" Time Travelers Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
Hi, and welcome to Time Travelers Roleplay! This game is about a group of teens/kids who love history and are united together by that passion by a professor who allows them to travel back in time. These time travelers go back and experience several important events, as well as take part in movie plots and true-to-life experiences! Join the fun today!
1. If you're going to be inappropriate, you might as well close this tab out now.
2. NO POWERPLAYING!! which means no making your character the most important/'chosen one' of everyone!
3. Your character must be under the age of 18 and above the age of 13.
4. I'm going to ask each member to choose a plot for the next upcoming missions, but if you can't decide, then just ask a member for help.
5. Enjoy yourself! Don't pick fights with members etc.
6. If you don't come back in a week, I'll just assume you are no longer interested...which means your slot shall be deleted!!!

1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.13 04:44 Hi, and welcome to my game, Time Travelers!
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.13 04:44 The rules are above, so please read!
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.13 04:44 If you have questions, feel free to ask.
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.13 04:45 Oh, and characters can be from any country!
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 04:49 (My first character, Grayson. He has brown-ish hair that's cropped, strange blue/gray eyes, and appears to be shorter than your average dude.)
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 04:50 (Although a history lover, he'd rather spend his time keeping up with Twitter and playing sports.)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 04:56 [Nicole:A teenage girl from Germany. Has long, silky black hair, strange violet-blue eyes, and pale skin. She wears black hoodies with violet flame/electricity-like markings.]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 04:56 [Loves ancient Roman history and mythology, and loves classical music and opera. Brave, quiet, smart, kind, and a bit Katniss-like. Archery is one of her hobbies.]
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:57 (Nelson: From France, has a slightly French accident. He has short brown hair with blue eyes, always wears jeans, t-Shirts and sweatshirts plus sneakers.)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:57 (Accent! My bad!)
Player 72015,Apr.13 04:58 (Alice, a foreign exchange student from Sweden. Has blonde hair and wide blue eyes. Enjoys history, especially medieval history and stuff. Also likes going on adventures and climbing mountains.)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:59 (He spends most of his time watching movies about civil wars, and loves learning about dictators. He also plays video games when he's not studying. Also plays basketball when he can.)
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.13 05:01 (Mike, another Time Traveler. Has ginger colored hair, brown eyes, and always wears a black hoodie and stuff. Is obsessed with history, and great at it. A lot of people know him for being a history geek.)
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.13 05:01 (Also enjoys sports such as basketball.)
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 05:03 (I think I'm going to delete Alice and replace her with Connor.)
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 05:04 (Anyways, Connor is a Time Traveler from the USA. He has brown/blonde hair and blue eyes, resembles Peeta from the HG a lot. I s really wild and outgoing, loves cracking jokes.)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 05:04 (How many characters can we make?)
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 05:07 (As many as you want!)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 05:07 [I'll just be Nicole for now. Might add one or two characters later.]
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 05:07 (Shannon, a Time Traveler from the UK. Has straight brown hair and bold brown eyes. Wears a black hoodie, the hood usually being up, jeans, and shoes.)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 05:08 (I'll add another one later)
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 05:08 (Is really tomboyish and adventurous, and a bit careless too.)
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 05:09 (Ok. But it's recommended that you have at least one boy and one girl to even things out a bit, just for future reference.)
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 05:11 (Well, I have to get going. We can probably start this tomorrow, no?)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 05:12 [OK, sure! Bye!]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 05:13 [@ Jack:So, want to go back to The Avengers?]
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 05:13 (I'll add another one later)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 05:14 (Oh yeah sure!)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 05:14 (Sorry about the repost and check out the Avengers about the season finale)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 05:16 [OK!]
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 06:05 (Jessica: She's from the USA. She has brown hair with some blonde highlights. She has brown eyes. Always wears jeans, t-shirts with cute sweaters over them. Spends most of her time in the library studying history and learning about the past.)
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.13 06:07 (She's extremely scared to talk to boys and gets shy when teachers call on her to answer questions. Loves to play chess and enjoys playing sports like Soccer, Lacrosse, and even squash)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:12 [Here!]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:12 [Will there/can we be any bad guys? If there are bad guys and we can play as them, who/what are they?]
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 04:15 (I'm all set with my characters!)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:16 (There might be bad guys. I forgot what I was going to call them, but they're basically annoying teens the Time Travelers encounter on the way. They were like Time Wasters or something like that.)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 04:17 (I'm all set with my characters!)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:17 (Basically they'd slow down the time and stuff, making it more difficult for the Time Travelers to complete their designated mission.)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 04:17 (Grrrr. Stop reposting Jack!)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:18 [Oh, OK!]
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:19 (Besides that, I was thinking about filling up the slots each mission with key characters from the mission the Time Travelers go on, just so it would be easier than just subbing in.)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:19 (So, if anyone wants an extra character, you better get claiming.)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:21 (Okay, the next subject is what mission we should do first. I've been trying to come up with ideas, and I've had a few in mind. But I'd like your guys's input.)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:23 [BEETHOVEN MISSION!!!!!]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:24 [Or even Paul Revere's ride.]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:24 [But still...BEETHOVEEEEEEN!!!!!]
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:24 (I'm cool with anything. As long as it's fun)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:25 (Ok. That would be fun. I was thinking for either the first mission we could either do A.) Pompeii or B.) Divergent.
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:26 (A$
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:28 [POMPEII!!!!!]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:28 [I personally like the Hunger Games a bit better than Divergent, so if we do a futuristic mission I'd vote the HG.]
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:28 (Ok! Pompeii sounded great. I already have one "extra" character in mind, do you guys have any others?)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:29 (Ok. Maybe we can do The Hunger Games next. But there's so many ideas it's too hard to pick!)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:30 (There's only one soloution to a tough choice...which is the dice. #1 is Pompeii, #2 is Hunger Games, and #3 is Beethoven.)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:30  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=1  
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:30 (Pompeii it is!)
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:31 (Awesome!$
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:31 [I might add the famous cook Grumio from Cambridge Latin Course, who, in the stories, survived the eruption of Vesuvius!]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:31 [Note that Grumio is absolutely HILARIOUS.]
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:33 (Haha, Grumio will make an excellent addition! Let's start!)
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:33 (Ok!)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:36 *in a library studying XD XP*
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:37 *notices Prof. Wrayson looking at him almost wistfully by the library desk* *stifles a laugh, thinking that Prof. Wrayson is being really sort of creepy*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:38 *she is visiting relatives in the USA, and decided to check out the local library**reading about Norse mythology*
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:38 *whispers:* Professor Wrayson is being a bit creepy today...*snickers*
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:38 *Is studying with Nelson for a chemistry test*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:39 *notices Prof. Wrayson looking at her too**sort of creeped*
15>Ally (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:39 *smiles a little* Ah, just leave him alone. *browses for books on the Rennaissance*
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:40 *enters the library, in a sullen state - hood up, hands jammed in his hoodie pockets* Wrayson: Hi, Grayson. Grayson: *mutters:* Hey, Wrayson.
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:40 *sits down in a desk by Nicole, being sort of mopey*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:40 [Wait, who's Ally??]
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.14 04:41 *excitedly whispers to Jake about an interesting new read he found*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:41 *glances at Grayson*
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 04:41 *Goes to one of the book shelves and picks up a book* *Brings it to the clerk*
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.14 04:41 (One of Paige's characters.)
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:42 *smiles at Nelson* Why, hello...Interesting looking book you've got there.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:43 [I mean, what is her profile (e.g. her appearance, personality, etc.)?]
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:43 *acknowledges Nicole with a tight-lipped smile and a small wave*
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 04:43 Oh... Um yes... My friend and I have a chemistry and history test tomorrow.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:43 Er-hi.
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:44 (Blonde-ish brown hair which is in a ponytail with a headband, blue eyes, is pretty tall and athletic, and of course, a history lover. Enjoys the Dark Ages a lot, Connor's good friend. That basically describes Ally.)
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:45 Hey. *digs books out of his backpack* So, whatcha reading about.
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:47 *has noticed that a lot of these students show potential in trying out his new time traveling machine* *stands behind Connor, who sort of screams*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:47 Norse mythology. You?
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:47 *motions for everyone to come towards him*
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:48 Math homework. *rises from his chair, sees Wrayson, and walks towards him*
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:48 Although I do think the Vikings are cool.
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 04:49 *Looks a little confused but walks towards him*
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:50 *says almost too loudly:* What is this all about? Wrayson: Shhhhhhhhhh....
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:51 Before I say anything...just don't freak out or anything. But I have noticed that you are all interested in history and reading...in other words, you seem to be bright and intelligent people.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:51 *sees what's going on and comes to Wrayson, confused*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:52 Just because we're interested in reading doesn't mean we're intelligent. I mean, really, I saw a 15 year-old reading "The Little Engine That Could" over there.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:53 15 Year-Old:OH SHUDDAAAP!!!!!
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:53 (Haha, that was pretty funny.)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:53 [Yeah, couldn't help jot that in...]
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:53 *laughs sort of hard* You've gotta be kidding me.
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:55 No, no. I mean, I see potential in all of you...potential to try out my latest experiment, which is a time machine. And yes, I've actually been in it. I got to see the signing of the Magna Carta...Marie Antionette's execution, oh, that was awful- and more
6>Jake (Time Traveler-USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.14 04:55 There has to be some sort of proof. Pictures or something. Otherwise, I don't buy it.
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 04:57 That sounds amazing! I would love to go back in time to Abraham Lincoln!
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:58 15 Year-Old:*sarcasm* OF COURSE, I DON'T HAVE POTENTIAL JUST BECAUSE I READ "THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD!!!!" UGH, THE WORLD THESE DAYS!!!!
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 04:58 *yells back:* BE QUIET!!!
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 04:58 *smiles* I have yet to see Honest Abe myself. *turns to Jake* You don't buy it? Well, let me show all of you how it works...if you're willing to come with me.
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 04:59 *turns to the random 15 y.o.* You should probably be reading at a much higher reading level...The Magic Tree House, at least.
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:00 And by the way...this scenario is awful similiar to the Magic Tree House.
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:01 *replies to Wrayson* Technically, none of us are supposed to be driving off with strangers, but if time traveling is an option and if you speak the truth, then...sure?...
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 05:01 That sounds amazing! I would love to go back in time to Abraham Lincoln!
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:02 *looks back at Wrayson*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:02 *anyway, she gets in the Toyota*
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:02 *is smashed awfully close to Shannon* I volunteer to go in the trunk!
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 05:02 (Sorry about the repost! Stupid Internet.)
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.14 05:03 *Is smashed up against a window*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:03 Um...we should hurry, because I have to get back to my relatives soon.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:04 I'm just visiting this country.
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.14 05:04 It is a pretty tight squeeze, but if you don't want to suffocate, then I highly suggest you stay within the vehicle.
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:05 *turns to Nicole* I'm foreign myself, but I'm up for any adventure. *the Toyota climbs the driveway to a crappyish apartment complex*
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:05 I really need to get back to my studying, so if this goes by quickly that would be awesome.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:06 *looks at Shannon* Where are you from?
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:07 I'm from the UK. England, to be exact.
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:07 *eagerly opens the car door while it's still in motion but not yet in park* Wrayson: DO NOT OPEN THE CAR DOOR WHILE IT IS STILL IN MOTION!!! Connor: Okay..
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 05:09 *gets out of the car, the students following* *leads them to a second story apartment, filled with dentist chairs and many screens and stuff* This is my research room.
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 05:10 *points to the actual time machine, which is actually just several small chips* *picks one up* This chip right here will lead you to your destination.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:10 *in reply to Shannon* I'm from Germnay.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:10 *Germany
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 05:10 It may be a historical event, a movie plot, or even a true to life situation. Whatever I feel like whipping up.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:11 How is that possible? Something that small can't change and bend the 4th dimension...
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:11 That's neat. I've been to Gemany, but awhile ago. *turns to Wrayson* So if I wanted to, you could just transport me to, say, S.H.E.I.L.D. or the Avengers or something? Wrayson: Yeah.
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 05:12 You see, it's controlled by several forms of technology that I have been working on for decades. My entire family has been, and I've been building up on their work.
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 05:14 However, I cannot reveal that secret source for many reasons. Anyways...who's ready for the first obstacle?
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.14 05:17 I am! *is pretty excited*
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.14 05:18 Well, sure...I guess. *Wrayson hands everyone a special chip*
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 05:20 *hands everyone a chip and brings the controls to life* In 3...2...1...*everyone is whisked away to Pompeii*
1>Professor Wrayson (Librarian/Historian), 56yo.2015,Apr.14 05:20 (Gotta go, bye!)
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:21 [Bye!]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:21 [Hey Jack, if you're still there I'll be on The Avengers Roleplay.]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 05:22 [Nvm, gtg myself. Bye! *offline*]
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 04:33 (Introducing the first character from this mission: Milo. He originated from the Celts, an ancient tribe back in the days of the Roman Empire. When he was young, the Romans captured him and sold him into slavery, and he gradually made his way around to)
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 04:34 (Pompeii, where he became a gladiator in one of the arenas by/near Pompeii. He was able to win many fights, and became favored by the citizens of high rank.)
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 04:44 *everyone is standing around in front of a gate that leads to a small Roman town, and they are wearing clothes such as togas* *sees the big "mountain" looming in the distance*
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 04:44 Umm...what just happened?...
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 04:44 We're in Pompeii, that's what happened. This is actually Pompeii. *begins walking into the town*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:47 [Introducing Grumio, a hilarious cook from Cambridge Latin Course!]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:49 [Is the cook/slave of the famous Caecilius Iancundus. Just barely survived the eruption of Vesuvius and eventually traveled to Britain in search of work. Ended up fleeing instead because his master's son, Quintus, was there too.]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:50 [Grumio often sleeps when he's supposed to work, drinks wine, and on some days sneaks off under an alias which includes the name Spurius (I can't remember any of his other alias names) and pretends to be a Roman citizen.]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:51 [He was once caught singing while working by Caecilius, and Caecilius scolded him because his singing was actually rather annoying. XD]
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 04:51 (Grumio's an awesome addition!)
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:53 [Thanks! :D]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:53 *wearing one of Caecilius' togas and is under the alias of Spurius again*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:54 [Note:I'll be adding Beethoven soon, so dibs on the red slot!]
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 04:58 (Ok, but after each mission is finished, characters from history will be deleted. You can be Beethoven when we get to that mission though!)
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:58 [OK!]
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 04:58 Wait, where are you going? Connor: To town! That's where we're supposed to go, obviously.
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 04:59 *tags along* *is pretty amazed*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 04:59 *bumps into Connor and Co.* Hey, move it!!
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:01 *watches as people barter and sell necessary items* *sees a small building made of cement with smoke floating out of it* *hears some boisterous singing going on*
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:01 (Can we please do a mission where we meet Abraham Lincoln??)
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:01 [Abraham Lincoln's actually my favorite president.]
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:02 Oh - s'cuse me, sorry...*moves past Grumio* *looks up at him for a split second before being knocked into Milo's horse* *screams and falls over, creeping the horse out*
16>Jessica (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:03 (I call being him though XD)
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:03 (Yeah. I have been reading up on Abraham Lincoln recently and we could probably do something Civil War related. Maybe the Time Travelers can join Lincoln at the theater where he got shot.)
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:05 [Sure!]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:06 *suddenly sees Caecilius himself nearby and freaks out**screams, turns around, and runs into Connor AGAIN*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:06 Whoa, whoa! *is knocked off of the horse* *falls down onto the cobblestone streets, but doesn't get badly injured since he can deal with quite a bit of pain*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:06 *the horse has gone more insane than ever with Grumio and Connor yelling*
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:07 *does her best to chill the horse out*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:07 *quickly gets up and literally hides behind Nicole and Mike*
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:09 *turns around to face a scared silly Grumio* Oh, uh...hey there. *almost all eyes are on the fiasco going on in the streets*
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.15 05:09 *Chuckles quietly*
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:10 *has helped the horse calm down a little* *things are a bit normal now*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:10 *gets up off the ground and helps Connor up* *faces Shannon* Thank you very much for helping my horse...he gets scared really easily...once again, my apologies.
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:11 *sees Grumio* Are you alright?
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:11 No way!!
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:12 I gotta get outta here!! My master-erm-*lies like a dog XD*-a robber is after me!!
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:13 *smiles widely* Well then, you best be off!
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:14 *turns to Shannon and everyone else, who introduce themselves and everything* In thanks, I would like to invite you all to a feast that is being held in my honor. It's going to be held there. *points to a nearby palace*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:15 Great! I am (so-and-so) Spurius (so-and-so)! *shakes hands with Milo*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:15 I am...*lies again*...one of the richest men in Rome-er-Pompeii!
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:15 *shakes hands with Grumio* And I'm Milo. In case you're wondering, you're invited too.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:15 Actually, nevermind, Rome. I am only visiting, and it would be an honor to join you!
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.15 05:15 *sensing lots of bull crap here XD*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:16 It'll be quite an honor to have you at the feast, Spurius.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:16 Anyway, I had better be off! See you soon! *quickly goes home*
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:16 *raises his eyebrows* *can sort of tell Grumio is whipping up lies at the last minute*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:16 *celebrates by drinking lots of wine in the kitchen instead of preparing dinner*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:17 (Hahahahaha!!! Grumio's hilarious.)
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:17 *when Caecilius comes home...* Caecilius:*comes into the kitchen* Grumio:*SNORRRRRE...*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.15 05:17 *mounts his horse* Best be off myself. I'll be seeing you at the feast! *rides off*
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.15 05:17 *Chuckles quietly*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:17 [XD I know, right?]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:18 [He actually did this kind of stuff in Cambridge Latin Course. It was so funny; I kept laughing while I was translating it.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:18 *]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:18 Caecilius:Grumio...? Grumio:*SNORE...little snore...SNORRRRRE*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:18 Caecilius:GRUMIO!! Grumio:HUH-WHA?!?!
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:19 Caecilius:You will have a lot of questions to answer, Grumio. *smiles sarcastically* Grumio:*ultra tipsy* Hm...wha...? Caecilius:First of all-why are you in one of my best togas?!
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:19 Uh...for the celebration... Caecilius:What celebration? Grumio:I dunno...some celebration... Caecilius:*sighs* Second of all, where's dinner? Grumio:What dinner? Caecilius:The dinner you-
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:19 *looks back at the building with smoke wafting out of the top* *hears a loud "GruUUUMIOOO!!!!"* Okay, so we've currently been invited to a royal feast with a gladiator and a liar?
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:20 Ohhh! The dinner I was supposed to prepare, but didn't prepare because I felt like drinking wine instead! Caecilius: :O
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.15 05:20 (I'll brb)
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:20 *whispers:* Don't tell Caecilius...ANYWAY...
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:20 [OK.]
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:21 I don't know. It's going to be a wild couple of days ahead. If that...
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:22 By the way...anyone know what day it is, and when did Vesuvius explode?
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:22 *pauses* I'm not certain.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:22 Metella/Caecilius' Wife:*comes in* What's going on? Grumio:*choke**gag**vomits wine-colored puke on Metella's stola/dress-like toga* Metella:*shrieks*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.15 05:22 Caecilius:UGH...that's IT!!
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.15 05:23 *crosses her fingers* PLEASE don't let this be A.D. 79. [Note:Although I may be wrong, I believe that is the year Vesuvius exploded.]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.15 05:23 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:25 (I think it is. Anyways, bye!)
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:26 This may or may not be A.D. 79., or whenever Pompeii was cast into ruins. Let's hope not. Or else, we may as well be dead.
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:26 *looks grave* Nobody survived the accident.
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.15 05:27 *there is a brief, dramatic moment of silence as screaming and yelling is heard from Caecilius' kitchens* What is going on?
6>Jake (Time Traveler-USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:28 I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure that the "Emperor from Rome" or whoever he claimed to be is in there. We might as well wait for him, since he's going to the party.
6>Jake (Time Traveler-USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.15 05:28 *the Time Travelers walk to Caecilius' place and approach it cautiously*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.22 03:00 *looks at Mike and shakes her head* No, there were survivors. They included Quintus Iancundus, son of a well-known banker named Caecilius. [Note:I believe this is a true fact. And, yes, there were survivors. I think Pliny (the famous poet type person) was
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.22 03:00 one too.]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.22 03:02 Caecilius:Why are you in one of my best togas?! Grumio:Because I was going around under an alias and pretending to be a Roman citizen...oops, did I say that out loud??
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.22 03:03 [Note:Clemens is another servant and survivor of the eruption of Vesuvius. Quintus set him free shortly after they reunited after the eruption. Clemens then went to Alexandria and started up a shop.] Clemens:*comes in*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.22 03:04 Clemens:*looks at a fuming Caecilius**sighs; Clemens has always known about Grumio and his alias* Grumio didn't mean that; he's just a bit too tipsy. He's blurting out random things.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.22 03:04 Caecilius:Well...alright. Grumio, prepare dinner! *exits the room with Clemens and Metella*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.22 03:05 *is now a little more sober**starts making dinner rather clumsily**the family dog, Cerberus, watches*
19>Shannon (Time Traveler/UK), 17yo.2015,Apr.23 00:20 (Ok.) *spies on Grumio in the back window as her prepares dinner* Um...do you need help?
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.23 00:22 *sees a bottle of wine sitting on one of the marketplace stands* *picks it up and holds it up over Shannon's head, hoping to grab Grumio's attention*
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.23 00:23 *motions for Grumio to leave the kitchens*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.23 00:23 *is meanwhile riding his horse to the party*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:08 *sees the others* Ugh...what now?! *comes over to the others and realizes he's busted; it's obvious he's a slave*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:09 Uhhh...for your information, cooking is just a...uuum...hobby.
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.27 04:10 It is? So what's your favorite dish?
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.27 04:12 I never cooked a meal before.
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.27 04:14 Honestly...the only meal I've ever made by myself is a PB and J.
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.27 04:17 Along with the exception of a microwaveable dinner and/or stovetop dinner.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:19 Nicole:Guys, it's obvious he's a slave. Grumio:Uhhh...heh heh...you're joking, right...??!
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.27 04:25 Nope. Grumio:Yep. Nicole:Nope. Grumio:Yep. Nicole:Yep. Grumio:Nope-HEY!! OKAY, I'M A SLAVE!!! HAPPY?!?!
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.27 04:27 What other secrets are you hiding, eh? Jake: That emperor lie was a good one.
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.27 04:28 Maybe he's a god
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:29 ~________~'
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:29 Let's just get on to the party!! And please, promise not to tell Milo who I really am, OK?!
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:30 Anyway... *hurries back into the kitchen, finishes making dinner quickly, puts on another one of Caecilius' togas, and stumbles after the others*
9>Mike (Time Traveler/USA), 18yo.2015,Apr.27 04:31 *they walk to the manor where the party is being held* *can already see the smoke billowing from a couple of fires and stuff*
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Apr.27 04:33 *sees Milo* There's the gladiator dude.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.27 04:34 *looks at Grumio* So, what's your real name? Grumio:I might as well tell you...it's Grumio.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:35 But again, don't tell anyone.
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Apr.27 04:35 *walks towards the others, smiling* Hello! We meet again.
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Apr.27 04:38 Hello! *eagerly shakes hands with Milo*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.27 04:44 *sees the couches laid around with people laying on them and eating food* Hey, what food do you have?
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.27 04:44 *copies the others, laying down on one of the couches and propping herself up with her right arm*
10>Nelson (Time Traveler/France), 15yo.2015,Apr.27 04:46 I hope there's pizza.
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.27 04:46 [Hey Jack, still there?]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.27 04:46 [Nvm]
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Apr.27 04:46 [Paige and Joan had to go, so want to switch to The Avengers?]
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,May.2 18:54 *sees a platter with grapes piled high* Grapes, I guess. *sees goblets filled with wine as well*
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,May.2 18:54 *takes a goblet* Would you like any?
4>Connor (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,May.2 18:55 Er- no thanks, heh heh. *eats a few grapes*
2>Nicole (Time Traveler/Germ.), 16yo.2015,Jun.5 19:14 *eats some traditional Roman food that has been brought in on a platter*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Jun.8 02:34 *drinking more wine than he needs*
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Jun.10 21:07 *is about to take a sip of something until Grumio falls down* *mutters:* Dude....Citizen: *??* Dude?! What?
14>Grayson (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Jun.10 21:08 Um...nothing!
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Jun.10 21:09 *feels a slight shake* *some of the wine spills out of his goblet* *laughs* Are the gods angry at us? Random serious person: This is not funny, Milo. Perhaps they are...
17>Milo (Pompeiian/Gladiator), 27yo.2015,Jun.10 21:09 *continues eating and enjoying himself*
15>Ally (Time Traveler/USA), 17yo.2015,Jun.10 21:10 *glances at the others worriedly*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Jul.19 18:01 Eh, it's probably just another stupid eathquake... *gets up and falls right back down again*
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Jul.19 18:02 [Note: Before Vesuvius erupted, an earthquake "hit" Pompeii. In Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, Caecilius and his family weren't all that afraid from the tremors that came before Vesuvius erupted because they assumed it was just another earthquake.]
8>Grumio (Pompeiian/Slave/Cook), 38yo.2015,Jul.19 18:03 [Another note: Caecilius and his family specifically weren't scared from the tremors because they had easily survived the earthquake.]