" On the Run RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
In a high school outside of Chicago in a not so distant future, everyone seems to hate each other. Everyone is categorized by their social status. Until one night, when everything is turned upside down...
An evil government called The Force has taken over Chicago and captured almost all of the citizens. A few teens have managed to escape alive, and are on the run from The Force. Eventually, they realize that they're more than they think and start rebelling against The Force. Join today!

1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:20 Hi, and welcome to On the Run RP!
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:20 If you're not sure what this is about but you want to join, refer to the game summary at the top, under the big Roleplay-City box.
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:21 I will go over some rules.
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:22 1. The basics- no innapropriate content, no extreme swearing, and no fighting with other people.
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:22 2. You can be as many characters as you want, but don't take over all of the slots.
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:23 3. No powerplaying! It doesn't make the game fun for anyone but yourself, which ruins the point of having this up.
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:25 4. You can be any type of character, but it is preferred you have at least one teen. Character age limit is 16- 35.
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:26 If you want to be a government official, you can have your character be over 45.
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 05:27 5. If you have any more questions, ask me and make sure to have fun!
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.20 05:35 (William: Is a normal person living in Chicago, has sort brown/blonde hair and bold black glasses. Will help the teens in the beginning, but will eventually betray them and join The Force just to save his own butt.)
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.20 05:35 (Pretty sneaky, sly- don't trust him.)
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.20 05:37 (Rick: Has Brown Hair, Blue eyes, is really smart and sneaky, doesn't like the teens and tries to create obstacles the best he can)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.20 05:39 (Dakota: a teen, light blonde hair and blue eyes, would probably be catagorized as a nerd and gets bullied a fair amount. Is pretty brave about everything, doesn't care about the haters and disses them behind their backs respectively.)
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 05:41 (A teen, black hair, brown eyes, loves sports, can fight for himself and others that he is friends with, and is brave enough.)
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.20 05:41 (Matt: a teen, red hair, buzz cut, green eyes. Very tall, almost 7 ft. Would be catagorized as a jock and a nerd- plays for the schooll b-ball team, but also plays in the school band. Is almost always oblivious to stuff.)
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.20 05:43 (Derek: another teen, golden hair and blue eyes. Is a total jock, plays for every school sport there is. Is also a major girl magnet. Sort of bland, doesn't have much of a personality.)
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.20 12:53 (I'd love to join this game! It sounds really fun!)
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.20 12:55 (Ramon Sandres: a hispanic teen with curly black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. He's really sweet deep down, but often get's picked on because he's an immigrant from Mexico, and he's really short. He mostly tries to avoid people, but opens up later.)
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 12:57 (Amy Jones: Your typical girly girl teen. She has blonde hair with dyed pink streaks, and blue eyes. Everything about her screams artificial. But that's only on the outside. She's actually really caring and kind, and enjoys helping other people.)
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 12:57 (she's a cheerleader, but doesn't really want to be)
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.20 15:16 (James: He loves to play video games and sometimes hangs out with the Jocks. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He gets mad fun of just because he can't talk to girls. He's an adventurer and is very brave, also likes to try new things)
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 21:49 (Thanks for joining! After receiving a few more members, we can begin I think.)
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.20 22:40 (Ok!)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 23:21 [I decided to join! Also, "You're Banned-The Game" is officially open!]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 23:22 [Rae:A teen. Has long black hair with one purple strand, strange, deep violet-blue eyes, and she usually wears a black bodysuit, boots, and a long, deep violet/purple cloak.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 23:23 [Is usually calm, mature, and smart, but also very compassionate and brave. Although she often is a bit of a loner and is sometimes emotionless, she has a hidden sweet side and is a great friend.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 23:23 [Was always misunderstood by almost everyone she has ever met.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 23:24 [Also rather mysterious. More things about her backstory will come later.]
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.20 23:25 [Peter Greene:Looks and acts like Indiana Jones. Is a professor/teacher at a college, like Indy, as well as a REALLY smart scientist. Can use the whip like a pro. Wears the typical IJ clothing, hat included. When teaching, he wears a casual suit/outfit.]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.20 23:27 [Joshua:A lean teen with sandy blonde hair and stunning green eyes. Usually wears a more casual outfit-long navy blue jeans and a green-and-yellow long-sleeved shirt. Immature, not very smart, very enthusiastic, and very Beast Boy-like.]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 23:28 [Tara:A lean girl teen with long, light blonde hair and large blue eyes. Looks like Terra. If you look up the "Terra original"/"Pre-Titans Terra" outfit, you'll see what clothes she wears.]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.20 23:29 [Tara will develop a romance with Josh, but later probably start spying for The Force and eventually betray the teens.]
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 23:31 [Last but not least, Tom:A REALLY tall, big guy who works for The Force. Has light gray eyes, black hair, and usually wears either light blue fancy suits or a white long-sleeved shirt and dark gray pants w/ suspenders.]
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 23:32 [Tom is about 8 feet tall or so. His appearance is HIGHLY based on Jaws from the James Bond movies. If you don't know who Jaws is, you can look up the James Bond movies "Moonraker" or "The Spy Who Loved Me." You can also look up the actor who plays as
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 23:32 Jaws, Richard Kiel.]
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.20 23:32 [Luckily, Tom doesn't have Jaws' metal teeth, but like Jaws he is big, REALLY tough, and VERY deadly. He is also mostly silent.]
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.21 00:21 (Thanks for joining! I noticed your character, Tara, is 15, and the age limit is 16+. Sorry about that, and hopefully you don't mind modifying her age.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 00:36 [I modified that just now. Sorry about that! I forgot about the age limit.]
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.21 00:52 (No worries! It's fine.)
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.21 00:53 (Okay, I think we can begin! If anyone wants to make another character anytime, feel free.)
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.21 01:02 (Ok awesome!)
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.21 01:13 -ONE NORMAL DAY, AT A SCHOOL JUST OUTSIDE OF CHICAGO-
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:14 *it is close to the end of the day, as well as close to the big homecoming game* *shoves his way through the halls, bashing people*
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:14 *gets pushed in the hall* *falls to the ground*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:14 *sees Ramon, and laughs* Hey, jerk! *punches him sort of hard*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:15 *notices Rae walking towards her, looking dark* *decides to steer clear*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:16 *is walking along with girls from her social status category-tomboys**walks along**some of the more "cool" boy teens are making fun of the girls for not being girly*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:16 *is getting ready for one of the lamest pep rallies ever* *heads towards the school gym*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:17 (Amanda: a teen with long, brown hair and dark eyes. Wears a sweater with jeans and tennis shoes. Is hardworking, and likes to get the job done. Not one to put up with annoying people.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:17 Derek:Hey tomboy! How far have you gotten your finger up your nose this time? Tara:*punches Derek and keeps walking like nothing happened*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:17 *sees Tara's group* Ew, you guys are gross...*his posse laughs*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:18 *walks along with the teens from his category-the sort of dumb, immature, video game-loving ones**he and some of his friends are making fun of the smart kids for being "nerds"*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:19 *is with the few girls from her category-the loners/goths/"misunderstood" ones**quietly walks along, being made fun of by the "cool" kids*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:19 *is only one of three "goths"*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:20 *finishes teaching a class**leaves the classroom and chats with a friend of his-William*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:20 *goes to her locker to put books away* *glances at Josh's group irritably* *feels annoyed because she is part of no particular group - is a loner*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:20 *Is talking to the video game group of kids*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 01:21 *smiles at a few of the students* Hey, guys! *lately, he has been seen around the school because he is working on becoming a teacher*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 01:21 You all pepped up for the pep rally?
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:21 *I guess she is in Dakota's "loner" group, which mainly consists of goths and people who just don't fit in*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:21 (Connor: Just another teen at the school. Has blond/brown hair and blue eyes. A sporty guy, on the football team. Hates Derek, or anyone annoying. Can be sort of wild and crazy.)
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:21 *is being totally fake* Yeah!!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:22 [Sorry if this is a dumb question...but what does "pep" mean? I keep hearing the phrase "I'm a pepper" and I just don't get it.]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:22 *not being totally fake* Yeah!!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:23 Uh...what's a pep rally...?? *some people are seen laughing at him*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:23 (Like at your school?)
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:23 (I haven't heard that phrase, but a pep rally is usually something that gets the school pepped up for a sporting event, etc. Pep itself means to get excited, or something like that.)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:23 *just facepalms when she hears Josh*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:24 [Ohhh...OK. I just saw some sign once saying "I'm a pepper" and one of my friends once said that and I was just like o_o ???]
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:25 (Beatrice: Looks exactly like Tris from Divergent: long caramel hair, usually in a ponytail. Is wearing a black tee shirt and jeans with boots. Is actually sort of annoying and rude, cares too much about people and always wanting to sacrifice herself.)
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:25 *Is just about to say something when Kendall and his buddies pour water all over him*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:25 (Also, pep rallies are known to be pretty embarrassing.)
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:25 (Can be nice, but is usually sort of sullen and not really like her friends.)
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:27 *Walks by laughing* Next time, don't tell my friends you like my girlfriend
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 01:27 (And for my last character: Tyler, who looks like Four from Divergent. He's a Force member, and is really proud of his job. Wearing a gray t shirt, black jacket, and sports pants.)
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:27 [Zaphira:Short blonde hair with one neon pink strand, icy light blue eyes, wears pink hoodie sets. Is a spy for the Force and will later be revealed as a traitor. When she joins the Force she'll instead wear a black bodysuit with pink markings.]
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:29 *is wearing a Michigan State shirt* Derek: Hey! I hate your shirt! Connor: Oh really? Maybe I hate you.
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:29 [Is cunning, agile, great at martial arts, and sneaky. A good liar. Also good at pretending to be really sweet, kind, and sort of dumb. Creepily enough, she and Tom are a bit in love. Yes, that's creepy. XD XP At least it shows that some Force members
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:29 can have sweet spots.]
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:30 [Wow...I just realized we're all here.]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:30 *hears Connor* Hey, awesome comeback.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:30 *picks up his saxaphone case in the band room*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:30 [@ Jack, Izzy, and Paige:Feel free to join my newest game-You're Banned-The Game! It's on this website/Roleplay-City.]
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:30 *weakly stumbles through the hallways* *gets pushed down by a random student*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:31 Eh, it was nothing.
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:31 *Is about to push James when he sees Peter coming*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:31 [SPOILER ALERT:Tara will eventually die in a sort of Aftershock-like fashion. I'll be creating another character to take her place after that, so once she dies her slot is still mine.]
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:31 *catches up to Beatrice* Hey, you ok? *helps Beatrice up*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:32 *wraps her cloak tightly around herself as it it'll block out everything else**just wants a few moments of peace and quiet*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:32 I'm fine, ok?! *sees that Amanda looks sort of hurt, and laughs like she was just a little embarrassed*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:33 *turns towards Rae* Well, off to the slammer I go. *is referring to the gym*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:33 Random Kid:*sees Rae* Hey...if you're in the "Other" category, why are you so gothy? Why aren't you in the "Goth" category? Rae:Because I'm not like other goths. *walks away**doesn't like being questioned about who she is truly meant to be*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:34 *nods to Dakota while walking away*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:34 *like William, she is training to be a teacher* Alright, everyone to the gym! *smiles*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:34 *Watches Peter walk by then pushes James into a locker*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:34 -PRETTY SOON, EVERYONE IS EITHER IN THE GYM OR GOING TO THE GYM-
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:34 So, are you excited for the pep rally, Bea? Beatrice: Sure. I mean, whatever. Just a pep rally, right?
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:35 *the band continuously plays Seven Nation Army* *is starting to get more than just a little annoyed*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:36 *He and his friends walk into the gym*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:36 *glances at Dakota**is also more than a little annoyed*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:36 *pushes past everyone just to get to the bleachers* *everyone else who didn't get to the bleachers is banished to the hard gym floor*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:37 *watches everything happily*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:37 Great. Now we have to sit on the floor...on top of EVERYTHING...
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:37 *is banished to the floor* Ugh!!! Derek: Hey, lame-o. Nice shirt. *is angry* Hey, Derek. Fix your acne.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 01:37 *claps along to the band, making everyone else clap along*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:38 *finds himself being pushed down onto the cold gym floor by Derek* Ow!! Agh...miah noze... Derek:*laughs*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:38 *is in a bad mood* This song is very, very, very, VERY repetitive.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:38 *stares at William, not amused* I refuse to clap.
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:39 One of his friends: IVE HEARD BETTER SONGS AT MCDONALDS!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:39 *gasps when she sees Josh being pushed down**helps him get up* You OK? Josh:I tingk...miah noze iz zore...
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:39 *is stepping up the steps with Amanda* *suddenly trips and falls face-first, sliding down the bleachers and making a lot of racket*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:39 *she and Josh clap along, trying to act like nothing happened*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:40 *all eyes are on Beatrice*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:40 *is blowing his brains away on the sax* *is feeling quite the contrary of everyone else*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:41 *is embarrassed because she was trying to help Beatrice to a seat*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:41 *is getting in the groove of the song*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:41 *silently gets off and marches past Amanda to a seat*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:41 *Seven Nation Army is played another round* UGHH!!!
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:41 *Yells to Beatrice* NEXT TIME DO THAT DURING A PLAY!
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:42 *sighs and rolls her eyes, getting fed up with Beatrice's snarky attitude*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:43 *doesn't even clap along**just stands there, refusing to clap*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:43 Principal: Okay, okay!! Quiet down everyone...*it takes a long-ish time before everyone shuts up*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:43 *screams at Kendall:* Why don't you just shut up?!
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:43 Come up here and make me doll face?! You couldn't even get up here!
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:44 *is sitting alone, meanwhile Beatrice is hanging out with the popular crowd and trying to fit in*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:44 *yells:* JUST SHUDDAP PIZZAFACE!!!
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:44 *once everyone is silent, he decides to break the ice* NETFLIX....
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:44 *that was @ Kendall BTW*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:45 *some of his friends silently crack up* *grins*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:45 Waaahhh??
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:45 Whhhaaaa??
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:45 *Laughs* YOURE TERRIBLE AT THIS!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:46 Huuuhhhh-?? *Tara elbows him*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:46 *sticks out her tongue solemnly at Kendall with no other comeback*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:46 *turns to Dakota* We are surrounded by complete idiots.
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:47 *the band plays 3 more songs* *then, the teachers do an embarrassing dance number to 'Thriller'*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:47 One of his friends: PONYTAILS ARE FOR LOSERS!
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:47 *buries her head in her hands* Person: *sounding genuinely concerned:* Are you depressed?....
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:47 *nods* Including the teachers.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 01:48 *dances along, looking really idiotic*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:48 *yells:* HEY!!! I'M WEARING A PONYTAIL!!!!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:49 Yeah? Well, you already ARE. So, HA.
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:49 *Runs in extremely late, Kendall sticks his foot up to trip him and he hits Beatrice*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:49 YEAH!!! DON'T MESS WITH-uh... Tara:Tara's the name. *shakes hands with Josh* Josh:Oh-I'm Joshua.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:50 Someone:*yells* James has a new gggiirrrlllfffrrriiieeeennnndddd!!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:50 *James falls right on Beatrice* *screams loudly and obnoxiously*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:50 Alright...EVERYONE, SETTLE DOWN!!
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:51 Wow...Josh?!? Seriously.
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:51 *sighs*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:51 I'm....so....sorry...
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:51 *is vying for attention* *stands up and starts dancing to the music* *is the only student doing so*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:52 Josh:*@ Derek* I didn't say that!! The guy behind me did!!
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:52 *99.9% of the gym cracks up at him* *smirks*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:52 *irritably pushes some hair out of her way* It's....fine. *doesn't even sound sorry*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:53 Kendall: JAMES IS FINALLY GETTING A GIRL!!!
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:53 *facepalms openly* How is that even funny?...
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 01:53 *makes an obnoxious little "Eeeee!" sound and starts dancing a little**gets a stern look from the principal and stops*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:53 *is getting so annoyed with Beatrice's rudeness that she nearly pulls her hair out*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:53 This is just stupid.
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:53 *Gets up slowly and runs over to Kendall slamming him into the wall*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:54 *starts thinking about pushing Beatrice hard and smiles a little*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 01:54 The Guy Behind Joshua:OOO!!! IT LOOKS LIKE JAMES IS GETTING DUMPED!!!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:55 *mutters:* I don't even LIKE James....I don't like anyone, and nobody likes me, and just- ughhhh....
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:55 *Starts to punch Kendall hard in the face*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:56 *runs over and grabs Kendall and James* Alright, break it up!
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:56 Break it up or it's detention for both of you!
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:56 STOP PICKING ON ME!! *Kicks Kendall hard in the gut*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:57 Kendall: *Is bleeding badly*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 01:57 Principal: Who's ready for some RELAY RACES?!?! Everyone: Me! Principal: I can't HEAR YOU...Everyone: ME!!! Principal: WHAT?! Everyone: MEEE!!! Dakota: *lip syncs "MEEEE!!!"*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 01:58 *watches the chaos between James and Kendall*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:58 Rae:*doesn't even lip sync**just stands there, sighing*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 01:58 *the two won't stop fighting* Alright, detention! *pushes them away from each other*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 01:59 HE BULLIES ME EVERY DAY AND THATS ALL!!!
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 02:00 Now go participate in the relay races.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 02:00 *everyone is forced to sign up for a stupid relay*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:00 Kendall: I want to be as far away from that lunatic as possibke
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:00 *sighs and signs up with Josh*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 02:01 *really excited*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:01 *signs up for something called Race 2 Finish* It's the only one that seems "safe"... *Matt signs up for something called Cookie Balance* *Derek signs up for Dance Freeze*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:01 *Runs out of the gym*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:02 *worst of all, everyone is forced to move back to make room for the "arena"* *everything gets really cramped*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 02:02 Principal: JAMES, GET BACK HERE!
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 02:03 *Rae signs up for Dance Freeze**Josh signs up for Cookie Balance**Tara signs up for Race 2 Finish*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:03 *is unfortunately forced to sign up for Dance Freeze*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:04 *Runs to
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:04 *moaning a little* Tara:What's wrong? Josh:Mai noze ztill hurtz...
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:04 *Runs to the roof*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 02:05 Zaphira, go find James. Zaphira:*whines* Fiiine... *goes up to the roof*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:06 *looks at Amanda and Derek-her fellow students in the Dance Freeze section* Ugghh...greeaat...
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 02:06 Principal: Time for Dance Freeze!! *annoying pop music starts up*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:07 *Stands on the edge*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 02:08 James! Hey, what are you doing? You're supposed to be participating in the relay races!
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:09 *trudges over, feeling embarrassed*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 02:09 *runs over next to him* Hey, you OK?
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:09 *rolls her eyes at the "oh so emotional" pop music*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:09 Aw YEAH!! Dance off!!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:10 *follows Amanda**says rather openly:* Let's get this over with.
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:10 *is so far beating everyone* Yeeeeaahhh...uptown funk....
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:11 *is getting confused with all the moves and keeps unintentionally bumping into people*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:11 *when the music freezes, he moves* Principal: Derek is OUT!! Derek: NOOOOO!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:11 *actually smiles at Derek's reaction*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:12 *has been dancing rather boredly and dully-she's just been moving her arms and legs sort of robotically and stopping when the music freezes, but that's it*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:12 *throws his hands up in the air while going back to the bleachers*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:13 *a oh so unhappy Derek passes by her**whispers:* Have a nice day!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:13 **an oh so unhappy Derek
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:13 *glares at Raven*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:13 I always get picked on and I'm through with it
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:13 *Dance Freeze has ended, and Amanda and Rae have successfully survived*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:14 Principal: Race 2 Finish! Race 2 Finish, everyone! *more stupid music plays*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:14 *mutters:* Thank goodness that's over... *walks back over to Dakota*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:15 *runs into the arena*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:15 *feels humiliated while walking over to the stack of floor scooters* *is handed one* *sits down on it at the starting line*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:15 *is ready to race-is actually one of the fastest people in school*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:15 Kendall: *Watching from the bleachers*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:15 *grabs a floor scooter*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:15 *sets it down at the starting line*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:16 *is handed a wooden pole at random, and the race begins* *moves the scooter forward by using the pole, but it isn't even working*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:17 *pushes her scooter really quickly via her pole**is quickly in the lead*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:17 *goes back over to Beatrice* Hey. Beatrice: Hey.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:17 *is left somewhere in the middle of point A and point B* *the cheering crowd isn't helping much* *suddenly gets pelted by dodge balls* *ducks, but that doesn't help either*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:18 Nice job down there. *is actually smiling* Amanda: Thanks...
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:19 I'm doing the cookie thingy. Amanda: That's nice...
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:19 *the relay is over, and Tara wins* Prinicpal: Congrats, Tara!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:19 *smiles*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:20 Principal: Cookie Balance! Cookie Balance! Dakota: *looks for Rae, but someone has stolen her space* *is left to stand up*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:21 *marches confidently down to the "cookie thingy"*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:21 *walks over to a table with several packages of Oreos* *the teacher reads them the instructions- basically you have to balance an Oreo...on your nose*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:21 Josh:*hugs Tara as soon as she comes back over to him* Great job!! Tara:Thanks! *there is an awkward silence between them**Josh lets go of her* Josh:Er-heh heh...
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:21 No....Nooooo....*is mortified*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:21 *flips her ponytail like a boss*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:21 Josh:*hugs Tara as soon as she comes back over to him* Great job!! Tara:Thanks! *there is an awkward silence between them**Josh lets go of her* Josh:Er-heh heh...
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:22 Why did I sign up for this?!?! *paces around*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:22 *snorts* So easy.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:23 *runs to compete in Cookie Balance*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:24 *Looks down from the roof*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:24 *is handed an Oreo cookie* *leans his head back, trying to place the Oreo on his nose* Oh my gosh...TORTURE...
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:24 Wow...this is dumb. *makes the traditional Beast Boy type laugh*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:25 *glances at Josh* No kidding.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:25 I'm getting whiplash already!!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:25 So easy, right? Watch and learn! *cracks his knuckles and balances a cookie on his nose for approximately .000002 seconds**next thing you know...there's a cookie on the floor*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:25 Uh...oops...
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:30 Principal:HEEEE'S OUT!!! Josh:*stumbles back over to Tara*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:30 Kendall: *Watches the kids doing these stupid games*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:31 Uh...sorry about that...I just- Tara:*smiles* It's fine. You have no reason to be embarrassed. These games are stupid, anyway.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:32 *sees Dakota standing around**waves to her**Dakota comes over* I saved this seat for you. Someone else had taken our seats, so I found some new ones. *Dakota nods and sits down*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:33 Kendall: *Leaves the gym*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:34 *can't even balance the cookie* *it falls on the ground and shatters* *is out*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:34 Principal: Beatrice wins!!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:35 *puts her hood up so that no one recognizes her**sneaks through the crowd and then yells:* HEY!!! ARE THESE DUMB GAMES OVER YET??!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:35 *sneaks back to Dakota and puts her hood back down*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:36 Principal: We hope to see you at the football game tonight!!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:36 *looks really smug*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:36 [Man, by this rate even I'm finding these relay races annoying...when's the chaos and the epicness going to start?]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:36 Yes...they're done...*there is a rush to the gym exit*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:36 (Soon and very soon!)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:36 Finally... *rushes out**Josh and Tara go out hand in hand rather than go back with kids from their categories*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:36 [Yes!! :D]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:37 [Yes!! :D]
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:37 (Yeah! I wanna bring Rick in soon!)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:37 -LATER, AT NIGHT-
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:37 [Double-post.]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:38 *the football game has ended* *is walking around outside, waiting for someone to come get her since her younger bro went off to party- with the car*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:38 *older brother
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:38 *is walking off the field, holding his helmet*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:39 *is behind the bleachers with her boyfriend* BF: Hey, I had fun and all, but I have a confession to make.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:39 *is walking in a dark alley towards her home**is alone
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:39 *He is better and goes home*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:40 **
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:40 Amanda: Like what? BF: *paces around* Well....I'm sorry...but....we have to break up. I like this other girl, Bethany. She's super sweet.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:40 *she and Josh are sitting on the benches in the football stadium**they are just talking about their lives and such*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:40 *drives his Chevy Impala L T out of the parking lot* *notices Dakota standing around* *stops the car*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:41 *rolls down the window* Hey, you need a ride?
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:41 *Leaves the game with his friends*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:41 Amanda: *is full of rage* Ok, fine. Have fun without me. *stalks off to the parking lot, but doesn't have a ride*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:41 ...And due to my personality, I ended up in the "dumb-and-cool-and-immature" group...so what's your story?
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:41 *shrugs* Yeah, I guess so. *hears a whoop, and sees Derek with some people*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:41 A friend: Dude! You skipped your detention!
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:41 Amanda: *is full of rage* Ok, fine. Have fun without me. *stalks off to the parking lot, but doesn't have a ride*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:42 (Double post)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:42 *gets in the passenger seat* Hurry up, Derek's coming. Matt: Ok?...*speeds out*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:42 Well, when I was little I showed that I was much tougher and more fun-loving than the normal girl was. I also had this touch of shyness I guess...so anyway, that eventually evolved into me being put in the tomboy category. That's about it.
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:42 *stands around, hoping to get a ride* *takes out her phone, staring at Beatrice's #*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 02:43 *is driving his car away from the game**Zaphira is in the passenger seat* ...So turn to the left and your house will be right there? Zaphira:Yep.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 02:44 OK then... *turns and parks the car* Zaphira:Thanks for the ride. *gets out of the car and goes to her house* Peter:No problem. *drives away towards his own home*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 02:44 *goes into her apartment building*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:44 *eventually, the car reaches her house* Thanks for driving me. *immedietly gets out* Matt: *smiles* Anytime. *slowly drives off*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:44 *decides to text Beatrice:* Hey, u home? Beatrice: yea. Y? Amanda: I need a ride back to my place.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:44 *she and Josh start to walk out of the football place**they are still talking casually to one another*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:44 Beatrice: sorry. can't drive over there right now. Amanda: it's fine.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:45 *is home alone* *sits on the couch and watches a TV show*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:45 *Gets in his Mercedes and drives home*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:45 *takes a shortcut back home**turns and climbs over the rails of a staircase**runs along the rooftop of a few sheds, jumps down into another alley, and runs out into a big street*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:46 *gets home**goes to her room and starts doing homework*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:46 *gets in his crappy truck and drives around* *sees Amanda and rolls down the windows* Hey, I know you. Amanda: Yeah...I need a ride. Connor: Sure. Hop in.
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:46 *Sees James walking home* *Pulls over* Hey... Want a ride?
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:47 ...Hey Josh, can you drive me home? Josh:Sorry...I don't have a ride either. Tara:Oh...okay. I guess we'll have to walk. Josh:OK. *turns and starts heading one way**Tara heads towards the other way* Wait-where are you going?
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:47 *Amanda gets in, gives him directions, and he drops her off at her house. Amanda: Thanks. Connor: Sure. *drives off*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:47 *is meanwhile partying hard at his place with a bunch of other football players*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:47 James: *Hesitates and then gets in the car*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:47 Towards my place. Josh:Oh...see ya, then. Tara:*waves**then they walk in opposite directions towards their homes*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:48 *Drops James off and then goes home*'
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:48 *arrives at a decent house in the Chicago suburbs**goes to her room and starts doing homework*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:48 *slowly drives past Derek's house* *there is TP on the trees, and a couch is sitting crookedly on the lawn*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:48 *soon gets to a somewhat crappy apartment where he and his family live**eats Cheetos and watches replays of the football game*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:49 -NEXT MORNING-
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:49 *is snoring away on the couch*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:49 *Cheetos are everywhere around him*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:49 *wakes up bright and early*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:49 *is laying across his bed*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 *wakes up bright and early*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 *wakes up**drowsily picks up a book and starts reading a little*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 *wakes up to hear a bunch of noise* *sits up and looks at the alarm clock- 8:05 AM* *gets out of bed, knowing she's extremely late for school*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 *isn't due to get up for another few hours*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 [Double-post]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 *Checks the school site and sees a picture of James kissing his girlfriend*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 *hears the sound of a helicopter whirring* *even hears a scream* Mom? Dad? What's going on?
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:50 *finally wakes up at the strange sounds* Huh? Whata??
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:51 Mom:Josh!! Grab your things-we have to go!! Josh:What?? Wait, what's happening? Mom:I...don't know. Just hurry!!
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:51 *Is mad, but then hears his parents leave*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:51 *hears the sounds and races to the window**sees the helicopters outside and gasps* It's them...
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:51 Mom: Grab your stuff, we're evacuating. Dakota: *feels a surge of fear* *looks at the TV* Announcer: If you're in the Chicago area, get out, because some unknown army is attacking neighborhoods.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:51 *runs and grabs her cloak, as well as some of her favorite books*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52 *is pulled roughly out of bed by her younger brother* Hey! Lemme sleep! Brother: No. We have to go.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52 *runs to her room and grabs stuff*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52  Buying Books (any) (x 1)  
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  *takes a knife from the kitchen and stuffs it in her pack*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52 *His dad comes back in as grabs him*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52  Buying Food (x 1)  
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:52 *sees some armed people running around outside* *puts on a Northwestern sweater lazily, gets on some shoes, grabs some cash, and follows her brother*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:53  Buying Clothes (any) (x 1)  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:53  Buying Food (x 1)  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:53  Buying Water (x 1)  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:53  Buying Food (x 1)  
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:53  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  *is handed a gun by her dad* *stumbles out the door*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:53 *hears the door opening* *some gunshots are heard* *one of her brothers starts screaming*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:53  Buying Clothes (any) (x 1)  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:54 [I have to go. However, I'll be back in one hour, OK? See you soon! *offline*]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:54  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:55 Hey! What's going on-*BOOM!* *her brother falls to the ground, dead*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 02:56 *Sees James running towards his house*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 02:56 Kyle?...KYLE!!!!! *screams loudly*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:56 *wakes up to hear the sharp wail of a police siren* *looks out his window to see extreme chaos*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:56 (Ok, bye!)
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:57 *sees a guard walking across the lawn to his house* *grabs stuff*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 02:57 *is in the doorway, holding a gun* Hey girl, you're coming with me. So stop screaming.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:57  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:57  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 02:58 *races to the back door, grabbing the car keys* *gets into his car, pronto*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.21 03:03 *Busts through Amanda's house* Come with me now.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:04 [Back!]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:06  Buying Clothes (any) (x 1)  *grabs and puts on a different outfit-it looks like the Teen Titans Terra one**is now wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, bright yellow shorts, brown gloves, brown boots, and a brown belt*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:06  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:06  Buying Food (x 1)  
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:06  Buying Water (x 1)  
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:07  Buying Suvival pack (x 1)  
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:07  Buying School supplies(any) (x 1)  
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:07  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:08 *finds an old knife that belongs to her father**puts it in her backpack**puts everything, in fact, in her backpack-her original outfit, her food, her water, her survival pack, her school supplies, and her knife*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:09 *puts her backpack on and runs to the rest of her family* Tara's Dad:Come on! *leads his wife, his daughter, and his son out into the streets*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:10 *they start running for their car when there is gunfire and a random explosion**both of her parents are shot/blown up right before her eyes* NO!!!!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:10 Tara's Brother:Come on!! *they continue running for the car when Tom comes out of nowhere**looking at them creepily, he walks over and throws Tara down8
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:10 **
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:12 *hits her head hard**is almost unconscious**everything becomes a blur**looks around, dazed, and sees Tom punch the living crap out of her brother*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:13 *notices how huge Tom is and thinks she's seeing things**shakes her head to clear it and sees that Tom is really eight feet tall AND his hand is about the size of her brother's head*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:13 Brother:Tara, RUN!! *is punched again and knocked out cold*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:14 *quickly gets up and runs in a random direction**has completely forgotten about the car-just runs for dear life*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:15 *sees what's going on and knows exactly what's going on**grabs her stuff casually, knowing she's in no danger since she already works for The Force*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:15  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:16  Buying Suvival pack (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:16  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:16  Buying Clothes (any) (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:16  Buying Food (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:16  Buying Water (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:17  Buying Dynamite (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:17  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:18 *puts everything in her backpack and leaves**sees Tom, who is on Tara's trail, walk by**nods to him rather casually**he nods back*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:18 *gets in her car-a fancy pink sports car-and drives out and away into the city of Chicago*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:19 *looks out the window of his house* What the h**l...?!
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:20 *watches the chaos for a moment and then grabs as much stuff as he can*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:20  Buying Books (any) (x 1)  
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:20  Buying Food (x 1)  
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:20  Buying Water (x 1)  
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:20  Buying Tent (x 1)  
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:20 *knows that something is going on* *grabs stuff*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21  Buying Explosives (x 1)  [Hi!]
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21  Buying Food (x 1)  
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21 (Hola! We meet again!)
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *grabs his whip*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21  Buying Water (x 1)  *takes a huge canteen and fills it*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:21 [Why, yes we do senora! :D]
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:22  Buying Tent (x 1)  
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:22  Buying Clothes (any) (x 1)  
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:22 *packs up all his stuff and gets out of the house just in time to see his car being blown up* [BLEEP]...
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:22 *gets in his truck* *instead of taking the evacuation route, he drives through neighborhoods to find people who need help*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 04:23 *zooms over in her sports car* Need a ride? *VROOM VROOM!*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:23 *is grabbed by Rick* Rick: *instructs Tyler to go find some other families*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 04:23 Yeah... *gets in**Zaphira starts driving the car away* Thanks. Zaphira:No problem.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:24 *runs as fast as she can through the streets**pants hard**for some reason Tom keeps finding her, although he is walking slowly and casually through the streets**every time she stops to rest, Tom pops up nearby*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:24 [I'll be on here, Movie RP, and TT!]
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:25 *is sleeping soundly until her bedroom door bangs against the wall, falling off its hinges* *Tyler is standing in her doorway*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:25 (Ok!)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:25  Buying Suvival pack (x 1)  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:25  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:25 *scooches up and just stares at Tyler*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:26  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  *finds a random kitchen knife lying around**grabs it, knowing that any sort of weapon may be useful*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:26 *findsthat he is somewhat attracted to Beatrice* I-I won't harm you, ok? Actually, I'm leaving. *just leaves*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:27 *instead, he goes to Connor's house*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:27 *some Force guards approach their house* *is forced to stand on the lawn with her family* Guard: Put your hands up. *he and some other guards raid their house*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:31 *runs out with her only family member-her dad*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:31 Mom: Dakota, Jimmy, run. Dakota: No, I can't. Mom: Yes you can. Now go...please. *gets teary*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:31 *they are about to get in the car when Force guards arrive* Guard:*holding a gun* Put your hands up.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:32 Dad:*whispers* Go... Rae:*looks at her Dad, sad and terrified all at once* No...!! Dad:Just GO!! *pulls out a gun and starts shooting the guards, distracting them*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:32 *starts running slowly with her brother* Guard: HEY!!! Dakota: *runs as fast as she can* *her brother is gunned down* *bites down on her lip, holding back tears* *hears several more shots, but doesn't dare turn around*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:33 *runs away**gets to an alley and sees a guard come up behind her dad as he shoots random guards**one shot, and her dad is on the ground**sobs uncontrollably*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:33 *runs away, her cloak streaming behind her*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:33 *instead, he goes to Connor's house*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:33 *races towards Rae's house with nowhere else to go* *suddenly sees a famliar looking car driving down the road slowly- Matt's Chevy*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:33  Buying Clothes (any) (x 1)  [Speaking of cloaks, I forgot to buy some clothes.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:34 *Dakota finds Rae's house swarming with Force guards*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.21 04:34 James: Where are my friends?
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:34 Hey, get inside! *Dakota runs for the passenger door, and a guard shoots at her*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:35 *enters Connor's house* *goes into Connor's parents room and shoots them first* *goes into Connor's room next*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:36 *still sorta half asleep**grabs random stuff*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:36 *gets inside, luckily* *wipes her eyes* Matt: You okay? Dakota: Yeah...yeah.
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:36 *looks around* *there is a lot of sports stuff in there-mainly football* *Bears posters & Michigan State posters are everywhere*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:37 *drives really slowly through the gunfire* *guards shoot at his car, and the windshield gets badly cracked*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:37  Buying Spraypaint (x 1)  
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:37  Buying Food (x 1)  
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:37 *Connor suddenly falls to the ground*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.21 04:37 Kendall: *Grabs James and they run*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:37  Buying Water (x 1)  
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:37 Hold on!!! *drives right into a Force truck, and his car goes spinning out of control*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:38  Buying School supplies(any) (x 1)  
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:38 *sees Tyler standing there* WHAT THE H***?!?! *runs at Tyler, nearly getting shot* Tyler: You're-coming-with-me!!
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:38 *there is a huge explosion* *drives straight through the fire*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:39 *is dragged out of the house* MOM!!!! DAD!!!! Tyler: Shut up kid, they're dead.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:39 *turns a corner and sees Derek's house* *Derek's family are forced on their knees, their hands bound behind their backs*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:40  Buying Backpack (no items) (x 1)  
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:40 Derek! We can't let this happen to him. I mean- I sorta hate his guts, but still.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:40  Buying Clothes (any) (x 1)  
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:41 *stumbles out of his house with his family and into the gunfire**soon his mom, dad, and grandpa are dead**only he and his 5 year-old sister are still alive**they make it in the car*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.21 04:41 *Tries to grab more of the kids*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:41 I've got this. *rolls down the window and shoots the guards down with her gun*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:41 *is crying hard now**drives wildly away from the scene*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:42 Sister:Joshua...where's Mama? Where's Dada? Where's Grandpa? Josh:They're...they went away. To a better place. *cries hard*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:42 DEREK!!! OVER HERE!!! *Derek starts running towards the car, but it is soon plowed over by a much larger Force van*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:42 Don't worry...you'll see them again. Eventually you will. All of us will.
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:42 *runs out of her house, trying to find Tyler* *eventually spots him trying to shoot Connor* CONNOR!!! *grabs Connor out of the way*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:42 *screams* Matt: *tries to get the car back into control, but it's no use*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:43 *looks up at Tyler* Please...don't hurt us...Tyler: *pauses, then says with a choked up voice:* Outta my way.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:43 *the driver's seat door is opened* *is dragged out* *Dakota is also taken out*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:44 Rick: TYLER! Don't hurt them!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:44 *is crying too hard**tears blot his vision, causing him to crash right into a Force truck**his head his the steering wheel**blacks out for a minute*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:45 *when he wakes up, he sees that his sister is dead-the crash was too much for her and ended up being fatal* NO!!!! No... *sobs* This was my fault...all my fault...
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:45 *looks around, everything being blurry* *sees Derek nearby, being pushed by a Force officer towards a truck* Guard: You're coming with us.
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:45 *grabs Connor* Run!!! Connor: *starts running in a random direction*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:46 *runs back to his house to grab some precious items*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:46 No...no...Guard: YES. *pushes Dakota towards the truck* Dakota: *sees a Ford truck in the distance, and for some reason, feels like it's the only way out*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:46  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:46  Buying Spraypaint (x 1)  
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:47 *Tyler spots Josh's truck nearby, goes over, and opens the door to see a crying Josh*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:47  Buying Food (x 1)  *grabs whatever snacks are in the kitchen*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:47 *is still running through the alleys and trying to escape Tom when she turns and runs smack into Rae**she and Rae fall down*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:48 *grabs a family photo, just for remembrance*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:48 *is driving the Ford truck* *sees some of his fellow students* *leans out the window and shoots the Guards holding Matt, Derek, and Dakota captive*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:48 *puts everything in a State drawstring bag* *grabs the keys, his phone, and heads out into the truck*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:48 *has already recruited Ramon and Amy*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:49 Guys!!! *looks behind him, feeling anxious* Hop in!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:49 [Man, I just realized how funny Tyler himself is. He looks like Four but he's thirty. Well said. XD]
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:49 *He and Kendall are running from Rick* *Sees Amanda in his car*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:50 (Yep, he's basically a Four (from the movie) knockoff.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:50 *they quickly get up* What the-oh, it's you. Rae:Yeah. It's me. *the two turn and see Tom emerge and start walking towards him**her eyes grow wide* He's... Tara:Big. I know. Now let's GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!!!
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:51 *faces Josh with a frank expression on his face* Well?
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:51 *Feels bad for Amanda and runs to her side of the door*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:51 *he, of course, gets in the backseat* *Ramon is also sitting in the back* *remembers bullying Ramon, but doesn't dare face him*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:51 (Tom's kind of creepy, actually...eek.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:52 [XD Yep. They should've gotten someone else to play as Four, because it is really (really REALLY) hard to think that he's eighteen years old.]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:52 *jumps into the tailgate with Dakota, and the truck takes off* Hold on!!! It's going to be a wild *BANG* one!
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:52 (It is.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:53 [Yeah...did you look up Jaws? Or perhaps Richard Kiel? He's supposed to look just like him, except without metal teeth (of course the actor doesn't have metal teeth, but the character does).]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:53 *clutches onto the edge with one hand and her gun with the other* *only has a flimsy rifle compared to The Force's high-tech stuff*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:53 (Yeah.)
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:53 (Tom's kind of creepy, actually...eek.)
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.21 04:54 (Double post)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:54 *Tom's supposed to
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:54 Kendall: James! Hurry up!
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:55 *looks at James, a little shocked and scared*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:55 I'm...here to save you..
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.21 04:55 *Hits James in the back of the head, sending him tumbling down*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 *looks up in the sky, and sees some bombs are about to be rained down on them*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 [Jaws is REALLY tough, actually. He's in the James Bond movies "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker," so if you want to see him in the movies you can watch those.]
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 *looks at James, a little shocked and scared*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 OH FUDGE!!! *ducks* We're goners. We're dead.
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 *Runs over and jumps on Rick*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 *is dragged out of the truck by Tyler*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 *tries to lift James back into the truck*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:56 *Rae and Tara are running nearby**they find a random shop full of weapons and stock up on their supplies*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 04:57 WILLIAM, MOVE THIS THING!!! William: *is heard cussing in the back*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:57  Buying Bow and arrows (x 1)  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:57  Buying Arrows (inifinite #) (x 1)  
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:57 (I looked up a picture of Jaws and kind of cracked iPhone.)
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:57 (*sorry, up. Auto correct.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:58 [>XD OK, that's funny!!]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:58 Hurry up and drive the truck!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:58 [I bet you jumped at the teeth though. XD]
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 04:59 *the truck is almost sent toppling over due to an explosion*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 04:59 [Although Jaws in general is more creepy than funny, he always puts on this hilarious disenchanted look whenever he fails to kill James Bond. X'D]
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 04:59 *gets into the truck, James in shotgun and Kendall in the back* *drives*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:00 *his wimpy side comes out* *is starting to freak out*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:00 *sees Beatrice just walking around* *stops the truck* BEATRICE, GET IN!!!
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:00 Don't worry guys, I'm trying to get out of here!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:00 [There was one part of "The Spy Who Loved Me" where Jaws was literally ripping apart a van that James and a Russian spy were trying to escape in-WITH HIS BARE HANDS. I was just like "Ooo...I don't think your insurance will cover that. XD"]
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:01 (Yeah...that seems slightly impossible also, hahaha.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:01  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  *grabs a big gun-as well as lots of rocksalt*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:01 *jumps epicly into the tailgate*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:01 [I don't know. He's tough.]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:01 *crashes into Matt when the truck is sent to one side due to a bomb* *sees Rae and Tara running through all of the smoke and debris*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:01 *coughs a little* RAE!!!!
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:02 *William continues to drive* WILLIAM, STOP!!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:04 *jumps epicly into the tailgate*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:04 *Watches everything happening*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:05  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *sees a sledgehammer laying around* *grabs it*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:06 *drives around town crazily* *hops onto the highway and drives towards Chicago*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:06 *explains to William where they could possibly escape to* My grandparents...they have a cottage, it's on Lake (Insert name here), which isn't too far off...
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:06 It's got supplies and stuff...
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:08 *Watches everything happening*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:08 Okay. Tell me where it is. *pulls a map book out of the glove compartment and flips through it* *Amy helps him find Illinois*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:08 *grabs his phone and goes onto Maps* *gets directions for Detroit*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:09 *gets stuck in traffic* *looks at the skyline* *some smoke arises from the Willis Tower*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:09 *is handed the map* *looks around for the lake wearily* Right here...*points to something close to Naperville, IL*Right here...
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:10 *nods* Great.
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:11 *drives around* Need to get out of this neighborhood. Pronto.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:13 *stops the truck, letting Rae and Tara in* *the jump into the tailgate*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:13 [brb]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:13 (Ok.)
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:13 *manages a smile* Welcome aboard, guys. *William is soon speeding off towards the highway*
6>James (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:13 True that.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:14 *tries to get some music going, but all of the stations are out* *finds one station that's still airing, which basically tells everyone to get out of Chicago - and Illinois*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:15 I'm not letting my state go down in flames because of this army. I'm going to fight until the end, no matter what it takes. *murmurs:* I love this city.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:16 Hmmm. *doesn't really care- as long as he gets to safety, everything's good*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:17 *drives onto the freeway* *is right behind Connor*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:18 *looks into the rearview mirror and sees Amanda and James*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:19 *speeds down the highway* *soon reaches Naperville* You're gonna have to give me directions, kid. Derek: *gives directions*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 05:21 *finally reaches the cabin* *parks the truck deep in the forest*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:23 *approaches the door and kicks it down* *enters the cabin, the others following* *shuts the door* Guys, shut all the blinds- shut everything. *everyone does their part*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:23  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 1)  *finds a radio and turns it on* *finds a reliable news station*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:26 Reporter: Here's a complete list of the cities taken over by this so-called "Force": Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Milwaukee, South Bend, Ann Arbor, Madison, Omaha, Des Moines, Madison, Cleveland, Lincoln, Iowa City...
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:27 Reporter: Minneapolis, Wichita, Sioux Falls, Fort Wayne, and many, many more. Cities are being torn apart, schools have been taken over, nothing is safe in the Midwest.
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 05:28 Reporter: You must find safety somewhere else, somewhere in the East, West, or South.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 05:28 Is sort of freaked out by the news*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:37 [Back!]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:39 *I guess Tara, Rae, and Josh are with everyone by now*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:45 *Josh had eventually escaped Tyler, and Tara and Rae got in the truck with the rest of the teens*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 05:47 [Hello?]
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 05:51 *Zaphira rides her car to the cabin**he and Zaphira get out**they carefully enter the cabin and immediately find themselves surrounded by teens aiming weapons at them*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 05:53 William:Wait! It's Peter Greene and Zaphira Collins! *they put their weapons down*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 06:03 [Note:All my characters except one or two are based on characters from other things. Here's what each character is based on:Rae:Raven+Katniss, Tara:Terra, Joshua:Beast Boy, Peter:Indiana Jones, Tom:Jaws, and Zaphira:None-I made her up completely.]
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.21 06:04 Tara:Did you hear the news...? Peter:Yeah. We had the car radio on.
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 06:04 We saw your truck and followed you here.
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 06:10 *looks around* Hm...nice place.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 06:11 Welcome. *smiles a little*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 06:12 *puts her hood up, goes to a little corner, and reads**is just trying to escape it all and let her mind wander elsewhere for at least a few minutes*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:13 Matt:Hey...any of you got food?
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:13 We're safe for now, at least.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 06:13  Giving Food (x 1) to Matt  I have some. Here. Wait...now I don't have any food! *whines*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 06:14 Well, someone better keep watch at the window so we know if anyone's coming.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 06:14  Giving Food (x 1) to Joshua  *tosses her extra package of food to Josh* Josh:Thanks...
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 06:14 [Hi again!]
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 06:14 I'll watch.
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 06:15 *goes to the window and keeps watch**is secretly planning to warn the others a bit too late if anyone comes, thus letting the others be captured*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 06:15 (Hi!)
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 06:16 [Darn...I have to go.]
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 06:16 *watches everyone carefully*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 06:16 [ I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. Anyway, bye! *offline*]
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 06:16 (Ok! See you tomorrow, I suppose!)
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.21 06:17 [Note:I might be able to come on around 5:00 PM your time again. Not sure. Possibly 6:00 PM your time, too. Anyway, see ya! *offline*]
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.21 06:17 (Ok! Bye!)
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 15:48 (wow, so much happened! I'll just sum up what happened to my characters. Ramon just sort of hung out by himself like always, then ended up going with the other teens. That's about it. Amy was hanging around her girly girl clique and when the chaos
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 15:49 Began, she ended up running into Ramon and eventually ended up with the other kids. And, summary finished for now!)
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.21 19:05 (Ok! Thanks!)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:05 *is raiding the cabin for anything useful*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:06  Buying First aid kit (x 1)  
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:06  Buying Suvival pack (x 1)  
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:06  Buying Dynamite (x 1)  
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:07  Buying PlayersChoiceItem (x 5)  *finds quite a bit of ammunition*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:10  Buying Food (x 5)  *takes almost all the food in the kitchen and stuffs it in his backpack*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:11 *is running out of space in his pack due to last night's homework* Won't be needing this anytime soon. *tosses it out*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 19:11  Buying Suvival pack (x 2)  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 22:34 [Dude...I don't know about you guys, but I just noticed that "Suvival pack" has a big typo in it. XD XP Awkward...]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 22:39 [Note to Paige and Joan:If you come on, I'm currently roleplaying on Interdimensional.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:31 [OK, so now I'm back on here in case anyone comes on.]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:33 *runs to the kitchen* PANTRY RAAAAIIIIDDDD!!!!!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:33 *finds that all the food is gone* Aww...maaaannnn!! T_T Who took all the- *sees Matt* Oh... -.-
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:34 Matt:Uh-don't worry...I left some tofu...
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:34 TOFU?!?! :'D Thank GOODNESS!!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:35 *Matt looks rather full of disgust as Josh eagerly grabs some tofu from the fridge and runs out*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:35  Buying Food (x 1)  
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:36 *pops up by Rae* Hey babe, wanna share some tofu with me? *tries looking "oh so dashing"*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:36 *shoves Josh hard and storms away* Just stay away from me.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:36 *Tara comes over* Geez...what's her problem?
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:37 I don't know...maybe we can start calling her Anger Issues.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:37 *laughs* Yeah.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:37 So...you have some tofu on ya? Gimme some! I love tofu!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:38 Sure! *eagerly shares tofu with Tara**they eat happily*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:42 *goes down into the basement and hides in the darkness**just wants everything to be all over**is the only one in the team who knows what's going on*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:44  Buying Books (any) (x 2)  *finds some random old books and recognizes some of them**grabs them*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:44  Buying Dynamite (x 1)  *also finds a bit of dynamite**puts some of that in her backpack too*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:45  Dropping Bow and arrows (x 1)  *finds that the bow she got at the weapon store was no good**sighs and drops it*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:46  Taking Bow and arrows (x 1)  *starts searching around on the basement**finds a much better bow**it is black with electric-like violet/neon purple markings on it**takes it*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:47 *searches around in her quiver full of arrows**sees that she has some special arrows-explosive ones, etc.*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:51 [Lightbulb! ^.^ I have an idea, but I'm going to share it with the Game Master only so it remains a surprise for everyone else in case the Game Master decides to use the idea in the RP.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:52  Secret message to Will Bailey  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:53  Secret message to Will Bailey  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:54 [OK, done.]
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.21 23:55 *sits around, feeling uncomfortable*
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:55 *wishes that some of her friends were here*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:56 [Hi!]
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:56 (hello)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:57
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.21 23:58 *sits back and relaxes, happy to be alone**feels rather safe in the dark*
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:00 (anyone here?)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:00 *she and Josh get bored and start playing rock-paper-scissors**they only find that this makes them even more bored XD* Josh:Ugghh...I'm beginning to hate this game... Tara:Yeah, me too...
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:02 *starts looking through random stuff*
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:03 *doesn't feel like talking to anyone*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:03 *finds a board game-Clue, to be exact**goes to Josh* Hey, wanna play Clue? Josh:Sure. It would be more fun if we had other players, though.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:03 *nods* Yeah. *turns and yells:* HEY! WHO WANTS TO PLAY CLUE?
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:04 *rolls her eyes*
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:04 No thanks.
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:04 I will!
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:04 *smiles at them*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:06 Great! Come and join us! *smiles back**she, Josh, and Ramon set up the board**yells:* ANYONE ELSE? Peter Greene:Sure. *comes over*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:07 *two others of Paige, Joan, and Jack's choice also join in**decides to play as Miss Scarlet**Josh is Professor Plum*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:07 *Peter Greene is, of course, Mr. Green ^.^*
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:07 *grins* I call being Proffesor Plum!
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:08 *pouts when Josh gets him*
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:08 I'll be Mustard then!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:09 *the other two end up being Miss Peacock and White**soon the game begins*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:10 *eventually puts Miss Scarlet in the Hall* Peter Greene:OK, now guess. Tara:Hmm...I say Colonel Mustard did it in the Hall with a Candlestick!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:11 *Josh shows her a card that says "Candlestick"**nods and gives the dice to Ramon*
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:11 *rolls the die* *lands on a six*
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:12 Hm.... *looks thoughtful*
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:12 *tries to think of what to do*
20>Ramon Sandres (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:13 *guesses that it was White in the Hall with the Candlestick*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:14 Greene:*shows Ramon a card saying "White"*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:15 *pretty much everyone knows by now that is happened in the Hall**however, who did it or what was used is unknown*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 00:15 *is soon given the dice**rolls and goes into the Hall* I'm guessing Colonel Mustard did it in the Hall with a Revolver.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 00:16 *one of the two others shows him a card that says "Revolver"**hands the dice to Josh*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:17 *rolls**lands on four**goes to the Hall* I'm guessing Colonel Ketchup- Tara:Mustard. Josh:-right-did it in the Hall with a Knife. *is shown a card that says "Knife"* Ugghh...
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:18 *hands the dice back to Tara**she decides to stay in the Hall* Tara:I'm guessing Colonel Mustard did it in the Hall with...uh...the Pipe. *is shown a card that says "Pipe"**sighs and hands the dice to Ramon*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:22 [Still there?]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:27 [Anyone?]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:28 (I'm here)
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:30 [Hi! OK. Tara, Peter, Josh, and Ramon are playing clue. Two others are with them. The two others are playing as Miss Peacock and Miss White. Feel free to have your characters join in.]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:33 Ramon:*guesses that Colonel Mustard did it in the Hall with a Wrench**is correct**wins the game*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:33 *whines*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 00:34 Good job, Ramon! *smiles*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:35 Hey good job!
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 00:37 *Ramon says "Thanks!"**everyone plays another game of Clue**this time Peter Greene wins**by then they have started to get bored again*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 00:38 *all of them split up, deciding to mind their own business**Zaphira is meanwhile still keeping watch at the window*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 00:43 *runs into the kitchen* PANTRY RAAAAIIIIDDDD!!!!! Oh wait...I already was here...nevermind... o_o *walks out of the kitchen*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:44 I can make steak, burgers etc
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:45 *sits down and boredly looks through her school supplies*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:47 Josh:*@ Kendall:* No, you can't. Everyone took all the food from the kitchen. Or should I say, one guy took all the food from the kitchen... *glares at Matt8
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:47 **
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:50 That's stupid.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:54 You know, Matt has always been sort of...oblivious. Matt:Hm...what??? Tara:See?
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 00:56 (Hi!)
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 00:56 (Sorry, we are late.)
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:57 [Hi! It's OK!]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:58 [Did you read my secret messages about my idea?]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:00 *looks around finds an old, dust-covered phonograph/record player**finds a random record and and puts it on the record player**finds that the record player actually still works*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:01 *it plays "Mild und leise" from Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde"**finds herself captivated and getting the chills from the beauty of the music*
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 01:01 (Yeah. Since Will Bailey isn't going to be an extremely important character throughout the game, I'm going to say no for now.)
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:01 *he and Amanda are still stuck on the highway*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:02 [OK.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:03 [When is more action going to start? My characters are all stuck just hanging around the cabin.]
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:03 *looks out the window* *sees a police car driving towards the cabin* Um, guys?...Something doesn't look right here...
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:04 *two Force members come out, as well as a police officer and the mayor*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:05 *hears "Mild und leise" coming from the basement**looks at the others* Hear that...? Zaphira:Yeah...but people are coming.
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:05 *is in Gary, Indiana* *sings the song about Gary*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:05 *the aria ends just as the four people get out of the car and come towards the cabin*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:05 (BLEEP), Derek! Why didn't you tell us in the first place?!? *grabs his stuff and goes for the back door*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:05 *sees Amanda and takes an exit into an extremely crappy neighborhood with trailers and factories*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:06 *everyone goes out the back door and to a forested area, where they hide*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:06 *yells into the basement:* RAE!! GET UP HERE!! Rae:*runs out of the basement* What's going on? Peter:People are coming.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:06 *looks around to make sure everyone's there* *notices William isn't* Guys, where did William go?
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:06 *runs out after everyone else with Rae*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:07 I don't know...
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:07 Shh!! I don't know.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:07 Weird...I don't see Miss Collins, either...
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:08 Crap...*recognizes the police officer to be his dad* That's my dad. *the Force plus the two others go to the door* Force guy: *to Matt's dad:* You know anyone who lives here? Police: N.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:08 *no
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:09 *waits near someone's trailer as Amnda pulls up near his truck*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:09 *the door is knocked on anyways, and William answers* *his stomach takes a turn when he sees William pointing to the forested area*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:10 *the mayor and the police officer are handed megaphones* Derek: Get down!! *literally shoves everyone down into hiding*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:10 (What is going on now?$
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:11 *glares at William* Traitor!!
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:11 Mayor: Kids, please come out of hiding. If you do, then everything will be O. K.!! Lives will be spared, you will be spared, we'll all be spared...Please...
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:11 *Is hiding*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:11 *mutters something bad about William*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:12 [Two Force members + a policeman and the mayor arrived at the cabin. Everyone except William and Zaphira are hiding in the forest behind the cabin and watching as William betrays the team and points to the forest where the others are hiding.]
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:12 *hops out of the car* Hey, you're the guy who dropped me off last night, right? Connor: That's me. Amanda: Well, I'm Amanda and this is my friend, Beatrice.
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:12 William just betrayed us...
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:12 Matt's dad: Son...I know you're out there. Just know that I love you and your mother very much...I don't even know where she is!! Whatever you do, DON'T come out of hiding. These (BLEEP) Force people are going to kill you!
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:13 James: *Gets out of the car*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:13 *arrives at the hiding place, purposely rustling the bushes loudly* Heya! Sorry I'm late. Everyone:Shhh!! Zaphira:OK, OK, whatever, sorry...
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:13 *his dad goes on a complete rant about the Force* *is crying hard by now*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:13 Tara:*whispers* What's The Force?? Josh:I dunno...probably the people who are trying to kill us...
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:13 We're trying to get out of here. Connor: Yeah. I'm on my way to Detroit. Amanda: Well, I guess we'll follow you.
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:14 [James isn't in a car. He's with the others. Note that Connor and Amanda escaped to another city in their truck.]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:14 *two shots are fired* *soon after, the motor of the Force vehicles start up*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:14 [James isn't in a car. He's with the others. Note that Connor and Amanda escaped to another city in their truck.]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:14 Sounds like some secret government agexy
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:15 (Oh ok)
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:15 *advances towards the camper, Beatrice on her tail* Connor: Let's see if these people will let us stay here for the night.
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:15 [Double-post.]
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:15 [Oh, and Beatrice is with Amanda and Connor.]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:16 *Agency*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:16 C(If James was traveling with Amanda, then he's outside someone's camper right now with her and the others .)
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:16 *remembers how his family was killed**starts crying quietly**Tara also cries, and Rae's eyes fill with tears*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:16 (And by others , I mean Connor and Beatrice.)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:17 *gets up and looks around when the coast is presumed clear* They're gone. William's with them. *glances down at Matt, who is still trying to recover from the recent turn of events* *feels bad for him*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:18 Hey...everything's going to be alright in the end. If it's not alright, then it isn't the end.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:18 I just can't take it anymore... Tara:None of us can. But if we let ourselves fall, then we'll have to crawl. We have to keep going.
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:19 *listens closely* *can hear some quiet chatter and bluegrass music playing inside* I think we're safe.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:20 *gets up and looks around**turns to Peter Greene* Do think it's safe to stay at the cabin some more?
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:20 *shakes his head* No. Not after this. They know we're probably somewhere around here and will probably check on this place some more. So we have to go.
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:21 *goes up to the door and knocks* *waits around for awhile*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:21 I'm surprised you're not with them.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:22  Buying Truck (abandoned) (x 1)  *takes William's truck* *gets in the driver's seat*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:24 *sits in the passenger seat* So where are we going next? Matt: I dunno, somewhere out of Chicago I guess.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:24 *looks at Kendall* If I was with them then most of you would probably be dead already. Now come on. *leads everyone to Matt/William's truck*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 01:24 *everyone gets in* Tara:*buckles herself in**it is a tight squeeze* We're ready. Or I'm ready, at least.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:25 *sits in the back**looks out at the landscape quietly*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:26 *remembers how his little sister died when he got in the car crash in Chicago**can barely stand being in a truck again*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:26 *the truck slowly drives off* Derek: It's gonna be risky, man...
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:27 *can't get "Mild und leise" out of her head**the aria is a bit haunting but at the same time comforting*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:27 *@ Derek:* Everything is risky now.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:29 *eventually reaches the downtown area of Chicago* *watches as a Force "banner" is being projected on one of the buildings*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:31 The whole dang city has been surrendered to them.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:32 Too bad. We'll just have to deal with it.
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:32 *didn't you hear on the radio?! Almost every Midwestern city has.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:33 *almost blurts out "I hated them since I was born" and quickly keeps quiet, knowing that she must not reveal that she has known about The Force for most of her life*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:34 *reaches Gary in no time, since the traffic isn't bad at all* *decides to pull over, since it is mostly abandoned*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:34 (We gotta go, but we'll be back in 20 or less.)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:35 [Can you send me a secret message or two explaining some more things about The Force and its origins? That might help me make a backstory for Rae. Plus, if you send them to me via secret messages, you won't spoil it for the rest of the members.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:35 [OK.]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:37 *has fallen asleep*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:37 *has also fallen asleep**is leaning against Derek, snoring, and drooling all over Derek and himself*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:37 *has mostly been silent**has just been watching them pass by various landscapes and stuff*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:38 *much unlike Rae, she has been closely watching her comrades and has been VERY talkative*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:38 *practically won't shut up*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:38 (What did I miss? Sorry was having diner)
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:41 [Everyone made it in a truck and drove to Gary, Indiana.]
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:41 [Matt just pulled over.]
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:46 [Still there?]
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:49 [I guess not...]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:49 (I'm here)
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 01:50 [OK.]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:51 *Derek is also asleep**when Derek wakes up, he finds himself covered in drool-Josh's drool**he also sees a snoring Josh leaning against him*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:52 Derek:UGH!!!! *pushes Josh HARD* Josh:AI-EEE!!!! *is sent flying across the back seats**hits a window and lands on Rae*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:52 Ow... >.<
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:52 Off. *pushes Josh down onto the floor of the truck* Josh:Ouch!!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:53 Oh my gosh! Are you okay? Josh:Yeah...but Anger Issues #1 and #2 apparently aren't. *glares at Derek and Rae before sitting back down*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:53 *glares at Josh and then continues looking out the window*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:55 *gets the car started again and takes the exit into the city* *cruises through it slowly*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:55 This place is like a ghost town.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:55 [Hey again!]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:55 *Looking out the widow*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:56 [Could you send me some more information about The Force and its origins via a secret message? That might help me create a backstory for Rae.]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:56 (Hi!)
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:57 (Hey y'all!)
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:57 *hears the bluegrass turn off* *suddenly, the door opens* *an old man stands before him, wearing overalls, a gray tee, and a straw hat*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:57 (There actually really isn't much of a backstory to the Force. They're just a group of crazies from the US who seek world dominance and stuff. )
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 01:58 Guy: *has a Southern accent* Eyllo? Connor: Um...hi. Guy: And a, what can I do for ya? Connor: Are you pro-Force? Guy: I've a, heard 'bout em in the paper.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:59 *drives past a bunch of factories until he reaches the trailer park* Hey...there's some people up there. *recognizes one of them to be Connor.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 01:59 It's Connor...and this other dude.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 01:59 [Want to switch to being on here and Interdimensional instead of here and WB? For some reason WB is loading things really slowly, so it might help if we switched for a little bit.]
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:00 (Ok. I've been experincing that too.)
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:00 Hey, and it's that crazy guy who beat you up at the pep rally, Kendall.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:01 [I think it's been slow because we've made over 1500 posts on there...]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:03 [Replies will be slow.]
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:03 Well, what is your opinion on them? Guy: They seem a little messed up. Connor: Good- because we're escaping from them. Can you offer us a place to hide out? Guy: Well, sure. There's not much space, but it'll do.
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:03 *he and the rest get inside* *the guy shuts the door and the shades*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:07 (I'm not sure, it speeds up at some points.)
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:07 They went in that shack! *shakes a finger annoyingly in Matt's face*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:08 *grabs Derek's hand and shoves it away forcefully* Yeah, I know...! *drives slowly towards the house*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:08 James is there?
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:10 *rolls her eyes at Derek's behavior*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:10 I think so...but I'll never be certain until I enter that house...*tries to get a good view inside of the house*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:11 [brb]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:11 (Ok.)
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:13 *is walking around inside, looking at some of the guy's black and white photos from the past. Guy: My name is Edward. Connor: I'm Connor, and these are my friends Amanda, Beatrice, and James.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:13 *finally reaches the house* Everyone stay in here. I'm going to check things out.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:14 *hands Matt her gun* You might want to take this. It's fully loaded. Matt: *nods* Yeah...yeah...
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:14 Edward: I was a born in the mountains...West Virginia, in fact. *Edward babbles about his life, how he married his high school sweetheart, how he worked in the army, traveled the world, and more*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:14 I'll be right back, guys. *goes to the house and knocks on the door*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:14 *looks sad just hearing about Edward's story*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:15 Edward: *pauses* Hide, chillun. *everyone finds a place to hide*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 02:16 *hears Edward opening the door*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:17 *looks at Edward* Hey...I'm Matt, I come from Chicago...I have an entire truck of refugees. *points towards the truck, where Derek is dangling out the window*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:18 I think I saw one or two of my classmates enter this house.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:21 Edward: Okay, you're welcome to stay at my place for awhile. Matt: Thanks. *goes back to the truck and tells everyone*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:23 James: Is it safe?
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:29 *he and the others come inside* *looks around* Once again...thanks for letting us stay here, um... Edward: Edward. Matt: Edward, yeah..
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:31 [Back]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:32 *mutters* Hopefully he's not like Edward from Twilight...
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:36 [Still there?]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:36 *laughs a little**whispers to Tara:* Yeah. That would be awful...
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:38 *Chuckles*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:39 Well hey, at least we have a safe haven.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:40 *sits down and starts reading as Edward begins to blab on about his life to the newcomers*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:42 (I guess I'm not sure what to do next, so want to switch to another club?)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:43 [Yeah...why don't we go on Movie RP and TT?]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:44 [Maybe we can return here later. I might be able to come up with an idea on what to do next.]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:46 (Actually, not Movie RP right now because we're doing the MRP Awards later on tonight. TT would be okay. Any other ideas?)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:46 (Also, yeah. We can probably come back here later.)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:48 [OK, so how about we go on TT and Heroes Unite?]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:48 [We'll then switch from TT and HU to TT and OTR (On the Run) later, and even later after that we'll go to TT, OTR, and MRP for the Awards.]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:50 (Ok.)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:51 (Might switch things up later, though.)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:51 [Okie dokie.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:51 [@ Jack:I might check in on here now and then if you're still on. Maybe we can chat on here a little.]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 02:53 (So TT and Heroes Unite right now? No Interdimensional?)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:54 [No Interdimensional. See you on TT and HU!]
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:57 (hi guys!)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:57 [Hi Izzy! Meet us on Heroes Unite!]
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:57 (ok!)
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:06 (What time on the MRP?)
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:06 (Are the awards tonight?$
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:16 [I don't know...]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:18 (Ok)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:19 [So...how have you been?]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:22 (Good and you?)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:31 [Same.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:33 [So...you excited about the MRP Awards? You ought to vote on which nominees you think should win.]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:37 (Oh I will)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:41 [OK. Go ahead and vote before it's too late! :D]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:49 (My votes are up)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:50 [I saw you made your votes. Nice choices!]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:59 [Here and there it's becoming sort of obvious which nominees are going to win.]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:59 (Really?)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:00 [MRP AWARD TIME!!! HEAD TO MOVIE RP MEMBERS ONLY ASAP!!!!! :D]
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:00 (Already there!!!)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:01 [Great!! P+J announced it's time!! :D]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:01 [Since Paige and Joan aren't sure what to do on here, I'll post a quick idea on what happens next.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:03 [OK, so basically we skip some time and say our characters hang around the safe haven for a couple of days.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:04 [After that, however, that's when the epicness begins. A wave of soldiers-along with some more major Force members (Tom, Tyler, Rick, William, etc.)-arrive and start taking over Gary Indiana.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:05 [The team is at first unaware of this-until Tom, Rick, and Tyler launch a surprise attack on them. The team battles the three and meanwhile barely escapes.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:07 [However, that's where their luck ends. While trying to drive and escape, the team finds themselves surrounded by Force vehicles and is forced to stop. They are then put into a Force van and taken all the way back to Chicago.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:08 [Of course, the team will eventually escape being in Force prison and start trying to fight back against The Force.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:08 [How does that plan sound to you guys?]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:09 (Ok! Great idea!)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:11 [Let's start!]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:12 ~AFTER SEVERAL DAYS...~ *Gary Indiana is soon swarming with Force members**since the team is just outside it, they are unaware of this*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:14 *is playing a board game with someone*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:15 *hears a bunch of noise* What's going on? Edward: Couldn't tell ya.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:16 *a big Force van drives up house**Tom is driving**due to being over 8 feet tall, he's sort of hunched over*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:16 *looks out the window* This isn't good. *grabs her bow and arrows* Peter:What is it? Rae:The Force is here.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:17 *can't help blurting out a cheesey joke* Use The Force, young Jedis! *Derek elbows him hard* Ow!!
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:17 Rick: *Looks through his window and smiles evily*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 04:18 *can hear some loud screaming going on* *looks out the camper window*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:18 Wait....what's going on?....*looks out the window* *sees Tyler, and her heart skips a beat*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:19 *Edward is outside, unfortunately**Tom is seen getting out and breaking Edward's neck like a pencil with his giant hands*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:19 What are they doing here?
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 04:19 [BLEEP]...let's move! *grabs his supplies*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:20 *recognizes Tom**her heart skips a beat**runs at top speed and grabs her supplies*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:21 *loads her gun with rocksalt*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:22 James: *Trips and falls over Kendall*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:22 *takes everything*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:23 *accidently knocks the table over while trying to grab her gun* *checks if it's loaded*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:23 *grabs a sleeping Derek off the couch*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:24 *sees Edward falling to the ground and screams*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:25 *Sees Rick loading a gun*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 04:25 *screams* *shuffles out of the trailer*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 04:25 *comes marching into the trailer*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 04:27 *literally tears the door from its hinges with his bare hands and comes in*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 04:27 *puts on his Indy hat and gets his whip ready*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:27 *aims her gun shakily at Tyler*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:28 *loads her bow and aims it at Rick as he comes in*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:28 *just screams like a little girl and hides under the table XD*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:28 *glances at Josh* Er...not helping.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:29 *aims her gun at William, backing up*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:30 Why the h*** did you betray us, William?!
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 04:30 Never mind that. You're coming with us.
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:32 Rick: You better do it... Or... *Cocks his gun*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 04:32 You're coming with us. *glances at Beatrice, who quickly looks away*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 04:32 *goes over to Beatrice and grabs her firmly by the arm*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.22 04:32 *pretends to be scared, but can't help exchanging some oh so "loving" looks with Tom*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 04:33 We're not going anywhere! *swings his whip at Tom**Tom is unaffected*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 04:33 *grabs Peter and throws him across the room like a rag doll*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.22 04:34 *hits a wall**almost unconscious*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 04:36 *is shoved in a corner*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 04:36 *goes over to Peter* C'mon. Get up.
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.22 04:36 *Aims the gun at James*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 04:37 *turns and smiles creepily at Tara*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:37 *smacks Tyler pretty hard* Dont lay a finger on him.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:38 *her instincts make her pull the trigger**Tom stumbles back, having been hit HARD in the chest with a hunk of rocksalt*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.22 04:38 Kendall: Kill me instead of James. *Pushes James*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 04:38 *stands upright again, looking a bit POed now**was clearly unaffected by the rocksalt, sort of freaking out Tara*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 04:39 *shoots an arrow at William*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 04:40 *looks at Beatrice* Did you just hit me?...Beatrice: Well...yeah.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 04:40 *dodges* *takes out a gun*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 04:41 *goes over to Rae and grabs her firmly, dragging her towards the door*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 04:41 *smiles at Tom and Rick* She's a wild one. Let's keep our eyes on her.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 04:41 Someone get the other three. *points at Dakota, Matt, and Derek*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 04:42 *has a feeling that Tyler is *lirting with Beatrice*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 04:43 *leads Beatrice outside of the trailer, where a dead Edward lays*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.22 04:43 Let me kill this brat...
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:43 *Tom trips over his legs, which are sticking out from under the table*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:43 *sees Tom look at him sort of creepily* Uh...sorry...heh heh...
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 Now excuse me... *runs out of the house screaming*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 *dives and hides in some bushes nearby*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 *sees how Tyler is acting towards Beatrice and shakes his head*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 *gets up and approaches Dakota*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 04:45 *towers over her*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 04:48 *ends up getting pushed out of the trailer, Connor stumbling after her*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:48 *looks up at Tom* *reveals her gun*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:49 *sees William take Derek and Matt out of the trailer*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.22 04:54 *Aims the gun at Kendall and pulls the trigger*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 04:55 *looks away when Rick shoots*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 04:56 Nice, Rick. Nice...
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 04:59 *turns back towards the camper*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 05:04 *sees Connor coming back* *grabs him roughly*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.22 05:05 Kendall: *Falls down*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 05:06 *struggles against William* *tries to kick him*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 05:06 *grabs William's head back, freeing Connor*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 05:11 *trips and falls to the trailer floor*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.22 05:12 *tries grabbing Amanda's leg, but ends up getting kicked in the face*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 05:14 *kicks William good and hard until she is grabbed by Tyler*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.22 05:14 Now, now. Don't get too caught up in the fun.
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.22 05:16 James: KENDALL!
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.22 19:20 *looks back in the trailer* Did Kendall DIE?!?!
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 19:21 I don't know, just shut up and we'll find out!
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 19:23 (hi!)
14>Amy Jones (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 19:24 (darn, I was too late...)
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.23 01:16 *grabs Dakota's gun and tears it out of her hands**with great effort he bends her gun until it takes the shape of a 120 degree angle*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:17 *sees what Tom just did and is actually pretty freaked out*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.23 01:19 *Dakota tries getting the heck away from him, but he grabs her, lifts her up, and hoists her onto his shoulder**starts carrying her out*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.23 01:20 *sees Tom capturing Dakota and quickly gets up**runs over and smacks Tom**Tom just uses his free hand to push over Peter*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.23 01:21 *quickly grabs his gun and aims it at an unarmed Tom* Alright, put her down. Tom:*looks at the gun**has a sort of POed look as he drops Dakota, making sure she falls right on her face*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.23 01:23 *doesn't look away from Tom while aiming his gun at him* Dakota, run. Now. You too, Tara. Tara:*helps Dakota get up**she and Dakota quickly run out of the house*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:35 *sees Kendall lying on the ground**gasps and rushes to him**waits for a moment until she's sure that The Force members are busy with other people**then she drags Kendall out of the house*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:35 *runs back in to help the others**to James:* Go! Kendall's in some bushes out there. I need you to take care of him and see if he's still alive. *James escapes and reaches Kendall*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 01:35 *tries to get the truck started quickly* Guys, hurry up!!
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 01:36 *looks at Beatrice*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.23 01:36 *grabs onto Connor*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.23 01:36 *pushes Four-sorry, I mean Tyler- and runs to the truck*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 01:42 Connor, get inside!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:42 *sees Rick coming for her**quickly grabs anything-which turns out to be a chair-and chucks it at him**Rick gets hit and stumbles back*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:42 *Zaphira runs out to the truck**Rae aims an arrow at Tom* Mr. Greene, go! I'll handle this! Peter:No-you'll- Rae:GO!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:43 [Note:Although how this is true will be revealed later, all of the major Force members (Will Bailey, Rick Jenkins, Tyler, Zaphira, William, and Tom) know Rae and her family pretty well.]
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.23 01:43 *climbs into the backseat*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:44 [So all of our major Force characters are already familiar with Rae.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:44 *Peter runs out and gets in the truck**Josh also runs from his hiding place and gets in the truck**meanwhile, she is the only non-Force person left in the house*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:44 *surrounded by Force members* I'm warning you...stay back!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:45 *still aiming an arrow at Tom as he approaches her, but doesn't shoot**The Force people, who all know who she is, close in on her*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.23 01:51 *growls:* Don't you dare...you know where you're going.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:58 Actually...I don't know where I'm going. But I do know where YOU'RE going. *shoots up towards the ceiling**rushes epicly out of the house**the arrow explodes and the ceiling collapses on The Force members*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.23 01:58 *gets in the truck* Let's get going.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 18:53 *speeds towards the nearest exit, getting lost in the process* *swears over and over again after not finding it*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.23 18:53 Don't freak out! The exit's right in front of your face! *points to it*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.23 18:55 Right, right, okay. *takes a few deep breaths, and pulls onto the exit* So where are we going? Connor: Detroit! Matt: Okay, yup. *drives down the highway, but little does he know that he's going the wrong way*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.24 18:35 *notices the skyline coming into view* *asks stupidly:* Hey, are we there yet?
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.24 18:35 No! We're in *realizes where they're at*...Chicago.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.24 18:36 *glances cautiously in the rearview mirrors to see Force vehicles driving after them* GO GO GO GO GO!!
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.24 18:37 (BLEEP)!!! *goes straight through a toll booth*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.24 23:48 *@ Matt* Ugh...you IDIOT!! *facepalms and sighs*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.24 23:49 *hears gunfire**looks over Matt's shoulder and at the rear view mirror to see a couple familiar faces poking out of the windows of The Force vehicles and shooting at them* Crap!! It's the guys who almost caught us in Gary, Indiana!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.24 23:50 Josh:*looks at the rear view mirror too**sees Rick, Tom, Tyler, and William poking guns through the windows and shooting at them, as well as Force soldiers doing the same* Yep...we're toast.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.24 23:52 Not if I can help it. *grabs her bow and loads it with a special arrow* Josh:Uh...what the crud are you doing?! Rae:*opens a window* Giving them a taste of their own medicine.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.24 23:53 Good idea, Rae. Dangerous, but it might save our lives. *pulls out his gun and opens the window**he and Rae start shooting back at the Force vehicles*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.24 23:53 *using a single explosive arrow, Rae blows up one of the vehicles**raises his eyebrows at Rae*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:47 *tries backing up the car, but is cornered by an incoming Force vehicle* Josh: Welp, we're totally dead. Matt: Not if I can help it. *opens up the door*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:47 Wait, what the h*** are you doing?! Matt: I'm fighting them head on.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:49 *opens up the door* Well then I'm going with you.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:50 Great. The more the merrier.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:51 *a Force member comes running towards him* *packs a punch, knocking him over* I NEED SOMEONE'S GUN! Connor: HERE!! *throws his gun out the window for Matt to use*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.25 00:51 *shoots at Matt* You guys can't escape from us!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 00:52 *comes out* We can try! *launches an arrow at William**it misses but causes a nearby trash can to explode**William gets hit by the debris and the force of the explosion*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 00:53 Tyler:*aims his gun at Rae* You're a traitor! Rae:You're a liar. I was never on your side, and I never will be.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:54  Buying Gun (any) (x 2)  *finds a few Force guns*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:55  Giving Gun (any) (x 1) to Dakota  *gives a gun to Dakota* Here you go.
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:55 *nods* Thanks.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 00:56 *comes out**she and Peter drag Josh along*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 00:57 *loads her gun**glares and says to The Force members:* OK, so who wants a hunk of rocksalt up his butt first?
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 00:57 *gets his whip and gun ready*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:57 *gulps**doesn't really have any weapons*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:57 *pulls out his spraypaint, hoping that somehow it will help him*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:58 *can't help but admire Tyler* *catches Tyler's stern eyes for a moment*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:59 *sees Rae about to shoot Tyler with an arrow* HEY! STOP!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 00:59 *all is sort of quiet*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 00:59 *everyone-especially her-is looking at Beatrice like WTH?!?!*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:00 Uh...which side are you on exactly?
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:02 *looks around at everyone nervously* I'm sorry...just-nothing.
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.25 01:02 *has by now hoisted a REALLY big concrete block over his head, ready to chuck it at someone**sort of just stands there since there's a really awkward silence*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.25 01:03 *Jaws Moment!**finally just drops the concrete block-right on his foot* >.< O.O'
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 01:03 *glances at Beatrice* Watch your back.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:03 *can't help but crack up at the look on Tom's face*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:03 Ooo...man, that HAS to hurt...
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:03 *sits back down, relaxing a bit* *looks pretty flustered*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:06 *there's a gunshot, and the battle starts again*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:06 *is grabbed by William**suppresses a scream of terror*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:07 William:You're coming with us- Josh:*spraypaints William's face* William:AUGH!!!! *choke**gag*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:07 *William stumbles away, clutching his face*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:08 *looks at his spraypaint bottle (which contains red paint), impressed* Hm... Tara:*laughs* Never knew William was such a REDneck.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.25 01:08 *in fact, he faceplants right on the freeway*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:08 *takes the chance to try and shoot William*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.25 01:09 *quickly staggers to a Force Jeep, miraculously dodging all of the bullets* *swings the Jeep door open, getting inside*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:09 [XD Poor William.]
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 01:10 *tries slashing Tyler with his whip*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:10 *sees William trying to escape* I am BOSS!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:10 *launches an arrow at William's Jeep**it hits a tire, popping it*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.25 01:11 *bullets hit the door- and window* *is seen ducking down*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 01:12 *falls to the ground dramatically*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:12 *sees Tyler falling out of the corner of her eye* *jerks her head towards the window, gasping a little* *quickly shuts up, not wanting to look too suspicious*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 01:13 *senses something isn't right with Beatrice-something to do with Tyler*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.25 01:13 *picks up the concrete block again, limps over, and smashes it over Peter Greene's head**Peter Greene slumps to the ground, unconscious*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:16 *sees a Force official going over to the Jeep William is situated in* *can make out some yelling* *laughs a little* William's in deep trouble.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:17 *laughs himself* Watch this. *shoots at the Jeep again* *the Force official is heard screaming a swear*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:27 *sees Peter Greene fall down**gasps* MR. GREENE!!
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:27 *Tom looks at her sort of creepily**starts backing away slowly*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:28 *launches an arrow at William's Jeep**the arrow bursts into flames and lights the Jeep on fire**cusses are heard from both William and The Force official*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:28 *still happy because he beat William**Tara runs by him, yelling "RUN!!!"* What...? *sees Tom approaching him and a fleeing Tara*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:29 *screams like a little girl and runs after Tara*
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.25 01:32 *silently smirks at Josh and Tara*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 01:33 *wakes up and looks around**realizes that Zaphira is missing*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 01:33 *just then, Force soldiers pour in by the dozen-including Zaphira, who is now wearing a Force uniform-a black bodysuit with bright electric-and-fire-like pink markings*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 01:34 *of course, the suit has been costumized for her since normally it wouldn't have the fancy pink patterns*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 01:34 Zaphira...? *is shocked*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.25 01:34 Get them! *points at the group of teens**the soldiers immediately march forward in order to capture the teens*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:35 *all of them are quickly seized**glares at Zaphira* You traitor!
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.25 01:35 Watch your mouth, Goth Girl.
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.25 01:36 Take them away. *the teens are soon dragged into the back of a big Force truck*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.25 01:36 *whispers to Rae as she is dragged in:* Mr. Bailey will be expecting you.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:36 *looks at Zaphira, eyes wide with sudden fear, as she is dragged into the truck*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:41  Secret message to Will Bailey  
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.25 01:43  Secret message to Rae  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:44  Secret message to Will Bailey  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:45 *nvm, Zaphira whispered to her that whoever The Force leader is will be expecting Rae*
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Feb.25 01:48  Secret message to Rae  
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:49 *sees that things have started to clear up* *goes back to the truck* OKAY, TIME FOR ROLL CALL.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:50  Secret message to Will Bailey  
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:50 [Uh...Matt can't get in the truck. Everyone's been captured and put in a Force truck.]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:51 [Unless he can teleport or something... *suddenly looks at Matt suspiciously and unblinkingly* O.O Matt:O.O']
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:51 [Matt:*thoroughly creeped out by Brunny* Uh...why are you looking at me like that? Brunny:*just keeps staring*]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:52 (Oh yeah...just read that! Sorry.)
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 01:53 *mopes around* Where are we going?...
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:53 I don't know, but probably nowhere good. Derek: I KNOW THAT...
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:54 [It's OK! *still looking at Matt intensely* Matt:*backing away slooowlyyy*]
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:55 *knows where they're going but doesn't say anything**wants to just conceal and stay away from her past, but she knows that now that The Force is everywhere, her past is going to keep up with her pretty well*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:55 *some Force guards-mainly major Force members-are in the truck with them**they are handcuffed before the truck starts*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 01:56 *is flanked by Tyler and Tom**she is more heavily guarded than the others, which begins to strike up suspicion among her comrades*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:57 Uh...is it just me, or are The Force members giving Rae extra attention?
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:58 (I'm sorry to say, but this is sort of powerplaying...the extra attention and all. Maybe you could involve some other characters in this? Really sorry about this!!)
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:58 [Yeah...I began to notice it myself. Sorry!!]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:58 I don't know, something's definitely going on. *glances at Rae*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:59 (No, it's okay!)
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:59 *nvm, everyone is being guarded equally*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:59 [I sort of got carried away with the mystery Rae backstory thing...]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 01:59 *I guess instead Rae is occasionally being glanced at by the guards rather than being obviously guarded more*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:00 (It's totally okay!)
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:00 [Once again, sorry!!]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:00 [One sec, let me bang my head against a wall... *BANG!!!**accidentally makes a building fall down* Oops...]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:01 (Really, there's nothing to worry about. It's fine!)
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 02:01 *the truck drives around in the city for awhile* *then it pulls in front of the building*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 02:02 *remembers it to be the building with The Force projection on it* Great, we're dead for sure.
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 02:02 *starts swearing...a lot*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:05 [Alright... *accidentally bumps into another wall and knocks down another building* 0_O']
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 02:05 *the trunk is open, and everyone is pulled out roughly*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:05 [Hey, idea:How about The Force HQ is the Sears/Willis Tower?]
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 02:09 (Ok!)
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 02:10 *they enter the HQ* *remembers when they took a school trip there* *everything is pretty nostalgic- in a bad way*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:10 [OK!]
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:11 *they all enter the Sears Tower**like Connor, he finds it a bit too familiar*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:13 *says sort of loudly:* Things have changed.
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 02:13 *turns around and looks at Beatrice, an evil smirk forming on his face* You think?
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:14 *shrugs a little* Well- yeah...*looks at the floor for a minute, a distant smile on her face*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 02:17 *glances at Beatrice* *whispers:* You okay?
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 02:17 *shakes her head very slightly, still smiling a bit* Yeah. I'm okay.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 05:22 [Here!]
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:23 *everyone is pushed into an elevator* *it's not really a tight squeeze, surprisingly*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 05:24 [OK...so, what happens next? Are they just going to be put in jail or something like that?]
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:24 *punches in a random floor* I'm going to be taking you to the testing center.
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 05:24 Um...testing center?!
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:25 To see if you guys have mental issues.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 05:25 *he and Matt have been sort of smushed against the wall by giant ol' Tom*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 05:25 *glances up at Tom sort of awkwardly*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.25 05:25 The fudge?! If there's anyone that has mental issues, it's him!! *points to Tom* *is having a total rage fit*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:25 *sighs**looks at Tyler* You know me. I don't have mental issues...Tyler.
18>Tom (Force Member), 45yo.2015,Feb.25 05:26 *just gives Connor a look*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:26 Dude...it's more like ALL of The Force has mental issues.
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:26 I'm not going to agree with you on that. *a bell rings, and the door opens*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:26 Yeah...The Force should be renamed The Nuthouse.
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:27 *pushes everyone out the door*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 05:27 *Tom shoves him and Matt out of the elevator-HARD*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:27 *stays behind so she can grab Tyler's attention* *mutters:* You pushed me...
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.25 05:27 *faceplants**Tom walks over and lifts him back onto his feet like he's a ragdoll*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:28 *falls down on the floor* *gets back up quickly*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:28 *runs past Beatrice*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.25 05:28 *is waiting for them in the testing center**sees the teens enter**an evil smile forms on her face*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Feb.25 05:28 Why, hello there...
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:28 *glances at Beatrice irritably* You think I meant to?!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:29 *glances at Tyler, then follows everyone else*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:29 *glares at Zaphira* Oh...YOU.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:29 Traitor!
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:29 *is thinking all 5 of Tyler's words over VERY carefully*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:30 *enters the room* *everything is a brisk white color*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:30 *glances at Zaphira angrily*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:31 *is hyperventilating because of all The Force members around him* Please don't tell me the tall scary dude is right behind me!! O.O' Rae:The tall scary dude is right behind you. Tom:*is indeed behind Josh* Josh:*screams and passes out on the floor*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:31 *enters the testing room and logs on to a computer*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:31 -.- Really, Rae? Rae:I was only telling him the truth.
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:31 *says without looking behind him:* Get up. We don't need any laggards, that's for sure.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:31 *helps Josh wake up and get up*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:32 *points to a set of dentist-like chairs in two rows - again, without looking behind himself* Sit down. Doesn't matter where.
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:32 *says a bit shakily* What are you going to do to us?
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:33 *Zaphira and Tom shove everyone into their chairs*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.25 05:33 ...Ok...*slowly walks to the very first chair* *Amanda sits next to her*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 05:33 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:33 (Bye!)
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.25 05:34 Is an explanation seriously needed?! I tell you what to do, and you do as told WITHOUT asking questions. Got that? Tara: *nods fearfully*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Feb.25 21:59 (What I muss?)
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 23:38 [OK, so basically everyone was captured by The Force and they are all back in Chicago. Currently, the team is stuck in The Force HQ (AKA the Sears/Willis Tower) and have been forced to sit in dentist-like chairs in order to undergo a test to see if they
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.25 23:38 have mental issues.]
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 02:39 *watches Tyler carefully as he messes around with a computer* *a realistic looking landscape appears*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 02:40 Um, what is that?
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.26 02:40 *goes completely still, then turns around and looks at Beatrice* You think you can ask me questions?
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 02:41 *looks away, looking puny* I'm sorry, I just...
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 02:42 Tell us what that thing is right now.
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.26 02:43 We call it the Dream Machine. When we connect this headset to your head- *pauses to hold up a headset thing* You are automatically transferred into a world created by us.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.26 02:44 I wouldn't sweat it...*picks up a headset and messes around with it* People like you should be able to handle it, if you're bold enough to attack us.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.26 05:31 *holds up a headset* So...who's first?
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 05:32 *@ William* Uh...count me out.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.26 05:35 *sees the fearful looks on the others and speaks* I'll go first.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.26 05:35 No, I- Rae:Trust me. I'll be fine.
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Feb.26 05:37 Okay! *smiles pleasantly* *adjusts a headset on Rae as the others take care of the rest of the teens*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:37 *Tyler puts Connor's headset on roughly* *the excess weights make him want to pass out*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:41 *by now, everyone has a headset on* William: *smirks* Sweet dreams...*everyone enters a world created by the Dream Machine*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:41 *is in a dark room with everyone else* *there are noises, as well as weird whispers*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:42 Ok, I'm getting freaked out here.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.26 05:45 *calm about everything* Just keep control of your emotions.
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 05:45 *starts screaming**totally freaked out* Tara:SHHHH!!!!!
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 05:45 *quickly shuts his trap*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Feb.26 05:45 *glances around nervously*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:47 Ok, I'm getting freaked out here.
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:47 (Double)
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 05:48 *swears she hears someone whisper "come here"* *is sort of fearful...but the power of self control, my friends*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.26 05:48 *doesnt really believe any of the voices*
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:49 This place is haunted. There are ghosts in here...
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.26 05:49 *if she is afraid, she is hiding her emotions VERY well*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Feb.26 05:49 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
16>Derek (Teen), 18yo.2015,Feb.26 05:50 (Bye!)
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Feb.27 04:35 *is sort of freaking out* *his heart is pounding, and fast*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.27 04:36 *is surrounded by whispering voices* *clutches her head, then lets out a loud scream*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Feb.27 04:37 *turns off the Dream Machine* Okay, the results are in* *Zaphira, William, Tom, and Rick look at the computer for a moment*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Feb.27 04:38 *looks around quickly, still freaked out*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.1 04:01 What are our results, then?
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 04:13 *glances at the computer, eyes wide*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 04:13 *shaking all over**was badly affected by the Dream Machine* O.O
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 04:13 *sighs, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:00 *waiting for The Force members to give her the results*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.1 05:03 Okay, so you, you, you, *etc* come with me. *points to Rae, Kendall, Amanda, Peter, Tara, Dakota, and Connor*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 05:04 *gets out of her chair and follows William*
3>Rick Jenkins (The Force), 47yo.2015,Mar.1 05:05 *Watches them follow William*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 05:05 *can hear Zaphira telling the others that they're just mental and that they can leave, but they can't leave the city* *finds it to be strange*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Mar.1 05:05 *stumbles after everyone*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:05 *Follows, scared*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:06 *is a bit surprised**follows William**Tara does too*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:06 *looks back at Joshua, scared**Josh looks at her, confused and worried**however, she is pulled after the others*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 05:06 AMANDA!!! *breaks down, falling to the floor dramatically*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.1 05:07 *tries to stay calm**acts as leader, supporting the teens and assuring them everything will be OK*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:07 *Wondering what's going to happen*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.1 05:07 *pushes everyone into a small room* If you guys tell anyone what I have told you, I swear I will kill you. *looks slightly savage* What is said in this room stays in this room. *pulls out a fully loaded gun to prove his point*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 05:07 *says between sobs:* If anyone's mental, It's ME!!! Tyler: So you want to be mental? Beatrice: *shuts up*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.1 05:08 *looks at the gun and knows he has no choice but to keep quiet about whatever he is going to be told*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:08 *gulps at the sight of the gun*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.1 05:08 *looks at everyone in the eye* There are still rebels in this city, and I need you - as well as other Force soldiers - to drive them out.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:08 *glares at William, using her hate for The Force to push back her fear*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Mar.1 05:08 *is more serious than ever, and is fearing for his life*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.1 05:09 All of you are going to be Force soldiers for us. You will be greatly rewarded for your service...
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:09 *Doesnt want to be shot at again*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.1 05:10 The attack is tomorrow. *throws uniforms at everyone, which consists of a black jacket, pants, boots, and the Force logo on the side* I expect you all to be ready by then. *slams the door*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:10 *says calmly and hatefully:* You want me to be a member of The Force? No. Never.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:11 Peter:Quiet... *William leaves*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.1 05:11 *aims his gun at Rae's head* Say that again and you won't be livin' to see tomorrow.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:11 I'm not going to put any of that on. I'd rather be shot dead. Peter Greene:We have no choice. Plus, they might torture you and give you a slow death rather than just shoot you.
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Mar.1 05:11 *is more serious than ever, and is fearing for his life*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:11 Rae, just give in...
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.1 05:11 *goes back into the testing room and basically kicks the others out*
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Mar.1 05:12 *slowly puts on his suit*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:12 No. Not after what happened before this all started...no.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:12 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 05:12 *is left to the streets of Chicago with the others* Well, I don't know where to go.
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 05:12 (Bye!)
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.1 05:12 *Sighs*
7>Amanda (Teen), 18yo.2015,Mar.1 05:13 I'd actually rather not die, to be honest. *puts on a jacket*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Mar.1 05:13 *they eventually just go to a hotel* *little do they know that it is filled with rebels*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.2 02:06 I wish Tara were here... Connor:We wish everyone else was here. But that's just not the case. We'll have to deal with it.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.2 02:06 *meanwhile, he and Tara have become suited up**Rae is pacing;she is the only one who hasn't put on her suit*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.2 02:07 Really, Rae, we have no choice. Please, put the suit on. Rae:I refuse to fight my own allies. Peter:We'll force you into the suit. Rae:Try. I may not be a martial arts master, but I can lash out with some nasty kicks.
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.2 02:08 *sighs**turns to Tara* Ready?
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:08 *nods**looks at a few of the others as if asking for their help*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:08 [Whoops, forgot Connor was with those who have been forced to betray their friends and join The Force. Say Amanda replied to Josh's statement "I wish Tara were here."]
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:09 *Kendall and Connor volunteer**she, Peter, Kendall, and Connor walk towards Rae, who lashes out at them with quick kicks and punches, knocking them all back*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.2 02:10 *is the only one who makes it through the flurry of kicks**grabs Rae, trying to hold her down**she is surprisingly strong, but luckily Tara, Kendall, and Connor rush over and help*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:10 *eventually gives in and lets the other four force her suit onto her*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:11 *is now suited up**puts her cloak back on, but Peter promptly grabs it and tears it off of her* Hey!
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.2 02:12 If you want to get shot, wear it. *throws the cloak to Rae, who catches it**whispers:* But if you want to keep it, put it in your backpack.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:13 *nods, understanding that she may be able to smuggle her cloak in and out of The Force HQ and keep it with her at all times**puts it in one of The Force backpacks that they have been supplied with*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:13 *sits back in a chair*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 02:13 *feels so calm that it even surprises herself*
4>Kendall (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 04:21 I would rather not get shot again...
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Mar.2 13:36 (Actually Amanda is with them too but it's not a problem.)
15>Connor (Teen), 18yo.2015,Mar.2 13:36 Yeah. Me neither. *grabs a blaster*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.8 03:05 *she, Tara, and Peter grab their blasters*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.10 23:03 Are we heading out now...??
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.12 01:53 Yeah. Can you predict the future or something? *shoves everyone out of the door*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.12 01:54 *they go down an elevator and out of the HQ* *tons of other Force soldiers are waiting outside as well*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 01:55 *winces as an ear splitting siren whines across the city* Someone: Let the raid begin!
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 01:55 *follows everyone else, unsure of what to do* *runs in the streets*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 16:30 *stays at Dakota's side since they're technically best friends*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 16:30 *tries staying near the others, but strays a little and ends up somewhat lost in the crowd**she occasionally sees some of the others, though*
8>Peter Greene (Teacher/Scientist), 35yo.2015,Mar.13 16:31 *clutches his gun, getting in front and leading the other people who used to be on the run but are now part of The Force through the crowd*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 20:57 *is in the hotel with the others, until Force guards come in and drag everyone out* *is caught up in the chaos, and loses sight of Matt, Josh, and James*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 20:58 *and Derek
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 20:59 GUYS!! *is cut off after being pushed into the streets* *watches in horror as innocents are shoved to their knees and are about to be shot*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 21:00 *sees Tyler- and Amanda* *looks at Tyler for awhile*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 21:02 *is shoved to the street by someone familiar* *looks up to see Dakota, Rae standing next to her*
12>Dakota (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 21:03 *looks down at Matt blankly, although it is also visible that she is sorry to be doing this* *raises the gun to his forehead*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 21:04 *looks up at the sky, preparing for death* *closes eyes* *suddenly sees Dakota being mowed over, Beatrice's hair visible*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 21:05 *has managed to knock out her attacker and grab his/her gun, thus saving Matt, Derek, and James* Come on! *heads over to Rae, who is preparing to kill off Josh*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.15 23:09 Rae, no! Please...we're friends.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:09 *for once she looks really sad* I'm sorry...but I have to.
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:10 *closes her eyes and looks away, about to pull the trigger**however, she is bodyslammed by Beatrice**falls back* OOF!!!
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:14 *gets up quickly, prepared to fight*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 23:15 *Beatrice is about to bodyslam Rae again when she runs out of nowhere and dives on Beatrice*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.15 23:15 Tara?! Tara:*glances at Josh quickly and sadly, but says nothing as she attacks Beatrice*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 00:54 *grunts as Tara shoves her hard* *picks Tara up, using all of her strength, and throws her a few feet away* *trips a little after doing so*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 00:54 *limps over to Josh* *says in a near whisper:* Come on.
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 00:55 *gathers up her "troops" and they run off somewhere*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 00:56 We have to somehow stop the Force. They're killing off all of the innocents.
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 00:56 Exactly. We need to bring them all to their senses.
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 00:56 *runs through a random ally, stopping to rest*
11>Tara (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.16 18:13 *pretty winded from being thrown several feet by Beatrice**Peter runs over and helps her get up*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 18:13 I can't believe it...Tara betrayed us...
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.17 21:24 They all betrayed us...*watches Peter helping Tara*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.17 21:26 *has happened to see Beatrice and the others in action* *goes over to Zaphira and Rick* Seize them. They went that way. *points to the ally*
5>Zaphira Collins (Force Member), 25yo.2015,Mar.19 23:30 *nods and starts jogging towards the alley, loading her gun*
2>Rae (Teen), 16yo.2015,Mar.19 23:30 *looks around and sees Zaphira and Rick heading towards the alley**isn't sure whether to follow them and see what they're up to or stay with her comrades*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.25 02:59 *notices William coming* *begins shooting at him* *sees Zaphira turning the corner and shoots at her too*
17>William (Force Member), 24yo.2015,Mar.25 03:00 *falls to the ground, having been shoot in the arm* *screams in pain* *screams:* ASSISTANCE!!! *Rae notes this and follows after Zaphira almost cautiously*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.25 03:01 *turns the corner, but runs right into Tyler* *yelps* *begins battling Tyler*
9>Matt (Teen ), 17yo.2015,Mar.25 03:02 *Tyler picks Beatrice up and bodyslams her into the cement* *she moans in pain* Beatrice! *looks up at Tyler, scared*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Mar.25 03:02 *begins to walk towards Beatrice slowly, ready to give her another blow*
13>Beatrice (Teen), 17yo.2015,Mar.25 03:03 Tyler, please! I know you don't want to do this! Please, just help us! *picks up her gun and points it to her head*
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Mar.25 03:04 *comes to his senses and stops in front of Beatrice* Don't shoot yourself. *actually looks sad* If you don't, I'll help you and your friends escape safely.
19>Tyler (The Force), 30yo.2015,Mar.25 03:05 *eventually seals the deal, and he and the others run down some alleys, ready to save the people under Force rule*
10>Joshua (Teen), 17yo.2015,Apr.5 03:19 *follows Tyler and Beatrice*
1>Will Bailey (Governer), 45yo.2015,Apr.5 05:26 SORRY, BUT THIS GAME HAS BEEN CLOSED. THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING!