" The Islands "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

We have found a planet habitable close to earth with only 19 Islands.

Make only one character.
You are a ruler of one of the islands.
You can fight,make an alliance, or trade with another Island.
Its kind of like the game Risk, each player gets a turn either to trade fight or make an alliance.

Needs: youre army needs food,water and shelter. Buy shelter for them, and buy food and water each day for them. They also needs weapons. If you don't pay for food or water everyday youre colony dies. (you do not need to pay for shelter everyday just once)

Trade: you can trade things with other islands...but they can break the trade and steal you're stuff...if this happens you can attack them on the same turn you tryed to trade with them.

Fight: If you decide to fight a island colony. you roll a dice/die depending on youre level of weapons (LVL.1,LVL.2, and LVL.3 Armory). You roll one 100 sided dice for lvl 1, 2 for2 , and 3 for 3.
You get 3000 dollars for each island you destroy.

Alliance: If you make allys with someone its permanent. you can have up to 3 people in an alliance. If you're alliance or a part of it wins...you and you're allys(that survived) get an extra 10,000 dollars at the start of the next game.

Bank: If you want to store money in a the bank just tell the Game Master (me) how much you want to store and i will do it for you. MAX. 5000 MIN. 500.

Hacking: If you buys a group of hackers you can use them once to any player and it makes them skip their turn for one day...because they need to collect the intel that was lost from the hackers.

Special round: i have not made this...if you have an idea for it...Tell me!


2>Matt (Ruler of Island), 56yo.2017,Mar.13 20:17 [Hello guys this is my new game (out of three) and im excited to open it!]
2>Matt (Ruler of Island), 56yo.2017,Mar.13 20:17 [Anyone can join...hopefully you will have fun...]
2>Matt (Ruler of Island), 56yo.2017,Mar.13 20:18 [BTW you can also name youre island!]
2>Matt (Ruler of Island), 56yo.2017,Mar.13 20:19 [please read desc. as it is very important]
2>Matt (Ruler of Island), 56yo.2017,Mar.13 20:57 [first person to join gets 5 day supply of food and water]
1>STORE/BANK (/), /yo.2017,Mar.13 20:57  Dropping Water (x 5)  
1>STORE/BANK (/), /yo.2017,Mar.13 20:58  Dropping Food (x 5)  
1>STORE/BANK (/), /yo.2017,Mar.14 00:09

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