" bunny and penguin " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 15 to 16 years of age.
well tehnicaly this roleplay is for me and penguin but if others want to join than you can.. :)
We Don't Play This Anymore But... Idk you can do whatever you want...

1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 17:42 hey ^^
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 18:29 Hi
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 18:31 okay so what will be our first roleplay about? :)
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:23 Hmmm
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:23 Whatever :p
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:25 well what do you want to be?
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:26 I can't think of anything
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:27 What do you want to be?
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:28 I will be bird.. boy (lol)
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:29 make a character
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:30 in any color you want
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:32 (see? this is my character)
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:32 are you there?
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:34 yeah, i'm here, I was just moving to my pc. too hard to play on phone lol
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:36 I'm always from phone
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:36 hmmm, I'm going to be....a mouse
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:36 okay
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:38 hmmm, I'm going to be....a mouse
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:38 what about you boshter?
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:39 to refresh the page press enter or OK without writing anything
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:39 make a character in other color
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:40 lol that's me :D
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:41 what about you boshter?
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:42 ohh okay
11>Penguin (penguin), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:42 haha
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:45 well? did you make your character?
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:46 press any color, join, fill the form and redy..
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 20:47 good :)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:48 there we go
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:48 lol
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:48 *is siting in his cage, singing*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:50 *runs across floor*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:50 *sees the mouse*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:51 hm.. weird
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:51 *mouse notices bird*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:51 *runs and hides*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:52 I haven't seen you before.. well I'm new here.. why do you hide?
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:54 heloo-o?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:55 birds kill mice
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:55 bird bad
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:56 I'm smaller than you and I'm in cage what can I do to you?
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:57 are you hungry?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:57 bird can jump out of cage
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:58 bird deceive mouse
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:58 no they can't
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:58 Mouse is very hungry
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 20:59 Mouse is starving *tummy growls*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 20:59 I can give you some of my food
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:00 bird thinks it's a trap
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:00 Mouse thinks it's a trap*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:00 (lol
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:00 it's not a trap
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:00 how can mouse trust bird?
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:01 I'm a nice bird, I don't eat mouses
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:02 mouse still thinks it's a trap but okay
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:03 can we be friends?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:04 if bird doesn't eat mouse, yes
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:04 *runs up to cage*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:04 okay here's some seeds for you *pushes the food out*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:05 goodie!!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:05 *eats seeds*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:07 mmmm, that was yummy
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:07 my people will be back soon. you should go
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:08 what is bird's name?
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:08 glad you liked it ^^
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:08 my people named me Boshter
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:09 mouse must find out bird's name before mouse leaves
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:09 an interesting name
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:09 mouse is Greg
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:10 okay nice to meet you Greg :)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:11 one of mouse's friends named him that before..before...*runs away in grief*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:11 huh?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:13 *starts sobbing around corner*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:14 hm..
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:15 *comes home*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:15 hey little! *takes out the bird*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:16 *hears sound, scatters back into mouse hole*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:17 *peaks out of mouse hole, sees human*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:17 *pets the little bird* aww your so cute! ^^
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:18 *hears him and turns around*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:18 *observes bird and human*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:18 ahh a mouse!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:19 *retreats into mouse hole*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:19 *tries to catch it and forgots about bird*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:20 *flies up*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:20 *shakes in fear at the back of the mouse hole*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:20 mooom!! please help!
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:21 (would you like to be mom?)
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:22 *flying around* *lands on the lamp*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:22 (you can be the mother)
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:23 (but I alredy have two characters..)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:24 (you be human/bird, I'll be the next animal)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:26 (if you don't want to be the mother, I'll do it then)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:27 coming coming!
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:28 so what's the problem?
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:28 there is a mouse and.. oh no! where is my bird??
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:29 ah leave the mouse alone.. we have to get your bird *looks up* oh Here it is
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:30 *speaks to himself* mouse never gets caught, mouse never gets caught...
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:30 *
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:31 *jumps* ah I can't get there. I will go to get stairs
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:31 *pokes the mouse*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:32 *bolts out of mouse hole
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:32 *
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:33 *runing, trying to catch it*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:33 (how do you have it that it's just "---" ?)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:33 (like player 2 and 4, did you create a profile?)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:34 *comes back* son! I told you to leave it alone!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:34 *runs into cat*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:35 oh no! mouse hates cats!
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:35 (yeah everything is there. if you want to see it you have to login agen and than it should be fine)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:35 mouse does not want to be eaten by cat!
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:36 *climbs up and takes the bird* here *gives it to boy*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:36 thanks mom :)
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:37 I'm confused..
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:37 *chases mouse* FOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:38 *puts it back to cage and gives it some food*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:38 oh no! the cat!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:39 ahhh don't eat mouse, mouse doesn't taste good!!
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:40 that's right Max! catch it! haha I like this cat..
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:40 *cuts off mouse* Foooooooooooooddddd
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:41 no no cat! don't eat him! he's my friend!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:42 *backs further into corner* please don't eat mouse, mouse likes being not eaten.
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:43 *eats mouse, tail hanging out of mouth*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:43 mhmmmm yummmy
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 21:44 oh no..
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:45 eww
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:45 *runs off with mouse*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:46 *muffled screaming from inside cat's mouth* noooooo, don't eat mouse *tries to squirm*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:48 *runs underneath bed and spits out mouse*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:49 *gaps for air)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:49 *
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:49 *goes to kitchen*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:49 *starts playing with mouse, hits mouse with paw*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:50 what's for dinner mom?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:50 ow, stop torturing mouse, mouse doesn't like being tortured or eaten!
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 21:50 tomato soup
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:51 ah okay
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:51 haha you're funny *hits mouse over head as he tries to escape*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 21:51 (it's actually pretty good but well Idk)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:52 ow, stop doing that to mouse!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:52 (?)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:54 (what do you mean?)
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 21:54 (the tomato soup)
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 21:55 *comes slowly* what's happening here?
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 21:56 oh a mouse..
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 21:59 *keeps smacking mouse*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 21:59 ahhhhh dog please help me!
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:00 Be-ar! fo-od! come come come
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:00 *hears* ugh but food?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:01 ah no! don't leave!
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:01 go away dog *swats at dog*
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:03 grrrrrrr don't do it you little peace of *hit!
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:03 (lol)
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:04 *hits the cat away*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:05 Bear! where are you..
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:05 what are you going to do it about it? *swats dog's face, eats mouse and starts running off*
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:05 coming! *runs off*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:06 *muffled* ahhhhhhh not again! this is not fair! put me down you imbecile
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:06 mm.. *eating*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:07 *spits out mouse again*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:07 *gasps for air* stop. doing. that.
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:08 *tries to run away*
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:08 (how it's not dead already?)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:08 *squashes mouse and drags him back* where do you think you're going?
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:09 (it has lived to be 16 years of age, it's gotta be one tough mofo to survive that long)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:09 *bites cat's paw*
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 22:10 (well.. yea)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:10 yoooowwwwwwww!! *retracts paw*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:10 *bolts for the door*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:11 come back here! *runs after mouse again*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:11 *runs through small gap in glass door*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:11 *smacks into glass door at full speed*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:12 *cat is dizzy*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:13 ah ha, you can't get me now!
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:13 whoa! what was that! *runs there*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:13 are you okay Maxwell?
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:14 friend?
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:14 *picks him up*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:15 *starts speaking gibberish* garblejigsy wooooooo *goes unconscious and collapses*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:15 *goes to kitchen, puts him down and gives some food*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:15 *still unconscious*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:16 c'moon! wake up
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:16 *blows raspberries*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:16 what happened?
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:17 I think he ran into glass door
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:18 ah is tge door okay?
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:18 lol yes mom! but Maxwell isn't okay
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:19 well the dinner is redy..
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:19 *sees mouse from the sky*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:20 I'm not hungry
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:20 hmmm, yummy
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:20 *dive bombs mouse and grabs him*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:21 what?! not again!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:21 *struggles to get out of eagle's talons*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:21 fine *takes a bowl and eats*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:22 oh don't worry, I'm only going to eat you *laughs evilly*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:23 oh no... it's you...
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:23 *strokes the cat* Maxy? please wake up.. *is sad*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:24 you killed him, you killed dave! it was you!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:24 I watched you take him right in front of me
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:25 oh please, what else was I going to do? starve? HAHAHA
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:25 *tries biting talon*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 22:25 *looks by the window* ah that's not good..
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:26 *squeezes mouse* the less you co-operate the more it's going to hurt, just be a good meal now and stop resisting
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:26 *lands in tree*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:27 *squishes mouse against tree branch*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:27 hmm, what should I eat first
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:28 none of me! let me go!
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 22:28 damn it! why can't I get out of this cage! *is flying around nervose*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:28 and why should I do that?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:28 Look, let's make a deal
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:29 you don't eat me, i'll bring you food. okay?
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:29 *puts beak up against the mouse*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:29 WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, LET'S THINK OF SOMETHING
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:30 hmm...nah
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:31 ummm, ummm, you like having fun don't you?!
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:31 of course I do
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:31 then put me down and hunt me, it was unfair the first time
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:32 as much as I'd like to do that I'm hungry and you're just trying to delay the inevitable
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:33 if it's inevitable why not do it? unless you're too scared
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:33 hmm....
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:33 I'm not scared
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:34 i'm just too lazy to do that
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:34 prove that you're not scared then, scaredy cat!
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:34 FINE
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:34 Throws mouse onto ground
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:35 *starts waking up*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:35 now I'm going to eat you knowing that you died running
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:36 errr *bit dizzy* what happened?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:36 *starts running towards the house*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:36 yas! are you okay friend?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:36 (are you still here?)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:37 (lol)
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:37 (yep)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:37 ohohoho, no you don't
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:37 *swoops at mouse*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:37 (cool :) )
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:38 *misses*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:38 S***!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:39 *
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:39 runs underneath the house*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:39 why did I even do that?
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:40 *panting* it was the same one..... how can it be? after all these years....
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:40 (lol dumb eagle)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:40 come out, come out
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:41 I'm going to tear you up like a piece of paper
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:41 just like I did to your friend in front of your eyes
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:42 I must admit, your friend was a lot of fun to tear up....
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 22:42 YOU MONSTER!!
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:43 *starts moving to glass door in a bit of an unbalanced movement*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:44 *sees bird, starts making sounds*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:44 hey where are you going?
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 22:45 (bird or eagle?)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:46 *doesn't pay attention to Tomas*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:46 (Eagle)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:47 *notices Cat*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:47 (k)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:47 hmm, I suppose you'll be a much more filling meal
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:47 *flies over to glass door*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:47 ah okay *eats his soup*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:50 *finishes eating* thanks *goes to his room*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 22:51 please please you have to save Greg! *flying around his cage*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:51 *starts hitting the glass with his sharp beak)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:51 *
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:51 huh? what's wrong with you?
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:52 *glass door starts cracking*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:52 *cat gets ready to attack*
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:52 (note: peoples don't understand what animals say)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:53 *walks there* what the wha?
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:54 (lol yep)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:54 shu! shu! go away bird!
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 22:54 please save Greg Tomas!
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:55 hmm
4>Tomas (boy), 12yo.2016,Mar.27 22:55 *lays in his bed and starts reading a comic book*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:55 *glass shatters*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 22:56 *cat pounces at eagle*
6>Boshter (little bird), 3yo.2016,Mar.27 22:56 ahh dumb peoples.. *lands down*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 22:56 *eagle uses his talons and beak on the cat*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:56 ah no..
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:57 *tries to help the cat*
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Mar.27 22:59 *as the cat and eagle are engaged in a bloody battle*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 22:59 *takes a broom* go away!! *hits eagle*
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Mar.27 22:59 *the cat scratches one of the eagle's eyes, but not at any minimal cost of his own for the eagle's beak impaled the cat*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:00 *flies off*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:01 I will tear you to pieces one day cat!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:01 *hears commotion, observes..*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:01 ah.. poor cat
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:01 *starts limping back inside the house, wounded and bleeding heavily
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:02 *
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:02 ...
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:03 (what's does "..." represent in this context?)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:03 I gues I have to buy new doors now...
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:03 (a silent moment)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:04 (okay, it seems a bit weird to have it there in the story but okay)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:05 *cat collapses*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:05 *rides to the shop*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:06 hmm doors.. doors.. *searching*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:06 *lies in pool of own blood*
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:07 ah s***, I didn't think my end would come so soon.
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:07 *flies back to door*
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:08 hello again
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:08 (aw no why? ;( )
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:08 are you dead yet??
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:08 (lol, why do you try and guess these stories?)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:09 (also what happened to the dog, bear?)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:09 (I'm just cerious lol;D)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.27 23:09 (he's sleeping)
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:10 *comes* leave my cat alone eagle!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:11 (haha, the dog would have woken up with all the commotion)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:11 not happening.
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:11 (yeah but he loves to sleep and eat, he's pretty lazy)
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:11 I'm eating that cat, whether you like it or not
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:12 (lol)
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:12 I will eat you!
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:13 not if I eat you first!
14>Starspark (Eagle), 10yo.2016,Mar.27 23:13 *Lunges at dog*
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:13 I'm too gigant for you
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Mar.27 23:14 and so now the dog and the eagle are now engaged in a fight
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Mar.27 23:14 but the dog wins
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Mar.27 23:14 and eats the eagle
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:14 you wont eat me or my family! you understand??
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Mar.27 23:14 all that remains of the eagle are a bunch of feathers
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:15 (lol he ate him? lol)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:15 (yep, just munched him up)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:15 (mmmh KFC XD)
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:15 bleah.. I think I will throw up...
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:16 (lolxD)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:17 *comes out and investigates*
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:17 (lol)
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:17 you killed him?!
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:17 you did it!
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:18 *trows up* eww ah ew *walks away*
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:18 (nvm walking away)
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:18 yeah
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:18 oh
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:18 that's disgusting
3>Greg (Mouse), 16yo.2016,Mar.27 23:18 *runs outside and pukes*
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:19 I know..
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:21 (hm.. throw up or puke? which is better?)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:21 both are fine
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:21 ( )
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:22 (hmm I wonder)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:22 hmm
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:22 (okay. let's continue tomorrow? I'm going to sleep)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:23 (yeah sure)
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:23 (good night
12>Maxwell (Cat), 5yo.2016,Mar.27 23:23 )
19>Bear (dog), 7yo.2016,Mar.27 23:23 (what do you wonder?)
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 23:28   + 100 Money points to Ben  
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.27 23:30 he works at shop so he have to be money and note: we can talk without ( ) on these two profiles.
8>Ben (guy), 37yo.2016,Mar.28 18:19 can I help you?
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.28 18:20 oh um yea I'm I'm searching for doors..
8>Ben (guy), 37yo.2016,Mar.28 18:21 okay :) follow me
8>Ben (guy), 37yo.2016,Mar.28 18:22 *they're there* these are the best doors for you I think :)
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.28 18:23 oh how did you know?
8>Ben (guy), 37yo.2016,Mar.28 18:24 well honestly? I just guesed haha
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.28 18:25 haha okay :)
8>Ben (guy), 37yo.2016,Mar.28 18:33 so will you take these?
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.28 18:39 huh? what's wrong with money..
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.28 18:39   - 100 Money points to Ben  
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.28 18:40 hmm.. well anyway! back to story
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.28 18:42 yes :)
8>Ben (guy), 37yo.2016,Mar.28 18:44 okay :) here you go *puts doors into her car*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.28 18:44 thanks ;)
8>Ben (guy), 37yo.2016,Mar.28 18:45 you're welcome :) come soon agen! see ya *walks away*
2>Nelly (mom), 34yo.2016,Mar.28 18:46 *rides home*
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Mar.28 18:47  Secret message to Penguin  
10>game regenerator (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:36 hello this game looks closed
10>game regenerator (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:36 so im going to take it over pretty much
10>game regenerator (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:37 if cuddle bunny gets on i will get off but she hasn't gotten on forever
10>game regenerator (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:38 sctach all of what i said
10>game regenerator (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:38 scratch all of what i said
10>game regenerator (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:38 bye
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Dec.26 21:31 hey yeah you can take it so is there anything you need before I leave?
1>Cuddle Bunny (bunny), 15yo.2016,Dec.27 12:10 it looks like you left.. okay I'm gona archive this game then.
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Dec.27 12:43 The mom rides home and cleans everything up. the cat is okay after some days. dog and mouse gets pretty close friends.
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Dec.27 12:45 Maxwell is still catching Greg some times but he doesn't get him anyway. Tomas and mom puts in the new door. after some weeks the mom gets close with the guy from
20>Narrator (Narrator), n/ayo.2016,Dec.27 12:55 the shop and they get married. the little bird doesn't do anything special. eagle is dead. what else to say? Idk just everything is fine at the end and everyone is happy and ... yeah