you *hangs up is in tears*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 02:35 well that would explaine why the metel hosbiles childrens van is pulling up in our drive way
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:36 *runs to the house two people in white suits inject her with sleeping medicine and carfully put her in the van and drives off]*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 02:36 and thee they go
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:40 Oh no...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 02:41 its fine shell be safe until we can beak her out
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:43 *wakes up a few hours later in a purple room* hmm..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:43 were were am i? *sits up sees Sara* Steff?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:44 shh keep it down im not saposed to be in here and im not Steff im Sara
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:44 I screwed up... Didn't I?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:45 im her twin sister you must be destiny i tapped into Destinys phone line i listen into all her convesations and all her friends
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 02:46 no actually no i have inside sorces in the hosbitle
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:48 i know your not crazy but your in a mentel hosbitle if you dont talk or if you get agrssive youll go into intesive care you you have to seem crazy beacause if you dont you will also go into intesive care
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:48 so i have to talk like im crazy without being not crazy enough and not agressive?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:49 Okay good.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:49 yes act like your 6 or four thats what i do
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:50 if we get alone enough theyll put us in the same room
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:52 ok i here them coming play along *the door opens to nurses walk in they look nervouse they dont know whats going to happen* what is black and white and red all over? *talks like she is a little kid*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:52 I dont know what?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:53 a pengine with a sun burn! *starts giggling*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:53 *sees Matt is one of the nurses is nervouse but dosent say anything* thats funny wanna be friends?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:54 Best friends!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:54 ok best friends *smiles*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 02:54 *the nurses smile than leave* ok were safe
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 02:56 *Goes downstairs*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 02:56 *calls Matt* i need you to sneek Destiny out of the mentel hosbilte
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 02:57 your one of the only two on night shift i need it done ok?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:07 *lays on the bed* do you know who called to say i was insaine
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:08 steff she called but only beacause you kinda did sound insaine at the moment even though you wernt
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:08 yeah i did didnt i?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:10 yeah the only way to get out is if a parent or garrdian checks you out if a staff member gets you out or if your being moved to the intensive care facility
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 03:11 *Calls back* I'll have them give her a sleeping dose and then I'll drvie her over.
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 03:11 *Tells another staff member*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 03:12 thanks *hangs up* there coming*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 03:14 so thell be here in a while micheal
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 03:15 So what do we do then?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 03:16 we wait
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 03:16 and you might want to move Steff to the basement and ill tell Nicolai that Milo got mad and me and kidnapped her
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 03:17 and make sure she has a bandanna around her mouth we dont want her screaming
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 03:18 knock her out first
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 03:22 Okay. *Goes upstairs to Stefs room*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:23 *sees the nurses coming in knows somethings up they have a needle handcuffs herself to Destiny* we are staying togetther
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:23 hey micheal
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:23 yeah.. yeah we are
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 03:27 I'm really sorry about this.... I gotta move you into the basement okay?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:50 um why?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:51 im fine right here though
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:52 but thanks i guess
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:55 and even if i wanted to wich i dont when i move my left leg it hurts like heck
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 03:59 so ill stay here
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 04:04 *Picks you up anyways and puts a blindfold over your face that knocks her out*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 04:12
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 04:22 *wakes up tied in the basement* hmm
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 04:23 *attempts to scream but the sound is muffled by the gag in her mouth*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 04:26 *Is sitting on the couch*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 04:26 *rubs the gag on her shoulder until it slips off starts to yell* Help Somebody help me! Nicolai!! help help!!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 04:27 *sighs* can you shut her up if she sees me she will freak and most likely go into her hysteria thing
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 04:35 *Grabs a stronger gag and puts it into your mouth and ties it up stronger *
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 04:38 *looks at micheal kinda confused and slightly sad* mihh hmm?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 04:39 *attempting to speak* hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 04:43 *kicks him hard* takmm imm ofmm!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 04:51 I can't... I'm sorry...
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 04:56 *starts banging her head agnst the wall it hurt alot but it makes a loud banging sound over and over again*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 05:01 *goes downstairs has an injection with him*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 05:01 She wouldn't stop...
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 05:02 *stops imediatly stiffends up looks terified start nervousl laughfing*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 05:02 *injects it in her arm* its ok
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 05:03 *falls asleep*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 05:03 *takes the gag out of her mouth* now she knows you with me she will most likely do what ever you say
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 05:05 *gives him a vile and a needle* 5 ml if she wakes up tell her that if she dosent keep quiet that youll inject her with that it will make her fall asleep
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 05:07 she can talk but she has to keep quiet ok? this is your second person alot eaisyer then destiny if she is extreamely terified she will start laughing if she starts doing that inject her with it so she will stop beacause if she nervouse laughfs for to long
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 05:07 he lungs will colaps and she will died ill be upstairs if you need anything it only knocks her out for about 5 minutes at a time
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 05:15 *walks back upstairs*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 05:16 *inhales sharply wakes up blinking* i assume youll do something if i start screaming right?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 05:19 ( i gtg and i wont be on tomarrow btw)
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 07:09 Yes. Please don't scream.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.15 07:11 If you don't keep quiet, I will have to inject you with something.
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.15 16:19 *Night comes in the hosptial and him and another nurse walk in* Time to go destiny. *Injects her with sleeping medicine*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.15 16:21 *Calls Nick* Hey.... Listen... Someone snuck in last night and shot me in the arm.. Do you have any medical supplies?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.15 16:23 *Goes downstairs to Michael* Hey dude. Hope you're going to be alright.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 00:39 Hello police officer.
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:40 What isit?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 00:41 My friend has left without telllling me what's going on.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 00:41 I haven't seen her or heard anything about her for a while
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 00:41 Also, she has kiddnappers chasing her and me as well
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 00:42 I *gasp* just don't know *gasp* what's going *gasp* on! *starts crying*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:42 What's her name?
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:43 Where and when did you last see her?
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:43 Who are these kiddnappers?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 00:44 Her name is Destiny, I saw her at her friends house, a while ago, and she said there were 6-7 kiddnappers.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 00:44 I don't know their names though
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 01:20 John, everything ok?
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 01:29 Yeah, this girl needs help.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 02:09 What happened?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 17:21 *snneks out closely behind Destiny hides in the ca keeps quiet*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 17:46 *Brings them to the car* *Looks out the window*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 17:49 *Drives to Nicks house*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 18:04 *Wakes up in the middle of the night and sees Mattews car coming*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 19:33 She doesn't know where her friend is, and this friend has kiddnappers chasing her, and she does too.
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 19:34 Can you help Mark?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:00 *Laughs* Well of course John.
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:01 Thanks
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:01 I'll help her the best I can, but so ar you.
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:02 *whispers* I think she need more help than she's asking for... IF you know what I mean
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:02 *Are* You are helping me too.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:02 *Looks at her closely* How old is your friend?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 20:04 14
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:05 How old are you?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 20:05 13
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 20:06 {GTG, BRB in 20 min.}
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:07 {Me too
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:07 (Ok)
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:10 *Writes that down on a pad* I guess we will look into it right Johna.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:10 John?
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 20:14 *Texts Nick* Looks like Stefinys twin has found Destiny and became attached with her, but I'm almost to your house.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 20:15 *Goes and checks on Stefiny*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 20:30 *is sighlently crying dosent notice micheal*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 20:33 *texts Mattew* Stefiny has a twin?!
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 20:33 Miss, can you stay here overnight, so we can makesure you are safe?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 20:33 Sure sir
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.16 20:34 *twiddlesher thumbs*
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.16 20:35 *twiddles her thumbs*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 21:06 *Texts back* I guess so. That's what I found out. It's like Michael and I..
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:16 *texts* ok bring her over as well then
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 21:16 *Texts back* Open the garage door and help me.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 21:17 *lands the plane* get out i am going to leave in 15 minutes get out and run if you know whats good for you
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:18 *goes in his garage opens the door helps Matt unlocks the handcuffs with the handcuff key he has knocks Sara out*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 21:19 Now let me have Michael.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:20 wow she looks just like steff micheal is going to freak
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:20 wait he has a job he is working with me
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:20 he is my new partner im paying him he is one of the best i have seen in years
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 21:20 He's not doing this.
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 21:21 So he's officially a kidnapper now then?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:22 if he wants to quite he will but he is enjoying it from what i can tell
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:23 *brings Sara into the basement ties her up to a pole with fission cod next to steff* micheal your brother is here he brought Destiny she is knocked out so go do what you wanna do i guess
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:24 and Steff has an identical twin that came with her so im putting her down here ill be paying you extra beacause of more people
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:30 So you want me to stay your partner correct? You don't want me to leave?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:34 its your choice your a great partner but partners come and go but i require a 3 days notice if you want to quit so i can find another partner so its your choice but you are one of the best i have seen
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:34 I don't want to leave.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:35 I won't quit. I don't want to go.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:35 so i dont want you to leave but i wont be mad if you do
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:35 ok
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:36 im going upstairs to make some phone calls your brother is upstairrs he brought destiny
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:36 Nope. I'm not quitting.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:36 *is asleep*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:37 Okay. I will go talk to him.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 21:37 ok good to hear *goes upstairs*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:37 *Goes upstairs*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:40 *is awake but is pretending to be asleep so she can go when they are distracted*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:44 *Sees Stefiny still asleep, but knows Destiny is upp*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:49 *waits till there backs are turned quietly starts to move twards the door*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:52 *Turns his back slowly holding a needle*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:54 *hears sighlence knows they see her starts to run for the door*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:56 *Grabs her abd sticks the needle into her neck*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:58 *trys to pull out of it but falls unconcise*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:58 *wakes up crying dosent look up*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 21:59 *Ties her more tightly next to Stefiny*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:06 *wakes up to steffs crying* succk it up! stop crying its not like you at gunpoint
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:06 *is shocked looks up to see Sara* Sara what.. what are you doing here
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:07 im sky diving what do you think im doing?!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:08 *is still crying* i have ever right to be crying!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:09 hey you kidnapper person whatever you are can you shut her up please
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:10 wha?.. arnt you the least bit worried? about anything?!!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:10 no i am not ok? wanna know why? you stuck me in an insane asylum when i was perfectly fine!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:11 It was a mentel hospitable and you never talked all you did was quack!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:12 I was 5 i liked Ducks and i only did it to you as a joke!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:14 Ugh! your so stupid!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:14 me? your the one who aperantly gets kidnapped all the time!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:14 yeah then what are you doing here?!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:15 I was making sure your best friend who you stuck in a mentel hosbitle would be ok!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:16 *looks at Micheal* Can you please shut her up?!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:16 *scoffs* if anyone needs to be shut up its you!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:17 *steff and Sara both sigh angerly*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 22:18 All of you be quiet!!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:19 *kicks Steffiny*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:19 Ow! *kicks Sara*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:20 *kicks her back Sara and steff keep kicking each other* Stop kicking me!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:20 No you stop you started it! *kicks even harder*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:21 *kicks harder as well*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 22:21 All of you be quiet!!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:22 then tell her to stop kicking me! *kicks Sara*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 22:22 *Grabs sleeping serum and puts it into Stefiny and Sara*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:23 you think im going to listen to him? ha! thats a joke! *kicks her again*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:23 (nvm)
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:23 *wakes up sees Micheal* Ugh its you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 22:28 Oh your finally up. *Sarcasm*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:28 why did you take up this job anyway?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 22:30 Because I knew that you and the others stopped caring and my brothers and sister wanted me to join.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:34 *scoffs* if this is what you were allways like i would have never dated you it is the most least atractive thing there is
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:40 and to think i almost regreted breaking up with you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 22:41 You can keep saying that and let your hatred get in the way, but it won't ever bother me.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:44 i dont hate you i pity you i feel sorry that someone like you get mess up there life so badly in a single day!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 22:47 You have no idea what I went through as a kid. You might have read my diary but there is more.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:53 yeah you did but you cant use your past as an excuse to explaine your life choices in the futer so succk it up stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something good with your life!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:54 your life might have been the worst as a kid but you choose what you are like now no one else got it?!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:03 I don't need you telling me how to live my life.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:03 *goes to the basement looking fo micheal was on the stairs long enough to know that micheal is a kidnapper walks downstairs grabs his arm and walks quickly upstairs* What the heck are you doing?! are you insaine?!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:05 why are you doing this?!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:06 I made my decision in life on what I wante to do.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:07 when exactly did you make this dission beacause yesterday you were asking me to save Destiny and now you have her tied up in a basement!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:09 Nicolai, relax. This is what I wanted to be.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:11 im not mad that your a kidnapper my brother is one and we still get alone great im mad that you kidnapped Steffiny and Destiny ok?!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:12 What is the problem?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:12 I didn't kidnap them exactly. Matt did.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:12 I'm just watching them and learning how to be one.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:14 I am going home if they are not free in 1 hour i am coming to get them myself and trust me when i say you dont want to be the enemy in my eyes ask Nick about that *walks out the door*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:15 *is in his office doing paperwork*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:15 *Goes upstairs and starts making something to eat*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:17 *wakes up*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:17 *wakes up as well*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:18 *sees Sara* oh no why did you fallow me? that was such an idiotic move!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:19 Did you just call my sister an idiot? i am the only one that can do that!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:20 yeah and if anyone is an idiot its steff not me
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:20 Dont call Steff an idiot! she has saved me more times then i can count!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:21 and how high is that? 3 maybe?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:21 Hey! stop that!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:21 yeah stop it!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:22 Dont Tell He to stop it thats my job!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:22 *they all start kicking each other while yelling insults*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:23 *Goes to Nicks office and knocks on the door*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:24 *opens it* what can i do for you? *hears the girls fighting* is it about the fighting downstairs?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:26 Also Nicolai wants the girls set free.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:27 And Todd is really hurt right now.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:28 your vicims your choice we can call milo and move them somewere else or set them free or keep them here your choice
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:28 wait Todds hurt what happened?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:29 He got shot in the arm.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:29 i wouldnt want to be on Nicolais bad side if i were you ill be back in a bit *grabs his first aid kid and rushes out the door*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:29 Well what if Nicolai comes back?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:30 *drives to Todds house opens the door* You should have called me Todd sit down let me take a look at your arm
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:30 *Grabbing onto his arm, is laying in bed*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:31 I....thought....you didn't care about me anymore...
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:33 It hurts way too much and I lost too much blood already...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:33 did i ever say that to you no i didnt of corse i care but this is going to hurt *pours rubbing achahole onto his arm uses tweezers to pull out the bullet uses more rubbing acahole then wraps it in bandages
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:34 looks in his first aid kit* whats your blood type?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:34 I think it's AB...
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:34 Isn't it the same as you?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:35 ill use o+ just to be safe its the universal blood type *takes a pack of blood from his first aid kid sticks an iv line into it sticks the other end into Todds arm*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:36 *Scrunches up a little bit in pain*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:38 *when the bag is emtey takes out the iv line and puts a bandaid on his arm* stay in bed
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:39 *gets him a glass of arange juice and an oatmeal cookie gives it to Todd* hear eat this
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:39 I'll be fine Nick... Thank you.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:39 *Eats the cookie*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:41 *Eats the cookie*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:41 ok i need to get back i left Micheal on his own and the girls are fighting see ya later *goes home and into his office continues reading watership down*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:42 *Steff Destiny and Sara continue kicking each other and yelling insults*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:42 If you see max, tell him i want revenge.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:45 *texts todd* Stay in Bed ill take care of Max
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:46 *Texts back* He's the one who shot me.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:48 *texts back* i kinda thought so
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:48 Hey micheal can you find a way to keep those 3 quiet please
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.16 23:50 *Texts Nick* Todd alright?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.16 23:52 *Goes downstairs and injects sleeping serum into all three of them*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.16 23:52 *texts back* you shot him in the arm of corse he isnt he wants revenge
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 00:21 *Texts back* Then he comes and gets me.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 00:29 Texts* well i told him id take care of it but im your friend so just stay outa sight from him for a while ok? cuase he needs to rest for atl east a day
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 00:41 But isn't he your brother? *Texts back*
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 01:18 *jumps out the plane*
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 01:18 *runs to the police station*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 01:18 What is it miss?
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 01:19 I just got relased from being kiddnapped.
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 01:19 Who kiddnapped you?
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 01:20 Who kiddnapped you?
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 01:21 I don't remember
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 01:21 Well stay here until we get this sorted out.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:21 *walks into room*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:21 Oh, hey!
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 01:22 Do you know her?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:22 Yeah, she was kiddnapped with me.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:22 Emily, did Destiny escape?
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 01:23 Yeah.
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 01:23 But I think she's kiddnapped again
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 01:23 *Sighs* Where we're you?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 02:00 *Goes upstairs and makes himself some dinner*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 02:05 *flys away*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:06 *Destiny Steff and Sara wake up* ok obviosly that didnt work
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:07 yeah i thought he would have separated us ok we need a new escape plan
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:08 agreed i think i have an idea*tells them the plan they nod*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:09 *starts throwing up*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:09 *yells looks really worried and scared* Micheal Help HElp we need help down here!!!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:11 Oh shut it Destiny she will be fine!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:12 She is puking blood she isnt fine!! Micheal Nick Someone Help Steff... she she is hurt help!!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:14 *has headphones on is listening to music cant hear Destiny*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:14 Help she is coufing up blood help!!!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:16 *starts crying is yelling as loud as she can* Help!! she is coufing up blood she is going to die we need help!!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:17 *is bent over coufing loudly and spiting out blood*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:19 *looks concered* steff quit it your scaring me! knock it off!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:20 *looks at Destiny concered starts yelling to* Help!! Help someone help! she is coufing blood help!!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:24 *Destiny and Sara continue yelling loudly*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 02:32 *Is outside cleaning around the house8
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 02:33 *Wakes up and goes downstairs* What is going on?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:34 *Sees Michael* *Aims his gun and shoots him straight in the side*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 02:35 *Falls down and holds his side* *Starts going cold*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:35 Steff she.. shes coufing up blood!
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 02:36 *Hears a gunshot from near the house* *Runs to Nicks room* Someone just got shot!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:36 *hears gunshot runs outside sees max grabs his gun and knocks him out*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 02:36 And Stef is coughing up blood.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:36 Will help!!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:37 *runs back inside carrrying micheal* give her some water and bring her up here!
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 02:37 *Runs back downstairs* Okay! Well amichael is dying.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:38 *hooks micheal up to machine to moniter his blood loss breathing and heart beat*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 02:38 *Brings Stefiny upstairs too and gives her some water*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:38 So is Steffiny! help her!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 02:39 *drinks it stops coufing but is still spitting up blood*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 02:40 *Watches her*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:40 *pulls the bullet out with Tweezers* Will Max is outside bring him in and tie him up i knocked him out
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 02:40 *Brings Max inside and ties him up*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:41 *cleans the wound puts bandages on it hooks an iv line into Micheals arm with o+ blood for the blood he lost*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:42 *goes over to steff gives her something that makes her sleep *
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:43 *Starts to wake up slowly and sees Nick*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:43 *fixes her so she stops coufing up blood* Will put her in the bed upstairs she has to stay laying down or she will die
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:44 *turns around and sees Max* Michael is fine no thanks to you
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:45 Not that you care. *Laughs8
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:47 what didnt you get the memo? he is my new parnter and frankly one of the best on i had in years
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:48 I heard about it from Todd who is an idiot.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:48 But he can't be a kidnapper.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:48 now you came onto my property after you shot my brother and than you shot my partner now that dosent put us on good terms
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:49 Todd ain't your brother?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:50 not blood related but i still consider him familt beacause of how close we were as kids
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:51 and yes he can be a kidnapper
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:52 No he can't be.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:52 why not?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:56 Because it's a terrible idea.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:56 And Todd will be gone soon
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 02:57 what do you mean by that?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:58 Because there are reasons.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 02:58 And look at Michael, he's weak and dumb.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:00 im working on that he is an aprentice i was weak and dumb at that age to
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:01 what are the reasons tell me them exactly
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:03 What reasons?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:05 the reason Todd will be gone soon
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:06 Why do you care anyways?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:08 just tell me Max or would you pefer i use truth serum that works to
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:10 No. I'm good on that.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:12 all right then you wanna tell me?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 03:13 *wakes up when Wills back is turned grabs the security camera on the bed knocks him out steals his fission cord key ties him to the bedpost with the twine in her pocket shoves a gag in his mouth*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 03:14 *sighlently goes outside through the back door goes to the basement window unlocks Sara and Destiny they start running*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 03:15 *they run into Nicolai's house and lock the doors and windows laughs* I can not belive that woked!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 03:16 you guys ok?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 03:16 *Wakes up later and tells Nick they escaped* Stefiny knocked me out and escaped with the other two.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 03:16 yeah um Did you block wills tunnels here?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:17 *Looks at Nick* He's screwed up and he's gonna die.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:17 *sighs* let them go for a day or two until they feel like there safe they most likey are at nicolais house but they will leave soon
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:17 And I'll be the one who does it.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:18 and you max what did you do to Todd? i fixed his wound did you do anything else to him?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 03:19 yeah i filled my end up with concreat to the brim it would take him weeks with a jack hammer to get in through there
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:21 *Laughs* Not gonna say.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 03:21 how did you guys get out on your own? or did micheal let you go like i told him to?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:22 *gets the truth serum injects a tripple dosage in Max* you know how this works the more you dont say the truth the more it hurts so what did you do to Todd?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:25 *Starts to get pain* *Shivers and starts crying because it hurts so much* Not......saying..
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:27 *Starts to scream* Hurts......so.....much...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:27 intresting fact about the truth seum usually the body with knock someone out if there in so much pain but the serum dosent allow that
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:28 Can't........tell.....you...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:28 as soon as you tell the truth the pain is instantly releved
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:30 He's....tied....up....in....his....house....
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:30 And....they.....stabbed..him...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:32 *waits to see if the pain continues to see if he is lying or not
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:32 He's,,...about....to....die..
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:32 *Screams more in pain*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:34 you are lying
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:35 He's in his house losing a ton of blood.,. He's barely alive.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:36 *The pain stops*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:37 there you go something intrest about seum pain its a simulation all in your head no actual damage but it hurts all the same
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:38 Anything else...
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:38 I'm going to go insane soon..
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:39 ill be back in a bit will watch him *goes to Todds house with the first aid kit unties him and treats his wounds*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:39 fixes youll be fine todd youll be fine
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:40 *goes home* so Max whats the real reason you dont want micheal to be a kidnapper?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:42 He's stupid, dumb, a lot of reasons...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:42 the one Real reason max
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:43 *injects him with more truth serum*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:45 todd is ok but he will be unconsise for a while so who stabbed Todd?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:45 No!! Stop!
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:47 Not......
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:47 Saying....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:47 as you know the pain comes quite quickly
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:51 it hurts even more when you repet the question who stabbed Todd
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:53 I....did....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:54 *waits to see if the pain stops*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:54 *It stops*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:55 ok new question why are you attacking Todd?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:57 Because it hurt you.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 03:57 YOU CHOSE MICHAEL OVER ME AS A PARTNER! You lied!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 03:58 lied about what?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:01 Not wanting a partner! You chose Michael!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:02 he isnt my partner he is my apprentace when he is trained i send him off to do his own thing! you really want to be my partner that bad?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:04 No! You were my partner then abandoned me!
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:05 I will get Todd and make him suffer.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:05 Now let me go.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:06 no
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:07 if this is agenst me you take it out on me ok? not Todd got that! todd has nothing to do with this i do allright
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:07 are you going to hurt Todd again?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:09 I'm not saying anything to you.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:09 truth serums good for another 30 minutes
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:13 No...*Pain kicks in*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:13 well if your going to hut Todd i cant let you go and you to emotional and you kept shooting every kid we kidnapped thats why i stoped being your partner
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:19 You wouldn't care if he died...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:20 i have made it very clear that i do
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:21
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:21 *Appears in Nicks doorway* Shut. It Max...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:22 Todd! you are not in any condition to be out here you need rest!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:24 Nick......relax...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:26 no you need to relax you have been shot and stabbed
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:26 Nick...just shush
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:26 Max.....you ruined everything.....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:28 Todd you are not yourself ight now you lost alot of blood so your not thinking clearly sit down
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:29 Nick...shush....
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:29 I'm.....gonna.....die....soon.l.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:29 not if you sit down
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:33 *Falls down by Max*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:35 *helps him up puts him on the couch* you stay there!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:36 *gets him a glass of water puts certain pills in it mixes it up gives it to Todd* Drink this
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:39 *Drinks it*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:41 *waits for him to swallow he put sleeping pills in the water*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:42 *Swallows and falls asleep on the couch*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:44 ok max i am going to untie you but in a few hours he is going to wake up and he dosent care if he ends up dead he is looking for revenge on you so i sugjest you call Milo and fly far away from here ok? *unties him*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:44 *Sneaks out of his ropes*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:45 )(nvm)
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:47 go on micheal should be waking up soon any way there is alot he needs to learn
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:47 Then he can come with me.p
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:48 He can learn from me.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:51 not going to happen find your own apprentance now go before i change my mind
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 04:52 *Leaves anyways, but puts something in Michaels pants*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 04:55 *sighs picks up his book and contiues reading*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:01 *Wakes up and starts coughing*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 you ok kid?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 Yea....I guess so...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:05 take it easy for a while you were shot in the side
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:07 Okay..ls... Todd ok?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:08 yeah he got hurt but he is fine now i had to trick him into taking sleeping pills so he would get some well needed rest
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:13 That's good.p
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:15 and the girls escaped all 3 of them
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:18 I heard...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:19 yep *turns the page on his book chuckles a bit*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:24 um so Michel can you take over?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:27 the kidnapping thing i mean can you take over it for me?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:29 What? Why?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:30 I a few job offers really good well paying job offers and i think im going to take one of them
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:32 Yeah sure. Are you done with it?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:36 im going to be moving a few towns over the head police department for the state wants me to use the truth serum i invented for court and interagastions im also working part time as a scientist to find cures for disseses at the hosbitle there
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:37 and he dosent know it yet but im taking nicolai im his leagal gaurdian so yeah
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:38 That's good Nick.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 05:39 *Rushes in* Hey Michael! Good news! I'll tell you on the way there
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 05:39 Come back to my house with me!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:41 *Wakes up after a while and nods at Michael and William*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:41 You two can come over to my place.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:42 yeah im going to start packing soon so go do what ever kidnapping things you want but um if Destiny still likes you you shouldn't hut her emotionally or physically when she broke up with you it was my fault i put her through to much
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:43 *starts packing his medicines and serums and things packs up nicolais things that he left in his house*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 05:43 *Calls Michael* Hey you have a few seconds to talk?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:43 Uncle Mark??
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:44 *Brings Michael and William back to Wills place*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:45 *plays on his computer*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:45 *Goes back to his bedroom and throws stuff on his bed*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 05:46 *Walks into his room* Hey man, I'm sorry about you Destiny..
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:46 *goes to the park sits in her favorite tree thinks about life*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:47 Eh, it's ok man. I dont care.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:47 *puts all his stuff in his car drives to Nicolais house knocks on the door*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:48 *opens it* if you here for them dont even wast you breath
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 05:48 Come on man, lets go out to eat.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 05:48 im not im here beacause *injects something in his neck so he falls asleep puts him in his car drives off*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:50 *sees Nick taking Nicolai calls micheal* Micheal Nick.. never mind *hangs up sits down puts her head in her hands starts to cry*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:51 *closes the door and locks it sits by Destiny* whats wrong?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:52 when eve something went wrong i used to call micheal and he would help me dead with it he knew me better than anyone and now i cant i mean i feel like its my fault hes this way i just cant do this anymore *crys more*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:53 hey its ok
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:54 *sees Max hopes he dosent see her in the tree*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 05:55 *Texts Destiny* It's all my fault, that we are done... And I was stupid... I know it seems dumb to even consider texting you... But I can't stop thinking about you
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:57 *texts him back* i miss you but i can't anymore not after what happened
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:57 that was brave good you cant get back with him after what happened
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:58 i know but i miss him so much it hurts *cant stop crying*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 05:58 i know let it out
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:04 *Texts her back* It.....was all Nicks fault.... I wanted nothing to do with it...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:06 *Goes off for a walk to the beach and sits by the water*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:06 *texts* i herd him he said you could let us go or stop any time you wanted but you chose not to *is in tears wants to get back with him so bad but knows she cant*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:08 *goes to the beach to think sees Micheal there stops imediatly*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:09 *Throws rocks into the ocean*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:10 I'm so stupid.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:11 *dosent know if she should go or stay so just stands there looking terified*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:14 *Jumps into the ocean anyways*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:15 *sneezes loudly* dang it.. im such an idiot
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:16 wait.. *sees Micheal jumpin in the water runs and jumps in to safe him* Michael dont!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:17 *Sees Destiny jump in and falls deep into the water*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:19 *swims down and pulls him out of the water onto the beach his eyes are closed* Micheal wake up!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:19 *shakes him* come on wake up!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:20 *starts giving him Cpr*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:24 *Wakes up and spits water out of his mouth* What? Destiny?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:24 Micheal what were you thinking!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:26 *is smiling and crying at the same time* you scared me to death!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:27 I was taking a swim,l
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:27 *Smiles back and looks at you*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:28 *hugs him tightly*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:30 you are such an idiot you know that?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:30 but your my idiot
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 06:32 dont you ever scare me like that again ok?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:34 What.... I thought you didn't want to be with me anymore.l
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:41 I'm sorry.....for everything that I put us through....
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 06:42 *Looks down really upset*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.17 06:53 *Sees Michael outside at the beach with Destiny*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 06:54 *Sees Stefiny* I'm done kidnapping for a while.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 06:54 Blame it all on Nick.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:08 *smiles chuckls slightly* Finally at least one day of rest you have no idea how much this means *a few tears run down her face* Thank you
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:09 its ok and it was partially my fault i shouldnt have broken up with you like that or at all
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 17:10 Yeah no problem. Have fun I guess.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:11 *Smiles* There is no one else that I want besides you and that's a promise.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:12 smiles yeah i have the exact same thought
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:12 *nods*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:13 *goes to a restruant ordes food is sitting downand eating alone*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:14 *Smiles* good I'm glad.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 17:15 *Walks off to the beach and jumps into the water*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:15 yeah so am i
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:17 *Grabs her hand*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:17 *puts his stuff away in his new house puts nicolais things in his new room leaves him a note takes his car leaves for work gose to the police staition with his box of truth serums sees Mark* hey Mark! long time no see
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:18 *smiles*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:21 *gets situated into his office*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:22 *sees Dan at the resturant dosent know he is a kidnapper hasent met him yet*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:23 Oh hey Nick. What's up?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:24 I work here now
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:25 i invented the truth Sermum and they want me to use it here for interagations and questionings*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:27 and some other things as well
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:27 Yeah that's fine. Today is take your kid to work I guess... So I might bring in my nephew in.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:27 how about you?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:27 oh yeah i would bring Nicolai in but he is sleeping and upset with me at the moment
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:29 I would bring Mikey in, but he's busy.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:30 cool *sees the clue billboard on the wall* you looking for someone?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:32 *reads the board* oh kidnapping victum Destiny..
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:33 Yeah... Heard that her ex boyfriend Michael, my nephew was the big one.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:34 oh i know her sweet kid she lives in lochchester a small town a few towns over
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:34 she might still be there if you look we could patrol the area ill go with you if your up for it
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:37 She's probably with Michael.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:39 *nods* she will have to brought in for questioning to figuar out who kidnapped her
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:40 Well, do you want a police suit or no?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:42 *chuckles* yeah
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:42 In the back.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:43 *gets his suit and changes* ok lets roll out
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:46 Okay. *Shows him the police cruiser* Ill drive.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:46 *gets in the passanger seat of the cop car
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:46 buckels his seat belt*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 17:47 have you ever read watership down?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:48 *Gets in and starts the car* *Calls Michael quickly* Hey, meet me at the hideout.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 17:48 And yes when I was younger.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:49 micheal who was that?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:50 My Uncle Mark... He wants to see me.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:51 ok can i come with you or is it just you alone?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:53 Do you want to come with me?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:54 is it ok if i do?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:56 Yes, but maybe disguise you. Just Incase.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:57 its your uncle he is a police officer right? its not like were seeing Max
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 17:58 ill be fine *smiles*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:58 What about Nick? He was telling me that they station offered him a job.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 17:58 *Smiles back* Just stay behind me.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:02 *nods walks with micheal* so were we going?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:09 *sees Destiny* Look there she is
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:09 To my Uncles old house.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:09 *Sees a police cruiser*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:11 here um we can pull aside and bring her in
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 18:16 What about Michael?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:18 looks like hes with her
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 18:19 God..... He's grown..
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:21 come on *gets out of the car* hey we are going to take you two in for questioning regarding the kidnapping of Destiny
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:21 I.. I dont think.. thats.. such a .. such a good.. idea...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:23 Let's run.... *Puts Destiny behind him*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:24 *looks at Mark*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:28 if you dont get in the car you will be arested for defing and officer please get in the car
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:28 *gets in the cop car*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:29 thank you
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:31 and you sir are you going to get in the car or will i have to arrest you?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:32 *Gets in next to her*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:33 *gets in the cop car next to Mark*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:34 *goes to the police station*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 18:35 I'm sorry Michael..
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:38 *gets out* ill question Destiny first *brings her into the intaragation room* have a seat
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:38 *Looks at Destiny*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:38 *Sits down*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:39 *turns on the recording device and injects her with truth Serum*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:39 *sits down* Is it true that you were kidnapped?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:39 yes
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:40 for how long were you kidnapped?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:40 for about 3 days
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:40 who kidnapped you?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:41 *dosent answer the pain wells up in her looks at micheal with teary eyes* I cant.. cant tell you!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:44 *pain gets to much* Micheal *bursts into tears but isnt in pain any more*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:44 *Looks down and puts his head in his hands*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:44 Did he perpously hurt you in the time you were there?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:45 *trys to hold it in but cant do it for long* yes,,
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:46 why did you not want to say who your capture was?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 18:46 beacause i love him *is in tears*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:47 thank you *turns off the recording device*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:48 *handcuffs Micheal* You are under arrest for the kidnapping of Destiny Prior *brings him out of the room locks the door*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:49 *puts him in the jail cell* you will be brought to the Juvinail detention hall in the morning
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:50 NO!!!!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:50 *Looks around the room*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:51 *goes into anothe room with Mark* i belive Destiny has stockholm Syndrom she will be needing deep thereapy
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 18:52 *Starts banging the bars and trying to get the cuffs off*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:52 ill bring her to the trama ward of the hosbitle *brings Destiny to the trama ward of the hosbital explains the situation to the nurses*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:55 *goes back to the station files out the police report calls juvinal hall tells them he will be there in the morning*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 18:55 *Goes down to Michael's ward*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:55 *sighs* this was an intrestiny day mark
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 18:56 He can't go....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 18:57 *-the next day-* *goes to the police station to Micheals Cell* ready to go?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:00 *brings him to the cop car puts him in the back*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:00 No....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:00 *starts Driving*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:02 *Calls Nicolai*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:02 when i told you i was becoming a cop you should have left town
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:03 *is drozey wakes up and grabs his phone* hello?...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:03 Destiny and I were leaving town...
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:04 Nicolai listen up. Nick became a cop for some reason and took Destiny and Michael. I need your help.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:05 I know it's strange that I want to help, but Michael has down a lot for me.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:05 hmm what are you talking about *cant see anything beacause his contacts are gone* im trying to sleep
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:06 *goes to her house*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:06 I'm trying to say is that if you care about your friends you would want to save them.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:07 all right ok just ill be ready in a few minutes
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:08 *is walking sees Madison* hey
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:08 Okay. I'll be over shortly to get you.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:09 *reaches to the bedstand puts on his glasses* im going to have to call you back *hangs up*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:09 Hey. Who are you?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:09 *Drives to the police station*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:10 *grabs the note on his bed* nicolai i got a job as a police officer so we moved a few towns over... dont do anything stupid foods in the fridge ill be home soon...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:10 Sara im kinda new ish
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:10 I'm Madison.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:11 I've been here a while.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:11 nice to meet you *walks past Tyler looks exactly like Steffiny beacase she is her twin*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:13 so Madison want to hang out sometime maybe?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:14 *thinks* How did she get here?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:14 Sure Sara
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:15 *Gets Destinys and Michael's papers*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:15 *smiles* maybe you could show me arround
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:16 *calls todd* I have a friend in Juvy he has a tunnle out of there in the night he partys in the day he stays ill call him up
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:18 *Drives over to the adoption center and adopts Michael*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:19 I would love to.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:19 What school do you go to?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:19 Oh Nicolai, I just adopted Michael by the way.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:19 *is driving micheal to Juvy*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:19 i am um homeschooled
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:20 *Drives to where Destiny is and pretends to be her father*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:20 *sees Tyler fallowing her* whats his deal?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:20 *thinks* I thought someone rescued her. Why would she be here? *watches the girls*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:20 *Gets Destiny out of the place*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:20 I don't know.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:21 *sees Todd screams* get him away from me!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:21 I guess he's the town eccentric.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:21 no he isnt my father no!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:21 But if he does anything weird, get outta there and calll the police.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:21 ok
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:21 Hey shush, I just adopted your boyfriend. Relax.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:22 yeah but what are you doing with me?!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:23 Getting you out of here.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 19:23 (is 16 strong and an escape arrtist is in juvy)
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:23 I am fine!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:24 *brings Micheal inside puts him in with Josh* this is you new cell mate *locks the door and leaves*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 19:24 well well who do we have here?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:25 i dont really like police or hosbiles especially hosbitels they freak me out
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:25 You don't want to see your boyfriend? Alright. Suit yourself.
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:25 *walks up to the girls*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:25 Hello. Who are you?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:26 he is allready in juvy its its nearly impossible to get out
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:26 I'm Michael.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:26 I am Cindy and this is my sister.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:26 um im none of your consern is this is my friend mind your own buisness
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:26 *elbows Sara* Fake name
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:27 *stares at Sara*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 19:27 what are you in here for robbing a piggy bank? you dont look like the prison type
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:27 Nicolai has a friend that has built in tunnels in and out of there. Want me to come back when he's with me?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:27 Kids these days.
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:27 *rolls eyes*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:28 we are leaving goodbye *starts walking with Madison*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:28 *whispers* Back away SLOWLY
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:28 Kidnapping. Even though it wasn't my idea.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:28 *calls Josh* hey man i need a favor
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:29 *keeps saring*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:29 *staring*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:29 Now we run.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 19:29 *talks with Nicolai for a minute puts away his phone* you are pretty lucky my friends probly just saved your life
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:29 *bolts away*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:30 runnning isnt my thing *shrugs and keeps walking*
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 19:30 *Crashes into Madison*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:30 What did he say?
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.17 19:30 Oh, hey!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 19:30 climb under the bed there is a tunnle get yourself out ill open the door make it look like you went through the door
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:31 Sorry, can't talk, me and Sara are pretty busy right now.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:31 *walks until she is by madison* see im walking im fine
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:31 *keeps walking and starts wisteling*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:32 *Climbs under the bed and through the tunnel*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 19:32 *unlocks the door and sits on the bed rreading a magasine*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:34 *ignors Tyle who is fallowing her*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:34 *Runs out and goes to where Destiny is*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:36 *hugs him tightly* Micheal!!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:37 Come on. Let's go.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:37 *nods* ok
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:38 You two can stay at my house. No one will know you are there.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:39 *Looks at Destiny* I know this might be hard, but right now Todd is the only kidnapper that we can trust right now.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:39 no no no No! we are not going with any more kidnappers or Will or anyone ok?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:39 And he did adopt me.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:40 *Hugs her tightly* But he's my brother... My other family wanted nothing to do with me.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 19:40 They let me get arrested even my uncle.,.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:56 Good idea Sara. We don't have to go to the police if they scare you so much.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:56 Why do they scare you though?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 19:58 I promise you that my job is to keep Michael safe.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:00 lets safe that forr another day ok?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:01 your right he is Your brother and You should stay with him but I have a home I have family i need to be with *is lying is completely alone besides her grandma who dosent care about her*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:03 *Looks at her* My house is big enough for you if you wanted to come, but if you have another place to go to, go ahead.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:04 ok *starts walking in the oposite direction of them*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:06 *after she is pretty far from them pulls a vile out of her pocket it reads amnesia holds it in her hand*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:08 Well, okay Sara
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:09 *Takes Michael to his place and shows him his room*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:10 *walks for a few hours till she is a few towns away gets to the big city goes to the adoption center pulls out paper and pencil your name is Susan a fire dystroyed your house and family drinks the amnisia serum*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:10 do you really think they guy fallowing us is going to do anything
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:11 Maybe
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:11 *feels Dizzy forgets everything is scared and confused looks at the paper in her hand reads it*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 20:11 *Goes and cuts his hair short and changes*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:12 yeah i dont think so i dont care he can fallow us all he wants
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:12 But we still have to be careful
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:13 *runs in frount of the girls and blocks them*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:13 STOP!!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:13 What is it now.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:13 *knocks on the door is crying and scared not beacause of the note but beacause she barely remembers antihng* h..hello im.. im Susan my parents they died in a fire can.. can you help me?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:14 Buzz off *walks around him*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:14 *grabs her* Stefiny, I don't know how you got here, but I am WATCHINg you.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:15 *scarcastically* ooh im so scared *yanks her arm away* and im not Steff *walks off*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:16 *hits Sara with a heavy stick*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:16 *is knocked unconsise*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:17 *drags her into his car*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:17 *screams*\
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:18 Shut up!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:18 (is an extra charecture for small parts like doctors cops and any extra people who dont have main parts the password for this charecture is cat)
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:18 *hits her too*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:18 *passerby* What's going on here?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:19 *calls the police*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:19 Hello, I just saw a kiddnapping. *gives information8
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:19 *picks up phone* hello police deparrtment how can i help?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 20:19 (Whose house is Destiny at?)
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:20 I see ill be right on it thank you *hangs up* Mark! kidnapping on 2234 baker av!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:20 Two girls were hit and placed in a car. They are both uncoincious
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:20 (she is at an adoption center a few towns away)
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:21 *gets in the passanger seat of the cop car*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:21 Okay. Need me to go?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:21 Care taker: of course ill help you you poor thing *gets her a room*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:22 well your the driver!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:23 *sits in the room scared and confused starts to cry*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:23 *Gets into the drivers seat* Ugh..
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:23 It will be ok sweetie we will take good care of you
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 *gives the girls an amnesia serum*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 *sits there slightly on edge*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 Now you shall forget what happened!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 *wakes up*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 Who am I?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:25 Haverly, you know who you are, stop playing.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:25 *is amune to the seum beacause they used it on her so many times on her at the mentel hosbitle*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:25 What's wrong?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:26 *wakes up* seryously?! ugh yeah im not doing this again *opens the car door as its moving and rolls out stands up and starts walking*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:27 im just iv never gone this fast in a car thats all
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:27 Why did that girl just do that?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 Your sister is stupid, that's why.
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 I'lll get her
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 *calls the police*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 Yes?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 *picks up* police hello?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 (nvm)
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:29 My daughter just got out of our moving car.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:29 *Slows down a little*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:29 Is she okay?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:29 She needs serious help.
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:30 She's taken meds before.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:30 *walks past Marks police car*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:30 Okay
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:30 What's her name?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:30 Sara
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:31 *keeps walking*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:31 *sends message to Mark's car* Alert. Girl on road. Name Sara. If found, bring to headquarters.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:32 *Sees a girl walk by* That's probably her.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:32 *is walking down the road on the other side of Sara*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:32 *the cop car pulls up by her* hello officer
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:34 Who are you?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:34 I'm your dad.
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:34 Are you feeling all right?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:34 Hey Stefiny.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:34 I feel sick and really confused.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 hey madiso.. *looks behind her dosent see her runs to the car pulls her out and runs with her* come on!
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 Okay. Let's get you to a hospital.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 hello whats going on?
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 Where are you Haverly?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 HELP< KIDDNAPPING!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 dont ask anything just run!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:35 This girl is kiddnapping me!
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:36 Pretty good. How are things with you?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:36 sorry! *knocks her out carrys her while running*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:36 *driving along*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:36 *see the girls*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:36 STOP!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:36 great just really really great for once
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:36 *pulls out gun*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:37 *runs into a ditch*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:37 *sees one of Wills tunnles goes in locks it from the inside*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:37 *grabs Sara*
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:38 {nv,}
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:38 {nvm}
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:38 *wakes up*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:38 *runs while carrying madison goes thrrough the tunnles finds a second ont that leads to nicolais house goes in it*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:38 *runs out of tunnel*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:39 *picks up Madison*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:39 hey its ok its ok i promise you everything is ok
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:39 *locks the car doors*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:39 no! *chases after them*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:39 Haverly, you are safe now.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:39 *slows down and pants the ca is going to fast*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:40 *sees officer Henderson coming goes into the tunnle and locks it*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:40 max has givin up being a kidnapper i have been free for days finally
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:41 I'm fine. The girl get rescuded by her dad.
10>Jacques (Kidnapper), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:41 *drives away*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:41 *takes Madison to hospital*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:42 *nurse* What's wrong?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:42 *goes to nicolai house locks all the doors and windows and covers them*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:42 My daughter, there is something wrong with her!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:43 *runs tests*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:43 *taps into Tylers phone line to listen in so she can find out were he is going*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:43 She will be fine. She just needs to stay here for a while.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:43 everything is going perfec..*starts coufing up blood*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:44 *drives to a motel*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:44 I'll stay here until she is relesed
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:44 *calls an ambulance*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:44 *picks up steff in ambulance brings her to hosbitle*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:44 What's going on Nick?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:45 *ambulance person* What's wrong?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:45 {nvm}
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:45 *helps her puts her in a hosbitle bed next to Madison graons*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:46 *groans in pain after the doctor leaves*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:46 Hey. What's wrong?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:46 *looks just like sara cause there twins*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:47 Wait, why did you jump out of dad's car, and kiddnap me?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:47 *looks at Madison* same as usuall everything was perfect so now im in pain
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:47 what ae you talking about?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:48 You jumped out of our dad's car, knocked me out, then took me somewhere weird*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:48 what are you talking about you sound like an idiot
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:49 *Texts Nick* So I got Michael. He's my brother now.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:49 *lays there in pain*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:50 Mark! Micheal escaped from Juvy he is with Todd!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:52 why are you in here?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 20:52 Should we go get him?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 20:56 Should we go get him?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:56 *the caretaker leaves her phone starts rining she picks it up it says Micheal by the number nervously answers it* h..hello?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:56 mark what do you think should we get him or not?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 20:56 Hey, are you ok?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 20:57 You're choice.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:58 im sorry who.. who is this *is still crying sniffs*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 20:59 its are job we kinda have to
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 21:02 i think you might have the wrong number *hangs up*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:03 It's Michael...
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 21:03 Sure.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 21:03 *the phone flashes an alert are you surre you want to reset everyhitng actidently clicks yes instead of no*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 21:04 *was the only chance about figuaring out who she was and everyhting starts to cry again*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 21:05 *the phone rings again this time its reset so it dosent have micheals name on it* Hello?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:06 This is Michael. I know you don't remember me or anything. But I was family friends with your family. I wanted to see how you were doing.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 21:07 *gets even more scared hangs up and puts the phone on the bed dosent touch it*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:08 *Throws his phone against a window* I'm done trying.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 21:08 *knows that she must have had a eason for whiping her own memory thinks he was probably it*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:08 *knocks on Todds door rapidly*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 21:10 *Opens it* Hi Nicolai.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:12 get out now both of you now! nick call and told me he was coming after both of you so you need to go we can go to my house
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 21:14 *Grabs Michael and puts him into his car* You coming?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:14 yeah *sits in the back with micheal* whats wrong?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:16 I thought Destiny loved me.... But decided to take amnesia serum instead...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:18 maybe she took the amnisia serum beacase she loves you so much that it was starting to hurt
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:19 girls are super emotional love fear and anger makes them do the crazyest things
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:20 like when Steff got thrown off a cliff beacause she wanted to keep me from getting cols in antartica she know she was probably going to die but she did it anyway
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:22 maybe she did it so that if someone wanted to get revange on you lets say Max, for being Nicks parnter he might go after her for information like were you are and if she cant remember who you are the truth serum wont work if he asks questions about you
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:22 or if she is far away no one will know how to find her and hurt her to get to you
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:23 food for thought
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:23 what do you think why do you think she would do that?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:25 im curiouse about yourr opinion
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:26 I don't know.... I hope she doesn't think I'm still a kidnapper because that ship sailed..
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:27 Maybe it's to hide from Nick and the other kidnappers.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:27 if she was hiding she wouldt want to forget about everyhting beacase than she would forget why she was hiding try again
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:35 girls are insecure they test things all the time when the doubt something they test it maybe she wants to know have farr youll go to find her before you give up on her
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:38 she is testing you its what girls do to see if they can trust you are you going to ask how i know that?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:42 beacause maybe Destiny left me a note that cuantly in my pocket of instructions in case you give up
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:46 she gave you 3 months i thought i should tell you even though she didnt want me to *gives him a bottle of antidote* the only problem is it beacomes permenant in 3 weeks she dosent know that so that gives you 1 month to do what she thinks is a 3 month job
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:50 would you like to know were she is?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:55 Yes I would.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 21:56 So I have to give her this antidote for her to drink.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:09 you think shell drink it willingly ha! you only have one vile you only have one chance she wont drink it by choice she is in the big City st.pauls adoption center have fun
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:26 she will be terified and wont know or tust you she wont trust anything you say
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:26 i sugjest you bring pictures of you two being happy together
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:26 Then what do I do?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:27 Okay. I have a few.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:32 take them go to the adoption center and get her back! *was lying about the note and everything was lying about it becoming permanant*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:33 *just wants them to be safe together again saw destiny walking into that place*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:33 go on go
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 22:33 *is staing out the window not moving or talking to anyone*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 22:42 *Goes inside and asks to see Destiny*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 22:53 Care taker: Im sorry there is no one named Destiny here
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 22:57 and the kids here only get visitors from people who want to adopt them
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 23:01 but the kids that live hear go to West vally public school grades k-12 if you wanted to see them there
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:13 Oh. Did anyone recent come in?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.17 23:14 Where are we going Nicolai?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 23:18 a girl about 14 she will be at the school tomarrow i sugjest you go there
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.17 23:18 goodbye
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:19 Thank you!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:19 *the next day goes to school sits outside on a alone bench during lunch*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:21 *hums a song but cant remember were its from*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:27 *Walks by and sees Destiny sitting on a bench*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:27 *after school decides to walk instead of taking the bus walks along the sidewalk*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:31 *Walks the opposite direction of Destiny*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:36 *plays with a braclet micheal got her wonders were she got it from before she forgot everything*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:39 *walks back to the adoption center works on her homework knows how to do it but dosent remember were or when she learned it sighs*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:40 *Looks up at Destiny*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:43 *goes to school the next day sit alone at lunch in the same spot alone outside*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:43 (Nvm)
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:44 *Walks up to her slowly, but smiles* Hello there.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:45 hi
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.17 23:46 How are you doing?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:47 um good i guess
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:53 *hums the song micheal wrote for her still dosent know what it is*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:55 *sits there akwardly ocasnally looks at micheal who is just standing there*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 23:56 so...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 00:03
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 00:07 Yeah?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 00:12 im susan and you are?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 00:13 Mike
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 00:15 so not to be rude but why are you still standing there?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 00:26 i mean do you want to sit down or whatever?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 00:56 *Sits down next to her*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:03 *sees a small glass bottle in his hand* whats that?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 01:13 Just a drink.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:16 it a cool looking bottle iv swear iv seen them before i just cant remember were
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 01:21 Just a drink.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 01:22 What?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:22 what?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:25 *looks hard at the bottle remembers something rember micheal injecting her with something fom a bottle and her yelling and crying stop and the angry hurt look on his face*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:25 *looks teriffied* i.. i um have to go... have to go now bye *quickly walks away*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 01:28 Okay bye... *Puts his face into his hands*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.18 01:29 So Nicolai where are we going exactly?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:30 *walks back to the adoption center writes in her Diary* "Today i remembered something a boy he injected me with something i was sceaming and crying telling Micheal to stop i remembered this at school when i met a boy Mike who was holding a bottle just
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:31 like it i think he might know this micheal i dont know what micheal looks like it was blurry ill ask him tomarrow" *puts it in her bag*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 01:32 i told you my house
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 01:33 *goes to school the next day sit alone at lunch in the same spot as last time twisting her bracelet*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.18 01:33 Why am I going though?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 01:35 *Is on the basketball court with shooting hoop*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 01:38 *Sees Destiny on the bench*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 05:19 beacause you told nick you had michiale nick is a cop now so now he has your confession so he can arest you for helping an escaped prisoner
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 05:19 *wave hi and smiles at micheal*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 06:02 *Waves and smiles back*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.18 06:03 You're right. Alright, almost to the house.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.18 06:57 You're right. Alright, almost to the house.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 17:42 *takes out her dairy and writes in it* i think my last entry was a bad dream not a memory Mike seems really nice
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 17:48 i have this song stuck in my head but i cant remember were its from its kinda scary not knowing anything from my past i hope no one ask me anything about my past *puts her diary back in her book bag*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 18:56 so do you know whats wrong?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:12 With you or with me?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:20 well i know whats wrong with me
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:35 i mean were both stuck here for a while im just curiouse thats all
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:43 *chuckles slightly*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:45 Our dad took me here. I felt confused, and he wanted to make sure I didn't have a concusion.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 oh allright
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 What happened with you?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 do you have a mom or is it just you and your dad?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 *is avoiding the question*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:50 You should know
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:50 And I'm not sure. I know I have a dad, but I'm not sure if I have a mom.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:50 Told you I was confused
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 intresting
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:51 yeah my friend had something like that before
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 Like what?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 but shes better now
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:52 Like what, I ask again.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 confused couldnt remember anything from her past she got amnesia but.. a different kind
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 Ah.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 *nurse* *comes in* How are you girls doing?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:54 um ok i guess besides the obvisouse swelling pain in my chest
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 How bad is it?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:56 the doctor said it was a side affect so its normal its been the same so yep
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 Okay, that's good.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 What about you Madison?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 Who's Madison?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 *sighs*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 You
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:58 No, I'm Haverly
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:58 *arkwardly sits there*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 Oh, okay.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 *leaves*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 you might have gotten your patence list messed up you might want to um sort that out you dont want to give people the wrong treatments or medication
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 19:59 (nvm)
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 Oh, okay thanks.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 *pulls a little bottle of clear liquid out of her pocket*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 {She barly heard it}
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:00 What's that?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:01 \
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 oh just some stuff i have just in case my friend gets amnisa again it kinda cures it
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 Cool
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 yep
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:02 so what school do you go to?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:03 I don't know
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:04 *throws her the bottle* sounds like you need it more than me right now
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:06 if you drink this it might help you remember the stuff you forgot
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:25 irony is the worst
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:25 its everywere
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:45 *gets his key unlocks the door walks inside sees sara* hey Sara were is steff?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:46 how do you know im sara not steff we look exactly alike
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:46 if you were steff you wouldnt be sitting alone here you would be sitting alone in a tree
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:47 yeah shes in the hosbilte
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:47 what?!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:47 chill out shes fine
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 20:48 i got to go Todd *runs out the door*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 20:49 Dont try anything todd im working on something important and i cant have you trying to kidnap me or whatever at the moment
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 21:25 so Haverly what do you like to do for fun?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.18 22:43 What? No. I'm waiting for my brother Michael to return back with Destiny
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 22:49 *Stops playing basketball and drinks some of the water that he found*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.18 23:02 *Drives to Todds house and looks around* Seems empty Nick.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:04 *waits to see if micheal is going to come over*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:09 *walks over to the water fountain* h.. hey mike *smiles*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 23:10 Hey there. Susan right?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:10 yeah
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:11 *looks down and twists her bracelet dosent know what to say her face gets red from embaressment*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:14 so you uh like water chuckles slightly
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:17 *quickly walks away* ugh stupid you like water seriously? dang it!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:18 *picks up her backpack and starts walking back to the adoption center*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.18 23:21 *acidently bumps into micheal on the way there falls down* oh um sorry i wasnt looking *stands up*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 23:52 It's fine! Are you ok?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.18 23:52 I was too busy texting that I didn't even see you.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:50 yeah im fine *smiles*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 01:04 *walks past him goes to the adoption center*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 01:40 *Goes to the basketball hoops and shoots more balls*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 01:41 *Goes to a nearby diner to get some food*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 01:45 *the next day goes to the basketball course attempts to shoot hoops is missing every shot*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 01:47 *Walks up to her* Hey want some help?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 01:49 sure
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 01:50 *Grabs a ball and puts it into her arms and holds her hands with the ball*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 01:50 *thows the ball again and misses sighs* im just not very good at this i guess
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 01:54 *Jogs and grabs it and gives it back her* Try aiming for the box on the top
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 01:57 *aims it goes in the hoop* Yes! *hugs him but quickly lets go* sorry.. i just got excited...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 02:00 *runs and grabs the ball shoots it again it goes in the hoop smiles at micheal*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 02:02 thanks Micheal..i mean mike i ment to say mick i dont know why i said micheal *chuckles akwardly twirls her hair is blushing*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 02:15 Michael is fine too. It's my real name, but Mike is my nickname.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 05:31 oh interesting *gets a blurry flashback of when micheal and her started dating "Destiny i love you" "i love you to micheal" Snaps out of it looks slightly upset* um s..sorry
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 05:33 i um have amnisa so i kinda space out every once in a while and sometimes i can retain memorys there blurry but only the super emotional ones i think i used to know someone named micheal
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 05:35 *chuckles nervousley* sorry this is probably should i.. i go? its ok i should go i dont want to overwealm you with my problems *starts to walk away*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 06:42 No. You're fime. I promise. I'll buy you something to eat sometime.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 06:43 No. You're fime. I promise. I'll buy you something to eat sometime.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 06:43 Oh ok. Well I'll see you later. *Takes shirt off and puts a new one on*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 16:04 *Jogs and grabs it and gives it back her* Try aiming for the box on the top
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 16:35 ok *smiles*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 16:38 *waits till he is gone then pulls out her Diary* memorys they are most definitely memorys yesteday i had one that he was trying to hurt me today it was that me and this guy micheal wee in love except he called me Destiny
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 16:40 on my bracelet it says to Destiny from Micheal maybe thats was my name but i go by Sara now i acidently called mike micheal and he said that it was his real name i dont know if its him or not if it is why dosent he just tell me the truth?!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 16:41 *puts here Dairy away goes to the Dinner orders icecream sits alone at a table writting in her Diary glances over and sees micheal*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:14 *Is eating a burger and looking at pictures of him and Destiny*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:14 I just wish she would remember herself and now who she truly is...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:15 *leaves the dinner acidently leaves he diary there*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:16 *calls Destiny* Hello?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:16 um hi who is this?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:17 steff
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:17 im sorry i dont know any...
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:18 ok you missing memorys right? micheal has a vile of stuff that will bring your memorys back ask him for it if you dont know who it is its most likely a guy you see around alot maybe he talks to you ok?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:19 um.. oh..ok thanks? *hangs up looks in her book bag her diary isnt there* dang it!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:20 (sorry destiny ment to say that)
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:20 *goes to the diner sees Micheal holding her Diary* I see you found my diary
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:20 *Picks up the diary and walks after Destiny* Hey you left this there.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:21 (Nvm) *Chuckles* It's ok. I forget stuff all the time and I payed for your ice cream.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 18:23 *Sees a police cruiser arrive at Todds house* *Walks out* Yes?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:23 oh thanks but you probably just gave the waitess a tip i allready paid *smiles slightly nervously* thank *takes her Diary*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 18:23 hey we are looking for Todd he broke a kid out of juvy
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:26 and um do you know anyone named steff by chance?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 18:33 Todd isn't here right now. I just came over looking for someone.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:33 Yes, she's one of my friends. Why?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:38 apearntly one of mine to she just called me listen she said you had a vile of stuff that brings my memorys back i dont.. i dont want it well i do but there must have been a reason i gave myself amnisa i dont know why but it was probably importaint ok?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:39 so if thats the only reason your hear then should probably go if it isnt i would love to hang out again sometime if it isnt a problem for you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:39 Yeah. It's understandable. I can hold onto it until you want it.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:40 And I came here to hang with you and spend time with you.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:41 ok thank
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:42 and um im still curiouse about what i was like would... would you mind telling me?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:43 not like everything just like a few things maybe
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:43 Yeah sure. Here why don't you sit down on this bench.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:45 *sits down*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:46 You were a really brave and smart girl... One that changed my world completely..
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:46 Well, Sara, i like to read and play basketball.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:47 *starts coughing violently*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:47 wait...um do you know why i gave myself amnisa did something horrible happen to me?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:47 You would sacrifice yourself for your friends and whenever you were in trouble I would come and help you.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 18:47 *nurse* *runs in* What's wrong Haverly?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:47 looks like you remember something
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:48 *cough* Can't *cough* breathe
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:48 No nothing terrible happened to you.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 18:49 *gives her oxygen* If that happens again, press the button that calls me, okay?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 18:49 And you Stefiny, are you okay?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:50 I thought she was Sara
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 18:50 Uh, this says she is Stefiny. Is that correct?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 18:50 *Stays hidden in the house* *Starts working on his car*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 18:52 (i gtg ill be back in about an hour)
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 18:54 (Ok)
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:14 yeah its Stefiny
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:16 are you sure i remember 2 memorys they are very blurry but one involves a great deal of fear it scares me sort of...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:19 i dont think im brave like you said i am pretty terified actuly *slightly chuckls nervouly*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:28 Good.
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:28 I want to have the correct files.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:29 Stefiny, do you have a twin sister?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:29 Is she named Sara?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:31 yep
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:32 Cool.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:32 She started kiddnapping me though.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:33 *chuckle* what? that sounds nothing like her it was probably someone else
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:40 She grabbed me out of our dad's car, and knocked me out.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:40 Yes, it was her.
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:40 *comes in*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:40 How are you doing Haverly?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:41 {sorry{
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:41 How are you doing Haverly?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:41 I'm fine dad.
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:43 *sees Stefiny*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:44 Ann, why did you do that?!
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:44 You could have killed yourself and Haverly!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 19:47 *Starts to sing the song that him and Destiny love*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:49 You! get away from me!!
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 19:49 *runs into their hospital room*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 19:49 Hey!
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 19:49 *runs out*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:49 You need help Ann!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:50 me?! you dragged me to antarica and pushed me off a cliff i still have the scares! stay.. stay away from me!!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:50 im steffiny not Ann
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:50 I did not do that!
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:51 You almost killed your sister!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:51 *uses the nurse call button is freaking out*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:51 Sara Ann Stefiny Winston, don't talk like that to me!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:52 What is it?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:52 Nurse:*comes running in* is everything all right?
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:52 {what}
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:52 { I did not post that!}
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:52 *is freaking out* that man.. he he has hurt me many times before and kidnapped me!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:53 That man is your dad!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:53 check the medical records he is not my biological father and he did not adopt me!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:53 Yeah. He's my dad.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:54 Stefiny is not related to me.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 19:54 *Texts Stefiny* Say Todd is your father. He's at Nicolais place.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:54 i have a family they are on vacation at the moment beacause i wanted to stay home but this man is not related to me! he kidnapped me get him away!!
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:54 How do you know that Haverly?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:55 I'm not Haverly.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:55 I'm Madison!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:55 *is to busy freaking out to check her phone*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:55 Whoa call down!
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:55 shut up!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:55 *is having a panic attack*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:56 Stefiny, brethe!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:56 *runs into the hosbitle room* Madison i think i found the amnisa antidote!
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:56 *holds her to help her calm down*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:56 *sees Tyler* What are you doing here?!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:57 *calms down a little is still on edge though*
8>Ammile (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:57 *punches the nurse* Get your hands off my daughter!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:57 *sees Sara* what are you doing here?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:57 I am not your daughter!!!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:57 Sara, you are evil!
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:58 *punches Sara8
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 19:58 *comes in*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:58 *kicks Tyler* Get away from my sister you freak!
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 19:58 *stares*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 19:58 Police, someone call the police!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 19:58 *Walks by the hospital and sees a commotion going on*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:58 no im not you got amnisa and he tricked you i was trying to get you the antidote! *pushes Madison away*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 19:59 there is a problenm at the hosbitle!
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 19:59 Let's go! Maybe Todds there.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:00 *goes in the room with mark with guns* Everyone put your hands up!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:00 *puts hands up*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:00 *puts hands up*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 20:00 What is going on here!!!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:00 (sorry ment to use Sara)
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:01 this man who kidnapped me is trying to hurt me by saying im his daughter!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:01 *Sees Nick and Mark and backs away slowly from the room*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:02 he kidnapped me to beacause i looked like my sister and he drugged that girl madison with amnisa so i tried to get her out and get her the antidote
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:03 that man is trying to hurt us! he punched the nuse who was trying to help me!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:04 *Sees Nick look his way, ducks into another room*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:04 *pulls out truth serum* ok this is truth serum *injects it in tyler* did you kidnapp these girls?and are they your daughters?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 20:04 okay okay! Calm down everyone!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:05 (if Tyler is mentel and truly belives that they are his kids then what he belives is the honest truth will be the right answer for the serum*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:07 *Texts Nicolai* There's a commotion here at the hospital. Nick and Mark are here. I'm hiding myself.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:12 *texts* ill come and make a distraction so you can leave
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:13 *runs into the hosbitle room* Steff are you ok i herd police sirins!!!!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:13 he.. he was tying to hurt me!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:14 *punches Tyler in the face starts attacking him*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:14 *Puts a hospital hat on and sneaks out of the room*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:14 Nicolai stop it! *pulls him off of tyler* whats gotton into you?!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:15 he was trying to hurt Steff he kidnapped her in antartica he was the one that threw her off a cliff!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:16 *Texts Nicolai* Thanks. I owe you one.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:16 *hopes Tyler dosent recognize him beacause he stole madison from him when he first met Tyler and pushed him out of the truck*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:17 that song its the one stuck in my head do you know were its from?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:21 It's the song Destiny and I used to listen to and sing.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:22 oh ok
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:23 if.. if i drink the soultion that makes me remember do you think ill be mad at you?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:24 I don't think so but I don't know.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:24 I'll
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:25 I hope not.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:25 can.. can i have it?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:26 *Hands it to her*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:27 *drinks it*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:28 Micheal it didnt work.. i mean it worked but it didnt not for what i was trying to do...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:29 What do you mean?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:29 Did you not want to remember who I am... *Looks down*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:29 no no thats not it micheal!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:30 when i got kidnapped by nick the very first time before we even met he gave me the amnisa stuff so i dont know my family or old friends or were i live or anything!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:31 Oh.... I'm sorry....
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:31 i know it beacomes permenant after a while but if you get amnisa more than once with the antidote i was hoping it would bring back all my memores
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:32 the thing is for it to work i have to fall in love with my fist love again i did that but aperantly you wernt my first love...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:33 so it... its not working
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:37 *when all the comotion is going on dies from her condition*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:37 oh....*Looks down and walks away*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:38 *Goes to the beach and jumps into the water*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:38 *Sees Michael at the beach, runs after him*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:39 *Sees Todd* It's not worth it anymore, I wasn't her first love or anything. There's no point..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:39 *runs after micheal* Micheal!!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:40 Don't do it Michael.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:40 *runs up to him* just beacause you werent my first love dosent mean i dont love you!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:40 *Jumps off from a cliff into the ocean*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:41 I love you so so so much! it is fine that i dont have my old memorys well make new ones allright?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:41 *rums in after him*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:41 *is a great swimmer pulls micheal onto the beach he coufs up water but hes fine*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:42 *Starts coughing up blood and sees her jump in* N....I...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:42 *kisses him* I told you not to do that again! you scared me you could have died!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:42 *Looks up at her* Why....
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:43 why did i jump in after you? I love you i cant live without to even when i tried to it didnt work I still have the susan memorys she had the biggest cush on you
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:44 *gets the medicine from her pocket for when steff coughs up blood* here drink this it will stop the blood from coming up i keep it for when i hang out with steff just in case
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:45 *gives it to Micheal*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:45 *Drinks it and the blood stops* I'm sorry...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:46 next time if your upset talk to me instead of jumping off a cliff ok?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:47 *Nods* I love you so much.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:48 (Eric: Destinys first boyfriend has been searching for her for 3 years ever sence she got kidnapped has black hair and crystal blue eyes wears tennis shoes and jeans and always wears his favorite jacket under that a dark blue t shirt)
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:50 *is walking on the beach sees Destiny recognises her she hasnt changed that much sees her with micheal runs up to her and pulls her away from him* Willow arre you ok are you hurt?! iv been looking everywere for you! *hugs her tightly*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:51 im.. im sorry im not Willow im Destiny *pushes him off*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:51 *Watches everything*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:52 *looks into her eyes* no your her you definitly her no one else has thoes buetiful grey eyes he must have drugged you come on *grabs her hand and starts walking quickly*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:53 *trys to pull away but he is to strong* Micheal help me!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:54 *Gets in front of him and pulls his hand off* she's not yours dude.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:54 *stops and holds both he hands* i know its confusing now but it will all be over soon im going to help you
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:55 *punches micheal and knocks him out is alot stronger and taller than him*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:55 its ok he'll never hurt you again!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:55 *grabs her hand again*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:56 *Picks her up and carries her away* Just go away.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 20:56 (Nvm)
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:57 No stop this please stop this *is in tears gets a flashback of Nick pulling her into a car and Eric running beside it "Eric help me please!!" "Ill find you Willow no matter were you are i will find you!" flashback ends* Eric Stop!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:58 *stops* you remember me *smiles*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 20:59 *Picks up Michael and walks away with him* Have fun.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:59 no i get flash backs sometimes but i dont know you at all! all i know is you grabbed my hand and knocked out my boyfriend please stop! *is in tears*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 20:59 No Todd please help me!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:00 No im your boyfriend when you got kidnapped i promised i would find you and save you this is me doing the saving!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:01 the only one i need saving from is you please let me go!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 21:01 Why don't you let her decide who she goes with then being a brat?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:02 im sorry this is for your own good! i have to help you!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:03 *scowls at Todd* Beacause this isnt who she is my Willow would never jump off a cliff or pull away from me or not want her old memorys back!
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 21:03 *Is tired of hearing his voice* *Injects him with sleep serum*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:05 *falls down asleep*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 21:05 So sick of his voice. Makes me puke.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:05 Thank you Todd
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:07 *spashes cold ocean water on micheals face so he wakes up*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:08 *Wakes up and starts spazzing out* Ugh! Is he gone?!!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:09 todd knocked him out
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:09 we have to go before he wakes up
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:11 Safest place is my secret home.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:12 *nods* ok lets go
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:13 *Gets into Todds car and they drive to a house that is in the woods*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:14 *wakes up 15 minutes later sees them on the beach still walking runs picks up destiny and starts running can run really fast is in track and feild*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:14 (nvm)
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:14 whoa
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:15 This is my secret house. And it can turn invisible when danger comes.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:15 cool house
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:17 *goes inside* whoa! your staircase has a slide!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:17 how come you never told me about this?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:18 Cause we never really tell anyone besides the ones that we love and care about.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:18 Which is you Destiny.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:21 he wont find us here thank you!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:22 No problem! Promise me that if you remember him, you won't ever leave me.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:22 *the moniter by steffiny monitering her heart rate goes flat* Steffiny!!!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:23 I could never leave you
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:23 Steff!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:23 *runs to her bedside holds her hand* Wakke up steff please! please wake up!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:23 Good. *Kisses her*
9>Daniel (kid), 15yo.2015,Aug.19 21:25 Nurse: Im sorry she has passed away the doctors knew she wasnt going to make it for very much longer in her condition im so verry sorry young man
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:25 no she.. she cant die now i just found her again!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:26 *kisses him back*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:28 *a few tears run down his face runs out of the room runs into the forest and yells* No! no no no!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:29 *colapses onto his knees is crying* I could have saved her! i had medicine that probably help i should have seen that something was up its all my fault.. its all my fault!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:30 micheal do you here that? it sounds like someone crying..
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:44 *Walks outside and follows after the crying*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:45 *Holds Destinys hand and walks through the forest*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:45 its nicolai!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:46 *is kneeling on the ground cying*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:46 *Runs after the noise and sees Nicolai crying*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:46 nicolai whats wong?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:47 *sits there crying dosent respond*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:47 Hey man... Are you ok? Need a place to stay?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:50 *shakes his head and keeps crying*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:50 You can come and stay with us.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:50 he needs help *helps him up*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:52 *Helps him up to*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:53 *lets micheal help him fallows behind them*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:54 *walks up slowly behind Destiny injects her with the sleeping stuff sighlents runs away while carrying her*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:54 *Brings him back to his secret place*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:54 *runs to his truck thats about 1/2 mile away puts her in and drives off*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:54 *Notices Destiny not behind him*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:55 *is still crying*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:56 *is curled up on the couch*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:56 *Texts Will* Destiny is gone. New kid named Eric took her. Find her.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 21:57 shes dead micheal... i.. i could have help her or done something but i was to caught up to see something was wrong..
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.19 21:57 *Does some research on him and finds his house* *Parks a few houses away*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:58 *drives to the airport gets on an airplane that belongs to his friends uncule the piolet flys off with them*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 21:59 *wakes up starts freaking out* No! weres micheal what did you do?!!! let me go!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:00 hey calm down Willow its going to be ok well be staying at my friends house until we can get your memory back im sorry i had to knock you out
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:01 *Starts having a seizure from being too worried and freaking out* Falls down on the ground*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:01 Steffiny is dead micheal! she died right next to me and i couldnt do anything about it! *is in tearrs* shes gone!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:01 Micheal?!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:02 *wipes his tearrs away injects micheal with something that stops his seizure*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 22:02 He's seizuring and Destiny is gone! Stupid Eric...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:03 *helps him up* i guess i dont have time to be sad right? destiny is gone we need to find her to i guess *sniffs his eyes are red from crying*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:03 She's going to remember him and fall back in love with him... I know it.. My life is over with.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:04 Eric? black hair blue eyes that Eric?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:04 Yes.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:04 always wearrs that black and blue hoodie that eric?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:05 Yeah. He knocked me out this morning.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:09 he lost his girlfriend 3 years ago hes one of my best friends i promised i would help him find her i had no idea it was Destiny i knew him for forever then he moved away and we still Skype call all the time
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:10 he got together whit her when he was 12 and she was 9 a few weeks after he moved there
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:13 theve been together for 3 years you two have been together maybe a year... i mean i can Skype call him but thats about all i can do in this situation maybe steff can do.... except never mind *sits back on the couch*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:18 I found a more concentrated verstion of the antidote that will make you remember everything you forgot
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:18 *cries* i want to go back with micheal!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:19 when your back to your old self than we can talk about it
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:20 ok Willow?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:20 My name is Destiny! not Willow!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:22 *cries until she falls asleep*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:22 Ugh.... It doesn't matter anymore..
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:23 *Goes into the cabnet and injects himself with amnesia serum*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:25 *walks in gives injects him with an injectible form of the antidote* No micheal!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:26 even if she dose get her momorys back she loved you 10x more in that 1 year then she ever did love Eric
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:26 who.....are.....you..
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:27 dang it um *hands him the antidote* drink this you lost your memory this will get it back
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:28 if you dont someone you love will be in alot of trouble she needs your help beacause you love her and she loves you
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:28 and if you dont drink it no body will love you your life will be awful and youll die alone
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:30 Who are you though?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:31 ill tell you if you drink it deal?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:32 we will trade allright ill drink the amnisa you drink the antidote you need to remember i need to foget
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:32 *takes the amnisa gives him the antidote* ready?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:39 No..l can't.l
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:40 Let me not remember.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:51 ok.. *tackels him down pours in in his throat and closes his mouth shut and plugs his nose holds him down* Swallow it Micheal! once you swallow it you can breath
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 22:56 *Spits it up*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:09 ok plan be *pulls out a seringe sticks it in his am pushes in an injectible form of the andtidote*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:18 sorry about that micheal.. i had to get you to remember *throws the amnisa into the fire*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:22 It didn't work...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:24 ok fine give me your phone
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:25 *Gives him the phone*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:26 *goes to his pictures pulls up a pictuer of Destiny* See this girl here?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:28 her Name is Destiny she loves you and you loved her she saved your life many times and you have saved hers
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:30 and now she is in troble beacuse this guy* shows him a picture of Eric* kidnapped her and she cried out to you for help beacause she loves you
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:31 and do you know what you did? you drank something to make you forget her instead of saving her beacause you were afraid she would fall in love with him
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:32 but she wont beacause she promised you that should would allways love you! and now she is in danger beacause you are to much of a coward to drink this *hands him the antidonte* and help her!!!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:34 so man up drink the antidote and help your girlfriend!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:36 well?! what do you say?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:37 Who is that?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 23:39 The only antidote for that is at Nicks place. It's a big dose of it that he took.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:39 who is who
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:40 all right im calling Nick and you Todd are getting the antidote he wont arrest me beacause he ows me one ok?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 23:40 Okay. I'll get it.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:41 *calls nick* Nick leave all the amnisa antidotes outside Todds house and leave do it now and you cant protest beacausse you owe me big time and im cashin it in *hangs up*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 23:42 *puts it in front of Todds house grumpily and goes home*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 23:42 *Drives to his house and picks it up*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:43 who is the one your confused about Micheal?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.19 23:47 *Drives back*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:49 *Trying hard to remember everything*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:50 dont strain yourself the antidote is coming soon
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:50 It hurts to remember...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:51 yeah it dose but are memorys are what makes us who we are
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:53 What is my name....
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:56 Micheal you name is Micheal normall i would make up something hilarious and funny for until and antidote came but im not in the mood so im just going to use your real name
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:58 *Sighs*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.19 23:59 what? *sounds really upset and annoyed*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:00 Nicolai.... It's all my fault about everything...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:01 do you remember everything or just a few flash backs?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:04 *A flash back comes of when him and Destiny when to the park and she was yelling for him*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:06 flash backs.. they only let you see the moments you feel the most happy sad scared angry those moments
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:07 and regret...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:07 I couldn't save her...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:08 but you will....
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:09 I hope so..
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:11 yeah you should beacause once you find love you dont want to loose it i would know more than anyone
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:13 I'm sorry about what happened to you...
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.20 00:13 *Comes back with it and runs in*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:13 about what? there have been so much stuff i had to go through
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:17 Everything... With Stef.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:20 yeah i know *kicks the floor*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.20 00:21 *Goes to Michaela house* *Knocks on the door*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:23 so you didnt answer my question do you remember everything or just flash backs?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:24 Flashbacks and some memorys.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:27 Todd you have the antidote right? give it to him im going for a walk *goes outside into the forrest sees Max and ignors him*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.20 00:30 *Gives him the antidote*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.20 00:31 *Sits on a bench and starts texting someone*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:32 *wakes up and pulls out her phone when Eric isnt looking calls mishael wispers so Eric wont here her is terified* micheal... are are you there
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:34 *Answers*Destiny...?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:35 im.. im on a plane i dont know were hes taking me im scared micheal *starts crying
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 00:35 Ask him where he's taking you.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:38 ok.. ill call you later when i have the answer i love you
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:45 *hangs up is in tears* were.. were are you taking me?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:46 I told you my friends house we use to go there all the time youll know when you remember
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:46 hey im sorry it seams bad now i really am
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:47 why dont you have me remember now?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:48 beacause you scared of hieghts
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 00:49 no im not..
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:06 ok than here drink this *hands her a bottle*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:11 *nervously drinks it*Eric!! *screams* Eric!! im scared of hieghts...
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:11 *hugs her* its ok Willow i wont let anything happen to you
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:12 you found me i cant belive you found me! *gasps* but what about micheal what am i going to tell him?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:14 i was a completely diffrent person with him oh my gosh! i cant belive i actually did some of the things i did! *hugs Eric Tightly*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:16 im going to call him.. *calls micheal sounds diffrent sounds kinda nervouse and shy unlike bold and happy* hello micheal...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:28 *Answers* Hello, who is this?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:30 I think you have the wrong number. Sorry. *Hangs up*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:30 Wil..u,m Destiny or Willow wich ever you prefer...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:30 *calls again* micheal its me Destiny please dont hang up!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:31 I'm sorry Destiny. I don't really know you.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:33 oh thats ok i my names actually willow and i was just calling to say im allright ....
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:33 um i was trying to be gentel beacause last time i did this you jumpped off a cliff... i dont need you coming after me
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:34 Oh well I'm sorry to tell you this but I don't talk to strangers anyways.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:34 I wasn't planning it on anyways. Have fun with Eric. *Hangs up*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:35 *Deletes and blocks her number*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:36 *is slightly confused* he took it well...*chuckles* serpisingly well *hugs Eric*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:37 Todd!!! It's over!!! Thank god!!!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:39 *walks back into the house*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:39 whats over?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:40 I'll be back later. Im going to meet a friend.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 01:41 *Goes to Michaels house an picks him up* Ready? *Smiles*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:42 Sure thing beautiful. Let's go. *Smiling*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:43 *Drives off with her*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:43 *fallows then beacause hes curiouse*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 01:44 *Pulls into an Italian restaurant* *Walks in holding his arm*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:45 *Goes up and puts their name in*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:45 *fallows them inside sits at a farther table hides himself with a menue*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:46 *Holds one of her hands while they figure out what to eat*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 01:47 I'm so glad you ended things with that pyscho Destiny girl.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:48 Yeah she is better off with that Eric kid anyways. She let herself get kidnapped anyways.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:48 *feels bad beacause she didnt get her memorys back she just wants to get out of there*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:49 *is kinda angry but keeps listening*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:49 But she let me off easily anyways. So I can do my own thing right now.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 01:50 I remember Eric. He tried so many times coming after me, but my dad told him off.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:51 ill...ill be right back *goes into the back part of the airplane*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:51 *calls someone* yeah your right she is pretteding she knew me shes smart..
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:53 I told her to have fun with him. *He and her start laughing*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:53 *sees a parachute grabs it puts it on* all right.. one shot at this.. *opens the side door jumps out*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:54 *opens the parachte and lands safely in a feild* i know this place... its near the forest
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:54 *takes of the parachute and starts walking hopes micheal is ok*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:55 *watches them his anger grows slightly*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 01:57 *goes outside walks to the park calls micheal* Micheal its important you need to come here right away!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:00 meet me by Stefinys tree...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:01 *hangs up paces angerly back and forth*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:03 *Runs outside and finds Nicolai* Whar?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:03 What?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:04 *punches him in the face* Your a jerk you know that?!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:06 What the heck man?!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:06 *is pacing feriously* She loved you you know that?!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:07 *runs from the forest into the park sees micheal runs up to him happily* Micheal!!!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:08 *pushes micheal away* Oh no Destiny you do not want anything to do with that jerk!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:08 What the heck Nicolai?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:08 Nicolai what are you talking about?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:08 What the heck Nicolai?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:08 tell her what you did tell her what you did the minute you knew she wasnt coming back!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:11 I was taking out a friend for dinner!!! A FRIEND WHO I HAVENT SEEN IN 4 YEARS!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:11 he Ran off with another girl and they laughed about how they finally got rid of you!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:11 I was there!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:12 SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!!!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:12 he wasnt even upset that you were gone!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:13 You told me not to save you or anything!!!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:13 And instead of being happy your back he prefers to yell at me!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:13 Yes i did tell you to save her!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:14 *runs off crying*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 02:15 *Appears behind them* Um, excuse me, but can I say something?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:15 *looks at him in discust* go back to your date micheal *runs after destiny hugs her* its ok Destiny
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:16 *walks away with her*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:19 *is walking in the park sees micheal and Danielle walks up to them* hey whats up?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:19 looks like you got a black eye *chuckles slightly* what happened did you trip yourself?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:22 Nicolai punched me... I have to go back home.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:22 dude why would he punch you your like best friends
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:25 I made a mistake that I should have never done
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:25 *she gets a texts looks at it and laughs* oh brother this is hilarous
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:27 I should go...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:29 no seriously what happend *puts her phone away* i wanna here your side of the story Destiny just texted me hers whats your point of veiw?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:30 I was taking Danielle here out for a date and she told me that she didn't want to be with me anymore and I was just taking her out as a friend.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:31 She started the whole thing about Destiny and all. I just joined in. It was on purpose. I do still love her.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:35 so what your saying is your avalible....
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:36 Im kiddding by the way
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:37 Okay...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:40 so you made fun of your most liely now ex girlfriend infront of nicolai who just had his heart crushed when his true loved died *chuckles* thats messed up
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:40 I know.... I'm going to go somewhere by myself.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:42 ill come with you you could you some company and so do i to messed up friends dealing with are problems to you know what we need to do? Melon golfing
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:47 I don't need it.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:49 yeah you do come on im not letting you say no this time
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:50 I seriously mean it. Don't follow it.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:52 I wont you fallow me come on *grabs his arm* lets go your not backing out of this one
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:54 *brings him to the store to the produce section* water melons or catalope?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:54 Watermelon please.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:55 definitly *gets a cart* help me load them up *starts putting water melons in the cart*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:56 *Helps her out carefully*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:57 *goes to the self checkout buys all the melons with her credit cart* come on lets go
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 02:57 *Follows after her, still looking depressed*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:58 *brings them to a big emtey feild with 3 golf clubs and broken melons every few feet starts taking the melons out of the carrt and lining them up*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.20 02:59 *Starts making dinner for himself and enough for others that come*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:59 *keeps 5 in the cart hands micheal a golf club* here ya go
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:01 *yells out into the feild* You allways stole my stuff! *hits a watermelon hard and it exploads* you try yell about something about someone that made you mad then hit the melon as hard as you can
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:03 well go on
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:04 Okay. *Hits the melon and shouts* I love you but you don't believe me!!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:05 there ya go! *hits a melon and Shouts* You never beived me!!!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:05 Whoo haha fun isnt it?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:07 Yeah a lot of fun.p
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:09 or really watch this makes a fire puts a melon in it* you might wanna step back a few feet
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:10 *Steps back a few feet*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:11 *the melon explodes* haha! see the rine on the melon gets so tight it pops wanna throw anoter one on there?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:11 or we could hit a few more just for fun
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:11 *Hits another melon with a golf club then puts on on the fire and steps back*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:12 *Hits the melon and shouts* I didn't ask for any of this pain*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:13 Yeah! there ya go feeling better? *Hits another melon hard* You were never kind to me!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:14 *hits another one* see if im sad i turn it into anger and then do this! *hits another melon* beacause angery is alot eaiser to deal with! *hits another one*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:16 *puts another one on the fire and watches it expload*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:16 That's awesome!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:17 yeah it is
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:17 *throws him a bag of marshmallows* i got a bag for the fire
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:17 So what are you doing?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:18 *grabs a stick and a marshmallow roasts it in the fire* this is the best way to have fun or deal with anger in my opinion
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:20 *Sticks a marshmallow into the fire*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:20 i dont get sad its to mushy and gross i get angry instead hit watermelons and eat marshmallows thats what im doing *burns her marshmellon on purpouse takes it out blows the fire off it*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:21 I like them burt there bettey that way crispy then googy and quick if you havent noticed i kinda get impaitent easily *chuckls slightly and eats the marshmellow*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:22 i usually do this alone but i think its better with someone else your the first person iv ever took melon golfing
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:22 fun isnt it?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:26 *Eats his marshmallow too*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:26 Ya lots of fun.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:28 ya know something girls are stupid doing hair doing make up gossiping about boys all the time it makes me want to puke i hate doing that kind of stuff i much prefer cliff diving and video game
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:30 some of the guys at my old school use to feel insucure beacause i can belch better than them and beat them at halo
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:33 do you like video games?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:34 Love video games.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:36 whats your favorite?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:38 All of them really.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:39 oh so you like babrie princess magical adventure to *chuckles is joking with him* real manly there micheal
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:41 seriously though with games do you like?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:43 Halo, call of duty, zombies, etc
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:43 nice i bet i could beat you
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:51 $5 bucks says i could what do you say wanna go back and play some video games if you beat me ill give you five dollars
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:51 You could.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 03:52 I don't have a game system at my place.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:55 well lucky for you i do at my tree house
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:58 *goes out in the feild has a gun in her hand dosent know Sara and micheal are there*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 03:59 *sees Destiny and the gun* Micheal... do you think shes gonna do what i think shes Gonna do?!...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:01 Well they call this place suicide lane for a reason *pokes the hot coals around with a stick*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:04 *stands there thinking if she should or not is in tears*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:06 *Watches*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:06 I hope she doesn't...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:10 she probably will i come from a place were people do it every other day
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:10 and by the look on her face she probably will unlesss someone talks her out of it
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:14 *walks up behind Destiny* Hello Destiny
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:14 *turns around quickly*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:16 I tried doing this the nice way you even pretended to be a girl named willow i made that up *takes Her gun and throws it* i mean seriously you actually belifed me for a minute
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:16 stay away from me Eric...
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:18 *grabs both of her wrists* im sorry i know someone who really wants to meet you and who am i to tell them that i cant bring you there theyed be ever so disapointed and you dont want that do you sweetheart?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:19 *struggles and yells* Let me go!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:19 (sory destiny said that)
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:20 oh how cute you think someone will hear you out here
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:20 What should I do Sara?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:25 what do you want to do let her be taken or be her hero
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:26 you know your standing there crying its absolutely pathetic
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:28 no wonder you want to shoot yourself no one could ever love you i mean seriously were you really that suprised when you came back to see your boyfriend having the time of his life? if he was here i bet he would just sit and watch
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:28 *Runs as fast as he can and knocks Eric down* *Starts punching him until he's bleeding* JUST SHUT UP!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:28 *is in tears* please just stop please..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:29 *looks up* Micheal!!!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:29 oh really? *flips over so hes on micheal* i was saving this for here but here you go! *injects him with sleeping serum*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:32 *grabs Destiny again* i was wrong he's slightly more pathetic than you were just waiting for the air plane to land..
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:32 *It doesn't work on him because he took antidotes for all serums* It won't work. *Knocks him out*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:32 why are you doing this...
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:32 *falls down*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:33 *Gets up and starts walking back towards his house*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:33 why are you helping me at all?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:34 *mumbles* thanks *stats to walk off in the oposite direction*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:35 *was only knocked out for a few seconds grabs her arm* looks planes here *pulls her in and it flys off*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:35 if he would have just stayed you would be fine
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:37 Not like she cares anyways. Have fun. *Runs to the ocean*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:38 *runs after him* wait stop im.. im sorry....
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:39 that whole ordeal was my fault i knew she was going to be there and that that was the plane pick up zone...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:39 She's gone. She didn't care anyways. I'm done with everything. *Stands on the cliff and looks down*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:40 *Jumps off the cliff and lands on rocks*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:40 and im even more sorry for this *puts a clorafom rag over his face its a difrent chemical so it knocks him out*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:41 (nvm)
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:42 *calls someone* yeah he jumped just like you said he would *walks off* i allmost felt sory for him for a second
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:43 *Starts coughing up blood and looks up*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:45 yeah i think hes dead h no one could ever survive that unless they did it like twice before or something
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:46 I was going to push him myself after i knocked him out but he did it himeself!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:47 Yeah Daniellle the way you planed that out was wonderful Eric has steff and ill be ariving shortly bye *hangs up*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 04:49 (Has black hair and brown eyes, looks like Michael a lot but is a lot different than him. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt)'
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 04:49 Some.....one.... help...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:50 *wonders why they call the person danielle when thats not even thee name*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:51 *looks down at him* your still alive? what dose it take to kill you off?
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 04:51 *Walks by and sees Sara* What's going on!
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 04:51 I'm Zack.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:52 oh micheal poor poor nea dead micheal i could shoot you or leave you to die yourself what do you think micheal?!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:53 *is starteled* Ahh.. um nothing.. my brother fell he,... died i think...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:53 *chuckles nervously*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:53 Zack.....run...
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 04:54 Michael!!! Your a liar! *Tazers her in the side*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 04:55 *Goes down and picks Michael up* *Runs to his house*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:56 *groans calls back* yeah.. he has a cosin who convenently tazered me and helped him beacause aperantly micheal servived the fall yes i know... i wont fail again .*hangs up*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:57 *runs into Zack* whats going on? i have stuff i can help!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 04:59 *gets his medical bag* what happened exactly!
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:01 He jumped off and this girl named Sara was trying to kill him!
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:02 I'm his cousin. They are trying to kill him.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:02 ok ok!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:03 *gives him some medicine fixes his wounds with bandages and such* my brother taught me how to take care of injurys
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:03 Yeah.... I feel terrible for him..
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:03 I don't want him to die Ya know.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:03 and micheal you dont have to jump just cause i punched you in the face i mean seriously man
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:04 there you go all better Micheal
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:04 so who wants to kill him after his suicide jump?
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:07 Sara and I did hear her say Danielle on the phone but idk
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:07 you said Sara.. so a phyco path killer that looks like my dead girlfriend is trying to kill you great just great
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:08 and Danielle thats a code name i know who uses it.. she wouldnt want you dead unless... oh my gosh she wants Destiny
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:09 oh boy *puts his hand on his head and starts pacing*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:10 Whose Destiny?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:11 his girlfriend possibly ex girlfriend and sometimes the girl who has no idea who he is shes complicated
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:12 and thats an understatement
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:14 Oh. He told me that they loved each other.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:14 um ask micheal about that...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:15 so We have a problem a Big Big Big Big Big problem
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:16 What?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:18 ok so i used to be in the kidnapping buisness and Danille is the code name for a kidnapper nno one knows who he is or what he looks or actually sounds like or she we dont know but if she wants you he will get you and youll never ever escape ever
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:19 danille useually kills off all the people who knows the one she wants or keeps them quiet and she has helpers...
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:20 So he wants to kill Michael??
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:20 if Danille wants you to be a helper you help or your as good as dead thats why if your a kidnapper you cant be to good beacause if you are he/she will recrute you
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:21 No. I'm just a kid keeping my cousin safe. Is Todd ok?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:22 if she wanted him dead she will have him dead unless he beacomes an excilent kidnapper in *checks watch* about 3 days she only trys to kill every 3 days so he has that long to get recruted or he is dead
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:23 i dont know! be worried about Micheal we have 3 days to make him the best or he is dead got it D-E-A-D dead
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:23 Okay! Okay! Let's do it then!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:25 and do you know how to be the best? kidnap her helper and keep her kidnapped alone for one month... without them escaping and heres the hard part no drugs serums or anything like that
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.20 05:26 Whose that?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:27 Hey Micheal you up for it?you have to physically knock Sara out kidnap her and keep her kidnapped for a month while showing no mercy or kindness the only serum you can use is truth serum and only for tourcher purpouses
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:29 he has to do it alone though. and she is watching everywere she can hack the camreas in computers phones and sucrity camreas so put one in the room you keep sara in and dont call her by her name treat her like she is lesser than you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:30 Or else what happens?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:31 youll have to be mean rude crude and sly tease he all the time like Eric hurt her like Dan and max and keep her captured like Nick got it micheal?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:32 if you cant get her to recruit you by doing exactly that then the next time anyone will see you will be in a coffin probably closed casket
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:33 Ok., I can do it.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:35 oh and bragging you have to bragg about this to your local kidnappers grroup with is will Todd Max Mat and Dan
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:36 Okay.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:36 they meet every other wednsday and talk about what there up to at the spare room in the library every town has an organisation citys have 2 or 3
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:38 Okay. I'll be there.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:38 and youll need to do it tomarrow my best guys is call her up and yell at her tell her you want to fight in the park she will have a gun good luck
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:40 Uh ok..
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:42 seriously you have 2 days to nab her im going hom night *goes hoome*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:43 *next day wakes up to her phone ringing* hello...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:44 Meet me in the park right now! We are going to fight!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:45 what.. Micheal i know you might be mad but its 7 am.... ugh fine ill be there in 5 minutes..
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:45 *hangs up grabs her gun trudges to the park pulls out her gun shoots but the bullets are gone* What?!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:46 *stole her bullets last night*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:46 *Walks to the park looking really mad*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:48 *rubs her eyes* all right lets get this over with so i can go home
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:49 *tips micheal when he comes over* your down i win see ya later *starts to walk off*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:50 *Gets back up and knocks her out*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:50 *falls down*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:50 *wakes up tied in a basement with fisson cord* ugh he we go again
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:52 *Walks downstairs* Having fun brat!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:52 listen if this is beacuse i tried to kill you it was nothing personal how about you let me go and i leave you alone all right micheal?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 05:55 *Laughs* How about you shut up and stop talking?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:56 oh look whos trying to be all big and intimidating now *scoffs* that not going to work on me
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 05:59 that shut you up pretty quick didnt it?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:03 *Laughs* How about you shut up and stop talking?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:04 Hahahaha not really. Why don't you just be quiet.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:05 all bark no bite thats what you are so im just going to keep talking while you pretend to be all big and important
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:09 Okay fair with me. I don't really care.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:10 i win *smiles*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:12 i can probably say anything and you wont do a thing like how incredibly weak and incompetent you little girlfriend is and the fact that i wasnt suprised when she told me you were cheating on her i mean who would even date her in the first place
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:13 beasides someone like you and your just going to sit there and take it beacause you hurt a girl once and cant bring yourself to do it again isnt that right?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:14 *Laughs* You couldn't even handle her could you? Want to know why?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:15 I don't need someone like you telling me how to run my life and talking badly about my ex or whatever she is. You're a weak fool that didn't care about Stefiny.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:17 *Takes some truth serum and injects it into her*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:18 hmm cute see all bark no bite just like i said you couldnt hurt me if you wanted to
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:18 you use your little needle is it saposed to scare me?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:19 You can keep talking like the brat you are, but I don't really care what you say.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:22 yeah yeah all bark no bite i have a bite but im kinda tied up at the moment if you untie me youll see just how big of a bite i have
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:23 so whats you pathetic little needle sapossed to do? make you seem like less of a man baby than you actually ae?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:25 *Is getting really annoyed by her talking that he injects truth serum in her* Tell me who this Danielle person is?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 06:26 Come on be a big person and tell me.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:28 there my boss apart from that i really dont know anything else about the person and truth Serum its a pathetic way of of trying to hurt someone
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:29 truth serum dosent work on me beacause im an open book everyone allready knows everything about me
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:29 so i dont get hurt beacause i dont even have to hesitate
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:32 ask away yippy your like a chihuahua its all yip yip yip yip and there so small and kickable
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:32 just like you
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:38 so yap all you want if you want me to fear you its not working
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 15:27 *Texts Nicolai* Nothing I do is working.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 17:02 *texts back* she is a physical person she wont get scared unlesss you physically hurt her
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 17:29 *texts*you can back out of it you know youll end up dead but you can still back out of it
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 17:40 if your useing the truth Serum that works too but you have to ask painful questions about love and hate and painful secret moments she will say she's an open book but every book has those to pages that are stuck together hiding something
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 17:55 I don't have a game system at my place.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 17:55 So is there anyone that you loved in your life?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 17:56 What about Stefiny? Did she mean anything to you?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 17:56 what are you doing know asking for help beacause you dont know how to haddle this situation? you dont scare me at all
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 17:57 stefiny was my sister of course she ment something to me and about love no no one really
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 17:58 i told you im an open book so you can stop trying
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 17:59 What was the most painful experience that you went through in your life?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:01 hmm.. nice question but i dont remember
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:01 Come on answer it.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:03 i dont remember thats the truth thats why im not in pain
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:04 with my most painful memorys i hove to the back of my mind and completely forget them so it cant be used agenst me in something like this
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:07 oh and i thought i told you i dont get sad i get angry so i wouldnt really have paineful experiances
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:09
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:09 *Smacks her across the face* Come on! Tell me what they are!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:10 *smirks* oh you hit like a girl well no.. girls can hit harder and i told you i forced them out of my memory
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:13 love sadness and pain go together if i dont get sad i dont think of people i might have a chance of loving and i definitly dont make painful memorys
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:16 *texts michael* if she dosent love anyone she definitly hates someone
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:16 Is there anyone that you hate?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:16 Why don't you tell me who you hate?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:18 oh thats a long long long list the question was is there anyone i hate yes there is
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:18 Who is its.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:18 It?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:21 who is who? i told you i hate alot of people wich person do you wanna know about? *smirks*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:24 *texts micheal* if shes avoiding the questions then you have to be direct like who she hates the most
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:24 Who do you hate the most?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:26 nice question *starts to look very uncofertable* well... it depends on.. certain things... *is trying to avoid it*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:28 *starts breathing heavily* wow
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:29 Answer the question.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:29 you know im really thirsthy could you get me some water *is is pain but dosent show it only shows it slightly*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:34 Answer the question.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:34 And then I'll get you some
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:37 and why would someone like myself want to tell someone like you i mean it could be eric or nicolai or Tyler or maybe madison or Karen or Emmily or mattew or Todd so i answered your question and said lots of other people to *smirks as the pain goes*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:39 Stop being a baby and tell me who it is.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:42 i allready did and i outsmarted you to do it
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:44 *Laughs* No you didn't. I don't really care.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:46 dosent that make you mad that im smarter and stonger and then you and i could do allmost anything you do better than you of corse i cant cry better then you or be more pathectic than you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:47 *Laughs* I don't really care what you think you can do better than me. I at least don't have to lie about how I'm feeling or what is bothering me.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:47 i gave you a list of people one i hate the most youlll never know beacause every time you ask that question ill answer exactly the same way
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:48 i dont have to lie about whats bothering me beacause i dont let things bother me
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 18:50 So if there's one person who bothers, annoys, really angers you, who would you say it is?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 18:52 im not telling the serum wore off
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:01 so i drove you to silence again this is to easy
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 19:06 *Puts more dosage of serum into her*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:08 you know how to work a syringe good for you
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 19:12 Be quiet.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:13 not a chance yippy
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:17 im going to talk all i want and you can do noting to stop me
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 19:30 Okay talk all you want.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 19:30 Now answer my question: Who would you say is the most hated person and that you would want dead? *Has injected more truth serum in her*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:38 *groans in pain*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 19:40 Answer it.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:41 Myself *sighs* you win happy now *eyes are watery but didnt cry breaths kinda heavy to catch her breath beacause the pain is over*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 19:43 And why would you want yourself death?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:45 *scoofs* why wouldnt i?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:48 if you knew anything about what my life was really like you wouldnt be able to handle it
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 19:49 *Laughs* Why don't you tell me then Huh?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:53 beacause in orde for me to deal with the things i do i have to bury them so deep in my mind that i forget exept heres the problem! i cant just forget what i do ok? so you know what i gotta do?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:55 every night i make a powerpoint with pictures information and instuctions then inject myself with amnisa so if you want to know anything you will have to inject me with the antidote but im begging you please dont!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:57 i get mad instead of sad beacuase if i cry i wont stop and that is just from the flash backs
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:57 and i altered the serum so i wouldnt see the most intense moments in flashbacks only the least intense
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 19:58 so if you want to know inject me but if you have any decency to not make me sufffer then dont please just dont
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:02 but based on they way iv been talking to you i wouldnt be suprised if you did
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:02 *Pulls out an antidote from his back pocket*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:04 please im begging you dont *has fear in her eyes*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:08 *chuckles slightly* thats new im actually scared well done Michael...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:16 if you going to do it then do if your you wont then dont just stand there keeping me in suspance remember what i said last night i am very impatient
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:44 *Grabs her head and pours it into her mouth*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:50 *spits it out* you know theres an injectible form cuase im not taking it willingly
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:51 *Pulls that one out and injects it into her arm*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:53 There you go.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:53 *stiffends up imediatly starts breathing heavely is trying not to cry*could.. could you possibly knock.. knock me out p...please?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:54 *Knocks her out*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:56 *texts micheal* hey meet me at the park
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:58 *Locks the door that holds Sara and meets Nicolai at the park* What's up?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 20:59 hows it going?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:00 Good. I just knocked her out because I gave her an antidote that she didn't want.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:00 You know I'm doing this to save myself and hopefully to save Destiny even if she doesn't take me back.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:01 I made a mistake and want to fix it
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:01 good i guess..
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:02 let me guess she asked you to knock her out right
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:04 shes pridefull she dosent want you to see her cry would be my guess
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:05 so are you holding up?i know i wouldnt be able to do it she looks to much like steffiny...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:15 i um gotta go do some.. some stuff see..see ya later *walks off*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 21:16 *wakes up with tears pouring down her face curls up and crys*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:43 *Goes back to the house and makes some dinner*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 21:46 *hears micheal enter the house wipes away her tears and calms down*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 21:49 *kicks a pebble on the floor hit hits the pipe with a loud ting*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 21:59 *Comes downstairs with a sand which* Are you hungry?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:01 did you poison it?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 22:07 No. I didn't. It's just turkey with mayo
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:10 than no thanks i'm a vegetarian
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 22:11 I can make a salad then.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:13 yeah im not hungry
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:14 and fyi i would have ate the sandwich if you said yes about the poison
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 22:19 *Laughs* Good to know. I'll go put some in.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:24 im not a vegetarian i just really hate mayo
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 22:51 I'll take it off.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:56 i just told you im not hungry and im probably going to keep saying that unti i starve to death or die of dehydration
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 22:57 I'm not going to let that happen. *Goes back upstairs and brings down a plain sandwhich*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:59 i told you im not hungry
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 23:02 Well I'll leave it here. *Goes back upstairs*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:15 *sarrcastically* yeah beacause i can eat with my hands tied behind me...
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:21 *gets her phone out of her pocket dials 911 sounds really scared and sounds like she is crying is being quiet* hello police deparrtment? iv been kidnapped he..hes gone now please i need help! can you track the phone? ill he's coming ill leave the phone on
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:22 *sees micheal sounds afraid but by the look on her face its clear that she isnt* Please dont hurt me again!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.20 23:23 *keeps the phone on to hear whats going on gets in his cop car tracks the phone*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.20 23:25 *goes to micheals house goes in the basement to see micheal and Sara* Micheal do you.. do you know what that is... if you dont let her go your a dead man! thats one of Daneilles helpers if you can pull this off she will recruit you !
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.20 23:27 you do not want that! if anyone asks i was never here! and you *points to Sara* i never tried to help you escape ok? *runs out of the house and hangs up the phone*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.20 23:27 *drives away vey very quickly*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 23:27 Nick! What are you doing? If I do let her go, I'll be dead and I don't want to die!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:28 you have the worst cops on the planet here he ran out of here terified
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 23:28 (So question: Will Michael and Destiny ever get back together? If no, I would kill of Michael and add a new character like Michaels Twin)
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:29 he just freakin ran away he didnt even want to help!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 23:29 Yeah he's a chicken.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:32 no he isnt he is the only one who declined Danielle offer and lived why do you think he quite right when he got an aprentace?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:34 (yeah they most likely will i have a whole barrel of plot twists but if micheal dies the how can they stay together if you want to kill off you chaecture its your choice btw iff you want me to delet any of your charectures please tell me)
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:37 *walks to the library drropped off destiny last night is going to the kidnappers meeting*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:38 its wednsday your going to miss your meeting Yippy
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 23:39 (Why don't you take Matt? I'll keep Todd)
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:41 (ok you want me to delet him or just take over his role?)
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:43 *is the first one there sits down at the head of the table*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:49 *sees Micheal walk in* hello
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 23:57 Hello. *Sits down*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.20 23:58 (Take over Matts role)
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:05 *walks in* hey Eric so your officially a kidnapper now huh?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:09 *walks in* hey Matt Eric micheal.. whats up?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:11 arre Todd Dan Will max and Nick coming today?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:11 um not Nick he changed occupations
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:12 *calls Madison* Madison hey please please please dont hang up! im a little stuck and i need your help can you help me?
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.21 00:14 *Walks in with Todd and Will*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 00:15 *Walks in and pushes Dan* Outta my way.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:16 Max. Chill out.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:24 all right so anyone have someone kidnapped at the moment?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:26 ok so curently someone died so steffiny is no longer eligable for kidnapping so who are the targets for this week? i think we should go with Emilly age 12 and Zack age 15
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 00:28 Shush up Todd.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:28 I currently have Sara right now.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:29 so i belive Matt you kidnapp Zack Will kidnap Emily um Dan you kidnap Emily from will Max kidnaps Zack from Matt and fail beacuse were going to give micheal a chance and when Max is taking Zack through the park Micheal you will kidnap him
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:29 and max then you will kidnap Emmily from Dan ok?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:30 Sweet, I have nothing to do then.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:30 Todd i want you to be Matts assistain this week and Micheal your maxes in the end i want Max to bring Emmily to were Micheal will be keeping Zack so by the end of the month there together
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:32 now no amnisa this time i think you might want to go with physical tourcher for Zack and Taunting with Emmily so that by the end of the month theve given up hope
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:33 Matt is my assistant usually. That's dumb.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:33 oh and Micheal about Kidnapping Sara congrats what have you done to her so far?
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:34 yeah Todd this time youll be making all the sandwiches *nudges him*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:34 I made her cry and suffer.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:34 Since Michael is my brother, why can't he work with me and not bratty Max?
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.21 00:35 Ha! Why would you want Michael?? He's weak and dump!
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 00:36 *Sighs* Oh Dan. Keep your mouth shut and I don't care if he works with me or not.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:41 no micheal is your parnter Max you just Steal Emmily from Dan and Zack from matt bring them to micheals base beacuse he has someone kidnapped but hes your assistaint
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 00:44 Hopefully he's better then Todd.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:44 er yeah never mind i herd wrong yeah you work with Micheal and Dan beacause of your snark remarks your working with Nicolai
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.21 00:44 I'll do the best I can ok.
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.21 00:45 Oh you have to be kidding me.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:45 So I have Michael then?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:45 oh come on thats not fair! Dan dosen even know how to use a syringe the right way ill end up doing all the work!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:46 no Todd you are Matts partner
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.21 00:46 I'd rather have Michael then Nicolai.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:46 Matt can barely run and do anything! I'll be doing everything.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:47 no you get Nicolai no buts and no hurting your partner *looks at max*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:48 I can run!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:48 Stop acting like a bunch of children!
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 00:48 *Looks back* What now?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:49 Whatever man.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 00:49 meetings over we will report back next week *stands up and leaves the room*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.21 00:49 *Walks out with Michael* Man..
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:50 *mumers to himself* stupid Dan....
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:50 *walks out with Todd* im usually your partner anyways wanna get tacos?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:50 I'd rather have you then anyone Will. You're smart,fast,strong, etc.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:51 Whatever you want Matt.
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:52 sweet ill buy *walks out with Todd* so we have to kidnap Zack...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.21 00:53 Max the sooner you kidnap Emiily from me and Dan the better *walks out*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:54 Yeah... Poor kid.. He's really nice.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 00:54 I'll swing over tonight.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 00:54 Or never.
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:55 yeah but we dont want to upset Eric or he will tell Danielle none of us want that
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:55 *buys tacos for him and Todd gives him his* here ya go
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:56 Thanks. *Takes them*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.21 00:59 (i gtg)
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 00:59 (Ok)
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.21 16:31 *Starts eating his tacos and looks out the window*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.21 16:32 Come on Michael. Let's go.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 01:15 *goes to her house*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.24 01:15 *goes with her*
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.24 01:16 Hey, can I come?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 01:16 Sure.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 01:16 You too Emmily
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.24 01:16 Thanks.
20>Lily (kid), unknownyo.2015,Aug.24 01:17 *goes with them*
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.24 01:17 *walks alongside karen* So, you parents are okay with this?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 01:17 Yeah
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 01:17 I bring friends home all the tme
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.24 01:18 Is your house safe?\
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 01:18 Yeah, we lock the doors, and my dad has a pistol ready just incase.
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.24 01:18 Good
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 22:35 *Is running in the forest frantically has just escaped runs into Micheals house can't talk*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 22:56 *is frantically looking for micheal goes into the basement sees Sara tied up there*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 22:57 Destiny good your here you need to help me out of here fast before he comes back!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 22:58 *nods and unties her*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 22:59 *quickly puts a knife to Destinys neck and holds her arm tightly* i dont know how you escaped but im am bringing you right back *sees micheal enter the house* Dont move or she Dies!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 23:00 *looks at Micheal is crying wants to cy for help but cant talk*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 01:28 *elbows Sara in the head and knocks her out*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 01:51 *Picks her back up and ties her back up with more of the cable*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 01:52 *Looks at Destiny* Thank you.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 02:26 Still surprised that you came back.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 02:55 Still surprised that you came back.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 16:54 I'm so sorry about everything... I was going to come and save you...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 17:06 *nods slightly is very nervouse wants to tell Micheal something important but cant talk starts looking in all the cleaning cabinets and medicine cabnents in the house*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 17:08 *walks in micheals House* ok so the next step to get Destiny to safety.. *sees Destiny*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 17:10 *sees Nicolai stats freaking out looks terrified more than ever before backs up agenst a wall*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 17:11 oh right i forgot i let you go silly me now let me think why in the world would i do that?....
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 17:56 *Starts to back up too*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 17:57 *Stands near Destiny* Dude...
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.25 17:59 *Runs inside to find Michael, Destiny and Nicolai* Alright... This is strangle
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 20:01 Will you might want to leave if you know to much you will most likely end up dead this is buisess concerning Danielle and you know what happens to people who know to much *pushes him out the door and closes it* now as i was saying why would i do that?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 20:02 Destiny you might remember... oh right you cant speak now i remember i let her go so i could tell you micheal
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:01 here Destiny *throws her a bottle of liquid* this will make you be able to speak again
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 21:01 *drinks it*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 21:02 Micheal! you.. you cant let him near me again please!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:04 intresting fact She just drank a deadly poison she should be dead by now but she isnt want to know how?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 21:06 *groans slightly in pain*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:09 yes it will hurt for a while but she has been experimented on so many many many times that her body has become amunend to everything the only way to kill he would to forcabley extract her brain or heart
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:10 but she can still feel pain
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:13 i just want you to know that she will be alive when i take her that she would allways be alive and most likely in agony and you can do nothing to stop it
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:28 *Looks too confused and doesn't know what to say* This is too much for me to remember and process.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.25 21:29 So we have to get Zack right? I think I might know where he is.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:30 Dude, this is too much for me to process. She hasn't done anything wrong.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:34 i never said she did
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:35 *grabs Destinys arm* now if you dont mind we will have to be going Micheal
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 21:36 No stop it! Micheal please dont let him please *is in tears* please!!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:39 *Screams* Nicolai! Just stop ok?! How would you feel if I did it to Stefiny?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:45 Stefiny is Dead *walks out with Destiny and slams the door closed*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:46 *Stands still and shrugs*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 21:49 *Mutters* And you didn't even save her...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 23:12 *walks a few miles* all right pay up i told you he wouldn't come after you
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 23:13 *mumbbles slightly to herself gives $10 to nicolai* here... i stink at bets
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 23:15 yes you do *Chuckles slightly* ok your go whats your bet?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 23:18 wait i have to call Eric he lost the bet to *calls Eric* Yeah micheal didnt even try to save her you owe me 10 come to the park we are still doing bets its Destinys go
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 23:18 Your seriouse?! he didnt even try man! i had my money on him dang it ok meet you in 5 *walks to the park*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 23:20 oh Eric you owe me to he bought the lie he thinks i cant die... i kinda feel bad though like what would he do if he knew about the bet war?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 23:21 oh you and Sara owe me and Eric we told you we could get micheal to kidnap Sara
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 23:22 you know the rules! if you tell you owe everyone 20
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 23:23 *gives Eric and Nicolai each $5* ok my turn i bet nicolai can save Sara before Eric can no wait can convince Micheal to give Sara to him willingly first!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.25 23:24 all right i take it if i win Eric you owe us both $10
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 23:24 all right if i do it you each owe me $10
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 00:04 Deal oh and whoes house is gamecnight at this week?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 00:05 my house all right the bet is on you to will owe me soon *runs off*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 00:05 Hey headstart no fair! *runs after him*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 00:06 *starts to walk home runs right into Micheal* oh um... hi
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 00:16 *Walks away from her wearing headsets*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:17 *Overheard the whole bet thing and texts amichael about it so he knows*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:18 *Texts Michael to meet him at the park about something*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 00:19 *Runs to the park and walks with Zack back to his house*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:21 Here's what's gonna happen man, I'm gonna pretend to kill you and then go to their house.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 00:22 And try to get with Destiny, *Laughs* Please. Do that.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:35 *Makes himself look exactly like Michael*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 00:39 Hahahahahahahahaha you look just like me. Which is good.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:41 Oh, you know what will really piss her off is having another girl around? I know just the girl too
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:43 *Walks outside with Jessica having her hold his arm* *Walks to the park*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:44 Michael, that's really hurtful that your ex would just make bets.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:45 Yeah I know.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:47 I never did anything mean to her like that and then is the thanks I get.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:51 But poor Michael though... Spent all his time and money buying her stuff and then she just throws it away to make bets with friends that don't even care about him. Like really?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:52 If I was Michaels girlfriend, I would make sure I never treat him like that. I'll be his princess.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:54 Well he's pretty banged up right now. I shot him by accident and he's not doing well. Might not have long to live...
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:56 Poor kid.... I'll come over later and check on him...
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 00:59 Yeah, I'm thinking of moving him back to his old town, so I'm going over tonight to let Sara go.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:00 I'll meet up with you later. *Goes back to his house and frees Sara from the ropes* Well there you go. Have fun.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 01:02 *Picks Zack up and brings him back to his place* Alright dude.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:04 *Knocks out Michael and puts him into the car*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 01:08 *Drives Michael to the airport and gets onto one of his private jets and flys to Florida*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 01:08 *Wakes up once they land and notices that he's somewhere else*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 01:12 *Laughs* We gonna be in Florida for a while. Hopefully Destiny won't miss you.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 01:22 She probably isn't.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:24 *Makes himself look and appear like Michael*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:25 *Goes back to Michaels house*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:28 *walks to Micheal's house knocks on the door*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:29 *Gets up and answers it* Hello?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:30 Weres Micheal?
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:31 *Laughs* Gone for good. Sara also was let out too.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:32 what? what do you mean gone for good?! *looked very concerned*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:33 is he ok?! did something happen to him?
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:33 Like he's not around here anymore. He's gone away for a while. Didn't like the fact that you were making stupid bets. My good friend Jessica is with him.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:34 Yeah. He'll need pretty heavy medical equipment but he wont be alive for long.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:36 the only reason i made stupid bets was to help pay his medical bills me and Sara rigged it i was coming over to give him the money... were is he headed?
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:37 I'm not really allowed to say. He wants nothing to do with you.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:37 *Is about to close the door*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:38 *puts her foot in the door to stop it* Were is he headed Zack?!
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 01:39 *Gets close to her face and smiles* Not gonna say.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 01:43 *Goes with Will to the hotel and puts his stuff away* So we going to a party tonight man?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 01:44 Yeah man, I heard the hottest girls go.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 01:44 Sweet. *Puts a tank top on and shorts*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 01:45 *Puts on a short sleeved shirt and shorts*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:54 *walks to steffs tree and sits in it* I wish you were here Steff... you allways know what to do...
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 01:56 *Takes Michael to the party and they start dancing with girls*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 01:57 *Finds a girl that looks like Destiny and starts making out with her*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:03 *has faked her death so she could go to Florida and escape the kidnappers is at the party trips and falls on micheal* Sorry! i tripped are you *realises its micheal freezes in fear*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:04 Oh.... Hey Stef....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:05 um... hey....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:06 i didnt expect to see you here...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:09 Destiny has gone crazy making bets with Nicolai and Eric... I'm done with them.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:10 Eric? who the heck is Eric?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:12 never mind but Destiny makes bets all the time did you seriously not know about it?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:14 anyway you wont tell them will you? that im actually alive...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:14 Eh, I just didn't care to notice.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:14 No. I won't. Are you hiding from Nicolai?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:16 no im not.. he thinks im dead but thats not the reason.. its complicated
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:16 Yeah he does...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:18 i know is he taking it well or is he sulking around?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:19 He seems to be taking it alright. He was crying for a while, but not he's alright.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:19 Nobody knows I'm here.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:20 He's changed so much. Like seriously..
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:21 same here so why did you come here?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:22 Will had tickets and we came.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:23 We have an extra room if you wanna stay with us.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:23 so you just ditched Destiny
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:23 oh no i have an awesome set up i got a house of my own a really nice house
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:25 Hahahaha nice.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:25 And she'll find me sooner or later.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:26 all right when i left you and destiny were kissing every chance you got so what happened?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:27 She changed like Nicolai. She flips out every moment and it's like I don't even know her anymore.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 02:27 *Walks over* Oh hey Stefiny. How are you doing?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:28 Fine
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:29 dose she yell or run off?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 02:30 Don't bring up Stefiny fight now.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:32 its important is she playing tough or weak and helpless around you?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:35 there is alot you dont know about her and you might be in danger
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 02:35 But he doesn't want to talk about her.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:38 she is the reason i faked my death! listen is she being weak and helpless around you or tough and fending for herself?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:38 beacause one means you'll end up dead the other means your fine
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 02:40 What why?!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:42 lets just say i knew Micheal had kidnapped her when i put her in the mentel hosbitle now Micheal answer the question
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:48 well? was she playing weak and feeble like if she was getting kidnaped saying help or was she acting tough and confident and most important question was she crying around you when she knew you were around?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:48 She was crying because of Nicolai. I didn't know it was Becasue of me?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:48 She's trying to kill me?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:49 Thank god I broke up with her.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:51 You what?! oh my gosh you are dead litterally dead i advise you go right back and either make it up to her or fake your death she would never cry beacause of nicolai ever
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:52 listen if she dosent eaither see your dead body for herself or if you dont find some huge way to make it up you will be dead within the month!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 02:52 She doesn't care about me.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:55 it dosent matter if she dose or not! she is litterally void of all emotions there is a reason why she cant remember anything befor she was 14 and its not because of an amnesia potion!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:57 she mocks human behavior and trys to appear normal to everyone...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 02:58 but sometimes.. sometimes she misunderstands things on the internet or glitches...
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 02:59 *Finds Destiny and shows a picture that Will sent him of Michaels dead body with blood everywhere* He was shot and killed last night
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:01 thats photo shopped the blood splatter arangement is more like a leaking stab wound then a shot and he grew out of that shirt last year...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:01 she... she isnt exactly human
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:03 Well hes gone and isn't coming back.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:04 he will be back within the month *walks away*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:05 she was Nick's Experiment gone wrong... she is a clone incripted with technology
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:07 she was mocking human behavior and she saw a movie about a girl who killed her boyfriend when he broke up with her and her best friend after her friend got a boyfriend and started to ignor her she is mocking the charecture in the movie Micheal
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 03:08 She's....a clone?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:09 im here beacause the person she was cloned from is the only person who can shut her down so if you see someone who looks exactly like Destiny i need to know
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:11 *sees Jessica she looks exactly like Destiny* i think i found her good luck *walks over to her* hi
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:14 this is going to sound really weird but did you volunteer to be cloned last year?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:17 Yes I was why?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:19 she has gone hay wire and is tying to kill her ex boyfriend she tried to kill me but i convinced her i was dead
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:19 i need you to turn her off
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:20 Okay, how do I do that?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:22 um you have to hug her but she will avoid you or try to kill you if she sees you....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:23 hugging your own clone turns them off... permenetly *knows that Destiny will explode if Jessica hugs her but dosent want to tell her that*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:24 So then what do I do?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:26 I really don't want to die.p
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:27 um ill help you she will be preocupide with me that she wont notice you so all you have to do is go up to her and hug her and she will switch off
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:28 Okay.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:32 all right i know someone with a plane they are waiting outside
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:34 Okay, let's go
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:36 *goes to the plane with Jessica arives in the small town* ill go distact Destiny while you hug her from behind
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:37 Okay, *Hides behind a tree waiting*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:37 *runs up to Destiny* Destiny!!! someone they kidnapped me they said they faked my death! *looks like she is freaking out*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:37 *says kinda flatly* are you ok?!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:38 Yeah im so glad i could just HUG you right NOW....*chuckles slightly*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:39 are you going to tell Nicolai?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:40 *looks at Jessica but make it look like she is still looking at destiny* not right NOW sorry something is wrong with my voice...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 03:44 *Screams* Nicolai! Just stop ok?! How would you feel if I did it to Stefiny?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:46 *Runs up behind Destiny and gives her a big hug from behind*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:55 *Goes to his house and watches Tv*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 03:55 *runs as fast as she can away from Destiny*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 03:56 *Waits for something to happen8
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 03:56 *Gets shot in the chest and falls down*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 03:57 MICHAEL!! No!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:57 *explodes sending Jessica flying backwards wakes up from a terrible Dream screaming in a cold sweat on the plane with Eric from the first time*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:58 Are you ok Willow?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:01 *goes to the back room of the plane calls micheal* I had the worst dream! we broke up twice and i was a clone and i exploaded and you got shot and died! *is talking fast and crying*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:04 *Coughing up blood* I.....m......s.....o....rt..y
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:04 *walks in the back room* Willow? are you allright?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:05 *pushes Eric out of the door and locks it* Micheal you sound hurt whats wrong?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:06 *Will* He got shot.. I'm taking him to the hospital.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:06 listen dont worry about me ok? dont you even dare try to help me until you are better! i am going to call Nicolai to help you ok?/
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:07 Will? Make sure Micheal is ok!
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:07 He's with me, he's fine. We don't need Nicolai or anyone.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:07 dont let him leave until he is better! ok?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:08 I have it under cotnrol.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:08 ok *hangs up the phone*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:09 *wipes her tears and walks out of the back room*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:09 *Brings Michael to the hosptial*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:10 *Sees Michael walk into the hospital* Michael! Is that you?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:10 Yeah Liam, it is.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:11 *is crying beacause of Stefiny's Death*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:11 *Sighs* Hell be fine, but there might be some changed to his appearance.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:12 Like his hair will change color, his eye color will change and his voice might change.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:12 Willow are you ok?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:13 *A few hours pass and he goes into the mirror and notices that he know has darkish blond hair and green eyes*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:14 My name is Destiny and no i am not ok first you kidnapped me and now my boyfriend is in the hospitable beacause he was shot and my bestfriend died!
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:15 And you're name isn't Michael anymore.. It's George.l.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:16 *Looks at himself in the mirror and puts on his clothes*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:17 Now that stupid girl won't need him anymore.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:17 its going to get better i promise once you get your memorys back...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:18 I had a girlfriend? *His voice is deeper*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:18 *Laughs* No. I doubt it. He's free to go Will.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:18 *Brings Michael back to the hotel*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:19 *cuts him off is yelling* maybe i dont want my memorys back! *breaks into tears* all i want to do is go home and be with Micheal!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:20 *Goes down to the beach and jumps into the water* My name.....was Michael?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:20 now if you dont mind im going to call him again and see if he is allright
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:21 *calls Micheal* Micheal are you ok?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:21 *Picks up* oh sorry... My name is George... *Sounds a little different*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:23 *Texts Will* Make sure Destiny and Michael don't get together at all.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:23 oh *checks her phone sees it is the right number*i called micheals phone though are you a friend of his? is he ok? *sounds really concerned*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 04:23 *Texts back* Yes.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:24 Everyone is saying that my name was Michael... But then now Im called George.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:25 im sorry im kinda confused right now can i speak to michael tell him its his girlfriend if he is awake
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:26 *As Michael* Destiny... Help me... Please.... They are trying to take over me...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:27 what what do i do?! how can i help you?!!!
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 04:28 *Michael* All I can...do....is travel through....people's minds... I have no body.... They gave it to George.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:29 how can i help?!!
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:30 Find....an....empty body.....
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:30 how do i get you back in your body..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:31 find an emtey body like... like a dead guy?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:31 You....can't....it doesn't even look llike me...
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:31 Yes....
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:32 Crap.... I'm lifting again... Listen, I'm going to go into Nick...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:32 that shouldnt be hard people die every few minutes then what do i do after i find a body...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:32 no go into me i.. i can take it and i wont push you out its ok
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:32 Call Nick and tell him... *Is sent to Nicks body*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:33 *calls nick*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 04:35 I cant.. cant go into your body... i... i might hurt you... ahh im going into Zack..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:35 *calls Zack*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:36 *Feels Michael go in* What the?
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:36 *Picks up* Hello?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:37 micheal go into me ill be fine and i wont push you out you will be safe
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:37 *Jumps out of Zack and goes into Destiny*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:42 *lets micheal take over when they land runs to the nearest autopsy building there are alot of new dead people feels Micheal leave*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:43 *runs after her grabs her arm soon after micheal leaves* why on earth would you go here come on *pulls her away*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:43 *Goes inside a teen that has blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:44 *brings he to a big house*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:44 *Jogs after Eric and Destiny* Hey dude, can she can help me with my homework for a couple of hours?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:45 (Nvm that)
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:45 no, we have some important things we need to do *closes the door in his face*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:45 (nvm that)
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:47 *Wakes up and looks around* *Leaves and goes to a nearby diner*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:47 *hands her the strong memoy antidote* drink it
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:48 I told you i dont want to!
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:48 please i dont want to hurt you
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:50 *Orders some food*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:50 *nervously drinks it* Eric!!!
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:52 *Gets his food and starts eating it* What's my name again...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:52 *hugs him tightly then stops imedetly* Eric.. i cant.. i mean i promised micheal that even if i got my memorys back that i would still stay with him
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:54 im.. im sorry... *walks out goes to the dinner were micheal is sits by him* hi micheal *smiles but her eyes are sad*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:54 What's wrong? *Knows Destiny is sad*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:56 nothing im just still sad about Steff... thats all... *sounds less confident then normally*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 04:58 *feels slightly uncofertable being called Destiny she remembers everything but it feels like it was more like a bad dream than reality*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 04:59 Come on. What's wrong? You can tell me.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 05:02 *looks kinda uncofertable and shy*its in the past no need to worry about it now *smiles*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 05:03 Okay. *Smiles back*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 05:04 yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery and right now is a gift thats why its called the present *is slightly nervouse realises Desty would never say anything like that hopes he dosent notice*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 05:06 *Looks a little unsure of how Destiny is acting* *Knows something is up*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 05:24 *dosent want to stay here long its wear she grew up and she dosent want to be to sad* so when are we going home?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 14:57 Right after I pay and then we can go home.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 16:12 i cant wait *has a horrible sinking feeling in he stomach the last thing she wants to do id go back with Micheal but she made a promise and intends to keep it*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 17:40 *Looks at her* You know if you don't want to come back with me.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 17:40 You don't have to. *Looks suspicious at her*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 17:41 Because the real destiny wouldn't say things like you just did about the present.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 17:42 *Walks in and sees Michael* There you are you fool! *Jumps onto him and they both disappear*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 17:44 Well Mkchael, you didn't work out for long and I don't know what else to do with you.p
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 17:44 Well I tried to work, but nothin went well.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 18:00 *Is back at his house with Todd* Hey dude. Can you fix the cable?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 18:16 *looks pretty shocked calls Eric* someone jumped on Micheal and he literally vanished.... what.. what do i do now?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 18:17 Sure.... I'll fix it.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 18:17 i really dont know... i mean he just dissapeared how dose that happen?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 18:18 *Gets rid of his phone so destiny can't get ahold of him or anyone*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 18:18 i dont know wait.. im getting an incoming call ill call you later *answers* hello? who is this?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 18:20 *looks at the number* Zack?...
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 18:58 Heard Michael and you broke up. Not a surprise. Listen, if you want him dead just give me a heads up. *Hangs up*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 19:06 (Has Blonde hair, blue eye, wears jeans and a sweatshirt with sneakers, will be Michaels girlfriend soon)
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 19:06 *Walks over to Michaels house and knocks at his door*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 19:07 Hey there. *Smiles and let's her in*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 19:10 So that destiny girl is gone out of your life right?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 19:10 *Laughs* Yeah. I don't wanna see her here ever again
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 19:11 *Walks into the living room* Oh hey Delanie, thank god you're hear then that Destiny girl..
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 19:12 Yeah. Me too. *Smiles*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 19:14 She'll be happier with Eric anyways. I don't want someone like her anyways.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.26 19:16 *zdrives
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.26 19:16 *Drives over to Michaels house for the video game vention*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.26 19:19 *Sends a text to Will, Matt, Dan, and Zack about it*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 19:21 *Smiles and opens the door for Max*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 19:22 *Smiles and opens the door for Max*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.26 19:23 We should make bets. *Laughs* Like those dumb kids were doing.
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.26 19:23 *Picks up Will and Matt and brings them to Michaels*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.26 19:25 So I heard that there's a new girl named Delanie. Todd was telling me about it.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 19:36 *Puts a pizza in the oven and puts out some soda and chips*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.26 19:43 *Goes up to Michael and starts kissing him* I've been waiting to do that for a while.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.27 01:35 *is sitting in Stefinys old tree moping*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.27 01:37 hmm... Delanie should we kidnap her will? it might be fun she dosent look like she has been kidnapped befor
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.27 02:09 When should we?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.27 02:25 She also is Michaels new gf.
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.27 02:28 all the more reason to do it
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 02:29 *walks in has giving up being a cop walks up to Matt and Will*he got a new gf?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 02:32 it will make it 10xs easier to kidnap Destiny than...
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.27 02:33 Yeah, she got with some guy named Eric.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 02:35 *Walks in* You guys here for the video game thing?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 02:36 *Doesnt want to tell Michael that she used to be a kidnapper*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 02:40 yeah *sees Delanie knows she used to be a kidnapper worked with her for about a week but than nicolai went all "kidnapping is bad" streak*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 02:40 Hey Delanie long time no see what has it been 2 years since i last saw you right?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 02:48 Oh yeah. I've been doing good.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 02:48 How about you?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 04:04 yeah i herd micheal got a new girlfriend didn't catch her name though but who ever she is she is in for a heaping load of trouble
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.27 04:28 Oh... Yeah...
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.27 04:30 (Meant to be Delanie that said that)
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 04:53 yeah so, ae you still in the kidnapping business?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 13:44 *Smiles and nods*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 14:27 *Smiles and nods*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.27 14:28 That's cool! *Smiles*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.27 14:29 *Doesnt even look like Michael anymore* *Has reddish brown hair, green eyes, wearing a shirt with jeans and sneakers*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 14:30 *Bumps into Mike* Oh sorry there.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 17:49 there is this Girl Destiny *gives Delanie her picture* she might have changed her name but would you mind kidnapping her she is out of town and the person who noramly flys me places kinda hates me now
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 18:21 Yeah sure. But there's other things I need to do.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.27 19:10 what kind of things? maybe i can help
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.27 21:26 Personally things.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 00:12 your the one dating him arnt you? dating him is like signing up to be kidnapped it dosent matter who you ae if your dating him your going to end up in a basement so i recomend you cary a fission cord key at all times when dating him
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 03:03 Okay will do.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 06:08 ya beacause something is bound to happen something i.. dont know like.. this *knocks her out takes her fission cord key and drives to his house ties her up in his basement*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 06:09 *is also knocked out in Nicks basement because she came back to find Micheal*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 06:11 *the antidote for her past memoys only lasted temoraily so she still dosent remember anything from before the first time she was kidnapped*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 06:12 *walks upstairs and locks all his doors and windows and blocks off wills tunnels than goes to his office to read*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 06:12 (Sorry Nick meant to say that :p)
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 06:14 *sees the party at Micheal or now known as Mike's house from his tree would normally join in on the fun but is to upset to do anything like that*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 15:02 *Wakes up suddenly* *Sees another girl* Who are you?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 15:03 *Walks into town to buy some food and supplies*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 15:17 *Goes to a nearby bar with Todd, Matt, and Zack* Listen guys, I don't know what happened to Nick. He can't just be a cop and then return.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 15:18 *Meant to say diner*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 17:49 *Meant to say diner*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 18:14 *wakes up* Dang it! not again! *kicks a small pebble on the ground and it hits a pipe*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 18:25 *goes to the Bar orders a drink looks like he's been trough alot*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 20:11 *Walks into the bar and puts on a bartender suit* *Turns the TV on sports*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 20:12 *sits there dosent notice Will*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 20:14 *sees Delanie thinks* iv never seen he around before this must be the first time shes been kidnappped
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 20:21 *sits there trying to think of a way to escape while Delanie is asleep*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 20:35 *drinks his drink sees Will* hey man whats up?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 20:51 Oh hey Nick. Why are you?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 20:51 Here?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 20:52 What's going on?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 20:56 what is any reason for a man to enter a bar? *drinks some more of his drink* to get a load off
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 20:57 True, well if you need more, let me know.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 20:59 yeah
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:01 *Changes the Tv*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:01 aperantly i had a extreamely rich uncle who died and left all his money to me with... conditions...
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:03 That's good at least.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:04 the conditions are i have to continue with my medical and scientific experiments so now im back to kidnapping *says flatly* yay...
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:05 You don't want to kidnapp?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:08 its getting kinda boring and repetitive i kidnap they hate me the escape or get rescued then i have to go after them and it repeats normally i wouldnt except the money but aperantly he was nicolais legal guardian so if i dont Nicolai will be sent away
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:11 *sees Delanie starting to wake up* hey you ok?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:11 Well, I got this job to take over my expensives so I can pay for Mikes and Is apartment.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:11 But it's going well.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:12 Yeah I'm fine.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:14 dont try to struggle from the rope its fission cord and it hurts badly when it shocks you
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:15 yeah what did you use to completely change Micheal into a different person? i mean changing everything about them including there genetics is amazing how did you do it?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:16 It's not hard. *Laughs* He wanted to do it.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:16 I can change someone from a boy to girl and so one.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:17 But you have to pay me to use my stuff.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:18 gender change is easy but there basic genes and dna that make up life scientist have been tying to do that for years if you can alter dna then potentially you can potentially make life
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:19 I know this stuff. I
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:19 So it's fine
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:19 do you use a machine or a chemical formula? or what?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:19 Yeah. It's not hard for me to do it.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:20 *Laughs* It's a secret.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:20 I used it on Delanie and in a few hours she will turn from 15 to 25.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:20 you have been kidnapped here before? hmm only a few kidnappers have fission cord a friend of mine invented it about a year ago but got into the wrong hands
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:22 forced ageing?! thats incredible! do you know how much money you could make if you sold this to scientist and hosbitals?!
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:23 Yeah I know. But I choose not to because I don't need money right now.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:23 im destiny i would say its a pleasure to meet you but givin the circumstances im just going to say hi
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:24 Michael has been working with me on the ageing one.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:25 its not about the money this technology can save millions of lives! think of the possiblitys if you can alter dna you can remove cancer causing genes physical disablitys and mental ilnesses!
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:26 Yeah I know. *Smiles* I made over $15000 saving a guy with lung cancer.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:28 dude you need to release this technology to the public im serious
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:28 have you been kidnapped by Nick before?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:29 Well Mike and I are working on more stuff so not yet.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:29 I used to know Nick
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:29 We dated.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:33 But yeah, soon it will go out.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:33 hes like 25 thats pedophilia how old were you?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:34 yeah i better head home see ya late*goes outside and walks home*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:37 sorry i should ask about stuff like that my past with nick involed lots of needles and strange chemicals
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:41 i know all about bad relationships i had an awesome boyfriend he was the sweetest until he kidnapped and torched me than things went down hill long story short we arnt dating anymore
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 21:51 Bye.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:52 Yeah Mike right?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:52 And yeah, he's my boyfriend now. *Smiles*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:56 no um a guy named Micheal i don't know anyone named Mike
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 21:56 *Walks by Nicks house to Wills house*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:57 *is sitting on his front porch sees Mike* hey man whats up?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:57 Michael changed his name to Mike. He's different now.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 21:57 Going back to fix up a new thing.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 21:58 What about you?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 21:58 huh ok
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 21:58 *Scoffs* Yeah.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 21:59 i just kidnapped your girlfriend and ex girlfriend so i can keep a large sum of money so nothing new really
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 21:59 *Laughs* Alright man, I don't need them anyways.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.28 22:00 *Keeps walking and calls Will* Hey man, the new thing will be made shortly. It'll be great when we go off to Florida and get over a million dollars.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.28 22:01 Awesome dude.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:01 he is a total idiot by the way he dosent like it when you keep secrets beacause he will find them... trust me on that one
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:02 and he gave up saving people a long time ago so if you belive he is going to rescue you than keep thinking it beacasu even through he wont if you dont have hope in this situation you have nothing
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:05 Okay and I don't really care what you have to say really.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:05 *Is lying to her about being his girlfriend*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:07 ok but he is sensitive if he is hurt he will jump off the cliff near the beach so just be careful
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:07 *still has feelings for him*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:08 *walks downstairs to his basement* hey princess long time no see
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:08 Well he hasn't yet.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:09 *dosent look at Nick or say anything*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:10 oh the sighlent treatment cute so Delanie are you still that little ball of spitfire?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:12 *Laughs* Of course Nick
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:14 oh looks like someones quite happy today hmm the sunflower and the princess hmm
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:15 go back to the underworld you spawned from Nick
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:15 Yeah I'm in a great mood.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:18 oh you think so *kicks her hard and kneels down next to her* i thought i told you i hate it when you talk *stands up*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:18 *groans slightly from the pain*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:19 mind if i ask you why Delanie?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:21 Why not?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:21 Why haven't you hurt me yet? Still like me huh?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:22 *chuckles* thats cute you think i had feelings for you ill be back in a bit *walks upstairs and closes the door*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:23 *The aging drug starts working on her and she starts turning 25*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:24 he allways comes down and basically taunts his victums before he gets his before he gets his painful chemicals he uses people as lab rats
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:25 *looks at Delanie* Whoa! what the heck?!
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:26 *Laughs* Thanks to zwilliam.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:26 William.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:27 that is the fastest growthspert i have ever seen
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:28 do you um.. do that oftain?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:30 Nope. Will does a lot of this stuff.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:32 *walks downstairs with a bag of stuff* i see the growthspret Will told me about kicked in
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:37 Yeah.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:38 *injects them both with Truth Serum* you both know how truth seum works so it lasts 30minutes im going to go upstairs so there you go if you want honest answers from each other *goes upstairs*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:40 he is trying to make us hate each other this is just the beging of what he dose this is pretty mild compared to what he normally dose
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 22:44 Okay.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:50 *goes downstairs* spying on you guys is so boring you like brick walls so Intresting question who is your biggest crush at the moment?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:51 *sits uncofrtably as the pain starts to Swell up* did i ever tell you how much i hate you?!
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:52 everyday princess *winks at her*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:52 your sick you know that? you and i both know i still have feelings for michael
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:53 his name is mike now
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 22:53 I dont have feelings for mike just micheal *glares at Nick*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 22:54 *kicks her again* i still really hate your voice how about you Delanie? is the truth serum getting painful?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 23:16 Nope. It's fine.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 23:16 *Will gave her something before that is immune to pain*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 23:25 hmm your amuned.. intresting *shoots Delanies foot* you amuned to physical pain... very interesting
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.28 23:25 *smirks*all right *walks upstairs and closes the door*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 23:27 Yeah, *It heals back up*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 23:29 wow thats... thats just wow...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 23:30 you are most likely going to end up dead.... that what Nick dose when someone is ammuned to his chemicals and medicines when he is testing them
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 23:31 unless he finds some way to hurt you emotionally
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 23:31 Will wouldn't like that.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 23:31 Will would kill Nick if I died or anything bad happened to me.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 23:34 why is Will like emotionally attached to you or something?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 23:37 Will dosent tourche people he kidnapps but he never really cares if other kidnappers do to my knowlage
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 23:42 Because I'm his experiment.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.28 23:42 Will doesn't like it when other people hurt or kill me.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 00:35 *goes downstairs uses a needle to take a Sample of blood from Delanie rushes back upstairs*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 00:37 he is experimenting... he didnt bother to say anything that means he is mad... that is not good especially for us.. well me beacause you cant feel pain
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 00:41 Hahahaha he won't find anything
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 00:44 Because it's not in my blood.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 00:47 really were is it?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 00:50 *starts analyzing the blood content*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 00:50 Not in my body. He can't find it. Only ones who can are Will.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 00:51 usually everything will end up in the blood stream if its internal i it like a bracelet or something?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 00:52 so if its not in you body its external than right?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 00:55 Yeah.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 00:56 *figures out the content that made he grow starts to makes an antidote to make her 15 again*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 00:57 *goes downstairs and injects it into Delanie*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 00:57 *goes upstairs again and closes the door*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 00:58 Is that an antidote? *Laughs* It doesn't work.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 00:58 *Staye 25* He's so dumb.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 01:00 *starts to feel pain lots of pain all at once starts breathing heavily*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:02 *goes downstairs* it wasnt an anditode i conected a link between you to so she feels all the pain you were sapossed to feel right now she is experiancing all the pain you should have had at once
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 01:02 Well whatever.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:04 yeah im letting you go *knocks Delanie out drives to the park and leaves her there than drives home*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 01:04 *feels a throbbing pain in her head*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:05 *looks down from the tree he is in sees Delanie jumps down and wakes her up looks and sounds sad* hey are you ok?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 01:07 Yeah... I'm alright.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:08 *Skateboards by the door with headphones in*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:08 *Tree*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:10 *Following behind Mike skateboarding*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:10 *Sees Nicolai and Delanie, but stays away from them*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:10 *sees Mike but ignors him* Im Nicolai
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:11 *Doesn't say anything*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 01:12 I'm Delanie.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:13 my brother can be um... evil at times is.. your head ok it looks like it was hit pretty hard
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:13 *Rides down to the beach*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 01:13 Yeah I'm fine.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:13 Nick is my brother if you um didnt know i guess
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 01:14 That's cool. Will is mine.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:14 *Follows after Mike*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:14 oh i didnt know Will had a sister
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:15 *Is at the beach*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 01:16 And I didn't Todd and Mike were brothers either. And yeah...
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:16 *Sees Mike and Will coming*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:19 Hey Bro. What is up?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:19 Nothing much. Just relaxing really.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:20 yeah *gets a Texts from Nick* *-just found out Will has a sister dont know who if you find please knock he out and txt me thanks -Nick -*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:21 *knocks Delanie out and texts Nick* its Delanie the girl you just dropped off i knocked her out i am not involved though
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:22 *Sees Delanie get knocked out and runs as fast as he can* Well Nicolai, you just really made my mood go right up.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:22 *Goes right behind Will, but has no clue who Nicolai is or Delanie*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:23 *picks Delanie up brings her to his house ties her back up in the basement using a new kind a fission cod that requires a diffrent key splashes cold water on her to wake her up* the fission cord your in will kill you if you try to escape this time
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:23 if i knew you were wills sister i wouldnt have bothered letting you go
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:24 *Looks straight at Nicolai* Youre girlfriend deserved to die.. *He and Mike walk away*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:25 yeah i bet i did so what are you going to do about it cus Nick has a new base that you have no clue were it is
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:25 *Stands right in front of Mike and Will* Just leave it alone, Will.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:26 *is steaming mad from wills commet goes right up to Will and punches him hard in the face*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:26 Dont you ever! say anything like that about steff ever again!
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:26 *Laughs and kicks him hard in the stomach* Back off punk.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:28 Come on Will.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:28 Maybe she died because of your ugly face. *Follows Mike*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:28 *knocks Will out with a harrd blow to his head than walks off*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:29 *Can't get knocked out because of his medicine*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:29 *Takes Mike and Will home* God... He's so annoying.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:30 *turns around and than shoots Wills Leg looks at Mike* if you know whats good for you youll keep him and yourself away from me *walks off*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:30 He cares more about his stupid brother then people that need help.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:30 (nvm) *walks to the tree and sits in it*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:30 *Looks at Nicolai and laughs* I don't even care.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:31 *pulls out a picture off him and steff a few tears run down his face*
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:31 *Pushes Mike into a tree and he falls into a huge ditch*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:32 Hey Dan act your age. *Helps Mike out*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:33 *watches them as he is hidden in the tree thinking about how he would have helped mike if steff was here*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:34 *goes out of the basement closes the door and calls will* Hello
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:34 Look at what you did to him Will!! He doesn't even care about anyone. He's not Michael anymor!!
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:35 *Pushes Will into the ditch and picks up his phone* Nick, not right now ok.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:36 Want to know why I did it? because of the crazy psycho girl Destiny. SHE CHANGED HIM!!
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:36 Oh be quiet Will. Seriously.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:37 *Works his way out of the ditch and spits in Dans face*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:38 (Meant to be Will :D)
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:38 *Wipes the spit off and punches Will in the face* Gr..
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 01:38 *is walking sees them all fighting turns around and starts to walk away*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:39 Destiny? Who is that?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:39 *hangs up his phone* what do you mean not right now hmmph
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:39 I'm out. Mike, come home when these idiots are done. *Walks to Taco Bell*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:40 *motions to mike from the Tree to come over to the tree*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:40 I'm coming Todd. *Runs after him*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:40 Wait up Todd. *Goes over to the tree* Yes?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:40 *sighs and just sits in the tree*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:41 Destiny used to be your girlfriend
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:41 *Shrugs* Well whatever memorys Michael used to have, I don't remember them.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:42 belive it or not we used to be friends to now go scurry off with todd or what ever you do now but if you have questions you know were to find me
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:42 But anyways, hope you feel better. *Walks off after Todd*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:43 and i have an antidote *gives it to Mike* if you want it drink it if you dont than keep it with you just in case
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:43 *Turns around* I have no friends
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:43 *calls Will again* Will
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:43 *Takes it* Well ill think about it,
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:44 wrong you cant remember your friends
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:44 *Answers* What Nick? Want to ruin my life more?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:44 now go on with your life
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:44 There's something that you dont know about..
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:45 *Goes with Todd to Taco Bell*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:45 Sheesh you sound mad i wanted to ruin your life when you were happy ill call you later than *hangs up*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 01:46 *Throws Dan against a tree and goes back to his house ticked off*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:47 *looks down at dan from the tree* hey you ok?
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:48 *Looks up* Yeah, Thanks. *Walks away*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.29 01:48 *Walks into Taco Bell* *Sees Todd and Mike there* Hey losers.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:49 *walks after him* wait Dan i have some usefull information you might want
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:49 *Turns around* Huh?
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 01:49 *is eating a taco at taco bell* Hey max
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:49 Hahaha Max, youre the only loser here.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.29 01:50 *Sees Matt* Dude, go get a girlfriend.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:51 Will has a sister Nick kidnapped his sister me and you curently hate Will Nick might also hate him as well i can ask Nick to let us in on it
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 01:51 *is lying* i do have a girlfriend
12>Dan (), 27yo.2015,Aug.29 01:51 I don't hate Will. He just changed Michael to someone else.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.29 01:52 Nope. Bull.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:53 exactly he also has Destiny probably the only one who can bring Micheal back if we work with nick we both get what we want
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 01:53 yeah you dont have a girlfriend eaither frankly none of us do
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 01:53 Hahaah Matt.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.29 01:54 That Delanie girl is pretty hot.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 01:54 *Doesn't say or eat anything*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 01:55 dude that is so true she is hot
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 01:57 *walks into Taco bell sits by Mike* hey whats up?
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.29 01:57 She likes you Matt.
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 01:58 yeah right she is unatainible though
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 02:00 Uh hi.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:01 what not talking? you tuned into a diffrent person so what im still going to talk to you ignoring people is rude no matter who you are is it mike now? at least thats what i herd
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:01 hi nice start i Am Sara i wonder who you are this time
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:04 what do you like to do this time surprise me huh you must feel so awkward right now awkward is for losers so come on talk to me
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:07 *calls Will* so Will i got a new hideout and kidnapped a new kid Delanie but she grew to like 25 in like 15 seconds weird huh?
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 02:12 Um.... I don't want to talk to you Sara.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 02:12 What's the problem Nick?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:13 why you suddenly got shy or threatened by the fact that im more confident than you?
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:14 nothing just um i kidnapped you sister
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:14 Sara, get away form brother okay? Just go.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 02:15 *Looks at Sara and laughs* I don't really care what you say. I just want to have a fun lunch with my brother.
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:16 whats the matter with you Todd are you afraid im going to lower is self esteime? im just making friendly conversation
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 02:16 Okay awesome and what do you want from me?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:16 all right ill see you later *walks out of taco bell*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:17 Thank God... Mike, stay away from her.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:17 you seam unmoved by what i just said... why are you not concerned?
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 02:18 have you ever tried to keep sara away from someone or tried to avoid her? it dosent work when i was going to kidnap steff i could beacause she wouldnt move from her side its annoying
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:21 seriously no threats or anything just what do you want? you sound like you dont care about her at all
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:21 She is so annoying. I can't personally stand her.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 02:22 I'm not in a good mood right now.
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:24 so to clarify you not remotly conserned about what im going to do to her? at all?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 02:27 No man I am, but Im not wasting my time to come and save her because she doesnt have anything really big in her. Shes just like you and me.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 02:27 But anyways, have fun. *hangs up*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:28 so... if you dont care than can you tell me how to make her feel pain again ill pay you
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:31 *looks at Delanie* so you got hit in the head twice it hurts alot...
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:35 and again he hangs up on me *walks downstairs pretty mad* Your brother is the most boring thing on the planet
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 02:36 Yeah he is. But seriously i am nothing special anways.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 02:36 I honestly can feel pain. i was lying
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:38 all right *injects Destiny with something so she stops feeling Delanies pain*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:38 he acts like he dosent care about you at all
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:43 so
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:44 *injects them both with something*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:46 what is that sapossed to... *feels like she is being hurt all over all at once it is 10x worse than the truth serum pain is breathing heavy starts to cry* what...what...is....this?.....
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:48 its very painful thats what it is
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 02:50 *Is in pain, but doesnt show it*
15>Nick (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 02:51 have fun *goes upstairs and closes the door*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 02:52 h...how..are..are you..y..you not..in..in agony?...
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 03:08 Im used to pain
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 04:28 *the pain finally calms down and it isnt hurting any more* really? how come?
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 04:49 Its a long story
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 05:39 well its not like were going anywhere
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 05:41 What's your point?'
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 05:42 It's past family life.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 05:52 *Walks to where he and Destiny would hang out all the time*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 05:55 *Sits down next to Mike* You ok?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:01 *looks at them from the tree*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:03 No Todd.... I destroyed my relationship.... I'm a different person...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 06:03 I have been in this situation before and litarrly the only way to get out is if someone helps you escape or Nick let us go or we get rescued nick my friend Steffiny allways came up with the escape plans so unless you have an amazing idea that might work
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 06:03 than we are stuck in this basement
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:05 *listens to there conversation*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 06:07 *Sighs and gives him a big hug* You know.... Will might not be the smartest person I know, but before Destiny was all over Eric and it was too much for us to watch you suffer.
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.29 06:09 *Walks up behind them* Yeah Mike. We couldn't see you suffer. Even though we are kidnappers, we wouldn't kidnap you unless Todd said so.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:12 Thanks guys. *Smiles*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:22 *starts laughfing so hard he falls out of a tree* ow! *stands up* sorry do you think thats what happened?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:23 no um Eric kidnapped Destiny she ran off when she had the chance to find micheal she asked me were to find you i didnt know so she walked off and was kidnapped by Nick
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:25 Well thanks, but distance is the best thing for me right now.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:26 if you want i can give you a code that hacks into my brothers security camera to see if she still likes you
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 06:34 here *takes Mikes phone hacks into the security camera and gives it back to him* there
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 06:37 i mean Micheal used to some and rescue me he would always have the cutest smile of confidence after he would save me and literally nothing would stop him honestly he was.. is to good for me i dont even know why he put up with me for so long he is this
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 06:39 amazing person and i totally to advantage of him i should have been better to him but even after i got my old memorys back beacause i had an amnisea thing i still only loved micheal my name is actually Willow but i like being Destiny beacause thats the
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 06:42 part of my life were i met the 3 most amazing people in the universe Michael Steff and Nicolai and now beacause of me steff ended up dead Nicolai a brink wall void of emotion and Micheal he is better off without me. im a magnet for destruction
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 06:45 sorry i shouldnt talk about your boyfriend like that Delanie just dont take advantage of him like i did
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 16:01 *Laughs* We aren't actually dating. I lied about that.
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 16:02 I wanted to see how you would react if I told you that we were dating.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 16:02 *Smiles at what Destiny said about the smile thing*
14>Max (), 30yo.2015,Aug.29 16:03 *Texts Matt, Zack, and Will* You guys up for some lazer tag or bowling?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 18:57 if you want the address at were there at you know were to find me *climbs back into the tree*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 18:58 *texts back* cant im busy with stuff
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 19:00 *has kidnapped Sara* allright kid you better keep quiet beacaus you do not want my roomate todd to come down here
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:02 you know judging by the thinness of the walls and the door i would have to scream petty loud for anyone to here me when that do is shut and why would i scream in the first place? the only people around are kidnappers
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 19:04 *glares at her for a while than goes upstairs and closes the door turns on the tv looks pretty upset*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 19:13 *Goes back to the house, barges through the door* *Doesn't even look at Matt*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:16 *Is tied up in Todds car, trying to break out*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 19:17 *Walks back and sees Ashley tied up in the car* *Knows that he would be in trouble if he saved her*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 19:39 Whoa! Todd whats going on?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 19:57 *has a jug of milk is walking home from the store sees Ashley struggling and Mike standing there drops the milk opens the trunk unties Ashley grabs her hand* Run!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 19:58 *runs to his dusty house and unlocks the door locks it when him and Ashley are safe inside* are you ok?
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 20:02 *Looks at Nicolai* He was going to help me.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 20:03 Nothing Matt of your concern.... It
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 20:03 Nothing Matt of your concern.... It's things to do with Mike...
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 20:05 im sorry you were tied up in the back of a trunk and attempting to break out do you want me to apologs for trying to save you?
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 20:05 all right than
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 20:05 No thanks..
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 20:07 If you have anyone kidnapped at the moment, keep them quiet alright.. I'm really not in the mood
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 20:07 all right than and i repeat are you ok?
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 20:07 *Walks by and sees Mike* *Knocks him out and puts him on a plane to Florida*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 20:08 dont worry they dont like yelling...
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 20:08 Yeah I'll be fine.
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 20:09 Okay.. *Goes upstairs to his bedroom and brings a slice of pizza with him*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 20:09 ok im Nicolai and you are?
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 20:10 Ashley.
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.29 20:10 *Smiles and laughs* I'm going to get a lot of money from you Mike.
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 20:11 Ashley, my bad.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 20:11 nice to meet you i havent seen you around here are you new to this town?
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 20:16 *kicks a pipe repeatedly so it makes a loud banging sound*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 20:57 *goes downstairs* what did i tell you about being quiet?!!
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 20:58 well im board and have nothing to do so im going to continue banging this pipe
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 21:00 no! just dont ugh! *is frusterated dosent know what to do goes upstairs and closes the door turns up the volume on the tv to drowned out the banging*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 21:14 *Comes downstairs and gets something to drink*
2>Sara (), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 21:20 *continues banging the pipe*
7>Xero (kid), 12yo.2015,Aug.29 21:20 *is mumbling slightly to himself*
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.29 21:48 *Doesn't pay attention to the banging*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.29 22:14 *Turns on the tv and looks really depressed and unhappy*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 22:15 Yeah I'm new around here.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 22:43 well let me give you some advice run. run as fa away from this town as you can ok? 9 ot of 10 of the people here are kidnappers but usually they stay within the city limits
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 22:45 every kid in this town has either been kidnapped multiply times or is currently being help captive
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 23:19 Well I came here looking for someone.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 23:34 who?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.29 23:37 i know were everyone in this town lives so finding someone will be very easy
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 00:06 (Joshua age 17 has black hair and brown eyes is very talented in robotics is tall and strong dosent kidnap for money but kidnaps for his own pleaser)
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 00:08 *has kidnapped Stefany and then faked her death so no one would come looking for her lives outside of town in the forest*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 00:14 awa
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 00:21 i dont know anyone named awa
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 00:28
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 00:28 so if you head north into the forest and fallow the river that is the safest way out of town go to the highway and go two towns over and youll be safe do not what ever you do do not exit by going though the park thats were they all hang out
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 00:33 *is blindfolded and tied up woke up yesterday hasent head anyone or have anything to eat or drink has stopped screaming for help a few hours ago*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 00:44 *is at the store buying gochries he rarely comes into town so he dosent recognise anyone*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.30 00:51 *He and Mike arrive in Flordia*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.30 00:51 *Florida*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 00:56 *taps his foot waiting for Ashley to say something*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:01 *accidentally bumps into Will at the store* sorry i wasnt looking were i was going my apologies *walks past him*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:12 Okay whatever
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 01:13 I came looking for Mike.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 01:14 oh he lives with Will have the times and Todd the other half they live by the park house 156 and 342
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:19 *a picture of Steffiny falls from his pocket as he is walking away from Will dosent realize it*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:30 *Walks by and then sees the picture*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:30 Huh?
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:30 *is looking at the ingrediants in a bag of chips*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:42 *notices he dropped the picture picks it up and puts it back in his pocket*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:45 *Looks at Josh and thinks" Stefiny isn't really dead*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 01:46 *Goes back to where Nicolai is*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 01:50 *is sitting in his tree beacause Ashley left his house*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 01:51 *sighs* what do you want Will?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:02 So I was in the store shopping and this kid that looks a little like me drop a picture and you won't believe who it was, *Pulls out his phone and pulls up his pictures and shows him the one with Stefiny*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:05 yeah thats the picture of her in the hospitable they day she died are you tryring to irtate me?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:05 I have no clue how he has that picture, but I saw it.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:05 But look at it more closely.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:05 Well whatever man.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:06 it was in the local news paper will! *the date on the photo is wrong it says it was taken a day after she died and it shows her smiling in bed*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:08 *looks at it more closely sees that its Joshua sitting by her not him and steffiny is smiling but there is terror behind her eyes* wait the date its wrong...
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:09 yeah.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:10 I don't think she really is dead man.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:11 *basically jumps out of the tree* do you have any idea were she might be?!
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:12 *walks home and puts his food away*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:13 I overheard the clerk say a name, I think Joshua*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:13 But since if I'm right, you have to save my sister and Destiny, ok?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:15 If your right and why would you want to save Destiny i thought you wanted to keep her away from mike
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:16 Well I want to save Mike and bring him back.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:17 after you worked so hard to change him? you are very confusing but fine if stefiny is alive then i will save them
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:18 *goes fo a walk in the forest sees Ashley quickly grabs her and knocks her out with chloroform*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:18 *ties her up next to stefiny but dosent say anything*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:19 *blindfolds her as well then walks upstairs and closes the door*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:20 Well the problem is that what I did to him to change him might kill him in a few months so if Destiny can help save him then do it.
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:20 *noticess he forgot to buy something at the store locks his house and walks though the park*
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:21 *sees Joshua* Will is that him?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:25 Yeah that's him.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:25 I should go before this gets ugly.
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:25 allright you knock him out and find out were steffiny is and ill get destiny and your sister
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:26 ill meet you at your house with them in about 2 hours
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:31 *runs off*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:31 You want me to bring him back to my place>
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:31 *sees Will coming towards him* hi
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:31 Hey man, what's up?
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 02:32 *yells* Yes! *continues running*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:32 just going for a walk how about you?
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:35 i forgot to buy something at the store so yeah
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:36 i should better get going *walks past will*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:41 *Knocks him out and brings him back to his house and ties him up in a room with no windows and no way to escape*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:42 *after a while wakes up* man if you hold this big of a grudge for someone bumping into you than you are not going far in life
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:44 *winces slightly at the pain in his head*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:48 It's not that man
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:48 It's something else.
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:53 *sighs* then can you hurry it up i have things to do
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 02:58 this is not amusing so please untie me
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 03:04 No, youll have to wait. Now where is Stefiny.
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 03:06 um are you tlking about that dead girl in the newspaper?
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 03:07 i asume she is underground
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 03:18 I know shes not dead, I saw the picture and how the dates are different. Shes alive
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 04:04 you mean my social experiment? i am doing a report on how we dont notice small details it was one of my examples
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 04:05 Yeah definitely
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 04:05 *Knows hes lying*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 04:06 fo my school report i am doing it on how paying attention to small details can help us know if something is fake or real in newspapers and other things people see or read!
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 04:07 you could have just asked about the photo instead of kidnapping me now can you please untie me?!
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 04:20 No, Ill have to find her a hard way.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 04:20 But I wilk
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 06:04 all right you got me but something interesting she hasent had anything to eat or drink in two days if she dosent get something soon in two days shell be dead and im the only one who knows wee she is frankly you dont even know were to start looking
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 06:06 beacause you and i both know im not from here and im big citys if you break into every house that has lights off your going to get arrested so i know youll be fine with letting her die but Nicolai wont this is my way at getting back at him
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 06:09 and frankly its working out great beacause he dosent know who i am and if steffiny is dead then you can sure bet that it wont be a happy experiance for you so you can let me go and say i escaped or that you used truth serum and i was just a scared kid so
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 06:10 you let me go and Nicolai wont hold anything agenst you youll be happy and he will continue to do his pathetic moping and were all happy
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 06:51 *Laughs* You want know what happened to the last kid I let escape.
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 07:01 i really dont care just untie me
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 07:44 listen if you let me go ill help you with what ever you have Nicolai doing
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 07:45 except i can probably do it better than him
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 15:03 Just shut up please. You're giving me a headache. *Injects him with Truth serum* Hopefully you know how this works.
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 21:23 yeah i know it so well that it dosent have an effect on my beacause the pain is physiological and i know how to block it out
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 21:58 so you can eaither wast your time asking questions i wont answer or let me go
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 22:08 It's funny that I think Ive seen you before because one of my buddies has a house right by yours. so let me just give him a quick call.
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.30 22:11 (Has darkish red hair, blueish green eyes, tall, wears a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. Knows Joshua, but isn't friendly towards him at all)
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 22:11 wee i live and were i keep the people i kidnap are 2 separate locations
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 22:13 any smart kidnapper knows not to keep his captives in his house so we now know were your level of intelligents lies
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 22:16 but you can call him if it makes you feel better
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 22:21 *walks into Will's house with Destiny and Delanie* Will do you know were Steff is yet?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 22:37 *scowls at Nicolai* You using me as a buisness tansaction!
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 22:46 Steffiny will be dead by tomarrow if you dont let me go she is on the verge of dieing and truth serum dosent work on me so keep me here as long as you want but stefiny will end up dead if im kept here for long
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 22:57 let him go Will....
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:28 Delanie! Are you ok? *Lets Joshua go*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.30 23:28 Yea I'm fine Will. *Hugs you*
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.30 23:29 But Mike... he's going to Florida with Zack... He's going to be dead...
18>Todd (), 26yo.2015,Aug.30 23:29 *Walks into Wills house* Florida?!!! Why?!!
3>Delanie (), 15yo.2015,Aug.30 23:30 Will knows some people that want Mikes genes and they might inject him with something that could kill him.. Zacks getting over $15000
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:31 wait there going to kill micheal?!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 23:33 *unties Joshua so that Steffiny wont end up dead*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:33 *runs off*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:40 Yes, tomorrow... Michael will be dead..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:42 is there anything we can do about it?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:42 I don't know... But unless you can get to Florida and rescue him..
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:44 He'll be dead.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:44 me?! how am i sapossed to rescue him he dosent even know me anymore!
1>Nicolai (), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 23:45 actually i hacked into nicks suicruity camera so he was kinda spying on you for a while...
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:46 You are the key to his heart Destiny, he loves you and you love him.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:46 that.. thats creepy but fine were do we get a plane?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:46 I made a mistake testing on him and I changed him, but he remembers who you are.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:47 nicolais thing was creepy not not yours will
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:47 ok were do we get the plane?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:47 And he loves you Destiny. If you love him, go rescue him.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:48 I have a plane under my name, just tell them your a friend of mine.
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:48 Bring someone with you.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:48 How can i get to florida without a plane! its not like we have a flying droid!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:48 ok thank you
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:49 No problem.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:49 um Will i guess you should come i guess
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:50 *Sighs* Alright.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:51 right lets go *rushes to the airport and gets on the plane*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:52 *goes downstairs to were Ashley and Steffiny are is holding a glass of water*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:53 *Gets into the passengers seat and flys the plane to Flordia*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:54 *Wakes up and turns on her watch*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:54 *gets out when they land* ok were would Zack take him?
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:56 *Gets on a bus to the science corp*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:57 *hands Steffiny the glass of water* you two are aposlutely butiful i bet you would be even moe lovely if i could see your eye but i prefer to keep you blindfolded
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:57 *goes with Will*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 23:57 *Is locked in a cage, starving and thirsty*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.30 23:58 *Is locked in a cage, starving and thirsty*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:58 *when he tied there hands he did it so there hands wee tied infront of them with fission cord around a poll*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.30 23:59 (ignore that comment then) *hands Destiny a nametag* Put that on and you can get in.
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 23:59 *quickly gulps down the water without hesitation*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:00 ok *puts it on*
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.31 00:00 *Goes to Mikes cage* Good new kid, you're going to be tested on earlier. *Takes him out of the cage and ties him up tightly on a table*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 00:01 oh you to rather be sighlent thats rather boring isnt it?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:02 *walks in rather quickly* Stop!
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:03 you cant experiment on him he has recently had a large quantity of chemicals injected into him so it will ruin the results of the experiment
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.31 00:04 Hahahha don't lie kid.
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.31 00:04 And who are you exactly?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:05 *hopes he believes her excuse*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:06 (nvm) i am a very important person and i do this alot *elbows him in the nose wich breaks it its quite painful*
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.31 00:06 *Falls down and holds his nose*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:07 *kicks him in the stomach so he falls then gives him a hard blow to the head to knock him out*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:08 *unties Mike* are you ok?!
6>Frank (Kidnapper), 23yo.2015,Aug.31 00:08 *Gets knocked out*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 00:08 *Spits out some green stuff* I'll be fine..
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 00:09 Oh crap... That's not good..
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 00:10 *Pulls something out and puts it into him*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:11 all right lets get you some help back home
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:11 *is concerned dosent know if Mike will be all right*
13>William (), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 00:13 Hell be fine.
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 00:13 *Looks at Destiny and Will*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:13 *nods* ok lets get him home
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:14 *looks at mike* your going to be fine your safe now
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 00:14 *Follows after them and gets on Wills plane* *Sees Zack there*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.31 00:15 You think you're going to escape huh Mike>
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.31 00:15 ?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:16 *glares at Zack*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.31 00:16 *Smiles at them all* Ah Will, youre siding with kids now huh?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:16 *pushes Zack off the plane*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.31 00:17 *Sees Destiny* Remember back when I had to save Michael?
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:17 *slams the plane door shut*
16>Zack (), 15yo.2015,Aug.31 00:17 *Gets up quickly*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 00:18 *Lays down on one of the chairs, coughing in pain*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:18 *stands in front of the closed door*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:19 its ok were going to get you help soon
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 00:20 *Nods and smiles a little*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:21 *sits down next to mike after the plane takes off*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 00:24 *smiles slightly* usually its you who saves me
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 01:55 I got kidnapped... I couldn't..
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 02:01 i know *smiles* i should save you more oftain
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 02:04 know i know Stefinys name but what is your name? *slightly nudges Ashley with his foot*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 02:27 *Smild back* Yeah...
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 02:48 *smiles*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 02:49 oh steffiny isnt dead someone faked her death to kidnap her but we dont know were she is being held captive
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 03:29 Yeah I heard. *Smiles*
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 03:33 herd from who?
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 03:40 come on no need to by shy tell me your name *nudge Ashley with his foot again waiting for her to respond*
11>Ryan (Kid), 16yo.2015,Aug.31 03:41 Will.
5>Destiny (), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 03:42 *nods slightly*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 03:42 Ashely.
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 03:43 there you go that wasnt so hard now was it?
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 03:47 now i enjoy a good conversation so how are you doing Ashley?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 03:51 *is very scared the last kidnapper who was "nice" was metely unstable and threw her off a cliff*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 03:54 Okay. I'm fine.
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 04:00 well Stefiny is quite terrified do you want to ask her why? *takes off both there blindfolds and sits back down on his Chair*
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 04:05 Okay, why are you scared?
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 04:07 *looks around sees the room is really nice with white carpeting and nice paintings is slightly confused by this*
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 04:09 *dosent say anything*
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 04:11 go on answer he question dont be rude
4>Stefiny (kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 04:13 *says quietly and slightly shakely* i. i dont know... whats.. whats...going to..h..happen
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 04:15 whats your opinion on this Ashley
17>Ashley (Kid), 14yo.2015,Aug.31 04:20 Umm... I don't really know....
19>Joshua (Kidnapper), 17yo.2015,Aug.31 04:22 do you like the room?