" Medieval Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
Millions of people are fascinated with the medieval world, from the arts, to the developments in technology, the lifestyle, and more. This is a roleplay designed for all of that. From village celebrations, to the Crusades and Black Death, Medieval Roleplay has it all.
Enter Williamshire, a (fictional) town on the east coast of England. It's ruled by King William and Queen Aldreda. The city has seen better days, as William is a ruthless king, always creating some sort of problem in the town. Through all of the pilgrimages, travels, and plain old daily life, will the citizens stand a chance in Williamshire?

1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:17 Welcome back to Medieval Roleplay! This club was on the Thematic Clubs, but was closed later on due to lack of popularity.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:18 Medieval Roleplay is back though, with better features and more fun guaranteed.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:18 A few rules to go over:
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:20 1. Absolutely NO magical people, with NO magical powers whatsoever, unless you want to be a fortune teller or someone sort of crazy. This roleplay is going to stay as realistic as possible.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:20 2. You can make any character you want, just as long as it is appropriate. Animals won't be accepted.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:21 Any innapropriate characters will be immediately deleted.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:21 3. If you're going to join, it's preferred that you know a good amount of medieval history.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:22 4. Arguing and bullying won't be tolerated on here.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:24 5. Keep a fair amount of characters. Don't take 10 characters or more. Just so everyone else has a chance.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:24 6. Have fun! That's the whole point of this roleplay.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 02:25 By the way, Queen Aldreda is avalible if anyone would like to be her.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 02:34 (Elinora is the daughter of William and Aldreda. She has brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. Wears a green dress usually. Would like to venture out of the castle instead of going by the king and queen's rules.)
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Aug.29 02:39 (Rowan is a minstrel who plays on the street with some other musicians. Has brown hair in a page boy cut and blue eyes. Wears a peasant outfit. Plays a recorder-like instrument.)
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Aug.29 02:41 (Sybil is the daughter of William and Aldreda and their oldest daughter. She has red hair and a green dress. Is always bragging about herself being heir to the throne and all, and she has evil plans to overthrow her own family.)
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:13 (Ann lives in the town and is the daughter of a merchant. She is twelve years old)
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:14 (I'm ten, but my character's twelve. May I do this role-play anyway? I'll be eleven soon)
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Aug.29 03:14 (I may or may not decide to be Aldreda)
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:06 (Hi! You're allowed to join this roleplay.)
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Aug.29 04:33 (Hazel is a villager living in Willamshire. She lives above a shop which her family owns. She has long, wavy blond hair and blue eyes, and is wearing a white blouse with a vest and skirt. A hard worker, and always tries to wander away from town.)
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Aug.29 04:38 (Leo is a peasant working for King William. He's originally from Ireland, but was brought over and seperated from his family. He's a hard worker, hates his job, would rather be free, and often trying to rebel against the king. Has red hair and hazel eyes.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:39 Ok, I think we're ready to begin! Newcomers: If you'd like to join, just read everything at the top and I'll inform you on the rest.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:40 -PREFACE-
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:41 *it is years before his children have entered the world* *is watching a town outbreak from his balcony* *Aldreda comes beside him* Willam my dear...what is the matter?
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:42 *sighs, not turning around* The down is a complete disaster. Peasant outbreaks....people dying.....children scouring the streets for food...
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:42 *town
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:43 Aldreda: We've tried everything. It never works. William: *mutters:* I've been too soft on them.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:45 Aldreda: What shall we do? William: add walls to the city, so no one will enter. Burn peasants at the stake if they disobey. Executions. Order. It's the only way the town will survive. Aldreda: I suppose you're right.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:46 -YEARS LATER-
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Aug.29 04:47 *it is a typical day in Williamshire* *people pulling carts, dogs digging around for food on the streets, voices singing in the local church*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Aug.29 04:48 *is playing a tune on his instrument* *some people come by and watch briefly, or simply just pass by*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 04:49 *watches Rowan, having not heard much music other than the chants at the local cathedral* *drops a coin in a sack of money*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Aug.29 04:49 *has been up since dawn sowing the fields with other peasants* *still can't seem to get over the execution of a fellow peasant that happened the day before*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Aug.29 04:50 *looks up at the wall surrounding the city* *says to another peasant:* I wonder what's beyond that. Peasant: We'll never know, will we? Leo: I'll find out soon enough. Peasant: You and your silly dreams.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Aug.29 04:50 *laughs and goes back to sowing*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Aug.29 04:51 *is getting some water from the well* *stops to watch Rowan play, but doesn't stay long* *drops a coin in his sack*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Aug.29 04:51 *finishes his song* *looks up at Elinora* Thank you for the money! *beams* No one ever cares about this music I perform...your gracious donation shall bring me a loaf of bread for supper!
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Aug.29 04:52 *yells at Hazel* I hope you come back again sometime soon!!
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Aug.29 04:53 *runs to the well, buckets slung over shoulders* *gets to the well, which is a good viewpoint away from the castle* *looks at the castle and sees the peasants working* *swears she can see William watching from a high tower*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 04:53 *goes back to the castle* *sneaks upstairs into one of the rooms to hang up her cloak* *sees Sybil sitting at a vanity table, adjusting a rather large crown to her head*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Aug.29 04:55 Oh, hello sister. Where were you at? Elinora: The market. Sybil: Oh, yes. Well I'm sure your wondering why I'm fitting this crown on.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 04:56 *hangs her cloak up* I know, your coronation is coming up. *mutters* I'm surprised father hasn't married you already.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 04:57 ("Married you" as in found a match for you.)
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Aug.29 04:59 Don't worry. *smiles smugly to herself in the mirror* I've persuaded father to find me a perfect match- all in good time.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:00 *seems disgusted at the possibility of a coronation and wedding* Good luck. *grabs her cloak again* *goes outside and to the market*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:03 *walks around the village, looking for a trading stand*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:09  Buying Bread (x 1)  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:09  Buying Vegetables (bundle) (x 1)  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:10 *puts her food in a sack* *sits down at the side of the street and tears some pieces of bread apart* *is about to eat it* *sees some peseant children watching her with envy*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:11 Hello....you can have some if you want...*beckons the kids over and gives them the bread-8
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:11 *
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.29 05:12 *
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Aug.29 21:40 Samantha has long, straight red hair and green eyes. She wears a simple green dress and wants to be a traveler, writing about the world and collecting plants. Such behavior is considered unladylike, making her very mad.
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Aug.30 09:50 Samantha sighs. "I wish King William would allow me to leave the kingdom. I want to see the world, write about it, have adventures, collecting interesting and beautiful things from other places…" *sighs*
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Aug.30 09:53  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Boat  
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Aug.30 14:55 *hates the fact that King William has so much money and power, and her poor peasant family and neighbors have nothing
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Aug.30 15:22  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Dagger  
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Aug.31 03:46  Buying Bread (x 1)  
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Aug.31 03:46 *sits down and eats pretty stale bread*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.31 03:47  Giving Bread (x 1) to Avery  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.31 03:47  Giving Vegetables (bundle) (x 1) to Avery  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.31 03:47 You can have my food....i would rather have you eat it than myself.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Aug.31 03:47 *I
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:14 [Hi! It's me, Brunnhilde! I'll be Raven again, but this time, she won't be a sorceress, although she is destined to be a fortune teller with some magical powers or something medieval like that.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:15 [Raven:Black leotard (occasionally a black dress instead if her parents force her to wear it), indigo cloak, black, short hair, violet-blue eyes. Has pale skin and wears an indigo belt. Wears indigo shoes, too.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:15 [She often hides in her room and prefers to be alone. She has always wished to leave the castle, and knows somewhat that she has some magic powers related to fortune telling.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:16 [She also knows that if King William ever finds out about her powers, she will never be let out of the castle again, hence why she prefers to be alone. Is crabby, quiet, and keeps her emotions hidden.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:17 [Although you said no magic, I'll stick with the fortune telling part somewhat, which allows her to occasionally read the emotions (Empathy) of others by accident, as well as even occasionally what others are thinking. And, of course, she can see the
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:18 future. But mostly by accident-she has no power over her abilities yet.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:18 [I guess that makes her a future fortune teller, as well as somewhat crazy. XD]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:19  Buying Chess board (x 1)  
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:19  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:20  Buying Book (x 15)  
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:21  Buying Medieval dress-girls (x 1)  [Note that Raven only occasionally wears her dress.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:21  Buying Shoes (any style) (x 1)  
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:22  Buying Exotic fruits (x 4)  
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 05:22  Buying Horse (x 1)  
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Sep.2 15:20 Samantha has secretly always wanted to be a knight and travel around the world protecting the kingdom. She has been training for years. *goes to the castle an requests an audience with King William* "Your Highness, I'd like to become a knight"
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 23:06 [A quick summary of Raven's abilities:She can see into the future and do fortune telling stuff, and has been really good at chess and cards due to that. Her abilities to see ahead really far also allow her to "see" (or sense) others' emotions (Empathy).]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 23:07 [I'll drop out the mind-reading part and just stick with fortune telling and occasionally empathy.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.2 23:08 *walks through the castle**peers through a crack in a door and sees Samantha talking with King William**sighs drearily and starts heading upstairs towards her room*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.3 03:24 *turns around and sees Raven* *says with disgust* Oh. Hello...
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 03:28 *turns to Samantha* Are you insane? Of course not. Aldreda: William, not so harsh....William:*grunts and walks out of the room*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 03:28  Buying Fruits (bundle of 20 (x 3)  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 03:28  Buying Vegetables (bundle) (x 3)  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 03:29  Buying Bread (x 5)  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 03:30 *leaves the castle and marches over to the peasants* *overlooks their work with a snotty face*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 03:32 *there is a moment of silence* Alright. You are excused from sowing. *some more peasants are dragging heavy sacks over* Now carry these into town, 2 at a time. They are to be delivered to the market square.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 03:32 *marches back to the castle*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 03:33 [HEY!!!!]
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 03:34 *he and the other peasants just stare at the leather sacks blankly* Peasant: How many are there?.....Peasant: Over a hundred, perhaps.
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 03:35 *sees Sybil**says darkly* Hi, Sybil.
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 03:37 [Want to hear some good news? :D]
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 03:39 (Yeah!)
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 03:44 *tugs a heavy sack out towards the gate to town*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 03:44 *watches a peasant kid fall over*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 03:46 *carries several sacks to the market* *a girl falls to the ground and is trampled on, and has probably died* *feels really bad, but it is typical peasant stuff*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 03:47 (Wow, cool!)
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 03:47 (Great! You'll be able to recap all of your favorite episodes whenever!! Awesome!)
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 03:48 *trips over some gravel* *manages to keep going*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 03:51 [Yep!! :D I'll be able to watch every single episode that was ever out there, without Youtube!]
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 03:51 (Oops, nevermind the messages as Hazel. She's a villager. )
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 03:52 [Thea:Looks a lot like Terra, except she (reluctantly) wears a yellow-and-black medieval dress. She normally likes wearing men's clothes-a long-sleeved black shirt, a brown belt, brown shoes, and brown shorts.]
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 03:52 *watches some weaker peasants struggle to carry the sacks* *puts down his flute and stuff and starts helping*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 03:53 [She has secretly been wanting to rebel and defeat King William, as well as destroy the Princesses and the Queen (which will somewhat form a future rivalry between Raven and Thea).]
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 03:53 *trips over a piece of rotted meat that was thrown on the streets* *can see the market square not too far away, but it feels like it's a few hours away*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 03:53 *she has been forced to wear her dress**grumpily drags sacks around, shooting nasty looks at King William*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 03:55 *yells* I'M GOING TO FIND A CART!!!! *puts down the sacks and runs to the nearest store*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 03:56 *goes to Hazel's store* Do you have any carts or wagons for sale?
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 03:57 Well....let me ask father. *dissapears in the back room*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 03:58 *comes behind Rowan and sets his sacks down* *mutters:* Hurry up, if I'm caught by a lord or lady I'll be sentenced to death!
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 03:59 I am waiting!! Give me anything at all! I need to trade.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:00 *screams:* I have nothing to give! Nothing! I am a peasant, and I work at the castle!
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:00 *comes back out* We may have some in the fields, near the well-*catches Leo's eye*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:01 So be it. I'll just use the money that I have. *dumps a small pile of coins into his hand*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:03 *looks at Hazel for a long time* Someone will have to get the cart for me. If I get caught-Hazel: I'll-I'll go and get it. *runs off*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:04 Please- hurry!! *can hear a scream of agony coming from a peasant*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:05 *runs at top speed towards the cart* *grabs the cart , getting a splinter in the process* *doesn't care and drags the cart full speed ahead into town*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:07 *finishes dragging some sacks over to the market square**finally has had enough**marches up angrily to King William himself&
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:07 **
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:08 *grabs onto the edge of the cart*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:08 *bumps into people along the way* *finally gets the cart over to Rowan*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:08 Why do you have to do this? Why can't you just get your own servants to bring over some mules, haul the sacks onto the mules, and guide them into the market? Or do you think US PEASANTS are equivalent to mules?!
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 04:10 *looks at Thea for a really long time without saying anything* *finally laughs a little*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:10  Buying Cart (x 1)  
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:11 *drives the cart very recklessly throughout the market, Leo holding on for dear life*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 04:11 What makes you think you can do better than I? You're only a peasant. You're supposed to work for me.
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:12 Well, if you're the king, why don't you help us? *sounds really defiant and not sorry or desperate at all*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 04:13 I'm not supposed to help you. You're supposed to help me, because you are a peasant!
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:14 *the cart arrives where the peasants are* LOAD UP THIS CART, NOW!!! *throws several sacks into the cart*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:14 But- *Raven suddenly comes out of nowhere and comes up beside the king* Raven:Get back to work. You're not helping.
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:15 *glares at Raven* And who are you to talk, Gothy Girl? Raven:*for a moment her eyes grow wide from being hurt, but she quickly reverts to being neutral* Go.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:15 *ducks behind some extra crates, hoping not to be seen by the king or any of the lords/ladies*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.3 04:16 Yes. Go. *suddenly roars* GOOOO!!!!
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:16 Come on everyone, load it in! *the peasants are pretty slow, but are working the fastest they can*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:17 *pretty soon, the cart is filled* *gets the cart going after a little while, then drives it as fast as possible to the market*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:17 FINE. *turns and starts walking away, but as she does she picks up a rock, turns around, and throws it at the king, hitting him in the head**then she turns and runs to the other peasants*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.3 04:18 Random Peasant:Where were you? *looks angry* Thea:Teaching the king a lesson. Random Peasant:You should stop being so rebellious. There's nothing you can do. Thea:*mutters* That's what everyone says...
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:18 *is waiting there for Rowan, ready to help unload*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:19 Peasant: Someday, we'll get a chance.
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:19 *walks away and goes into the castle**starts heading upstairs into her room, only to bump into Elinora*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 04:20 Oh- sorry. *starts walking downstairs*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:20 *comes back with an empty cart* START LOADING AGAIN!!!
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:22 *Thea and Co. load up the cart*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:22 *suddenly she speaks without looking back at Elinora* Elinora? *secretly inside she is feeling pain*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:22 *works hard to load everything in* *feels really guilty for using a cart, but feels almost rebellious and happy about it* *mutters:** It's time we show the king a lesson...
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 04:23 *turns around* Yes?
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:23 *she has realized how much some of the citizens hate her, the other heirs, the king, and the queen**she wishes she could speak out and change everything, but she knows that King William has power over her and bad things could happen*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:24 *takes out a book about an ancient rebellion against an evil king-one of her very favorite books* Here. You can have this. *turns around and hands it to Elinora*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:24 One cart makes light work...*smiles broadly*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:24  Giving Book (x 1) to Elinora  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 04:24 Oh...*looks sort of confused* Thank you. *walks upstairs*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:24 You can keep it. You may...change after reading it. *then she goes upstairs and hides in her room*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:25 Thank you for helping us. We've been working tirelessly day and night, and I think...well....*smiles a little* we could really rebel against the king.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:26 Pesant: Maybe our working days will be over.
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:26 It's my pleasure. *drives the cart back into the market*
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:28 (Hi!)
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:28 [Hi Leetka!]
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:28 (Hi!)
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:29 *hides in her room and goes into a special meditating mode**sees a dark, strange future ahead, but she can't see it very clearly*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:30 *drives the cart back into the square* *the last of the sacks are loaded on*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.3 04:30 *sits on the back of the cart, living the life* *doesn't care if he's seen by a royal or not*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 04:30 *tosses the book on her bed* Sybil: Ah, I never thought you were into literature...which one is this? *holds up the book*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:31 *greets Rowan back at the market square* I'm glad I could be of assistance. Here, take this.
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.3 04:31 *frowns* Who gave you this rubbish?! It shouldn't even be allowed in our home.
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:31 *gives bread to Rowan*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Sep.3 04:32 *grins at Hazel* Thank you!
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:32 (Will you be on Opera RP too, Brunny?)
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.3 04:32 *snatches the book and tosses it somewhere* *lies* I'll get rid of it sometime.
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:33 (I'll be here, Movie RP, Lily and the town of Wemm, and Opera RP)
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:33 (What's happening in the game right now? I don't usually come on here)
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Sep.3 04:34 (Gtg, bye! Be on tomorrow, same times!)
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:35 [I'll be on Opera RP and here.]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:35 [Aw, bye!]
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.3 04:35 [I'll just be on Opera RP now, OK Leetka?]
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.5 02:44 Ah, yes. I forgot to remind you that my coronation is next week.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.5 02:44 *is really surprised* Oh...okay. That will be exciting.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.5 02:45 I better be off now...goodbye...*stumbles away, making a quick escape*
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:31  Buying Medieval dress-girls (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:31  Buying Vegetables (bundle) (x 10)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:31  Buying Water (x 100)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:32  Buying Farm animals (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:32  Buying Farm (original) (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:32  Buying Farming tools (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:33  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:34 (Clove lives with her aunt on their farm. Orphaned at a young age, she was just sent to live with her aunt and uncle on the farm. She works hard, but her head is in the clouds)
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:34  Buying Book (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:35  Secret message to King William  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:37  Buying Shoes (any style) (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 09:38 (Clove wears blue dresses that go to her ankles. She has green eyes and brown hair in a body wave down her back. She is naturally pretty, but very shy.)
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.6 18:23 (Clove wears blue dresses that go to her ankles. She has green eyes and brown hair in a body wave down her back. She is naturally pretty, but very shy.)
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.6 23:19 (New character!)
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.6 23:20 (Aleida is a peasant. She has golden brown hair and wears a brown peasant outfit.)
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.6 23:22 (Like most of the peasants, she hopes to escape being a peasant.)
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.6 23:24 *it is the early hours of the morning*is sleeping on the floor of her family's peasant hut* Guard: *screams loudly for all of the peasants to wake up and draw water from the well*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.6 23:24 *awakens* *stumbles out of the hut and grabs a wooden bucket* *follows a few other peasants to the well*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.6 23:26  Secret message to Ellette  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.6 23:45  Secret message to Ellette  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 01:09  Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 01:11  Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 01:11  Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 01:12  Buying Horse (x 1)   Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 01:13  Buying Sword (x 1)   Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 01:14  Buying headdress-girls (x 1)   Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.7 01:16  Secret message to King William  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.7 03:33  Secret message to King William  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.7 04:19  Secret message to Ellette  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.7 04:23  Secret message to Ellette  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.7 04:24  Secret message to Euodia  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.7 04:25  Secret message to Euodia  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.8 22:06 ATTENTION ROLEPLAYERS!! AN ANNOUNCEMENT NEEDS TO BE MADE.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.8 22:08 Just to be fair to everyone, you must regularly come on this club to keep your characters. If you don't return in 2-2 1/2 weeks, your character will be AUTOMATICALLY DELETED.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.8 22:09 If you would like to maintain membership to this game but can't come on a weekly basis, please let me know and we can work something out.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.8 22:10 Thanks for reading and let the game continue!
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.10 09:25  Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.10 09:48  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Sep.10 20:37 I might not be on often because f school, but maybe I can squeeze in rolepla time once or twice a week, this is a cool roleplay
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.11 03:23  Secret message to Euodia  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.11 03:23  Secret message to Avery  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 08:38  Secret message to King William  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.11 13:39 *Saddles up horse and rides into the wood to find peasants and ask for shelter and food*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 23:27  Secret message to King William  
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Sep.11 23:28 *keeps meditating in her room*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Sep.11 23:28 *is meanwhile reluctantly toiling with the peasants*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Sep.11 23:31 [Peter:A rather annoying/weakling of a prince. Is the closest sibling to Sybil. Is one of the more annoying characters. For some reason-even though he's a boy-his favorite color is pink and he wears the color all the time.]
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.12 04:16  Secret message to Raven  
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.12 04:17 *draws up a bucket of water* *looks around to make sure no one is looking* Here. Take this water. *gives it to Maleficent*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.12 04:18 *quickly draws up another bucket*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.12 09:47 *Quickly thanks Aleida and asks for some shelter for the night for King William is tring to hunt her down*
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.13 00:04 (I was sick all week and am now just starting to feel better. (Something about my kidneys...)) *Walks through market* Oh! This would be nice for mother!
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2014,Sep.13 00:05  Buying Exotic fruits (x 1)  
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.13 00:45 (Ok that's fine! I hope you're feeling better.)
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.13 00:46 *to Maleficent* You mustn't stay around here, King William often comes by...maybe it would be best if you ran into the forest.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.13 00:47 Yes...the forest...*drifts off in thought about being freed and running away from Williamshire*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Sep.13 03:36 *Thanks Aleida and runs into the forest
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.13 04:41 *watches Maleficent ride off into the forest* I hope her travels are well...
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.13 04:41 Yes...*nods distantly*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.14 20:28 -DAYS LATER-
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.14 20:29 *it is the eve of Sybil's coronation wedding* *not only does Sybil have to get ready, but also Raven, Elinora and even the peasants*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.14 20:32 *the serfs/peasants were shipped off to the kingdom of Fulbertshire, where the coronation wedding was to take place*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.14 20:33 *has been working from dawn to dusk making about 500 loaves of bread*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.14 20:33 *another peasant native to Fulbertshire takes the 100th roasted duck out of the stone oven*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.15 01:43 Peasant: *looks at Aleida wearily and tiredly*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.17 22:17 ANYONE WHO HAS A PEASANT PLEASE PUT "SERF" IN YOUR POSITION BOX.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.17 22:18 *walks across the lawn behind dozens of serfs, hauling bags of wheat and grain for more bread*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.17 22:19 *watches the serfs/peasants marching across the lawn, hauling the bags* They aren't working fast enough.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.17 22:21 Aldreda: they're working as fast as they can. Just give them a chance! William: Why are you siding with them? They're lower than we! Aldreda: What if you were one of them? William: *slaps Aldreda hard and she falls to the ground*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.17 22:30 *she, Peter, Elinora, and Raven are standing by* *stifles a laugh* *is seen smiling broadly*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.17 22:39 *Raven looks really angry* *kneels down and helps Aldreda to her feet* *Aldreda looks terrified*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.17 22:40 *looks at King William angrily and leads Aldreda into the castle*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.18 03:40 *lets out a pompous guffaw*
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2014,Sep.18 16:46 *Samantha toils hard with the other peasants, preparing for Sybil's coronation wedding. Sees King William slap his own wife and sees Sybil laugh at her mother, and is filled with rage and disgust for the royal family.*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.18 22:10 *an artist scrambles in, clutching onto his supplies* *says gruffly:* You're late. *the artist drags over a chair* *Sybil takes a seat* *he and Aldreda stand behind her*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.18 22:11 *the artist quickly sketches, and they look more miserable than regal*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.21 04:39 *gets up immediately and snatches the painting rudely* Let me see it! *scans it* Mmm...*nods in satisfaction* Very good.
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.21 04:40 *the painting really isn't that good since its a typical medieval painting*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.23 01:01 *the artist smiles nervously and the royal family leaves*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Sep.23 01:03 *has been waiting outside of the room with Peter and Raven* *Peter leans against the wall, obviously bored, and Raven has her nose in a book*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.23 01:04 *notices Raven reading* *slaps the book out of her hands and to the floor* Stop that reading!
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Sep.25 00:48 Tis very unladylike!! *snatches the book and keeps it to toss later* *Raven looks furious, but doesn't say anything*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.25 00:50   + 10 Power points to Sybil  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Sep.25 00:52 -THE NEXT DAY- THE MORNING OF THE CORONATION WEDDING-
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.25 00:53 *is working hard with all of the other serfs* *watches an older peasant woman moan and fall to the ground, dead after being worked harshly*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.25 23:06 This is....this is insane! We must get help this instant!
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Sep.28 06:12 *runs around, asking anyone for help* Please! This is urgent! *nobody seems to care, and he is trampled on at one point*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Sep.28 06:13 *Thea even holds up a broom, ready to strike anyone in her reach*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.2 04:00 *finally comes back, crestfallen* Serf: You should've known-nobody will help us. We must help ourselves.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.2 04:01 *faces the serf* I think we deserve to be treated the same way. We're human, just like they are! Serf: Just deal with the way things are today. *goes back to work* *the other serfs follow*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.2 04:01 *calls after everyone:* I think that one day things will change! And it's up to us to change them!
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.2 04:02 *looks up at the castle* *a grand looking flag is being raised to the highest tower*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.2 04:03 *is meanwhile wandering around in the castle, curious* *hasn't seen Sybil all day* *actually feels glad about that*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.2 04:03 *goes into the grand throne room* *the painting that was painted of them the night before is being adjusted onto the wall*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.2 04:04 *is still outside* *can hear the church bells ringing loudly* Serf: *says jokingly:* Enough to make one deaf. *some serfs laugh to themselves*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.2 04:39 *is meanwhilebeing dressed in robes of blue and a veil with flowers and stuff*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Oct.5 21:26 *looks at the royal flag in disgust* I hate that family.
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Oct.5 21:26 *takes a homemade slingshot, puts a rock in it, and angrily sends the rock flying at the castle**glass is heard breaking, as well as a distant scream**smirks*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Oct.5 21:26 That'll show them.
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Oct.5 21:26 [BTW, what's a serf?? Sorry if that's a dumb question.]
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.5 21:27 *is heard screaming "SOMEONE BROKE MY WINDOW!!!!!"*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.5 21:27 Guards!! GUARDS!!!
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.5 21:28 *since he's a weakling, he has turned hysterical and stupidly fearful beyond belief*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.5 21:28 *some guards-as well as King William himself-enter quickly*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.5 21:29 *still hysterical* We're being attacked!! Someone is trying to kill me!! My window-it's- *the King slaps him, snapping him out of some of the hysteria*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.5 21:29 King William:Get a hold of yourself!! A proper prince isn't such a weakling as you are! Peter:*nods, feeling bad*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.5 21:30 *has been looking around a corner in the hallway and eavesdropping on what is happening with Peter**can't help but smile at his distress*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.5 21:31 *puts the hood of her cloak up and starts heading to the royal stables**feels like riding away into the woods to meditate, but ends up passing by the room where Sybil is**is called by her*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.5 21:31 *mutters sarcastically:* Greeaat. Just what I need.
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.6 01:54 (A serf is basically someone who is working for the king, nobles, etc. Peasants are just poor people.)
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.6 01:55 Get dressed. You're awfully late. *tosses a bridesmaid dress at Raven*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.6 01:56 *is already dressed* *adds some finishing touches to Sybil's gown*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.6 02:00 *is smiling about what Thea just did, but also fearful for her life* You know, that was quite rebellious.
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Oct.6 22:36 *nods quickly* Tis a wonder that they didn't catch you and put you in the pillory for a day or two.
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Oct.7 05:06 I don't care. I just am happy that that seemingly caused a riot at the castle. *is still smirking**gets back to work*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.7 05:07 Er...yeah. *drags the dress unceremoniously to her room and changes into it**puts her cloak on over it*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.7 05:10 *by now everything has been settled, although he is still very whiny*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.7 05:11  Buying Peasant (x 1)  
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.7 05:11  Buying Velvet vest (guys) (x 1)  
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.7 05:11  Buying Pants(guys-any color (x 1)  
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2014,Oct.7 05:12  Buying Belt (guys) (x 1)  
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.8 00:26 *squints* Ah, you will regret your actions someday, Thea. I can just see it.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.8 00:27 *the serfs continue to work in the kitchens, preparing the last of the feast*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.8 00:28 *notices Raven wearing the cloak* No. I will not accept such clothing. *yanks the cloak off of Raven and tosses it aside*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.8 00:29 *Thinks:* The brat. *the bridesmaids and the bratty bride herself (Sybil) proceed outdoors for the small ceremony at the church*
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Oct.8 14:55 Hi?I am new!
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 05:41 Um, yes, you will. *picks her cloak back up and puts it on*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 05:42 And if you touch it again, you will be sorry. *follows the others outdoors*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 05:44 *Sybil gets so annoyed seeing her wearing her cloak over her bridesmaid dress that she finally turns around and tries to yank it off again*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.9 05:45 *grabs Sybil by her wrists in order to stop her, but her fortune teller powers come on again**something coming up at the wedding flashes before her eyes**then she falls over, coming back into the present*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.9 23:22 *Raven is pulled away by maids/serfs and Aldreda herself* Aldreda: Please, this is your sister's wedding. Respect her wishes. *the cloak is forced off*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.9 23:24 *smirks in satisfaction* *the guests meet up, and everyone gets a first glance of the bride and the groom alike* *they proceed to a nearby church*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:25 *stands by the bridesmaids, Queen Aldreda, King William, Peter, Raven, and other important guests* *examines the groom, who is much older than Sybil and doesn't look very attractive*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:25 *even catches the groom stifle a belch*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:28 *even catches the groom stifle a belch*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:28 (Oops.)
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:29 Priest: *looks at everyone a tad gravely* Is there anyone who does not agree to the marriage of Sybil of Williamshire and (so and so) of Fulbertshire?
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:40 Priest: *looks at everyone a tad gravely* Is there anyone who does not agree to the marriage of Sybil of Williamshire and (so and so) of Fulbertshire?
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:41 *nobody responds* Priest: Very well then. *everyone goes into the church, and a Mass takes place* *afterwards, Sybil's coronation is about to begin*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.9 23:43 *feels just a little bit respectful towards Sybil*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.10 05:18 *doesn't feel respect at all**is rather grouchy*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.10 21:56 *the coronation begins* *is anointed and given a scepter and crown*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.10 21:57 *stands in front of everyone, scepter in hand and the groom at her side*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.10 21:57 *the guests retreat to a huge hall, ready to feast all day long*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.10 21:58 *feels a bit sick after the turn of events* *doesn't want to hang around Fulbertshire anymore*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Oct.10 21:59 *gets a peek at everyone while heading towards the kitchens*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.11 03:43 *has been working in the kitchens for most of the coronation* *is hot and tired, but forced to work even more* *takes a loaf of hot bread out of the oven*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Oct.15 20:02 *gets an idea**grabs a tomato from the kitchen and sneaks into the huge hall*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2014,Oct.15 20:03 *raises the tomato and aims, ready to send it flying and make it hit Sybil right in the face**Raven, having used her fortune telling powers earlier, knows that a tomato will hit Sybil in the face shortly*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.15 20:04 *glances at a clock and gasps, realizing that the time has come for when someone throws a tomato in Sybil's face**quickly rushes over, screams "LOOK OUT!!!," and attempts to shove over Sybil, but it is too late*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.15 20:04 *Thea has thrown the tomato and it hits Sybil right in between her eyes**meanwhile, from her shoving Sybil, Sybil falls over clumsily onto the floor*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.15 20:04 *gasps come from the crowd**most of the crowd stares at her*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.15 20:05 *feels rather exposed without her cloak on**notices that King William and Sybil's husband look rather savage*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.15 20:06 *Thea, who is watching from the side, is smirking at Raven* Thea:*mutters* It doesn't matter if they blame her. She's royal blood, and deserves to be blamed.
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.15 20:07 *spots Thea and has a flashback of her vision**narrows her eyes* You... *realizes the truth about Thea throwing the tomato**starts running towards her**chases Thea out of the hall*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Oct.16 02:55 *chaos starts immedietly*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Oct.16 02:56 *heads for the kitchens furiously* *Sybil stands up and begins yelling at her mother*
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 02:57 *she and Leo are luckily out in the back drawing water from the well* Leo: What IS that racket?? Aleida: I don't know. Let's listen.
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Oct.16 02:59 *is meanwhile yelling at the serfs, occasionally cussing* *a serf yelling is heard* *grabs Thea after one of his subjects told him it had been her who threw the tomato* *a guard takes her to the prison cells in the cold, damp cellar/
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.16 03:00 This is our chance...Aleida: For what? Leo: We need to escape. Aleida: We couldn't possibly...Leo: Come on. *they run to the stables to get a horse to ride away on*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.16 03:02 *yells at Aldreda* You ruined my life!!! My wedding!!! It's all of YOUR fault. *throws bread on the ground* Aldreda: Don't act so childish! Sybil: *says bitterly:* You are not in charge of me anymore. I am my own ruler.
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2014,Oct.16 03:03 *is taken away to her sleeping quarters by some maids and her new husband*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.16 03:04 *grabs some of her possesions, a cloak, and a jeweled dagger* *leaves the castle to go mope around in the stables for awhile*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.16 03:07 *enters the stable* *takes the dagger out of her cloak and puts it to her hair* *saws it off, making it a little shorter* *puts it in a really fancy, complicated braid*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.16 03:10 *is to mount one of the horses until she notices Leo and Aleida* Who are you? Serfs? *they nods*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.16 03:11 Who are YOU? The princess? Elinora: Yes, I am in fact. Leo: I guess you're running away too. Elinora: Yes, I am. You don't understand. Even living the royal life isn't so great.
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 03:12 We'd do anything to have your lifestyle. *there is a moment of silence* Would you like to join us? Elinora: Yes. Aleida: Very well then. *everyone mounts a horse, and they ride off into the distance*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 23:00 *she has rushed to her room, changed into her leotard, shoes, belt, and cloak, packed some of her most prized possessions in her bag, and is planning to run away*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 23:01 *exits her room to find herself face-to-face with King William* King William:You have some explaining to do. *sounds/looks firm* What was with you pushing Sybil over and all of that? It's like you KNEW what was going to happen!
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 23:02 *feels suddenly scared, because she DID know what was going to happen, and she wonders if King William will find out about her fortune telling abilities**hides her emotion* No time to explain. Bye. *tries to walk away, but King William grabs her by her
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.16 23:03 cloak*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Oct.17 02:36 You aren't going anywhere. You are severely punished. And get that ridiculous outfit off.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.17 02:46 -HOURS LATER-
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.17 02:47 *he, Aleida, and Elinora finally arrive in Williamshire* I need to find that minstrel. What was his name?...Rowan, I think...
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.17 02:47 *looks up at the castle looming in the distance*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.17 02:49 *looks all around town* *finds Rowan sleeping on the streets* *dismounts his horse and goes over to him* Rowan! Rowan!!!
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Oct.17 02:51 *wakes up* What in the bloody- are you that serf?! Leo: Yes! Rowan: How did you escape?! How- Leo: Please, no questions at the moment. We're running away- I mean "we're" as in me, another serf, and the princess* Rowan: *widens eyes*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.17 02:52 We need a cart to take us places. Do you know where we can find one?
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Oct.17 02:53 Why, yes. That young laddie's shop! Remember her? Leo: Slightly. Rowan: Let's go! *is pretty excited* *they head over to Hazel's store*
9>Rose (Villager), 20yo.2014,Oct.17 02:55 (Rose: Basically Hazel's sister. Wears a brown villager outifit, leather shoes,and the ocassional head scarf or bandanna. Has bright blonde hair and blue eyes. Is somewhat unenthusiastic about stuff and very protective of Hazel.)
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Oct.17 02:56 *raps on the door quite carelessly* *after a few minutes, the room glows with light and someone comes to the door*
9>Rose (Villager), 20yo.2014,Oct.17 02:58 What is it?!? Who are you, and what are you doing here.
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Oct.17 02:59 Er- we're here to talk to Hazel. *Hazel eventually comes to the door* Leo: *tells Hazel about the plan* Hazel: *nods* Okay.
9>Rose (Villager), 20yo.2014,Oct.17 02:59 Excuse me, but Hazel is NOT going anyplace. *crosses arms*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 03:00 Yes I am. I don't care what mother or father say. Rose: Fine. Then I'll come with you. *Hazel brings out the cart, and everyone gets in*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Oct.17 03:00 *the cart is off*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:00 *has a vision of what's about to happen to her in the next few minutes-and it isn't good**sees that King William will find out the truth about her, but she will escape and run away*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:00 *collapses after exiting the vision and returning to the present*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:05 King William:What the-?! What's wrong with you? Why did you- Raven:I'm going to escape...
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:05 King:You will not-wait... *pieces everything together and realizes the truth*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Oct.19 04:05 King:*looks disgusted*You are a- Raven:*has gotten up and started running away by now*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 18:33 *drives through the town quicky* The gate....*the cart comes to a halt*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Oct.19 18:33 I just realized. We won't be able to leave town. The gate is locked, and there's sure to be someone guarding it.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.19 18:36 You're right. We're trapped until dawn. *Hazel slowly turns the cart around* *they stop at an inn for the night*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Oct.21 22:33 *paces the inn* Why can't we just open the gates or something?...
9>Rose (Villager), 20yo.2014,Oct.21 22:33 Well thank you for getting me into this mess.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.21 22:34 *turns to Rose* You can't go back. You already stated that you would accompany your sister.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Oct.22 03:07 Here's what we do: We wait until the gates open, and leave first thing. I'll hide behind some sacks and blankets with the other serfs and Elinora, and you just leave town. But quickly.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.26 14:37 *nods* Very well. *sits in the cart with everyone else until the break of dawn*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:03 *wakes up to hear the gates creaking open* *steps out of the cart and goes to the castle*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:04 *enters the abandoned throne room and just looks around, recalling memories* *goes upstairs and leaves some of her prized possessions *
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:05  Buying Sword (x 1)  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:05  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Oct.29 21:05 *puts on her cloak and exits the gate* *suddenly feels free and excited*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2014,Oct.29 21:07 *is waiting behind sacks with the others* *watches guards pacing by the gates* *frowns* We'll never be able to leave!
Player 182014,Nov.2 22:40  Buying Dagger (x 1)  *Sits Down Outside* Ugh... Why Do They Do This To Me?!? *grabs dagger*
Player 182014,Nov.2 22:42  Buying Peasant outfit -guys (x 1)  UGH!!!
Player 182014,Nov.2 22:42  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
Player 182014,Nov.2 22:42  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Nov.3 21:59 *sees Justin* Do you need a ride out of town?
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 19:55 *drives the cart through the gates* Guard: Where are you headed to, miss? Hazel: I am headed to the Orient to trade goods.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Nov.8 19:56 *gets scared* *Hazel starts driving the cart out of Williamshire for a long time* Hazel, do you know how dangerous this trip is going to be? ! Are you insane?! This will take weeks, months!
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 19:57 Well, would you rather be working for the King?
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Nov.8 20:02 *gets excited* Are we truly going to the Orient?
9>Rose (Villager), 20yo.2014,Nov.8 20:03 *is too angry with Hazel to comment*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Nov.8 22:14 I'm going to try to go there. I've always wanted to.
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Nov.16 00:52 *the king himself persues her, now knowing the truth about her**runs as quickly as she can to some stables**mounts a jet-black horse and rides away on it*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.17 05:01 *looks at the rolling hills and smiles a little bit*
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 00:19 *all of a sudden a gleaming light comes out from behind the hills and from behind a tree a jet black Pegasous apairs*
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 00:23 *mind messages Raven* I am hurt badly,please help and I will be yours.*limps towards Raven, stumbles and falls on the grass*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Nov.23 02:57 [Hi Ella-Samara, I read the rules and saw that you can't play as anything/anyone magical (unless it's someone crazy or a fortune teller) and you can't play as animals...could you change your character?]
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Nov.24 23:34 (Yes, you must be people only without magical abilities. I will remove your character and you can make a new one.)
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Nov.26 14:39 *looks at the landscape* There's obviously the channel that seperates England from France.
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Nov.26 14:41 I think boats come and go. We'll have to get aboard a boat....we'll take everything from there.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2014,Nov.28 18:06 Do you think we could make a boat ourselves? A raft maybe? The fare for the boat might be expensive, and I don't have any money- or anything to trade.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2014,Nov.28 18:07 I think it will be fairly easy to sneak onto a boat. I've had a lot of experience with this sort of thing.
11>Aleida (Serf), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 18:14 *watches as a rickety looking river boat turns towards the port they are at*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:04 *glances side to side before slipping into a dark alley*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:05 *sneaks around through a maze of cobblestone hallways as he maneuvers his way through the alleys*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:06 *finally approaches a nondescript wooden door and knocks on it*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:07  Secret message to Euodia  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:07 *slips inside the door, entering the building*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:08  Buying Dagger (x 1)  *slams down a pile of gold, taking the blade and admiring its craftsmanship* Not bad, 'keep. I think I'll take it.
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:11  Buying Pants(guys-any color (x 1)  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:11  Buying Belt (guys) (x 1)  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:12  Buying Shoes (any style) (x 1)  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:13  Buying Velvet vest (guys) (x 1)  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:13 *puts it all on* If you wanna' look noble, you gotta' dress the part.
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:14  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2014,Dec.6 13:14 *tosses a cloak over his shoulders before slipping out of the building and disappearing into the night*
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 13:15  Buying Armor (knight) (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 13:15  Buying Manor (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 13:15  Buying Sword (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 13:16  Buying Shield (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 13:16  Buying Horse (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 13:16  Buying Peasant (x 10)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 13:18  Secret message to King William  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2014,Dec.7 00:00  Secret message to Alexander  
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Dec.24 18:45 *the boat stops, and some people board it* *rides the cart towards the boat*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2014,Dec.24 18:46 Excuse me? Driver: Oh, hello there. Hazel: I need to get to Paris with my cart. I'm carrying goods that are needed there. Driver: Well...I don't have the space or density to carry your cart, but a much bigger boat should be coming in time. Hazel: *nods*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2014,Dec.28 04:46 *rides her pure black horse to the docks where Hazel and Co. are**her hood is up, so she can't be recognized very easily*
9>Rose (Villager), 20yo.2015,Jan.3 02:42 *looks around, then sees Raven* *lets out a gasp/scream* Is that a- a- demon?!...*backs away*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2015,Jan.3 02:43 *looks at Raven, then recognizes her* Actually, it is my sister. *walks towards her*
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2015,Jan.10 04:12 hi im new to the village and needs some one to show me around
16>Euodia (Funny ), 12yo.2015,Jan.10 04:16 -finds a black and white horse- oh i need a saddle
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2015,Jan.18 17:11 *sees a Viking-style boat coming into view* *turns around* Princess Elinora? The ship is here.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2015,Jan.18 17:12 Raven? *does not receive an answer* *looks at Raven, who is just sitting on her horse* *turns around and follows the others*
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2015,Jan.18 17:14 *runs to the docks, where the others are*
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2015,Jan.18 17:15 *is working with Rowan and Aleida to try and hoist the cart onto the boat* *it is a very taxing job*
9>Rose (Villager), 20yo.2015,Jan.18 17:16 *sighs* You're not DOING it properly.
19>Leo (Serf), 19yo.2015,Jan.18 17:17 *glares at Rose* Why don't you try and hoist this heavy cart into a boat? Rowan: We are doing it properly, don't fret!!
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2015,Jan.18 17:18 *steps up* I will help. *helps Rowan, Aleida, and Leo push the cart into the boat*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2015,Jan.18 17:19 *smiles at Hazel* Thank you for helping. *the cart is eventually put on the boat, and everyone gets on*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2015,Jan.18 17:19 *Raven is seen riding her horse on deck*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2015,Jan.18 17:20   + 50 Strength points to Aleida  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2015,Jan.18 17:20   + 50 Strength points to Rowan  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2015,Jan.18 17:21   + 50 Strength points to Hazel  
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2015,Jan.18 17:21   + 50 Strength points to Leo  
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2015,Jan.18 17:23 *although the others don't know it, she, her new husband and his family, Queen Aldreda, King William, Peter, and a few of their servants including Thea, are traveling to the Orient as well*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2015,Jan.18 17:23 *watches the large boat paddle off* What a nice boat.. *smiles*
1>King William (King of Williamshire), 46yo.2015,Jan.19 21:23 It surely is....*is even jealous about it*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:10 *gets on the boat with her horse**unmounts her horse and wraps her cloak tightly around her, still trying hard to conceal her identity*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 00:11 *is stuck following the King and his family around* Uuuuuggggghhhhh... *Sybil kicks her* Ow.
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2015,Feb.10 02:26 *glares at Thea* Learn your manners. King: Or we'll have you executed.
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2015,Feb.10 02:27 *the boat is off* *after about a day, everyone reaches France*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2015,Feb.10 02:28 *helps push the cart off the boat*
6>Thea (Serf), 15yo.2015,Mar.5 23:27 *waits for Sybil and the King to look away**then imitates them, mouthing and pretending to be grouchy and ignorant*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2015,Mar.5 23:28 *pulls her horse out of the boat, mounts it, and makes her horse begin to gallop away*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2015,Mar.5 23:28 *her trademark radiant dark blue cloak is recognized easily by Elinora, the King, and Sybil*
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2015,Mar.5 23:29 *looks at the hooded figure mounted on the black horse* Hm...nice ride and cloak. I wonder who he is...? King:More like you wonder who SHE is.
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2015,Mar.5 23:29 ???
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2015,Mar.5 23:30 Uhhhhhh...okay then, who is she?
4>Elinora (Princess), 18yo.2015,Mar.13 20:39 *wonders where Raven is going, but doesn't say anything about it*
3>Sybil (QueenOfFulbertshire), 23yo.2015,Mar.13 20:41 *watches Raven intensely, having an idea of who it is* King William: Let us continue our journey. *they get in a much nicer cart than everyone else and head to Paris*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2015,Mar.13 20:41 *is meanwhile driving the cart through villages and fields*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2015,Mar.29 05:26 *it has been hours since they have arrived in France* Let us stop here for the night. *the cart stops in a field*
15>Hazel (Villager), 17yo.2015,Mar.29 05:26 *everyone finds a place to sleep in the cart* *although crowded, it is comfortable enough*
13>Rowan (Minstrel), 19-21yo.2015,Apr.4 23:03 *listens to the buzz of crickets before dozing off*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2015,May.31 00:39 *rides through a forest**eventually finds a little cottage**a horse and a stack of hay are seen by the cottage**ties her horse to a fence post and goes to sleep in the hay*
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 13:39  Buying Sword (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 13:40  Buying Shield (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 13:40  Secret message to King William  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 13:45  Secret message to Raven  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 19:29 *enters the castle muttering* "A lot has changed since I left.I wonder where is my Brother Peter.Peter.......PETER"...
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 19:30  Buying Peasant (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 19:30  Buying Armor (knight) (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 19:30  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 19:31  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 19:31  Selling Peasant (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 19:35  Buying Horse (x 1)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.24 07:09  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Townhouse (1 story)  
2>Alexander (Prince), 16yo.2015,Jun.24 07:09  Buying Townhouse (1 story) (x 1)  
7>Avery (Noble's Daughter), 15yo.2015,Jun.30 06:18 Hello
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2015,Jul.9 17:12  Secret message to Alexander  
5>Peter (Prince), 18yo.2015,Jul.9 17:13 *sighs as he, the King, Sybil, and Thea ride the cart to Paris* You know, I think we left behind my stupid oaf of a brother, Alexander... [No offense to the person playing as Alexander. My character, Peter, is just really annoying.]
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 00:10 *hiding in woods*
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 00:11 *thinking* Where are those people going?
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2015,Jul.13 04:28 *wakes up to the feeling of being watched**lifts up her head to see Ellette staring at her*
12>Raven (Princess), 16yo.2015,Jul.13 04:28 *huffs* What?
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.14 19:59 Ahh!!! *runs away*
17>Robert (Thief), 5yo.2015,Jul.19 17:31 *runs towards Ellette*
17>Robert (Thief), 5yo.2015,Jul.19 17:31 I am here to steal your, uh... loot!
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:32 Do I look like I have any loot?
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:33  Buying Peasant outfit-girls (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:33  Buying Peasant outfit -guys (x 1)  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:34 Okay, these are the only thing I have, and I'm wearing one of them.
17>Robert (Thief), 5yo.2015,Jul.19 17:34 Who's the guy's clothes for?
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:35 Great, I was going to give this to my friend who works at an inn, but she can't wear BOY'S clothes! I will have to burn them.
17>Robert (Thief), 5yo.2015,Jul.19 17:36 You can give them to me, I need clothes!
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:37  Giving Peasant outfit -guys (x 1) to Robert  
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:37 Okay
17>Robert (Thief), 5yo.2015,Jul.19 17:37 Thanks! *Runs off*
8>Ellette (Serf/Orphan), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:38 *thinks* For something that began with a threat of stealing, it ended weird